New Jersey: Unions More Important Than People?

Hurricane Sandy may only have been a Category 1 storm when it made landfall along the New Jersey coast earlier this week, but it appears to be the second costliest hurricane in American history behind Katrina.  The storm, dubbed by some as Frankenstorm, flooded hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses all along the eastern seaboard.  At its height, over 7 million people were without power.

The damage to power lines and substations was epic and required the help of electrical companies from all over the country.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, was one of those communities that were hit hard by the storm.  Located on the Barnegat Peninsula in Ocean County, the almost 3,000 residents had no power, no gas and no water, except what was flooding their homes.  The town leaders sent out requests for help to restore power to the coastal borough.

A crew from Decatur Utilities from Alabama answered the call and traveled up to Seaside Heights and started to work on the downed power lines.  However, it was not long before they were told to pack up and go back home.  It turns out that the Decatur company received paperwork requiring them to have union affiliation before they would be allowed to work in New Jersey.

Ray Hardin, general manager for Decatur Utilities said that although his crews were not directly turned away, the paperwork they received made it clear that they were not welcome unless they had some form of union affiliation.

Jim Spellane, a spokesman for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) national office said they had no knowledge of the paperwork that Decatur Utilities received and were launching an investigation into the matter.

In a later interview, Hardin claimed that the incident had nothing to do with union vs. non-union, but if that was the case, why did they receive the union paperwork to begin with?

I’ve seen that kind of union mentality first hand before.  Some years back, the local IBEW union went on strike at the utility in my home state, which happens to be a right-to-work state.  When non-union employees tried to go to work, union employees got real nasty and there was some violence.  When one non-union person told them that if they didn’t work they would lose their house and not be able to feed their kids, the union people said they didn’t care.

I saw the miner’s union go on strike with the copper mines and it lasted 9 months.  There was one interval when the union representatives would not talk with the mining company for two months.  During that time hundreds of miners were losing their homes and being evicted.  The union reps continued to get paid for not trying to negotiate, while the workers they were representing were losing everything.  The integrity and power of the union was more important than the people the union was supposed to protect.

This is one of the main reasons I despise unions.  They may have served a purpose years ago, but in many places today, they have forced wages and benefits so high that companies are forced to scale back, close their doors or move to a right-to-work state or another country.  When the company takes those measures in order to stay in business, the unions blame the company owners instead of themselves.

I believe what happened to the Decatur Utility crew in Seaside Heights, New Jersey had everything to do with union and someone, whether officially or not officially, sent those papers to stop the non-union crew from helping the local residents in their time of need.

214 thoughts on “New Jersey: Unions More Important Than People?

  1. That’s the unions for you. I wonder how the people feel going without power. Would they have sent them back or let them work? Unions truly do do mor harm than good.

    1. At this point in time unions do NO good, they are only concerned with how much money they can steal from the rank & file members.

  2. Unions have become just harbors for thugs. Once, maybe, there was a purpose for unions–now they are nothing but communist type jackboots.

      1. Buford,
        I watched the whole video from the link you sent, thank you, but after watching I am more convinced than ever this is BS. All the confusion was from paperwork sent by the ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION< NOT THE UNION. The proof is that Non union is working in ny and nj now. Even The GM of Decatur utility said it is not a union issue so why is everybody blaming the union?

        1. There are many scources that say you are a liar. The stories that came out about the problems with Alabama workers and other non-union workers from other right to work states are true. If some compromise has been reached since the delay, so be it. That does not negate the problem , from any aspect.

  3. Now my choice is made for me. Clearly since I am NOT a Union person, I will not donate any funds to the Storm states, because they would not want it! Needless to say when people are in grave danger they would not hesitate to accept ANY help that is offered. Now we understand that is not the case. If you are from a “Right to Work State” your services are not wanted!!??

    1. The problem with that line of thinking is that it is the UNIONS, not the people who need help that are telling the workers that. I would have just said “Too bad, so sad, I still care about those who are suffering and they will HATE you when this becomes public.
      You will lose in the end because you are pissing off your supporters.”

    2. So go to Glenn Beck’s website, mercury one, and donate DIRECTLY to send help in the form of $$, food, water, clothing, etc to those in need!
      Just keeping your money to yourself, does NOT help those in need.

  4. You don’t understand–unions are people. Not in the tax sense like bogus Citizens United’s corporations are people, but unions give members a better wage and standard of living. They protect the voiceless masses from predatory practices of management. That’s reality just as important as disaster relief.

    1. OR … that unions leaders have jobs because of the ‘people’. Millions of people work without unions and make a good salary. Unions leaders are the problem, not the people, not employers …. union leaders are the leaches here.

      And, at this time, to say that unions are as important as disaster relief is insensitive to the persons suffering. You appear to no understanding of what it means to be poor and have little, and then have that taken away from you.

    2. Is the better union wage equal to the union dues? After paying union dues, is your take home the same as non union workers?

      1. I make alot more, that is why I recommend family and friends should work union and get a living wage and pension for their older years to supplement Social Security and not to be a burden on society. Like it used to work not so long ago

        1. Sure you bum you make a lot more at the expense of the unemployed, and the jobs gone overseas, etc. Show me a proud union member and I’ll show you a proud anti-American socialist or worse!

    3. My Gawd, Dockter Billy — you and I need to meet up — seriously.

      While other here will engage your stupidity, I can actually be very reasonable, and come to YOU to talk about these beliefs you have.

      What is your address?

      1. I’ll tell you that you can find it on the net if you look up the name and pay particular attention to the plumbing business in NJ, you will find the name of a union made plumbing supplier. Hint he is no medical doctor. He may truly one of those that never made that himself, but rather benefited from his mob connections!

    4. Right like corporations are people, only unions are sociocommunist and thugs that fight the Constitution and the rights of individuals, and that includes you. And unions broke the back of the free enterprise system and destroyed manufacturing and jobs in this country by there graft and greed that sent all those jobs overseas or shut them down altogether. And you are a union thug.

