Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

I love science. I always have. I always will. Science is a window into God’s creation. The more we learn about the created order, the more we understood that none of what we see is here by accident. William Cowper (1731–1800) was right when he wrote that “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.” This is true in the operating room as doctors operate on babies while they are still in the sanctuary of their mother’s womb.

The latest example is the story of 20-month old Lyna Gonzalez. During her mother’s pregnancy, doctors discovered a benign tumor the size of a tennis ball growing on her unborn baby’s mouth. Doctors told Tammy there was little chance her daughter would survive birth – and if she did, she would require an immediate tracheotomy in order to breath and have multiple surgeries thereafter.

Dr. Ruben Quintero, a pioneer in fetal medicine, has treated many birth defects and high risk conditions while the baby is still in the womb. Quintero and Dr. Eftichia Kontopoulos operated on Tammy’s baby in utero. Using an endoscope guided by ultrasound they performed a first of its kind surgery and removed the tumor from the fetus’ mouth.

Leyna Mykaella Gonzalez was born healthy. The only sign of the surgery is a tiny scar on her mouth.

One of the scientific developments that is making it harder for secularists to take a pro-abortion position is new sonogram technology.

Approximately 10 years ago, General Electric began running an emotionally gripping TV commercial for their technologically astounding 4D Ultrasound Imaging System.  As the tune “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” plays, the commercial begins with a close-up of the loving gaze of an expectant mother. The frame then shifts to the photo-quality image of the face of an unborn baby generated by GE’s 4D technology.  As it shows the two parents staring at the image of their child, their emotional connection with this “clump of cells” is obvious and touching.  The ad finishes with a shot of the parents holding their child—now a newborn baby, and a narrated voice saying “When you see your baby for the first time on the new GE 4D Ultrasound System…it really is a miracle.”

The pro-aborts hated it. They couldn’t make the case anymore that what was being aborted was just a mass of tissue. It was a baby.

Over the years, doctors have operated on babies in utero. You may have seen the picture of the pre-born baby’s hand grabbing a doctor’s finger as he was working to repair the baby’s spine. There’s a book about the incident: The Hand of Hope. You can see the slide show here.

As these stories get out, and people see the pictures, there will be a change in the way look at pre-born babies and the bloody abortion business.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful story, some of us have always known when life begins , and that choice is not really “any choice ” for one party involved in the three involved in that proposition.. They will find some meaningless way to make their selfish decisions seem “kind” that is what they do in the name of “women’s health”, never talking about the butchered women who can no longer have children, the mental instablitily of women ,who have undergone such procedures..or the cancers that occurred after them. So shhh don’t tell anyone , it’s all about women’s health..There was a time when real women , would die before considering such things..their flesh and blood came first, now when the odds are pretty slim of that happening , they pretend like it’s the old west, where there are no antibiotics and pregnancy causes death..What it really causes in some is decisions , they can never take back.

    And finally to New Yorkers who are aborting 50 percent of all their unborn…No wonder you are lacking in so many ways…
    America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts — a child — as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the independent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters”
    And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners. Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being’s entitlement by virtue of his humanity. The right to life does not depend, and must not be declared to be contingent, on the pleasure of anyone else, not even a parent or a sovereign.” (Mother Theresa — “Notable and Quotable,” Wall Street Journal, 2/25/94, p. A14)

      1. You are Welcome & Thank You, Tim!!

        But, ELOHIM thanks us everyday that we are out there on behalf of the unborn!!! And naturally, HIS gratitude last forever!!!

  2. We here in America take for granted our right to have children. In China women are forced to abort any children over one. This poor lady tried to hide from communist officials to save the life of her unborn child. She was dragged away, beaten, kicking and screaming. Her 7 month fetus was ripped from her body. Here she lies in hospital dazed and upset beside her dead baby ripped from her womb. This story made me cry.:

    1. I saw it too, Mary, and I cried my eyes out for her and her little baby. May God have mercy on all their souls. Only God can judge them. (I’ve made my own judgment which doesn’t matter one iota.) God save the U.S.A. and all her littlest citizens.

    2. Yes…and that doesn’t cover her dazed and upset expression after her first female fetus was aborted because she wanted a boy? How hypocritical can we get…arguing against abortion of a second child while keeping quiet about the gender selection that goes on even in the US?

      1. And your source for this disinformation is…? Nowhere in the article is the claim made that she wanted a boy and therefore had the abortion. I don’t think any of the comments made here thus far indicate any amount of hypocrisy – “arguing against abortion of a second child while keeping quiet about the gender selection that goes on even in the US?”. This forum is about one Chinese incident, not about US policies. Stick to the topic at hand, please.

  3. We are not there, yet. Just let Obama care go full on line, then we’ll have the same healt care as they enjoy in China.

  4. I’m a 24 year military veteran. I was in the Navy when there were still rough tough sailors. I remember this commercial. The first time I saw it I cried. I just watched it here and I cried again. It was involutary. The beauty and the tenderness of God’s creation in the womb. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God has no choice but to judge this country for its disregard for his work.

    1. Of course God has a choice. I only wish that those who claim abortion as a choice would only realize that the baby who is to be aborted had no choice.

    2. It made me smile with joy in my heart. Oh God You Made A Beautiful World with miracles everywhere. Babies are the most pure, sweetest, most loving beings in the world. New People. Those women who murder their babies will never be loved like they loved them even while they were crying for mommy and being murdered in her womb.

    1. just wait, my friend told me today that her doctors office advised her to join a group (outside the doctors office) for $15.00 that’ll guarantee that she will be able to get an appt. when necessary in a timely fashion as experienced in the past with this practice. If not part of the private member group, they can’t guarantee that she’ll get an appt. when needed and may have to wait long extended periods to see a doctor. hummm they’re not just going to kill off old folks, get ready.

        1. PA doesn’t realize they have engendered deep suspicion around the country by turning their Penn State Students into lemmings to cheer pedophiles instead of raging in demands to expose it and protect children. Pennsylvania would do well to lead the way to closing Penn State themselves or endure the further humiliation by having the school closed for them by bankruptcy if likely deeper shame is exposed.
          Portland has earned the title of Sex Trade Capital of the USA. Nebraska dealt with charges of pedophile ring used by the wealthy and powerful including politicians, operating in Franklin Credit Union using Boy’s Town orphans and others. The case was written about in The Franklin Scandal by one of the children’s lawyers. Book tells about trials and people, abuse of children, accusations of perjury against some kids who claimed rape. Young girl refused to say she lied and was sentenced for 15 years, likely still in prison. Hope she survives.

          Our children are increasingly endangered in America. Children grabbed from their beds, raped for days, and buried alive to die clutching a stuffed toy; children grabbed from their school buildings; adopted children abused; it’s dangerous to be a child here now. Stop this abuse of young children. Make it clear that we will protect our children, unborn and born, from abuse.

          Please compare Franklin to procedures at Penn State.

          (if above won’t open here is the ending text: /Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations):

          Educate yourselves with these events, protest and demand full investigation, and by that emergence, gather even more people to the fight to protect all children, pre-born and born.

  5. That is soooooo Cool.
    I contribute the bulk of my charitable giving to Project Ultrasound run through Focus on the Family to put Ultrasound machines in Crisis Pregnancy Centers through out the US. It is amazing the results of not only seeing a live human being, but “your” fully formed little human being! God, save us from ourselves.

