Middle East Embassy Attacks: A False Flag Moment?

As of this writing, there have been four attacks on U.S. embassies: one in Libya; one in Yemen; and two in Egypt. The Taliban in Afghanistan has called for “revenge” on U.S. soldiers.

Casualty accounts are fluctuating, but it seems at least four Americans are dead and two dozen injured.

All allegedly over a movie.

The privately produced film in question, made by an Israeli-American businessman, Sam Bacile, is a cheesy, green-screen affair with bad acting and worse sound. There are better videos made by professionals on their laptops. Nonetheless, the little anti-Muslim propaganda film is being blamed for an explosion of violence all over the Middle East.

It’s obviously a pretext, or as Hitchcock would say, the MacGuffin that the entire plot spins around.

And “plot” is the correct word here, as the attacks are obviously coordinated. The only real questions are who are the plotters and what does each hope to achieve?

The Obama Administration is laid utterly bare in this situation — the egos, the incompetence, the pretensions, all of it.

If the Obama Administration supported the Arab Spring uprisings genuinely thinking that it had gained an ally in the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim extremist groups, only to be genuinely surprised at the recent events, then the administration is full of high-level idiots.

Obama’s missing of weeks of security briefings, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s expressions of surprise at the uprisings support this view.

If, on the other hand, the administration was induced to look the other way because of highly placed U.S. officials with known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood — such as Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin — then it’s not only incompetence but espionage of the highest order.

If, yet again, members of the administration or Congress — Clinton, Obama, etc. — had any inkling that we had Muslim spies working in the White House and did nothing about it or even argued publicly against senators who asked questions about security clearances — John McCain — then the case rises to the level of treason.

That there was a plot in the Muslim world from the get-go can be assumed. the timing and similarity in the attacks are a clear fingerprint of al Qaida, which in this case is a beard for the supposedly friendly Muslim Brotherhood, which has been negotiating with the Obama Administration for money to buy German U-boats.

The Blaze has an interesting story on the goals of the whole plot. Mideast experts are suggesting that the attacks are the culmination of a 10-year plan (one of those “conspiracy theories” that liberals don’t believe in because it doesn’t involve George Bush) to make criticizing Islam an international crime.

This would be a key foothold for Shariah law if U.S. lawmakers wilted and passed a law forbidding criticism of Islam. It seems like the sort of thing that could pass in the UN without much trouble.

Another theory to consider is whether Russia and Iran have any involvement in these attacks. Obama and his Saudi royal family supporters have sought to use the Muslim Brotherhood to push a “rebellion” in Syria, which is a puppet/ally of Russia. The inability of the Arab Spring to overthrow the Syrian regime has much to do with Russia’s and Iran’s support.

Yet a third theory to ponder is if this is the long-anticipated “false flag” event that would allow Obama to enact all those executive orders that let him take over production of food, energy and just about anything else — in short, martial law. Critics have long worried about just such an event, and with Obama’s Department of Justice having to threaten the Gallup organization to make Obama’s poll numbers look respectable going into the election, there could be some motive for a patriotism-rousing international “incident.”

The administration and media are certainly going to use this to the king’s advantage by blaming Romney for “politicizing” 9/11 and other laughable themes. There was even a group of reporters caught on open mic coordinating questions to harass Romney with.

Only the coming days will reveal how deep this plot goes.

144 thoughts on “Middle East Embassy Attacks: A False Flag Moment?

  1. Tad…Some excellent questions posed.

    When you look at the complex and tangled web of connections that Obama has with the Muslim Brotherhood, (some of which I posted in another thread), its not a great leap to suggest that like-minded people might have the same opinions and goals.

    I thought his appointing of Los Angeles deputy mayor Arif Alikhan as assist. sec. for policy development at the Department of Homeland Security was a particularly bold and in-your-face move. Two weeks before he received this appointment, Alikhan had participated in a fundraiser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which, like ISNA,( and nearly every other Muslim organization in America) is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    To me, Obama seems emboldened of late as the mask comes off. IMO, we are getting very close to the culmination of events prophesied in Scripture.

    A responsible, pro-American (who would have thought you’d ever have to use that term to describe our President) and smart President would have anticipated and planned for a possible attack from the terrorists on the anniversary of 911 and beefed up security.

    Not only did that not happen, but our Ambassador to Egypt, Ann Patterson, ordered that the no ammunition would be issued to the Marine security force there! Had the rioters made it over the wall and broken in, everyone could have been slaughtered.

    Obama instead entrusted the safety of those Americans with the newly elected Egyptian ( Muslim Brotherhood) president, Muhammed Morsi and look what happened. He never intervened in the attack on the embassy. Why? Because the stated goal of the MB is to destroy America and establish a worldwide caliphate….. and some people believe with Obama as the ruling caliph.

    So….I believe there’s no doubt that Obama is working in collusion with the MB and that all of these incidents are orchestrated and calculated to trigger a series of events stateside. The American people HAVE HAD IT.

    WE’VE HAD IT with the frustration and anger of tolerating Obama’s imperious attitude, penchant for lying, bizarre actions against our allies, disloyalty to the America people, transference of power to himself by fiat, legislating by Executive Order, and all-round incompetence in the discharge of his duties…..but mostly by his aiding and abetting of our enemies.

    WE’VE HAD IT with a protective media unwilling to tell the truth….with a flagrantly leftist administration bent on ”transforming” the US, and an inept, asleep-at-the-switch Congress who haven’t lifted a finger to counter Obama’s power-grab.

