My GOP Proposal for the Next Four Years: Comply with Democrats 100 Percent

The stock-market’s plummet the day after President Obama was re-elected is the perfect symbol for what is to become of America over the next four years.

Obama not only beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College votes, but he did so handily (303 to 206). It appears that, at least for the time being, Americans are not ready to adopt conservative principles. That’s just the way it is.

Conservatives can use this to their advantage, however, and if they hope to have any influence in the future, they must. Otherwise this entitlement society, this kleptocracy, this highest national debt in the history of human civilization–in short, far-left progressivism–is here to stay. Conservatism’s only hope right now is for the Republicans in Congress to move out of the way and let Obama and his fellows do what they want.

It sounds like suicide, but it really is our only chance.

Now that Obama has no election to worry about, a fact that his senior adviser was eager to tell his dissenters on Election Day, he is going to reveal who he truly is. He has nothing to hide about his agenda now. He will reveal it slowly over perhaps the next year or year and a half so that his followers don’t immediately jump out of the boiling water, but if you thought Obama was extreme, you haven’t seen extreme yet.

Let him be extreme. Let him be himself. Let him tarnish his own legacy. If Republicans prevent Obama from being himself–that is, enacting the policies he wants in place–the majority of Americans, the ones who voted for him a second time, will have no reason not to vote for a similar candidate in the future.

Do not misunderstand. This does not mean we abandon our conservatism; it simply means stepping aside and letting the Democratic Party self-destruct.

Take, for example, the ever-deepening Benghazi scandal. We must continue pursuit of the truth behind Obama’s cover-up, but instead of commencing impeachment proceedings that doubtless would be warranted when all is revealed, Republicans should simply hold a press conference, or perhaps hold a nationally televised public gathering on the Mall, in which the details of the scandal are revealed in full. It would be a mass public shaming of the President, a far-reaching revelation of his corruption, and voters would realize the true nature of the man they re-elected.

Similarly, Republicans should let the Bush tax rates expire on January 1 of this upcoming year. They should let it be publicly known that they oppose the tax increase on principle and that if they had it their way, the rates would remain the same, “But,” they should say, “this is what the Democrats are asking for, so it’s what the Democrats will get. We will not stand in the way of Democrats raising your taxes.” By telling the public that we are opposed to raising taxes, but that we’re just going to let Democrats do what they want, the public will know that whatever are the consequences will be the result of Democratic policy. So let the Bush tax rates expire. The public will place the blame for the ensuing calamity squarely on the Democrats’ shoulders.

Likewise with oil exploration. Democrats don’t want us to drill, Democrats want to pass legislation preventing us from drilling, fine. Republicans should make it publicly known that they will comply fully with Democrats in whatever they want to do with regard to oil, but that they still believe Democrats are wrong. Get it on record like that. And then when gas reaches $6.00 a gallon nationwide, the public will understand it is by no doing of the Republicans.

Americans have unwittingly decided to double down on the worst thing that could happen to America. It is what they want. Letting them feel the natural consequences of their decision by Republican compliance with Obama and the Democrats would be the best thing that could happen to America, and I strongly urge all conservatives who read this to spread the message.

173 thoughts on “My GOP Proposal for the Next Four Years: Comply with Democrats 100 Percent

  1. Okay, I wrote the exact same thing not just yesterday in a comment over a the Market Watch. I said we had two choices, all Republicans vote present on all legislation or commence with introducing impeachment papers for each offense. One day on F and F. Next on Benghazi. Next on Bribery loans to bundlers. If the Republicans attempt to block or attempt to add to any legislation the media will demonize them. Let them have the run of the show. If they try something like implement industry takeovers and such, of course block but do not argue with them at that point, just vote against it. The thing is the Repubs wll have to present a united front in this plan. It would work, the Democrats would get everything they wanted, it would drive us over the cliff, the people would either bring pitchforks and rope or it would completely destroy the Dems.

      1. Which means that you prefer a radical left president over a moderate president. MItt Romney was not my first choice. I want a real conservative as president. But I will take a moderate like Mitt Romney over a radical left president like Obama.

        1. What the hell is your problem? I don’t have to vote for your Godless LDS mormon. Mitt Romney and Obama both make me want to PUKE! I wouldn’t vote for either one of them. Romney is just as big of Socialist as Obama.

        2. So as this country goes to hell you are as much to blame as those that voted for Obama. I hope that you will be happy with the result of this election. Thank you for your concern.

        3. Is that all you have to do is LIE about me? I never voted for Obama you obsequious buffoon. You lie like Mitt Romney does. You must be mormon they lie about everything.

        4. Not voting or voting for anyone who never had a chance to win – like a Gary Johnson or a write-in like Ron Paul was a vote for Obama simply because it took a vote away from the one person who had a chance to stop him. Gary Johnson got over a million of your idiotic votes which well might have made the difference depending on where they lived.

        5. No, apparently no one is as noble and wonderful as you, Jazzpast. We’re all just scum beneath your feet. I guess there will never be a candidate who can measure up to your divine standards. Congratulations on your humility, too, by the way.

        6. So by whatever choice you did make, you and others like you handed us back to another four years with a godless muslim instead. You and all who think and acted as you did, aren’t too far-thinking. At least Romney acknowledges Jesus as Savior. Whether it agrees with your definition of a Christian is irrelevant. America was founded on freedom of religion.

        7. Mitt Romney’s LDS mormon God isn’t my God. Mitt Romney’s LDS mormon God lives on planet KOLOB. And Romney’s mormon Jesus Christ is the brother of Satan. Mormons think there are mormon moon men living on the moon. Mormons think their magic mormon underwear are bulletproof. The teachings of Mitt Romney’s mormon cult are theologically in opposition to the Word of God. If mormonism is true then the Christian faith is a complete lie. There are hundreds of scrolls and manuscripts to back up the Bible. And there is nothing to back up the Book of mormon but Joseph Smith. And Joseph Smith was a murderer, racist, pedophile and polygamist with 27 wives. Many say over 60 wives. Joseph Smith’s book of Abraham was a made-up lie. Joseph Smith’s mormon truth is a lie. I couldn’t vote for anyone that was part of this cult. Mitt Romney’s mormon God isn’t my God!

        8. There’s so much that’s inaccurate and/or wrong with what you say. Kind of amusing, really. Think I’ll forward it to my Mormon friends – they could use a good laugh today. Think about this – down through time, every one of the presently acceptable Christian religions was a ‘cult’ offshoot from something else. Lutherans, split from Catholics, ditto Episcopalians, and all the rest. Some two dozen varieties of Mennonites, each a little different from the other. And so on.The LDS church is just a baby, in the same process. A hundred years or so and they’ll be considered mainstream just like yours is.

        9. Your Godless LDS mormon cult is just a tool of SATAN and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell. Your mormon cult won’t be around in a hundred years. Your Satanic LDS cult is no more Christian than a muslim.

        10. Well, for whatever it’s worth to you, I’m not Mormon nor do I have any desire to be. As a Baptist, I’m pretty mainstream. But if the late-night televangelists are to be believed, all that’s required to become a Christian, is to accept Jesus as your personal Saviour.
          Which the Mormons do, whether it’s your interpretation of Jesus or not. All that aside, though, Romney is a good man who would have been a much better pick than obama. I’m not quite sure why you’re ranting against the Mormons. Go hammer on the Muslims for a while. That’s where our problem is.

        11. Your no Christian because Christians don’t vote for Godless LDS mormon cult leaders like Mitt Romney. LDS mormon Mitt Romney’s God lives on planet KOLOB! MITT SCUMBAG LOST THE ELECTION SO YOU CAN STOP ATTACKING ME IDIOT!

        12. mormon Mitt Romney lost the election because of all the groups he was weak with. Women, Hispanics, African Americans, evengelical Christians and the Republican base. mormon Mitt Romney lost the election so you can stop ranting against me. 2012 ELECTION mormon MITT ROMNEY LOSER!

