NOAA Buying Hollow-Point Ammo … for Weather Service?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has put in an order for 46,000 rounds of .40-caliber hollow-point bullets.

This follows the order of 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammo by the Department of Homeland Security.

The NOAA order was originally attributed to the National Weather Service, but once the news got out, the NOAA said the ammo and 500 paper targets were intended for its Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. The online order still says National Weather Service, however.

Hollow-point bullets are designed to flatten and spread out on impact, causing a larger wound than ordinary ammunition and increasing the likelihood of a fatal injury.

It’s not the sort of thing you would normally waste on shooting paper targets. Or on fish. Or on rainclouds.

All of which raises a few questions. …

Meanwhile, back at the Department of Homeland Security, officials have been making preparations for what looks like a civil war.

In addition to the millions of rounds of bullets, the DHS has been ordering riot gear, bulletproof traffic-stop booths and even more bullets — these .357-Magnum rounds capable of shooting through walls.

All this beefing up of DHS forces is ostensibly in preparation for the Democratic and Republican national conventions and the presidential inauguration.

The New Black Panther Party has threatened violence at the Republican convention. Chief of Staff Michelle Williams threatened the RNC, saying the Black Panthers’ “foot will be on you goddamn motherf—ers’ necks.”

These are the people Attorney General Eric Holder gave a pass to in a voter intimidation case.

Occupy Wall Street, according to its website, is planning protests during both political conventions, but since OWS is manipulated by the White House, the real action will likely be at the Republican convention.

With the DHS and other agencies armed to the teeth, look for things to possibly get ugly very quickly in Tampa.

385 thoughts on “NOAA Buying Hollow-Point Ammo … for Weather Service?

  1. That should be rather interesting., Most liberals do not know which end of a gun the rounds come out of. IF it comes down to it just take the weapons from them. Ten to one the safety will still be on.

    1. And the Gutless Old Party will just wring their hands. Maybe cry a crocodile tear, and hope the messyah will let them remain in their office.

      1. yes the republicans are VERY gutless and voters KEEP SENDING THE SAME PEOPLE BACK TO CONGRESS OVER AND OVER!
        just look at florida where rinos john mica and connie mack are going to be going back to the house and senate!
        this crap has to stop!
        term limits now!

      2. Not this time. They are all on notice to stay as far away from the poison presidunce as they can.

        They are NOT above the wrath of a Nation should they play complicit.

      3. No way they all have to go…..the corruption has to be eliminated by putting all 535 in front of a firing squad, no matter DEMOCRATS or Republicans! They have proven themselves absolutely USELESS for our REPUBLIC !!!

    2. Alan Why not, as hes already taken over everything via executive order
      If this happens the republicans dont have the balls to do anything

        1. 29 gats, >25,000rds and 100 mags here.

          God Bless my Beloved America and protect Her Children from the tyrant pigs in power now.

      1. You are right that the Republicans or any politicians will do anything… it is WE THE PEOPLE that will do something

    3. Hi: I have been saying this for 2 years. I glad somebody else is taking this threat seriously. He needs a national emergency, like another hijacking on 9/11. Watch Out.

    4. I am sure that will be one of his first “behind closed doors” rullings On November 7th If he gets re elected

      1. If obama is re-elected, then after the civil war caused by that re-election there will be a MASSIVE effort to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution, the amendment that established term limits for the president. Eliminate term limits and voter fraud will keep him office indefinately, effectively making him the country’s first dictator.
        America or obama! You can’t have both!

    5. If that happens, that will be the time that WE the People stand up for America and Americans and start that civil war……Everyone, keep your guns cleaned and stock up on ammo, NOW. If no one else is going to protect us, then we must do it ourselves.

      1. If they come looking for my guns they will be out of luck. I waqs flying across the rockies last week,cought a downdraft and had to through them all out to save weight

      2. You don’t have to start a civil war. It’s on! Napolitano and Homeland Security are buying gear and bullets. Even the park rangers are arming. The Social Security Administration is arming! Are you kidding me? The US Military presented a plan to put down a “Tea Party Movement”. The black cat party has been pardoned by the US attorney while making illicit, violent, profanity based threats against the Republican Party

        The election is an afterthought. The US Federal Government has all but asked Congress to declare war against Napolitano’s profile of homegrown terrorists (though she admitted in her report that there was no evidence to support this inflammatory assertion). That means educated white men between the ages of 30 and 65, knowledgeable about the Constitution, possibly gun owners and possibly with military or paramilitary training.

