New York Times: America Should Embrace Sharia Law

What?! Below is an excerpt from the New York Times. No wonder they are losing readers. With thinking like this, we might as well hand the United States of America over to the Middle East. Letting Muslims and people of other cults practice voluntary ecclesiastical law within their communities is one thing. Muslims wants Shariah law to be the law of the land. State governments are getting smart and shoring up their laws to prevent the courts from forcing Sharia law on American citizens. The New York Times should implement Sharia law upon its employees before letting them write articles like this.

More than a dozen American states are considering outlawing aspects of Shariah law. Some of these efforts would curtail Muslims from settling disputes over dietary laws and marriage through religious arbitration, while others would go even further in stigmatizing Islamic life: a bill recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly equates Shariah with a set of rules that promote “the destruction of the national existence of the United States.”

Supporters of these bills contend that such measures are needed to protect the country against homegrown terrorism and safeguard its Judeo-Christian values. The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said that “Shariah is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it.”

This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.

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801 thoughts on “New York Times: America Should Embrace Sharia Law

      1. Obama is a Muslim,and when the truth finally does come out,maybe I will use alittle Shriah Law on my EX-Girlfriend who told me I was crazy to even think it!!!!!!!! I'm a Conservative that believes in Capitalism,not the typical Liberal, that believes in Socialism/Communism!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama's wife is even worse than he is,just another angry, Anti-American Black!!! She looks like she just stepped out of "THE GHETTO GAZZETE"

        1. This site administrator must be in bed with Obama!!!! I write something with no profanity and you don't post it.You have no spine,so just call me "Pollitically Correct",you spineless piece of _ _ _ T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Mark, I just experienced the same infuriating problem!!! There seems to be no rhyme or reason to having your post "deleted by the administrator" and I post here a lot and no one has a problem with what i post, so not only does that leave me confused but it discredits us!!! Oh well, Keep on trying, that is what i do even if I have to use my nickname which everyone knows. I think they have a list of "unacceptable words" and they do not have to be profanity as I did not use any either! Who knows????

    1. You know the answer to that. He has already stated, when confronted, he would support muslims. And this idiot is president of the USA?

    2. Absolutely the worst newspaper in the Country. It is run by a group of Left Wing Liberal Radicals. Saul Alinsky's nephew is a copy boy.

    3. You don't have to wonder any longer, he has eased immigration laws to allow tens of thousands of Islamic Somalians to emigrate to America, as well as other Muslim nationalities. Embracing Sharia law is like embracing AIDS, sooner or later it will kill you. Newt Gingrich is right, he is a history professor who understands Muslim history, as well as American history. Islam was spread at the point of a sword, convert or die. If you choose to be Islamic, then by all means embrace the Islamic religion. Remember Sharia law comes with Islam, part and parcel. No American woman I know would willingly live under Sharia law, females and children are valued as livestock and if the owner (husband, Father) so chooses he may beat them an even kill them if they fail to obey Islamic laws. Check it out yourself.

      1. " chooses he may beat them an even kill them if they fail to obey…" Tabari ix :113 " Allah permits you to shut them in seperte rooms and to beat them ,but not severly,if they obstain they have the right to food and clothing.Treat women wellfor they are like a domastic animal and they possess nothing themselves.Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in His Quran" If the muslim women were given choise they would notlike to live under sharis law. But majority of muslim women are brainwaashed and they obey what Quran says. Now see

    4. We know where he stands. He has proven it continuously as he supports the Muslims every cause and denigrates Christianity which he hypocritically claims to be a member. He is a liar, incompetent, and a danger to everything this nation was built on and considers sacred.

    5. Really … all this time and you still haven't figured it out?!? Most of us had that figured out by the middle of 2008. You need to pay more attention to events.

    6. Sharia law has nothng whatever to do with muslims assimilating into american life.What it has to do with is forcing their laws on us. Even some schools are considering it.Sharia is a whole way of life.Not just legalities but a whole culture. We dont want it and only greedy politicos are for it. Muslims dont assimilate into our way of life.They stick to their own groups.Every culture who has come here seem to gravitate into neighborhoods where others of their persuasion are, but as they grow up in our world they become more westernized.Muslims dont.

        1. You've obviously not spent much time in Fremont, CA, Houston or Dallas, TX. All three cities have huge Mulsim populations and in all three, Muslims are well integrated.

    7. Obomination is on any side but America's, he has made that plain many times. He would perfer that rugs flew in formation over the white house instead of the US Air Force.

      The American people are trotting along with blinders on as all this happens thinking business as usual.

      When has a President or anyone holding political elected office gone before the UN and called for human rights actions against a state in United States and when has a president gone after a State's governer for upholding US law?

      Just one of the traitor's actions …. no one in the Democrat party was upset at all about this. Most Americans were not upset about this either ….nothing was said.. Is it lack of understanding or is it we have millions here in America that want socialism?

      1. Democrats aren't , but , then again , neither are any Republican aren't either . Not one of them stood up in the Congress or the Senate , to say that what he did when he went to the U.N. said that he would take away our guns , now did they ?

    8. Mike, I wll side with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, Barak Obama Remember, Times is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Time also kept the truth about the Bilderbergs plans for over forty years from the public.

    9. Obama told the New York Times that the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth." It was in an interview with Nicholas Kristof published in the New York Times. "Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer," this is a quote from Nicholas Kristof, "reciting them with a first-rate [Arabic] accent." Now, the first lines of this call to prayer, the Adhan, when translated (and this is in the New York Times. It's a Nicholas Kristof piece) is: "Allah is supreme, Allah is supreme, Allah is supreme, Allah is supreme. I witness that there is no god but Allah." That's the Muslim call to prayer, and Obama told Nicholas Kristof… He recited it and said that it was "one of the prettiest sounds on earth."

    10. You "wonder which side obama is on"?
      Are you kidding me?
      The muslim Turd is on the side of destroying the United States Constitution and thus destroying America.
      I will be celebrating 9/11 by burning a quran and muslim flag.

        1. So , you agree with the Jews , by stealing the lands from the Palestinian peoples ? Or , they don't allow any of those people to food ? Or jobs ? This is the " Christian " thing to do ? That's the same thing that the British and American did to the American Indians when they came to this lands . The same thing that Canada and America still to this day . Look what the Jews did to the Palestine people , put then on " reservation " , and they don't let them out of it either . Then you say that they know how to treat them ? Then they wonder why they are attacked .

        2. " So ,you agree with the Jews ,by stealing the lands from the Palestinian people? " Look like you are disguised person I suggest you Google " Resolution181 On the United Nations " and please read it " They don't allow any of those people to food ? or jobs? " So you think Pals are starving and jobless.? " that's the same thing that the British and American did to the American Indians when they came to this lands." And what do you think the Arabs/muslims did to black Africans when they /Arabs went to Africa long before white man ever set his foot in Africa.,ie North Africa, West Africa, East Africa ? They /arabs treated black Africans worst than what Europeans treated American Indians. Go to YouTube and type in " john alembillah azumah" and listen to him. To this day Arabs /muslims own about 750,000 black slaves in Mauritania alone.

        3. So, warchief, can you answer what person is the Presiding Leader of the "Palestinians"? What is their government structure and constitution that makes them a Nation (or even a "Nationality?" ) It is my understanding that they were sent on a mission to destroy the Jews in Israel and they lost! Those who sent them on this mission did not want them back as they were failures to destroy the Jews in Israel who have a right to their own land and borders. So can you explain to me who are the "Palestinians" you speak of??? It is a shame the extremist Muslims will not take them back from whence they came, so I fail to see how that is Israel or her people's problem or concern. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my belief that the Palestinians are between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to go and nothing to be except aggressors on a Land that does NOT belong to them, (and never did.) Why won't their homeland accept them back and stop all the needless violence and bloodshed??

    11. Read his book! He said himself some time ago where he stands….and the people just ignored it. [When the political tides change, I will stand with the Muslims] It's a shame people didn't wake up 3 years ago, but they were following the pied piper!

    12. If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

        1. There is no such term as "law suite". I think you meant to say "law suit." That would be English. That is the language we speak in America.

    13. There is no wonder about it. He is on the other side.If muslims wanted to assimilate which they dont, and if they would keep their law in their communities instead of trying to get it as the law of the land there could be a case made. But if you really think Sharia would be a good way to live please move to libya or somewhere over there.Sharia would be the end of our way of life. Forget it. Get them out of here before they kill us.

    14. Really, you still wonder? I don't think we have to wonder anymore, in the even that any of us EVER did. It SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS from the first time he opened his mouth, but obviously, to some, it clearly was not.

    15. No, no, no to Shariah Law. The only law that America should honor is American Law based on the USA Constitution. I am so sick of the idiots in the mainstream media that I could hurl. Our forefathers are probably watching and grieving over the loss of what they gave us.
      Those stupid, brainwashed OWS can't seem to realize that w/o capitalists that started companies and created jobs, we would all be starving and living on the streets.


    17. Doesnt matter if we can get rid of him. Knocking out any sharia law will have nothing to do with muslim assimilation into our world. They wont assimilate no matter what. They intend for us to assimiilatee into their way of life.

    18. Omuslim – on Hamas side of course…
      Last time I looked – we were in AMERICA douche bag…
      No Shariah law here ! Go hide under a rock where you belong !

    19. Read my lips. His father was muslim. He was born a muslim. He grew up a muslim. His name is muslim. He is not a christian. He is not buddhist. He is not hindu. Whose side do you think he is on. If you can't read my lips. Try his.

    1. Maybe a moon worshipper should impose Sharia on all the New York Times' editorial staff and ownership, if not the writers. Idiot liberals write for and work for the Times. You are correct, I chose a different paper to wrap my fish in.

      1. I sent the NYT editor a very appropriate email. I suggest everyone do the same. This paper is nothing but driven by traitors and should be put out of business along with all those that advertise with them. Write all the companies that advertise with them and boycott their products. That will get actions!

    2. You're absolutely right! I will delight in the day that excuse for a newspaper, the NY Times, goes out of business! Once a great newspaper, it is no more than a puppet for the Left, a propaganda sheet. Furthermore, in their statement they say that the crusade against Sharia law undermines democracy. It is totally the opposite. The truth is that Sharia law undermines democracy or is it ok for a man to kill his daughter citing Sharia law permiting him to do this because she is becoming too westernized, which happened recently when he ran over his late teen daughter. If he doesn't like westernization then let him go back to the middle east where anything goes and nobody is safe! To bring that crap over here with the NY Times help and support is outrageous and will not be allowed to happen. I consider the NY Times and anyone of their ilk as much a threat to our society and way of life as this man who murdered his daughter!!!

      1. You are right and yes they need deported along with all the illegal monsters …. place butchered pigs on the steps of mosques and send them all back where they came from!

      1. Shouldn't matter who owns it…they are not for Freedom of the United States, they do not honor our laws, they need to be completely destroyed and sent to where ever they want their opinions valued because they are not here. They have committed treason by not following our Constitution and laws of our land…get them out! Do not advertise in their rag, do not buy it and all that DO advertise boycott that business unless a retraction is made or they close the doors!

    3. I was changing the paper in the parrot's cage and I put the New York Time in the bottom when the parrot looked at the paper and then looked at me and said :"Isn't that redundant?

    4. You are exactly right,. People should stop purchasing the NY times and let them move to where ever they think is so wonderful! This IS the U.S. follow U.S. laws…if they don't like it…they can leave. PERIOD!

    5. Well If the New York Times wants us ti use Sharia Law then lets start with any and everyone connected with the ragsheet. We'll stone to death all of the females after they've been raped. And behead all of the males. Then their families as well.
      That's because this ragsheet isn't worth the paper It's printed on in the first place. I love America to hell with Islam.

    6. This article is an example of what is printed in news papers when the writer turns the type writer over to a Satanic force and let it type the article. Sad that the person who thinks that he or she is typing the article does not even recognize that a Satanic being is doing actual typing. The news paper management does not know nor care that something other than a human wrote the article.

    7. Agreed 100% and whoever wrote this article should grow an inverted appendage and copulate with themselves until they expire !

    1. All of these people who want Sharia Law should move to the countries that enforce it and get out of America. This would include the welfare recipients living in the white house.

    2. And they don't respect blacks at all. They have just been destroying black families keeping them on the Democrat dole plantation, using race baiting to keep them there. It is time we ALL stand together as AMERICANS.


    3. Since Islam doesn't respect women either…it all makes perfect sense.

      How can the women at the NY Times not see the threat that support of Sharia law poses to them?

      I don't understand why women would trade their freedom, their lives, even their childrens' lives for more help in the kitchen and a uniform.

      I see that Maureen Dowd finally blasted Obama with both barrels. Maybe there's hope for a few "journalists" yet.

    4. well, you gotta look at women's lib. Most of them are liberals. They fight against the right because they believe that it is the right that hinders women's liberation and the ability to rise above men and accomplish more than men. Or to just be treated as equals… but for the most part, they're so fired up over their mission, they hold themselves to a higher regard then they do men… in most cases. I'm not saying every women is a liberal, on the contrary, women conservatives seem to be growing more and more lately… but I do believe women's lib started by Roosivelt's wife, who is a liberal along with her husband, she started this whole thing, therefore most of the women in this organization are libs.

      1. now I understand about shariah law and how it disrespects women. If this is their intent, then it does indeed impose a limitation on women's rights. Again I'm not saying every woman is a lib, but in general, if this rule were to be implemented. women's rights would be hindered and not given the same amount of respect and attention if shariah law were allowed. This alone is an outrage. Women have worked hard to get where they are, and to be taken away from them because people wanna be "sensitive" and allow outside religions and laws to infiltrate our court systems… Again this is an outrage. It is against the law??? I think it is… but since the government totally disregards the constitution, I'm not surprised they support this idea.

  1. Islam is indeed a Cult that forcibly subjugates nations and their peoples to live under regressive and unDemocratic fascistic governments and societies. It's presence in the Western World, let alone the United States, should not be tolerated.

    1. So does liberalism for that matter. progressivism is an oxymoron as there is, in reality, being regressive, nothing progressive about it.

      Anyone that disagrees with that factual statement is either an uneducated idiot, or just plain stupid.

    2. YES! Islam by any other name is still a cult! A cult of knife brandishing, gun toting loose cannons WHO WOULD JUST AS SOON KILL ANOTHER MUSLIM FOR SOME PERCEIVED INFRACTION OR ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER.
      Not a Godly thing in that mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I agree, but thats what you get when you put a muslim in the W.H. There religion is a cult, there is only one true savior & that is JESUS CHRIST, what is it about our elected officials that they dont understand this, im sick of cow powing to all these groups, we need some one with some balls in the W.H. that will stand up for what this nation was founded on!& it isnt shria law. Go home muslims they want to take over AMERICA, if we dont stand up for AMERICA they will take over. Go wear your head garb in your own country.

      1. Jesus Christ was a great person but check the real facts that you will discover he was born, lived and died
        as a Jew. He did not come out and say that I renounce being Jewish. I wish you understand who he was
        and what his roots are.
        Ask your minister or priest. If it were not for the Jews, you would not have ever heard of Jesus Christ and if
        not for the Old Testament, you would never have a New Testament.
        Just pointing out the FACTS. Ask around.
        Go to or the Jesus Institute and you will find, based on the readings of one of the great scholars
        of all time, Voltaire) and he says that all Christians should logically be Jewish.
        I just want to give you the real story. Do not believe me but believe what really happened.

    4. After 9/11 we should have done a post-Pearl Harbor style roundup, and proscribed the Cult of Islame within the U.S.A. and told all those wishing to continue this religion of vengence to take their mopney and Mercedes', and return home to their happy Edens and Sand Traps !

    5. The muslims living in America that are so intent wanting to live under Sharia Law should get the hell out and stay out. Australia has the right idea….if your don't like our laws then leave and if you don't know how to leave we will show you how. I am sick and tired of these camel aholes complaining and whining about America. A few years back I witnessed a marine knocking the crap out of two when they insulted America. Cops were called and they hauled the two babies of camel mothers off the jail.

    6. Yes! You are right. A cult of little girl disfigurement, Read the history of their 'sainted' leaders. Satan should inroll for classes in being STUPID, CRIMENALY "INSANE"!!! Golda said it right . "The mindless killing wont stop, untill they learn to love their children, 'more' than they hate us." It's a dehumanizing set of teachings.

    7. Islam resembles socialism and when the accursed Hitler wrote his Mein Kampf, Winston Churchill called it a new version of the Koran. Socialism worships the state while Islam claims their demonic non existent allah gives them the right to subjugate and oppress their victims. The result is the same and neither is compatible with American freedom and liberty which both hate.

    8. I would say that it would be a cold day in uno where before sharri law is installed here and there will be many Islamic bodies piled up everywhere.

    9. Plus don't forget Mohamend was a podoilhie he made one of his generals let him marry his 3 yr. old daughter so if your not a pervert or qurie Don't be muslim. I wonder which one the editor nytimes is!

    10. True. If the Editor of the New York Times wants Sharia law then I'd love to see Him/Her without hands as that law says a thief must have his/her right hand cut off. The New York Times is trying to steal the soul of America.

  2. IF I had subscription, I would cancel it NOW! What a bunch of JERKS….How about this. Make it LAW just for the NY TIMES workers…..let's do a TEST there – or how about a test using the staff of the lady who lives at 1600 Penn Ave.

    1. I would love to see her wearing a burka. Sharia law would put the females in our country back under the thumb of we males, hmmmmmmmmmmm

    2. You know we could call , email , fax ,and letters to them as well as their sponsors . Is'nt that the libs and verious others, communist etc. Alot of times the ad sponsors will be attacked and leave and take their ads with them in fear of loosing business

    3. They've been sniffing(huffing )too much of their ink . How much did Blumberg pay them to write that. They are all freaking idots. If they hate this country so much , put them on a boat and let them find a place to rule. The nytimes should write about the communists in the white house & adminstration & in congress, not about a law that has NO PLACE in America.

    4. I think I would call (it) her a man, look at at her she is butt ugly like her husband dumbo big ears. He reminds me of a 1946 Packard with the doors open with them ears.

  3. How does Shairha law agree with the U.S. Constitution? If it doesn't agree, then it's TREASON…punishable by death. Traitors are to be shot or hanged…end of story!

    1. Makes more sense than anything I have read to date. They are traitors! Boycott all who advertise with then as well. If they advertise they are agreeing with their way of business ideas.

      1. The Congress and Senate haven't got a good reputation either. Elect Ron Paul, that will put a quick stop to the BS. Replace any Congressman or Senator that has their name on a Socialist roster. Make the Republican party our party. A party that will follow the Constitution and slay the Progressives. End this attempt by muslims to move into this country. Even the best of them contributes cash to fund foreign terrorists. Obama is trying to change the word by calling you and I and returning troops terrorists. Obama is a foreign terrorists, muslims are foreign terrorists. There are no domestic terrorists, Obama, you lie. Take your sharia law with your.

        1. Oh dear, how can we ever regain our freedom when people are spreading Mitt's fear monger message through you chicken cluckers that shoot the only arrow you have, again and again. You go worry in your corner, Henny Penny, and watch The Little Red Hen American patriots show you what's what. Just don't expect to be invited to dinner when we celebrate a refreshing of the 4th of July when we vote Ron Paul into our Presidency. We will seat our loyal brave Americans at our celebration tables and at our political office desks. Tell Mitt to worry, but of course he is shaking in his daddy governor's boots, and the womanizer New-it is doing the same. Those boys are done and they know it.

    2. Does sharia law jail the criminals, stinking druggies, corrupt politicians, etc.? If it does you don't have anything to worry about.

      1. 1599, what a stupid statement. If you are trying to funny, it's not working. If you understood sharia law, you would not be making idiotic statements like this.

      1. Yes, Dan. We The People have an Owner's Manual with chapters titled US Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights, etc., and includes all the instructions and advice from our Founders, our Forefathers. It tells us how to handle tyrants and recognizes that they will try to eat into our Republic, and we are warned by our Forefathers in many ways, especially Franklin who said as he left the convention that voted for our government process, that we have a Republic IF we can keep it. We will. Jefferson told us we must ever so often refresh our Tree of Freedom with the blood of Patriots AND the blood of Tyrants. That means physical fighting. Clearly it will take a good colonic in DC to flush out the waste and then we can get back to business. The savvy ones see what is coming and recognize their positions are in danger, are already slipping out of DC. Ben Nelson of NE, Bingaman of NM, Lieberman of CT, Webb of VA (ol' kaka George Allen might run to get back at the trough), Conrad of ND. Hopefully more. Could it be that they are anti-O, don't want to be part of the O coverup again and O's next moves, and are enabling Republicans or other non-O candidates to take over their offices? Would be an American thing to do. What a surprise. (not Lie berman, he doesn't stand a chance to hold on). Jon Kyle of AZ (O is looking at putting Big Sis back on that border area which proves he is losing grip, and she never had a grip), Herb Kohl of WI (richest ol guy in Senate), Daniel Akaka of Hawaii (wonder if that birth certif was a prob). So there is a big shakeup. The rats are leaving a sinking ship or some just can't stand the skunk stink in the ship. Our Constitution stands… Old Glory waves over the land of the Free, and will continue. CLEAN HOUSE!!