      1. In your unaccountable post (no last name, just a convict number) you don’t even know what your terms mean–‘sociocommunist’. Is it socialist or communist–they’re opposites? It’s not unions squelching worker collective bargaining voices and freedom of assembly by legislation, but right wing (formerly republican) partisans in states. Take modern history and current civic affairs courses to learn what you’ve written. It was fatcats, corporations, Wall Street speculators and bankers who killed the economy, jobs and housing, so take an economics course, too. When labors wages are stagnant for 30 years and top management grows 250% higher, who’s greedy?

        It’s not joe sixpack going to jail for insider trading and rigging LIBOR interest rates, or sending jobs overseas and firing American workers–it’s the Twit gang who want to be president and accelerate the damage to you and me. I’m looking to expand my business overseas, but it won’t cost one American job. Also check a mirror to see who abets the real thugs who started a war without justification, cut taxes the middle class now pays for, and who mobilizes 1 million poll watchers to intimidate voters. The name ‘dunce’ comes to mind.

        1. I do not have to tell people that follow this site what you are, but, leftist liberal educated mobster comes to mind! Only a fool can not see the crossovers between socialism and communism whether you like the Obama crossover and up-to date jingo or not. It has been a while since I graduated , but I did not stop studying and learning, especially about the leftist movement and it coordinated efforts to capture this nation and bring it down. I have seen the enemy. You can too, look in the mirror! Your so called knowledge is a reflection of pure Marxism. PS; I studied economics, real economics at a real university. we are about the same age, but I did not forget or become dumber as I aged.

        2. Well this proves the fact that Unions are now worthless. The Unions have been around these last 30 years, why didn’t they stop this? You know why they didn’t because the big boys in the unions are also top management. Compare their salaries to the salaries of the Union Member and how much their salaries have increased in the last 30 years. Oh and by the way, what forced the banks to go under was Barney Frank and his blow buddies who forced banks to make loans that people could not afford. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack were the biggest contributors for the banks failing. Again a liberal agenda.

        3. There’s something to what you say about union leadership. Just imagine what would happen without any collective bargaining? Recall how the severe conservatives have (1) negotiated for the big companies using fear tactics and (2) split public and private sector union members from the unrepresented workers. That means non-union workers have been subdued due to lack of power, union negotiators have been given ‘excessive’ benefits and (in the public sector) cut off at the knees by a public that blames teachers for student non-performance and lack of application via bogus testing, and made the scapegoat for high local taxes.
          BTW banks (even now with expanded money supply) don’t lend when they don’t want–no way to force them to do it. So, (1) they combine risky investment with safe retail banking and become too big to fail, while (2) pouring money into real estate creating a bubble begging for a bust lending to unqualified people they can control. Why? (1) like Leaman Bros. they increase risk and pit one customer against another–bankruptcy; and they rely on SIPC and FDIC to guarantee risks; (2) use robosigning with document-less lending to people they shouldn’t. Dodd-Frank’s sin was to come too late to stop the hemorrhaging when the risky investing tanked the stock and housing markets. Fannie and Freddie don’t lend, just bought those risky mortgages with no substance. And don’t you want a stable population via home ownership to insure steady real estate taxes for local schools and protective services like fire and police??? That’s home ownership, a worthy national goal. Do you think only the fatcats should be home owners? What an elitist!!! There’s much more you don’t understand, but space prevents. . .

    5. Bill, Unions are no more people than corporations are people. In fact I would argue that corporations are more deserving of the classification “people” than unions. Corporations employ people for the purpose of creating goods and services for the benefit of, or to improve the lives of other people. They do it at a profit so that they can continue to employ people and create the goods and services that you, yourself consume. Unions exist for the purpose of extorting money from the companies for their own profit. When you take dues, fees, fines, etc from the unions out of the equation there is very little left for the people that they claim to benefit. They extort from the corporations and both threaten and carry out acts of violence against anyone, management, not union workers and even union workers who stand in their way. Unions are not people, they are parasitic thugs who live off of the efforts of others.

  5. …and now I read that Union thugs are busy stealing Romney/Ryan signs from all over…. is this part of their ‘job descriptons’ and are they being paid to do this with other union members’ dues???? They are really getting desperately afraid of losing this election…they may have to do withOUT the ‘big daddy’ government’s “contributions” and really WORK for a living!!!!!

  6. New Jersey Governor, Christie should have disbanded the Unions when he took over the office. Unions are so greedy, so afraid someone else might get the job done in a timely manner, apparently the union workers saw no urgency in getting the power restored. All the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, need their utilities restored, it is getting cold and young children and the elderly can’t take cold. So I wish these unions would get out of the way

    1. If Chris Cristie had the power to disband the unions then that would make him a dictator. You still have to vote. We just need to insure that the liberals can’t rig anymore elections.

    2. Has anybody heard more about Romney’s wife and her “blind” trust capturing a 4000% profit on the auto bail out? Somehow they bought one of the parts suppliers, maybe Delphi, for 67cents and sold the company to the government for $30 by threatening to cut off parts to GM and Chrysler. Monday might see charges filed against her.. It cost 25,000 American union jobs.

      1. Where did you get this information? I have never heard of it but have heard about Romney outsourcing jobs which Fact Check proved a lie. He wasn’t even at the company when this happened. Obama didn’t mention that that the companies executives contributed tons of money to his campaign. The liberals are desperate any old port in a storm even if it is a lie.

        1. Clinton signed NAFTA and G.E. went to Mexico where it later was found out that they didn’t pay any income tax. Never heard of them outsourcing to China but they are big contributors to Obama. Why are you being so evasive? You still haven’t come up with any FACTS about where your allegations come from. What is your source? A union? If you believe anything Obama or a union boss says I have a beautiful orange bridge for sale cheap.

        2. They are not outsourcing ,they are involved in financing while allowing theft of intellectual property…

        3. James … Let us not forget the business G.E. is still doing in Iran… G.E. is a global conglomerate that no business being affiliated with our government and NOT PAYING any taxes..

        4. How about Obozo paying off his contributors for his election. He wasn’t very honest and had US pay for it! Get your facts straight! I would trust Anne Romney better than that so called first lady. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her butt!