        You can’t make this kind of crap up! The only reason Obama hasn’t asked to declare war is because he doesn’t respect or recognize the Constitution!

        We’re at war. Look for unmarked cars if you’re vocal about the Constitution and own a gun. Be afraid of your government!

    6. If he loses, and I think he will because he should, I’m afraid he’ll claim fraud or irregularity and try to steal the election the way Gore tried and that’s why he’s planning a government crackdown. He started by having Napolitano write that paranoid, baseless report right after he got in. He promised to have full economic recovery or he’d be a one term president. He must have known he’d fail as his policies have repeatedly throughout history

        1. No they won’t. They will be counted here where they have always been counted… each states counties.

    1. From the article:

      “The NOAA order was originally attributed to the National Weather Service, but once the news got out, the NOAA said the ammo and 500 paper targets were intended for its Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. The online order still says National Weather Service, however.”

      1. No one in their right mind would buy hollow point ammo to punch holes in paper targets. They cant even come up with a decent lie. Why in the world does anyone I MEAN ANYONE ever believe anything these lying criminals ever say.

        1. You’re right. I spend a lot of time on the range and use fmj ammo for practice and hollow points for hunting or self defense.

    2. do you really believe that trash. These thugs get caught in something they cant explain in a way anyone would believe for their own depart, so they come up with OHHHH that is all for this other dept. Well show me the original request. Lying scum bags.

    3. Reply to Adam Moreira : Yea, right. When it came to light that The Natrional Weather Service was buying ammo, suddenly it was ” meant for ” the Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. I mean after all, the two agencies sound so much alike. Are we stupid or what? Well, it’s for sure this administration thinks we are.

        1. Actually there were lots of naive young and older Americans who voted for the clown because they beleived he would actually change how things got done in Washington. Many are now disillusioned as we see that it is politics as usual and a change that most do not want.

        2. JEFF – you got that partially right. In reality, the voters that really got him elected were from then “Greatest Generation”. Those young men and women in uniform were primarily demoncraps. Actually, many did not “belong” to political parties, BUT they credit FDR for ennding the Great Depression and for winning the war. As a result, they vote a straight Demo ticket no matter who is on it. They gave us deliverance from totalitarianism in WWII, but something like 87% were instrumental in electing obummer – and thus delivered us into the hands of those wanting to turn America into a totaliterian state.
          Additionally, they accept the accusation that everything is Bush’e fault and refuse to even HEAR a description of the bummer’s administration and what he is doing to America. My own brother is one such.
          Lord forgive me, but I am glad they are dieing at1 a rate of some 1,000 per day. So many have died since 2008 that` bho doesn’t consider them to be an appropriate political target anymore. Expect the lowest Greatest Generation voting turnout in some 60 yrs.

        3. Too bad old man y have such a simplistic explanation for people voting Democratic. Surely, y know Obama captured the young voters, a huge slice of women, Latinos and of course his blackies. The older generation has huge voter turnout and usually votes Rep. Y guys who are homophobes, commie scared, dont really accept those blackies, think birth control not needed and abortion on,y used by loose women. Thankfully, you are diying off naturally and being replaced by people who actually ananlyze the facts. Your Rove boy just can’t believe the Americans need to know what he will cut to be able to give the rich guys some more job creating money. That will bury him. People want facts and specifics. He is smartly not gonna reveal that. So dream on old man a d sweet dreams.

        4. Hey Jack, go and check the abortion numbers and see which political party and which race’s babies are NOT growing up to vote in the future.


        5. Maybe a 1000 vets, but the grand total is 10,000 of that generation die daily. (Source MMWR). That gen sacrificed a lot for freedom, then turned around and spoiled their kids.

