Muslims Kill Dozens of Christians On Christmas Day & White House Remains Silent

Anytime anything happens to Muslims, especially at the hands of Americans, our so-called Christian President Barack Hussein Obama is quick to condemn the actions.  He’ll issue public apologies to Muslims worldwide and demand that the Americans responsible be punished to the fullest extent possible.

Anytime anything happens to Christians, regardless of who is responsible, Hussein Obama sits back at the White House enjoying a beer with his Muslim and socialists buddies and says nothing.

An example was when US soldiers collected Bible and Korans that had been torn up and defaced by prisoners.  Since the holy books had been destroyed, mostly by Muslim prisoners, the soldiers burned both, Bibles and Korans.  Yet the whole world only heard about US soldiers burning Korans.  The mainstream media never said anything about the Bibles or that the Korans had already been destroyed by Muslim prisoners.  Hussein Obama immediately took to the airwaves apologizing to the entire Muslim world for the insensitivity of the US soldiers.  He told the world that the soldiers would be punished for their actions.  Obama never said a word about the Bibles that had been defaced and ripped up by the Muslim prisoners and then burned with the Korans.

So should it be any surprise that Hussein Obama remained silent about the Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad that targeted Christians?

Muslims were responsible for three different bombings in Iraq’s capital city.  Reports have varied but it seems that at least 37 people were killed and at least 59 or more people were injured in the attacks.  The worst of the bombings took place when a car bomb exploded near a Christian church in the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad.  26 died and 38 were wounded in this attack.  Also on Christmas Day, two explosions happened simultaneously at an outdoor market in the Christian area of Athorien, killing 11 more people and wounding 21 more.

In the past twenty years, the Christian population in Iraq has gone from being over a million to less than half a million.  Iraqi Muslims have been systematically persecuting the countries Christians yet the US government and State Department says nothing to condemn it.

I’ve been told that I cannot say outright that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim since he has not admitted he is, so I won’t say it outright.  But if someone walks like a Muslim, sounds like a Muslim, acts like a Muslim and sides with Muslims over Christians, then one would be inclined to think of that person as a Muslim.  I’ve yet to see Obama side with Christians over Muslims, but he has repeatedly sided with Muslims over Christians.  Draw your own conclusion as I have drawn mine.

In Matthew 7:15-20, we read the words of Jesus, who said:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”

Taking heed of Jesus’ words, I see no Christian fruit from Obama’s tree, but I do see plenty of Muslim fruit along with socialist fruit.  Obama’s tree would not qualify as a healthy tree bearing good fruit and therefore should be cut down, or at least removed from the White House grounds and thrown into the fire.

471 thoughts on “Muslims Kill Dozens of Christians On Christmas Day & White House Remains Silent

      1. Excellent article analogy & responses. Can anyone name a truly good social or economic deed??? Is there more or less poverty, productive employment, per capita take home pay, upside-down bankrupt pension funds, independent businesses, freedom, security, debt, regulatory laws, consumption dependence on communist China and dictatorial monopolists, etc. Does anyone believe anything our president and legislative majority says? He who “tolerates & compromises” deserves compromise and suffering they get!

        Are you going to “respect the office” & treat thieving traitors with respect that enables them to continue trashing our country; or are you going to let them be known by what they are, force prosecutions in your district when harmed, and make their lives the living hell “plus” for what they are doing to citizens, our country, and future generations.

  1. Bible is also sacred for us..we do respect Jesus (Peace be upon Him) from our heart I don’t care what you say about white house or president obama, but please dont bring religion between!!

    1. Don’t bring religion between? Did you even read the article? The whole article is about the muslim persecution of christians and you say don’t bring religion between? Sheesh!!

      1. Tootie123: If you have noticed with the Bumper stickers on cars with all the so-called religions expressed in their symbols spelling,” Coexist”! This is another way of selling the Progressive/Liberal point of view regarding religion; which certainly is not Christ Based! How many Christians have been suicide bombers killing Women, Children and Men! But if one looks at the Liberal MSM news (not Fox) then all the reports lead back to the so-called Muslim Faith!
        But the same enlightened lot that voted for the Fraud in Chief and who has been the Greatest Divider of the American Society believe in the Grace of Allah!

      2. Just this last Saturday the Muslims were playing SOCCER with Christians heads. The Muslims have trashed and killed thousands of Christians.

        1. And we have a president who holds a muslim day of prayer at the White House but not the Christian Day of Prayer. Disgusting! Can anyone seriously wonder why we hate those muslim animals? I would like to see all of them treated as rabid animals. Exterminate the lot of them.

    2. The Bible says that the Govt. will Dictate Religion in end times. When and where you can worship. So much for separation of church and state. That doesn’t include the Muslim beheadings. Please God, keep me from the 7 year Tribulation, as your word says..

  2. [email protected] says:

    What do you expect ? We have a President and so called Administration that couldn’t care less about an Ambassador and American citizens, so why would anyone think they care about Christians ?

    1. Please don’t say “could care less” if you really mean “couldn’t care less”. Obama couldn’t care less about us Americans because he is not an American. See the difference. Could care less means you could care more but you chose to care less. On the other hand if you say “I couldn’t care less, it implies that your unconcern is intense. Now let me say this. I couldn’t care less if Obama drops dead right this minute!

    2. The main goal of this illegal, criminal, evil faux administration is to destroy America, to undermine all that is good. All with the help of the drooling moronic minions, helping to destroy their own Country. The muslim terrorists are all obos friends.

  3. As Hillary would say “what difference does it make now!” The devil is loose – for now – but like all diseases, they eventually die under their own rules.

  4. This is impossible! Is totally inconceivable! Muslims practice of faith that is all about love, peace, And Tolerance. The those filthy Christians kill themselves and probably kill some innocent Moslem in the process. More than likely in the next few days this is not be proven to be factual because the New York Times will say it is, And Dirty Diaper Head Obama our resident jihadist will also publicly announced that the Christians did it themselves because they were depressed because they were Muslims.

    Welcome to the spinning world of that dirty lowdown “obamacare” (don’t you just love that new word) Obama. Nothing happens in the world without his permission and after happens he explains how and why it happens and it’s always someone else’s fault. It’s either President Bush’s fault, those racist Republicans, those bigoted white people, or those filthy Christians.

    1. It’s completely clear. The Christians made a video disrespecting Valery Jarrett and so a perfectly understandable protest broke out and got a little out of hand. There was no plot or plan. There was no Al Qaeda involvement. One of the protesters fell after killing a baby and at the hospital they found on his person only a triple A card, no Al Qaeda membership whatsoever. Oh, they also found an Obamacare ID card. He was on the bronze plan, I think Or medicaid. Whatever. Don’t listen to this right wing trash telling you Islam is behind the beheadings. That’s the Republicans’ signature killing method. Don’t allow yourself to be seduced away from hope and change.

      1. You Really are a Fool,huh? What’s your age? I’m just wondering how long it took for you to get this ignorant? Daaamn…..P.S. Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian/commie/muslim arab.pos in case you are to ignorant to know which end is up! Which you are!


        2. Your warped lack of a sense of humor is unacceptable at this late stage of the game! This is for keeps you moron! Now shut ya mouth & go try to get yourself educated! You got that? I thought so….

      2. Don’t you mean don’t allow yourself to be seduced by the dark side, or least a half dark side maybe like light chocolate with big ears

        1. You got it! This Moron thinks he’s being funny and he couldn’t be any more off the mark! He’s a barry baby for sure! Two time voter that try’s to make a sick joke to test the waters to see if anyone on here is as Ignorant as he is! He’s a Loser big time.

  5. Obama, Cairo, 2009, “We are not at war with Islam’.
    He did leave out that Islam is at war, and has been non-stop, for 1400 years, with the rest of the planet.

  6. Nothing new here, it’s been going on forever as part of the PC movement that seeks to apologize for everything that America ever stood for. Our own citizens hoisted this upon us, we need to treat them all as what they really are, cowards and traitors, for going against everything America stands for and subverting our way of life.

    1. I’ve come to that same conclusion. Anyone at this point who supports or even expresses tolerance for Obama — is a traitor. Anyone who is unaware of what’s truly going on or unconcerned with his depredations is beneath our contempt and not worthy of consideration. So all who do not actively and consciously oppose this man are either outright enemies or are enemies by default. In times such as these there can be no neutrals.

    2. Disgusting behavior, isn’t it. So cowardly! No convictions! A total disgrace to all those who fought and died for this Country for it to come to this.

  7. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim! Only a Muslim would refer to the Koran as “The Holy Koran”. He repeatedly called the Koran “holy” in his Cairo speech at the beginning of his idiotic presidency. In the same manner, only a Christian would call the Bible,”The Holy Bible” because only a Christian believes it is holy. I can’t speak for other faiths, but a Muslim will never call the Judeo-Christian Bible holy. So Obama being what he really is, a devout Muslim who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, will never side with Christians. To expect him to do so is like expecting Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama and Eric Holder to say something intelligent! Or for pigs to fly and for the Pope to get married!

      1. There are a lot of questions revolving around this imposter, one is IS OSAMA BIN LADEN really dead?? Why were the 6 seals killed?? why wasn’t the doctor rescued??, No one can officially say they saw the body, no pictures were released, all lies now we need to get rid of ALL THESE liars, produce the truth from the bogus birth certificatw, school records, truth about Selective service card and social security numbers, reported to be about 17, WE THE PEOPLE, need and deserve the truth.

    1. Cannot stand the sight of him nor can I stand the sound of his whistling voice spewing more of his lies….will not watch him..I prefer to ignore him altogether and not give him any credence or effect on my life…I am not governed by him at all.

      1. Ginger, I agree with you. Hearing him speak is extremely difficult. However, your last comment is incorrect. You are, unfortunately, governed by him. We all are while he is POTUS. Doesn’t mean we have to like it. Our only hope is to vote in Republicans next year to take over the Senate, keep the House, and vote correctly in 2016.

        1. IF the Republicans take a firm Constitutional stand and not back down..I will carefully vet all candidates and not let the “establishment” tell me for whom to vote..I have had it with progressive Reps ..they aren’t Rinos…they are progressive and not a whole lot different from Dems.

      2. How about those sing songy little phrases — blah blah blah blah………..blah blah blah blah. While they masquerade as friendly familiarity they actually show his contempt — as he doesn’t try to convince or implore or convict us — but rather treats his own utterances as matters of tossed off inarguable truth.

    2. Voter fraud and the fact the UN Was here seeings he got re elected..he is thre poster boy, look under whyand what are the world are they spraying and see what this commi Marxist is up to at the UN and department of defense, is doing, under the bioengineering zar . Obama and him will a fire pit in hell

      1. Throw the UN out of the USA and REMOVE ALL UN FUNDING! The UN is a cancer to the USA and it wants to consume the body……

  8. Communist friends. Communist fruit. Just two corrections (Socialist is only the nice, lighter term they think they can get away with). Otherwise, totally agree.

  9. It’s because the CIA is behind it with the “terrorists” that they create/train and the CIA might also knock off barry if he makes too big of a stink.

    1. You mean he only poses as a christian to dupe and manipulate people. He couldn’t bend the knee to worship Jesus Christ. He thinks he is Jesus Christ — no, not by that name of course, but he sees himself as a historical figure greater than the Lord. Since he’s a man, and not a good man, that attitude, that delusion, can only serve to grease the skids to oblivion — and he’s carrying us all with him financially, socially, and in terms of our security. We now live in a surveillance state and it’s only getting worse. He’s got the IRS NSA DHS and FBI harassing all of us, ignoring the enemy. He’s the enemy.

  10. This is because President Poser–and his brain, Valerie Jarrett have no problems with the annihilation of Christians. They have ignored “cleansing” for years with nary a mention. They are amoral, arrogant, lying tyrants.

    1. You’re wrong, friend. There’s nothing “amoral” about these monsters. They are Immoral all the way. They worship the dark side, the left hand, the Lord of darkness. His name isn’t Mohammad, though he’s one of his prophets. They worship satan — pure and simple. And they have seized control of this nation and with it the world. Have you ever in the past been on the side of the Russians when public debate gets going? You probably are now — because we don’t have a spokesman — we have a satan worshipper who proclaims with every utterance “we’re never going back.” Hitler said that too.

      1. That’s an insult and not true. Hitler wasn’t as bad as Obama. Hitler may have been guilty of war crimes but he was a German Patriot dedicated to his country and the German people. Obama is a traitor to the USA and guilty of treason.

  11. I like the if you talk like a mu-slim walk like mu-slim or be it a duck? Now its being taught in our schools too. Here in North Idaho we have the “tortuous” kind of thinking on is-slum.

    1. I’d prefer that the wrath of the American people set upon it and it’s family for the rest of it’s life and that God pick it up from that point. KTNN! Semper Fi!

  12. Hard to understand how anyone can look at whats happening in the US today and not see that our president is a Muslim at heart.

      1. Totally agree! My two grandsons 18 months, and a 5 year old will definitely see a different world than the one from which I was raised. I feel so sad for the two of them how much they will have missed. Like trust in human beings.

