New Evidence in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Now that the biggest “lie of the year” is Obama’s “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” it may be time to revisit the birth certificate claim and the secrecy surrounding his college and law school days. Michelle may join in after she had to sit through him playing footsy with a selfie with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

What else has he lied about that the media have covered up or failed to investigate?
If Obama could tell such a whopper of a lie dozens of times of what he knew was a lie, there’s a good chance that he has lied about the constitutionality of his presidential qualifications based on where he was born.

Since the media were in the tank for Obama, it did not matter how much actual evidence about his birth certificate was laid on the table, they were not going to report on it. They’re still covering for him.

There’s a new investigation brewing. Here’s the latest from WND:

“The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate says the case has taken a startling turn, and sheriff’s investigators now are assisting the Cold Case volunteers.

“‘When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,’ Mike Zullo told WND. ‘This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.’

“Zullo explained that because it’s an active investigation that could produce criminal charges, he’s unable to reveal details at the moment.

“But the allegations, he said, which go far beyond a fraudulent birth certificate, could be public as early as March.

“The issue arose once again because of the death Wednesday in Hawaii of state Health Department chief Loretta Fuddy in a plane crash. She was the official who waived state prohibitions and provided to the White House a copy of a document that Obama presented to the public as his birth certificate.

“It’s the document that Arpaio’s investigators have concluded is fraudulent.”

Does Fuddy’s death have anything to do with the investigation? “Amid conspiracy theories circulating the Internet, Zullo told WND Friday that Fuddy’s death – she was the only fatality among nine people aboard a small airplane that crashed off the coast of Molokai – appears to be a tragic accident, not foul play.”
I know what you’re thinking. You wouldn’t put it past some people to kill nine people to get one.

Since the investigation does not depend on any information from Fuddy, her untimely death is just that.

More people might pay attention to this story since it revolves around lying and covering up the truth. Now that the cat is out of the bag that Obama can lie with impunity and get caught and the story has broken through the media gate keepers, the story may get some traction.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

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  1. Remember how Andrew Breitbart died the day when he was going to show the exact same evidence to the press from his website?

    Sadly, I think these men would not live much longer, as I think Breitbart’s death may have been a coverup or something. “Heart attack” my ass.

      1. Doubtful, especially since he claimed to have evidence based on Obama’s birth certificate himself.

        Also, why did Obama claim that he was born in Kenya, up until 2007?

        1. Um, no. You don’t know what his books say because you haven’t read them. Plus, a citation, not “oh, Obama’s bad, so he wasn’t born in America” spiel. Facts, not BS.

        2. First of all I have read his books. And guess what they have him being from Kenya. These notes are not done by the editor or publisher but, the writer. Until you publish silly child keep your yap shut.

        3. Then you shouldn’t have a problem giving me a page number then, should you?

          Also, here’s the thing: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You have no evidence. You have a pamphlet that wasn’t even written by him, and reading a pamphlet is not the same as reading a book.

          So here’s a few links for your perusal:

          You see, the person who wrote the pamphlet realized she made a mistake. Obama never said he was born in Kenya.

          I don’t expect you to change your views. You are to invested in being on the wrong side of history.

        1. Hum. When a new Attorney General does come in I will be very interested in his findings. And after that a trial court.

        2. Just like Obama could have done about Bush and all of those torture allegations. Except it didn’t happen…

          And the GOP will not be taking the White House come 2016, not with the Tea Party at least.

        3. Actually according to all the polls yes they will. Secondly No CIA Officer any where at any time has ever been brought before a court or put in jail for any time. And yes the White House will turn in 2016 then we get to go out and hunt.

      2. Nope. He did not die of that. Other wise why did it take so long to get that very simple fact out?? And Breitbart hated morons which means he would have throttled you.

    1. Odd how Brietbart’s death was being reported as “natural causes” within a couple of hours of his death. And how the coroner who eventually did the autopsy also died mysteriously shortly afterwards.
      Nothin’ to see here, folks. Move along!

  2. So what?

    By the time the investigation is concluded and charges brought, he’ll be out of office living in Hawaii and smoking dope.

    Second, let’s get rid of Obama and replace him with Joe Biden?

    Makes perfect sense.

    1. At least Biden will be like Gerald Ford.

      A harmless doofus who nobody remembers, or cares about, or did anything, due to incompetence.

    2. I would think since Biden was part of the deceit and that Obama is ineligible….that Biden should be ineligible too. I know it wouldn’t work that way. But seems he should be kicked out too!

      1. If this were to rid us of Barry Soetoro…that would be great! Joe has serious problems of his own…like putting a bulls eye on the backs of Seal Team 6. He should be held accountable in their murders.

      1. I’m not really sure how to take your post whether or not you were agreeing with me. A photo of Solberg below. I sure wouldn’t play footsies with her, but obama? who knows. This is not the same person at the Mandelabration.

        1. This is the selfie woman, the DANISH PM (Thorning-Schmidt), not the NORWEGIAN PM. Sorry you couldn’t tell the difference. Apparently, Gary Demar couldn’t either.

  3. Can’t wait. Sheriff Joe and his infamous Cold case dudes are awesome. Is that old lady they found dead now. Probably. Darts are so easy. Not sure why they had to bother with a plane accident t for Fuddy. Maybe Sheriff Joe can help the hapless Darryl in his doomed investigations. Really, really evidence coming. Where’s Orly.

    1. TROLL ALERT! Folks: Tex is from Virginia and sarcasm is his favorite tool. He changed names recently He was Texan Texan DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS

  4. I never believed this SOB in The Peoples WH was born in this Country. With all the Lies & Cover-ups it is time for his true identity to be revealed. This is an atrocity to our Country for this fraud to be elected President. I am hoping the sheeple who voted for him finally got the message. It is also time for all the Rino Progressives to be voted out & replaced w/ grass-root Conservatives.

    1. Hey Joanne, you are absolutely right on! I say whatever he says, just believe the opposite to be true! I wouldn’t trust this fraud as far as I could throw him, & ya can’t throw scum & crud too far. It would fall before it would reach its destiny! That’s what’s gonna happen to him, mark my word! Unfortunately Most of the sheeple who voted for this impostor will NEVER get the message! They think he is their Savior. They will Reap what they sowed!!!!!!

      1. You are absolutely correct fifty. The Sheeple want to continue to live off the gov’t. so they will never admit their error. But as a matter of fact they are no better off, in fact worse off then the day they voted for him. I still have hope as many Americans are finally waking up. With His ratings now in the 37% it is a realization he is a failure for those who wanted change.

  5. Public in March? Is this a coincidence that Lindsay Williams’s newest prediction (which I don’t trust but even a dead clock is right twice a day) is that the economy will bust in March, too?

    1. “Beware the Ides of March” – William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
      Perhaps March is touted to bring home the significance of an inescapable event?
      Caesar sought absolute power and desired to be another Emperor “God King” desiring the “worship” of his subjects.
      Other than Hi-tech and Geography what difference is there between Ancient Rome and Modern Washington DC?
      Are the “fatal daggers” those items that Obama has sought to suppress via court order?
      Will he be impaled by the Media he thought he owned?

  6. I really do hope that Obama gets what is coming to him due to the FRAUD perpetrated on the US Citizenry and it is done in such a manner as to enable us to legally roll back much of the damage he has done and is doing.

    Further … consider this … the reports are that Fuddy “never made it out of the plane” BUT then there is THIS (a 1st person, eyewitness account involving actual physical contact):

    ABC News reported several hours later the following account:

    “In the final moments of her life, Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy clung to the hand of her deputy after a small plane taking them back to Honolulu crashed in the ocean off the island of

    “In the water, Fuddy held hands with deputy director Keith Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax, said the Rev. Patrick Killilea, who consoled Yamamoto after the ordeal.”

    “He recounted how he said he helped Loretta into her life jacket and he held her hand for some time,” the priest said. “They were all floating together and she let go and there was no response from her.”


    “Initial news reports also stated that Ms. Fuddy failed to escape the passenger compartment of the plane, which would support the first and perhaps the most credible eyewitness account, as it came from a trained pilot circling the crash site. An initial statement by the Maui Fire Department also supports the report that Ms. Fuddy never made it out of the plane.”

  7. I keep praying they throw this fraud out and nullify everything he has signed. He is a fraud, his election was a fraud, his skank racist Wife is also a fraud, her license to practice law was revoked, gee I wonder why.

  8. So basically nothing new to report. Well I wish we at least had a hint as to what the “universe-shattering” information is, but alas we have to wait. Sadly the longer we wait the deeper Obama’s destruction of America gets. If in the end Obama (or what ever his real name is) is exposed, charged, tried and convicted for his crimes, not to mention invalidating every executive order or law he ever signed, then I guess it will have been worth the wait.

    1. Your comment only illustrates your limited intellectual vocabulary. It’s Sheriff Joke that should be investigated even more than he’s had been for peddling his bogus claims! He’s sure produced nothing so far

      1. Joe Arpaio spent 30 years as a Federal Officer, before he ever ran for the Office of Sheriff. He’s NOT just some ‘joke’, but a very experienced Law Officer. All of the people working for him are legitimately qualified, as well.
        Have you ever bothered even reading or viewing (it’s all available in video format on the web) the plethora of evidence that they’ve accumulated against this Usurper ?

      2. I disagree, Mr Ritter.

        Recent scientific evidence has determined that emperor zero is, in fact, an ambulatory, verbalizing, artfully deceptive specimen of solid matter discharged from the alimentary canal of Camilae dromedarius.

        Translated: He’s a walking, talking, lying camel turd.

  9. that phoney certificate means nothing….. so what if he WAS born in Hawaii? His pappy was a kenyan, thus a British Subject, this NOT an American citizen. Natural Born Citizen has always been someone born in a country of TWO parents who are both citizens of THAT country. Thus, his mama was a yank, his pappy a brit… and he, even if he IS an American Citizen (very doubtful) he is not a nATURAL BORN citizen, thus not eligible. And he KNOWS this, the whole “birth certificate” thing is a red herring to distract us from the REAL issue.. which is incontrovertible. HOW LONG will we be tricked? Someone needs to go for the jugular, bring up that his pappy was kenyan, making his kinyun kid NOT natural born yank. Read the discussions surrounding the setting of the qualifications for president back in 1789 or so, read English law of the time, read Minor vs Happersett, a SCOTUS case of about 1885 or so which defined Natural Born Citizen as a side issue in that case. Read Webster’s 1828 dictionary, Blackstone, ALL set those requirements, ones His Preeminence does not meet, and never can. And NO piece of paper can change that….. unless its a DNA test to prove someone else who is a yank is thekinyun’s real pappy.. like Frank Marshall Davis, whom some say is a likely possibility.

    1. The meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law (not from Vattel), and it refers to the place of birth, and it includes EVERY child born on US soil except for the children of foreign diplomats (and Obama was born on US Soil, in Hawaii). And the Minor v. Happersett ruling does not say what you think. It does NOT say that two citizen parents (or even one) are required in order to be a Natural Born Citizen. (If I said: “It was never doubted that if you wore both suspenders and belt you would hold your pants up, that does not mean that you have to wear both suspenders and a belt in order to hold your pants up.)

      “What is a natural born citizen? Clearly, someone born within the United States or one of its territories is a natural born citizen.” (Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on OCTOBER 5, 2004)–Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT).

      “Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are
      citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are “natural born citizens” and eligible to be President. Much less certain, however, is whether children born abroad of United States citizens are “natural born citizens” eligible to serve as President
      …”—- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005) [Edwin Meese was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, and the Heritage Foundation is a well-known Conservative organization.]

      child born in the United States is a natural-born United States citizen
      except for the children of diplomats.”—Senator Lindsay Graham
      (December 11, 2008 letter to constituents)

      And there have now been EIGHT state court rulings on Obama alone, and one federal court ruling on Obama, and one more state court ruling on McCain. All ten of
      them said that the meaning of Natural Born Citizen was defined by the US
      Supreme Court in the Wong Kim Ark case, and that the Wong Kim Ark case
      said that the meaning of Natural Born came from the common law (as Meese
      also said), and that it referred to the place of birth (as Meese, Hatch
      and Graham all say), and that every child born in the USA except for
      the children of foreign diplomats is a Natural Born US Citizen.

      More reading on the subject:

      1. Pres. Barack Hussein Obama was born at Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya. His mother was at the beach frollicking in the ocean – with Barack’s grandmother – she started having contractions and was taken to Coast
        Province. The grandmother even said she witnessed the birth; however, she was soon cordoned off from reporters and further statements. Coast Province Gen. Hosp has built a new wing in honor of his birth there. Soon after his birth, the new mother and baby left for Hawaii.
        If you would do a little research you would find out the truth, but you don’t want to hear the truth about your hero do you? In fact you can see a real birth certificate on line from the hospital in Kenya

        1. Thanks Brother. Seems there are quite a few folks who actually read those articles when they first were printed. Barry and company have silenced some but not all. It will not make one bit of difference to the Obongo crowd.

        2. Makes sense. The British kept very very good records and they are “clean” unlike the frauds given us by ole jug ears and his wookie.

      2. English Common Law was referring to a Natural Born ‘Subject’, NOT ‘Citizen’. In case you’re not aware, there IS a difference !

      3. As for all of the times that the court system has chose to Not allow said proceedings to go forward into the discovery phase, which would allow the plethora of evidence to be exposed, None of these case were ever ‘Heard’ but were ruled, for one reason or another to not be in courts of the ‘proper standing’. Or just plain thrown out , for one legality or another.
        The Alabama State Supreme Court is Currently hearing the Appeal of one such case, that is Now in a ‘Court with the Proper standing’. It will be quite interesting to see how this one ends.

    2. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity. The claim you’re making is pure BS. We’ve had many presidents where one parent was not a citizen. But you keep making your claim.. because like so much here, it belongs in the trash.. Maybe you should study immigration law.. Obama clearly meets the 3 criteria to be president.

      1. There was only One previous President who was a Duel citizen and it was never discovered until after his death. He burned all of the evidence, that he could lay hands upon, in order to deceive Americans, thus he Knew that he was Ineligible, before he ever Ran for the Office !

      2. Nope. The only Presidents that could have had only one would have been the original ones. Which makes it quite clear you have not read the Constitution nor any other papers that determined the frame of mind of the Founding Fathers.

    3. The man who coined the term ‘Natural Born Citizen’; Emmerich d’ Vatel, wrote, in ‘The Laws of Nations’ that a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ was ‘a citizen child, born in the country, of two citizen parents.’ He also wrote that the child ‘s circumstances follow those of his father. Which is why we needed the 14th Amendment, in order to make the freed negro slaves US Citizens, even though they were, mostly American born. (No additional slaves were allowed to be imported after about 1830 something).
      Lest anyone think that Vatel’s work was some little known text, our Framers poured over the copy(s) that Benjamin Franklin brought to the Constitutional Convention. (one was deposited in the adjacent Library). Our 1st Chief Justice, Joseph Story, wrote to George Washington who was the Chairman of said convention, requesting that some effort be made to ensure that none, but a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ or a person alive at the time of this country’s founding, be allowed to attain or the position (Commander-in-Chief) to delve onto any but said ‘NBC’.
      The work was studies in colleges all across American for at Least a century afterwards.

      1. Thank you very much. I have studied Vatel and he is the definitive of the subject. And our Founding Fathers thought the same. Adams I do believe was the one specifically to bring it up because of its importance.and that is just one of the concerns.

    4. IF the card carrying Communist Frank Marshal Davis WAS Barry’s father, he would Still have lost his citizenship, upon being ‘acknowledged’ or adopted by Lolo Soetoro.
      Another reason that the White House birth certificates are fraudulent, is because they don’t address his adoption. As an adopted person, myself, I know that once you’ve been adopted, they create a totally New birth certificate with the names of your New parents on it. Just the fact that he showed one with BHO Sr. on it goes to show that it’s not the proper one.

  10. He is a phony. He has always been a phony and the dem party (the party of ME) is 100% complicit in this scam against the USA. God Bless Sheriff Joe!

    1. There’s a suspiciously large number of dead folks, that surround Barry’s past.. Quite similar to the plethora of dead folks that surrounded the Clinton Presidency… Hmmmm…..

  11. This article is what’s called a “teaser” . It hints a some scandal without providing any substance. Don’t we have enough of that kind of crap from obozo and the libturds without conservatives jumping on that wagon?

  12. Barack HUSSEIN Obama may well be a citizen, but the birth certificate he released is a forgery. It lists his Father’s race as “African.” in 1961, his Father’s race would have been listed as “Negro”, or “Colored” in southern states. “African’ is a 1990’s PC term. I defy you to find another birth certificate from 1961 with a parent of color and see anything other than “Negro” or “Colored.”

    1. You’re correct Mark, but that’s only one of the things wrong with the phony birth certificate. What I don’t understand is why is NO-one being held accountable for this? The Democrats in the House and the Senate are the ones that pulled the wool over the eyes of the sleeping sheep, yet nobody else seems to see this. How many time do you have to be slapped in the face before you stand up and say NO_MORE!

      1. My Congressman addressed this, when he replied to me, regarding the reason for not attempting to Impeach Barry Soetoro/Soebarkah/Obama/Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name Is). He came right out and said that unless and until the Senate returns to Republican majority, it would be a waste of time and effort.
        Of course, I replied to him that Barry ‘What’s his name’ need not be ‘Impeached’ but could be removed through other legal means after he’s proven to Not be Eligible.

    2. Mark, the point you were attempting to make is errant.

      “The space for “Race of Father” is filled in with the word “African,” which at the time was a descriptor that blacks who were actually native-born Africans (like Barack Obama’s father was) were more likely to use for themselves than “negro” (the latter being synonymous with “slave” in Euro-colonial countries such as Kenya).Read the rest here:

      1. Sorry. The term Negro was not his call. This was simply the LEGAL term required by law for such official documentation. It also lists his place of birth in Kenya.

      2. Snopes is incorrect. It was not the call of his Father. Negro was the legal term for people of color on official government documentation such as Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s birth certificate. African is simply a PC term that first appeared in the 1990’s.

        1. Mark, Negro was the term for American born “negros”, not for foreign born men of African origin. Besides, how do you know what was entered on that form back in 1961? How many African born men fathered children in that Hawaiian hospital at that time? The burden of proof is on you to show that all black men from Africa (other than Obama’s father) penned “Negro” (and not “African” on their certificates. The fact that “African” is on that form is a non issue.

          What Snopes is incorrect on is the insistence that the layering effect was supposedly caused by a computer scanner. The man they quote has denied saying the document is authentic.

        2. Actually, I am a student of the history of legal documentation and although Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Father may have referred to himself as “African”, official documents in the United States did not leave such nuances of syntax to the individual, thus still requiring his race to be listed as “Negro”, or “Colored” in southern states; also a legal documentation requirement. The purpose was for consistency in official legal documents and correspondence. Demographics, which in the early 1960’s was in its infancy, required such consistency and a parent of color, whether of African descent or African origination, had to be classified under the common terms of “Negro, or “Colored” in southern states. This was replaced in the late 1960’s with the common term “Black”, which remained in-place until the term “African” followed VERY quickly with “African-American” in the early 1990’s.

        3. Mark, your point is well taken, but not only is Hawaii not a southern state, it was only admitted to the union 2 years prior to Obama’s birth. If you prefer to assume that a Hawaiian hospital would have used the same standards as Alabama or Mississippi, that’s clearly your prerogative, but unless you can prove that other no African man other than Barrack Obama’s father, used the term “African” on their certificate, I don’t think you have a case.

        4. I only mentioned southern states as an alternative point of reference to northern states official terminology in 1961. I was allowed to do a search of all 1961 birth certificates in Hawaii for 1961. I was not allowed to view the actual documents due to state law. I was able to conduct a complete field search to ascertain a count for the purported goal of a count for demographics. Guess what. There was not a single occurrence of any parent with a race designation of “African.” Hmmmmm… Guess what that means?

        5. Well, Mark, I was going to give you the last word, but I feel compelled to respond. I realized you were merely using the term “southern states” to point out terminology. I was trying to make the point that things may not have been the same in terms of uniformity in Hawaii, since the ink was barely dry on their acceptance to the U.S.

          I’m very impressed with the work you’ve done. I’ve seen so much rubbish passed around on the internet as “fact”, so I assumed this was just another example. Some of the bogus emails center the discussion around the birth cert entry “African American” and use a similar argument. However, the argument you make sounds as though it has merit. There are a plethora of issues that cause me great concern about the legitimacy of Obama’s election, so I’m trying ferret out those things which cause the “birthers” to lose credibility. Thanks for the follow-up. Very interesting indeed.

  13. When will our supposedly elected congressmen/women take action you know like McCain, McConnell, etc. We have a similar problem here in Idaho. They don’t know whether to be a Demo-Rat or a Republic-RAT as if it made a differemce. Government is Evil ‘ALWAYS”

    1. Money corrupts and there’s way to much behind closed doors money going into pockets of corrupt political officials! The government isn’t EVIL its the Evil politicians who create EVIL Government. Remove the crooks and the Evil will also be removed.

      1. All government is ‘evil’, but Some government is a necessary ‘evil’, to ensure citizen’s rights. On the continuum of Far Right to Far Left, Anarchy would be Far’ Right’ whereas Totalitarianism would constitute Far ‘Left’.
        This we should strive to have the Least amount of government necessary, to achieve our Liberties and ensure them, against corruption.

  14. It matters not WHERE he was born….as much as the fact that BOTH his PARENTS were NOT U.S. citizens,…meaning, he could have been born in the geographic center of the United States…but since his father never WAS a US Citizen…osama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by the Constitution!…..Since he claims to be a Constitutional “Scholar” he would know that…this is one more example of him crapping on the Constitution…..

    1. You can come up with all of the evidence you want but—– !!! The Congress would have to have the balls to file impeachment charges and then have enough votes to get him out. That won’t happen. Too many crooks in Congress.

      1. You can’t Impeach an Ineligible’ pResident’. There are far Easier ways to get rid of one. You’re Right about Congress, though. They would have to appoint a Special Prosecutor, ala ‘Watergate’ to investigate the ever growing plethora of evidence, that shows that Barry ‘What’s his Name’ is in Office illegitimately.

    2. The meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law (not Vattel) and it simply requires birth on US soil, and everyone born on US soil is a Natural Born Citizen at birth except for the children of foreign diplomats. That is why not a single member of the US Congress voted not to confirm Obama’s election in either the 2008 or 2012 elections. That is why not a single member of the US Electoral College changed his or her vote to vote against Obama either in 2008 or 2012. Not one. Obama received 356 electoral votes in the general election, and 356 electors voted for him. He received 332 electoral votes in the next presidential election, and 332 electors voted for him.

      “Some birthers imagine that there is a difference between being a “citizen by
      birth” or a “native citizen” on the one hand and a “natural born” citizen on the other. “Eccentric” is too kind a word for this notion, which is either daft or dishonest. All three terms are identical in meaning.”—The Wall Street Journal (

      “Every child born in the United States is a natural-born United States citizen except for the children of diplomats.”—Senator Lindsay Graham (December 11, 2008 letter to constituents)

      “Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are “natural born citizens” and eligible to be President. Much less certain, however, is whether children born abroad of United States citizens are “natural born citizens” eligible to serve as President …”—- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005) [Edwin Meese was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, and the Heritage Foundation is a well-known Conservative organization.]

      And there have now been eight state court rulings on Obama alone, and one federal court
      ruling on Obama, and one more state court ruling on McCain. All ten of
      them said that the meaning of Natural Born Citizen was defined by the US
      Supreme Court in the Wong Kim Ark case, and that the Wong Kim Ark case
      said that the meaning of Natural Born came from the common law and that every child born in the USA except for the children of foreign diplomats is a Natural Born US Citizen.

      More reading on the subject:

      1. SCOTUS said the ACA was “Constitutional” as well which anyone who can read and understand it knows is a damned lie! Saying so does NOT necessarily make it so!

  15. Another point. In 1980, Barack HUSSEIN Obama traveled to Pakistan; at a time when US passports could not be used for entry to that country. What passport did he have? This presents a whole other problem. If he had an Indonesian passport and was a citizen of that country, it is not possible for him to re-naturalize in the US and be President.

    1. That is another birther myth. The answer is, wait for it, US passports could be used in Pakistan, and in fact Pakistan was delighted to see them. Who told that Pakistan kept US tourists out or that Pakistan was on a “no travel list.” Neither is true.

      1. Have you read the foreword of his unpublished book? I guess it was cool to “lie” about his birthplace way back then? Training for the presidency and ObongoCare?

        1. That blurb was written by a literary agent who admitted to making the mistake all by herself and not checking with Obama. Does the mistake of a literary agent make someone born in a foreign country?

        2. What year did she “admit” to the error? How many countries on the planet and she just happened to decide on Kenya? Want to give me the winning Lotto numbers?

        3. Well, it went uncorrected by Barack HUSSEIN Obama for YEARS and not until he decided to run for the White House.

        4. There is a tape where the “Chosen One” said he was born in Kenya. Try finding these tapes now. It’s OK. They can have their laughs but time is our friend and their enemy.

      2. You are an idiot! I never said Pakistan was on a “no travel list.” In 1980, it was Pakistan that refused to accept US passports. We had no relations with them at that time. This is when Barack HUSSEIN Obama traveled there! I again ask, since US passports could not be used to enter Pakistan in 1980, what passport (i.e., where was he a citizen) at that time?

        1. Re: ” In 1980, it was Pakistan that refused to accept US passports.”

          Answer: It DIDN’T refuse to accept US passports. Who told you that it did?

        2. Pakistan’s UN Mission office. I think THEY have a better handle on this than YOU! The person I spoke with said it is a sad part of their history, but it is what it is. Facts are wonderful things. TRY it some time!

        3. It’s OK Mark. They are allowed to write history differently. All Dems and Progs do. “ellen”, if that is her real name, is a paid troll and will collect her ObongoCheck and count the words we wasted on “her” Keep the faith Brother.

        4. Absolutely correct. Pakistan in being in a up heaval did not accept passports from a number of non islamic nations. And those that did go in like ole jug ears were noted by the CIA.

    2. According to reports, Barry obtained his very first US Passport, after being elected to the Senate. Thus he must have had another one, in order to travel to Pakistan. Most likely his Indonesian one. He allegedly first traveled to Indonesia , likely to renew his Passport, prior to traveling to Pakistan. His mother was no longer there, at that time. Why else would he have went ?

  16. I still didn’t see anything new and startling. Oh yes! A person died in plane crash whose testimony doesn’t mean anything . OMG!!!! Thanks Sheriff racist bonehead. I will be sure to stay tuned for more laughs at your stupidity, that is if you don’t die in a plane crash or from some fatman related disease.

