Mitt Romney, Flip-Flopping, and RomneyCare in Massachusetts

No one likes a flip-flopper unless he or she flips and flops to the right view. Of course, there’s a lot of suspicion when a politician changes his views. Many people see it as a way to garner votes. Flip-flopping is done by some out of political expediency.

But some people change their views out of solid convictions. Ronald Reagan was not always a rock-ribbed conservative. Reagan began his political career as a liberal Democrat. He admired the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal policies. The same is true of the late Andrew Breitbart (1969–2012). “He changed his political views after experiencing an ‘epiphany’ during the Clarence Thomas hearings, and later described himself as ‘a Reagan conservative’ with libertarian sympathies.”

Bernard N. Nathanson (1926–2011) was an American medical doctor from New York who helped to found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, but later became a pro-life activist. He is often quoted as saying abortion is the most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States. in his 1996 autobiography Hand of God he wrote, “I am one of those who helped usher in this barbaric age.”

The reason we believe these flippers is that they demonstrated in their subsequent works that they had converted from some form of liberalism to some form of conservatism and beyond. We know their change in worldview was sincere and was not done for political exploitation.

As things seem to be going in the GOP primary, Mitt Romney is on track to sew up the nomination. Will his previous Massachusetts views on a number of policies damage his prospects among the Republican faithful? Consider this statement by Bill Frezza writing for Forbes:

Mitt Romney may be a flexible pragmatist whose positions are not anchored in any fixed principles, driving diehard conservatives bonkers. But one of the most dishonest criticisms of his candidacy, from both the right and the left, is that he has flip flopped on health care.

It is an undisputed fact that Romney endorsed an individual mandate to purchase health insurance when he was governor of Massachusetts, while he vocally opposes the individual mandate that forms the linchpin of Obamacare.

Mitt Romney has argued that what’s constitutionally right for a state to legislate may not be proper for the federal government to legislate. That’s Romney’s argument, and he’s sticking to it. In fact, it’s the same position that Ron Paul takes. Will Romney support ObamaCare if elected? No way.

But back to the flip-flop issue. There is nothing wrong when a person changes his position. In fact, we should encourage people to change if the change is in the right direction. Consider Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan (1833–1911). At one point in his life, Judge Darrell White (Ret.) writes, “Harlan vigorously defended the property rights of slave owners, believing that government should not interfere.” In time, however, “Harlan reversed his position on the slavery issue and spoke out boldly in opposition to the execrable [detestable] institution.” (“Historical Significance of a Kentucky Colonel named Harlan,” Around the Bar (February 2007), 20.)) In an 1871 speech, Justice Harlan admitted the following:

I have lived long enough to feel and declare that . . .  the most perfect despotism that ever existed in this earth was the institution of African slavery. . . . With slavery it was death or tribute. . . . It knew no compromise, it tolerated no middle course. I rejoice that it was gone. . . . Let it be said that I am right rather than consistent.

We know that Justice Harlan’s flip-flop on the slavery issue was sincere when he was the lone voice of dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), a notorious 7-1 decision that upheld the constitutionality of state laws requiring racial segregation in public facilities under the doctrine of “separate but equal.” He wrote:

“In the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful. . . . The arbitrary separation of citizens on the basis of race, while they are on a public highway, is a badge of servitude wholly inconsistent with the civil freedom and the equality before the law established by the Constitution. It cannot be justified upon any legal grounds.”

As the Bible says, “You shall know them by their fruits.”

44 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, Flip-Flopping, and RomneyCare in Massachusetts

  1. I don’t think anyone has a problem with someone legitimately changing their position on an issue over time. What they are sick of is the pretending to be conservatives to get the primary votes, then turning moderate to win the general election, then caving to a liberal agenta when in office.

    1. Talk about judging someone by thinking you know what will happen. You probably think we should also start arresting people for thinking about doing something you don’t like. Get a grip. You have no reason or proof to say that anyone is “pretending to be conservative” and I’m sure you don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what will happen in the future. If you don’t like Romney, don’t vote for him. I will. He is a good man and is telling it as it is.