  13. We have a communist moslem jihadi in the white house. it’s unimaginable. he has set the stage to leave death and destruction in his wake. will your loved ones, your children and grandchildren be among the victims of this man? they will. all of them to a greater or lesser degree. so don’t be surprised at the silence coming out of the white house. it’s the quiet exultation of a satan worshipper.

      1. I think it is already fairly obvious that congress, democrats and republicans alike do not have any intentions of removing this cancer upon the American people. I think they are one and the same, all corrupt and in obama’s back pocket. I just wish our military would step up and do what they swore under oath to do, protect the Constution of The United States. With the purging of the military that he has been actively pursuing I have little hope of that happening.

        1. His poison has infiltrated the Military already. There is outright war being waged on Christianity in our military right now! Disgraceful and treasonous and unconstitutional.

  14. Barack Obama will forever be known as: Obama the Arrogant Liar.

    He Lies, then shifts Blame, then changes the Subject, then Insults the Truth Teller, than changes his Slogan/Narrative/POV…just like Liberals and Communists and Marxists and Progressives of old. Obama studied Karl Marx, Mao, Lenin and Stalin. He know Saul Alinsky’s Rule For Radicals verbatim.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy of every Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red Patriotic American. He is the friend of anyone who hates all things American.

    It is time to Impeach Obama before he does any more harm to America or her people.

  15. Born to a muslim…says he is a muslim….his Mother had no control over the issue….he has paraded all over the World using Christianity to get what he wanted and now he has lost out being able to use
    it anymore! If he was not a muslim the muslim community would not hang out with him even if he is
    the President…..they hate who he serves which us the government. They just were allowed tomove in all over the World and takeover! God is able to stop it all! Pray…Pray..Pray!

  16. “Taking heed of Jesus’ words, I see no Christian fruit from Obama’s tree, but I do see plenty of Muslim fruit along with socialist fruit. Obama’s tree would not qualify as a healthy tree bearing good fruit and therefore should be cut down, or at least removed from the White House grounds and thrown into the fire.”

    This above statement is best on Obama’s leadership in WH. The problem is the Congress (both houses) will not doing anything against this Muslim Pus, maybe when the people see what Obamacare will do with people’s income there will be LOUD cry out to remove him,

  17. When Putin and Obama went to fist city the last round the muslims saw Putin’s weaknesses for sure and hit Russia full force. When Putin starts bombing to get rid of the terrorists we better know he will
    take out Obama too or will make a good effort in bombing us.

  18. At least these nasty events are finally making it to the light of day. We should stop expecting Obama to react the way we do, because he is not one of us. He is a plight on our landscape that needs to be removed.

    1. I would venture to say obamy is like cancer is to the human body. And look who is following in his footsteps. Hitlery.

    1. obamy is a islamist. And you fools voted that traitor into the highest position in government. You can thank the DEMONcrapic party. It is the party out to DESTROY the USA and all the freedoms WE once HAD!

  19. Osama must be Removed and put in Gitmo for this Treason !! .. ” The Tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and TYRANTS ” … Thomas Jefferson . Buck Ofama !!!!!!!! .

  20. I have nothing but contempt for a president who favor Muslim terrorist over peaceful people who just want to exist. Obama’s personal attacks on Christians here at home and his silence on attacks abroad makes him something to be scraped off your shoes after a trip to a dog park.

  21. This president should never have been president. It really IS that simple, and in my opinion; SO IS HE!American citizens are an endangered species in their own country because of this fraud. When will we remove him for CAUSE, since there are multiples of them and all viable and proved? HE IS UNFIT and always has been, and so are those in the congress who allow him to trash the constitution and the citizens of this country; WITHOUT OPPOSITION!

  22. Once upon a time
    there was a very young child born of Moslem father not sure about the mother in
    this child traveled to see poverty and suffering through the lands they showed
    him. And he with taught he had the best teachers the best like-minded either
    American or not to raise this child to teach the nonexistent values

    placed the blame of all suffering and misery that he sees that exists in this world and place it
    upon the shoulders of the greatest nation the world has ever seen and turned
    the world to your view no matter how much destruction that view will create.

    So many have been so blinded but it’s not their fault they have no reality of upbringing. Taught
    the children wrong!!

  23. Our GA*Ymuzlim president only wants to use our military to protect his terrorist muzlim brothers,,, he would NEVER consider using our tax money to protect CHRISTIANS !

  24. It goes with the territory, A known member of the Muslim Brotherhood, O’Bozo, would never intercede on the behalf of Christians!~

  25. As I understand it, when a Muslim converts to Christianity he must be killed. How is it that Barack Obama converted and the Muslim community says nothing? Could it be because there is a loop hole in the Koran that states if a Muslim converts to a Christian for the sole purpose of furthering Islam, he is forgiven? Think about it.

    1. Obama is NOT a Christian! No Christian I know, acts or speaks against other Christians, nor supports radical immorality, in the name of equality, nor actively opposes Israel, like Barrack Hussein Obama! He is a fraud on every level!

  26. Muslims KILL other Muslims everyday……The religion of peace. It’s too bad that too many “peaceful” Muslims just sit by and let the rogue killers run wild. They need to get some SPINE and end the game these killers play. Not all Muslims are terrorists, BUT ALL TERRORISTS are Muslims.

  27. What you have to understand is that as a muslim, you are called upon to lie to the infidel, deceive, cheat, steal from and do all you can to further the spread of the religion. Any pacts, trade treaties, deals, etc are void from inception due to the fact that you can not have any trust in the infidel. This fits in quite well with the pattern of “little o’s” life.

  28. Obama gave over one Billion dollars of your money to the Gaza Hamas Muslim terrorists and the Fatah Muslim terrorists of the west bank, both next to Israel. These terrorists are the so called “Palestinians” that constantly attack Israel.
    The web link below is a short news report that shows these same Muslims dancing, laughing and passing out candy, celebrating their 9-11 Muslim attack on America

    1. Didn’t need a video, in the 7/11’s around here, they were dancing and singing, my son was so discusted he threw his drink and stuff on the counter and walked out, we avoid patronizing 7/11’s to this day, we haave one a 1/2 blk. from our house, but I’ll drive the 3 miles instead to a graacery store.

  29. and to think that that thing in the White House today, was put there by democrats with a tremendous help from the republicans. No way in hades that democrats could have elected that devil without the republicans, but after all, both so called parties were known as the democrat/republican socialist party in 1888. Are they still a single entity? Looks like they are…

  30. The White House was too busy congratulating Robin Roberts for coming out of the closet to pay attention to these unimportant things.

  31. I believe we all see the same fruit in which you speak. Obama can say what he want’s to say about what he believe, but I am personally having a difficult time seeing that Truth come out of him, but he still insist that he is a Christian. I would love to sit down with him just to talk to him about Jesus to see how much he does know, he defnately have shown us that he doesn’t know much about anything else, by the condition America’s relationship’s with every country America use to have with those country we were friends with. He has been able to piss off, And tear apart just about every relationship America ever had with the country’s America ever had except for Saudi Arabia, isn’t that something?

    1. Even the Saudis are pissed off at him now. The whole world thinks he’s an inept clown except for 50 percent of our own people. What does that say about us? Is it any wonder most of the world despises us?

        1. I didn’t vote for the guy or any of his liberal cronies either, just the opposite, but enough people did to put them in power. The world sees us through our leaders, good or bad. As long as the people keep giving these losers in office their jobs, the world will lump all Americans together and judge us all accordingly, no matter who we voted for in the last election.


  33. So called Christian president?

    I would change your wording to read as: So called president.

    I don’t have a president. There is a current occupant of the White House who pretends to be the President.

    For any who wonder, my use of capital letters is purposeful. I am not being inconsistent.

    1. Agreed! The 48 percent that did not vote for this current FRAUD! Also don’t have a President and the FAUX Christians that stayed home instead of voting for Mr. Romney; should do some deep Reflecting before the next two MAJOR Elections! Unless our American Society in it’s current Moral Decline wants more of the same! But who am I to judge; just a 70 year old that would like to reverse the historical clock!

  34. muslims are exempt from the aca because in islam, insurance is considered risk taking/gambling – so they will be covered 100% by taxpayers – it’s called dhimmitude… yeah, muslims believe infidels can be killed like bugs – yeah, islam is a religion of peace – what a bunch of evil crap…

    1. We can’t say “illegal” any more, so let’s just call him what he is, he is a CRIMINAL ALIEN! As are all who cross our borders illegally.

  35. The problem of the hour is Obama – if we the people don’t start speaking up and demanding that Congress gets control of him we can expect much darker days to come.

    1. You the people are not we the people. We the people won the last two presidential elections and control the Senate. You need to find someone that can be elected. Good luck.

      1. Just another kool-aid drinking obomanite. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourseselves.” Abraham Lincoln

    2. [email protected] says:

      The Congress is deathly afraid of him.

  36. Not surprising. I didn’t notice much attention on the part of the Obama propaganda machine either. No outrage at any level. After all, they were only Christians. And the beat goes on.

  37. Look at what a small amount Judas “sold out” Jesus for. The Washington, DC “establishment” has conned Dems & GOPers into “selling out” America for the “entitlements” these SCUMBAGS promise.

  38. They’re doing Obama’s work for him. He probably sent them a heartfelt thank you. The NSA should scour the internet for that communique.

  39. This is what people fail to understand the Lord God Almighty
    has chosen Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
    that is what the Lord God Almighty did and he will never
    undo that. And the people of this world would have you believe that in order to
    enter heaven everyone had to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Nothing has changed
    Jesus came for the rest of the people to give them a chance of redemption of
    entering heaven. What we have is a world that is on the verge of allowing the
    state of Israel
    and its people to be eliminated from this world wiped off the face of the map
    as they say. I have absolutely nothing against the Muslim that is righteous in
    his life! For the Muslim know the difference between right and wrong and they
    shall have their day before the Lord God Almighty you surely must pity these
    people for they are in the everlasting wrath of the Lord God Almighty shall be
    upon them. They are but stepchildren and they can never accept that! No matter
    how much land you get them this foolish world shall make it beyond tempting to
    harm the people of the Lord God Almighty.

    It is so extremely unfortunate that they are blinded to the
    path they have chosen

    1. Also as written, Islam is punished last by our Jewish Savior himself immediately upon his return(Rev. 18:10), but Joseph’s sons & Judah are punish first(Rev. 11), also as written & 72,000 of each sex being left alive with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of Dan as being protected, but it still means 100% death for us first! I left England of this out because they have had Marxist ideology since the late 1800’s, which is the only sin that is unforgivable, although Obama may be their scapegoat too?…

  40. When Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia,I lost what little respect II had for him,and it seems like he is one of those muslims that are trying to destroy America, time to impeach him,AFTER getting rid of the demoncrats in the senate,especially reid….

  41. Once upon a time there was a very young child born of Moslem father not sure about the mother in
    this child traveled to see poverty and suffering through the lands they showed
    him. And he with taught he had the best teachers the best like-minded either
    American or not to raise this child to teach the nonexistent values
    placed in the blame of all suffering and misery that he sees that exists in this world and place it
    upon the shoulders of the greatest nation the world has ever seen and turned
    the world to your view no matter how much destruction that view will create.

    So many have been so blinded but it’s not their fault they have no reality of upbringing. Taught
    the children wrong!!

  42. I don’t want to read of anyone calling Barack Hussein Obama a Christian or a so called Christian. Get it thru your heads. This terrorist in the White House is MUSLIM a RADICAL ISLAMIC MUSLIM. He would love nothing more than to see America come under Sharia Law. Maybe? Isn’t true that militant Islam kills gays. Well Obama better watch his back. Because he is as queer as a three dollar bill. Better be careful what you wish for Obama.

  43. islam is the fastest growing ‘religion’ in the world. That should worry every one: Jew, Christian and others not affiliated with islam.

    1. It’s a cult and not religion. It’s that which I was warned about when growing up as a child in the Catholic Church. Members of the cult should be shown the exit from our United States borders.

  44. Obama is that one advance of the Muslim Cause and is still doing so.
    The “Arab spring” designed to remove thsoe fairly stable regimes to be replaced with the Muslim Brotherhoods patrons . Look at his efforts with Syria and the attempts to remove Bashar Hafez al-Assad it is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Arab Alwites, Arab Sunnis , Arab Christians, Armenians, Assyrians, Druze, Kurds and Turks . Arab Sunnis make up the majority of the population.but that was not to the liking of Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood so the main effort is to remove him from control. Look at how he proffered the gifts to Egypt just before the brotherhood gained office with the offer of 125 M1A1 tanks and theyr support systems, wings of F-16 fighter bombers and their support systems and a deal for two German made submarines and millions of US dollars to fund their efforts in other areas but when the people of Egypt removed them from office Obama denied all the equipment and funds because his beloved Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist group by that nation. yet Obama declarers them allies and trustworthy enough to place inside of our government at several levels with out the required background checks yet gave them unfiltered security clearances.
    The incident in Benghazi all a part of the weapons deal that resulted in the deaths of four Americans yet the weapons were still supplied to these groups. They are trying to distance
    Hillary ‘WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE’ Clinton from the events and the disgraceful sacrifice of the Americans to appease the terrorist groups. as Obama continues to fund and supply their whims world wide.
    What about all the other christians that were killed before in these countries condoned by Obama and ignored by the media?

