New Report Looks at Liberal Violence, Blames Conservatives

A new report issued by the Westpoint Combating Terrorism Center purports to raise the alarm on a “dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating from individuals and groups who self-identify with the far-right of American politics.”

Got that? That’s conservatives who are violent, right?


The report, titled “Challengers From the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right,” looks at three major categories of the allegedly violent Right. They are: “a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.”

In the first group, you’ve got your Nazis and your KKK, including skinheads. Let’s review some real history, not the revisionist leftist stuff taught in schools. The word “Nazi” is a compound-contraction of the German words for “National Socialist Workers Party.” Note the word “socialist.”

In the 1930s, as the Nazis rose to prominence, they were supported by many in the political Left in America. To this day, the Nazis in America remain a leftist group in that they do not believe in equality, individual liberty or tolerance, which are the principles that inspired the Founding Fathers and forged the American character. The KKK, similarly, was founded by Democrats to oppose the equality and personal liberty of blacks. As recently as a few years ago, the Democrat Party included a prominent KKK Grand Cyclops, Robert Byrd, who found a home in the Senate.

The American Communist, Socialist and Nazi Parties all have endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement. None of them has endorsed the Tea Party or the GOP. The report tries to link the groups’ racism to conservatives, but it is the Democrat Party that is full of racist groups, including for blacks and hispanics. And don’t get me started on the Islamic terrorist fronts like CAIR.

The Nazis and KKK have always fit right in with the rest of the Left. Democrats just don’t want to admit it because those two groups promote whites, which is politically incorrect, and liberals have invested a lot of energy in teaching gullible children who turn into gullible adults that racism is a characteristic of conservatives.

Skipping to the report’s third group, the supposed “fundamentalist movement,” the author identifies this group as “Christian Identity,” citing the example of the Aryan Nation, which is, once again, a Nazi group. According to the report, these people “fuse religious fundamentalism with traditional white supremacy and racial tendencies, thus promoting ideas of nativism, exclusionism, and racial superiority through a unique interpretation of religious texts that focuses on division of humanity according to primordial attributes.”

It’s a peculiar strain of thinking that would derive hatred of Jews, or anyone else, from the Bible, which mostly concerns itself with the Jews as God’s Chosen People. It’s particularly twisted to try to pin anti-Semitism on Christianity, which derives its identity from a Jewish carpenter who Christians acknowledge as the Son of God and Messiah. Historically, there have been plenty of people and entire churches that fell into sin and embraced anti-Semitism, but they weren’t behaving as Christians no matter what they called themselves. That sort of addled thinking historically is solidly on the Left, and the report is clearly trying to slander Bible-believing Christians.

The American Revolution was fought by many Jewish patriots side by side with their Christian neighbors. In fact, the Revolution probably would have failed if not for the support of Haym Salomon, a Polish Jewish immigrant and patriot who near single-handedly secured funding for the war effort.

Which brings us back to the other “terrorist” group in the report, the anti-federalist movement. The report’s author clearly is trying to tar this group as well, but he has a hard time of it. By the report’s own admission, the anti-federalists believe:

“That the American political system and its proxies were hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a ‘New World Order’ (NWO) in which the United States will be absorbed into the United Nations or another version of global government. They also espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.”

Based on this description, the report is trying to slander the Tea Party, veterans, believers in the Constitution and just about every true conservative. The statements about the NWO, government corruption and intrusion on individual rights are all rational conclusions that anyone who has observed our modern politics might reach. The nail in the coffin, in the report author’s thinking, is support for activism, individual freedom and self-government.

If support of activism, freedom and self-government is terrorism, then I’m a terrorist. And a lot of decent Americans are, too.

That seems to be the real point of the report. Average Americans who know their history and support American values are indeed a threat to the Left that runs our government because they ARE the extremists.

Just ask yourself where you would feel safer, at a Tea Party or veterans rally, or at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration? Despite the Left’s many attempts to foment racist and violent incidents at Tea Party rallies, you won’t find any reports of crimes instigated by conservatives. OWS rallies, by comparison, are usually a rape/theft/assault/vandalism festival.

The CTC report extolls “Progressives” and their “forward, future-based” thinking while lambasting conservatives’ archaic thought processes. It’s easy to praise the Left when you attribute leftist violence to someone else.

The Left has to put out garbage like this report to confuse the public, because if they were honest about who they are or their goals, most Americans wouldn’t vote for them.

828 thoughts on “New Report Looks at Liberal Violence, Blames Conservatives

  1. There HAS been an uptick in conservatives being violent since Obama was elected.

    We have the case of Jim David Adkisson, a conservative who was known for sounding VERY much like a regular here on THIS blog , very anti-liberal, anti communist .. He targeted a local church known to be “liberal” , in an attempt to “rid the world of liberals” … I hear a lot of that “ridding the world of liberals” talk among your GodFatherPolitics readership. I wonder how many more Jim David’s are out there among you?

    1. And why not !! I’m so damned scared that this ‘crazy’ man will turn this country into a part of his world ‘mecca’, and my Kids and Grandkids will NEVER experience true Freedom. This guy hates whites and is slowly separating the people, getting them to fight against each other so they don’t see his subversive methods. If he didn’t cowdown to the Unions, he’d go the way of JFK.

    2. One mentally ill person will not assuage the guilt of the millions of crimes committed every day by the libs……the murder of the most innocent who cannot protect themselves……unborn babies.
      Nor can one mentally ill person assuage the guilt of the libs who have supported a president who is responsible for the murder of Brain Terry, another federal officer and hundreds of Mexican innocent civilians due to Fast and Furious.

      This is the same lying thug in chief who is also responsible for the murder of our ambassador to Libya along with three other Americans who died fighting trying to protect the ambassador and American property.
      How about the libs who are the eco terrorists? They destroy personal property and prevent water from going to the farmers in California.
      How about the libs/union goons who target people with personal property destruction and threaten their lives and their families lives because they vote to NOT support the union?
      I have a whole lot more, but I don’t think you would understand any of it.

    3. First of all Unitarians are not Christians lets get that straight from the get go (and Obama went to one of these in his home state and that is his claim besides the “nice and peaceful” Wright to being one.) As for the shooting that is to be laid at your feet not the conservatives. You liberals are the ones that are driving children to insanity with your pills and teaching of marxism. It is little wonder that they go around shooting things.

    4. It is not hard to tell how close you are to murdering innocents, John. It is all you talk about violence and murder. Is there anything else in your mind besides violence and hate?

  2. “If support of activism, freedom and self-government is terrorism, then I’m a terrorist. And a lot of decent Americans are, too.”

    If conservative is terrorism because they engage in activism, what do they call the liberals/progressives? Liberals/progressives are far more engaged in activism than are conservatives.

    1. DTOM11….According to that description, our Founding Fathers….and anyone else who loves liberty…… would be considered terrorists.

      I think Conservatives have chosen a worthy company to align themselves with.

      1. Well, actually I think the left would love to and some try to brand our founders as terrorists. It’s a convenient way to link their desire to shred the constitution as legitimate if the documents can be inferred to be the product of terrorists. Of course they are not, I believe they are proof of the hand of God in the funding of our Nation.

        1. There are school curriculems in Texas that DO say that the founders were terrorists. They also say that the second Amendment doesn’t apply to all Americans. Just to militias, police, military, etc, despite the Supreme Court’s many rulings to the contrary. Hard to believe we tolerate this nonsense!

        2. Danny Glover the racist actor says that the second amendment was made so we could keep slaves in line or some b s close to that, I don’t pay much attention to idiots like him.

        3. I make it a point to not listen to the Hollywood crowd. The same goes for fools like the women of the View, Letterman and other TV shows of that ilk.

          These people are not capable of critical thought or reason. Unfortunately far too many other everyday Americans have that same affliction. That is the only explanation I have for Obama ever being elected. That and the corrupt Media saying how wonderful Obama is and how evil Republicans are.

        4. “That is the only explanation I have for Obama ever being elected. That and the corrupt Media saying how wonderful Obama is and how evil Republicans are.”
          …..and the independents & republicans that chose not to vote because they didn’t like Romney. Soooo…I wonder how they like Obama being back in for another 4 years. Boy, they really showed him, didn’t they?

        5. Unfortunately, we HAVE to pay attention to idiots just like him. They’re the ones who will be the downfall of our Republic and our freedom. We have to know what they say to be able to fight back against their racist hate.

          Know thy enemy-Sun Tzu

        6. This
          is a fascinating website. The is FRONTPAGEMAGAZINE.COM run by David
          Horowitz. If you don’t know who he was he was a radical communist in the
          1960’s. He woke up.

          Horowitz put together massive web of leftist groups that are interconnected.

        7. He is pretty ignorant of history. The 1965 gun control act
          was passed to disarm blacks. When the Black Panthers held a rally around the CA legislature the legislature then passed a law against open carry of weapons. Previous Gun control in the US was always about disarming blacks, not about arming whites against them.

        8. I believe history would show that the original gun control movement was intended to disarm “negroes,” not the people. Fact is liberals did not want Blacks to have guns to defend themselves. Ironic, isn’t it? Seems to me many black families might still be intact today had they a gun to keep their homes & families safe from the gang & criminal element, since many live in liberal cities, rife with corruption & always on the edge of financial insolvency.

        9. Then get into your school and change things. Insist that the educators recite history as it really happened.

        10. In some textbooks, the Boston Tea Party is viewed as an act of terrorism. Obviously, the authors were left wing, America-haters.

        11. read your Bible carefully, you will see that the sin against the God of Provoidense brings the troubles we are presently in. Nothing changes from 1000 year to 1000 year.. The precious gift of Freedom is taken from us . Return to your knees and pray for the restoration of that consideration of Constitionality. It cost millions of lives in the most terribl;e way to gain the slave’s freedom and the evil tht followed since from the one party u[pset that they were not paid for the slave’s freedom.

        1. Well now, that was a peace loving, tolerant suggestion. I suggest that you practice what you are preaching,…. problem solved.

        2. Gunny,Ya gotta kinda take what ol” jon mescas has to say with a grain of thorazine. He is a complete idiot, and incapable of reasonable thought as indicated by his post’s.

        3. Let me guess John, you are a two-time obama voter, maybe a union member, and I bet you go to church every Sunday to practice your “faith.”

        4. That is real smart. How long did it take you to figure that out? But you are still breathing so you have not figured it out yet.

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        7. No, you can’t but we may have to literally fight it…an old boss of mine used to say, “…you got to fight stupid no matter where you find it.”

      2. The founding fathers were slave owning Native American killing fascists. They should have all been assassinated – that would have been true justice.

        Justice is still coming , The founding fathers constitution will finally be scraped. Justice will be served. America is paying for it’s dirty deeds.

        1. Some where and some where not. It depended a lot where they came from. And now who is the violent little child.. I believe your parents would not be very happy with you.

        2. You, if you count yourself as an American, are one of the most hypocritical, pathetic, misinformed idiots who post on these sites.

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        8. Justice would be if you and those like you were taken out of America and given enough vacant land to start your own country with your very own Maoist Government.Of course after a couple of decades you would have to build a fence around the whole country to keep the regular people from escaping.

        9. “taken out of America”

          It will be a very dead person who tries to “take me” anywhere away from my property.

        10. How will you stop them from hauling you off, John? How? An assault rifle? A Kentucky rifle circa 1776. Heated words and threats of violence?

          But don’t worry, John. Apolloone is wrong to talk about violating your civil liberties. People like me, if pressed, would be obliged to arrive with our lives, our wealth, and our sacred honor, and maybe a Steyr-AUG with thirty -round magazines, to defend your rights. On principle.

        11. Oooooooh, you’re such a rebel, Johnnie boi. I’d love to be the one to take you away from your property ( the back half acre of your cities sewer department). I’m coming for you Johnnie boi.

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          From the sound of your comments, it sounds like you DON’T realize this.

          You really are BEYOND stupid. You’re retarded.

        15. I was referring to the fact that if all the founding fathers were murdered, none of us would be here now would we?

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        19. your pu$$y has gone into hyperconvulsic burn down, get help from kenyan boy soon as it could be fatal.

        20. Mescas is a delusional schizophrenic carrying on a conversation with a
          self proclaimed sniper of conservatives. Two name calling, low esteem
          losers who are part of the problem not the solution. You two, and
          hundreds like you are why this country is in the sewer. You’re so self
          absorbed and opinionated you are unable to offer nothing more then name calling. Conservativesniper (no mental issues here) should change his name to liberalsniper and take out Mescas. Actually, you both would be doing those of us offering valid solutions and positive debate to move
          your childish behavior and conversions to another site….like Field and
          Stream or Popular Mechanics. How’s my spelling DA? ..

        21. Goody. Just remember one thing many of us have friends world wide. You can be tracked and you can be found. Technology works both ways

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          Have a good day sister.

        25. It will come sooner or later. With a mouth running like yours it is just a matter of time. Secondly I am male and I am certainly not related to you. As for hippies the majority of them are typical liberals. Take every body elses money and keep our own while blaming conservatives.

        26. Yes actually I have. I have defended that right along with all the others for over 30 years. Even for a holes like you.

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        32. Why would we want to stop your rantings? You, and your idol, Comrade NObama are offering some of the best comedy available in years.

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      1. Jim David Adkisson. Look him up. Conservative blogger went on a killing spree of liberals.

        There is no blame game going on here. We are just pointing out the truth. Conservative ideology (especially FAR RIGHT) leads to violence.

        1. Let’s say you are right that he was a conservative. You can only find one? There are MANY liberals/democrats that have went on a shooting spree. So, I would rather hang with conservatives than the liberals/democrats.

      1. Exactly, and who was the first accuser? Satan, of course. Saul Alynski must have been a student of Lucifer, as one of his first tenets is to smear your opponent. Obama was an apt pupil. I am not one who believes that praying will do it all but, if it’s all you can do………..

        1. It’s funny that you make reference to Saul Alinski, When YOU use the same type of attacks/name calling as outlined in his book. YOU use Alinksi tactics. You’re such a hypocrite man, you really are.

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        11. Guys, why would you want our Enlightened One to leave? Listen to his words, focus on his stream of consciousness. If he says it, it is so, his actions define morality, his words define the truth. Who are we mere mortal Untermensch to question those who are like unto gods?