    If our outrage and exasperation over the declining condition of our country, the murder of 4 Americans and our concern for the current upheaval in the MIddle East is any indication of the degree of utter disgust we have for Obama and the Islamists screaming for our heads, then there could likely be some kind of mass protest here which could very well trigger a domino affect leading to a declaration of martial law. And if that happens….good-bye Constitution.

    Time will tell.

    Remember folks: Capitulation is NOT in our vocabulary.
    Live Free or Die.

    1. Mitt Romney is exploiting this national tragedy to score points politically. It’s unforgivable! Mitt Romney wanted to puff his chest out and impress people. Instead he looks like a CLOWN!! Presidential Material? Ha, ha, ha! This DRAFT DODGER and COWARD will never get the chance to send my sons to die in war while his sons play volleyball. Romney doesn’t even understand how the world works! Desparation and amateur behavior best describes the Romney campaign! Mitt Romney is a FAILURE when it comes to leadership!

      1. Obama has NO idea how this world works, how to deal with foreign policies, how to deal with our National debt that has trippled since he came into office. He has NO work experience, he is a government employee & also it’s very evident that he is very sympathic to all the Muslims. We want a “REAL AMERICAN” voted into office. Also a good Christian person!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. You want a real Christian? But that’s not what Mitt Romney is. Mitt Romney is a Godless mormon CULT leader, DRAFT DODGER and COWARD! Romney would be worse than Obama.

      2. Your deluded remarks hardly merit comment, but try I will.
        Please give me Baraka’s military service record, including the number of his registration card.(He has blocked it) Mr. B also has interfered in other countries political/religious fights without congressional approval, not once, not twice but several times…Yemen and Kenya and Syria not to mention Egypt and Lybia..
        Stating the America will stand proudly for its principles, its ambassadors and its constitution does NOT sound like desperation to me.
        Sound and light must be lacking in the closet from which those comments are coming from..
        This mess is Baraka’s baby. He spawned it, he nursed it, he watched it grow and is now the proud papa of worldwide terrorism gone amok.

        1. Obama never served in the military, but he wasn’t a draft dodger. Mitt Romney had 4 deferments from serving in Vietnam. Mitt Romney voiced his support for the Vietnam war and supported other kids to go off and die in Vietnam. While Mitt Romney went to live in a Palace in France. Mitt Romney is a draft dodger and a coward!! There is noway to protect the Cairo Embassy if it’s attacked by thousands of muslims. And Barack Obama had nothing to do with what these muslims did. Your an obsequious buffoon!

        2. Go back to the gutter that you crawled out of. Mitt Romney served on a church mission to France. I have had a son serve a mission for my church. It is not a vacation. It is serving and teaching people about Jesus Christ. It is a big sacrifice for an individual, as well as their family for them to be away for two years. They do it because they believe in and love Jesus Christ. Don’t critcize someone or something that you know nothing about. Stop the lies!! Check your facts and don’t believe every liberal media reporter and columnist out there.

        3. I know all about your LDS, mormon Godless cult. The mormon founder was Joseph Smith who was a criminal and polygamist with over 27 wives. Some say over 60 wives. That’s who your great prophet was Joseph Smith and his book of Abraham, was just a written lie, a made-up LIE! You mormons are deceived, because Joseph Smith was a FAKE, FRAUD and LIAR! Your truth is all a lie.

        4. Your great mormon prophet Joseph Smith was jailed in Illinois and jumped out a jailhouse window thinking he would make a run for it. He was shot dead before he hit the ground. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joseph Smith or any other man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s book of Abraham.

        5. I’ll never vote for your Godless, LDS, mormon cult leader RINO Romney!! RINO Romney won’t ever be president.

        1. Despite the offensive nature of that question, I must admit that I was tempted to ask the very same thing… shame on me.

      3. jazzpast, you sir are delusional, where DO you get your information ? It is a good thing for you that we STILL have freedom of speech ” unless we are speaking of his highness , the Muslim in Chief ” The real failure here is the Obama administration, What did you play marbles with , your BRAIN ?

        1. Mitt Romney is a warmongering fascist just like Adolf Hitler! If Romney ever gets elected you can kneel before your God and lick his boots before he stomps you with them. If Mitt Romney ever gets elected there won’t be any freedom of speech or constitution. When you put your faith in big government, you end up an apologist for mass murder.___Karl Hess. Mitt Romney is a big government Marxist/Hitler era Socialist! Mitt Romney won’t ever get the chance to send my sons off to die in war while his sons play volleyball. No draft dodger and coward like Mitt Romney should even be allowed to run for president.

      4. Gosh, jazz… you really have drank the koolaid, haven’t you? Mitt Romney’s accomplishments in life and business must really be painful for you leftists, huh? Those accomplishments just stand as such a stark contrast to the present Failure-in-Chief that it becomes harder and harder to ignore the damage that Obumbler the First has done to this great nation.

        As for exploiting the tragedy, that is sheer nonsense. Romney was right to criticize the administration’s focus on the film that allegedly inspired these barbaric attacks. This is America, and we do not apologize for those citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights – even when we disagree with their sentiments. We certainly do not apologize to extremists who choose to feign indignation over the contents of a film, nor suggest that we join with those extremists in their sentiments.

        Mitt’s tone was pitch perfect, in that he defended the rights of every person in this nation to exercise free speech, and condemned without qualification those barbaric attacks on our sovereign soil. Romney looked and sounded Presidential, while the elected Golfer-in-Chief mumbled a miserable half-apology and snuck off for yet another fundraiser – not even sticking around to attend the latest National Security meeting.

        Face it, Obama is not only NOT a leader – he’s an obstacle to those who want to provide real leadership. He is a miserable excuse for a Chief Executive whose every waking moment causes new damage to the United States of America.