    1. We all know Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, his own 1/2 brother stated as much, what now has to happen is ALL those who knew and condoned this autrocity to happen, be tried for Treason and the conspiracy to over throw the Government, this goes deep into DNC, members of the House and Senate at the time 2007/09,that ignored the warnings.

      1. actually only two witnesses are required for a charge of treason. That our elected officials are not doing anything about it makes it a conspiracy.


    Muhammad’s full name was Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. He was born in 570 A.D. in Mecca. Growing up, he travelled extensively with his uncle known as Abu Talib who taught him how to be a good salesman/trader, and he learned a great deal about Judaism and Christianity. Muhammad was a very intelligent man who copied from both Judaism and Christianity, and added his own ideas to create Islam. Qu’ran the Islamic holy book was created using words which Muhammad dictated. It was said that after three years, he only had about 40 converts. He ran out of money, so he put together a gang of thieves and started robbing the caravans of Jews and other traders. He later grew the gang of thieves into a huge Army, and started contacting Emperors and kings asking them to convert to Islam and put their forces under his leadership or risk war. To expand Islam, he fought in so many wars, killed and maimed countless number of people to force his religion on entire kingdoms and empires. His command was to make each person in the world either convert to Islam, be killed, or if not killed, be made to pay special huge taxes so that ” they will learn that there is no profit in not converting to Islam.” To make his soldiers fearless, Muhammad promised each of them 72 beautiful virgin women in paradise if they die fighting for Allah. One of his followers asked if it is ok to lie to and deceive a non believer in order to get the non-believer to lower his guards and be easier to attack, Muhammad said yes it is ok to lie to and deceive non-believers. Islam made Muhammad one of the richest, most powerful men in the world with all the riches he and his followers plundered and stole from all the people they conquered. Muhammad married a very rich widow named kadijha inorder to take control of her money. He was a polygamist and at one time was said to have 20 wives one of whom was a 7 year old girl named Aisha whom he married when he was already over 50 years old. Some Islamic scholars claim Muhammad waited until she was nine years old before he started having sex with her. Muhammad also had many female slaves. He received women as presents and also gave women as presents as if they were simply objects. He was a man who bought and sold other human beings as slaves, and was said to own a large number of slaves. He was a firm believer in slavery and called himself “Messenger and Slave of Allah”. One of his favorite sermons was that “All human beings are slaves of Allah. And just as a slave must submit to the will of his or her master, so too must all of mankind submit to the will of Allah”. He declared all other religions in the world invalid including Christianity and Judaism. His argument against Christianity was that “God never took a wife, and therefore never had a son, Jesus was nothing more than a creation of Allah just like Adam”. He declared himself the highest and last prophet of God, and said his message supercedes that of Moses and Jesus. He commanded that all Christians and Jews must be made to convert to Islam or be killed or treated just like any other Infidel. His commands to Muslims were very very explicit about how they should deal with Infidels so that it is not possible for any Muslim to change it. His bloody conquests were continued by his followers after his death. Their favorite targets include other peoples places of worship which they usually conquer and convert to mosques. Thousands of Temples and Churches all over the world have been converted to mosques. After seeing so many cities devastated and thousands of people brutally murdered by Muslims, Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus said the following: “To convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any other means of threatening a person with death’….as Muhammad does.” “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Muslims were up in arms because Pope Benedict repeated this quote a few years ago. The Islamic conquests were not stopped or slowed down until people of other religions started fighting back. If the Christians had not stop them in Spain, all of Europe might be Muslim today. Just think, MORE THAN HALF OF ALL LANDS AND COUNTRIES THAT ARE MUSLIM TODAY USED TO BE CHRISTIAN. A Muslim is someone who believes 100% in Muhammad, believes in Muhammed’s command to convert everyone in the world to Islam, believes in the creation of Islamic States and believes in the barbaric Islamic Sharia laws. How is it possible for such a person to be for “Peace” and for “Freedom of Religion” ??? Muslims are like a deadly cancer and the seeds of future destruction in any country. It’s time to classify Islam as a dangerous cult and ban it here. Appeasement only serves to empower the Islamic beasts!

  46. It would be too much to ask from Muslim Hussain Obama to condemn his brother Muslims for slaughtering Christians. The problem is Americans who have allowed him to ruin this nation and continue to allow the systematic destruction of our democracy there are enough reasons for an impeachment but there are not enough patriots to demand it and carry it out, so sit down complain and suffer because that is the future of this nation.

  47. If the Christians in the middle east are expecting the Faker in the WH to come to their aid and help stop this senseless slaughter, then they are sadly wasting their time, this halfast occupant is one who adores cult islam and the communist party both who are conceived in intolerance..
    It’s best they take up arms and act like they want to preserve their belief and keep their place in a area ruled by war and turmoil…..God helps those who help themselves….

  48. Our loin cloth dctator supports his muslim brothers. As long as the muslim and christian faith exist their will be killing. We need to stop allowing muslim activists in our country. They have no respect for human freedom.

  49. Let’s review some facts. (1) muslims are the single largest group committing terrorism against
    the United States of America. (2) Islam is the only so called ‘religion’ advocating killing individuals of a different religion. (3) In the US of A, the President is responsible for national security. (4) Congress has the responsibility for vetting and approving the President’s cabinet. (5) All
    members of Congress, all executive and judicial officers shall be bound by oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. (6) bho originally campaigned on making his administration the most transparent ever. (7) bho appointed czars effectively bypassing the long established vetting and approval procedure. (8) Numerous Federal appointees to key positions requiring access to information critical to National Security are muslim. (9) islam is not a religion. Islam is a political system and cult, complete with its own set of laws, designed to exert dominance over the entire world by suppressing women and causing all people to fear the
    ‘leaders’. Would a true religion preach it is permissible to kill a woman for being seen in public without her head being covered or be stoned to death? (10) America has the Constitution which is the basis for all laws. Sharia almost totally conflicts with the U.S. Constitution and anyone,
    including and especially judges, attempting to implement sharia here is guilty of treason and should be immediately arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to hard labor for the rest of their life with no chance of parole. Anyone who believes in islam can find happiness in many other countries where sharia is the norm. sharia is not welcome here in the United States of America.
    In spite of what bho says, America is a Christian nation. This does not mean everyone here is a Christian, it means as long as you adhere to the laws here, you are welcome to practice any and all religions but not cults. If you don’t believe me, read the Constitution. Actually, you should read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers anyway. Does anyone else find anything wrong with these facts????

  50. Well welcome the the Communistic States of America. The same thing that happened in Russia is happening here. First they silence the churches and persecute the Christians and enforce a Socialist state. Obama is doing everything to make Muslims happy even if it means persecuting Christians here in America so if you are a Christian in america be prepared to suffer for Jesus and your faith because it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

  51. There is no need asking why the United States administration is silent of the killing of Christians by Muslim terrorist. The Muslim in our White House says nothing because that is something he can chortle about with his Muslim Brotherhood. United States Congress, there will be a day of reckoning and you just might lose your fantastic salary and pension for letting this go on for more that 5 years now. You swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Sen. McConnell, you can talk about the Tea Party all you want, but the fact remains, you are not doing your job. Your friend, Boehner, no leader at all.

    1. barry does not do all of the unconstitutional advocacies by himself. it is uniformed collaboration by all of the institutions known as the government. this is why voting will never work in any favor to the voters. unconstitutional is unconstitutional from social security to welfare to barry himself. either it is a constitutional republic or it is not. also barry is doing an excellent job, the problem is most do not know and/or care what that job description is. FURTHERMORE to advocate who is not doing their job it is everyone that calls themselves an American but kneel to the unconstitutional policy as if it were valid law. the buck stops with the average “American” for being compliant.

    2. we do have some in Washington that still believes in God,but not much leadership from them as well.I know it has to be hard when you get out-voted or out -numbered taking a stand but are they taking a firm enough stand ? because Obama has not been thrown out,and he is trying his best to pass a law not to hold them accountable for treason,if the Republicans don’t soon take control the Democrats will continue to let him pass any law he sees fit

      1. Understand how the Congress works. Two Houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. For a bill to become law, or for any action by the Federal Government both Houses have to agree or pass legislation to that effect. The Republicans control the House of Representatives. They have sent a total of some 26 bills to the Senate only to have them relegated to the round file by Harry Reid, the Senate Leader. Most of these bills were designed to reign in Obama. Remember the almost shutdown of the Government by Sen. Cruz. Well he was trying to get the Senate to go along with a repeal of Obama care. Who turned against him? Of course the democrats but his own make believe leader named Boehner. Boehner is a RINO. If Republicans had real leadership they would have been able to do something, but with Boehner, it is hopeless. Now there are other quasi Republicans who are more democrat than Repbulican and you know who they are, McCain, Graham, and these people vote frequently with the democrats. So maybe you can understand the problem.

  52. It’s truly time for a real FINAL crusade.
    who will fund it, the Pope?
    He will say ” turn the other cheek”, let them murder the

  53. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”
    I see this wolf every day eating away at Americas Christian values and enjoys his meals. Evil is evil truth is truth I will say it he is a muslim in his words “period”.

  54. Saying something positive about the pied piper of kenya is like telling someone to pick up a turd on the clean end!!!

    1. LMAO — accurate humor, well done. By the way, pick up the turd — its far less toxic and can be put to good use as a fertilizer — not so with BHO, he causes things to wither and die.

  55. OB and his Muslim Brotherhood (Valarie Jarrett) are most likely directing these Christian Murders..!!! OB and his D.C. Military Police started the current Cold Civil War II on Oct 13, 2013 at the WWII Memorial in D.C. and OB is going to continue his attack…it’s all part of the U.N./Commi/Muslim/NWO Agenda 21 plan…!!! Only when “We the People” remove these TREASONOUS SOB’s from power will we start being a FREE PEOPLE AGAIN…!!! I believe a very Bloody future is in store for “We the People” but then NO ONE SAID FREEDOM WAS EVERY FREE…!!! The Tree of Liberal has to be Shaken From Time to TIME…!!! And NOW is the time once AGAIN…!!!

    1. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson —

  56. what need to address the constituents of the USA? they chose to worship barry, so why pander to those that are already willingly on their knees? but do not worry, once barry is convinced his “people” got it right they will come here to barry’s world and efficiently finish the job he started.

  57. I have long thought that muslims were the ones that Christ was warning us about. He as GOD knew the future as it was also told in the old testament. Gen 16:12 very interesting.

    1. In Gen,16.12 the Israelite’s and Arab,had one thing in common and that was Abraham,being the father of the Nation,Ishmael was conceived from Sarah handmaid Hagar,and was called a wild man where God was referring to the Muslim Nation or not the man of sin or the anti-christ will come of the East,and I truly believe that Obama is the fore-runner of the anti-christ,and he himself is calling himself the Messiah,and his people are following him.but The Son of God which is Jesus has not set His throne up yet,and Obama will not wear the crown even if he has followers that follow him,I believe it is just a matter of time before God calls His people out to meet Him in the air which is called the Rapture,then all hell breaks loose,to must reproach has been brought upon God for Him to let this ugly sinful world to continue in their wicked ways and He said in the last days this would happen,and God destroyed the earth during the days of Noah when Sodomy had entered into the world,it is more now than in the days of Noah,and God is not going to let it go on he is angry

  58. The “commender”-in-chief commends those whose holy teachings come from the koran. He might as well admit “I am president of the US and I approve of these killings because that is what I believe is right, and all these lame women and lamer men I have appointed around me do not have the cajones to do anything to stop me because I have already lanced from our military the men who had the backbone to uphold the Constitution militarily and I have appointed spineless Supreme Court justices to erode the Founding Fathers’ ideology of what made this a great nation ; therefore, the Constitution is meaningless to me, as is the Christian faith.” Hang on believers! Romans 12:12!

  59. Obama? What about Christians? So called “Christians” will do EVERYTHING to help every Orc on Earth, yet do not do one bloody thing to help their own kind.

    Why is that?

        1. Sorry Denise, Your statement is a vague as your last answer. If you don’t tell us the facts or what was going on, then you are blowing out Accusations that DON’T have any meaning. You are wasting time on here.

          P.S. I don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Christians are losing the fight against evil even though they claim the power of Almighty-God is on their side — why? Because we fail to do as He commands, thus we are weak, splintered & scattered. Read Ephesians 6:10-18 as a place to begin to understand what’s required of each Christian and who the “real” enemy is — it is not Denise B who simply posted an observation that is far too close to reality.