        5. Anncast. Check who you send your replies to. You just put me down for saying essentially what you said. Re-read my post.

      2. No and the media has not told the truth about Obama and all the low life crap he has pulled either and all you fools believe every this lying full of Dictator says fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me I just I had known about that deal and piss on the union and their thugs .

      3. I have all my life thought the KKK was a bad poisen out fit but they are not nearly as bad as the Union Thugs they are pretty damd low to let those people sufer while they stop help from doing some of the work they are pretty LOW DOWN .

      4. Hey mental midget! What does this have to do with getting NJ, NY, and other states without power and having storm damages repaired???? Take your crap elsewhere and pedal it to the moooslims. By the way, please move there (Saudi ARabia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunesia,etc)

      5. So What … It is obvious you know nothing about business and it is apparent you fail to realize that Government has NO BUSINESS interfering in free enterprise…The truth be told … we are buying cars these days that have been subject to government regulation while the unions with their greed for absurd pensions and salaries leave us with an average cost for a vehicle is 30 thousand dollars…. My first new car cost me 2900 dollars our kids first new car is 29000 … WHY ? Mismanagement ,Government regulation and union greed…

      6. Here is the only place that the story seems to appear.

        The charges are being brought by the United Auto Workers as reported by which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PulsePoint which is owned by Patrick Vogt who happens to be the Swiss heir to the Nestle fortune and is currently under investigation for illegally wiring money to the Obama re-election campaign ( foreign donations are not legal in the US presidential election process).

        So how much credence should we put on a story of this sort? I would say absolutely none. It smells so bad I had to close some of my browser windows to avoid the stench.

        On the other hand, what do you think about the reports from former CNN emmy award winning reporter Amber Lyon stating that the Obama administration pays CNN to run some stories and also not to run others?

        1. I don’t think odumbo is doing this. I think Soros is doing this. Odumbo is just Soro’s puppet. Let’s see what type of house odumbo lives in when he’s booted out of office and goes to live in Hawaii.

        2. Anita, You think that Soros has enough clout to push Vogt to do this? I would disagree. I think that Vogt, while a friend of Soros did this one on his own. I think that Soros would have been much better at covering the tracks.

      7. Stop with the lies. I am so sick of you liberals lying. I have never seen it this bad. Do you think if this lie is true that the media would have missed this? They have dragged these people through the mud.
        Go away, really. You are obviously a troll.

      8. Anything – anything that bho’s thugs can and will say to save his lying position as commander in chief they will do. Fact is that bho put Delphi out of business but not before the employees lost their pensions. This is a fact, check it out yourselves. BUT the unions received theirs didn’t they – fact, check it out. Long term employees (satalite companies) and stock holders both common and preferred lost their retirements – fact, check it out. So whoever this troll is that just had to somehow try to discredit Romney put the facts and the truth out there before a bunch of lies, or say nothing at all

    3. Boncarbo I agree with you that unions are greedy because they want the power to make every employee a union person so they get more money to put in the upper Union thugs. They use part of this money to manipulate the government. More money in their pockets. They didn’t care about the people. When will the people understand that Unions are not for them but for themselves. Children, elderly, nobody is given a thought when it comes to making their point. Again, all American people need to stand up and say we don’t want you, UNION, any more.

      1. Jet fuel for business jet flights, to the Caribbean Islands, during the month of January, so those Big Union Bosses can have strategy meetings is expensive. Union member please give until it hurts, the job you save might be the Union Presidents.

    1. After Christie having a LOVE fest with Obammie, I could never vote for him if he ran for president. I agree….Christie is toast.

    2. He may not have even known they were turned away until after it happened. We need to get the rest of the story. From what I understand, he has a hostory of concern for his constituents, and this type of reaction would be counterintuitive with that history.

  7. What is really sad is that the people/customers have no say nor recourse. If they want electricity in their houses they must buy from the company(s). In union states in order to work (for most conpanies – electric companies) you MUST belong to the union.
    The only recourse I see is that the people MUST rise up and VOTE in a Right-to-Work law/

  8. It appears evident that N.J.Gov. Chris moved over to the Obama side… and , now supports the Union goons, that are sinking American, into an Economic Armagedon…
    Great going Chris!


  9. unions may have been a good idea at one time but they have long
    sense outlived their usefulness except to the union bosses who get paid
    whether the rank and file do. They take the dues and give them to the

    democrat party with no input from the people paying the dues. Unions
    another tentacle of the socialist “democrat” party

    1. Better for someone to put their trust directly with their employer rather than ANY union!! At least one does not have to pay DUES to their employer…. and have it given to political causes that they oppose…. I totally support RIGHT TO WORK all across America… I support FREEDOM….while the Left only TALKS about CHOICE when it comes to killing one’s baby in the name of WOMENS’ HEALTH CARE….. :-(

      1. I work in a non-union shop, and If i need ANYTHING, I go to the boss, let him know what is needed, and I get it, simple as that. We don’t need the unions anymore than we need Odummer, and it doesen’t cost me dues, out of my pocket,

  10. As a FEMA Disaster inspector and NonUnion, Now I’m glad I turned down the request for PB Disaster deployment to inspect damaged property caused by “Sandy.” I knew what kind of damage I would find….my wife is named “Sandy” but I didn’t know I would have to fight Unions in order to help those impacted. Maybe those Union Thugs can give people a place to live till they get theirs rebuilt.

  11. A crew from Decatur Utilities
    from Alabama answered the call and traveled up to Seaside Heights and
    started to work on the downed power lines. However, it was not long
    before they were told to pack up and go back home
    In an interview with Stuart Varney on Fox business, Friday, Nov 2, Mr Hardin said that his crew never reached N.J. but that they were in Virginia when they received the aforementioned paperwork. Regardless of what da Tagliare personally believes and/or thinks he does all of us a disservice by playing fast and lose with the facts. Let us not behave as our friends to the left in their efforts to re-elect Obama by any means necessary.
    Read more:

    1. John O’Rielly, my understanding that a few had made it to New Jersey and were starting to help but the majority were in Virginia when the word came of the attempted Union Extortion and wise Decatour Utility Company management turned them all around. If you ever get the opportunity to vote for a State or National “Right to Work Law” do yourself and your State/Country a big favor and vote to enact one. If you ever want to experience a Union controlled Government meltdown, move to Calif. (or New Jersey)..