        1. Mitt Romney isn’t a leader. He gives well-rehearsed answers to all of his softball questions. Romney isn’t even a Republican or conservative. There is more too foreign policy than outsourcing American jobs to China, Singapore and India, or stashing your cash in the Caymans. The Obama administration never apologized to the muslims. The Cairo Embassy made a statement while they were under attack and feared for their lives. The Embassy wasn’t cleared by Washington to do that. Your Lying because the Obama Administration never Apologized. For Mitt Romney to even open his big fat mormon mouth while our Cairo Embassy was under attack was shameless behavior. Presidential Material? Romney? Ha, ha, ha! Mitt Romney has no stratagey or specifics about about anything. Obama had nothing to do with the thousands of muslims that stormed the Embassy. I sure don’t want foreign policy in the hands of a draft dodger and coward like Mitt Romney.

        2. What utter drivel. If all you can do is parrot the talking points of the idiot left, you may as well give it up now. The Administration, represented by its embassy, issued a stupid and weak statement denouncing the free exercise of First Amendment rights that occurred in the making of that film. Both Obama and the Secretary of State issued their own statements, and both chose to criticize the film’s message BEFORE they denounced the killing of Americans. Romney, on the other hand, defended American free speech values – without qualification – and vehemently denounced the attacks. That IS what a leader does. When you lead a free people, you vigorously and loudly defend those citizens’ rights.

          Jazz, stop drinking the koolaid…

        1. I’m not stopping you from voting for your Godless mormon cult leader, draft dodger and coward Mitt Romney! I served my country. Mitt Romney voiced his support for other kids to go off and die in Vietnam while he went to live in a Palace in France.

      5. If anyone is going to send your sons to war it is the present occupier of the white house, the only difference is he will send them to be slaughtered by Muslims so he can prevent them from Dethroning him. The failure is all Obama’s he owns this by backing the Muslim terrorists and he caused this by attacking Libya in support of the Muslim Brotherhood he is a naive fool his foreign policy he touted as being so much better in…is blowing up in his face what are they shouting…”Obama, Obama, we are all Osama” and answer me this WHY no MARINES to protect the ambassador when Hillary knew there might be problems 2 days before hand….

        1. You can’t protect an Embassy with thousands of muslims attacking it. And Obama didn’t force those muslims to do what they did. Those people can’t be controled unless you kill them all. And that’s not the way things are done in America. I don’t support Mitt Romney or Obama or people that lie about the whole mess. The Middle East has been a powder keg long before Obama was president. Mitt Romney has no foreign policy and gives no specifics on anything! Romney just runs his big mouth with nothing to back it up!

    2. While Ms Patterson, sat fat,dumb and happy in Washington DC admiring the Commander-in -Thief begging for gelt and support from that paragon of erudition, Pimp the Limp. Israel stands on the brink of another Holocaust by an antisemitic little toad, his communist Tsars, lovelorn Secretary of State, her devoted Passepartout, Ms Abedin the daughter of Muslim Brotherhood
      parents, and of course, his Political advisor and Judas Goat, Mr Axelrod. Add the real President, Ms Jarrett, Red Diaper spawn of 2 lifelong committed Marxists and assorted hangers on all paid on our dime. Oh yeah, Slick Willie is on call if anyone needs to string two cohesive sentences together without invoking the Prophet every other sentence. What a cast of characters.

        1. Every time Mitt Romney opens his big fat mormon mouth on foreign policy it’s been a train wreck without any specifics on anything. You can’t go into a foreign country and machine gun 20-30 thousand muslims. That’s not the way we do things in America. You can’t protect an Embassy in Cairo if it’s stormed by thousands of muslims. I sure wouldn’t your draft dodger and coward Mitt Romney in charge of foreign policy! Romney doesn’t even understand how the world works! Desparation and amateur behavior best describes the Romney campaign!

  2. High level idiots? Check.
    Incompetence and espionage of the highest order? Check.
    Treason? Check.
    And nothing will be done about it. Congress is impotent. The judiciary is useless. Lets face it folks, We have a dictator!

      1. You continue to post ad hominem attacks with no actual facts. It’s easy to do, watch me: Jazzpast is a child molester and a murder. See hwo easy that was? I just type it…no need to back it up with facts or links or even lucid arguments…Just make the accusation. It’s fun, really.

        1. LOL VG. Jazzpast is also a lying liberal Obama supporter, an illegal alien welfare cheat, a socialist, a Marxist & a communist with a double digit I.Q…. The list goes on & on. Yep it really is easy to just keep banging on the keyboard whenever he opens his anti American un-patriotic mouth… ha ha ha. However, we must not chastise him. Instead we must pity him because he’s been drinking the Obama kool aid, is a mental midget, & thinks Obama is really going to make his car payments & pay off his mortage if he just votes for him one more time……

      2. Mitt Romney would only be worse for those who want to see this proud nation brought low. Mitt is a patriot who has succeeded in everything he has done in life – and it is that record of success and accomplishment that most frightens you leftists. You fear that your plans for America’s demise will be thwarted once and for all.

        1. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both evil men! This election is SATAN vs SATAN! Christians are suppose to hate evil. Ye the love the LORD hate evil… Psalm 97:10 Mitt Romney is a Godless mormon CULT leader, draft dodger and coward!

        2. Bah! Show me Romney’s evil works. By his fruit, he is a God-fearing man and more Christ-like than many of us who claim Christ’s mantle. Moreover, the Mormons I know believe that Christ was sent to pay the price for our sins, and believe in his death and resurrection. While we might disagree on other issues of doctrine, those fundamental truths are the foundation for salvation.