    3. Kay:
      THANK YOU! This is precisely what we need more of in America. Islam intends to conquer America and anyone who accepts or promotes that is a traitor. We are at war so traitors should be hanged or shot.

    4. The situation can't technically be treason if bambam and his S A; i.e., unions, the indoctrinated in government controlled centers cloaked as "colleges", black panthers, acorn, la raza, m13 and the rest of the dregs that have fouled AMERICA; say that the CITIZENS that still believe in that piece of useless document created by slave owning white people are the enemies of the "fundamental transformation" of this imperialistic, racist murderous country that is long overdue!


    6. It doesn't. Islam allows slavery, murder of non-Islamics, deception of non-Islamics, makes women and non-Islamics second class citizens. People need to understand that Islam is a political system, like Communism, that is total incompatible with freedom and freedom of thought.

      The religious component, from what have read, encompasses the worship the old Arabian pagan moon god – Allah. So much for the relationship with Christianity and Judaism. It also explains why Islamics pray toward Mecca – that is where the idol is located.

    7. So then, why have'nt done that to those evil demons in the w.h. , senate ,congress etc. Have they not perptrated the same on us?

  4. This is all part of the Islamitization of America. Just think about other countries and if we wanted to impose our constitution and law on them if we were to live there. Never happen. What's the old saying, "when in Rome do as the Romans do"? That should be, "when in the United States of America, do as America does"! Assimilate. Our laws and constitution apply here. Period. NO SHARIAH.

      1. I agree with you 100%. I have seen several things where he has said he was Muslim…out of his own mouth. Of course, you won't see them televised.

        1. You won't see any media report anything negative about him and especially not on ABC! They report what they are told and they are all bought off. You will NOT get the truth from any media. You have to search for the truth.

      2. Neither does most of America! I don't understand how he is staying in office without providing the required documents as all others have to. I don't understand how he can continually go around Congress and get by with it. I don't understand when so many are so unhappy why no action has been taken to remove him from office. He has admitted he is NOT patriotic…end of story. He needs out!

    1. Write your congress and senate and let them know how you feel. Write several times a week and a day and remind them they are our employees and can be replaced! OR we can recall them.

      1. Exactly! I think they must be sick of hearing from me!!!! I'm relentless when it comes to what's happening to our precious country and our freedom. It sickens me. What sickens me more is that there are still so many people who are blind and cannot see what's happening.

    2. i agree NO SHARIAH law. establishing religious law as the law of the land goes against the Constitution, First Admentment.

    3. I will never accept Sharia law. It is a theocratic dictatorship and nothing else. Any law that forces itself on another country is out of step with humanity. This law is as old as the law of Moses the way it is written anyway. It insults the intelligence of the public. No, there is no way I will ever obey Sharia law. Let them keep the trash in the middle east. If they should choose to live that crap let them go back over there and live it all they want. Our country is different and we like having our constitution and Bill of Rights and frankly we do not want Sharia law. Patriots, the call will soon come. It has to for America to stay a free nation.

      1. This is an example of what happens to a nation when the government of the nation,and the judicial court system surenders the will of the people to a Satanic force. Satan can and does blind the eyes of understandind in people who let down their guard and accept without question anything like the Obama promise that he will give us a change, a change tjhat we can believe in. We now know what Obama meant when he made that promise.

    4. Good idea, but it CANNOT happen. As a reminder of the danger of Islam and Shari'a I point out Verse 4:16 of the Qur'an which Muslims believe is the Word of Allah [God] and Shari'a is the Law of Allah [God]
      4:16, called shirk, forbids true believers, Muslims, from giving allegiance to any nation or any man or any man-made law-(that would include the USA, President, Congress, any court, etc) because to do so would equate the country, man or law with Allah [God} who alone receives allegiance. I should mention two other verses to keep in mind when dealing with Muslims:
      Verse 3:28 forbids being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels, for you would have no relationship left with God.. But, if you are under the non-Muslims authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them with your tongue while harboring inner animosity for them This deceit has been widely recognized and used by Muslims fpr 1500 years.

      Verse 9:5 and 8:39 and 8:29 command Muslims to perpetual Jihad, which very simply , is to bring the whole world under Islam, either by persuasion, or submission to slavery, or death=Verse 9:5 is referred to as the Sword..

      A long post, but really necessary to understand that assimilation and allegiance her e in the US or elsewhere is not going to happen.

      1. Thank you Joe. That was exactly the point I was attempting to make, of course you stated it far more clearly with your Qur'an references so others will have a better 'handle' on what Islam is about. Because I lived in the Middle East for many years, I suppose I have a tendency to over simplify and expect Americans to understand irony, sarcasm, and cynicism. I found it all to be true when I lived there. Thanks again. JG

      1. They only have ears to hear what they want to! That is another reason we're in the fix we're in. They create their own lies, believe them and live by them…and…try to convince everyone else they're right!

        It reminds me of when my granddaughter shaved off her eyebrows, then when her mom asked her what happened…she said, "nothing"!!! lol! She obviously believed her own lie, and just expected her mom to believe her even though it was blatantly obvious what she had done.

  5. Actually the times article did us all a great service , by exposing their ties to Obama, Cair and all the other muslium government as Sharia Law. Take a look at England. They have allowed The implementation of Sharia Law in a lot of their communities and it is only a matter of time until they take over parliament enforcing Sharia Law on all of England.

    last, what ever happened to the righteous muslium husband that beheaded his wife in New Your State??

    Don't hear anything about this in the New York Times. Or is it the Muslium times???

    1. All NY times copies should be confiscated, dump-trucked to the nearest landfill for a record-breaking bonfire. To inflict Sharia on the U.S. is a form of anarchy on this country and all the good it stands for and has accomplished. No nation is perfect. If Muslims hate this country, why do they live among us "infidels"? Easy answer: They have psychologically invaded this country and think our tolerance will be our downfall. It's time to draw a deep line on "political correctness" and stop Islamic incursions in their tracks. I am astounded that millions of Muslims accept a religion that keeps them captives with rules which foment violence. What level-headed religion allows you to kill your wife or children? They are either brain dead, brain-washed or just stupid. They are a threat to every real American. Anthony

    2. you mean the one who beheaded his wife at a T.V. station he owned?Sentencing is set for March 10. Hassan senrenced to 25 to life in prison.They let 2 Panthers off just like Obama and Eric Holder did and the other convicted murder: Marilyn Buck would have been given a lethal injection or the electric chair. Instead, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered her to be set free because she supposedly: “expressed a dramatic change from her previous political philosophy.”
      This isn't justice its who do you know and how you get someone to write some letter on the right stationary?

      1. It seems it's obvious that we must get rid of Obama and Holder. Link them to the New York beheading of the muslim wife. That's not the way we do things in this country muslim. Hang all three if them, after a trial of course, they are guilty.

        1. Thats funny that you mention that crime . We only saw or heard only little blip about that .I'm a barber so i talk to alot of people (i know , the cardinal rule is , never talk about politics and religon in the barber shop ) however , alot of people i talked to had no clue .. This guy had tv station designed to convince the American people , that muslim people are good . He promply cut his wifes head off , because she asked for a divorce . Thats how i understood it . Bet you can't find that story any where . It was hushed up immediatley . And nothing was ever said about what happened with that case . I'm happy to know , someone else was paying attention too . Won

    3. What happened ?America used to be a leader and now we fail GOD and follow third world cults,send the TIMES to the sharia countries,first step out of line and off w/ their heads,good way to get rid of them,right?We need to seal our borders from themuslime cult,but before this impeach ,convict and deport the libtard leadership! Work it down from Sorloss Soros!!Again, Europe embraced yet another hitler using a cult to conquer the world ! One world GOV? I don't think so,no way would I embrace islum,no way should we follow in europes' footsteps ! DUH! see where thats going! Unless you want to be a muslime cultist,then ban immigration of all muslimes and deport the rest,protect America from occupatoin,deport obummer and his minions!

    4. I guess America doent realize, they would be the first to be killed as we all are infidels in there mind! Thanks for the heads up NY SLIMES!~Makes me sick!

    1. Why do you think Muslims are migrating to America and Europe as well as other countries in the world? It is all by design and mostly funded by Saudi Arabia to spread Islam over the earth. They are the fifth column. The Liberals will stop any effort to reverse this under the guise of tolerance and immigrants rights. Stop the Liberals and take back our nation. Put them out of office everywhere.Then shut the immigration gate.

    2. We don't ban newspapers – even corrupt and treasoneaous ones like the NY Times.
      However, we don't have to buy the rag either. BOYCOTT now; not ban and then there will be BANKRUPTCY.

  6. Any American state considering adopting even the slightest hint of Sharia Law is full of traitors to the United States. There is no reason to ever consider adopting this primitive scourge of the Arabian Moon god, Allah into our system of laws.

    Those that would need to be exposed and tried as traitors.

    1. Look no further than Texas. They have no less than 6 Sharia Courts set up there and their Appalette court UPHOLDS its decisions and RECOGNIZES it as equal.

      1. So, as goes Texas, so should go the nation?

        Time to define exactly what acquiescence to islam is going to cost.

        I. for one, do not see any benefit for backsliding in time 1400 years. Islam was the enemy of all enlightened Western men at the time our founders set this up. They saw no reason to include anything of islam then, and that surely applies today.

    2. Most people have no idea what Islam is. Or the Message of Muhammad. This religion is BASE of HATE. HATE everyone that is NOT a Muslim period. With their mouth, they will say NO, we don't HATE. But with their hearts, it said, YES WE DO. It does NOT matter if they are AMERICANS Period. They are taught to HATE from a very, very, very, very, very, young age. It is in their HEARTS to HATE and to KILL PERIOD. They will NOT stop until every AMERICAN, every CHRISTIAN, and every JEWS are dead and gone! And they are using Obama to do it. VERY SAD! And it is ALL the works of SATAN him self.
      Muslim is the name given to one who adheres to the religion of Islam. Muslim is a cognate of Islam, and it means " one who SUBMITS." ALL Muslim, included all AMERICAN Muslim, SUBMITS to the will of Allah as revealed by Muhammad. Muhammad was an Arab born in the city of Mecca in 570 A.D. And died in 632 A.D. There's more………………………….

      1. As Christians, we know that should love our enemies and that means we should make sure that they know we are only killing them because we love them.
        That is just about as hypocritical as Mohammed's message.

    3. N.Y TIMES????

    1. Post it again…I'm sure it was the truth and we want to know what your opinion is. Do you not have freedom of speech or is that only the NYT ragazine has freedom?

      1. yeah…they are. They are the only one that can say what they want … it's ok if they offend us…but heaven forbid should we offend them. They all need thrown out of the country,. Not just close their business!

    2. Mine too ! All I did is tell the Truth… it's called the "Religion Police "… This is a touchy-feely subject and we do not want the White Hut (BHO) on our backs…..

    3. usually if you use ANY profanity or words that could be construed as profanity will get your comment blocked.
      I know I have had a few blocked because I used words like dam (and not the kind that holds water either)

  7. I think the New York Times is on the bottom of my birdcage for a reason … it collects what I think of Sharia Law and Islam … What do you expect with a closet Muslim in the White House and a lackey Attorney General not upholding the Constitution …

    1. Hey, Guys The Sharia Law is Already in Effect in USA only Difference is you Idiots do not know it or have Complete misinformation of Islam , sharia Law Guarantee's of Human Rights , Equality, Justice for All ,Food , Medical Treatment & Shelter for All , what you Guys think do we all have this or Not if yes that's the Sharia Law only Difference is The Muslim countries do not Apply these Rule on there own Citizen's how the Hell they will Apply those Rules to Western World, Please go read and Learn Before you Talk or Write do not make fool out of Yourself.

      1. WHATEVER!!! We don't want your Sharia Law. We are happy with what we have. If you don't like it you are free to leave, we are not holding here against your will. In fact, I wish you would go where ever you came from.

      2. islam = socialism = democratism = facism = communism = To Control of every aspect of the life of the masses by an elite polit-bureau.. NOTHING in islam is remotely connected to my 1 GOD, nothing.. my GOD is HOLY…….

        BTW, my GOD needs no help to kill folks.. HE leaves it up to men to decide if they want to serve him or not… he can send an earthquake, tidal wave, etc… HE IS GOD ALL BY HIMSELF, and HE HAS ALL POWER …….


        P.S. Everything I (n)ever wanted to know about islam, I learned on September 11, 2011
        P.S.S. There is no allah.. there is only ISA !

      3. islam = facism = democratism (mob rule) = progressivism = socialism = communism, ie: control of the masses by an elite polit-bureau (or whatever they choose to call themselves…….) We is these United States have the Rule of Law, and it works just fine… This is because it's Biblically based.. Look at all the mohammedan nations, and see what their god's book does for the…. (actions do speak louder than words).

        1. To the webmaster.. I see a pattern emerging… the vocabulary I use concerning folks that follow the the guy called mohammed. You P.C. religion police do not approve…

  8. How about moving the Times and Obama to Cairo so they may bask in the most inhumane laws ever written. Since that’s what they seem to want to impose on the US.

    1. The Times & Obama must think they would not be affected by Shariah if it were in effect here. They are wrong, again. The New York Times competition is now the National Enquirer.

    2. This is what we need to repeat over and over again:

      If you don't like what the United States of America has to offer,
      THEN LEAVE!!!!

    3. NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times should all be shipped Lock stock and Ink to Islamabad ,Tehran, Cairo, or some other Muslim Cesspool. Tour Are Right ON!

    4. Why do they keep coming to the land of freedom to instill their own propaganda? Americans bow down to Obummer and ALLa. You allowed it, deal with it now, if not let the "Mighty Sacred Obummer" solve your problems. Give him and the Demo-crats 4 more years of Prosperity.

  9. One look at the photo on the right top of this TOILET PAPER should be enough to rise up against the MUSLIM'S in the world and put a stop to there PHONY SO CALLED RELIGION. The stonning of that 13 year old girl for being RAPED BY HER COUSINS is the BEST EXAMPLE of stopping the SPREAD OF ISLAM AND SHARIA LAW IN THIS COUNTRY. DOWN WITH THESE DIRTY ANAMILES ONCE AND FOR ALL. Another crusades is needed again.

      1. You have a good point, For Real, These animals are just another poison brought to us by Obummer. Another for us to rid our land of once he is gone. We have the stinking Imported African Muslims here and stealing our jobs just as the ones coming from the open southern border. The Census bureau gave them first chance at the job there believe it or not and tried to hide it. These animals need to go back to Africa and starve! screw them. Illegals coming over the Southern border need to be rounded up and returned to just over our Southern border and the fence put up before they can slither back in. No Anchor babies, deport all Illegals, No amnesty ever! America must realize Mexico has declared war upon us and is invading our nation with hostile armed combatants, look at there drug gangs and the crime they cause here in America! Yes Armed hostile combatants! They will hurt those who legally came here and they don't care. neither does Obummer, he hates white Americans especially and our accomplishments and is out to destroy us and turn this nation into a 3ed world sewer as his birth land! Which is not America! This once find newspaper now a lying rag needs to be burned to the ground, maybe they will use it for the next 9-11 terror black flag event, maybe even let Obummer light the fuse!!!! That aught to put a smile on the despicable Muslims lying lips! yep burn more white Americans!

      1. Sad but they would endorse it because who do you think owns, runs, and edits that paper? It certainly is not a Patriot of the United States of America! Freedom of Religion does NOT mean we are required to change our laws. The man that murdered his wife, should be imprisoned, the man that murdered his daughters should go to prison. These people do not believe they have to follow the law of the land. ANY Congressman, Senator, Supreme Court Judge, or person running for office in the United States of America needs to stand behind it's people….AMERICAN'S. If their belief's are of another country, they need to leave the U.S. and reside in the country of that belief! If practicing the Muslim religion means not obeying our laws, then it is not a religion…it is a life style and they need to be thrown out of the country or tried for treason. SIMPLE!

    1. Exactly! They need to go! Would be easy to get them out,,…butcher pigs and place them on the Mosque steps and they will leave peacefully!

    2. Amen to that. Trouble is tey having been fighting against crusaders for over 1500 years. . Sould have nuked them until they glowed when we had the chance.

    3. I remember a father who killed his 2 daughters (I think it was in Florida) because they liked these 2 American Boys who were not Muslim. He took them for a ride and then shot them both. How can this take place in America!!!!???? God Help Us

    4. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder of AIFD, is a good honest AMERICAN that happens to be Syrian by heritage and Muslim by faith. He served eleven years in the U S Military, honorably. He is more than an outspoken critic of the Islamist murderers, CAIR, the front for hamas in OUR COUNTRY and the demo(c)rat party.

      I will always stand and fight alongside the righteous against "evil" in any form!



    5. Having lived in the Middle East for years, I actually saw what Sharia does to people…severed fingers, hands, limbs, eyes gouged out and stonings! The stonings were not like throwing pebbles, the stones are baseball, orange and grapefruit sized and the people are buried up to their chests with their arms buried!!! It is a sickening, barbaric form of "law". We must do all we can to prevent Sharia here in America. People who come to our country, and live off our land need to assimilate and respect OUR laws.

  10. " ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance "

    Since when is the rule of law = religion ?

    What the NYT fails to recognize is that religion is only a small aspect of Islam and that while they are free to practice their religion they are not free to impose laws which supercede the laws of our sovereign nation.

    1. ISLAM is a self contaminated Religion, PLUS LAW system, plus GOVERNMENT system!! It is NOT COMPATIBLE with ANY independent Freedom…thus, cannot WORK HERE!! PROOF??? Tell the Author, to carry a BIBLE, off a plane, into Saudi Arabia in OPEN VIEW, and see what happens!! PRISON!! Islam does NOT ALLOW for other religions to exist….

    2. Its a political movement disguised as a reglion, that extremists muslims have high jacked the muslim faith and the peaceful muslims refuse to out these jiharist that preach death and spread that posion through all the Mosques that accept these Immans,taking our tax dollars for their schools and they bring in teachers from Turkey that teach this jihad reglion,and still allow these Immans to teach killing, Immans that have embraced this violent islam that has world domanation at its core?If any Muslims wants to be an american they must put away their barbaric treatment of their wifes ,their children and other reglions that allows them the same freedom that we have given them as well as well as others? SHARIAH CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO BE ACCEPTED IN OUR COURT OF LAWS?YOU ARE IN AMERICA ?If you have to follow Shariah then you can't be a faith ful American Muslim Citizen of this great country , some muslims actually came here for a new beginning but they have allowed the posioned ones to shape their reglion into a political movement and taken away any chance you would have had to follow your true faith of peace if indeed it is a reglion of peace??
      Its a sad fact :That all muslims aren't terriosts ?but all terrorists are MUSLIMS!

    3. KICK THEM OUT! Enough is enough. Anyone that does not want to follow our laws deport! If anyone thinks for a minute they can enforce our laws in their country they are in for a rude awakening. Get them out of our country…they are evil! Hate mongering savages!

    4. It is quite interesting to me that the NYT would be the first to yell "Separation of church and state!" if these (sharia laws) were labeled as Christian laws!

      1. That's right LANI. He said that. The good news is. What he said, does NOT mean a DAMM thing. He is NOT the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He is just a DUM-ASS FOOL that had no experience how to lead a Country let along his own family. WE THE PEOPLE. He is NOT GOD. He is an instrument of SATAN to try to destroy OUR COUNTRY. But WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT LET him DO THAT.

    5. Are we still a sovereign nation? The liberal members of Congress don't think so as hurl us toward a one world government. If we the true patriotic American's fail to join together as an organized force then we can kiss our sovereignty goodbye forever. If we fail to elect officials who act as we say then we will never stop and reverse the tide of foreigners who want to change us into them.

  11. This Islamic law, in my opinion, is like a growing cancer in our country and the western world
    and needs to be cut out before it becomes terminal.

    1. It is a protected 'religion' but Christianity is being taken down in the schools, public places, the radio and tv. Take down the crosses. Remove the public prayers. Stop the National Anthem. Bring down the American flag. And they want Shaii law. Mercy killings. Honor killings. Lie in your face. No respect for human life. Disrespect women. The pious sob men should be brought to justice. Opps, that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Let them swin in the swamps in Florida.

  12. In many states the fall deer seasons will soon be opening; this includes bow, muzzleloader, and long rifle. It would be great if the sight-in-your-weapon muslim season would open one month ahead of the deer seasons. This would enable all hunters to be on target providing there was no daily bag limit. The US would also be a much better place to live with the cleansing of these mental sick individuals who follow this mental illness known as islam.