    2. @John O’Reilly,
      The story that the crew from Alabam only made it to VA is at variance with what I heard on other sources. I also heard a video clip of these alabama workers being called scumbags and scabs by (NJ) union members. I don’t think the people of New Jersey who were without power were concerned about who got it operational again.

  12. Be my guess obamas union buddies had something to do with this.Had a union where i worked for 16 of my 39-1/2 years with this company.During that time the union did’nt mind taking dues from the employees that belonged to the union.We went on strike that lasted 125 days.The union gave me $20.00 in all those 125 days for picket duty.Ws’nt that nice of them? Oh also in all those 16 years we won a grand total of one (1) grevience.Unions are ok for a few reasons but have gotten out of hand and very greedy.

  13. Unions are gangs of thugs and should be treated like the Crips and the Bloods. We should outlaw them and deport anyone who tries to start them back up. They are evil and un-American.

  14. Hey, with the number one organizer and class warfare Pres in the White House is it any surprise? He is the #1 union thug!

  15. The people of the state, in particular those without power, need to remember this when they vote. They need to remember this when their union neighbors complain or strike.
    The only way something like this changes is for there to be pressure put on the unions and the elected officials to make the changes. I mean a significant amount of pressure through the media, use any form possible, use letters to the editor and talk shows, go national media not just local. Make the unions a specific issue for the elected officials and stay with it.

    Would it be possible to get generators for neighborhoods to use instead of the electicity from the unionized power company?

    I did not say it would be easy. It may cause some violence because the unions won’t want to give up any power and control they have, they want more!

    There is a time and place for unions and some are good. The ones I have trouble with are the ones that pay the employees of the union offices more than the actual working members. And then when the members are striking those same union office employees get paid in full the entire time is just wrong. For all of the office, management, negotiators or what ever their titles, they need to receive no money while the rank and file are on strike, the same as the rank and file. I bet strikes would not last very long!

  16. These Unions make me sick. This is the perfect example why these unions have to go.Who supports these unions have to go too.

  17. ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE! News reports here in NJ have been attempting to quell this rumor, which was first broadcast by a television station in Alabama yesterday. We need all the help we can get, and there are many non-union workers here engaged in restoring power. I can’t believe that a site is still posting this misinformation, was was proven false more than 24 hours ago. I share many of the anti-union comments here, but am appalled by those who say they will not contribute to the recovery effort based on this misleading information!

    1. Carol B
      Keep agreeing with the anti-union comments, but doesnt it give you pause that such untruths are posted by thes so-called conserative sites? What other misinformation is causing you to be anti-union? Just a thought. I hope you are ok after the storm

      1. You fool, this was not originally broken on any conservative web site. If you were smart enough to check references you would know that. Funny you never posted anything until this story broke. How much is the union paying you to write these unverifiable and stupid rebuttals? Who is paying you? The Obama campaign or the union?

  18. This is a premium example of the death of American ideals. Before BIG government, BIG unions, BIG anything that bullies and manipulates our country away from our founding principles, we were just Americans helping Americans. From barn raising to feeding, clothing and housing victims of disasters, we all come together on our own accord and did what needed to be done. The Alabama utility crew that traveled up to New Jersey still possess that charitable spirit and we thank them for their efforts. May God’s blessings be upon them. New Jersey, on the other hand, displayed that humanity in need was not their concern at all. It was BIG union and bureaucracy which contains no element of compassion or common sense but is instead just a BIG dumb machine that is too BIG, too obscene to do anybody any good.

  19. The famous John L. Lewis delivered many coal miners from poverty. Strong unions were necessary at that time to protect workers from unliveable wages and poor working conditions. Inversely, unions have gone beyond their original charter. The upper echelon has become infested in many cases with socialist/colmmunist, who care only about control, regardless of how the unionized workers fare. Gangster and mofia activity has become common. The union bosses have used dues of the rank and file, without their consent, to support liberal political activities. The good accomplishments of that hard nosed John L. Lewis are no longer duplicated by unions. Instead, we have unresonable demands, mandantry membership, and destructive bargaining with legitment companies. A better word to describe the modern unions would be GANGS. Many of these gangs have supported the current rogue Democrat adminstration, which has demonstrated an intent to destroy businesses in America.

  20. When the union bosses are required to NOT receive a salary, benefits, etc when a strike goes into effect, then and only then will there be no more strikes!!

  21. More proof that unions are Communists who don’t care about anyone. I think every state should be a right to work state and unions were abolished.

    1. Me too. I am totally against forced union membership in order for anyone to get or keep employment and livelihood…. and NOBODY should be forced to give any part of their pay for union dues that goes to political causes that they are deeply against….

  22. Its time to find the unions for their interruption of the common good. When unions can dictate to utility companies, or any companies, that they wil “not permit” companies from hiring people to help out, especially in an emergency, then the union should be fined and lose any government contracts.

  23. I live in a heavily unionized area of texas. My dad was a union member as is my bro in law and nephew. My nephew is all up in it to the point that he can no longer think for himself and believes what ever the union tells him too and can spout union talking points like nobody’s business whether they are true or not. My brother in law is a TeaParty Patriot which is awesome. Unions did have a purpose but I know first hand how a union will just want more and more & they collectively bargain for stuff every year whether they need it or not. You never hear a union say “We are doing well, making good money, got great benefits and healthcare.. we will just renew our contract.. its like, “what else can we get?” it makes me sick.