        1. Thank you. I have tried to warn my fellow Christians that you have to live the Word. You have to DEFEND the Faith.

          Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been told that the Faith doesn’t need ot be defended, that God will take care of everything, just keep your head down and pray? These Fair Weather Folk sit in “Church” and smile and nod, and finger their Bibles like it’s a …dildo. Sorry to be crude – but that’s the image that springs to my mind. They believe that is they pray hard enough, and sing insipid hymns LOUD enough, Jayzuz will hear them, and drive down and pick them up in His solid gold Cadillac, or platinum Lexus, and they’ll sit right up front.

          They’ll sen money overseas – blankets to Africans (why do Sub saharan Africans need wool blankets?) and money everywhere, but they never look to see the homelessness and privation in their own town, They’ll never fight when their treacherous “Government Reps” cut deals to remove entire industries abroad. They WON’T speak out against those who are actively destroying Christianity, because “they don’t want to make a scene”. They won’t defend their own from persecution. And they won’t say NO to any evil, least they get mocked as Christians.

        2. Modern day “Christianity” falsely teaches that evil must prevail because Jesus will not return until conditions are so bad that he must come to save the “faithful.” As a result they claim evil can’t be stopped because the Bible says this must come to pass. I disagree. That’s why I referenced Ephesians 6 to M. Fazio in my post above. It addresses spiritual warfare and outlines what is expected of a Christian (soldier). I cannot find a verse in all the scriptures that commands us to yield to evil; in fact yielding to evil is accepting evil which makes one evil. I don’t hate these misguided souls, in fact if we love God then we want what He wants he says He loves the world (all sinners) and desires that none should perish. Sadly the misguided, arrogant and worldly do not listen to God and many of those attend church regularly — but I hope that doesn’t cause you to resent them for we have all been lost at some point in our lives. My hope is that people will come to realize once again that the Word of God is a living Word as John so aptly pointed out in John 1:1-5 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

          FYI: Read Genesis 1:1-5 when God first brought light upon the Earth and called it the first day. Then read verses 14-19 where God creates the moon, stars & Sun and calls that the fourth day. What was the source of light on day-1? John 8:12 says Jesus is the light of the world. I suggest reading the entire chapter of John 1:1-51, I find it most inspiring, especially when Jesus first meets Nathaniel and Nathaniel’s reply. is an online Bible site. I apologize for going on and on, good bye and may God bless you.

    1. There are approximately 3,300 “Christian” denominations and most of them believe in charity to those in need but will not support the heretics in the other 3,299 denominations that they are at odds with. Christianity is metaphorically known for eating their wounded; its perfect synchronization or war — no middle ground — no meeting of the minds — no live and let live.

    1. I have toi say, he isn’t “MY” President, he is a FRAUD of a President, and is taking the space that belongs to a REAL President. Not the ones who ran against him, Someone who really can run this GREAT Country back into shape. If we get the MAJORITY of Both Houses, and get RID of the RINOs, this country would be put back on the RIGHT Pace.

      FLIP THE SENATE in 2014!

    1. Obama is half-black & half-white; Obama is half Muslim & half communist; Obama is half-American & half-British/Kenyan; Obama is an illegitimate child & illegitimate president; Obama is a traitor & traitors are executed.

  60. obama is the President that said, and I paraphrase here, “When things get ugly, I’m siding with the Muslims”. is he a Muslim? You decide?

  61. [email protected] says:

    Well, as the saying goes: he got caught with his pants down, so -to- speak.

  62. When the world finally wakes up and realizes that the Muslim plan is for world domination and that the only way to stop them is through total genocide…..then we will be safe!

  63. obama and our so called Governmnet support the worldwide extermination of Christians & Jews. It’s clear to see that obama & crew fully support the muzzies, just watch their actions. It should be time that all Christians & Jews along with all non-muzzies start exterminating all muzzies worldwide. It all comes down to it’s going to be them of all of us.

    1. Putin has already vowed to exterminate/anihilate all muslims. We know Vlad doesn’t screw around. Let’s see if he makes good on his promise.

  64. Well, when Obonzo’s Homosexually is coming out in the open (and his marriage is on the “ROCKS”), along with his real RELIGION (Muslim) is coming out in the open as well, He made an OATH on the Bible (which he doesn’t care anything about, because the Bible doesn’t mean a thing to him), to “SUPPORT and DEFEND” the CONSTITUTION, he LIED! He has been doing everything he can to tear down the Government and the Constitution. Plus he’s trying to make the Executive Branch the MOST POWERFUL Branch, over both the Legislative and the Judicial Branches.

    1) This man even gave up “SECRETS” to the IRANIANS about how we and the ISRAELIS were using Computers to keep the IRANIANS from getting NUCLEAR WEAPONS.
    2) He and his Crony (Kerry) “GAVE IN” to give up BOGUS Sanctions to let the IRANIANS GAIN NUCLEAR WEAPONS they couldn’t when the SANCTIONS that were put in place were working so the they couldn’t make weapons.

    Obonzo is a TRAITOR to Israel and to the United States. What a Little Coward he is

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that he doesn’t care about Christianity. He will help his close Friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, over any Christians.

    He’s a Lying piece of Crap and doesn’t deserve any respect (especially mine). This is one of 2 Presidents I would give anchors to if they were drowning (The other is Slick Willey). BTW, that is “NOT a THREAT” to Either, just my feelings.

      1. With the New Socialist Party (which is the watered down word for Communist, aka, The Democratic Party) in Control of the Senate, and the Progressive Republicans (aka, USELESS RINOs) you are correct. But we CAN make a BOLD decision to VOTE these Pieces of CRAP out of Officer, and Convene a Constitutional Convention. Where can change a lot in our Government.

        1) Since Congress won’t make the decisions to put “TERM LIMITS” on themselves, WE the PEOPLE can make that Determination for them.

        2) Plus, We “MUST” put “TERM LIMITS” on “ALL” FEDERAL JUDGES. The Life Appointment makes them FEEL almost UNTOUCHABLE. We will be able to get rid of Judges who make Activism and Legislative decisions from the BENCH which by passes the LEGISLATURE and CONGRESS.

        This can and will STOP the NUCLEAR OPTION Hairy Reid just did in the Senate. There will be “NO FILIBUSTERS” by the Republicans when it comes to extreme bad JUDGES Nominated to the Federal Benches by the New Socialist Party.

        1. Ditto. We need to vet presidential candidates to make sure they are eligible to be POTUS before allowing their names to be placed on the ballot.

    1. And the SOB has given our NASA it’s new mission….teach muslim kids about space…..what a f*****g disgrace for the greatest group of americans ever.

  65. I believe the press and the blogs are beating a dead horse. The Muslim inthe white House is just that—a MUSLIM and as long as the MSM is covering for him he will remain their savior. Keep his damn name out of the news and then we can all relax if only for a week

  66. Because a man has an awesome set of tools does not make him a mechanic, just as attending church doesn’t make you a Christian.
    It’s what’s done with those tools that defines a person true nature, and I see very little evidence in the actions of a man who claims to be one thing, but through his actions reveals a nature built on deception, and contradiction.

    1. What are the awesome set of tools does Obama possess? Was it the Saul Alinsky manual, Rules for Radicals? BTW, Obama’s manual, Rules of Radicals, was dedicated to Lucifer, the founder of the Islamic faith.

    2. Obama went through the motions with Jeremiah Wright . . . baptism, church membership, community with Chicago blacks lead by a firebrand of liberation thelogy . . . all simply to gain politrical leverage to fulfill his mission. That mission has become clear to us during his terms in office. He is out to destroy the culture and traditions of America that have made it the greatest moral and economic power in the world . . . capitalism, free moral agency, religious freedom, constitutional democracy.

    3. Let’s get right down to it. The church he attended wasn’t Christian anyway. Reverend Wright is a pal of Farrakan. We have an evil and cowardly and subversive media who wouldn’t be bold enough to make that statement. What Christian would proclaim from the pulpit “God Damn America!” I don’t care what they think they are, they’re satan worshippers. Allah is just another name for satan.

    4. Well stated and true but too many people in this country cant define a true Christian, those that are the “Little Flock”who follow the Christ the best they can, they yearn for God’s truth they are the ones who lived and died through the 1260 years of murder and torture from Papal Rome. God gave the Prophet Daniel this 1260 years time frame and characterized it by the little horn that lasted from 539-1799. This system did receive a deadly wound and it has been healed. The Ecumenical movement which started around 1850 has really picked up steam in the last decade with many Harlot daughters going back to Mother with varying degrees of commitment but that doesn’t matter the point is this will be the One World Religion that will control the beast (One World Government) and the Scriptures are clear True Christians will be persecuted again for being followers of Jesus. In The Book of Revelation God calls for his people to come out of this Great Whore the fallen woman (apostate Church) The Reformers who were Catholics Priests discovered this and when the French sent their troops to Rome and took the Pope prisoner where he died. The deadly wound as I said this united system will arise in the near future and will have all the power Satan can muster, the deceit will be so good it could fool the elect if that were possible, this is just a way to say that if you don’t know the Holy Spirit as a guide one can easily be deceived. I tried to make my reply short, but the most important thing is the Scriptures support it as well as secular history. One more thing a Jesuit Priest by the name of Francisco Ribera took Daniel’s 1260 years Prophecy and made it three and one half years yet future with a single man called the Anti-Christ and the Evangelicals have bought this lie and went against the Luther and the rest of the Reformers. Satan and his wolves in sheep clothing

  67. Christians are NOT of The Muslim Fraud’s concern.All that matters to him is Muslims and illegals of questionable identities i.e. Mexicans and all the Muslims

    1. SHE is a Gay Narcissist Sociopath Illegal Alien Muslim Psychotic fool!
      retired expat MD: NBME: ABIM: ABNM: ABR W/spec comp NR

  68. It may seem trite, and we would all like to see justice done, but mark it well, Obama and his ilk will not get off free. They will be judged harshly. All of this has been predicted [prophesied] and it will come to pass. But so will the judgments on those who harm the Lord’s people and those who condone the action! They have no idea what awaits them! And, like the cowards they are, they will scream and yell all the way to the Lake of Fire!

  69. Sure long past time to NUKE DC and eliminate all the Welfare; SNAPS: medicaid N’s; Muslims; Illegal Aliens and white trash.
    I can still target and launch, etc.
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE – resigned 4 July 1978 after 8.5 years active/4.5 as a LCDR

    1. Thanks for your service — but does nuking D.C. fulfill your oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution? I’m in agreement with your sentiment but still hope we can wake-up the 112,000,000 million adults who didn’t vote in 2012. We need a statesman to run for president and a “Natural Born Citizen” to be Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces — Barack Hussein Obama is neither. He is however, a usurper and traitor under the protection of a willing congress. I currently like Rand Paul for POTUS in 2016 with Ted Cruz as U.S. Attorney General — I think both are on the right track for America.

        1. Both seem like good men but I’m not sure they are committed enough to shrinking the size of government and restraining it to constitutional guidelines of governance.

    2. Sir –
      I COMPLETELY AGREE with your assessment of the garbage sucking leeches existing off The System because of their evil, greedy lazy A$$E$…

      Thank you Sir – I like the way you think and I’m completely in tune with what you’re saying..

      Happy New Year to you and yours …..

    3. Former U.S Navy myself long before your time, I really liked the Navy then, being politically correct didn’t play a major role for advancement like today. I would hate being in today really hate it.

  70. What else would you expect from a muslim kenyan partying down in Hawaii?!… Ooops, I forgot Marxist, Communist homo.

    1. Wow think about what you said; America now has a Marxist/Communist president who is a Muslim, born in Africa, smokes Pot and is a Queer to boot, he is also a Fascist which is a little different than a Communist but they do get along, America just cant get any more politically correct than that, can you feel the pride of having such intelligent fellow Americans? it’s enough to bring tears to ones eyes just thinking about it. now I understand why the Patriot Chris Mathews got those chills running down his legs or were they running up his legs? Probably up and down both legs from the look on his face:-) I almost forgot did you see where he was voted as the most admired man in America? not only him but America’s pride Hitlery was number two. Happy New Year to ya. Now I’m going to throw up.

      1. Cool; if you lay on your back, you can drown in your own puke and then you will only have to do it once and you’ll never be sick again – bobo..

  71. Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood goes back to the beginning of his presidency. Early
    in 2009, when the group was still outlawed in Egypt, he met with its leaders.
    He made sure to invite Brotherhood leaders to attend his notorious speech to
    the Islamic world in Cairo in June 4, 2009. He concluded his speech with the statement:
    “I am one of you” in Arabic

    1. Yes, he says these things and continues to say these things, but it doesn’t bother the liberals. His name bothered me when I first heard it, but possibly because I lived in the Middle East and am very prejudiced against anyone with a muslim name…they are up to no good. I was very smug by thinking, NO ONE would vote for a muslim…boy, was I wrong.

      People voted for him in 08 and again in 12 and if he could run again, they would continue to vote for him. They are swallowing the islam is peace crap, hook, line and sinker and there is no convincing them otherwise.