    1. Speaking of hunting. I spend a lot of time in the wilderness camping and hunting regardless of the weather. I'm a minimalist – I like to rough it so I don't use camping accessories such as gas grills, electric or gas lanterns, porta-potties, etc. I build a campfire for cooking and night light; I use a trench tool to dig a latrine; and I make sure that my matches stay dry. I use to bring a newspaper for tender but it always ended up getting wet in the rain along with my toilet paper. I solved both problems when an old friend gave me some advice. He asked me if I ever read the koran, and I said no, I don't believe in their sharia laws. He said good, the next time you go camping take along a koran. The cover will keep the pages dry, so when you get ready to start a camp fire, tear out a couple pages, use them for tender and say, "Praise be to allah" once the fire is roaring. After you've had a nice filling dinner and need to use the latrine, take along the koran. Once your deposit is left, tear out a couple pages, wipe, and say "Praise be to allah". Problems solved: Praise be to allah.

    2. I vote and you keep telling me I have voted. I have not voted, so you are keeping the votes from being registered, becuase the internet would crash.

    3. Do you remember the iatola asahola targets that we used for target practice? Bullseye between the eyes. Maybe we should reprint them. Maybe include barry?

    1. And take Obama with them..Obama is going to make sure before he leaves the White House ,that all Prisoner at Quitmo are PardonedThis man has admitted this ,and that a Muslim America would be the Greatet in the world ..Pay attention to this so called President , and to the Left Side they will destory us allGod forgive me but I think Obama is and will put in some Law before he is out of office ..!! !!!!

    2. That's what I was thinking. Why don't they stay in Iran if it is so great? Why are they are wanting to come here if it is so bad here that they feel the need to change us? If they succeed, then they might as well have stayed at home! Why would anyone want to live that kind of life and fear being beheaded and beaten? Bet Oprah wouldn't like it if it comes to that- some man beating the crap out of her, taking all her money and letting her live in poverty. Alot of these big wigs need to live and work to survive the way the rest of us have to.

    3. I donot think the people who raise about Sharia law from the NewYork Times, are islam, but they have all tofu in their heads instead of brain. So that not function well. Remember, this the USA. has its constitution and if anyone just raise a question about: Can all Arabian Regions embrace Christion and Catholic instead of isliam.

  13. I do believe it's time to ban the New Yark Times ragazine. I will never read another copy after a statement like this. The editor should be tarred and feathered for allowing a statement like this to be printed. I just cancelled my subscription. Is he a muslim ?

    1. "The editor should be tarred and feathered". How about the Sharia complaint burial, then stoning? Then, after that, we can move on to the White House.

    2. Right On! In a free market society if you are unhappy with something..don't buy it, read it ….etc, etc. We can put them out of business by NOT reading their slurry.

    3. They need put out of business….contact all the Business that advertise and tell them you are not going to use their products until they drop all advertising from the NYT. Enough people boycott their products, they will sit up and take note, the REAL American's will NOT tolerate their crap!

    1. 10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam

      #1 "Islam has always been part of America"

      #2 "we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities"

      #3 "These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings."

      #4 "America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."

      #5 "So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed"

      #6 "Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality"

      #7 "As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith."

      #8 "I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month."

      #9 "That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

      #10 "I also know that Islam has always been a part of America's story."

      Now you know……..


    1. Close all the media outlets that lie and don't tell accurate accounts of what is going on as well. Starting with ABC…who has said the reporters are not allowed to wear Patriotic pins or jewelry. All ABC programs will now be blocked from my television. Just as all advertiser's with New York Times will be blocked From any future purchases from me or my family or friends. They are all liars and cheats and need to be operating their jaded BS in some land in space. Not here!

    2. One more thing Rubin…many people don't know what is going on because they watch and believe the news media on tv… they don't have a clue what is happening. The only way I know to stop this false reporting is to contact every person that advertises products to sell on these channels and let them know we are going to boycott their products/services until they force the media to report the truth! If we don't buy their products, they can't afford to advertise, if they don't advertise that station will go under. Lets hit them where it counts…stop buying products from anyone that supports ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC or an other misleading liar that reports the news!

    3. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  15. The NY times,should be smart enough to know, once the muslims get the Sharia Law, what next? they are not stoping on that.They are like a die hard battery.They are just gonna keep coming.Americans are going to have to keep fighting them

    1. Mitchell,
      Your comment resonates my thoughts exactly…..with Sharia Law in place, probably the Times would become, basically,
      a Muslim newsletter. Hell, they would not tolerate any opposing views to Islam, once in power. And it is true, as tiring
      as it is getting, we will undoubtedly be fighting Islamic terrorists till the end of days. They aren't going to quit. They are suicidal by nature. An inevitable perpetual expediture of taxpayers' money and the blood of a certain percentage of our young men and women. It's just the way it is, plain and simple. And hopefully, by the grace of God, in the end the good will outlast evil!

    2. They don't care….they are part of it. The only solution is for people to boycott anyone advertising with them and eventually they will not be able to operate. Then they can move their ragazine to Irac or Iran or some other muslim country. They are only causing more and more trouble and will end up with a revolution where we have to fight for our own country so they don't take over. Get them out NOW! Pressure Congress….pressure Senate….REMIND them they can be recalled…they can be voted out! Lets take action!

  16. One only has to look at the situations in France and England to see what is happening.One group emigrates there,and
    soon starts to dictate how everyone will live.The British, how ever need to stop appeasing these Islamists.They'll learn
    sooner or later.All those Islamists respect is power,and not backing down,and not showing weakness.

    1. No wonder the NY Times has no respect with people that are able to think. They are so out of touch with America just like the Muslim President that we have is out of touch with the world. I can't wait to vote in 11-12. I am ashamed that he is our President. He is out to destroy our great nation and I can't believe that there are those that are going to vote for him…….all cool-aid drinkers.

  17. I remember Tony Dolan singing a song in which he talked about the NYT: "All the news that fits we print, embellished with a pinkish tint". But that was many years ago before the total moral and intellectual corruption of virtually all of today's news companies and talking heads.

    If he were singing it today, he'd have to change the lyrics to "blood red"

    NYT is a paper for the fools, by the fools, and of the fools.

  18. There should be no reason to outlaw Sharia law because it is not a law of America therefore it does not count in any judicial hearing. The New York Times is so left it needs to find a new country to publish its' garbage.

    1. Actually, there IS a reason to outlaw it. A few American communities (And thank God its ONLY a few at this time) have implemented Sharia law into city law even when it is contrary to state and US law. One federal judge in Florida even stated he would use Sharia law and NOT US or state law to decide a particular case.
      Muslims continually state Americans should be tolerant of Islam. Why? Islam is not tolerant of US.

    1. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  19. did they say its to keep down home grown and i thought they where so peacful yea like a ratteler guess that proves ALL muslummmss are terrioust and that i beleived before they said it

    1. They will have to be thrown out because they are here to change our way of life and to take over and anyone thinking any different is mistaken. They ARE NOT peaceful if they cannot follow the laws here. They wouldn't change the law in Iran for our people. so kick them out…close our borders and refuse to allow them to hold public office or own land in our country. IF they have not served in our military and will not pledge to our flag then they are not wanted.

    1. The NYT is not blind…who do you think allows that kind of garbage to be printed? Another bunch of lies and deceit from the media. They all need burned to the ground with their lying employees in the building.

  20. The New York Times is nothing but a rag type newspaper with left wing loons running around looking for some shock value to sell their phony papers. Some of these writers actually believe this BS. Put their own wives in burqa's for awhile and then write this article dimwit.

  21. Most women in America are very out spoken, so if sharia law went in effect the undertakers would have a booming business. What about all the people who see no need to marry. Sharia law frowns on children born out of wedlock. If a woman is raped she must have several wittinrsses. The insanity goes on and on. If I wanted to live under this insanity I would move to a country that has it.

    1. Sarah,

      You missed an important item in your post. If a women is raped she has to have FOUR MALE WITNESSES to the rape to prove she was raped. All the rapist would have to do is claim it was consensual and he gets away with rape. And she get murdered.

    1. The only way they are going to rid this country of the muslims is get the pigs out of office that are allowing this to happen. GUN up and get ready to protect yourself and your family they are here to take over and the Congress, Senate and Judicial system are NOT protecting us as they have pledged. We must protect ourselves! Sad but true.

      1. The bumper sticker should really read: Assimilate or Emigrate. (Verbs). Immigration is people coming into a given country; Emigration is people leaving a given country. Those words can be nouns or adjectives. Other nouns are Immigrant and Emigrant. Let's use any or all of these words on our bumper stickers. Get peel-and-stick paper at the store & let's use our home printers. Here's another one: Muslims Make Great Emigrees!

    1. Sue….they need to be thrown out…with butchered pigs strapped on their backs. THAT is the only way they will leave peacefully!

  22. Someone should check the editorial staff of the NY Times for infection with mad cow disease (unless they wrote and published that article for April 1 consumption).

  23. Shria Law= Total dictatoeial tyranical dominance of every aspect of your life; total subgugation of women, (second class citizens, chatal, slaves). Shria Law is 180 degrees opposed to our system of constitutional representative republic. Cut the crap and the politicaly correct multiceltualism. Get your heads out of your anus wake up people, do you want to live in the best country the world has ever known, or do you want to time travel back to a 6th century callifat.

  24. Come on now! Don't you think it would be a good idea to be legally able to beat your woman for any reason you like, or to set her on fire for not giving you the respect you assume to be due you, or to kill your children if they don't behave as you think they should? How about being able to torture and behead anyone that doesn't subscribe to your beliefs as you see them? How about being able to destroy any religious reference that doesn't agree with yours?
    Oh yeah, don't forget to remove your daughters clitoris with a broken bottle or whatever you have handy-wouldn't want them to be tempted by pleasure! AND YOU ASSH*LES STILL SUBSCRIBE TO THE N.Y.TIMES?WOW!

  25. ONE MORE TIME !!! Islam is NOT a religion. It did not consider itself a religion until the mid-1800's. Even then it only did so when it saw economic advantages to being classified a religion. Islam is a political/miltary organization set on world conquest and domonion. Though not a religion in itself, there is a religious element associated with it. Mosques are the equivalent of chapels. Calling Islam a religion is like calling the US Army a religion because it has chapels where religious services occasionally occur.
    Whoever wrote this NY Times article either did not do their research for the article, or is a Muslim.

    1. Vast numbers of"people", believe strongly in religious Freedom. ANY Religion. They also know nothing of Isalm.
      Our fine Government labled the madness of islam as a religion.
      Would love to know who made the call. Hanging would be too good for them.

  26. This country was founded on religion of the christian faith. I will never enbrace Shaia Law. We have a constitution for our Laws and if the Islamic's don't like well they can return to their home land.

  27. our government is letting america be destroyed,little,little..we dont have anyone that is willing to stand up against these killers.these muslem leaders should be forced to go on t.v.and publicly denounce islam,or be deported to iran..

    1. If we let Sharia Law into America, woman do not ever have to worry about Woman's Rights. Woman have no rights under Sharia Law. What is wrong with these Liberal people, have they gone mad. Obama needs to be taken out of his office prior to the election or this may come true in America. WAKE UP AMERICA, ARE WE SO NIEVE NOT TO SEE WHAT IS COMING. However, if you read the Bible it is only going to get worse in the end times.

    2. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  28. I had posted a string that posted no foul launguage, yet this jerk suppressed it. You have no real expression of speech when you have a fascist controlling this site….OXNIN

  29. We need to follow the Constitution and Common Law. Suggested reading Backstone's Commentaries. Common Law is applied to the people by the people by means of a right to a trial by jury system. It is “Common” because all people including the President (or a King) are subject to it. Our President is not above the law! Law itself is supreme, not men, not governments, not judicial activists. Common law traces its origin from two sources, the Bible and the natural law. America’s Common Law is subject to Gods unchangeable higher standard. The idea of a Constitution that literally rules over government and people alike is an adaptation of Blackstone’s rule of law. Judges are supposed to earnestly apply constitutional principles to the facts of a case. With every decision we should be able to determine the constitutional authority. Law should not be arbitrary. It does not matter whether you like the Bible or not even a cave man knows "do not steal", "do not covet", "do not murder", "do not bear false witness" are good principles.

    1. I don t like foul language, but Oxnin said he did not use foul language. He seems to think he has something to say and I would like to hear it.

  30. Would not legallizing sharia law be tantamount to establishing a religion? Where is the pretend think legal tank, ACLU, on this? Can't embrace Judaio-Christian religion, but we can embrace violent religion such as Islam. If Muslims don't like be classified as violent, then let them do something to change that perception. (Shakes head as a loud hush falls over our nation. Esp. in Islamic communities.)

  31. The ‘stupid’ and ‘idiotic’ laws of Sharia should be practiced no where in the world and we don’t want them at all in the United States.

    1. Got that wrong, tomm. (S) sharia isn't stupid or idiotic.
      Sharia is brutal, barbaric, insane, anti-any Free country, especially the USA.

  32. Islam by its own declaration means to subvert our system of government and replace it with an Islamic theocracy under Sharia. We are Americans living in America under American law; we speak English. If someone wants to live in America, then he should observe American customs and determine to live by American law. Insofar as Muslims are concerned, if they refuse to assimilate and become Americans, then they should be afforded a one-way ticket to the nearest Islamic paradise of their choosing.

  33. The People are amazing. The united States Has a Constitution and a set of Laws that were set forth with the Constitution in mind. Many have been undermined and I have to blame the Legal Profession for letting that happen…………The way I understand our Laws are……"you don't have to agree with the Law, but you do have to abide with it"…….As far as I am concerned that ends the argument. Sharia Law SHOULD NOT BE allowed in any form within our Borders. The Congress would do well to ammend the Constitution to Mean Freedom of Religion of those that have "In God We Trust" and the Lord Jesus Christ is King of those Religions………Now Mr. Obama has a Mission as President and I firmly believe it is to destroy the Constitution, Bankrupt our Country and open the Borders to the World, and he and his Director be the Rulers………No One can serve two Masters. We can not serve the Constitution and Shara Law………………G
    PS……If Shara is allowed, then we sure have wasted thousands of Lives and Trillions of Dollars
    protecting our Country and what rights for the People of the World . NO MO OBAMA !!!!!!!

  34. What in God's name is happening to this country? I don't trust ANY muslim. They want to kill us and some Americans are helping them. IE NYTS. You do-gooders make me sick.

  35. Sharia law belongs in the Middle East where those people from the dark ages can practice it to their hearts content. It has no meaning in the modern world and the practice of it here in the United Stated should be tried under the common law of the United States. If they are found guily by a jury of there peers then so be it. Any States that allows Sharia law to bepracticed in its borders should be tried before the supreme court. because the Constitution states that there shall be oe law for the United States.

  36. Have theese people lost their collecrivist minds. I live in Tenn.and I am totally in favor of their laws concerning sheriah law. What most people don`t realize is that sharia law ia not just a religion, it is a legal system, a way of life , it is a socio-political system, which according to the Constitution is illegal because it attempts to take over our laws and constitution so it will be subserviant to muslim law. NOT IN MY LIFE TIME FOLKS. for a great resoource on this topic go to Act for this site is the formost expert on shari and all that is muslim

  37. Does the NY times actually wonder why they are losing subscribers? I wouldn't insult a bird by putting that paper on the bottom of the cage.

  38. So where is the NY Times and the "moderate" Islamists when the excesses of Shariah law are occasional leaked to the USA public? For examples, the excuses for sex with children, the stoning of the young girl in Afgnaistan, the beating of the young girl in Bangadesh (spelling ?), etc. Islam is a religious excuse for a type of Facism. And the Times tell us that we would be enriched by accepting Shariah law!! If the Times and "moderate" Islamists would denounce these practices of Sharian law perhaps they could have some credibility.

  39. Shariah law is from the cults of isamics. The times should be outlawed, and those that want Shariah Law be sent to Iran or where ever since they believe all of the crap being put out by the muslims. Period.

    Also that piece of ________ in the white house should be sent with them. Just can't believe how many stupid folks think he is great.

    The people had better wake up and vote all of the crap out of DC in 2012,

    1. I'm sorry to say I believe he will be re-elected, IF elections are even allowed in 2012. obama will be re-elected the same way he was elected in 2008; voter fraud. ACORN and the SEIU rigged the presidential election of 2008, which was their intent; along with some state and possibly local elections. SEIU should not be allowed to program one single voting machine in the next election: Their openly pro-Democrat/Liberal and pro-obama positions are the textbook definition of conflict of interest..

  40. they are all traitors, line them up (don't forget Hanoi Jane) and have a public exacution, ban all muslims from entering
    the country, deport all the wana be, problem solved and would send the greatest message to all of them. WE DON'T

  41. NYT has always been enslaved to extreme leftist politics, corrupt ideals, and long-winded articles which often wind up saying nothing. Even their cartoons are the most unfunny in all of America's newspapers and magazine, at least to people who actually think. Therefore, it does not surprise me that they would embrace such an idiotic position. Should we now kowtow to every angry beard waving an Uzi and threatening their religion or death? There goes freedom, right down the drain.

  42. More BS form the BS master !! obammy is all for it I asure you, is he back to wearing his ring and watch yet , oh ramadan is over !!!

  43. With the birth rate among caucasian Americans being so low, it is irrelevant to even wonder whether this will take place. We will still be America but our population, laws and practices will be totally changed.

    1. The birth rate of Americans so low because we are out busy working (sometimes two jobs) so our taxes can go directly into funding illegal immigrant's offspring and the large number of offspring the Muslims produce. Since the Muslims agenda is to take over the World, what a better way to accomplish this! There is no other Country in this World where someone or a group of people can take a half a dozen to 12 children and have them fed an clothed and sheltered for free (free for them, but at a price for Americans who were here first.) Thatis just one of many freedoms we have lost, the pursuit of happiness to have children and a family.

  44. The new york times is a traitor to America and most certainly to the constitution of America. They should be jailed one and all and especially pentangeli. Look at what these horrible people are doing to Israel and to their own people. This is a murdering, hating, torturing, pedophilia religion that violates most American laws so how on earth can an intelligent person_reccomend that a free country adopt these illegal practices. Oh, I guess the key word here is intelligent!!—– America if you want to regain America we must vote out this horrible regime that is trying so hard to destroy our beloved country and the members of congress that will not stand up to them AND the ones that are fully participating in the illegal destruction of our constitution. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!——- GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  45. Give the dumbasses at the NY Times enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves. The only thing I might use the NY Times for is to wipe my ass!!

  46. I say, screw the nyt, and sharia law and the idiots who use it and want it. Go the hell back to your home land if you do not like our laws, you muslims are a real piece of work, dead from the neck up.

  47. This is AMERICA. If you don't like our laws – go back to the country of your ancestry. How DARE you come, live here in this country, reap the benefits of FEREEDOM and then demand that you not only be allowed to practice your laws, but then demand that they be inflicted on the rest of us. GO HOME. As for the rest of you politicians that are 'considering' imposing smaria law and islam on us – be careful – you will probaby not have a job after the next election. SHAME,SHAME, SHAME

  48. There are many different religions that have "laws" pertaining to their faith and depending on how you were raised, Football Season, Deer Season, And Nascar could be considered religions as well. If we are going to allow ANY religious laws to come before the Constitution, then ALL religious laws would come before the Constitution! The Constitution states that the government shall not establish any religion, there for allowing any religious laws to be used in a court of law as means to settle a dispute is unConstitutional and should be struck down by the Supreme Court!

  49. And just what is wrong with our laws? We have a constitution, the laws of our land. What we need to do is not only comply with them but also with Laws that were given to Moses, the Ten Commandments and then the world would be a much better place.
    Maybe if we need a new law it should be Do unto others befre they do unto you!

  50. "This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority."
    Where the the New York Chimes gets this wrong. This why we have the first Amendment.

  51. Islam is not a “religion” in the sense we understand religion. Islam is about TOTAL POWER. It is a system which controls every aspect of the lives of those who have the misfortune to be subjected to it. It masquerades as a religion, but once we understand that it is just another totalitarian system – like soviet communism, we can deal with it and defeat it.
    Not only do Muslims claim the “right” to impose shariah in the Muslim communities springing up throughout our Country, they also claim the “right” to impose shariah law in the public square: They demand shariah compliant financial institutions, foot baths in public places, that wine, sausages, and the like be banned from their presence, that they be allowed to shut down public streets for “prayers”, etc.

    Do Muslims have the “right” to apply their law here? No! Art. VI, clause 2 of Our Constitution says:

    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

    OUR Constitution and laws authorized by OUR Constitution are the supreme law of this land – and anything to the contrary must fall. It violates Our Constitution for Muslims to practice shariah here! Muslims who thus seek to overthrow Our Constitution and replace it with shariah are guilty of criminal sedition. The federal government has the duty to prosecute them for sedition – or deport them.

    1. do you think that the DoJ (Erik Holder) or the guy setting in the White House (Barry, the guy that hates the USA) would/could be bothered by a small thing like upholding the law or the US Constitution? Silly you.
      Barry has said (by his actions or lack of) on more than one occation that if he does not like a law he will ignore it and so will his administration.