        13. Reasoning with you, Jazzpast, is obviously a waste of time, but don’t for one moment your twisted thinking represents evangelical Christians. If you can’t see the huge difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, you can’t have understood very much of the Bible. You don’t see the humility, charitable nature of Romney because of the huge log in your own eye. It’s not your business to do the judging but to discern based on what is closer to truth. Obama is a humongous liar. And if Romney is a liar, then he isn’t very good at lying. Romney would have nominated far better judges than Obama, we wouldn’t have a complete marxist attorney general, and our military would be far better supported. How do you think THEY feel having to serve under BO?

        14. I don’t hear anything you have to say. You mormon lie about everything. Your mormon God is SATAN the father of all lies. Dee, your just one more dishonest mormon trickster, fraud and liar. Joseph Smiths cult is based on lies. Like all mormon you will have your place in hell.

        15. You are like the people who laughed at Noah, who at the command of God built the Ark to save his family and two of every living thing on this earth. Ha, ha, ha, ha, they laughed at Noah.
          Ha, ha, ha they mocked him.
          The sum of the whole thing, the Ark was built.
          The water did rise and there was laughter no more.
          You are like the people who laughed and mocked Noah.
          At the end of the Ante-Deluvian world.

        16. My Christian God isn’t your mormon God. And mormonism isn’t a religion it’s a cult with nothing to back it up but Joseph Smith the criminal and polygamist. Your LDS mormonism is just a made up lie of Joseph Smith. And your mormon God is SATAN.

        17. Mitt Romney doesn’t stand for anything and he lies about everything. A real Christian wouldn’t vote for Romney or Obama. And Mitt Romney’s Jesus and Savior isn’t mine. America was founded by Christians and mormonism isn’t a religion it’s a cult.

        18. jazzpast…..another mushroom statement? Keep eating that liberal manure it sure is making you smarter (and more liberal).

        19. After Mitt Scumbags landslide defeat I guess we can assume God is giving mormon Romney the appropriate finger. Ha, ha, ha!

        20. All of your obscenities and insults are proving how little you really care about the Kingdom of God. As a Christian, I find your rantings incredibly offensive. You embarass the cause of Jesus Christ.

        21. The Republican base didn’t even vote for mormon Romney. No human in their right mind would vote for Romney or Obama.
          Guess Republicans don’t support the establishment of an LDS mormon theocratic state. Joseph Smith tryed that once before in 1834 after he organized an army to march on Independence Missouri. Joseph Smiths attempt of an LDS mormon kingdom and Theocracy FAILED! Kind of like RINO Romney FAILED. Ha, ha, ha!

        22. You and your logic. No place for that. 😉
          I’m not sure if the author of the above article is the same, if so the irony would just be too rich, but I seem to remember an article here lamenting the fact that there were no ‘Chrisitians’ running (on either ticket) since Romney and Ryan were Mormon and Catholic (I’m Catholic so found it particularly amusing) and Obama’s true beliefs were questionable at best and Biden was Catholic. So many people beat the snot out of the ticket up until the 11th hour and now sit there dazed and confused that it lost? Idiots. Romney was my last choice from the field (well perhaps slightly above Ron Paul) but I had enough common sense to know not voting for Romney this election under some naive pretense you were ‘standing on principle’ or the Romeny/Ryan ticket was somehow “just as bad” as Obama/Biden was absurd beyond discussion. Hope that principle makes them feel better as we watch Amerika fall into the abyss.
          And I completely agree with the sentiment of the article. Several (including me) have been saying it since the results were obvious. There’s no point in a slow bleed to death. Mash the accelerater and let’s get it done! The sooner we hit the reset button the better.

        23. We did our part to try to “Eject the Reject!” Now, we will have to keep fighting to protect what we do have left.

        24. So those of us who voted for the people that uphold their oath of office and defend our Constitution… you blame us for his defeat?

          How about all the people that didn’t vote… they out number everyone who did.

          You said: “I had enough common sense to know not voting for Romney this election under some naive pretense you were ‘standing on principle’ or the Romeny/Ryan ticket was somehow “just as bad” as Obama/Biden was absurd beyond discussion.”

          Principle is the only thing you can stand on… Principle Doesn’t Change and that’s the whole point of having a principle!

          How many times did Romney change HIS stance on abortion… when he’s running for office, when he’s not running… how many times?

          If you don’t stand for something… you’ll fall for anything, which is how we got here in the first place, or hadn’t you noticed?

          A lot of us were thinking… the lesser of two evils is still an evil.

          One wants to go fast and the other a little slower, but still over the same cliff. If we can’t vote for Obama why would anyone think it’s perfectly acceptable to vote for Romney… the GOP’s hand picked poster boy.

          They should have thought of this before marginalizing Ron Paul… he won a primary early on and all anyone would talk about was the guy who came in second… he’s leading from behind, they exclaimed!

          It was Republican’s along with the media doing that… what B.S.

          We don’t have a two party system anymore… too many of them have turned socialist to get re-elected, and the GOP in their infinite stupidity or Grand Design get what they want… progressive liberal policies no matter who wins… they all want to be in charge of everyone else.

          You said: “The sooner we hit the reset button the better”

          Great, so you agree.

          Thanks for finally coming around to the argument Ron Paul has made for the past 10+ years… to bad it took so long for everyone wake up :(

        25. I am guessing you are a Paulbot. You can stand on priniciple without demanding everything in one election. It has taken us 90 year or more to get into this mess – since WWilson, for Pete sake – Romney was an incremental step in the right direction. ANything would have been better than what we got. However, you must consider that until there is a means of selecting a candidate for a major party without having to take the dregs that are left for us by those who control things from “behind the curtain” we will have to accept small steps to change. They will not permit violent change because it might upset their apple/money cart. But with time, we can swing things back where they need to be. I totally believe in standing on principle, but shooting yourself in the foot gets nobody closer to a restored America. Silence = Consent. NOt voting or withholding your vote or throwing it away on a third party loser is the same thing…you voted for Obama. Plain and simple.

        26. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

          Yep that’s the problem… always somebody else to blame, go cry yourself to sleep, the world is a tough place and little minds like yours shouldn’t be out after dark.

        27. Hi, Tom,

          I understand your position, but you are wrong on this point: Romney was not an incremental step in the right direction! He was an incremental step in the wrong direction! When you see this reality, everything else makes sense.

        28. To Get a clue: your assumptions are all wrong. If you accept the classical Judeao-Christian concept of mankind as a deeply flawed creature, then by definition, ANY human candidate is ALWAYS the lesser of two evils. So, what the heck is so wrong with have the lesser of two evils? Would you rather have the worse of two evils? Is that what you want for yourself and your children? How ludicrous!
          Secondly: You fail to understand that voting is a significant blessing which you take for granted. Throughout history, very few humans ever had a chance to vote in an election to select national leaders. In my opinion, failing to vote from principle means you refuse to show gratitude for this God-given blessing, and you despise the right for which so many Americans gave their lives to protect. In my opinion, there’s no moral leg to stand on here. Perhaps God will see this as refusal to give him thanks.
          To many people in not-free nations, your attitude sounds like a spoiled brat.

        29. Your Presumption’s are flawed because they’re not based on the truth.

          First off, I assume nothing and take nothing for granted… it is you who fail to understand.

          Your feelings have nothing to do with it, and if your going to be honest with yourself and act like an adult when dealing with important matters… meaning the 10 year old in YOUR back seat shouldn’t be allowed to drive the car… ever!

          You’ll act accordingly, based on an intelligent and thoughtful examination of the facts as in –

          You’ll know a man by His ACTIONS

          Obama and Romney have a very flawed record, they’re both Progressive, Liberal, New World Order, Want to run every aspect of your life, Wrong for America candidates period. Thankfully there was a 3rd. choice with an excellent record of upholding his oath of office and following the Constitution – that’s who I voted for… so yes, you got that one wrong too.

          You said: “If you accept the classical Judeao-Christian concept of mankind as a deeply flawed creature, then by definition, ANY human candidate is ALWAYS the lesser of two evils.”


