Never Be Chicken about Your Beliefs

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a huge success. The parking lots were full of cars. The lines were long. The food was great. And not a discouraging word was said from those who participated. I’ve heard that where homosexuals came to demonstrate that they were given food and drinks. Contrast this with the hate-speech and business bullying that comes from the Left.

Homosexuals want to counter the Appreciation Day by having a “kiss-in” at Chick-fil-A restaurants. What will this demonstrate? First, they’re whiners when they don’t get their way, and they didn’t get their way on this issue. They lost a very big public relations battle even though they had the mayors of several major cities behind them and most of the media. Check out this 46-second video from WCVB, Boston:

Consider this backhanded slap at the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day from Fox News’ Shepard Smith:

It’s National Badminton Day. Let’s forget National Day of Intolerance. Let’s just stay with badminton.

Earlier this year Smith “applauded President Obama’s announcement of support for gay marriage with this statement: ‘The president of the United States, now in the 21st century.’” Don’t be too surprised if Shep pulls an Anderson Cooper before year’s end.

Second, the so-called gay rights movement is not about being gay but about engaging in a certain type of sexual behavior, an irrational, destructive, and immoral type of sexual behavior. Passing laws to force other people to accept that behavior borders on fascism. What’s next for the “gay sex deniers,” re-education camps? Right, we already have them. They’re called public (government) schools.

I’ve said all along that the Chick-fil-A episode could become a cultural tipping point. Would Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, retract his comments that he and his company support biblical marriage, a union of one man and one woman? I knew he never would. Any company that is willing to give up millions of dollars in sales every year by closing all its stores on Sundays was not going to be intimidated by anyone.

The Bible says that “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Tim. 6:10). It’s obvious that the Cathys don’t love money, and if they don’t love money, then they don’t care about having their reputations dragged through the mud by bullies. Their priorities are in the right place. They trust God to supply their needs. If they lost everything tomorrow, the Cathys wouldn’t regret the stand they took or bad mouth their enemies. They would acknowledge the sovereignty of God and move on.

The Cathys never said a disparaging word to anyone about their beliefs. They stood their ground with dignity and biblical rectitude modeled after these words:

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be conceited. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.’ To the contrary, ‘if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.’ Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Rom. 12:14–21).

The most heartening thing I saw was support for a moral principle from people all across the United States. If we can do it in the defense of a company that laid it all on the line for what it believes, then we can do the same on other issues. Hopefully the silent majority won’t be silent anymore. There’s a lot to be done to turn our nation around. The Cathys showed us how to stand on a principle: Don’t remain silent and don’t chicken out. There’s work to be done.

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  1. Arise Americans, while we may still do so, in great numbers, and stand ye for traditional values, the moral and the right, that led us once to the mountaintop, and yet may do so again, if we remain united, strong, and brave. March as one, for the truth, the right, and the way. God walks with us. Dominus vobiscum.

    1. I am sorry but the Holy Bible says, that when a man sleeps with another man it is an abomination against GOD.
      Let us pray the Prayer of our LORD that Obama or Kenyan tyrant looses next November.

      1. @Mike6: while I don’t agree with the lifestyle I still don’t understand why Christians (I am one) quote the Old Testament. It was written for His chosen people. So unless one is an Israelite it doesn’t apply.

        1. John, there are statements regarding homosexuality in the New Testament, too. It was condemned in both the Old and New Testaments.

        2. Jesus said that He came not to change the law, but to fulfill it. After all He was raised in a traditional Jewish home. He was Jewish when He lived on this earth. Do you think we are not to obey the ten commandments?

        3. The Bible is for God’s people, Jew & Gentile [we were chosen before the foundation of the world

        4. If I remember correctly, Paul said the same thing.
          Did you know that in the Soviet Gulags starving Christain prisoners could get food if the had sex with the CHEKA guards?
          I knew a Russian Orhodox Priest once who spend ten years for refusing to join Stalin’s “Living Church” where he had to preach Bolshevik Propaganda from the pulpit. He talked about the sadism of the CHEKA guards who were satanists.
          In the last month of his captivity, this Priest was allowed to say Mass, reads from the Holy Bible, and to give the Sacrement to the dying inmates.

        5. Quit trying to be too philosophical. If people thought as you do, then the entire old testament would be moot. Not smart.

        6. Because of the Israelites, God also recognizes the Gentiles as one with him. We can go to heaven and live with God if we repent our sins and sin no more because God loves the gentiles!

        7. Christians are God’s Chosen People (1 Peter 2:4-9). Christians are the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16). This is why Jesus (Matthew 5:17-20) and Paul (2 Timothy 3:14-17) commanded Christians to “quote the Old Testament” Scriptures.

        8. The Old Testament shows the need for a Saviour. The Law was given to emphasize our inability to live up to God’s standard. The New Testament provides the fulfillment of the Old Testament requirement of a sacrifice for sin. If we do not accept Jesus Christ’s sacrifice as the payment for our sin, then we, by default, place ourselves under the law and the Old Testament. The New Testament is grace and mercy, but has no application outside the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Read Romans and Hebrews.

        9. Jwebbo: Jesus said if you say so much as “thou fool” we are in danger of the very fires of hell. Just chill.

        10. One other thought…the writers of the New Testament and Jesus Himself quoted extensively from the Old Testament and incorporated its message in their thoughts and lives. The entirety of the Bible is God’s Word. Once you begin to cut out pieces of it, where do you stop? If we remove the parts we don’t agree with, who’s to say that we won’t disagree with another part tomorrow and pull that part out as well?

        11. Jewish Law, as written in Deuteronomy (OT) was to show the Israelites that it was IMPOSSIBLE to live up to God’s law. Then, it was condensed down to the 10 Commandments (also in OT). We are still to live by the 10 Commandments, and it is STILL IMPOSSIBLE to live up to God’s law… which is why we have the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross for our sins… Jesus was the ultimate sacrificial Lamb!

        12. Romans 1:26–27, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10, and 1 Timothy
          1:9–10 are all in the New Testament last I checked.

        13. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Cor 6:18-20
          I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything. You say, “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will destroy them both.” The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. 1 Cor 6:12-13
          Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 8
          These are all New Testament verses!!!
          Footnotes: 1 Corinthians 6:9 The words men who have sex with men translate two Greek words that refer to the passive and active participants in homosexual acts.1 Corinthians 6:16 Gen. 2:241 Corinthians 6:17 Or in the Spirit
          Cross references: 1 Corinthians 6:1 : Mt 18:171 Corinthians 6:2 : Mt 19:28; Lk 22:30; 1Co 5:121 Corinthians 6:5 : S 1Co 4:141 Corinthians 6:5 : Ac 1:151 Corinthians 6:6 : S Ro 7:11 Corinthians 6:6 : 2Co 6:14, 15; 1Ti 5:81 Corinthians 6:7 : Mt 5:39, 401 Corinthians 6:8 : 1Th 4:61 Corinthians 6:9 : S Mt 25:341 Corinthians 6:9 : Job 13:9; 1Co 15:33; Gal 6:7; Jas 1:161 Corinthians 6:9 : Lev 18:20; Dt 22:221 Corinthians 6:9 : Lev 18:221 Corinthians 6:10 : 1Ti 1:10; Rev 21:8; 22:151 Corinthians 6:11 : S Eph 2:21 Corinthians 6:11 : S Ac 22:161 Corinthians 6:11 : 1Co 1:21 Corinthians 6:11 : S Ro 4:251 Corinthians 6:12 : 1Co 10:231 Corinthians 6:13 : Col 2:221 Corinthians 6:13 : ver 15, 19; Ro 12:11 Corinthians 6:14 : S Ac 2:241 Corinthians 6:14 : S Ro 6:5; Eph 1:19, 20; 1Th 4:161 Corinthians 6:15 : S Ro 12:51 Corinthians 6:16 : Ge 2:24; Mt 19:5; Eph 5:311 Corinthians 6:17 : Jn 17:21-23; Ro 8:9-11; Gal 2:201 Corinthians 6:18 : ver 9; 1Co 5:1; 2Co 12:21; Gal 5:19; Eph 5:3; 1Th 4:3, 4; Heb 13:41 Corinthians 6:18 : Ro 6:121 Corinthians 6:19 : Jn 2:211 Corinthians 6:19 : Ro 14:7, 81 Corinthians 6:20 : Ps 74:2; S Mt 20:28; Ac 20:28; 1Co 7:23; Rev 5:9; 14:41 Corinthians 6:20 : Php 1:20

        14. john: the Lord said “I came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.” there was no New Testament when Christ walked the earth. The Scriptures were, and are, the Old Testament. God doesn’t change. “I am the Lord, I change not.”

          We, as believers, are as bound by the 10 commandments as the ancient Hebrews. We are also to heed what God says about blessing Israel (Genesis 12:3). The only things we are not bound by are Jewish ceremonial/sacrificial laws that governed every day life. I hope you understand what I am saying.

        1. I am sorry because in Siberian Gulags Cheka guards would offer starving Christina Prisoners food for sex. That is an abomination only a devil could come up with.

        2. I am sorry because 1.5 million innocent men died at at the Kolyma Gulag. They were buried in shallow graves which the artic animals have dig up and now you see human bones stiking up in the tundra.

    2. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people”. It all rest on those who love God and willing to take a stand. Hosea 8:4 has a warning that we must vote for those who know God. That is our problem, we have voted for the smart and pretty, not the ones with integrity and know the Lord. The owner of Chick-fil-A has shown character and principles. At one time the owner J. C. Penny also had that integrity, I know as my grandfather and he were friends, now penny has gone withe the flow and not on principles and they just might go under like so many others. It is time that “if my people” stand and be counted for the Lord.

    3. I certainly hope people will heed your words or come November this once great Nation is destroyed by a fraudulant usurper of the truth. It is unbelieveable that this ghetto rat has managed to deceive so many; mainly attributed to their greed and spinelessness

        1. Anyone living could be the one called the antichrist. 1John 2:22, Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. There are many people who fit that description yesterday, today and most likely tomorrow.

  2. United We Stand…….Divided We Fall…………thats why all the attempts to divide us.
    But remember the Pledge:

    I pledge ALLEGIANCE to the flag of the United States of America,
    and to the Republic for which it stands,
    with liberty and justice for all.

    I’ve made that pledge probably thousands of times in my lifetime.
    I meant it when I recited it.
    I intend to live by it.

    1. What does that have to do with people who are intolerant,
      act like Nazis and openly flaunt the law you pledge to support? The right of
      free speech and association is just as important as any other right. Therefore,
      the people who are offended by their record, their attitudes and their product,
      have just as much right to pledge to the flag as you, and to boycott a business
      which is anti-American. Discrimination, racism sexism and intolerance are
      assumed and reaffirmed by the vast majority of all of us as anti-American!

      1. blah, blah, blah, why is it intoleerant to oppose immorality! why do your rights supercede ours? we have a right to express ourselves without being bullied, something that you people dont understand. he did not bash you, he simply stated his stand! go have a starbucks!

      2. BHO supports the Muslims & the homos because it is good for him to do so.
        When the Muslims, who are homo intolerant, take over, the homo will go back to the closet and BHO will no longer support them. Christians are at least tolerant, but the Muslims will kill them too.

    2. What does that have to do with people who are intolerant,
      act like Nazis and openly flaunt the law you pledge to support? The right of
      free speech and association is just as important as any other right. Therefore,
      the people who are offended by their record, their attitudes and their product,
      have just as much right to pledge to the flag as you, and to boycott a business
      which is anti-American. Discrimination, racism sexism and intolerance are
      assumed and reaffirmed by the vast majority of all of us as anti-American!

      1. Revival is more desparately needed in our once great country than ever before in it’s history. For God’s blessed revival to come, REPENTANCE must preceed it! If we as Christians humbly ask our Lord for His Holy Spirit, He will never deny us. In Jesus wonderful name we ask Lord! Amen.

    3. Well said, In my opinion, all of these daily diversions are just that, diversions by the Left, and they all seem willing to take their turn in the barrel, to change the conversation away from what it should be which is the economy…..and you know the lefty’s can’t stand for that!

    4. So did I starting publicly in the year of 1952 why do I say publicly, that is the year I first went to a public school we also prayed to God every morning. Vulgar and Profane language as far as we were concerned hadn’t been coined yet.When hunting season arrived we could bring our guns to school if we chose so we could go directly from school we simply placed our guns to lean aggainst the building. Never an accident and no-one lost their mind. My how things have changed for the worst; And There Is A Reason.

    1. I was just asking myself this question because I did not know Smith was Gay. What I did know is that I never liked him and will not listen to or watch him. He is a far cry (and not a good one) from Hannity, O’Reilly, and my fave Beck. I have no problem with homosexuals; however, no matter how you spin it, it is NOT NORMAL and it should not be seen as such. This means leaving our kids in school out of their agenda. They have enough going against them (like the billions Obama has forced them to pay back without their consent) and they certainly do not need to learn about the positions and acts of a homosexual. Thank God (and, yes, I said God) my son is grown but I do worry about my grandchildren and the progressive agenda being crammed down their throats.

      1. I’ve never liked Smith and always turned him when he came on. I thought he was a very handsome man but still did not care to watch him. In the last 6 months or so when I saw him before I turned the channel I thought he looked ill and wondered what was wrong now I wonder if he has Aids or something. His face looked drawn and almost skeletal with the bones showing up more. I thought he might be a Liberal but did not know he was a Gay man and you are right he will probably admit it before the years end.
        I believe homosexuality is wrong but other then stating my thoughts on the matter it is still up to the individual to make that choice. I feel a great deal of sadness for people in this lifestyle as I do not know how they can be happy and I don’t think having the right to be married is going to make them happy. God does not like this kind of activity. The Bible says he looks at it as an abomination which is much worse than dislike or hatred. But God does love the person and wants all people to come to him for salvation. He is just waiting with open arms to accept that person. Homosexuality and Gay Marriage is wrong and I will not give up the right to be able to say that out loud to anyone. If a person wants to disagree that is their right but don’t call me names just for my opinion.

        1. There is NO such thing as “gay marriage”. THE definition of marriage, as
          designed/created by God, is the union between one man and one woman. This is for pro-creation. Gays cannot have babies. They may have a union, but it is NOT marriage. I might call my wheelbarrow a car, but it’s still a wheelbarrow! ! ! just sayin’

      2. I think that most intelligent free thinking (that is unbiased) Americans have realized for a long time now that Smith is a gay, just like they did with Anderson Cooper. Look at him. Doesn’t he just look like a fudge packer ?

        1. they’re still queers in my book…imagine being in the military now…I’m another upset vet!!!

        2. So, will obozocare cover this? Gotta find someplace to hide the $599B he stole from SS. Personally, I’d love to see all the pyschiatrists go to San Fransicko.
          Oh wait, isn’t that pelousy’s home?

      3. If I was a gambler and had to bet on who O’Reilly voted for in the last presidential election I would choose that he voted for Obama and I would be comfortable knowing I won the bet As far as Hannity goes he has too many Liberal friends who thinks our Constitution is outdated and unsuitable for todays Highly Intelligent Progressive Politician. Hannity also must think there are things in the Constitution that doesn’t matter such as his great desire for Romney to choose Rubio for his V.P My studies on Rubio led me to the conclusion that he is not one of many needed to get America back to what the founders had in mind.As for Beck what I know of him I like, he seems genuine.

    2. Sheppard is not only a fag, but one of the resident lefties that Fox tolerates to be ‘fair and balanced’. Why they give him two hours I don’t understand.

  3. liberals are the first to hide behind the constritution, remember the claim that heath care was a right defined in the constitution, not they want to deny someone their first amendment rights, sounds hypocritical to me.

        1. AIDS = 1) Another Infected D-ck Sucker, or 2) Ana-ly Injected Death Serum. One way or the other it appears Shepard got his dose!

      1. I told my wife 2 mos. ago Smith looked like he had aids. she said he was just getting older. Then right after that i found out he IS homosexual. Fox is going the way of abc, nbc, cbs, cnn,.look out rock hudson

      2. Giveme freedom: in all seriousness, have you ever noticed how haggard and I’ll looking liberals are? Dashes, Pelosi, Alan colmes…..they all look like Skeletor or some Hellyweird horror movie prop. Personally, I think their sickness of spirit and their utter Godlessness mars their appearance. JMHO.

        1. Either way… Point made and accepted. A lib will be on shortly representing the spelling police.

        2. Now that you mention it, there ARE many on the left of life that seem bereft of life.
          If it isn’t a balding scalding male like Carville , it’s a male who’s leg is tingling and mingling like Mathews.

    1. It is obvious Shep Smith is both gay (although he has hidden himself in the closet) and a liberal loon-this is not the first time he has given himself away

    2. You are exactly right, Earl, Smith has not business being at Fox News. I quit watching Fox at 12 and 4 pm PDT unless someone else is hosting his show!!!!

      1. I can’t stand him. He’s worse than Obama, when it comes to reading something from a teleprompter………he cannot read! And he can’t get through one news sentence without screwing it up….. he’s awful!!!!

    3. Shep Smith is the one person on Fox who when he comes on gets me to swith immediately to another channel. Can’t stand him!

    4. Ya’ know it’s odd. I’ve spent a lot of time in Oxford at Ole Miss. Beautiful campus especially at lunch time on a nice day when the coeds are out. It is true that they redshirt Miss America’s there. I bet old Shep had to keep his head down there. Hmmmmmm…maybe.

    5. I truly would be happy if he ent away too. I turn him off when he comes on. I wonder if he is sick. He really looks bad at times. Homo age quicker.

  4. Liberals are all for free speech. Unless you disagree with them. Then you are an intolerant racist bigot and filled with hate.

        1. DivineNewsNetwork – you just gave permission to the trouble makers to come down on you with this statement. Good goin’. I retract my former statement.

        2. fort9erdon–Who are you addressing that question to? If it is “DivineNewsNetwork”, it is meant as a generalization, no one in particular, so stop trying to start trouble.

        3. Wow, who the hell gave you the “wedgy” this morning? People are always using “they” say this, or “they” say that, as if it is some type of “irrefutable proof” of whatever point the person is trying to make. I don’t accept “they” as some EXPERT on anything. So, I simply ask, “who is they” in order for the commenter to be more specific. Otherwise, it has no more value than hearsay or gossip! Now, go take a pill for your cramps, as your PMS is showing through!

        4. Please forgive me, I misinterpreted. So sorry. Anyway, I retracted that statement later,,,,,,,,,I guess you missed it. Guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I am just so sick and tired of the left spinning everything into inane arguments.

      1. To Bad the Left/Homo’s don’t have any tolerance for those that believe. That includes Mr. Smith. I am not sure he isn’t a homo. He seems to like their talking and life style. Mr. Smith thinks he is above everyone else on earth and probably the good Lord him self. OBama won’t like that. LOL

        1. It’s obvious! and shame on Fox News for not going public with a “slap on the wrist”…What’s happened to Fox News? They are more and more to the left – each time they have one of those screaming lefties on their programs, I simply switch the channel. Agreed, there’s not much from which to choose and, so, I’ve gotten back to listening to beautiful music instead…soothes the soul AND I get a lot more work done!
          (and there’s always Turner Classic Movies… love those!).

        2. FNC puts both sides on – and the Lefties are very noticeable and prompt screaming from any sane individual: Shep Smith, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers; there are those presenting the Left view on O’Reilly interviews, Greta leans middle to left, but she is more open to logic and truth. It’s important that we be aware of what “the other side” is spouting so that we can respond with the facts and truth. Admittedly, when Shep Smith’s segment is on, I turn to another channel. He IS very biased. But I wouldn’t miss a segment with Charles Krauthammer!!!

        3. Charles Krauthammer is a brilliant spokesman and Hannity is a dyed in the wool Conservative, both of which I like, but the others are “change channels” or turn off and ‘READ’!

