Little Rock Teachers Complain About Having to Wear Bras And Underwear

When I was in high school in the late 1960s, we had fairly strict dress codes.  No facial hair, boys’ hair could not be passed the collar, no t-shirts of any kind, a girl’s dress could be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee and everyone was expected to wear appropriate underwear.

Over the past forty years schools across the country have relaxed their dress codes.  Hair was allowed to grow on the face and beyond the shoulders.  Dresses shortened and shorts were allowed.  T-shirts became the predominant wear for boys and many girls.  In many schools, bras and underwear were optional and not mandated.  It was the age of free spirits.

Over the past decade, many school districts have learned that the free spirit attitude in dress and other matters can be quite disruptive to the educational process and have been enacting stricter dress codes.  But who would have thought that a school district would end up having to pass a stricter dress code for the teachers, as well as the students?

Dexter Suggs, the Superintendent of the Little Rock school district, co-authored a letter with the president of the teacher’s union, Cathy Koehler that lays out the new rules for faculty.  Among the new rules was the requirement for foundational garments, including bras and underwear.  After the letter went out, Suggs received so many complaints from teachers about having to meet the new dress code, including the wearing of bras and underwear that the provision has been delayed for another year.

Numerous teachers complained that the union president was involved in establishing the new dress and Koehler responded by saying:

“No Dress Code could ever meet every person’s concerns or point-of-view. At best, one could hope to have something that did the least amount of harm to employees.”

Notice that the union president said that she worked for a dress code that had the least amount of harm on the faculty.  In other words, having to wear bras and underwear could be harmful to teachers.  Additionally, not being allowed to wear halter tops, sheer or torn tops or backless dresses could also be harmful to the faculty.  They aren’t allowed to wear jeans, except on special occasions and they cannot wear any clothing with patches or anything that contained references to obscenities, sexual issues, alcohol and cigarettes.  Any of these things, according to the union president, could be harmful to teachers.

It’s really sad when our culture has degenerated so far that teachers are forced to dress modestly when teaching students.  No wonder we hear so many news reports of teachers losing their jobs and going to jail for have sexual relations with students.  With so many teachers dressing so inappropriately and being so promiscuous with their students, is it any wonder that we have produced a generation of sexual perverts and deviates?

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    1. With all that’s going on in the United States, you seriously think this is somewhere in, oh say, the top 10 trillion things to be concerned about?

        1. Please don’t condemn the whole nation. There’s still plenty of good people in it. The problem is that the people on the left are cut from the same cloth as the people who were from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s time to rename the Democrat party as the Sodomite Party.

      1. Maybe you don’t think it’s something to be concerned about, but teachers exert a great deal of influence over their students. Not only that, a person’s dress affects their attitude. A person who dresses like a slob is going to act like one. This is going to affect the way students are taught and what they learn. We complain now that kids aren’t learning properly. Students who wear uniforms perform much better and have less pressure on them. Why shouldn’t teachers have some standards?

        1. When I was in school, the women teachers wore suits,dresses and heels. The men teachers wore suits and ties. They expected the children to dress well and we did, because we saw it in their dress code. There is a saying “do as I say, not as I do”. If the teachers want the students to dress appropriately then they need to set the standard. More then anything, a Christian parent should never allow the schools to teach their children. God gave that responsibility to the parents. When I was a school custodian, I had very little money at first, so I asked my mother to sew patches on my blue jeans. I was shocked when the principle called me aside to show me the children with their patches on new blue jeans. I did it for a reason, so did they. I hate seeing blue jeans with holes in them. They look nasty and unkempt. Do not tell me that adults do not influences the young children ,they do. Rise the standard high and expect more from the children. I think the best jobs are bank tellers, they look so professional and neat. I would love to have a job where I can dress up. There is something about being neat and tidy.

        2. This is what you get when you have unions. They start out low class thugs and end up lower. The teachers want respect but don’t comman or deserve it. Then they expect parents to turn their eyes when a boy starts to date a teacher because she is provacative. Liberalism is destroying this country, our kids and it doesn’t seem if anyone cares

        3. How can a teacher dresses w/o panties or bra expect ANY respect and really expect the boys to keep their minds on learning the ABC’s? What do we have for teachers? Hookers; they are there to TEACH. And are the girls/young women in class to dress the same? One would think a bra and pair of panties would be required of female instructors and appropriated dress for male instructors. Makes me kinda wish I was in school again if this persists…..

        4. I was a young man in high school in a male class and we had a hot teacher black haired who sat on top of her desk with a very loose top and a very short skirt and she teased us by opening her legs and I still remember her hair was black their also.We as young men did not learn much school work in that delightful class! I am 65 and it,s like yesterday! To this day I don,t know how she pulled it off without repremand! In Ontario!