          Sinful as we are, everyone has the moral obligation to choose what is right, it’s not an option to do otherwise – your thinking is flawed… and that’s what got us here in the first place.

          The Founding Fathers struggled with this same problem when it came to slavery. They decided to choose the “Lesser of Two Evils” by accepting slavery in order to form our country.

          And how well has that worked out?

          We keep fighting the same battle over and over because people WON’T stand on principle and do the right thing by rejecting all forms of slavery… all the government programs that only keep people impoverished at everyone else’s expense so politicians can remain in office.

          Just take a looked at what “The Lesser of Two Evils” has gotten us today…

          The Congressional Progressive Caucus AKA
          The Socialist Party of American –

          They boast of having 70 Congressional Democrats in their caucus… these are seated members of Congress who we have given over control of our lives to… but it gets worse, because that information came out in October 2009 and now there’s more of them in positions of power.

          See for yourself:

          Still don’t see a problem with voting for “The Lesser of Two Evils”…?

          I think it shows a severe lack of thinking for any “Rational Human Being” to believe that doing the same thing over and over will result in a different outcome… it’s bad enough if you do that in your own personal life, but it’s stupidity on steroids when it comes to running our Country.

          The Truth Will Set You Free… so please stop blaming others for your self delusional appetites, learn the facts and act like an adult… we’ll all be much better off if you do.

        30. My “self-delusional appetites”? I have no idea what in heck you are blathering about. If you failed to vote for Romney, you voted for Obama, whether you went to the ballot box or not.

          And if you cannot see any sort of difference between Obama and Romney, you’re either ill-informed or stupid.

          If you are a Christian, which I doubt, you should understand that as far as God is concerned, we are all terribly sub-par. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to do better. The fact is that Romney is not nearly the liar that Obama is. Shouldn’t that count for something?

          Are you saying that unless your favorite Republican candidate wins in the primary, then you won’t vote at all? This is toddler-like behavior. Life is always about choices between one thing and another. As a Christian, we are not only to choose to do good, we are also supposed to oppose evil. To vote for Romney would be voting to oppose the evil of Obama.

          Your real problem is that you can’t see any difference at all, and that’s just a stupid attitude, and not worth attempting to address.

        31. There are none so blind as those who will not see… there were 3 people
          on the ballot, NOT just two as you keep insisting by referring to only
          Obama or Romney.

          Yes, I’d call that self delusional… you know, seeing only what you want to see.

          you’re incapable of understanding what I wrote, because you keep making
          assumptions based on your clearly selfish, irresponsible and delusional

          If everyone in this country could have everything they
          wanted and all it took was voting for the lesser of two evils… but
          that meant YOU were the “Only One” who paid the price with your life.

          Would that be acceptable to you…?

          Because that’s exactly how you just voted.

          I couldn’t vote for someone who would do that to you or anyone else, but apparently you don’t have a problem with that.

          it comes to other peoples lives that’s not just sad comment on how far
          our country has gotten off track… that kind of thinking is criminal,
          and some day everyone will have to answer for it.

          From what you
          wrote it seems as though you simply want things to go on without too
          much disruption in your life, thinking that some day everything will
          magically get better… and that’s a big problem for everyone who
          understands that true Freedom is only found when you have respect other
          peoples lives and are willing to defend them when they are threatened…
          even if you’re the only one doing so.

          You’re displaying a selfish
          child like behavior… an, I got mine… so sorry there’s none left for
          you… maybe next time attitude. And stomping your feet, pissing and
          moaning isn’t going to help, because you didn’t get what you wanted.

        32. There are none so blind as those who will not see… there were 3 people on the ballot, NOT just two as you keep insisting by referring to only Obama or Romney.

          Yes, I’d call that self delusional… you know, seeing only what you want to see.

          Apparently you’re incapable of understanding what I wrote, because you keep making assumptions based on your clearly selfish, irresponsible and delusional views.

          If everyone in this country could have everything they wanted and all it took was voting for the lesser of two evils… but that meant YOU were the “Only One” who paid the price with your life.

          Would that be acceptable to you…?

          Because that’s exactly how you just voted.

          I couldn’t vote for someone who would do that to you or anyone else, but apparently you don’t have a problem with that.

          When it comes to other peoples lives that’s not just sad comment on how far our country has gotten off track… that kind of thinking is criminal, and someday everyone will have to answer for it.

          From what you wrote it seems as though you simply want things to go on without too much disruption in your life, thinking that someday everything will magically get better… and that’s a big problem for everyone who understands that true Freedom is only found when you have respect other peoples lives and are willing to defend them when they’re threatened… even if you’re the only one doing so.

          You’re displaying a selfish child like behavior… an, I got mine… so sorry there’s none left for you… maybe next time attitude. And stomping your feet, pissing and moaning isn’t going to help, because you didn’t get what you wanted.

        33. There are none so blind as those who will not see… there were 3 people on the ballot, NOT just two as you keep insisting by referring to only Obama or Romney.

          Yes, I’d call that self delusional… you know, seeing only what you want to see.

          Apparently you’re incapable of understanding what I wrote, because you keep making assumptions based on your clearly selfish, irresponsible and delusional world views.

          If everyone in this country could have what they wanted, and all it took was voting for the lesser of two evils… but that meant YOU were the “Only One” who paid the price with your life.

          Would that be acceptable to you…?

          Because that’s exactly how you just voted.

          I couldn’t vote for someone who would do that to you or anyone else, but apparently you don’t have a problem with that.

          When it comes to other peoples lives that’s not just sad comment on how far our country has gotten off track… that kind of thinking is criminal, and someday everyone will have to answer for it.

          From what you wrote it seems as though you simply want things to go on without too much disruption in your life, thinking that someday everything will magically get better… and that’s a big problem for everyone who understands that true Freedom is only found when you have respect other peoples lives and are willing to defend them when they are threatened… even if you’re the only one doing so.

          You’re displaying a selfish child like behavior… an, I got mine… so sorry there’s none left for you… maybe next time attitude. And stomping your feet, pissing and moaning isn’t going to help, because you didn’t get what you wanted.

      2. McCain pulled amnesty on us. Mitt pulled a state version of Obamacare. The GOP stole Ron Pauls votes all along the way, and now they ask WHY???I think its rather obvious. But of course they are saying its because they arent liberal enough. They are cursed with their own lies.

        1. It was a major screw up to not seat Ron Paul’s delegates and give him the opportunity to speak at the convention. His followers are really devoted and I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut, they all voted for Gary Johnson.

        2. The GOP wanted their establishment liberal moderate loser Mitt Romney and they got him. 3 million fewer Republicans voted for RINO Romney. I’m not the only person that refuses to vote for anymore GOP liberal moderates. Hell Carol Fryer, RINO Romney is a fake, elitist, flip-flopping phoney that stands for nothing and lies about everything. Every word out of Romney’s mouth is a lie. Mitt Scumbag makes me want to PUKE!

      3. So you didn’t do your patriotic duty? If you didn’t vote, you have no say. To say that Mormons are “godless” belies your ignorance. There are many, many tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints that are cultish, but they are not godless (maybe Harry Reid is, though). I am a Christian who voted for Mitt Romney who happens to have studied cults in seminary. They are indeed a cult, but you need to read the “Thirteen Articles of Faith” as listed by Joseph Smith. Number 1 states” “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” What a far better nation this would be if we all believed that. I find Article 13 is most enlilghtening to better understand the Mormon: “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtous, and in doing good to all men.” When we defile men of such good report as Mitt Romeny and choose to either not vote or vote for an opponent, then we are demonstrating our own lack of virtue. Your not voting for Romney has had a part in allowing an evil, radical revolutionary to run roughshod over our nation. When you want to look at a loser, you have only to look in the mirror.

        1. There is a place reserved near Satan for the (self) righteous Scribes and Pharisees who, like jazzpast, have saddled their own children (and ours) with the debt, the loss of God-given liberty, and the tyranny of O’bama.

