Muslim Brotherhood in American: We’re Losing the War

America is being attacked from within and we are currently losing the battle.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been carefully infiltrating our government, courts, schools and many facets of everyday life.  They have a well laid out plan with which they are successfully replacing American law with Sharia law and American life style with Islamic lifestyle.

One example of the Muslim success is the meeting between FBI Director Robert S Mueller, III and high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this year.  The Muslims raised a number of complaints and concerns about various FBI practices that they found to be offensive to their religion.  Not wanting to offend Muslims, Mueller announced that the FBI would purge hundreds of terrorism training documents and briefings that the Muslims might find offensive.

Think about this for a moment.  Any time the FBI wants to initiate any kind of investigation into Jihadist activities, all the Muslims have to do is claim that it is offensive to their religion and the FBI stops.

When Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on fellow servicemen and women at Ft Hood, Texas back in 2009, the White House caved in to Muslim pressure and labeled the incident as just work place violence.  They completely disregarded the plethora of evidence gathered from Hasan’s effects that indicated the attacks were made against those who were fighting Muslims in Iraq.  It was anything but a simple case of work place violence.

Frank Gaffney is president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC.  He and his organization have amassed a wealth of information and evidence demonstrating the Jihadist war against American civilization.  They have created a free ten course program about the Muslim Brotherhood in America, available online, that will open your eyes to just how badly America is losing the war for our own survival.

Gaffney had provided a summary overview of the course and why it is so important to become better informed.  Check out the video:

If you have any concern for what is happening in America today, I strongly urge that you take some time to learn from the material Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy have put together.  Your eyes will be opened to the horrors taking place around you and give a glimpse of what is to come if Americans don’t rise up against the Muslim onslaught and stop it at the border.

68 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood in American: We’re Losing the War

  1. Since the President is a muslim they have taken this oppurtunity to come out of the closet. We however have not had our chance at bat yet. Congressman King is doing a good job and is not backing down however he does need support. In Nov. when we elect Republicans and keep the House and retake the Senate and the Presidency we also must remember the next President will most probably replace at least one liberal on the Supreme Court if not several because it may well be proved that Obama had no right to replace any one because he him self was not able to take office.

    1. That DIRTY FILTHY muslim in the Oval Office does NOT represent mainstream AMERICA…only the Yobummers DIRTY muslims who WILL be dispatched to allah and their 77 (or whatever) dirty whores. Death to all muslims!

      1. Amen (I think it (amen) means “so-be-it”). A PIG is not human, he (Yobummer) is Chattle (an animal) of the lowest kind. He is lower than Whale crap. Death to ALL muslims!

  2. Prediction:

    1) Obama will lose in November…
    2) Something bad of world significance will happen before the end of the year…
    3) Obama will retain the White House by force or decree…

    I hope I’m wrong but let’s see

    1. Okay Nostradamus (lol)…when Yobumer loses, that WILL trigger something ‘bad’ occuring in the world and when (not if) Yobummer retains the Oval Office he will allow those wonderful “Blue Helmeted Peace Keepers” in America (if they already are not here now) and EVERY American who owns a gun WILL mow down those so-called “Peace Keepeers” (actually those dirty filthy muslims wearing helmets) and ‘Ground-Zero’ WILL be Washington DC. Congress and Senate, be warned…if YOU allow this to happen, WE AMERICANS WILL RISE UP AGAINST THOSE WHO SANCTION THIS ACTION. (ahem…trust me on this).

      1. I read on the internet this mourning that in Chicago ILL.That the Un or NATO was there to conduct Excercises meaning that the city of Chicago .ILL.was not told,and the residensce could all be moved to a Fema camp in Wisconsein,sorry about the mis spelling of your state ,IF any one knows more about this please let everyone know,I think it’s just the beginning of total control on America ?ALSO America and Canida ,Mexico have agreed on a try lateral agrement on trade? or control of these country’s ?

        1. These “exercises” have been occuring in the past (Rex-84). These were “practice operations”. Insofar as Canada, America, and Mexice, they are contemplating introducing a new money called the “AMERO”. How will this help America? It won’t; it will only help Canada and Mexico. More American $$$ tossed into the pit (or fire).