      There were Germans wise to Hitler and preached against the man, but too many worshipped at his feet and allowed him to do the things he did. It took foreign armies to bring him under control…his own people could have never done it. What is our fate going to be?

      1. Well said, Marilyn. Yea, as long as the low information voters say things like “I voted for him because he gave me an Obamaphone” and other “he gave me”s
        They would trade a phone for their freedoms. I ask that female: What color will your burka be?

        1. Sadly I doubt she knew what a burka is, I have asked several of these dumbed down souls very simple questions, of which most say they aren’t into politics. I used that term dumb down to describe them, but in reality (to me anyway) that term implies that had to be educated at one time before they could be dumbed down.

    2. Hillary’s chief administrative aid Huma (wife of Congressman and all round Wiener) is from a family with brother and father in Moslem Brotherhood. THese dirty, rotten, filthy traitors in the Democrat party don’t see a problem with that because they see in the M Brotherhood allies against a common enemy — the constitution and the Christian people of America.

  72. HuSatan Obama has been sending the Muslim Brotherhood billions of our tax dollars for years now. He has also sent them our tanks and jets. He is a lowlife muslim usurper pathological LIAR scumbag who should be on trail for treason!!

    1. You are correct, even the Egyptians have accused Obama of supporting terrorist groups including the Brotherhood who were thrown out of power by Egypt’s military. BHO is not a natural born citizen so you are right again — he is a usurper guilty of treason. The scumbag liar trait isn’t necessarily against the law but it does make him less likeable. When he’s tried for treason the gifted liar may serve him well but the facts will convict him anyway.

      1. The Bible states, ” no action shall go unseen, no whisper shall go unheard “. Obama thinks he has gotten away with every lie and every criminal activity, Solyndra, Benghazi, Fast n Furious, NSA, IRS scandals, etc. He will answer, hopefully that day will be soon, only the Lord Jesus Christ knows the day of his return…

        1. It’s pretty darned frustrating waiting on God. As scripture says the the Lord’s mill grinds slow but exceeding fine. Grind ’em, God! Grind ’em up real good!

        2. Jesus said only the Father knows the day and the hour. When judgement comes there will be many who are surprised and they will be reckoned with by God. Only then will their foolishness be evident to them. We win in the end, so we must fight evil — it is are duty as Christians. When God decides the time is right He will send Jesus to us. Remain vigilant because it might be today or 10,000 years from today — but he will return and BHO will tremble.

  73. The only problem is when you said about obama sitting down with muslims and marxists and drinking beer with them. Muslims think it is evil to drink. Drinking/partying is one of the worst things muslims can do.

  74. Obam traveled to Pakistan during a period that Pakistan was a
    no- travel country by the U.S. so must have used a foreign passport, i.e.
    Indonesian; around 1981.

    1. Golly gee – why doesn’t someone ask him that. I’m sure Mister transparent would be happy to answer all questions.

  75. LOOK: the man who wrote this editorial and used what Version of the bible he did, should have used a King james version bible! There is ONE Wrod of God and it is NOT the Nutty idiots version or the New assinine version or the new king jimmy version..all Bible, w/one exception came out of Alexandria egypt! Only one, the KJV came from Antioch of Syria! The received text, and it is not from Africa! there is NO such thing as the Originals (dare you to show me one or prove this falicy) and all Manuscripts are false and fake! Yes, I do know what i am saying I have taken Greek, so don’t tell me, I’ll tell you! Based upon the fact that the word Study does not appear in the other bibles in 2 Tim 2:15 and the word seek does not appear in Isa 34:16 or the word “search” in John 5:39 There are more than one heavens in gen 1:1 and luke 2:33 has been changed in all other bibles! COMPARE SCRIPTURE w/Scripture and see all the changes that have been made! Also: see the book by Gail Riplinger called “In Awe of Thy Word”!

    1. Since you “took Greek” you should demand your money back. You cannot prove what you just said. Demand a refund now.

    2. Seriously….you really think the KJV is that different in those particular verses? King James was a terrible sexist who had it translated to suit his own needs so I would be a bit wary of some of those translations.

      The ONLY way to know exactly what was written is to be able to read Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek for the New Testament. Now tell me you have totally translated the New Testament. And then who is to say your translation is correct even then?

      I was on a grand jury and we had one person whose mother tongue was Spanish. We had a witness who only spoke Spanish and a translator was brought in for us. After it was all over, our Spanish-speaking juror said that translator had the translations all wrong.

      1. A sexist? A racist? A homophobe? Those categories are fake and simply irrelevant to anything. They’re the creation of the “politically correct,” itself a communist-spawned term meant to suppress speech.

    3. You are so high and mighty and so learned and want so badly to “tell us”. So tell us what words were used instead of “study” and “seek” and “search”. Tell us about more than 1 heaven and about Luke 2:33 which says “And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him.” I am using the King James Version as you recommended.

    4. You truly have to study and have guidance of the Holy Spirit to know each meaning. Even in the KJV it states that women should keep silent in the churches and many believe that a woman cannot pastor and in fact, that is totally wrong. The Greek word for woman was something that meant both woman, or wife…using the word wife completely changes the context. (I do not permit “wives” to be in authority over their “Husbands”. Perfect example how people can be wrong in translations.

      This video says exactly what I am trying to say…and she does it without changing the Word of God. So….it takes allot of study!

    5. King James Version of Matthew 7:15-20….”Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” So, by comparison, you object to the words “ravenous” for ravening…”recognize them” for know them…”from” for of…”so” for even so…”healthy” for good…”diseased” for corrupt…”does not bring forth” for beareth…”cut” for hewn.
      I really don’t understand what you are talking about.

  76. The one reason there is no comment from the building once known as the white house, ” you do not condemn your brothers.” Enough said!

  77. Obama has his muslims positioned in and around the white house and they have the rest of the crooks scared to start any legislation

  78. Charles Dickens wrote – ” Judge nothing by appearances ; judge only by experience . It’s the best rule “! This President , like every other president , should be judged only on his record . So here is the big test : what has he accomplished , besides “getting ” OBL , which he would have us believe he did single-handedly, based on his bragging ? He has rewarded his backers with tax-payer funded boondoggles; polarized the Country with his divisive rhetoric; stifled economic growth with job-killing policies; alienated our allies ; weakened America militarily ; and singlehandedly killed the Keystone Pipeline project by EO, which may have been the ONLY
    “shovel-ready” job in the Country that was actually shovel-ready in 2009! Quite a record of non-accomplishment ! And for this he is deemed the most admired man in the Country ? Give me a break !

    1. The article I saw included Hitlery along with him, I wonder who those people were that were asked, Commiewood, Communists and a certain segment of San Fran Sick O?

  79. In all the videos I have seen, he pretty much admits that he is a Muslim. He loves hearing their “call to prayer”, he also said in an interview, something about, his “Muslim” faith, then the interviewer corrected him and said “Christian” faith and Bozo repeated it and said…”my Christian faith. The interview was quite awhile back so…here is a video I seen that says it all…..

  80. The United States once defended people unjustly persecuted for their religious beliefs. It didn’t matter if you were a Buddhist, a Christian or practiced Hinduism America had your back. Conversely, the Muslim nations have been killing, torturing, enslaving and imprisoning non believers or ‘infidels’ for hundreds of years, especially Christian infidels!
    The horror’s inflicted by this blood thirsty pseudo religious cult over hundreds of years and affecting countless thousands is apparently acceptable as nothing is ever said or done by non Muslim Nations to curb the insanity.
    I suppose hypocrisy and ‘political correctness’ have become an international phenomenon thanks to our pig hoof suckin’ Muslim President.

    1. LOL…the US is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people around the globe the past 75 years. You’ve been reading far too much mainstream media “news” over the years. The US only defends when it has a vested financial interest to do so.

      1. I think you are getting the US confused with the great Progressive socialist/communist, secular-humanists, Chairman Mao, Stalin, Hitler, PolPot, Castro, all who, like you wanted to destroy the US and our positive influence. In the 20th century, upwards of 150 million souls have been sacrificed to the mission of removing all vestiges of US and Christian influence from the world. Even in the US, as you suggest, 50 million have been sacrificed to abortion in the name of Progressive, secular-humanism.

      2. I was going to make a comment but after reading pilgrimsjog’s posting I’ll agree with his/her most brilliant retort. Thank you pilgrimsjog.

  81. First Barrack Husine Obama has stated on numerous occasion the he is a muzzie. He quotes
    the Quran like a pro with no trouble. After all he went to Muzzie school before he invade
    America. Even his minister the Rev Wright said he had to change his message to make it
    tolerable for the muzzie so he could claim he was a Christian. The Socialist democrats
    did not care they wanted a Black candidate. They really didn’t think he could win until the
    GOP roll over and played dead when the put up John McCain. and the Romney. Bottom line
    they surrendered to the dark side and America has suffered.

  82. If you have paid close attention to Mr Obama’s statements over the years he has been in office (“I’ll never turn by back on my Muslim Brothers”_ (I don’t salute the flag or recite the pledge of allegiance, because it might hurt someone’s feelings”), etc., you might get the feeling he doesn’t care how many Christians are slaughtered, and could possible approve of it._,

    1. What needs verifying….I heard about it on several news cast (the bombing that is)? They are what they are, their Koran tells them to lie to get their way, and then kill you! I trust snopes about as much as I trust barry!

  83. Its no surprise that President Obama and his cronies remain silent while Christians are murdered. He obviously condones it or he’d “at least” speak out against it. He supports all things Muslin even the murder of Christians. He already has blood on his hands (as well as Hillary Clinton) for the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi which ccould have been avoided if he had only sent them help when they pleaded for it. He never, however, misses a beat in supporting Muslins and apologizing to them. Its a disgrace. I never remember any President throwing America amd its people under the bus the way President Obama does. I’m a proud American who is embarrassed by our President. America is the greatest nation in the world–why doesn’t he know and/or admit that.

    1. Obama doesn’t support our country, he seems to b on a mission and is doing very well with it, that’s destroying our country. I’m in a daze, why he gets by with everything he does. I have to assume that all Dems even my own reps. R traitors. And half America is sleeping and another one third just don’t care. So this Muslim Pres. May succeed with the help of our countrymen and women. God help us to get rid of the Pres. And the other Muslims in our country. Send us a leader.

  84. we the people,who are the real government.join us and sheriff joe in phonenix feb 22,2014,forget any help from the do nothing unconstitituional traitor politicans,they have stopped caring and listening to we the people,a long time ago.time to bring all the groups wayne-nra wayne theres over 5 million members,time to gather in Washington dc,the longer we allow this ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum to remain in office,the longer ovomit/satan and his unconstitituional administration,will destroy the constitituion and we the people.wayne email us,its time.also to glenn/savage/alex/rush/thrump,we have the talking part well covered,now its time to get the walking part well not a revolution an evolution of we the people.when was the last time you felt represented by mr politican.thats what I thought.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck Norris,frank serpico,and all legal American veternas/citizens

    1. Is this supposed to be the day the “earth-shattering” revelations on Obama’s BC are to ensue? 2/22/14?

    2. we the people,who are the real we already know ovomit/satan has a wh internet live birth form,which is a computer generated{layered forgery,we know that the day ovomit released ovomits live birth form is a forgery{treason/fraud/felony}2nd ovomit has a ss# that belongs to a dead 119 yr old Connecticut person,and he has never been vetted,and he can,t be verified{treason/fraud/felony}3rd ovomit has all his records hidden/sealed and spends miliions to keep his records hidden/sealed{fraud/treason}we don,t know who the manchuarian candidiate in the wh really is{treason/fraud/threat to we the people,and the constitituion}4th ovomit ignored a Georgia supreme court subpoena{shows his contempt for our laws{felony/fraud}5th ovomit sent additional throops to afganistan,without congress approval{war crimes/treason}6th ovomit left 4 dead americans in bengazi,and never sent a rescue attempt,and only the president can give the stand down order{war crimes/treason}6th ovomit father was born in Kenyan,making the ineligible treasonous traitor,ineligible to be president{treason/fraud}7th ovomit and ag holder,would not prosecute 2 black panthers,who stood in frt of a philly polling place,and intimidated voters,and one of them had a bat or a baton in his hand.and both ag holder and ovomit both said,because they are black we will not prosecute them{racial hate crimes,racial injustice/felony}

  85. Ovomit is muslim. There is no question. He is muslim and further he is what the media call a muslim extremist. That fully explains almost all of his behaviors.

  86. Two points…It would be hard for obama to say anything while his lips are wrapped around…
    Second.. why does he wear that ring that is engraved “there is no god but allah”? I truly hope he meets allah face to face to accept his ignoble piece prize. (Spelling intentional).

  87. Gosh…it must be a coincidence to to use Obumer as an example of a, fruit. Well, he certainly has not enamored himself as a good fruit. The sheep’s clothing is growing thistles and thorns. Well, that’s our faux pretender president in name only for you.

        1. The correct contraction for”you are” is “you’re” and not “your”! Your denotes possession. BTW, I agree wth your indignation about that posting. We call Muslims animals, which they are as their barbaric and inhumane acts have proved beyond doubt, but why go down to their level?