          Oh, they are “pure”. They will say to their Jesus, “Yea, Lord, Thou knowest I love Thee: I didn’t vote for that ‘Mormon’.” May they enjoy their reward.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        1. I didn’t say everyone was stupid, my comment was directed to jazzpast, who is stupid. As indicated in the comment.

        2. I think gray man is only referring to jazzpast.Of course that’s only an assumption if he was pro-Romney.

      4. Jazzpast. Give a year then make such a comment. Obviously you hate America. Most liberals do. You know the old ABA attitude. Anywhere but America. Make sure the rest of the world is taken care of but forget America. You know Obama lied about any improvement in American life. Unemployment up? Only stupid people don’t realize that IT IS THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Lots of temp and part time jobs. Obama is not a “progressive” (a liberal, yes!) but entirely “regressive”. In 1776 WE, Americans, rose up against a king and won. Obama wants to be king and you and your ilk put him on the throne. The liberal newspaper thinks Americans are mushrooms they feed us manure and keep us in the dark. You are a mushroom.

        1. I don’t care that you post on me and shoot your mouth off.. But don’t post LIES on here about me! Where did you hear me say I voted for Obama? Don’t post anymore LIES about me you LDS mormon trash. I didn’t vote for Obama or RINO Romney. And I never heard that Obama wanted to be King? Obama was voted into Office for 4 more years by the people of the United States. Sounds like your eating to many shrooms.

        2. I don’t get the feeling that jazzpast voted obama. But I do think he sounds like a Paulbot or Johnson follower. They are pretty militant too … maybe more so that obamaites.

      5. You are a fool and an idiot.You are so blinded by your own goodness that you do not realize that you have lain down with swine.You would rather have a moon god worshipper of a muslim as your leader than a Christian?Yes,fool,LDS believe in Jesus Christ,and they wholeheartedly believe in the United States of America.If a person worshipped a pet rock but believed in the USA,that’s who I would vote for.Pick up a bible.Read Samuel 8:18.It says.”And ye shall cry out on that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you;and the Lord will not hear you on that day.”

        1. Romney never was a good choice. The Republican base sure didn’t vote for him either. Romney and Obama both make me want to PUKE! Romney lost the election, it’s over. The GOP better run real Republicans and conservatives. Anymore liberal moderates and the Republican party will be dead.

        2. You’re just a sore loser, face it! Romney was selected by the delegates voting. All of us agree he was not ideal, but he is clearly a decent person, a charitable one, and has created jobs, and knows how things operate. He does not divide people on the basis of race, class, or gender. Obama DOES that. How could it not be crystal clear to you that Romney is a better leader than Obama?

    1. When you say “brain dead sheep”, do you mean the Pharisee-like, self-righteous people like “jazzpast” above?

      There is a place near Satan for the scribes and Pharisees whose (self) righteousness has condemned our children and children’s children to the burdens O’bama will place on their shoulders.

      Their “purtiy” they value more than religious freedom — O’bama will eliminate that.

      Their “purity” they prize more than freedom of speech a will squelch that.
      Their “purity they placed higher than their love of family — O’bama will destroy the very idea of family.

      But, oh! They are “pure”. On that day, they will say to their Jesus, “Yea, Lord, Thou knowest that I love Thee: I didn’t vote for the Mormon.”

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      1. You know in Russia everyone has a job but everyone makes the same amount of money: postmen, engineers, techies, maids, etc. The politicos don’t fall into that category. That is from a woman who was born and raised in Russia. She emigrated to Ameica and expressed dispair that Obama was leading us down the slippery slope. Mantra: “Trust in the Lord. Have faith. Do not despair. Trust in the Lord.” Found that one in the Bible when I was going through complete and total hell. It works for me.

  2. “Americans have unwittingly doubled down” – no, I don’t think so. The people that wanted Obama are simply unwilling to work for themselves and think everyone else owes them a living. they were very conscious of what they want and their fool prince that will give it to them. I think I agree with the theme of the article, though, if total welfare is what they want, give it to them. the rest of us just have to be ready to survive the ensuing collapse

    1. bobrsta maybe the ones that have worked all our lives should just sit on our asses and protect what asset we have for the good of our families. When we are not productive and do not earn anything we pay little taxes. now we can watch as the gimme crowd slowly starve to death . and let them do it with dignity

  3. Our group came to the same conclusion. If Obama wants to destroy the country, let him do it! We have a better chance to recover if we let the libs demonstrate their destructive plans than if we fight and delay the death until there is no way to recover.

    1. We won’t even have to do that. When these morons see their entitlements disappearing one by one over the next few years because there will be no way to borrow the money to afford them, they will get it. They will then begin to complain and may even riot. You just can’t convince a stupid and non thinking person how to reason.
      They just assured their destruction and they deserve what is coming.

  4. Republicans should start working on finding a real candidate for the next election. Neither of the last two had much to offer. Why can’t they some one with a little personality and fire!

    1. While I would love to see this, there is no way it will happen. The Republican leadership is beholden to the elites in Washington and is more dedicated to the status quo than reversing course. No stomach for the consequences of such an act, unfortunately.

    2. Romney had to run against the MSM and the teacher who fail to teach how great this country is and how evil any other type of government is, i.e. socialism, marxism, etc. As it was, BHusseinO barely won re-election. Romney did a terrific job.

  5. Amen – Americans spit in the face of GOD, reason, and decency for the second time in a row. Now it is time for America to reap what it has sown.

    1. Amierican? How many illegals (and legal immigrants but not citizens), how many voted more than once, how many ballots were “lost”, bribes, cellephones?, he gonna giv me?,. Even Katie Couric mentioned that, according to polls, conservatives out number liberals 2 – 1. America claims to be 82% Christian. Where were these votes?

  6. While I shudder to think what my country will look like by 2016 if Republicans let Obama and the Democrats have their way, I can also see the brilliance of this strategic move. Let the majority of voters who re-elected Obama have what they want, and get what they deserve. When the economy is in a shambles by 2016, and they see that Obama’s policies have been the cause, they will not vote for another Democrat for years to come. Well, the suicidal will, but most rational people will not.

    1. Maccabeus – this country would fall before then …… then, it can be started over again, properly, lawfully.

    2. Dick Morris stated that he was so wrong with his prediction because he thought the results of the 2008 elections were an anomoly(?), but he now says that it is what any non-Democrat will be facing in the future. 90% of the black vote, 70% of the Latino/Hispanic vote, 66% of the single woman vote and a majority of the youthful vote. Given those votes, any democrat needs only 15% of the rest of our votes.
      We do not have multiple parties, so we need to pick whom we will vote for. If you don’t vote your faith, you will surely lose, even if your candidate wins. I know lots of people who think that the economy is already in shambles and that Obama’s policies have been largely to blame. That didn’t stop them from voting for him again. Give them cell phones, disability, SSI, medicaid, and food stamps and you almost guarantee yourself another term.

      1. They will all soon realize that the government has run out of “other people’s money” and there is nothing for them. The useful idiots are no longer needed.

        1. I am a retired Army Chaplain, a collector of Social Security, a retired school teacher, and a retired minister. Before the government tells the “entitled” ones, I will find my millitary pension, my social security, and my school pension drastically reduced.
          If you have a government pension of any type, Social Security, Medicare, or other government entitlement (they are NOT benefits because they are earned so those who earned them are entitled to them) it will be used to keep the “benefits” coming (benefits because they are from the “goodness” of the giver). We are a long way from reducing “benefits” because they will reduce our “entitlements” until there is little to reduce.

        2. wild bill, you are correct. Before the government will stop paying the “takers,” they will take everything from the productive. This includes you since you’ve already paid your dues.

          It makes me sick to think of what is going to happen to our country.

        3. I worked 48 years for what I have but don’t think it will be there in another year or so. That is almost two thirds of my life for nothing. Makes me want to cry.