        4. I like both w/ Krauthammer ahead on my list but ahead of both of them is Judge Napolitano. He is a constitutional purest as am I. Stossel is right there with the Judge. Some fail to realize that the conservative movement is a true “coalition” of evangelical, fiscal, constitutional, value conservatives. Shepp, is none of those, he is a GOP Progressive(establishment) if anything. 85% of jounalists, according to Gallup, are lib dems.
          Personally, what a person does or who they marry, matters nothing to me in any way its none of my business, honestly, it’s not a true role of government. It’s the one thing that is required and expected of all of us as citizens of a truly FREE Country, true tolerance.

          “I care not what one does, so long as it does not break my leg nor pick my pocket.”
          Thomas Jefferson (pp)

        5. I agree…..I love his Constitutional convictions. The best thing Romney could do as President would be to name Judge Napolitano as his Attorney General.

        6. Tom. I agree with you up to one point. I also do not care how others choose to live their lives. They ‘re the ones that will someday have to answer to God. But your comment about who they marry—that I object to as marriage is supposed to be with one man & one woman. If the gays choose to get some kind of legal commitment, I have no objection. JUST DON’T CALL IT MARRIAGE!

        7. I agree with all my heart. Legalizing gay marriage is the way they want us to force us to accept that lifestyle—The lifestyle is wrong. It is sexually deviant.

        8. Wow, are you REALLY that stupid? Shepard Smith is a SCREAMING LEFTIST & doesn’t make any attempt to hide the fact.

        9. Sadly Fox hires IDIOTS like this Egotistical ,in love with himself, so called man? They are Fair & BALANCED ! You left out that Women? named Marshall ! They did get rid of 2-other RACIST Blk. Women tho !!
          It is sad If you say anything againest OBAMA your a RACIST ! BUT , They can call a white person HONKY,WHITE BOY ETC. and we are not to say anything ?

        10. I would LOVE one hour with Mr. Krauthammer; a rare intelligent man today! I could listen to his ‘common sense’ answers all day long. Would love to ‘pick his brain.’ LOL.

        11. Yeah putting your stamp of approval on REWARDING ILLEGALS with AMNESTY so they can continue BANKRUPTING our country is REALLY SMART!

        12. Krauthammer is a establishment republican and WILL NOT stand up ,like boehner he has testicle problems !

        13. I love Krauthammer and think he stands up more than anyone on Fox. He speaks intelligently and rationally. Thank God he is on Fox or they would be luke warm. Let’s stand up for all Republicans if we want to see a victory in November.

        14. First of all the LEFT has EVERY other media outlet to voice its opinions. Secondly MOST Fox anchors allow the leftists to BULLY & talk over everyone else so the only opinion you hear is that of the leftist. Then of course Fox got rid of Beck to appease the left/media matters so they would back off the boycotting & harassing of their sponsors.
          Krauthammer is a NEO CON that embraces ILLEGAL immigration & amnesty for them. He endorses the establishment Republicans like Boehner & the rest of the progressive lite crowd.

        15. Juan is not stupid, Like Kirsten he is a moderate Democrat. They both do their best to promote their point of view, after all we do want to hear what the other side has to say. Because you don’t like what they have to say does not make them stupid.
          I don’t envy them their job having to defend day after day the Lefts point of view and hardly ever succeeding.

        16. Juan isn’t moderate. He is one of the blacks who would support Obama come hell or high water.

        17. nice try bobk…..juan is an ignorant ignorant liberal black man who just makes stuff up when he rants and raves …….just like another ignorant liberal black-man…..barack hussein obama

        18. juan williams gets his clock cleaned when he faces off with michelle malkin……she really exposes the stupidity of that black idiot…..and it is just laughable and pathetic to see him squirm

        19. I have thought lately that Juan was ashamed for sticking up for the “other” side. He should be.

        20. I don’t have to deal with Juan Williams—every time I see him, I channel it as fast as possible. Life is too short to have to listen to that a-hole.

        21. I, actually, have enjoyed Shep – but I did notice that he agreed with obama when he stated he was a gay president now. And now this. I might have to put Shep on my “no watch” list along with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, etc. Tsk , tsk. Maybe Shep IS another Anderson Cooper.

        22. Irma, I agree with you. Shep has done it for me. No longer like hime. He is very arrogant. As for the other celebrities you mention. I don’t watch them either.

        23. Hannity and Bob Beckel are good friends they visit one anothers homes, I love God and my country and our Constitution I can’t imagine being friends with someone that doesn’t. Hannity also supports Rubio for VP under the Constitution Rubio isn’t qualified but don’t let an antiquated document stop you, it didn’t stop Obama I say lets choose someone from the Muslim Brotherhood and show the world just how tolerant we really are I’m not comparing Rubio to the people of peace. Hannity acts more Liberal than a true Conservative I stopped watching him and the O’Reilly especially O’reilly when he took the side of Obama saying Obama was not a Socialist not only is he a socialist his actions of late have proven he’s fond of Fascism. Obama will do anything to achieve his Marxist agenda.

        24. I agree, do not watch any of them any more! In the past I never missed a show. Times have REALLY changed.

        25. I like Shepherd Smith and was slightly shocked to hear this the other day. I also like Fox News programs. All of them. At least here you will hear and see both sides of a news story.

        26. When the other side is out to destroy the USA, I don’t want to hear their story. We are tired of “Fair and balanced”

        27. Every time I see Bob Beckel on t.v., he looks like someone has just run over his cat. I don’t see much of him anymore because I’ve stopped watching Fox News a long time ago.

        28. Don’t throw Kirsten Powers in with the rest of the nut jobs like Alan Colmes and Beckel. She is one of the better ones on the Left, she is not a radical ideolog, she is not afraid to disagree with her own side.

        29. I enjoy Kirsten Powers. I don’t usually agree with her viewpoint, but she is articulate and polite and occasionally says something I do agree with. She is a refreshing change from Bob Beckel and Alan Colmes in the “Left” column. (And she’s one of the very few actually attractive Democrat females.)

        30. and she will pull the lever for romney when the curtain closes……like alot of democrats will who just HATE having to support obama’s constant stupidity and corruption and policy failures……they are just fed-up and sick of defending this arrogant amateur clown

        31. I sure don’t see Powers as being articulate & polite,. She is so to the left, its a wonder she doesn’t walk at an angle. She talks so much & says so little, just busy arguing with anyone else with a different opinion than hers. I would much rather see ob Bekel than her any day.

        32. Good Lord, she used to date Anthony Weiner before he met his Muslim brotherhood wife. Doesn’t that speak volumes about her judgement and taste?? Lol

        33. BobK You may not have seen K Powers that much as she is just a strong liberal kissing up to Obama & thinks he is such a wonderful pres. She can’t even see all the harm he has done to our country as she just tunes that all out.

        34. Irma I’m with you as well, Shep Smith is a noted homosexual and it’s been reported he is a very unsafe sodimite to boot boasting of unsafe sex. He looks like he is suffering from aides as well. His comment concerning Chicken-Fil-A just follows the mind dead progressives.

        35. If he was just a guest on a political panel, that would be one thing, but they don’t usually have a liberal with his own show. Can’t stand Bob, Alan or Kirsten. But there is always conservatives who debate with them. Not so with Shep. I’m very disappointed.

        36. I gave up Shep a while back, when he went from being a journalist to being a commentator. Perhaps he should learn a little tolerance! I’ve now given up most of FOX News.I enjoy Megyn Kelly’s show. And if they could muzzle Bob Beckel, that show would be enjoyable, but Beckel just makes me want to slap him silly.

        37. Buckethead Bob Beckel does more to help the conservative cause that almost anyone else. When the arrogant jerk starts spouting his hate filled left wing rants I just smile because those rants display the typical liberal mindset. Icing on the cake is the very intelligent, attractive Fox gals abusing Bob the slob. Just think of the ad money that he saves the GOP!

        38. Yes, Bob Beckel is good for the conservatives. I like the Five, but when that a-hole black guy is on, I’m outta there.—Juan Williams–I couldn’t think of his name at first.

        39. krdave, Last night while watching Hannity, the delightful, brilliant and gorgeous Kimberly appeared, her opponent a loudmouth, arrogant African-American lawyer who I had not previously seen, exceeded the disgust level of previous champion a-hole Bob Beckel. This t u r d was the worst “guest” that I have ever seem, he made little or no sense and set a new standard for idiotic rudeness. Like Buckethead, he kept saying the same things repeatedly. Naturally he was an Obama supporter.

        40. Chief, I saw that, and he was a jerk. Hannaty should have told him to stfu and gone to a commercial and come back without him.

        41. You are certainly right about Bob BEckel…..I can’t stand him. Don’t know how they ever hired him after his encounter with the prostitutes. If the man wanted sex he would have to pay for it. He is one repulsive individual….but guess that is what is meant by “fair and balanced”..otherwise THe Five is a good show….and then there is
          Jaun Williams….Fox saved him when he lost the other job and he has thanked them by becoming a REAL racist.
          …….and then there is the repulsive daughter of Jesse Jackson….now there is piece of work!!… Seems that they are hiring more “homos” all the time. I do enjoy MEgan Kelly and Greta

        42. The only thing that comes out of the mouth of Beckjel is what comes out of the south end of a bull.

        43. Perhaps FOX needs to hear from all of us about this. Frankly, I would love to hear an objective newscast.

        44. I agree that Meghan Kelley’s America Alive is the most intelligent show on Fox News…a must watch. I do believe that some decorum should be in order with Beckel’s crude, rude and sometimes asinine bellowing. And although I am not aware of Mr. Krauthammer’s political orientation (which just supports the quality opinions he dispenses) I focus my attention on his thought processes and his fair and balanced comments. He is brilliant. I have much respect for his person.

        45. Remember when the pig farmer had a Muslim move in next door and the Muslim wanted the pig farmer to stop raising pigs? Do you remember Shep’s comment about how intolerant the pig farmer was because he started having pig races at his farm on weekends.

        46. they are genuflecting to the iatolaovomit, they would like to keep their shows, if he happens to get re-elected…………and getting rid of my equipment really didn’t bother much about not watching fox, because they seem to me to have made a 180, but guess what they will lose them anyway, there is NO way this bottomfeeder forgives……….it will only have one news chanel, and be prepared to NOT have anything else, TV will no longer be what it is now.

        47. That’s because of the smackdown Rupert Murdoch received across the Pond for the Sun flap. It’s also why Glenn Beck left so he would no longer be muzzled by Roger Aliles on issues like puppet master George $oro$.

        48. I think saying Soros’ name is kinda like saying “Lord Voldemort” out loud. “He who shall not be named… “

        49. I think FOX is getting soft. Has anyone else noticed some of the “changes” in how hosts speak, their messages and who their guests are? I smell a BIG rat.

        50. To slap Smith on the wrist would be intolerant. I would simply tell Mr. Smith to include a short sentence after his diatribe. “The views that I just expressed are my own and in no way reflect the views of Fox News or our viewers.” I have no problem with LGBTs. I only wish they would live their lives and stop drawing so much attention to themselves. It’s as if they are so insecure they require confirmation of others. What’s with that?


        52. yes.. lady liberty… i notice that since fox dropped glen beck and judge napolitano , has gone very left… could we put together a grass roots campaign…email Fox and demand to bring back beck and the judge?
          what do you think? i have emailed fox but needs millions to make a difference…. i see here that many others here are noticing that fox has gone left…. and krauthammer is the best… so how about it? would you all join me to email fox to BRING BACK BECK AND THE JUDGE… It takes five people THE FIVE … to replace Beck… and THE FIVE IS BOOOORING… those five people do not add anything to the discource.
          How about this: DEAR FOXTV… You are spending salaries on five people to replace Glen Beck… and THE FIVE is Boring ,,,, vEry boring.
          we are changing channels now… you are betraying the audience that made you successful… .. So BRING BACK BECK AND THE JUDGE..!

        53. Didn’t Shep come out as gay some time ago? I thought I’d heard that so no real surprise there. However, yes, Fox has become more liberal and I don’t watch them much anymore either.

        54. I try not to watch when Shepard is on….He does too much commentary when he should justbe reporting the news.

        55. I do believe he is one, and I’m not too sure he’s not sick,,,,,,,,,I haven’t watched fox news, since I told my brighthouse bundler to take a hike……..not paying those outlandish rates…….anyway before I had them yank their equipment, I thought he was looking pretty tough, but maybe I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time.

        56. I agree. For the life of me I don’t know why Fox has this dandy as a news person in the late afternoon and early evening hours. For some people this is the only time they watch the news. This guy used to also be on the radio for news updates. It’s sad for someone so opinionated to be covering the news. Move him out in the field covering occupy this or that and get him out of the real news.

        57. He’s not covering the news, he’s a commentator. Big difference! I love Fox News but you have to keep in mind that it is about 80% comments and 20% actual news coverage.

        58. I have heard that rumor for some time. I would like for him to tell us. Just get it out there once and for all.

        59. When Smith asked Rick Santorum when
          Rick was “going to get on board with the rest of the world about gay
          marriage,” I think that clearly showed where Smith was coming from. That’s
          like asking the Pope when he is going to get on board about abortion. It
          prompted me to look into Smith’s background. I found numerous links that
          indicated Smith is believed to be a closet gay. Even if he isn’t, his personal
          beliefs have no place in a news broadcast. He is obviously strongly biased so I
          refuse to watch him anymore.

        60. I did not know he said all this. Guess I will quit watching him. Had no idea he was against Chick-fil-A. If he had just reported the news about it, that would be one thing,,but with this stand, I can’t watch him anymore.

        1. By tolerated I suppose you mean we don’t invite them to our home to perform? God is love and His word says we are to love all men but NOT the sin. Certainly they are to be accepted for who they are. You don’t have to condone simply accept. Go ahead and have a cup of coffee or bowl in a league etc. Unless they are (as some fringe characters might) trying to influence your beliefs or behaviour enjoy the friendship

        2. What do you mean by “accept”? Sounds as though you want Christians to make those who are living in sin comfortable with their sin. You must never forget these who are practicing their lifestyle of homosexuality are living in darkness. They are blind to what truth is. I say you never condone nor accept, as in being correct, their blatant sin. Luke 19:42, “If you had known…in this your day, the things that make for your peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes”. This is where the sinner dwells. God will hold you responsible if you do not remind the sinner of the unholy nature that controls his life. If you refuse to see the depravity and sit in passive friendship, of what glory is that to the Lord. No we do not accept them for what they are. Their natural state is in a lost and headed for a Christless eternity. Oh that we might have a deep unending sadness as we look at the darkness surrounding this terrible sin. A sadness enveloped with righteous compassion that welcomes the sinner, but openly and up front never accepts or condones what is the truth within that whole picture.

        3. Shepard Smith should try to be a journalist and not use Fox to put forward his bigoted homosexual agenda of intolerance toward another person’s feelings. Fair and balanced? I think not.

      2. We’ve tried that, but the intolerant just push us harder and harder. As Christians, we have stood by and turned the other cheek repeatedly as our religion is kicked into the gutter. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was the perfect way to show them where Christians really stand.

        1. Just because we “turn-the-other-cheek”, doesn’t mean we should hush up in their wake as well.
          We should all speak out our thoughts and stand by our beliefs, but we shouldn’t belittle others for their thoughts and try to silence and/or pursue their assimilation to our cause.

          That’s just wack, and we need to not be up in the wack, but down with the chill.
          The more chill we are, the moreso everyone else will eventually be. Peoples love them some chill folk.

        2. jjrkjw,

          RIGHT! Tolerance is for peaceful people during peaceful endeavors; knock-down, drag-out, count the corpses, is the normal process of WAR! And we are at WAR!

          I’m not a Christian believer, I am an Akurian KNOWER … and hard on the heels of that I am a hard core, uncompromising Constitutionalist. Being a Constitutionalist REQUIRES me to to defend Christianity along side every other peaceful religion (Islam does not qualify) and Christian operations, business or otherwise, such as Chick-Fil-A.

          To stand and fight is the only option handed the True Patriots. Of which the likes of MOST elected officials do not qualify. Homosexuality, in whatsoever its form, is Constitutionally a STATE issue; and does not have the right to cram itself down the throats, figuratively or literally, of everybody else.

          Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

        3. So right. Christians need to understand that it’s their passive attitudes that got us here. God expects his people to stand up and be bold and fight for our rights. God can’t use wimps!

    1. Who supports censorship? Liberals? I think you have either forgotten your history lessons, or never learned them. From day one, freedom of speech was a liberal cause, and liberal judges and justices have reaffirmed that right for years. Please note that conservative judges and justices from Aristotle, to the Inquisition, to the Salem Witch Trials, to the Church and the Inquisition to the Hollywood Hays Commission have all been conservative and opposed freedom of speech and expression. Racist speech is protected, but when used, it exposes the user as a bigot, and a danger to civilized society. You have a right to be a bigot, and therefore when you express that bigotry in public, you expose yourself to scorn.

      1. You’re so full of sh*t, your eyes are brown. LIBERALS are the ones who are all for censorship and suppression of free speech. Any time a conservative speaker dares come to a college campus, they are shouted down by the “beard and sandals” professors and their dumbass students who think they’re smart. Leftist Castro, Stalin, Mao, and others are EXPERTS are suppressing free speech.

      2. This may be the dumbest post I have ever read. Your personal interpretation of history is pure lunacy. I guess you think the founding fathers were liberal.

        But, not being a liberal like your heroes Rahm Emanuel and Tom Menino, I believe you have the right to express your stupidity.

        As much as it might bother you, we are not living in Obamaville yet.

      3. “From day one, freedom of speech was a liberal cause, and liberal judges and justices have reaffirmed that right for years”
        What liberal judges do is subvert the will of the people. Proposition 8 passed California and largely because or African-Americans. Did that matter? Nope. It just takes one activist judge to hold things up or worse, to legislate from the bench.

      1. In the Bible it says man should not lay down with man nor should woman with woman, so what does that mean. It there ever going to be a big judgment day for all that condone this type of behavior. You must be a Democrat because most all of them are the ones that are so all fired up about homosexuality. In fact your president say that he was gay and had experienced it in college. So what does that tell you?

        1. It tells me, Obama is bisexual. We do not know much about his background, but we do know he had a relationship with some guys while in college. Its in his book.

        2. Brad Nova is just someone with too much time on his hands, who prowls all the chat boards, just mumbling crap to get some “chit” flyin! Over time, most of us other chat board prowlers have learned to just ignore him. It drives him nuts to not get a rise out of someone with his “whacked out ” wierdo, wing nut, Ron Paul supporting drivel! Hopefuly, he reaches room temperature soon!

      2. Liberty and justice for all? Does all mean Chick-Fil-A? Does that include free speech and thought? Do you think the mayors of boston and chicago tried to coerce Chick-Fil-A to think differently by denying them their rights. Please , think before you write. America is skiing on thin ice with this political correctness business. Why do you want to flaunt your homosexuality so much? If you think your homosexuality is so wholesome and healthy and pure then live life and don’t worry about what people think. But please stop trying to change my mind, it’s not going to work.

        1. 10-4 BIG JACK !! the CEO has every right to say his beliefs as he does hire people with all kinds of belief’s . He has the same rights we all have !! What is ILLEGAL is for MAYORS of Boston,Chicago & others to say that CHICK O FILA (sp) can’t build in (thier?) Cities? Just like OBUMER “MY WHITE HOUSE ” ? When in hell did the PEOPLE make them SOLE OWNER’S of these ESTABLISHMENTS ??

      3. If Libtards including yourself, Sad Brad, would embrace what your people are always preaching or lecturing the rest of us on MAYBE you and the rest of them would be worth listening to.
        And why is it that Libtards always quote Scripture or the Pledge of Allegiance
        when it suits your agenda? All other times you’d rather spit on the Bible and burn the American Flag.