        12. Sooner or later you will trip your self up and act the fool in public like you do here. Then we all will know who you are what you are is readily apparent.

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        14. Communist form of gov. is no UTUPIA. It’s actually going to be hell on earth. That’s what America deserves though.

          Any country that got its start with the genocide of an entire nation of people DESERVES to burn. I’m no terrorist though – The way I want to destroy the country is by electing ineligible presidents and destroying the country from within.

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        16. Then, do you condemn or condone Alinski’s methods? If you approve, perhaps what you’re saying is, we Untermensch are not to use the methods of our betters? If you condemn, then you must loath President Obama, who trained people as a Community Organizer to use those methods. But that’s right, its all relevant, situational morality and all that.

        17. Saul Alinski, and his son David, are both do nothing cowards. Fortunately, for the worlds betterment, Saul died June 12th 1972 of a massive heart attack, he was 62. If his son David has the same luck, the world will be much better off.

    2. When do we ever expect the left to tell the truth. They have only one goal and that is to perpetuate their Marxist agenda. They have no concept of integrity. I guess I would fall under the umbrella of terrorist. I love the Bible, I love the Constitution, I love my guns, I love freedom and I love liberty. I want it for myself and all people. The only group here in America who doesn’t want the people free is the left. They want the populace enslaved to the government. We need to remember what the great President Ronald Reagan said when he said that a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take all that you have. This is the goal of the left, get so big that they can control everything that you do. The time for a revolution gets closer every day.

      1. You conservatives LIE every single DAY on blogs like this. you are nothing but liars and frauds., the entire LOT of you.

        1. It’s real easy to make unsupported accusations. Lets take a look at the Marxist in the white house. He said he would cut the budget in half, he has increased by over 60%. He said Obamacare would make our insurance rates go down, they have gone up significantly and the list goes on and on and on. Lets look at another one of the left wing loons in government, John Kerry. He said at a congressional inquiry that we were bombing women and children in Viet Nam. He said that the rape of women was rampant and the list goes on ad nauseum. It was shown to be a lie. It would be easy to give a myriad of other examples but anyone with a positive IQ can see what I am saying. I am not saying that all liberals are liars, but unfortunately many many are. The agenda is far more important than their integrity. Are their some dingbat conservatives, yes but the majority of conservatives use facts to come to conclusions, the majority of liberals use feelings to come to conclusions. I will stick to the facts in context over feelings.

        2. “unsupported accusations”

          that’s another LIE from you scum., considering the fact that I’ve backed up everything I’ve claimed on here with EVIDENCE. You have diddly squat.

        3. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being Juan. I hope your whole family dies in a car wreck Maggot.

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        5. Typical of a national socialist liberal fascist – the most hateful people in the world! Wishing death on your political opponents is just juvenile and shows an incredible lack of intellectual ability.

        6. Thanks John for doing exactly what we said the Liberals do. You proved us right by the lies you posted above. Instant confirmation from you, and you did not even try to sugarcoat your lies.

        7. It is useless to try to argue with a boneheaded liberal. They do same thing every single time, they sink to name calling. Typical liberal! You will never convert morons like this but you will be called every name in the book. Reminds me of children when they don’t get their way. They have to sink to name calling because they don’t have any facts. They take comments out of context to attempt to prove their points and when that fails they go back to their standby of name calling. Once again we see how liberals operate and they are to numb between the ears to see it.

        8. Ft Hood: Registered Democrat/Muslim.
          Columbine: Too young to vote; both
          families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals.
          Virginia Tech:
          Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff.
          Colorado Theater:
          Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street
          participant; progressive liberal.
          Connecticut School Shooter: Registered
          Democrat; hated Christians.

          Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal

        9. What about Jim David Adkisson , who went on a killing spree to “kill liberals”

          or Tim McVeigh? Or many other conservative shooters. You truly are a mixed up man, Steve. And your list of shooters is BUNK info, there is no evidence that they were democrat/liberal.

        10. Have you ever read “The Turner Diaries”? I have. Tim McVeigh referenced that book as his inspiration. It was written by one of the founders of The Shield, one of those Right Wing groups that want to nationalize the banks, and seize the wealth of the rich. Tim was one of the Brown Shirts of Liberal Ideology, John. If you scratch down through the hubris. He was one of yours.

        11. How in the world do you get around with you head so far up you own a$$? However, this peculiar position does explain why you don’t have a clue about what is going on.

      2. Communist goal is to take over the world. So far, America has been a push over and easy to destroy. Such a bunch of big talkin conservative PUSSSIES. America – the country of keyboard commandos and yellow cowards!

        1. effete? Dude, we’re VERY effective. You have no idea HOW effective we are. You will never again recognize America as the country you grew up in.

        2. We will sooner or later deal with you and what ever friends you bring along. We have seen it before and know how to take care of the problem

        3. WIth respect I disagreee with you Sir. The SS as bad as some of the Units it had would never allow this fool in. People like him get troops killed in combat. Now the SA run by that homosexual would be much better fit for him.

        4. “People like him”

          Again, if you saw me in person you would NEVER suspect that I troll people on the internet. You don’t know anything about me other than the fact that I like to get you gullible people riled up on the internet.

        5. You are right, that is the communist goal and the Marxist in the white house has made it easier but their are many of us who will not fold. We will keep America safe in spite of the Marxist in charge. We need patriots not traitors running the country.

        6. If you hate America so much, why are your here? Why don’t you move to a country that espouses your Communist philosophy? You want to take advantage of what America has to offer but you want to change America into a country that will now allow you the freedoms you have. Apparently, like most libs, you just don’t get it.

        7. Because America needs to pay for the genocide it’s caused for 100s of years. I figure, what better way to destroy America than become a communist and help infiltrate and destroy the country from the inside! We don’t even need to fire a single shot to ensure that America burns.

          Native Americans rejoice, Your dead kin are being Avenged!

      3. We have one goal and that is to DESTROY America. America WILL burn, mark my words.

        ” The time for a revolution gets closer every day.”

        The time for revolution has come and gone. You idiots lost your country a LONG time ago. You are out numbered and surrounded now. A revolution started by conservatives would be a death sentence for conservatives.

    3. I am damnd tired of these Left wing nuts blaming everything they do wrong on me
      reminds me of a littled kid saying he did it when caught doing soemthing wrong. Dems take responsibility or just shut the —-up

      1. When they’re caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and a mouth full of cookies they lie like there’s no tomorrow. Includes the W.H.

      2. “I am damn tired”

        WHAA WHAA cry some more. We intend to keep pushing until you people snap. Then when you snap, we crush you.

    4. “The CTC report extols ‘Progressives’ and their ‘forward, future-based’ thinking….” I think that one sentence sizes it all up beautifully. “Forward” is a word used by all the Socialist/Communist/Fascist regimes in modern history that ended up nearly destroying the world and represent the torture and death of literally millions of its citizens. Marcos of the Philippines, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Castro in Cuba, Lenin/Stalin of USSR, Hitler of Germany and Hirohito/Tito of Japan are the examples. Obama chose the word “Forward” as his ’12 campaign slogan. Methinks it was no mistake. The CTC calls it “future based”. I call it “back to the future”. Americans like to think it will not happen here. I say it can and it will. That is unless clear-thinking Americans take back their country. And fast!

    5. Yes, the Left views us as the enemy and as terrorists. Muslims are the terrorists! The terrorists are devout Muslims who are killing in the name of Allah.

        1. John, I can’t speak for anyone but myself of course, but I’m not a Fascist. Do you know what Fascism is? Economically, its where capital might be privately owned, but the government controls it. Isn’t that what most Modern Liberals want? Isn’t that what Barrack Obama is working for?

      1. Far right conservatives are just as bad as muslim terrorists. I can’t wait till Obama starts targeting you evil people with drones.

        1. How John, enlighten us. How are we as bad as Muslim terrorists. When did a Tea Party rally stone someone of another faith to death? Where did a conservative speaker call for killing political opponents? I must have missed that on MSNBC.

  3. Just look at the comments from the last few days as evidence of how violent conservatives are. Mark Desade, A Regular here, looks forward to the day he gets to go out and shoot everyone with an Obama bumper sticker “and blow up their homes” … I suspect he is another Jim David Adkisson , yet another HATE filled conservative who is going to let their hate for liberals drive them to MURDER. You are making Conservative Christianity VERY much like the Taliban guys. You really are. How is Christianity a religion of peace now, any more than Islam? You have conservatives killing people for insulting their religion (and many millions more expressing their DESIRE to kill) How are you any better than the Taliban?

    1. And you sound like just the kind of person that will be responsible for the next mall killings. Since you obviously are not a Christian I suggest go praying to a tree.

        1. Because you are confused and your rants are illogical. Teachers teaching liberal agendas are the most violent of all influencing the young with drugs and marxist nonsense.

        2. Mostly because ALL liberals who prefer to be ‘subjects’ to gov’t rule instead of FREE people,,, are diseased in their thinking and therefore prone to be mentally off.

      1. What IS “just the kind of person” who goes on mall shootings? I didn’t realize they were usually internet trolls. Share with us your knowledge on this subject.

        1. Confused and wanting attention. All liberals including Obama share this trait(so did Hitler and Stalin).

    2. Did it ever occur to you that this person you speak of is a liberal plant / troll trying to paint conservatives in a negative light – I am always suspect of the true leanings of a person who spews such as you have attributed to Jim whoever.
      In my experience, Christians and conservatives (real ones – not pretend posers) are a rather quiet, unassuming bunch who prefer to go about our lives unaccosted – however recent governmental events have required that we stand up and do what we can under the law (refer to Bill of Rights).
      Also, did it ever occur to you that most such talk could just be venting at the frustration many feel – a safety valve so to speak. Have you never been so angry you could spit and said things you had no intention of carrying out?
      Unfortunately for many – saber rattling and threats are easy when hiding behind the cloak of internet blog comments.
      I am much more comfortable with the rants of a so called a conservative – (kind of like the growls of a guard dog or the warnings of a rattlesnake – with either if you back away you will be just fine) rather than the actual bodily harm and tyranny of a leftist any day

    3. Why is it that terrorism worldwide is committed by Muslims. It was not white Irish Catholic nuns that hijacked the airplanes and flew them into the twin towers.

      1. It’s NOT just committed by Muslims. there have been plenty of violent acts committed by conservatives. Google Jim David Adkisson for one such example. Stop lying so much for your cause, it makes you look evil.

    4. John, I would like to point out something that seems to have went way over your head in your conversation on here….None and I mean None of us are saying anything about hurting you or anyone else…We are having a conversation as adults that wish only Life Liberty and family values, for our friends and familys and neighbors and yes even you…None of us want to decide your fate…Only You have that ability…We only want what is rightfully ours and to be allowed what our Founding Fathers invisioned for these United States of America.
      I don’t care if your Democrate or Republican, Black, White or Orange or Blue…I want for you and Your Children the right to openly disagree without fear. People will always disagree over things, but that can be either constructive or destructive, I would only hope it would be constructive….Healthy Debates are always good, since it presents both views, but that does not mean you have to agree with my view, just as I do not have to agree with your view.
      But John when you say things like calling us Evil just because we are not agreeing with you…That is destructive and as far as I am concerned you are a Bully…

      1. “None and I mean None of us are saying anything about hurting you or anyone else.”

        You are such a liar. I’ve read numerous threats from you maggots in just a matter of days. Stop spreading lies. I’m a troll. OF course I’m a bully. But what I say about you conservative maggots is very true. You are evil.

        1. John, I will gladly put my address on here if you promise to come to my house and try to bully me. We’ll see who gets bullied, you little fruit. You’re too much of a coward to confront me, you little homo wussie.

    1. remember that story? it was found out that the girl was a conservative McCain campaign helper, who slashed her own face in order to smear liberals. Very typical conservative (dishonest, violent, unhinged) Conservatives sure fell for it. They went on a crusade to paint black people and liberals as EVIL for this incident. You guys never did say you were sorry, you never really said anything, after the truth was found out… Truth is, you are only sorry she was caught.

    2. Like teaching morals and ethics in schools. Like having God present and readying our children for the future with a trust in him. Liberals are the ones who are going against all norms preaching marxism and homosexuality in schools. Liberalism is evil and the results are apparent in the schools and the children committing the crimes.

      1. You won’t mind it when you good “rednecks” get to go on a killing spree of liberals if we have a 2nd civil war, will ya?

        1. Curious I have would much rather rehab you liberals. It will take time and kindness. I would do the same for any other dumb animal.

        2. I’ve posted plenty of links to back up what I say.l don’t lie. People can easily see that you are a pathological liar without a BIT of evidence to back up anything you claim. You truly are a pathetic person ali.;

        3. All they have to do is look at the “articles” that you have posted. They like you have no facts and are full of half truths and full lies. I guess you dont know enough not to back a lie with a article that supplies no real facts or conclusions. And yes I have read three of your links.

        4. My links have no facts? Name ONE link I’ve posted that is full of lies. Name ONE.

          You can’t because you are lying right now. You are a pathological lying scum.

        5. That is a easy one. The “progressive” article dealing with a supposed West Point connection. To bad the article can be linked to the ever lying Media Matters.

        6. I am sure from your attitude John, that you are itching to kill a few conservatives. You had better watch it. Next thing you know, someone will be reporting you as your mental attitude seems to be much like that of the Newtown shooter. Perhaps you should be investigated.

        1. Because we see violence as a last resort. IF the conservative had done everything that Obama has done the left would have started bombing and shooting any thing that moves. They not us are the intolerant ones as you have well proven.

      2. What’s your solution to these bad bad liberals? Kill em all? Because obviously we’re going to destroy your homeland if you don’t do SOMETHING. OBVIOUSLY.

        1. Funny, I’ve seen quite the opposite… The reason I started trolling you maggots was seeing constant threats to “lock and load” and “kill all the commies” .. I urge you guys to bring on your civil war, I really do. I know what’s in store for you when SHTF. Think Ruby Ridge times 1000.

        2. And the language you’ve used the entire thread is enlightening? You’ve chosen, freely chosen, to use the vilest expressions. It reflects poorly on any valid points you might have offered.