    3. What makes you think we will have an election in 2016? Check out Hugo Chavez’s plans for Venezuela. He has nationalized industry, took land from people who have owned it for years and gave it to deadbeats, called off an election (made himself dictator) and now claims that Venezuela is having problems with “criminals” running in the streets. Don’t suppose those criminals could be “freedom fighters”?

  7. You are forgetting one thing, the mainstream media. They will spin everything to still make bho and the dems look good. If the media had not been a fifth column this man would not have been elected in the first place, much less re-elected.

    1. If the Republicans vote the Republican way, the media will blame the Republicans. If we step aside and make it publicly known, widely known, that we are going to vote WITH the Democrats on everything, or at least vote present, the media will LOVE that. They will cover that story hugely because they will see it as a victory over conservatives. So the media will get it out there that Republicans are “FINALLY” playing along with the Democrats…so when calamity strikes, how can conservative policy be blamed? How will anyone buy that? Everyone will know, because the media reported it earlier, that Democrats have been running the show, and Republicans have been letting them. So this plan will absolutely work. I’m going to contact every Republican in the House and Senate.

      1. No, it WON’T work! “How will anyone buy that?”? The same way they have bought the lies of the media and Obama’s spin machine and PAC donors for the last four years! Don’t be naive! P. T. Barnum once said, “No

        one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people!”.

      2. Chris, the tactical way to handle such an idea is to have all Republicans vote “present” rather than supporting Obama’s agenda.

        But better tactics would be to give Obama ONE Christmas present – namely, that he gets to soak the rich as he proposes – and then to close off any further cooperation. Sure, the House will pass its own legislation and Obama and Harry Reid are free to consider it for Senate passage or presidential signing, but anything else – debt limit increases, appropriations bills, budget passage – presented to the House is dead on arrival for the duration of Obama’s presidency.

    2. When I first read this guy’s premise, the first thing I said to myself was, “He’s forgetting about the mainstream media!”. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and you had beaten me to it, Dotti. All that would happen if we followed this guy’s advice, is we would facilitate the destruction of the country by participating in Obama’s policies, and then when the resultant carnage occurred, the lamestream media would proclaim that it was our fault, (or Bush’s, take your pick!).

    3. We need to beat the media who protects Obama. This can be done if we find out who the advitisors are. Email everyone you can and tell them to email all the advitisors tell them if they continue to advertise on these liberal programs we the people will boycott and not buy any of there products. Will this work ? Yes! If we can get enough people behind it! We need to tackle the liberal media where it hurts!

  8. While in principle this isn’t too bad of an idea, in reality it will not work.

    Rush had an interesting discussion yesterday about the fact that the GOP has FAR more minorities, be it women, blacks, or hispanics, in positions of power, but you would never know it.

    The same thing would happen here. The marxists have a knack for beating the GOP and the GOP remains impotent in dealing with the marxists. Somehow, SOME WAY, by NOT contesting what the marxists try to do, when it all falls apart, the blame will somehow find the GOP. It’s been FOUR years and the overwhelming majority of those voting for O’Bozo STILL “blame Bush”… Another problem is that, once given everything for free, people are not likely to give it up. The idea of wanting “opportunity” in this nation is no longer the desire of the majority. It has been replaced by “more, more, more”…..

    We are well past the point of no return and will no implode into the death spiral as O’Bozo prints off more and more money to keep the natives happy….

    It hasn’t been FORTY EIGHT hours, and already we are bombarded with talk of tax increases, housing values dropping again, lay-offs, sales down, UN arms treaty,,,,,

    But frankly, the nation deserves it. The mighty Boa’s son asked yesterday,,”is this how it was under Carter?”… The mighty Boa thought for a moment and replied “No,, this is much worse,,, at least people still had enough sense and decency to get rid of Carter”…

    1. I disagree, they have used the Bush tax cuts for propaganda for 4 years, let them expire. We campaigned on ” Your plan hasn’t worked” and it didn’t resonate because Obama supporters are largely dependent on goverment checks or assistance in one way or another. Romney was just being honest when he talked about the 47%. If you don’t own a car why would gas prices bother you ? If you don’t pay taxes or work for that matter, why would you give a damn about the Bush cuts expiring ? If you work in fed, state, or local govt. your not going to be laid off untill the agency is broke. Jealousy of the rich is as old as time itself. Until more of the population is suffering under a depression or worse, you will not see meaningful change in anything. We can help speed the train off the cliff if we will just stand aside.

      1. Sure. We can “step aside” and let it speed over, but you WATCH who will get the blame,,, why do you think the marxists always try so hard just to get one or two GOP members to vote with them? “Bi-partisanship”? No!! They do it so that, in the event something about whatever legislation goes wrong, they jump in front of the cameras CLAIMING it had “bi-partisan” support so..”Don’t blame US!!!”….

        The O’Bozo adminstration is paying its FEMALE employess LESS than male counterparts, but all we hear is that the GOP hates females. We hear the GOP doesnlt support hispanics and blacks, yet WHO had a black, female Secretary of State? Who nominated a female for vice-president, only to have her assaulted relentlessly by the media and the marxists? Rubio, Rodriguez, Allen West, Bachmann, Palin and many, many more, but we get this endless assault about how the GOP doesn’t do anything to be “inclusive” regarding minorities. And most importantly, the majority of the public BELIEVES it. McCain threw all caution to the wind in order to try to get amnesty. What good did it do him?

        And unfortunately, many people still believe the outdated belief that illegals come here to “start a new life” in the same manner as people came here between 1600 and say 1970. But this is not the case. The overwhelming majority of hispanics coming here do so because they have heard they can get everything for free. THAT is why they come. Same with many other races, nationalities, whatever. All? No, of course not. But when it comes to illegals, certainly the large majority. Otherwise they would do it LEGALLY! How can you grant citizenship to people who START here by breaking our laws? And as the mighty Boa has pointed out, and why he will not vote for any GOP candidate until they support mandatory deportation, they are a HUGE problem for our economy. If someone is not serious enough to address this problem in the only manner by which it can be solved, they are NOT going to help the economy. Illegals are draining Social Security, receiving money from SS while CITIZENS who have paid into SS for DECADES are told THEY have to accept “reduced benefits”. Illegals are getting SNAP, EBT, section 8 housing, benefits for education,,,, this costs in the hundreds of billions. They are overloading hospitals, emergency rooms and other medical centers. They are one of the biggest contributing factors regarding the elevated unemployment rates and also play a large roll in wage stagnation.

        Despite all of this, rather than uphold the law, the GOP has attempted to outdo the marxists in catering to the illegals and believe that they can somehow win the hispanic vote this way. The ONLY way to now recapture marxist voting blocks is to promise more than the marxists do. Meanwhile the borders remain open and the illegals continue to flood the nation. THIS is exactly why the mighty Boa says we have passed the point of no return. Those who are on the gravy train now total over 50 percent, are growing by the hour, and will NOT decide they would rather work for a living as opposed to getting everything for free. To cut them off would only lead to mayhem in the streets. Of course the mighty Boa supports that and is very distraught that we haven’t enjoyed it already… But THAT is the ONLY way to stop what is going on, and at this point, there really is no guarantee OUR side will even prevail then… Of course the Founders didn’t know for sure whether they would win or lose, but fought the good fight regardless….hopefully we will soon have the same opportunity….

        1. After reading your post I think I will buy another 1000 rounds of .223 and a 100 lbs of beans….

      2. I don’t get why people of your opinion are so eager to speed the train off the cliff? I personally don’t want to live in this nation once it’s off the cliff. Do you really understand what this would mean? There is zero reason to think that we will get to push a reset button and go back to a sensible democratic republic respecting a constitution. Look at the condition of Ukrainia, Russia, and some of the other post-socialist nations. They are still a wreck. Once people descend into depravity, there is no retrieving them without a divine work.

  9. The problem with agreeing and going along with the Democrat agenda is the aftermath. If ANY THING goes bad (food lines, food rationing, civil unrest, hyper-inflation, terrorism, riots, black-outs, $20 gas, stock crash), ANY THING, then the Democrats will blame the Republicans for it all. Of course it will be a lie, but that is what they do.