      4. Civil rights were never in question, only the religious rights. There is a big difference there. However, with some of the laws and executive decisions now being past, the rights of all, liberty and justice, are fast being removed. You should probably be more concerned about these matters instead of focusing on who believes what. Sheppard Smith is obviously gay, but I couldn’t care less. God gave us all free choice, who is man to take it away. It is not my right to judge anyone for anything, unless on a legal jury. I do have to say one thing, though, Fox News will not stand for any of their reporters becoming enbroiled in a public issue or debate where they show their own preferences. Negative public opinions would greatly affect their business, so if “Shep” keeps it up, he may be out of a job, much the same as Glenn Beck was.

    2. None of this should come as a suprise, since he works for Faux News. MSNBC and Faux are just two side of the exact same coin and anyone who doesn’t realize that they’re BOTH owned and controlled by the exact same interests (the globalists) is basically being fooled by the globalist controlled phony “left vs right” paradigm. The “so-called” left and right is nothing more than an acting script of “good cop-bad cop.” While the Left is playing bad cop in the eyes of Conservatives, and good cop in the eyes of Liberals, the Right is doing the same thing reversed. The Left and it’s “progressives” serve their disinfo to the masses of brainwashed TV watching drones and college mis-educated Socialists liberals, while the Right and it’s “neo” Conservatives serve their disinfo to the less brainwashed (but still fooled) “thinking” types with a tactic called the “controlled opposition”, which has been working brilliantly thus far. Unfortunately, it’s ALL and act, and while they pretend to be at each other’s throats in front of the cameras, when the cameras are off and they’re behind closed doors at the end of the day, they’re having drinks together and laughing at all of us “stupid cattle” who are so gullible that we swallow their propaganda hook, line and sinker. Americans are unknowingly funding their own destruction and this country is completely under the control of a criminal Mafia of foreign bankers who are NEVER going to stop until we are all conquered and enslaved. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”-Thomas Jefferson. “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the private Federal Reserve bank into existence and putting this country under complete control of foreign criminal bankers.

      1. You have to admit that things were going along pretty darn well till the likes of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt decided they were smarter than the Founders and took it on themselves to change everything.Make the government the cornerstone of the citizenry instead of the other way about as was described in the Documents! Now we have anarchists spreading their wishes on a population that will not ascribe to it for much longer

        1. And don’t forget LBJ. The Great Society, his slogan, has turned us into a nation of welfare and food stamp recipients. If we don’t change leadership in Nov., we’ll never have another chance. We must elect Romney and elect new more conservative candidates in the House and Senate. Don’t throw out the good ones, though. There are a few worth keeping, like S.C. Senator Jim DeMint. I follow his Senate Conservatives Fund and donate accordingly. And that’s why we now have Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Marco Rubio, and other Tea Party conservatives. Sign up for Sarah Palin’s PAC, too. Her recommendations are excellent.

        2. Obomney is the conservative’s great white hype. If you had really wanted freedom you should have nominated Paul. There isn’t an inch of difference between Odumbo and Obomney. I predict we will have Odumbo reelected and he will never leave office after that.

        3. Exactly, go into any inner city in this country, pick one, and witness the horror 100 years of Democrat influence and ideology has wrought upon the blacks. It is sickening, revolting, and profoundly saddening to anyone who cares about the human condition.

          Even worse, as the Democrats continue to destroy the family structure of blacks, to decimate their independence through welfare and other dependency programs, to lessen their numbers through rampant abortion, the blacks still vote overwhelmingly Democrat and support such vermin as Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson I & II, Al Sharpton, Charlie Wrangel, Marion Berry, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Alcee Hastings, etc.

          The racist celebrates this war on blacks with great glee…. for the rest of us it is disturbing to see this go on year after year, decade and decade, a constant drumbeat of agony for an entire race of American citizens, who lack the interest or the ability to free themselves.

      2. If you think the parties are the same and Fox and MSNBC are the same – then you’re in a dream world..stay there.

        1. @William M…And if by “challenged” you mean having the ability to write “my own” comments, as well as ‘my own” replies as opposed to childish one liners that butt in to other people’s comments and replies, because I am unable to think for myself, well then I guess you are right, I must be challenged.

      3. I beg your pardon when you talk about Fox News you do not know what you are talking about and you sure haven’t watched most of the people on that are telling the truth about everything that is happening to America. You won’t get the truth out of ABC, NBC, CBS, nor any of the other TV stations that tell more lies each and every day. I do not watch anything else but Fox and will continue to watch it because it is fair and balanced and take up for the American people, and yes they are some liberal people that work at Fox, but that is the reason they are fair and balanced. Fox is the one that is trying to opening everyone’s eyes to what this evil WH is doing to the American people and if you want to side with your buddies in the WH then I suggest you pack your bags and leave with the ones that I told need their citizenship revoked and be deported to another country. American people are sick and tired of listening to all the crap that is coming from people that are all mouth but never try to help the situation. So if you aren’t trying to make things better then I don’t think you have anything mean to say about Fox.News unless you know for sure.

        1. Shepard Smith has to come out of the closet soon because his actions make him appear as gay as Anderson Cooper. They are both on the side of the ones criticizing Chick Fil A’s CEO for his being a christian.
          Plus, Smith mostly follows the liberal side of every argument brought up on his TV show at Fox.

        2. I’ve noticed this too. I quit watching him a long time ago because of his leftist leanings.

        3. Most of the time people that are in the position that Shephard Smith is in won’t come out of the closet unless he is told he will have to. I have really gotten aggravated with him for his liberal comments and most of the time I turn the channel. I will not watch Obama at all. Everytime he comes on TV he tells one lie after another and I will not listen to the same redrick and lies all the time. Well, in fact I will not watch any of the stations where all they do is tell lies. It is the same old talk all the time. I can’t even stand to watch George Stephalosus at all. He is so biased that if anything happens on the right side like when the problem happened in Europe with Romney and wanted to know if the Olympics was secure enough and that was after the London times ask the same thing, you could see the smirk on George’s face and he is Obama’s right hand man and he would do anything for him and you couldn’t trust any of those people that work for all the other TV stations, but I hate to tell them there is a day where they will have to answer for what they have done and it doesn’tlook good. That time has just about come. The people in America have gone to Hell in a Handbasket and anything goes with all these people. You would think they would wake up and see what this WH is doing to all of us.

        4. Yeah, I turn off the to tv or go to another channel when he is on – sometimes listen to see what the openly libs are spewing.

        5. Who do you think owns and controls every network you’ve just mentioned? The same people who own and control every single “corporate” mainstream network withing the USA. Don’t belive me, then do some research. Follow the money; it ALWAYS leads to the same place. I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, but just as George HW Bush stated on Sep-11th 1990 “what is at stake is more than one small country, it is a BIG idea; a New World Order,” NWO=one world Communist global go0vernment. I wonder how many people know that Prescott Bush (George HW’s father) was friends with Adolf Hitler, and supported the Nazi Party? You neeed to study TRUE History and politics a little more, because the History Channel, Discovery Channel and laimstream news and it’s backstabbing presstitutes (all owned by the same people) are NOT going to keep you informed with the REAL truth.

        6. So I guess we should watch for your com-posts for the truth??? (LOL) What are you on, can you hook me up with your supplier?

        7. you are right! Prescott Bush worked for Hitler! we are witnessing and living “The Bush Cabal” check out for more, also

        8. Yep. I wonder though that in view of all the revisionist history writing for textbooks and such, why it is that the revised history only revises that which America has done well to that which unflatters our country? Why do revisionists not write out unflattering historical truths such as slavery out of the textbooks our kids are using? It appears that there is a nefarious agenda here – trash America and build up such dastardly folks as say Islamic terrorists? Pile it on thick about how awful slavery was (and it was) yet give little to no credit for conservatives who advanced civil rights over the objections of prominent democrats… Why not just pretend that slavery never existed on American soil? I think haters want to teach others to hate America like they do.

        9. This post is one of the most accurate, logical, reasonable opinions that I have ever read. Nov 6th may be our last chance to get things back on track.

        10. @1947rhoda64:disqus I quit watching all other networks but fox long ago because of thier bias. I have now stopped watching fox in general for the same reasons.

        11. I watch Fox until one of those loons come on and then I’m gone. Life is too short to listen to those a-holes rant and rave. I’m also tired of this ‘fair and balanced’ B S . It is time to start taking names and kicking @$$.

        12. Unfortunately, you are focusing on the glove that is reaching into your pocket as the culprit, while completely ignoring the actual hand that is “hidden” by the glove. Good luck with that. Remember; many Jews walked into the death camps with smiles on their faces because their “normalcy bias” would not allow them to comprehend the magnitude of the evil they were truly facing.

      4. Yes they do. You can watch them laughing together and dining together after hours every day. The all (the career ones; both parties) need to go. THen WARN the newbies. If need be; we keep changing leaders every 2 to 4 years. Eventually they’ll GET IT.

      5. Very good posting, endgame. We are all being played for suckers. When little Bush wouldn’t do anything to secure the borders and let the bankers run wild, and disregarded $4 gas until it got so bad he had to act, I could see it more clearly. We are so screwed and since there is accord amongst the politicians, no one will help us.

  5. People can be mad all they want its america, but the word of God stands forever so does the people who believe in God. So gays need to step off with pushing their perverted sickness on God fearing people.

    Lev. 18:22, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” (KJV)

    1 Cor. 6:9, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,” (KJV)

  6. I am not a christian, but I am super into studying the Tanach and Hebrew and I love YHWH. I will stand with all people to uphold the Constitution on any matter! Viva la Constitution of the USA! I love Chick-fil-A. I usually do not eat there because of my diet. But I support them and will stand with them on the Freedoms we have in this country.

    1. Raines: I wholeheartedly urge you to seek Jesus while there is still time. There is salvation in no other Name. He died for you because He loved you. Surrender to Him, repent and be saved. God bless you, truly.

  7. These people are nuts, and in the long run they will be out of business. While the lunatic fringe and zealots flock this week, they’ll for sure drop off, and the the company will be next in Chapter 11. People who opening discriminate against others will never survive public scorn. The owners can have any views they wish, but when they are in the public arena and they start to spout their own views, left or right, crazy or not, they take their chances. But, America is just as much about boycotts as anything else. I have never eaten in one of their franchises and couldn’t care less about their business. But after hearing about all the complaints about their business model and practices, I will for sure, stay clear.

    1. If I understand you correctly; you believe that owners of chain stores or other nation wide companies need to shut up, give up their rights to free speech and the freedom of religion, because bigoted supporters of homo marriage want nothing but praise and support from businesses? Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against homos or any other real or bogus class of people.

    2. They do not discriminate against anyone. Gays are served with kindness and respect just like anyone else. The owner has a right to his opinion just like anyone else.

    3. You and the rest of the lunatic left have no grasp of what happened yesterday YOUR hatred and bigotry blind YOU and you wial like children when you don’t get what you want. It is NOT discrimination to publicly stand for what you believe. Your vitriol will be YOUR downfall.

    4. This is not about thier business or thier food, it is about our freedom! Why is it ok for someone to support same sex rights, abortion, muslim rights and Obama and it not be alright for others to support opposite sex rights, support life, support any religion other than muslim, and thier choice for president if thier choice is anyone other than Obama? It seems very unfair and unbalanced. Where is the freedom here?

  8. So another leftist infiltrated the right’s side. Nothing new. They are all about being sneaky and lying. They have infiltrated our Churches and can’t stand it that we have one news site so they had to pizz on that too. Fire his sorry, American values hating backside! Make him work for his own side in the open, not like a sneak thief in the night.

  9. I dont care if he’s been with a thousand women. Smith is obviously Queer! No such thing as a Bi-Sexual. Normal men discount homo-sexuality as very, very odd

  10. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Shep Smith come out of the closet, he always struck me as a poof! It never ceases to amaze me how the people who preach tolerance, are the least tolerant of all!

  11. Smith has always bothered me. Is he the Anderson Cooper of Fox? He’s an egotistical idiot and I have no respect for him at all. He also has a face I’d like to punch.

        1. Hmm, OK, I guess yours is about as good and factual as any of the others eh? Is yours inspired also?

  12. To Shepard Smith: It’s not about intolerance toward gays, it’s about intolerance for the constitution. Read the 1st amendment and maybe you’ll understand it better. It’s called “religious freedom”, in the meantime, stick to reporting the news or shut up and get yourself a political commentary show.

    1. +1. I was about to say this. Beat me to it. On the other hand..I do not watch Sam Shep. I wait until Bill O’s show.

    2. My wife (I’m male .. she’s female) when watching Shepard Smith gat a kick out of how She Mis-Reads his teleprompter over and over again .. I wish I had a dollar for every time Shep says “I should say” after blundering pronunciation or an outright fact .. If anyone ever thinks Fox News is intolerant, let them watch Shepard Smith for a few days. He is a self-centered, holier-than-thou below average news-reader. Nothing more .. nothing less ..

  13. So true and I do believe that Shepard Smith is gay, but will I stop watching him on FOX? NO as I didn’t stop watching Anderson Cooper……It is his right to choose, even if I don’t believe in his lifestyle, I’m not living it they are……

  14. I have E-Mailed FoxNews many many times about Shepard Smith and his political views and am not surprised by this. He should have been fired a year ago when he called a republican senator a lier during an interview.

    1. How wrong could he have been? Even FOX News has to have someone on who doesn’t carry the complete right-wing, lunatic-fringe line!


      1. Libtardian; one who’s narcissistic indulgences cause them to suffer the most severe case of truth aversion disorder.

      2. They have the demonic left wing nut on for entertainment purposes to show how absurb and crazy they are. I love being right!!!

  15. To support elected officials desire to destroy a business for their thoughts/beliefs is NOT patriotic. PERIOD
    Shep, you are very much out of line on this one.
    Double check the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Also consider where this country is heading with the voluminous gov. growth and spending. Also WAY out of line patriotically.
    Cathy never said ANYTHING against those who don’t believe as they do. So, the ones who are out of line are the ones reading hate/persecution into his expressed beliefs. Shamey shamey.

  16. I’m surprised to hear about Shep’s ignorance. But he IS one of Fox News’ token liberals. I’m sure we’ll be flooded with video of Bruce kissing Biff outside a Chick-fil-A tomorrow, as if anyone cares. Much ado about nothing, folks, but yet another smokescreen to keep us from focusing on the disastrous record of the Obama administration. Move along, folks, nothing to see here. And NEVER pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Or the magician’s left hand.

  17. C’mon out, Shep ! It must be stuffy in that closet and the mothballs will make your eyes water. Ohhh, well. You can just do a big expose o the badminton cheaters. Now that’s real news you can get your teeth into.

  18. I watch FOX as my primary source of news. Shep has always been a favorite and has represented FOX in the right manner until now. So, from here on in whenever Sheep comes on I will change the channel or switch the TV off.

  19. mmm who cares if he is gay, sherpard that is, he is not that great of a tv personality . I do feel sorry for him though ,he is not looking all that well for the last year or so.

  20. Shepherd Smith needs to out himself during his evening broadcast, as it is obvious he believes in and supports the cause. He is either a big time liberal or, … Mr. Ailes are you reading this?

  21. I think it was said best “passing laws to force other people to accept that behavior borders on facism”. This is a America, land of the free, we are allowed say and think what we want. If you don’t like it you are free to move.

  22. He did that because he is a degenerate hurrying lickety split trying to find a chocolate tunnel of love to store his dickie.

  23. Shep Smith is “coming out of the closet” little by little. Just like Anderson Cooper, does he think that we don’t already know that he’s GAY? Come on, we know, but we don’t CARE! Just report the news and try to leave your personal bias and preferences at home!

  24. Last night I stopped by Chick.Fil-A about 8:30 at night to get a sandwich–I walked up
    and a person said–they are closed! The parking lot was full-the restaurant was full–but apparently they ran out of food early. Wow–how cool is that!!
    People are waking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I always figured Sheppy for a faggy and haven’t been able to listen to him for several years now. Maybe he’ll make the jump to CNN and/or msNBC sometime soon.

  26. Maybe little shep should just run over another woman in a parking lot….or do a fake of a strong wind blowing him so hard he has to hang on a sign post. I’ve always thought he was a fudge packer.
    I change channels when his shows come on…by the way, why does the packer have 2 shows…is it because he is in the sick, sick minority.

  27. Not surprised at Shepard Smith’s comment for always wondered if he isn’t gay – time will tell and so right about pulling another Anderson Cooper and comes out of the closet one day soon. My husband (passed away in 93) once said he thought Shepard Smith was gay and I never could figure out how he could tell way back when, but perhaps he was right?! Nothing impatient about Chick-fil-A as they showed extreme patience with the largest attendance on their “Appreciation Day” – wish we had one here in this city! GOD help America :o)!

  28. I have always wondered about ol Shep. He goes on air with a makeup job comes close to looking like a “drag queen”

  29. Anyone notice shep’s gaunt appearance. Could be he is protecting his own, at least temporarily. He is a liberal flogger of the left agenda. Never watch the guy.

  30. Remember that cute little Antz movie? When the Grasshopper is angry and telling the other grasshoppers, If the ants get together and realize how strong they can be united, we will never be able to enslave them again. Good simple lessons for life.

  31. “Don’t be too surprised if Shep pulls an Anderson Cooper before year’s end.”

    Surprised??? I’ve been waiting for that little gem for more than a few years now.

  32. Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values. THANK GOD. Chicago’s values are a few murders a day, Marxist policies and the nation’s strongest anti-business posture. Businesses are leaving Illinois by the droves, and rightfully so. If I could sell my house, I would.

  33. When I heard the gays were going to stand outside a Chick Fil A and kiss I thought……….. Oh wow how immature is that!!!! Actually it was Pathetic. All they did was once again demonstrate their immaturity and hypocrisy.

  34. What really ticks me off about this whole Chick Fil A thing is that, it would never have even been noticed, if some liberal nut wing reporter hadn’t filed a FALSE report. Homosexuality wasn’t even part of the original interview. The interviewer was asking Mr. Cathy about what has caused all the crime in the inner cities & ghettos, & his reply was the breakdown of the traditional family. 2/3 or more of African American homes with children are fatherless, plus the majority of crimes are committed by people who grew up in a single parent home. Boys need to learn how to treat women, from a woman’s perspective, plus they need masculine role models too. And, girls need to learn how to treat men, what to watch out for, & they need feminine role models. And, as usual, the activists have blown things so out of proportion that the majority of us who believe in freedom of speech have taken up this Chick Fil A thing. I’ve even read posts from a few liberals who have come out in support of Chick Fil A.

  35. What’s intolerant about two queers engaging in sick sexcapades? Am I supposed to be tolerant of all deviant behavior and forget about what I was taught from my religion? Am I supposed to be tolerant of these people spreading disease and the government shelling out our money to cure it? The answer is simple, NO. I will not lower my values to support or condone what they do.

  36. What happened to the people that call for tolerance of their beliefs from others? Why can’t the owner of CFA proclaim his PERSONAL belief without gays getting all bothered about it? We are entitled to our beliefs. I am for traditional marriage also, it doesn’t mean I hate anyone. I also frequent gay-owned establishments and spend money at these places. Perhaps I should take my business elsewhere as they do not think I am entitled to my beliefs. Do they have a problem taking my money because I believe differently?? Gays make up about 2% of the population, christians are at least 50%. If christians take their business from gay-owned businesses, who will hurt more?

    1. Right on, Diane. But I’d like for people to stop using the word “gay” when referring to homosexuals. That word has been perverted (literally) to such an extent that we can’t even sing a lovely Christmas carol (“…don we now our gay apparel”) without snickering. I know a woman named Gaye. Can you imagine what she goes through? Just saying.

  37. When it comes to the silent majority. the silence can be deafening. Courage of convictions is rare these days as most people stick their heads in the sand. I applaud Mr. Cathy for being brave in the face of the whining gay/ liberal crowd. If the majority was not apethetic about these issues I believe the left and it’s ilk would be in for a rude awakening.