    Where I live we were slammed by Hurricane Rita in 05, Ike shortly there after and even Hurricane Umberto in between that came on in during the night as a cat one. We went to bed it was a Tropical Storm… I was out of my house for a month when Rita came through and Ike caused water to the rooftops to a neighboring town that my aunt lives in. We had people from all over the country to work here. To help restore power and move debris and were grateful for any help we got – not government help, but just good people that came here to work and help us get things back together. The guys that picked up the garbage got fresh baked cookies from me as soon as I had power. The phone line people working in my back yard got ice water. Neighbors helped each other. The government is a joke and we need to learn to get by without it. That is the difference between the north and the south! I also want to say that if people had guns, as we do here you don’t have to worry about looting.. put up a big sign that says “looters will be shot!” that usually works… Chris Christie is being the scapegoat for this. He didn’t cause it and if he didn’t hang out with the pres he would have been portrayed as horrible for not doing it… and obama is such a evil guy, maybe he would withhold help to NJ because of it. He never helped Texas with the wildfires because he hates us… I am glad the feeling is pretty much mutual!!!!

  24. Don’t forget about the Jones Act! The one that prohibited Scandinavian clean up vessels to come in and help after the Gulf Oil Spill. The Illustrious Janet Napolitano graciously waived the Act yesterday, so non-union crewed fuel tankers could dock and off load much needed fuel. Wasn’t so with the gulf spill. The foreign ships were turned away. Unions have bought and paid for the Democrat Party, The Jones Act should be repealed, but don’t hold your breath. It will be enforced arbitrarily for political reasons, and only with permission of the Unions.

    1. That’s how liberals roll. New Jersey voted for Obama in 2008, whereas my home state of Louisiana did not. It’s payback.


  26. Here in New Mexico we had gone since statehood until Richardson’s corrupt regime. He gave unions the whole state employee base. Richardson was so corrupt he makes clintoon and obama look like saints. Now the unions allow police to commit crime and get paid, prison workers to rape inmates and teachers to have sex with students and all get union lawyers. Union bosses make 10 times the rates the members get and such perks as jets, limos, bodyguards. It is time to outlaw unions for any public entity to get rid of the corrupt politicians that get bought like whores in a Nevada brothel. Look at our Heinrick.

  27. Those union electrical employees in NJ ought to be made to work 24/7 with NO breaks xcept for bathroom breaks(limited to 10 minutes) and NO BREAKS FOR any MEAL UNTIL every CITIZEN IN nj HAS POWER, WATER, GAS, and all the other amenities thatare afforded the homerowner/tenant. After these scumbags are through, they should be put on leave WITHOUT pay indefinitely. I’m surprised and disappointed in the governor for letting such things happen! I used to have a lot of respect for him. Inow have NONE!!!!!!

  28. That Union Goon who yelled out to the Men who were there to help from Alabama that they were scabs and that they were taking money from their families????? Hello you stupid Union moron’s are taking the chance for people to get power and food faster because of your total Stupidity. Shame On them!

  29. Sticking to union workers is not only good business, it is good for safety and quality re-construction. Just because there is a catastrophe we don’t want to saddle the people of the area with sub-standard construction that will be dangerous and problematic for years to come, especially when dealing with utilities. Governor Christie knows this as does every intelligent American. Well done.

  30. Seems to be an amazing parallel between the Unions and the Obama regime. If you don’t ‘goose step’ to their demands you are out, you are nothing but the enemy! When Obama wins this election through corruption and voter fraud he will dictate that we all must buy ‘Jack Boots’ and all walk together in step to his Marxist mandates. I’m still wondering where the Congressional Republican cowards we voted for will stand up to these Communists !!!

  31. The people of New York and New Jersey should go to the homes and headquarters of the Union leaders and cut the power, water and internet off till power and water is restored to the people who were hit by the strom.

  32. Like the article says unions were needed years ago. Now look at the Unions in California they are the highest contributors to the Democrats and basically OWN the State Government. CA right now has hundreds of Billions in unfunded State Pension funds and our Governor is trying to pass new Propositions to raise taxes to cover these debts hidden carefully behind “These new taxes are for the Children and schools” Lies.

  33. Typical American Union thuggery at its best. Power, and money is the driving force for theAmerican Union. The workers are merely pawns. America, wise up, and force your State and Local reps, to vote to have this corrupt group of scum bags removed. They are as stale, and distasteful as yesterdays bread. Samuel Gompers must be smiling.

  34. NO! NO unions are NOT more important than people!!!!!!!!! UNIONS HAVE BECOME WAY TOO POWERFUL AND ITS TIME TO KNOCK THEM BACK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

  35. omg, really !!! All you haters out there have your houses filled with crap from China, driving foreign cars and keep walmart employees thriving with their non union wages and welfare benefits to help them survive…Wake the @#$! up…We are the problem!!! Stop blaming everyone else and have some pride in your country idiots!!!!!!

    1. These guys only hear the echo chambers in their own head. If half the people posting would just think for a minute perhaps they wouls realize they are getting angry at the wrong people.
      I guess everyone on here is a multibillionaire and did it all on their own and made a fortune because they were so talented.

  36. While I feel sorry for some of the people, I do not feel sorry for New Jersey. This is what they wanted and this is what they got.

  37. We have Laws in plae to protect all our rights! The Unions live lives of magnificent-mafia and luxurious lives on the backs of hard-working Americans! Without giving anything beneficial back! The indecent amount of “graft” they collect in a year does nothing to improve anything except their own lifestyle! They are velcro leeches, and should be dis-banded!

  38. every state should be a “right to work” state. is is unamerican to be forced to join any entity in order to be employed. do not understand why it is constitutional to be forced into joining anything so that one can work and fee their family.

  39. This is unbelievable, everyone is screaming for help in their electricity but what happens they turn them away because they are not union. What is more important human life or unions? Who is responsible for this travesty? Unions are not what they use to be. Now they are crooked and are using the government to keep them in business. Sandy did enough damage are we going to let the unions dictate who helps us and who doesn’t. Please, haven’t the people in NJ had enough. Get the unions out of the equation.

  40. It was not only Decatur Utilities,Huntsville Utilities,and Joe Wheeler EMC from Trinity Alabama answered the call.All three Utility groups went up there and all three were turned away for not being union.I’ll bet they don’t want the people of New Jersey to know why they don’t have power yet.