  10. But what about Israel!! Israel “used to be our ally”! Israel is one of The USA’s longest ally’s and Israel is in deep trouble that the current administration helped create! We cannot look away as people did in the time of Hitler, but mainstream media is doing just that!!! Who will stand and help save Israel if not us? Please consider this fact, as you think of supporting Democrats’ 100 percent now! Do you have a plan of action for Israel and The Christians being currently killed, driven from their homes and persecuted there today?! This is a reality now! I think you overlooked this in your article! We cannot just look away!~

    1. Mainstream media? Big joke. Have your heard anything about Libya since the election? It has been swept under the rug. The Repubs in the House haven’t the guts to follow up. Just like Fast and Furious.

      1. Yes, I SO agree with you! It is people like Michelle Bachman in the House of Representatives who spoke out about the troubles she sees and decided to call a spade a spade but was shamed for supposed Islamaphobia! Interesting that it was a woman speaking out and not a man, which makes me wonder exactly who is wearing “the pants” in the American Congress? Is everything there in Disney D.C. about re-election and “favors”…Does anyone out there in Congress have any patriotism and guts other than Michelle Bachman?…Michelle was immediately and fervently attacked when she spoke and asked questions that need answers…Oh, but everyone is now using the “offended” thing, too, instead of giving us real answers. The press no longer works at all, they just have the White House dictate what the Administration wants printed and then, the press rubber stamps it as “truth” and frees those lies to us the American people. Main media “prints” and calls it the truth, when it is a pack of lies….Are Americans now totally stupid? Who believes and reads the press as truth?…Lots of Americans that is who!…And that is scary! Also, the olde “mean spirited” comes up instead of answers to real questions regarding foreign policy, gun ownership, taxes and “True Healthcare” as abortions are not health care at all and since it takes “two to tango” why are babies in the making not a man’s issue, too! We live in a country now where the truth is “mean spirited” and anything and everything can be referred to as “racist” if ones’ opinion is not in compliance with the real racist, who is most always these days the accusor and not the accused. Libs just do not get that they have more to loose in the long run than the conservatives. Conservatives are know as those who depend upon ourselves and know and are concerned with our freedoms and we do something with ourselves; we reach goals; we are taught to be intelligent and celebrate true Freedom and Democracy. Dependency upon a government “Of The People” gets pretty ugly and is only going to get uglier, as the welfare received is not in real money, it is in debt 16 trillion to be exact!….Yes, where are our answers about the Middle East, Libya, Egypt’s’ new “democracy” (which is no democracy at all and this administration got the crooks in power over there, too) and how come truth in the main media is now totally subjective not objective anymore.

  11. It seems to me that due to the political ignorance and the lack of civic responsibility of a majority of the voting public, only economic and/or government collapse will wake them to need for limited government our founders demanded. There are quite a few people that still think Obamacare is free healthcare for God’s sake! Upon explaining that no, it means that they have to buy insurance or face a fine/tax I was called a liar. I guess you really can’t fix stupid.

    1. You can fix stupid; however, it is illegal. I told one of my co-workers who was really giddy about “it’s not my fault Obama” getting to still squat in our White House. I told her to celebrate now, because she is on the same ship I am. The useful idiots no longer have any use, and they too will find out what happens.

      1. What a man! Ridiculed, pushed out of office, etc. Who did the Brits run to when all hell broke loose? Who will be OUR Churchill?

  12. The Republicans talked to much about the medicine necessary to cure the economy and too little of the consequences of continuing down the path of destruction. Hard numbers with graphic illustrations were needed but not delivered . Now it is time to do just as the author suggests. But as others here have stated keep an accurate record and hold these elected officials accountable. We must vote against the stupidity of the Big government advocates and hope that lessons learned in this election, take hold for 2014 and 2016. Change by attrition will take a while but every seat is important, and every candidate must pass the test of being more interested in the country than the career. IT is going to take real courage to turn this around.

    1. The problem with having the GOP vote “here” is that the extreme conservatives will want to put us a fight just to stand on their “principles”, so that won’t come to pass.
      I see a two party system. The Democrats and everyone else. If everyone else stood together and voted as a block the democrats would win. The key word is “vote”, which is something too many “conservatives” didn’t do. They were too “principled” to remove a revolutionary leftest. They will get what they deserve, along with all of those people who voted because of race of for “entitlements”. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also get what they deserve. Way to go.

    2. Talking in abstracts does not work. Romney had many rounds of loaded “big gun” issues at his disposal, but barely danced around them. He could have said nothing and still have the same outcome for the election.
      The author’s suggestion may work, and it would make the appearance of compromise that so many are looking for on the left. If we don’t concede to his wishes, Obama has already made it quite clear he will do it with or without approval, so instead of making him look “stronger” let them do it together and then they all get egg on their faces when it does not work. So, just record the Republicans as present and oppose in theory and let them self destruct. There are not many other choices anyway.

  13. I understand the point you are making. But it has been tried it is called California. That is what we will get a nation that is bankrupt, financially, morally and in its education. We will not be able to maintain our national parks. Wait until gas is 8.00 a gallon. We will not be able to afford foreign good, and with OHB regulations not be able to make our own products. We will not have energy, he will stop natural gas, coal, oil and his green energy will not work in the next four years. And this is just the start of the list.
    And you want to make it happen faster? At least we should go down fighting.

  14. Funny, I sent a Letter To The editor of our local paper just yesterday along the same lines. Its time for the takers to get the government they deserve. They’ll end up with more money but it will be worth much less, healthcare but with a quality deserving of farm animals, and time on their hands but without any freedom. My guess is that they’ll be happier than pigs in _ _ _ _, but just maybe enough of the rest of us will wake up.

  15. I said that last night to my family members. I do believe they will self destruct. Someone said that America will destroy itself from within. I do believe it is happening. I don’t want to hear a WORD from the libs when all of this comes to a head with high taxes, healthcare, and other things he has put in place. I pray that the people who truly didn’t want this don’t have to suffer with them.

  16. Yep!
    Tell the truth about everything – then concede and allow the socialist, left, liberal, democrats to do what ever they want to do.
    When your taxes are too high and make working for a living, non-cost effective, quit and go on welfare. Remove the tax base that the liberal Ideal is based on.
    Let them do what ever they want and when the entire country comes crashing down in the next year or so, be armed and stocked to survive.
    Then, when the smoke clears and the bodies are buried, we can dust off the Constitution and start this country over again, the way it is supposed to be, as it was founded – should last for another 200 years, or so.

  17. Mitt Romney had a perfect opportunity to show Obama for the deceiver and incompetent he is in the 3rd debate and he kept completely quiet. Why? I don’t know but I guess he was told to be quiet by someone. Something happened from the 1st debate to the 2nd and even the 3rd. Romney got a lot of attention the 1st debate and then he just backed totally down. You draw your own conclusions. The only way the majority that voted for Obama are going to finally see, is when everything totally falls and their self-proclaimed savior fails them and leaves them weeping in the streets.

  18. this article is based on the assumption that the useful idiots who voted him back in would understand that the results are the consequence of their actions. Who believes that to be true? They bought his lies, and obfuscation this time around, when the bottom falls out and Obama blames Bush and the Repubs, they will buy it again.

  19. I was thinking the same thing this morning, after the giant pit in my stomach began to shrink a little. Why not go ahead and let them have their way, all the way. Maybe the US can be like a burned out forest and come back to life in 4 years, when all is utter chaos and nothing is left.

    1. I think I would rather have a military takeover. The military doesn’t like Obama. That is probably why a lot of GIs didnt get to vote.

  20. I agree with this, if they stand on principle the MSM will continue to blame republicans. Give the socialists what they want, march firmly towards communism…let Americans suffer. I am prepared and hope all like minded have guns,ammo, gold, food,and other necessities…and for goodness sake get the heck out of the big cities and away from minorities.

    1. I disagree with you completely. I, for one, do NOT want to suffer, and I think you don’t fully realize how bad things could get if we do not put up a fight.