        2. To survive???? Hopefully you can hold your pride in the same hand as your severed head. Are YOU able to do that? Hmmmmmmmm.

      1. Because they are ANIMALS with no worth! Name a single medical discovery, symphony, work of art/literature, anything that makes the world a better place. muslims are 19% of the world population, yet only have 8 Nobel prizes among them; one for terrorist Yasir Arafat and one for work not started and never done to Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The only contribution to the world by muslims is blowing up busloads of women and kids, pushing old men in wheelchairs off cruise ships, and flying planes into buildings. Find a muslim contribution to make the world better. Fine one. I dare you. You will not find it. I have made this challenge 100’s of times during the last 30+ years and I have YET to have the challenge met.

        1. You DO NOT put a post inciting the killing a Muslim ! No matter what you think , what if some one actually followed through on this ? What if the the victim was not a Muslim ? What then tough guy ? You are then the problem , the rage , that needs to be contained . It is easy to talk , talk is cheap !

        2. If someone follows through with it – that’s their problem. If the victim is not a muslim – that’s their problem….you must then mean that if the person was a muslim…there’d be no problem? F U about tough guy. I never thought about killing them until they go about killing us. I am not the problem – they and their stupid sympathizers -namely YOU are the problem. Go kiss a Koran.

        3. I think Christians and Jews have done quite a good job of keeping our rage under wraps for the past few decades. It hasnt gotten us anywhere quite frankly. So, when diplomacy fails………

        4. Seriously ……. Your missing the point ! You are openly advocating for the death of a person ! Are you willing to take a life ? Would you follow through and just kill someone simply because someone else thought it was the answer , mob mentality sort of thing ? Could you do that , what if that were an innocent person that was caught up in this rage ? Is this justified ? As Matt said , thereby you end it ? Does it end ?

        5. There are no innocent muslims Cas. And yes, I would not only kill one, I’d do it with a big ass cool aid grin on my face if thats whats necessary to leave this world a better place for my children! Kill em all and let their Allah sort them out. We’ll arrange the meeting.

        6. George bush and Rumsfield are sitting in a bar in Texas discussing plans for invading the middle east. A patron walks in and overhears Rumsfield saying “So, let me get this right, we’re going to kill a million muslims and one blonde, right?” The patron butts in and asks “Why the blonde???” Rumsfield looks at Bush and says “See, I told you no one would give a f&*k about a million muslims!”

        7. Pardon the intrusion, but is it possible that you have inadvertently confused “Mark” with “Matt”? Matt’s the one calling for outright killing. Mark merely posited a challenge no one’s risen to.

        1. If the muslims cut people’s heads off…they should have their heads cut off. I get it….why don’t you? Someday when they come to cut yours off -you’ll get it.

        2. You are a total ass ! I am well prepared for what is coming ! Your stupid childish words will cause some innocent person to die needlessly ! You have no idea what your talking about , and I am done with your stupidity ! Grow up !

        3. I’m more than certain no one will die except more and more Christians in the middle east while muslim sympathizers like you lecture us all in “your infinite goodness”. Name calling…typical lib behavior. I noticed someone already gave you 2 down ratings, I will now apply the 3rd. I checked your other postings and you tell people to rise up against our government…don’t you realize they too may be needlessly killed by your inciteful words. I am grateful that you are done with my stupidity…you were making me yawn with yours.

        4. Matt, you may have a valid point. If you kill, you will be killed. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth.
          Nevertheless, Christians do not kill, and whenever men kill they spill the life of another. Christ came so men don’t have to make excuses why they have to kill because of this or kill because of that. We can speak, protest publicly, vote, and protect o our country, protect our family. Protecting, and killing are two different aspects that holds deep within our conscience. Kill, is a type of hatred the Bible speaks that Christians should not have. Love is more than feelings of sensation, it is doing what is right an holding on to it.
          Peter wanted to fight for Jesus the night they came an arrested Jesus, but that wasn’t the plan, “…put your sword away. “,Jesus said. Are we not to follow Christ.

  88. Don’t expect the Muslin-In-Chief to do anything about any Americans/Christians getting killed..he gets a kick out of it..less for his Muzzie buddies (that are already in the U.S. training in Muzzie training camps) to take down when the time is right.

    1. There was a time just prior to the W.H being filled with Vermin that intelligence gathering was reporting on what they termed Sleeper Cells. Michael Savage had a retired CIA operative on his show one evening explaining this and the deadly seriousness of it, of course anyone with any brain cells doesn’t need an explanation of the seriousness. This man went on to say that we actually have no idea who has entered this country and what they have brought with them. As you stated “When the Time is Right” But in the meantime the Nazis will harass and make life more difficult for the American people with their ever increasing Orwellian laws, those of us are especially targeted who want a Constitutional government and a much smaller one at that. This is pretty much common sense knowing how our border has been left open to anyone that really wants to cross over, but it was good hearing it from someone who saw it happening and couldn’t do anything about it, He showed us that the majority of our politicians are not only corrupt, but are Traitors as well, I wonder how many deaths have these Traitors caused already and by their Treasonous acts you can bet there will be many more.

      1. I live in Texas and I can tell you that we are being over run with illegals..but what’s even more of a concern to me is the large amount of Muslims that I have noticed in the past 8-10 years. I was in the mall doing my last minute shopping (yeah I’m one of those:) on Christmas eve and all I could hear was Arabic/Chinese and Spanish. On YT you can see all the Muslim terrorist training camps all over the U.S. I can tell you that they are not here for a vacation. I have read about Russian soldiers training in U.S. military warfare tactics in Tenn. Some of the residents there said that the soldiers were stopping them at check points ON US HIGHWAYS!! In my book that is something to be concerned about.

    1. Happy New Year Mary: That and Hope and Change with which he has given the Communists the change that they had hoped for. If we cant get the maximum number of Traitors out of Washington in the coming 2014 elections that will clean up his unconstitutional laws we will soon be living in a true police state, worse than Nazi Germany, that era was bad enough without the super technology that we have today.

    1. Make that a Mullah, and I’ll agree with you; there’s more chance of a Rabbi coming to recognize his Messiah, than a Mullah admitting Jesus is the Son of God!

  89. Obama will never say anything against the Muslims because HE IS ONE. He is an Islamic sympathizer. How could those American voters have done thus to this wonderful country and elected this Islamic terrorist to the presidency of the United States.

    1. Those voters shall also reap the whirlwind of their decisions because the powers of darkness have no friends but only pawns!

    2. Because you have people who are born and raised in a America that speak against this countries past actions hold the bitter cries of justice, equal rights, without recognizing the founding fathers acknowledgement, “America, America God shed his grace on thee, an crowned with good and brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.”
      There isn’t that same vision today, the spirit of ’76’,as much anymore. We’ve allowed enemies of freedom to chase her away if not replace her with bondage, an chains of drugs, developing neighborhood criminals in poverty living conditions. So instead of seeking a power higher than themselves, they’ve been blinded with more of Hollywood, the popular culture, the cigarettes, the liquor era. Like cerosis of the liver, pretty soon we are just as hard as a rock. YouCan’t tell nobody anything anymore, “…everybody has their opinion. ” attitude to justifying not wanting to see the truth about how they living. JFK once said “don’t ask what your country can do for you(welfare), but ask what you can do for good country (nonprofit organization).
      Since Obama isn’t a dummy, he used the votes from ghettos promising them he’ll lead them to the promised land, to turn the white house black, but instead gave more poverty, more homelessness, and developing more hatred for this country and what it is supposed to stand for.

  90. Egypt:
    Muslims in Egypt were supported by you know who.
    Muslims were killing Coptic Christians.
    Coptic Christians told to stand down.

    When the Coptic Christians and the Egyptian military went after the Muslims, the Coptic Christians were blamed for massacring Muslims.
    Terrorists attack and kill innocent civilians.
    Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
    Another action verifying whom the POTUS sides with.

    Support of a terrorist organization.
    This support failed, the Egyptians revolted.

  91. Obama is a devout Black Muslim, Communist, criminal offender, and a traitor! There is overwhelming evidence to support this. Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood which was recently condemned by Greece as a terrorist organization. Therefore it is no wonder Obama will not, does not support Christianity!…

    1. Wasn’t it also just recently condemned by Egypt as a terrorist organization? And I agree with your assessment of Obama he even admits he will stand with the Muslims should the winds of change shift against the Muslims maybe not those exact words, but what he said left no doubt he will stick with his brothers the Muslim-Hoods and not Christians.

    2. Also Hillary has some connection, like her aide Huma. Hillary wore an all green suit to her Benghazi Congressional testimony. It’s no small thing…green is the flag color of the Arab Spring and Islamic rebel groups. I think Michelle O and Pelosi wore green dresses when Netanyahu spoke to Congress two years ago. These are statements. Not joking, no one wears vivid, all green suits and dresses in Congress (if you watch much C-Span, you know). These people are for our enemies.

    3. He’s not black. He’s white and middle eastern for the majority of his color. One had to wonder the election outcome if his skin was more white…….

  92. Islamists are in the shadows ready bring their brand of law and violence to the U.S. They hold government offices in Washington. Placed there by Obama. Obama/socialists are dangerous and must be removed. Obama must go!

  93. The State Dept has ILLEGALLY stopped reporting religious persecution in their regular Country reports. Starting under Hillary and when the Arab Spring started, they’ve left out stats on religious oppression and murders. The masacres of all the Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood or Libyan Al Qeada or Syrian rebels or N.Sudan muslims are left out and therefore not addressed by the U.S., the U.N., and therefore NOT COUNTERED. How can there be political action to protect them or warn others, or how can there be citizens’ outrage if they don’t know.

    I wrote to my Congressman about this illegal act of omission, and he had no response.

    1. There are many christian writers. Bishops, christian leaders, christians, people of faith, who should march in protest. Islamists use the tactic every chance they get. Islamists are not the only ones with a voice. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela showed the world what it took to effect change. Christians can not longer play victim!

      1. Good point. At this time, though, there are so many abuses that we are busy rallying, writing editorials and congressmen, and fighting school systems already. People ‘floating’ along have spare time for hedonism, but true patriots are busy day and night fighting oppression and donating time to charity needs. We rebuild houses after Katrina, Haiti, Oklah., Sandy, the Phillipines…we rally and sue against Obamacare…we go to school board meetings and rallies against Common Core…we try not to get sued for being Christian businesses and opposing ENDA….we write our churches and congressmen about the blindness to the persecution/slaughter of Christians. It’s easy to say we should take to the streets in peaceful protest, but the reality is that we’re already fighting…which is the goal of the evil progressive/nwo powers: to keep us occupied on all fronts. Keep us working two part time jobs, wondering if we’ll be able to pay our bills and all our taxes and penalties.

        Any Christian with time needs to step up to the plate. Some of us are doing all the speaking out and protesting, while YOU enjoy your daily life, saying ‘I deserve it.’ Well sacrifice a few hours with your grandkids and invest some time FOR THEIR FUTURE. If you don’t fight now, they’ll be slaves tomorrow. Kick in some skin now. This is no time for vacations and mindless hobbies. Esteem others greater than yourselves. Fight.

  94. The alliance between radical Islam and Communism has always been apparent. The alliance between the Democratic Party, radical Islam and the Communist Party is just starting to come into focus.

    1. Dont forget how radical Islam wished to align itself with the Nazi’s 70 years ago. Only even Hitler saw them as sub-humans……….

    1. Now I know why he studders and finds it hard to answer questions. Because he’s looking for another way to divert the real truth.

    2. I have seen a VIDEO of Both Obonzo and Michelle saying HE WAS BORN IN KENYA! This video was made in 2004 to 2006, I am NOT sure when it was made, but it’s out there. Google it(?)

      on YouTube (not Natural Born). There is also evidence that his Student Records all Show he’s a Foreign Exchange Student from Indonesia. That’s why they are hiding the records.

  95. i drew mine a long long time ago in regards to the 2 faced treasonous fraud socialist – MUSLIM in the oval office – What would you expect from a lying conniving POS that lies to the ENTIRE WORLD about this country having a – muslim heritage – The -only – thing they’ve “contributed ” to this country has been strife .

  96. Couldn’t agree more wih the presented assessments! Remember the quaint Muslim practices of fatwas on apostates, and taqqiya with infidels…just sayin’ … I honestly don’t expect to see anything done until Gabriel blows his horn!

    1. Hi Sandra you’re up early or maybe you stayed up late still partying:-) I wish you a Happy New Year. I got a message from you; but why they all go to spam I have no idea I will respond to the one I got last week but didn’t notice until yesterday. Everything from Discus goes to spam which means I cant reply, maybe there is a way or better yet to change my settings I don’t care this lap top has been sent every piece of malware out there, I’m the only one that has problems getting logged in.