      1.  Gee Just, exactly when would that have been that Willard was “telling it like it is?”

        Willard had been on BOTH SIDES of EVERY ISSUE, and to make matters worse, there are hours and hours of Willard saying hes on the left side and then the right side on the internet.

        And if you don’t think the dems will use every bit of those videos during the campaign should Willard get the nomination, you don’t know Willard and you’re making an UNINFORMED vote!!!

        1. Oooooo….you’re soooooo smart Anne. You couldn’t possibly have your mind made up and are looking for ways to keep it that way. Open your mind. Some of us ARE informed, and will vote that way. Have your own closed minded opinion as you will.

        2.  Just:  Actually I AM sooooooo smart.

          Typical response from Willard’s minions… just attack the messenger, but you don’t have anything with regard to the FACT that Willard has been on BOTH SIDES OF EVERY ISSUE.

          Try to come back with some facts rather than just having a little temper tantrum

        3.  Daniel:  Again, another insufferably stupid response. 

          Exactly WHAT did I post that would make anyone think I was opposed to Willard OTHER than his flip-flopping?

          Who Are You, Mitt Romney? (Tales of a Flip-Flopper)

          Can you seriously trust Mitt Romney to do what he says when he has a
          proven history of flip-flopping? I’ll go with consistency and principles
          every single time, and Romney doesn’t fit the bill.

        4. Looks like you won’t be voting,self loathing is a liberal character defect,Are you a teacher.?I prefer to be called insipid.That’s what Sister MaryInquisatoro called me.Na Na Na.I hope you’re in a veritable snit.Goin’ on down to the General Store,We’re watchin’ Hee Haw reruns tonight.

        5.  Daniel, Daniel, Daniel….

          What is it with you insufferably stupid Willard lemmings???

          You just too stupid to be able to respond in any intelligent way?

          Apparently you didn’t like the PROOF that Willard is a FLIP-FLOPPER (aka LIAR!)

          And no, I’m not a teacher.  As a matter of fact I’m a manager in a large corporation, and have over 100 people working for me.

          Clearly I’m MUCH SMARTER than you, and obviously MUCH MORE INFORMED.

        6. You just to stupid?May I correct your grammar?I doubt if your so called corporation is doing very well if you spend your precious time TROLLING the internet for anyone who disagrees with your twisted view of things.I learned in the first grade that name calling is a social no no.So grow up.I pity the the poor people,be they real or imagined that work For you.By the way,people don’t work for you ,they ‘re working for themselves,ease up on the whip Cruella.

        7.  HA HA HA….  Oh PA-lease!

          You just to stupid?  [Correction: What you meant is, “You’re just too stupid?] 

          May I correct your grammar? [Obviously, you can’t correct your own.]

          I doubt if your so called
          corporation is doing very well if you spend your precious time TROLLING
          the internet for anyone who disagrees with your twisted view of things. [That corporation happens to be one of the LARGEST corporations in the country. And I’m now retired. I’m not “trolling” , and I’m certainly  on the internet on anyone’s time but my own. And YOU seemed to be the one who disagreed with my FACTS with YOUR twisted view.]

          learned in the first grade that name calling is a social no no. [Obviously you didn’t actually learn anything, did you?]

          Now, if you have a problem with the FACTS that I’ve provided, why don’t YOU come up with something CREDIBLE to refute my FACTS.

          Good luck with that!  LOL

        8. Anne, I hate to see these morons attacking your well thought out responses. Keep up the good work.

        9.  Thank you ChristianSolution:  I appreciate your encouragement.

          But, I’m not the only one they go after, as YOU well know.

          It’s almost impossible to tell which of these morons are actually Willard’s fans, and which are Obozo trolls.

          Willard would be the worst option opposing Obozo, and we have to be able to do better.