    1. There is also other ways. I am part of a ministry by the name of “Third Voice”. We have been putting pictures of 8 wk old children in the womb on billboards along interstates on the east coast. The picture, which is pretty much the same thing you see in a ultrasound, is not quite as convincing as seeing your own baby alive inside the womb. It does however refute the myth that what’s inside is merely a blob of tissue. With this and ultrasound, hopefully we can change one heart at a time!

  6. Best bumper stcker i have ever seen, “It is NOT a right … it is a CHILD”. God bless and protect all our little and yet unborn American citizens.

      1. I must defer to you as I fear my memory is faulty … I now remember that bumper sticker was that exact quote from Mother Teresa, God Bless her.

        1. Nice that you ladies are recalling bumper stickers. Since you recall them and likely many of you echo God Bless MT, what should God do about us who have not done what is necessary to help MT save babies awaiting the female spreading her legs and welcoming the knives, the solutions, the vacuums to destroy them? I will vote for and if necessary will write in Ron Paul as my Christian American President and will continue to shout out in support of him. Anybody on board or are all “insulted” and must cover yourselves with smackbacks?

      2. She said, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so [that a person can live as they wish.] ” Sorry, I had to paraphrase that last bit. As long as the baby murder industry controls the labels, we are not going to defeat them.

    1. Agbjr, I have previously commented, but you have brought up an important point that should be addressed. All too many people say, “it is the female’s body to do with as she see fit”. Well, there is more than one school of thought on that. The fetus came from a ” free floating” egg, that later embedded itstelf in the wall of the placenta, and was later detached from the placenta and was then “connected” to the female, via just the umbilical cord. I support the conceipt that the fertilized egg is not “part” of the female’s body, per se,” to do with as she see fit”. That seperate entity is only being supported and nurished by the mother, in the very same context that she would care for it after birth. However, the “full disclosure” via “4D” technology, clearly reveals a living breathing child, who feels and senses what is going on, in both its and the outside world. Conversely, I sense that “population control” will soon be a matter of world-wide concern and it will have to be addressed, hopefully in a more civilized and equitable manner.

      1. We need to be clear on one thing: The “choice” that they hold so dear is the choice to walk away from an unwanted pregnancy with no consequences. Why is it then that only women have that choice? I can guarantee you those same people who argue for a “woman’s right to choose” would be equally adamant that a man does NOT have the right to choose to walk away from an unwanted pregnancy with no consequences! Where is the “equality” in that? Just one more GLARING example of the blatant hypocrisy of “progressives”!

        1. Fatman45. The biggest reason I can think of, is men don’t get pregnant. Also, you cannot go around sowing your “seed” without assuming the responsibility that goes with it—just like shooting a gun without taking responsibility for where the bullet goes. Also, most women get involved in sex due to sensory impulses from “above the beltline (Brain and heart). Men, all too frequently get involved because of sensory impulses below the beltline (Sex for sex’s sake)—-I have known some men that would make love to a snake if someone would hold it’s head.Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

        2. They also forget about the reproductive rights of all the baby girls being aborted. According to the “pro-abortion” gang, reproductive rights are only for women seeking an abortion. They don’t care about the rights of all the innocents who can’t fight for themselves.

        3. The man is responsible for his part in the pregnancy and should support the woman and raise his child. That is the order God set up.

      2. The idea that the world is overpopulated is a myth. As of 2009, the population of the whole world could fit inside the state of Texas… Mind you, they may have to be standing up but it’s possible… check it out….

        1. Actually, it’s been shown that you could fit all 700 crores (with one square yard per person) into the area of Delaware.

          If you use Texas, you have space of 12′ x 15′ per person.

        2. Sir, why all of the mental masturbation, when we are debating serious issues? What you say is meaningless drivil. Go get your “kicks” on Facebook or Twitter.

        3. Jake, there is far more to “living” than just standing (in Texas in July). there must be potable water, food of many kinds and sources, places to dispose of our nuclear and sewage waste, means of making a living, medical care, protection from the elements and “bad guys”, housing, recreation, fuel for transporting food, equipment and people. Go visit Japan, Haiti, some parts of India and other heavily populated areas and then come back and tell me about the big “myth”. Why do you think thousands of people every year are trying to come to this country with its relatively “wide-open” spaces?

        4. How about, secondly, the wide open spaces… and first, the striving economy… we use to have!

          Keep killing babies… and encouraging our sodomite friends to parade their shame in-front of an all holy GOD every June… and this land mass will “vomit” us out… just like in the Old Testament, the pre-Israel nations!!!

          Repent and pray for godly leaders… and GOD will restore our land//nation [1 Kings 9:9 and 2 Chron 7:14]!!

          Or we can keep doing what we are doing… and that stench that we smell… will be us being ushered off of this land mass!!!

        5. Now who’s the mental masturbater? Only the truly dimwitted would think Jake was actually advocating people live standing shoulder to shoulder all across Texas.

        6. Yeah, fortunately we don’t have to live in Texas. As for India, there is plenty of open space but they can’t seem to figure that out.

        7. I wouldn’t mind living in Texas, but you’re right. There is a lot of room in India. The premise of standing shoulder to shoulder in any state is to indicate how much room there is on this planet. If you are interested in finding just how much land is “owned” by the federal government,(illegally, I might say), just do a search of the map of federally owned land in America. You will be shocked and angered to know how the government usurps the People’s land. Some states are about 75% or more federally owned. Those states are unable to utilize their own land for development or for tax generating recreation. If Agenda 21 goes through we can expect even worse conditions. Don’t know what Agenda 21 is? Look it up, for your own good, also ICLEI.

        8. President Dark Invader is a communist and in sync with UN’s Agenda21 through his copy titled Rural Sustainable Land something or other. Friends told about experiencing town council calls to meetings in little villages upstate New York where the officials bought into the Rural thing. Townsfolks didn’t like it but I haven’t heard how it turned out. Basically landowners would lose some or all of their land to the government for whatever purpose they choose, and would restrict people from entering that land. It’s here, and they are starting their zombie chomping in little communities. Other states are learning in farm areas. Good way to limit and control crop growth and your food allotments. Maybe they have calculated there are too many people based on their future limits of public lands. Wake Up. The Devil is moving to control.

        9. How about some of the entertainers, sport stars, CEO’s, billionaires etc that have more than enough of the above that they could ever ever use not hogging it all and having a little charity, then there is plenty to go around. Overpopulation is a myth, greed is not, it is human nature.

        10. Michele, if your train of thought is sound then all the extra money you save and put back should be taken away and given to other people as charity.
          watch what you believe in before your convictions become similar to the liberal, progressive, left.

        11. They’re not hogging anything. They earned it. People give up their time to start businesses or train for sports or entertainment, they invest their last dime to get a business started and sacrifice while waiting ti be “discovered” or get that big break. They sacrifice time with their families for schooling or working extra hours. These wealthy people paid their dues to get their money. Most of them are entrepenuers and philanthropists. The very word “hogging” suggests that you think there is ‘x’ amount of dollar bills and they have gathered them all. Money is generated through capitalism and anybody can have as much as they want, if they work for it. Rich doctors and lawyers spent years in school and thousands of dollars paying for it. Thre IS enough money to go around, you just have to be willing to work for it.

        12. You people ever hear of places like New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana ? You can drive for hours and never see a human.