        5. You are correct the formative years in our youth is what sets the character and belief system! Also males are already feeling their male hormones and the distraction of having semi-nude female students and now teachers that have an issue with underwear – Oh My – Liberal Teachers voted for the current FRAUD in CHIEF in masse!
          Just as the formative years that the current FRAUD in CHIEF was exposed to by his Communist and Muslim indoctrination by his parents, grandparents and other mentors along with some Anarchist and now you see the character of the man that was formed years ago! Sorry got off the underwear thing; but was trying to draw a parallel when it comes to exposure!

        6. Kids have too many distractions nowadays, no need to be distracted by promiscuous teachers too. Everyone should be required to wear a school uniform, including the teachers. If the teachers don’t like it, then let them go do pole dancing for a living where they can get the attention they evidently crave.

      2. This is the best education story this site could offer? Because this site hates public education, (They prefer the term “government schools.”) the negative is alway emphasized.

        1. From what I’ve seen there are not a heck of a lot of positive things going on in the public/government schools to emphasize.

        2. I support only Private School. I sent my child to one-she was in 2nd grade when bussing began–I understand it was a nightmare. I made a wise decision.


        4. Well, look what the government schools are teaching the kids today. No respect for our country, want God out of everything, just want to all around nasty. Why wouldn’t a woman want to wear a bra and panties? Women going around not wearing slips when you can see everything she has is bad enough. I would like to ask WHY they would want to dress this way? This is pure indecent and nasty!!!

        5. I hate public schools too, they are immoral, If I have to pay for your brats to go to school why don’t you pay for my car to be detailed and someone else to mow my lawn.

          Public schools only make sense for mindless liberals (redundancy there)criminal unions (more redundancy) and lazy teachers – hmm more redundancy

        1. I like when one of these people would show up to interview for a job, most of the time my brain was screaming “HELL NO” Crop tops and holy jeans no resume and I ain’t got time to finish school I got 3 kids to support. Thanks teachers for your bang up jobs and before you say something, I taught 1st and 5th grades, lways wore my underware and expected excellence from students and myself.


      3. Yes, it matters. Teachers should set a good example for their students. Teenagers and little boys and girls should not be subjected to inappropriately clothed teachers.

      4. Yes grumpy this should be the top of the kist for every parent and every patriot concerned for the future of this nation. Letting these government unions ruin our schools and turn them in leftist factories of indoctrination have spelled our doom and breaking the mold is the only potential for a long term future of following generations. We can not defeat the leftist without defeating their hold and influence on the future.

      5. Whatever is going on in the US today does NOT excuse teachers from dressing in a decent manner while in the classroom. They want to go pantyless and braless, they can do it after hours where it belongs.

      6. People called into teaching should be demonstrating high moral standards including how to dress for success when they graduate. We teach by our behavior. If we wear sexy, trendy clothing to school, kids will perceive that as normal adult style. Leave that for your weekends at home. Society is already telling them to drink, smoke, take risks with drugs, etc. so we do not need to promote dangerous behavior to students. Teachers should set higher standards and let students see how professionals should look and behave. If the school has a dress code, the teachers should model the same dress code. If you cannot stand wearing underwear to work, then you need to go to another profession. Grow up.

      7. Hey Grumpy, what do you think is more important than the influence that we allow on our children and grandchildren? Were talking moral principles and the mentors that’s suppose to teach and guide our children. I have both and I find that at one of my top ten concerns!

      8. yes I do because it all starts with the kids. When they are tauight well to behave, be respectful and understand school is not a TV show where the lady with the biggest fake boobs gets the prize. The messege we start our kids with is what will define them as adults. SLut? Sure if that’s want you want your girls to be, male Chauvanists? Yup you’ll have that too just keep going the direction oBAMA and his liberals are taking you AND your kids.

      9. The fact that this is even an issue relates directly to the the decline in our society that has led to the conditions and attitudes that have caused so many of the problems plaguing this once-great nation! Policies that encourage the belief that everyone is entitled, regardless of their ability or inclination to provide for themselves combined with the belief that no one is really responsible for their actions, or that that they are the victims if an unfair system foster the thinking shown by these teachers. They are continuing the same liberal message that will eventually see this country decline to Third World status.

      10. Yes, it is something to worry about. For those of us who actually care, and have children, it sure is something to worry about.

        I realize that it might not matter to you, with your large-scale, international concerns, but when my child spends roughly 6 hours a day around a group of people, I want to make sure that those people are setting the right example. And part of that whole “setting the right example” thing is NOT dressing like a hooker out looking for her next trick.

        But you go ahead, and worry about “bigger” things. Let those of who care about our children, and what kind of people they will become, worry about these unimportant things.

      11. My 8th grade french teacher I wish was one of teachers that opted out of braws and underwear. Darn I was born too soon. crap, crap crap.

      12. Yes it is. It is all interrelated and speaks to the disintegration of our society, our culture, and ultimately our country and way of life.