    1. The Radioactive Reject has appeared again. How goes troll? Hope all is well in ObongoLand. You will never see ANYTHING new until you shed the veil of stupidity that travels with all Progs. Now go build a playground in the basement. You still saving us from nuclear contamination of our drinking water? The sequester still have you down as 93% of the EPA was deemed “WE don’t need you?”

    2. I don’t think it’s possible for deaths to not be politicized anymore. These guys are so delusional, and it’s scary that the extreme right has this type of following in a first world (if we’re still first world) country anymore.

      I’m hoping everyone here is just a troll, but that’s incredibly wishful thinking on my part.

    3. Sheriff Joe of course is no racist having all types on his force. You dont like him because you probably spent some time in his pink underwear. As for you I hope your demise is long and painful

        1. You just agreed he doesn’t do the hiring. Typical Tea Party. Agree with the other guy then call him a liar. You must listen to Rush.

        2. You are the liar. What I did say that he did not “hire ” them but, he did check them out before they were hired. He does have a HR department moron.

  17. My problem is the following:

    “The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate says the case has taken a startling turn, and sheriff’s investigators now are assisting the Cold Case volunteers.

    “‘When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,’ Mike Zullo told WND. ‘This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.’

    “Zullo explained that because it’s an active investigation that could produce criminal charges, he’s unable to reveal details at the moment.”

    Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse always says things like “universe-shattering” & “pale of anything you can imagine” BUT when it comes to light it is chicken feed. Nuttin honey.

    I’m beginning to believe the “Posse” is as phony as the President. Just wait til March and you’ll see by gosh. Yea right.

    As the ole Missouri motto goes: “SHOW ME”

    They need to s–t or get off the pot.

      1. I found out that planet Earth is flat and not round as we have been led to believe. Here is startling proof that the Earth is indeed flat. Go to braindeadobama.orck

  18. As long as its hidden until Dec 2016…he could care less…of course, maybe his $400k annual life pension could be denied…that would be great…he is worth 12 million now so let him live off that…”its enough” as he would say…LOL.

    there are simply too many people in too many places that have come forward about very very strange aspects of BHO’s life…maybe half are baloney but so so many are never explored due to stonewalling…

    and, we hear, one of BHO’s 1st acts in 2009 was to seal his records…week 1….
    just another puzzling aspect…

    1. What are you talking about? Obama has shown both the web images and actual physical copies to the press of BOTH his short form and his long form Hawaii birth certificates, and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that they sent them to him and that all the facts on the copy the White House put online are exactly the same as on what they sent to him. And the “sealed” myth was created by birthers. It’s not true. Obama’s private records are covered under ordinary privacy laws, the same laws that have kept the same kinds of records—school and college transcripts, passport records, etc.—of John McCain and Mitt Romney from being published.

      1. Even Barry’s Own law firm’s forensic expert is now on record as stating that the birth certificates that were posted on the White House website are fraudulent !
        No Joke !
        It doesn’t matter, anyways, since his foreign national father(s) would disqualify him as being a requisite ‘Natural Born Citizen’ anyways, regardless of Where he was born.
        Duel citizens are precluded from the Presidency, as have ‘Foreign Influences’. The reason for the ‘NBC’ clause, to begin with.

  19. I had a good laugh at this one. Sheriff Joke and his little posse is just to funny. All PR. It’s the dog& pony show. Their idiot claim that the BC is fraudulent only demonstrates the length they’ll go to perpetuate their idiot agenda. The only part of this crazy article had to do with the untimely death of Ms Fuddy. Ms Fuddy was overweight and not surprisingly could have had a heart attack. How many people here have been on a plane crash, landing in the ocean? Of course the fake posse have had years now to produce actually facts, not the junk they’ve produced to date. Donald Trump could do it, the Clinton’s couldn’t do it.. Simply because it’s not there! People here so want to believe, so desperate, but the fact is, it ain’t happening! And Sheriff Joke and his little robots are the ones most people think look not just foolish, but stupid. But the one thing for sure is a fact – they’ll sure take your money!! The remind me of Bernie MADEOFF with your money.

        1. Contrary to the belief of the Obongo supporters: He will NOT be president for life. Then we shall see if all those records remain sealed. Holder will see his name in lights also.

      1. That Day will surely come, justice may or may not be meted out by man in their case, but it will certainly be meted out by a just God and His name isn’t allah.

      1. Hey Mikey and Ellen, why don’t the two of you Trolls go somewhere quiet and Make Troll Whoopie!! Leave the comments to the Sane Folks!

    1. Why won’t he open up his school records? Why was one of his first executive orders to seal them forever? How did he go to Pakistan during a period when US citizens were not allowed? Why did the birth certificate posted have multiple Adobe layers where it was doctored?

    2. Khrushchev once commented that the “Americans are a funny people. You spit in their face and they try to convince you that it’s raining and then they give you their umbrella.” Of course he was speaking about the American liberals who were falling all over themselves to placate him at the time. Fortunately for the world, a solid conservative by the name of Ronald Reagan came along just in time and knocked the USSR on their collective butts before fools like you gave the country away. Please, if you insist on being blind don’t try to convince the rest of us that we can’t trust our own eyes. “None are so blind as those who will not see.”

  20. Don’t you get it? After the truth comes out Fuddy will be blamed for the misrepresentation of the facts, that way obama is off the hook for any blame. You can’t blame someone if their dead… oh, wait a minute, you can blame them you just can’t prosecute them. Guess who gets to go free of charges???

    1. Dream on. Fuddy was just one of four Hawaii officials including the former Republican Governor, Linda Lingle (a friend of Sarah Palin’s) have all confirmed that Hawaii sent the short form and long form birth certificates to Obama and that every fact on the copy that the White House put online is exactly the same, that it MATCHES, the facts on what they sent to Obama. (And still further proof is the public Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961—and ONLY the DOH could send notices to the “Health Bureau Statistics” section, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii.)

        1. Because it lists his Father’s race as “African.” In 1961, it would have listed his Father’s are as “Negro”, or in the south, “Colored.” “African” is a 1990’s PC term.

      1. Why then, does it list his Father’s race as “African.” In 1961, it would have listed his Father’s race as “Negro”, or in southern states “Colored.” “African” is a 1990’s PC term.

      2. So other than the fact that the name of the hospital where Obama was supposed to have been born was not used by that hospital until twelve years after Obama was born. And the term “African American” to connote his race was not part of the legal language until even much later. What is it about the Photoshop fabrication of Obama’s long form live birth certificate that has convinced you that it is genuine and Obama is not a fraud? .

        1. You use facts when they argue emotions. All the cites they list are as fake as the media coverage of the “Chosen One” His time is coming soon.

      3. The Appeal of Obama’s Eligibility to be on the ballot, in the 2012 elections case is currently being heard, by the Alabama State Supreme Court. The AZ Sheriff’s forensic investigation’s results, have been submitted as evidence. One of the Justices, Tom Parker, who previously saw the evidence, when it previously was brought before that same court, is on record as saying, that if such were to be presented to a court with the proper ‘standing’ (which it now Is) then it would go more towards proving his lack of eligibility, than otherwise.
        It will be very interesting to see what come’s out of that case…

        1. That is part of the problem and what king barry counted on. The length of time it takes this to get through the court system. IF this court decides against ole jug ears and his white hooded black panthers it is a whole new ball game. He truly will have no cloths

      4. Since Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama aka Harrison Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) was adopted (or ‘acknowledged’) by his former ‘Step’ Father, his name was changed to Soetoro, as shown on his mother’s US Passport (Soetoro/Soebarkah), at the time she requested that his name be removed from it. The adoption would be conveyed onto his legitimate birth certificate, showing his name to be Soetoro and his Father to be Lolo Soetoro, Not his natural father. Thus, whatever the birth certificate, that was received, from the State of HA said, it most certainly didn’t say Obama (OR ‘African’, as it wasn’t used for decades afterwards). It also destroys Any Claim that he might have had, towards being an American Citizen (much less a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as required by the Constitution). A child of a Foreign National can Never be a ‘NBC’.
        I was adopted and had to go to great lengths to receive my original birth certificate. In certain States, this is practically impossible. (I don’t know the laws on this subject in Hawaii).
        Obama’s Own Law Firm’s forensic investigator is on record as stating that the BC posted on the White House website is Fraudulent, as well. Making it extremely difficult to believe that it is otherwise, especially considering that numerous AZ State Certified Forensic Investigators have reached the same conclusion. His Own Lawyers as much as admitted, in Court, that the BC is a fraud, but argued that it’s irrelevant, since he’s already ‘pResident’.
        Sorry to burst your bubble…. but Facts are Facts.

  21. The one important thing that many people are forgetting is that EVEN IF Obama was born in Hawaii as he claims, he still is NOT a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution, because of the fact that his father was NOT a citizen of the US, and his mother had not met the required legal age to have conferred citizenship to Obama.

    1. I agree, except that his mother’s age only comes into play, if he were proven to have been born in Kenya. IF (and it’s a Big if) Barry Was born in Hawaii, as claimed, then he would have been a mere ‘citizen’ but Not a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as required by the Constitution, due to his Duel Citizenship, derived, as you said, from his Foreign National Father (and adoptive father).

      1. In the words of America’s greatest ever Secretary Of State, Hillary “Kevlar Pantsuit” Clinton, “What difference does it make!”…

    2. Correct and what is even more amazing is people like Sean Hannity are supporting people who they consider that would make a great president but are not qualified under the Constitution either. It’s bad enough the way it is now; I liken it to a horse race with two horses running the owner owns horse Democrat and horse Republican it doesn’t matter to the owner which one of his horses wins because he is still the winner. The only way we can change this is to wake enough up to this fact and start getting rid of these career politicians these are the ones who are coming out against the TEA party because they are waking up a sleeping giant the voters that can bring them down from the thrones they have built for themselves on the backs of we the taxpayers, these greedy blanks have already spent the money of our children and grand children and it’s still not enough for them.

  22. You may have noticed that Barry has trouble speaking extemporaneously. Hems, haws, etc. That’s because he is deathly afraid of spilling his own beans. If he says the “wrong” thing, he will be found out.

    1. I always thought that he has a transmitter in his ear and is catching up with what is being fed to him to say. That is what his halting speaking style sounds like to me. Has anyone looked into his big ears before a debate or presser?

    2. What really sickens me is the Sycophant Marxist Media when they tell us what a great speaker he is and how super intelligent he is. Don’t you get chills when you hear him Hemming and Hawing, and his Ers and Ers(:-)

    3. Barry’s job is to read from The TelePrompter! Will he have the style, the courage, to read his own resignation when The TelePrompter Man sends him that message…

  23. Anyone ever see a photo of his mom pregnant? Or a picture of him as a baby or as a toddler? The truth could be pretty shocking.

    1. I haven’t and I wonder sometimes if he might be the product of a deep underground test tube experiment. We really don’t know much at all about this man, what we do know about his background wouldn’t qualify another person with that same background to be his body guard, much less be the U.S President.

  24. Ovomit is a fraud from one end to the other, and so is the commieonazicrat party, aka democrat party, because they have known it from the beginning. All who have been involved with this crime should be tried, convicted, and put in prison for a lot of serious time.

  25. Well, H-E-L-L-O…… if all the rights and privileges appertaining to a college degree were enumerated at graduation, life might not be a complicated matter of “working out one’s own salvation.” So much for the college degree. A whole lot of people obviously did not care about the qualifications anyway. It was the history-making skin color that was all that truly mattered. In this may be found the altruistic truth of this administration.

    1. Funny thing is, that George Zimmerman has More black African blood, than Barry Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) has !

      1. I also think he’s (john)another little hitler supporter,but he may be right on one count,which is what happens now.I don’t think there is anyone in dc with enough balls to do the right thing,which is haul his lousy carcass out to the gallows.

  26. “Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg”, no it was Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmarks first minister Helle Thorning Smith on the selfie. Sorry.

  27. I wish these guys would stop with the soap opera handling of this and wait until they have the evidence before saying we’re going to have it in 3 months…….waste of time reading it……

    1. Sometimes waiting for the right time is wise. Next year, they will have little time to defend themselves, while elections are boiling hot. Strategy…don’t give them a hint. Make them believe all is fine and quiet. Then fire!

    1. I agree with you. The minute Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II conquered the White House, he wanted to create an 8,000 private man army for himself. Since then, I’ve been trying so hard to have this foreign-born illegal alien agent arrested. I blame our U.S. Representatives who holds the absolute powers but lack the guts to insure this nation remains under the principles of our Founding Fathers’ United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

      I’ve said quite often that “We the People” should select true patriots for public office instead of a ‘party” choosing for us; that way there would be no favoritism attached. I rather listen to the average Jane and Joe for their recommendation instead of a politician.

      As Americans we do have that choice via the Internet to select and choose by word of mouth who would make the best Representative for the American people in the name of trust and honor. We don’t really have enough of these around today.

      The foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II MUST be ARRESTED NOW!!

      USAF (RET)

  28. If Obama is found to be a fraud, then everyone who signed off the vetting process or knew about it should also be arrested – Biden, Pelosi, Reid and whomever. Unfortunately, this would put Boehner in as President.

    1. Re : “If Obama is found to be a fraud,’

      The evidence that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii is overwhelming. In addition to Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate and the confirmation of the officials and the Index Data and the birth notices, there is the simple fact that we do not know that his mother even had a passport in 1961—and that very very few 18-year-olds did in that year, and that EXTREMELY few women traveled late in pregnancy due to the relatively high risk of stillbirths.

      For Obama to have been born in a foreign country:

      (1) Obama’s relatives would have had to have been rich enough (and
      they weren’t. In 1961 Obama’s grandfather was a furniture salesman, and
      his grandmother was a low-level employee in a bank, and his father went
      from Kenya to Hawaii on a free flight) and dumb enough to send their
      daughter at high risk of stillbirth to a foreign country to give
      birth—-—despite there being fine hospitals in Hawaii;

      (2) Obama’s mother would have had to have traveled overseas ALONE
      (since WND has proven with a FOI Act request that Obama senior stayed in
      Hawaii throughout 1961) and somehow got Obama back to the USA without
      getting him entered on her US passport or getting a visa for him (which
      would have had to have been applied for in a US consulate in that
      country and the records would still exist);

      (3) got the officials in Hawaii to record his birth in Hawaii despite
      (as birthers claim) his being born in another country and somehow got
      the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth
      in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley to lie (and since the
      woman’s father’s name really was Stanley, she would have had to have
      found one of the very few women with fathers of that name to do it).

      If you sincerely believe that Obama could have been born in a foreign
      country, then you could answer all three points. For Obama to have been
      born in a foreign country, all three would have had to have happened.

      So, the question is, what are the chances that all three happened?

      1. Obama attended a public school in Indonesia at a time when Indonesia did not allow non-Indonesian citizens to attend their public schools. It appears his mother gave up his USA citizenship, if he actually had US citizenship. If he had a legitimate birth certificate why hide it? He paid $2 million in legal fees for lawyers to block access to all his documents. I got a copy of my birth certificate for $5.00, no hassle.

        Leave all that behind and go directly to the birth certificate the White House released. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt a forgery. There are so many problems with it including layering and type that did not line up, hallows around the typed in information in part of the form even though the original b.c. had wavy green lines throughout, etc. Even the document expert who worked for the law firm that is protecting access from Obama’s documents has examined the b.c. and has stated it is a forgery.

        1. I think he may have had actually “citizenship” if he had stayed. However his father was never a citizen and therefore was still unable to become President.

        2. Raymond, she’s so into Obama s thinks he can part he waters, she’ll never believe it even if sworn t by numerous people, guess we just ignore her

      2. First of all we only have the name to say who was the father. A DNA test I am sure would prove that either Davis or Louis the German Shepard was the father. Second part of your lie. The British had very good health care in their colonies. And yes many women did travel for what ever reasons even in this time period. It was not the dark ages. And the reason ole jug ears was let back in was because of his age moron. Then he left and became a Indonesian citizen complete with muslim training.

    2. I believe the House Speaker John A. Boehner could be Impeached for his defiance of the American people in that he refused to have the known foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II arrested as a Saboteur.

      I’m sure the majority of Americans are very capable of recognizing when ‘sabotage’ has been committed against the United States of America and its citizens by a foreign agent. As U.S. House Speaker, and leader, John A. Boehner is responsible for the safety and security of the United States and its people. He has failed to provide for the nation and its people the security it deserves, and that renders him unqualified for the Office of the United States Presidency.

      To give you an idea of the corruption within the U.S. House of Representatives; I’ve been cut-off all Republican member’s fax numbers including John A. Boehner. It is obvious that they prefer to keep a blind eye leading to our nation’s demise. However, I did managed to get through the fax numbers of the majority of Republican Governors throughout the United States regarding Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s original birth certificate from Mombasa, (Kenya) East Africa.

      I also managed to explain how Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama communicated with her mother from Mombasa, East Africa, to her mother in Hawaii and instructed her to place the fraudulent birth announcement of Barack Hussein Obama II as being born at the “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” in Hawaii’s local newspapers. Get this now; the hospital’s name mentioned above did not exist until 1978, and yet, Barack Hussein Obama II was born in 1961.

      All these deceptions is the result of the communist controlled news Medias and American traitors occupying both Houses of the U.S., and their cover-up of the foreign-born illegal alien agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. The lies and cover-ups by our own nation’s news reporters and U.S. Representatives are so overwhelming it makes it difficult even for me to keep up.

      I had to use the services of a Stationary Supply Store to fax Congresswoman Michele Bachmann what I tried to fax other U.S. Representatives, for which, I had been cut-off. How’s this for representatives who don’t give a damn for their constituents or their country?

      USAF (RET)


  30. It can’t be against the law for someone to provide his own birth certificate in Hawaii. So why won’t Obama do that? It can’t be because he’s too busy; he met with Sebelius once on Obamacare.

    1. Obama has received official copies of both his short form and long form birth certificates, and he has shown both the physical copies and the Web images of both of them, and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that they sent them both to him and that ALL the facts on the copies that the White House put online are exactly the same as on what they sent to him. (And that is further confirmed by the public Index Data file and by the birth notices sent to the “Health Bureau Statistics” sections of the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 19612—and only the DOH could send birth notices to that section of the papers, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii).

      1. The investigaors found 1000 Names of babies in those newspapers that were born in Japan. The micrflim would prove if Obama was born in Hawaii.

        1. But they did not show a single one. (I wonder why not????)

          The fact is that ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send birth notices to the “Health Bureau Statistics” section of the Hawaii newspapers, where Obama’s birth notice appeared, and the DOH only sent notices for births IN Hawaii. And the birth notices are confirmed further by the Index Data file and the teacher who wrote home, to her father, named Stanley, after being told of the birth in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley. And, guess what, we do not even know whether Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961 and very very few 18-year-olds did in those days, and EXTREMELY few women traveled abroad during the last few months of pregnancy due to the high risk of stillbirth—and yet birthers are gullible enough to assume that both she had a passport and that she was one of the EXTREMELY few women who traveled abroad in the last few months of pregnancy, and that the birth certificates and the officials that confirm them and the Index Data and the birth notices and the teacher who wrote home are all lying. GULLIBLE.

        2. While travel was not as extensive as it was to become women in great numbers still did it. More excuses and lies.

      2. ellen — On the birth certificate shown online, the name of the hospital cited was not in existence at the time of the birth date on the certificate. Also, I think the noted country, Kenya, also cited on the BC (noted as his father’s place of birth), wasn’t a nation at that time. It didn’t exist! I think there was also another “error.”

        1. Give the lady a cigar or a box of chocolates. It was known as the British Protectorate of East Africa. It did not become Kenya for several years after ole jug ears was born.

        2. One of the many reasons Obongo hates Britain. After he gave a bust of Churchill back, he denied it. The day is fast approahing

        3. You don’t have to THINK it as you are 100% correct. Not to worry because the “intellects” on the Obongo team never read history so those facts escaped them. Nice job!

      3. This was a common practice by many Japanese families to obtain citizenship for “illegals” Do a little research.

      4. Then if he had all the documents why first did they present ones that were false?? Your argument is illogical. And you are a liar. Very simple. Just like the documents.

    1. Obama really was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate, and the repeated confirmations of the officials of both parties, and the Index Data and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 and the teacher who wrote home all show.

      1. Perhaps, but that Hawaiian b.c. posted on line is clearly heavily modified.

        I’m willing to bet his Columbia transcripts show he enrolled as a foreigner from Indonesia. Columbia regularly turns down straight A students with high SAT scores regardless of their skin pigmentation. How else does a pot smoker with mediocre grades get accepted unless they falsely portray themselves as “foreign”?

      2. Hey Troll, Anyone could post in newspapers, it was common practice, so that Japanese and Chinese babies could go to school, BCs were computer generated and contained MANY obvious errors. There is no record , even the Gov. admitted, of Obama’s birth, we just need an HONEST, CONSERVATIVE JUDGE, when he falls I hope you have your Kleenex stocked well, as he is the worse criminal in the political History of this country


  32. If incontrovertible evidence revealed that Obama was a KGB agent, the morons who voted for him a second time would vote for him again–even for a third term. The criminal politician problem is secondary to the moron population problem.

    1. If incontrovertible evidence revealed that birther sites lied to their readers, which in fact is true, then their nutty readers would still believe the birther lies. For example, there is the LIE that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya (she actually said repeatedly that Obama was born in Hawaii. Birther sites simply did not quote her and cut off the tape recordings on their sites just before she was asked “where was he born?” I wonder why they did that???) And yet there are gullible morons who believe the birther sites.

      1. So Hillary was incorrect when she was the FIRST person to bring up the issue? Who said “Any American President that lies to the public should resign?” Go back to the senate hearings concerning Watergate. Seems she hadn’t married Billy Bob yet.

        1. HILLARY checked on whether Obama was born in Hawaii, and when she found out that the evidence that he was is overwhelming, she stopped checking.

        2. You live in a world where words mean nothing. A Congressman called him a liar a few years ago and was reprimanded. That lie and countless others have been proven. The sky could part and God himself could tell you but you will stick up for him no matter how damning the evidence. He said he was of the Muslim faith on a TV show and George Stephie had to correct him. Sometimes the truth actually slips out. What did he say was the sweetest sound in the morning?

        3. He stated in his book, before it was revised, that he was born in Kenya and also a Muslim, when he started running, all the books were pulled and revised, so either he lied in his book or is lying now, and in “America 2016” the author talked to relatives that said he was born in Kenya, BUT they all mysteriously disappeared when he went back for further interviews, seems Obama had them relocated, the grandmother Ellen is referring to is the one in Hawaii and there is no record of an interview and she died while he was running for first term

        4. Another lie. She stopped because a good friend of hers and bills was killed and then the killer was killed by the police. It is well known the man had connections with Obama. Chelsea was next.

        5. His mother was a U.S. citizen and apparently, that is all that is currently required to convey citizenship. I know what the Federalist Papers say, but our Conservative Ted Cruz is relying on the fact that his U.S. mom will offset his Cuban father and Canadian birth, to make him eligible to run for Prez. or VP. Has a baaad precedent been established or some interpretation of our amended Constitution, that I am not aware of, allow this?

      1. They would vote for satan himself (complete with the horns, tail, pitchfork, and the smell of rotten eggs) if his name had a “D” next to it.

      2. Hitler was a democrat socialist liberal. The Nazi Party was a democrat socialist liberal party. Look up the word democrat in your dictionary.

    2. PatrickJT — Under those circumstances, wouldn’t they, too, get hit with law suits and incarcerated for treason??? :)

  33. Between Arpaio’s crack cold case team and Orly Taitz’s crack legal team, we have been promised universe shattering news for several years. I don’t think either group could shatter an egg.

    1. Actually, the evidence is there. Most blame for failure to act can be laid at the feet of courts, Congress, FBI, state legislatures and AG’s/SoS’s/prosecutors., a special prosecutor is needed, due to the corruption of these.

      1. @Ellen,
        Just read Barack Obama’s book, HE SAID IT HIMSELF.



        1. Please note that his religion is not the problem, I know personally some Muslims in US who are excellent people, the problem is Obama himself, not his religion.
          In India, despite may wars and hatred with Pakistan, their vice President Hamid Ansari is a Muslim, and he works well and is appreciated despite the issues with local Muslims. India even had 3 Muslim Presidents since independence ( and this has not been a problem, so religion is NOT the problem in Obama’s case.

      2. Good lord you are stupid or a shill or both. First of all we know ole jug ears is a muslim his Indonesian passport proves that. As a muslim he is allowed to cheat, steal, kill in order to promote islam its called Taqiyya. Please leave and come back when you can at least make a logical argument. Right now all you are is a ignorant liar.

      3. Ellen, Obama was a devoted Muslim officially for his whole childhood, all the official documents in Indonesia about him confirm it, he even officially studied mengaji which is advanced Islamic knowledge for those who want to become imams, he was born Islamic since his father was, so there is no doubt at all that Obama is a Muslim by birth and has been one for many many years. And the deception doctrine “Traditionist” is speaking about is the taqiyya, which allows a Muslim to do anything even sacrilegious anti-Islamic stuff as long as it allows to deceive the infidels, so he is technically right. There is absolute official proof that Obama was a Muslim for very long, there is none that he has been a Christian apart his own declarations, and anyway his official form of Christianity with the ultra-racist anti-white pastor Jeremiah Wright is certainly not mine.
        So you should probably at least respect all those who have doubts about Obama, even apart the 1st amendment aspect, if you consider all the things Obama has officially said there is an appalling proportion of blatant lies, the most famous one so far being “if you like your doctor you can keep him” while he knew for years that millions of US people would loose their health insurance and some democrat congressmen admitted they all knew it too.

        1. He left Indonesia at the age of 10. I don’t know how advanced his study of Islam could have been by the 4th grade.

        2. Exact, but he continued to be a Muslim well after that, you have many witnesses who made a testimony he was a devoted Muslim up to 18 years old at least, which is of course his absolute right without contest.
          You have a complete study of Obama as a Muslim with Daniel Pipes, you will find everything you need there.

      4. It just take a small amount of research and common sense to learn that Unlike the Christian or Jewish religions, Sharia-compliant Islam not only permits its believers to lie but actually commands it in some circumstances. Obama is a Muslim and secretly practices Islam. He is an impostor.

  34. What good is the proof if nobody does anything with it??? This is bogus! Who will take up the cause other than the posse? If not, we are beating our hand into the ‘air.’

  35. Why wait until March? We all know that someone else will get knocked off by then, resulting in crucial evidence being “lost in a fire or car crash or get decimated in Meow cat food,” blah, blah, blah. Haven’t we good Americans waited long enough for a court case, an arrest, and a one-way ticket to Kenya?