      3. Individuals that really claim to be so concerned about population control… should these individuals not make the ultimate sacrifice… for our world… and kill themselves… rather than an innocent, unborn baby!

        We can check with dondehoff and see if they wish to lead the way and make the first sacrifice! And on behalf of the world, we thank you!!!!

        Judge Judy probably said it best regarding the responsibility-challenged, ‘You people have to get another hobby!’

        Killing an innocent baby to save a ‘few pieces of silver’ is barbaric; savage; and totally selfish!!! It should be listed under the heading of ‘crackhead logic’ or maybe ‘morons is me!!!’

        I sacrificed to take care of the children of four different bums!!! So, I can state from personal experience that rearing children is highly rewarding!!! And the best part is, ELOHIM never forgets!!!!!!!

        Moreover, there has never been a day that I looked at any of them or even thought for even one microsecond… I wish your mother had killed you… so I could have more time to myself!

        And for the benefit of the peanut gallery… yes, I changed many a dirty diaper!!! And the baby would thank me for it… with one of their precious little smiles!!!!!

        Only what you do for GOD… lasts forever!!!!

        1. Aha! Another person who believes in Retro-Abortion, with the people who believe abortion is all right volunteering themselves for the retro-abortion. GMTA.

        2. Exactly as I was saying above! If they are so worried about it, they are the ones emitting all the fuels ect, if they are so passionate about it, and really believe in their cause, they can offer themselves to fix it, rather than deciding they deserve to live and others deserve not to based on their criteria as they set themselves up as “Gods”!

        3. Me too. Written in my high school year book by a classmate many moons ago, has remained in my thoughts. “Only One Life, Twill Soon Be Lost, Only What’s Done For Christ Will Last. The writer was a Christian, daughter of a Preacher. How many signatures and comments do you remember in your Year Books? This one impressed my life and motivation.

      4. You have it wrong. The ferilized ovum implants itself in the wall of the uterus, and eventually forms a placenta. The placenta survives as an exchange between the blood stream of the mother’s uterus and that of the fetus. The nutrients are passed through the umbilical cord until birth, at which time the cord is cut and the placenta is discarded through the vagina, as had passed the fetus.
        The first thing you need to know if you are going to address such issues is to know the facts. Beyond that I am not ready to argue..

        1. Quentin this is less about the mechanical aspects of pregnancy than it is about self decieving individuals who want to avoid the guilt that comes with the knowlege that they are snuffing out the life of an innocent and defenseless yet to be born baby.

      5. We never a fetus from the start as we were never nonhuman from the start… I should know I Am Woman & I was always a human being & so were all of my kids!!!

        1. Bo M. While your comment was not very “polished”, I agree completely. All of the “ingredients” necessary for life, are contained in the fertilized egg—just like all of the ingredients to be an adult is contained within that newborn child. In both cases, all that is needed is nourishment, loving care, time and patience. Thanks. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

      6. Population control is a non-issue. It is another created conflict to promote one world government. It is a matter not even to be considered. At the time of calculation, every human on earth could fit into the largest city on earth (demographically) and have a 3×3 foot space. THERE IS NO POPULATION CRISIS! This is what promotes abortion and other justifications for murder and genocide, like abortion.

        1. 4PERCENTER, Please read my response to “Jake” a day ago. You seem hung up on “just people” being physically positioned upon this earth. There is far more to the population equation than just bodies and a place to put them. With all living creatures, there is a possibility of over population whether it be cattle on a ranch, chickens in a hen house, or 10 kids in a 2-bedroom house. There is not only space problems, but far bigger issues such as potable water and appropriate food, housing, medical care, plaques, sewage (and nuclear?) waste and adequate diets and a host of other necessities. Have you ever seen a “locust” plague—they are so thick you cannot see and they may extend for miles—nature takes care of the problem by starving them to death. As for humans, many years ago thousands of Irish people died of famine when their potato crops failed for several consecutive years. There is already a shortage of potable water and food in several parts of the world. Some of the food problem can be alleviated by a better distribution program. Also, the bubonic plague in Europe years ago was most severe in heavily populated areas—similar to one person starting an outbreak of the flue in a classroom. As for your “standing room only” issue, the closer we are forced to be the more controls we must have, on even simple issues noise restrictions in a housing area, speed limits, and even like bad breath or “passing gas”. There is a limit to how many people this old Earth can support and the actual number will be depend upon how well we “manage” our population—population control. And if we let the socialists or Muslims “take over”, you can rest assured that it will be the “little people” and the elderly that will go first—and I am 80 years young and still have a couple of things to accomplish before I go. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

        2. There is room for many more people. But some 1st class countries want to be ‘boss’ over other countries, trying to cut their food supplies if they don’t give in. Look up the high food increases per square hectare. Learn how many times, in the last 150 years, it has been predicted that the world would soon come to an end ?

        3. Tout, you are another one that just “don’t get it”. There is far more to this population problem, than “just where to put people”. Reread my comments concerning the many other important parts of the equation. And, without taking sides on or for any religion, 99.9 % of the “end of the world predictions” come from those with a religious bent. Scientifically speaking, all living things “come into being, grow, mature and eventually die”, and as we look out into the “cosmos”, we see planetary bodies dying ever day. And as this planet gets more crowded, the more controls we must have, just to keep order. Many of the more advanced countries have “leveled off” on population growth, but in most all third-world countries, populations are exploding. China (no longer a 3rd-world country) has tried to address this issue, but the results have been less than hoped for. I recall sometime ago, a high ranking official in India stating that just making electricity available to the masses, slowed population growth considerably, as then there were far more things to do, after sundown. Also, the world over, we are having troubles in finding ways to dispose of our sewage and nuclear power plant waste materials. Today, there are some parts of the ocean where one can almost walk on the debris floating on the water, And, as for water, it has been reported that less than 5% is now potable, and without water nothing can survive. True, a good “distribution” system for food, will delay famine, but eventually, without population controls, we may (will?) all succumb. And again, without taking sides on or for religion, we were all “created”. Regardless of whomever or whatever that creator maybe be, we were given a brain, that surpasses all computers. Logic, deductive reason and plain common sense dictates we must take it upon ourselves, to understand and possibly solve the problems of this world. And let us be honest with ourselves and accept that the United States and several other countries are not spending massive amounts of money and other resources on space exploration, “just because it is out there”.Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

      7. True and well put, but moreover, the bloods do not mix. The child can have another blood type. It is an entity to itself, marvelously and uniquely made, just as God designed. How is it her (the mother’s) body if it has another blood type? Why are some women willing to so blythely murder.

        1. “Joannhh49”, thanks for the comment. I was overlooked the blood issue. I made a “small” error, as was pointed out by a sharp-eyed reader. I embedded the egg in the placenta instead of the uterus. I guess I am guilty of practicing medicine without a license. I truly believe honest full disclosure would prevent a lot of abortions. I cannot find the article wherein females were interviewed who had prior abortions and later had children, who collectively, stated, (without taking sides on or for any religion), “God, what have I done!” I believe that kind of information should be provided to every female who is contemplating an abortion. Thanks.
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Medical Operation that Could End Abortion in America

      8. Overpopulation is proven to be a myth. We have children starving in Africa, yet we have entertainers and sports stars over here making enough to feed them for a lifetime and still live comfortably. It is not overpopulation, it is greed. Ever notice that the ones crying “overpopulation” such as Bill and Melinda Gates never offer to help the problem by removing themselves? That is because they see themselves as so superior to all the lesser beings that are expendable. They use the excuse of “global warming” and “carbon footprints”, I hardly think that those starving people in those third world countries are emitting fumes from factories or SUV’s! It is genocide, pure and simple and true racism in action. It is Margaret Sanger’s dream come true and her entire reason for starting Planned Parenthood, to rid the world of “human weeds” as she called them.