        6. @2da0f72f481a11548668eefed1ee792c:disqus: No matter what your political stance is, you being glad that our military men are being killed is way over the top. You must be a coward that never served in the military. How dare you! These young men are out there for YOU, dumbass, to give you the right to say you wish death upon them! If I could meet you in person, I would kick your ass. I absolutely despise Obama, and if it came down to it, as in martial law, I would lock and load and charge the hill myself and with others that stood beside me. I would expect you would stay in the rear with the gear. I wouldn’t expect that kind of statement to come from the most liberal of liberals. You suck.

        7. He never said he was glad our military men were being killed. He was talking about death by old age. “These young men are out there for you”. What the he!! are you talking about, you dumb ass. It sounds like you have your gear in your rear.

        8. You’re right. I misread his post. But I don’t care. Wishing death on a generation of people, so the guy you like, can be elected is wrong. And so is anyone defending that statement. If the best you can do is hope someone dies, then you’re no better than obama himself. Major John, you sound like a Major dickhead. If you can’t figure out what I meant by my post, though I did misread it, then you probably are busy down on your knees gettting your brain plugged via your throat.

        9. Michael: I also posted a comment about your misinterpreting what Davenkatz said. I agree with you that I don’t like to see anyone benefitting because of someone else’s misery and I truly support our military (I am also a Vet) but you came down awfully hard on him in both of your posts and it does no good to go name calling or defaming anyone. You do not win people over that way.

        10. I don’t believe that Davenkatz said that he was glad our military personnel were “being killed” but, rather, that he was glad that the WWII generation are dying of natural causes, thus reducing the number of retired WWII veterans that he can pander to in order to get their votes.

        11. My elderly ex-mother in law voted for Obama. After my son pointed out the error of her ways, she was stunned at what was happening since he was elected. She’s now voting for Romney.

        12. They don’t realize that FDR actually prolonged the Depression and turned it into the Great Depression by approximately 6-7 years. The Depression was at that time Worldwide; but, it had began a turnaround in 5-6 years. By the Federal Government intervening in the economic situation of the American people to help them; it prolonged the Depression by all those years. I have spoken to many people who lived through it and I can fully appreciate the reasoning behind wanting to help the people that were literally starving to death. However had he waited another year he would not have had to do any where near the level of intervention that was done. While we are on the subject; FDR should NOT be given all the credit for ending the war. The “Manhattan Project” was started under his administration; but Harry Truman allowed it be pushed to completion. At that point in time; he had a decision to make that would change the World forever. Drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and end the war right then; or let it run its coarse and perhaps drag it out for many more years to come at a cost of tens of thousands more lives on both sides of the war. As far as I’m concerned, Harry Truman ended the war; not FDR. By the way, FDR was a hard line Socialist; Harry Truman was not. He leaned to the liberal side somewhat in his thinking; but not even close to Woodrow Wilson or FDR who were the first and second elected hard line Socialist in American history.

        13. Actually, many of the dead from the greatest generation and others voted before. A greater % of the dead folks will be voting this year for Dumbo

        14. It was recently reported that ballot box stuffing occured in two states in 2008 BEFORE those states’ election returns were certified. The stuffing favored obama in both states. After learning about this McCain ordered all his staff to stay quiet about it. It wasn’t the people who elected obama, because it is now known obama did not get a majority of the real votes. It was McCain. McCain did everything he could to lose the election. Contrary to popular balief, Palin was not a handicap to the campaign, she was an asset.

        15. maybe palin was an asset
          ballot stuffing? wow! how much more fraud is this nation going to put up with?!
          mccain is just a traitor to this nation AND HAS GOT TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE NOW!

        16. Noelle, U are full of it and probably dumb as a stump!
          McCain was a good guy who made the mistake of thinking you could win by being honest and fair and that was a mistake since he was running against a Homosexual / Muslim. If we had to pick a traitor I would pick U! Mccain fought for our country putting his life on the line many times and was tortured for years as a prisoner of war while u sit at home in A / C watching T V and eating BON BONS, so stuff it where the sun don’t shine, STUPID!


        18. Ronnie, quit being an azz, okaaaayyy?

          You don’t win arguments by calling people “dumb as a stump”, you effin bully…

          Get a life. You have very bad manners.

        19. McCain was a Veteran and Ex POW. I respect him for that. As a Potus candidate, he was an abysmal FAILURE. He all but HANDED Obama the Win!! The fact YOU don’t see that.. is your problem.