      13. Yes GrumpyOldMan. Teachers are models for students. If they are not dressed properly would student’s dress properly? There are a lot of crimes of sexual nature already, no need to exacerbate it. Can a teenage boy or girl concentrate on what the teacher is teaching when he is looking at the teacher’s private parts? If teacher’s want to exhibit their bodies ,they should work someplace else, like a strip club.

      14. and so you must rate the oral health of the children very low indeed. no wonder this country is screwed up, to many with that same view who think teachers seducing students is cool.. and don’t think this has nothing to do with that, look at the pic, look at some of the teachers and I sure as hell know what some of my comments would be if I were still in school

      15. this is something to be concerned about, what is this coming to, teachers becoming whores. who the hell wants to sit were a teacher sits and had no underwear on, dam, disgusting. these teachers need to go to porn and strip there, star in a fifthy dam dirty movie.

      16. You bet teacher’s dress is important! Teachers are in front of 30 to 150 students every day, if well educated trained adults can not put on proper clothing how do you expect students to even recognize what is appropriate dress. Parents have handed their role as parents over to the kids and allow them to do what ever they want, wear what ever they can. Where does it stop? Can’t the teachers at least have some decency? Put on the bras ladies and I’d like to know what is so difficult about wearing a pair of panties? Keeps outer clothes a lot cleaner.

      17. Obviously you have never tried to teach your subject in a public school classroom – high school particularly. And teachers should set a good example.

      18. Yes, it is. What is this teaching the students? If teachers can do it, so can they. If teachers can be indecent so can students. And that will make for a better society, right? I did not know that bras and underwear are now optional clothing. And I am sure they were not teaching anatomy either.

      19. This is important, these people are teaching our children. The future of America is in their hands. They are educational professionals, they need to look, dress and act it. This is not the sort of example I want set for my child.

      20. You are damned right it is worth the time to confront this and MAKE teachers be teachers; not a bunch of child molesting hookers. I was a teacher and I know for a fact the adverse effects of indecent behavior by the teachers. Students have absolutely no respect and as such they will not take the teacher or the subject seriously.

    2. As long as you support and have public schools and they are in the control of a leftist and libertine government this is exactly what you can expect! It is nothing short of the selling out of the children and minimizing any chance of their survival or the survival of the nation.IF you can get your children out of the clutches of the government and into charter/private schools and you do not you should be jailed!If you have children in the public schools and do not fight the government take over and corruption of your children you are unfit and you will pay, and of course so will they!

    3. It’s extremely disgraceful what’s become of,America’s culture!!It’s been going down hill for a while,but under Obama it’s gone.Gone down extremely bad!!!I know that this is not the America that I grew up in.When I grew up the Pledge of Allegiance said every morning also,the Bible was read!!!Girls and boys dressed properly for school so did teachers!!!No holes in jeans but no one wore jeans to school.If they did they were clean girls wore skirts or dresses.I will tell you my age proudly it is sixty one!!So you no how long ago I was in school.Even in high school and college you dressed properly maybe not dresses,for girls.Or skirts but you and boys still tired,to look neat.

    4. God will help us but we as a nation haven’t asked him to. We seem hell bent on going in the other direction. It seems that morality has been thrown out the window. With God. MLK Was right, we should keep God at the center of all we do and we haven’t. So teachers, put your underwear on and teach our children respect. HA! Fat chance of that happening.

    5. Dressing for school is in the best interests of the students and that includes the teachers. My question is
      “Why are they complaining and what happen to self-respect
      in ourselves?” That also includes both teacher and student.
      Teach self respect in your selves and what comes from that is respect in all life.

    6. Its the best you can hope for with liberals and unions involved. Teachers should have some respect for themselves before they can expect it from the kids. STRICT dress codes for both.

    7. This pretty much explains why our young people in America are so mixed up and our educational standards are in the basement along with teacher’s morals.

    8. I am a CNA. I work for a home health agency. The agency’s dress code does not address undergarments at all. It says we are to wear scrubs, white tennis shoes, white socks. The scrubs are to be clean and we are to look professional. The company I work for does not have to tell it’s employees to wear underwear, we are adults.

    9. oh boo hoo–these teachers are disgusting–most of them should be working in strip clubs and the rest of them are pedophiles

  1. Sure glad I didn’t go to the same school you went to in the sixties! I cannot imagine what it would have felt like kissing all the girls that would have had to shave their upper lips!

    1. I attended to a public school like that in the 60’s, and it was some of the happiest days of my life. No one complained because of the school dress code. If your hair was too long the high school principle would let you know and order you to get a haircut. No one complained their rights were violated because they were required to adorn themselves in modest apparell, look descent, and behave like a real gentleman or lady. We had discipline in the class room and we respected our teachers. They set a good example in modesty in dress. It was also mandatory everyone attend chapel services conducted by various local church pastors once a month– Oh my where is the ACLU! Yes, it was a public school. No parent or student objected to their children being exposed to the teachings of the Bible, or screamed separation of church and state! If a student would have showed up dressed the way they do now, they would have been expelled and sent home to change their attire.