    1. Not a nice thing for me to say, but just ignore this freak until he gets some medication or help. He has never offered any solutions, rather disjointed opinions and meanderings about conservatives and their attacks on liberals like himself. He appears to associate conservatives with the devil, and that presents some real mental issues. I think he is paranoid and delusional; I’ve tried to work with him, but like a coma patient, is unresponsive. He appears to be fixed on the notion that all the problems in our country are due to the existence of the Christian conservatives. Given a weapon, he may take that delusion and do something with it.

      1. Like ALL liberal/progressives they blame Conservatives for all their problems which they themselves created!!! This guy should be locked up for his own protection!!! Typical liberal lunatic !!!!

        1. Really??? Obama did not even reach 51% of the population and we hold the House and soon the Senate. With Obama’s policies we will be stronger than ever.

    2. I grew up in a country that was quite conservative, where I and my classmates proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance, we read a psalm from the Bible, and television shows were relatively clean, devoid of swearing, nudity, and homosexuals. Babies born our of wedlock were given a disparaging name, but babies weren’t killed with the blessing of the government. Then you freaks came along and spoiled the party and we’re still trying to get everything back where it’s supposed to be.

      1. “Then you freaks came along and spoiled the party ”

        It’s called evolution. Society and America will never be the same. You can either evolve and run with it , or cry like a little baby and throw temper tantrums on the internet, hating everyone you think caused it all.

        1. I don’t need to evolve to disgusting and perverted ideas. Those who do will eventually pay the price. It’s too bad you can’t ask some people what happened after they die, but eternity is a long time to gamble on.

        2. It’s going to be fun rounding you bible thumpers up ! Playing dictator and brown shirt is my idea of a good time. If I’m going to hell anyway,. I might as well make the best of it while I’m here. Down with America. Down with conservatism! HEIL HITLER!

        3. You mean rather de-evolution. By your own definition you would not last two minutes in the real world.

        1. You got it HALF right,John – typical of liberals! I am a Constitutional Conservatve( both social and finacial ) and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment (And all of the rest of the Constituton and Bill of Rights). I am an American,Patriot,and Oath Keeper.
          AND you are a liberal / socalist TROLL ! Just here to get your jollies, cause trouble, make an ass of yourself ( which is not very hard),and try to prove to yourself how intelectually superior you are.

        2. Fascist and Conservatives are in direct opposition in terms of any definition. Some one call Mescas school and tell them he needs immediate help.

      1. I posted a link to a news story about a conservative who wrecked a mans car because the man had an Obama bumper sticker. This is your reply to me? YOU are the clueless one Mort. You are truly an evil piece of crap.

      2. What kind of name is Mort btw? That’s the most pathetic sounding name I’ve ever heard. Your ignorant hillbilly mom might as well have named you WORT.

      1. How is making sure the voters are LEGAL via photo ID “invalidating legal voters”?

        You are the typical dyslexic libTard,, always taking what YOUR sick kind does,, and pretending that it is the OTHER side doing it…

        Or more likely, you listen to the slanted commie media like CNN, MSNBC et al and then repeat what you’re TOLD to think and say,, like any good slave sheeple

        1. This guy got arrested for throwing LEGAL voter ID’s away. What the hell are you talking about???????????

        2. I’m talking about our Criminal AG hairlip Holder saying that it was Racist to require voter ID,, which is one of the reasons your hero won the election via Voter Fraud ! ! !

        3. Of COURSE you are talking about something else idiot. I linked an article about a guy get arresting for throwing away VALID Id’s and you message me back with this question “How is making sure the voters are LEGAL via photo ID “invalidating legal voters”?” Proving you don’t have the brain that god gave you. You are a STUPID STUPID man.

        4. You want to discuss the racist New Black Panther Party which was allowed by our Racist President AND his criminal AG Holder to camp out in front of voter sites to intimidate voters ? /

          Or do you want to talk about how Philadelphia had a 130+% voter turnout and not ONE vote for other than your nazi ODumbo ? ?

          I didn’t think so sparky,, you dipchit

        5. The black panther party ? You mean the ONE black panther who didn’t attack anyone in 2008? The guy who was right across the street from his home? You truly are pathetic. Your mom should have aborted you Mort.

        6. That Black Panther had already lost his case because he did not even show up for his case hearing. All that remained was for him to be sentenced when Holder said no. Even if he was across the street from his home, that somehow justifies in your mind his right to be carrying a baton at a public polling place and scareing white voters there on legal business.

        7. No, John you linked to a article about a guy who discarded certain voter ballots. I did not see a word said about how he dumped anyone’s id. You cannot even keep up with your own story.

      2. You can come with one person that said they were conservative. Yet you seem to avoid all the liberals that are responsible for deaths.

    1. You sir must be delusional..I’ve never read anything about crooked elections, other than from OBAMA. He’s such a pathetic LIAR !

        1. I do read your links, John, and the last one portrayed a very sick woman. I can link you to hundreds of reports of Democrat tinkering with the vote, and you have posted one of a very sick woman.

    2. The demoncrats ran a typical Chicago election. It was full of fraud at just about every level. From Philly to Florida there are charges of over 100% voting in certain liberal districts. No surprise Stalin tried to twist history to.

  4. One more instance where you conservatives continually lie: You say the military would back the right wing in a civil war? Don’t be so sure of yourselves. Check out this link

    Active military campaign contributions, Obama beat Romney.

    Why would a bunch of active military folk who you say Hate Obama give so much money to him? Unless, of course, you are a pathological liar as is usually the case.

    A Study from a think tank out of West Point Military Academy recognizes you people as the violent threat that you are.

    1. Hardly a think tank, rather a stacked deck of Progressives who have managed to co-opt the worlds greatest Academy from where they are feeding lies to the perpetually confused (say “John Mescas” here)

      Nice job on the finger pointing and name calling . . . with a hefty effort of demonizing, do you do the same to family members (rhetorical champ, rhetorical).

      You are naive and socially stunted for sure, but what is most entertaining is the thought that you feel you are somehow making a difference – – – instead you only stand to reinforce every negative stereo-type that have ever been applied to liberals.

      Keep up the good work, you are doing far more harm than good for your cause.

      1. Do you really think you dishonest bloggers are doing your conservative cause any good? Last I checked, Romney wasn’t being sworn in tomorrow. Last I checked, Your cause seems to be in the DUMPS, derailed by a bunch of extremist birther wackos like yourself. You see, main stream America is not attracted to insanity that people like you dwell in. Main stream America is about to give you a boot in the arse when it comes to your false perception of the 2nd Amendment. You DO NOT get to keep your assault rifles (as soon to be determined which weapons are included in this category) … What’s also to be established is the fact that some violence WILL ENSUE as I’m sure you conservatives will carry out some of your violent death threats.. You conservatives will forever be known as cop killers. Your neighbors will never respect you again if they find out you’re conservative. (So you might as well make sure you only have your traitor conservatives as neighbors, you’re not going to feel very welcome any where else if you inflict violence on our nations defenders, as you’ve so often promised to do. If you want to be disrespected and considered scum by the vast majority in this nation, keep up the path you’ve promised to on blogs like this.

        1. Actually aprox 70% of America is pro gun. And as for keeping what you would refer to as a assault weapon is clearly allowed by the Federalist Papers which is considered to be an explanation of what the Constitution means. After all James Madison was a leading factor in the Papers, wrote the Constitution and 9 out of the first 10 amendments. It is bottom feeders like you and others that wish for this nation to change into something it was never intended to become. As for neighbors they all believe in the same moral and ethical principles unlike people like you.

        2. “As for neighbors they all believe in the same moral and ethical principles unlike people like you.”

          You don’t even know me, you dumb inbred redneck. I’m a much better man than you.

        3. I support anal sex? My wife would disagree..but whatever. Keep lying about people you don’t know Mort. You are truly pathetic.

        4. Following the conversation means I should follow every single false accusation you evil lying people throw at me?


        5. The south in the 1860s was more conservative than it is today. Democrats used to be the bible thumping conservative party of the south. No wonder people think Americans are so dumb — you truly are dumber than a brick!

        6. We can prove what we believe in and the facts that support it. Unlike you and others that get a key board and pretend to have a intelligence.

        7. I thought you were 10 according to some of your crazy name calling “Libtard” really? And you are calling ME immature? You are truly a hypocrite, scumbag.

        8. Actually, I’m against abortion and Pro Death penalty. Child predators should be absolutely put to death. Too many violent criminals being let out of prison due to over crowding — the death penalty would solve a lot of that.

        9. Good for you, Did I see you down by wall st at the ows tents passing out drugs or was it food. Power to the people from BO.

        10. If you want to meet up, by all means post your address. I’d love for an opportunity to teach you a lesson or three.

        11. I’ve heard that you sleep with every teenaged boy in your neighborhood and they all call you Mr. Slurpee.

        12. Shut up you pedophile daughter raper! . I’m the only one allowed in your daughters snatch for now on.

        13. ” I promise, you won’t be for very long.”:

          please, by all means, hurry up. I want to get some use out of my double barrel when you step foot on my property.

        14. Give me your e-mail address and I’ll send you a message with my physical address so you know where to find me. I’m VERY serious.

        15. Do it you little male whore. Lets see how long you take to get up here. I’m not even kidding. I want you to come to my house.

        16. But Johnnie boi, your wife is a man. A trannie. I heard she looks just like Michael Moore and has a very large, wide butt like Mooch Obama.

        17. First look up “Red Neck” then thank you for the compliment. It originally meant some one who worked for his daily bread in the fields. I imagine that you wait for that one special day a month when you get your Uncle Sugar check. As for a better man I would say that you are the type that helps himself not others. Typical liberal.

        18. “I imagine ”

          You imagine a lot of things, but as usual you are wrong,. Keep spreading lies about your political enemies online. Show what a SWELL guy you are.

        19. Actually I kept my job by being usually right. I deal in concrete facts not liberal babble. Keep at it you prove my point every time you open your mouth.

        20. You deal in concrete facts? Like your fact that the democrats were liberals when they started the KKK? You don’t have any facts Ali. You have a bunch of LIES and GUILT by association. You are truly brain dead.

        21. Then who started the KKK?? And what happen to it?? It was originally started by Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA General. A highly intelligent man and it was not started against blacks but, carpet baggers. Two years after it started liberal demoncrats took over and Forrest abandoned it as something that he never wanted. As I said facts child.

        22. The Democrats did start the KKK. Are you going to deny that in present times, that Senator Byrd (A modern Democrat) was a grand wizard of the KKK, or as usual are you just going to ignore the truth?

        23. Wow! John, you say we don’t even know you, but from a few message posting you can with authority say someone is a dumb inbred red neck.

          Where did you say you obtained your Doctor’s license from?

    2. You just don’t give up! Your ramblings make you appear psychotic, delusional and detached. Your eight submissions (for which everyone ignores) of in-cohesive nonsense and attacks on conservatives makes you appear removed from the real issues as you only attack conservatives and seem oblivious to how to resolve anything. You’re good at stating the problems, but have NEVER offered a solutions; only more diatribe and disjointed thoughts with no real message. They make medication for this. See a doctor.

    3. Remember our little conversation last night? I thought it was clear, and you agreed you had some issues that needed attending. I assumed you were going to turn your life and your thinking away from yourself and the world, and focus on what is really important. There are things in this world you cannot change or control. Focus on how you can help people through Jesus Christ….but start with yourself.

    4. Please tell me why the Obama administration and all of the gun control activists lied about the Sandy Hook Shooting catastrophe stated that Adam Lanza used a, I am quoting here, a “Bushmaster AR-15” “assault” rifle to kill all those innocent children, and therefore we must all get together and ban them. THE FACT IS: THERE WAS NO BUSHMASTER AR-15 OR ANY OTHER AR-15 used in these killings. The so-called “medical examiner” says they were “all killed by rifle fire” It was a lie then and it is a lie now! The only “rifle” at the scene was in the trunk of Adam Lanza’s vehicle and it was not any kind of an AR-15 since it was cleared on camera using a side lever like a shotgun?. Adam Lanza used four pistols which was not brought up in your rush to judgement. This was an unspeakable tragedy committed by a mentally ill person but the left, not wanting to let a good crisis go to waste, used the death of these innocents to further their gun control agenda. In a further act of despictibility and hypocracy, pilloried the NRA for defending itself using another fact that Sidwell Friends Academy employs eleven armed guards to protect its students, where David Gregory’s children and Barack Obama’s kids attend school. Oh, and the fact that Obama used letters from children and other kids present when he announced his gun control agenda to the public, is that not hypocrasy of the first degree? It is apparent to me and any other person who judges this on the facts that you people have no integrity of any kind and wouldn’t know honesty if it ever visited you.

    5. Lets take a look. The military would support the people. I served for about 30 years in the government at different levels and taught at the School of the Americas. Some would not but, would be a very small minority. As for your articles they all have a far left slant to them and little if any facts that could be checked.

      1. The military isn’t going to go out and start shooting leftists. Thats what you conservatives seem to think.

        You are a very backward and evil people, you conservatives.

        1. No but, they will stand for the Constitution something you obviously have never studied. I have friends at about 30 different Forts and Posts. As for evil I suggest a look in the mirror and a long trip for a mental rest.

        2. Your writings are enough to deduce that you are mentally unstable and a danger to your self and others. Like most liberals you would buy your gun from Holder south of the border.

        3. I’m a danger to myself and others because I point out conservative violence and don’t like christian conservatives? Really?

          You are truly pathetic and insane alibaba.

        4. Actually quite sane and have the papers to prove it. In my profession we have to be evaluated every so often. Obviously yours does not have that requirement.

        5. FACTS hurt libbies brains,, what little they have of them that is…

          they NEVER acknowledge FACTS or TRUTH,, they’re just not used to hearing any of them cuz they listen to CNN et al and only puke out what they’re TOLD to say and think…

        6. Says the idiot low information voter who gets all his information on Fox. You truly are a hypocrite and fraud Mort.

        7. No. Because you do not point out the left has defiled the education process and has caused the children to go nuts. And again I am sane and can prove it. Can you??? I rather doubt it.

        8. You can prove you’re sane? You’ve proven just the opposite with your insane postings on here. You’ve proven you are a VERY scary person.

        9. Yes I can. Special Ops requires all personnel to under go evaluation so often. My postings are both sane and rational. You are either a 12 year old or some one off their meds.