      1. Haven’t gone to bed yet. Soon though. I sympathize. Contrary to the opinions of those techy geeks, I’m convinced these critters really don’t like some of us, and show it! Have you tried actually marking the posts as “not spam”? That usually works for me now; but not always. At least Disqus hasn’t been showing up there as often. And there’s a setting in your mailbox called a white list, supposedly, that they recommend you put mail you want on; but I’m not geek enough to know quite how that works. If you have a 12 year old or one approximately that about, he/she might be able to help… Anyway, Happy New Year to you also. :-) I get why it is we need these contraptions; what I still don’t get is how it is they make our lives easier…

    2. The practice of concealing one’s beliefs in dangerous circumstances originates in the Qur’an, which deems blameless those who disguise their beliefs in such cases.[8] The practice of taqiyya in difficult circumstances is considered legitimate by Muslims of various sects. Sunni and Shi’a commentators alike observe that verse 16:106 refers to the case of ‘Ammar b. Yasir, who was forced to renounce his beliefs under physical duress and torture.[9]Quran 3:28 enjoins Muslims not to take the company of non-Muslims over Muslims unless as a means of safeguarding themselves. “Let not the believers take those who deny the truth for their allies in preference to the believers – since he who does this cuts himself off from God in everything – unless it be to protect yourself against them in this way…”[10] Regarding 3:28, Ibn Kathir, a prominent authority writes, “meaning, except those believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers. In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.” He quotes Muhammad’s companion, Abu Ad-Darda’, who said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” and Al-Hasan who said “the Tuqyah is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection
      [Taqqiya and islams wars]

      1. In laymen terms, they(Muslims)can be a lying dirty double crossing back stabbers in your face, an care less for one ounce of you when they’re goal is achieved, an Islamic world rule.

      2. Yes, I know; I wasn’t trying to define or explain taqqiya; just remind people of the practice, which O uses FREELY here. And also the practice of fatwas on those who DO truly convert from Islam, which would have made O a very HIGH value target for every trigger happy Islamist Jihadist in the Muslim world, no matter how many Secret Service agents were around him, going into any of their home nations, were he NOT their agent.

  97. The stoning of women for supposed infidelity, honor killings, refusal to allow women to work or drive cars, etc. and this continual purging of Christians within their country by Muslims continues to expose this medieval attitude and culture for what it is but our President apparently condones it as I have never heard him publicly acknowledge how brutal and inhuman it has been and still is for centuries. He continues to appease countries like Iran who, like other Muslim countries, have publicly acknowledged they want to eliminate Israel and all “infidels” from the world at large, and are clearly demonstrating they mean it by their murdering of Christians within their own countries. I continue to be saddened by the refusal of those that support Obama and the Democrats in Congress who support his policies to admit how wrong all of this is and how the American traditions and focus on individual freedom continues to be undermined by Obama. Basically, our country has abdicated its world role as the leader of the free world both inside our country and the world at large in favor of some perverted socialist based dictatorship run by anti-American politicians like Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

  98. All it means is that Obama is a devil worshipper, as the muslim religion worships a demon called allah. The only difference is that the muslim religion cloaks itself in something like respectable, but it is still as bad as if he wore a pentagram and all the other trappings of a satanist. The muslim religion is not a religion of peace as so many pundits try to make it out to be. The goal is to force the world to its knees to worship allah and those who don’t are to be killed. Christianity is a religion of love, even though many have killed under the supposed blessings of God. Mostly, it’s the catholic religion that has done most of this killing. Look at the crusades, the inquisitions, and all of the Protestant Martyrs that were put to death for their faith. If you look at the true Christian religion and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are commanded to love our enemies and to do good to those who mistreat us. We are not told to kill those who won’t convert. Jesus said that the world will know us as His followers by our love for one another. As much as it is easy to hate those, such as the muslim terrorist, we are admonished to love them and pray for them. That means we have to pray for the Ober Muslim Leader of this Country. Pray that the Lord gets ahold of his heart and make him change his tune about this not being a Christian Country and stop support the supporters of terrorism. AND certainly not bow to a terrorist supporting “king.” I would’ve rather seen him bow to good Queen Elizabeth, than to the one who probably aided and abetted the 9/11 attack.

    1. So in the name of denouncing the murder of Christians, you set the stage for more strife AMONG Christians? You couldn’t, even in this holy season of Christmas, forebear Catholic bashing? How delightfully hypocritical. I’m sure Satan is smiling at your self-righteous attitude.

      1. You need to get over your prejudice about anyone who tells the truth about the history of the Catholic church, this religious system has destroyed everything Jesus and his Apostles taught. Martin Luther exposed this Ant-Christ (in place of Christ) system, he was also a Catholic priest, but not to worry this Great Whore will rise to her reigning terror spot again along with her Harlot Daughters those Protestant churches who came out of her and kept some of her false doctrines and even added some of their own. The Ecumenical movement that started around 1850 has gained much acceptance during the past decade. What I posted can be proven by the Bible and secular recorded history, you have two choices, you can believe the lies or you can do your own research and learn God’s Truth. He wants His people to come out of this system, in The Book of Revelation he says come out of her my people, you owe it God and your family to check out this system and also the coming One World Religion. I write this not in anger, but as a brother in the Christ.

  99. Mission Accomplished Mr. President??? Thank Bush for this mess. Anybody with a IQ above room temp knew this would happen. Unfortunately GWB isn’t that smart.

    1. You are truly an ignorant, despicable, o’vomit ass-wipe………..but never fear………THERE’S A SPOT IN HELL RIGHT BESIDE THIS GODLESS BASTURD YOU WORSHIP……….AND IT’S “RESERVED” FOR YOU !!!

        1. Amazing how we can never take responsibility. We always blame the former administration. And then we can’t remember. History will prove the truth, but there are those who would still claim Hitler wasn’t at fault. Someone else was to blame.

        2. You are an idiot if you think Obama has any control over what goes on in Iraq. Once Bush destroyed the Bath Party, all hell broke loose. Too bad people like you know so little about the world around them but are so stupid that they gladly display it for everybody to see.

    2. No, we need to thank every voter that votes for the idiots that the big money, unions and the media decide are the ones they want in office. It does not matter whether the candidate puts an “R” in front of his name or a “D”. The Tea Party is the only grass-roots organization that has had the guts to stand up to the people in both parties; the candidates that go to Washington in order to dance with the ones that brung them. Don’t think Obama is different from Bush. If you do make that mistake, get on the internet and research how much stimulous money Obama gave to (now failed) bundlers and contributors to his campaign. Then research the background of the company that did the failed computer roll out of Obamacare. You will be astounded at the nepotism and cronyism that was involved in that one. When people quit putting their unquestioning loyalty in the hands of politicians that do not deserve it, we may finally get the government we think we deserve. MusingsbyMarian do t co m

    3. Amazing – you want to go back 5 years to place blame – spoken like a true fellow traveller.

      What happened to the promises of the Marxist messiah?

      1. Only someone as stupid as you would not have known what was going on in Iraq, but then again it looks like you have company. Just another stupid ignorant American who couldn’t find Iraq on a map and knows nothing about the makeup of the country.

        1. Wow, you got all that from my two lines?

          Amazing – it shows that you don’t even have to engage your brain or think – just open your mouth and your commie script begins to play.

          How about a few bars of “The Internationale?” You can follow up with the chorus of “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.”

        2. Anybody who thinks things only went south in Iraq within the last 5 years is stupid beyond belief, or maybe you forgot things like Fallujah. Unlike morons I well knew the different groups all waiting for their chance to murder each other in Iraq. This is because I actually pay attention to the outside world unlike most stupid Americans who only know about Miley’s new outfit. Are you so stupid to think “democracy” was going to change 1000 year old hatreds?

        3. You’re talking to yourself, so you might as well talk to my hand.

          Actually, you can talk to the wall because you’re engaged in a conversation with yourself. Every sentence where you posit what I think is based on your indoctrinated, liberty hating, diseased mind. You create beliefs that aren’t mine, but you feel free to attribute them to me. That gives you a pretext to spew the propaganda you’ve been indoctrinated with.

          Are you so stupid to think that “most” Americans only know about Miley’s new outfit. I’m afraid that you are that ignorant. You’ve convicted yourself by your own words.

          You wouldn’t make a pimple on a good private’s azz.

        4. you’re talking to a commie mussie! markinla,,,,la….mmmmm that explains it, Definitely un-American and from his comments–most assuredly mussie. Definitely commie. Don’t waste any more time talking to him. he’s just a troll. Hey, markincesspool, I certainly won’t be wasting any more of MY time responding to you, But PLEASE, show your true ignorance by spending as MUCH OF YOUR time as you wish responding to me. I can tell YOUR time is pretty useless anyway.

        5. I bet you can find Barry’s boots to lick anywhere on this planet. Nothing much to admire in a sycophantic, Juche-inspired, minion such as yourself. Jim Jones would be so jealous of your devotion to Dear Leader. Maybe your King will give you a chance to turn in your fellow-citizens for cash. I bet you already have!!! Traitor, turncoat. You make Bendict Arnold seem patriotic. You are foul.

    4. Bush is not giving Hussein Obama any direction to betray America, is that what you are proud of this current pawn of a president we have now? He is the pawn artist of the liberal fools he follows. Bush was his own person so wake up mark.

    5. I wish you and your ilk would look to this president, one who is well into his 5th year of power, for the problems we are experiencing. I would love to see ppl “get it” that he is doing so much more damage than President Bush ever did. Let Obama take responsibility for something, but then he never knows what is happening, how it happened, who did it, or even that the orders came from himself. He’s sooooooo out of touch!! Sheesh!!

        1. LMFAO! It can’t be easy to have “balance” when your ass is four feet in the air as you lick King Barry’s boots. You are a disgrace to liberty and your fellow countrymen and women. Foolish Barrybagger.

      1. Folks. Folks! Please!! Be kind to markinla! The case is not that markinla doesn’t know the truth, but that so much of what markinlas knows is NOT true!

    6. And if the “Messiah” was as benevolent as you believe “Him” to be, “He” would’ve done something to rectify, by yet another one of ” ‘His’ Presidential Decrees”, whatever you believe was “Bush’s Fault”. Wouldn’t “He”?

  100. He HAS boasted about being a mussie. About hearing the call to prayer as the sweetest sound. QUOTED verses from HIS quran. And held a national muslim prayer day AT the WH while stopping the American National Day of Prayer,

    You can’t tell me this traitor isn’t a mussie…

    How much more convincing do people need????? Usurper in the WH.

    1. He is indisputably an illegal alien, he has, evidently, gone to great and expensive lengths to hide his past, as an elected official, he has produced nothing, or next to nothing of significance, he has violated his oath and allowed decency and good order to be lied about and mangled by members of his administration. He is not a leader. He is constantly is “campaign mode.” If he were an American, such ilk would be called a traitor and tried for treason. Somebody help me here, what is the word for a non-citizen who pretends to be one so that he/she can do dishonorable work undetected – like Obummer and his administration.

        1. Sorry sarge. In today’s Girly-Man Army, they’d probably not even have to use one of their monthly “Time Out” cards. [LOL! “Monthly” sounds about right.] Sadly, I’m afraid there’re not likely many “First Dick’s” left who would say: “And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise!”

  101. The enemy from within is more dangerous to freedom then any outside force, as we have witness with this President Barack Hussein Obama…

    1. Careful, careful!, James! NSA is watching your posts! And mine. They might, by chance, think you mean actual physical harm to this Indonesian Idiot!

      1. Obama the rotten lemon tree! LOL :-) No, I mean Obama no harm…he’ll be judged in time and get his just reward…lake of fire! Amen

      2. What ever it takes to remove him. We’ve got to stop being silent. We need to keep marching and voicing our opinions. It’s still a free country until we stop talking.

        1. Obama will take care of that when he institutes marshal law. If I wasn’t a Christian I would hope for more serious things to happen to him than be ousted out of office, but in the end, there will be a day called, Judgement Day, when he will know he served the wrong Master,… Jesus/Yeshua Hallelujah! This country must repent and return to God if we are to continue on and be the America we used to know.

      3. What a great job those NSA have invading America’s trust and values. Along with the TSA agents who feel up women and children for a living. Great job Oblunda.

  102. I agree with a lot of you about the dispicable actions of the Muslims. O bummer was elected by our fellow Americans and blame needs to be placed squarely on our shoulders for that huge misstep.
    As Christians we need to be wise as serpents and meek as doves. The reality is O bummer does not support Christians and it is up to us to support Christianity. We need to constantly write to our elected and tell them our concerns. We need to voice our concerns and vote. By not voting we give a pass to all these libs – socialists- & muslims alike. Bitching about o bummer will not fix anything.

    1. It is both false and unfair to saddle the good American people with the blame for empowering the megalomaniac in the White House. He was placed there by forces beyond our control. But the one thing we are responsible for is a failure to correct anyone who supports or promotes the leftist agenda. We must let our voices be raised in opposition and witness to the evil this communist infection represents.

    2. BULL CRAP Paul ! Voting has been ripe with fraud since Kennedy was murdered!
      You don’t actually believe that Obama won the election do you?