    1. The nation can’t wait any longer. We are already in aserious crisis. Worse than Obama are the traitors of both big, corrupt parties and media enabling him.

  36. I have been skeptical of the whole birther thing, but I think that if Obama’s college records were released that it would show that he went to school as a foreign student. This is entirely speculative, but to me is the only explanation for him not releasing them. At the very least, if he is a citizen, it would show that he committed fraud.

    1. According to the law if he used a foreign passport to show citizenship of another country in order to attend school as a foreign student then he forfeits his USA citizenship. He is not entitled to just start claiming to be an American citizen. Congress needs to get off their ass and deal with it because if they don’t it sets a precedent that will allow anyone to be elected to the presidency.

        1. I believe they only have to have one parent who is an American ciitizen. In obama’s case, his mother had not reached the age where she could transfer her citizenship to her child.

    2. Obama did not release his college records because Mitt Romney and John McCain did not release their college records either. Nor did George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or Bush41 or Reagan, or Carter, or Ford, or Nixon, or LBJ, or JFK—so why should Obama? The story that Obama registered as a foreign student comes from AN APRIL FOOL’S ARTICLE originally published on April 1, 2009.

      1. No actually it has been repeated numerous times by a postal worker that was friends with Bill Ayers parents that referred to Obama as a foreign student. He committed either a felony by accepting the money or he could not be President as a foreigner.

        1. My daughter’s best friend’s aunt’s hairdresser has all the facts on his birth status, and she says he was born in Kenya.

        2. We already have a forged birth certificate claimed by many document specialists., including a forensic document expert witness from Obama’s own law firm, fraudulent Selective Service registration, multiple Social Security crimes, failed E-Verify check, a self-written author’s biography claiming he was born in Kenya, a mysterious Kenyan birth certificate with a footprint on it that needs comparison to the usurper’s, Bill Ayers’ mailman claiming that Ayers’; wife told him Obama was a foreign student, Obama’s own grandmother saying he was born in Kenya, etc. Whether or not Obama forged those documents himself, he would be guilty of misprision of felony and benefitting from a felony.

        3. I’m no fan of Obama’s and believe he is ineligble, but if it’s the same video I saw, it’s doctored and not credible,

        4. Some of the same footage I saw- Dubbed. On the dinner video, he was obviously joking. I don’t think Moochelle meant he was born there.

        5. Hey Einstein: Is that the same as Harry Reid saying a friend of his said Romney didn’t pay taxes? Guess that was another lie by the Dems. You folks are a sorry lot. How is that ObongoCare roll out doing?

      2. Since there is so much controversy, and he claims to be transparent, he should release them. The only reason for not releasing them is that they will show that he is not what he claims to be, whether it be citizenship, academic achievement, associations or philosophy

      3. Actually, G.W. Bush’s along with John Kerry’s transcripts were released. They revealed that Bush’s GPA was a little higher than Kerry’s. Democrats don’t want to talk about that.

        1. Barack HUSSEIN Obama can’t release his college transcripts and records because he received aid as a foreign student!

    3. [email protected] says:

      This is why thinking people – even the MSM people on FOX – do not take this craziness seriously.
      Thinking people do not begin an “investigation” with a pre-conceived conclusion and then work backwards to find evidence to support that conclusion.

  37. “Michelle may join in after she had to sit through him playing footsy with a selfie with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.”

    First of all, it was the DANISH PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and secondly, Michelle no-doubt has the same political aspirations as Hillary Clinton, and that goes away if she decides to turn any tables on BHO.

  38. why not just speed it up and slam them now. What is in march that is so special, are you going to wait till the lower courts are full of his hand picked num nuts ideologist

    1. Nothing is coming in March and there is nothing now. The facts show overwhelmingly that Obama really was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate (short form and long form), and the confirmation of the officials of both parties, and the Index Data, and the birth notices and the teacher who wrote home all show.

      1. Really?? In a hospital that would not get the name on the paper for several years from his “birth”?? And he was legally a citizen in Indonesia that until recently did not have dual citizenship. And he carried these papers on him after he was a minor.and into his “majority”

      2. Then perhaps you could explain why he would publicly release a fake document, so declared by every credible examiner to date.

        1. Another “Twi-light” Zoner!!! I know 3rd graders that could produce a more convincing BC than that!! Jeez Louise!!!!”””

      3. Do you really believe that? there are so many discrepincies in the BCs just to star there were no computer BC’s in 1961, and children born were not Afrigan, but listed as Negro way into ’70’s. I worked L&D, another, the Hospital he was suppose to born in didn’t have Maternity, next door was Children’s an Maternity home, merged in ’70’s

        1. I don’t know!!! The way she just pulls her overwhelming facts out of the air!! I am probably showing my age, but she would have had Sargent Joe Friday scratching his head when he asked: “Just the facts Ma’am!!! (lol)

      4. Your another obot idiot…Everything u said in this post is a lie and the exact opposite…Where have u been the last 5 years??…You would have to be an idiot and mentally challenged at this point in time to write what u just wrote…Leave ur head where it currently (where the sun dont shine) cause it aint gettin any brighter…

  39. We know intuitively that Obama is a fraud, but that’s not enough! You need hard evidence and people who are credible in order to expose, indict, try and punish him! Apparently we have that; however, the roadblocks are significant in a government that is extremely corrupt, very well financed, constantly on guard and that will [attempt to] discredit, remove, or otherwise hinder any and all investigators. But they cannot hide forever from the truth which will ultimately identify them! Watch!

  40. Obama was never able to become President and his being in the White House is the biggest fraud of the era. The founding fathers in their writings and the writings of the time meant for both parents to be citizens of the United States before birth in order to be a “natural born” citizen. In that he held a Indonesian passport that did not accept dual citizen ship and his going to school here as a foreign student drives the point even further home. We can only hope that the next Attorney General will pursue this as a matter of law.

    1. Obama never had an Indonesian passport, as a call to the Indonesian Embassy will confirm, and every child born on US soil is a Natural Born US citizen regardless of the citizenship of the parents at the time of the birth.

        1. Now I’m no Obama fan, but where exactly is it written in the Constitution. Because if you are talking about “Natural Born” that has never been settled. But one way or another, he would have had to have been physically born here, which we know he was not! His mother did not meet the requirements to claim him as an American Citizen either.

        2. The issue of natural born citizen has been settled for years..Even out US supreme court settled the issue in minor vs happernset…Read the founding fathers history over the issue of natural born citizen..It was as well established as the sun rises in the east and settles in the west..Every human being on earth knew what it meant, except of course, idiots like you!!!!

        3. Sticks and stones Pal, it has never been settled, all the expert agree on that point, oh excuse me……except for you!!! Before you call someone an idiot, have good look in the mirror first!

        4. Because u are an idiot of history, I cannot help u..Any expert u list is as idiotic as you..A short look in our founding fathers past would quickly clean up any mis-understanding u have concerning the meaning of natural born citizen…Because u are too lazy to examine history, I will not debate an idiot!!

        5. Why don’t you get a little history under your belt, pup! Did your Mama not tell you, that it is better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt??

        6. Your an obot and an idiot..You will continue to write back to my post until ur arm falls off..This is how stupid u obots who support obama blindly really are..Awaiting ur response idiot!!

        7. Now you really have put your foot in it! Calling me an “Obot” is like calling Obama a “Bush lover!” I see you like to use ur and u, you wouldn’t happen to be one of those yokels who texts while driving at 70 MPH!! Yep! You look like the type. Should have listened to your Mama and remained “silent!”

        8. Only an idiotic obot would continue to write back ridiculing and name calling…hahaha…You have been exposed for who u truly are..Your arrogance and indignant attitude has exposed u for the fraud that u are…Since u are an obot obama loving operative u are obsessed with having the last word…Unfortunately for u, I will not give u that satisfaction..Another tell tale give away of a true obot.I will keep u on here responding back to me until one of 2 events occur…Either u will die or ur arm will fall off from responding..I will control u forever on this thread until reason prevails with the last word..You obots always have to have the last demeaning word..Unfortunately, u will not get it..Therefore, write back soon to fulfill my prediction…If I dont hear from u, then u are sane and ok..If I do here back from you, then I will know (as will the world) who u truly are and I will keep u on here responding until u die….You will NEVER get the last word….

        9. Again you put your foot in it Sonny! Just a brief scan of the posts shows that the only NAME CALLING HAS BEEN DONE BY YOU! I do not engage in name calling, it is beneath my my dignity. Since it is obvious I am a bit older than you, I am so conservative, I make you look like a “NEW DEALER” And I certainly don’t have anything to prove to anyone in that department, especially you “Dr. Love!!!”” And as far as you getting the last word!! You have no hope! Now let’s see: Dr. Love 198 comments 79 up votes…………….HOFFHACK 1023 comments 5,157 Up votes!!! My goodness, that is 5 up votes for every post…….yah had enough yet????

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        14. like i said…I own u jerk..I will keep u here responding back until u die…haahahah..I want to break my post with an obot..The last one I wrote to like u we posted 2,225 comments before he gave up..I want to break my all time record…look forward to hearing back from u idiot obot..ahahah

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        17. Yawn! Just for the record though, you little “Prig” I am a Life Member of the NRA, A Life Member of Gun Owners of America, a founder of the Wildwood Tea party Chapter, a 4 year Navy Vet 69-74, so everyone on this and every other board knows I am not an “O-bot!” So you wind up looking foolish by calling me that! But I am right about Presidential eligibility, it has never been satisfactorily settled, if it had been settled as you suggest, this guy could have never run! And I am going to get to 10,000 a long time before you do………….(:-)

        18. Only an idiotic obot would contimue to write back..You pride will end up killing u…Incidentally, idiot, I never said the eligibility issue had been settled..What i said was the term natural born citizen was a settled issue and had been since the founding fathers wrote the Constitution…I hope I keep u on here past 10,000..Maybe 20 or 40,000 comments until u die of old age u idiot!!!

        19. The only thing “killing” us (with laughter) is you! We did not know that there could be such a self centered “priggish” person such as yourself! You want me to stop, you are salivating at the prospect of me stopping so you can somehow prove your manhood! Sorry boot, ain’t happening! Don’t stay up all night like last night, I am signing off for tonight, I hope the padding on your walls can hold out until morning!! Nite nite! (:-)

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      1. Liar. In 1982 I do believe Pakistan was a very hard place to get into for various reasons that you need to research. Secondly Christians in Action kept a record of who was going in and out. It also helps when obama and or his family mentions it themselves. Really can not keep your lies straight . And you need to read the US Constitution.

      2. So I guess his own Grandmother lied when she said he was born in Kenya??? Pull your head out of that dark place you’ve been hiding it!!!

  41. In the words of the inimitable erstwhile Secretary of State and now 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (boy! that’s a mouthful), “What difference does it make?” We’re saddled with this incompetent socialist (, lemme ‘splain: he’s an incompetent President, but a very competent socialist) for the next 3 years no matter what the location of the birth. I personally believe it was Kenya, but who knows? — it may have been another galaxy.

    1. It really DOES make a difference, for all legislation signed by Obama would be technically null and void, much at the descretion of Congress…The ACA would not survive a re-vote now that the SHHTF! It would certainly be uncharted waters for us and our gov’t but I feel confident that once again, our Constitution would help save us!

      1. There was more than a bit of jest in my reference to Hillary’s “What difference does it make?” query. But do you seriously believe that even if it were found that the guy was born outside the U.S. (of one parent who was a U.S. citizen at the time), the SCOTUS would hold all actions by his administration to be null and void, technically or otherwise? Not likely, in the least, in my view. The best we (and I include you in the “we”) can hope for is that come November 2016 we’re rid of Obama as our President as a result of the Constitution’s term limit for that office, and that Hillary (or any other Democrat who might win their nomination) is pronounced the loser that she (or whoever that nominee may be) is.

  42. Why don’t we organize an ‘Egyptian’ or ‘Martin Luther’ moment in DC and express peacefully our displeasure! Maybe have a campout like Occupy Wall Street.

      1. Sometimes to knock down tyranny some have to bleed. What did the blacks go through to get social equality (you know, using the same bathroom, eating in the same restaurant and not setting in the back of the bus). How racially STUPID!

        1. Hmmm! Let’s see how old you are Jong! What did Chestie Puller say when the water cooled brownings were over heating on Guadalcanal during a “Bonzai charge??””, and they had no water?????

        2. I know how to barrel change both the .30 and the .50. I am not that old. I was referring to my M60 when I had to go for the old barrell change on a heated one. When I finally got my hands on a ceramic barrell no more problems.

    1. Yes, he did say that. I think he got confused with the 57 ISLAMIC STATES, something he relates to much more than our country.

      1. And still they didn’t put 2 and 2 together and come up with reason. Instead they dismissed it as ‘an error’ (REALLY?? every school child knows there are 50 states!!).
        Makes you wonder who the baffoons really are!

  43. Surprising that the other people on board didn’t die with the target, Fuddy, who would have been a KEY player in congressional investigations (IF it ever happens) to expose the fraudulent document construction. Having that kind of threat to his reign, king zero would have easily had them erased and willing minions to carry out such wishes.

  44. Barry Soetoro and Barack Obama are the same person. He, under both of his names, was not a good student. His academic records would show that he made lower grades than average students of low ability make. And Barack (and Barry) was not an American citizen and is not now an American citizen. He has never been an American citizen. In fact, Obama is only an American citizen in the minds of the mainstream media and the leaders of the Democratic Party. And the last time I checked, they do not determine the legality of who is and who isn’t an American citizen. Even the least curious member of the MSM should know that it is odd that Obama attended three colleges as a foreign student using money from scholarships setup for foreign students only. Of course, if they investigate the likelihood that Obama is a foreigner who was born in Kenya whose father was not an American citizen and he, later, after his real father’s death, was adopted by a foreign father – Soetoro – from a foreign country which would further make Obama – now Barry Soetoro – a non-American citizen, then they would know enough to write this information in every story they write about this scam artist. I don’t understand why Obama supporters can’t get this through their heads. Jus’ saying :-)

    1. if he was not born here, right he can not be a Citizen, because if he became one there would that record. so he is an illegal to start with, it’s not like he became one and was trying to hide that, he never was one or became one in the first place. how can this happen in this country? Money, media cover ups, powerful people behind him, Soros for one.This whole thing stinks to high heaven, And this country is powerless to do anything, Hell they could not even get Holder for the F&F cover up, that he was covering for his boss in the first place. If you noticed when they where getting close and holder could not stall anymore Obama slap a executive order on it to stop it. OMG gezzz give me a break,even a 6yr old can see whats going on.the parts that scare me the most many of the things he does and the people that cover for him is the same way Hitler came to power……..1933

      1. Sad that all it took was an “executive order” from Odumbo. So much for showing a spine and sticking to your guns (re; Congress).

        1. No not sure about that,, they would of jumped all over that, And if they where born to Americans on a Base, or something that says it’s American property than thats ok.

        2. George Romney was born to 2 American parents. McCain was born to American parents while his father, John S. McCain Jr, his father who became a 4 star admiral as his grandfather did as well, was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. It was an American protectorate at the time.
          Pretty easy to contrast the “question” of their citizenship with that of Obama and anyone who uses Romney and McCain’s birthplaces as an argument for Obama shows that they don’t believe he is a citizen. Thanks for making our case, libs!

        3. George Romney was NOT born to 2 American parents. His grandfather relinquished their citizenship and fled to Mexico when the United States outlawed polygamy.

        4. His grandparents never formally relinquished their citizenship. Because his father was born to American parents, he was an American citizen. Because he was born in Mexico, he was eligible for Mexican citizenship but his parents chose American citizenship instead. Despite how loudly libs yell, the truth is always the truth.

        5. Then Gaskell must have pledged his oath to the United States at the consulate in Chihuahua.
          Just because your ancestors were American, doesn’t make you one. How many generations would you let that go on? Gaskell and George were both born in Mexico.

        6. Actually, if your ancestors were American, that DOES make you American unless one of them takes steps to formally RENOUNCE American citizenship. So using your logic, there is then NO evidence that Obama is American and thus not eligible for the Presidency. Exactly!

        7. You are not using my logic. If your great, great, great, great, great grandfather was American but the last four generations all lived in Islamabad, are you still an American citizen and your children are eligible to run for President?

        8. If you can prove that they were American citizens AND that they have never RENOUNCED their citizenship then, yes, they are citizens and eligible. Your example, though, would be, for all practical purposes, impossible. However, if, for example, they had voted by absentee ballot…..

        9. So During the generations where the Romneys & their multiple wives lived in Mexico, they voted in the United States?

        10. Try not to think like a liberal. My example was one way that it could be proved that living abroad is not a disqualifying “condition”.

        11. Another example of “It’s ok when WE do it”

          There were specific laws relating to citizenship when Gaskell was born in 1905, he did not follow the procedures to retain his citizenship. Or at least I have seen no evidence that he went to the American consulate and pledged an oath to the United States.

    2. All good points but – we do not know that his name is Barack Obama – only that he has used it for many years. For all we know he could have been born as Mohamed Obasanjo and shortly thereafter given his current name for use. With all the lies and concealed facts, why should we believe any portion of his ‘claimed’ biography?

  45. For about the last year, there have been sensational announcements suggesting that there is earthshaking new evidence in “the case,” revealing …. absolutely nothing. Ever since Gallups has been involved in this with his flaky program of hype, the public has been told NOTHING. I suggest that they just STFU and do their jobs until they have something of substance to report. Remember the fable about the boy who cried “wolf?”

    There is way more than enough evidence already to warrant the arrest, imprisonment, trial, conviction and punishment of the Marxist usurper in the White House. Officials need to act before the people get REALLY angry and do it in a cruder fashion, remembering those who have impeded action for 5-6 years.

    1. I’m with you on this one. This whole Arpaio investigation and its attendant persecution of the good sheriff has taken on the flavor of sensationalism and fund raising. I have stopped contributing to whatever it is they are doing, pending an announcement of substance.

    2. It has not been enough evidence in the hundreds of trials that have challenged his eligibility.
      No one is even listening anymore. You can stop. The only news outlet that even carried the story of the universe shattering revelations was WND (the ones who sell the books about the conspiracy). Even FoxNews only mentioned the plane crash, without mentioning potential new revelations.

      1. Wrong. Plenty of evidence, You forgot that I have monitored the cases, read some of the court papers, watched some court videos even went to some hearings. Disgraceful conduct.

        If you did that, you would know too, but it looks like you’re just parroting talking points. I don’t care what you think and am writing this for other readers and only interested in educating more people, You’re a lost cause. I have other projects, but you seemingly have nothing else to do,.

  46. obama came from Kenya to America which he really does despise
    he’s got the idiots fooled because they believe all his lies
    The true American citizen they cannot be torn down by this evil boy
    when barack hussein obama takes his final breath America will be something we can enjoy

  47. I despise the man and HATE what he and his regime, bolstered by the Pro Islam, Pro Communist media, are doing to destroy the country my father fought for in WWII. Unless Congress steps up to the plate on the multitude of fraud, lies, obstruction of justice and yes, treason, there WILL BE a rebellion, and many will die. The blood is on the hands of the regime and those who support them.

  48. As with the Clinton crew———-Mike Zullo————-be careful, very careful, these Obama liberal DAMBocrats are a dangerous bunch of thugs!

  49. REPOST of My Comment from Earlier … Apologies if you have read it before.

    I really do hope that Obama gets what is coming to him due to the FRAUD perpetrated on the US Citizenry and it is done in such a manner as to enable us to legally roll back much of the damage he has done and is doing.

    Further … consider this … the reports are that Fuddy “never made it out of the plane” BUT then there is THIS:

    ABC News reported several hours later the following account (a 1st person, eyewitness account involving actual physical contact):

    “In the final moments of her life, Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy clung to the hand of her deputy after a small plane taking them back to Honolulu crashed in the ocean off the island of

    “In the water, Fuddy held hands with deputy director Keith Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax, said the Rev. Patrick Killilea, who consoled Yamamoto after the ordeal.”

    “He recounted how he said he helped Loretta into her life jacket and he held her hand for some time,” the priest said. “They were all floating together and she let go and there was no response from her.”


    “Initial news reports also stated that Ms. Fuddy failed to escape the
    passenger compartment of the plane, which would support the first and
    perhaps the most credible eyewitness account, as it came from a trained
    pilot circling the crash site. An initial statement by the Maui Fire
    Department also supports the report that Ms. Fuddy never made it out of
    the plane.”

    SO … was Yamamoto just HALLUCINATING?

  50. No politician will dare push impeachment on a fraudulent birth certificate deal, it will be up to the civilians to take care of this mess and it will happen before 2016, not if, but when a prominent tea party leader is found dead is when it will begin.

  51. Now the birth certificate pops up again. Just another item to add to the list of this years pipe dreams. The only thing that will happen is that it will, most likely, fizzle out. If I was given a penny for every time I heard about something that was sure to get the President in hot water, I would be a billionaire by now. The history books may refer to this as “The Year of The Pipe Dreams.” Just a quick review of the pipe dreams we have been reading and hearing about. According to Huckabee, Obama could be forced to resign from office over Benghazi. That didn’t happen. We also heard talk that the use of drones to launch hellfire missiles on a funeral procession in June, 2009 could become a major problem for the President. That fizzed out. Congressman Tom Price from Georgia wanted to introduce a bill that would strip the IRS of any power connected with Obamacare. What happened with that? Nothing! The House voted to repeal Obamacare. Again nothing. Even Palin jumped on the band wagon. Then came aiding and abetting the enemy. Dead in the water. Next came the CR. Twenty-five RINOs voted against that. Next came the Vitter Amendment. Down in flaims. Just another way for a few RINO and Democrat Senators, up for re-election in 2014, to make some well needed brownie points with voters. Impeachment, the mother of all pipe dreams, isn’t going to happen. The RINOs in the House haven’t got the nerve to start proceedings. Even if they did, it would never get past the Democrat controlled Senate. Even if the Republicans keep control of the House and take over the Senate in the 2014 mid term election, they will be afraid to do it. It would spark an uprising on a national scale that would make the Detroit and LA riots of the 1960s look like a Sunday picnic. We are stuck with him until 2016. If he can manage to get the Twenty Second Amendment repealed we may have him even longer. Seeing is believing. I will believe it if and when I see him being escorted from the White house for the last time. Preferably in handcuffs. Don’t hold your breath people. Needless to say, I am not optimistic at all about this. In my opinion the voters had a chance to remove him from the White House last November and blew it big time. “You have a Republic if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin.

    1. Very good…and the list goes on and on. All we have is hope and once we give up that, all is lost. It may not come about in the time we wish or the way we wish, but in time, the truth will be known.
      If pipe dreams are all we have, then let’s hold on to them as long as we can. No dreams, no reality.

    2. President Obama is Americas first dictator (supreme Leader) and will be for life. The Republic was lost starting in 1933, finish in 2012.

  52. The more likely fraud here is Obama’s lying on his student applications for scholarships or other forms of aid… he is probably a US citizen, but I feel his college records have been sealed because he applied for said scholarships/aid as a foreign student. Keep in mind that the colleges involved are bastions of liberal thinking and would be obliged to help Obama keep his deep dark secrets. They, of course, probably received copious amounts of financial donations as a payoff.

  53. Who is Obama running against in 2016? What do you even expect to happen?

    I used to be a Republican, but shenanigans like this make me embarrassed that I ever associated with this suicide pact. Please stop it! We have lots of things that need to be fixed, and this is just making things worse! (And, peanut gallery, the things that need to be fixed are long before Obama, so don’t be a partisan ass and blame him for those things.)
    I understand that the lot of you are bitter, resentful people (as are most consipracy theorists), but engaging in this kind of talk is just going to make things worse. You will continually lose votes until the only remembrance of the Republican Party was a group of nutjobs who wanted to impose Christian Sharia law (yes, I know Sharia is Muslim, but when you try to cram Christianity down the throats of everyone else, you are no better than your perceptions of Muslims. I say this as a Christian too.)

    I’m sure I’ll just summarily dismissed as a liberal or socialist or atheist (though I just said I wasn’t) or stupid or something else without any consideration how unChristian that is or an acknowledgement of the circle jerk you all have created here.

      1. Thankfully I already covered people like you in my last sentence. Unfortunately, I can think for myself. You might want to try it sometime, Mr. MoDeVille.

    1. How hard is it to show a birth certificate and college records? The only reason someone would try to hide something is if they have something to hide. You can name call, trash talk all you want, but I don’t think the truth is too much to ask. It has nothing to do with religion or political parties and everything to do with our country.
      You don’t seem very Christian to me. You sound judgemental and bitter, yourself. No one is shoving anything down anyone’s throat. We are a nation built on Christian principles and morals and those are being destroyed daily…by people who are pacifists such as yourself, many who, like yourself, call yourselves Christian. It’s no wonder we have a bad name.
      Back up, jack, and understand all we want is the truth. If there are no lies, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

      1. He did show his birth certificate. He is not obligated to show college records.
        Why didn’t Romney release 10 years of tax returns?

        1. Romney did. And no, the REAL birth cert. was never shown, only a ‘cert. of live birth’ that has been proven to be false. You don’t see the truth because you don’t want to. It doesn’t keep it from being true.

        2. Sorry, obot, but they are PROVEN forgeries. Also the draft registration, stolen Social Security numbers, E-Verify fail, his bio saying he was Kenyan-born,etc., etc.

        3. Proven by Zullo & Corzi? The guys who make money off of this conspiracy? How about in a court of law? So far the score is 218 losses and no wins in court. I’m afraid it has not been PROVEN.

        4. Mr Hamburger: dozens of document specialists have proven it a forgery, including a certified forensic document expert who works for the law firm which defended Obama from eligibility suits. He signed a 40 page affidavit to that effect which will survive him, in the event of another “accident,” such as the one which dispatched Ms. Fuddy last week.

        5. The “specialists” that WND hired have not proven forgery. Their evidence has been debunked. It’s pretty easy to debunk. Off the shelf scanner, with off the shelf software scan of a document like this with a security background, typewritten text, and handwriting. You can do it yourself and see exactly what these specialists cite as evidence of forgery.

        6. Please provide any proof that WND hired: Reed Hayes (Perkins Coie forensic document expert) Doug Vogt, Paul Irey, Mara Zebest or any of the people of the Cold Case Posse, with the possible exception of Corsi, who had a prior relationship with WND.

          It is a slam-dunk proven forgery. There is NO doubt. At least 20 factors. It’s not even a good job of forgery.

        7. It looks identical to any other birth certificate scanned at the time with the same hardware. These 20 factors will show up on every single one of them.

        8. No, definitely not. This has been proven. Where’s the proof that all these guys are working for wnd? I know first hand that wnd are cheap @#()%!’s.