  52. My comment was deleted, too. We should wipe these people out in our country. Let the other countries do for themselves for now. Let's remove Islam and their believers from this nation. The thing is, with all of the laws and politics, anything can be stretched to fit something else by those who don't believe in it's true meaning. Anyone who would really do anything would not be allowed in government. What can we do? Voice our opinions? The government is becoming a whole entity of itself, which does not allow us, the people, to truly act on our behalf. The government, which should be true, is at about our ankles as far as it's level of honesty and "acting for the people. I don't know about you, but my line and my life, our true way of doing things, is way above that. The government is failing us, people. Can't you see that. Don't you understand if something isn't done NOW to prevent the trouble I see coming, this government will continue to fail our children and their children to drastic consequences.

  53. The New York Times, in ignoring common sense as is its habit, ignores that Islam is more than religion, and should therefore be subject to more than the First Amendmend question. This very article confirms it is more than just religion.

  54. Why are the jews who own and run the ny-times so pro-islam and so intent on subverting America, spreading lies and propaganda with their control of mass-media? The media is vastly responsible for putting barry in office and spreading their leftist filth, brainwashing millions with their demented dogma. Consider the source.

  55. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of everyone to practice their own religion. Other laws legally adopted under the U.S. Constitution prohibit murder.

    Sharia outlaws all other religions and promotes "Honor Killing", so I fail to see the need for debate, Sharia is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional.

    So why the argument?

  56. Multi-culturalism has destroyed every great nation. That said, the NY Times article proves for a fact that the Fabian (socialism) Society is alive and well in America being pushed by Satan's demons. Socialism's three-pronged approach to destroy our Constitution, Rule of Law and essential freedom and liberty is to worm its ugly way into: government/politics, economy/business, civil society/media, volunteerism, public schools, church. They pit opposing sides against each other then shut down the "right-minded" people as dissenters. If We the People do not take back this nation with this next election, all will be lost. Mark my word. Turn your hearts back to GOD/Jesus and repent of your sin.

  57. Anybody pushing for Sharia Law in the United States is guilty of Sedition. More often than not, they are also guilty of Treason. Sharia Law goes against our freedom based Constitution backed system. The laws are still on the books but the last time they were used was against the Communists.
    The current Administration has already said it will not go against Islam and has proved that it is against our Constitution on so many levels. Pay attention to what is going on around you. The Election in 2012 will determine whether the United States will continue as a Free country or not. If you care about your Freedom and your children's future, you will not vote Democratic. If you vote Democratic, remember that when the welfare dries up and you are left with nothing.

    1. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  58. well I think they are getting there orders on what to write and instructions from this present adminatrastion to write these stories to keep them fronm the lime light . what happened this year should tell you there line of thinking .CANCEL THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER BUT HOST A PAY IN FOR THE MUSLEMS ON THE WHITE HOUSE GROUNDS. DOES THAT SAY SOMETHING

  59. If it were not for foreign money the NYT would be a piece of media history, there is little call for the Times these days and they give the rest of the publications trying to put out news fit to read a bad name…..Time for the NYT to pack it in.

  60. The NYT misses one very crucial point. At no point in history did any religious group, including Jews or Christians try to usurp the American legal code to to get their own legal code system installed as the "Law of the Land". Each group that came to America, until very recently, came to be assimilated into the American culture and legal landscape. In fact, many laws in America have been repealed due to the argument that they were based on the principles of a particular religion and therefore were not valid. You know, the first Amendment, the separation of church and state. Yet the same people who say that there can not be a debate of issues or laws based on Judea/Christian teachings would argue that we should allow the implementation of a set of laws based on the legal principle of Islam which is a religion that is not that of a majority of Americans. America, which they refer to a a Democracy, which it is not, it is a Republic, where the feelings, thoughts and beliefs of the majority are supposed to rule under the principles of law.

  61. The Amish live in their own communities, and have their traditions, but yet are still expected to follow the law. if they chop the head off of one of their children, they would be prosecuted, and sent to prison and or face capital punishment… even on indian reservatons, you still are held to the same laws as every American, and would face the consequences of your actions if you break the law… Muslims are expected to follow the laws of the United States…. Period… and like every other religion, the way you practice your faith is about choice, as long as that choice doesn't interfer in the movement, abuse, or murder of another human being… There is no room in the united states for shariah law…. you don't like that concept, then feel free to leave… I'll even help you pack…

  62. If they want Sharia Law as the law of the land, move to a land that has that as its law. I'm sure, given this opportunity, they would soon change their minds.

  63. I wonder why the Times thinks Sharia law is ok but judeau-Christian law is unconstitutinal! They always site separation of church and state (which is NOT in the constitution!) If you come to our country honor and obey our laws. Do not try to change our country into your country, if that is what you want…., your laws here….just go home! You will be happy and we will be happy!

  64. If there were any doubt as to the true colors of the NYT…

    This cinches it.

    If only it were a hangmans noose that was being cinched…

    Or, give them enough rope, maybe they'll hang themselves!

  65. You all sound very good and Patriotic now, But how will you reeact when Obama's jack booited Goons arrive and take your hunting rife and Shotgun away?
    I have served this country for over 37 yers and am today a disabled Veteran with no other means of support if the country falls apart. The time may soon be near when you actually have to fight for your existance. We need to write and call our Congressman/women to IImpeach OBama and his lackey's in office, the Attorney General and all his Czars. Where the hell does Obama think her is , in Russia?
    COme for my guns and I will hand them to yoyu muzzle end first after pulling the trigger.
    There is a E-mail Czar so I hear, he will not like me very much so I best keep a low profile.
    But no JOKE FOLKS, the time may be coming,, be ready to defend your country, or you won't have one to defend.

    1. God Bless♥America!
      If you are FED UP and ready for real change GET UP and GET yours in the mail today and let your GOVERNORS know they HAVE to do something because YOU said so and CAN say so…….

      This is YOUR very important letter! Print and Send it to your governor via CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and save the receipts and responses as evidence fora future law suit, should Obama run on a ballot in a presidential election.

  66. It never occurs to NY Slimes (owned by irreligious Jews) that under Sharia they will not even have the freedom to even exist, let alone print such bakvas!

  67. There are many Americans (so called) who think we need to be tolerant of Muslims. How nieve. Islam is not a religion. If it were their God, think of it, is in the bussiness of sex (virgins for martrys), murder, and Pedophilia. I can't imagine of a god like that. Yes, I have read portions of the Quran. Who can tolerate such things?

  68. Everyone has religious freedom until it comes to trying to push aside or overthrow our government. This is America. If you want sharia law then move to a country that has it. In America you follow American laws and if you don't like them then leave. We don't want sharia law or islam, the ideology of hate, in America..Peace to all non-muslims

  69. Someone needs to rap a towel around their head walk into the NYT, pull out a machete and cut off the right hand of the reporter. Then tel himl/her welcome to Sharia Law.


  71. WHAT!? All of the suddent the people at the new york slimes cares about religious tolerance and freedom? God forbid someone say a prayer in Jesus' name…it would be all over the place about how we're gun toting racists…and God forbid we practice our beliefs such as not condoning Homosexual marriage…then we're REALLY out of touch with the world and society! BS!!

  72. My take on the New York times ………… The devil ( yes I said the devil ) is the Editor -in-Chief.
    In the end, the True God will take care of the Devil, the muslims and their
    bogus ( god, not capitalized ) .


    If Muslims here want to implement shariah law in this country why did they move here? They should go back to where they came from. If they want to murder their children and defend it through diarrhea……shariah law…sorry…because their honor has been boo boo’d?
    Then by all means they should take their sick and twisted @$$€:S BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!

  75. There's one good reason, among many others, not to allow Sharia Law to be implemented in the United States' legal system. It's called the U.S. Constitution. Have you heard of that, Noo Yawk Times? Religious practices and beliefs, which can hold sway over those within a particular religion, are one thing. But allowing such practices to be substituted for U.S. law is entirely different. NYT editors are either idiots themselves or they think we are.

  76. Send the muslims that believe in this law back to their own country. When anyone harms people in this country they are arrested.
    Can't you see some true American people using this law to justify killing their husband or wife for cheating on them. Why in the heck would the Muslims move over here if they still want to practice something so horrible.

  77. I as a free white American woman have absolutely no intentions of embracing Shria Law – How Insane is the NY Times? Do they want America to go back to the dark ages???? I say outlaw Shria Law in the United States, it is violent!

  78. People are surpriised by this? Look at the world overall & the way it’s “pprogressing” Look at our own so called leaders today. Look at how things were 30 years ago vs today. We are not learning from history.
    As long as we have politicians who are on leashes yanked by special interest & not in touch with reality it is going to get worse.What are “WE” going to do about it?

  79. As soon as Saudi Arabia recognizes and uses the Constitution of the USA in its courts I think we might consider using Sharia. Not one second before, and maybe ten years after. Otherwise the NY Times can take a long walk off a short pier into a liquid manure tank.

  80. NY Times reporters are a bunch of leftist communist idiots. I wish these people would move out of our country if they don't like our laws and go live where there is Sharia Law if they like it so much. Most of these reporters do hate women and most likely are homosexual…hummm… Wonder how Sharia Law would treat those gay men at NY Times? What ever happen to real journalist? Did this idiot who wrote this stupid article remember his colleague Danial Pearl who was beheaded by Muslims who believe in Sharia Law.

  81. When is the call for a Boycott of the NYT going out? Anyone that wants Sharia Law should be charged with Treason and that should go for those at 1600 Penn. Ave. also. Obama has already stated several times that he's a Muslim… But yet he swore to uphold OUR CONSTITUTION when he took office. When are those in Washington going to start calling out liar in chief out? Sharia Law IS NOT AMERICA'S LAW. IF YOU DON'T LIKE AMERICA THEN GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the Muslims come here they claim it because they want the freedoms we have. Well I say… If you want those freedoms then STOP trying to make America just like the country you left behind!

  82. And your paper should be shut down and your leaders hung for treason. In the last days the true Americans will make dust of organizations like NYT

  83. All these comments are great and should be sent to congress and our senators. I would like to hear Rambo s comment.
    We do not need their law, we have our own.
    If we wanted to change our laws we could try GOD's law, The Ten Commandments. Oh, I said GOD.
    The comments should also be sent to New York Times, maybe they will education their writers, editors and staff.

  84. I agree with the blogs on this article. I have not read the NY Times in years because it is a very "liberal" paper and has NEVER been anything but anti-Christian. When a paper fails to report the NEWS as NEWS instead of op-ed then it is time to cancel the subscription. Sharia law success is evidenced in the middle east and it obviously keeps people prisoners of a set of rules given by a very weak trader, turned leader, of a vast amount of Arabs who through FEAR spread their unholy laws. We, as legal AMERICANS have a great responsibility to work hard to remain FREE from sharia law.

  85. Just wondering….as most Muslims in North America do not practice Sharia law other than for personal community matters, and as the vast majority accept the law of the land as supreme….what is the difference between fundamentalist Sharia law and fundamentalist Christian law? Both are equally intolerant, however if one looks back into history, it was the Christian Crusaders who attacked the Muslim nations first…a bunch of unwashed, superstitious, ignorant barbarians…attacking what was the pinnacle of scientific thought of the time. Sharia and fundamentalist Christianity are flip sides of the same coin, and I prefer neither thank you.

    1. We have a 1400 year history of the interaction between Islam and Kafir nations. The data matches the theory. Centuries after Islam enters the culture the host culture is annihilated–see Turkey. There is no compatibility between Islam and us. Islam is not now, nor can it ever be, a part of our civilization. It is the final goal of Islam to annihilate all Kafir civilizations. Its first stage of–we are just like you, only different, should be seen for what it is. No amount of preaching by apologists can change Islam's political doctrine and history.

      "Social and environmental change needs a degree of anger to translate concern into effective action. But this impulse needs to be tempered by love. Self-righteousness does not aid change, it merely lets us and others off the hook." – Jonathan Bartley, Environmentalist
      My recent post TOP FIVE ANTI-ISRAEL LIES!

  86. Since the inception and rise to prominence of Muhammadan Islam in the early 7th Century A.D. the number of deaths and vitimizations attributed to Jihad may be summed up as follows:

    Africa – 120 million

    Christians – 60 million

    Hindus – 80 million

    Buddhists – 10 million

    Jews (less than 1 million)

    Total: 270 million

    97% or more deadly terrorist attacks around the world in this century are attributed to Muhammadan Muslims and jihad.

    100% of violent, assault rapes against non-Muslim females in Sweden and Norway in this decade, according to police reports, are committed by Muslim Males.

    My recent post TOP FIVE ANTI-ISRAEL LIES!

  87. NY Times… well….New Yorkers Read it, sometimes, (Less and Less) and use it for Bird-cage linings. I used to read it until they went to the Left-Side of the backyard. Now I buy wood turnings for my reptile cages so I don't have to chance contaminating them with something foreign… Obama, Pelosi, Little Harry, Maxine the Hun, and Eric the Nerd….. No Comment…. Not worth even a bad comment.!

  88. Obama said at the latest White House Iftar dinner:

    "Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life."

    These words have no basis in fact. Islam is not part of our civilization because its foundational principles are opposite to ours. Our civilization is built on the foundation of critical thought (how we think) and the Golden Rule (ethics). Islam is built on submission (authoritative thought) and ethical dualism.

    My recent post TOP FIVE ANTI-ISRAEL LIES!

  89. And people say that Islam just needs to be reformed. Good luck on dealing the authoritative rules of thought and reform. It is not that you are wrong, you are dead wrong. Want more examples of authoritative thought? Try Salman Rushdie, the author of the Satanic Verses, a novel. Islam's reaction to the novel was a death fatwa. When the Mohammed cartoons were published, people died in riots.

    So far in America what happens if you differ with Establishment thought about Islam, you are called names, such as bigot or hater, and insulted as a punishment. However, the Establishment keeps flirting with the expanded versions of hate speech being criminalized. Hate speech is speech that the Establishment doesn't like.

    Critical thought does not deal with punishment, just cause and effect along with Aristotelian logic. Nor do insults and threats play a part in critical thought. If you lose an argument under the rules of critical thought, you have had a learning experience, not a life threatening experience.

    My recent post TOP FIVE ANTI-ISRAEL LIES!

  90. Arm yourselves and don't give up your weapons because in the end the Government won't protect you and the police won't be there until after your body falls to these Muslim pretenders. It's Americans that will bring the Country back into sink by fighting for it. The Government has already proven they are only a group of people that are ruining what our forefathers have fought and died for.

  91. The American people did not elect Obama as our President of the United States…..George Soros and his Liberal New Media Conglomerates elected Obama for us…..The people fell in line with the trickery and voted accordingly……So much for Democracy!


    If you (muslims) don't like this, buy a one-way ticket back to where you came from !



  93. do not connect obama with islam and sharia laws. he offers all religions to practice their religions in their communities as long as no terrorism, terroistic methods and social customs outlawed in this country and they follow american laws in relation to their lives and livelihood, constitution and bow down to american flag and defend american soil. obama has much more success in these respects compared to other possible republican president. no past american president followed u.s constitution to the letter. obama is a good christian and stronly believe in american constitution, american system american way of lives, handed down by founders and forefathers of this soil.

    1. Obama is DEFINITELY a Muslim, and has proven it in SO MANY ways with his actions and words. I even have a video of him stating that he will not only NEVER WAR WITH IRAN, but that he will ALWAYS SIDE WITH THEM too.

      Sure, there are good Muslims; it’s the RADICAL Muslim movements that will FORCEFULLY impose their diabolical religious customs on innocent Muslims, American citizens, and the world.

      DON’T BE FOOLED BY OBAMA’S RHETORIC! He is anti-Israel, anti-Christians, and anti-America. By the time the naive citizens of this country figure this out, it will be too late. His agenda is to eventually (after he TOTALLY corrupts this country) introduce the world to the NEW WORLD ORDER (a global government, monetary system, and religion). This, of course, will be followed with mandated human microchiping (the 666) through the Bilderberg Group.

      As for his “share the wealth” intentions, it’s for the WORLD, not our nation. WAKE UP!

      These are the “Latter Days” spoken about in the Bible. I suggest that you read it (GOD’s Word) and learn what is befalling the Earth. Blessings to you as you ask Our Lord for guidance.

    2. You are either a fool or a troll or both. Barack Obama is NOT a Christian and his actions and policies prove it. Stop your lying and go back to Huffington Post Trolls for Obama. No Christian hates the State of Israel like this anti-American Marxist and usurper currently occupying the White House.

    3. What in the world is it that you have been smoking? Your obama, lower case intended, has broken more constitutional laws than the lowest of the low that are in the prisons in this country have broken social laws. He has absolutely no consideration for what the constitution says and does not enforce the laws of this country as provided by the constitution. He is by any measure an anti-American by his own actions and statements, a racial bigot as he himself proclaims in his books, and he is Hell bent on destroying the principles upon which this country was founded.

  94. Haven't we seen enough can't people see what and where they the elite and obama as their puppet and others want to take this country…………..come on people if you have not awakened by now you never will………… is time to do something about these people I for one am so sick of their crap………the lies, the passing of laws under the table , wanting to take our guns, wanting to change the constitution for their plans for us in the future, this is not America , it all changed 3 years ago………………………………….for the worse. What is going to happen is beyond your thinking…………get ready for some heavy stuff………………lock and load.

  95. I wonder if the nY times realises they would be one of the first to be abolished under shariah?
    Send shariah and those who practice it back to the desert and then drop the bomb on them.
    Problem gone!

  96. I am a citizen of the United States of America and the laws of my nation are supported by the Constitution of the United States and no other land. If people want Sharia Law then they should move to a country that has it. I took an oath when I joined the US Navy to support the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. So until the day that the Soveigntry of the US is no more, I am against any other law. In fact the only other law that I feel I should obey is the law of GOD. And I have read no where about not obeying the laws of our land, and obeying the laws of a false religion, so until the day that Jesus is sitting on the throne in Jerusalem I am bound to the Constitution and the laws of the US.

  97. All of you who voted for Obama in 08 need a serious wake up call and rude awakening. The enemy is already here and in the White House. Religious tolerance does not mean selling your soul to the devil. What is really weird is that the liberals beleive in freedom of choice and anything goes , well that is not what "Sharia" is all about it is the complete opposite. Women, specially, should be concerned because its going to set your freedoms back at least 100 years and if you enjoy having your husband slap you around and in some cases shoot to death because you do not obey then stand by.

  98. When are we going to march on the Times ? They are the most treasonous publication in the USA. If there is a stance that is anti-America they ALWAYS take is…. Who reads this trash ?

  99. Big Media loves to keep the people diverted. I am so skeptical about every news article I read anymore that I trust very few news stories whatever their source. I think the Media (on behalf of our Corporate Masters) tries to instill fear among the masses. If we would simply follow the guidelines of our own Constitution, I don't think Sharia Law would have a snowball's chance at surviving within our borders. Of course, being the infidel, maybe we shouldn't allow Muslim people within our borders. I think though, if we quit going into their Nations and pissing them off so bad by killing their families and bombing their cities, then trying to dictate their lifestyles, we wouldn't have to be so worried about them doing the same to us.

    1. A peaceful religion the Muslim religion is not. Their religion is responsible for the degradation of most of Africa, Middle East and Far East. They kill each other , have no regard for life of their own people let alone anyone else. Where ever they go they bring problems ( ie. most of Europe is now suffering from being politically correct and now have the Middle East and Africa in their own yards). The Left media just tries to paint a picture of peace but, guess what these people in the U.S. haven’t any regard to their sheer luck and gratefulness of a country to live in that isn’t bombing them everyday and choosing to love their neighbors as an American should but, trying to push their ridicules anti woman laws here.Thousands of years of proof is in the pudding. Look at the narcissist leaders that live in the millions and let their people suffer unbelievable hardship and ask the U.S. to constantly bail them out. I invite them also to go back to where they came from or get off their duffs and disprove what the majority believe of them

  100. Once again. the Times shows it’s disconnect with the majority of Americans. While pandering to the left completely then decrying the lack of working together on both sides they miss the opportunity to help issues get resolved. Sharia law is not nor should ever be the law of the land. When considering the chance for it to be remember this important fact: Sharia law is based solely on religion therefore it becomes a State religion and that os a violation of Constitutional law

  101. The NY Times is NOT on the bottom of my bird cage. I love my bird and would never disrespect it so blatantly. The NY Times will never be in my home unless it is ground up for insulation. Sharia law, if implemented, would not allow for Democracy. These idiots still don't understand that Democracy is worth fighting for because they have never had to fight for it. It was given to them by others who shed their blood. What a waste.

  102. what date was this published, please send email to all. this needs to be known so that it may be filed by us all; so that it may be refereced and a case built against those who pretend to be Americans and are not.
    My recent post undefined

    1. Occidental College transcripts provides concrete evidence to annul Obama presidency. | PRESS Core – Evidentiary News, World New

      Posted by PCCorruption, Latest news, World news
      Was posted on:
      Saturday, June 18th, 2011





  104. This President and his followers should all be tried under Sharia Law, dealt with accordingly for practicing as Christians which the Muslims find to be offensive and against their beliefs. Then we will see just how much this cult is loved by the administration that is left in the Democrat party

  105. It is time we the people rise up and take our country back from the maniacal muslim leaders who preach daily against the United States and push to have thier religious Sharia Laws practise in our homeland. People like the N Y Times, the Huffington Post, President Obama, Louis Farrahkan are constantly working to have this muslim law embraced. It really is criminal to have so many protected institutions behaving like foriegn agents within our borders. I actually heard someone (a media type) ask another today if he thought President Obama was a Marxist. You know what? I think that is a valid question and it should be asked of him at a open news conference. I also want him to answer it, not skirt the issue or just plain lie about his usual position on almost any subject. LYING IS WHAT THIS MAN DOES BEST.
    As Americans we have to stand our post daily and protect our constitution and our American way of life from our own current president. What a sad state of affairs.