          Be careful who you call Godless, when you know not the heart of any man…

        3. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joseph Smith or any man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s made-up book of Abraham. In Galatians 1:8-9 The Bible warns Christians against anyone that preaches any other Gospel than what you have received in the Bible. There is only one Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s in the Bible. The Bible says anyone that preaches any other Gospel, let him be cursed. Go back and read your Bible again you don’t have any truth.

        4. Everything you say about salvation is true, right up to the point where you think yourself so wise that you choose to sit in judgment on anyone else’s profession of faith. As I told you, the Mormons I have known in my life profess salvation through Christ Jesus. Is their doctrine sound outside of those fundamental truths? No. But I resist the temptation to substitute my judgment for God’s where these people’s salvation is concerned. I don’t know what Bible you are reading, but mine sums up the whole of salvation in one easy to understand statement:

          “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9

          What you are talking about has little to do with the fundamentals of faith and salvation, but instead have everything to do with the traditions of man. Which other doctrinal differences will you assert to slander others who profess to be followers of Christ?

          Will you denounce all Catholics because some have been taught the doctrine of transubstantiation? Are some sects of Christianity now beyond salvation because they differ from one another over the Sabbath? Are you so confident in your own power and self-righteousness that you would sit in judgment on the state of another man’s heart and immortal soul? Leave that to the Creator.

        5. I read the KJV Bible. You do what’s right in your own eyes you don’t follow scripture. You pick and choose what you follow out of the Word of God. I have my senses exercised to disern both good and evil. Paul said, Having your senses excercised to discern both good and evil. Heb 5:14.. How do I have my senses exercised to disern both good and evil? By using the Word of God. Paul said, Strong meat belongeth to them that are of a full age, even those who by reason of use—- By reason of use—–have their senses excercised to discern both good and evil.
          Sir I don’t need your help with scripture. I get my help on my knees direct from him who is the wisest of the wise, the greatest of the great, the mightiest of the mighty. And what I get is real. The Roman Catholic religion is a cult and that’s truth. Who made you my judge?

        6. I’m happy that you are so confident in your wisdom and feel compelled to judge others’ hearts. I am somewhat surprised to find that you are so blind that you fail to see the irony in your last question, however. You ask, “who made you my judge” after you spend several fruitless posts judging the faith of others. Do you have any idea how silly that sounds?

          It is you who seem intent on setting yourself up as the sole arbiter of salvation. It was you who called Romney evil, and who seeks to determine which elements of Scripture should be defined as fundamental tenets of the Christian faith. Romans 10:9, however, remains the single most fundamental statement regarding the issue of salvation, and directly answers the age-old question about what anyone must do to be saved.

          But you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe, and comfort yourself with your own self-righteousness. Just don’t expect the rest of us to sit around and listen to your hate-filled rants without comment.

        7. You have done nothing but judge me. I’m a Christian and follow the Word of God. I follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. Your the one filled with hate I feel your spirit. Christians are to hate evil. Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..Psalm 97:10 Mitt Romney and Obama are evil men.

        8. You’re projecting, skippy. I have not judged you for there was no need. You judge yourself when you deign to sit in judgment on others. Personally, I believe you when you profess your faith. But it is your hatred that is on display when you call Romney evil. What has he done that is evil, eh? This is a man who not only professes a faith in Christ’s redeeming blood, but who has lived his life in service to his church and to others around him. So why would I hate him? Why would you?

          My suggestion is that you return to your knees and seek out the only One who can help you identify the real source of your obvious anger and malice. It is okay if you want to doubt Romney’s faith or even the state of his salvation. But my advice would be that you leave the actual judgment of the man to God. After all, only He knows what is truly in Romney’s heart.

          Of course, you will ignore this advice, because you can’t help yourself. You will return with a comment once again questioning my “spirit” (as if you know me or know anything about me). Please do. Please ignore the face-saving opportunity I am offering you and return at me with even more bile and vitriol. Demonstrate to us all what you believe a Christian to be. If you’re vile enough I may even take a few moments to respond to you…. in the morning. For now, sleep beckons…

          ps… that’s not a good option for you. A better choice would be to follow the old adage about not hunting what you can’t kill, and instead quit while you’re behind… but you’re a grown-up ( I assume ), so feel free to make whatever poor choice seems best to you.

        9. You just want to argue. I answered all your questions. I hate evil. Ye that love the LORD, hate evil… Psalm 97:10
          Mitt Romney is a Godless mormon cult leader. Real Christians won’t vote for him. I don’t put my hopes, dreams and future in the hands of men or politicians the only hopes for any of us in this world is Jesus Christ. Please don’t post on me anymore your not a good person.

        10. non-plus mormon. Yeah, that makes absolutely no sense. Good strategy though… just baffle me with gibberish.

        11. Well, you studied at the school of Obama, apparently. “The health care debate is over” “The stimulus debate is over” “We had an election and I won” Blah, blah, blah. The debate will be over when you and people like you stop slandering good citizens. Save it for our enemies.

        12. People like you won’t stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pride has come in and crowded God out of your life. But that doesn’t make any difference. Your not going to stop God from working in this earth.

        13. Oh just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself now, and really need to pray about this. The fact is that you cannot win this fight, because you are utterly and inescapably in the wrong.

        14. Exactly. So focus on the salvation issue and quit worrying about the petty nonsense that separates even the many denominations within the Protestant world. Go among them determined to know nothing but Christ Jesus, and Him crucified.

  3. Not the Muslim Brotherhood….look who should have benefited from a September Surprise…Romney! A neo-con false flag is far more likely. Follow the money…and you can’t spell Romney without money.