        10. Oh but I have since the days of “Blue LIght”. I know it dates me but all true like everything else I have posted.

        11. Obviously by your name calling I have other wise you would not be so riled up. Easy to do with you liberals.(LOL)

        12. All of you conservatives are name calling on this blog,. I suppose by your standards, you are ALL riled up. It’s so easy to troll you maggots.

        13. Actually John, you are accusing Alibaba of having your own symptoms. In your case you are attempting to transpose your thoughts and feelings onto another person.

        14. You can tell a lot about a person by the words they use on a message board such as this one. Your words are full of hurt, and anger. From that you are the type of person who will eventually go off the deep end and hurt innocents. Get some help before you do this.

        15. I hear that a lot from you people. I hear a lot of death threats toward liberals on your blog too (ie. comments that liberals should “HIDE” if civil war hits, etc) .. Funny how you conservative maggots always PROJECT., blaming other people for the VERY things your side has threatened to do. You are a pathetic group of people., you truly are.

        16. You are just a dumb redneck making idiotic statements about people you don’t know on the internet. “I’m the kind of person who goes on mall shootings” .. You are deranged and insane alibaba. Certainly a pathetic human being.

        17. A liberal of course would say that about a Vet that pays taxes. How dare I make a living and not let the state take care of me.

        1. But how reliable is Business Week????? and who controls them??? it comes down to liars telling lies to other liars who continue the process. The FACT remains that the great majority of the military voted for Romney when the votes were counted

      2. “As for your articles”

        The only “articles” I linked are NEW STORIES of conservatives guilty of anti-liberal violence. There is nothing false about what I linked. Are you claiming any particular story is fabricated? If so, point out which one and I’ll prove you wrong and show the world what an idiot you are.

        1. Nope. The so called evidence is false and based on lies given out by Media Matters who pull the strings. Do you have no facts or do you not know what a fact is?? I will give you a example the sun is in the sky is true. Calling people names can not be proven therefore is false.

  5. ”If support of activism, freedom and self-government is terrorism, then I’m a terrorist. And a lot of decent Americans are, too.”

    This describes our Founding Fathers and anyone else who happens to love liberty.

    I think conservatives have chosen a worthy company to align themselves with.

  6. The ‘violent right’ heh? Did these idiots watch the union thugs in Michigan lately? Did they miss all the Occupy numbskulls who defecated on the police cars, screwed on the lawns and killed over 30 people nationwide with their stupidity? Who’s violent again?

    Oh, and these lunatics who opened fire lately? All democrats…no conservatives.

    I’d say the FACTS don’t match up with the report Sarge…better take another stab at this one. Even a 3rd grader will see through this smokescreen.

    1. I was there in Lansing. You had two different types there representing the liberal side. Those that came out of curiosity and those that were paid. It was easy to pick them out and then watch them collapse a tent with women, children and a neutral hot dog vender that has now become a lot more conservative

    2. Show me one instance where a liberal went out and murdered conservatives for the only reason being that they’re conservative? You don’t have any…

      but I do.

      Jim David Adkisson – Just a couple years ago, went on a murder spree because , like you tea party lunatics, he hated liberals. You conservatives ARE more deadly and dangerous than liberals .

        1. David: You are NUTS! .. Jim David Adkisson is WELL known as a tea party/ far right conservative. He hated liberals, talked all the time about how “liberals are destroying the country” etc … You are a SLIMY person David. Dishonest scumbag.

        2. He was in the Army for 3 years and either didn’t get promoted or was such a fukup he got busted down to private to end his military service. Sounds like someone who had a few marbles missing. I mean, you have got to screw up badly and/or repeatedly to STILL be a private after 3 years.

      1. Actually if you read the article he hated homosexuals and did not care for Unitarians. He could have very well been liberal in every other way. Just like muslims.

      2. The Progeny of your philosophy are the Brown Shirts of your Ideology, with built in Plausible Deniability. Modern Liberals have run the public schools my entire long life, they control the universities, and pop culture. The off-spring of those amoral institutions, of your Culture of Death, gives you the Crisis you need to promote more of your Culture. Scientific Dialectic Materialism at work.

        1. Of COURSE you want to divert attention from the subject I just brought up. Why do you do that? Again, Jim David Adkisson – VERY conservative fellow. Went and MURDERED people because they were too liberal. Again, What’s your point? Where has a liberal murdered a conservative for BEING A CONSERVATIVE??? Where? You can’t find where because it HASN”T HAPPENED…. But conservatives HAVE murdered liberals since Obama was elected. Where is your outrage?

        2. But John, Communists ultimately kill both Conservatives and Liberals. You name one individual, and yet you, as a Communist, must know that at least twenty per cent of the population must die in order for a Stalinist or Maoist Communist Revolution to be victorious. The social trauma is essential to your success. Once you come to power, you have to continue to kill. People who can read, people who think. You have to kill them, John. You’ll have to kill the Hispanics that cling to their faith, you’ll have to kill Blacks, because they’re, well, Black. You’ll have to kill Indians because they’re independent. You’ll have to kill Jews. Your belief system is Death.

        3. “You’ll have to kill Indians because they’re independent.”

          No, that was our brave American pioneers/founders who put the indians to death. I want communists to destroy your country to avenge their genocide.

        4. You are trying way too hard to sound smart David. You just make yourself sound like an uneducated fool.

  7. I find the root of the problem in liberal education. We have teachers now that will not teach ethics or morals to our children instead its take a pill. They much rather teach marxism and homosexuality as the norm and people wonder why our children are partially nuts.

  8. Finally somebody with authority is saying what I have been trying to prove for 40 years!
    Hitler’s “Deutsche Nazional-Sozialistische Arbeiter Partei” – a right wing party???
    Mussolini’s “Partito Socialista Italiano” – another right wing party???

  9. Ah yes,,, sounds like something HITLER would be proud of……..

    just like THIS propaganda:


    Subject: Rifle NOT used in
    Conn. school shooting


    SPREAD THIS!!!!!!

    So they finally had to come out and admit it, now that the Coroner has released some info along with Police. An AR-15 Rifle or the so-called “Assault Weapon” was not used
    in the school shooting. The shooter even tried weeks earlier to buy a Rifle but was turned down in the background check.
    So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle.

    There were initial reports right after the shooting, that Police found the AR-15 Rifle in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The Rifle was not used. The Shooter went into the school with 4 handguns. Not an Assault Rifle as the media has charged.

    I remember in the initial hours of this shooting, the Police said they found the Rifle in the car. But the News Media had a Pre-Planned Attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, knowing it was a lie. Including people like Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun. Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and the Media were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the information.

    I’m betting on it.

    1. To the left it does not matter what was in the car. Using their tactics, they will lie and confuse and try to confiscate weapons like the AR15. The left would not recognize nor use the truth even if it shot them in the rear end.

    2. If you had vetted this report, you would have learned the truth. He DID use the AR to kill his victims. The weapon found in the car trunk was a shotgun ( Blame the MSM for not knowing the difference !) The man in the woods( second shooter !??), in camo pants and dark shirt, was the father of a student tryng to circumvent police to locate his child ( Again blame the MSM for not reporting properly or at least correcting.).

      You can not take anything that Piers Morgan says to be anything but socialist / liberal propeganda – so why even listen or recant it ?

      The failed ‘background check’ is ‘hearsay’ – I was unable to get a confirmation.

      TRUE – the liberal MSM had and has a preplanned anti-gun agenda ALWAYS in the wings just waiting for an oppertune incident to put it into action. As Rhom Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

  10. Well, just let the ‘liberals’ speak with THEIR actions…their words never mean diddly squat anyway. Executive power to make Guns illegal..don’t tell me this guy thinks the average american is that stupid ! What a waste of good air he keeps breathing. If lincoln had ever known this jerk, he wouldn’t have freed all the slaves. (I’m not a believer in slavery, but this one should have been drowned with the other dogs he was born with.)

      1. He didn’t care about slaves and didn’t believe they should be permitted to engage in any form of American government or intermarry. Do your own research.

    1. Lincoln didn’t really care if the slaves were freed or not. “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not
      either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without
      freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all
      the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and
      leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and
      the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and
      what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to
      save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing
      hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing
      more will help the cause.” The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume V, “Letter to Horace Greeley” (August 22, 1862), p. 388.

  11. I believe both parties are an illeate group of thugs, we can not trust any politician on either side, lawyers were never to be allowed in politics and now most are, what dies the BAR stand for, British Agency Registry, what does that tell you?????????

  12. This has been well known since I was a child back in the 40’s, 50’s and forward. The socialist democrat part of American has hidend itself from public view and been covered
    by their brother in the Liberal media. When I was growing up in Texas and Louisiana I
    saw this and wondered about it. There were members of my own family who were in the
    KKK in Louisiana. How far then went or what they did I do not know as they die not let
    the children know about it. It was not until after I was grown that I found out about their
    involvement. Personally there are people that I do not like nor do I associate with of
    all races for a variety of reasons. When I was on active duty I came into contact with
    people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. The only thing that mattered was that we
    were American Military and we stood together regardless. Had we bickered and fought
    like the people back home we would have died on foreign soil. But back to the story
    when I returned to the US I was shocked at the racial hatred and predigious I found.
    It was not the same as when I left to go over seas. In a short 8 years the racial void
    has spead and it was greates in the northern states but spread across the nation like
    a wild fire. The current infestation in the White House has spew forth hatred, discontent
    and racial diversity as never before. While he may appear black on the outside his
    heart is pure muslim red and he wants us to be at war with each other. Why else
    would he change his campaign slogan from “Hope and Change” to “Forward” and when
    he was falling in the polls to “REVENGE”? He want a racial striff and war to break
    out between White, Black & Brown, but he has ignored the Yellow race. Wonder why,
    is it because we owe them so much money on our debt?

      1. There y’go, folks. Modern Liberalism at its finest. Wishing death on others because they disagree with his cosmology. John Mescas, Champion of the Culture of Death. Don’t go away, John. Keep reminding us why we’re here.

        1. We should legalize retroactive abortion because of people like you. Communists want you dead NOT because we disagree with you. We want you dead for MUCH more justifiable reasons. (the same reasons we want the TALIBAN dead) You are our mortal enemy.

        2. No, the taliban is you. Conservatives want to kill people for disrespecting their religion. Thats VERY talibanish.

        3. No, John. I don’t want to beat this to death, but Conservatives don’t want to kill anybody. You’ve stated you’re a Communist. Communists require the death of millions to promote their agenda. You must kill us. My values are wrapped up in the Bill of Rights, the first Amendment being clear, tolerance, and yes, love.

          Still the internal conversation.

        4. “but Conservatives don’t want to kill anybody.”

          You need to do yourself a favor before you open your mouth again and spread more lies.. Google “Conservative death threats” … DO IT.

          *YOU SAY* conservatives don’t want to kill anybody. Yet people claiming to be conservatives say the exact opposite on a daily basis. You obviously don’t speak for them.

        5. Well, I googled conservative death threats and the first entry is “ Damn, WRONG AGAIN!

        6. So you go by the first entry and don’t bother to read any of the other many entries that confirm what I said? VERY typical dishonesty from you punk.

        7. Well, since you’re only 15, a retroactive abortion wouldn’t be that much of a loss, would it?

      2. You seriously need ROFESSIONAL HELP with your liberal / socialist agression,John ! You may hurt yourself or some innocent victim.

      3. Fortunately for you many of my brothers and sisters in the military insured that Cretans like yourself have the right to make a total ass of your self in print.
        By your comments you had identified yourself as a worthless pile of liberal
        crap that did not get the love and attention you needed as home and even
        more that you did not get the proper discipline to respect others. Crawl back
        in your parents basement and whine some more about your “benifits” that
        they world owes you John. Maybe your boy friend will service you or you
        can join a circle party with the other mules.

    1. James Maxwell: You seem like a jaded fool. Is that crusty old wife of yours not putting out any more? Perhaps that puss is just too dry these days – Maybe she needs some help from some young liberal buck like myself. I bet she’d spread wide for a younger man.

      1. It is quite apparent that you are nothing more than whining obamabot who trolls the Internet to make comments about your own family life or lack there of. I
        did not attack nor disrespect your family but based upon you comments there
        must be a lack thereof. I feel sorry for someone who has to make such comments and it truly shows you lack of mental stability . Be sure to see your
        local osocialist medical center for some Prozac or other medications to calm
        you down before you hurt yourself. Truly a disease ridden liberal.

  13. the “author” was a zionist jew-the very vermin that are behind all our woes and corruption-AS ALWAYS.

  14. I found obsessively Jew-hating video by an alleged “Dr. William Pierce”, another Nazi or Islamo-Nazi…probably just another Iranian guardsman, a part of the Iranian jihadist cells hidden within the US. This “Dr. William Pierce” even has internet propaganda radio on WordPress. program…

    There is also a related video that was posted on YouTube out on Dec. 24th that blamed the Sandy Hook Shootings directly on the Jews: Sandy Hook Shootings: Truth Spills Out Live On Air! – Dec 24th, 2012

    The video was uploaded by a website, that I think originates in Europe, but disguises itself as a US Veterans website… …I also suspect it is Iranian.

    Of course the Democrats will gladly blame this on Far Right groups but it is actually leftist or Islamist in nature. They may be working together, who knows. I first ran across the video.
    It was made to look like a “MemriTV” video but I knew right away it was Iranian because it didn’t have the “trademark Memri TV music” and the interview was on the Iranian “Press TV”.

  15. I am proud to be a Christian and a conservative!
    Guess I would be classified as a terrorist according to these lying thugs.

      1. Ooh, John. Please do enlighten us. Reveal to us our crimes/sins. List them, please, and how we have benefited from those crimes. And then, while it might not be your default strategy, tell us all how we’ll pay.

        1. ” tell us all how we’ll pay”

          Assault weapon ban. You don’t comply. You try to shoot cops when they come to confiscate your illegal weapon. They shoot you. You pay.
          It’s pretty simple.

        2. Really???? IF that does happen the police will find themselves out guned very quickly . That is those that dont ditch their uniforms first. At that point the only people out collecting would be people like you. The police as a whole will not try that they know better.

        3. “Really???? IF that does happen the police will find themselves out guned very quickly ”

          Like they got out gunned on Ruby Ridge? You idiots always talk a big game but when the rifle is pointed at your face you will comply.

          or get your face blown off

          I would prefer the latter but if you’re smart you’ll be a good boy and not shoot at the men who could easily flatten your entire house.