      Any one who was expelled from school by the principle was sent home and could not be admitted back to class unless the parents came and met with the principle. They had to promise their child would do as he is told.

      I take it by your sarcasim you do not approve of schools that instill moral values and discipline in students concerning dress and decent outward appearance?

  2. When you play sports and you travel to other schools usually you wear a button up and tie because you represented your school should we ask less of our teachers the adults are the one’s who suppose to set an example what’s it saying when the students are the one’s doing it? and the faculty are the kids this is another fine example of liberal demoralization of our kids you can look sexy and beautiful with out looking like a prostitute no offence to prostitute’s if you dress the part so be it

  3. Why should teachers have to wear ANY clothes. Let them teach naked. This way students can combine English and Mathematics with sex education and skip a class and have more free time.

      1. Some teachers I see when I pick up at skool with no bra or underwear would make me want to go back to skool. Of course I would skip some classes.

        1. another dumb ass heard from!! guess you don’t care what is being taught to your kids, sounds also like you don’t teach them to well at home.

  4. Go figure – another institution corrupted and nearly destroyed as a result of being run (ruined) by liberals!

    Btw, when I was a kid, teachers were almost never “hot” – they all looked like your grandma.

    1. In 12 years, of the 3 or 4 young teachers, 2 in particular resulted in distractive thoughts despite being modestly dressed and proper behavior. I can just imagine the disruptive results with today’s sexual flaunting and numerous reports or improper behavior.

      1. Are these teachers w/o undies teaching SEX EDUCATION? When I was a boy in high school, if a teacher drssed w/o bra and panties I’m sure my grades would have fallen. Unless it was sex education; which for some reason back then BOYS were not given any.

    2. There is nothing wrong with being an attractive human being. The problem is when a teacher – or anyone else, for that matter – lacks “class”. I can’t image Jackie Kennedy or Kate Middleton dressing inappropriately in public for any occasion. Of course, those “low information” voters simply have no intellect, no common sense, and no class.

      1. So you are saying that you know for sure that Kate or Jackie always wears/wore undies? So you are so perverted that you are always looking for panty lines and bra lines?

        Wow you are one sick f’d up individual.

        Unless you are looking up a woman’s dress how the he!! would you know if she were wearing panties? You look for that on every woman that walks by?

        Sick is what you are…

  5. Sounds like common moral sense to me. Only problem I have is with banning my favorite pants – Jeans (bought as dark blue without holes, the faded and tattered look comes naturally soon enough).

  6. For real? This isn’t an “Onion” satire piece, is it? Backless dresses, halter tops? The thought of no undergarments makes me shutter….

    Uhm, I would imagine there are numerous unemployed people out there who would LOVE to work as a teacher and actually dress appropriately.

    Yet another reason to dump unions…..

  7. As a sub teacher I do occasionally see some ‘female’ teachers that should definitely cover up a little better and on accession I have told them that. I seemed to have done some good because the dress code is being followed better now.

    1. You’re a substitute teacher? Please do your homework. Look up the word “accession” and tell us what it has to do with what it appears you might have been trying to say in your reply.

      1. i didn’t have any trouble getting what she said, for that matter you either,she was make a good point , while you were being a butt head!

      2. I think most of us got the intent of the message without criticizing spelling or a word used incorrectly!
        The intent of the story and follow-up responses was about the Liberal Teachers running around without the under-garments!
        One thought I have is; have these anti-underwear Lady Gagas taken Health Ed Classes; got to be very aware as to where you place your Bottom these days -Just Saying!

  8. Underwear stinks! Don’t wear it! I like the dribbles of pee on my jeans whenever I “go”- wetter the better! And I don’t worry if I get an itch around my butt – you NEED to scratch it…. if you leave some brown “racing stripes” on the back of your pants or shorts or skirt, who cares? It mostly washes out.

    And T-shirts are great! I love the old ones you can kinda see through – and when its COLD, it makes for a nice nip-tip show! girls look great in both wrap-around tops and low-cut anything.

    Us boys think about ‘it’ every thirty seconds anyway, so why fight nature?

  9. I do not think this should have even made it in print. This should be a common sense item and if the employer wants to mandate a dress code, so be it!

    Either suck it up and abide or obtain another job. But before one “quits”, just apply logic. That is something that most of us may have forgotten?

    Modesty is in line as applied to Dress Codes! Put the Who, What, When, Where and Why in front of each question….think about an proper answer and then the application should be applied to the common sense approach.

    Modesty would be NOT going back to the 1020’s but you have to admit most teachers from the 60’s and 70’s were properly attired and there were very little issue or problems as a result. Go Back To What Works??? Maybe??

    I no longer have a “child” in anything less than college…and it has been tough but we made it (with all three) by applying the COMMON SENSE RULE….if it does not look good and MOM or DAD or Offensive to Anyone, then we do NOT wear it!!