      WHAT ONE IS YOU SOURCE TELLING YOU,#1 or #3 ???????????

    3. Because NObama is so care free and doesn’t curb his actions I am worried that he has something up his sleeve to insure he continues to be “king” of America. I think this after hearing that he bought up tons of ammunition and thousands of high powered rifles along with him saying that he wants a civil army as well armed as the U.S. Army. All I can say is watch out and prepare.

    4. All he has to do is initiate martial law. Oh and by the way he is setting that scenario is being put into place with all of his executive orders. He just did another one in this vane in March this year.

      We really need to look out. If he can be proven to be ineligible to hold office then he could not call for Martial Law. But that is just about the only way to stop him. Get him arrested for any of many broken laws and treachery that he has perpetrated on this country and her people.

  3. Ask the border agents, the Muslims are coming in everyday. They all infiltrate to certain cities and neighborhoods, the same minority pattern, then take over. Americans are known to be the most misinformed, ignorant people on the planet. Tolerance is just another name for stupidity.

    1. ” They all infiltrate to certain cities and neighborhoods the same minority pattern ” Your are right. That is what muslims do. They go to the areas where they have safe houses and become one of their Islamic community members. Once they out number the indigenous, then they flex their muscles. see

  4. I think we should try to make piece with the Muslims . And a good old fashioned barbeque would be the perfect thing . A pig roast , ham , pork ribs , lots of beer . Hey even Obama likes to sit down an discuss things over a beer .

    1. Which piece would you like to barbeque? The legs (this way they couldn’t run…like cockroaches)? Or maybe the arms (this way they couldn’t even hold their little teeny weeny)? Or maybe the ears; I’m told they refuse to listen, so they won’t miss them either. I would say the head, but their heads are empty. What about the “guts”? Oh…they don’t have any guts either; they hide behind the skirt of Yobummer. So what IS left to BBQ? Their dirty filthy muslim children and don’t tell us Americans they are ‘innocent’, they are indoctrinated from cradle to grave to HATE the infidel and who is (are) the infidel? Every American citizen or non- (dirty filthy) muslim.

    2. And a dog. Don’t forget obama likes his dog. Medium well I think. Oh also bring the US Constitution in case obama gets some ketchup on his face.

      1. Yes, but even his dog gets to travel ‘in-style’ aboard his private jet, Now, which ‘dog’ are we talking about? Eric Holder, or Yoyo’s “other” dogs.



      1. DID you read on the internet where one of the military orginazatios ,Nato,Or the UN is in Chicago ILL ,to coduct Excersises ?IT read that residensce were not told and that every person could be shipped to Fema camp in Wissconsen ,Sorry about the spelling on the state ?Any ifo ?

      2. I’m thinking of buying a Red-White-Blue with stars helmet and a Kevlar vest and have them stenciled: AMERICAM PEACE KEEPER on the front and back.

    2. the United states military will stop the clown from taking over as they swear allegeance to the constitution, not the commander in chief & they do not care for this creep- anyhow have you ever stopped & thought about how many guns there are in this country & most of them are owned by America Lovers & if push comes to shove the military will side with the people you also have to keep in mind that about 50% of the population supports this clown

