Lightest Retail Work Week In 3 Years: Thanks To Obamacare

Back in the fall, we reported on decisions that employers were making to avoid pain caused by Obamacare regulations, cutting hours so that their employees could not be counted as full time. Olive Garden and Red Lobster were reducing employees to part-time because, by 2014, the law mandates that employers provide “health care” for full-time employees.

January numbers suggest this is not just a few anomalies but a growing trend. Investor’s Business Daily reports,

“Remarkably, aggregate hours worked in the retail sector fell below their January 2012 level, even though industry payrolls are up 200,000 over that period. A similar trend showed up in leisure and hospitality: January payrolls rose by 23,000 even as aggregate hours dipped 0.3%. Meanwhile, the ranks of part-time workers due to business conditions or because they can’t find full-time work, trending lower in the past few years, rose by 212,000 to 7.8 million. While the data are volatile and the shift to shorter workweeks in January was less than dramatic, this may be the start of something big. All signs suggest that businesses are starting to adjust their employment policies in response to Obamacare. It’s possible that much of this shift may occur in the next few months.”

I’m trying to figure out what genius decided that giving companies an incentive to shed full-time employees was a good idea for 2014.

Did the decision-makers assume that the economy would be growing again so that companies could afford to suddenly be liable for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars more per month per employee?

Do they want to prevent a recovery and encourage people to remain in part time work so that they become dependent on government?

Are there a few mega-corporations who wanted this to happen so that most smaller companies would go bankrupt and allow them to expand their business?

Is there some group of people who simply want to destroy the American economy in order to hurt Americans?

Was all the pain considered worth the cost in order to have a new tool to force Americans to behave in ways that fit a “progressive” agenda (i.e. making business owners fund birth control and worse)?

I have no idea if any of these are the answer. Every one of them seems way too extreme. All I can say is that it is becoming quite clear that Obamacare will never help America become a more prosperous country. And it won’t provide affordable medical care.

It is designed to do the opposite. Obamacare is only amplifying and lengthening the economic depression we are in. For all his talk of jobs, Obama’s legacy will be an anti-jobs law.

14 thoughts on “Lightest Retail Work Week In 3 Years: Thanks To Obamacare

  1. That is exactly the reason when unemployment numbers come out under employment should also. Then compare numbers of people working compared to when King Barry first came in. You will then realize a 15%-20%(higher for minorities) unemployment rate not 7.9%

  2. The economy is so bad where I live in upstate NY that the supermarket that my married daughter works in and has 2 kids, has cut everyone’s hours last week and this week. She only works part time as it is and this week she had NO hours. Her husband is working so that’s a blessing.Some of the other women she works with are single mothers and don’t have another income.

  3. His method of madness in this health plan was equality. It was never about savings. Rather about destroying the wealth of the haves in order to make a more equal society. It is not about increasing equality through growth and good jobs. The boomers are in his way and at their demise, he will have achieved his goal. All will suffer from the unintended circumstances.

  4. There were many who tried to tell the jerk in the WH that this would happen. However, he was so hell-bent on getting this stupid law passed that he pushed and pushed and FINALLY, it was passed with NO ONE READING IT, remember we had to pass it to find out what was in it. It amazes me that with all the facts about how much more it will cost when different parts come into being, that this idiot still thinks that this law is great. He must not have EVER HAD A MATH CLASS, and I don’t know where he gets off thinking he should take over our lives for us. I hope that congress REFUSES TO FUND THE DarN THING AND IT GOES DOWN THE TOILET ALONG WITH HIM. You are so right Randy Renu – Come Lord Jesus, Come!

    1. Doodlebug, he is working towards universal, government run, single payer health care! It won’t be long now the way things are going!

      1. you are so right ladyceo but, we need to fight him to the very end. He doesn’t a d__m about the American people. He only wants to be the dictator over us forever until he dies. Look around us and what has happened and is happening in Benghazi and other countries in that area. It’s bound to come here as he is acting just like their leaders did. God help us all.

  5. What diffrents does it make After all its just ppl liveing they are controlling. When are we ever going to get rid of romneycare and take our lives back. With roberts turning trator to the country i guess we are stuck with it till God come to claim the ones he wants

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