          Three’s a reason, Gov Perry called Willard “Obama-lite”

          God be with you…

        10. Well, I ask for it, but you are not saying anything controversial in any manner of speech. I hate bullies, especially against ladies.

        11.  ChristianSolution;  Thank you.

          But as you also know, one doesn’t have to say anything “controversial,”  but just telling the truth is what sends these bullies over the edge.

          We all have to stick together, fight the good fight, and pray. 

          Meantime, I’ll be following your posts on this site.

          God bless.

        12. Lies,lies and more lies.To a liberal there are no facts,only their twisted mantras chanted at Oblowhole fund raisers,I don’t care what you think or who you vote for,all I can manage to grunt out as I stuff my face with chittlins is you are F.O.S.

        13.  Danny, Danny, Danny….  You’re just NOT getting it, are you?  Poor thing!

          Is it your very low IQ, or a severe reading comprehension disability?

          Pray tell, exactly WHAT lies are you referring to?

          You mean the LIES Willard told when he was in favor, and imposed socialized health care on the residence of Mass, and then said in the debates that he would repeal ObozoCare?

          Or was it when in 2009 Willard pushed for individual mandates?

          I know, it’s difficult to tell exactly where Willard stands on ObozoCare because he’s always saying one thing, and then the opposite.

          Now, you can call that “flip-flopping” or you can call it “lying” but either way, Willard cannot be trusted.

          And remember, there are only TWO people in the history of the U.S. who have signed socialized healthcare into law.

          1. Barak Obama
          2. Mitt Romney

        14. Can you say Santorum or Tantorum is not a flipflopper?  He also has flipped more ways than one.

        15. I do. Their doctrine taught that blacks are cursed and that Mormons were Gods chosen. They also teach that Satan is the begotten brother of Jesus Christ (blasphemy). Etc etc.

      2. This is the modus operandi for the Republican nominee for all my life. Republicans appeal to the conservative core just like Democatrats appeal to their liberal one. I didn’t specifically mention Romney and invite you to judge for yourself which catagory you think he fits in. Please do, decide for yourself if you think he is genuine, but don’t personally attack me just because I have my doubts.

    2. Whatever happened to common sense. You discern a man by his deeds, the fruit he bares. Romneys tree had blood on the roots and fruit thanks to the abortions included in Romneycare. It’s plain to see but people want to justify. Romney has taken advantage of the polluted political process. Money rules where ideas used to. He is trying to buy the votes. He hides behind his super pac lies/ads without three courage to come out and speak himself. Smile, wave and throw some money around. That’s how Obama got elected.

  2. Nothing wrong or shameful about being a “flip-flopper” like Reagan and Romney in the right direction, unlike RINO frauds like Gingrich and Santorum pretending to be Conservatives in spite of a long record proving otherwise.

    The left is who put out that “Obama-lite” nonsense about Romney because they fear him the most, knowing he’s the only Republican presidential candidate currently running who can beat Obama. But in actuality Romney is 180 degrees away from Obama on abortion, illegal aliens, business, government spending and most other things.

    1. Good to hear from someone that is thinking clearly.I would vote for any of the  four candidates if I had to,but here in the real world,everyone with a functioning brain better get behind Romney or we will face four more years of tyranny.

    2. Romney is 180 degrees away from Obama on abortion, illegal aliens, business, government spending

      Youtube “The Real Romney”. 

      1) Pro-Abortion Same as Obama
      2) Pro-Gay Same as Obama
      3) Anti-Reagan economics Same as Obama
      4) pro-Affirmative Action Same as Obama

      1. You really don’t read much do you? Well, you’re wrong about all of the above. I feel sorry for you that you apparently believe whatever someone tells you that fits your agenda…true or false. Oh, well. You could only wish you were as trustworthy as Mitt. He is a good man. But then that’s something you aren’t willing to believe.