    1. With or without money, Romney has far more experience in business & working with professionals. He is a true American & will be an excellent President. Obama promised so much, but after almost 4 years he has failed. Time to get the seat filled with someone that can get America back on track.

    2. The neo-cons had nothing to do with this, Tom. Why would they need to lift a finger? The fact is that your lefty messiah caused this by backing the Muslim Brotherhood and al queda against the stable and relatively benign leaders in Libya and Egypt. By the way, Gaddafi had already been neutered by Bush, and was cooperating with us in the war on terror, while Mubarak was a long-time ally. Of course, Obama is nothing but a typical leftist chaos-bringer, and used his “community organizing” agitation skills to good effect in the Muslim neighborhood. He has now riled up that neighborhood to the point where Americans have been killed.

      Take a bow, Barry. You’ve finally demonstrated to the entire world the real meaning of the Peter Principle.

  4. Adolph Hitler staged false flag attacks against Nazi party sympathizers in foreign countries to justify the invasion of those countries. This looks to be a new justification for more wars, as most of the American public is angry and outraged, so they won’t be angry and outraged when the war starts.

    1. Obama is the new version of Hitler here in America………Look at what he has NOT done for our country. A non-christian dressed as an American who has ties to Muslims. OUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,get him out of our White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The “VIDEO” as it has come to be described by CNN
    pMSNBC and other elements of the Obama administration is a typical black-flag

    Create the
    instability, offer the cure, get what you want.

    Obama and Clinton share the ability to sacrifice their own.
    Today we can add the name Chris Stevens to names like Vince Foster, whom
    without their knowledge served the greater good, of their friends.

    With friends like the Clinton’s and Obama’s
    who needs democracy?

    1. Yes…
      And have you noticed the IMMEDIATE reaction to EVERYTHING that Romney does or says?
      FIRST, there’s criticism of what he (alledegly) LEFT OUT of his RNC speech…
      NOW, they’re criticizing him for “rushing” to criticize the Muslims and Obama’s Administration’s CONFLICTING statements!
      It will be like this until November!

  6. Spy, spy, who hid the spy? As long as he stays in Obama’s chair no one will find him. Congress won’t find him, the military won’t find him, the media won’t find him, and democrats won’t find him. They can’t see beyond their collective noses because they’ve grown too long.

  7. Muslims in those countries cannot be trusted. We might give their countries foreign aid, but they hate Americans. I hope all the American embassys will beef up their security, we must protect those Americans who are working in them. Also, lets stop giving them anymore aid, they are ruthless killers who have NO RESPECT at all for human lives, especially Americans.

    1. America should give aid to its own people first, get our ass out from underneath China’s thumbnail, and stand strong with our true allies (Great Britain, Israel). Obozo will not only go down in American history as the worst President, but I want to see his face when he loses this election. America’s eyes are opening and she is beyond pissed!

      1. We need to stop throwing our money and food at them. Use our resources here at home, give those heathens nothing and let them resort to cannibalism until they’re all gone. There’s no place in a civilized world for them anyway.

    2. the killers were CIA, plus your murdering troops are the ones with zero respect for life, they even play baby football. aka hadji ball 22 33 34 hup hup! plus ask all the blonde kids in iraq why ppl hate usa for. ask your troops gone crazy in the hospitals. half the female troops raped by their own. the usa ppl wit no jobs lost homes, the ppl the children left to rot and be raped at the superdome at katrina. plus what aid? israel gets the real aid soon you nation made no more by zionism so get goodwith ur spanish ur gonna need it a super minority in a third world ruin nation you all get to be after the telling. O’la! the gr8 satan amerikkka is . no matter now you will find out the hard way, those fake jews really set you all up good! but after what you did to get and build your stolen nation, well what goes around comes around. :( why wont you save yourselves for. why???

  8. This article has its facts wrong. “Sam Bacile” is a pseudonym. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/13/innocence-of-muslims-filmmaker-nakoula-basseley-nakoula_n_1880706.html

    He is neither Israeli, nor Jewish. The article was posted today, Sept 13, after the truth of his identity had come out. A retraction, and an apology, are both in order. The apology, to the people of Israel, and the Jews. The retraction, to the world.

    His real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and he is an emigrant from Egypt.

  9. i’d almost bet that Obama or the DNC had a hand in getting all the problems to erupt right now to take the attention away from the economy and jobs. This might be harsh but it fits the pattern the Obama re-election team would use.

  10. Obama should resign or the congress should start Articles of Impeachment against him immediately. His supposed leadership and blaming us in the past has brought this on. Obama is a cheerleader for Islamic revolution and killing. Folks, this regime has always been about bringing this country down, even if it takes killing us. IMPEACH NOW!

  11. The Muslim protestors / rioters were said to be chanting “Obama, we’re all Osama”
    Perhaps Obama and his constant boasting of “I ordered Osama bin Laden’s death” is to blame for this. Sure sounds like it, from the chants of the protestors.

    Maybe what we need is a drone flying over Obama, pulling a banner that says “Keep Your Big Mouth Shut” when it comes to releasing details regarding issues of national security. Was Obama’s boasting worth the lives of 4 Americans?

    … and if I hear Obama or Hillary blame this violence on a silly anti Muslim video, posted 6 months ago, I’m gonna scream. I’m throwing the BS flag on their claim. They enabled and promoted this Arab Spring, which is beginning to look more like a “Jihadist Spring”. AND – the rioters weren’t chanting about the video. They were chanting about Osama and Obama, and they hit us on 9 / 11. You do the math …

    1. It does get kind of old, doesn’t it? Now, does anyone remember Bush running around for several years crowing about how he was responsible for throwing Saddam out of power and freeing Iraq (Yes, that Saddam Hussein who was far more dangerous than Osama ever dreamed of becoming)? Nope. He had too much class…. and other real accomplishments that he could focus on. Sadly, the Pretender-in-Chief has nothing else to talk about than the success of our brave SEALS.