  38. Was I ever deceived in my belief that S. Smith was a great guy and standup reporter. If he is backhanded coming out of the closet; come out a just say so. Being tolerant of anything that comes along is what has put us in the “hess of a mess”. No more watching this guy for me. Way to go Mr Cathy.

  39. Shepard Smith a HOMO. What do you expect? Keep your support for perversion in the closet, boy. It is an ourage that a perverted 2% of the population is trying to set our cultural mores.

    1. What can we expect??? One perverted old lady took God out of the schools and look what we have to show for it…

  40. I would just say turn the channel when Shepard Smith is on. The ratings will put him out of a job or send his sorry self to CNN or one of the liberal channels were he belongs.

  41. Stopped watching Smith a long time ago when his views kept creeping into what was supposed to be todays news…I now happily watch Lou Dobbs who just happens to be on at the same time as Smith:}

  42. Smith should just stick to reading the news. His brand of “cuteness” and sarcasm are truly annoying and absolutely juvenile

    1. …..and VERY Gay! Gays have THE biggest egos of any societal group. That’s why they love Hollywood, celebrities and show tunes. LOL. They are the most useless group of perverts on the face of the earth. AND, I do NOT believe that GOD created gays. I believe they are an anomalie; a byproduct of sin.

      And I don’t give a tinker’s dam with those who think I’m intolerant.

      Too bad. I do believe they should be culled from society, all put on desert islands, away from normal people, especially children. They are definitely mentally ill, diseased and dangerous, no matter what anyone says.

  43. I guess Smith doesn’t care much for his JOB. You ain’t that great of a reporter Sheppard !! + Chick fil A did a record amount yesterday. Sheppard go eat lunch with your Gay TROUBLE MAKERS, that is all they are…..look at me ,look at me ,I’m Gay ,look at me , I’m stupid , Look at me !!!! troubled group of people….

  44. The issue was not about being gay or christian; it is about our First Amendment Rights and the government officials thinking they can use their influence to intimidate business into submission with their liberal ideas. If they ever get away with it even one time; ALL businesses will be in peril for any reason the government deems appropriate.

  45. WELL WELL:: AS an american male I am going to say There is no way in HELL that I have to be TOLERANT to the QUEERS and let them think they have more rights than I do. THE QUEERS,LESBIANS all get AIDS this id a diesease just for the QUEERS the QUEERS,LESBIANS do not have and should not have more rights than I DO.!!!


  47. What happened to the right to voice your opinion in America? Weather your for or against some thing, You have the RIGHT to voice your side of the issue.

  48. I believe that this proves the Sleeping Giant (American Citizens) are now showing their power and strength in shutting down the Liberal propaganda and distortion of facts! I am so proud of you all! Corrupt Democratic Mayors and many of the elected Democratic officials are no match for the American citizens that believe in the Constitution, our Freedom of Speech and Religion!Please help in keeping the “Sleeping Giant Awake” with your voice and vote this November Support Mitt Romney and all of the Tea Party candidates! WE HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOM BACK FROM THE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST ELECTED OFFICIALS AND/OR ORGANIZATION THAT WANT TO TRANSFORM US INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL OF OUR MILITARY CHILDREN!


  50. My how fox has fallen. Loosing Beck, Oreily proving he is an idiot on the air. And now another lefty crawls out from under his rock.

  51. I was part of the Chick Fil A support yesterday and had to wait over 3 hours and it was well worth it. Let the Gays go their Friday. Make Chick Fil A a little richer. No matter what, we still win. I heard a long time ago that Shep Smith was gay or that he hung out in gay bars
    (and what does that tell you). Why doesn’t he just come out of the closet?

    1. Ol’ Shep must be feeling the heat from his buddies to “come out” and stand up like a man. . . I meant. Oh, well. Hey, I waited 1 1/2 hrs much of it in 100 degree plus sun with hundreds more in order to patronize Chick fil A . The chicken and the team spirit from the patrons were a wonder.

  52. Never have liked Shepard Smith. He reminds me of the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn. He really would fit in better at MSNBC with the other brain dead liberals.

  53. This disgusting man (?) should be kicked off Fox immediately. If he wants to be a pervert, that is his choice; however, I find it very offensive for him to be promoting the deviate lifestyle to others. I am an avid fan of Fox News; however, I will never watch Smith’s shows again.

  54. The leadership for Chic-Fil-A is the kind of example I want my kids to look up to. This company makes most of the athletes, rock stars and movies stars look really shallow. I doubt there are many other large businesses that would have the same courage.

  55. He doesn’t understand that CFA did nothing. The American people held the appreciation day, not CFA. Are there not any real journalists left???

  56. Long ago I stopped watching the 7:00 PM (Eastern time) Fox Report specifically because of Shepard Smith’s little quips. His weak attempts at humor are downright irritating. I believe Smith has ‘outgrown’ his role as Fox News’ senior anchor; maybe the executives can ease him into a role as a special commentator or pundit. I much prefer the 6:00 PM program anchored by Brett Baer especially look forward to the post-6:30 commentaries from Charles Krauthammer. Sadly I’m never home to catch “The Five” at 5:00 PM but from the few times I have been able to watch it is probably the best current events discussion program on television.

  57. Underneath Shep’s pasted on grin is a whole lot of anger. That’s an aside, I do not watch Shep when he comes on Fox because his “personality” seeps through his readings.

  58. I have never cared for Shep’s unprofessional opining….his job is to present the news; he is a “journalist”, and I do not need his personal opinion….on anything! I too, will be switching off Shep when he comes on at 7!

  59. The Catheys are the embodiment of what made this nation great and those who stood in endless lines to show their support are the embodiment of what keeps us great.

  60. I expect that we’re going to find that Shepard Smith may be a bit light in the loafers. The high level of poor health and early demise that exists in the “gay” community must certainly seem attractive to good ol’ Shep. Tolerance is one thing and I agree with that, but promotion of a destructive life style is NOT something that should be accepted. I’m not knowledgeable about the Bible and I’m not a big reader of it, but the present mind-set in Western society is mindful of Sodom and Gomorrah, which I did read about. Remember the biblical account of it which, I believe, was analogous to what actually happened. The point being that destructive behavior, widely accepted and even promoted, will undermine rational and ethical principles that go into building and maintaining a civilization. When you strip away enough of the foundation the building collapses.

    To attack Chick-fil-A for supporting those principles is not just nasty and unfair. It is INSANE and demonstrates a SUICIDAL mentality toward this civilization.

  61. There are times when I wonder about Chepbird Schmitt, I wonder if he got to much drought sun or missed the last watering hole(on purpose), there are times when his southern drawl is a bit to inflected and his tongue wraps around his teeth and driving Miss Daisy might be a better task for him….

  62. Shep is supposed to be unbias and just report the news. He always tries to tell us that his is part of the Journalists of Foxnews and now here is O’Reilly for Opinion. Shep ALWAYS tells us his opinion instead of just reporting. I don’t watch him anymore because of this fact.

  63. yeah yeah yeah….turn the other cheek b u l l s h i t. when odumbmao stabs you in the back turn around so he can spit in your face.

  64. Shep has always been ‘questionable’ and now it appears he’s ready to tip and come out of the closet.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been floating his resume at CNN and MSNBC.
    Stay tuned. Film at 11.

  65. We watch Fox from 5:00PM to 7:00PM and then turn it off for 2 hours since we don’t like listening to Shepard or Bill. I want to watch a true conservative or else I feel I’m wasting my time. I sure miss Glenn Beck. Rupert should take a poll and find out what his listeners want. Hannity is the best they have now.

  66. Sheppy Boy, you missed the point. I don’t want to hear your “opinion” or anyone elses, on any issue, just report the news. You are not the brightest light bulb in the box.

  67. I’ve had enough of Shepherds intolerance. Where is the petition to get him off the air. Have you noticed, especially in the last year, that he demonstrates his left wing symphony way to often. Where is unbiased reporting that Fox is supposed to represent. We report You decide. I’ve made my decision.

  68. If you have ever watched Smith, you know that he is a liberal. Fox has more than one viewpoint on its station which the left continues to deny. As a conservative, I have never liked Smith and no longer watch him. Chic-Fil-A’s sales were the highest ever, thanks to the conservatives in this country. Stand your ground Cathy, we are with you.

  69. Shepard Smith is supposed to be a hard news anchor, but he frequently editorializes in his presentation of the news. The consumer of the news should never know the political opinions of the anchor. If he does, that anchor is doing a very, very poor job of presenting the news. Shepard Smith has always made his left leaning opinions known through the way he presents the news. Fox needs a new Anchor for their hard news program.

  70. I did like Sherperd Smith, I said DID? Is he another Anderson Cooper? Fox News WAS a good conservative news network, not any more. It has followed the others into liberal and progressive reporting.

  71. I have watched Fox News, almost exclusively, for a while now. I am saddened by the comment by Shep Smith of the alleged “intolerance” of CFA. My response will be to notify Fox News that I’ll not be watching the shows of Shep Smith. Do I expect him to be fired? No. He is entitled to his opinion, or whatever, on any number of issues. He is also free to express those in any way he wishes. It is his first amendment right to do so. It is also my right to turn his programs off when I come across them on Fox News. This is still America, irregardless of what the left would like it to be or become.
    I consider the position of the gay activist community to be one of intolerance to any point of view which does not agree with their agenda. Along with the stance of the current resident of the white house and his minions in the various cities which have kowtowed to that agenda. That persons in elected positions would threaten CFA due to their religious convictions is nothing more than facisim and should not be tolerated by the citizens of those cities. That I can do nothing about other than vote when the time comes. Which I shall do.
    I encourage the silent majority to do the same. Vote the facists, progressives, and communists out of office. For the good of this country and all its citizens, in every city.

  72. It is not Chick-Fil-A or the Cathys being intolerant of anyone. It is the HOMOSEXUALS being intolerant of the Cathys and those who think like them!!!

    Oh, and uh, Shepard? Please show the specific “intolerance” that the Cathys put forth.

    ….and because of your “intolerance” I, nor anyone in my household, will not watch your shows on FOX ! Good Luck Shepard! Maybe, all of the HOMOS will take up a collection and support you and your belief system.

  73. I couldn’t care less if Shep is Gay or not. This issue at Chick Filet has nothing to do with ones sexual preferenes. It has everything to with the Facist element in the Obama / Radical Left movement that is trying (and succeeding) to tear our country apart.
    I really like Shep Smith, but he’s out of bounds on this issue if he’s of any other opinion. This is crystal clear.

  74. smith is entitled to his opinion, I really don’t have a problem with that. But, where were channel 2, 5, 7, 9 etc. Oh that’s right they will come out tomorrow to show a bunch of homo’s kissing. Will they also be playing hop scotch!! That is about as stupid as it gets!!! No one said a nasty thing about these people and the choice they have made in their life. I also, as a Christian in progress believe in the way God intended one man one woman. Those who choose otherwise again their choice. No one crammed this down anyones throat a simple statement was made. So tell me again who is the racist group here??? All of these homosexuals have made absolute fools of themselves. Should have stayed in the closet!!

  75. We have a choice to either buy Chick fil A or not. We have a choice to either watch or not watch Shep Smith. I choose to eat mor’ chicken and not watch Shep Smith. And that is my God given right.

  76. Shepherd Smith calling Cathy intolerant for supporting “traditional marriage” makes me sick. That, in addition to Bill OReilley and Glenn Beck insisting Obama is a citizen puts them in the same category as the other lying media.

  77. Won’t watch Shep anymore, he is so slanted in his reporting and his facts are skewed in his reports, he belongs on MSNBC or CNN, not FOX. But even Greta was very cautious in her reporting about Chick-Fil-A last night. They are so worried about offending and being called out by the less than 2% of our population that want to control what we believe.

  78. Liberals cannot succeed with a liberal T.V. show so dictator obummer made them hire all the rejected liberal misfits on fox and have them slobber their lies & ideas to the vast majority thru FOX. which by the way is loosing it’s audience.

  79. I’m going to start the Who Cares campaign.

    Who Cares if Shephard Smith is “gay”?
    Who Cares if Boston and Chicago ban Chick-fil-A stores for supposed intolerance?
    Who Cares if man and man or woman and woman want to get married?
    Who cares if you have a subscription to Playboy?
    Who cares if you are married and struggle daily with fantasies of other women?
    Who cares that you have been married twice or more?
    Who cares that you are an alcoholic?

    This whole campaign against or for being “gay” is a bad idea. Not because gay acts are good, logical, or anything else, but because I believe it is more about grand standing by both campaigns.

  80. With the gays and lesbians can accept is that there are still some people out there that will not be intimidated or bullied
    . These perverts have had free run the press and the Democratic Party not to mention the public schools for far too long. I personally find their behavior both publicly and privately disgusting but would never force them into relocation camps/reeducation camps or claim their mentally ill. I feel they’re mentally disturbed but I also support the right to play hide the salami all he wants as long as they are discreet like everyone else should be about their sexual lives no problem but when they start recruiting from our schools and forcing their doctrine down the throats of every American no that’s too far. It’s right up there with the stupidity of the hate crime bills. About the hate crime bills laws are supposed to be equal for everyone but yet the only people who could be charged with a crime are Christians and white people. Think about it

  81. This do-called newscaster should go to the more accepting networks! we will never accept this immorality from people God has never and will never condone the gay lifestyle! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. homesexuality was ans is never acceptible. sin is sin. even if they got married it would be ludicrous! God says a for this reason a man leaves his father and mother and marries a wife. what is confusing about this. just because Jesus didnt specifically say anything about homosexuality, God did! Jesus also disnt say anything about pedophiles, incest, wife-beaters, did that mean those things are right. We know right from wrong God shows us that! Gays quit looking for excuses, quit your intolerance and bullying. REPENT! so you can join us in heaven! Jesus loves you!

  82. Pay special attention to vs.24 – 27 in Romans 1:18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.
    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.Amen.
    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.
    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  83. I say live and let live… so leave our grade schoolers out of the discussions of adult sexual perversions… and leave us poor “breeders” alone, too. Tolerance goes both ways… er…a… should I rephrase that?

  84. Same old thing. You are intolerant if you hold a different view. All part of the leveling of America. The bible is my source and I will stick to it. It starts with the church and children.

  85. Pay Attention. Is there even ONE intelligent thinker that did not LONG AGO realize that Shepard Smith is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? He’s been a phony for years!! What surprises me is that here we have an article written by someone that watches or pays attention to Shepard Smith. Tsk, tsk.

  86. Shepherd Smith should suck his own. His opinion means nothing to the Morale Majority, in fact the only reason he even has anything to say is because the Media Moguls will do anything to stir up controversy. Stand up for what you believe in, don’t try to change the world to support your beliefs because theres too much of it for anyone to need to control. Just get along with others and don’t try to start a fight, thats what Democrats do.

  87. The USA was founded on Free Speach and Religious Beliefs and the Constitution delivers that to All citizens. Cathy made his Religious beliefs known without malice in his heart apparently. For those that disagree they should also do that without malice in their hearts as well. For Shepard Smith to attempt to use his media clout to harm an individual or his business is just wrong Hopefully he realizes this since the Appreciation Day was so successful. His rant didn’t appear to be even close to reporting the news.

  88. I always thought Shepard Smith was a little gay now I know lets all get together go to fox news when Shepard Smith comes on change channels watch his ratings go down so far that fox news will get rid of him.I never did like him now I know why.

  89. please come out of the closet, shepard, and grasp anderson’s limp wrist. you really have an attitude of rigid intolerance. lemme tell you about all the times i have been socially thugged and humiliated by sadistic hostile gays vicious and intolerant towards straights.

  90. Our country has slowly been brainwashed to think that homosexuality is a right under our Constitution. It is not a civil right issue at all. It is never right to do wrong. May I say again? It is never right to do wrong. Homosexual activities are wrong thus not covered in the Bill of Rights nor the US Constitution

  91. I can’t stand to look at Shep Smith. He’s creepy looking and very insincere. He takes away from the value of Fox News as being fair. Can his butt – or you’re going to lose more viewers like me. He does NOT reflect the values of the average Fox viewer.

  92. That which patently violates the Constitution should never be tolerated. Most PC falls into that category.

    A homosexual man has THE EXACT SAME RIGHT under the Constitution to marry a woman as does a heterosexual man. The fact that he doesn’t wish to avail himself of that right doesn’t create for him another right, such as to change the heterosexual definition of marriage.

  93. the proposed “kiss In” has a totally different agenda from the appreciation day. The day of appreciation was positive, for something and in support of free speech on any subject. The proposed Kiss in, is negative, intended to drive away business or interfere with people having both an opinion and a business. The Homosexuals don’t seem to understand the difference. I don’t think PDA’s should be classed as free speech, from anyone, Homo or hetero sexual. Speech is just that, speech.

  94. Shep Smith has been disappointing me for quite some time on Fox. I would like to see him gone. yes Send him to one of the LIBERAL networks. he would fit in much better. What a jerk to put his job in danger……………….

  95. FIBBerals claim to believe in tolerance. Funny how they are always the ones throwing juvenile tantrums when someone doesn’t agree with them. Smith is a leftwing dingbat.

  96. Shepard Smith is a giant turd. If he does’nt watch himself people will stop watching Fox news altogether. I have always believed he was a closet Obama supporter and this just shows us morer of his true skin. If two men want to nail each other in the keister, then fine, do it behind closed doors as all sex should be. For me, I’ll think I’ll have a chicken sandwich!

  97. I watch FOX, and FOX news quite a bit. I’m not a fan of Shepard Smith’s reporting style and his off-handed personal little remarks or diatribes. He shows his over-blown ego at every opportunity. His constant “bear” jokes (bear on the trampoline), his constant Ole Miss references (his Alma Mater, I think) and his other little side-remarks make him a side-show at times rather than a news reporter. Bret Baier is excellent as are most of the reporters in the field.

  98. i HOPE Fox News fires Shepard Smith. At the same time I hope they fire the black guy that
    was fired by NPR, I still don’t know why Fox “picked him up”. Also I’d be happy if I never saw
    Holmes on Fox again. I realise they make an effort to be “balanced” while the liberal media
    put the liberal spin on every news item. The liberals are mainly responsible for the mess
    America is in!!!~
    In just 3 years America has gone from a Republic to an Ineptrocacy and now is becoming a police state.Obama and his gang of thugs MUST go!!! Idon’t want America to become the
    Socialized States of Meximerica. Obama bought the Presidency in 2008. I think he will try
    to cancel the 2012 election via a “crisis” and martial law the declare himself dictator!!!

  99. Shepard is conducting the news the way CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and others with opinion instead of giving the news……makes you wonder if he is a “closet” Homosexual…..hope he leaves Fox News Channel, so I can watch the news again soon………

  100. Shepard Smith cannot call himself a Christian (and I don’t know and could care less what is stated position is). The Bible (KJV) clearly states that homosexual bondings are an abomination. I could care less about homosexual bondings male or female as long as they don’t bother me, but to call a marriage between same sex persons a biblical marriage is wrong. Call it a legal marriage for legal purposes okay. But it is not a biblical marriage. I rather liked Shepard Smith, but now he has shown his true colors. From now on I will cut the volume down when he comes on. He should leave Fox and go to MSNBC. They seem to have a special place in their heart for homosexuals. Thank you ChickFila for sanding up for what is right. Phuck Rahm Emanuael and Shepard Smith and the horses they rode in on.

  101. Why is it okay for the homos to do things in public that are absolutely repulsive to NORMAL people when heterosexuals would be castigated for it? If you’re a homo, that’s fine. Just keep it private. I don’t want to see it or hear it. I find it disgusting and repulsive. No matter what the shrinks say, It is not normal.