        1. I didn’t read it, I heard it coming out of his own mouth.  Again youtube “The Real Romney”.  Pretty hard to deny what the man said.

    3. How come RINO Willard Mittens Romney employed some illegal aliens to mow his huge estate
      lawns  and then tried to lie his way out of doing it? Mitt Romney World Class Liar!

  3. Youtube “The Real Romney”. 

    1) Pro-Abortion                       Same as Obama
    2) Pro-Gay                                Same as Obama
    3) Anti-Reagan economics    Same as Obama
    4) pro-Affirmative Action     Same as Obama

    Are these all Mitt-Flops or campaign Etch-A-Sketch pics?

  4. I heard that there is a new line of Summer Shoes coming out,they’re called OBAMALINSKY,KERRY,and ROMNEY “FLIP-FLOPS” !!

  5. Go Mitt Romney! I think Romney’s experience with health care in Massachusetts gives him the upper hand in debating Obama in the General Election. He has had to think through and listen to all parties to health care, including the Democrats in his state. He has repeatedly said, “Some things I like, some things I would do differently.”

    1. Dream on Delite Gaddie Dream On Romneybot fool! Romneycare is Barack Obama Role Model for
      Obamacare! Mitt Romney only Business Experience is Exporting American Jobs Overseas and
      Destroying American Small Businesses and companies as CEO of Greedy Bain Capital Vultures.

  6. Maybe they chose him because he is so much like McCain, including the fact that conservatives do not want him any more than McCain.  But Axlerod with his bag of dirty tricks eliminated most of the conservatives with the very willing help of the MSM before it even started.

  7. So,how many sides and how many flips & flops can the King of Flip Floppers,phony baloney,lying empty
    suit,arrogant liberal in GOP drag,greedy Bain Capital Vulture Business Man RINO Mitt Romney make on
    any issue during election year 2012? Only God Alone Knows The Answer To That One! No to RINO Willard
    Mittens Romney in 2012 again! Don’t forget the voters told RINO Mitt Romney & Crazy Old Ron Paul NO
    in 2008 and that RINO Mitt Romney and Crazy old fool Ron Paul could not even beat senile old loser
    Amnesty John McCain for the 2008 GOP/Tea Party Presidential Nomination as well here.

  8. If  Mitt’s the nominee,  I am going fishing on November 6th. Oklahoma is safe for any Republican, so I might as well have a pleasant day on the water, waiting for the inevitable Obama electoral victory. Romney may pick up a couple of states that McCain didn’t but the states he is popular in are largely safe in Obama’s camp, such as Massachusetts, where Mitt was governor. I doubt Mitt can win in Michigan his boyhood home, he won’t be able to outspend Obama by 12:1 like he did Santorum . The Mormon vote he will get but in the general election that’s insignificant, as is Mitt’s personal wealth. The liberal Republicans that have supported Romney may end up voting for Obama. You know the ones, the gay marriage supporters, anti gunners, pro abortion and national health care supporting Republicans. So, unless you are in a possible swing state, see you at the lake?

  9. This is a long attempt to justify Romneys flip flopping. He does not compare to these examples for at least two reasons: all of the listed examples openly confessed and repented of their liberal ways, Romney has not on the mandate. Secondly as Santorum has explained Romney fooled him into endorsing once before. Romney said that he had changed his ways concerning abortion etc. Only to turn around and create Romneycare which funds abortions, bailouts and exported jobs. This article is just another fall in line Rino establishment propaganda piece. Romney is not so conservative no matter how you spin it. Playing to the middle has gotten the GOP no where fast. Liberals stand boldly by their views. Why can’t conservatives?

  10. While positions do change over time (Churchill: “a young man not a liberal has no heart; an old man not a conservative has no brain”) it appears that politicians will do and say anything for a vote. The stark truth is that we live in a time of NO GREAT MEN. He who opposes collectivist tyranny had better suck it up and get in Romney’s teepee, unless God sends us a GREAT MAN soon. 

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