    2. Let’s see…

      We have Radical Muslims BURNING Obama in effigy, and reports that the rioters were said to have been chanting, “Obama, we’re all Osama” (and other variations)…

      We’ve got Obama BOASTING that HE ordered Osama bin Laden’s death…

      We’ve got DOZENS and DOZENS of “GM is ALIVE, Osama is DEAD” signs being PROUDLY displayed at the DNC Convention…

      And we’re to believe that a FILM (that has been OUT since July) “suddenly” sparked the attacks on our Embassies and the MURDER of our ambassador (and others)?

      WHAT KIND OF MORONS do the Liberals think WE, THE PEOPLE ARE?!

      Only the Kool-Aid drinking Liberals are buying the CRAP being fed CONSTANTLY by the (so-called) “Main Stream” Media!

    3. thats the plan by the CIA the same way you got germans to be nazis. plus coming 2020 the return of bin laden the set up continues they become al qaeda take revenge on israel and lost it all greater israel happens, and well usa who were they agai, fake jews rule the whole earth, but no for long their masters the end timers got bigger plans for them. plus the so-called jihadist are just like your founding fathers all over again regan even said so…

  12. these plans were made before most of us were born and I am not young, they just needed the perfect stooge, that was raised to be what he is and destroy what he was told to. Read his books he comes right out with it, now we have the $5.00 gas, and the skyrocketing utility bills he promised, they are working on ruining our entire way of life.

  13. Obama started the fire when he made that speech in Egypt , He told the Egyptian people you have the right to demonstrate . That they did until they had the the Brotherhood in power . Now they have turn against the Community Organizer . Obama’s Arab Spring is just like is Socialist Green jobs ideology . That Van Jones invented . To blame the film is just an excuse for the Muslims as it is for Obama and Hillary and the Media . The attacks where plan for 9/11 . If it was the film then why , did they attack the German Embassy ?

  14. I hope the FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup of organizations are getting the necessary evidence of executive malfeasance ahead of removing 0 and entire WH staff.
    It looks pretty clear that this knock of prez and his administration are part of the conspiracy.

    1. That is the only way in the light of their recent activities that this nation will ever forgive their behavior over the last year.

  15. Lacking the Courage to defend the sovereignty of America’s Borders, It’s Embassies, and its citizens, the Obama regime exhibits its treacherous nature and actions/inaction .

    I used to believe that Military coup d’tat would never be justified in America. Have I been proven wrong ? I beginning to think so.

    1. There’s one glaring flaw in your thinking. Our illustrious CinC has already pretty well purged the upper ranks of any officers who would refuse to be “good little nazis”. Most of what is left are those who will toe his line for the good of their careers. Doubt me? Did the Pentagon conduct immediate background reviews of Muslim military personnelo after the Ft. Hood shootings, of immediately close ranks, extoll the virtues of diversity, and stonewall?

  16. Believing his own Brilliance is so great that he can’t pass by a mirror without blinding himself, Obama disregards Security Briefings.
    Ego on Steroids, Cowardice too !

  17. There is nothing that wouldn’tsurprise me with this criminal regime. I am also waiting for the other shoe to drop. If what The Independent is reporting is true than Hillary Clinton should resign her position as Secretary of State & face criminal charges.

  18. Covering his face to hide the smile? he ans his pals have to much to gain from this, politically, and more important to look good to his brothers in islam

  19. Well I hope to heck that someone finally does something. How can all of our legislators be so corrupt as to not stop this egostical maniac and his stooge v.p. America is being destroyed each day they corruptedlyand illegally rule this Country.

  20. The video had nothing to do with the first series of attacks those attacks were planned long before this video came out. This religious battle will never end until two or three generations of these extremists are killed and quickly, the longer it takes the more generations will need to be killed. Killing is a terrible thing but sometimes it is necessary and this is one of those times. It should have been taken care of back in the Clinton administration but no he chose to show weakness and what has Obama shown to the world with all his apologies and his policies? WEAKNESS and that is why they are coming at us so hard.

  21. This could be called his “Reichstag Moment”! Once the attacks spread to our shores, if it does not raise support for Obama, then martial law can be declared and the elections stopped. Same old playbook, new dictator!

  22. Why don’t we make flags out of pig skin and cover all embassy walls in Muslim countries with pig skins. We could then arm all the security forces who protect these embassies with ammo socked in silver bullet gun oil. When demonstrators appear just drop pig skins from aircraft and they will leave. Seriously its time to put these animals in their place. There I said it!

  23. I am willing to bet Obama had one of his Hollywood cronies do this film for him to create further political unrest so that he can declare martial law…would be the pattern of Chicago thug politics

  24. The Satanic neo-cons are behind BOTH the trashy, gross movie AND the murders, riots and destruction. They will do whatever they can (including media propaganda) to get WAR started. They profit greatly from selling armaments to both sides and by getting their victims to kill each other off. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and ALL the world’s religions have a COMMON ENEMY, the Satanic neo-cons/international bankster-gangsters who want to destroy all faith and belief in GOD and take over the world in their one world, Satanic, totalitarian, military, police-state dictatorship. I highly suspect that Obama/Clinton/Bush are all puppets for the neo-cons, if not actually Satanic neo-cons themselves.