  21. A handful of states run by progressives and communist Democrats will do all they can to suppress Republicans, conservatives, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage Christians in the years ahead. Even if they get rid of Obama, the Democrats will put another one up there just as bad and keep him or her in office simply because that is the character of the Democrat. They are nasty, thuggish, have a friendly media of like minded liberals, and feel empowered to run the country with or without the Constitution. Just like the Democrats have joined together in a gang of socialists and completely run Chicago and New York, they will do this to the whole country. With demographics on their side, they will court and bribe hispanics to vote Democrat, allow more illegals in the land, and take America down the sewer of history and financial ruin,. If the country falls apart more, they will simply become the new communists and show their true leftist colors. The Republicans are more honorable, honest and smarter, and we need to remain vocal and involved, but the country is changing, morals are down, and our politics will never be the same. Welcome to the century of our national destruction as a once viable democracy.

  22. Sorry folks, after 35 years I am checking out of the GOP. The country has changed and so has the GOP, for the worse. They are hardly conservative and are so poorly lead there is no reason to support their ever changing agenda that their own members will abandon at the drop of a hat if it means they might get a vote. They are not principled and cannot be trusted. Tired of the lame BS they say they believe in but will compromise at the drop of a hat.

    Suicide for the GOP? OK

    A new Libertarian!

    1. The GOP has been dead for decades. When the party deserted who I believe was the best President of America, ever, Richard Nixon., And, the only one who had INTEGRITY. He resigned when he realized he had indeed made one mistake. None of the rest would ever resign. They are all criminals in my book.

  23. I agree totally, I am tired of my congressman being the fire hydrant. I know he is a good honest conservative and I am the one who votes him in. I think this is proven by the fact of how many conservative govs are elected to the states that are surviving this mess. Let them have everything they want. I no longer care about the blue eastern and west coast. Let them freeze, starve or whatever is going to happen, I will worry about my family and like minded people here in my area. The inner cities will implode when the candy stops and it will come sooner than anyone imagines.

  24. best plan i’ve heard so far. really. let them have their way. if the economy tanks, so be it. maybe people will learn their lessons finally. if it works, good for everybody…what’s wrong with the democrats in office if they can really turn this around? my guess…it will tank. but my guess also is the GOP will be too stupid to see the wisdom of this plan. so this suggestion is not going to happen…hell will freeze over first before the GOP wises up.

  25. Except on the Second Amendment.If the socialists win in 2016,our arms will be the ONLY way to take our country back.Sometimes force is not the answer to everything….it is the only answer.Read Samuel 8:14.It prophesies today perfectly.

  26. That concept has been brought up time and again and even though you think that people will then, finally see the plan the Democrat’s have for America and stand up against our government all you are doing is enabling the voters and look at how far O has taken the country with Republican opposition imagine how far left he could take it if Republicans gave in to their every demand. The Democrats have bought this election with the perception of punish the rich and give to the poor. That is not the way to go about it.

  27. Sounds like plan, if the democrats enact legislature or executive orders that impact businesses, it will hurt the media as well. Already subscriptions are falling t some of our major newspapers and if many are like me ignore the national networks for news-they’re too liberal an don’t report unbiased news.

  28. The morons that voted for him will still be there, and the MSM will cover any and all Obama messes. Congress, even with Rpublicans holding the House, won’t do a thing, no matter what illegal orders Obama issues.

  29. you really believe the idiots that voted for oh-bullsh t are that smart? No way as they proudly said on tv vote for him he gave us free cell phones and all sorts of other free stuff why should they care everything is free to them. He bought them with our money. He is more illegitimate this time than the last. . the useless muslim, kenyan born imposter in our whitehouse

  30. The Electoral College needs to be restored to the original “Proportional allocation” instead of the politically correct “Winner take all” scenario instituted in the last couple of decades.

    EVERY conservative group in EVERY STATE needs to get petitions signed by by thousand, hundreds or thousands preferably, that state The US Senate, un senate majority reid have consistently FAILED to perform their jobs in a workmanlike manner and in refusing to do their jobs for political reasons, they have undue and unnecessary hardships on the People of the State of (your State).

    Demand criminal charges against reid and those who refuse to remove him from his position and strip away any and all Public funded retirement pensions and benefit packages.

    Present the petition on the State Supreme Court steps to the State Attorney General in front of TV cameras, radio microphones and print reporters.

  31. Look no matter how it goes – it is not going to work out for the good. I really would like to have faith and believe that if what you recommended would work then I would back it till the cows come home. But like dotti has said the media is Democrat. There is no way to beat that no matter how hard you try. When I look back now I am actually amazed that Pres. Bush won 2 terms, or that any Republican candidate won anything in the past 20 years. Of course this is just MHO.

  32. It is tempting to stand aside and watch the socialists drive themselves off the cliff. But unfortunately they will take the rest of us with them. And if we don’t try to slow them down it may be too late by the time we reach the edge.

  33. I believe conservative republicans should pull an Obama and state that “because the Dems want it, I don’t so I am voting ‘present’,

  34. The democrats have been doing as they wish and saying otherwise and the MSM backs their play. Worse yet the idiots believe whatever they see on the tube.

  35. That is an extremely irresponsible approach to governance when one considers the opportunities that Obama will probably have to appoint justices and implement Obamacare to its fullest. We could wind up so far over the cliff that nothing could keep us from hitting the real bottom.

  36. I’ve been using GramE for months now. Why won’t that work? Forgive me folks – it is the system. Thirty years in IT – I still get frustrated.

  37. I will fight the demonrats all the way through the next 4 years , with every breath I take. And, I am now off the Republican party list. They are a bunch of wimps.

  38. Except guns! The Dummycrats can go ahead and climb on their bandwagon and we should let ’em cut their own throats but leave our guns alone. They probably will if we kiss their patooties and let ’em destroy the country. Then comes two years of such nonsense the hammer falls in the midterms and they lose seats galore. Boo Hoo!

  39. Some here are saying that the media will get in the way of this proposal working. Not true. Here’s why:

    If the Republicans vote the Republican way, the media will blame the
    Republicans no matter what bad things happen. So if it IS true that we get blamed, well, that was going to happen anyway. And we are going over the cliff anyway, right? So we might was well wash our hands clean of it. If we step aside and make it publicly known, widely known, that we are going to vote WITH the Democrats on everything, or at least
    vote present, the media will LOVE that. They will cover that story
    far and wide, because they will see it as a victory over conservatives. So the
    media will get it out there that Republicans are “FINALLY” playing along
    with the Democrats…so when calamity strikes, how can conservative
    policy be blamed? How will anyone buy that? Everyone will know, because
    the media reported it incessantly, that Democrats have been running the
    show, and that Republicans have been happily letting them. So this plan will
    absolutely work.

    I’m going to contact every Republican in the House and
    Senate, and everybody else should too.

  40. Sounds like a great plan for killing conservative Republicans. What were they elected for, if not to oppose Obamanoid atrocities? Standing aside may give them a warm, fuzzy sense of moral superiority, but I as a voter will immediately start looking for a more active and patriotic candidate to put forward for the next election, assuming there is one.

  41. Republican should either fillibuster and fight or to not even show up for the votes. Make it clear that don’t agree with the policies. Let the media report: 73 Congressman abstained from voting with Demoncats today on the Hill…. again and again. Maybe that will wake sheeple up!

  42. I wholehearted agree with the article and Chris Graham. It is sad but I see no other opetion except maybe to also march enmasse to the republican headquarters in each area and unregister with them, see if that wakes them up. Probably be some dems who would do that too as both parties are corrupt to the gills.

  43. 2 points I would like to make; no comments jut facts in search of feedback: 1) Oil production has RISEN 10-14% since 2008 why ate prices higher? Supply and demand doesn’t work?
    2) 117-120 million people voted on Tuesday. 2010 census numbers state there are 234 million Americans over the age of 18. Why aren’t more people voting? Thank you and have a nice day.