    3. Sure, sounds good and makes sense but you can’t beat a liar and a cheater. Many of the elected officials who claim to be so called Republicans don’t really care what we think and do you really think Obama’s election was on the level? Surprisingly it seems that so many people are unaware of all the voter fraud that went on (during the presidential run) and goes on. Not only that, it isn’t hard to see that far too often when a conservative wins an election (governor, president, etc.) there’s a cry from the opponent for a recount and suddenly all kinds of “lost” ballots are found in someone’s car, or during elections people are bullied by leftist thugs, votes are collected from cartoon characters and dead people, there is no requirement for ID in many places, etc., So how in the world are we supposed to vote ’em out? Just sayin’

  103. I don’t know who “told” you that you can’t call him a Muslim. Last I knew we still had freedom of speech, even if it is in jeopardy. But he definitely IS a Muslim, because real Muslims care nothing for people or for justice. They are only interested in power. They worship no god but self, and they serve their own lust and greed with rabid devotion.

    1. Boy pearl, you are showing your ignorance of the President AND of Muslims. Learn of what you speak before you spew your hate.

      1. When one spews the Truth, it is not hate, it is FACT! Like it or Not! Seems you are the one who is lost in this world and believe every lie that comes out of Oblunda’s mouth! Oblunda is a hateful, selfish murdering PIG! What about those 3 million people who lost their insurance? Ever wonder how many of them are children battling leukemia and other deadly diseases not to mention the adults that without healthcare will most certainly die and untimely death? If I had caused people to lose their health coverage, I would immediately apologoze and do everything in my power to have it restored, but not him. He could care less. Oblunda claims to be a Christian, but I saw a video of him mocking God, mocking Biblical Scriptures which is odd for a Christian!!!!! He bows before filthy Saudi kings, he says the American people are stupid!!!! He took $148 Million dollars to help Muslims with their mortgages! He took an unprescedented $100 MILLION dollar vacation on the backs of the America people who are losing their homes, their jobs, their healthcare! Think again because obviously you don’t have a clue what is going on with Oblunda. Did you ever hear of Bengahzi???? He is a murderer! Oh and a Muslim too!

        1. All I spoke is documented and factual. I know I will be sorry for asking because the Liberals always tick me off and you obviously are one, but anyway, what in the world am I wrong about? What documented and factual evidence is there that I am wrong?

        2. Sorry Lilly, again you are wrong, wrong, wrong. You have no documentation. All you have are lying talking points spewed by the right wing extremists hacks on Fox Noise.

        3. Don’t you see this country changing for the worst? Are you really that blind? What about the 3 million who lost their health ins? All a vicious lie? I think not! And you obviously don’t have a clue who Jesus is. I am so sorry for you that if you haven’t come to a knowing relationship with Jesus that you and the Head Liar and Chief will be spending eternity together. Please reconsider. It is your soul we are talking about and for all of Eternity in Hell Fire. I will pray for you! Jesus died for you! For all of us. The Master Thief and Liar, Obama, is taking away religious freedoms? Do you agree with that too? What if we forced to you to serve Christ? What if your religious rights, if you have any, were taken away? You never know, the day could come. I believe they call it Judgement Day. Believe me, on that Day, you and Obama will know you serve the wrong master, satan.

        4. Lilly, I am really sorry that you have so much hate in your heart for our twice elected leader. Jesus would rebuke you for the darkness that resides within your soul. Repent and be saved. Love is the answer, love of God and love of your fellow man.

        5. I love and pray for Obama, but do hate his actions. Love the sinner, hate the sin. You have no clue about Jesus so stick to what you know, no morals, values or faith!

        6. It is a lot more than Fox News that tell the Truth! I read all the time and know these are facts. Perhaps you could do a little more investigating yourself. ie. Oblunda said you could keep your health ins if you like it, what happened??? I have seen and heard him with my own eyes and ears Oblunda mocking the Bible and bowing before a filthy murdering Saudi King. Look on u tube for a reality check.

        7. Thank you. The removal of Obama and his henchmen/women is something I feel so passionate about. love your pic!

        8. You’re very welcome. From my perspective as a Canadian, I weep for your nation. (I’m well aware my own is not perfect in any sense) The American people have always had my respect as a hard working, God fearing nation. What is happening to you as a people down there is atrocious and it only looks to get worse I’m afraid. There is no foreseeable political solution to the problems plaguing America (indeed the rest of the world), prayer needs to be back in school. We all need to embrace God the Father in Heaven and BEG his forgiveness that we may receive His blessing. Judgment is coming and that right soon. It bewilders me as to how things could have been allowed to spiral out of control the way they have, but here we are, mired in the depths of chaos and sinking fast. The US government openly supports the very organization(s) they said attacked them on 9-11. Murderous savages that are caught time and time again committing grievous crimes against humanity, spewing nothing but mindless hatred, demanding hand outs from others – then biting the hand that feeds them, then GETTING AWAY WITH IT!! And there is your president saying that the most beautiful sound he has ever heard is the muslim call to prayer.

          The fix is obvious…it just isn’t an easy one.

          As for my picture, I’m glad you like it. I love children, they deserve safety, nurturing and security among so many other things. What better place for a child to be other than the lap of our Messiah?

          Take care Lilly, you, your nation and it’s people are in my prayers.

          God bless America – AGAIN!

        9. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, the only thing that could save our country is the people on their knees before God, but that won’t happen! I don’t like my country, I don’t support the Muslim Liar & Chief either. Since being a disabled person, in a couple of years Obamacare will become my health ins and I know about the death panels already in place, I am sure to lose my life, but going home to be with the Lord is a GREAT thing! Halleluaj! I just hope it will be that easy. I see many thousands and millions could end up in the FEMA Camps that already exist. I thank God for His saving relationship. Thank you for your prayers, I will add you to mine also.

      2. Billy Bob, why don’t you get off of Barry’s knob? You dirty, little, bootlicker. Being a Barrybagger is NOT attractive.

        1. Billy Bob Muslim… go read some books so you don’;t sound like an idiot. Obama is EVIL and so aren’t his cohorts!!!!

        2. But you cannot tell me how I am wrong or why.. So I know I am right and so don’t the good people posting here! You have no facts to suggest otherwise because there aren’t any. Keep worshiping your god, oblunda…

    2. No we won’t have free speech for long… Obama is changing that all the time and I think what the person was referring to as we are not allowed to say, “allah”. notice I didn’t capitalize it because it is a non existent demonic nothing! There was no allah, allah is not now or ever was or will be a god or the One True and Holy God.

  104. Disinformation is Obama’s tool of choice as he rewrites American history to spread Islam’s agenda. He was groomed by the Saudis to do what he is doing now for many years. The secrecy surrounding his birth (including the fake birth certificate), his educational records, the manufactured degrees (nobody in Columbia remembers him), etc. point to a very sinister Islamic plot to bring down this country. The media is complicit in hiding the truth from the American people and I suspect that if we look closer at who owns large or controlling shares of the media we would find an influential share in Islamic hands. Many in Congress, in both parties are either too afraid of losing their office or are complicit as well. It will really be left to the American people to save our country either with ads, internet (although there is much censorship and many factual posts are not posted) or by personal contacts. 1. We must inform the vast majority of people who all totally uninformed about what is happening. 2. We must boycott all those media outlets that have become the propaganda arm of the administration, 3. We must refuse to go along with the fundamental transformation of our country by not following un-American laws, regulations, and programs. 4. We must work to insure that elections can no longer be fixed and fraudulent with stringent oversight and vigorous prosecution of those who vote illegally. All Soros voting machines should be immediately retired. 5. We must massively peacefully demonstrate that we will no longer sit back and take this overthrow of our government.

  105. yeah, obama is a moslem, he was never baptized. Even Rev. Wright could only say his daughters were baptized – never obama. And what Christian would wear a ring that says ‘there is no god but allah’. that is blasphemy once you read what allah is from islamic texts. And any religious leader even hinting otherwise has not read, is misleading, and should be what St. Paul said to do – separated from the Church or what I call, excommunicated. And that goes for the Pope too (I am a Catholic and am appalled that any pope would even hint that allah is God.
    Our Christian leaders should be ashamed of themselves. They could be a force to be reckoned with if they stood in agreement with this – to defend those Christians in the Middle East. But they would prefer to head up interfaith dialogs that are nothing but a Muslim Brotherhood scam, and/or be silent.
    Silence is acceptance, said ol’ moe. And our religious leaders are not leaders at all.

    1. In some parts of the world there is what they are calling ChristLam, a merging of Islam with Christianity. The Ecumenical movement between Protestant and Papal Rome that began around 1850 has gained much acceptance during the last decade the deadly wound is healed, and the One World Religion will reign over the One World Order (Beast) for awhile. According to the Scriptures this organized religious whore will murder anyone who doesn’t accept her authority. The reformers Martin Luther, etc were Catholics Priests who Identified Papal Rome as the Anti-Christ system, the man of sin, they are the ones who actually started the protest. It’s a very long story but we owe them a lot, if that didn’t happen people would be still living in what has been called the Dark Ages. an apt name because the Light of God’s Truth didn’t shine because evil men tried to keep it hidden. That was the 1260 years the Prophet Daniel wrote of where the murder and torture of many millions of Christians took place, Francisco Ribera a Jesuit in trying to stem the world tide against Papal Rome took this 1260 years and twisted it into literal days ignoring the day for a year that God had established, anyway the he made 1260 years 1260 days 3-1/2 years a future event when a single man would arise as the Anti-Christ very few bought this lie until after WW2 and now it has universal acceptance thanks to those false prophets who don’t know Biblical Symbolism of which God gave us for good reason (too long to explain on here) the Great Whore represent n Apostate church, just as Virgin is symbolic for a true church as in the days of the Apostles and the early church. The Great Whore and her Harlot Daughters, those Protestant churches that took some of the false doctrines with them and even invented more. I have nothing personal against Catholics some of my family and friends are Catholics nor do I believe Catholics are going to hell, God calls them collectively Babylon (Confusion) only when the Messiah comes back and sets up his Kingdom for the thousand years of teaching will man learn how to worship his Creator, yes those poor souls who never heard the name of The Messiah will have a chance to learn. The Scriptures are pretty clear on this, yet man through ignorance and greed has painted a picture of our Savior as a tyrant and unjust. But that too will be brought to light. Happy New Year:-)

      1. I think you need to go to and read what Walid says about the End Times. Your not following the signs from the Bible. I have heard this before and it is not backed up in the Bible, but Walid backs up everything he puts forward.

  106. Satanists are in charge of the White House. They have flipped the American “Justice” System which no-longer promotes Virtue (Justice) as all “Justice” Systems have to—– because it has been subverted by Satanic Ethics.

  107. Muslim thieves claim the Bible’s
    prophets and steal land from Israel. They claim Jesus Christ and steal and
    slaughter all that belongs to him.

  108. Here is another example of the cynical (but, oh, so true!) quip “How can you tell when a politician is lying?” Answer: “A politician is lying when his/her lips are moving!” And that is true in spades of this illegal African alien who is stunningly lacking in character, principles, ethics and (if the rumors are true) morals. The same could be said of many of his staff, aides, assistants, and appointees. And I’ll not spook anyone, this time, on “elected” officials who come out of the same dirt bag. I seriously and solemnly believe that with “leaders” like these people, the short-term outlook is dark!

  109. I am disgusted daily by this foreign exchange frat boy and his burgeoning wife (beard). If he were Pinocchio his nose would trail a mile behind his boney ass.

  110. Lets get this straight. The people/Raphaim in the White House are Satanists…..not Christians nor even Muslims. It’s easy enough to see that the White House is directing the death of MILLIONS of Muslims in the Middle East as well. The goal is to kill, period. You haven’t seen anything yet. President Obama, Americas FINAL president, has a plan to kill off 300 Million Americans. Look up GEORGIA GUIDESTONES. Doubt it? Try defacing that monument and see what Obamas minions do to you. The Denver Airport murals – look it up…’s all laid out in plain site. Time to have your Come To Jesus moment if you haven’t yet already. Kapeesh?

  111. God it is time to take these so evil people out of the white house. I wish God would do an act and take them down. How I hate this government. Never did till the government screwed America and took our freedom away. How can you idiots who love obama watch America be destroyed? GOD BLESS AND PROTECT AMERICA.

  112. Due to the fact Barrack Hussein Obama was fathered by a socialist Muslim and fondest memories are reading his Koran on the beach in Indonesia who is foolish enough to believe he is a Christian??

  113. Every aspect of this kenyan marxist is false. Hope we all live long enough to see him hauled off to Federal Prison . . . .

  114. When you are vacationing in Hawaii (at taxpayer expense) you’re probably too busy to notice anything so trivial as Christians being martyred again. muslims are the most barbaric persons in modern times yet maobama wants us to be their friends. Sorry, I don’t accept slaughter of innocent Christians, “honor killings” and whatever else this scum (and their dear friend in the former white house) condones. Run them out of America before we end up looking like Europe; Europeans are now reaping the tragedy foisted upon them by spineless politicians, just as in America.

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