  106. 2012 is 1 year away. We must clean house in Washington, DC. I am beginning to like Newt more and more. If only he would say, No more overseas adventures wasting blood and treasures. Ron Paul is still my number one savior of our USA. SHARIA????????? Baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Does anyone remember these radical people killed over 3000 innocent people.They have tried and tried since with little success.These are smart people.They know they can't defeat us in an all out war(Yet!) ,so they are attempting to destroy us from within.America….WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!!! TO HELL WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS..VOTE REPUBLICAN AND GET A PRESIDENT THAT HAS "OUR VALUES"AND WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY,AND IS NOT AFRAID TO SAY WHO THE ENEMY IS AND ALSO PROTECT OUR BORDERS!!

  108. One of the (many) mistakes liberals make is calling islam a religion. It is NOT a religion, it is a political system bearded as a religion. And as a political system, it is totally opposed to our Constitutional freedoms and absolutely incompatible with our American way of life. I'm afraid if we don't keep islam out of this country, we will really rue the day, and it won't be pretty.

  109. Oh yeah. Face it, when my wife tells me to take a flying leap when I say, "Peel me a grape, wench!", then by allah she SHOULD be beaten! Okay, parody aside, is there any question as to why the "paper of record" is used to wrap more fish than any other paper?

  110. Oh if we could only turn back the clock, back around 1950’s when life was simple fathers work mothers stay home and family and church was the talk, we could get unto a airplane with no one having to check you out, gas for your car was 35 cents, but something happen, people were attacking are faith, are family are very way of like, schools stop saying the lord prayer. They the left call it progressive, I call it Socialism, and I ask you all how and why have we lost are way from what was so good about America to what we are face with today, and answer is simple we have forgotten about God, we as a nation have turn are backs on are Lord. I’m not a preacher but a old man who cry’s for are children, who thinks out loud about what we are doing to are children, we talk about fighting for are freedom but in are very own Government we have a man Barack Obama who wants to take are freedom away with Big Government, take from the Rich and give it to the poor ( Socialism ) or Marxist call it what every you want, but if we keep this up then ladys and gent’s we will lose this great country, yes I’m old but as long a I can type and talk to people who feel like me about FREEDOM. We the American people are the last hope for the world for they look up to America for she has always been that bright light for freedom, and we must all fight to keep it that way. God Bless you all and god bless are children.

  111. The NY Times have gotten so bad that it can't even be used for toilet paper. If the writers of that paper feel so good about Sharia law then perhaps they should move with their families to the Middle East. Don't bring that crap here to the US. because you are going to make us bring out our baseball bats and break some heads.

  112. So how much stock do the "muslims" own of the NY Times? Because it seems they have found a way to take over ANY country, just buy its "communications networks" and they'd control the SPIN, talking points etc… Exactly the way Baghdad Bob did it!

  113. America does not need,America does not want Shariah Law.If the Musilms must have it ,take it and go back where they came from.

  114. Only someone who grew up as a muslim…
    would understand the low life mentality of Shariah Law and the shear stupidity of any of its followers. I don't know any AMERICAN who grew up a muslim and believes in Sharia Law. Oops, oh yeah, I forgot… OBAMA, our POS POTUS!

    How do you like that HOPE & CHANGE now?

    Never let a Liberal anywhere near a jury box… or a voting booth. Incompetence and stupidity are guaranteed.

    ~ Buck U. Ofama

  115. The US fought the jihad wars in the Phillipines under General Pershing. Muslims "peaceful?" in your wildest nightmare! I wouldn't put Mohammed and Allah in a religion category.I want to see Red China accept them Whether they're booted out or executed,is up to the communist government. Afganistan was USSR's "Vietnam". I have no respect for the Quorum or anthing to do with Muslims or Communist.New York Times nor the federal government is not going to dicate what I have to believe or accept. The Constition to the United States is the Law of the Land.

  116. Obama seeks wise counsel. Are you people nuts. Wise counsel is exactly what he ignore during the debt crisis. He totally ignored his hand picked people who gave him valid means and ways to relieve us from his completely horendous__destructive policies. Oh no, what did our leader choose to do, Ignore each and every suggestion they gave him. Instead he choose to get into a peeing contest with the Speaker of the House and bring us all down in flames. Stop the crappolla, this president is not smart enough to seek WISE COUNSEL, HE BELIEVES IN STUPID, IT IS WHAT HE DOES BEST.

  117. The New York Slime isn't fit to read! Their opinion and a dollar will buy a cup of coffee in most places . . . This is the United States of America! We are a nation of laws (Or we were prior to 2009) and we have a Constitution. STFU about the barbaric Sharia Law. Those who want to practice it are free to move to one of the countries which practices it. Don't seek to saddle me with that crap!

  118. A peaceful religion the Muslim religion is not. Their religion is responsible for the degradation of most of Africa, Middle East and Far East. They kill each other , have no regard for life of their own people let alone anyone else. Where ever they go they bring problems ( ie. most of Europe is now suffering from being politically correct and now have the Middle East and Africa in their own yards). The Left media just tries to paint a picture of peace but, guess what these people in the U.S. haven't any regard to their sheer luck and gratefulness of a country to live in that isn't bombing them everyday and choosing to love their neighbors as an American should but, trying to push their ridicules anti woman laws here.Thousands of years of proof is in the pudding. Look at the narcissist leaders that live in the millions and let their people suffer unbelievable hardship and ask the U.S. to constantly bail them out. I invite them also to go back to where they came from or get off their duffs and disprove what the majority believe of them

  119. nothing wrong with Sharia, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WE have FREEDOM OF SPEACH,RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND FREEDOM OF RELIGION,if someone feels that Sharia sould not be alowed, then WE have to change the CONSTITUTION.

  120. What we need is an American revolution voluntary consisting of american citizens to take to the streets and show these Muslims American law. Give them 1 week to pack and go home. Or feel the wrath of another civil war and send them home in a box. Tell me where to sign up. There is only one law and that’s American law. These insects really need to be deported. Not one is an American citizen and is here on a green card. Cancel their green cards and send them home alive or dead.


  122. New York Times—-You shame your history as a great news outlet for a research idiom of the life and values of America by approving the writings of Eliyahu Stern. He attempts to reach back through the centuries to elaborates on the anti-Christian belief's of Emanuel Kant. To use clips from articles such as Kant's 'Critique of Practical Reason,etc., is an attempt by him to persuade a theorem for the sole purpose of demeaning Christian Values and ideals. Mr. Stern should know that Kant did not advocate any positive religious motives. On the contrary, a scholar would know that Kant was anti-Christian, as well as anti-Muslim. To use his negative view points to make a positive argument is not only irrational but confusing.
    We American's are who we are. We have our own values and principles which were written into our Constitution and laws. The anti-Christian values of a Prussion of the 17th century can serve you no ethical or moral benefit, and to make reference to his writings shows the perception of your own bias personal morals and values.
    Frank E. Vincent

  123. any judge or politician that attempts to use sharia loaw is in direct fiolation of his or heer oath of office and the constitution and should be shor for treason.

  124. This is simply an outrage! The only new law that should be implemented is the law that forces accountability of journalism to the US court system. Simply put, when journalists report falsely or spuriously in any attempt to indoctrinate our society or speak against the constitution, there should be criminal ramifications. The media is COMPLETELY out of control and we can’t let the drones or drive by media attack our country and values unscathed. It can be called “The Fair Reporting and Accountability Act”. This would not stifle free speech, but would make reporters and media outlets think twice about producing this kind of hate speech.
    The person who wrote this article should read it out loud to all the victims of 9/11. Then, maybe THEY’D get to experience what it means to be stoned to death!!


    The moslumz can pack up their camel trunks (obuma too) and go home if they are not happy here. WE WILL NOT MISS ANY OF YOU.

  126. This article by the times is worse than stupid. It is blatant sedition. No more, no less. These are the very same ignorant fools, who want to eliminate our Constitution, in favor of God -knows-what. Sharia law is the absolute worse kind or discrimination, and is illegal here. Our Constitution is the ONLY recognised, legal legality in this country, and to stupidly declare we should allow ANY law, ANY LAW, that goes against the Constitution, is wrong. Persoally, I think we should deport everyone of these stupids, to a towel-head country, and see how they like sharia "law". IF they survive.
    And yes, it does create division to not allow sharia "law" in our states, as it's based soely upon the "prophet" mohammad's prattling lies, and not on any "god's law" the free world should ever harken to, except to destroy it wherever found, just as sharia "law" says muslims must destroy our laws. Tit for tat!
    Remember, mohammed was a thief, a lier, a murderer, an abuser, AND A PEDOPHILE!

  127. America should either put the NY Times out of business or burn it down.

    Wait! If we wait long enough, radical Muslims will blow it up for us!

    So much for Sharia law!

  128. To me the intent of Sharia Law is obvious, being such this NYT's article should be considered treasonous and appropriately taken through the US Judicial system. This also has NOTHING to do with religious freedom.

  129. They come to our country for the welfare abuse bringing 4-6 wives per household, propagate like bedbugs thriving on the public assistance (all by the taxpayer!), and now they want to replace our laws with their fricken sharia! Their impudence is boundless! How long shall we tolerate this bedlam? Let's follow the example of Australia and kick the stubborn ones out! Who needs islam here? If somebody does, let them go back to the middle east where they belong!

  130. It seems that the conspiracy to destroy America is composed of labor goons, freeloaders, perverts, trial lawyers, irrational do-gooders, commnists, jihadists, bought-out politicians, greenies, bought-out PHD's, sex-mad actors, NAACP slaves, atheists, money gluttons like soros, dope dealers, chicago gangsters, abbetted by foreign muslim money, all made possible by the ACLU, is half-way complete.
    The jihadists know what they are doing and if they should win, they will hang the others…and… Friends, they will win unless enough American Patriots patrol the 2012 elections!

  131. In our constitution we are guarenteed freedom of religion. That means you get to worship any god you like. You willingly and morally obey or not the laws of your god. You are not legally bound to do so. Do not force your religous laws on others. Keep your religous laws very separate from federal and state, county, and city laws in my country. We have enough laws that strangle us now.You can practice your religion but keep it amongst yourselves. We don't care for the way you treat your women. We do care that your religion breeds hate. We are free people in a free country. Please leave and take your religion with you if you don't like or can't live by our laws. But please, have a look at other religions while you're here. You may find one that makes more sense and will give you a reason to do good things with your life. Peace and love. Amen

  132. Gov't subsidizes farmers so they will not grow crops. It will subsidize newspapers so they will not print truth. NYT seeks to curry favor with the Washington slaver hoping for "stimulus" to keep afloat because it lacks the skills to compete in an open market. If the syncophantic servile drone blinked out of existance, who will whimper for it? Ban their advertisers and sponsors. Deny them the relevance they seek by not mentioning their name again in news segments. Make this garbage obsolete and relegate it to the trashbin of history where it belongs. THOSE PEOPLE, and you know who I mean, have a mantra, "History in our own time." How befitting. America will become history in our own time if we don't stop this cancer in its tracks. Death to NYT Pravda.

  133. Listen Moron NYT's This nation is built with the strength and expertise of immigrants — That is not at question. BUt these turn of the century – and I mean 19-20th Century — immigrants entered the USA legally, went through a process and had resigned themselves to leaving what remained of their family, their country, pretty much all they owned to make passage and become NATURALIZED CITIZENS of the United States of America. Certainly they brought clothing, cuisines, language and their skills BUT NOT ONE OF THEM BROUGHT THEIR LAWS WITH THEM!! NOT A ONE! So get the hell out of here with your Shariah Law BS. Whay not give the paper away for free for the remainder of the century or get some sense into your skulls and stop dissing America!!! WE WILL NOT CAVE IN TO MUSLIM LAWS DO YOU HEAR ME!!

  134. Sharia law is barbaric, bottom line. If its allowed in any way to be practiced in this country, it would be tantamount to anarchy. If anyone doesn't like the way we traditionally do things in this country, THEN THEY SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT EM HERE! Like the song says, "if u don't love it, leave it, let this song I'm singin be a warning, when your running down my country man, your walkin on the fightin side of me."

  135. <DIV class=idc-message id=idc-comment-msg-div-190063437><A class=idc-close title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(190063437)"><SPAN>Close Message</SPAN>
    Comment posted.
    <P class=idc-nomargin><A class=idc-share-facebook style="TEXT-DECORATION: none" href="; target=_new><SPAN class=idc-share-inner><SPAN>Share on Facebook</SPAN></SPAN> or <A href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(190063437)">Close MessageThe best that the NYT can come up with is to adopt Sharia law then it's time to close the doors here in the US and move them to Syria or some muslim country just get them the hell out of the US. Have you noticed that their president is in the Muslim capital today and pumping up the Unions and his muslim brotherhood which we should make sure Obama gose back home to kenya and he can take Jimmie jr and all of his minions along just make sure the wholebunchas Jimmy likes to say take the SOB's out

  136. "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." – Thomas Jefferson …..ITS ABOUT TIME WE AMERICANS TOOK OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!!!!

  137. I hope the New York Times IDIOT that wrote this ROTS IN HELL along with the IDIOT muslim in the White House. I totally AGREE with almost ALL of what everyone is saying about this SH–. Send tho New York Times to the middle east on a ONE WAY ticket if they like SHARIA law so much.

  138. The granting of special laws for certain groups is stupid and wrong! The NY Times should live a few months under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia or in a strong Wahabi district of Egypt. Then they might have another opinion.
    Let's look at this another way. Nutritionists advise that for optimal health, we should eat a wide variety of foods. I do not think they meant to include Strychnine, Acid, or some other deadly substance as part of our menu.
    Likewise, Democracy by it's very definition is tolerant of ideas and cultures. But, when an idea or culture has as it's primary purpose your surrender or destruction, it is time to draw the line and say NO!
    All Muslims from foreign lands should be rounded up and sent back to their country of origin immediately before their numbers become great enough to overwhelm us and take over our nation.

  139. I quit taking the N.Y.T. LONG ago B-4 these pansy muslim sympathies. I liked the comments about using it to line the bottom of the bird cage. RIGHT ON!! There is an old commentary on history saying: "Those who have forgotten history's lessons are doomed to repeat them." PEOPLE!! Harken & Learn!! The ENEMY [orthodox islam] is at our very GATES!!

  140. OK!!! the NYT wants Sharia Law? OK, when it starts the enforcers will drag all the gay workers out and stone them to death, than drag all the atultering workers out and stone them to death, them drag out all the infidels out and stone them to death. After that all happens then we can say we don't like the experiment, and That my friends will be the end of the NYT for sure!

  141. n.y. made it clear , when they let those G.D. muslims have there way around the remains of the twin towers. if they come around my home with this sh^t house laws, i will send them back in a trash bag packed with pig guts !!!! if N.Y. lets this go untreated THEN THEY GET WHAT THEY ASKED FOR. STAND UP AND FIGHT. RUN ALL THE MUSLIM ASH$%LE S OUT NOW!!!!

  142. if they want to live by their laws then they should have stayed in their own country. I'm not willing to give up any of my freedoms to be tolerant of them. When in this country you live by our laws and the US Constitution, don't like it then leave.

  143. &^%# the radical muslims and the camel they rhode in on!! We HAVN'T played "cowboys and muslims" YET but I BET it's COMING!! I'm IN!!

  144. I really liked the things the Austrailia Prime Minister said about this in that country. If you don't want to abide by our laws and customs, GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I feel the same about all immigrants but Sharia law and Muslims are the worst.

  145. Gov't subsidizes farmers so they will not grow crops. It will subsidize newspapers so they will not print truth. NYT seeks to curry favor with the Washington slaver hoping for "stimulus" to keep afloat because it lacks the skills to compete in an open market. If the syncophantic servile drones blinked out of existance, who will whimper for them? Ban their advertisers and sponsors. Deny them the relevance they seek by not mentioning their name again in news segments. Make this garbage obsolete and relegate it to the trashbin of history where it belongs.

  146. If you do not like our law's then get the hell out of our country, WE don't want you here any way! I will die before I live by your law's! If your law's are so great then why the h.e.l.l. are you here?! GO HOME and leve us out of your lives! GOOD BY!

  147. Shariah does not work with American laws. If I saw a man about to stone his wife to death, I would shoot him dead to protect her life. And I would be 'within the law'….

  148. Islam is the single greatest threat to the United States and our beliefs and way of life : because muslims are already in our own back yard and growing in numbers.Moderate muslims may seem to be acceptable one on one-until their numbers reach 10-15% and then they will demand to live based on their culture even when it conflicts with local,state and federal laws,ie;sharia law ! I personnally think that muslims should all go back to the middle-east and live as they please. America needs to wake up before it is too late(and it won't take very long)!

  149. There is nothing to debate. The New York Times is a Muslim shill, and Muslims are America's mortal enemy. Both must be utterly destroyed.

  150. If they want Shariah law, let's one up them. Instead of cutting a thief''s hand off, let's just hang him.
    Then we'll never have to worry about this ____ stealing again. Or if they want to stone a woman to death
    for adultry, let's cut the man's phallus off too, or perhaps decapitate the _____ in public. Great methods
    for also curtailing their excessive breeding habits.

  151. That's what liberal socialism will do for you. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. Jesus said, "I am the way, no man comes unto the Father, but by me". There is no other way.

  152. The NY Times is a prime example of what happens with the acceptance of forced diversity, which is evident by both articles like this and their multicultural (anti-American) staff. As this approach is apparently failing in the case the NY Times, which is evident by the many Americans turning away from them, why should we be led to believe that it would work on a bigger all of America. Diversity is nothing more than a part of the politically correct tool which aids in the demise of OUR Country. These people should be given a choice; if they truly want to live under sharia law they should simply move to a country that has it instead of forcing it upon the majority here..if they want to stay, then shut up.

  153. Comment to :Ricahrd Dunn
    what date was this published, please send email to all. this needs to be known so that it may be filed by us all; so that it may be refereced and a case built against those who pretend to be Americans and are not.
    Occidental College transcripts provides concrete evidence to annul Obama presidency. | PRESS Core – Evidentiary News, World New
    Posted by PCCorruption, Latest news, World news
    Saturday, June 18th, 2011

  154. If you cannot live by OUR laws and embrace OUR way of life you can pack it in and leave. The door opens both ways so don't let it hit you in the ass on your way out.

  155. Sharia law and the Constitution of these United States of America are completely incompatible and cannot co-exist as Sharia effectively eliminates freedoms while our Constitution supports, defends and promotes them. Sharia condones murder, especially of women, for such things getting raped and not having two male witnesses who come forward and attest to the fact that it was a rape. In my world if there are two male witnesses to a rape, and they don't acively attempt to stop the crime, they are also susupects in the crime and, that being the case, can you really expect them to admit that a rape occured? Sharia has a great number of facets which are just as illogical (unless you desire a completely male dominated, with heavy emphasis on the dominated part, society where women and girls are of less value than a goat except when sex is the object, and even then many islamic men still prefer boys and very young children). Look at Sharia law regarding marriage and at what age a girl can be forced into a marriage with an adult male (who could be 60 or 70 years her senior).

  156. New York Times is nothing more than a political scam on people to falsely create havoc on people who
    subsequently believe every dam thing the paper has to say as if it were the word of god, and this is nothing
    more than taking advantage of a person to achieve their own goal through the power of persuasion to
    dictate a positive reaction from individuals to follow a certain path of political issue's or to cast a vote for a
    certain issue or to vote a certain politician which is influenced by the newspaper in question to obtain their
    political desire's.

  157. Continuation of above: Talking about getting them young enough to train in your personal perversions…how about a five year old girl and a thirty something "husband"? They don't want to bring Sharia to my neighborhood because I will defend the Constitution and the innocent by whatever means is available and necessary. Even Mohamet was a pervert, a rapist and a pedophile…look it up. Religion of peace my a–!

  158. Everybody who is behind this story at the NEW York Times should be arrested and charged wtih treason against our nation right now……they are traitors to this country and should not be allowed to make one more dime off WE THE PEOPLE and this nation, they are a mockery to our founding fathers and our constitution……what a bunch of losers.

  159. With a lying muslim stinking up our white house what more can we expect.Scorn the idiots that voted for a muslim with no background proveable.Why dont our NSA investigate this liar??If You voted for the liar in 2008 to prove you are not a racist you have to vote against him in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.

  160. We should have laws against Sharia law in all of our states. In fact, the Australian President has told Muslims to get out of her country if they couldn't abide by the laws of Australia. I think the same should hold for the USA.