        9. You can repeat your nonsense until you’re blue in the face, but it is STILL just that – nonsense. I would love to see a head to head debate session, with exhibits. 3 of your guys and 3 of ours. We’d do it with guaranteed MSM gavel to gavel coverage, televised live.

        10. Yes, you can make a forgery like the WH faux birth certificate. Cold Case Posse experts and others have already proven that. Thanks for helping make my point. Anyone with smarts and doc experience can prove it is a fabricated document quickly, although some of the additional fine points required more expertise.

        11. idiot.

          The nature of scanning a document like this with off the shelf equipment means scans have these kinds of anomalies. EVERY document would appear as a forgery. Have you ever seen them show a “valid” birth certificate in comparison as a control? Because none of them would pass their test. They are really proving how good of a job scanning technology was in 2008.

        12. Carl: Please stop further embarrassing yourself and examine the multiple affidavits, videos, etc. made by Doug Voght, Paul Irey,Mara Zebest, Reed Hayes, Mike Zullo, etc., etc. There are at least 20 issue areas with the BC, most having nothng to do with the scanning process- such as kerning, fonts, data, etc. Readers, time to free yourself, if you haven’t already, from obot shackes and partake of the evidence. Google the names I have provided, along with the words “Obama birth certificate” added. Unless you are asleep or a total ideologue, you will quickly see that this is the biggest political scandal in history. You have only to seek the truth.

        13. Because none of these include a “valid” certificate in comparison how can you identify what an “issue area” is?

        14. 1. Some analyses such as the Cold Case Posse tests, have included actual valid certificates in addition to the Obama forgery.

          2. Some don’t need comparsions, such as kerned text before typewriters had kerning, forged seals, etc.

          You might try actually reading the many analyses, then thinking before typing.

        15. Show me what a GOOD/VALID certificate looks like and how it compares to a BAD/FORGED certificate. If I don’t know what a good one looks like, I can’t evaluate what errors are in the bad one.

        16. Ah, you’ve just proven that you haven’t actually studied the Cold Case Posse records and are just parroting obot talking points.

          Hint: good ones from 1961 are in date sequence, aren’t made with three different typewriters, aren’t cut and pasted, aren’t digitally constructed, don’t have kerned letters and forged seals. Read the damned evidence.

        17. Can you post me a link to the info I am looking for? There is too much to sift through and it is poorly organized. Is there a version of a birth certificate they consider valid?

        18. Yeah, Google the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates for openers. I don’t want to give you a specific link, so I’m not accused of sending you to biased info. There are lots of files of them out there.

        19. They aren’t proven forgeries. No one, to my knowledge, has ever examined the original of either and deemed it a forgery. Calling a JPEG downloaded off the Internet a forgery would just get someone laughed off of the witness stand.

        20. Thanks for helping to prove my point. You see, Obama has not provided a
          shred of valid. legal evidence that he is eligible, when challenged.

          Look at the circumstances. Yes, AKA Obama has refused to make a certified hard copy birth certificate available for vetting, HI has refused to open its vault for vetting, illegally, may I add.

          A digital image purporting to be his long-form Certificate of Live Birth has been posted on the White House web site. It is proven that it is a digitally fabricated document- a forgery. Dozens of document specialists agree, including an expert witness who works for Obama’s own law firm. An official investigation confirms that.

        21. The original BC was examined by several people at the time of the release. Two officials of the state of Hawaii certified it. Jesus was unavailable at the time to put his imprimatur on it, but I doubt that would satisfy you, either.

        22. You don’t know who examined it- certainly no objective, knowledgeable parties who would talk about it. If Jesus told me it was good, then I saw and heard what I have, I would have to doubt my faith. But, this has not occurred. Instead, we only have the words of ideologues– and Fuddy was an ideologue- conveniently killed last week. And now we have proof that the WH digital doc. is forged, as is the draft registration and that the SSN’s aren’t really his. The HI officials have been exposed as liars and STILL you prattle on?

        23. It’s almost like his birth certificate needed to come down from the mountain with Moses and the 10 commandments… and even then, it wouldn’t be enough

        24. Already proven. You can easily google cold case posse videos, CC Posse report, Zullo Affidavit, Reed Haye’s affidavit, Doug Vogt FBI complaint, Mara Zebest, Paul Irey and many others, forged Obama Selective Service Application, Britsih archives Obama birth in British Protectorate of East Africa 8/4/61, Sankey, and other research on Obama SSN’s 042-68-4425, etc., E-Verify fail and soooo much more- LOL!

    2. odummer was involved in getting out people killed in Benghazi and obummer and holder were the ones involved in Fast & ferious and obummer has tried to take God from our country you should check your self as your the pivot man in obummers circle jerk!! Obummer has done nothing to help the USA and has done everything to distroy it and it’s people like you that are helping him!!!!! Now were getting even mor screwed by obummercare paying for illegal’s to get med help and allowing them to stay in our country with out going through legal chanels like our for fathers did!!!!!!!

      1. Why does Benghazi matter? You aren’t concerned with the truth. You are politicizing the death of people, and it needs to stop. You can keep doing all this BS you want to, but I’m young. I have a lot of voting time left in me, and if you are as old as I think you are, you don’t. I refuse to vote for a party that accepts the BS you just spouted.

        Obama, not Obummer you prick, has done more for this country than slack jawed yokels such as yourself. If you can’t show an ounce of respect, you don’t deserve any either.

        1. nether you or obummer deserve respect for ruining our country obummer has done nothing to help our country except let the fags and muslims have there way and the freaks that want every thing for nothing you should do some time in the military maybe they can teach you right from wrong!!!!!

        2. Just keep alienating yourself from modern, civilized society.

          I’m pretty sure I know more about right from wrong than you do. I know what empathy is.

        3. It’s a shame that if you ask how many embassies were attacked during the Bush years, it’s all, “but but but Bush” in a mocking manner…

        4. CARLjr, do not waste your time trying to communicate with this “gonzo731”. “gonzo731” is a Libtard trolling this site trying to pass himself off as a conservative. Don’t give him the time of day and he will ultimately take his ADHD meds and go play X-Box.

        5. Look, Tommy – I’m on his side. Going on about these four casualties is dishonoring the hundreds of soldiers that have died since then. Why is no one standing up for them? Why are these four so much more important than the four soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Friday?

        6. Did you even read my original post? I’m sick of how the people of this site are ruining this country and pleading for sanity.

        7. gonzo731, you are a Libtard puke trolling this site making it look like you are something of a conservative or a libertarian. You have been expose now take you meds and your lunch that mommy made for you and go back to your room in the basement.

        8. Obviously you’re lacking on the reading comprehension part. The fifth time through 7th grade must have been rough for someone like you.

        9. If you don’t know why Benghazi mattered, obot, you have no business being on this thread or even being an American Citizen. Lax security, lying to the American public, laying blame where it wasn’t warranted, subverting our foreign policy, leaving Americans to die when something could have been done, probably gun/missile running, too. Maybe some people there were upset that a gun running, flagrantly gay man was appointed as our Ambassador to Libya and that we were running an operation right in their country. Didn’t you know what he did BEFORE he became ambassador? They don’t cotton to that in that part of the world.

        10. First off, I have a name, idiot. Stop assuming people are “obot”s because they have a functioning brain, which you clearly don’t.

          Now, idiot, provide some proof for any of your claims. You aren’t even interested in the truth about Benghazi because everything is so muddled with retards like yourself getting in the way of the investigation. Oh, I’m sorry, just the people who fleece you out of your money to get re-elected are getting in the way of the election.

          Hate is a pretty strong drug. I hope you get help soon.

        11. Oh, you have a “name?” Is it Gonzo731? LOL! As soon as you start with your epithets, it is obvious that you have already lost the argument. The Bengahzi evidence has already been laid out for all to see- at least enough to see that it is a massive scandal, which goes right to the illegitimate Obama administration.

          If you are just reading administration press releases passed along by the complicit media, I admit it would be difficult for you to see that. I have studied all sides and undertand that security was deliberately lax, illegal activities were performed (is gun running legal yet?), lies told about what they were doing there, that they failed to help out the heroes and victims of Bengahzi when they could have, that “Obama” left the situation room and did who knows what with who knows who- allegedly boyfriend Reggy Love who said he was playing cards with the usurper, then Obama flew out to still another fund raiser the next morning. Disgraceful.

        12. Um, who exactly started the insults? It certainly wasn’t me. And by your definition, you lost.

          And you haven’t studied jack sh!t outside these idiotic sites. Please stop lying to yourself.

        13. As usual, you are wrong “Gonzo.” I have independently studied applicable law, been advised by several national experts, hired an attorney, filed 5 cases of my own or as co-plaintiff, contributed to sites focusing on it, funded some legal activity, attended court hearings, read transcipts and reports, watched court videos, monitored correspondence, etc. I spend a hell of a lot less time on these sites than say, “Ellen” and other obots who seem omnipresent. I have other projects and interests.

        14. Right, okay, and I’m the King of England. Go ahead and call us obots. You are just a conservitard. Actually, that’s insulting to those who have mental handicaps.

          You wasted all that money. What did you get? You just pretend to be an internet tough guy because you are surrounded by other jokels who believe the same tripe you do.

        15. I might believe you if you said you were a “queen.” I fully realize that Obama is a proven fraud and have the evidence to prove it. You are either too stupid or too ideological to believe that. The country has been avoiding confronting the issue, as Justice Thomas has mentioned. We will continue to present our growing list of evidence. We see that Obama has alienated almost everyone in sight, but has now made the fatal mistake of alienating his masters. Pretty much the same thing they did to Hillary will now be done to him. We may be a convenient tool for them to hasten Obama’s demise.

        16. I’m sorry my tin foil hat isn’t so tight anymore.

          You know, you really don’t have the defensible position here. Obama was legitimately elected and re-elected. No sane person will claim otherwise.

          I hoped there could be some reason in this circle jerk, but obviously I was mistaken. You see, there are people like me, young, educated and technologically savvy. They see this BS and immediately turn away from those spouting it. I want to live in a functioning country. One that has at least two nationally viable parties. You guys are destroying the GOP.

          Of course, I should have known not to argue with crazy. I really do find the help you need away from this farce, but I suspect you are too enamored of the hate filled drivel. You are being fleeced and don’t care because someone you don’t like was elected. Tough. Grow up. Stop acting like a petulant child.

        17. Gonzo, don’t be so hard on caveman. Years of propaganda and fear based sound bites have given a Pavlovian response to any stimulus.

        18. Gonzo, Gonzo- still a day late and a dollar short, you are. I feel sorry for you, actually. If you “want to live in a functioning country,” as you say you do, you’re betting on the wrong horse. Not that the Republicans are much better, though.

          We have the only defensible position actualy. Folowing the Constitution and the law. You don’t know the law. You believe, for example, that a majority trumps the Constitution, You don’t even know what a constitutional republic is or how it’s supposed to work. 50 million Frenchmen can be wrong,. 66 million Americans were wrong. I’m informed that some of the 66 million were fraudulent votes.

          By the way, I’m not “GOP.”

          … and please explain in your young, educated and technically savvy way why presenting valid evidence and facts constitutes “hate” (you’re following Alinsky faithfully, lad). I’m grown up. You don’t even sound like you’re out of diapers.

          In a future installment, I’ll tell you why Obama isn’t fit to serve as President even if he was eligible, I fear that when he is gone, some other statist fascist of either big, corrupt “party” will be installed.

        19. I’ve already given you references to valid evidence. If you’re as educated and technologically savvy as you claim to be, you should have zero problems accessing and assimilating it. But, somehow, you have not.

          If you’re too lazy or ideologically blinded, that’s your problem. I don’t care about you anyway. You’re beyond help. You failed the test when you showed that you still don’t know what the Cold Case Posse reports and Article II PAC pages say and mean.

          If you want to be a successful obot, you need to learn both sides. You failed.

          Everything I write here is for the benefit of others who may be willing to learn.

        20. The Cold Case Posse is made up of nut jobs. Your other article was just a way to extract money from gullible tools such as yourself.

          There’s a very good reason the rest of the country doesn’t believe in the nutters that you do…

        21. Again, you’re whistling in the dark and have not a clue of what you are talking about (again) since the Posse membership list is unpublished. I have met several and they are all smarter and saner than you are.

          In any case, most of their input came from outside of the posse, but was tested, verified and augmented by them.

          Actually, a large portion of the country now believes it, but most think that corrupt politicians won’t act on it., Google Justice Thomas on that.

        22. Right, okay. You guys keep tilting at your windmills. I’ll keep laughing at you to your face for the tools you are. It’s my fault for trying to get you to actually act like a grownup, but it’s pretty evident you are not.

          You are in a minority. People do not believe the crock of sh!t you believe in.

        23. You are an America-hating fool and are helping to destroy a great country, You will be rather astonished at what happens in the next couple of years. Check back with me then, if you’re still around.

          You’re the one in arrested development.

        24. I’ve seen it literally hundreds of times, even earlier when I googled it and found scads of occurrences. I would hardly take snopes word for it, though., it’s possible it is false, sorta like “Barack Obama is eligible for the presidency,” when he clearly has no valid legal proof of that.

        25. Obviously you read the snopes piece so would obviously know it originated from a Mark Steyn op-ed (conveniently linked to by snopes) where he informed the reader (not you, apparently) the origins of that quote.

          You really expect me to believe the rest of what you said? You can’t even get a quote right.

          Now, sure, I’ll be willing to be proven wrong, but you know what you need to do? Find me a video or audio of Obama saying it. That’s it. If there are “scads of occurrences” it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

          Don’t bother responding until you do.

        26. Well I’ve shot down more than one of your B.S. things, so I’m still ahead.

          There are scads of of occurrences, but I wasn’t able to find a hard source for that one. I definitely have hard sources for the B/C and other doc stuff. Hopefully you’ll absorb them and shortly report for duty on our side if you are really as smart as you say you are :-). Reed Hayes did. Sheriff Mack did. Even Mike Zullo claimed to be a skeptic initially. I was in 2008.

        27. Dude, you are a liar. You cannot find the source for an easy claim. Why should anyone with a brain listen to the rest of what you have to say?

          The Cold Case Nutjobs have been saying all this BS for years. Idiots like you lap it up. No one, outside a few individuals, takes them seriously. And why should they? You and the idiots that you support are factually challenged.

          The thing is, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You haven’t provide anything resembling extraordinary evidence

        28. You’re right, it’s not. It’s a rational way to run the greatest and freest country ever. But as Obama said, “We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.” – Barack Hussein Obama II BRILLIANT. No wonder he got a Nobel prize in his first few seconds in office.

          … And the idiots clapped and cheered. Were you one of them?

          Gonzo, the real suicide pact is ignoring the Constitution, Your radical beliefs keep showing.

        29. Radical? Dude, who listens to the bigoted nutjob who started this whole fleecing of gullible people? You are a minority. You need to get over the fact your ideas lost and come up with solutions to make this place better, or at the very least vote for those who will.

        30. If you think that the Constitution is a suicide pact, you’re the radical, not me. If it was followed, we wouldn’t even be debating this subject. Insead, obots like you are shuckin’ & jivin’ all over the map.

          You’re so ignorant, you don’t even know who started this whole thing. Democrats. Yes, DEMOCRATS. First there were Democrats Hillary Clinton and Attorney Phillip Berg. Democrat Presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy also started early and still hasn’t stopped. Are these the “bigoted nutjobs” you’re referring to, or do only people politically opposed to your Commie worldview qualify as wingnuts?

          Later, Republicans Orly Taitz and Mario Apuzzo got in. So did Leo Donofrio and many others.

        31. First off, do you know what “nor” does? It negates. I could have easily written “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Do you know what I’m implying? That you and your idiotic band of tools is making it so.

          The bigoted nutjob I am referring to is Sheriff Joe, the idiot who started the Cold Case Posse. Now, I wasn’t clear, so mea culpa on my part.

          For the record, just because Hillary Clinton did something doesn’t make it right. She and her supporters learned from that lesson. Something maybe you should do as well.

          Also, for the record, I’m not a communist or a socialist, but I doubt you could even tell what one is if it came up and took all your money. I don’t call you a Nazi, do I?

        32. I know exactly what it means, clueless one. I used your words to make my point, By agreeing with you, I emphasized that it isn’t a suicide pact, but a great way to run a country. In fact, at one time we were the greatest country ever. We’ve been going downhill for awhile, but your hero helped put that trend in warp speed.

          If you knew anything, you would also know that Joe isn’t on the Cold Case Posse. I have met Joe and talked at length. He makes you look like an idiot in comparison. He is very calm, collected, rational, patriotic, in a way you could not possibly match or even comprehend. A little overzealous, maybe.

          I would hardly hold Miz Hillary up as a paragon of virtue or a role model. Evidently, you don’t know much about her either, except press releases and media hype.

          You don’t know what a NAZI is, either, do you? Try National Socialist, you brainwashed obot. You are far more similar to that than I am. One thing for sure though, I do recognize them and they are trying to take our money and make sure we can’t earn much more. What are they expecting to redistribute then, or will we all be “leveled” by then? You say you’re not a Socialist. Is Obama one?

        33. Nope, he’s not. But you’ll say he is because he is to you. Up is down, left is right, white is black.

          Sheriff Joe may be intelligent. He’s obviously intelligent enough to get fools like you to believe him.

        34. Actually, you have it backwards. It was many of us who went him to start the posse. But, whatever. You’ll believe whatever B.S. your handlers feed you.

          Re: Obama= Socialist. He is and I think you know it. Certain aspects are even Marxist. This article goes easy on him and still brands him a Socialist:

          Now that the election is past, he’s dropped most pretenses that he isn’t.

        35. Right, okay. All of the socialist parties in America said he isn’t one, yet you, in your infinite wisdom, call him one. He’s at best center right globally, and yet, he’s a socialist.


        36. “Center right?” LOL! Your meter is way out of calibration, The Forbes article says it well.

          But, you must be right, After all, he himself recently said “I’m not a particularly ideological person” to peals of laughter from many who know better.

          He also said you can keep your health plan and you can keep your guns, the latter an especially magnanimous gesture from a man who previously said the Second Amendment doesn’t allow that, diametrically opposed to SCOTUS’ take on the matter and a few hundred years of law and tradition.

          So, he’s not only ineligible, he’s also a dangerous ideologue, with many impeachable offenses under his belt.

        37. Wrong again you little fool. I was an international consultant and have travelled extensively to numerous countries and also to 46 of the 57 states :-). (it was your hero who first brought to my attention that there were more than 50). Twice I had to have pages added to my passport book.

        38. I’m still the King of England. See, i can nake up stuff too.

          Just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s based in something called reality. You already can’t quote right, so why should I think you are truthful about anything else? Come on, dude. You are a liar.

          Get over the fact your ideas lost two presidential elections.

        39. You made numerous errors which I corrected. I might have made one. People like you who live in a glass house should not throw stones. You lied or parroted lies incessantly on this thread for the last few days. You are enabling a liar, a fraud and a menace to the USA.

        40. No, I haven’t. You bozos are hoping for something that won’t happen because Obama is a natural born citizen. You morons politicize the death of an actual human being for no reason whatsoever. You idiots won’t accept that you lost in 2008 and again last year. You have no evidence or it would have come out a long time ago. Sheriff Joe and the other birthers are frauds, and that is clear if you had half a brain.

          You will forever remain in the dustbin of history with your lies, drivel, and hate. This country would be better off without bozos like you.

          You lost. You get nothing. Good day, sir

        41. Yes, you did err or lie- numerous times. I called you on many of them and you were found wanting. . Go back and read it, as others have. Natural born Citizens don’t have foreign fathers. Natural born Citizens have actual birth certificates, draft registrations and their own Social Security numbers. We have already provided evidence that Obama has produced NONE of these.

          As far as “hate”: it’s not hate to point out facts and try to save the country from this menace. You must hate the USA and its people since you are pushing dangerous lies, evidently full time, hater.

          You’re also not too bright. For example, it was stupid of you to say that I was never out of the country, when I was a top mileage guy with SwissAir, USAir and United. I’ve traveled enough that I can really appreciate our country, even with its drawbacks and don’t want to see it ruined by dime store Marxists like Obama and weak enablers like you. In a way, you’re actually hurting yourself here, but are probably unaware of it. No, we were not able to stop the corruption that washed in Obama with the tide, but at least we’re informing people about it. Fewer and fewer are believing your lies.

        42. Do you not get that I don’t believe you? You say you travel on all of these airlines, but at the end of the day, you are just a bozo behind a keyboard.

          Now, do you understand that every legitimate source says Obama was born I’m America? Do you understand that you can still be a natural born citizen with only one citizen parent? For being as educated say you are, you obviously haven’t read any sort of law, where it is clearly laid out. The other things are merely coincidences that have been explained away but your lizard brain can’t handle Obama as president.

          Now, dude, as of 2011 less than 15% of Americans believed this bile you are so fond of. Are you a troll? Because you sure are stupid. Stop drinking the look aid, get back on your meds, and stop living a life of delusion where you have gone further than the corner gas station to pick up done snuff. Or just leave the country. You do not deserve to call yourself an American you traitor.

        43. You’re pathetic Gonzo. Just the fact that you obots are here fighting frantically tells us all we need to know. You’re scared. Obama’s gasbag is pierced and he’s losing altitude rapidly. He has made many enemies, done a lot of damage to our country and people are gonna get hurt. Obama will be moved out, whether by resignation, impeachment, ineligibility, a well-placed bullet or poison, or just losing so much support that he won’t be able to do a darned thing. Our folks are only going for the legal remedies because we don’t want to make a criminal into a martyr.

          I couldn’t care less whether you believe me. I write for the real people, not slimy obot trolls. I spent over a quarter of a century on the road as a consultant. Saw a lot, learned a lot,worked my butt off, made very good money, now I’m done. It’s a tough, lonely way to make a living. You’re the keyboard hacker, punk. I can barely type. Always had people to do most of that for me.

          I have researched the legal and documentation issues.You are supporting a liar and a dangerous criminal. More and more people are belatedly waking up to that sad fact. Some powerful people wanted him in there as their tool to carry out their agenda. Now he has pissed them off, but that’s only a minor hiccup in their plan. They’ll do to him what they did to Hillary in 2008- Suddenly less support, money, favorable coverage will come his way. He won’t be able to survive it- politically or emotionally. They chose a very vulnerable tool for good reasons.

        44. I am on this ridiculous site because it spammed me, and I wanted to have some fun trolling idiots like yourself.

          Too bad the people you write for are still slack jawed yokels. Your motto could be “For slack jawed yokels by a slack jawed yokel.

          You haven’t researched poo, or if you have, your research abilities are suspect at best. Why should anyone believe you when everyone else, including those who are on your side, believe birtherism is a loon?

          I wish you could look at this rationally. Over 50 years ago, an 18ish year old woman would fly to Kenya to give birth when there are perfectly good hospitals in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii and Honolulu newspapers conspire to suppress the truth, and without knowing the future, publish a birth announcement. It keeps going, and the sad thing is you won’t accept any other evidence than what you already believe. You aren’t even the slightest bit cognizant of how loony you are. Please, get some help. It’s not healthy to have these conspiracy theories and your blind hatred of someone you probably have never met.

        45. Gonzi boy: You’re so arrogant that you wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up to you and hit you with a 2 x4. The best you can do is parrot obot nonsense, make ad hominem arguments and spew pejoratives. You indict yourself in this fashion, making my work easier- thank you.

          I don’t know where Obama was born, but have seen abundant evidence that he hasn’t produced a shred of legal proof to support eligibility, There is anecdotal evidence that he was born in Kenya, some that he’s from Hawaii, but he obviously has something huge to hide. Maybe he’s foreign born, maybe Daddy is someone far more toxic than Barack Senior. But this ridiculous, expensive game has gone on so long at so much expense that even you should be able to figure out that something isn’t Kosher. In Obama’s case, it definitely isn’t Kosher :-).

          I guess it never occurs to America-haters like you that someone might actually want to see that he secured the benefits of at least the appearance of Citizenship in the greatest country in the world. That’s obvious to natural born patriots like me, but a mystery to folks like you.

          You DO know that a relative could just do a fraudulent affidavit and get a short form “Certification,” right? No govt. “conspiracy” required for that. All Obama has to do is produce a certified hard copy Certificate of Live Birth that can pass vetting. Why hasn’t he done such a simple thing? I think we both know the answer to that. Instead, he has lawyers, slimy obots, thugs & spinmeisters working 24/7 to spin and threaten his way out of it. Of course then there is the small problem with the foreign father.

          Unlike you, I have actually researched the law, with the help of professionals. Short synopsis of the legalities here: If it was such a slam dunk, why have there been 7 recent attempts to change natural born Citizen requirements for the presidency? If it was such a slam dunk, why have the Obama forces done everything from doctoring to thuggery to influence this?

          Again, you wouldn’t be here unless your handlers wanted you here. We both know that.

        46. You don’t have evidence of anything. Please stop making stuff up.

          I especially enjoy “my handlers” like a normal, rational person couldn’t come to the conclusion that Obama is completely eligible to run.

          The easiest explanation is, of course, that Sheriff Joe is using your bigotry to extract money from you, or maybe you’re part of Sheriff Joe’s little group of idiots extracting money from other fools.

        47. You’re such an outrageous liar, Gonzie-boy. We have provided links here on this thread so that real people can see the real evidence of the fraudulent birth certificate, Selective Service registration, Social Security fraud, E-Verify fail and natural born Citizenship law. A normal rational objective person who saw the facts would definitely question Obama’s nonexistent eligibility.

          Readers- please feel free to forward any questions via a response to any one of my postings here.

          There are many resources working on projects besides the Cold Case Posse. in fact, the Sheriff’s Office is working on it now, in addition to many volunteers across the country and some other official resources I can’t talk about. We may not have the resources of OFA, but we have enough. Readers, please also donate to the attorneys working on this such as:

          Larry Klayman- working on two cases, plus NSA lawsuit (Great victory for the people!), Grand Juries and more
          Orly Taitz-

          The people distributing Sheriff’s kits to public officials could also use your support. Contact Miki Booth via her Facebook page.

          Get bulletins on related happenings via

          I’ll send more stuff later, but gotta get back to work. Bye.

        48. The Communist Party embraces him and endorsed him in his most recent election. But you probably know that and even voted for it. Does the party still have votes?

        49. You still haven’t told me whether you were one of the idiots who clapped when Obama said: “We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

          I’ll bet you were there at least in spirit.

