Pulitzer Prize Winner Kathleen Parker Said the Most Ignorant Thing About the Bible and Ted Cruz

Did you know that the Bible does not teach that Jesus rose from the dead? Did you know that “the body of Christ” always refers to the actual body of Jesus? Well, that’s what highly paid liberal Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker claimed in response to a comment made by Sen. Ted […]

Hillary’s Foreign Policy: Love, Love, Love

Not only is Hillary Clinton a chronic liar and opportunist, but we shouldn’t forget another key aspect of her personality, that she is a child of the sixties. At least that would help explain one of her dumber statements, which she gave on the Lifetime channel during an interview that aired Wednesday. Not exactly a […]

PBS: Ted Cruz and Father are ‘Satanic’

Yes, they actually said “Satanic.” A PBS panel of so-called journalists on the “PBS News Hour” show called Sen. Ted Cruz “Satanic,” then doubled down by likewise labeling Cruz’s father, Rafael, who is an evangelical pastor. New York Times columnist David Brooks was asked a simple question by host Judy Woodruff, whether any of the […]

Clinton Can’t Explain Difference Between Democrat, Socialist

Democrat, socialist. “Potayto,” “potahto.” Right? See, most of us conservatives understand that there is no difference between a modern Democrat and a Socialist, and we frequently point it out, always to the feeble denials of the Left. Thus, it’s amusing to watch one of liberals’ star players struggle to explain any differences — double points when […]

Hillary and Obama ‘Most Admired’ Until You Read the Fine Print

A new poll is out that says that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Do you want to guess what percentage she received to garner the top spot? Obama was the most admired man. Before I give you the numbers, I want to lay out for you how easy it is to […]

Did Kevin Meet God and Get Saved in ‘Home Alone’?

I saw a short video about redemptive elements in the first Home Alone film. It’s been some time since I’ve seen Home Alone, so I was intrigued enough to watch “Did Kevin Meet God and Get Saved in Home Alone? What did the writers, producers, and directors have in mind when they put obviously Christian elements in Home Alone? […]

Obama Ready to Enact Gun Control Without Congress

Once again, President Obama is planning to unlawfully usurp the power of Congress by using executive orders to create and enact a law of his own design. This time, it’s expected to be universal background checks for gun purchases, possibly in addition to other gun control maneuvers, according to the Associated Press. White House spokesmonkey […]

BuzzFeed Editor Outlines ‘Fair’ Trump Policy

I don’t think there has ever been such a thing as an unbiased media, from the days of the Roman Empire’s Acta Diurna (the Daily Acts) until now. However, BuzzFeed, which has pretensions of being a reputable news source, has just cemented its well-earned reputation as a left-wing mouthpiece with a memo from its editor […]

What Happened to the Third San Bernardino Shooter?

The initial reports that came out after the San Bernardino shootings is that there were three assailants. Then all of a sudden there were two dead people and no more talk about a third shooter. For the longest time President Obama and the liberal media downplayed the narrative that this was an Islamic hit — […]

It’s Long Past Time for ‘Baby Killing Control’

It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve seen Saturday Night Live. It was the last time it was funny. “On the December 5th airing of Saturday Night Live, fake-news anchor Michael Che called out the Republican Senate for scheduling action to defund Planned Parenthood, despite the recent shooting in San Bernardino.” Like so much of liberal-think, a […]

Columnist Compares Messianic Jewish Victim to Terrorists

There are some people for whom words are not adequate to express the revulsion their actions cause. Presenting New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi, whose last name is just coincidentally the same as the nickname formerly applied to the East German police under the Soviet Union. Stasi just wanted to correct the record in […]

NYT Front Page: Give Up Your Guns

And here we go. The New York Times, the nation’s paper of record, in its first front-page editorial in almost 100 years, today called on Americans to give up their guns to the government “for the good of their fellow citizens.” After thoroughly cooking two mass shootings in one week, the media have apparently decided to […]