        4. Yep, Janet Reno in Waco. And the feds went after Mr. Weaver because he refused to be a snitch for the feds.

        5. Here’s how brilliant the ATF was in Waco. They conducted a ‘sneak attack’ with a live TV coverage broadcast. That’s why the ATF agents were killed when they rolled up on the Branch Davidian compound. It was a surprise, to the ATF, that anybody was watching the news broadcast. Bunch of idiots who should be defunded and shut down. And once the embarrassment was too great for billy clintoon, he incinerated women and children. Courageous.

        6. There you go with that “people like me” crap again. You don’t know me or have any idea what I’m like in real life… When crap hits the fan, I’m digging in deep and defending my property. Maggots like you will step on my property at your own risk.

        7. Again step from behind the mask and reveal yourself. Oh, I see you still wear diapers and sleep with your parents. Dont you think that at the age of 15 you should have gotten out??

        8. I don’t even consider you a person. You are a cockroach. Like all bug infestations, you need to be exposed and expunged.

        9. So you’re going to arrange for our deaths. And it will be all our fault, just like Hitler claimed the Death Camps were the Jews own fault. You have no problem with gun violence, as long as it serves your political purpose. That certainly explains Fast and Furious. What if Obama and Holder gets hundreds of Mexicans dead. It’s all right, just more Surplus Specie to be cleared away. All in the name of this One World Plantation the Left champions for we mere mortal Untermensch, where we will finally be trained to be the victims you our betters know we were born to be.

          You didn’t list our crimes, John. What are the sins we must pay for with our lives to sate your righteous wrath?

        1. What about your conservative/christian Aggression? “lock and load” Bring on “civil war” and all that keyboard commando talk I hear from you guys? Aren’t your opposition allowed to be aggressive too?

      2. Again,John, you are letting your mental illess control your thought processes. You have obviously forgottten to take your medicatons, again. Chill out and take one of your pills.

        1. Yeah, I should take mental pills so I can be NORMAL like you conservatives. That way things like saying the NEWTOWN school shooting was FAKE would seem normal to me. Riiiiight.

        2. Yeah, mental pills to go with your ‘sleeping gas’.bwhahahaha Calling you an idiot would be an insult to idiots.

  16. History of the KKK: it was founded by a white supremist Democrat. Southern Democrats used the KKK as its terrorist arm to keep blacks under control with terrorizing, burning and lynching. Now Democrats are calling KKK members “conservatives’ because they want people to believe the KKKers are/were Republicans. The Democrats also talk up Abraham Lincoln as a “progressive” because they want people (primarily blacks) to think Lincoln was a Democrat when, in fact, he was the first Republican President of the United States. In sum, Democrats are people controlling liars.

    1. And, one of the primary means of keeping blacks under control was to deny them the right to bear arms. Anyone else see a pattern?

    2. The KKKers ARE republicans idiot. Just look on their websites! They have many websites with comment sections. They are VERY against Obama and pro republican these days.

      You are such a dishonest fool Ted. Try doing some real research before talking out your putrid rear.

      1. John, We’re talking history here. You might want to crack open a book, or download something. The KKK was formed to suppress the Freemen after the civil war. They were the Brown Shirts of the Democratic Party in the South. While David Duke ran as a Republican, Tom Metzgar won the Demacratic Party

      2. I know it is a lot to ask of one that is so uninformed about the politics of Republicans and Democats, and just mindlessly spews liberal / socialist dogma that has been brainwashed into your physically challeged brain cells, BUT Democrats SUPPORT and were and are members of the KKK – Republicans FREED the slaves !

      3. YES, John, you needto read history a little more, my friend. Te Democrats supported he KKK and slavery. The Republicans, Lincoln – 1st Republican POTUS, freed those in bondage.

  17. There is much “Tom-foolery” going on to try and deceive the American people by ‘posing as’ “Tea Party” members or, so-called “Red-necked conservatives, who want to hang onto their bibles and teir guns.” This is the same sort of blame-game the Nazis pulled off with success and the Iranians and Palestinians are doing likewise. Now we’ve got the Obama administration using the same tactics. Do not allow anyone to be deceived by this.
    Welcome to “Obamawood”!

    1. Get over your deceitful lies. You conservatives are a violent people and there are tons of evidence to prove that. Stop lying so much! You are EVIL EVIL EVIL.

        1. Then step up and come from behind the curtain. Like Obama and others once revealed every knows you for what you are a fake and fraud.

      1. John, See you are doing what we accuse the Left of always doing. You are simply trying to confuse and polarize the issue. Simple Alinsky tactics. Accuse the messenger, and not the message. That is all you are doing Jon Mescas, because you have no answers or refutations to the messages.

        So, like a good little lap dog Liberal, attack the messenger.

      2. johnny, paranoid much? It must be hell living in your national socialist liberal fascist paranoid world. And wipe that drool off your face too!

        1. Paranoid world? My world is free of paranoia. Unlike conservatives, who think the world is out to get them and government is going to throw them in Fema camps. LOL, You truly are pathetic and insane.

      3. But as an avowed Communist, you embrace violence as the preferred method of promoting your political agenda, just like the Nazis, just like Feudalists. You only protest our supposed violence because it doesn’t promote your political agenda, although maybe it does ….

        1. Actually, conservative violence goes a LONG WAY toward promoting my agenda. I actually hope more of you DO get violent. Once that happens, we can REALLY start cracking down on you. So go ahead, make a martyr out of us.

        2. So one could argue you’re the American Pioneer, and we’re the Indians. You are embracing genocide to promote your political agenda, and you’re no better than that which you bitterly condemn.

          Remember John. Bow Willow, Valle de Luna.

  18. Liberals hate activists unless they are marching for gay rights, abortion rights, animal rights, global warming rights, and of course minorities rights….so long as all involved are liberals.

      1. What’s wrong with People’s rights instead of separating people from each other. You have declared we’re now the minority. What about our rights? You’ve espoused killing us now several times, so you have no problem with violating others’ rights who disagree with you. Or even exist without your approval. All perfectly acceptable from an avowed Communist, but killing minorities is one of the methods Communist have reverted to when it serves their purpose.

  19. Subject: Rifle NOT used in Conn. school shooting


    SPREAD THIS!!!!!!

    So they finally had to come out and admit it, now that the Coroner has released some info along with Police. An AR-15 Rifle or the so-called “Assault Weapon” was not used

    in the school shooting. The shooter even tried weeks earlier to buy a Rifle but was turned down in the background check.

    So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle.

    There were initial reports right after the shooting, that Police found the AR-15 Rifle in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The Rifle was not used. The Shooter went into the school with 4 handguns. Not an Assault Rifle as the media has charged.

    I remember in the initial hours of this shooting, the Police said they found the Rifle in the car. But the News Media had a Pre-Planned Attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, knowing it was a lie. Including people like Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun. Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and the Media were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the information.

    I’m betting on it.

  20. Tad, another extremely well written article!

    If you don’t mind I will be quoting some of the many points you made the next time a Libtard starts his or her rant in my direction.

  21. GUN’S DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Man has been killing man since man began and no matter what they take away man will always kill man! If a man can’t kill a man one way a man will kill the man anther way! Gun’s just help good men protect themself’s from bad men who also have gun’s! And it seems some men won’t let good men protect themself’s from bad men, like a man named oBAMA! We need to IMPEACH this man NOW!

        1. I’m calling for life and everlasting truth for you…. Don’t go shootin cops when they come for your assault weapons and get yourself shot.

  22. The report is spot accurate. The author use the lame “socialist” is contained in a phrase ergo it must be socialism without examining the fact industry in Nazi Germany was privately owned. When I was interviewed for a security clearance while Bush was president, they didn’t care about my communist ties. They wanted to know if I was a far right winger who hates the government. The Montana Freemen, Timothy McVey, Randy Weaver, Eric Rudolph, Scott Roeder, Anders Behring Breivik, Sara Palin and their ilk are all right wingers. Nancy Lanza was a prepper.Let’s talk about the 9 Bibles McVey owned and his hatred for the government.

  23. Very interesting reading and information. As a Conservative Activist in a City where Democrats are the predominant Party, All of the above information on this story is of little value if Democrats don’t care to educate themselves. Afterall, their party gives them everything. My main concern is that one phrase is all that matters to the Liberal Democrats. That is…” The Democratic Party is for the poor, and the Republican Party is for the rich”. If someone ever changes this belief (especially with the black and hispanic voters”, then they have changed the face of politic’s as we know it.

    1. The democrats have always been the party for the working man. The republicans for the corporations It’s the way things are.

        1. The DEMOCRATS were pretty much the ONLY party in the south back then, moron. They were a CONSERVATIVE party back then…

          unless you are idiotic enough to think the south was full of liberals back then? LOL .. You truly are BEYOND retarded mort. you are truly INSANE.

        2. Oh so I’m making things up now? The democrats weren’t the main party in the south? Is that what you are suggesting?

          Are you suggesting the south was full of liberals back in the civil war era? Please, if you are going to stick your ARSE up in the air and call me a liar, PROVE IT.

        3. Back then, the libTard hadn’t taken over the Democrat party yet (that happened around 2006/2007 when the liberal communists took over the majority in Congress (the last TWO years of Bush),, which you so proudly blame BUSH now for all your liberal mess…

          Back then, the Dummycrats owned the South and were the Slave-holders..

          Get used to it,, FACT !
          And it’s hilarious that the same blacks are now STILL living on the dummycrat Plantation and are STILL slaves to their own ignorance..

        4. “Back then, the Dummycrats owned the South and were the Slave-holders..”

          So you are ADMITTING that the democrats were the CONSERVATIVE party back in the civil war era? Lincoln big government was the progressive republican party. (Republican WAS the progressive party of the day)

        5. No, the Dummycrats in the South were the liberal sick puppies that they are today,, just worse !

          Thank God we kicked their butts to the North and West so we could get our land back to what our country was founded upon..

        6. Ok, so you are trying to suggest that the democrats were liberal back in the 1860s south? Everyone in the south was a democrat back then btw.

          You really are retarded on so many levels man. Such a waste of oxygen!

        7. Good thing you are a hypocrite, doing everything you insult me for doing. You truly have a LOG in your eye and you spend all your time trying to remove the splinter in someone elses eye. Focus on your hypocrite self.

        8. John, you may be brilliant, but you’re painfully young, and really ignorant. Really, still the internal conversation. Read Lao Tze, Tao Te Ching. It’ll help.

        9. Sure you can, Take that gun of yours, put it to your head, pull the trigger. That would cure a world of stupidity in a matter of seconds.

        10. There is no such thing as a “true liberal” or a “true conservative” .. We’re just a bunch of mixed up humans who hate each other. In the end, you and I will be the same – just dust in the wind.

        11. No, John, they were the Progressives. They practiced and believed in Feudalism, not Capitalism, much closer to Communism than Capitalism. Look at the 1930’s. Eugenics was a Progressive, liberal passion. Racism is an integral part of Liberal/Progressive culture.

        12. By the way, you are such a pathetic and childish nutcase with all of your pathetic childish name calling.

        13. “Yea, that’s probably why they represented the South in the Civil War and were FOR slavery,, you doof…”

          The democrats were fighting for states rights back then, I thought? Big bad progressive Lincoln and his big government ideas weren’t cutting it for them conservatives in the south.

      1. @John…That is a misconception. Though many immigrants start with ideals of Republicans, the Democrats turn them into “give-me addicts”. Republicans work hard to get to where they want to be. Successful in life, responsible, self reliant, and money in the bank. Those are values that immigrants come to this country for. A chance at success and being self dependant. Once in this country, they find out that social programs designed in this country by the Liberals, are available with no need to work or try to be successful. Who does this for them? The Democratic Party. It removes all self motivation and dignity from them. Why would anyone want to work when Uncle Sam provides for you? In the other hand, Corporations help society by providing people with jobs and opportunity. Not everyone can afford to open their own business because of economic’s and politic’s. However, it is great that so many Company’s and Corporations have opportunities for hard working people. Republican’s are smart enough to understand that these corporations are a vital asset to our Nation. People who work are then paid salaries and given benefits..that they earn! This hard working folks do not depend on government social programs…they pull their own weight. The Democratic Party has never been for the Working Class, why do you think they favor Labor Unions? Labor Unions are middlemen for the Democratic Party, devised to turn hardworking folks in puppets for the government. All that is required is for them to vote for the Democratic Party.

  24. Simply the left executing their agenda. They count on a sleeping public that doesn’t question anything. They have been very successful but I think the worm is turning.

  25. DEMOCRATS continue their HATRED CAMPAIGNS! In my local YWCA (grants/taxpayer $) R having workshops for elementary aged kids on. Racial Justice, Lingering Oppression, white privilege, inequities & Impact! YES THEY R TEACHING THE YOUNF BLACKS to HATE THE WHITES! DEMOCRATS have NOT CHANGED!

    1. Why would they have to TEACH that? I hate you white christian conservative jerks with a passion and no one ever taught me to hate you BUT you.

  26. Tad Cronn is a revisionist historian of the worst kind….and a monumental liar and miscreant. The man should be in some insane asylum, along with most of his cool-aid drinking cheerleaders.

  27. The five worst mass killings have a common thread. Hint #1: None of the liberal progressive lefties belonged to the NRA.

    1) Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat and radical Muslim who supported Al Qaeda and Hamas
    2) Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals
    3) Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat
    4) Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal
    5) Connecticut School Shooter- ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

    Common thread is that all of these shooters were radically progressive liberal Democrats. Maybe we need to ban them. Wake up America, especially you Low Information Voters. Check the story link below.

  28. ANYONE WITH A BRAIN AND HALF WAY ENGAGED ALREADY KNOWS THE LEFT ARE Nazi/KKK sympathizers;;;they are all composed of socialist lefties and the cable media minions;; selective bias against the conservative movement has been obvious since 2009;;the MEDIA,OBAMA AND THE SOCIALIST LEFT ARE THE BIGGEST terrorist threat to America.

    1. The LEFT are KKK sympathizers? Why don’t you try a little experiment to see if this is true. Go to KKK websites (there are MANY) and read their forums. I DID and I saw a BUNCH of anti-communist anti-liberal postings. In fact, the blog postings seemed VERY much like they do here. the KKK posters are VERY anti Obama and Pro-conservative.
      READ their comment sections for yourself. The KKK is full of Obama haters and conservatives.
      and YOU are a lying SOB.