  6. In the first place, Islam is not a “religion”, it is a predatory sociopathic cult, the result of the phantasy of a psychopath, sick in body, mind and soul. Allah was Mohammed’s alter ego and did not exist, Allah always did what Mohammed wanted, (as Aischa noticed), and Mohammed being a sexual pervert, a rapist, a highway robber, a war criminal, a mass murderer and an assassin.could never be taken for a messenger of God. He raided merchant caravans and kept 1/5 of the loot for himself, the rest was divided among the thugs that he attracted, he massacred 1,200 male members of a rich tribe whose wealth he coveted and he himself cut off some of their heads, he let his thugs rape their wives and children and then sold them into slavery, he assassinated poets and anyone who criticized him, and executed all kinds of people after he came to power, even singing girls because he hated music and said musical instruments were of the devil, he was bereft of human compassion, he was an obsessed narcissist like Hitler, saddam and Stalin, he knew how to manipulate people but his emotional intelligence was less evolved than that of a six-year old child. He brutally massacred thousands of people and pillaged their wealth, he bacame the de facto despot of Arabia.
    A cursory look at the Koran reveals that this book is full of errors, it is replete with scientific heresies, historical blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book which is only interesting for gullible chldren who do not think.
    Muslims are envious of all that Americans have achieved and have spent years in planning how to destroy everything America stands for — their highest goal is to imitate Mohammed, for them he is “the perfect man”, and so they rape and kill and blow people up with impunity, because in Islam such things are approved of, and they are encouraged to act like savages.
    I pray the day will soon come when every mosque is dismantled, every Muslim deported, and every Koran burned to ashes, and we can recover America the Beautiful and live in peace and freedom once again.

      1. Wake up Dork! I was there . If you are that stupid I might say read a bit, It may open your eyes, BUT I do not believe it would help. The info is all around, check it out. Perhaps I was to hasty with my remarks, The info is available on the internet, spend a few minutes and check it out.

      2. I would suggest you read Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic. You can get it at Conservative Book Club: It gives the whole sad story of Mohammed and Sarastro is correct. The thing to be aware of is the fanaticism and total control Islam has over its subjects. Little has changed. There is no compromise with Islam. You either convert or you die. We need to purge this disease but it is obvious to me that the complacent, go along to get along mentality of the left in this nation is helping radical Islam gain a foot hold. Look at Europe to see what complacency has given them.

  7. We just don’t have any real men/women in our government anymore. Fity years ago these Butt Sniffers would have been filed on for just breathing our air and at very the least thrown out of the Director’s office. What (not a fan) do you think wouldv’e happen if this had been J. Edgar Hoover?

  8. We have Odumbo to thank for their insurgent into America! If something isn’t done soon, America will never be the same!

    1. No it won’t be the same ,ONCE he and his MERRY MEN are GONE it will not be the SAME,IT WILL BE BETTER

  9. I have been saying for many years now that Muslims are NOT here to assimilate into our society, but to take it over. We need to send them home to their own failed and miserable countries and lifestyles.
    And let’s send Obama with them, right after he gets out of prison for Treason.

  10. I think someone also said that about the Jehovah’s Witnesses but it seemed to have passed and if I am correct they are still around. Are all Muslims bad because of a few or are all Christians bad because of a few?

      1. With such high stakes, one bad apple spoiling a whole bushel, it is very important to have stringent regulations and regulators making sure all apples of each bushel are good. I wonder if the same rules apply to banks and other wall street firms?


  12. Check out Walid Shoebat…we are in End Days and this is a religious war. We want to make sure we are on the right side. We HAVE to get the Muslim out of the White House and prepare for WWIII.

  13. Should this suprise anyone? It’s been galloping ahead now for the past three years. Obummer has enabled its successes in all of the Mid East and labeled it as the Arab Spring. So much so, that initially he got the ball rolling by throwing Mubarik under the bus and that began the so called popular uprising headed by the Brotherhood.

  14. The Muslim Brotherhood really scares me. Christians are under attack at all levels and our President does’nt care.

    1. PAT , Have you been i n a coma?????? barack is a MUSLIM he is one of them.
      But he bleed also when he get hit.

    2. Indeed he does care. He’s been proving that since he assumed office. Holder is his chief agent in “caring”.

      Gawd, I’ll be so glad to see the end of the Obama administration. I can’t even look at Obama’s photo without nearly gagging.

    3. Pat ” The muslim brotherhood really scares me” It should not only scare you ,but the rest of the Americans too. ” Christians are under attack at all levels and our president doesn’t care.” see You Should know by now that he is a muslim and his priority is to see islam gets foothold in America and in times to come ,they take over from within, once their number swells to say 35% – 45% which they will achieve in few decades, as muslims are allowed 4 wives and have half a dozen children from each wife. Wake up before its too late.