        50. I am doing a Christmas special on “tin foil hat” adjustments right now.
          “You know, you really don’t have the defensible position here. Obama was [not] legitimately elected and re-elected. No sane person will claim otherwise.”
          Yeah, hope, just as Obama wants you to do. LOL.
          There might “be some reason in this circle jerk, if you and those like you would leave or learn some things.
          I “see, there are people like [you], young, educated [badly by Libs-Progs since Liberal became such a dirty word] and
          technologically savvy [but lacking the moral values and good sense to use the technology properly. [You] see this [as] BS and immediately turn away from those spouting it” rather than respecting their age and with it the wisdom they have gained over their years of experience and far better education, etc. than you have.
          You are not going “to live in a functioning country” other than a Marxist-Islamic one with Obama. Pause, take a breath and look at the chaos and damage Obama has brought on and done to the US, citizens, visitors and the world already.
          The old Dem Lib party is long gone, replaced by the Clintoons and Obama with their former co-presidency and now Obama’s Marxist-Islamic regime. Perhaps the GOP needs to be destroyed since it is only Dem Lib light and RINO for the most part.
          “Of course, I should have known not to argue with crazy. I really do find the help you need away from this farce, but I suspect you are too enamored of the hate filled drivel. You are being fleeced and don’t care because someone you [do] like was elected. Tough. Grow up. Stop acting like a petulant child.”
          You see how empty and meaningless your words are, how easily they can be used against you with only minor insertions, adds and deletions?

        51. What’s your point? The funny thing about your “minor insertions, adds and deletions” means I didn’t say that.

          You don’t deserve respect because you and this group of idiots are a bunch of bigoted nutjobs. I saw someone publicly wish for the assassination of Obama. Then, there is this whole fact problem you have. NEWS FLASH: OBAMA ISN’T A MUSLIM. Just saying it doesn’t make it so, but it does show what kind of bigot you are.

          You have a lot of other fact problems (and you can’t make that stuff up).

          If you get outside of this echo chamber, you would see that you are a nutter. The majority of Americans are saner than this, and this is why you will continue to lose elections.

          You give Christians a bad name. You should be ashamed of the BS you posted up there, but you can’t feel it. Please do us all a favor and move to Somalia where idiotic views like this won’t destroy this country. And let me be absolutely clear, you and your Teahadists are destroying this country.

        52. Points, plural, would be a better question.
          No, there is nothing funny about any of this. It is deadly serious, and no, it does not mean you did not say that. It means you said it, and I used your own words with few alterations against you.
          In other words anyone can say what you said about anyone else – you about another poster, and me about you – using your same words as empty and meaningless as your words are.
          I didn’t ask you to respect me personally. I said, “[You] see this [as] BS and immediately turn away from those spouting it” rather than respecting their age and with it the wisdom they have gained over their years of experience and far better education, etc. than you have.”
          Your response was to name call childishly, calling us “idiots” and “bigoted nutjobs.”
          You haven’t seen me “publicly wish for the assassination of Obama.” So that is a non sequitur having nothing to do with your chat with me.
          I do not want Obama to be assassinated as a matter of fact. I want to see him alive facing the justice due to him for what he has done as the greatest threat since WWII to the US, citizens including you if you are one, visitors which you may be, and the world.
          I didn’t just say Obama is a Muslim. He has said in writing and verbally that he was raised as a Muslim by the Kenyan Marxist-Islamist from whom he got his name at birth, then by the Indonesian Muslim when Obama’s name was changed to Barry Soetoro. Furthermore Obama has said more than once the latter was during his “formative years.”
          His policies and actions have consistently favored certain sects of Islam.
          For you to deny any or all of that is to call Obama a liar which he is about some but not all things – a Muslim practice taught in the Qur’an as taqiyya or kitman in Arabic until you are strong enough to take them – those who oppose Islam – over in the Islamic jihadist quest to take over the world for Allah and all else to which that leads in Islamic belief.
          Your saying Obama is not a Muslim does not make that true anymore than his saying he is a Christian makes him a Christian.
          Obama has, in fact, appointed Muslims to key positions in his regime – our former government – many of them.
          I see no proof from you or even an attempt by you to prove that Obama is not a Muslim. It is your “Hope” that he is not, when in fact the bulk of the evidence indicates otherwise.
          No, I don’t have any “fact problems (and [I] can’t [and don’t] make … stuff up).” Obama does have a lot of fact problems, does make stuff up, and you believe him selectively, blinded to the truth, facts, real history and current acts of Obama, or you unaware of all of that. Have you read his two purported autobiographies – Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope – his many public remarks of him saying he is a Muslim, his record of supporting certain Muslims?
          There you go again using words that can apply equally to you – “If you get outside of this echo chamber, you would see that you are a nutter.”
          The sanity of the “majority of Americans” has little-nothing to do with this, nor are your assumptions that “this [whatever this is to you] is why
          you will continue to lose elections.”
          Who am I anyway? Do you really know? Do you have a label for me that is not childish name calling like “idiots,” “nutter,” etc.? What is my voting record? Did I vote for Obama or not? Once, twice?
          How exactly do I “give Christians a bad name?” Is it unlike Christ or Christians to tell the truth, to deal with facts, real history and current events?
          Why exactly “should [I] be ashamed?” You call what I said “BS” when I posted truth, facts, real history, current events and much of it from Obama’s own purported autobiographies, his public statements and based on his actions which do speak much louder than words.
          I have no interest in doing you a favor other than trying to teach you and others which I do right where I am. I also have no interest in moving to Somalia. I have been to many places in Africa and do not particularly like it there. If I move from where I am now I am much more likely to move to the Caribbean, Central America or the Middle East.
          Given your criteria and views it looks to me as if you should move to Somalia, Kenya or some other African country.
          Obama is destroying this country, and you are supporting him.
          No, you “let me be absolutely clear” with you, I am not destroying this country. I am trying to save it from Obama and people like you who support him the way you do. I am also not a “Teahadist” whatever that is.
          Please define “Teahadist” for me. You seem confused about jihadists – Islamists like Obama trying to take over the world for Allah – and members of the Tea Party, those who vote for and support Tea Party candidates.
          I wish I could help you, but it does not appear that I can.

        53. Point was sufficient because you didn’t make one. Changing what I said means I didn’t say it.

          I read selective pieces of your drivel. No, I haven’t seen you call for the public assassination of him, but people like you believe that. Why do I suspect deep down you believe any differently? You obviously cannot stand the fact Obama was elected and re-elected. And that is the crux why you and this whole site are a bunch of idiotic bigots. You do not have positions worth respecting. For goodness’ sake, you a politicizing the death of a woman for no apparent reason other than a tenuous connection to Obama! How Christ-like of you!

          Is it illegal to be a Muslim? I don’t think so. Therefore, why are you being such a bigot? Bush appointed Muslims too. Did that make him desire an Islamic state? Here’s the thing: people are allowed to practice their religion here as long as it doesn’t interfere with others. They are not second class citizens because you hate Islam.

          And dude, Obama is a Christian. He has even said so (proof! And that right there is more proof than this entire website has regarding anything. There is also the little tidbit that you can’t prove a negative. I just provided evidence Obama is a Christian, so if you’re still going to insinuate that Obama is Muslim or Muslim-supporter, then you need to put up or shut up. And it needs to be something actually verifiable, not the BS claim that he said “my Muslim faith” on ABC News or that the White House hired Muslims.

          It is very unChristian to engage in the BS you just engaged with me. You changed my words around, you accuse Obama of something he is not, you call him the greatest threat to this country since WWII, which is just patently untrue. It’s clear to rational people that you are just engaged in hate-mongering, and that’s also why you are an idiot and a bigot (if the shoe fits…). It’s a shame that you are so insulated inside this bubble of hate.

          It’s also very unChristian to destroy this country. How many Republicans are being primaried for not being conservative enough, because they dared to compromise to have a functioning government? Obamacare had 40 plus attempts at repeal for no point as it was DOA in the Senate. That accomplished nothing when we need a functioning government. So, you see, by supporting these people you are destroying this country. That’s why you should move to Somalia because there is a whole lot less government there, and let the people who want America to succeed get to work on fixing the country.

          Teahadists means no compromise, impose Christian Sharia law, destroy the country, etc. Surely you could have figured that out…

        54. No, you did not get the points and since you still don’t it is unlikely you ever will do so. Also you do not get to define what I mean by what I say. You use words that apply to you equally as you apply them to others.
          As a matter of fact you appear to be trying to project your traits and behaviors onto others. In psychology that is a sure sign of insanity – yours. Thus, the term Dem Lib Obamaniac.
          My posts are not drivel; yours are. So you gave an excellent example of your insane attempts at projection.
          I have no idea “why [you] suspect deep down [I] believe any differently” than those who want Obama to be assassinated. Since you force me to guess, see the words above about your tries at projection and your insanity – Obamania.
          This is not true at all on the face of it – “You obviously cannot
          stand the fact Obama was elected and re-elected.” I most certainly can stand it and am doing so quite well tyvm. That is solid proof that you are wrong in your false assumptions and lies you tell yourself first.
          How childish of you again, gonzo, who has chosen his/her name so well – “why you and this whole site are a bunch of idiotic bigots.” If you dislike the site so much leave it, go play your silly games elsewhere.
          I don’t seek your respect but rather to teach you what you so desperately need to know before it is too late for you and yours if you have any responsibility for and to others.
          I haven’t sad a word about “the death of [any] woman.” Again by your own words you prove the case against you, that you are clueless about what you are posting.
          So you are now conceding Obama is a Muslim. No, it is not illegal. It is cold, hard fact, however, we are in a world war with Islamic jihadists who declared war on the world, especially the US and Israel again in the history of Islam, this time in the mid-1970s.
          Don’t believe me look up Worldwide Terrorist Incidents and learn for yourself, teach yourself truth, facts, real history and current events. Maybe it will wake you up to the realities of Obama – your adored little, god-boy.
          “Bush appointed Muslims too.” Prove your assertion by posting verifiable sources including to what positions “Bush appointed Muslims” as you claim, and the names, affiliations of the Muslims within Islam.
          Obama has appointed most virulent Islamic jihadists to key positions in his Marxist-Islamic regime. Wake up!
          No, “here’s the [real and true] thing: people are allowed to practice their religion here as long as it doesn’t involve” trying to take over the world including the US for Allah, establishing a worldwide caliphate with Shar’ia Law, forcing people to convert to Islam, subjecting in dhimmi* those who will not convert, and murdering people to achieve their aims. Look up dhimmi online. Unless you are a Muslim or ready to convert I doubt you will like it much.
          Your saying “because you [meaning I] hate Islam” is another of your false assumptions and lies you tell yourself first. I am a Christian missionary to Muslims as a matter of fact and have worked with them, sharing Jesus with them for almost a half-century, 50 years by now. Your ignorance and hatred of me overwhelms you.
          I am not a dude, small-minded, little boy or girl, so don’t call me “dude.”
          I told you already Obama saying he is a Christian does not prove he is. It proves more so that he is a Muslim practicing taqiyya or kitman as I explained to you already. For many reasons the source you cite is not credible to me.
          I did “put up” the facts of Obama’s own written and spoken words. You need to “shut up” here, read his words and learn the truth about Obama.
          Are you claiming Obama did not say “‘my Muslim faith’ on ABC News or that [Obama has not appointed] Muslims” and put them in key positions in his Marxist-Islamic regime?
          Exactly who do you imagine you are to tell me, “it is very unChristian to engage in the BS you just engaged with me.
          You changed my words around, you accuse Obama of something he is not, you call him the greatest threat to this country since WWII, which is just patently untrue. It’s clear to rational people that you are just engaged in hate-mongering, and that’s also why you are an idiot and a bigot (if the shoe fits…). It’s a shame that you are so insulated inside this bubble of hate.
          “It’s also very unChristian to destroy this country. How many
          Republicans are being primaried for not being conservative enough, because they dared to compromise to have a functioning government?
          Obamacare had 40 plus attempts at repeal for no point as it was DOA in the Senate. That accomplished nothing when we need a functioning government. So, you see, by supporting these people you are destroying
          this country. That’s why you should move to Somalia because there is a whole lot less government there, and let the people who want America to
          succeed get to work on fixing the country.”
          I have explained to you all I am going to that I did not change your “words around.”
          I don’t accuse Obama of anything. I simply share what he has said and done by his actions which as with anyone speak louder than words. Obama is the greatest threat to this country since WWII.” You just don’t know it yet and are in denial about it in your Obamania.
          You have no idea what is “clear to rational people. You are being irrational, behaving like a willfully ignorant going to stupid, easily-duped fool, idiot really, racist Dem Lib Obamaniac. You are the one “engaged in hate-mongering, and that’s also why you are an idiot and a
          bigot (if the shoe fits…). It’s a shame that you are so insulated
          inside [your] bubble of hate.”
          Yes it is very unChristian for Obama to be so intent “to destroy this country.”
          The article and this forum thread has nothing to do with “how many Republicans are being primaried [whatever that means] for not being conservative enough, because they dared to compromise to have a functioning government.”
          Obamacare is a disaster that Obama and the henchmen and women in his Marxist-Islamic regime lied to force into law which he is now violating at his own whims. Are you aware that Muslims and lots of others like Obama are exempt from Obamacare? I doubt you are.

          I am not moving to Somalia or any other country in Africa.
          If you want America to succeed, you will join in the effort to end Obama’s tyrannical, oppressive, despotic, evil Marxist-Islamist regime ASAP by all legal means available to us. After Obama and his henchmen and women are out of power we can then start getting “to work on fixing the country” from the Obamanation it is presently and has been for awhile by now.
          There is no such word as “Teahadists.” Christians do not have “Sharia law,” any desire to “destroy the country, etc. Surely you could have figured that out…”
          Post away gonzo. I am through with you and your insane rants.

        55. You don’t have any points. That’s the point. You are just a bigot.

          I don’t have time to answer all of your drivel. Here’s the answer to Bush hiring Muslims:

          Now, how is Obama, in his own words, not good enough for you? You have nothing to teach me except bigotry and intolerance. I don’t really care if you witness to Muslims. It doesn’t change that you are a bigot. If you would have seen my original point, this nonsense about Obama’s legitimacy needs to stop. So pretty much everything you brought up is a non sequitur too.

          And please, cite any of your so-called “facts” in your drivel. I’ve given you more proof than you have of me, but you have given me plenty of proof of your bigotry.

          The thing is I live in a place called reality. Clearly you do not. And since you’re assuming so much about me, I am very disappointed with how Obama has handled many things, but they are irrelevant when this BS gets brought up.

        56. Seek help local to you for your mental health issues. I finished with you and told you so. Stop posting to me. Your posts now constitute harassment – big Internet no-no, gonzo.

        57. It’s a shame you don’t care about being factual as much as you do someone else calling you out on your bigotry. You would at least have honesty points if you came right out and said you hate Obama without all that Marxist-Islam mumbo jumbo added on top of it.

        58. I put you on notice that your continuing posts to me is harassment. It is also defaming of my character and puts me at risk of personal injury, even death in the lies you are posting publicly about me, and you have no defense against it. Keep it up, and I will take legal action against you.
          You have no idea what my race, color or ethnicity is, and I have explained to you more than once that Obama is the primary source of what you call “bigotry,” dishonest, “unChristian,” “hate [of or for] Obama, and “Marxist-Islam mumbo jumbo.”
          You also have no idea if I voted for Obama once, twice or never. You are acting insane in persisting with your posts as you are after being warned.
          In addition to your seeking help local to you for your mental health issues, I suggest you also consult an attorney. You are so obviously in serious need of help on at least those two fronts.

        59. First of, you are posting lies about Obama and myself as well. So stop whining.

          Second, stop following me on disqus and stop threatening me. Once you do that, I will stop responding to you.

          Finally, I wish you could see how repugnant your birtherism us to the rest of the country.

        60. LOL. Not only are you just as I described you, and Obama is too, but you prove you are also illiterate-barely literate in English, a sloppy poster revealing a sloppy mind, or both illiterate and sloppy – “First of” and “how repugnant your birtherism (sic) us (sic) to the rest of the country.”

        61. You ever think maybe I was typing on something other than a keyboard? Also, for the record, you are a birther, and birtherism is spelled correctly.

          What? No more threats?

        62. FYI, it doesn’t matter if you were carving out your message with a small hammer and dull chisel, you are still near illiterate-illiterate in English and a sloppy poster reflecting a sloppy mind.
          Further fyi, “birther” is a word contrived by Obama’s henchmen and women in attempts to ridicule those who insist the POTUS/CINC be legitimate and unquestionably so according to the US Constitution requirements. Ever heard of that document? It is rather important, including to you and your freedoms and rights.
          Since birther is a contrived word for political purposes so also is “birtherism.” As a matter of fact you will not find any such words in any standard dictionary.
          Also the original birther is once again Obama himself, followed by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Obama is the first to have said he was born in Kenya. One of Hillary’s supporters and campaigners first raised the issue of Obama’s birthplace publicly after Obama and followed with a lawsuit.
          I believe, as a matter of fact, Obama was born in HI (or somewhere like Kenya while his slutty momma was traveling) and that Obama was born to two US, natural-born citizens. Obama’s problem most likely is that the Kenyan Marxist-Islamic drunk who killed himself in a drunken car crash in Kenya is not Obama’s real father.
          So put that in your pipe and smoke it, boy or girl. I am not, repeat, not a birther and do not engage in any birtherism. You were wrong yet again as always.
          You feel threatened? Why? What did I possibly say that makes you feel threatened?
          You are behaving like a Big Mouth, obscene at times, and a scared little rabbit when you are called on your posts due to the things you say. Clearly you have let your alligator mouth overload your chicken butt and are now fearful of the probable consequences. Too bad. You did it. You can pay the price, and I will enjoy seeing you do it.
          People like you need to learn you can’t say whatever you want about other people and get away with it. I am just the man to teach you that lesson by legal means, of course, boy or girl.

        63. I am not scared of you. You are a simpleton and a bigot who uses big scary words to impress the other slack jawed yokels here. You are engaging in things on the same lines as the birthers, so, in the end, you’re no better than they are. Besides, who threatened to sue whom? It surely wasn’t me.

          I really want to know how someone who is a Christian wants to set up a Marxist-Islamic state. You do see the problem with that, don’t you?

          Now, I find it funny that you called me illiterate over a few typos. I’m not, but you, of course, are still a bigot.

          You have nothing to teach me. You made up your mind about Obama a long time ago, so you’ll engage in whatever conspiracy theories float your boat. It’s sad really.

          And still, you follow me. If you are going to threaten me, stop following me. You have nothing to teach me because there isn’t much thought process to hating Obama.

        64. Wow! Are you insane! You are running scared although I did not threaten you. Your defamation of my character on a worldwide-available, public site with your lies that you continue is a threat to me. I do have legal means to seek remedy. Bet on it. No, don’t bet. Save your money. I want some of your wealth redistributed to me. LOL.
          I explained to you all the reason it is wrong for you to call me one of “the birthers,” but apparently you are too stupid to get it.
          I also explained to you that Obama is not a Christian and all the reasons for it. You don’t get that either as one who is willfully ignorant going to stupid, and easily-duped fool, acting like an idiot really, a racist Dem Lib Obamaniac. You are so insane you are not acting in your own best interests.
          I have no doubt you “find [lots of things] funny that” are not funny at all. Your use of the English language is atrocious, and it is not just typos you commit and do not correct in your sloppy posting revealing your sloppy mind.
          I have a lot to teach you, but you are not capable of learning. The first law of learning is readiness. Thus there is not much reason to try teaching you in your present state of unreadiness.
          Yes, I “made up [my] mind about Obama” when he first appeared on the national scene at the ’04 DNC in Chicago and started telling various, conflicting stories, often mutually-exclusive about his sordid past.
          What is sad is that you are working hard against your own best interests. You are in fact a danger to yourself and others, like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and other recent Gollywood gals and desperately need to be treated just as they were – taken by the state into the care of psychiatrists but released too early. If released at all, ever, you need to be on close community control to be sure you take your meds as scheduled and do not suffer a relapse.
          Repeating for your benefit, I have not threatened you. You have threatened me by defaming my character. I will follow you as long as I wish since it is a Disqus option available to all Disqus users. Stop your childish whining and begging about it, little boy or girl.
          Your thought processes, brain, mind – a terrible thing to waste – are functioning at reptilian level. Seek help local to you, please, for your many mental health and behavioral issues, racist Dem Lib Obamaniac.

        65. Um, who’s the one who is declaring Obama isn’t a Muslim when he on multiple occasions has clearly stated he is a Christian? Should Obama sue your sorry existence into oblivion because you defamed him on a wingnut site?

          That doesn’t even mention the case I have against you, if we’re going to play make believe lawsuits. You have called me illiterate which plainly isn’t true. Here’s the thing: I haven’t threatened you with a lawsuit. I don’t care how you goose it up, but clearly, you are the one who started the threats. I told you what to do to stop yet you continue to follow me. I will stop responding to your ignorant, bigoted ass once you stop following me.

          Obviously, you’re not that great at turning the other cheek. Maybe you need to read the Bible so more to learn about this guy you supposedly minister about. Oh wait, you don’t minister about Jesus, you minister about Jeezus.

          And you are too stupid to get that you are no better than the birthers with your bigoted Marxist-Islamic regime comments. One thing that you and the birthers share is your common bigotry towards Obama. Was that really that hard to figure out?

          You did not do anything to say Obama isn’t a Christian. The only thing you said was Obama hired Muslims. That was it. And all I can say is big effing deal. There’s such a thing as religious freedom though you don’t care about it.

          Thanks for doing your part to destroy the country. Future generations really appreciate it.

        66. Your abysmal ignorance overwhelms you. FYI, public figures are generally unable to sue in the law regardless of what is said about them, and I have spoken and written only truths, facts, real history and current events about Obama. Truth is a first defense against defamation of character. You are posting blatant lies about me with intent to harm me and are in fact causing risk to my life due to the work that I do and the people with whom I do it.
          I am not “play[ing] make believe” as you will learn soon enough.
          If you really imagine you have a case against me, go for it. You will lose, and I will countersue you and win.
          I said much more than “Obama hired Muslims.” Read my posts again, or better yet, get someone who can read with comprehension to read my posts and explain them to you.
          I care a great deal about religious freedom, our other God-given freedoms and rights affirmed in the US Constitution, and the body of laws following the Constitution. I have fought to defend our freedoms and rights, still do, and intend to do so as long as I am alive and able which I certainly am right now and for the foreseeable future.
          You are “doing your part to destroy” yourself, and I appreciate it as “future generations [will also] really appreciate it.”
          LOL at you.

        67. You did not such thing. You are a liar and a bigot, and I even went up to check. You proved nothing regarding Obama. You say he is instituting a Marxist-Islamic regime, but he’s not a Muslim. Are you kidding me? You offered no proof whatsoever except the ramblings of a stupid old bigot.

          I think it’s hilarious that you think I’m posting “blatant lies about [you] with intent to harm [you] and are in fact causing risk to [your] life due to the work that I do and the people with whom I do it.” Then maybe you shouldn’t have engaged in all the lies you posted. Of course, if any of that were true, maybe you should have thought more before posting your drivel (and OMG, possibly stop responding to me?). It’s also hilarious because I don’t know your name (nor do I care to know) or anything about you, yet somehow I’m this big bad guy in your world, enough to sue over.

          You know, I would have actually liked to have a civil conversation with you, or any of the other slack jawed yokels on this site. But you have to go and be super bigot, making that impossible.

          You also still don’t see that I expect you to stop following me as a matter of good faith. You see, I am not subservient to you. I know there are plenty of things I can do disqus related, but if you can’t make a token effort in good faith, then why should I? I’m not the one following you, and I will stop responding to you once you take that little effort.

          Maybe you don’t know how, here’s the link:

        68. Keep it up boy or girl. The more you post the more you pile up evidence in the case against you.
          I did not say “he is instituting a Marxist-Islamic regime.” He did that about noon on Jan. 20, 2008, the day he was inaugurated, swearing a false oath he let Supreme Court Justice Roberts cause him to flub since he – Obama – did not know the oath and had no intention of upholding it.
          You do know my name. I use it with my posts instead of a made up, childish user name as you use.
          It’s not possible for you “to have a civil conversation” since you call us “slack jawed yokels on this site.”
          The truth and fact is “I am not subservient to you.” You don’t get to tell me what to do ever about anything, yet you stupidly keep trying to do so. You in “good faith.” LOL.
          I want you to keep replying to me. The more you do the stronger the legal case against you.
          “Maybe [I] don’t know how [to do] what? As a matter of security policy on the Internet I don’t open links from dodgy people like you.

        69. You are a good for nothing, stupid ass troll, bigot. Obviously I would not send you malicious links, but you are too stupid to know any better.

          Stop following me. You do not have that right, and I do not associate with bigots. If you sue me, continuing to follow me will only count against you. But I am finally finished with you, hypocritical bigot. You are nothing but a hateful, stupid troll. Good riddance.

        70. Thank you for the further, name calling with obscenities evidence against you.
          Oh yes I do have a right to use the Disqus options available to me just like anyone else, including you, does. No, using that Disqus option” will [not] count against [me].”
          Keep checking your mail for communication(s) from my attorneys and the court, legal system. You do have lessons to learn, and as I said, I am just the man to teach them to you and others like you who imagine you can say anything you want about anyone and get away with it.
          Goodbye, boy or girl, and yes, “good riddance.”

        71. It is clear, has been and will continue to be so, but ignored. You cannot deny me use of Disqus options including to follow you. There are other things you can do if you knew how to use the Disqus options available to you. I’ll leave it to you, smart as you imagine you are, to figure out those options and to choose the best one for you. “Is that crystal clear?” LOL at still.

        72. You know, I don’t care if you follow me or not. But if you continue to threaten me, who is going to take you seriously when I told you to stop something? You are just a spoiled child. You don’t like being called a bigot (and believe me, you are one), but you won’t do anything on your part to deescalate the situation.

        73. If you didn’t care if I follow you or not,” you would not keep asking, indeed demanding that I stop following you. You are, as I have told you before, living your life based on lies you tell yourself first and false assumptions.
          Again for your benefit I tell you I have not threatened you ever, thus cannot continue or discontinue doing so. I don’t see anyone here taking you seriously or even any evidence anyone but me is even reading your tripe, off-topic posts which are ad hominem attacks attempting to defame my character rather than your commenting on the news story and this forum thread.
          Throughout this post and others you have made you are trying to project your traits and behaviors onto me and others – the “slack jawed yokels on this site.” In psychology, again as I have told you before, that is a sure sign of your insanity, DLO boy or girl.

        74. You have threatened to sue me, have you not? For the record, I said you guys need to knock it off about Obama’s eligibility. You were the one who butchered my words. And as you are a troll, an idiot, and a bigot, I will not have further communication with you. Good riddance, bozo.