    1. Sucking face in a restaurant is inappropriate whatever you are. Why are homosexuals defining themselves by what they do in their bedroom? It’s in your face. Most people they are doctors, mechanics, businessmen, etc. These people are “homosexuals” above all else.

  102. I ate at Chick-fil-A twice yesterday and the turnout was amazing and encouraging. Let’s all make the turnout on Nov 6, 2012 twice as amazing so we can turn our once-great nation around and get her back on the right course!

  103. Forget about gay or straight or liberal or conservative, Shepard Smith is about the worst news reader ever! Watch 5 minutes of his show and start counting his flubs with your fingers. After about a minute or two, you’ll have to switch to paper and pencil to keep up. How did he ever get his own show? Maybe he was better and is now getting much worse? It’s almost as though he is guessing at the words and then has to correct himself when he actually reads the correct words on the teleprompter. Has anyone else noticed this?

  104. So let me see if I understand…. If you are a brain dead zombie that parrots liberal PC propaganda, then you are open minded and tolerant. If you believe that people have the right to think for themselves and have different opinions, than you are close minded and intolerant. Is that correct Sheppy?

  105. Smith is a loser and has been for a long while. I turn Fox off when I see his face. I would urge you all to do the same.

  106. Why can’t Fox News clean house and retire Shep Smith, Juan Williams and that lying, phony imbecile, Geraldo Rivera??? (I would watch Fox News a lot more if these interlopers were elsewhere…)

  107. “If you confess me before men, I will confess you before my Father in heaven …” “and lo, I am with you always.” “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” “Go, and sin no more.” “ODAY shall thou be with me in paradise.”

  108. The comedian Lenny Bruce once said it best: “Liberals can understand everyone except those who don’t understand them.”

  109. Don’t be naive, “old Shep” plays for the other team. No one should be surprised at his position on this topic.

  110. If ‘ol Shep would just come out of the closet, everyone would be well-served–especially Shep. The man is a hypocritical liberal on stilts. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard and my oh my those cut-just-above-the-crotch jackets he so favors are stunning indeed. Looks like death warmed over–if only.

  111. These things reek of exercises to see what issues roil people. Make no mistake, it’s ALWAYS to form a wedge between people. Mindless fear is promoted lest you figure out what the government is doing. I think it backfired this time.

  112. I often wonder why Sheppard Smith had the job he has anyway. He is about the dumbest news caster around. Even when he tries to prop up his liberal positions, he doesn’t seem to understand them. He just knows that he’s “suppose to” take that position.

  113. My prayer for America is that it is not
    too late and that what we are seeing today is all who believe in what made
    America a GREAT Nation, God, are FINALLY OPENLY standing up and saying
    “Enough!” For too long the
    so-called “silent majority” has been just that; silent. Their reticence allowed evil to spread. They allowed “compromise” of our
    Judeo-Christian principles. Very few of
    us have been vocal on the side of right.
    Point in case:

    After my medical retirement from the
    military, I worked as a substitute teacher in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Wyoming is, by definition, a Conservative
    state, yet our schools are overrun by bolsheviks (lcit). It was the mid 1980’s and I was subbing at
    one of Cheyenne’s three high schools. It
    was a “team teacher” class and we had the kids for 3 hours at a time. On the Right was me. On the left was what most likely was a female
    teacher; it was hard to tell. My first “faux pas” came when reading a vocabulary list. It was during the politiKal science part of
    class and one word was CONSERVATIVE to wit “little miss sunshine” jumped in and
    said, “the opposite of RADICAL”. “No,
    COMMUNIST. There is a definite political
    hierarchy and you skipped over one.” “She” turned purple because the substitute
    teacher dared correct her (?) in “her” class.
    Later they had “sex education” and the “woman teacher” got onto “alternative
    lifestyles”. I’m sorry folks for questioning “her” sex but
    I really don’t know if it was a woman, a man in drag or what! Seriously!!
    I stepped in and said, “Uh, excuse me, but deviant behavior is neither
    moral nor acceptable behavior.” The
    tennis match began in earnest! “YOU ARE
    ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINION BUT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!” Opening my briefcase, I pulled out my Bible
    and said, “Madame, it is NOT my OPINION.
    You are telling these kids how to kill themselves and I’m trying to save
    their lives! We will begin in the Book
    of Leviticus!” at which point she hit the door on a dead run. Turning to my students I explained I was
    about to be fired but they had to tell their folks what happened in class that
    morning because they really needed to know what they were being taught. Enter “little miss sunshine”, looking smug as
    the beloved leader pretending to be Mussolini.
    IMMEDIATELY!!” The principal started in
    on his rendition of “you are entitled to your opinion” rant when “it was déjà
    vu all over again”. Once more I pulled
    my Bible from my briefcase and proceeded to explain Leviticus 18 to the
    man. The proverbial stuff hit the fan
    and I was never called back to that particular Cheyenne high school again.

    Almost two weeks passed when the local
    TV station carried a story about what Cheyenne high school students were being
    taught in “sex ed’” classes. It seems
    some of the kids DID tell their folks what happened that day and the parents,
    God Bless them, jumped in with both feet and got the curriculum changed which
    brings me back to my original point: The “silent majority” is WHY we have the
    problems today that we have. Had they,
    too, stood up years ago and demanded the bolsheviks go perform a sexual act on
    themselves, we would not have the problems today that we do. That’s my two cents worth, anyway.

    PS: I write these in my word processor. I’m sorry if the formatting comes out weird.

  114. As it is writen in the Bible (Jesus said) “I am the way, the Truth and the Life, and no one come to the Father but by me.” The Cathy family knows this and I stand beind them and may God bless them. Obama, Reid and the rest of Gay/Liberal/Communist/Democrats have a hard lesson coming and not by man but by the REAL GOD, the God of Jacob, Joseph and Issac, the God of the Universe (God the Father,God the Son “Jesus” and and God the Holy Spirit). We need to realize that this is another wake-up call directly from GOD. Stand up and put on the breast plate of Armor of Jesus Christ our only true and Sovran SAVIOR. The Bible is clear – Hate the SIN not the Sinner. Pray for your enemies and let God do the rest. Jesus about to return “I am Coming” so do not allow the enemy take us Christians down to their level. May God Bless.

  115. I’ve always had my doubts about She-pard Smith… and believed he was a liberal plant ever since he went bananas on-air during the Hurricane Katrina failed New Orleans city and state emergency response and blamed EVERYthing going badly on then President Bush. He spearheaded the trumped-up “failed leadership” attack on W by the Left from which he never quite politically recovered. Well played Smith… well played. Can’t STAND him and wish he would saturate Fox with his absense ASAP.

  116. in this article you say the gay rights movement is about promoting a certain type of sexual behavior that is immoral and destructive –that is not true–it is about having the same rights as everyone else—namely the right to marry the person you love. There are plenty of heterosexuals who are involved in destructive and immoral behavior—some in my own family. They are cheating on their spouses, getting girls pregnant with no intention of marrying them, etc–and heterosexuals are still allowed to marry. The Constitution is the Law of the Land–not the Bible–there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents gays from marrying. If you don’t support the Constitution, you are un-American and not a true patriot. In this country, we have separation of church and state. If you want a government, that is based solely on the bible, then start a theocracy someplace else

  117. Well there you have it folks….just try NOT to picture Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper in the boycott pickett line outside of the local Chick-Fil-A sporting the pride!

  118. For me, this is the meaning of MARRIAGE. I will not sit down and let them take over Marriage as they have the word “GAY”. If they want marriage rights, go to a attorney and get a prenupital agreement your not going to CHANGE the meaning of marriage as one man and one woman. Look polygamy was outlawed, so this arguement is NOT 21st CENTURY Dear Shep. Shep is the one going backward.

  119. I don’t know if shep is queer or not but he has made some anti free society comments before. It’s hard to tell if they use him for their balanced part of their fair and balanced muntra or if he is really that mixed up.

  120. Since the Muslim bought 7% of the stock in the company that owns Fox News, you can no longer even comment on what ilk like Smith say or say anything derogatory about fags or Muslims.

  121. I wonder about Shep Smith! It isn’t Chick-Fil-A that is intolerant. It is God who is intolerant of those who mock Him and contend for the hearts and minds of others to draw them away from HIm. Because one doesn’t accept something God doesn’t condone doesn’t make that person intolerant. The ones who come violently and aggressively against God’s truth are the intolerant ones. Homosexuals are intolerant of anyone who doesn’t accept their lifestyle so much so that they have to go behind the backs of parents and use political pressure to force their values on our kids in grammar school. They must do that because they cannot “reproduce” themselves except by converting people to their lifestyle. The younger the target the more easily they can accomplish this. Their move is to get God out of our culture and let them retrain people according to their beliefs. They will lose that war!

  122. Too bad the “trading season” (baseball) ended July 31st….I would LOVE to see Shephard traded to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and all those other left-wing hate amreica bomb-throwers where he belongs!!!!! Tom

  123. I went to a Chick-Fil-A inside a Northern New Jersey shopping mall to show my support. It was not needed. The line was INCREDIBLE!!! It stretched at least 300 feet! It was so long, it looped around the food court, and stretched into a service hall not open to shoppers. It was at least a 3-hour wait, and having to get back to office, I could not stay. I’ll try again tomorrow, when I understand the gays are scheduling a same-sex “kiss-in”. I hope they don’t show up; I don’t barf up my spicey chicken sandwich.
    BTW, if those lines are any indication as to what’s coming in November, when we get to vote against the Democrudic party who has now put gay “marriage” into their platform, all I can say is “God help the Democrats. They’re going to need Him.”

  124. Shep, you gays need to be tolerant of our life style and if we choose to mary the opposit set so be it. We don’t have to believe the way you do to be tolerant.

    Get a life and hopefully you will start to understand FREE SPEECH AND RIGHT TO WHORSHIP AS WE WANT.


  125. No worries! No one listen’s to Shepherd anyway. At least no one who has the intelligence above that of the typical OWS’er. Which everyone knows is about on par with their inflated SAT’s. In short, meaningless.

  126. I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Mr. Smith, he is also an opinionator not a comentator. He has grown more progressive in his rants I turn the channel when he is on, he has become a turnoff for FOX in fact I have seen a big change in FOX. I do not watch this channel as I did when they first came on the scene. They are getting to be just as left leaning as the rest. They do not report the facts. How quickly they forget who brought them to their number one status. The gays and lefties are oh so intolerant, I can’t take it anymore. Your loss FOX.

  127. First of all I believe that if your born with a certain sexual hard wierd program in your brain to like the same sex as your own, is normal. About 10% of the worlds pupulaton is homosexual. That’s about 600,000,000. million men and woman. If you think its not normal, blame it on a goof from nature or if your a believer God gooved. I have never heard one homosexual say that they are happy being born that way. But you have to live with the cards life gives you. That goes for many other things in life. I must say that when it comes to fair and balanced news and the eating of Chicken on Fox News, Shep Smith is one of few actors on Fox who fulfills that pledge.. I have never tried Chic A Fille, but my forite chicken is Popey’s.

    1. Why is it if you are born Gay, it is natural ? . . . If you “turn” Gay later in life, it is natural ? . . . If you like it “both” ways, that is natural ? . . . If you are into beastiality, who’s to judge ? . . just stay away from my dog ! . . . The fact is, every one of these things goes against “Natural Law” ! . . . Why should anyone who is following “Natural Law”, (NOTE I did not mention GOD’s law) be coerced or forced into even passively permitting such behavior ? . . . Shall we allow pedophilia, beastiality and any behavior that is deemed outside of “Natural Law” ? . . . . . I went fishing one time and snagged a old, old kerosene lamp from about 40′ under water. . . It must have been there for atleast 50-60 years. . . Amazingly it was STILL LIT ! . . . . Make you a deal, if you take about 8% off of the gay figure you quoted, I’ll blow out the flame on the lamp ! . . . Deal ?

  128. Homosexuality is insalubrious. If you are supporting homosexuality or are unrepentant you will end up spiritually impecunious. 82% of the pedophile priests were Harvey Milk (hero gay SF politician) copy cats. That is, Milk’s and the priest’s victims were teenagers. In other words, if Harvey Milk was a priest he would have been fined millions of dollars and put in jail. But, since he was a gay activist he is a “gay saint” and his victims were only being assisted in “coming out”. Double standards are unfair. Spread the word. The truth shall set you free.

  129. Will Fox News fire Sheppard Smith if he admits he is a sexual pervert? They fired Glenn Beck for telling the truth about Obama destroying America.

    1. Let’s hope so. I truly love Fox for it’s fair and balanced shows, butt (pardon the pun) this guy is sickening and surely is fair and balanced. Fox losses me when he’s broadcasting his garbage.

  130. I knew there was a reason why I never watch Shepard Smith, he always acts negative towards Romney and has his nose up Obama’s butt when talking politics. He also always reminds me of Megyn Kelly when he attempts to present his left wing liberal views on Fox. They should send this individual to CNN, CBS, NBC off ABC where he can show his real colors.

  131. Sheperd Smith needs to look at himself. He is the one that is intolerant of other people’s beliefs. The Cathy’s believe in the Bible. What does Sheperd Smith believe in? Where does he get is moral or Christian values? I will not be watching his news coverage on Fox News at any time anymore. He needs to get a job with an affiliation who shares his values.

  132. Shepard Smith is a liberal big government guy. Guess he’s the “fair and balanced” opinion guy on Fox News. They don’t need him! I haven’t watched him since his overwrought coverage of Hurricane Katrina when he was in Louisiana.

  133. Chick-fil-A finally brought out the silent majority.There is no bad mouthing with the silent majority,they show their support by their appearance. Liberals can’t stand that!!!!!


  135. Shep is pretty far to the Left. I think he survives at Fox simply because they try so hard to be fair and balanced. To me, he fits with Gemool Green and many of the other ridiculous Lefties that come on Fox spouting their party line. I finally realized they go in every morning for their “shot” of talking points, otherwise they would be totally numb or “dumb”. That’s one thing about Lefty Liberals, they can’t think for themselves. That’s why Obama uses a teleprompter.

  136. Nobody has said that Chick-fil-A couldn’t say and do what it wanted, but it makes sense for those who value equality for all should object with boycotts and publicity against anyone spending big bucks to make their religious beliefs the law of the land (infringing on the equal rights of others).

  137. S. Smith, I never cared for his smug demeanor. I always changed the channel when he was on; so this doesn’t surprise me the least. He is another A. Cooper. Irarely watch FOX anymore as they have become what all the other media have – state-run, They have their token consevatives just to give the appearance of being neutral, they are not!

  138. BTW, I heard, don’t know if it’s true or not, but I “heard” Harry Reid committed bigamy, that he never divorced his first wife. Don’t know if it’s true but he should prove he’s not a bigamist.

  139. Shep has been out for years, he has been at the republican log cabin meetings for years, this has been known for a long time, see fox is tolerant, does not make him a bad guy, but his bigotry towards breeding is laughable, and very anti-humanism.

  140. I don’t watch smith since I saw his profane-laced tirade when he thought he was off the air a couple or few years ago. He’s a lib. Just tries to hide that as well as his sexual leaning. Oh, I don’t watch O’Reilly either, if that durned juan williams is hosting. I wonder what the ratings are when he hosts? I dislike everything about him. Even his voice is ALMOST as grating as whistler obummer’s!

  141. The Chick-fill-A shoppers yestrday showed their opinions which the homosexuals and libturds don’t like. They were there to show solidarity with American morals and values. They had enough of these perversions shoved down their throats with the sick ‘political correctness”.

  142. Go Chick-Filet !! The gays just don’t get it. 99% of the American people have a dislikd for what the gays stand for,they don’t hate gay, just hate the sin!! Gays had it thrown back at them yesterday, pretty obvious,people have a high dislike for that lifestyle, you gays start minding your own business,start a leper colony,it is the same curse!!

  143. Everyone has the right to believe what they want. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person or a corporate culture, it’s still a right in this country to have free speech and belief or not in a God. The question is “Does Chick-fil-A discriminate when they hire someone” No they don’t If they did that would be breaking the law, Having an opinion, Belief or view is not against the law in this country. Let’s keep it that way.

  144. In the end 2-3% of the population no matter how loud and obnoxious they are should never drown out the majority that think what they are doing is just wrong. We as the majority should never for get this nor should we ever forget like they have just because we have the stage for a moment that we have to mistreat them like they have done to us.

  145. I’ve often thought that “ole Shep” might be a fudge packer. Now we know. I hope Fox News get’s rid of him. He’ll always be welcome on MSNBC with “the thrill runs up my leg guy”, Chris Mathews.

  146. There’s nothing”gay” about the homosexual life style. Homosexuals KNOW their sexual appetite and conduct are not natural and that’s why they are so militant to get others to except them and their deviate sexual preference.

  147. Shep Smith is a glory hound queer as they come,another anderson cooper,he’ll anounce it b4 too long, also an odumbo fan!!

  148. Intolerant? Really? Intolerance would be refusing service based on your immoral lifestyle. I wish I could voice my opinions on National TV like these primates are allowed to do. Here’s the facts (which Im sure all of you know), The 67% of Americans who do not actively engage in the un-natural sex acts of the 3% who do, are all intolerant and would rather eat chicken than choke chicken according to this idiot on Fox News. People I dont give two craps what these deviates do just as long as they dont do it my yard. I dont buy into the “Im born this way” lie. Label me a H8er I dont care. Label me I’ll label you. As far as the homo kiss in scheduled this Friday at Chic Fi La’s across this great nation. I encourage all (naturally, ie man and woman) married couples to go into Chic Fi La, order a sandwich or two and kiss eachother. Thus showing the natural order of things and demonstrating to these same sex people that if it werent for people like us there would be no pro creation. Men Kiss your wives daily. Wives Kiss your husbands daily. God bless America

  149. Ok, for a dude I always thought he may be going a little heavy on the eye makeup. . . . NOW I know why ! . . . . FOX, dump this dude, as he has lost all credibility with me and I’m quite sure a lot of other people. . . . When your prejudice is obvious, it’s time to go ! . . . A newscaster is supposed to report the news in a unbiased fashion. . . . Even the straight ones !

  150. Fox News – you are digging your own grave when two of your high profile personalities start expresing personal opinions over the airwaves. Bill, the motor mouth, gets some slack as he purports to be a commentator and is not reporting. However, when his ‘fair & balanced” goes to stating inaccurate information and he starts talking from emotion rather than ‘fair & balanced’ thought he has crodded the line in lib-think land.Shepard the sarcastic, flippant mouth on the other hand IS reporting the news and as such needs to keep his personal feelings to himself or go on O’reilly’s show to talk about them. We don’t need reporters attempting to tell us what we should say, think or feel, Not your place!

  151. All I can say is — awesome. I don’t believe that all of those people who stood in long lines to purchase Chick-fil-a sandwiches were anti-gay — just pro freedom. We can have a revolution without a shot being fired. All we have to do is pick a day, then show up on our streets in solidarity against those who have taken away many of our personal freedoms. I would start it if I had the platform that Mike Huckabee has. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone, who is tired of what our government is doning to us, would stand on the sidewalks or roads in cities across the USA holding signs (or our countries flag) in silent protest? I think those we send to Washington to represent us would be unable to ignore us like they have been doing and begin to listen to “we the people”.
    If you have thought that your vote doesn’t count, the above would be a way of making it at least very visible. Is there anyone out there who has the means to get it going?

  152. To Bad the homo’s and leftist don’t have any tolerance for the christians here on earth. I guess it goes with who they are and their believe that no one else has any rights. Guess Mr. Smith may be homo himself. After all, he believes is is higher than anyone else. Guess O’ Dip may not like that, but that is too bad.

  153. I have not been a fan of Smith. Now I will not even be a viewer of his. Anyone who flaunts his beliefs which are contrary to God’s, is asking for God to show them the error of their ways. I am glad I am not Smith. I don’t want the wrath of God raining down on my life.