        1. Get off the sofas, stop watching tv sports. Do some activity instead of sitting on bleachers cheering others, teach your kids to do their own exercise, Don’t buy tickets to the games and don’t send your kids to Sports schools. None of it is good. How did disc throwing take over education? The power is in our clickers and feet. put one on the table and the others on the trails. Always thought Bill & Melinda were goofy beings who are told what to do with their bills by their zionist pals. They never confuse me.

      9. I stand with the intelligence of Shakespeare. The female’s body is indeed her body and the law gives her the right to have anything done to it that she wants, but she cannot touch a cell or drop of blood of the fetus. It is not “her” blood and has it’s own DNA and cells. Indeed the fetus is NOT her body. Instead of opening her legs to TERRORISTS, she should remember to close them to carriers of other bodies. Tumors, other growths invading her body have no contributions from other humans and at her choice should be removed FROM her body.

    2. It’s not a choice or a right, it’s a child. This is all you have to keep repeating over & over to a pro abortionist to shut them up. We all need to get more vocal like the progressives. I for one am tired of all the pc mentality and don’t keep quiet any more. Just don’t get as angry as they do. It drives them nuts when you don’t respond with anger, just facts and calmness. Facts are their enemy!!

      1. It’s rude but you could say to them, “Too bad your parents didn’t have an abortion.” It is not nice, but it might hit a little closer to home and make them think.

      2. PC is Pure Corruption of Freedom of Speech and has worked its way into laws that stuff our mouths and destroy our society. Americans must effectively and freely speak. These people who stick tools up a female to get money for murdering helpless babies who squirm and try to escape their weapons are simply Terrorists. Ask any aborted baby. Call ’em what they are. TERRORISTS, and take them out of any other medical term. Get used to saying Terrorist when discussing abortion, and people will slowy, step by step slowly turn, listeners will get used to hearing it and will start using it. Some call that method brainwashing. Get busy.

        1. revisions in quotes… TERRORISTS, and “ABORT them out” of any other medical term “and they will scream like the babies they abort would if they only could”.

    3. Little unborn American citizens. Yes! Ron Paul, an OBGYN delivered 4,000 of them into our country. If you know abortion is murder of a child, you must vote for Ron Paul for President. He will end it, he knows what it is and told about how babies who survived abortion were put in buckets at the side of the room until they died. He will not allow that to continue. IF YOU want to end this reign of terror then you must speak out for Ron Paul and support him and vote for him. Otherwise, just shutup and go away because you do not care enough to do what must be done to end this cruelty. Maybe it’s just a social clucker group who like to gossip about how morally superior they are to others, and will show folks they are wealthy and will give money not to save babies but to maintain their public social high moral standards. If RTL does not come out to politically endorse Ron Paul, they can fold and get other jobs. Some say if RTL does speak out for him it might do him more harm than good. What the H*LL kind of brains and hearts do those excuse makers have? Enough of the sweet movies, the sweet “sayings” and quotes from descent people. Publicly take your stand. NOW. Speak out for Ron Paul and write him in if you can’t get him on your ballots. Put up or shut up, ladies.

  7. What a stupid simplistic article with a worthless headline. Fixing babies in the womb has been going on for years. It will NOT end abortions. You cannot fix anencephaly and many other conditions. Just another example of right wing cluelessness about biology. Then you throw religion in as though God was helpful here. If there were a god why does he create these monstrous problems and not do anything to fix them.

    The whole concept of a god is ridiculous.

    1. Chris: Don’t harden your heart towards children or God ….period! This is not a “social: issue It is life and death of an unborn child! How do you feel about tax $ spent to keep death row killers alive? Did God make them committ murder? God does not create problems He heals them! I have seen many miracles , yes from God.! Open your heart! There is a God and He loves everybody from the unborn child to the killer on death row.

    2. What a stupid, simplistic, reaction to a beautiful article. As you noted above, it is a baby in the womb and not a mass of cells. God works in amazing ways and babies are never monsters (as in monstrous problems) but, like the monstrous reactions to an innocent life, you appear clueless about much of life itself. I am a pediatric nurse and see miracles frequently, but your reaction shows that you need to realize that God loves you. He wants you to know of His Love and that he doesn’t make mistakes or monsters, those are created by a society that does not respect life. He does. And His love and Hope changes lives that people who know Truth can see when Monster-Seekers cannot.

    3. Ur an immoral imbecile the only thing u are right a out is those who are hard hearted and without any moral compass will continue to perpetuate this genocide against the unborn babies.
      It is sad that u can’t see the hand of an amazing God who knew us from the beginning of time.

      creator of life including a child invtro. U are right those who have no regard for life either preborn or after will continue this genocide against the unborn.

    4. You don’t need to have God in the equation to appreciate life, beauty and love. How sad that all you see are monsters. Problems provide an opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate the beauty around us. There can be no good without evil, light without dark, life without death. How sad that from your superior perch you do not understand that the worse of circumstances often allow us to find the best within us. Why do you care that so many find comfort in the concept of God? Why do you need to ridicule and belittle those you do not understand? What would you replace God with?

  8. In this day and age, MOST abortions are just a form of birth control. Not good. In some cases an abortion is necessary.

      1. The statistics come from what few “facts” that are wrenched from the bloody fingers of planned parenthood liars. They are actually readily available on the internet, for those who get out of “Mother Jones” apron strings.

  9. Every day is a gift. It is the gift of every ancestor of yours who ever lived and managed to survive every challenge they faced. It is a gift of their care for their children who produced the next generation. The final gift is the day itself. The gift is to be able to explore the past, experience the present and dream of the future. The gift includes the ability to approach life as your own experience. To say I accept responsibility for my actions, my existence and my choices without blame, without excuses and as a self-supportive individual in our society.

  10. I don’t believe the Government should be in the Business of Legislating Women’s Bodies like Women are Baby Making Machines. They get away with that, what’s next?

    1. Pro abortion liberals shriek,and howl,and gnash their teeth at the prospect of “allowing the government into their wombs”.Yet they blindly and obediantly embrace Obamacare which places the government in ALL of their bodyparts for life.How totally irrational.As to the “what’s next” question.Perhaps a new more virulent strain of secularists will deceide that since newborns are helpless and dependent on their mothers for survival that they have not yet achieved personhood and are therefore fair game for termination. Brian Sullivan M.D.

  11. My heart breaks for all those little innocent babies. I would rather say that we should bring back the death penalty rather than resort to murdering babies. GOD HELP AMERICA

  12. Well, Chris P., you just made a case for Obamasophomorific secularism. Gee, people get diseases, so there must not be a God. Hey, all you fellow Right wingers….stop taking biology classes, Chris P. just made an astounding discovery about the cosmos.

  13. What about this would make anyone think that it will stop abortion? You must be assuming that everyone has a normally functioning brain.

  14. Evidence abounds that should have changed minds about abortion, long ago.
    Until corrupt hearts change nothing will stop the proclivity of the godless to shed innocent blood. Only God can change hearts, and only if the desire is there to change.