  44. Go along 100% with the Democrat’s? And when things go wrong as they will. the Democrat’s will say that the Republicans went along with it to. Republicans will share the blame instead of the Democrat’s having to take it instead.
    And what about the base? They voted Republican because they wanted them to be different from the Democrat’s. You think you will get them to come out and vote Republican after acting like Democrat’s. They would be Viche Republican’s.
    Instead need to contrast themselfs from the Democrat’s. That they would do things differently.

  45. Better idea: give them everything they want…except a raise in the debt ceiling.

    Obama’s coalition is held together with bribery. When the gravy train derails, they’ll start going after each other to get the last crumbs.

  46. Wow! you obviously still don’t get how the leftist/regressive brain works do you? I will give it one more try, here goes…. It’s Bush’s fault, it’s the Tea party’s fault, It’s because Republicans hate the poor, black’s, hispanics, women, gays, the environment, etc, etc. These democRat constituencies just don’t care and never will, they are addicted to the kool aid.

  47. After reading the comments on this site and agreeing with the commentator about this article, of which I previously posted the same message, we can now look forward to the four years of which is coming—the news will not be good as predicted.

    1. As I predicted, there will be Christians not voting the Republican ticket because of Romney’s Mormon faith–I will say that I also do not agree with the Mormon faith but would much rather have a man who does believe in Jesus, than a Muslim who hates and desires to fundamentally change America. Remember the scripture that says when the Disciples of Jesus saw a group of attempting to cast out a demon of a man, they complained to Jesus and his remark was to leave them alone, those who are not against us are for us–Romney was for us.

    2. This election was a major turning point in American history and we tried emphatically to convey this message-this was a “must win” for Obama–he has no more elections to look forward to–he can now implement his agenda on America–and fundamentally change, and he will succeed. Those who chose to sit out this election because of Romney’s religion forgot about Obama’s religion and his mandate–there will be no stopping him now.

    3. Obamacare–this great sounding Healthcare that will provide necessary health insurance for all and bring down costs–as much as the message was that was conveyed, you either pay for insurance are you are jailed-not to mention that Obamacare, held up by the Supreme Court is now the Law, like it or not–and your healthcare is now rationed by a team of unelected officials in Washington who will now decide your fate–those who are over 70 and can no longer contribute to society, you are now just a number–you are meaningless. ****Not to mention that this healthcare bill was not about health care at all–even the U S Supreme Court upheld that the federal government in it’s stance that the government can now force any mandate on you they choose, thus giving great power to the Presidency he now chooses–and Obama does this with the Executive Powers afforded a President.

    4. Think Obamacare was just about Health Insurance–as he promised and written into the 2700 page of this so called insurance plan, Obama stated that the United States needs a military inside the United States bigger than our Armed Forces combined–He can now implement this because as he tears down our National security, Obamacare also funds the Army inside the United States he wants–and yes this is fact, not fiction–written into the Obamacare plan.

    5. Already in the UNITED NATIONS, a Treaty sailed though that Obama wants and with Harry Reid wasting no time to change the “filibuster” that the Republicans have held him back–get ready for the Arms Treaty which will ban the Second Amendment and take away America’s gun right–a necessary evil to disarm Americans for Obama’s agenda–a Socialists United States. It’s Coming…

    6. As I predicted with Obamacare–an expensive so call health care plan for employers–massive layoffs with companies because they can no longer retain their employees due to the burdensome costs–in California–one small company with 112 employees has already laid off 22 employees—get ready for the domino effect—-along with massive layoffs in the coal plants–by the way–the Northern States that voted so heavily for Obama–very heavy in industry–your surprise is coming–expect big layoffs as the economy turns sour–and it will when gas prices soar and people cut back to survive–your day is coming quicker than you think. A collapsed economy is what we need to bring about the “fundamentally change” of America–the New America is what they are calling it.

    7. Those who decided to ignore this election-because of Romney’s religion–stood on the pulpit with Jeremiah Wright pointing his finger, screaming, ” God Damn America…”you did nothing but to enhance Obama’s agenda—-hope you feel Obama was the lesser of two evils like the Paulgots did.

    ***The verdict is in and the handwriting is on the wall***

    I agree with this article, Republicans stand back and let America reap the benefits of their reward, OBAMA—When his plan is implemented and only when the CONSEQUENCES are felt, then, and only then will they realize.

  48. Finally someone who is thinking what I am thinking. This is EXACTLY what we need to do. We are off of the cliff… mandatory spending (entitlements) + interest on the debt is > the total tax revenue of the government. (check out this article VERY short and clear: At this point we are past fixing our spending. We are not going to be able to stop the collapse. Therefore the most important thing we can do is make sure that the collapse gets the right label assigned to it. LIBERALISM and BIG GOVERNMENT. I am on board with this plan. Not that we want a collapse, but it is not possible to stop it. Great to finally hear someone saying the things I have been thinking over the last few days. Make sure people know this is because of liberalism, and get us pointing in the right direction when it is time to rebuild.

  49. I have 2 points… Considering that a majority of Americans blame Bush for the dismal economy after 4 years of Obama running things, it is doubtful that your plan will work. (They’ll still blame Republicans!)
    HOWEVER, if the plan works – we won’t need 4 years – outrage will sweep Republicans into power in both Houses in 2014!

  50. Sorry, Chris, I think your plan is ill-conceived. It doesn’t matter what the GOP does, they will always receive bad press. I suggest they continue to hold onto conservative measures and look for opportunities to explain why their measures will work and the other ones won’t. Just claiming this fact isn’t enough, and none of our Republican elected leaders seem to get the fact that the audience needs to be educated.

    If we have a major major fiscal crisis, it will simply be blamed on Bush and the GOP, no matter how many years it has been. The fact that they blamed Bush and got away with that should be proof enough. They have never taken any blame for their failure to cut spending under Reagan, or the expansion of the welfare state by LBJ, and most Democrats still believe that FDR saved the country during the Great Depression.

  51. Instead of voting WITH the left, we should just step aside and NOT VOTE on these proposals to raise taxes, increase regulation, stop drilling, and commit to statism & crony capitalism.

  52. I agree totally, Republicans need to vote present and finally let King Obama & democrats own the blame and it will be about time. I know it will be hard but even when King Obama held the super majority the media & King Obama & democrats told the American people Republicans obstructed the votes which was a load of crap but trust me people bought it my elderly mother watches NBC and thought Republicans were in charge and keeping Obama from making things better. The media has never said Republicans are the minority PARTY, or democrats have the senate and White House and whatever Republicans try to do King Obama or the democratic run Senate will veto it, no they want just Republicans to be blamed and up until right now Republicans have stayed quiet and let the media & their King blame them for everything. When Bush was president he never had a majority and had hell to get anything done but he carried the blame because he was the president and that’s what he said but this slime ball will blame everyone but his stupid self and his Mafia media will protect him even if he kills someone. Republicans shouldn’t worry about what Republicans voters think because a majority of us WANT KING OBAMA & democrats to be blamed but Republicans need to start talking louder until the American people hear them and when they go to a Mafia media trap go after them & King Obama & democrats & don’t give them a chance to attack them. Why Republicans are so quiet & take the blame for everything amazes me & it amazes me how they let the media trap them into their spiders web to attack them before they get one word out surprises me also but its time loud Republicans & minority Republicans take the floor, for one to show there are minorities in our party and the media & King Obama & democrats are LIARS and then our minority label will be broken and every time I saw minority Republicans in the media like West and Rubio their not afraid to go after democrats or their King and they attack the media and that’s what we need right now people out there to be loud and aggressive and not afraid to attack King Obama ! I hope Republicans are listening to what these people are saying and just vote present and let all the blame go to the idiot in the White House & his idiot party. I’m surprised that at least some democrats aren’t pissed off that King Obama doesn’t go through the senate and goes over their head to do what he wants, I thought there might be a few that still believe in the law but I guess their all his minions and do as he wants them to do ! Republicans might want to play that card and turn some democrats against their King because he thinks his power is all mighty and what they think means nothing to him !

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