  41. MOST of what I see in the comments is true, there is something we all can do, you may feel helpless but the way to hurt the unions is refuse to use union shops, union labor and don’t vote for any person that accepts union money. Yes at one time the unions were controled by the Mob and they used the members as whips to whip the employers, but they did get change for the workers. now the unions are controled by unAmerican out siders that wish to see America ruined and government take over as oboma wants.We have a lot of house cleaning to do, so everyone start now and with all of us doing our little part we become a large power as we truely are. don’t let these enimies come into our house and steal our country.

  42. I have dealt with the Teamsters Union as an Independent Owner Operator with a Union card. You could be the next on the board and they would run the Union Trucking Company and drivers around you. Then if you have no choice but to pull non union loads to survive; you become scabs/low life’s/. In Wisconsin, I had loaded at Kraft and the pickets had setup while I was inside the plant. When I went to leave they blocked me and threatened to destroy my truck and me with harm. I wasn’t crossing a picket, I was leavening and two of the men had loaded my truck. They back away when my argument had more power than their billy bully bats. .

  43. First in a dire emergency all help should be accepted as the people should come first. Without electricity many people are without heat and nights are cold in NJ which leaves families with infants and the elderly in danger of serious health problems which can lead to deaths. The governor needed to speak to his citizens and tell them that while he supports the electrical union due to the huge amount of damage outside help will be brought in just for this emergency union and non union. However I do admit that I once belonged to a union and come from a union family but my belief in unions deteriated solely because of the SEIC which is nothing more then a crooked political machine and is the root cause of the publics distrust of unions today!

  44. Few people are aware of union history. Unions are a creation of the Communist Party. German Marxists formed the first US union in 1852. Unions serve two main purposes. (1) Recruit members and raise funds. (2) Destabilize and destroy the target countries economy.

  45. Shame on the unions. They are supposed to be for the little guy? We have fellow Americans suffering without the basic necessities and they are responsible for turning away help? What in heavens’ name is wrong with these people?????

  46. Union members demand and get high pay regardless of how good they are. As a result, their retired pay is more than the wage scale for the same skills in Right to Work states and when they retire their retirement pay is more than the working wages in Right to Work states. Then as soon as they retire they move to the warmer climate right to Work States and want us to charge them less for out services. So here is the deal, If they cant use our help becaise we wont buy their damn card, then we should pass laws that p[rohibit union members from retiring in our states, Wd can live with a lot less snow birds.

  47. Why wasn’t the union guy up the pole instead of a non-union guy from GA? Where are the damn corrupt union workers in a time of need? This should serve as notice to the people in need that unions do not care about human tragedy and suffering. They only want their union pay scale and screw the rest.

  48. Where the “hell” is Governor Christie, and President Obama, for that matter. Promises broken already by both. Red Tape, Unions, and BxxxSxxx all wrapped into one big ball of crap and lies. I too have the Unions screwing up productivity and moral. New Jersey at it’s worst….

  49. This makes me think of the 1954 motion picture “On The Waterfront”, in which the underbelly of Union corruption is deftly exposed by director Elia Kazan. Apparently not much has changed in 58 years.

  50. I have heard numerous people talking about these workers from Alabama but are you aware that the same thing happened to Oncor and other workers from Texas? That’s a long way to travel (out of the goodness of their hearts) only to be called scumbags and told to turn around and leave.

  51. The residents of NEW JERSEY should be outraged and there should be an INVESTIGATION . Imagine those GOOD SAMARITAN from ALABAMA drove all the way there only to be turned away. The IBEW – is going to investigate itself? The UNION has blood in their hands if people die from lack of Power and freeze to death.

  52. I hate unions! Have a good friend that the union he belonged to went bankrupt and they lost their pension but the union bosses etc walked away smelling like a rose and lost nothing. They are mini dictatorships. NJ should kick all the unions out as the unions don’t care about the peoples health and welfare.

  53. UNIONS SHOULD BE DISBANDED. iN A FREE SOCIETY, NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RIGHT TO WORK OR BE INTIMIDATED BY THOSE WHO WOULD FORCE THEM TO ORGANIZE OR SUFFER PHYSICAL and emotional beatings at the hands of union goons and associated thugs. There was a time when they, the unions were necessary to insure the rights of the worker but, that day is long past and there are whole government agencies to see to those rights bering maintained by such as Osha, the Department of Labor and HEW.Ther is no longer a need for the unions or the money as special interest groups they providfe to candidates who support THEIR labor dictatorial agendas at the expense of the American working family. I have been on both sides oif the fence in retail clerks international and Temsters unions and as a mid level salaried manager in Seafood Manufacturing for 26 years where MY 350 employees would TELL you I weas better to them than ever the union was. In this country, there should be no such thing as blood moiney for the RIGHT to work and support one’s family.

  54. So is Christie the new flip flopper? It just goes to show that Romney made the right choice to ot pick him as the VP! The true colors always come out and the truth be told! Who care who is freaking putting the Power on in America? These control freaks are so sickening to say they are helping, caring, or giving! These union people should be ashamed! We are all here to help each other! Wait till the Martial Law storm hits!

  55. People, it is up to YOU to ensure your state is a Right to Work state. No one else can do it. Unions have no positive influence today except for the bosses who run them. Doesn’t it pi$$ you off to see your union steward driving a nicer car than you and having a boat that you can’t afford? How do you think he does it? Get rid of them now. Put your state and employers in control.

  56. Conservative talk radio played a recording of union thugs screaming and cursing at a power crew from Alabama, calling them scabs and saying they were taking away jobs. Unions started out as being a voice for the American worker, especially with companies who didn’t give a hoot about how they treated the everyday worker who was putting money in their pockets. But like many things, it’s morphed into a hydra headed monster that puts a union membership ahead of public safety-time for the unions to go.

  57. Where in the hell was Christie when the Decateur Electricions were turned away. He had his head up Oblunder’s Arse, since he is a Rino. People of New Jersey, I hope you think about this while your shivering in the nights to come. I sound calous but you are not thinking, these guys offered to help you in a time of need.