  15. Oh Chris, I am so sad for you that you are so cynical, that you are unable to see and feel the miracle of the development of a child. I pray for you and all those who, like you, cut yourselves off from God’s grace. You may very well say something mean and hateful back, but that’s ok; it just shows me that you really need prayers said for you. God bless you, and may He soften your heart to the love that He is.

  16. I wife and I always thought of ourselves as very pro-life. My wife became pregnant later in life and because of the medication she was taking and her age the pregnancy was very high risk not only for my wife but also the possibility of severe birth defects with the child. She waited until it was time to where she could have amniocentesis to check and make sure the baby was healthy the two weeks that we waited for the results of that test really made us rethink the whole abortion issue. Thank God the test came back that the baby was healthy. He is now 21 years old. But those two weeks changed our thinking in that it was not enough to be just pro-life or pro-choice. In this case the either or didn’t fit because we had come to the conclusion that if the baby had severe birth defects that abortion would’ve been a possibility. A difficult choice but a possibility. Abortion should not be outlawed but abortion should not be legal as a form of birth control or convenience. It should be a tool available to doctors just like anything else but not a tool of convenience.

    1. A lack of empathy is most definitely a mental defect – as well as if you had been a girl then you mother would have been allowed to abort you for (a) being female and (b) having a mental defect…. You should be ashamed of yourself. A life is a life

    2. you have no idea what you are saying: ” we had come to the conclusion that if the baby had severe birth defects that abortion would’ve been a possibility. A difficult choice but a possibility.” I had an abortion in 1974 and the effects of killing your own child in the womb is absolutely DEVASTATING! If I had seen an ultrasound of my baby back then, I would definitely have chosen LIFE for her! The HELL that I, and many other women I know who are post-abortive have gone through is NOT being told in the main stream media! You should be VERY grateful you kept your child. But do not be deceived, a child with birth defects is STILL a human baby and HAS the RIGHT to LIVE. And you would have felt just as GUILTY as I did for killing my healthy baby!! Just be thankful you didnt go thru bouts of depression so strong that you thought of or tried suicide. And be thankful you didnt have so much anger at the man who made you get the abortion that you start having affairs, or have a terrible break up. Be very thankful that you can BOND with your child and can have a truly intimate relationship with your spouse.

      1. Thank you so much for this , many people in the prolife movement now ,were just like sister gave her baby up for adoption and now knows and loves that child, they don’t even tell you of the many, who can’t have babies, that would love to be parents to your child and then later you have no regrets that you chose life..

        1. Deeme, the PRO-DEATH crowd will never tell the truth about the consequences of abortion, and will never allow ANY restriction to abortion, not matter how brutal or horrid it may be.

          There is no reasoning with monsters such as these. They MUST be defeated!

        2. Stan I agree with most of what you say , but have seen a whole bunch of prochoicer’s come to see it is no choice at all for the child..they stand at the March for life protests carrying their signs that say “I regret my abortion” there is hope ..Good to see you how are you..?? I’m well aware that there is an evil element out there , that will never change their sick beliefs..but Good will win in the end.

        3. I’m well Deeme, thanks for asking, hope you are as well.

          I too have faith that good will win, and I promise you that I am not talking about the pro-choice people that have an open mind. I was specifically referring to the PRO-DEATH crowd that will protect abortion and the killing of children above all else. These are the people that are fine with abortion for…
          •Birth Control
          •Sex Selection
          •Partial Birth
          •After Birth

          These are EVIL people that must be defeated!

        4. Yes I know , to think the head of HHS is one of these is just unbelievable to me..Looking the other way while Tiller was in her state..and Obama being the only senator to vote against saving a baby born alive by a botched abortion..when did character stop mattering in our leaders?

        5. Never forget, Marget Sanger, a co-founder of Planned Predators aka Planned Parenthood was a rabid racists and the inspiration for Adolf Hitler in the Holocaust!!!

          She hated blacks and referred to us as “human weeds!!!” She went on to state that the best thing one could do for us… ‘was/is to kill us!!!’

          When the Democratic Party gets down on their collective knees to worship their heathen god, Sanger, what does that say about their claimed loyalty to African Americans??!!

      2. Bless your heart. I hope you have been able to ask forgiveness from God and get your life straight. What a powerful testament you have. I’m sorry things happened the way they did for you and your baby.

    3. I had my first child later in life and was advised of possible birth defects. Everything seemed to be going along fine until I got to the hospital in labor. The baby’s heart rate would either not change enough durring a contraction or changed too much and didn’t come back soon enough. She ended up going into sever distress. After a c-sec. they said she would not walk or talk. Now days they would probably ask if they should do CPR or not. They did and God performed a miracle. She just graduated from law school. There are no guarantees with pregnancy and birth. God is in control of it all and the author of life.

    4. Well, we ALL must go through trials and tribulations of life…. HOWEVER< I KNOW NOT of anyone who says that situation is clear cut. What I hear is that abortion should only be legal in cases of sexual assault, incest and where the mother's or child's life is in danger… Although I am very pro-life I understand that there are cases when an abortion may be necessary…. I have a few problems with other than the above cases because "I" do not take life as cavalierly as so many do.
      YOU see, a life is special…. as a conservative I do not understand why we cannot take Charlie Manson's life but we can kill a baby? As a conservative I do not understand why this same baby that the Mom does not want she can have removed regardless of the "father's" feelings but "IF" he was to want no children- she can have the baby and have her hands in the man's wallet for the next 18 years….
      I honor Sarah Palin for having a challenged baby….. they made the decision to walk the walk…. I know a cpl of people who had Downs syndrome babies, and I can verify they are VERY LOVING to their family and others who they find friendly. I was so "protected" as a youth that I had never seen a Downs child ( I was a child of the 60's)… When I was in my 30's a friend had a "challenged child" and they invited me over. I knew not what to say to them, I was afraid I wouldn't treat their child correctly… Would I look at him wrong, would I say something ( as joke) that was unfeeling?…I decided "to hell with it" I would go see my life long friends, and see their little boy… DAMNED he was and is the most loving child… He never sees motives, and just doesn't care why you came over… He wants a hug…. SHAME ON ME FOR BEING AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN….. Shame on the progressive left for selling out the children of god….. They are not a choice….. we have a choice to kill Manson, we do not as it is a life….. but a BABY…. that is some formed of reproductive right….. NO IT IS NOT….. YOUR reproductive rights end when you need someone else to fix your screw up….. PILLS, CONDOMS etc….. It is YOUR responsibility to do what is right to start with.,…
      rchguns…. it was a tough decision… but you thought it through…. and worked it out. I am glad you agonized over it…. because that means it was important… not just screwers remorse….

    5. Well, god, your well-meaning dance around this issue has reached the the throne room of heaven! Fail to repent and what do you think that GOD’s choice will be on you???!!!

  17. Too bad Obama’s mommy did not abort little Barack we would not be in this mess today, Barry is the baby from the movie Rosemarys Baby, that movie came out about the time little Barry was born!

  18. We need to be more vocal than the animal activist and nuts…. who write sad songs, and commercials about the fate of animals….. and yet I don’t see the same passion for babies!!!! Have people got their priotities mixed up. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals….. I just happen to believe an innocent baby should carry more worth and value than a dog. And if people can’t see the difference what does that say about them?