  161. It seem the only people with rights anymore are those from other countries. As Americans we seem to loose rights every day. Each time a new law is passed we loose a little more of our freedom. It is time for Americans to wake up and see what is happening in this country we claim to love so much.

  162. Sharia law Obama lives by it because he is a muslim native to Kenya and writer is correct let NY times administer Sharia there if there are any survivors we will interview to see if they are Zombies!!

  163. Political correctness and cowardice, that's what it's all about. They kill our people and the government rewards them. They shouldn't have been allowed in this country to begin with. Look at England and Spain, both infiltrated with muslims and going downhill because of them.

  164. A nation is defined by a dominant people, a culture, a language, faith. The U.S. is a white European Christian culture. It's language is English. The Christian Bible is the root of our country.

    God warned us not to become a part of the world, but the enemy within has opened the gates of our country to the world….you can see the outcome….many creep in wanting to take over our country….it has been a silent coup by the ungodly. If nothing is done by our people, we'll sink into a third world sink hole.

    We have traitors in our government, all of our institutions….education, media, entertainment, church, finance, business you name it.

    Wake up America! Enough is enough. We must shut the doors of immigration to peoples who we have nothing in common…people who have no respect for our people, our laws, and only want to sponge off the taxpayer.

  165. Sharia law. Why would anyone want Sharia law. New York Times, I'm going to find the original article and write a letter to the editor. Don't ya'll think the editor needs to hear from some of us, if not all?

  166. "This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy,"—FALSE, Shariah law would itself undermine American democracy!

    "ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation,"—FALSE, our religious tolerance was never intended to include tolerance for any so-called religion that espouses the annihilation of our people! If Muslims want to tolerate them, then they must denounce everything that is Muslim and assimilate into OUR culture. None should ever cross our borders without taking that first step!

    "and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority."—TRUE, and this is exactly as it should be. There should be no place in this country for Muslims. We were founded as a Judeo-Christian nation, and let not this fact every be blotted from our history!

  167. The bogus, illegal alien soiling our WH has two beautiful, innocent daughters. Does he really want sharia law dooming their future? Or is he so ignorantly focused on the destruction of the world we know, that he doesn't even care if they are abused and or brutally tortured and even murdered?
    On top of all the horrors he has blithely inflicted, that makes him worse than the slimiest maggot.

  168. The NYT thinks it is the "main stream media", when it actually is the "lame stream media", and not worth the time it takes to pick up a copy much less read it. Their agenda is to help poison the minds of Americans with their propaganda. A boycott of such a foolish bunch would be an appropriate response to their anti Americanism.

  169. American Muslims that voluntarily submit to Sharia are free to do so. But sharia has no place in the public square where it conflicts with the judeo christian underpinning of American law and culture. No 11 year old child brides – I'm afraid.

    Funny how the Times attacks Christianity every chance it gets ….but defends this totalitarian – political branch of Islam.
    The Times should be put out of its misery …and if Sharia takes root here… it certainly will.

  170. We have to get a President that will OUTLAW this muslim Islam CRAP, DEPORT THE BAST—-& CLEAN OUT OUR COUNTRY OF ALL ILLEGALS & TRAITORS TO AMERICAN. As far as Obama goes, he has to be gone permanently as he will never stop with his goal of destroying America & making it a MUSLIM country.

  171. Bilderbergers installed Obama because he is not only a communist and hates America but because he is also a moslem. They need islam to control future slaves of the One World government every minute 24/7 because there is no better slave driving system than islam enforced by sharia. Bilderbergers own NY Times, so this article should be no surprise. They mean it and we better take it seriously and fight it with everything we have. Islam is not a religion; it is an oppressive political party. Islam is not tolerant to anything and anybody; therefore, it does not deserve to be treated with tolerance.

  172. Leftist fools like the NYT call it "multiculturalism", "diversity", "religious tolerance", and a lot of other good sounding names. A few years back nearly everyone was clamoring to jump on the politically correct band wagon in spite of what some people were telling them about this anti American garbage that is destroying our nation. Has this article by the New York Times opened the eyes of anyone? Anyone at all? For the sake of the United States of America, I certainly hope so. We'll see come the next election cycle in November 2012, that is if Obama and his "brothers" will allow. It may already be too late.

  173. This magazine is sick piece of crap. The people who wrote this idiocy will answer to The Lord God Almighty at judgement time for turning against this wonderful country. People do not seem to realize that Jesus Christ is coming back soon and ETERNITY is NEVER NEVER ENDING!

  174. And now I'd like to hear from the wifes of those male "journalists". But, first the women need to research and really understand what Sharia Law means. They need to understand what it would mean to them personally.

  175. I have a solution stop buying toilet paper and start using the NYT to wipe you ass after you take a crap, this way you save money (helping the economy) and you help clean up the environment, (staying green) also you will be flusing Sharia law down the drain where it belongs , (clean air act) with the rest of the muslims craziness. (patriotism) I feel like the cable guy he always has solutions

  176. My parrot diserves better. People are finally starting to see the NY Treason for what it is. Now, lets targets those commies in Congress. Where is McArthy when we need him.

  177. I don't agree with Gingrich on much but with this he is dead right! But on the other hand a little Sharia might do Whoopi Goldburg , Joy Behar, Maureen Dowd and some of these kind a world of good!!

  178. Sharia Law , How would you fare? There is NO religious liberty. As a muslim you're prohibited from renouncing your faith. Non-Muslimsare inferior, they don't have the same protections as Muslims. If you go to court , don't look for a jury , the judge operates alone. A husband can physically strike a wife is she's "high handed". If you lose in court, the winner can take physical revenge , "an eye for an eye." Convicted of stealing , one hand amputated. Convicted of highway robbery , crucifixion or at least mutilation. Homeosexuals , adulterers , sentenced to death . Unmarried fornication earns a whipping. Women"s clothing , strictly regulated . jewelry and make-up forbidden. If a woman works outside the home, she can't sit beside the driver on the way to work and from work. testimony by a woman is given only a fractiion of the weigh of testimony by a man. Criticize Muhammad or the Koran —– or even Sharia Law itself , you must die. "Apostates " die too. Islam is intented to be the religion of all mankind

  179. Take your Shaira Law and shove it up you goats azz. Try imposing it on any normal Amrican Citizen and you will have a war on your hands. Screw Musliems and Mohammad eats pig sh!tt so get the hell out of my Country beofre we bury you.

  180. So our so-called PResident send aid to North Korea but turns his back on the Eastern States that have devestated.

    REMEMBER – – 2012




  181. I wouldn't use this George Soros/OFA rag (NYT) for packing material; I'd rather use toilet paper. Those freedom hating, pro-Obama lovers over at NYT are upset and they should be, after all their Un-American rag is irrelevant and very unpopular; New York Times is not considered by majority of Americans as a source of unbiased news. The gossips over at TMZ have more credibility in my opinion and they are more accurate in their ‘reporting’.

    I suppose it must really be stressful for the editor of the times as well, fewer people are subscribing to his far-left Soros-funded lies, fabrications, and slanderous accusations against true Americans e.g. Tea Party Americans. So, one can expect this terminally ill liberal rag of a newspaper to print or say anything outlandish…one day the NYT supports a sex change operation for a 9 year old boy and the next it supports Sharia law!.. ?? Huh??.. The New York Times must be in a drunken or drug-induced stupor!? Correct me if I’m in error, but does this Soros rag support gay marriage or not?


  182. The people at the NYTimes can go straight to hell,My god,how can you people go home and look family members in the eye.This country and God have given you everything you have,at the very least you are commiting treason.Go somwhere else and spit this crap ouy,We dont want you!!.

  183. Unfortunately news media including newspapers, tv stations etc. are all bought off and everyone that wants to try to stay current listens to them. Since they are all liars and do not report the truth…that is all many people go on to form their opinions and decisions. To prevent any further damage, lets boycott all news papers, tv stations etc. that report falsely until they go broke and fold. Hit them where it counts…their pocket books! Their income. If we refuse to purchase products from the people that advertise, they can't advertise, without the money from these companies, the stations, papers cannot stay in business. They WILL retract all false information or they fold…simple. Top of the list should be ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and all radio stations that do not report the facts in their entirety. Let's break them financially and get America back to AMERICANS!

  184. The New York Times has seen its best days passed them by. At one time the NYT had such credibility, that they were often quoted by all types of people for many issues confronting the international community. Now, they do not have enough credibility to predict the weather. If they had it all over to do it again, they would never have hired the extremist from the left. These types have run the company into the ground. So now any opinion they have has been met with indifference – the NYT is irrelevant, just like Jimmy Carter.

  185. Sharia law will never work in a country that allows one to practice free will. It also does not allow for separation of church and state. That is why it only exists in a theocracy or dictatorship. Hey, maybe that is where we are headed?

    By God, I hope not!

  186. I once received a telephone solicitation to purchase a subscription to the NYT; told the lady that toilette paper was much cheaper and more effective….she promptly hung up.

  187. Gosh… they don’t think that about Judeo – Christian values. In everyway they try to undermine it.

    And one way is to invite Shariah law into our land.

  188. I really hope enough of the "fastest growing minority" are offened and leave our country as soon as possible…What a bunch of crap!!! Their is no such thing as a "moderate muslim" if they practice the muslim religion, they are fanatical period.. If you read enough of the quran you will see what I mean…NO compromise in the muslim book…It's black and white…Believe or die!!! Period.

  189. Muslims do not belong in the United States of America, they don't belong in the 21st century, they still live in the 7th century. They do not have a religion, they belong to a murder cult, both i their Koranand Sahria law. It is legal for them to stone women to death for anything and if a man is envolved he gets a pass and she get stoned to death by her own relatives who enjoy killing females, they all belong to tribes. It is by their right that can murder their wives and children (Girls) honor killings, it is all right for the men to marry little girls who haven't stopped playing with dolls, (pedophies), it all right for the Muslims to cut off people's heads and fingers and arms in the street, it is alright for them to darg a Christen family ito the street and murder them in cold blood, it is all right for them to sodomize young boys and the list is endless of the murder and curelty they can legally commint with Sharia law and the Koran.
    My recent post John McCain is a Super Progressive Bipartisan Socialist

  190. All of you really wanting a change stop supporting or doing business with companies such as Cigna Health Insurance Company. They support Obama, have given huge donations to him and his administration AND force their employees to support them or lose their employment! They outsource all of your information and send it out of the country (India is one of the countries your information is going to). They do not make it a secret that their employees follow the example they set. This is one example of the companies giving money to keep this corrupt administration going. If you have Cigna call them and ask them where your information is. Cigna insures Safeway employees among other large companies. They are backing the Healthcare reform that Obama is pushing along with his private agenda's included sneaking it among thousands of pages so you don't know what is in it…like a private army etc.

  191. Those of you complaining about the job situation …. obama is in Detroit today which is full of muslims. Probably plotting how to take the rest of your jobs (those who are employed).

  192. "protect the country against homegrown terrorism" and "mortal threat to the survival of freedom"
    What a bunch of B…S… from politicians. For most of American history religious groups have settled disputes in their own religious community (Catholics and Jews in particular and I'm guessing Mormons) and thereby cut down on the number of lawsuits in government courts. I'm no supporter of Sharia and I feel sorry for some of the people who are subject to it, but these statements by political windbags are incorrect

  193. PUT NY CITY UNDER SHARIA LAW for one month by the time they kill all the non muslims, homosexuals, theives with hands cut off, drug addicts killed etc the population would be 1/4 of what it is now and the world would then see exactly what Sharia Law is

  194. I will Die fighting before I bend my knee to Sharia law.
    I know theres hundreds of thousands of other people that will stand beside me.
    It may just be that the patriots will indeed someday be called terrorists.

  195. If Muslims and people of other cults do not want to live by the laws of the United States then they can get the hell out of my country and go back to their problem land. I will not put up with Sharia Law and their way of thinking and living here in the USA. Hell if that was to happen the Mormons would want to have 10 or more wives too. The United States have laws that this country believs in and no one from any other land will come here and disrupty our way of life. You come to this country you live and abide by our laws and if not go back to where you came from because you wont like it if I get any more piss'd off at what your tryiing to do as you'll have the same problem here if you try to change us….

    and the New York Times will soon be out of business………… no one wants to read the bs they print any more. The rag is not even good for and out house.

  196. What did all our brave soldiers and those from other countries die for in WWII? They fought for freedom and the sanctity of civilization. Hitler was an anti-Christ yet this was not realized until those thousands of death camps were discovered one-by-one. Sharia law does not recognize the laws of any government and indoctrinates their followers to do the same. They are also told that they may work with the infidels but may not be friends with them and that when their numbers (army) grows strong, they are to go out and kill the infidels unless they join their following. Other means of forcing infidels into submission, higher taxes imposed on them, beheadings in streets to set example for those who don't join their cult, burning their places of worship down. They are colonizing this country for one reason – they find it more desirable than the desert God created for them.

    1. You are missing the main point. We do not make laws designed to affect only 1 religion. The Supreme Court would toss it out. We write laws designed to apply to every person in the country. If some of their theology conflicts with those laws,… tough. We are a country of law and the constitution says no law shall be passed that abridges the right of a religion. It is constitutional if it is meant to apply to all, of every religion, equally. Since we already have law precluding all of your disagreements they are not relevant. To pass a law legalizing "sharia" would in no way eliminate those prior laws.It would be as useless as passing a law allowing Catholicism, or Baptist or the ten commandments. It has no practical value. If it shuts them up , give it to them and if they break the laws of this country lock them up as any other criminal.

  197. Assimilate…cause something to resemble or make like the existing situation. Maybe the the New York Times author doesn't understand real American values.

  198. If they ever accept Sharia Law in America and try to use it on me, theres gonna be blood. I was born free and I'll die free and take as many as I can with me so they can discover their so called religion is baloney

  199. Lock-N-Load people 2012 is almost here . We can vote the carpetbagger out but 10 to 1 they will not leave on their own accord .
    If you love America
    If you like being a free people
    If you want to work for the American dream , and keep it from being given to some free loader
    If you believe that all the Americans that ever died for this country did not die in vane

    Then stand ready to take up arms if it comes to that.
    God bless America and pass the Ammo.

  200. I fought to keep this kind of crap out of America and now we have a Muslim Socialist Liar in the Whitehouse trying to bring in his Muslim buddies. Anyone that can read can see that they cannot be reasoned with will never assimilate into our culture and their so called holy book and Sharia Law isn't compatible with anything here and I'm trying to figure out why in this case they are even allowed into our country. We need to take to the streets in Washington like they did in Egypt and demonstrate until they get rid of them all and outlaw Islam which as many people here have stated, a lot more than a so called religion. They say whatever they want about Christianity and Judaism but they kill anyone who talks about their so called religion and our government lets them get away with bullying our religion. It's time to unite and clean house in the Congress, Housae and Whitehouse. Take Back Our America before it's too late and will cost much more blood to get back.

  201. I never thought I would live to see and hear how dumbed-down Americans have become. It is truly heartbreaking. I think of my Father and all the men who gave their lives in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East only to have the NYT come up with an editorial like this. What kind of people run the NYT? Obviously traitors to the United States of America.

    Everyone with half-a-brain knows that Islam is not just a religion but it is a complete set of Laws that are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the Laws of America and all other Christian Countries. Duh!!! There is no way possible that they can co-exist with Christian Laws peacefully. It's a No-Brainer!!!

    So-o-o-o, that begs the question…..Who is it that the NYT is trying to fool and sell a "bill of goods" to?

    It's you and I my friend. Hopefully, there will be more people like the ones on this site who will vociferously keep talking about this and writing letters to your Congressmen and Senators. Only staying on top of this, will it go away.

    1. I agree with you entirely. Some people think that anything they have never heard of is some kind of goody. NOT. It’s a fact that Islam is a cult and nothing more and a whole lot of folks like weird things. So enter Sharia law. Many cities are advocating Sharia law now in the USA. Michigan has many Islamics and even a US Congress member.

      It’s an unfortunate mistake like the 2008 election and the people who know the reality of Sharia law should try teaching the uneducated that this law is not an American law. The Constitution does not allow it even if Mr Obama disregards it. The universities are teaching Islam as well as some primary schools. In Texas for one. But many others are also.

      There is a justice in home-schooling that public schools do not seem to have.
      Keep teaching Patriotism and the national Athem and the Pledge of Allegience will return some day soon I hope. Keep advocating the truth dear lady and united we will stand

      God bless America

  202. Quick FACTS about Islam:
    * The sovereignty of Allah is paramount: He is the one, true God. Mohammed is his chief prophet.
    * There is no original sin. Humans are not predisposed toward sin, but they commit sins.
    * Jesus was not the Son of God. He is revered as a spiritual guide.
    * Salvation is by the will of God through human obedience to God's law.
    * The Qur'an is the perfect Word of Allah.
    Islam is a religious, social, and political force which EVERY AMERICAN should be AWARE OF.
    Islam is the Arabic term for " submission." Muslim is an Arabic cognate of Islam, and means "one who submits." Muslim submits to the will of Allah as revealed by Muhammed. Allah is the Islamic name for God and cannot be translated easily into ENGLISH.
    The Quran (also spelled Koran) is Arabic for "the recitation," and refers to the collection of revelations supposedly given by
    Allah through his archangel to Muhammed and preserved as the Islamic scripture. Wherever the Bible contradicts Islam, the Muslim says the Bible is incorrect.
    Islamic Beliefs
    GOD: For the Muslim, Allah is the only true God. There is no such blasphemous thing as the " Trinity." JESUS CHRIST is a prophet of Allah; he is not the SON of GOD or GOD himself (Surah 4:171). The Muslim God is unapproachable by sinful man. He is so perfect and holy He can only communicate with mankind through a progression of angels and prophets. The Muslim God is a god of JUDGMENT, and not GRACE; a god of WRATH rather than the GOD of LOVE. The Muslim's desire is to submit to the point where he ca hold back the judging arm of Allah and, perhaps, through the capricious whim of Allah, inherit eternal life in an earthly paradise of GLUTTONY and SEXUAL gratification. Muslims have NO concept of GOD as a LOVING and COMPASSIONATE FATHER.

    As we mentioned above, JESUS CHRIST to the Muslim is just one of many prophets of Allah. JESES CHRIST was the prophet for HIS people in HIS day. The prophet Muhammed supercedes JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is not the SON of GOD or a part of any Trinity. JESUS CHRIST did not atone for anyone's sins, although HE was himself sinless. JESUS CHRIST did not die on the cross. Various Muslim traditions say that HE either miraculously substituted Judas Iscariot for himself on the cross, or that GOD miraculously delivered HIM from the hands of the Romans and Jews before HE could be crucified. Most Muslims believe that JESUS CHRIST was taken bodily into heaven without having died (Surah 4:157).

    SIN and Salvation:
    Sin and salvation in Islam is associated with two concepts: WORKS and FATE (kismet). Every Muslim who hopes to escape the judgment of Allah must fulfill the works of the Five Pillars of the Faith (Surah 10:109). These include: (1) RECITATION OF THE SHAHADAH ("There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is the prophet of Allah"); (2) Five daily prescribed prayers (Salat or Namaz) in Arabic. These prayers include genuflection and prostration in the direction of the holy city, Mecca; (3) Almsgiving (Zakat), which is unlike tithing since Muslims are only required to give one-fortieth of their income as charitable contributions; (4) Fasting (Saum or Ruzeh) during the entire month of Romadan, when Muslims are supposed to fast from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset in atonement for their own sins over the previous year (However, after sunset many Muslims enjoy a feast and some get up before sunrise to eat some more before the sun rises and the fast begins again); and (5) A pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca, the holy city at least once in a Muslim's lifetime.
    Holy War (Jihad) used to be a condition of faith, and early Muslims believed it was their SACRED DUTY TO MURDER ANYONE WHO WOULD NOT EMBRACE THE one true faith.


    1. Thank you! This was very informative. Do you believe that the Muslims realize they are practitioners of a set of "Laws" ? Do they realize that Islam is not a religion but a form of government (totalitarianism)? It is sad all of these people believing a lie and sad that Americans have been lied to. What is worse is that some liberal Americans believe the lie, also believing Islam is an expression of Religious freedom protected by Our Constitution!! It is so difficult to get through to these people as they have no intention of changing their attitude of mindless sheep mentality.

  203. Sharia is antithetical to the Constitution. They cannot coexist. If the U.S. succumbs to Sharia, the women and children have the most to lose. What I would like to know is: Why aren't American women speaking out about this?? After all they've gone through for the past 100 years to get where they've got to, why are they not rising up against this threat? It seems to me that the women are actually the ones who are more likely to call for Muslims "rights" and denounce anybody that says anything against Muslims, labeling it as religious discrimination.

  204. At least they are being consistent. Not only do they have phony-baloney "conservative" David Brooks, but they have "Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Paul Krugman who said, "Having men digging holes and filling them up is good for the economy," on "This Week" with the Bean Lady, Christiana Amanpour who has "bean here," "bean there" and "bean everywhere." They are made for each other.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has sharp analysis, science and humor for you. Now on Kindle.
    My recent post What Will He Say?