  154. In case you haven’t noticed, virtually the entire agenda of the left is a thumb of the nose at the very notion of God. I daresay N-O-N-E of the elites in the dem party, including the news media, have the slightest belief in a supreme being. There beliefs SCREAM that fact, from abortion to homoes to school prayer to Christmas displays… on and on.

  155. Liberalism= tolerance? REALLY?
    Gay= happy joyful,carefree ? Really?
    From where I sit, the above are the exact opposite, with any and all that do NOT share their view-point!
    What is next, N.Korean re-education camps, or Mao’ s Great Leaps forward, agree to modify thoughts or die?
    Galatians 1:10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
    1 Thessalonians 2:15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:


  156. What did you expect? It is well known that Shepard Smith is gay, as is CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Similarly, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is a lesbian. All three are highly intelligent, and I pay attention to their points of view, although I don’t subscribe to many of them, particularly on LGBT matters and other liberal issues. It’s called free speech.

  157. Helloooooooooo………I have always thought…..Shep Smith was gay………and if he’ not, he sure missed one helluva chance!!!!

  158. Should anyone be surprised at Sheperd Smith… he along with O’Reilly are no different than McCain and Lindsey Graham… they are liberals in conservative suits… Fox News is on the way to falling in step with the Main Stream Media…. Would not surprise me if in the not so distant future Smith will come out of the closet just like Anderson Cooper…. I have quit watching Fox News because of their left leaning.

  159. Shepard Smith is either queer as a three-dollar bill or just a lot more stupid than he sounds!
    Either way, he doesn’t fit in with the Fox network doing anything but janitorial work or
    cleaning the toilets!! He should be short-lived in his stay there!!

  160. Not suprising, since he works for Faux News. MSNBC and Faux are just two sides of the same coin, and anyone who doesn’t realize that they’re BOTH owned and controlled by the exact same interests (the globalists) is basically being fooled by the globalist controlled phony “Left vs Right” paradigm. The “so-called” Left and Right is nothing more than an acting script of “good cop-bad cop.” While the Left is playing bad cop in the eyes of Conservatives, and good cop in the eyes of Liberals, the Right is doing the same thing reversed. The Left and it’s “progressives” serve their disinfo to the masses of brainwashed TV watching drones and college mis-educated Socialists liberals, while the Right and it’s “neo” Conservatives serve their disinfo to the less brainwashed (but still fooled) “thinking” types with a tactic called the “controlled opposition”, which has been working brilliantly thus far. Unfortunately, it’s ALL an act, and while they pretend to be at each other’s throats in front of the cameras, when the cameras are off and they’re behind closed doors at the end of the day, they’re having drinks together and laughing at all of us “stupid cattle” who are so gullible that we swallow their propaganda hook, line and sinker. Americans are unknowingly funding their own destruction and this country is completely under the control of a criminal Mafia of foreign bankers who are NEVER going to stop until we are all conquered and enslaved. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”-Thomas Jefferson. “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the private Federal Reserve bank into existence and putting this country under complete control of foreign criminal bankers.

  161. My husband has recently been saying that he believes that Shepard Smith is a closet liberal. Looks like he was right…

  162. Shep is gay, so it doesn’t surprise of his comments, he probably wants to wed a man himself. The gays response about the kissing thing sounds like something a 5th or 6th grader would say, what whiners and juveniles. I laughed when i heard this, how shallow.

  163. I am so disappointed in him i use to think he was a conservative, some people really have us fooled. Who cares what Gay’s do they should hide and do i

  164. With the awesome Nationwide reaction via the support shown for Mr. Cathy-you can really understand why “they” don’t want us to own guns

  165. I would not call what the “out of hand attack” on Chick-Fil-A’s as being “drug through the mud.” For these people to stand up for what they believe, which is in line with GOD”S WORD, The protestors, in the mud, were trying to drag this company into the mud with them. The Chifk-Fil-A was never in the mud with them,it was flying high above them and the mud, in GOD’S clean air.

  166. L’il Sheppy Smith is either as queer as a three-dollar bill or even more stupid
    than he sounds!! He is totally not qualified to be on the Fox staff other than
    doing the janitorial or toilet-cleaning work!!

  167. Shep, I’ve had my doubts and you’ve finally confirmed them. You disappoint me, but not much. I was part of the Chick Fil-A support crowds, and for me it was all about the freedom of speech thing….. that, and the right to be free from government interference with one’s business for political reasons. Your snide remark was uncalled for, and laced with smarmy righteous arrogance. Day of Intolerance? You said it, and then showed us what it looks like.

    Go away.

  168. Yesterday was easy. Tomorrow is the day we all need to show back up at Chick-Fil_A and support them even more than yesterday. We need to be loving and show respect to the homosexuals even though they may hurl insults at us and call us haters. Buy them some lunch and something to drink and take it to them. If they take it, fine, if not, that’s fine too. Everyone, be respectful.

  169. Actually, I have read that Shepard Smith is homosexual. I don’t remember where, but I know I read it somewhere. Just google it.

  170. Why doesn’t Shepard Smith go over to one of the former major alphabet networks? Fox Cable News is all I’ve watched for years because it presents both sides. Looks like Shepard Smith is willing to present one side only. Is Roger Ailes willing to put up with it?

  171. EdEvers, I’m disappointed in Fox News if they let Shep. Smith stay there..He is as queer as a $3.00 dollar bill along with Bob Beckle who claims to be a Christian. Yeah, Right.

  172. In an effort to be “Fair & Balenced” Fox News has many talking heads that may need to find another forum. Shepard Smith began to lose his cred on the bridge during Katrina.

    1. That said, I think they might have made a good choice in Van Susteren. I hope she continues to do a professional job. I was VERY skeptical at first. I’ve never really felt good about Smith.

  173. I think Shep is a little too Smug for his own good, I try to avoid him but I do watch FOX – A Lot!
    Time will tell for him.
    Personally, I don’t care what your Political preference is as long as you honestly (and without sneaky and hidden bias) present both sides of issues. Slight innuendo on the part of Shep and one or two others at Fox are their hidden attempt to persuade their viwers to THEIR point of view. Too popular for their own good and arrogant???
    As much as I trust Fox, they need to bring a couple of their popular cool journalist back in line with total explanation and truth – I want to decide…after I hear both sides.

  174. I would bet my last Chick-fil-A sandwich that Shep was referring to the intolerance of those who try to suppress free speech and freedom of religion.

    1. I hope you are correct Elizabeth. No one knows for sure but many are jumping to conclusions. I hope he will make an explanation tonight. Thanks for being a calm and rational person and speaking positively.

      1. I never heard him address his comment. Maybe he doesn’t even know there’s a question about it because he never meant it in the way that people have understood it.

  175. You have to realize that the Fox networks are really not “family friendly”. Starting from the top down they are in it for the money, Mr Murdoch saw a market in the conservative world and created the news channel. Outside of that, the other parts of his organizations are the most wicked and un-godly around. I believe Mr. Smith is from and grew up in New Orleans, one of the epicenters of wickedness in this all ready wicked world. Whether or not he is a practicing sodomite is yet to be seen, but being from N.O. would explain why he accepts the sin.

  176. Maybe Shep Smith should join CNN , they need someone to lower their ratings , he would fit right in with the rest of the gays there.

  177. Tolerance…to Tolerate…means to “put up with it” but not condone or encourage it.
    Most ALL of the American people “tolerate” homosexuals…which means we put up with it.
    The liberals have stolen the word “tolerence” just as the homosexuals stole the word, “gay”.
    Tolerating someone or some thing does NOT mean we are to condone or encourage. It also doesn’t mean that we are to be silent about our views on a subject.
    For crying out loud…the homosexuals are screaming their belief on every roof top. Based on the liberals definition of tolerance….the homosexuals are WAY more intolerant of my views then I am with theirs.
    I think we hear so much crap from that liberal group because they are so incredibly insecure in who and what they are. So the best way to combat that, is to make sure they are pounding on us and portraying us as being queer. Interesting, huh?

  178. Good ole Shep has always had the lefty lean. I like when he closes his 7PM show with “and now you know the news, stay tuned for our opinion shows (paraphrasing)”. Like his “news” program isn’t filled with lefy inuendo. Hey Fox, dump this chump!

    1. I’ll be there. I like their Cool Wraps! The chargrilled is even good with Chinese plum sauce.

      Young folks, old folks, little kids, blacks, whites, Asians, Indo-Paks, Hispanics, people on canes, crutches, and wheelchairs, and there was absolute order and neighborliness everywhere. If the left expected divisiveness, they blew it! This thing united us like Obama promised to do (but never delivered). And no one was turned away (no, not even gays, although no one asked…) until the food ran out.

      Tolerance does NOT mean advocacy.

  179. Hey Sheppy! About your first name….. that means a guy who loves sheep, right? Anything else you’d like to share with us? Oh, you really did Fox a big favor yesterday. That’ll show them how to report news.

  180. I do not remember being this pleased by anything before this. The “turn of the worm!” The worm that should of caused Chick-Fil-A a lot of trouble acted as it’s friends. “GOD moves in mysterious ways, HIS miracles to preform.” All I can is “AMEN AND AMEN AND AGAIN AMEN, GLORY HALLELUIAH, GOD HAS SPOKEN!!”

  181. Why
    must Sheppard Smith be on twice a day, I have a hard time watching him once a
    day! He is one reason I have doubts about Fox News being Conservative!
    Bill O’Reilly is a quasi Conservative, he jumps back and forth, just
    to keep his ratings high! They had Glenn Beck, he was not only informative but
    he is a genuine Conservative! They replaced him with a lame,
    “Five,” show, what a letdown! No, Fox News ,may placate some
    Conservatives but it’s far from being fully committed to the Conservative cause!

  182. I figured it was only a matter of time that he would get caught….this isn’t the first time Shep has made subtle remarks in support of bo-bo.

    I noticed more than once he was not so fair and balanced with unemployment/job numbers that were, month-in and month-out, made to look like they decreased; when, in reality, the next month they were always quietly “revised” upward by the politicized Labor Dept. (who appears to be doing their darnedest to fudge numbers until after the election). Yep, there was Shep on many of his shows singing the praises of an “improving economy,” and “things are getting better,” and these are “great signs of improvement.” Ultimately, I guess he couldn’t keep saying that in light of reality because I then noticed only a small segment–one time only, and quickly done–where he had to report that maybe these numbers are inaccurate because they keep getting revised upward to higher amounts than what they were before the so-called “decrease.” That’s when I realized this guy has an agenda, and he just can’t be an objective reporter anymore.

    Shame on you, Shep!! Shame on Shep!

    I actually have been turning off his shows, since that incident of misleading and misrepresented reporting of job numbers, so I didn’t witness this latest fiasco. He has already destroyed any credibility I might have had for him on more than one occasion before this.

  183. Voltaire said; I may not agree with what you say, but I will
    defend to the death your right to say it. What Voltaire was saying is that no
    one has the right to silence another, or allow anyone to be silenced because
    they did not agree with what they said. It may come as a shock to many today,
    but it was with that freedom of expression in mind that our founding fathers
    provide us with a Constitution to protect us from an overreaching Government. In
    other words, and this may come as a news to many of you, especially you young
    liberals, our founding fathers actually intended for we individuals to have the
    freedom to discriminate in our choices to associate and affiliate within our
    society so long as it did not endanger another person. And it is the duty of
    the Government to protect that right, and all the other rights protected by the
    Constitution, regardless of whether or not it was a popular choice. When I grew
    up these facts of American freedom were inculcated into our young mush heads
    and they became the guiding principles that helped us build the greatest nation
    in history. And why we chose to fight wars against tyranny and totalitarianism that
    liberated millions of people. And it was our Constitution that instilled the
    strength of American character within us that cause us to help restore our
    allies and grant liberty and freedom to our conquered enemies. But all of that
    has changed today, and I am saddened to see how this whole Chick-Fil-A affair
    demonstrates how far we have fallen in
    the name of tolerance and progressive socialism. We are witnessing the Mayors of three major
    cities, and a whole host of other major and minor politicians and celebrities discriminating
    against a private citizen for choosing to operate his private business in a
    manor in keeping with his private beliefs. And our popular news media is
    supporting this complete violation of the intent of the Constitution. I am amazed
    to witness how they are making a villain of a man for attempting to live by the
    principals of his faith. While championing and lionizing a deviant minority that
    demand the right to practice sodomy. Something that for countless generations was
    branded a vile criminal conduct. Am I the only one that finds it odd that we
    have just witnessed harsh judgment descend on Penn State University for
    allowing a homosexual to practice sodomy while at the same time demanding that
    the president of Chick-Fil-A ,and all the rest of us, accept the same conduct as
    a Constitutionally protected right? As far as I’m concerned, God said they are
    sinners and I choose to exercise my Constitutionally protected right to say I
    And any politician that doesn’t agree needs to be removed
    from their office of trust post haste.

  184. My God have Mercy on all the non believers. My God have Mercy on the liberal professors at the University of Mississippi where he received his education. God forgive the Nation as they turn there back on you! Thank you Dan Cathy for standing with Christians around the world and may God continue to bless your business in a special way!

  185. Is Shepard Smith reacting emotionally, or is he really that ignorant. As a “news reporter,” he should have gotten the quote from the source, instead of believing the twisted version of the “offended.” There is no Constitutional Right not to be offended. There IS a right to free speech and freedom of religion, until political correctness and bullying take our Rights away.

  186. If you’ll recall, the little shepard boy was all over Bush for his approach to Katrina, but maobama got a pass on the gulf oil sill. smith is in the tank for maobama as is o’reilley and most of fox “news.” If you want a nice change of pace, watch Neil Cavuto in the same time slot as o’reilley. You’ll thank yourself.

  187. Shepard Smith needs to keep his mouth shut. Does he have a problem with Chick-Fil-A? I only watch Fox news, but Shepard is one that I might not watch as much of because of his running his mouth. If he is what he is, he needs to say nothing because it might backfire on him. I am surprised someone hasn’t called his hand on his commenting on this issue.

  188. Shepard Smith is like all liberal Media Hate Mongers; anyone who disagrees with their point of view or position on any subject are called intolerant bigots. The Cathy family and Chic-Fil- A have a position of belief in certain principles and they stand up for those beliefs, closing on sundays to allow their employees the opportunity to worship as they see fit, plus allowing other religions than christianity a day to worship if they desire ! They treat all people with respect and kindness as witnessed by their actions the other day and all Mr. Dan Cathy did was say that his belief is that marriage is a union between one man and one woman as supported by several passages in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They don’t try to make others believe as they do and act a certain way , they just give those who desire to worship on Sundays the opportunity to do so and it is a private and individual belief that costs them financially and ther belief is that God supplies all that they need ! Quit trying to turn this into a liberal Left Wing nut job argument; because if no one responds you will argue with yourself and no one else, sounds insane doesn’t it ? Yes it is insane to do that !

  189. What’s the “…hate-speech and business bullying…” of the left mentioned here? The hate crimes are bigots against gays, white supremacists (or KKK) on blacks, AZ’s governor and sheriff against immigrants, robber barons against workers and unions, the AFA against gays–all perpetrated by radical fringe rightists. Or don’t you keep count in your ideological ivory tower blind spot, like Romney? I like chicken although seldom eating at Chick-Fil-A. Their CEO should post his beliefs in his stores or keep his personal policies to himself.

  190. I went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Most people I talked to were not there mainly for the gay vs. non-gay issue. They were there for the issue of Chick-fil-a not being welcome in cities that had different points of view than the owners. Isn’t this America where you are allowed to have different views on subjects? Where does the Constitution say we must all walk in lock step for out views? Seems to me ‘Liberal’ means, think like me, anything but ‘Liberal” is the left’s point of view.

  191. Praise GOD for Chicken-fil-A. A statement was made and GOD will bless the company beyond words for making the stand they took. I have a daughter that was sucked into the gay program, but has since seen the error and truth of the anti-GOD, and anti-Healthy relationships as ordained by the the Almighty. Someone said a “Good GOD would never let another human being go to hell or any other place of torment, if He is a good GOD.” The problem with that idea is WE are free morals agents and GOD lets uis make up our own minds. He will never override our right to choose, HE loves us all, but we have to think for our selves and make the right choice. I am an ex- 85 year old minister, and I still BIBLE study, so ask all that reads this comment, please make the right choice. Choose CHRIST and His Love, and you will be ready for the end times, which are fastly closing in on us. Thank you all for listening and reading and may GOD bless America!

  192. I have been a friend of Shepard Smith’s news UNTIL his ILLOGICAL comments. Ff this is a reflection of his philosophy, then, perhaps, it is time for Fox to replace him.

  193. I knew Smith was a liberal loon about 3 years ago when he did an interview with a Israeli soldier. In the interview, Smith said, (more as an accusation then a question) “How did you feel when you killed that Palestinian?, He went on and on until I had to turn him off. That is whn I stopped watching his “show”. About a year later I saw a you tube video of Smith on a panel of some sort when he pounded his fist on the table and basically shouted, “I don’t care, you don’t f—ing torture prisoners.” He said this 2 times and I wrote FOX news complaining of his language on TV but I got no response back. Hmmm, anyone wonder why.

  194. do not know how much longer this country will allow freedom of speech, well yesterday I chose that freedom whild I still have it , and ate at CHICK FIL A

  195. I am so proud of Dan Cathey for taking a stand to stand up for what he believes. If more people would stand up for the Lord and for what they should, we wouldn’t be in the worse shape than we have ever been. It takes every American working together to get these evil corrupt WH communist out or they wouldn’t have been in there in the first place. I am warning all of you that if you don’t wake up and help stand up for your county that there is going to be an American Holocaust and everyone that isn’t in prison will be government controlled so bad that they will tell you where to live, what to wear, where you can go and can’t and all the other mean things that this government will do to the American people with the help of the Islamic Muslim Communist.

  196. From my understanding Shepherd Smith is gay. And it his right to be gay, but please leave us straight people alone. It obvious the Christian are not the ones that call hate and nasty words to those that choose to be homosexuals, its the gay who can’t stand to not be recognized for their lack of dignity.

  197. Hey, Roger Ales…Get rid of this mutant Anderson Cooper wannabe in Shephard Smith……..!!!! The guy is a leftist opinionated dirtbag…………Get rid of him now or lose your franchise…….!!!!!

  198. Mr. Smith, I have a suggestion for you and a number of left wing crazy people, including most especially Barry Sorotero AKA Barack H. Obama that might solve many of your problems, spiritual, physical and mental ! The suggestion is to “grow inverted appendages and copulate with yourselves until you expire” !

  199. I thought Shepard Smith would have been dumped after his Katrina reporting. He’s just a liberal, and to expect anything else is delusional.

  200. I have seriously wondered when Shep would come out. His statement about intolerance might be his calling card, it’s definitely revealing. I bet Shep doesn’t care if he’s pitching or catching, just so he’s in the ball game.

  201. Shepherd Smith is just another Obama loving liberal and he makes me sick – why Fox news keeps this arrogant snob on as a commentator is beyond me. Smith kisses up to whoever he seeks to please at the moment. For him to condemn Chick-fil-a is unbelieveable – the people at the store were orderly and all had morals – the ones on Shepherd Smith’s side – want to have a kiss-in at the Chick-fil-a stores – which is disgusting – who goes to a restaurant to see a bunch of perverts – men kissing men and women kissing women! Smith had better get his side straight – ask him the question – is he gay? He applauded Obama’s coming out for the gays and now he is applauding the gays & lesbians for holding a KISS-IN at the chick-fil-a stores. Hope Fox finds a way to get rid of this snobby liberal.

  202. Fox should have fired Shepard Smith long ago. I can’t stand him. He is an arrogant idiot.
    He has looked gaunt of late. I wonder if he ate something that went down wrong?