        20. Now Ron be nice. Remember McCain wrote the N.D.A.A. and for that my friend, I lost all respect for Sen.McCain. Yes, he is a hero and served the country in outstanding fashion but most recently, he betrayed all Americans by helping Obama write legislation responsible for destroying many of our Constitutional rights.

        21. Ron, I am sorry, but you are incorrect. McCain is a broken man. He was shot down on his first mission. Yes, he was a POW, God bless him. He has been a RINO from the get go. He is worse than a democrat because he is one, but choses to mislead the citizens by running as a republican. For that, I have no respect for him. Sarah Palin was the ONLY thing that breathed any life into his campaign. He was the worst possible choice the RNC could have given us which allowed a communist muslim with sealed records and forgeries to gain control of America. Most of us will NEVER trust the RNC again. Our feelings were re-affirmed after watching the caucuses this year.

        22. and then became a Traitor to what he fought and was tortured for by calling himself a Republican and voting the other way..
          He is voting and making laws for Amnesty and other liberal anti-American ideology.. He is now a traitor for writing laws that allow them to arrest American citizens on our own soil for no reason whatsoever

        23. Ronald I see where you’re coming from, I know McCain is a war hero, but I also believe he could have won had he brought up the eligibility of this person in our WH….They brought up McCain’s eligibility(which made me laugh) but he just let the other side have a free pass on who the person is in our WH….I just wish McCain had played hardball and got some answers about this person……Because frankly this person is destroying our Wonderful Country…..

        24. All are making good points about McCain. And this is reason enough for the Romney team to not make same mistakes as McCain team. If Romney is as mean as he was with Newt and Santorum, he will get our respect and win. We all know our country is on the precipice of communism and now is not the time to be nice, kind, friendly and turn the other cheek to someone like this fake President. A famous football coach once was quoted,” Winning isn’t everything….it’s the only thing.”

        25. Sarah Palin was the one who had given McCain any glimmer of a chance against Obama to begin with. They should have let Sarah go into full attack mode against Obama instead of trying to “manage” her…God love her, she would have brought up issues like Obama’s association with a racist preacher, domestic terrorist, etc., issues that McCain was afraid to bring up.

        26. All RiNOs are culpable for the way that things have gone up until now! Anybody that doesn’t think so, check out S.C.’s resident Commie Senator Comrade Lindsey Graham, and how he’s been voting! He’s just like John McShame, he never met a Dem. he didn’t like! He crosses the aisle so much that he only comes back to his side for appearance sake!

        27. I don’t know that much about Palin, she seems like a good person, but McCain has been a RINO most of his political career and the good people of Arizona should have put him out to pasture, or at least parked his bus at one of his seven homes, some twenty years ago. He’s good for one thing in D.C. and that’s using up oxygen.

        28. You are correct on that report. According to the reports, McCain didn’t want to risk a race war so the just did nothing about it. He was more concerned for HIS white bum than for the country as a whole.

        29. I agree, he sure got his shorts twisted when Pailn became popular. That was a complete supprize for the old Ba$tard.

        30. Juan McCain is another example of a privileged cradle to grave RINO parasite. We need to form a conservative party and ditch the ball-less repubs forever or we are doomed.

        31. Naive?

          No. Those people have closed minds hear what they want, which as it turns out, was a person full of big words and likes to stand in front of lots of people.

          The people who vote for Obama do so because they are true dems, or socialists, or they just don’t pay attention and get their news from only one source…Those minds are made up. I’ve been told I was “preaching to the wrong choir”…And, I wasn’t preachin’. Just establishing the fact that I’m a conservative and a republican that could and will vote independent…I like to lay the cards out on the table.

        32. I am a conservative Independant, but to vote Independant is a vote for obama…and God help us I will not give a vote to that person……

        33. You must also realize everything is alive and well in Washington D.C. Everyone works for the Federal Government in those little” kush” jobs doing nothing while making $150,000.00 or more a year with full benefits and all the overtime they want. Their boss (Obama) wines and dines them, gives them bonuses, kickbacks, and gifts we taxpayers pay for out of our pockets. Meanwhile in the real world, the rest of us are dying out here.