        1. Why don’t you respond to the message itself and stop crying about name calling. Did you visit the KKK websites as I suggested? If you had, you would have found out that they are VERY conservative members.

  29. I hope this westpoint combating terrorism center is not connected to the army westpoint. Everthing they state is ass backwards,

  30. Disinformation is a very effective propaganda tool….. “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth”.

    1. Except it’s not disinformation. Look up gunman Jim David Adkisson … It’s TRUE. Since Obama was elected, Conservatives have murdered liberals for political reasons.

        1. “That is the reality today of divide and conquer. But it won an election so that is OK – right? ”

          It’s ok by me. The GOP about got America destroyed from 2001-2009 … It’s about time that tired worn out party was put to rest.

        2. It maybe OK with you but WTF has 2001-2009 got to do with anything regarding this discussion?
          And what has a 2007 incident by a mentally ill individual got to do with your comment that “It’s TRUE. Since Obama was elected, Conservatives have murdered liberals for political reasons.”?
          You are a straw man….zero substance and BS comments. Get a life. You want to talk about destruction: the deficit, trillions in debt. and a wasted economy. How many people on Fed handouts since Obione took over? The numbers have doubled.
          We are now at ~50% of the US population…it’s the inverted triangle and it will topple. Just a matter of time. Romney was probably correct when he suggested that the 47% will never vote against the gravy train. The election voting distribution appears to have proved the point.
          Disinformation (lies?) on many subjects that people are concerned about and fear won the day….hopefully it will be a short victory. Onwards and upwards.

  31. Robert Byrd was not a conservative; he was a southern democrap;;;KKK may hate obama because he is black , they may support conservative ideas because the left are social lunatics,, but their roots are from deep southern dems;; and your personal attempt to attack me demonstrates your left liberal intolerance associated with left/demo FASCISTS;;YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and can blame no one else especially a conservative.

    1. Robert Byrd was a dixiecrat … The republicans and democrats pretty much switched places in ideology. Byrd was one of the few remaining holdouts from the time when Democrat was conservative party.

    2. “YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and can blame no one else especially a conservative.”

      No, You claim I AM what OTHER PEOPLE ARE. You have NO concept of personal responsibility or individuality. Guilt By association is your motto. Personal responsibility is such a foreign concept to you ignorant brainwashed conservatives.

    1. I am? I find out new stuff about me all the time from you guys. Thanks for that little tidbit, you really made my day.

    2. It’s kind of funny when you republicans make a comment like that.. Sure, I’m a KKK supporter — that’s why you look at DNC 2012, you see every race in America represented. You look at RNC 2012, all WHITE people. I just wonder where a white supremacist would feel most comfortable…HRMMMMmmmmmm.

  32. John MUCUS is just another psycho nemrod libTard NAzi that is SO delusional that he needs severe MEDICATION ! ! !

    I’m not wasting any more good time or AIR on this CHILD with the typical Libbie Mental disease

        1. That’s a good thing. I don’t want a liberal/marxist/communist to like me. I consider that to be a honor.

          Thing is, you won’t understand the real meaning behind that. Same as you don’t understand the Constitution either. To be a liberal, you have to give up all common sense. It doesn’t work any other way.

        2. I’ve seen so many lies from your sort, I would NEVER EVER trust people like you. You are judgemental, dishonest, self righteous, spoiled, idiotic, brainwashed, you think you’re holier than thou but you’re just a stuck up human being.

        3. Well, you are worth less than that to me. So, back at you. Jeez, what are you trying to make up for? Someone spit in your cereal or what?

        4. Well, I’m not. So, you are stuck. You eat it.

          Here’s a novel idea for you. If you don’t like conservatives, what the heck are you doing on a conservative website? You are the one that came to a place where you aren’t smart enough to realize you will not have your views welcomed or go unchallenged. Then you mostly resort to name calling which only makes you look VERY VERY SMALL.

          If you think for one second you are helping your cause any, you are doing just the opposite. You are making yourself look like a complete fool. Maybe that shoe fits given your posts.

          By all means, continue posting. You only make yourself look worse and HURT your own cause. That is certainly fine by me.

        5. “By all means, continue posting. You only make yourself look worse and HURT your own cause. That is certainly fine by me.”

          Really? Last I checked, My communist cause was doing just fine — Look what’s happening in DC on Monday…
          As far as me “hurting the cause” .. do you really think any Obama supporter is going to change their mind about supporting him because of some guy like me harassing you idiots on a far-right blog? LOL. You truly are an idiot.

          what am I doing here if I hate you? Harassing you. Why? Because it’s fun to get you gullible people angry.

        6. How’s that communism working in Russia? Oooops. Sorry, that one failed. lol Cuba? Oooops, people leaving as fast as they can. Venezuela? Well, that isn’t working to well either. Well, what country has had communism and it work out? Dang, can’t think of any. Eventually, you run out of other peoples money and it fails.

          We are not the idiots, YOU ARE. We are also not gullible either. We are just more knowledgeable about the Constitution than folks like you are. I’m not angry either. I think it is good to get a better count of how many people are against the country they live in. That way, we have a better idea of how many people are stupid and may need some education when things hit the fan.

          Just so you know, at some point this Government is going to fail because of people like you. Thing is, we will be going back to the Constitution not some liberal/communism pipe dream. If you want to live in a place like Greece, move there. We have EVERY intention of keeping our freedom even if we have to fight for it. We fought the British last time and sent their butts packing, no offense to the Brits. We will do the same for the communists and liberals when the time comes. You may want to prepare for that. I’m already prepared for when it hits the fan.

        7. “We will do the same for the communists and liberals when the time comes. You may want to prepare for that. I’m already prepared for when it hits the fan.”

          When it hits the fan and civil war is game on, I plan to take a BUNCH of you out. mark my words.

        8. I been ready for years. I’m just waiting on the first stupid person/crook to test me. I guess you qualify. You certainly got the stupid part. lol

        9. Baby boy, you gonna get hurt one of these days. Especially if civil war happens. A lot of people would get hurt.

        10. Well, I’m not a baby. I’m a grown man. If I do get hurt, it won’t be by a idiot like you. You truly are a small person tho. I bet you are some little squirt that couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

        11. Just curious sh!t for brains, but since you admitted you don’t live in the USA how are you going to ” take a BUNCH of you out” from your pillow fort?

        12. “We will do the same for the communists and liberals when the time comes.”

          What about all the liberals who are just everyday people – work 9to5 , go to school, etc — Do you have plans for them too?

        13. “Well, what country has had communism and it work out? Dang, can’t think of any.”

          China is doing very well, thank you very much. New super power on the block. Communist all the way.

        14. You’re a fookin moron. Taxes are lower in China than the USA. There is more encouragement for free enterprise in China than here in America. China is communist in name only.

        15. Nope. Their economy based on a floating currency is actually in more trouble than ours is. The crash and burn China will go through soon will be nasty.

        16. Angry??? Nope. Just mystified why you did not stay on your meds. As for finding you that’s real simple. You need some serious help.

        17. John, you’ve gotten it all wrong. Typical of a liberal socialist. I do no HATE you,far from it. I feel genuinely sorry for your mental condition. Pitty, in fact. Maybe the proposed increase in mental health funding will be of great benifit to individuals such as yourself. If you have enough live brain cells to take advantage of it.

        18. If they are going to re-open long term mental hospitals, they will find MUCH use for them for people like you. Any psychiatrist who reads some of your conservative comments on this blog would have you committed in a heart beat. Please, by all means, tell your shrink all the wacky things you idiots say on here — Like how you think Newtown school shooting was FAKE and all the other insane things you people come up with. They need to lock you up and throw away the key!

        19. By the way, when people like me get through with America, you certainly WILL hate us. We’ll give you plenty of reason to hate us.

        20. John, I love you. Let your soul be free. Still the Internal Conversation. I don’t know where you are, but do you know Bow Willow? ABDSP. You need to clear your mind as well as your heart. Maybe Valle de Luna. You name the date, I will bring the beer, and we will talk about anything but politics. Really John, you need a hug.

        1. Nah, I shoot conservatives too… I just come on here when I run out of ammo (Ammo is expensive these days)

  33. The problem I have with report is where it originated……Westpoint Combating Terrorism Center. Have they gone totally twisted?

  34. Let’s discuss the racist New Black Panther Party which was allowed by our Racist President AND his criminal AG Holder to camp out in front of voter sites to intimidate voters ? /

    Or do you want to talk about how Philadelphia had a 130+% voter turnout and not ONE vote for other than your nazi ODumbo ? ?

    I didn’t think so John MUCUS,, you dipchit

    1. The particular black panther you are talking about incident happened 4 years ago. He didn’t attack anyone. he was right across the street at the polling place (across the street from his HOME)… Is that the best you can do, come up with a non violent incident that happened 4 years ago? You are a pathetic maggot. Truly, you are.

        1. Meanwhile you make mention of the Indian Wars that happened at least a hundred years ago as your justification for promoting the genocide of those that don’t agree with your politics.

  35. I was at the second amendment rally today at the capitol. Believe it
    or not, but it is lawful to carry a gun, open or concealed on the
    grounds! I saw one man with a firearm on his hip. The state police
    were there of course, that is there job for any such event. There did
    not seem to be an inordinate number of troopers and they pretty much
    just hung out and chatted amounts themselves.

    Of all the rallies I have been to, tea party, tax day, 2nd Amnd.,
    this one was the most passionate. There was (likely) a sign up sheet
    for those who wanted to speak. Everyone I heard, spoke with knowledge
    of the Constitution and the facts of things and articulated their
    thoughts well.

    I’m sure there will be videos posted of the event, soon. One of our
    Tea Party activists is “Palin Smith”, records and posts this sort of
    thing. Google Palin Smith YouTube videos.

    Of course there was absolutely no disorder. Surprisingly, there were
    no planted instigators in the crowd. And, the media seemed
    conspicuously absent.

    I will add, too, that many people brought there children, at least one
    a stroller. There was the occasional dog on a leash. With well over
    1,000 people in attendance, it was, a crowd not much different in
    demeanor from the crowd that attends the summer jazz concerts in the
    park, below.

    Compare that to the behavior of the “Occupy” crowd.

  36. FASCIST ARE JUDGED by their ideological behavior;; not by left or right [a nebulous term];; if you act like the left/lib/democraps in America you ARE A FASCIST. OBAMA AND HITLER BOTH SUFFER FROM THE SAME TYPE “MENTAL ILLNESS”

    1. MUCUS is more than likely ILLEGAL,, you KNOW that right ? ?

      Probably is waiting for ODumbo the Marxist Traitor to give him citizenship for casting his ILLEGAL vote for him….

        1. I’m commenting on an article ABOUT violence. Of course I have violence on my mind. You really aren’t that smart, are you?

        2. John, I’m affraid you are confused, again. YOU have violence and hate in you heart ! As you have stated in seveal posts. And also as you have shown, you do not have a mind !

        3. But the hatred and violence is in your HEART,John. You are not commenting ABOUT violence ; you are projecting it at everyone.

        4. John, with no animus or anything, you aren’t in possession of any weapons you might use unwisely, are you? Where are you? It might be time to honestly consider talking to people who mean you no harm and only want to help you. Please consider this as a voice on the Internet, crying out in mortal agony. We don’t need another Columbine. It doesn’t serve your purpose. You have your whole life ahead of you.

        5. I’m not stupid. I enjoy my freedom and life. I wouldn’t go out on a shooting spree against conservatives unless we were in Civil War (in which case, I’m shooting as many of you as I can before one of you kills me)

        6. I dunno but after I got through with your daughter (She smelled like a sewer down below) I thought I was going to throw up. Don’t you teach your progeny to DOUCHE ?

        7. You may have been born here,but you are not an American. So,I guess that makes you a domestic malcontent sociaist / liberal.

        8. IN YOUR FACE !!! I would gladly debate the issues with you, John, if we were in each others presence and you agreed to stop the malicious Alinsky name calling !!!

        9. and get shot? because that’s what I will do if YOU or one of your associates comes by. I do kill conservatives who trespass on my property. Just a fair warning. I won’t shed a tear if you die.

        10. Really? On this thread you’ve said you don’t live in America. But, then again, you’re a snot nosed little punk.

        1. “Those who are under 30 and aren’t liberals have no souls, those who are above 30 and not conservatives have no brains.: Winston Churchill. You got time, John. God Bless you.

        2. Churchill was an evil racist. Did you hear the racist things he said about Ghandi? Of course you would admire someone like that. Typical.

        3. Churchill was one of the few people who willed Hitler to defeat. Would you now admit that Hitler is one of your mentors? Your demand for perfect purity damns you to hypocrisy.

        4. The person with a mental problem on this blog, is the liberal / socialist, John Mescas !
          And HE is definitly an Alinsky Sociopath

        5. I can’t wait till civil war hits. I really can’t … What can I do to hasten your demise in the mean time?

        6. Please,by all means, get this civil war you guys keep talking about started! I want to put my sniper rifles to good use!

  37. Considering the BS, lies and twisted thinking of the progressive left (who we can thank for the eugenics programs in the first half of the 20th century, the progressive model the Nazis credited for their own), not to mention the assaults on our constitution and liberties, I’d have to say that conservatives are the most tolerant political group in America today. Time to get intolerant of the left’s BS and put them in their place, once and for all. SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT!

  38. mESCAS;; “CONSERVATIVES PROJECT A LOT”;; not nearly as much the domineering left wingers;; you use the media outlets and the ENDOWMENT OF THE ARTS and the school systems to “PROJECT YOUR AGENDA”;; YOUR REWRITE HISTORY to lie to our youth ;; liberalism “IS A MENTAL DISORDER” AND THERE IS NO CURE, well there is but you libs do not like it.

    1. We sure did a good job taking over your country, didn’t we? No more America for conservatives…Not your country any more. Bet that makes you MAD.

      1. When John dies and finally rots his way to he11, the devil will hand him a box of matches and tell him “Go build your own!”.