  203. We can love our homosexual friends and family member without sacrificing our moral convictions. Loving someone we strongly disagree wtih does NOT require our affirmation of the lifestyle they are free to choose.

  204. I guess this website does not allow free speech—how un-American!! I just left a message here a few minutes ago and it was taken down. I guess the only way my message will be allowed to stay here is if I agree with you and bash Shepard Smith. I only ask my voice be heard–you don’t have to agree with me.
    This article states that the gay rights movement promotes disruptive and immoral sexual behavior—that is not true. It promotes equal rights for everyone, namely the right to marry the person you love. There are plenty of heterosexuals who engage in destructive and immoral sexual behavior—men and women cheating on their spouses, sex in pornographic movies, guys getting girls pregnant with no intent on marrying them–the list goes on—yet, heterosexuals are allowed to get married. Plus heterosexuals certainly don’t know about the true sanctity of marriage with the divorce rate at 50%.
    The Constitution is the Law of the Land—not the Bible. There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents gays from marrying. In this country, we have separation of Church and State—that is why many people came here in the first place—to escape religious persecution. If you want the Bible to be the law of the land, start a theocracy someplace else.
    So please be a true American and allow my message to stay here (and don’t put it at the end!)—just post it chronologically like you do everyone else’s–that would be fair. You don’t have to agree with me—just let me have my voice.

  205. I’ve listened to Shepard Smith for some time now, and I’ve noticed that he is no longer an objective news anchor. He constantly throws in subjective comments that are very liberal. Maybe it’s time for us all to email Fox News and point out this heinous behavior. No news person should ever make personal comments. Just give us the “who, what, when and where” like you’re supposed to.

  206. Libtards always behave in rude and disgusting ways when things don’t go their way (e.g. Occupy Wall Street good-for-nothings) or staging a “kiss in”. What’s next on their agenda? Fondling in public? And if we don’t like it, we’re being intolerant? Guaranteed if Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Demwits had their way they’d let gays and lesbians have sex in the street. Oh that’s right…Mayor “Any Twosome (Gavin) Newsome” already has that happening in San Francisco.
    And I had heard Shepherd Smith was left of center so I’m not surprised he feels the way he does and said what he supposably said. It doesn’t bother me because everyone has a right to their opinion.

  207. Hooray! I hear voices….LOTS of voices! Looks like the former “silent” majority is finally speaking out! This is just the beginning. We will no longer tolerate the idiocy of the radical left and its attempts to disrupt “We the People”. We believe in free speech, and the right to take part in it…we support the Constitution, traditional marriage, right to life, and all decent causes. Unlike the whining ‘left’, we live and let live .As I’ve stated before, if you want to hug a tree or make love to a tailpipe, because this is America and we have freedom, then go at it! Just don’t interfere with those who disagree with your lifestyle.
    Got to run – it’s time (again) to go to Chick-fil-A! Thanks to the Cathy family & their company.

  208. Fox News has been the only light in the media dominated by left wing, America-trashing nuts. But, apparently, even Fox is moving to the dark side. Shepard Smith should be ousted. I’m sure he would be welcomed at the twisted, propaganda spewing NBC, ABC, CBS or MSNBC! Don’t let the door hit you in the a_ _ on your way out, Smith!

  209. I have watched Smith for years and always thouoght that he was a good reporter. Never again will I watch. I will just stick with Hannity.

  210. The simplest and most effective response to this lib-tard’s b.s. is to just not watch his two shows on Fox daily. He will never apologize, I know, I tried when he insulted us in the past and he just ignores those of us who disagree with his liberal garbage.

  211. it is too bad you don’t allow freedom of speech on here—only opinions and propaganda you agree with—that is so un-american! the founding fathers would not be pleased!

  212. Yea, I have always thought of him as a Jerk.He probably is gay, but he doesn’t have to criticize Chic-F-la , because of their believes….We DON”T care what you gay people do with your sinful lives..

  213. Shepherd Smith showed the world what he is during Hurricane Katrina. Everrything was George Bush’s fault, even though he was a thousand miles away. The scumbag governor of Louisiana and the bigger sumbag mayor of New Orleans, both of whom should have been driving those school buses around the city picking up their constituents, weren’t to blame. No, it was all Bush’s fault. I’ve never been able to stomach this liberal idiot ever since then, and him attacking a conservative for daring to state an opinion surprises me not a bit.

  214. Could it be we have another Anderson Cooper? That would explain it. If not he’s just being stupid and pulling some political correctness out for his viewers. Don’t watch him personally.

  215. Smith entirely missed the point that Chic-fil-A Appreciation Day was about free speech and an individual’s right to publicly object to a practice he finds in conflict with his code of morality. Smith has spent too much time in NYC and I am pretty much fed up with his snide comments when doing the news. I took the liberty of turning him off. There are plenty of other news sources, and Shephard Smith is no longer on my options list. Anyone who supports attacks on free speech should do the same.

  216. people who respect themselves Dont plaster their sexual personal behavior for all to see.

    People who respect their lover, keep that at home and personal where it belongs
    so for those who have to plaster their peccadilloes all over the news, internet, and in public- must not really love the one their with-
    keep love personal & at home and you will be much happier – regardless of your issues.
    You should not parade your love & intimacy in public like a circus clown, demeans your love and relationship to nothing more than abuse and embarrasement.

  217. BTW, The place was busy as all get out! Probably the best ever Grand Opening for a Chik Fil A in the company’s history.

  218. well poor Shepard is gay and suffers from aids; remember how poorly ho was looking [6] months ago;; took the wonder drug and viola;he is southern mommies boy gay. Bill O’Reilly is a ignorant lib and should be sequested when not vomiting on the set.

  219. As very proud Ole Miss alumni and staunch Conservatives (99.5% of us are), my wife and I have been alarmed more and more over the past year or so that Shep is a hard leftist (despite his gig on Fox News), and, in fact, we’ve written to Fox urging them to reign him in on his ever more biased 6PM HARD NEWS show….with obviously no success. If his show was commentary or opinion, fine…BUT IT IS NOT! Just wanted to publicly express Rebel Nation’s outrage at his behavior and biased “reporting”. Having spoken about this to hundreds of my alumni brethern,,,we are ASHAMED TO HAVE HIM EVEN REFER TO OXFORD OR OLE MISS.

  220. The good thing about Fox News is that it is fair and balanced. On the other hand, there are ‘bad actors’ in the form of people such as Shepard Smith. He is one man who the far left doesn’t talk about when discusing who is on their side because they aren’t happy unless ‘everyone’ at Fox is swimming in their tank of slime. But it takes very little time listening to Smith that you know he is a ‘lost soul’ who got sidetracked on his way to the Chicken Noodle Network. Take Shepard, please take him, CNN!!!
    We will take and enjoy Chic-Fil-A!!!

  221. torch bearers of the conservative movement;; Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity, Larry Levin, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann. Michele Malkin, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul

  222. Fox needs to show Shepard Smith the door. They have sooo much brodcast talent at that network, what they need with a jerk like him I don’t know.

  223. First, Gary DeMar needs to proofread his article because there’s a grand difference between using “there” for “their”. That said, Shep Smith should realize his open rebellion against God’s will for mankind to avoid, nor even accept, homosexuality will bring him eternal damnation in hell with his father of lies, Satan. Smith should REPORT news, not give his undesired personal opinion about it.

  224. And this would be big surprise if Sheppie Smith comes out of the closet. I really think that when I heard him make that commit about the Pres. now being in the 21st. century with his announcement on gay marriage, I thought, maybe he is.

  225. Shep, are you coming out of the closet???? Sorry if offensive, but it certainly sounds like you may be on wrong network. Certainly I believe EVERYONE has the right to free speech, means BOTH sides of an opinion…then there is God’s side to be considered..whose side do you think He is on???

  226. I never liked Shepard Smith – furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if he were gay, a once beautiful word that they have corrupted

  227. Scary isn’t liberals….even gays support the right to free speech! The majority of Americans support free speech, free enterprise and the right to freedom of religion…these are the freedoms that give all of us rights. Chick Fil A and all of those there whether straight, gay, Christian, atheist, agnostic, transgender……we all want the right to free speech and free enterprise…..not a government that wants to control all of it. We are taking back our country…we stand united…..goodbye communist government the republic is taking it back!

  228. OK. Shep reported,I’ve decided. If the skin of “gay marriage” supporters is soooo thin that they can’t stand others breathing the same air as they do who believe “gay marriage” is WRONG, then those who support “gay marriage” are intolerant and bigoted. They should know by now that even at Burger King, they can’t always “Have it their way,”

    To Shep & the MSM: Get along, or found your own planet.

  229. There is a huge difference between the meanings of “tolerance” and “approval”. What the homosexuals desire is approval of their so-called lifestyle. They throw around the word “tolerance” when they actually mean “approval”. They are anything but tolerant of any view other than complete approval. Sorry. You don’t always get what you want – even if you are cool, progressive, 21st-century and queer.

  230. I at one time was impressed with Fox News and Smith. I have lost all respect for Shepard Smith as a news commentator, when he comes on I change the channel, and yes I think he is GAY and should come out of the closet ASAP. so what do we have but another Gay Liberal.

  231. “Intolerant” is a morally neutral word, but people throw it around like an insult. I’m intolerant of murder, pedophilia, theft, lying, cheating, and a whole host of things, and most people would agree that being intolerant of those things is morally good. At issue is whether a homosexual lifestyle is or is not morally neutral. People have different views on that question, and by God, in this nation people are still entitled to hold differing views on things like this.

    Gay marriage is a complex issue because traditionally the State has granted special rights and responsibilities to people who are married. That was the first wrong (mixture of church and state concerns). The second wrong, which we face today is that now an essentially religious practice is being forcefully altered by the State in the name of equality. We’ll never fix this issue until we unravel the first knot.

  232. Shepard Smith is a vile man himself. He wants to take some kind of moral high ground, when he was arrested for assaulting a woman and launching obscenities at her because he decided she shouldn’t be allowed to park her car in the spot he wanted.

    He needs to dummy up and crawl back under the rock he was birthed under.

  233. Everyone already knew/knows Shep is gay. It’s all over the internet; an open secret. I am disappointed by his intolerance. Chick-fil-A hires gays, serves gays, so what’s the problem? Shep is likeable but blows his reading all the time. He’d better watch out. Naw, Fox would be too afraid to let him go even if he sucked (so to speak) because of the blowback (oops again) they’d get.

    1. Maybe FOX should just suck it up, and take it on the chin. . . . In all seriousness, he has looked a little pekid and I wonder what is up with that ! . . . I hope it’s not anything like AIDS, as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, gay, straight or otherwise !

  234. All you have to do to know what is in the hearts and on the minds of feckless progressive, liberals, is to listen to what comes out of their collective hate filled mouths. This is a perfect mirror into their black hearts – hate and control of others is all they know. This group of hateful citizens are the most destructive force in our country today and are a product of our government schools of indoctrination, and of our left wing news media that simply reinforces what our children have been spoon feed in our schools of lower learning.

    John Adams wes right when he warned, “No government is capable of contending with human passions unbridled by religion and morality… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

  235. I have watched Smith several times come out with liberal slants in some of his commentary. He is the least likeable of all the Fox News Hosts. He comes across as holier than thou and his frequent smarmy smug facial expressions have turned me off from his show.

  236. When Shemp was reporting on the Israeli conflict in Lebanon in 2006, he was almost giddy about the fact that the IDF was having trouble routing Hezbolah/Hammas forces while they were protected by the UN installations. HAha!. Until Steve Centtani got picked up by the H/H forces that bashed him up a little did his tone change. Kind of like who’s side are you on a&&hole.
    I also had a problem with him calling out the congressman for challenging Obama. Now if he turns out to be gay…………………………

  237. I got tired of watching Shepard on TV. When he’s on I switch to NCIS, or something else. I just wish he’d check himself into an AIDS clinic. As a retired RN, I’ve seen all the symptoms, and believe me, Shepard displays most of them.

  238. I am so sick and tired of this loser. It started when he was covering Katrina and he knew EVERYTHING because he was from the area. HE was the authority. Fox News has gone downhill for sometime now. It started around the time Rupert Murdock was having problems. This is not the same Fox News it used to be. It’s gotten so much more touchy-feely but nobody wants to say it. They have moved over to the other side. They have that fat liberal old man,Bob Beckel, on in the 5 o’clock hour whose soul mission is to disagree. He says crap that we all know is wrong but he keeps on going. The 6 o’clock show used to be the best they had but they don’t cover so much anymore. It’s not the main stream media but it’s getting closer.

  239. God, and His Followers Enable all to profess morality and join in the Joy of God’s Light. It’s up to the individual, through ‘Free Agency’ (the right to choose for yourself) to accept or deny His Blessings.
    Yesterday, those followers of a moral civilization stood by Chick-fil-A’s founders and employees in support of what they KNOW to be righteous. Through them, GOD rewarded those allied to Him. That is ‘The Joy of God’s Light’ in action. Deny it at your own peril, as JC Penny can attest to even if it won’t.

  240. For the life of me I don’t understand why the news media is making such a big deal out of all this. Dan Cathey didn’t gay bash. He merely upheld the word of God and expressed it openly. Is that not what we Christians are supposed to do. The people who went to the CFA were merely helping Jesus tote that cross up the hill. Jesus stood and died for something (us). I am proud that others have stood up for Dan Cathey’s freedom of speech and his love of God’s word. I don’t think anyone went there gay bash! But for sure when they have their “kiss-in” it will be ugly. I hope CFA will turn the other cheek, show them kindness and make it a complete victory for God.



  242. Not a fan of Shepard Smith. I can’t watch him for too long before one if his comments gets on my last nerve.

  243. Mr. Cathy has made me proud. Homosexuality has always been wrong and will always be wrong. I don’t hate homosexuals but I do hate sin. Usually watch Fox News but most of the time I turn the tv off when Shep comes on.

  244. Where there is a direct conflict between

    the laws of God and the laws of man…

    “We must obey God rather than men.” Acts

    James 4:7

    “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you,”

    “Tolerance becomes a crime
    when applied to evil.” –

    Thomas Mann (1875-1955)

    If the representatives of the
    people betray their constituents,

    there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of

    that original right of self-defense…

    Alexander Hamilton

    “The world is a dangerous place to live,

    not because of the people who are evil,

    but because of the people who

    don’t do anything about it.”

    Albert Einstein

    “Silence in
    the face of evil is itself evil:

    God will not hold us guiltless.

    Not to speak is to speak.

    Not to act is to act.”

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    “When principles that
    run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, that battle is your
    calling, and peace has become sin. You must at the price of dearest peace lay
    your conviction bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.”

    Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920),
    theologian, statesman, journalist,

    and Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901–1905)

  245. It’s time for Shepard Smith to come out of the closet just as his friend Anderson Cooper did.Proper marriage is between a man and a woman no matter how you slice it.. Gays need to crawl back under the rocks they came from.

  246. It is Shephard Smith who is out-of-step, not decent Americans who came to the support of Chick-Fil-A. For him to have called this day of “Appreciation” a National Day of Intolerance says a lot about his morals and values. Perhaps – he’ll be part of the “kissy” day Friday and feel better about himself. America wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in if we didn’t have all the corruption taking place in Washington D.C. which has filtered down to the media and their Progressive aka Communists buddies who are out to destroy the U.S.A. In order to restore our country to the greatness it once enjoyed, we must welcome God back to His proper place in our society and remove the rot that has contaminated our government and media for too long.

  247. Mr. Smith. Chick-fil-A is a fast food joint, serves queers, hires queers, etc. It could care less if queers want to be queer. The owner, Mr. Cathy, under free speech can say whatever he likes, just the same as I am. Go ahead and call my pet canery bad names, because you can be sure he does not believe in same sex marriage. I’ll take the god given sense of my bird over Mr. Smith any day.

  248. I have lost all and any respect for fox news . They are part of the owned commie media. Shepard Smith is a yellow bellied puppet. He has made several untrue statements. He has no credability. One of his best,”obama is a natural born citizen” can’t forget this one. America knows obama is an illegal alien communist muslim terrist, treasonous fraud. Backed by both parties at present,and all Lame Stream Media. The truth will prevail, and when it does,I would not want to be any politician or part of the conspiracy to cover up the “Biggest Crime In The History of The World”.

  249. This was not about being homophobic, being a bully or hating gays or lesbians, it is about free speech. The so called left wing homosexuals have made it into something it’s not. As a Christian, I love my fellow man or woman no matter if they are homosexual or not, but I do abhor their lifestyle and believe it is a very destructive form and has been proven so. Our Country is trying to make something wrong be right it can never work. If all the figures I have seen are true then the homsexuals only make up approximately 3% of the population, even if that is low give them 5-6% why would you want to change something that has destroyed all the large empires that have ever existed. As for Shepard all I can do is pray for him and hope his eyes are opened to the truth, one day they will hope it’s not too late.

  250. Goodbye, Shepherd Smith! I really never liked your delivery anyway, and I watch very little of FOX anymore. It appears that station has bowed to the secular liberal left and I won’t be watching him and I am not sure how long ORilley will last because of his left leaning rhetoric and talking over his guest.

  251. Shep came out a bit ago about his homosexuality, so it is no surprize where he stands. The more I see from these people , the more they support the notion that they suffer from a mental illness. I would like to watch the straight news on Fox, but poor Shep seems to not even be able to read his proptor correctly half the time.


  253. That seals the deal for my family. We will not be watching Shepard Smith ANYMORE! I had stopped some of my viewing but now when he is on I will use my channel selector and choose another channel. Good riddance to this pervert!!!!!!

  254. Shepard Smith may be gay? The Hell you say!
    You’ve got to be kidding – the fact that Sheppie is light-in-the-loafers is the worst kept secret in cable TV.

    As soon as his face appears I change the channel and it has nothing to do with sexual preference. In the privacy of your life do you own thing, knock yourself out, I have no interest in it, but when you give off that ‘in your face, if you don’t agree with me, you’re intolerant’ BS I have no further need to listen to you. This is something the whacked out left never understands – don’t try to intimidate me to agree with your position and don’t try to stomp on my right to express my opinion. That is what the Chick-fil-a backlash was all about.

  255. I will send a message to Fox telling them I will no longer watch any show Mr. Smith hosts. If everyone who ate Chick-Fil-A Wednesday did the same, he might move from an anchor to a field reporter, but would definitely not insult people (Mr. Cathy) who are exercising their Freedoms and those who support them (the Majority). The SILENT MAJORITY can no longer be silent.

  256. AMEN!! GREAT article! I pray you’re wrong about Shep; and that through the love of Christians, he and gays, and non-Christians worldwide, will come to see that Jehovah God is a God of LOVE and GRACE! Through JESUS, He offers forgiveness and eternal life for all who accept His free gift!

  257. Does anyone who where we can post thoughts and suggestions to Sheppard Smith? Or remind Fox News of their pledge a few years back in their support of “Conservative Ideals”? …just thinking, would Sheppard still be allowed to work there or speak if we made our voices heard….

  258. Its very sad -people want what i have -but do not want to do what i do to get it-I pary for these poor souls –may GOD show them the error of their ways-

  259. Shepard is a little dweeb, I remember how upset he was when he was talking about waterboarding. Go to MSNBC where you liberal pukes can cavort naked together.

  260. Everyone who supported Mr. Cathy needs to send an email to Fox telling them we will no longer watch any show he hosts. If they wish to make him a reporter, fine, but his “intolerant” attitude needs to be adjusted. It would appear that he didn’t get it. Most people were supporting Mr. Cathy’s right to exercise his freedom and to have his business separate from his personal beliefs. Mr. Smith could learn from Mr. Cathy.

  261. Very well said, in the artical, regarding how an entity operated in the dark light surrounding them. Excellent remarks for many of us to consider, myself included.

  262. Shepard Smith is the only one on Fox News I don’t watch! They need to fire him as he expresses his liberal agenda much to often.