  15. NO WE HAVENT, Did some one from Barracks Office forget to tell them WE FIGHT BACK. .
    WE will send them back to the countries in Body BAGS if they think we won’t , KEEP PUSHING. I PROMISE YOU Ah ALLA WONT HELP YOU.
    STOP YOUR THREATS , Obama does enough that for you. not going to work for him either.

  16. The wonderful and fantastic experiment known as The United States of America is approaching conclusion. Thank all of you for participating.

  17. One of these days, the muslims will initiate the ‘final war’, them against everybody else, starting right here in the USA while they wage war against Israel. Too bad the hoods in homeland ‘security’ intend the 400 million rounds of .40 caliber they just bought to be used against us, when the country falls apart due to 0bama’s plans if he’s reelected.
    Search surviving urban crisis, prepare while you can.

  18. Ofcource they winning the country chose a muslummm for a leader. That makes it easyer to win . The gop dont want to win this time eather are they wouldnt have put romney who is the same almost as obambo Both are liers and have health care and both want our guns romney even passed gun laws Our only hope is a conservative 3rd party and put REAL conservative congress and senate in office. Stock pile your gun and ammo we are going to need it to take our country back

  19. My family actually came here in the 1800’s, and fought in the Revolutionary War. I know that these brave patriots would be are spinning in their graves to know how America has changed. Soon, I’m afraid, we will be over run with Muslims who expect the laws of our country to yield to their customs……and the sad part is, we probably will! We need to place a quota on Muslims coming into this country, like we do with the Europeans. When the Muslim population here reaches a certain number, then no more can be allowed into the country…..period! I think that we are already maxed-out and maybe we ought to send some back.

  20. It is sad to say, for a veteran who served as many years as was served in the military, but since 1964 we have allowed our elected government to give away our nation. While we slept the elected negotiated and compromised and crossed the aisles of congress and the senate and with no resistance negotiated and compromised our nation away. This is not the work of one administration.
    When on duty at Hq and Hq, XVIII, in 1968, a discussion of the 1964 civil rights law brought many things to the fro. Giving all groups equal rights with out responsibility or discipline of those rights it could not be a winner. Well, we are now looking at the results of all these free rides and rights with no self responsibility or discipline for those rights. Now the price for stupidity and weakness must be paid, it never fails

  21. I may predate most of you, but in the Navy I was stationed in north Africa in 1961. The first thing I went thru was Arab ( brain wash) to insure that I was (ready to meet and not offend the mussies). #1 mussies love little boys. #2 Women are trash. I could say more , but it would not be P.C today!

  22. Only in America could an Army Major, Nidal Hasan, go on a shooting rampage, killing and wounding scores of individuals on an Army base and have one of the top Army Command officers, General George Casey, go on national TV and bemoan the possibility that the atrocity committed by Major Hasan “might harm the diversity program the Army had implemented regarding Muslims”. And then to add insult to injury, call the incident “workplace violence” instead of Muslim inspired terrorism.

  23. Well, why don’t they try to stop this? We know that BO is allowing it, but where is the opposition and Congress? Yes, the Senate and others are part of it but don’t we have any patriots who are organizing, like minutemen? It looks like it’s up to the individual to try to protect themselves.

  24. What gets me the most is how liberals stick up for muslims, they don’t realize the GLBT community will be some of the first to get their heads chopped. Single women having sex or prego…chopped. Democrats seem to only worry about sexual issues and if they keep paving the way for islam, there won’t be a issue for long.

  25. With such high stakes, one bad apple spoiling a whole bushel, it is very
    important to have stringent regulations and regulators making sure all
    apples of each bushel are good. I wonder if the same rules apply to
    banks and other wall street firms?

  26. Think again, MB. After Nov. 2012, you will have no more American ‘friends’ to do your biding. The true America milita will be watching you very close. Every move you make will be noted and things will be changing for you, your worst fears will be comming to life. You want war … you got it. Watch your back, if you dare. America will remain a Christian Nation and the MB will be reduce to pig crap.

  27. Scary. We should do what Israel does and watch for suspicious behavior. We should also take a page from
    the Muslim Brotherhood’s book and bring down Islamic civilization from within.

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