  25. There is plenty to legitimately mock about all religions,
    but this film was full of made-up lies, then given subtitles in Arabic that
    said the Americans were responsible!

    This film was no way to teach others the value of freedom of speech. Remember
    the Bill of Rights does not give one the right to yell fire in a crowded
    theater in the United States either!

    Apparently produced in the United States by an Israeli Jew, Arabic subtitles
    added to the trailer by an Egyptian Coptic Christian that said that Americans
    were responsible, the purpose of the movie was not shared with others involved
    in the production, rather it was misleading editing, similar to that of James
    O’Keefe. Should we then prohibit Jews
    and Christians from entering the United States?




    Why not learn what the bible says and try to figure out why Jews and Christians ignore it? (Most Muslims ignore the violent parts of the Koran as well.)
    Deuteronomy 13:6-10
    If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the
    wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee
    secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known,
    thou, nor thy fathers; Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about
    you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even
    unto the other end of the earth; Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken
    unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither
    shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be
    first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.
    And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die.

    2 Chronicles 15:13
    Whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death,
    whether small or great, whether man or woman.

    Mark 16:16
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not
    shall be damned.

  26. The “Stealth Jihad” muslims embedded in the federal government and congress probably sent the film by Bacile to the terrorists and informed them of the easiest Embassies to break into. At this point we may never be able to clean up Wash.d.c. short of Iran or some other rogue nation launching a nuke and wiping it out. I hope it does not come to that but a new outrage appears on a daily basis from the Obama freaks, crooks, thugs, czars and felons.

  27. They say the higher you go up the ladder in order to find the source of evil, the harder it is to find who are the good people and who are the bad people. It is called wolves in sheep’s clothing for a reason. The evil that man does is masked by the appearance of doing good. This why we need to keep our connection to our God, who is the source of our good core values. When we as a people and as a Country lose sight of or core values, convolution becomes the norm and no one is quite sure where the tuth lies.

  28. How many high-fives as Obama given his Muslim brothers over this incident. You know you will never do anything about it because he’s not against it. It is obviously anti-Christian and anti-American and always has been and always will be!

  29. I think Ovmit and Hlliry was behind all of this they are Musllim lovers and want to distroy us with in We better watch out war is not far away

  30. We just left a comment on this site (regarding the first article) about this very thing. There are those of us who firmly believe that there are way too many “coincidences” in this whole thing. Obama, Hillary, Soros, Valerie Jarrett, his entire staff of “Communist czars”, are all in this up to their eyeballs. This is exactly what Obama needs to attempt martial law in order to stall our election in November. The signal to begin was not just 9/11 remembrances, but Obama’s refusal to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu. It should be noted that things began to unravel shortly after Obama’s slight to Israel and what better way to NOT honor the 9/11 victims than to begin an Islamic uprising in the middle east by the very ones who killed all those people on 9/11. You recall Moochelle’s comment about the flag at Shanksville, PA in 2011: “All this for a damned flag” were her exact words and Obama smiled and nodded his head yes. That damning statement of hers is easily found on YouTube.

  31. The only way
    to fight this is to fire the entire chain of command starting with the
    President, right through state and the Marine Corps. Start with the President!

    The key to
    Democrat victory in 2012 is ballot corruption on a grand scale. ACORN, AARP,SEIU, Union money and union
    goons, the Race card, homosexual activists and a proliferation of criminal political activist organizations. The collusion of these government funded
    organization only scratches the surface of the monumental criminal activity
    that will accompany the election in 2012.

    present leadership, our Department of Justice has and will overlook criminal
    activity whose prosecution might be damaging to the present
    administration. Election fraud on the
    part of Democrats won’t be identified as such or prosecuted when discovered. The one institution that keeps our system of
    government viable is a free and fair ballot.
    Violate the ballot and we no longer have a Constitutional Republic.

    To save our
    system of government we must demand that our election laws are obeyed and
    violators be arrested and prosecuted. To
    do this it is imperative that our law enforcement agencies are not hobbled by
    the present administration and that our courts are not stifled by the
    Department of Justice. Since most
    federal law enforcements agencies answer to the president, it is essential that
    local sheriffs, police officers and the citizenry report any irregularities in
    our voting process.

    Please take
    this seriously! Please do what you can
    to stop this impending catastrophe. Find
    out who is counting your vote. Contact
    your election boards and anyone responsible for a clean election. Take another look at third world communist
    dictatorships and ask if that is the system of government under which you wish
    to live.

  32. here is one that I am trying to get heard :
    -“I want to know why charges of treason have not been laid against the
    Obama administration for his inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood
    inside our security network, the White House and the Office of the
    Secretary of State. Obama facilitated their expansion in the Middle
    East through the “Arab Spring” placing our troops at risk to
    expand the Brotherhoods reach in the region. And on 9/11 they showed
    us just what they intended to do. Obama did not stop there just as
    the Regime in Egypt was about to fall he
    pushed through the advance of 125 M1A1 Abrams tanks to Egypt and now
    two nuclear submarines. Just when will the Congress step up and
    declare these treasonous acts.
    As of a few hours after the attacks on our Embassies both Obama and
    Hillary are making excuses for the groups that killed our Ambassador
    dragging his dead body through the streets Ala Mogadishu, so as not
    to offend them. Our Marine consulate guards did not have
    ammunition for their weapons, I wonder who ordered that?
    Just how were members of the Brotherhood able to get a security clearance
    that allows them in our highest levels of government? I found it
    strange that shortly after their inclusion all of the CIA’s agents in
    the Middle East were name, hunted down and killed.
    And Obama is still talking about sending them Billions of dollars in Aid to these countries.
    More appeasement towards the enemies and more kowtowing to them.
    My main question is why have the Congress not brought charges against
    these treasonous enemies to our Republic?