    No Questions Asked as MOM and/or DAD also are the decision makers!! Kids are Kids and Children are Children, at the time they become adults, purchase all their own clothes, live away from home, pay their own expenses and do not require input from us…….then……………it is their call…….

    ….You know those three kids call daily asking opinions….and they appreciate it very much….also now there is one 3 yr old granddaughter…and one on the way….and I can look back now and state “we do good” because my son, is more conservative that I would be with that MOST BEAUTIFUL Grand Child, the apple of paw paws eye…but I do NOT second guess….I have learned that the “we done good”, worked….

  10. No bras or underwear? Kids today don’t know how good they have it.
    Of course, with the teachers I had, the more clothes, the better.

    1. Yeah, most of my teachers were at the end of their tenure. But a few were just beginning their careers and had they dressed down, so would my grades follow.

  11. “Passed” the collar?

    How ’bout ‘past’ the collar?

    Apparently, you weren’t paying attention in your English and grammar classes.

  12. Over the past forty years schools across the country have relaxed their dress codes. Hair was allowed to grow on the face and beyond the shoulders. Dresses shortened and shorts were allowed. T-shirts became the predominant wear for boys and many girls. In many schools, bras and underwear were optional and not mandated. It was the age of free spirits.

    The students then are the teachers now, I’m not really surprised at the attitude. The “Peace-Love-Dope” generation is now in charge.

    What goes around comes around. Simple, really.

  13. Ms. Hartsock was a young, attractive, SEXY 6th grade music teacher i had the pleasure of going through puberty with. She was a brunette, and very nicely built, and back then teachers did wear dresses. Ms. Hartsock would get crotch attention from all of us 12 year olds when she took her seat on an elevated stool in front of us. She rarely wore underwear! We boys couldn’t wait for our sex education, uh… i mean music class to start.
    Where ever you are Ms. Hartsock, thanks for helping me get through that difficult time in my youth.

  14. Back in the day a fantasy was to see a teacher exposing underwear (it happened but rarely and never for long), but now our teachers themselves want to wear less clothes, underwear included. You know what this will lead to. Why would any teacher not want to wear under garments? I guess the students will demand this next if the adults don’t display any more restraint than this. Very disturbing where our culture is taking us, and, is this the minority (thru liberals) imposing their version of right and wrong on the majority again?

  15. I went to Catholic schools for 9 years, all Nuns wore habits, my older kids also attended Catholic schools, I do day care and a lot of my parents are teachers, they all dress very conservative, they have self pride.

  16. Doesn’t every boss have the right to establish a dress code? No one is asking them to dress like a professional with nylons and heels (a wee bit of sarcasm here, as teachers claim to be professionals), just a little self respect and decorum will do. Schools run better when everyone, including the kids, has a standard of dress that gives an impression of caring about what they are doing. The adages, “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, still hold true.

  17. The education received from a bra-less, panty-less Marxist educator should be available on the open market.
    Let the free market dictate.
    Parents should decide who educates their children and who doesn’t.
    Some will choose wisely and others…not so much.
    Just like our president.

    One more reason to disband public schools in favor of a real educators.

  18. I have visited other nations where students wear uniforms. In the US, students many times feel inferior because they cannot wear the “Name Brand” clothing. I believe students should be “uniform”, dressing like each of the other students, in uniforms. Sometimes, clothing distracts from what students are supposed to be focused upon.

  19. Teaching has changed since I graduated in 1972. Teachers no longer need to know a subject to teach it; they ‘guide’ students through the material.

    When I was a professor, there were dress codes for us. Jeans were OK, if new, but shirts had buttons. Women dressed decently (even the radical feminists) and were (usually) good about language, as well.

    We were expected to profess our knowledge in our proper field. (Not done in some places, but most.)

    Unions are not the problem (in this case). The colleges of education have become more and more liberal in the past fifty years and attract the same in students. There are very few conservatives, any more. I stood out, considerably.

    Unions follow their members, not lead them. Michigan has become a right-to-work state, recently and few unions get very much in payment for their political interests. This shall, eventually, tip some of society back to just right-of-center, where America has generally existed, politically.

    Most of my students were pretty nice people and interested in their classes. Can’t speak for now, but I’d be surprised if this has changed, much. Most people are pretty nice. And, they like to do well in life.

    Herb Diehr
    Willis, Michigan

  20. Hoax, I believe. Find it difficult to believe that anyone would complain about wearing bras and underwear, though some of the younger teachers who still think like college kids, do show too much skin.

  21. Actually you have misstated the facts in this case.

    The vast majority of the teachers did not complain about the wearing of any garment or the prohibition against the wearing of any garment. What they were upset about was the complete failure by both the union leadership and School District leadership to conform to the contract.

    It reads, “Any and all significant changes to the contract shall be approved by a majority VOTE of the membership.”

    Previous contracts omitted any teacher dress code, instituting one is a major change to the contract and requires a union vote.

    Please try to be accurate in the future.