        34. Your government is a democracy ….the ones who own your currency rule you ! As for hoping to see improuvements in your life coming from a person presiding the UNITED STATES of AMERICA corporation established in the District of Colombia since 1871 chances are good that no matter who will be the successful candidate , you’ll only see a choice between higher taxes , inflation or both .Because once you replace all non profit public services with for profit enterprises that require public funding to exist you can only destroy an economy …
          Last I’ve heard , the USA produces 20% of the world’s wealth yet consumes at least 40% of the world’s GDP !
          The day will come when the developing countries will be able to assume thier own needs and wants without the all mighty dollar but there is a hitch …will theses countries be able to counter America’s nuclear threat ? By 2017 , we”ll certainly find out !

        35. Sorry, I have tried to stay out of this but you really need to rethink your position. All non-profit public services are paid for with tax dollars and cost the taxpayers (pardon the all, a few are privately funded and shouldn’t be included in this discussion anyway). As far as our government “providing” anything, let’s take a look: Medicare-broke, Medicaid-broke, Social Security (a whole lot of people should be going to prison for this, but they are elected officials): broke, Medicare Part D: not really broke but costs are way above and beyond projections, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (why are these Government sponsored entities-their description not mine) allowed to contribute to party politics and lobby our government? BTW. broke. Now Obama wants the government to have a say in our health care and part of the bill is thousands of government jobs that are paid for by taxpayers or dollars from the tills of businesses? This is not job creation, it is stifling any future economic growth of our nation. End of story.

        36. Amen to that….Could not have said it better….There are people and organizations that I would personally like to help, however, the government sees it fit to take our money and give it to their chosen backdoor cronnies…..

        37. The way I see it is that, the problem with the economy is that, the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people who vote for a living

      1. That’s a double SUCK for me, there are lots of idiots out there who put this parasite blood sucker in office, if we don’t get him we will have to say good by to the most beautiful country in the world, i know our founding fathers are crying right now.

        Korean Vet

        1. It is a shame we can not have him arrested now before election whe he will do Major damage to America , do not trust a Communist ever

        2. Dr Wood
          I think the founders have been crying for a long time since our govt walked away from the constitution and have repeatedly shredded it since the 1960s when medicare was passed and we began unconstitutional wars

        3. Thank you for service to this Great nation, and thank you to all the Vets on this site….Past and Present, My family thanks you….

      2. Hey, Noelle, ask yourself this: Is there a single 2008 McCain voter who is going to wake up on election day and decide to switch to Obama, huh? How ’bout the Catholics who were loyal to the Dems in 2008? Where’s their vote going? The Jews? The 18-24 year olds who are now 22-28, graduated into the job market from hell with all those loans, huh? Even the Black and Latino vote won’t be as enthusiastic. Remember, it’s up to us to oust the Messiah. Get out the vote. It’s 2012. Romney-Ryan.

        1. Sorry boys. Your homophobe, anti birth control, and your vague fiscal policies will not appeal to the young ones. Women are appalled at Ryan’s on record support for personhood which would end most commonly used birth control. Condoms really do t work. Most under 50s are ok with gays and their marriage and consider homophobia an insult. So dream on. Ryan has a really specific agenda to analyze and reject. This will happen. Obama still has charisma and most think the whole birther thing is more junk science than global warming. Most young people do believe in science as well. Not tree REi gs or fox.

        2. If people want to screw around they should buy their own birth control? It really is pretty cheap, idiot!!! Why does the government owe anyone birth control??? Please explain!!!

        3. Three cheers for person-hood, down with condoms, drown all puppies, hurrah for hetrophobe haters, more global warming con artists, yes, that’s what we all want. By we, I mean all those nuts like you who could hold their convention in the back of a 39 Volkswagen

        4. James.
          We aren’t homophobes. I have gay friends-men and women, and they don’t bother me. I agree with you-condoms do work, and good parents teach their children about life, and death and birth control, and how to cook and do laundry…Times have changed. Kids are more responsible now, and understand that money ain’t growin’ on the trees and your President doesn’t have Anything to offer other than words….

          Criticize Ryan; At least he’s a Man with ideas and a plan.

          So, I’m guessing you’re monosexual? You love yourself….