  58. This is why I hate unions. They were a good idea when they actually wanted to help their people but now it’s all about the power they can wield over them. All unions need to be abolished.

  59. And look what happened to Eastern Airlines picketing, going on strike. That was Hasta la waygo, Baby – and I won’t be back!!!. Thank the Unionsfor putting them out of business!!!

  60. Why Chris Christy puts up with this nonsense I haven’t a clue! That. plus his hob-nobbing with the Dithering Doofus makes me have 2nd thought about Chris Christy!

  61. If You want to put a kink in the colon of the unions start writing Your

    state representative E-mailing and calling his local office and push for

    Right to work in Your state if enough people do this some one is going
    to get the message. Look what happened in Wisconsin . I think the

    union thugs got the message

  62. What comes first ? Your petty sorry ass union? Or helping your fellow neighbor? Unions , like liberturds are useless!! Same as obumma.the U.N.and dimmiecraps , moosluts , PURGE THE TURDS FROM OUR NATION!

  63. Jesus said love. When did you cross the desert? Youre an absolute fool, arent you. Your information is not only wrong, it was another one of the democrats made up fantasies. If democrats doesnt know the truth, it really doesnt matter, just make something up. So, get your facts correct, and your crying towel ready. Tuesday will be a bad day for you, again!

  64. We can all come together to help other countries but heaven forbid a non union person try to help out a union state. Who’s the moron who turned down the help, fire the SOB.

  65. Those unions do nothing positive for no one,included workers,and companies,they want the moneis from workers,and companies that all.

  66. If I was there and going through what the people in NYC, and NJ, et al, are going through right now, I would DEFINITELY * n o t * CARE who got the power back on and it’s hard to imagine that the people who are suffering so much in the aftermath of this horrendous storm would feel any different. I don’t know… Maybe I’m wrong….. but I would hope not….

  67. Over the years I have worked for several companies that have closed their doors up North and moved down South just to get away from the Unions. At one point in my career, I worked as an Engineer for a company in upstate New York. In that capacity, I designed an Automatic Storage/Retrieval System for Ford Motor Co. in Tetterboro, N.J. While on one of my many trips to the installation site, I was told that because I was non-union, I couldn’t work on the equipment. I went to the G.M. and he gave me a pass that allowed me to enter the building after hours so I could complete my work and be able to get the system up and running. If it had not been for that ability, the system would still be idle. This is the mentality of the Unions. As I tried to explain to them,I designed the system so I do believe that I know what I was doing but they would not hear of it. No Union….No Workee.

  68. The unions are not the problem. They are needed to protect the workers and assure the workers get a fair playing field with the employer, they are also needed to keep the employers on the up and up. What isn’t needed is the POWER BOSSES of the unions. Corruption isn’t only in politics and unions need to be banned from politics!

  69. Unions are Communist TOOLS. Don’t you know that by now? It’s al about protecting THIER sphere, and power. It’s NOT about being good citizens, or even decent humans. Almost 80 years on, we hear about Hitler Hitler Hitler 24/7. We NEVER hear about Soviet/Bolshevik/Communist Russia. Why is that? Thnk there may be a reason?

  70. At one time the Unions did do good things, but they have changed. Unions have become an enemy to America. Unions would rather innocent children, the elderly and everyone in between die before allowing a non-union member to help them. Unions will destroy America with their greedy ways. I am glad I live in a right to work state.

  71. Private sector unions have every right to exist ebut it should be susceptible to the free market without government protectionismances. They would then be forced to actually be competitive in performance and cost. Public sector unions should be abolished and go back to civil service standard. The very people they negotiate contract are the same. People they elect? No potential for corruption there!

  72. As a kid in the late fifties, I remember how unions ruined Great Britain’s ship building, steel industry and coal. Things got so bad over there, that they had many thousands of teachers and engineers leave the U.k. for this country. They called it the Brain Drain. UNIONS, have always been looking out for themselves ONLY. They are NOT our friends. Do not buy GM products, and all government employee unions need to be made illegal. No more teacher, firemen or police unions. WE WHO PAY FOR THAT are treated like krap by the very same people we have supported for decades. SCREWTHEMALL.


  74. This is EXACTLY WHY UNIONS SHOULD BE DISMANTLED. They nolonger serve any purpose for the people that have to pay the fees. For those horses patoots to basically say “screw my neighbors and community” they don’t get their services restored unless I get the overtime… and I’ll get to it when I get to it”… THAT IS BULLSHIT! All the residents should be screaming at the top of their lungs, they should get photos of these union thugs and get their names and put all this inthe front page of all the papers. These folks pictures and names and what they did – throwing eggs, calling the help “scabs, scum”, should be in the front page. If I was Governor of New Jersey, I would have put a stop to that crap RIGHT NOW, These folks came to HELP PEOPLE IN DESPERATE NEED.

  75. The democrats and the unions have destroyed the entire economy of the Ohio valley. The people of the Ohio valley have voted democrat for the last 60 years and the cost of union labor and the work ethic of union workers has put most manufacturing businesses into bankruptcy. Most of thr voters from the Ohio valley are still voting democrat. My grandpappy said never vote for a Republican. Go to youtube and listen to the interviews of obama voters on the Howard Stern show and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  76. Surely this wouldn’t surprise anyone about the power of Unions in a union State..look at Detroit, Michigan…and all others like New York, LA and SanFrancis…Unions now days do more damage to the American People than any other force outside of Government. During the Time In America when we didn’t have all of the protection laws we now have on the Books protecting workers and conditions within the work environment…unions served an important purpose..but those days have gone..and now all they do is fight for a pay increase to increase their own income for increased due payments.

    The unions during the time all of Americas Manufacturers were leaving the USA the Unions didn’t say or do a thing…but they were right their with their grubby little hands for the kick back in Union dues!! Yes, Obama we are clear about this!! You and your Union buddies can’t wait to take away from the poor and middle class to serve your own personal greed(s)!! We Are Very Clear About This Truth!! Thanks why our Money Once Had “In God We Truth” Because they knew long before that at some point in our history we would have people like you and the Unions that we should not trust when it comes top Money!!