  39. The saddest part is they are so ignorant they believe the lies. I was on a radio interview and discussing the Democrats history in congress. Against ending slavery, against anti lynching laws, for all of the Jim Crow laws, I also mentioned that the KKK hung white Republicans as well as black ones. About one third of the Republicans lynched were white. The interviewer was a black Democrat and I hope he looked it up. When Paul Revere went for his ride Wentworth Cheswell a founding father and true patriot rode in the opposite direction he was elected as a judge over 100 years prior to the civil war, he was black. Woodrow Wilson wrote “A History of the American People” 5 vol. and removed all black Americans contributions from it and had it put in every school. The first movie ever played in the White house was KKK’s “Birth of a Nation”. How many women remember it was Republicans that
    fought for our right to vote? I hear how he was one of our greatest presidents and I almost lose my lunch.

    1. You truly have a revisionist version of history…

      The south has ALWAYS been conservative. When the KKK was formed, the south was mostly all democrat. Democrats were the conservatives of the day. Lincoln’s big government republican party was the progressive party of the day.

      People like you sound absolutely RIDICULOUS for suggesting the south was full of liberals when the KKK was founded. You are a goof ball and a nut for thinking this.

      1. The south embraced Feudalism, that is antithetical to Capitalism and freedom. The Klan was the Brown Shirts of the Democratic Party in the south. Senator Bird, a Democratic Icon, was a KKK recruiter most of his young life. The KKK epitomizes the cynical position Democrats, and you, John, embrace..

  40. john; we the people are far from being taken over by fraud and stupidity; question is where will you run and hide in a few months?????you are driving a bus and no one is on it with you;;bye bye. 52% of stupi is easily erased by 48% of real patriots. no quit the mandate your FURHER is toting.

    1. “we the people are far from being taken over by fraud ”

      Obama is being inaugurated tomorrow. You sure HAVE been taken over by fraud. We communists ran an ineligible candidate for president on PURPOSE. We communists are your sworn mortal enemies and we will destroy your country unless you stop us. So far, you haven’t lifted a finger. You are a bunch of coward PUSH OVERS. Yellow cowards, the entire LOT of you!

      1. John…quit pounding your shoe on the table! It didn’t do anything for your daddy Nikita. Go tend to your goat down at your daddy’s cabbage patch.

    1. I could always do a FOIA request to get your names and addresses if you registered a gun. The newspaper that posted the New York addresses was just warming up. Communists like me are going to up the ante a notch or three. You’ll see my FOIA posted online for all to see once it’s granted.

  41. JOHN MESCAS: The Huffington Post just called to tell you that your boyfriend (jazzpast) is threatening suicide if you don’t come back to his basement and cuddle with him.

      1. I don’t beat up on wives or abuse daughters, those are strictly Liberal actions. You’d better hurry home, jazzpast is growing impatient with you Johnnie boi.

        1. Someday, John, I’m going to find you, and when I do you’ll be screaming and crying like a little girl. Mark my words you POS.

        2. Awe, did the comment about your daughters muff piss you off? Come find me Eddie. Please do. I have a very loud surprise waiting for you.

        3. Eddie: Did you really think we were going to let YOU have all the fun with your daughters wet puss? Hell no. Let some other people at that pretty thang for a change!

        4. Hey, you POS – my name and address are public info. Come find me biatch. If you win, you can start banging your daughters muff again by yourself. If I WIN., that muff is ALL MINE.

        5. Ahh…forever fourteen…right, John? Watch out, you might get grounded for life. Ooops!!! Excuse me. You are grounded for life…you’re a Liberal…can’t ever really go out to play again.

        6. Find it at your own risk. I don’t treat conservatives with any compassion or humanity if they trespass on my property.

        7. You do realize that if you step on my property, I will have to END you, right? I will leave you laying in a pool of your own blood and won’t even have the curtesy to call an ambulance for you… So by all means, Threaten me some more. Come to my house., I FKING DARE you. Bring that little WHORE of a daughter with you while you’re at it.

        8. Freud would be in love with you, John…maybe even cuddly, couch-buddies! You would be his ‘Mona Lisa’ of all diagnoses.

  42. john;; I know you are beating off right now because YOU ACTUALLY have intelligent people giving you their time;;RNC,, Mark Rubio, Condalezza Rice. Allen West, Mrs. Romney, Clint Eastwood ;; but you are correct, there were no fagots like you there.

    1. The height of stupidity is trying to elect another GOP president after the 8 years of Bush failure. People like you are the very DEFINITION of STUPID.

      1. Well, if Bush really was a failure then Obama must be the major fault with Liberalism, Socialism, and Totalitarianism…all rolled up into one not-so-super man child alien.

        1. Obama has already began to repair the damage you evil conservatives caused this country. Four more years and we’ll be out of the Bush-caused mess.

      2. Failure? You mean like the low unemployment rate during Bush’s eight years? Or was it the record setting 50+ months of economic growth?

  43. I attended two rallys today at the State capitol, both were peaceful. A few people brought their weapons slung and holstered, to demonstrate their right to bear arms. There was no anger no shouting and no violence. The second rally was for the protection of the unborn. Totally peaceful. The weather was very cold about two to three hundred people stood quietly and listened to speakers, prayed, and heard some songs. Then they went home with their families.

    1. Do you honestly think you conservatives aren’t brain washed? you act so holier than thou. Such self righteous pricks.

        1. I’d say you are a false prophet and guilty of bearing false witness. You are guilty of many sins that the bible warns against.

          Hint: I’m not an athiest, you bumbling idiot.

        2. But communists don’t believe in a higher power. They believe in the state. You’re so damn stupid you don’t even know anything about communism. What a communist. You are what is called a ‘useful idiot’.



    1. The ol’ play the race card–while acting like a bunch of racist goons. Your racist buddies here say Lincoln would have never freed the slaves if he knew about Obama. We don’t call you idiots racist for craps and giggles. We call you what you ARE. scumbag.

      1. So many mental issues you have, John. What will you ever do with your life? Has your current (your 3rd) girlfriend caught on to your drivel yet? Will you be able to rebound a third time or will you have to go out and read a Liberal Rag newspaper so you’ll know where you can steal a gun (just in case you don’t rebound, you know)?

        1. 3rd girlfriend? Dude, you are such a moron. I’m married to my 2nd GF.. Been married for years. there never was a 3rd. What kind of idiotic rambling is this?

        2. At least I’m married. Last I heard, it was illegal for you to marry your daughter. Didn’t you know, INCEST IS WRONG!?

        3. A married 15 year old? I think that’s called statutory rape. Are you married to your sister, the one with Down’s syndrome?

        4. You are one SICK sob, Abusing your daughter like you have ever since she was 8 years old! People like you should be castrated!!!

        5. I lie. But about what I said if you come to my place, I mean it. I will kill conservatives who trespass. Test me.

        6. Well that wasn’t so hard was it? You are now an admitted liar. Typical of a left winger, so then pretty much everything you’ve posted would be a lie. No?

        7. This stuff I’m saying about killing conservatives? I said if you show up at my house and tresspass I’ll kill you. I didn’t say I would track you down and kill you. Adkisson tracked liberals down and killed em. I’m not a hypocrite, I mean what I say. If you come to my house to track me down like you say you will, I WILL kill you.

        8. BTW, why would I want to steal a gun? I can legally buy them at any gun store. You really are Stupid James. Stupid.

        9. You stated earlier that you were 15. Considering your perfect typing style and punctuation, I find that hard to believed, but up ’til now, I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt.

        10. Edward is strictly into family members. He and his daughter get it on quite often. Too bad their babies are deformed inbred maggots.

    1. Check that link out. Is THAT a lie? Did a conservative not go shoot up a bunch of liberals? You think that was yet another “false flag” event used to demonize conservatives? Seriously- you people are something else.

        1. again, keep avoiding the issue. Keep dodging this very serious event. Did you not look up that conservative shooter? He killed liberals for being LIBERAL. How is that not proof of conservatives being violent?????????

        2. How about the shooter in Arizona??? He was a marxist just like you and went to kill and maim Gabby because she was not liberal enough. Giffords knew it was coming as she had contact wth the shooter before hand and knew of his insanity. So one liberal kills other liberals and innocents at the invite of the liberal who was shot.

        3. the shooter in AZ was mad about borders not being protected. That’s hardly a liberal character trait.

        4. Wrong again. His friend Tierney said that he did not like a answer that Gabby gave him at a previous meeting. The question is NOT known. More lies. But, then his whole bedroom was filled with communist litature and he was a known left wing whack job for some time.

    2. I’m one of the most honest people I know. I don’t lie. I point out the truth. The truth is , you conservatives are dangerous AND violent. The proof is in the pudding.

      1. Lie…lie…lie…lie…and (yet another) lie. Your ‘proof’, John, is definitely swimming in all of that buzz word pudding…somewhere between your ears.

      2. But John, as an avowed Communist, you must know that telling the truth when it doesn’t serve your purpose is unacceptable. The Ends Justifies the Means is a dogma of Marxist/Leninist philosophy.

  45. More liberal Bulls**t. Liberals have only problems, never solutions that really solve anything.
    After all they are “incomplete” people. I believe they are born witha brain defect that
    prevents logically thinking!!!! You should read Rutherford’s book!!

    1. Conservatives are born with a normal brain. That’s why they pretend to know more than scientists who study the environment for a living. They pretend to talk to invisible men in the sky. Yeah, you guys are SOOOO normal.

      1. “…for a living…”…right, you could say for a very plush living when they professionally ride the usual twisted Liberal spin.

    2. Don Boyer: You seem like an incomplete person yourself. Anyone who fks their daughter as much as you obviously do (disgusting pedophile!) is more than a bit touched.

      1. I see. More mental issues, John? Do you have these tucked neatly away, say, back in your early childhood? You were never, ever spanked…were you?

  46. I wonder if there are any statistics to see the link between criminal behavior and whether they lean democrat or republican. I would chance to say… criminals think more like a lying liberal democrat than they do a consevative republican. What do you think? Criminals certainly act like a democrat…all the time ….escpecially the lying part.

    1. Jim David Adkisson .., Conservative blogger – went on a killing spree of liberals.

      As for your notion that “democrats lie” .. Dude, are you so full of yourself that you don’t fact check all the lies republicans say? seriously man, you are so brainwashed.

      1. What about all the others? They were liberals/democrats. In balance, liberal/democrats are the danger, in more ways than one.

        1. In reality, the GOP hasn’t been any more honest or less corrupt than any other party. That’s reality. In YOUR version of reality, the conservatives are the saints and everyone else is wrong.

        2. I’m actually more conservative than the GOP. You are not going to change that either. I don’t take advice from children who have no clue what life is about.

        1. You just needed to spout your BS one time (that whole I’m GONNA TRACK YOU DOWN JOHN MESCAS Bs) to know you were full of it.

  47. Edward53: Your daughter is a WHORE but that didn’t stop me from enjoying that pink PUSS of hers. Now COME GET ME YOU POS!

    1. From what I hear, Johnnie boi you don’t like pink female body parts just stinky brown shriveled up buttholes that’s found on other Liberal men.

      1. reports filthy comments where? This is free speech baby dear. Godfatherpolitics apparently doesn’t believe in moderating comments. Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  48. “It’s particularly twisted to try to pin anti-Semitism on Christianity,
    which derives its identity from a Jewish carpenter who Christians
    acknowledge as the Son of God and Messiah. Historically, there have been
    plenty of people and entire churches that fell into sin and embraced
    anti-Semitism, but they weren’t behaving as Christians no matter what
    they called themselves.”

    I have quite a few Jewish friends, and I want to point out what they have often told me, that many American Christians do not understand and cannot understand the deep-seated anti-Semitism of European Christians. Many Jews are still afraid of American Christians because they equate them with European Christians and the historic anti-Semitism of European Christians. I do not think American Christians have any real history of anti-Semitism; indeed, American evangelical Christians are often better friends to Israel than the average secular Jew. But those of my Jewish friends who know they have nothing to fear from American Christians nevertheless believe that many American Christians do not understand the difference between themselves and European Christians in this respect, and I believe they’re right.

    1. “I do not think American Christians have any real history of anti-Semitism”

      Uhm , You must not read all the anti-semitic comments these christian maggots routinely say on this blog.

      1. Look, I can’t vouch for every American Christian in the country. But anyone trying to rouse some sort of evangelical Christian movement against Jews is just not going to have a lot of success. Glenn Beck is an evangelical Mormon who held a massive pro-Israel rally in Jerusalem. Jerry Falwell (hope I got the name right) who used to run the nutty evangelical university Liberty University said during the oil boycott of the 70s that he would rather ride a bicycle to work than stop supporting Israel. On I294 S out of Chicago there’s a billboard exhorting people to support Israel that was put up by a Christian organization. Even my Israeli friends don’t think a shoah could ever happen here, though they wouldn’t pay a shekel for the life of a European Jew right now.

        Don’t look at lone individuals; there are always nuts everywhere. Look at the movements, and I think you’ll change your mind.

      2. What? Maybe 2% of the comments by true bologna brains? Tell us John, could you possibly be anti-Conservative? Anti-Christian? Anti-Semitic? Just a round-housing atheist, out of long practiced habit?

  49. Who is the Westpoint Combating Terrorism Center anyway?

    Probably a group that would never gain entrance to the Wespoint Academy at all.
    I had a man tell me today that George Bush ordered John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination. This black gentleman was dead serious with his claims.

    I know some people in the building I currently live in, hope to be moving soon, that will get together between 10am and noon and convince themselves that what they say is true.
    The things they agree upon are about as stupid as agreeing that the macadam in the road outside the building is pink. But if they agree it is pink, then it is pink. Regardless of what color their eyes seem to say it is.

    This is the trouble with the “group think’ so prevalent in america today. I did not put a Capital A on america as the way it is being led around I doubt that deserves a capital A.

    We need to rise up for our country, or it will be no more.


  50. There are so many bad guys out there with guns and they will stop at nothing to get what they want or need, and they will kill to get what they want, kids and adults and not give a second thought about it! Just because you will say how the hell can someone do that dose not mean they will, they do not think like you or I do. And if oBAMA disarmes us we will be at the mercy of a bunch of people who have NO MERCY at all! They say call a cop, well when something gose down most likely you will not have any time at all to call a cop, and besides that how the hell do you call a cop when you have a gun in your face or you are dead!!! When you call a cop it takes some time to call a cop and for them to get there and find out whats happening, and time is something you just don’t have in the heat of a moment of life and death! oBAMA wants to put us all at risk and that is trasion to knowenly put the people of our country at risk! And this seems to be the norm with oBAMA! We seem to have our enemies in our White House running our country! AGAIN IMPEACH oBAMA NOW! YES WE DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GUNS IN OUR COUNTRY! WHY TO MANY BAD GUY HAVE THEM AND NOT ENOUGH GOOD GUYS DO!!!