        5. Ruggedlark: Sorry, but as the true facts show: condoms DO NOT WORK, birth-control is AGAINST GOD WILL and kids are NOT more responsible now, as they have been raised by the ME-GENERATION of the 60’s and they might have more access to information, but, sadly that information is faulty to say the least. You do not have GAY friends, you have homosexual friends that need help and how many parents know how to cook anymore? It is all fast foods, not by scratch as the way that we cook. How many people use clothes lines anymore? Ryan is right on and once we get rid of welfare and all of the other socialists programs that the so-called ‘democrats’ have shoved down our throats, only those immigrants that want to make a better life for themselves and their families will once again show up on our shores and the rest of the welfare seekers will stay away and those that are now here will leave, which will give us money to use for all Americans, and it will also free up prison space of which we can use for those fraudulent politicians that have been destroying America. +JMJ+

    1. No, this massive ammunition purchase by the NOAA is part of a clever Keynesian plan of economic stimulus to preserve and grow jobs in the private sector (this time among the ammunition manufacturers).

      It’s also payback for massive contributions to our Miracle Mulatto Mamzer’s re-election campaign. You wouldn’t believe the size of the checks he’s been getting from the corporate heads and employees of Smith & Wesson, Remington, Winchester, and all the rest of the munitions industry.

      1. No Tuc its really “Gun control” from the other end! Only guns are protected by the 2nd amendment – not ammo.
        If they can overload manufacturers so there is none left over for you and me,
        they have controlled our guns without violating the constitution.
        Very clever.
        I dont think it took 1.2 billion rounds (750 million plus 450 million) of ammo
        to take all of Europe in WWII!!! DHS has to be planning something and it
        doesnt smell good to me!!

        1. Jeez, did I forget to put in a “[/sarc]” tag?

          Wanna also consider the possibility that all the .40 hollow point pistol fodder is being obtained so that our Community-Organizer-in-Chief can ship off ton-sized lots to his good buddies in the Sinaloa Cartel down in viejo Mexico to further destablize our southern border?

          Funny, but with all those AK variants, AR-15 rifles, and .38 caliber pistols our POTUS-With-an-Asterisk was “walking” off into the southwestern sunset, you’d think that this buy wouldn’t be made up entirely of .40 rimless, wouldn’tcha?

        2. The purchase of ammo, construction of FEMA camps that look like POW camps instead of emergency shelters, UN toops stationed in the US and practicing “emergency assistance” drills with police and rescue personnel, continuous attempts to limit or eliminate 2nd amendment rights, and repeated attempts to give US sovereignity to the UN: All this means just one thing. The US government IS preparing for civil war.

        3. Our US military (fighting 2 wars) will use 450 million rounds of ammo in 7 years. Sounds like war to me boys and girls.

    2. That has been evident since the summer of 2008, The question is what is Obama sucking. The entire Obama administration is built on the false peremises that Obama uses for the majority that Obama (or his brain cell George Soros) uses for his decisions.

    3. Who am I?

      I was born in one country, raised in another.

      My father was born in another country.

      I was not his only child. He fathered several
      children with numerous women.

      I became very close to my mother, as my father
      showed no interest in me.

      My mother died at an early age from cancer.

      Although my father deserted me and my mother raised me,I later wrote a book idolizing my father, not my mother.

      Later in life, questions arose over my real name.

      My birth records were sketchy. No one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate.

      I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my new country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs and didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.

      I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult,disguising myself as someone who really cared about them.

      That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and embarked on a new career.

      I wrote a book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read my memoirs thatI had difficulties accepting that my father abandonedme as a child.

      I became active in local politics in my 30’s; then, with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s.

      They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything.

      I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history,and no experience in leading a single organization.

      Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me, as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks.

      I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered my ego.

      At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy… I was very critical of my country in the last war, and seized every opportunity to bash my country.

      But what launched my rise to national prominence were myviews on the country’s economy.

      I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better, and every poor person would be fed and housed for free.

      I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess.

      It was the free market, banks and corporations.

      I decided to start making citizens hate them and, if they became envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight.

      I called mine “A People’s Campaign”.

      That sounded good to all people.