    1. thats what wrong with unions, they want to tell the employer what he is going to do and how much he has to pay. things like that is why the big decline in unions, they did not know when to quit when asking for wages and other perks. cumming here in knoxville ,tn just fired all empolees because they demanded more and more, guess the right to work law still works. they now have all new employess with a pay scale that everyone is happy with and no union.

  22. “No facial hair, boys’ hair could not be passed the collar”…
    “is it any wonder that we have produced a generation of sexual perverts and deviates?”

    You forgot to mention illiterates, which reminds me, the word you wanted to use in reference to hair length was “past”, not passed.
    I can only guess how many English tests you “past” in high school.

    1. dat da ting iss dat day lik ta feeel da air round dar thinys ad dat english is no longer the language the teachers can teach dats right…. from liberal 101 the alinsky class on culture.

  23. Like people with real jobs, it is obey the rules or find another job….Simple…..If we want good education we need to take back our schools from the federal government and their unions.

  24. It is no wonder that some school systems are financially in trouble. Not only is there chaos at times in the classrooms but also with the ‘undress’ of those adults ‘in charge’. Many students that some years ago would have been in public schools are now either in private schools or being home schooled, paying the cost that either program demands AND then still paying their taxes, a portion of which goes to the local school system – of which their children are not a part of!! What parent wants their child to be exposed ‘breast-hanging outs’ and or little to nothing between the legs and the female teacher sitting in such a way that there is no question to the act of ‘unladylikeness’ to say the least.

  25. The union president said the dress code was designed to do the least harm to teachers. Really? This is a dead giveaway as to the focus of teachers’ unions. Isn’t the job about educating the Students. Isn’t the teacher’s decorum about not setting a poor example for Students? What does it have to do with “harm to teachers”? I think the current crop of teachers is probably the children or even grand children of the 60s revolutionaries. They learned their bad habits from parents that had no serious regard for the direction their children would take in life and little respect for others. We were fortunate in that we were saved from “drop acid and drop out” crowd conformity. We’re proud that our children and grand children understand that their choices affect others, which makes them less self-centered and introverted. I guess these Little Rock teachers weren’t so fortunate.

  26. When I first saw pics of FL teacher, Debra La Fave, my thought was “where the hell were those teachers when I was in school?!” Damn, that woman is HOT! If teachers today become a distraction, it’s a problem. My cousin works as a HS counselor and has had boys brought in to his office for telling their young teachers “I wanna bang ya”, or similar lewd remarks. BTW, if teachers wanna go braless, they will find out what Marlon Brando told his young paramour in Last Tango, “you’ll eventually be playing soccer with your t!t$”.

  27. I don’t wear underwear and there’s no way anyone would know, I’m not in the habit of dropping my pants to let anyone see what I’m wearing (or not) under them. How could this possibly get this much attention?
    As far as wearing a bra, some women should be encouraged to not wear one while others should be strongly encouraged to wear as much as possible to cover everything with multiple layers of clothing.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I happen to think most t i t s are beautiful.

  28. I am a teacher an I feel that there shouldn’t HAVE to be a dress code for teachers. Unfortunately, there are some teachers that need a dress code. I have been teaching for over 20 years an wear a dress shirt or collared polo shirt. I also wear dress pants, or khakis and only wear jeans on professional days when there are no students.

    I have seen some teachers wear ripped jeans on days when we do have students. We should have as much freedom as possible, but those with no common sense ruin that for everyone.

  29. Hey, when I went to school ; yes most of the teachers were seniors or late mid aged, but I had an english teacher Ms. Stone and she was a knock out. She would lean or sit on the top of her desk and teach and drove the boys mad this was in the late 60’s If she wore no bra, or panties, no hetro boy would ever haave missed her class and most of us would have to have after school toutering with her. Hey if you read this Ms. Stone Wow! what mammorys we have of you,

  30. This is what our nation has come to. It began in the 60’s and when the decent dedicated youth were sent to Viet Nam, the liberal “educators” proceeded to change the whole concept of morality and the pot smoking junkies taught our children that they would take over the world. Well, they are accomplishing that, as very well seen from sex on television & movies and the language has to use the “F” word in it or they cannot complete sentence. And when a boy walks around with his butt hanging out of his pants and cannot be sent home because you may offend his race? We are going downhill and very fast. We did not learn from the Romans or any of our History lessons, did we?

  31. GREAT, NOW we have to deal with a bunch of PERVERTED, SLUTTY Teachers. Who will check the teachers to see they are decently clothed ??????????? ha!

  32. It’s all related to the ongoning decay of our society led by the Liberal’s that have been fighting to tear down the Constitution, religion, the flag, the military, the man & woman family image of husband and wife and continue to fight for the “anything goes and if it feels good just do it doctrine.

    We need to return to GOD, Country, Family!