  19. I wonder why anything I write is never published – even when it is an innocent remark that God bless the innocent babies. Disqus sucks and belongs to the ayatollah barack

  20. Chris, dude, get a clue. If there was no GOD, how do you explain all the stuff around you? And how do you explain the sunrises and sunsets and the distance of the sun from the Earth? How do you explain the workings of the organs in the body of all the creatures, from the simplest all the way to the most complicated sort? May GOD soften your heart and may you get saved!!!

    Abortion is nothing but humanistic big-business, under the guise of healthcare and “reproductive rights”. The one thing that abortion proponents cannot escape is that the philosophical platform used to support abortion is the same as those used to support the holocaust murders: a rejection of God and a devaluation of human life.
    And yet Primetime’s “What would you do?” ironically had a situation where an obviously pregnant woman was at a bar downing drinks like a desert wanderer on the brink of dehydration. Primetime dares to ask the question, “What would you do?” , when women purposefully are going into abortion clinics to have their unborn child dismembered and evacuated out of the womb, and we’re supposed to remain silent? Hypocricy at its highest!… as a result of a screwed up value system that lacks logical consistency because it is based on circumstancial justification instead of what is truly right and wrong morally.

  22. The best anti abortion statement, or lets call it a fact, I heard was that a women has every right to say what she can do with her body. I agree. BUT THE BABY IS NOT HER BODY AND SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO OVER DECIDING IT’S FAITH! That, as they say, should be THE END OF THE STORY!!!!!!

  23. For some years we have advocated this. Some Christian and/or pro-life doctors have advocated this procedure for all pregnant women and perspective parents. To require the procedure. Of course, Planned Parenthood and other similar pro-death to the unborn groups oppose this vehemently. 4D Ultra Sound is definitely a great benefit and an asset to the unborn.
    I remember liars and their supporters during the 1970s telling ignorant pastors and their parishioners that “pregnancy termination” was not killing anything. It was just removing unwanted “tissue.” Many abortions were performed on Christian young women with the permission of their parents in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, before truth began to be known assisted in large part by the movie “Silent Scream.” Now with this technology, it is harder for those advocating murder of the unborn to do so.

  24. Wouldnt it be nice if they could isolate the “liberal” gene and rid our country of these whack jobs/criminals?

  25. So you love science, but you don’t believe in evolution.You admit that there are birth defects, your God is not perfect. Yet you don’t believe that homosexuality is a birth defect that can not be treated . You pick and choose your science to neatly fit in to a totally unscientific 4000 year old creation story based on superstition and irrationality.

    1. The more you understand sciene and the multifceted universe God has created, the more illogical evolution becomes. Yes God is perfect humans are not. Man is inately selfish and self serving. Homosexuality is not a disease, if it were then a cure would have been sought to heal that disease. Homosexuality is a result of a wounded soul and can be healed by God if healing is sought and desired. Birth defects are not created by God they are defects in the DNA of that child. Yes there can be an imbalance in the male female chromosomes but that doesn’t make someone a homosexual. For the most part that is an excuse for certain types of behavior.
      The bottom line iis that there is a God and that Jesus came to heal the sick and broken hearted. He came to give life in abundance to live life above our circumstances and to know that we don’t need to be victims. You can believe that or not. You will know for sure one day when you stand before God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. If nothing else know this He loves each and everyone of us and wants us to live up to our full potential. How sad that so many make excuses for their behaviour instead.
      And by the way science absolutely proves that there is a God who created this magnificent world.

  26. The only way pro-abortion progs were able to perpetuate the ‘clump of cells’ claim was because of the dumbing down of American schools in bio-sciences and all religious influence. When these products of socialist indoctrination ‘see’ their baby by ultrasound, it’s a total shock to them.
    surviving urban crisis . com

  27. Yes, I have always wondered at the mental stretch abortionists make, changing the name of who is in the womb that has not been born yet, like calling it a fetus or tissue, changes who is in there. When I was in the womb of my mother, it was me, not somebody else or something else. Today we have number of young people who have survived the abortion procedure, saw a true movie recently about this and how tragically this affects their sense of worth and sense of dignity as a person, let alone the health issues they may face.
    Somebody has to stand up and stop the bloody carnage of unborn people, I understand it is at 53 Million so far, to avert the judgement falling on America. When the sin of a nation reaches a certain level, judgement can no longer be withheld, even though God hates doing it, He will do it because He will defend the most innocent, helpless ones and it won’t be pretty to see.

  28. I was once worked with a women who was taking some heavy duty medicines. Four months into the pregnancy she discovered she was pregnant the whole time taking these medicines. The doctors wanted her to have an abortion. When she told me this her son was a healthy, thriving, normal, ornery 10 year old. He had no health problems neither did mom.
    She never regretted having her son.
    I think we don’t know everything we like to believe. We are not GOD and there are many miracles we do not hear about.

  29. Who hates it? Pro-science folks invented the procedure. At the blob stage, they do not do such surgery. Remember that the religionists thought it was wrong to study the circulatory system of blood, to study cadavers, that the story says that Jesus cured some of the lepers by casting out demons. At what stage did leprocy start being caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis? Right when Hansen discovered it? Was the switch from demons to bacteria caused by evolution or God’s will?

  30. When you are 40 years old, pregnant and the doctor tells you that your at risk of having a 1) deformed…2) downs syndrome whatever baby and suggest you abort..but you don’t and then you give birth to a beauitful healthy boy…when 24 years latter that boy saves your life by rushing his mother to the emergency room with congestive heart failure….and that boy gives you two beautiful granddaughters …do you still think it’s just a mass of tissues…HELL NO!

  31. All these wonderful comments on this article have made my day! Read “Pam’s Story” sometime. She is Tim Tebow’s mom. She was advised to abort him. How many amazing individuals were never given their right to life. God bless all of you.

  32. I ask God’s forgiveness for allowing my daughter to have an abortion at age 15. At that time, I couldn’t handle, due to poor health and stress, taking care of another child. I beg forgiveness for my daughter and myself.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up, this has happened to the best of us. I have had many friends in the same boat. In the 70’s/80’s the liberals pushed this big time as a quick fix to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Now most folks, whites included know this is contributing to the genocide of our race. Just ask God’s forgiveness and mention your lost child in your prayers.

  33. Abortion is not a right. It is a wrong.
    “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”
    “The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts–a child–as a competitor, an intrusion and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the dependent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters. And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners.”
    ― Mother Teresa

  34. Until and unless all the anti-aborts agree to pay for medical expenses for the mother and support the child thereafter born abortions will continue. And even if they agreed (and everyone’s tax dollars went to support this decision) some mothers would still choose to abort rather than bring an unwanted child into the world. There are enough problems with wanted children…just look around. Leave choice alone. Keep the government out of your wombs.

    1. okay if you libs want to abort we conservatives will keep our’s and in a generation or two we’ll eradicate the mental disorder known as “liberalism”.

    2. Christians/conservatives adopt more ‘unwanted’ babies than you can imagine, dumbass. How sick is your use of the word ‘unwanted’? Keep your legs closed, use a condom or accept your responsibility. And don’t give me the ‘rape’ bull. Rape accounts for a miniscule number of abortions.

  35. Right on!. For years, I have been advocating “full disclosure” for all females,regardless of age, who contemplate abortion. Such viewing should be manditory and I say this because “somewhere along the line” i read a report wherein a study was made of females who had previously aborted and later had children in the normal couse of marriage, Most of them stated, in effect (without taking sides on any religion), “My God, what have I done!” Full disclosure would have prevented a lot of that later grief.