  51. Am I a communist? Of course. Am I dangerous? Probably. Do I plan on shooting anyone? Not until civil war hits. Am I the type to go on a shooting spree? Not while it’s still illegal to do so! When civil war hits, however, shooting spree is on! Let the games begin!

      1. Keep promoting a civil uprising. See what happens. I Fkin dare you. There are millions of people like me with a chip on their shoulder who are just ITCHING for the moment that SHTF. (Oh and we like Guns too)

        1. Dude, I don’t give a damn if one of you kills me in our upcoming Civil War. My main purpose during this war is to take as many of you out as possible before you get me.

        2. Lol…you’re really a bad ass sitting behind your keyboard….just wait until your out in the open. You’ll be running and screaming like a little girl, you coward.

        3. better than you being under the covers with your own daughter! You creep. I almost couldn’t believe it until I saw pictures of you two together. A 60 year old father having sexual relations with his 20 something daughter. SICK SICK SICK. You truly are a pervert Edward.

        4. No, Edward was sharing some pictures earlier of his family (along with his threats to come find me) .. He was hoping I’d give him a picture in return. Hell no, I don’t hive my pics to pedophiles like him.

        5. Or do I dare say it??? Inbetween her legs??(I know bad boy for calling names but, I could not let the line go)

        6. Your time is coming to an end WAY sooner than mine Alibaba: Someone is going to put a 5 inch hole right between your eyes and the rest of society will CHEER on your deathly demise.

        7. Highly doubtful it been tried before and I have out lived all my objectives. Never even got a purple heart. So sorry. You are much more likely to go first your large ignorant mouth makes you a huge target. It is either that or your rear a little hard to tell which is which(LOL)

        8. My big mouth makes me a target? Really? Wow, I didn’t think my words were that effective. Thank you for that compliment. That’s about the best compliment an agent provocateur like myself could get.

        9. really? I love children, never have aborted any babies or supported abortion. Tell me how you figure this? I imagine you just pulled it out of your arse like you do everything else you say on here.

        10. john mucus;; if you are still breathing;i welcome your challenge of “bring it on”;; by some divine intervention may it be possible this year to meet you in a demonstration where “we the people” are taking back our nation from Marxist ideologues like you and you and I can have a close encounter of the worst kind.. I will be looking for you Adolf.

  52. They lie to influence public opinion. They demonize the opposition to their progressive, marxist, ends. It’s the way of Alinksy and sadly his community organizer radicals have corrupted our illustrious military academy.

    For example, it has been shown that the FIVE worst mass killings were perpetrated by Liberal Democrats. Read on. Fight back.

  53. I’m just so sick of them calling anyone that doesn’t agree with them Nazi’s. Yet, in the highest position of government is one who thinks he is above other levels of government that are suppose to be equal to his position. Wonder who else in the world felt the same way in less than the past 100 years. Oh could it be Hitler. I wouldn’t follow Hitler if he were alive today, so right there you could deduct that I am not a Nazi.

    1. Errr…Demonizing the NS has scored the Tribe un-dreamt of influence, power, and wealth. So of course Jews denounce every-one that objects as “Nazis”. Learn the truth. It’a all about diverting blame. An old Polish saying goes : “A Jew cries out in pain when he strikes you”. That’s all the slurs are meant to do. Divert attention from the real culprits. Who runs the money supply, and the media? LOOK. SEE.

  54. Lets you know how deep they go in the fabric of our once great nation this “Westpoint Combating Terrorism Center” put this trash together and has the nerve to call it a report. The hammer is coming fast boys and girls. Weapons, mags and ammo should be your number one objective to have. advforops

  55. This is what’s been taught in our government schools for decades. Today’s teachers were indoctrinated with Marxist/socialist/”progressive” crap in their schools, and never having the wit or courage to question the logic or successes of it, believe it themselves. Marxism/socialism/communism would be heaven on earth except for one small problem: human nature. Innovators, free-thinkers and others not fitted for the willing herd must be controlled, isolated or exterminated.

  56. Bless John Mescas’ lil black heart…They say he is a bit “touched”, you know…
    (Southern accent, raised eyebrow,the head nod while sucking my teeth )

  57. I did not see anything about OWS and their rapes, drugs, violence in their “outings” was this not covered or did I miss it?

  58. The author must BE a Jew, since he’s spewing a LOT of dis-info. The christ was a Judean – not a Jew. Judeans were forced converts. Communism is RIGHT out of the Talmud. Karl Marx was a Jew. (His familly “converted” in order to operate un-noticed, in the classic and malevolent tradition of subversion). This auther fails ot mentio nthew real mass murderers ot the 20th century
    – Yagoda and Kaganavich. The Bolsheviks were Talmudic Jews, trained Jew York City, and the “Russian” Revolution was funded by American born Jew Jacob Schiff. The Bolshies- the Jews- DESTROYED Russia. Hitler, and the NS, were trying to prevent what happened in Russia, to Germany. The REAL Holocaust happened in Russia. By the way – when Hitter tossed the Jews out of banking and finance – the German economy took off. Meanwhile the USA suffered under the deliberate destruction of Wallsky Street for another decade. Today -the attackso n Christianity, and Whites, are mlostly orchestrated by Jews. The Frankfurt School consisted of Jews that Hitler booted out ofGermany. These monsters created cultural Marxism, in order to destroy the West. JEWS have been attacking Christianity from the BEGINNING. The FS Marxists CAME to America in order to destroy the West, from within, This was theuir stated purpose. Before any of you start howlng about Knaaazeees – you may want to research who owns the media, and who controls the money supply. I know Jews on this site will start screeching – but it’s too late. People are beginning to NOTICE. Even Tea Party dupes. Your Tribe has WRECKED the best Host they’ve ever had. So blame yourselves. The problem is NOT the Goy – it’s YOU.

  59. The Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist oath of office

    I do solemnly swear to distort the truth, endorse racism, burden the system with unmanageable deficits and lay claim to all good while creating chaos and division.

    As an elected official I recognize my responsibility to represent my lord Satan and promote the agencies for which he stands.

  60. By the way – to dispute the repugnant trash dis-info on the part of this “author” – the USA was founded AS a blood and soil Nation by the White Christian founders They, especially Franklin, would have totally backed up Hitler.

    1. You are out of your mind. White Christian Founders would not have backed Hitler any more than White Christians Americans are backing Obama the next Marx/Stalin/Mao/hitler wannabe. The UN, NATO, Bilderbergs can back Obama to the tune of billions of dollars and it still ain’t gonna happen.

      1. White “Christians” DID vote Obama in. He would not have gotten into office were it not for the MILLIONS of deluded White tools, that voted him in. The MONEY behind Obama was strictly Kosher. Want some names? And the Founders views were aligned with old Adolf’s. Learn some REAL history, dear.

  61. The left has to put out garbage like this to confuse the public, because if they were honest about who they are or their goals most Americans wouldn’t vote for them.

    This is precisely why We The People, conservatives, Christians I would like to include our Republican House, should use language that Americans understand. Stop all this politically correct language and use words like: Communists, Tyranny, New World Order and Global takeover. Tell the American people just exactly what is going on. That our American government is no longer abiding by the Constitution of the United States and that this has been the case since the 1950s. Gather together American. Form one union. Find a leader worthy of our values and let’s get going. We have to hurry.

  62. Just read the report……as Mr. Cronn points out, “It’s easy to praise the Left when you attribute leftist violence to someone else.” I found this comment in the report rather telling:

    “According to the far right attacks dataset, 329 attacks have been conducted by Skinheads and neo-Nazi groups in the last 22 years. Of these, 205 attacks were perpetrated by Skinheads, and 124 by neo-Nazis.”
    Always thought that Nazi’s were National Socialist’s? Why are Nazi’s now considered “Extreme Right Wing”?

  63. PLEASE! Do no reply to any comments submitted by MESCAS and I’d also question answering some one who claims to snipe conservatives. Please. The fuel that feeds them is for them to be noticed, attracting attention to themselves and trying to be controversial. They are cruel, self indulgent and perhaps dangerous.If you don’t respond with the fuel that keeps them running, they may just go away and find another cause; perhaps one with Field and Stream or Mad Magazine.

  64. Don’t leave out Margaret Sanger, darling of “progressives”, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who was an avowed racist. She wanted measures that would eliminate blacks and the mentally deficient from the gene pool. Today Planned Parenthood aborts more black babies than white.

  65. Iraq. Orange alerts. Mission accomplished banners. Gun show loopholes. Redefining torture. Secret prisons. Black Water. Despising the poor and minorities. Iraq. 9/11. Yellow cake uranium. Outing Valerie Plame. Iraq. Carl Rove. Unpaid wars. Dick Cheney hunting. All republican. All failures. Which one of these agendas was based on peace?

  66. It ALSO requires feats of pseudo-intellectual gymnastics to completely IGNORE the blatant LYING/CHEATING at the vote count by Tony Villar (aka Antonio Villaraigosa) of the DNC delegates, to put God back into their party platform, and to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel (something that Republicans, and ESPECIALLY Conservatives [including the “Far Right”] openly and unashamedly profess)!

    THAT, along with President Barack Obama’s SNUB of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (leaving him alone in the White House), and the President’s (and the Liberal Democrats’) apparent LOVE for all things Muslim (including their reluctance to refer to TERRORISTS [both individuals, like Major Hasan at Fort Hood, and groups like Hamas])!

    The ONLY DANGER that the “Far Right” represents, is to a TYRANNICAL Government (with that Tyranny coming from the FAR LEFT)!

  67. Let’s never forget that Liberalism (also synonymous with Socialism, Communism, etc…) has murdered, killed, tortured, etc…, more people in its relatively short history than all wars since the beginning of recorded history. This includes abortion on demand – talk about violence!

  68. Looking at VIOLENT GROUPS, you find NO VIOLENCE coming from the Tea Party! In fact, THEY have been respectful and have gone out of their way to CLEAN UP after themselves.

    Contrast THAT with the Occu-Poopers (having NO PERMITS), and causing destruction to Public Property to the tune of $4.7 MILLION [for the City of Los Angeles ALONE]), and the RAPE (not Whoopie’s “it wasn’t RAPE, rape”, but ACTUAL RAPE) of at least one woman in New Haven!

    WHERE’s the corresponding “violence” at Tea Party events? There ISN’T ANY!

  69. Obama has said many flowery things to the public, in his inaugeral, we woukd that they were Words of purpose and seen in his actions; but his actions and his behavior toward the Constitution has been one of destruction and Marxist wishes. For him the World is not the Constitution, but it is the Rule of Law. Not necessariy Constitutional Law.

  70. How true is this article???! The left are the violent ones, the nasty ones who go to a rally and leave the area a filth ravaged mess and they are the ones always threatening violence against conservatives….yet they have the audacity to call the conservatives, Tea Party members and our veterans, the terrorists…sadly, that tells you just how effed up our country is because the majority of this country seems to identify with the liberal mentality of the progressive left. EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, they will not accept it nor do they want ANYONE to point it out to them or state facts to prove it, if they do, they are labeled the extremists…

  71. Now all we need to do is get our obviously biased media to actually do reports on this, incessantly since some need repeated reminding, and one day we can regain the American character. Boy are we in trouble, since our media sold its soul based on the leftist education most of them got in college. While the rest of us worked hard, saved, and lived a moral life, leftists spent decades indictrinating & many were fools enough to fail to check out this crap on their own & are today confirmed leftists seeking to remake America into a socialists dream. We call its results, a nightmare!

  72. Liberals can be activists and it is noble, conservatives as activists are terrorists? Guess I am a terrorist then. But in truth I consider myself a patriot. I refuse to let those who fought for our freedoms down because I. was afraid to stand up for the constitution. Liberals, in government and out, do not understand that the Constitution is what made this country great. WHy they are trying so hard to take this country into socialism when it has been proven not to work just astounds me.

  73. Yes, “Nazi” is a compound-contraction of the German words for “National Socialist Workers Party.” The Nazis abused the concept of socialism the way all the Communists abused the concept of “Peoples’Republics”. Oooh…

    Then we have, “In the 1930s, as the Nazis rose to prominence, they were supported by many in the political Left in America.” omitting that they were also supported by many on the Right as well as American businessmen like the shrub’s grandfather Prescott who continued doing business with them illegally after the breakout of hostilities.

    Then there’s the repetition of FRWNJ b.s. that liberals, “do not believe in equality, individual liberty or tolerance, which are the principles that inspired the Founding Fathers and forged the American character.” when objective observation proves that the creation of a new nation is an inherently liberal/progressive concept, not a conservative one.

    “The KKK, similarly, was founded by Democrats to oppose the equality and personal liberty of blacks.” Yup. Conservative Dems. This was shortly after the breakup of the Whig Party; wherein the more progressive segment began calling themselves the GOP. Sadly, twenty years later they’d sold out to the robber barons.

    “As recently as a few years ago, the Democrat Party included a prominent KKK Grand Cyclops, Robert Byrd, who found a home in the Senate.” Deliberately disingenuous, the implication is that the late Sen. Byrd was recently the KKK Grand Cyclops. Nope. Not even close. Well, maybe on a cosmic scale. He’d left the KKK some years prior to 1950, so I guess you could call that, “As recently as a few years ago”.

    “The American Communist, Socialist and Nazi Parties all have endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement.” Yup. So did unions. A lot of idiots think that communists and unions are buddies, yet none of them can explain how it is that when Soviet and other Communist officials visited, they never EVER visited any union officials; only corporations and such. Hmm…

    There’s a pile more [crap] here. A big steaming, runny, smelly pile o’ [crap]. And it’s every bit as accurate as what I’ve gone through. I just don’t have enough time to so through it. The intelligent readers of this site will accept the truth and realize what this all means. Both of you.

  74. I am puzzled why adherents of the Modern American
    Conservative movement cannot make the distinction between themselves and those
    of radical right wing extremists; and further, why they feel the need to defend
    such extremism and not condemn it.

    Can anyone answer the question.

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