      I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics and was able togain widespread popular support.

      I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope’, together we could change our country and the world.

      So, I started to make my speeches sound like they wereon behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include”persecuted minorities”.

      My true views were not widely known, and I kept them unknown,until after I became my nation’s leader.

      I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easilyfound out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people associated with. I’m glad they didn’t.

      Then I became the most powerful man in the world.

      And then world learned the truth.

      Who am I?

      If you were thinking of SOMEONE ELSE,
      You should be scared, very scared!

      1. I knew that it wasn’t someone in the spotlight as he, nor his “wife” have the ability to think nor how to write properly as one of his letters while in Harvard has shown us. What a fraud that he is and of course, Hitler is one of his heroes. +JMJ+

      2. I am and I have faith that we can vote hm out in November. If Romney wins be prepared for martial law, and know that several government agencies are buying up all the ammo right now.

    4. .40 S/W JHP for “storm clouds”? Are they just trying to dry up the supply? Anyone worth a crap knows ball ammo is for targets. What is the Department of Homeland Insecurity up to now? Big be-lackin’ mo-slum bro is watchin’ ya’ll

  2. The government is planning on a war against it’s own people. The Social Sec admin also bought 175,000 rounds of hollow point ammo.

    1. Fortunately, civilians bought over 7 billion rounds last year alone! The government had better keep that in mind before they start something.
      My weapons are all sighted in nicely!

      1. 46000 by NOAA is one thing but 450 M rounds by Homeland Security spells a whole lot more than protecting two conventions…looks like these totalitarian statist may not be planing on being voted out and leaving peacefully.

      2. That doesn’ take into consideration those who load/reload their own. Also, there’s pros and cons to hollow point or full metal jacket. Hollow point won’t penetrate thru thick, heavy clothing enough to cause death, and FMJ’s will do a lot of damage to an individual in body armor. I use home defense in my hand guns, and soft point, jacketed, copper bullets on my rifles (varying calibers). My shotguns are a mix of #4 and #6 shots. Shooting at the head will do a lot of damage, as some will get under a faceplate.


    1. The peaceful way is to vote sanity. I’m not thrilled with whom Conservatives have chosen (I’m a Libertarian, Less government is good government) to oppose him but I’ll vote for the best chance against Obama. Take back our country in November and put the demolishers of the Constitution on notice and get them out of the Senate.

      1. true the peaceful way is to vote sanity but just look at what happened in the primaries last night in FL, WI!
        john mica should have been knocked out!
        tommy thompson should have been knocked out
        connie mack should have been knocked out
        EVERY ONE please stock up on the following
        food ammo, power sources (solar) water, seeds for garden!
        its scary but its good to be prepared!

  4. I hate to break this news to our Black Americans, but this will probably be the last time ever, in the history of the United States, that a Black person will ever be president of this country again. See where the Black Panthers are going to cause a little ruckus at the RNC, I guess I will have to go there to get in on the loud noise that is going to be coming from my direction….rat a tat, rat a tat, rat a tat….

  5. Even a blind man should be able to see that our government has already declared war on We The People. I fully expect the White House control freak and his fascist thugs to seize total control. It will be up to us Patriots to free ourselves. Hang onto your guns and religion and buy lots and lots of ammo.

    1. Maybe a few of those hollow points could get a couple of the commies planning for this horrid fiasco….We need them all incarcerated waiting for the firing squad!

    1. Forget the tar and feathers. I want to see him follow the tradition of his original fascist idol, Mussolini, hanging upside down from a lamppost.

  6. Look for nothing dramatic to happen at either convention. This is just nuts. The DHS will not stage a putsch at the RNC convention. Democrats are not literally demons, and they just wouldn’t do it. Besides, hypothetically, if in some alternate universe such a massacre was carried out, the result would be the quick roundup of those responsible and a bunch of treason trials and convictions. The whole thing is just several levels of absurd.

    1. I hope you love your life of a Pollyanna. Open your eyes Doug, this is happening. They are counting on people like you to think like you do and they might not have to shoot at you. They are not nice people. They are not on your side. They want to be in a dictatorial country and them being the dictators. Wake up and smell the coffee.
      Our country is being taken over from the inside.