  77. The past fifty years, I’ve watched the Big Unions grow into a mafia organization. Their tactics are rather similar. Union boys and girls think they are very important and can tell businesses what they can and can’t do. In other words, they are not only tough and dirty mouthed but bullies. They use dues to have their own parties and waste the hard worker’s money. They make harsh demands that no business should ever endure. I think it mighty strange that in this poor economy people must pay to work!!!! In a case of Natural Disaster, one would think that unions would allow anyone to help but that isn’t happening in NJ., maybe elsewhere. I hope the NJ Electric union workers had to work 20 hour shifts without relief. Ummm boy, $$$$$$$ from the poor folks that have to pay for all the work to get their power up and running! You wait and see, the people without power will have to foot the bill to get their electric restored. That’s how most electric power companies work it. I have no idea why workers are paid an hourly wage by the company then gouge the electric user when power must be restored. Still a mystery to me.

  78. Your union and thug led leftist at their finest hour! Go ahead fools and vote for Obama and the thugocracy. You better be prepared for the revolution of the patriots!

  79. I bet Decateur Utilities general manager was threatened and that’s why his story changed. The NE unions have always been out for blood because of who runs them. Independent truckers were killed when they were trying to haul steel (in Pgh) when teamsters were on strike. The drivers were picked off when driving on highway!! No one was ever arrested. Brother was threatened with bodily harm if he continued unloading a truck by a union member. Many union members there are flat out thugs!! Have lived in the Phila, northern New Jersey, and Pittsburgh areas.

  80. Ran into that when they tried to Unionize our local ‘K’ damage to my car. As far as I know they did not succede .

  81. These unions are nothing more then thugs. They don’t care about the poor people that need their services and they don’t care if anyone dies because of them. They just want to let everybody know that they have the upper hand in this area of work. God will take care of these same people and punish then in due time. Next, you’ll have these guys asking the people that they are fixing the electric in front of their house if they belong to a union and if they are not union members they’ll move to the next pole. Unions have become the lowest form of life.

  82. Unions got me fired because I refused to be lazy and turn out work at the rate they wanted me to put it out. I reached the quota daily by 10 am having started at 7:30. then they wuld expect me to stop working. so at first they put me on the night shift thinking that would slow me down. They were a bit upset the next morning when the day shift came in to do their work and there was nothing for them to work on ;-). so i was fired because i made the day shift look bad.

  83. The
    POTUS (President of the United States) says “Wait ’till t/full
    investigation is completed” … The State Dept. is Investigating Itself?
    What conclusion do you think they will come to ? The POTUS says… ”
    the Conservatives are Politicizing the Issues
    of Benghazi” ? Did he not Politicize the Issue by choosing not to
    rescue our American Citizens who were in Harms Way ? WHY ? – He Was
    Afraid of his own Downfall Like Carter ? Do not Deny those Brave
    Americans what they DIED for … Your VOTE can FREE our AMERICA from
    it’s current Tyranny & Dictatorship that has our Country in a
    Stagnant Gridlock for the last 4 Years ! VOTE for all the Patriots who
    died so you can have the right to say what is Best for Our Future !
    Don’t let the Unions and the Government Subsidy Dependents change our
    America ! Vote for the Business Man who has a plan, not the Community
    Organizer who makes decisions for his Campaign Donations ! GOD ~ ~ COUNTRY : )

  84. This dreck was proven false days ago. There’s only one reason to continue promulgating lies and it isn’t for the good of the people or the country.

  85. I know first hand what you are saying about Unions who refused to talk to companies for months at a time. About 20 years ago the New Orleans Police Dept. went on strike. The Union sent a representative to represent the policemen. This Union had 6 months to negotiate a settlement. This idiot was put up in one of the best Hotels in New Orleans. He had a $500.00 a day expense account. On top of this all his hotel, laundry, food, and any expense he accumulated was paid for by the Union. He had an auto at his disposal. You know when a contract was finally signed. The day before the 6 months expired. To top it off he negotiating a contract that gave the police less money and benefits than the city of New Orleans originally offered them. So much for Unions looking out for their members. Members only pay for the big wheels in the Unions to live like big wheels. People need to wake up.

  86. In the age of Robber Barrons, sweatshops and child labor unions had a purpose and worked for the workers good. Aong the decades as unions grew they moved toward working for the bosses! Now the unions are there to make the UNION BOSSES FAT CATS WITH POWER THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO WIELD!
    I was a member of the NJEA back in the 60’s and was proud of it! I was an officer in a Local of the AFL CIO in the 80’s and came to see that the only thing they were concerned about was drawing more and more dues and political power! Now they cater to illegals who are easier to control – at least in their first generations! The Unions of today have become a threat to the AMERICAN WORKERS and to our REPUBLIC!

  87. unions are paid with tax payers money Obama and his hand outs is why they back him. so look at his recent promise no red tape will hold this up. seems the unions are color blind only color they can see is green , starts with g just like greed

  88. Where was Christie to take command and tell the Unions to back off the people come first last and always not Socialist Communist Unions. Christie: is he really the guy we thought he was or just another Polititian controlled by Union donations?

  89. You want to talk union’s? My father was in the electrical union here in Ohio for all of his life and never realized how he was getting ripped off. Vacation’s? They took a little money from each week’s pay, so that in June they could present him with his 2 week vacation pay, that he paid for himself. He worked mostly in new home construction and I remember him telling us that if there was a pipe left on the floor, he could not touch it. He had to call one of the union piper fitter’s to pick it up, so he didn’t trip over it. How rediculous is that? When he died, all he got was a bible with his name on it. My mother was cut off from his pension.
    Union’s were needed at one time—-until the cheat’s got their hands in it.
    My husband and I owned a machine shop and we told our employee’s that if anyone thought they were going to bring in a union, we’d close the door’s.

  90. Hey…I’m to the right of Attila the hun but this accusation has been proven as B.S. I had the occasion to meet these people at their staging area in central NJ and they’re from ALL OVER the US and Canada. There were no “union” requirements .

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