  36. Actually, I’m OK with abortion. If you look at the stat’s, the vast majority of abortions – some estimate as many as 70% – are elected by confirmed liberals. If this statistic is anywhere near correct, then the net effect is that liberals become a self-limiting percentage of our population. Over time – perhaps 2-3 generations – this will yield a net advantage to conservatives.
    What’s wrong with that?

  37. The Chinese are the best at abortions. There, a woman is only allowed to have one female baby. If the second and further pregnacies are female, the fetus is aborted. Hey, President Oboofer! Maybe you can use that as a campaign chant! “Ladies! Vote for me, and I will abort your 2nd female child pregnacy for free!” Too bad your wife wasn’t forced to abort your oldest child.

  38. If you do not want children then have your tubes tied or a vasectomy
    both can be reversed if and when you would want children, abortion is murder.

  39. We must all use the word prolicide more. Prolicide. Noun. {L. Proles, offspring; see cide} The crime of destroying one’s offspring before or soon after birth. Roe vs. Wade allows abortion, well fine, but I don’t accept it also annulled Michigan’s law against premeditated murder, MCL 750.316. The supreme court does not have the authority to add to the Constitution by fiat. They cannot discriminate against anybody’s “Right to Life” by adding color of skin, ethnic group, quality of life, sex, AGE, etc.

  40. I have a friend who is a registered nurse and has attended many an abortion as part of her work. She was horrified as she witnessed her first one and said afterwards: “Every woman who has an abortion should be made to view afterwards the remains of the infant that was just sucked out of her body. She would surely NEVER have another one!!” With all the means of preventing unwanted pregnancies today, there should be no reason whatever for an abortion (except in the case of rape).

  41. I’m glad that GE created the 3D and 4D Ultra Sound and put their ad on the air…but GE also donates to Planned Parenthood…google which companies donate to Planned Parenthood…there are several lists now and some include non-profits like the Red Cross

  42. The same Cowper poem has another apt line, “Blind unbelief is sure to err, and scans His works in vain.” The same people who don’t want young girls to see what a baby looks like at X weeks, will never see that they are wrong, owing to their blind unbelief.

  43. You have a very weak argument. Pro-abortionists don’t all want to abort all fetuses. If a surgery can be performed in utero to save a baby’s life that has nothing to do with abortion. It is in no-way related! If the medical tecnology is there you use it.
    Your argument is like comparing the use of stints in the heart to being against morphine to relive suffering when someone is dying. It is in no-way related!

  44. One even better I read this week..
    ~~~Liberals…those that see trees with souls; and unborn babies as tissue.~~~

  45. There’s a real, live tiny human being in there? No, Ya think? You wouldn’t lie to me, would you? It’s funny, but I never ever once thought, when I was pregnant, that I was gonna have a rhinoceros, or a frog. :) Each of my children turned out to be human beings. Imagine that!

  46. I have an idea!!! See, everyone who thinks abortion is good–THEY should volunteer for a Retro-Abortion and have themselves eliminated and that would make more room for the rest of us and they’d be doing something that they believe in–Killing a human being, only it would be them and it would be a retro-abortion, so it would be all right with them, since they think it’s all right. Problem solved!

  47. The pro-choice folks are constantly telling the pro-lifers to stay out of their bedrooms, that it’s their bodies — well, you know the rhetoric. Truth be known, most of us couldn’t care less what they do in their bedrooms, brothels, 1-hour motel rooms, car back seats or wherever they practice their indiscretions. The “choice” they should be exercising with their bodies should start with self-control as they put themselves in situations where the plan is (at least for the sperm donor) sex. They sow their wild oats, pray for a crop failure, but get pregnant anyway and wonder how they can “get it fixed” at someone else’s expense.

    If we are to stay out of their bedrooms and not dictate what they do with their bodies, shouldn’t that admonition extend to abortion as well? Why all of a sudden does an unwanted pregnancy become a community (taxpayer) responsibility? They make their choice to abort and expect the rest of the world to pay for covering up their foolish choices, indiscretions, shame, inconvenience, or whatever else motivates them to murder their babies.

    We pro-lifers cannot control anyone’s sex life or force discretion on them even if we wanted to. That is a Spiritual matter that only God Himself can change. In the meantime, let the foolish pay for their own indiscretions and get the Government (we the taxpayers) out of the abortion business. Better yet, pray that abortion-on-demand soon becomes history!

  48. Wish this were true, Gary. But, truth is, people have hardened themselves to the reality that they are killing babies, and they are looking toward killing the sick and the elderly, too. Savagery is IN!

  49. Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like if the republinos take
    the presidency, 60 seat majority in the senate and a strong majority in
    the house. No more social security, no more medicare, vouchers for
    about $100 a month to cover all your health needs including
    prescriptions, no more teachers, police, or firefighters, in the public
    sector. Plenty in the private sector if you can afford to pay them. No
    more minimum wage, if you want a job you will work for what they tell
    you you will work for. My very first job while I was in high school, I
    started at $.90 an hour (about 1960), that will be the new minimum wage
    of today. The military will be on steroids bombing Iran, Syria, Iraq,
    and Afghanistan, with boots on the ground in all four countries. The
    more you make the more you keep and the lower your federal income tax
    rate if they keep the IRS. They may eliminate the IRS and you must pay a
    federal sales tax of roughly 15% on everything you buy including food.
    No more welfare checks, no more unemployment checks, and no more food
    stamps. The only abortions performed will be in one of two places: In a
    private hospital with the best doctors and medical staff and equipment
    available for the rich with money as no object or in the back ally with a
    coat hanger performed by a stranger for free. This is just the tip of
    the iceberg, it will get worse as time goes on. The best jobs for the
    99% will be limo driver, butler, maid, gardener, pool keeper, horse
    groomer, and auto mechanic.

  50. IT’S NOT A BABY UNTIL I SAY IT’S A BABY! Astoundingly, Hitleresque mindset of modern, feminist’s and apologists…

  51. This will always be a barbaric act, no matter what the circumstances might be. Try to get back your sense of humanity, try to get in tough with your heart and soul, and see the horror of what you are advocating. Better yet, watch an abortion from start to finish, then let us know how you feel. If you are human, it will touch you. If it doesn’t touch you, then you are just empty.

  52. Everyone who is thinking about abortion needs to be holding a new born baby and watching “The Silent Scream” and then seriously question the CHOICE!!!!!

  53. *Sigh* Look, abortion can only be performed during the first trimester — three months, 13 weeks max — of pregnancy. At that stage, the embryo is absolutely NOT a “child”; it doesn’t have a human heart, a human backbone, or — most important of all — a human brain. Without a brain you cannot grow a mind. Without a mind, how can you have a soul?

    I’m very tired of pious fools who are all too willing to sacrifice a grown woman for a soulless mass of tissue. I’d like to see all of them gang-raped and implanted with an embryo — including the men! — and then ask them if they still think abortion is eeeeevil. Yes, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it is now possible to implant an embryo in a man’s abdomen — and grow it to full term. Yes, men can now become pregnant! Does that change your opinion any?

    –Leslie <

    1. Alas, you are wrong. Abortion CAN legally be performed in any tri-mester — didn’t you ever wonder why it required legislative action to try to ban something called a “partial birth abortion” (medically, an “intact D & C”) if abortions could only occur in the first tri-mester? Think carefully. The only reason for a “intact D & C” is that the fetus has sometimes already grown too large (technically, too hard/rigid to slice up and vacuum out because bones are hardening).