  33. OK, here’s the belly laugh of the century for you! Obama wants to be pals with the Muslim broterhood, right? What can we REASONABLY assume they think about him? let’s see, his daddy was a Muslim, according to Sharia Law that makes the SON a Muslim regardless of the mother’s faith (or lack thereof), She then married ANOTHER Muslim, who adopted young Barry, and Young Barry attended classes in a madrassa. Now he says he a Christian. The Christians say he’s not ACTING much like a Christian, but according to Sharia Law, ANY MUSLIM who renounces Islam for any other faith is an apostate and worthy of the death penalty! He’s wondering why they don’t love and respect him, and they are wondering why he hasn’t had a fatwa put out on him yet! Don’t take my word for it, look it up and decide for yourself!

  34. Makes one wonder if our present administration could be behind this tension, unrest, riots, murders, we’ll have to wait and see. If Obama suddenly rushes in and saves the day, he’ll be built up even more for winning the campaign, and I put nothing pass this imposter. Bernanke has already rushed in to help make him look better than he is. I think Obama is a well trained deceiver and perhaps the Bilderburgers endoctrinated him, in that one year when no one can find out where he was, their are evil men with big money behind our President, and their purpose is to bring America to her knees. He is a type or example of an anti-christ, and Jesus told us to beware of them. Obama has got to be defeated to save the Republic.

  35. Sam Bacile has been identified as a Coptic Christian, not Israeli-American as you indicate. I don’t see a “false flag” in all that is happening. Rather I believe it is what you reap when you have a complete and total incompetent in POTUS

  36. For Jazzpast
    Baraka has been coddling the brotherhood and hamas thinking he can ‘love’ them into peace. Their goals as stated in their charters speak differently.
    My mistake is thinking other people read to get informed. And read a LOT of things not just party things. Including newspapers from other countries.

    Name calling is always so helpful and shows ones level of discourse.

  37. Kinda makes one wonder why “0”bama is negotiating with russia to supply to the mudlim brotherhood submarines with 1 billion of our dollars.
    What one earth would they needs subs for other than a stealth attack on us or our allies.
    “0”bama is a traitor.

  38. I do want to say that the person wrote seems to have forgotton that homeland security had bought lots of bullets .Yes they are out goverment we elect are training Russia military to one day when we declare martial law will be used to arrest and put us citizens in camps .The ones that like this country.Those drones will be patroling the sky to not look for crimes but look for people that show they like this country then the goverment will be sent to get them.Everthing he has said is not just conspiracies they are going to happen .This what is going on with our embassys that is been plan from the begining to start some war and it will mean more rules on us when this war will start.The people that are running this country like the rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the sick rich bankers will for there own power start a war with Russia and china . It will start with iran being attack . If the person wrote this should also talk about we have our own military training in our cities and that is still just a theory to this person I hope not .That does not happen at all until this year .Then our president signs a order or a bill that would allow our military to put people in camps for suppose being a terrrorist . Lets not forget that big sis that human blob that runs homeland security has had that a threat to our country are white males single white males and return veterans of war and the tea party are in our goverment a great threat .I do think they will be .But it will be now if you are a person that likes this country .You might be a terrorist . But I guess that is just a theory .If you walk in some walmarts you may be asked by the pig from homeland security .To keep an eye on any terrorist in those storys . No everthing you said will happen and what I say will.Please stop believing the goverment mouth piece media and do your homework .

  39. The film is not a concern; it’s a decoy. “Crisis” is the concern. Muslim terrorists have been waiting for this window of opportunity. Just saying!

  40. It took a long time for assh..le to wear a flag pin and his horribly ugly wife always puts her hand on her shoulder when the flag or any part of American emblems are shown. Maybe that is where her heart really is in the boney part of her.Disgraceful the pair of them.

  41. The event would have to occur HERE, not in the endlessly in conflict sandbox countries infested with izlam. But, with his muxlim buddies flowing across the border with the aid of Mexican drug cartels, it’s entirely possible for our expected ‘October surprise’ to happen before the elections.

  42. Tadd Cronn boy does America need another hundred reporters like you. You’ve pointed out everything I’ve been saying for months.
    The only thing you left out was Obama’s illegal use of drones in Libya and the Russian, Chinese Sino-Soviet pac that is still alive and well.

  43. Watch for the triggering of all those executive order restrictions he quietly slipped by on Friday afternoons. We will be under martial law before you know it.

  44. Uhhhh it was MICHELLE BACHMAN who did the calling out on the Security Clearance issues. John McProgressiveCain, and others up in the Republican ranks publically ridiculed her for it because he’s friends with Clinton’s aid. Give Senator Bachman credit where credit is due.

  45. What an amateurish fool the usurper in the White House is. He has surrounded himself with like minded idiots who are uneducated in the ways of the world.

  46. Ever hear of the ploy to attack one of your own to draw suspicion away from yourself or in a different direction? Who do we know that is really good withe smoke and mirrors and msidirection?

  47. It seems to me that Obama has nothing to gain from the outrage in the Muslim world about that offensive video. Romney on the other hand…. (and yet clearly he’s self-sabotaged whatever hay he could have benefited from … in the past few days. so either evil, or incompetent, or both).

  48. very silly usa bitching on terrorism we all know one mans patriot is another mans terrorist! how did you get your nation. we all know US and eps u.k gov did 9/11 anyway. i am terrorist N0#1! the planetary patriot is here! allahu akbar!

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