  263. I have nothing against Gay people, I have several friends in long term relationships, they are great people and will help you with the drop of the hat. Free speech is important, and I believe in God, and that man and woman should only marry. By the way, Shep is also gay. He has had many a rant about things. I stopped watching Fox about 8 months ago. Fox had their own agenda. I was once a very big fan till I opened my eyes to the truth.

  264. Hey …..a teary eyed Shep Smith has repeatedly called all of us racist and bigots because we want obama and his group gone!
    I agree he and anderson cooper are probably batting on the same team and I don’t really care just keep their BS out of my face!!
    I guess the truth and just reporting the news is beyond these people!!

  265. I like to Gays To God That he is a hate speech to Gays. God Would Answer Them By Sending Them To Hell On The Spot.

  266. I was in line for 45 minutes with tears in my eyes waiting for a meal. God bless America.
    Now America has spoken. I love it.

  267. What has fox become? Ridding off Glenn Beck, mercifully providing 1 hr@week for Gov. Hackabee and allowing the most inept, boring, personality-less dude to publicly, over an hour a day, promote despotic, anti-free speech subversion.
    Hey Murdoch, wake up! One of your biggest payroll man has just caught you and all your “editors” napping.

  268. Quit watching Sheppard Smith a long time ago. He is a rude, intolerant SOB. WHO needs him anyway-wish he would leave FOX.

  269. It’a true. Liberals are tolerant of your free speech only if you agree with their positions. While having lunch at small restaurant in Stinson Beech CA, we observed a liberal wacko sort of guy set up in the local restaurant with his 99% versus the 1 % display and was accosting customers with his illogically ill conceived argument support progressive talking points. His sign condemned the wealthy, the world is large enough for everyone if we don’t allow the greedy to be greedy…. Oddly enough, this was a very small restaurant that was very busy, yet this crazy disturbing goof ball occupied a table meant for 6 while patrons waited. It appeared that this guy had been at this over sized table alone for a while and at least an hour more while my family was there. Now, who appears greedy? Occupying a table for 6 with a party of one. And another thing I noticed, customers were there paying for their food with money; not entitlement vouchers. What will happen to these businesses if the liberals destroy the 1%? Businesses need customers who can pay for goods and services. In this economy, there are fewer and fewer willing to spend money thoughtlessly.

  270. Over the last decade and a half I have watched with dismay
    as Shep has moved farther and farther to the left. I think it’s time for him to
    seek employment with a more appropriate employer with a more appropriate
    audience, such as the Communist News Network (CNN) or the Post Menstrual Syndrome
    Nutcase Broadcasting Network (PMSNBC).

    In the meantime, my remote makes it far too easy for me to switch off FNC when
    Studio B comes on; hope I can remember to switch back when Shep’s out of the

  271. Because of his cutsy poo biased liberal commentary (in lieu of presenting the news of the day) I turned off Smith awhile back.

  272. Mr. Smith has the freedom to be what ever he wants but..his job position is that of a “News Reporter” not a commentator……if he wants to voice his own personal opinion he should fine a company that will give him a spot. But when on FOX is his position as a news reporter he should keep his opinion to himself…..

  273. Always thought Shep went a little heavy with the eye-liner— dead give-away.
    Maybe we will see him kissing in front of Chick-fil-a on friday.

  274. Shepherd Smith is a dork. Haven’t watched him for a couple years, didn’t agree with his comments very often, and couldn’t take his arrogant approach to what he considers news.

  275. Podcast for today’s Chris Plante show on WMAL listen to the great stories of Americans supporting Chic Fil A

  276. Why the surprise by Smiths attitude? Many gays accuse him of keeping his gay sexual orientation in the closet.
    I wonder how many gays would argue for ‘marriage’ if the license simply said, ‘Sodomy License’? Seems fitting to me but they refuse to accept in that manner it is exactly what they demand. A license to be accepted as if their sexual perversion is somehow the same as a heterosexual relationship.

  277. Any network that has the audacity to call itself “fair and balanced” has a problem. Just report the news and we’ll decide whether your network is fair and balanced. But what I really can’t stand is how the chick on the radio says “The FOX Report.” Is she kidding? Sounds like a sophomore. Valley Girl. And Shep Smith is not fair and obviously unbalanced.

  278. This guy is a real disgrace and shouldnt be on the air. Sheperd Smith is an arrogant facist dog who wants to push his sick and immoral behavior on our society. No Way ! You have really hit the tipping point and this is now war. This intolerant bigot needs to be removed from the airwaves as a great deal of Americans cant stand him and fox is stupid for keeping him. He reallly deserves to be kept at the zoo anyway cause his ugly anti society stance & his obvious intolerence of religious people.

  279. **Hey Shep,when I was a kid we used to say..’I know YOU are but what am I”?I sure am going to miss FOX….Gotta go watch Glenn…Keep up the AWESOME job Shep, for FOX news,whom we ALL USED to LOVE!

  280. Remember, Fox News has many Liberals on their shows. Geraldo, Williams and others spout their Liberal views daily.
    All Smith did was prove what an idiot he is and likely will lose viewers as a result placing his job in jeopardy.

  281. Come on, Shep, come on out of the closet!!!!!!!!!! Nobody cares who you sleep with!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why homosexuals care what we Christians think, anyway!!!!!!!!! Why do they think we think about them at all???????? Live and let live!!! It is their choice, why aren’t they happy about it???? Lots of people don’t agree with me about a lot of things, but I don’t go around picking arguments with them. This is a free country(as of right now)!!! If Ohitler is re-elected, it won’t be for long!!!!!!!!! If they don’t like Mr Cathey’s philosophy of life, don’t patronize their business. Don’t make a fool of yourselves and find out for sure how MANY people REALLY don’t agree with them. But we aren’t calling them bigots!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t agree with J C PENNEY’s choice of representative, so I don’t buy their products, but for GOD’S sake, they certainly have a right to their opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could care less!!!! And they might as well give it up, because not one of us is going to agree with their way of life. But they certainly have the right to their choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. Guess we’ve figured Shepard Smith out now. I’ve seen things on his show that didn’t add up, but I was too slow to figure it all out.

  283. The problem with the gay issue is that one’s merits are no longer based on their accomplishments but on their sexuality which is wrong. Now they want to tell us which inventers were gay. It doesn’t matter. Their inventions are more important then their sexuality. I believe that people who are gay are born that way.

    1. Fag or dike, right!? Ha! Ha! What happens when, as is often the case, there IS no merit, because they belong to a pet group like women, minorities, homos and dikes, and jews that get everything handed to them!?

  284. I applaud the Cathys for standing their ground. It is their right to express their feelings and beliefs. Of course they are NOT against same-sex marriage; they just believe that marriage is between a man and a woman per the Holy Scriptures. But only the liberal left and the sanctimoniously phony mainstream media will say otherwise as if they have received enlightenment from above….or in their case down below. Enough. Stop this madness and this divisiveness. It is NOT good for our country, and it is not good for the people. Life is too short to be squabbling over a non-issue. It is HIS belief, and we should, in kind, show him due respect for his views even if they are contrary to our own. As for me, good for him, and for all those who purchased chicken yesterday as a show of support and solidarity. May we do likewise at the polls come November and show all the media, all liberals (socialists/marxists/feminists) that WE THE PEOPLE are taking back the country. Yes, we ARE a CHRISITAN NATION. Obama, you are oh so wrong, blind and foolish.

  285. Shep you missed the point, How could anyone with so much info at your fingertips so misunderstand what is going on?
    If you have any doubts our prayers are being answered and the left is found standing with egg on their face, tomorrow when all the KISS INS show up our cheeks will be turned and we will offer you food and drink! (and our prayers)

  286. I have never liked Shep Smith because of his self-centered comments and off the cuff stupid remarks. When he is on the air, I always switch to Fox Business News because he’s just too arrogant. I have stopped watching Greta because she has started to ask some of the most stupid questions I have ever heard…I know that Fox likes to have fair and balanced reporting, but I get really tired of the so called “debates” between guests at 8:00 a.m. I hate debates in the morning. The show I really miss is the Glenn Beck show at 5 p.m., the “5” is OK but Beckle gets on my nerves…with his constant bashing of conservatives with no facts to back them up…all in all Fox News does a better job than any other network news organization, and it’s the best we have against the hateful biased media so I guess I have to take the bad with the good…and I can always change the channel.

  287. Chick-Fil-A has a good product but Shep. —- no he isn’t a good product. I walk away from him — NO! (He “ain’t got no brain-man!:”)

  288. Proof the liberals love capitalism

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  290. I quit watching Smith months ago. First, he’s not a very good anchor man. Second, he is nothing better than a closet liberal. He would kweer for Odumbo if he got the chance.

  291. Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands (submissive and inactive) in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down (to relax and rest) where the scornful(and the mockers) gather.
    Way to go Christians, Thank you GOD! Its time for us to unite, its our job in the body of CHRIST to stand up and be unified.
    I think our next step is to change back our school system, since all of the History books have GOD taken out of them, which all of our COUNTRY for fathers had practiced and QUOTED the BIBLE. WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY, I hope EVERYONE reads this and remembers that. Our 1St Amendment, Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of Religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of. So this separation of Church and State has got to stop.

  292. I have filed a complaint with Fox news about Sheppard Smiths statements. I told them I want a person that will just give me the news, not what they think about it. I get enough of that crap from the big three (ABC/NBC/CBS) If Sheppard Smith does not want to do his job without giving his opinion on everything, then maybe he should quit and go to work for MSNBC. Either way Sheppard, just shut the hell up as if I want your opinions, I will ask you. Till then just give me the news and leave it at that!

  293. You have to admit, though, liberals do like to compromise.
    They really do.
    You give, they take.
    Always had an impression Shepard Smith was gay.

  294. Shep you scare me. I think you are sliding towards the “Hole”. You use to be witty and funny but, I fear your real attitude is coming out. I guess that i`ll be watching something else between 1:00 and 2:00 pm Pacific time.

  295. Shep Smith has made many a remark which I thought to be way left of center. I guess he is an Anderson Cooper at heart. I’m sure Mississippi is proud of their prodigal son. He had NO REASON to make such a remark on a newscast. His program is not supposed to display any form of punditry …. at least that is what I used to think. Bye, Shep …. say “Hi” to MSNBC as soon as you can.

  296. I have about as much use for this worthless a s s clown as I do for O’Reilly! Which is to say NONE! FOX NEWS, “Fair & Balanced”. Yeah, “Fair & Balanced” my a s s!

  297. Anyone surprised about Shep Smith? I thought his left lean was obvious to all a long time ago…….as for his sexual preferences, who cares, his business and he should keep it that way.
    How many people are out there screaming and whining that Mr. Cathy said ‘terrible things’ when all he did was to give his opinion in an interview – not the company mission but his own personal opinion —- when will the whiners get it? Also, the same people who are attacking Mr. Cathy for his personal opinion are stating their opinion and don’t want anyone to attack them for it. As for the politicians speaking out and making statements that they don’t think Chick-Fil-A belongs in their city because of Mr. Cathy’s personal views are on very shaky ground – they can not legally deny the company opening a store in any city and by openly declaring that they do not agree with Mr. Cathy and their city has certain ‘values’ – I would want that politician recalled since they were not representing ALL of the people living in the city, just one special interest group.

  298. Given the circumstances of Shepard Smith’s lifestyle, his criticism of Chick-fil-A as being intolerant is rather like Yassir Arafat complaining that Israeli’s are terrorists.
    Since liberals believe in boycotts, all I can say is “Goodbye Fox News. I’ll watch you again when you get all the Homocreationists who are pushing their ‘God made me this way’ religious garbage off the news.”

  299. Hey Shep Smith, I cancelled Direct TV. You are history.
    Fox is going liberal fascist right along with MSNBC. The jig is up.

    TEA party is the only answer to protect our liberties.

    The Socialist/commie unions are behind all of this chaos and they are funded by the Central banks/Soros and the myriad of news and broadcasting companies that they own because they PRINT money and control all the messages to the mind. Universities, Media, Govt. depts are staffed with fascists that are now showing their filthy control mechanisms.

    Hollywood actors are paid propaganda artists used to gather the dumb youth. Protect and warn them folks! Scripts and books, school newspapers and book reviews are all part of the control. Read 45 Goals of Communists in America 1963 Congressional Record.

  300. it’s time to stop wasting time. Throw your TV in the garbage, and stop watching or listening to any liberal news. Don’t subscribe to newspapers or any liberal rags.
    Why acknowledge that the socialist left even has a valid opinion because they don’t,
    Educate every “moderate” you know with facts & figures. This economy is statistically worse than Jimmy Carters & will be worse than the Great Depression if we re-elect the socialists.
    Don’t waste your time or argue with “religious liberals.”

  301. First of all, there is no such thing as “homophobia.” A phobia is an un-natural fear or an over exaggerate fear of something. We don’t have this problem. What we are is disgusted and morally indignent of what the gays do. We have Scriptural evidence that this lifestyle is an abomination to a Holy God. What the liberals and gays want us to do is to stop believing what we believe and accept their perversion. We are suppose to disregard what God says about what they do and allow them to overthrow all of our moral underpining. What Cathy did is exactly what Peter and John did when they were threatened by the religious leaders about not speaking about the name of Jesus or teaching about what Jesus taught. Peter and John looked them jn the eye and presented a challenge and the chlallenge was for the religious leaders to think which is the right thing to do? Obey God or man? We also need to declare the same. We need to be like Joshua and decalre, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” It don’t matter if all of the news media, the ACLU, the president and all those in power come down on us like a ton of bricks. Greater is He that is in us than they of the world.

  302. Sheeepard Smith is a wanna be something, trouble is I just can’t figure out what that is. There is now one less viewer when he is on

  303. Smith, like O’Reilly has changed colors. FOX is now like CBS NBC and ABC…
    all are incapable of telling the “REAL” truth. And I thought we had a news network
    that was at least Christian. Omigod, was I ever fooled. But, remember one thing,
    God loves you and all Christians will prevail. The Lord Jesus Christ said that in so
    many ways and words. I never liked the “HATE” word…but I’m learning real fast
    how to hate…first with abortion and those who support it (any democrat voter)
    Its like telling a German who supported Hitler he wasn’t guilty of anything. When
    you support evil…then…YOU ARE EVIL.

  304. Oh! I am not CHICKEN about my beliefs. As much as I don’t want it, a civil war is
    coming to this nation. God fearing, gun-totting Americans are not going to roll
    over and play dead. Only the parasites and brain-dead will do that. If that time comes
    and if my own brother was a liberal deomcrat, I would take him out as if he were a
    stranger who was trying to detory my country. The democrats are doing just that,
    and the WHY is simple…they want absolute control over you. Freedom will be
    something they want you to read in some history book as they teach socialism
    to your children and grandchildren…explaining the evils of being free. By the way,
    both of my brothers are die-hard Americans. But if they weren’t, they would
    become my enemies in the next civil war.

  305. Yep, I don’t watch Shep; he’s so arrogant and “acts like” he is the “real” newsman! Baloney! He’s really beginning to show his bias toward that lifestyle!!! Needs replacing.

  306. FOX NEWS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM ON TV. CLAIMING TO BE “FAIR AND BALANCED “AND ARE AS sheppie has shown is as racist and bigoted and hypocritical as cnn . No one will ask the Hard questions ! Or give the hard answers !
    And I don’t wath it !

  307. Many people are onto the mainstream media with their twisted facts and their selective support for their interests. I believe we are all about to witness the biggest change to or government in the history of this country. Many new faces are going to be put into positions of representation of us all.
    Make no mistake, this election will be a historical landslide that will be a pivotal statement of our direction and tolerance. Both will change profoundly.

  308. Shepard is a BlowBoy still trying to hide in the Closet, like Mr Brady from the Brady Bunch Show… He seems to have Sugar in his Blood that he can’t hide and worked his way to the Top, One Pole after another Pole… He is Obessive like a Woman if you haven’t noticed!

  309. Only fools block free speech and freedom of religion!! It is fine for those that think only they are the ones that have the right to ;freedom to be jerks or otherwise, but everyone has the right to state who they are, what they believe and live it. No one has the right to stuff anything down anyone’s throat’s, as the left is trying to do! Christians DO have the right of freedom of speech, religion and expressing such!…so speak as you will, but so will the other side!! I don’t think they (lefters) understand that we do not like what they say or feel as they do but they can as it is their right however it is for us to do as we will about how we live and what we believe!! If those that have embraces the socialistic retoric have been in America very long- they ought to know all about freedoms and faith; because this nation was founded on freedom of religion, speech, liberty, honor and soveriegnty!!!!!! WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH OF THE SOCIALISTIC FAILURES OF THE WORLD; IT HAS NEVER WORKED AND BY HEAVENS ANYONE THAT HAS LIVED IN FREEDOM WILL NEVER–I REPEAT–NEVER GO BACKWARDS TO SOCIALISM OR HAVE IT TAKEN AWAY!!!! THERE WILL BE ONE HELL OF A FIGHT AS WE ALWAYS HAVE AS AMERICANS. THE RIGHT TO FREEDOMS OF ALL KINDS ARE WHAT THE FOUNDATION OF THIS NATION IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN!! THOSE ON THE LEFT HAD BETTER WISE UP AND STOP BEING TRAITORS TO AMERICA, BECAUSE WE DO NOT TOLERATE TREASON!!!! GO LIVE IN RUSSIA OR SOMEWHERE THEY LIKE THAT KIND OF CRAP BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WHAT AMERICA IS ABOUT– EVEN IF HALF THE NATION HAS LOST THEIR MINDS THE LAST 12 YEARS TO WANT THE LIKES OF OBAMA AND HIS COMMUNISTIC ILK…NO WAY!!! WE INVITE YOU TO LEAVE THEN BUT THE REST OF US WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM ALL THE HARDER. THE LEFT AND THE DEVIL THINK THEY ARE GOING TO WIN…..GOD AND THE REST OF US HAVE SOME OTHER PLANS!!!!!!!

  310. shepard smith is a bleeder and always has been. he whines and cries about everything. fox has him on because they are fair and balanced. he is however looking rather gaunt anymore…. i wonder…….

  311. Hey Fox News! If I want to listen to a babbling HOMOSEXUAL I’ll go over to one of the other networks, where you need to send Shepherd.!!!

  312. What we need to do now is to show the leftists that we won’t be cowed into submission. I propose that we all go to Chick Fil A again on Friday, and show them what tolerance truly looks like. Please be respectful–let’s show them how it’s done!

  313. Am thinking Shep is part of the LGBT group – have you seen how pale, pasty and sickly he looks? Might be something unnatural BEHIND that!

  314. Look, Helen Keller could see that Shep is light in the loafers. Hey Shep, come out of the closet and move to MSNBC. You’d fit right in.

  315. Liberals are too stupid to know they contradict themselves. They are blinded by a brain-washed fanaticism.
    Mr. Cathay did not discriminate against gays, he merely expressed his religious beliefs. The manipulators had their sycophants believe that he discriminated against Gays in his business which it doesn’t.
    I’ve always felt that Shepherd Smith leaned to the left and my children and I have felt that he was gay, which is OK, but we do not have to accept his “belief’ that all things gay must be accepted by all.
    There was no back-handed slap by the wonderful turn-out of support for Chic-Fil-A. The people were not ‘demonstrating’ against gays, but defending the Company from the Leftist Mayors who wish to ban the Company because the owner has his own religious beliefs that the leftists don’t like.
    The left preaches against intolerance while they practice it whenever anyone dares to think contrary to them!
    They are truly without reason.
    They are hypocrites.

  316. Not every day, but I watch Fox News Report with Shepard Smith Three or four times a week.
    From now on, I will look for the news from another sources.

  317. Shepard Smith is a homosexual so of course he is going to use his position at Fox to further his agenda. IF Fox wanted to