      As to the whole “rape” defense for abortion so commonly trotted out by the pro-choice crowd: the Alan Guttmacher Institute — a PRO-CHOICE organization dedicated to ensuring that abortion is PROTECTED as a “right” — admits that abortion providers report that LESS THAN 1.5% of all abortions they provide are the result of rape or incest. THEY are willing to admit this because they don’t see anything wrong with abortion and therefore don’t have any problem with ANY of the other reasons — the vast majority of which are for convenience, not health or rape. Obviously, “pro-choice” people who feel it necessary to trot out the “rape” defense do so because they realize there is something wrong with abortion and need to have a good excuse to support it. Rape isn’t that excuse for over 98.5% of abortions performed in America. Sorry. Look it up.

      Finally, if it is OK to destroy anything that might remind a person of a heinous crime committed against them, then let us make it legal to kill the families of murderers lest we run into one of them on the street and have it remind us of our loss. Let us make it legal to kill all the other tenants in an apartment building after we are robbed in our apartment there. Of course these are ridiculous notions — these parties are innocent bystanders to the crime and don’t deserve punishment, even if the crime committed against us was the most vicious, heartless, heinous crime conceivable. Likewise, the baby is innocent. Abort the rapist. Spare the child.

    2. I forgot to mention that even if a legal limit were placed at 13 weeks everywhere, millions of babies are aborted that are capable of feeling pain (so they have a functioning nervous system) and even dreaming (demonstrating brain-wave patterns representing the human dream state and therefore obviously having a human brain), both of which are true by just 9 weeks. In a “typical” abortion, such a baby is sliced up (or torn up if too hard to slice through) into pieces and scraped and vacuumed out of a woman’s womb.

      By the way, those who think pro-lifers are just trying to push their God onto others miss the point. God may require morality, but morality doesn’t require God. I am anti-abortion for the same reason Wm. Llyod Garrison was anti-slavery: I look at the innocent victim and ask “Is he not my brother? Is she not my sister?” What gives me the right to treat them as property — mine to dispose of as I wish — rather than human beings? The answer, of course, is nothing. Nothing except hubris and the human failing of thinking I and my desires/convenience are more important than any other human being on the planet. I don’t need God to tell me that’s wrong-headed.

  54. We don’t do 4-D ultrasounds, but when the girl hears the heartbeat and also sees the baby in the womb, if she is far enough along, she usually changes her mind and does not abort. Our Crisis Center has a 94% success rate!

  55. God said in the Bible “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” That settles the issue of personhood. We are persons BEFORE our bodies are formed.

  56. my older sister is pregnant and before she was showing she got an Ultrasound and we have pictures from that Ultrasound. in those pictures although the baby is very small it is very clear that the baby growing in my sister’s womb is not just a mass of tissue he or she is a living breathing human being. I hate when people try to say you’re either for a women’s choice to choose or you’re for the baby because I’m for both of them I just think that abortion should not be a choice. I like what a bumper sticker that’s on my brother’s car says “we love them both” and it has a picture of a mother smiling while holding her baby.

  57. Of course these people that do abortions hate God. But, since most of them do not believe in him any ways they do not believe in the same things as we do such as morals and ethics. Of course when they meet God it should be quite interesting. I just want to watch.

  58. Simple solution if you don’t want children: Males – get a visectomy….. Women – get your tubes tied.
    Enought said.

  59. If those who are in favor of abortion were normal, sensitive, caring individuals I would agree. However, the people who came up with the idea of turning abortions into a business and promoting it like it was a summer vacation are not normal. The “powers that be” see abortion as getting rid of “useless eaters” on THEIR planet. They are the same people causing all of these “social justice” causes to divide and conquer the general population and turn regular people against each other. Abortion has gotten rid of tens of millions of useless eaters already (mostly black and poor white) and is one of the most divisive subject being discussed on a daily basis. Down with the Bilderberg Group, End UN Agenda 21.

  60. I have argued for years that by the time a pregnancy occurs, the choice was already made. If you don’t want a child, don’t get pregnant. Choice is choosing not to get pregnant, responsibility is what’s needed after making a bad choice.

  61. I thought this was going to talk about the new mandatory operation that the government is about to require of all females – it amounts to a medically safe “zipper” into their womb. It does require a sterile room, but otherwise to remove an annoying fetus, a doctor (or even a friend) can “unzip” a new mother’s uterus and simply pluck the offending unviable tissue mass out. A little pinch of the fingernails, and NO MORE UNWANTED PREGNANCY. This is actually the first step to the real program, where the government can choose to end any pregnancy easily and cheaply, with a simple unzip and clip. This would be for cases like pregnancy by rape or incest, for any children after the mother has already had one child, or for horrible birth defects, like BEING WHITE.

  62. I fail to understand why people who don’t want children but are too lazy to use protection don’t just get a vasectomy or have their tubes tied or a safeguard implanted instead of murdering God’s innocent angels. Many people love children but are unable to have their own. Too many women are too enamored with their shapely bodies to bear an “accidental” pregnancy and put the child into a loving home through adoption; they’d rather commit outright murder. May everyone who has wilfully had a viable pregnancy aborted burn in Hell for their extreme selfishness.

  63. Ultimately men have the power! They hold the cards! We need more men to stand for the life they have the power to create!

  64. While every abortion is a tragedy, the greater tragedy is requiring a mother who does not want a baby to bear a child. The best solution is widely available, easily administered, effective birth control, which is opposed by the Catholic Church and others, for some strange reason.

  65. Mama Theresa said, “How can you say there are too many children. That’s like saying there are too many flowers.” Of course, children are NOT flowers. They need constant care and feeding, and unlike flowers, it’s a terrible tragedy when they die, as they do by the thousands, every day.

  66. Abortion is so sad. So many couples out there want a baby and can’t have one. These women having abortions could make so many people happy if they would let their baby have life with someone who wants them. It would ultimately be a more loving thing to do. Women say they have the right to do what they want with their bodies, but do they have the right to end a life they brought from heaven through their own wrong choices? Yes, let’s pray for God to bless and protect all our little and yet unborn American citizens! Good call agbjr.

  67. The shedding of Innocent blood, there is one of many things that God “HATES” see Proverbs 6;16-19 KJV Imagine God hating anything..HE Sure does, HE hates abortionists…..

  68. Duet 32:39 says..”I kill and I make alive” Who do men think they are to abort and innocent child in the womb? ONLY God has that power!!

  69. General Electric…. God bless you and those who constructed this technology. Knowledge is power. This will save lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
    Richard and Pamela Becker and family

  70. okay I’m really not trying to ignite a fire here, but how does everyone feel about making birth control more available? it seems to me that abortion is being used as a form of birth control because people are too irresponsible or too cheap to use condoms or birth control. if it were more widely available and not stigmatized, do you think many of the people relying on abortion would actually start using the many forms of birth control available?

  71. Wow that is just amazing. I am not even a Christian and I do not believe in abortion. I do understand when the child or mothers life is at risk. Such this on I do believe it is a disease and I can remember the name of it but basicaly after the child is born it slow become paralized until it dies from its organs shutting down and there is no cure, you basicly have them while you have them. Only in cases like that should people even think of abortion. With science moving foward I hope one day there will be no reasons for abortion.

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