  205. We as conservative Americans need to be VERY careful. They can't get the tea party to start anything illegalso they WILL stir up the muslims AND the black community AND the mexican community. IF we get to another election I will be surprised.
    I do NOT doubt America is in for some VERY rough times. If we can't change the tyranny in washington we are DUTY bound
    to remove the tyranny.

  206. What a load of pig poo. We must accept their oppressive laws for a noisy minority? I think not. I would normally say it was large male bovine feces. But, by the tone of the article, I planned to offend someone.

  207. Why do you religion police take out my comments? Chaudry can call us fools but we cannot reply to his comments.. I believe you are afraid of the BHO / Eric abu Holder religion police…

  208. <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-190211231" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(190211231)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a style="text-decoration: none;" class="idc-share-facebook" href="; target="_new"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(190211231)">Close MessageGetting scarry, I wish we could get Congressman (LtCol) Allen West to run. He knows more about the Muslims and what is going on and what they think. He is Trustworthy, honest, courageous, and loves his country. If you don't know who Congressman West is, please go to: <a href="; target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>; or <a href="; target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>; and read his bio and watch his video. If you like what you see, then please send him an e-mail and let him know how much his country needs him.

  209. My comments was deleted. Are people afraid of Muslims? If you are afraid of the Muslims. Than you should not sent these DUMM ASS e-mail stuff.

  210. I am NOT afraid of any Muslim or Islam or Allah or Muhaman or who ever the HELL his name is. BRING IT ON JACK-ASS. BRING IT ON.

  211. Jesus says the Islamic faith is Evil and that's really all that matters. There's either the Lord's side or there's hell, choose whose side you're on.

  212. I wonder who bought the nytimes off. They should be closed down and arrested
    for Treason. They should also be run out of the country.

  213. You probably have a “coexist” bumber sticker on your laptop. Do you have any idea of the basic fundamentals of Sharia? You couldn’t possibly. I’m embarrased for you for writing such an ignorant (maybe will-fully) piece. Islam has no intention of tolerating you, why would you tolerate something to your own detrament? I could go on but why? Try living under Sharia before you make such moronic statements, and wherever you choose to do so, hurry! Get out of my country!

  214. Stock up on Food & Ammunition ! After the next election we may need both ! Choose tour vote very cautiously ! The head muslim has NO respect for civility,patriotism or his own race ! Vote for someone who respects this country and its inhabitrants (black, white or any race or color !

  215. It is painfully obvious that the NYT has not the slightest of what Sharia is. I strongly suggest they do an Internet search on Islamic Jurisprudence, Sharia, and READ the book 'Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence" by Joseph Schacht….I know I didn't spell his last name correctly but it is on Amazon.

    Additionally watch the video's of the implementation of Sharia as seen at

  216. When in Rome do as the Roamans do, When in the USA do as Americans do. Assimilate or go home. The Muslims expect us to honor their rules while in their country and they shold do the same here. Women uncover your heads so we can see who you are. Men leave your shoes on and don't bully your women. Live like Americans, enjoy whats left of our freedoms and don't try to impose your way of life on us. Again if you don't like it here and don't want to fit in go home.

  217. Typical Tea Party horsedung. A gross misrepresentation of an oped about the dangers of demonizing islam followed by a torrent of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry intolerance, hate, threats of violence and playground machismo in response to this fraud of a non-issue.

    Tea partiers are the worst Americans ever. Go back to the 12th century where you belong and leave us alone.

  218. Whoever backs this BS is truly anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-black and anti-everything. Muslims believe that they have cornered the market when it comes to truth in religion.
    News flash for some people: It is not about religion but about a relationship with GOD when it comes to Christianity.
    Jesus was not impressed with the Pharasees works and rules. He was drawn to the brokenness of people.
    In Christianity, there is mercy. In Islam there is none. It’s simple. Do you want freedom or do you want slavery?

  219. A lot of men will like the part of Aharia law that says a man my divorce his wife by just saying "I divorce you" 3 times and she is out of there with nothing, not even the children.

  220. I hope the idiot that wrote that has to go to the mideast and live the rest of his life. I can not believe a american could write something as that. The New York Times needs to get lost and stop the crap its putting out. I believe they are a hate,m race group all in one.

  221. "muslims want shariah law to be the law of the land" REALLY!!! SINCE WHEN DID AMERICA BECOME MUSLIM LAND?


  222. Islam is not a peaceful religion..infact, it's a religion of conquest. Look at past history where countries have been taken over by peoples who's religion is Islam…is there any other religion tolerated in those countries NO!. Everything about it is contrary to the United States' Constitution. We have outlawed slavery…yet under Sharia law a woman is nothing more than a slave to her husband. When confronted by questions regarding the violence perpetrated my terrorists in the name of their filthy religion..muslums say that it's just a small bunch of radicals that are the problem…yet…non of these so called "peaceful" muslums condemn the actions much less do anything about it. Look at the murders at Ft. Hood,TX. Given the choice of being an AMERICAN and fighting for the country, or putting religion first, the murderer chose his filthy religion. If Islam will not tolerate freedom of other religions, then it should not be allowed in the land of the free. Get them out now before it's too late. Too bad the f***ing morons in Washington can't see it coming.

  223. sharia law…try to shove that cult crap down our throwts and they'll find out what real American justice is all about. Religeous tolerance!! Ya think the Muslims have any religeous tolerance for Christians and Jews. Just the foothold they want to bring this country to it's knees. Change sometimes comes from the end of a Barrel

  224. The new york times is a propaganda paper, that’s all. maybe they should print it in arabic not english. again, islam is a deadly tumor on the whole human race, even muslims. let’s get out of bed with these backward muslim countries, drill our own oil in Alaska, start deporting all these illegal aliens sucking off our government and lastly, get rid of the muslim in the whithouse and all his idiot cohorts. put that in your muslim “news”paper you idiots at the new york times.

  225. That is a foolish statement with no logical grounds and the individual who wrote this should either be given a US history lesson or fired one. This not only goes against our own laws but also the laws of the Bible.

  226. how about this? All these people in America who actually feel this way let them live under this law and leave all the rest of us alone. All the liberal tv talk show host people let them have what they want. Woopie Goldberg, Barbara Walters and the rest of them just go ahead have a fitting for a burka and go for it. Otherwise shut up and leave the rest of us alone about it. I for one am sick of hearing about it. if they want to be muslims move to Detroit and be muslims.

  227. The NY Times should be OUT OF BUSINESS in just a couple more years. They can change their name to The Muslim Times and relocate to Iran.

  228. Where are all the Libs screaming about seperation of religion from our governmental processes. All their law is is primitive religious dogma taught by a backwards culture that relies on violence to get their way. Not on my watch. Keep that garbage out of my country. Islam has destroyed their entire culture and they are too ignorant to see it.

  229. NY Times misses the points. Sharia is for Muslims and we have separation of church and state here in America. So Sharia law should not be imposed on the rest of us.

  230. In order to read the rest of the M.(Muslim) N.Y. Times, you have to log in and be a member. I'd rather ggouge out my own eyes. They still don't understand what they want to do to this country. If the Times or anybody else wants to emrbace the Muslum ways simply move to the Middle east. Shut up and leave us alone.


  232. Shariah laws makes women 2nd class citizens. So the New York Times must not believe in equality. Wow is the New York Times ignorant.
    Ron G.

  233. If the slug licking NY times really want to be progressive, then they should modernize their newspaper out of 2 ply toilet paper so it can be properly disposed of in the septic tank where it can decompose as it should.

  234. Let’s wrap up ALL of those frigging Muslims in the leftover copies of the New York Times and ship them back to the Middle East so they can kill each other and wreak havoc on everyone else.

  235. The subject of Shariah Law should be a no-brainer!

    Why is it that people of the United States of America don't seem to realize that Shariah Law is diametrically opposed to our way of government? If we as a people allow this sort of thing, we lose our own cultlure. DUH!!!

    America – – – Wake-up!!!

  236. Okay, let me get this right. It's well within the constitution to outlaw christian prayer and other judeo-christian rituals and symbols in public sight, but we should be forced to embrace another religions laws and beliefs? Am I now living in crazy town? What an insult to the intelligence of the readers of this terrible newspaper(If you can call it that)!!!

  237. Note that this was not a NY Times editorial, but an op-ed. It was an independent op-ed
    column by a Jewish professor of religion at Yale. An editorial made the opposite point. Though I wouldn't put it past the NYT to be on the side of Islam. The godfather site is slightly missleading in this case.

  238. It's unfortunate but there are morons here in America that think Sharia Law is compatable with the U.S. Constitution. When in fact it's diametrically opposed to what we believe and stand for. The NY Times was once upon a time the "gold standard" of newspapers. Now, I wouldn't use it if I ran out of toilet paper after a BM.

    The New york times should be shut down and the editorial staff that wrote this insane drival.should be black balled throughout this United States, Mabe some very wealthy individuals in this country should place anorder to have the Constitution,Delcaration of Independance,Bill of Rights printed in all the major news papers throughout country then maybe ,just maybe,these traitors of Freedom might really understand that the Freedom they enjoy was given to them by the Forefathers of this Country as they and the men and women over the years that have fought and died to let them have the Freedom of Speech and the Press that they enjoy. and let Me ask ALL of the Press and Media, "DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT UNDER MUSLIM LAW,YOU WOULD ENJOY SUCH FREEDOM" ???? Think About That….!!!!!!!

  240. There is one good reason to read the NYT very carefully. It is the propaganda chief of the ewnemy, public enemy no. one of the media. All the rest take their guidance from this otherwise worthless piece of rag. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

  241. I believe with all the comments, America is stating how it feels regarding the importation of foreign laws and customs. I don't agree with all the comments, but I do believe in the Constitution and my country. However, our political representatives can't seem to get it straight who pays their salaries. They should be standing up for what their constituents have elected them for.

  242. Think this is really another ploy by WH, FEMA, Janet Nap. to get us Americans up in arms??? Right up their alley and one reason oldbama has been pushing his arrogant disregard for our Constitutional laws. THEY WANT people for us to make a move toward any slight rebellion. Why did Pentagon announce that 20,000 troops are being brought TO the US to quell any rebellion the WH/politicians are expecting because of the economy? But what troops are being brought (other than those from Iraq? our troops or NATO? And why do those politicians Push that they are ready for and expect US citizens to become the terrorists? Maybe we are being deliberately fed news such as this for their benefit?——

    1. Obummer would get a tent for sure if there was any rebellion no matter how minuscule so he could could declare martial law and bring in United Nations troops and declare his highness the "dick"tator for life!!!!

  243. Every one please e mail, phone do what ever it takes to let the New York Times know how you feel about
    Sharia Law and a Mosque at Ground Zero – The Muslims hate us and are trying to destroy us if you look at history
    they build there Mosques at places they have destroyed,brought down buildings and killed people-The New York Times
    are traitors the USA

  244. The unforgivable blasphemy law of "Islam-sharia is believing that Jesus is Son of God punishable by death….Only a crazy person or a person so brainwashed they do not know good from evil would want shariah law in USA

  245. The whole population of the United States of America, need to realize that ISLAM is NO RELIGION.
    It is a LIFESTYLE as set by a MURDERER, PEDOPHILE, HOMOSEXUAL that lived over 1500 years ago, by the name of mohammad . His credo is, make your women as your dogs, you may divorce them with a few words, hide them in cloth head to toe, give them no voice, kill them if need be, and take on younger women as you please. If you do not agree to all of this, you are an infidel and should have your neck cut through. Their places for meeting and conniving, they call mosques, and get the same rights as our Christian churches.
    SOME RELIGION, and yet, our leadership gives it the same honor as Christianity, Judaism.

  246. Of course New York Times believes in Sharia Law, because Bozo Obama believes in Sharia Law and has let that
    fact be known to the New York Times.

    The New York Times is nothing more then Bozo Obama's ass kisser.

    My question is; Why are so many Jews in New York and Los Angeles(entertainment people) against Israel and standing with the Palestinians?

  247. The Obama administration and these left wing nut cases would love for this country to be taken over by Islam. There is no better reason to vote out these radical SOB's and send them packing. Obama is a muslim and he would love to take this country down that road. He can take his policies and his religion and run for the presidency in Mexico or at least away from the United States. AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP BEFORE WE ARE CHANGED FOREVER AND BANKRUPTED BY THE DEMONCRATS.

  248. A pox on Sharia.

    Why should a perfectly good Western system of law even consider bowing to the product of a primitive culture that enslaves half of its populace and requires violence and unfairness to function as it does now?

    Stamp Out Sharia. Stamp Out Sharia Advocates, too. Do the human race a favor.

  249. What the NY time fails to understand is that Muslim law seeks to convert all on earth and use violence against those who do not convert (infidels) it’s that simple. They live and die by the feud. I fought them in Afghanistan and they are fearless and want to kill all Christians, Jews and eliminate democracy. Speaking to those who fought the Japanese in WWII the Muslims die by their self made creed as well. This feud and attempts at world dominance go back to the Crusades. I say it’s an old score now it’s time to settle it. There entire “religion” does not recognize nor does it support democracy so for the two to coexist is naive and foolish. One has to go. The US should throw all of them out and our current eunuch Obama and his following have no Guts or B_LLS to do so and will subject the rest of us to their naive and foolish policies that will get alot of people killed again making 9/11 look like a small event

    1. It is now time to organize all Christians and those who want the USA to survive our way of life. We need to infiltrate the muslim community at their mosques, to find out what they are up to. Our legal system is skewed towards protecting criminals, and those who hide in their so called “religion”. A new CRUSADE is coming.

  250. If you are an American citizen, the law of the land to follow is already there–The United States Constitution, We, the people, like it that way. That's why we're United States citizens. What utter nonsense this NYT reporter is spewing on the American public. If he/she doesn't like our nations laws then go to another country where you might be free to practice "your" law. Keep your stinking rhetoric away from our laws. If you don't like it, leave. But we're not changing it.

  251. Maybe the Times should move to the Mid East. They would have their wish and be ruled under Sharia law and we could be free of the bilge they post each day. Sounds like a winner for everyone to me!

  252. The rotten Big Apple is the bellweather of political correctness as dictated by Washington, anything they say, just consider the opposite. Imagine Bloomberg being president of this nation, now you get the gist of my commentary.

  253. Newt Gingrich is right and the New York Times is wrong. I can't see why anyone would want to waste their time reading the New York Times or LA Times. If its anti American then they will try to push it. If the Muslims want Sharia Law then they can go to any of the many countries that practice it. They try to bring that garbage to America then they are going to have a fight on their hands.

    1. I shred it then use it to line the inside of my girlfriends cat litter box so save her on buying cat litter. The cats love it. I am doing my part to help "save" the planet ( whatever that means LMAO) by burying the mess so it fully biodegrades. One of cats saw a piece that said" its all the news that fit to print" he said it should read all the news that fits…….our box that is……………….. Thanks NYT's Too bad we can't use liberals the same way…….or is that what comesout the back end of the cat that is left in the box………………..Boy…. they do look similiar don't they!!!

  254. If there is one stupid country in the world, is the U.S., with its tolerance and weakness for this kind of matters. In the world war II, the U.S. involved in war to distroy Hitler and to free the world. Now he is accepting to tolerate and even allow the Muslim religion with its Sharia laws starting from N.Y. Men where is your beliefs, where is your dignity,your religion. You begin to deny JESUS for Mohammed? Like did Cassius Clay years ago to become Mohammed Ali? Go ahead guys, but remember, the minute you die, you will face the All Mighty GOD, and HE will ask you questions and you have to respond there. What will your answers be?

  255. Less we forget there is man's laws and the tablets that Moses brought down from the Mountain – two engraved stone tablets – written by the masters of humanity, the Anunacki (those who from heaven came) who were giving man the laws , authority and skills to govern themselves. The US Constitution expands upon, and is built upon the Lords commandments. Thou shall not kill (your daughter if she is raped, your wife if she leaves you, our your enemy because he they defy your beliefs).

    A people who are so brainwashed that they must touch their heads on the ground five times a day, women who must cover themselves in public, men, women and children who become suicide bombers and blow up people, ships, buildings and planes, are just plain crazy and are not worthy of being part of the human race. Free Americans who support these people should not be part of our society, even if they claim that it is their constitutional right. Treason is not protected under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, only under Sharia Law and the Quaran. Amen!

  256. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made by Kay, Judyg46, Alan, Dick, isigoth (NYC), HSwinderman, DG11, Melik,Scottie, Rubin, DockyWocky, and Ohas. This is a Democratic Republic with its own laws. As was quoted before "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Enough of this coddling to non-Americans and those who try to disguise their intent under "religion." If you don't like what we do here, go back where you came from. We won't miss you!!! Dot 40

  257. SSDD Same s#!% different day, Vote the half white Kenyan Muslim out and EVERYBODY else in 2012.Start fresh,and this time elect NO LAWYERS! All members of congress and the president get no special treatment. They must retire on Social Security just like everyone else. They will fix S.S. post haste if they have to use it. All elected officials will use the same health plan as all the other Americans. All officials elected will subject to all the laws they pass! This will stop a lot of stupidity, maybe. All elected officials will take a 1/2 pay cut, starting now! Get rid of the IRS, Dept of Ed., E.P.A., and drill here, drill now, pay less. Build the border fence that congress approved in 2006, on the Mexican border. Lower teachers pay until students performance improves, English only in schools, stop teaching about sex,condoms and alternate lifestyles. If a kid is a behavior problem in school, spank their ass with a 1X4. It's time for this lunacy to end!

  258. Wake Up America
    Just remember New York Times you don't run this country. All you are doing is trying to get a revolution started. If Obama and his Muslims keep trying to take change America they will have to stand up to "WE THE PEOPLE" And remember Jesus Christ will be on our side. I will never give up my Guns and this is one of the reasons why. If Obama destroys out 2nd Amendment then he will bring in Sharia Law. As long as we have our 2nd Amendment it will not happen. If Obama's Muslims want to start it , We The People will finish it.. We have an Illegal man in our White House and he needs to be removed, But our congressmen and women does not have the guts to do it. It seems like they are scared of him. What is going on with our Freedom. Wake up America.

  259. No one has a right to come to the U.S. and demand that we live by their laws. If they want to live with these horible Muslim laws then go back to where they came from. If any states weaken you can bet there will be an uprising, not just there but all over the U.S. If we went to their country and demanded our laaws how far do you think you would get?

  260. New York times needs to print a story untrue, never a real story that gives us AMERICANS the truth. therefore take the newpaper New york times and wife your butts with it and then send it back to the New York times. I will never agree to pass sharia law in our country and neither should anyone else, we have a constitution and the bill of rights. the mooszlims want it they should pass it in their own country and furthermore let them go back to their own warped country.
    enough said………………………………
    one other thing why dosen't our administration and the liberals take lessons from the Austraian goverment how to handle their requests.

  261. Sharia Law is exactly like an embezzler. They start out very slowly, act very nice, get your confidence, then WHAM! Next thing you know, you*re out all your money, and it*s too late. Sharia Law belongs in the Middle East, so let*s keep it there, NOT HERE!!!!! We were founded on Christian beliefs, and that alone made us the strongest country in the world. They want to destroy that, and that is their ultimate goal!! Destroy America from within!!! If it*s not broke—Don*t even try to fix it!!

  262. Sharia law does not apply in the United States. The law of this land is voted on by representatives in Washington. These outdated an archaic laws say a lot about the people who live by them. This country has a constitution and laws that protect its citizens as well as visitors to our great country. Nowhere in the Constitution does allow for the incorporation of foreign law or religious law. Enough said, if you wish to live under sharia law then moved to a country where that is the law of the land. We continually seek the ridiculous and outrageous concepts of other nations law and rules. We are one of the youngest and most prosperous nations on earth, and we get here by independent thought and deed. Will we truly need is to flush the toilet in Washington DC and remove all the waste that is there. And start fresh.

  263. Can somebody send me a new copy of the koran. I burned the last one I had and flushed the ashes down the toilet along with the poop from the ham sandwich I had eaten the day before.

  264. I found this on google today.. don't guess I've laughed so hard in a good long while. Yep, it's on you-tube:)

    On land in his family for 200 Years Mr Baker raises Pigs.
    Muslims bought 11 acres adjacent to his property. Within days
    they suggested that Mr Baker move his offensive Pigs
    elsewhere. Mr Baker is not amused. He now has Pig races
    during Friday Muslim Prayers. Y'all come!! …______________________________Priseless!!!

  265. Islamists seek to have islam infiltrate western political, legal, educational and financial systems. Western countries need to wake up….islam and it's followers are the worst immigrant group to ever come to any western nation. We know the problems islam brings, then why do our govts keep increasing islamic immigration? Anyways, why would they buy land next to a pig farmer?…simple, intentional provocation…same thing with that GZ mosque 2 blocks away from a mass murder scene islam produced
    Don't Mess With Texas!
    alanhatch 1 month ago

  266. Given that Islamic sharia disgustingly and revoltingly supports and defends pedophelia and rape as fundamental practices of their 'religion' – one wonders about the staff of the New York Times. I would not want to enter their building alone.