  33. Unions have nothing better to do than Support Tramps, Sluts, and Whores who are teaching The Children… The Teachers are more worried about the clothing requirements than Teaching the Children… No wonder the Kids are as Screwed up as they are…

  34. What is it going to take to control Liberals? Under a tyrannical or communist system they would be the first victims, they are spoiled and have no understanding of real freedom. Liberals are the epitome of low IQ.

  35. Would someone please explain to me
    How wearing underwear is harmful…..?
    Especially to Teacher???
    Are they upset that they cannot get naked faster?

    What the Hell???

  36. Fire her. If she’s in the teacher’s union. Either ALL members go to work in class WITHOUT UNDIES, and BRA’S, or they ALL go to work like GROWNUPS are expected to go to school as PRETEND Teachers.

  37. Due to the high incidents of teachers diddling their students I think there should be some more restrictive clothing for female teachers. Can you say Chastity Belt? Be kind of tough making students do something like that. Or maybe every classroom should have a security camera and there should be one person designated to monitor all classrooms all the time, and all other areas of a school. Of course all this is tongue in cheek, there is really no way to control a teacher that does not want to be controlled.

  38. All the parents have to do is get involved in this and demand that the teachers dress correctly We have got to put a stop to teachers who think they can do whatever they want in their classrooms. Dress the way they want to, pass their political beliefs on to the children, their religious beliefs to the children, etc, etc. Their job is to teach the subject they were hired to teach. Get involved in your childs life or someone else will.

  39. The new “Hot” teacher today, are the High School students of just a few years ago. They carry their ideas about morality with them into the classroom. Can we expect anything else from them?

  40. If they have problems with wearing proper attire when around children then perhaps we need to look more closely
    into their qualifications and background before we let
    them around our children. Far to often lately we are
    hearing about teacher seducing young students and indulging in carnal activities. Children are receive far to much sexual information from a variety of sources today. We have sex, violence, homosexual activity presented as normal by the mindless left wing liberals
    and child molesters on TV,Radio, Movies constantly.
    They are trying to make it a have it your way society.
    It is past time for parents to stand up and remove
    activist judges from the bench and our legal system.
    The vile corrupters cannot be tolerated to continue
    to destroy the youth of our nation by their lack
    of morals or honor, dignity of office or respect for
    the United State Constitution and our laws. No longer
    can we tolerate them making up laws based upon their
    own perverted sense of how they feel.

  41. Oh, why bother, I enjoy the news stories about the women teachers who are abusing the younger male students. Let them keep doing it, it’s their union rights.

  42. Well, if they allow male students to wear their pants down around their knees, and female students to wear the big-girl panty shorts (Like Miley Cyrus wears ON STAGE), and tops that reveal everything on top, and opaque panty hose that they claim are LEGGINGS with crop tops…then you can see why teachers are opposed to being given stricter dress codes than the students have (and dress codes for kids don’t ALLOW the clothes they choose to wear…it’s just IGNORED depending on how consistent an administrator is from one school to the next). Students now dress like they are all going to MANDATED raves after their last class. And the amazing thing to me is THESE KIDS LEAVE THEIR HOMES LOOKING LIKE THIS…with parents who often stop off at Starbucks to get their precious cargo treats to start their day out right. PARENTS CONDONE the clothing their kids are wearing. Whose more to blame?

  43. No male teachers objected to the wearing of underwear. Why are the female teachers objecting? Are they floozies, or whores? What insanity! When women lose their virtue in a society, the society is doomed. These women teachers in Little Rock, Arkansas have lost their virtue.

    I would start over with new teachers for all those who object to common sense dress codes.

    Another case in point that government education is not the direction to go with your children or your grandchildren.

  44. Don’t lump all teachers together! My 26 year old daughter is a first grade teacher herein Texas. It would ever occur to her to dress like that for school or even her personal life! In her school district they have a strict dress code for students and all the teachers follow it! Thank You,

  45. The worse thing about optional underwear is that now we have a whole group of middle age women who’s accoutrements now hang down past their belly buttons.

  46. when i was in high school we all had a dress code. are teachers were even suppose to be dress code. now i guess people just don’t care if female teachers dress provocatively than they end up having a sexual relationship with their male students.

  47. A lot of things between the late 50’s when I went to High school to the late 60’s. in the late 50’s girls skirts had to be 2 inches below the knee . By 1963, the pill was introduced, Betty Friedam told girls , since the boys were all having sex, now with the pill, you girls can now start having sex. Question if the boys were having sex and the girls were not, then who was the boys having sex with.

  48. Good. Let’s just let everyone in the country now have sex with everyone. All the women and even little girls can seduce all of the men and boys into having sex, then they can all get their abortions on demand. Let’s become another Rome, where orgies were common, homosexuality was rampant, and everyone ate until they puked. Is that where America is headed?

  49. Children are being thrown out of school for NRA caps, or having a piece of paper folded like a gun, or a chicken tender shaped like a gun, T-shirts with Christian logos on them…. These teachers are complaining about have to wear bra, and underwear…….. Suspend them for not complying to standards, students have to comply.