        75. Gonzo, Gonzo. I might believe you if you said you were a ”queen.”

          We have already proved Obama is a fraud. We’re aware that
          the country is not prepared to confront that shocking reality. Even JusticeThomas publicly commented on that. You are either too stupid or too ideological to absorb it. I admit that it took me a full week to process it when first confronted with it.

          However, Obama has alienated too many potential constituencies and has now added his masters to that list. They will do the same thing to him that they did to Hillary late in the 2008 primary—disappear his support and favorable publicity. He will whither away until they decide to enable his opponents who want to politically annihilate him. Might be us. The groundswell is already underway, obot. There still might be time for you to paddle to shore like Mark Steyn and Allen West recently did.

        76. Tyrants are supported by “going to the wall” idiots like you. Start learning facts and details and use your head not your heart – it is blinding you.

        77. Mmmhmmm, right. Do you not see the circle jerk going on here? This was settled 6 years ago, and now Sheriff Joe is just doing a stunt to get more money. Isn’t it obvious?

        78. Benghazi matters to me as does the nearly headlong rush to war with Syria he us in. His consistent and constant lying matters to me. I have tried honestly to figure out if all of the denying of scandals is real or not. One would show criminality the other would show incompetency. If Obama wants respect then he had better show me respect as well.
          I have seen what he has done for this country. We have lost all credibility. You chide others for referring to you as an o-bot. Seeing as how I have never read you criticizing the one it is not hard to understand.

        79. We have lost all credibility because of the Tea Party. Compromise is acceptable to them if they get everything they want. That’s not good governance. That’s not how to run a civil society. There’s already a record of Mitch McConnell saying the goal is to make Obama a one term president. That’s not how you convince others to want to vote for you.

          Here’s where you’re not right. People are insulting Obama now (Obummer, Ovomit, etc etc etc). It’s not right for you to do that, and it’s not right for liberals to say Bushitler and the other things they said. They are both not right, but the thing is, Bush isn’t in power. Obama is. Obot is not acceptable if you want to be taken seriously. There’s no point in discussing what names conservatives have been called, though it’s pretty hard not to go call every idiot on this site a conservitard. Yes, I’ve called people idiots, but at some point, you can’t keep taking the high road.

          To boil it down, Republicans are closer to traitors, not the loyal opposition. People see this. As I said above, I used to be a Republican, but whoever thought Sarah Palin was good for anything, much less a national political position, cost the Republicans my vote.

        80. The strategy seems to be – elect politicians who hate politics. Have people that hate the Government run the Government.

          The real money is in book deals and speaking engagements. Get to this stage of your career as quickly as possible.

        81. Exactly! I’ve been saying it for a while, “Elect a conservative where we say government is bad and can’t do stuff, and then proceed to prove it!”

          I need a little help wordsmithing it of course…

          It also seems to be a wolf at the gate all the time and sites like this and Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, et al just keep the fear instilled in them, so they can extract a lot of money from them.

        82. Don’t forget Alex Jones.
          The Unified Conspiracy Theory or “superconspiracy” says that the world is controlled by an interlocking hierarchy of conspiracies. If facts are threatening a specific conspiracy you can dismiss them as ‘part of the cover up’.

    3. Gonzo, Proving obam has no legal right to hold his office is one of the best things that could happen in this country. Every mandate, every appointment would be nullified instantly. Pelosi who signed two different Certifications of Qualification for him, out on her butt, sitting in the pokie for Lord knows how long. Who knows how many would resign before they can be publically shamed and arrested. Hillary, jail time, Reid and everyone who knew and kept quiet, many Republicans as well.

      While cleaning out the criminals that knew, we can replace them with real Republicans, hopefully Kennedy style Democrats. We can regain respect for this country again. We need constitutional people who respect and love tis country, a grand overhaul is what is needed.

      obam’s problem is not his religion or lack there of, it’s his hatred and disrespect for the American people and the American way of life.

      1. You know that if this happens, Ted Cruz would have no chance of ever running because, you know, he was actually born in Canada. There are a lot of people like me who are tired of this BS. Obama was legitimately elected and re-elected. Stop acting like petulant children. Everything is not going to be undone. That’s just your wildest fantasy.

        The thing here is I see this crap and it further resolves me to never voting for a Republican again. Is that what you want? I’m young. I have lots of voting left. A lot of other people are like me.

        The Republicans have become the party of hate, Cheezus, and intolerance. Republicans can’t win on ideas anymore because they have none (and the status quo isn’t an idea).

        1. No obot, he wasn’t “legitimately elected,” in that he violated campaign finance law, committed election fraud, lied and dissembled about his background and is not even ineligible. He has also committed numerous impeachable crimes while in office. Yes, I agree that Cruz is ALSO ineligible, not having two American Citizen parents and being foreign born.

        2. Then it shouldn’t be hard to provide legitimate sources for your claims.

          Also, “obot” is a pretty lame insult, but thanks, hadn’t seen that one before.

        3. If you showed any real desire to learn, I would once again go to my keyboard and dig out and send you all the links. Just for openers, to prove my goodwill and test your sincerity, let’s start with this, which was carefully researched and vetted: It addresses only the legalities related to Article II Section 1.

        4. What does that site prove, exactly?

          You can hurl whatever epithet you want to at Obama, but do you really believe that he didn’t have a bunch of legal minds ensuring he was considered a natural born citizen? Almost six years later, what do people like you have to show for it? And you don’t think there would have been a legal challenge that would have made it up to the Supreme Court? It’s not really that liberal, you know.

        5. Did you read that site or are you incapable of reading and understanding it? It is acompendium of information about natural born Citizenship.

          I didn’t hurl any “epithets” at Obama but made the case that he is an ineligible usurper and a criminal, which strong arguments can be made for I do believe that bunch of legal minds are dedicated to trying to spin that he is ineleigible andf fight off all threats to him on that account.

          The Supreme Court has declined every case brought to it on that, without comment or opinion. Only Justice Thomas has commented on the matter, offline. Most officials fear aggravating this Constitutional crisis. We have been told by certain officials who will not be named that he may or may not be eligible, but “that ship has sailed,” that it would cause “race riots” if it was addressed, that he’ll be out of office soon anyway (that was in 2012), that they don’t want to appear “bigoted” (the catch-all defense- never mind that the law is being broken and the nation is in peril).

        6. Gonzo: Wishing you could present a 500 word essay on your concept of values of America and American’s futures.
          To you and those who’s attitude match, would you ever consider migrating to present day Russia or maybe Zimbabwe?
          Neither government has to contend with political philosophies of what the GOP once represented. .

        7. I’m sure that you would not admit, or are even aware, that you have been lied to by your “State Educators” in public government indoctrination centers, but if you want to “learn” a few things, may I suggest you read “The 5000 Year Leap”, by W. Cleon Skousen, ISBN 0-88080-148-4. It’s available on amazon: for $16.47. It may be the best investment you’ll ever make in educating yourself.

        8. If I have time to read fiction, I try to make it enjoyable.

          I can assure you my “state educators” did not lie to me.

        9. If both your parents are USA citizens who were born in the USA than you can become president even if you are born in a foreign country. McCain was born in Panama on a military base there from what I recall and he ran for president legally. Natural born citizenship means you have to be born of two US citizens. Obama was not. If he was born in the USA he would be made a citizen just by the fact of being born here. However he still would not be legally/Constitutionally eligible to run for president since both his parents were not US citizens. The question about whether or not he was even born in Hawaii just makes the issue worse for him. He wants the sheeple to believe he is a naturalized US citizen by being born in Hawaii. That is why the falsification of the birth certificate and his attending public school in Indonesia are critical to know who Obama really is and whether his eligibility to be president is not just one more of his lies, perpetrated by the media and the Democraps. Did his mother give up his US citizenship to get him into an Indonesia school? Did he get scholarships to Occidental College as a foreign student? What do his documents from Columbia and Harvard Law School show? Eventually when he is out of office the truth will be known. If he was a fraud, will all his legislation be voided?

        10. No, one parent has to be a US citizen. That’s the law. If it weren’t, why wasn’t Obama’s legitimacy challenges successful a long time before he even won the presidency the first time?

          Also, by calling the vast majority of Americans who have gotten over this already “sheeple” seems to be more of a self-projection on your part. If you don’t toe the line here, you are immediately turned on. I’ve seen it happen before. It will happen again. I even think I started off reasonably (“stop this nonsense. it will only hurt you”), and I’m racking up all sorts of insults.

          The thing is, this is hurting the Republican Party and it’s hurting America. Don’t you care about that? I want to live in a functioning society, not some backwaters banana republic. That’s what’s happening right now, right here.

        11. As a sidebar, the Military Base that McCain was born on was in the “Canal Zone” in Panama. The Canal Zone was U.S. Territory, ceded to the U.S. in perpetuity, as a reward for the U.S. supporting the Columbian province of Panama when seceding from Columbia to form its own State of “Panama”. At least that’s how I learned it. Then we had an idiot peanut farmer give it back to Panama in exchange for love and kisses from Noriega, and he let the Communist Chinese take it over. Today’s progressive education teaches that we “stole” it from Panama.

        12. blaineiac, you are correct. I baby born of American parents anywhere in the world is a US citizen. Obama’s father was not a USA citizen but a citizen of Kenya and Great Britain because Kenya was a colony of England.. This presumes Mr. Obama Sr was indeed Barack Soetoro Obama’s real father and not Frank Marshal Davis, who BO spent a lot of time with when growing up. more than he spent with his supposed alcoholic father. BO’s mother did not live long enough in the USA to be a citizen when BO was supposedly born in Hawaii. nevertheless the media and democrats ignore what being a natural born citizen meant to the Founding Father. It meant both parents had to be US citizens. The Founders did not want any foreign citizen, particularly English royalty to become a president of the USA and over turn our sovereignty. You should note the Constitution did not have this eligibility requirement for being a Congressman or a Senator. That also points out the Founders did not want a naturalized citizen to become president. Please correct me if I am simplifyng or making any error. You obviously are very well read.

        13. Moron. The vote was counted by a George soros company in spain and there was TONS of voter fraud in several states. He wasn’t elected, he was appointed by fraud. Go away idiot. You’re part of the problem.

      2. It’s ALLLLLLLL of the above!!!! Muslims are taught & learn to Hate the American people & our way of life! They like our Milk & Honey, but don’t want to be Americans! They are here primarily to take over our country & Eliminate Infidels! And if we don’t stop Them, they will definitely stop US!!!!!!! The ignorant Dumocraps just can’t see that And/Or they simply don’t believe it!!!!!!! The American people better Wake UP!

    4. “…used to be a Republican?” Do you even know the difference? The only difference is that the Republicans have a later “sell by” date, otherwise they are the same – pushing for ever larger, ever more controlling government. And just what do you expect this monster government to do for you? Provide for you everything you think you are “entitled” to? Go ahead and vote for it then, I’m “old” and don’t give a rats patootie – I won’t have to live under it, but I promise you that when you get the communist utopia you desire so much, you will find that the utopia part is only for the elitist ruling class you have put in power – your portion will be one of gruesome servitude.

      The only “change” this country needs is to rid itself of the 90% “unconstitutional” government shackles the Democrats AND the Republicans have burdened us with, so we may continue living in a free wealth building society; one free from government tyranny. It is NOT the government’s job to provide “health care”, give out “free phones”, dictate what you can do with your own property, or turn us all into lawbreakers just for breathing. And it is DEFINITELY not the government’s job to “re-distribute” ANYTHING!

      1. I’m just going to hone on the phone comment because this really shows why Republicans don’t have ideas anymore.

        You will rail against someone looking for a job. What’s one of the things you need to get a job? Well, if you don’t have a phone, how will you be informed of an interview? If people can’t afford a phone and are unemployed, how do you expect them to ever become productive members of society?

        Also, the “I got mine, screw the rest of you” mentality you exhibit is why I got smart and left. Ayn Rand is good for teenagers who don’t know better. As someone older, you should know better but clearly you don’t.

        It’s a shame we can’t take lessons learned from other places like Scandinavia or Germany, where everyone has each other’s back. They have functioning societies, and people like you are so marginalized.

        1. If we were responsible, we would make sure our kids got an education, went to work, contributed to society, and we could ALL afford cell phones, and anything else.
          It’s one thing to not be able to afford a phone and need it for a job and quite another for MILLIONS of people to be GIVEN phones and they do nothing with them except chat for the fun of it.
          Give people a phone until they get that job then let them pay it back. Still no job? Then no phone.

          I’m a so sick of dems saying that we don’t care about other people! The vast majority of people, regardless of political affiliation, would help someone else if they really needed it because it is the right thing to do…NOT because they are in a political party!
          Our beef is that the government has no business in OUR business. Leave us to take care of ourselves and let the government do THEIR job and this country would be stronger, healthier, wealthier, and happier that any of us could imagine.
          And, speaking of that, do you know the TWO things the Constitution says the government can do? Didn’t think so. 1: Protect our soil (which they are NOT doing) and 2: Oversee interstate commerce (OVERSEE not CONTROL) (THAT is why Roberts said O’care was a tax)
          You speak of us being soooo marginalized? REALLY???? Look in the mirror, dude, and stop with the name calling until you clean up your own back yard!

        2. How do you know what these people do with their phones? You are assuming the worst of people, and shame on you. The Tea Party is doing its damnedest to shrink education, job training, workplace safety, environmental protections, for what, exactly?

          Did you know that we need to spend $2 trillion by 2020 to keep our infrastructure in good enough shape. Neither party is even approaching those kinds of amounts, but at least Democrats are trying. Republicans have just given up.

          Democrats are saying you don’t care about others because, frankly, you don’t. If you give money to charity it’s with strings attached. Look at Hurricane Sandy relief. There is absolutely no way private charity could have taken care of that, but Republicans insisted upon cuts elsewhere. That’s ludicrous!

          And do you know what marginalized means? That means no one listens to you anymore. That’s what you are doing to the Republican Party! I refuse to vote for a Republican until they get their act together, but they won’t because any decent Republican gets primaried. I would have loved to vote for Jon Huntsman last year. He didn’t stand a freaking chance with the other yokels running around.

          Finally, Republicans don’t care about smaller government. Look at gay marriage. Look at abortion. Look at any affront to Christianity. Look at what’s passing as science in the schools. That’s not smaller government, but that’s what is being demanded.

        3. First, I know because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve seen them do that and more.
          Second, the things you mentioned are NOT the responsibility of the federal govt. based on the Constitution. None of those things that you mentioned have to do with smaller government. Those are social, local, state matters that the feds have decided to tip their toes into.
          We’d have the money for the infrastructure if we weren’t doling it out to those who think they are entitled to suck on the teat of those who ARE responsible and contribute.
          As far as Sandy is concerned, do you have any idea how much I donated or not? Of course not. So keep judging. But if you want a good example of communities helping each other, look at Mississippi after Katrina. To this day there are STILL FEMA trailers sitting by the highways, never used because so many of the people helped themselves….unlike New Orleans, for a large part. And still, if money wasn’t being wasted on so many other things, even the govt. would be able to help in times of crisis such as these.

          Here’s the thing about our country… I don’t really care who you vote for as long as you vote. One of the main problems we have is apathy. So I’d rather you vote for someone that I don’t support than to not vote at all.. to not care enough to be part of the solution, even if our definitions may be different.

          And, again, the things you mentioned are not about the government unless they stick their nose into it. According to the Constitution, no. Simple.

        4. Dude, you’re just assuming you know what they do with their phones. Also, the plural of anecdote isn’t data.

          Now, I’m glad you finally got to the point on why Romney lost: all these damn moochers living high off the government teat. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. It’s a pretty miserable existence living off SNAP and Section 8 housing. No mention of all the corporate welfare, which exceeds personal welfare by far. We’re in this mess because of the mooching people, not mooching, well connected corporations.

          Now, do I know how much you donated to Sandy relief? No, you’re absolutely right I don’t. Do I know if what you donated is enough? You betcha! I think the numbers were around $60 billion in aide needed, charity covered nowhere near that. So, you see, it doesn’t matter how much of a good, kind soul you are. It wasn’t enough.

          Now, let’s move on to something even more interesting, and why I cannot stand your way of thinking anymore. We are running out of jobs. There are only so many fry cooks, cashiers, and other low skill jobs needed in this country. A lot of the good, blue collar jobs have been outsourced or automated. We have people who are out of work who may never find another job so long as they live. What are you going to do to take care of them? Do you expect them to be charity cases for the rest of their lives? You cannot possibly provide enough for more than a few people unless you are fabulously wealthy.

          This is the Republican Party’s problem in a nutshell: lack of empathy.

        5. And if you’ll go back to my very first comments about being responsible and helping our kids get the education they need to be more than fry cooks, well, I hate to say it, but I think we actually agree on something.
          As long as school systems allow students to get passing grades for showing up, we will continue to have a society of under (un-)educated young people who don’t have the skills or training for much more than menial jobs. As I stated, this is one of the biggest problems
          As far as my giving. you have no idea if what I gave was enough. The thing about giving, that I guess most dems don’t get, is that it has to be about having the heart to be a giver… not a receiver, which is where the focus of you guys are. If we would go back to being responsible for each other instead of relying on govt. hand-outs, there would be more than enough. But as long as someone has a handout to give, I can assure you there will be more hands out there to get. As a nation (the government) we simply can’t afford it! I’m not sure where you think all of the money will come from to support everyone..including cell phones..but it has to come from somewhere and with the greater part of our society only being able to be fry cooks (not that we don’t need them, we do), there isn’t enough money to support all of the teat programs the govt. would like to offer. It isn’t good for the country OR the individual OR the society to have moochers…period.
          When we give things, like cell phones, with no accountability, people simply will not be accountable. Again, we can’t afford it. But moochers will be moochers and they will destroy ALL of us if we don’t stop the govt. from growing to the point there is no one left to fund it.
          I’m not sure where you think ‘my thinking’ is, but here’s a thoujght for you. You asked what am I, personally, going to do to help people since I have “no empathy’. I own a company and I hire others. I have them contribute to society with taxes, selling goods, being part of the whole economic process, AND encourage them to donate time, money, and resources to help others. So don’t DARE sit there and judge me when you don’t even know me or tell me I don’t care about others or have “no empathy”. If the govt. doesn’t get out of the corportations business, we won’t be able to do that anymore and we will become a society of nothing BUT government. But still, someone has to pay for it. Are YOU going to do that?

        6. I know you didn’t give enough. No one gave enough. That was my point.

          It’s a shame you are so bitter regarding the less fortunate. I doubt the sincerity of your gifts.

        7. LOL Oh my gosh! I am not bitter regarding anything except being falsely accused. You may doubt all you want. I give nothing to impress you or anyone else. You completely missed my points if this is the best answer you can give. I’m done. lol (typical dem)

  54. If the “new” evidence is so “universe-shattering” why wait until March? It’s pretty hard to take these reports seriously when they sound like a tease for some new action movie.

    1. The sheriff is running for re-election.
      Maybe for the same reason 99% (no kidding!) of the information Snowden has won’t be released??

  55. If you can’t even get the name of the person he was flirting with right, what does that say about the rest of this? I’m getting real tired of underground conservatives who keep saying Obama is going to be “kicked out of office any minute,” and then you turn around and his approval rating is higher than ever. We’ve been hearing this same birther/Muslim/homosexual crap for 6 years now. Meanwhile, the progressive/Fabian socialist agenda (which is not exclusively his, but that of the entire Democratic Party, along with their allies in entertainment, media, non-profits & academia) marches on, unabated. For the record, the object of Obama’s mirth was Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, not Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (roughly the difference between a supermodel and a Russian female weight lifter).

    1. Obama’s rating higher than ever? What are you smoking?

      Danish officials are calibrated in hotness?

      Yes, Obama not about to be kicked out in minutes, since both big, corrupt parties, big business, NWO and media are enabling him. But, in his arrogance, he has crossd NWO too often, so they may use the birther crowd to help depose him. That might be their idea of humorous, poetic justice.

  56. For the one hundredth and sixty first time I’ve said it, Congress does not have the balls to take action against this mad man! Don’t you people get tired of this kind of stuff without any action being taken?

  57. Untimely death or DIVINE PUNISHMENT because of what she unleashed on America?

    Huh you say?

    What the sodomite negro is about to do to America, some kind of ungodly WICKEDNESS! Of course, the sodomite is really only a symbol there since he is so inept and backward, we have no leader!

    Providing the PERFECT cover for a FF operation and no one to lay the blame on!!! So the cowards can scurry back to their rat holes and live another day, but you get to DIE!

  58. Let’s get it PROVEN and him removed from the WH in shackles! Render ALL of the laws and orders he signed NULL and VOID along with every “presidential” appointment he made.

    1. What more proof do you need than his selective service record, If you have a selective service registration card look at it does yours have a 4 digit date? why does his only have 2? Its because it is forged

      1. Just saying it isn’t proof, John. It has to a little more official than “I saw it on the Internet.” Have you, personally, ever seen it, or just a post on somebody’s blog site? I’ve got four different Kenyan BCs for Obama I’ve pulled off the Internet. Which, if any, are valid?

    2. All these laws they produce since Obama are not legal and withstanding . Only a real president can sign into law or veto. He is not the president. We don’t have a president, that is why the country is running wild.

  59. Just how much proof do you need that this guy is a lying sack???? What does it take to get him out of office???? Sure our whole system needs to get back to God and the Rinos and cheaters out of our government…Lie detector tests should be required for all government offices…Too many foreigners in this country making us like themselves and that is not a good thing.

    1. The only proof you need to prove him a fake, a fraud, a counterfit, a flim flam artist is his Selective Service Registration Date. everyone else in the whole country has a 4 digit date. So why does Obama only have a two digit date? Its such a blatant forgery that it isn’t even necessary to look further. Why isn’t congress acting on this?

      1. Canada free press sent the picture of Boehner as the cowardly lion…He is worse than that…We have a few brave Republicans but too few…after all that has occurred we need to doubt some of them too. I really respect Trey Gowdy. I wish we had all reps like him. No one is ever removed or reprimanded in this communist government now. They think they own us….Not yet they don’t. But who will enforce our laws????

  60. These are drastic times. The tenth admendment and article V appear to allow a potus to be removed by an admendment to the constitution. The potus and the supreme ct. have nothing to do with admending the constitution. One problem would be that one third of the senate can block an admendment and of course this idea is only “half baked” (or much less) at this point.

      1. Technically he is not the president since he is a usurper of the office. he is a foriegn national occupying our white house and should be arrested and imprisoned as a foriegn spy

      2. He is NOT a president but a usurper by means of a traitorous Congress. So you have a complete and treasonous government.

        Which requires a Constitutional RESET or abolition of this current menace we dare call our government.

      3. ltneid , Wrong ! First of all you cannot impeach someone who is illegally holding the office of US President . Impeachment is for a legal sitting US President or VP . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is not a legal sitting US President . The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office must come under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

        1. Even if what you say is true about his not being eligible, there is nothing in the clause about removal from office. The only way mentioned in the Constitution is Article II, Section 4. If you have another citation for removal, I’ll be happy to look at.

      4. Forget impeachment. Go with the marshal and have him arrested on fraud and war criminal charges. No proof he is illegible to be president. Make him prove it with documentation. We the people have to. Take him out in chains immediately..

        1. Who’s Marshal Law? And whoever he is, I don’t think he’s constitutionally authorized to remove the president in chains.

      5. Correct.There would also have to be an admendment to change the 10th admendment to allow removal of potus by an admendment to the constitution. Both impeachment and admending require approval by 2/3 of the senate. This would become interesting if 3/4 of the state legislatures voted for one or both of the two required admendments.

        1. You saying to repeal the 10th Amendment and pass a 28th Amendment to allow the passage of a theoretical 29th Amendment which would do something that is already spelled out in the Constitution? That’s a lot of amendments, and a pretty convoluted way to get something done. Why not just stick with Article II, Section 4 as the Founders wrote it?

  61. Obama is the only person in the US to have a 2 digit date on his selective service registration record everyone else who has ever gotten one has 4 digit dates on theirs this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this record is a forgery. Why would any other so called document of his be legitimate. Where is congress on this why have they not looked into this? The answer is they are complicit in the fraud as well.

        1. Wasn’t that the card that you filed at the Post Office when you were 18? That one they would date stamp! They also stamped deferment cards with date stamp. The Draft Card they type in the date of registration and mail it to you – remember?.

    1. Aww, it’s probably because there was a small piece of paper or something stuck to the stamp under the “19” so it never got inked….d’ya think? (Never mind that the spacing of the “80” shows it was turned upside down to make the stamp – facts are such obstinate things…)

  62. if i had to guess , i would say heart attack killed her. 65 years old that is my theory
    as for this birth certificate deal, well every one talks, no one has done anything. i have heard it
    for nearly 5 years. can we get an arrest before 2016?

  63. He has a fraudulent Social Security number proven to be not his. ( idenity theft ) he has a fake Selective service registration record 2 digit date (the post office does not stamp nor have they ever stamped 2 digit dates, their stamps all have 4 digit dates and always have). There is overwelming evidence that even his own birth certificate was photoshopped ( this by an expert that worked for Obamas lawyers) The fraud is still being perpetrated by members of both parties in Congress and by the news media. I guess everyone is affraid the house of cards will fall and they all will be implicated in the fraud. I don’t look for there to be any revelations and if there are they will not be reported on and quickly hidden by this corrupt administration

  64. Does this new evidence have anything to do with the $200 million dollar lawsuit Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi just lost against Esquire?

    It’s too bad that Obama released his birth certificate a few weeks before their book “where’s the birth certificate?” came out. I’m sure it really hurt sales.

  65. The thing that bothers me about Fuddy is that “The president of the airline said “the pilot got everyone safely off the plane”? If that is the case then why did Fuddy die? They took her to the area hospital and she died, from what injuries? A broken ankle?

  66. Even more important than “where he was born” is how he received a scholarship reserved for foreigners – the Fulbright. He must have applied for it as an Indonesian citizen – BLAM – disqualified for the presidency. PERIOD!! Whoever has colluded in this secrecy is an accessory to treason, and should be tried along side the imposter-president. We’ve been the victims of a bloodless (sort-of) coup. Our whole executive branch is fraudulent. Ah, how to undo six years of fraud in the white house – no easy task, but it must be done.

    1. In my opinion, he could get on tv and admit to being born in Kenya and not enough Americans would care. They know nothing of our Constitution, don’t want to know and as long as the entitlement checks keep rolling in will continue to worship The One. If citizens by the millions have not marched on Washington , tar and feathers in hand over Benghazi, the IRS, NSA spying on the entire planet, Fas & Furious it’s all over for America. When the entitlements can no longer be paid is when the real trouble starts. . It’s going to be something Americans have not seen in the nation for many, many years.