  267. Sounds to me like the New York Times has lost their minds, or they have muslims on the staff. It is obvious these people at NYT were never taught history about America, much less other countries, religions and lifestyles. COME TO AMERICA TO BE AN AMERICAN. DON'T TRY TO CHANGE AMERICA TO BE LIKE YOUR COUNTRY. If you want sharia go back to your country. We have THE CONSTITUTION. We do not need another country's laws in our country. Practice your faith (like everyone else) if you want, but DON'T TELL ME MY FAITH OR COUNTRY'S LAWS HAVE TO BE CHANGED BECAUSE SHARIA LAW SAYS IT CANNOT COINCIDE WITH ANY OTHER FAITH BUT ISLAM. Sorry to be rude but it will come down to that….you can bet on it. Only the uninformed believe that islam is friendly tolerant religion.

  268. Most of America does not realize that we are currently involved in a covert religious war. This war doesn't seem as dangerous as the Cold War (yet) because there are no nukes directly aimed at the U.S. (yet). The outcome could be even more serious and deadly. The Cold War was basically a war of ideals, and these based ultimately upon economics. A religiious war is based upon theology, and these based ultimately upon what people perceive to be as the Word of God, with eternal consequences.
    The so called "Media" in this Country continues to betray the trust of the American People daily, all in the "name" of political correctness. They have become a disgrace and an affront to truth, and the New York Times is at the forefront!

  269. Newt Gingrich is right; America should not embrace Sharia law. America embraces diversity of cultures, but that does not mean that we will or must tolerate a people whose intention is to overthrow our system of government and our freedoms and values and to impose their own government/religion upon us. God help us if we ever allow that to happen.

  270. Simple get all who don't agree with the Main News Media who support these kind of things to stop buying any of there products, stop watching there programs and any of there News Programs. They will lose there advertizing base and go out of business.


  272. Embrace Sharia Law?! Yeah…right! I am a Christian. I will not honor Muslim-Islam laws of any kind! It isn’t a religion anyhow…it’s a cult…where men can have their sexual way with little girls and boys and they ‘call’ it religion. Islam is right out of the devil’s mind – pure evil!

  273. We should not allow any other law that not under the constitution of america,when you say sharia law ,that tell us we are trying to change our,Now if you take the law off of it an say sharia religion,then they will have to follow our country laws.
    That said you can't stone the people and take the law into your own hands.
    these so say judges we have just are so stupit to see that>>>>>>>>>>..obama game.

  274. The Stupid ass New York Times needs to disappear. I'll never submit to NAZI Sharia law. The Muslims can take it and shove it up their stupid asses!!! I'm well armed and will fight to the death!!

  275. the nyt panders to the hedonistic liberal lemmings in nyc, east and west coast, who would not know how to spell sharia law or know of its effect on the muslim world and the usa. avid readers of the nyt are like the elite citizens of europe who were breaking their necks to support hitler in the 1930s, now transported in time to the usa and the present time. we need a winston churchill yesterday to explain facts to these pacifists and appeasers and idiots.

  276. Tennessee is very far-sighted and I say good for them! I also say good for Newt! Remember, the word "Democracy" is almost a dirty word these days; democracies are dangerous. The United States is a Republic. Undermining a democracy is not the same as shoring up a Republic. Yes, Tennessee may be undermining the democracy which the liberals are attempting to establish. Democracy and Religious Tolerance have become code words for Socialism.

    God have mercy on and bless America.

  277. America, the Trojan Horse has landed here in America! Rather I should say, the Islamic Horse has landed! If something isn't done NOW, it will be too late by 2012 if the present administration isn't defeated with someone who has the intestinal fortitude, in other words, GUTS, to stand up to this infiltration of a sneaky Muslim population polutting America. Far too many of those Muslims are coming here under disguise as decent Muslims. Please don't let us be complacent and do nothing! As someone who made a comment relative to this article, look what has taken place in England and what is taking place in other parts of the world. Its very true that they are intending to take over and rule of the entire earth.

  278. The New York Times should be shut down! My guess is the if they run into financial hard times, this administration will, with our taxes, bail them out, God forbid the ever happens!

  279. Before NYT prescribes Sharia law on Anerica, NYT should institute Sharia on their Enployees first! NYT thought Communism was superior than Capitalism, and that did turn out well!

  280. Ask the Christian Pastor Iran is about to execute what he feels about Sharia Law.
    His crime was to become a Christian.
    Folks….please read even one of the following books, "Cruel and Usual Punishment," by Nonie Darwish, "A God Who Hates," by Wafa Sultan, or "They Must Be Stopped," by Brigette Gabriel….and make up your own mind if this is something that should replace our solid Consitutional Laws. There are many other books out there by brave former Islamic authors who now have prices on their heads for telling the truth as they see it about Sharia Law. Our president (and the lower case usage of the title is on purpose) said and feels the Muslim Brotherhood is the answer to our problems in the middle eastern countries. He's totally NUTS!

  281. How about a movement to collect donations so that America can help relocate the NYTimes to Russia, or Cuba? I think they'd be much happier in that type of environment. Oh, wait, how silly of me. The NYTimes wants to 'fundamentally change' America to their idea of what America should be like. I guess they don't like our Constitutional Republic. Oh, boo hoo. So sorry NYTimes, you're so misunderstood. KMA, you commie lovers!!!!!!

  282. I'll say one thing about Sharia law. It sure "Cut's" down on theft and robbery! Thieves are easy to spot , they be the one missing the right hand. The robbers will be a missing the right hand and left foot. Murderers gone from the neck up. and the GBTC or what ever the call them selves these days. well you'd have to search for them. Find them hiding in a hole buried up to their necks in sand. waiting to get stoned. Which is what a lot claimed to want just not quite the same way.

    There is definitely a lot to say that's positive in the way they treat their criminals. and yes Homosexuals are criminals in Sharia law states! They used to be here too,until they infiltrated the courts and government and took over. A 30-60 day trial of Sharia law could and would reset things back to square one here.No more DADT , no more subjecting little children to the hate speech from the gays and the Janie has two mommies crowd.or I like the Jimmy doesn't have two dad's,just the one and his butt buddy friend.

  283. We MUST remove at least two things from our United States of America – 1st, is the Muslim in the WhiteHouse(and his family) and 2nd, any person who even thinks of making Sharia law legal and required the U.S. Obcraphead is nothing but a low life illegal from Kenya. He doesn't even have a passport and for certain is not an American.

  284. Why dont the idiots that wrote that article move to the Middle East and live by there laws, and see how long they last, or maybe they will get stoned

  285. I work and live in Kuwait. I worked for three years in Iraq. TRUST ME! You don’t want Sharia law, Islam or anything to do with them. Go and buy yourself an English translation of the Koran. Better still, drag it up on-line and read the seventh book called the Taqquia! If only you understood these animals and what their plans are for you, you’d never allow the first Mosque to be built in your community. This politically correct bull@hit has almost done us in, nationally. MARK MY WORDS! There will be riots and blood in the streets before Christmas 2012. Massive food and power shortages. Whole cities left in ruin! And the leftist government and their financial backers have already set it into motion. I have the benefit of seeing it from afar. This ARAB SPRING crap was all started by the world banks and the AMERICAN FALL is an extension of it. We are not prepared for what’s coming our way. The average, middle class American citizen is an endangered species, soon to be extinct, if there is not a complete 180 degree course correction. I pray to the one true GOD that I’m wrong about this, but I fairly certain HE’s too pissed off to listen to me anymore.


    Man, it's tough being a Muslim. Everyday I have to carry around an AK47. Do you have any idea how heavy it gets, not to mention all that extra ammo weight really hurts my back. Then I have to make IED's and handle all those dangerous explosives. You have no idea how dangerous that is to me. Why, I could get hurt. Being devout, I have to pray five times a day and I have arthritis in both knees and one elbow. The knee bending causes me so much pain that I have become addicted to pain killers and I may have to enter rehab. Then there are so many honor killings to take care of. I had to off my sister for talking to a boy and my auntie for leaving the house without me or one of my three male cousin's muhammad, muhammad or muhammad . All our street riots to protest the people who are against our jihad operations are so very tiresome and they seem to go on forever. I just stay wore to a frazzle because it never ends! You infidels are so lucky because, it's tough being a Muslim.

  287. Hey, look at the bright side, guys. I am definitely in favor of Sharia law if it would put Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer in burkas (covered head-to-toe with only their eyes showing through a screen slit) and would run them out of government. After all, women would not be allowed in an Islamic government. They cannot sit with the men. We would not have to listen to Nancy's or Barbara's babble any longer.

  288. If Sharia Law was accepted in America ,and it never will be, the first to be stoned to death or have their heads cut off would be the perverted staff of the NEW YORK TIMES.

  289. People for most of the past 200,000 had to contend with the many Gods on Earth, but over the past 3 or 4 thousand years they had to contend with one heavenly God of many names that also wrought havic on mankind. The three monotheicstic religons , Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism have made laws and declared war and battled the other two for religous control over the people. America is not bound by any of their laws but by the U.S. Constitution and bill of rights. There is no National religion here for the purpose of liberty and personal freedoms, and most of the citizens do not follow any organized religion nor attend their churches. So how can there be made a case for any of the religous laws over our countries laws, especially since the religous laws have resulted in the death of more people than all the diseases and conflicts since their inseption.

  290. What has Sharia ever done for the US of A? Or, maybe the question ought to be: "What pressures has the moslem "faith" applied to this archaic political organ to make it abandon all pretense of objectivity in favor of kissing radical islam's heinie?

    Unabashed loyalty to the most primitive of so-called religious based legal systems demonstrates the total untrustworthiness of this ancient liberal Democrat party organ when it comes to informing the public in this modern age.

    Any one, or any thing promoting Sharia in the former US of A is an enemy and ought to be treated as such.

  291. Why is such a law even being considered in a country such as ours, when it is against everything humane. Are we getting to the point where we would consider killing our own children to protect the family honor? If the New York Times, at least the ones that consider such a thing, want to sleep with our enemies, the Muslims (Islams), then more power to them – just pack up and go to some other country to spread you filth.

  292. You OBVIOUSLY have never actually READ any of these laws. I DARE you to print them in the Times……Go ahead. You will enflame every American against Sharia. PLEASE print them!!!!!!!!! By the way… obviously have never actually read the Koran either. O.K. maybe you read a paragraph or two but you obviously missed the point of the writings. You missed the part about THEOCRACY. They do not separate church and state. Islam is a political religion. It is the anitithesis of our "republic" (we really aren't a democracy). If you are FOR Sharia YOU ARE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES IDEOLOGY and our LAWS. If you are against this country. GET OUT. You are more than welcome to move to the middle east to practice your compassion for Sharia Law, maybe you can enjoy some of it's more peculiar aspects….like paying the Kufir Tax. Or just maybe you could be buried up to your waist and …………STONED! OH, I forgot – they save this particular Sharia Law for WOMEN. Go on Aljazira and tune in to a stoning or watch a 9 year old bride crying because her HUSBAND has beaten her. P.T. Barnum said it, "There's a sucker born every minute."

  293. I raise exotic snakes, and I wouldn't insult them with an NY TIMES liner.!! Sharia Law………….. I can guarantee any woman in her right mind in any form would never get even close to letting it happen. Any man who has any respect for anyone female or anyone who respects the human rights of others would never stand for it either. NOTHING in it is worth what it does to human rights. BUT… it does away with recidivism, especially for thieves.!!

  294. The simple fact that ANY media service could print such absolute nonsense proves just how insane the left has become. The goal of sharia law, as spelled out in black & white in the filthy, lying koran, is to fight the world until all is islam. Anyone who wants sharia law must be forced to leave America. That includes politicians, media outlets, hollywood morons, and anyone else who "loves" islam. Anything less will ultimately lead to a civil war that will make all wars before it look like a girl scout picnic.

  295. I have added the NEW YORK TIMES to my list of wishy washy Muslim loving publications and I say SEND THEM ALL HOME! No SHARIA!! NO MOSQUES!!!
    How quickly we forget! Remember the following???
    1979 Iran Hostage Crisis: seizure of US Tehran Embassy, Iran (Nov 4, 1979 for 444 days)
    1983 Bombing of US Beirut Embassy, Lebanon (April 18, 1983)
    1983 Bombing of US Marine barracks, Beirut, Lebanon (Oct 23, 1983)
    1983 Bombing of US Kuwait Embassy (Dec 12, 1983)
    1984 Bombing of US Beirut Embassy (again) (Sept 20, 1984)
    1984 Kuwait Airlines Flight 221 hijacked to Tehran – American passengers murdered (Dec 3, 1984)
    1985 Hijacking TWA Flight 847 hijacked to Beirut (June 14, 1985)
    1985 Hijacking cruise ship Achille Lauro, wheelchair-bound American is thrown overboard & killed (Oct 7, 1985)
    1986 Bombing Berlin disco frequented by US servicemen (April 5, 1986)
    1988 Bombing Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, 100′s murdered (Dec 21, 1988)
    1993 First bombing World Trade Center, New York City, 7 Killed, 1,042 wounded (Feb 26, 1993)
    1993 Foiled NY Landmarks plot by Omar Abdel Rahman to blow up the Holland and Lincoln tunnels
    and other New York City landmarks
    1993 Attempted Assassination of Pres. Bush Sr. during visit to Kuwait (April 14, 1993)
    1993 Black Hawk Down: shot down US helicopters in Mogadishu, Somalia,
    during Operation Restore Hope (Oct 3-4, 1993)
    1994 Plot to assassinate President Clinton during visit to the Philippines
    1995 Failed Project Bojinka by Ramzi Yousef to blow up a dozen US airliners over the Pacific (end in Jan 1995)
    1995 Bombing US military headquarters, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Nov 13, 1995)
    1996 Bombing Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia, housing U.S. foreign military personnel (Jun 25, 1996)
    1998 Bombing U.S. Nairobi Embassy, Kenya, Africa (Aug 7, 1998)
    1998 Bombing U.S. Dar es Salaam Embassy, Tanzania, Africa (Aug 7, 1998)
    1999 Foiled LAX Millennium plot by Ahmed Ressam to bomb Los Angeles International Airport
    (Ressam was arrested at US Canadian border)
    2000 Failed USS The Sullivans bombing that was refueling in the port of Aden, Yemen. (Jan 3, 2000)
    2000 Bombing USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, 17 U.S. Navy sailors murdered (Oct 12, 2000)
    (The USS Cole was not engaged in any combat during this period)
    2000 Bombing plaza across from US Manila Embassy (Dec 30, 2000)
    2001 9/11 attacks: World Trade Center, Flight 93, Pentagon, 3000+ murdered (Sept 11, 2001)

  296. Doesn't Michael Bloomberg own the NYT? He should be held accountable for these treasonous words, tried in court and stripped of his wealth and exiled to some strict mus lim country that rules by harsh shariah law!

  297. When an "average" American citizen, supports Islam, I usually write it off as ignorance (not having the facts). When a learned person or a newspaper or other media does it, we have much more than an ignorance problem on our hands; a problem that congress, courts and law enforcement should all be looking into. However, we the "little people" can help. Cancel your New York Times subscriptions (including the internet) and advertising, with that obviously anti-American news outlet, along with any and all other direct and indirect other business' that have an association with the Times. And, an apology from the Times is not enough, as that will not change their viewpoint. Also, those of you who use Facebook, Twitter and the other social outlets, advise all of your contacts to do likewise. I suspect there many prior owners and editors of the New York Times, right now, that are turning over in their graves. Let us see if we can shut The New York Times down by the end of the year.

  298. One of the first goals Americans must reach is the restoration of Freedom of the Press at ABC CBS NBC CNN — these main-stream-media giants were taken over by liberals through a sneaky move by Bill Clinton when he became President in 1992:

    Clinton changed the FCC Rule that prevented Hollywood entertainment (movie, games, & music) companies from owning news companies! As soon as the FCC Rule was removed: Warner Bros bought CNN, Paramount bought CBS, Universal bought NBC, and Disney bought ABC – and – ever since then the civil, moral, financial, educational, and religious fabric of the United States has been deteriorating under the relentless bombardment of propaganda from the homosexual militants & communists who dominate and control the movie industry.

    Boycott the advertisers on ABC CBS CNN NBC and stop renting movies and stop going to movie theaters!

    1. Even Bill Oreilly on Fox news believes in Obama and his ik,and thinks he was born here. Trump does not but cagily plays his card close to his vest. Sage Magos, my man, you are really close to seeing the big picture. Geori Soros, how many did you turn into the Nazis? I would not wnta that stain on my soul.

  299. The New York Times and the United Nations should be exiled to either Mecca or Antarctica. wher Sharia law will eventually snuff them or the penguins will revolt and eat them all.

  300. you stupid people at the New York Times, wait until the muslims behead you, then see if you want sharia law in my COUNTRY AMERICA. get them all out of America and see if you are allowed to go to mecca………I will fight agaist sharia occult law, by the way you will be dead and then you will have to answer to America God Jesus, not allah a false written god wh was invented by man, you bunch of morons

  301. who has the guts to demand that islam to be declared a terrorist group and remove it from being recognized as a religion. Then demand all mosques be closed and all cleric be sent back to an islamic country.

    who has the guts to make homosexuality a religion. then demand separation of church and state thus removing all references of this deviate behavior from all our schools.

  302. Who would think anyone at the New York Times has the qualifications to know the wisdom of this? I mean has
    anyone checked out their credentials? Do we actually think big makes right? Really? You that doesn't sound safe,
    now does it? That is because it is not safe. Many large institutions in American and the rest of the world did not come
    about because they were honest or wise, but rather because they portrayed an acceptable image from john doe or
    they hooked and crooked their way to it. Remember, in the end all the disciples fled Jesus, then and only then did
    He do His greatest work. Read more at, a newspaper dedicated to telling the truth and I commend
    this website for doing the same.

  303. Sharia law must be stopped IN OUR COUNTRY……..Our government should be focusing on our main problems not laws from other counties that do not belong here in the first place…..WE ARE AMERICA….what happened to our backbone…if this had been any other president with all his demanding ,the country as a whole would not put up with it… occupiers and both parties behaving the way they are is not the way either…How can we teach our children right from wrong ,when our leaders seem to be so lost……

  304. Just why the hell should we embrace Shariah Law?????
    You mean the law that allows men to beat women just because they want too? You mean laws that kill the people that don't want to believe in their religion? You mean the laws that severely hurt and maim children as punishment that should be no more than a spanking? Is that the Shariah Law that we should embrace after all the Americans that have fought in foreign wars and died for our freedoms, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc, etc, etc…… Are you serious?
    You should be ashamed for that statement and if you truly believe that, then feel free to move to a country that embraces Shariah Law and lives to KILL us because we do not believe in their religion or their Shariah Law because we developed our OWN LAWS, American Laws, for OUR WAY OF LIFE, NOT THEIRS!!!!!

  305. What more can you expect,you should know by now that the NYT is the official paper for this marxist White House.They've never been anything but shills for the DNC, O'bummer. and a variety of union thugs,commies like Van Jones,and the assortment of socialists and marxists this clown surrounds himself with.

  306. Not usually jail or prison , hands and heads get cut off and alot are stoned to death . PAY ATTENTION . If you were paying attention you'd know whats up . Don't allow yourself to be ignorant about all that goes on in this country . Thats what everyone wants. For us to be ignorant of the destruction . Islam , is a big part of that destruction . Did you know that the un wants to make a law that says no one can say anything negaitive about islam and muslims . Now aint that sweet .

    1. The sinister U.N. wants a LOT of things they'll never get…. if the AmeriKan people have any say in it. (Which doubtfully we will in this growing communistic society). We are overwhelmed with so many problems… by design. Impossible to focus on all of them. But the Sharia threat & Agenda 21 should be the TOP 2 to focus on.

  307. "New York Times: America Should Embrace Sharia Law" ~~~ IN A PIG'S EYE! This is America and since when do we need any other laws than we now have……. especially from the ones who murder a child who was raped!!!!! Accept OUR laws or go back to where you came from….. NO!!! Forget about our laws and GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM! We don't need you and we certainly don't WANT you!

  308. This country has one set of laws for all the people here. The justice system and courts were set up to handle all matters of concern irregardless of religion or nationallity. There is no room for any other forms of law based on religion or nationallity.

  309. Something both Islam and the so-called "progressives" liberals like is the death penalty for criticizing their way of thinking.

  310. Newt Gingrich is right, Shariah Law is a threat to the US…….The NYTimes has one hell of a nerve to support this crap. The last thing this country needs is Shariah Law, it is more than enough that we have socialists, marxists and communists in politics, govt and the WH. Although Shariah Law would really fit with the philosophies of these freaks!

  311. Why does ny comment be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly, is it because I said communist and marxist in relation to the WH?

  312. Journalism? the crap these so-called reporters choose to print nowadays is nothing more than opinion formulated at one of the character ruining universities "educating" our youth. Disgraceful.

  313. tell the dumocraps and the muslim in charge to stop subverting our constitution or else.
    If it continues I guarantee you there will be a final answer imposed and it won't be pretty.