  50. I wish my high school French teacher, Ms. Socol, had not worn a bra and panties to class every day!!! I was already distracted. The distraction would have become a full time occupation, trying to catch a glimpse or, better yet, cop a feel! WOW!!!

  51. When I sub or have a contracted teaching job, I’m usually dressed better than a lot of the other teachers.

    I’m seen them come in with ripped dungarees, flip-flops, exposed tattoos, shirts that while, not short, aren’t ones I’d wear to a job, and looking like slobs. On some of the casual Fridays, even the most slovenly kid looked better than these people. And they wondered why they had no respect?

    If it was a particularly warm or humid day, I wear a short-sleeve shirt and usually skip the tie (around here, most schools don’t have a/c) or on a cold day, a pull-over sweater. Otherwise, shirt-and-tie at a minimum, unless I’m doing shop or gym. Usually, I wear a sport-coat or blazer or a suit. The kids notice I dress well. The kids listen to me more than a lot of their own teachers because I LOOK like I mean business. Even a lot of the teachers, especially the younger ones that tended to be a bit clueless would come to me and say “help- please?” Of course, in a spirit of professionalism, I usually would.

    I ended up with a few known-to-be-problematic classes. Between a commanding appearance and well…simply being commanding, the problems went away.

    I say good for this super for finally demanding that his staff dress like the professionals they’re supposed to be.

  52. Another reason to home school. Dont let these idiots get close to the most precious people in your life. Make the sacrifice and school them yourself. there are lots of groups that will help you to do it right.

  53. Did you notice that this is all about women and their supposed rights?

    This is an attack on boys and young men to force them to think only with their penis (I’m being kind!). This has been going on for decades.

  54. Step into high school classrooms, and you also will hear teachers using foul language and allowing it to be used by students. My students were told not to use foul language on day one, and they always complied. All it took was setting the standard and maintaining it myself. The same went for dress code.

  55. What’s really sad and pathetic about this is that the ‘teachers’ are complaining at all about having to conform to a dress code, or that the principle has to issue one ! ! ! How low can we go with public behavior likke this ?? Even lower, I’m afraid . .

  56. Why does anyone find it strange that teachers would protest this? The Progressive Agenda does NOT require teachers to actually “teach” ( this infers the ability to think independently), but rather to merely talk and indoctrinate students in what is told as fact. Any distraction to the student only serves to enhance the process of indoctrination.
    When I was in school, teachers actually knew more than the students and could, dare I say it, impart knowledge and wisdom on inquiring minds. The only hope today to get these same results is to home school your children. It’s sad but that is the way it is.

  57. Bras I can understand. There’s something about bras that affect a woman’s ability to hold up her breasts on her own. Underwear? Nada. Nope. Not unless they are planning to wear long dresses. They can throw out bras on a health issue. But they can’t throw out underwear, it’s a professional issue.

    1. I know a teacher that does not wear a bra (for medical reasons), but you can’t see anything, because she is well covered by her clothing and that is what they should enforce.

  58. These teachers are the spawn of moral decadence and the encouragement of immorality which has been taught in the classroom for many generations now. They know no better. They are petulant children teaching genuinely trusting children who are being betrayed by deliberate moral ignorance and sloth. And the revelation of this problem to the kids – they will find out if they haven’t already – will encourage them to exploit such indecent behavior to their own personal benefit and the destruction of moral order in the classroom. Thank you, NEA. Teachers teach this way because they live this way and they want to keep their job. Horrible. Betraying our children to keep a roof over one’s head is a moral outrage.
    Hey, y’all sorry-butt excuses for teachers in Little Rock, y’all are giving decent rednecks a bad name! Put on your skivvies and bras and wear clothing the kids can’t see through; get your heart right with these children! Teach them as if they were yours, ’cause you spend more time with them than their parents do, and this is a deliberate design of the NEA, to disrupt and destroy the good moral influence of home, family, parents and God – would you want some half-dressed bohemian parading about in front of your kids for more hours every day than they spend with their parents? You want these clowns teaching your children?

  59. I hardly know what to say as I grew up in LR and attended the schools there during the 60s. Someone said on here that there was a lot of positive things going on in the government schools. I beg to differ. Government schools indoctrinate students with amoral and often immoral concepts. Make any and every sacrifice on behalf of your most precious treasures, your children, and place them in private Christian schools. Public schools are a cesspool and the vast majority of its teachers are the spawn of satan because they have been brainwashed by the Big Education. [BTW, my teachers back in Arkansas still revered the 10 Commandments and the Lords Prayer back in those days. While maybe not perfect they upheld standards of decency and morality – they were admirable in that era.]

  60. Really, Little Rock teachers?! Why are you so in a tizzy about having to wear underpants and a bra? What is it about keeping yourself covered up that you find so appalling? Do you want it easy for you to show off your “assets” to your students even if they don’t want to see them? You’re ridiculous!!!

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