    2. The start to undo the last 6 years would be to say to every person appointed by Obama, since he was not legally eligible to be president, ” YOU’RE FIRED, YOU’RE FIRED, YOU’RE FIRED, ETC….!!” To every illegal executive order and every law signed by Obama to be stamped in red, VOID!
      And then, to every Muslim, communist democrat, and atheist, you have 10 days to get out of the United States!

      1. Much longer than 6 years,no later than 1910 not to mention the war between the States [ no civil war was ever fought whith in the States ] Bush is part of it! The U.S. Has been over thrown period! The only temporary measure to reverse,or slow this is electing Libertarian,Tea Party,or Constitution Party Reps. which will NOT take place!
        What will/is taking place is the subjugation,and disarming of the people,period!

    3. It can be done only if our representatives has the guts to enforce Article I; Section 8. Paragraph (18) Powers Vested in Congress. With the foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II being arrested, all ills imposed upon this nation and its people can legally and constitutionally be declared as NULL and VOID all the way to the two illegal appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. No U.S. Representative is listening or even honoring their sworn duty to protect and defend this country and its Constitution.

      This is a foreign-born “Saboteur” destroying our sovereign nation while our representatives are more worried about their re-election than saving America for our future generation of American children.

      The communist controlled U.S. Senate must be excluded during the arrest and trial of the foreign-born illegal alien agent Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II for true justice, and not allow the U.S. Senate to make a mockery of the U.S. Congress as they did in the case of William Jefferson Clinton after he was found totally guilty by the U.S. Congress. Remember?

      USAF (RET)

      1. What bothers me is that we have never witnessed him take his Oath of Office. I have lived long enough to witness several POTUS’s take the Oath and have never seen anyone before bho mess it up. We have seen him start it and SUPPOSEDLY MESS IT UP SO HE PRIVATELY TOOK THE OATH LATER? WE HAVE NO PROOF THAT HE EVER TOOK AN OATH OF OFFICE. HOW IS HE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR AN OATH THAT HE NEVER TOOK?

        1. You’re so right. All we have are a few photographs, a handful of witnesses, and word of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s like it never happened.

    4. Those who enabled this fraud should be sentenced to death along with Obama for the damage allowed to be served on this country. This includes the media moguls and producers and reporters! Sweep them all out !!

    5. Um, the Fulbright scholarship isn’t reserved for foreign students…

      “The Fulbright Program awards approximately 8,000 grants annually.
      Roughly 1,600 U.S. students, 4,000 foreign students, 1,200 U.S.
      scholars, and 900 visiting scholars receive awards, in addition to
      several hundred teachers and professionals. Approximately 310,000
      “Fulbrighters” have participated in the Program since its inception in
      1946. Currently, the Fulbright Program operates in over 155 countries


      Plus, Obama never received a Fulbright scholarship…

  67. If they truly had ‘universe shattering’ evidence they would take it to court or Congress, not wait until spring and then sell it to the public.

      1. they will never let that happen and he is secure in that knowledge and does not care a damn what we the people SAY OR FEEL aBOUT HIS CRIMINAL, FRAUDULENTl IES AND SKULLDUGGERY. We do not sleep at night with worry – the government et al sleep like babies secure in the knowledge that no one can touch them

        1. ” The Tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and TYRANTS ” … Thomas Jefferson .

        2. “And the day will come, when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His Father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva, in the brain of Jupiter.” -Thomas Jefferson

    1. If bho has nothing to hide,why has he spent millions to fight every case that goes to court? Why did he allow the first case to hit a court? Why hasn’t he resolved the problem?
      Why is this woman the only one to die in the plane crash.

      Why is the Alaskan Senator representing the Gulf Oil Spill whistleblowers dead? He as well died in an air plane crash. Why is one Gulf Oil Spill whistleblower missing and the other 8 dead? Is it because bho’s appointee who was in charge, taking money from BP & actually the lover of the BP person in charge of repairs on the rig? Why did they not replace the seal that had been reported by the rig workers as dangerous?

      1. How dare he defend himself. Then win every challenge to boot. You would think over 200 failures to challenge his eligibility would have resolved the problem, but there is still money to be made, even if you lose.

        1. He has been a no show more times than he has won.
          The Judge who was murdered when Gabby Gifford was shot just happened to have an up coming case against bho. Was Gifford the real target or was a murder successful?
          Governments murder their own people all of the time. Remember Waco?
          Go ahead defend him all you wish. Be mindful of the fact that when The S*it Hits The Fan and it will, his supporters will be no better off than the rest of us. He lied about Unaffordable Health Care Act, Benghazi, IRS to get reelected.
          How’s obamacaer working for you? Wait until January when it kicks in even more and you pay another 2% on every monetary transaction. The gov. does random, unannounced health wellness checks on your child. If they deem your child isn’t being cared for properly by their standards, they take your child out of your home. Who else did that? Oh, I remember, it was Hitler!!!

        2. I was 17 when I got my first job & worked with an older lady who had survived. She had the numbers on her arm. She was a quiet lady and I liked her. Other people would avoid her because she was a Jew & they said that Jews killed Jesus. I reminded them that Jesus’s purpose on earth was to die to save our sins.
          As for the American people I fear they will only remember Hitler when they are being persecuted and watching their family members die violent deaths. Our founding fathers learned from their past and had we followed our founding documents, we would not be in this mess.
          I have a problem with people spouting,” we want a Constitutional government,” and sticking with the same 2 party’s that put us where we are today. I looked at the Constitution Party and it stands strictly on the founding documents, yet when I suggest that we back that party I get, “no , a 3rd party would split the vote.” Well, what the heck, we have a one party system in D.C., so what do we have to lose by trying. The only difference is that the Democrats are open and fast track it and Republicans are sneaky and deceptive with it. If you go to the Constitution Party website, you find that the Republican Party is suing the Constitution Party.

    2. In the confusion of a crash it would be very ease to break some one neck (accidentally of course). The Cold Case volunteers best release all the information (they have) now, before some of them and their families start having tragic accidents. Simpler things happen (plane crashes, car crashes & shootings) under the Clintons.

  68. My SourKaustic perception: In the event the alligations mentioned in the article have substance. Said proof will disappear as will the witnesses, if any. In any event this will not stop this President, but a subordinate may be found to fall on a sword for the President.

  69. Great….I can only hope this is true and that they prove this idiot who is destroying America to be a fraud! No protection can be offered and just think…..all that he has signed and those who have supported him are treason and illegal laws! Repeal is automatic! Get it done! I love this idea of reality!

    1. It’s already proven that Obama is doing everything in his power to tear down traditional America. I just hope and pray that this newly acquired ‘earth shattering’ news will kick start Congress into action and get reported in the main stream media or else what’s the point?

        1. I agree, I think we heard this same claim from the same source a year or so ago. Regarding the “Birther” propaganda issued by the Marxists, very simple way to shut up the Republicans….provide the original birth certificate !!!!!

    2. Dream on. It isn’t true. Oh, and by the way, read the Constitution. Laws are not made by presidents but by Congress. If a president does not veto a law and simply does not sign it, IT GOES INTO EFFECT. You can rant and rage about “treason” all that you want to, but you are not supported by Congress or by such conservative leaders as Ann Coulter, or the National Review—or Gingrich, Santorum and Huckabee. Not even Cruz, Rubio and Rand Paul

      1. Ellen –

        Your description of how a Federal bill becomes law is not quite right.

        (1) From the website

        “First, a bill must pass both houses of Congress by a majority vote. After it
        has passed out of Congress, it is sent along to the President. If the President signs the bill, it becomes law.

        “The President might not sign the bill, however. If he specifically rejects
        the bill, called a veto, the bill returns to Congress. There it is voted on again, and if both houses of Congress pass the bill again, but this time by a two-thirds majority, then the bill becomes law without the President’s signature. This is called “overriding a veto,” and is difficult to do because of the two-thirds majority requirement.

        “Alternately, the President can sit on the bill, taking no action on it at all. If the President takes no action at all, and ten days passes (not including Sundays), the bill becomes law without the President’s signature.
        However, if the Congress has adjourned before the ten days passes and without a Presidential signature, the bill fails. This is known as a pocket veto.”

        (2) Your comment also does not directly state, but implies, that the particular person who is currently serving as the nation’s President has had (and still has) nothing to do with any Federal legislation being passed into law during his tenure; the implication is that all those laws were simply and unilaterally made by the Congress, without his signing a single one of those bills into law in the process. I will assume that that is not quite what you meant to say — but it comes across that way.

        This current occupant of the Oval Office, like every one of his predecessors in that high office, bears tremendous responsibility for having signed, and signing, a great many pieces of Federal legislation into law. This is a fact.

        And, as in any instance — past or present — in which proposals for impeachment and conviction of a U.S. President were or may be or are under consideration, certainly the issues of how to deal with the fate of any legislation or laws that he/she had a hand in designing, influencing, rejecting, or signing into law — or permitting to become law via his/her inaction on a bill submitted to him/her for his/her signature — logically plays a role as to the potential ramifications of such a scenario. This too is neither a non-existent nor trivial issue — especially if the charge is that the person serving as President may be, as some assert, illegally serving in that Office or acting unconstitutionally in regard to those pieces of legislation and those particular laws.

        Just a few Constitution-based and political-reality-based observations.

        1. Actually, most bills require committee vetting first and can be kept off the floor by the leaders. Some bills require a 60 vote Senate cloture vote first, although that was just reduced somewhat by invoking the so-called “nuclear option” by Harry Reid. Imagine- a 60 vote requirement being eliminated- by less than 60 votes. Dem’s will rue the day when Republican s are again in charge. Treaties require a 2/3 vote. Bills or portions thereof can be litigated, constitutionality determined by courts and struck down. The Tenth Amendment can be invoked by states to nullify federal law, as has been dome for marijuana laws, gun control laws, E-Verify, Obamacare, Common Core and more.

  70. “‘When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,’ Mike Zullo told WND. ‘This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.’
    That is a pretty bold statement, considering nothing of any substance is contained in the story.

    Over at ‘before its news’, one can read a great deal on this deception and lie theory.

  71. Now hang on a minute. I see the real conspiracy here.

    Lorretta Fuddy was not the state health department director that validated Obama’s birth certificate – it was Dr. Chiyome Fukino who was the state health department director at the time.
    Fuddy didn’t take office until March of 2011 after appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie who didn’t take office until 2010. Even the WND article agrees with this.

    It was Chiyome Fukino who validated the birth certificate in 2008, when the issue of Obama’s birth arose. She was appointed by Republican governor Linda Lingle.

    So don’t worry birthers, The official who verified the birth certificate is still alive and well.

    WND – whatchoo trying to pull?

    1. Carl- once again, you’re out of your depth. Fuddy was in office 4/27/11, which is when Obama rolled out the faux BC, which he allegedly had picked up by his lawyer in Hawaii the previous day, when Fuddy was also in office. Repeating obot talking points will get you nowhere in this thread.

      Poor Gov. Abercrombie looked and looked, but said he couldn’t find any BC after he had promised to do so. Then, POOF- it magically appeared via Ms. Fuddy :-)..

      The surviving officials’ assurances ring hollow, since the Whitehouse BC image is a proven fraud. If a BC was picked up, if it exists, it was either fraudulent or not the same as what was posted on line, which is very obviously a digitally constructed document.

      Obots are frantically trying to spin it otherwise, but the cat’s already out of the bag, horse is out of the barn, Pandora’s box is wide open, Humpty-Dumpty is in pieces and all of the King’s obots can’t reassemble it now- LOL-LOL-LOL-LOL!

      1. Obama posted his birth certificate on 6/12/2008. Verified by Fukino who confirmed that the state “has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures”.He was then elected on 11/4/2008.
        This certificate is “prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.”
        The second certificate is superfluous even though it was also verified by Fuddy in 2011.

        1. Re: “Obama posted his birth certificate on 6/12/2008. Verified by Fukino…”

          Well said, and not only Fukino confirmed, but the Registrar, Onaka, and the Republican governor, Libby, and the Index Data and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961, and the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in Hawaii of a a child to a woman named Stanley.

          And there isn’t even evidence that Obama’s mother even had a passport in 1961—-and very very few 18-year-olds did in 1961, and EXREMELY few women traveled abroad late in pregnancy 1961 because of the risk of stillbirths. Yet birthers would like gullible people to just assume she was among the very very few to have a passport, and among the EXTREMELY few women who traveled abroad late in pregnancy, and that the birth certificate is forged and the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii who have confirmed it are lying (and the Index Data file and the birth notices sent by the DOH and the teacher who wrote home. Well, there are still GULLIBLE people in the world.

        2. The most gullible people around are those who support the legend of “Obama,” about who little is known and not a shred of valid legal proof exists that he is eligible for the presidency. We have no idea where he was born, because there is no VALID LEGAL PROOF. None. Digital images count for nothing. Especially forged digital images.

          He can’t prove he’s using a Social Security number assigned to him. He has a forged Selective Service registration, failed E-Verify, British archives strongly suggest he was born in Kenya. He flew to Hawaii just before election eve and had his grandmother burned the day she died– and there is STILL no death certificate. Show me, since it’s supposed to be a public record., He frantically struggles to hide all his records and spends a fortune to keep them hidden. There are dozens of mysterious deaths of individuals who could compromise him. Any one by itself could be just a coincidence, but collectively, the odds of those deaths and some of the circumstances approach zero probability.

          And occasionally something like this slips though the net:

        3. Good grief. What is THAT supposed to be? Are Madelyn Dunham’s death certificate, Obama’s real birth certificate, Social Security number, draft registration, E-Verify validation and corrected literary biography in there somewhere?

        4. Are you being deliberately obtuse, or does it just come naturally to you, hamburger boy?

          A proven forged digital image, not admissible in any court and not vetted, (as one of your allies wrote earlier on this thread), purporting to be a short form Certification (not certificate) of Live Birth, was posted on a web site by someone unknown belonging to one of Obama’s former employers. That digital image, if it was genuine, which it turned out not to be, would only be an image of a document that says that there is SOMETHING on file, not necessarily a long form hospital birth certificate showing Hawaiian birth.

          Of course you already knew that such a document could easily be obtained with no proof of domestic birth and just an affidivait from arelative and that this was common practice and Hawaii had a notorious reputation for that, right? But, beacuse it was a forgey and because there is no chain of custody established and because it mysteriously just appeared on a web site linked to Obama, it has zero credibility. A proven forgery is prima facie evidence of exactly NOTHING and a digital document, even if it was genuine, has no legal weight. Any more questions? You’re really not very good at this, fella.

          Fuddy and anyone else who participated in that fraud or even knowledgeable about it is guilty of either felony fraud or misprision of fraud.

        5. Re: “A proven forged digital image…”

          Answer. “Proven” by birther “experts” and only birther “experts,” and they have not shown that they are even experts much less fair and impartial. The fact that Obama’s enemies say “it is forged” does not show anything. In fact, Obama showed both the digital images of both his short form and long form BC and the actual physical copies of both of them to the press—and the fact that Hawaii sent them to him and that all the facts on them are correct has been repeatedly confirmed by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii (including the former Republican goveror, and friend of Sarah Palin’s) and further confirmed by the public Index Data and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers in 1961 by the DOH of Hawaii.

          Obama’s birth certificate is not forged. Only birther “experts” have
          called it forged, and they have not shown that they are even experts,
          much less fair and impartial. Those are two reasons why they are not
          believed by Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck or the National Review (or by Mitt
          Romney or Paul Ryan or Gingrich or Santorum or Huckabee).

          One proof that Obama’s birth certificate is not forged is Obama’s short-form birth certificate.

          Short-form birth certificates are created by a clerk reading the
          information from the document in the file, and filling out the computer
          form that generates the printed short-form birth certificate. The
          officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they sent a short-form to Obama.
          So, unless they are lying—and they were Republican officials–the only
          way that Obama’s birth certificate could have been forged was that it
          was forged in 2007 and slipped into the file just before the clerk
          looked at the file. That is not very likely, is it? And it is especially
          unlikely since at the time Obama was not even the candidate of the
          Democrats. He was still in the primaries at the time, and he was only a
          junior senator from Illinois.

          And birther sites have not shown you these real experts.

          Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and
          experienced examiner of questioned images, said:“The PDF released by the
          White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see
          nothing that appears to be suspicious.”

          Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several
          e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the
          White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the
          document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into
          it and dismissed it.… I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting
          it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in
          Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the
          birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

          John Woodman, independent computer professional, who is a member of
          the Tea Party (who says that he hates Obama’s policies but found no
          evidence of forgery) said repeatedly in his book and in various articles
          on his Web site that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate was
          forged were unfounded.

          Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert,
          and consultant to WorldNetDaily:“All of the modifications to the PDF
          document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing
          the legibility of the document.” And, by the way, when WND received
          Zatkovich’s article that said that he found nothing wrong with Obama’s
          birth certificate, WordNDaily simply did not publish it.

          Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and
          Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and
          teaching Adobe Illustrator, said the layers cited by doubters are
          evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not
          evidence of a forgery.“I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that
          come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks
          exactly like this,” he said.

          And it is irrational (to say the very least) to think that Obama’s
          relatives had enough money (Obama’s grandfather was just a furniture
          salesman and his grandmother a low-level employee in a bank at the time;
          and his father came to Hawaii on a free flight) or crazy enough to
          spend LOTS of money on a long and expensive and risky (incidents of
          stillbirths were high at the time) overseas trip for their pregnant
          daughter—–when there were perfectly good hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii.

          (Oh, and the government of Kenya has said that it investigated the “born in Kenya” claim, and that it did not happen.)

        6. Caveman,
          The 2008 Certificate was verified as authentic by Hawaiian Department of Health spokeworman Janice Okubo.
          On 10/31/08 The Director of Hawaii’s Department of health Chiyome Fukino issued a statement that the certificate was valid and that she and the Registrar of Vital Statistics Alvin Onaka have personally verified the original birth certificate.
          This original 2008 document meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S, citizenship.

        7. In 2009 she made the following statement: “I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008, over eight months ago.”

        8. Hamburger boy:
          It only implicates her more.
          1. No one can “certify” a digital image on a web site, with no paper traiul., no certified hard copy, no chan of custody. Please show me the document she did that with, because it would be illegal.
          2. Since it is a proven forgery, that would make her a criminal.

          In any case, Citizenship isn’t good enough, since REAL Presidents are natural born Citizens:

          You’re not very good at this, are you?. Maybe you should be working at Carls Jr. Instead. Come to think of it, maybe you are.

        9. 1. The actual document was at the campaign office of Obama back in 2008. Yes, the actual one – not a scan.
          2. Again, not proven. I now hear that there is a copy of a birth certificate from a few days later – twin girls born at the same hospital. Prove to me that THEIR birth certificate is valid and how it differs from the “forged” Obama certificate.

          You are the one that isn’t very good at this. You don’t seem to know the facts about the case.

        10. LOL, youre pathetic- an embarrassment to the professional obots who memorize the right lines.

          “Factcheck?” LOL.Only an image has been made available., If they had their forged copy in the office, it’s no help. Make it available for vetting. It is a forgery, having a forged seal.

          You can easily find the other certificates for some people born around that time in HI on line. As I’ve said before, they aren’t kerned,aren’t written with three different typewriters, not digitally constructed, etc. Tens of thousands of words have been written on them and analyses made. You’re swimming against a stronger tide all the time, hamburger boy.

          By the way, even if you were right, we win, because it helps prove his father was never a citizen. Sr.was actually deported in 1964, something we did with illegal aliens back when we followed the law at least a little better.

          Any questions: http:/

        1. The only thing they confirmed is that they are liars and criminals. It is a PROVEN forgery, obot Ellen (you sure do get around).– and you know it.

          And Fuddy’s dead for her troubles., What an astounding coincidence and chain of events. A plane crashes and co-conspirators who could fall if she is grillled on a witness stand and buckled were unable to save her. Awwww. But there are many such astounding events for people connected to Obama in ways that could threaten him. One such astounding coincidence is unlikely, but possible. That many are so astoundingly improbable that it approaches an impossibility,

        2. It’s not even a forgery, much less a “proven forgery.” Only birther “experts” have claimed that it is forged, and they have not shown that they are even experts, much less fair and impartial.

          Obama’s birth certificate is not forged. Only birther “experts” have
          called it forged, and they have not shown that they are even experts,
          much less fair and impartial. Those are two reasons why they are not
          believed by Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck or the National Review (or by Mitt
          Romney or Paul Ryan or Gingrich or Santorum or Huckabee).

          One proof that Obama’s birth certificate is not forged is Obama’s short-form birth certificate.

          Short-form birth certificates are created by a clerk reading the
          information from the document in the file, and filling out the computer
          form that generates the printed short-form birth certificate. The
          officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they sent a short-form to Obama.
          So, unless they are lying—and they were Republican officials–the only
          way that Obama’s birth certificate could have been forged was that it
          was forged in 2007 and slipped into the file just before the clerk
          looked at the file. That is not very likely, is it? And it is especially
          unlikely since at the time Obama was not even the candidate of the
          Democrats. He was still in the primaries at the time, and he was only a
          junior senator from Illinois.

          And birther sites have not shown you these real experts.

          Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and
          experienced examiner of questioned images, said:“The PDF released by the
          White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see
          nothing that appears to be suspicious.”

          Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several
          e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the
          White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the
          document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into
          it and dismissed it.… I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting
          it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in
          Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the
          birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

          John Woodman, independent computer professional, who is a member of
          the Tea Party (who says that he hates Obama’s policies but found no
          evidence of forgery) said repeatedly in his book and in various articles
          on his Web site that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate was
          forged were unfounded.

          Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert,
          and consultant to WorldNetDaily:“All of the modifications to the PDF
          document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing
          the legibility of the document.” And, by the way, when WND received
          Zatkovich’s article that said that he found nothing wrong with Obama’s
          birth certificate, WordNDaily simply did not publish it.

          Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and
          Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and
          teaching Adobe Illustrator, said the layers cited by doubters are
          evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not
          evidence of a forgery.“I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that
          come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks
          exactly like this,” he said.

          And it is irrational (to say the very least) to think that Obama’s
          relatives had enough money (Obama’s grandfather was just a furniture
          salesman and his grandmother a low-level employee in a bank at the time;
          and his father came to Hawaii on a free flight) or crazy enough to
          spend LOTS of money on a long and expensive and risky (incidents of
          stillbirths were high at the time) overseas trip for their pregnant
          daughter—–when there were perfectly good hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii.

          (Oh, and the government of Kenya has said that it investigated the “born in Kenya” claim, and that it did not happen.)

        3. Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. You’ve been repeating the same debunked lies for years and have even added some new ones. Ho-Hum.

          First of all, I would hardly call Reed Hayes (a credentialed
          professional forensic document expert witness who works for Perkins Coie, the law firm of Obama and Robert Bauer- former White House Counsel and defender of the indefensible for Obama) a “birther.” However, he may have now become one after the shock of his discovering that a legally inadmissible digital image on the White House web site being proffered as proof Obama really wasn’t a usurper was proved by Reed to be a fraud. This indicates that he might in fact be a usurper- not a natural born Citizen. Otherwise, why would “pResident” Obama have a forged birth certificate on the web site of the most famous house in the world, which he squats in? Huh, huh? You DO know
          that Reed wrote and signed a comprehensive affidavit that blows your lying faux “experts” like Woodman right out of the water, right, Ellen? But, then so did Doug Vogt, Paul Irey, Mara Zebest, and many others. The evidence is overwhelming. Your B.S. is looking more and more hollow as the facts close in on your hero, sweetie.

          Also, it is impossible for a single scan to produce multi-layers to have developed layers the way it did- or at least so statistically unlikely as to be virtually impossible. Then, explain away the kerning, different fonts, evidence of at least three typewriters or devices used to write one birth certificate, forged seal, the (in)famous “signature” and all the other baggage. You guys are pathetic, weak liars. You either never studied the affidavits, videos, press conferences, or are in denial, or believe that you can lie your way through it. Yes, I read the excrement that Woodman wrote. If he is an “expert,” then he is a lying, spinning or incompetent one.

          Readers, ignore these obots. Instead, google the people I have mentioned and study their work., Compare it to that of the obots. I have. I would not be wasting my time if our case was weak. I doubt if we will convert the obots, but many of you others have listened and many more will when they see what is going on.

          Oh, by the way, Ellen, the short form was also only aforged digital image, mysteriously appearing on a web site owned by one of Obama’s former left wing employers, with no trail of custody, forged seal,“Africa” birthplace, hospital which won’t acknowledge him, etc. In any case, ANYONE could get a short form with no proof, just by filling out a simple affidavit. Stanley may have wanted to keep Zero’s options open by getting one. Smart thinking, even if she did hate “The United Snakes of Amerika.”

          Family impoverished?
          LOL. You seem to forget that Obama Sr. was on a full ride scholarship in
          the US of A, until he was deported for overstaying his visa circa 1964. He wasn’t flipping burgers or shaving ice after school. Harvard at that. Stanley Ann was linked both to the CIA and Frank Marshall Davis- interesting indeed. Both her parents were true believer Communists, with high connections.

          Re: “(Oh, and the government of Kenya has said that it investigated the “born in Kenya” claim, and that it didnot happen.)”

          REALLY? … Well, then it disagrees with the British
          Empire archives, which probably kept better records back then and claim that a
          child was born to Obama Sr. in the British
          Protectorate of East Africa (Now “Kenya”) on August 4, 1961. Helluva coincidence, eh?

          And of course, there’s that pesky Kenyan birth certificate with the little footprint on it. Whaddya say we check that footprint against Zero’s and disprove that crazy conspiracy theory, eh? It worked so well when we checked the jizz stain on the infamous blue dress way back in ’99, eh?

        4. CaMaven, I wrote ellen some of the same things but your paragraph does a thorough job debunking elen and others. Some people have their head buried in the sand and just refuse to look at evidence. It is not about who says the birth certificate is a forgery but about what is shown by examinng the birth certificate. What reason in the world would Obama generate a controversy about nothing if all was above board? He could have authorized release of his own b.c. or just gotten a copy of it and released the copy. yet refused and paid his team of lawyers $2 million to prevent public access to his papers. Wonder where Obama got $2 million on his rather small salary as president? Did taxpayers pay for this obstruction of justice?

        5. ellen, they were not just birther experts, but the truth is the truth regardless of who examines the released birth certificate. Jerome Corsi wrote a book about Obama’s birth certificate. Later Lord Monckton released a 45 page signed affidavit that included scores of analyses of the White House released document that show it is a forgery beyond all statistical odds. Did you read Monckton’s affidavit and look at the evidence yourself? Typed in entries did not line up, the spacing between letters varied which does not happen when one typewriter is used to type all the information, and what I find the most convincing is that the document had layering using software only present in today’s computer era and not around when Obama was born. They used typewriters and photocopy machines back then. The typed in entries had a clear halo around them whereas typed information on the original b.c. was on security paper that had continuous lines with the typed letters right on top of the lines. IT is a forgery. just open your eyes and do a little research and reading. The media and democrates have stonewall all criticism of Obama and are still doing it. We can’t get facts about Bhengazi. Obama ordered all people there who were involved in the attack to swear to secrecy and not even discuss anything with Congressional committees. One final note: A document expert who worked for the law firm that is protecting Obama’s records from public access agreed to examine the released so=called birth certificate and he said it was a forgery. he was hardly a birther.

        6. I happen to think BO [BOStinks!] was born in HI. The father’s citizenship is a moot point because we have already had a POTUS [Chester A Arthur] with a dad who was a citizen of another country.

          However, many of your arguments are lacking in relevance. Such and such official was a Rep. AND? McCain is an “R” and i WOULDN’T TRUST HIM TO FLIP BURGERS.

          Such and such expert said %$#& . I have appeared as an expert in trials, helping the defense win. “Experts” from me to Stephen Hawking are a dime a dozen and OFTEN WRONG! [especially Hawking]

          The only things important about BO [everybody knows BO stinks] are the things HE ADMITS!

          And the things BO [!!!] admits tell intelligent, grown up folk that he has no cultural, INTELLECTUAL, emotional, [even one of his former officials who STILL supports him, WROTE that BO is very COLD] or SPIRITUAL connection with the character of America!

          YOUR man is a “manchurian candidate!” He is a NWO euro-socialist. I was THE SAME for the middle 1/3 of my life. His ONLY intent is to be THE ONE who goes down in history books leading the USA into the NWO. 30 years ago WE knew the best way to accomplish that was to destroy the economic, cultural & military standing of the USA.

          BO [!!!] is well along in his, HOAX & CHAINS.

    2. Carljr, what does validate mean? Unless you release a real copy of the original birth certificate someone”s word means nothing. there have been so many lies concerning Obama I am surprised you believe someone saying ,”I can’t let anyone see or examine the real birth certficate but trust me I saw it. Abercrombie said there was no b.c. in the files from what I heard. A certificate of birth is not a legally valid document. it is not signed and notarized by the doctor who delivered Obama in the hospital. It is just a health department document saying they have a record of Obama’s birth in Hawaii. Please look up the difference between a Certificate of Birth and a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Whether it is true that a document exists in the Hawaiian files is doubtful since Gov. Abercrombie, said there was none. Thousands of non-USA Japanese tried to get US citizenship to get the benefits of being American after WW II left them in a devastated economy for many years.

      I needed a certified copy of my own birth certicate for membership in an genealogy organization. i wrote the dept of Health in the state where i was born, paid $5.00 0r $10.00 and was promptly mailed a certified copy. You tell me why Obama hired a team of lawyers and spent $2 million in legal fees to keep all his records inaccessible to the public?

      1. Raymond – they did release a real copy of the birth certificate. It was at the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago and was even examined by
        You are wrong about Abercrombie saying there was no birth certificate. You are thinking about HDH saying that it is illegal to make a copy of the “long form”. Only through special permission did they make the exception when they released that document in 2011.
        The $2million dollar legal fees number is a little skewed, that is Obama’s entire legal costs – not just for the birther suits. He did have lawyers fight the accusations – why wouldn’t he? They have been able to prove – over 200 times that he is a natural citizen and meets the qualifications to be the President.

  72. Keep on working and talking about this until it breaks through the veil of the main stream media who should be tarred and feathered for their conspiracy to cover this up !!

  73. For all of this conspiracy to work out, a bunch of stuff would have to be done by a lot of people.
    Let’s say that Ms. Fuddy did help fake the BC. Now, years later, she’s started to get cold feet because Sheriff Joe’s crack Cold Case Posse was getting close. The Obama cabal knew they had a weak spot in the circle of a hundred or so people, which would not be an unusual situation. I can’t say much that’s complimentary about the competence of the WH right now, but I don’t think their solution to the problem to be this. Gather eight people together to volunteer to crash an airplane in the ocean to cover up the murder of one woman? I’m sure they could figure out a cleaner way to do it without pulling eight people into a murder conspiracy.
    Give me a break.

    1. it would not take eight people, all it that would be needed is one pilot that could fake a crash with seven unsuspecting people on board, i don’t know if there will be a autopsy done on the body but it would not surprise me to find that she was dead before the crash.

      1. There would have to be both the pilot and at least one of the passengers who made sure that Fuddy died and did not swim away, and then the other six passengers would have had to have not noticed the killer. Not very likely.

        1. ellen, I am not sure what you mean confirmed twice that Obama was born in Hawaii. There was no confirmation until the so-called birth certificate was released. prior to that they would not release the b.c. even to Obama which is absurd. Anyone can get a copy of your own b.c. They stated they had papers that confirmed he was born in Hawaii but did not release the b.c. They did release a certificate of birth which has not legal authority whatsoever and did not prove Obama’s birth in Hawaii. It was the woman who was killed in the airplane crash that finally made the decision to release the birth certificate and it is the one full of evidence of being a forgery.

        2. The success behind any murder is to go to the extremes necessary to make it look like it wasn’t a murder. I think one person could have done this, but more likely that two would have. I think it’s possible to kill someone in a situation like this without others noticing. But, in any case, you have to look at the people on board. Who are they? Are they connected in any way? Was it a real crash? Were they swimming for their lives instead of watching someone else die? Did they slip Fuddy a fatal drug in a drink? Some other way before the crash that wouldn’t have killed her until after the crash? Where was she sitting? In the rear behind all the others? I guess there’s just too much to consider before ruling it out. What I find odd is that out of all these people, the one connected to Barack Obama is dead!

      2. If that were the case, then all of the people on board would have to be in on it, unless flying dead bodies around in airliners is a common occurrence in Hawaii.

  74. My concern is the news media ana judges said; well he was ellected so he must be O.K. What law is that? How much money and help are the foreign nations puting into his coffers. Isn’t forign influnce in an Ameican election illigal? These news shows that keep covering the trouth should have their advertiser questioned.Maybe the owners would like to sell Items Honest people will not buy.

  75. I could tell by the circumstance that it was not foul play, but people do get back what they give in life and if this woman was party to fraud, the biggest evil fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, then she opened herself up to the forces of universal justice which no man can control and which is not in man’s hands. Some people reap what they sow sooner than others. Obama will be exposed and the evil he has sown will revisit him before his life is up.

  76. You all talk a good game, but take the situation as it is! First, who is going to arrest the potus? Do you not think the Secret Service might have a say? Second, I know that the AG would probably short stop any attempt to do it legally. Congress???????? you have got to be living in some parallel universe if you think they will act to do anything. Third and probably, most scary, even if “we the People” had indisputable proof of the fraud that he is what are you going to do when he declares “Martial Law” because someone is threatening the office of the President of the United States (real or fancied?) Would our military step in to support “We the People” or to protect the office of the President of the United States? What about all those “low information” voters who support the Potus? What riots would erupt when they found out that their guy was under assault? We have some very VERY serious problems. This “they” that many of you speak of can be very elusive!

        1. The largest part of the military hate him, but those in control are his henchmen. That’s what the purging has been all about. With no one service commander willing to do anything but follow Obama’s orders, there is no chance the military will do anything to arrest him.

    1. “Can be very elusive.” yes. But not entirely incapable of being found.

      Some answers – or at least, responses – to your questions, Virginia.

      No. 1: Yes, the Secret Service would have a say. But it all depends on how the cards are shown to them. If the situation has come to an unwillingness of the Usurper to stand down, after his usurpation and his lies and deceits have been duly exposed to public view, a deal can be arranged between the S.S. and the military – the latter of whose loyalties, and very oath, are, let us be reminded, to the Constitution. Not to the person in the office. This is not old Rome, with a Praetorian Guard guarding the Emperor. Yet.

      Nos. 2a & 2b. Yes, it is certainly the case that the AG is in cahoots with his criminal of a boss. And will go down with him, in a court of law. And Congress????? You are very correct. Very sad to say. The Profiles of Courage emanating from that quarter of American society vanished a long, long time ago. A pity. To be corrected.

      No. 3. Already dealt with that one. The U.S. military’s loyalty, via their oath, is to the Constitution of the United States of America. Not to the person in the office as their Commander in Chief; and ESPECIALLY not to a Usurper in that position.

      No. 4. ‘Low information voters’. Aka blacks – predominantly – on welfare. My position is that it is a bit of an insult to them to think, and argue, that welfare and low-income blacks can’t understand hard facts when they are presented with them; to say, facts about the illegality and other criminal actions of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama. He will have been proven to be a terrible disappointment to them. There are plenty of other blacks in America – good, solid, QUALIFIED American black citizens – who can rise to the occasion, and be a person of respectable leadership for them; male AND female; and bring honor back to their race.

      And lastly; Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. And his REAL identity is the goodness – the rightheartedness – of the American People.

      1. It would take a federal warrant with federal officers to arrest him. The SS can stand down once that happens. They don’t have authority over the federal warrant or the officers dispatched to arrest him. But, don’t think a warrant of any kind is coming any time soon. The military is not even involved…period! Public opinion will have to drive this, and public opinion will take it no where.

  77. 5 years of Tyranny! A totally Failed system of “Checks and Balances,the evisceration of our Constitutional Republic by a group of Tyrants,a system of Tyranny that is the FIRST order of business if America,the country where millions and millions of “Legal” immigrants risked everything,worked indefatigably to build with honor,pride,sacrifice,too often severe injury or death is Our legacy and NO one can change THAT!

  78. Yep…obummers birth certificate is a complete “Fuddy duddy”, and now no one is willing to correct the problem even if it is a lie. What a sad state of affairs we live in and embarrassing to say the least.

    1. Wouldn’t that make biden the prez if obamy is NOT legitimate?! Oh my GOD, we are in deep doo-doo!!!! The demo craps have lied once again!

      1. Exactly why the puppet masters picked crazy Joe, knowing that we would have these sentiments. But crazy as he is, I don’t think he’s as dangerous as Obama.

      2. most likely not as he was on the ticket with the imposter and also knew that barry was not eligible so that also makes him guilty of perpetrating a fraud for personal gain.

  79. All most all of us know this jerk is a disaster and a fraud….He is unfit and morally corrupt , hates our country, has no class and is a total embarasment to We the People. His huge cash outlays to hide every document and record about his past, plus no one coming forth who knew him, plus has propensity for lying and lying about his lying are truly disgusting. We must oust him now and this should have been done when he illegally ran for president under the corrupt and paid for soros stooge pelosi. Even the old crooks clintons knew he was a fraud!

  80. It isn’t that tough to have the court open his restricted information to a hand picked committee composed of elected officials, FBI and selected enforcement officials to have them all examined and if they arouse suspicion then the demand that Hi turnover the alleged BC and the DNC turn over the papers they claimed vetted the Faker to be a candidate is the next step…This is just political horse crap and the flow of money and favors going around…


  82. The bottom line regarding all of this is, anyone who hates America and the American people as Obama does is not an American, period. But I guess if we just calm down and wait it out he’ll come to his senses and will renounce both communism and Islam and he’ll try to undo all the intentional damage to a country he suddenly loves, yeah right.

      1. Has your welfare check been spent already? People who don’t get how dangerous Obama is are generally one of three things, 1.Freeloading off the taxpayers, 2. Democrats who vote democrat no matter what it costs the country or 3. Stupid

    1. Obama, a Natural Born Citizen, received a majority of electoral votes, and in fact nearly five million more votes than Mitt Romney. That makes him the president. That is how the system works. YOU may feel that he hates America, but the majority of the electoral votes in the election did not and the majority of voters did not. Obama will be president until January 20016, and if anything were to happen, Joe Binden would become president.

      1. “Obama will be president until January 20016, and if anything were to happen, Joe Binden would become president.” (this was in your original posting)

        If he lasts that long, the country is truly doomed. Who is” Joe Binden?” I hope he’s not even dumber than Biden, if that’s even possible. There were specific racial terms that had to be used on HI BC’s and “African” wasn’t one of them.

        Ellen, sweetheart, the British archives show a child , unnamed, born to Obama, Sr. in the British Protectorate of East Africa, not the “Kenyan Colony,” or “Kenya,” VERY coincidentally on 8/4/1961. Imagine that. Sr. had a lot of progeny, but THAT is another extraordinary coincidence, meaning he would have been banging two sluts on 2 continents at about the same time, quite a feat even for such a stud. But, it is conceivable that Obama Sr. or Stanley told the hospital to write down “Kenya” and the rubes in both the hospital AND DOH didn’t know any better, although I’ve read that the DOH people back then were stickers for detail. Not like modern HI DOH employees who first can’t find a birth certificate at all, then when enough juice is applied, discover one with 63 anomalies. Or, it is conceivable that he wasn’t born there at all, but Ma perjured herself with an affidavit saying he was. Or, he was born there under very different circumstances, to a different father, or no father of record.

        And votes do not override the Constitution, although it appears that many of them were fraudulent.

        1. CaMaven, I can only hope you are running for a Congressional position. It appears you are on top of the ball and can explain yourself very well, If your living in Florida, we have a spot for you.

        2. Thank-you, but I have an extremely low tolerance for B.S., so I could never be successful as a politician. Also live in the Peoples Republic of CA, in a district which elected a rep who makes Nancy Pelosi look like a Republican.

      2. dumbuttellen, oboma is not a citizen of the United Stated as far as I can tell, All anyone has seen is falsified paperwork and a father that was a British subject which on both accounts makes mr oboma inelligible no matter what criminal activities got him there and not one congress member has done their job. ellen, you can wish all you want that mr oboma is a president of the United States, but legally, and history will come to the truth, mr oboma can never be a president of the United States. Wish all you want, he is illegal. Please give all members on this board one piece of evidence that mr oboma is a citizen and not by the falsified paperwork. No one has ever seen any legal paperwork on oboma

  83. 4 Simple

    1. Back in 1961 people of color were
    called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’
    state he is “African-American” when the term wasn’t even used at that time

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s
    birth as August 4, 1961 & Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big
    deal, Right ? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father
    is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya , East Africa

    This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact
    that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after
    Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s
    father have been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Up and until
    Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa
    Protectorate”. (check it below) (

    3. On the Birth Certificate released by
    the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity &
    Gynecological Hospital”.
    This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in
    question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani
    Maternity Home”, Respectively.
    The name did not change to Kapi’olani
    Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two
    hospitals merged.
    How can this particular name of the hospital be on a
    birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until
    1978 ?


    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major
    media ?

    4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father.
    He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I’m not
    a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth
    certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born.
    That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936-if my
    holds (Honest! I did That without a calculator!!!) Now we need a
    non-revised history book-one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s
    goals-to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945. Just how
    many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II
    his father wouldn’t have been more than 9 years old.

    1. Re: “In 1961 people of color were called “Negroes.” So how can the
      Obama “birth certificate” state he is “African-American” when the term
      wasn’t even used at that time?”

      ANSWER: First it does not say “African-American.” It says “African.” Only African.

      The explanation is simple. In Hawaii you were allowed to use any word
      you wanted to describe your race. There was no checklist, and no one
      stood over you saying what you had to enter. There are entries in Hawaii
      of people listing their race as “American.” So you were allowed to use
      any word you wanted.

      And what was the word that African exchange students commonly used to describe their race in the 1960s? Answer: African.

      Re: 2. “… Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after
      Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s
      father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until
      Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known then as the “British East Africa

      Answer. You are out of date with that name. Kenya stopped being
      called the British East African Protectorate in 1920. In that year it
      was renamed. What was the name? THE KENYA COLONY.

      In short, it was called Kenya (Kenya short for “The Kenya Colony”),
      and it was in East Africa, so the entry Kenya, East Africa is correct.

      Re: “3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the
      listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological
      Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961
      were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
      Home”, respectively. ”

      Answer: You are referring to two other hospitals. But, Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital DID exist in 1961.

      How do we know? Well, on WND’s site there are birth certificates for
      the Nordkye Twins, born one day after Obama in the same hospital, and
      what is the name of the hospital on their birth certificates? Answer:
      Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital.

      As for the last question, Obama’s book simply does not say that his
      father was in WWII. It says that his GRANDfather was in WWII, and his
      grandfather really was in WWII. Perhaps someone who told you this failed
      to see the GRAND in GRANDfather. But, it is there. Why not check these
      very simple things before posting???

    2. Chuck, there are 53 mistakes on oboma’s fake Certificate of Live Birth, on top of his number on his Birth Certificate is 3 numbers higher than a set of female twins born 3 days after oboma. oboma will be known as the most deceived man ever brought upon any nation to date.

      1. So they have the female twins birth certificate? Have the document experts “verified” them to be authentic? Why have we not seen the comparison between the GOOD/AUTHENTIC birth certificate and the BAD/FORGERY birth certificate?

        1. Carl, that is the questions that should have been answered a long time ago. I saw some video where clinton questioned his eligibility and all of the sudden the question was never brought to attention and big but h never asked the question again, just played STUPID, I believe that 0boma threatened bill and hillary’s daughter and the question was never brought up again. And ever since, the question has never been answered. Just like Benghazi, hillary could not do her job on obomas eligibility, she could not deal with a threat to her family, let alone take care of American people and their best interest. I’m not sure how hillary thinks she can keep the American people safe when she could not even protect her own family or have the balls to take on a threat. The questions for mr oboma to answer are very simple one’s, but he always beats around the racist card to not answer the questions. Me, i woulld have pinned his as and put him in jail along with moochele, as she lost her lawyer license because she filed falsified paperwork on mr oboma and the feds were going to prosecute her for it, but because she dropped her license, for some ignorant reason, they stop prosecuting her. She needs to be held accountable, this is why they are where they are at, because no one is held accountable to date.

        2. ssilv48, you state the truth. Hillary did question Obama’s eligibility and then suddenly dropped the issue. i also heard Chelsea was threatened as a way to get the Clinton’s “in line.” remember this is Chicago politics at it worse. The ends justify the means.

        3. Ray, it’s chicago politics at it’s best, they have always been criminal. They are all criminals and need to be put in jail. Until these crooks are held accountable, the criminal activities will continue.

        4. Have any of the document experts who have gone into exhaustive detail on Obama’s records – taken a look at this other birth certificate and determine if it was a forgery? I have never seen a comparison to show what a “valid” certificate looks like and how Obama’s is different.

        5. nobody has ever been able to explain any of the several problems with obama’s forged photoshop. not a single one, ever.

        6. jr, been done, congress has done nothing to date, as usual. This is just one of the reasons congress has such a low approval number, I believe it is in the single digits now. Just as the fraudulent voting machines congress has done nothing even after a 2 1/2 hr lecture by the inventor on how this could be done to make anyone they want to win by 1% or 100%, what has congress done,,,,,,,,,NOTHING, if they took the time to do their jobs, when they leave office, they would not have their millions of dollars that were stolen from the American Tax Payer in their bank account

    3. Everything in your post is the truth. I am disgusted and frightened that there is a majority of people in this country who are either too shallow or stupid to learn the truth about this man.
      The reason for the confusion regarding Obama’s father is because his biological father was Frank Marshal Davis, who probably was in his twenties during WWII. Ann Dunham’s marriage to Obama senior was arranged so he would not be deported and to explain her pregnancy.

    4. good stuff Chuck !!!!!

      I use a program called “surf anonymous free” I think I’d get it if I were you. I also use mi sspellin onpurpose!

  84. I would feel better about this whole thing, Gary, if ‘conservatives’ like you didn’t say such things as Obama’s lying about “the constitutionality of his presidential qualifications based on where he was born”. We need to get our constitutional facts straight about this matter, and quick, or ‘patriots’ are going to start fighting amongst ourselves, and in the process, let the Usurper off the hook. To say: Obama was, and still is, ineligible for that office REGARDLESS of where it turns out he was really born. He was and is ineligible for that office (and that federal office ONLY; not an unimportant, mere ‘detail’) based on his being a DUAL CITIZEN. End of story. Or it should have been; until the Republican leadership sold out the American People on this issue, by failing to follow up on it properly in the 2008 election – for their own reasons, apparently.

    This is not rocket science stuff. Briefly: The constitutional Framers put the requirement for a candidate for the office of the president at a higher ‘citizen’ category level than for any other federal office – who need be simply a U.S.’citizen’ – for one reason and one reason only: so that the person occupying that particular office did not have any FOREIGN CONNECTIONS, ALLEGIANCES, OR INFLUENCES. (This was for one critical reason in particular: because that person was also going to be the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces. The Framers didn’t want any foreign intriguers – and ESPECIALLY not the English – to try to worm their way into power and influence in the new federal republic at the very top.)

    So the ‘citizen’ qualification for that office was set at the person running for/holding it needing to be BOTH born on the soil (jus soli) and of two U.S. citizen parents (jus sanguinis) – PLURAL. Got it?? NO DUAL CITIZENS, with the consequent CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.

    The Obama camp has tried to argue that the qualifying term in the Constitution, ‘natural born citizen,’ only rules out a ‘naturalized’ citizen for that office. What rubbish. A DUAL citizen has no more business being in that position than a NATURALIZED citizen. The WHOLE POINT OF THE EXERCISE was to RULE OUT ANY FOREIGN INFLUENCE at the head of the American Republic.

    What’s not to understand about this matter??? Actually, I know a large part of why it has been obfuscated. And you can blame the Republican Party honchos for this; because they obviously did a deal with their Democrat Party counterparts, back during the ’08 election campaign. Saying, to wit: ‘We won’t say anything about your candidate if you won’t say anything about our future candidates, laboring under the same ‘difficulty’.’ Why do I assume this? Because both major political parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008 to get a Constitutional amendment starting through Congress to water down this requirement – and failed even to get their proposals out of committee every time. (The players on the ground there obviously realizing how difficult it would be to get such an amendment through the whole amending process. Such a process, not so incidentally, made difficult for just that very reason: that the Constitution would not be changed for light and transient reasons, was a national contract conceived for the ages.)

    The Republican Party honchos (and TPTB behind THEM), looking down the road with the long view, must have seen the need to ‘broaden their base’ with a presidential candidate or candidates who could appeal to the growing minority classes in the nation. And so, being the arrogant sorts of persons that they are, they decided to conduct an end-around play on the Constitution. (Treating it like “just a damn piece of paper”. Remember that thinking on the subject, emanating from the top on the far Right???)

    When the Constitutionalists have taken their country back from the nation slayers on the Left, there will be a time and place to take care of these vipers on the top of the pyramid of power in the country (and the world, for that matter). But first things first: Do not let yourself be lured off onto the shoals, by the siren songs of stooges. If the Republican Party tries to put up an illegal candidate for the office – and we can’t take our federal constitutional republic back through the Republican Party – then we’ll have to do it otherwise.

    The ‘Patriot’ Party has a nice, solid ring to it. We’re not looking for just a Conservative Party, because there are plenty of Democrats who don’t like the way the far Left wing of their party has taken it. (Can you see Jefferson and Jackson turning over in their graves as we speak???) The nation needs to come together in the center, first; and then we can debate our differences. But ENOUGH! of these rustlers who are trying to hijack the nation, treating us like cattle in the process, to be herded and slaughtered at their will.

    At their won’t, that is. Not if the likes of We the People have anything to do with it. And get off our couches and rise to the occasion; which it is our generation of Americans to do.

    1. Re: “He was and is ineligible for that office (and that federal office ONLY; not an unimportant detail) based on his being a DUAL CITIZEN.”

      Every child born on US soil except for the children of foreign diplomats is a Natural Born US Citizen. If the writers of the US Constitution had meant to bar the US-born children of foreigners from becoming president or to bar US-born dual citizens from becoming president, THEY WOULD HAVE SAID SO, and they never did.

      And not one of the writers of the US Constitution has a single phrase in his writings that indicates that he used the term Natural Born Citizen other than the common use at the time, the use in the COMMON LAW, and the meaning in the common law referred to the place of birth, not to the citizenship of the parents and not even to dual nationality.

      “What is a natural born citizen? Clearly, someone born within the United
      States or one of its territories is a natural born citizen.” (Senate
      Judiciary Committee hearing on OCTOBER 5, 2004)–Senator Orrin G. Hatch

      “Under the longstanding English common-law principle
      of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other
      than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from
      birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are “natural
      born citizens” and eligible to be President. Much less certain, however,
      is whether children born abroad of United States citizens are “natural
      born citizens” eligible to serve as President …”—- Edwin Meese, et
      al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005) [Edwin Meese was
      Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, and the Heritage Foundation is a
      well-known Conservative organization.]

      “Every child born in the United States is a natural-born United States
      citizen except for the children of diplomats.”—Senator Lindsay Graham
      (December 11, 2008 letter to constituents)

      More reading on the subject:

      1. The fact that Obama’s father was not a citizen of the United States precludes Obama from being eligible to be elected President of the U.S.A. What’s more, it hasn’t been proven that Obama was born in the U.S. There is clearly something fishy about his birth, other than his father not being a citizen, or Obama would not have had all of his records sealed, and paid millions to keep them sealed.

        1. Whether true or not is immaterial! We who cry foul today were not around to cry foul then and are not responsible. If that’s all you have, you have nothing!

        2. It is precedent. BO [BOStinks!] would get a bye because the SC looked at it in Arthur’s presidency. Same thing will be argued for Cruz.

          Like impeachment, it will never happen.

      2. ellen bullcrap if that were the case then bring it before the court. No it is an issue of citizenship without foreign connections. If you have noticed the democrats have been consistently attempting to chance any interpretation of the NBC clause anywhere it occurs. They know Obama is just as ineligible as Cruz and Rubio.

      3. even if he wass born in america he couldnt be more unfit to be pres
        what had he accomplished before being handed the thrown NOTHING
        he can even agree with himself
        he has gone against everything he said as a senator
        best place for abozo is maybe at best a job at aljezeera

      4. Regarding your first para, you are an idiot, because that is exactly what ,natural born’ citizen means. The forefathers could not foresee that this nation would become a nation of idiots like you that could be duped, so they simply relied on natural law that people then understood, or at least intelligent ones did. They knew that ‘natural born citizen’ meant one born to a citizen father! And don’t try that stupid crap about mothers either, at the time mothers had not even the right to vote! When you people. schemers, start to manipulate the law we people, patriots and conservatives, know it is your intent to circumvent or violate the law! PS; Orin Hatch is no Constitutional expert or upholder having turned a blind