      Oh and we have politicals an law enforcement in California saying that Sharia is no different than our Constitution.


  7. WTF? (Wow that’s freaky) I had a couple friends tell me they had seen military tanks in Seattle and Los Angeles–since I live about 25 miles from downtown LA–I have not seen this yet–but haven’t visited there recently. Ya think the President who acts like a dictator–is a dictator?
    FIGHT BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      we all need to get ready for a civil war, where we take back this country from the bankers and world elite and seize the un building and EVICT everyone from this building and then we move on and take out the federal reserve which is just a private bank!

      1. I know it will be hard , but we need to be smarter then they
        are. Stay cool but do not forget!!! Stay on the butts of your state senators
        and rep’s. in D.C. call, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook tell them your filling
        on bills and how they should vote — make them sweat.

        They are trying to
        push us into being stupid and fighting them in the streets. That will only give
        them the reason to call for marshal law
        and cancel the elections. DO NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT !!!

        November is only a heart beat away, then we can
        show them as one what we think of all the crap they have been dropping on us.
        When we vote their Commie azzes out of office. If there is to be any trouble,
        let the OWS and panthers do it. Let the police eat them up. Also, it will show
        everyone that we are better than them. With the Lord and the good people on our
        side we will flush them back down the toilet they crawled out of!!!

        When we put the next
        bunch in office we hold their feet to the fire from the start of their term to
        the finish of there term…



        1. Ah a voice of reason. I will fight for America. and die if I have to. But, I will not be the one to start violence. If they want war, bring it on, they will have to advance through a wall of lead. They may kill me with my own weapon, but they will have to beat me to death with it, because it will be empty.

    2. Tanks in Seattle? A bastion of leftwing passion? There is no opposition to the left in Seattle. If they were there, they were there as part of the Gay Pride Seafair parade.

  8. I hope the racists show up at the RNC. this will serve to show people what Obama is really all about. anyone would be fool to vote for Dumbo, the man is a criminal.

    1. Unfortunately, mattwm, there are way too many fools in this country. And with Barry allowing young illegals “special” considerations, he’s got a whole bunch of new, thankful voters to fall back on. That, along with not needing photo ids to vote should tell you what they’re planning for this election!

        1. I think the purpose of letting those guns walk was to blame it on U.S citizens, then pass law to ban guns here in U.S. I Heard Hillary say 2 years ago that it was American citizens selling guns to Mexican drug dealers….yeah it was, our GOVERNMENT!

  9. one detail that MAY have something to do with this…. anyone serious about handgun proficiency will always practice/train with the SAME ammunition that is normally carried in one’s handgun. In other words, if HP rounds are typically carried in your sidearm, then you need to practice with the same stuff. US agencies have this requirement for all their armed agents. Certain minimum training/practice requirements as a conditionn of being armed. SO, on its face, this is not significant. DFW employees ARE armed in the field.. and with good reason. Some “outdoorsmen” have a tendency to get a bit rowdy when confronted by LEO out in the field….. and often think they can employ the Four S method of dealing with such confrontation. (sight, shoot, shovel, shut up). Thus, arming field agents makes sense. Now, if Border Patrol, regularly in direct confrontation with heavily armed and utterly lawless operatives long our southern border were to be armed with these same HP rounds, instead of “shoot beanbags and run away and hide” perhaps we’d have slightly more secure borders? I’m all for arming the Fed agents doing their jobs…. which means I’d strongy favor arming ICE and CBP with these same .40 S&W JHP rounds. THEY need them. Fish and game? Well, alright, but CBP? They NEED them. Where are they?

    the bulletproof traffic stop cages, now, THAT helps to paint rather a different picture. I doubt those are intended to deploy along our southern border……. of course, there ARE ways of dealing with roadside cages……….. if the need should arise…….

  10. This is just the crises Ovomit needs to declare Marshall Law so he can remain in office during that crises. It could last decades. Obama will see to it.

  11. Why ? The answer is simple. This is an enter agency scam simular to the Fast & Furious debacle. It’s one agency ordering ammo to be transfered to other agencies like the DHS & the TSA. This is making me nervous, to say the least. This current administration can not be trusted
    For an administration that’s so against our Constitutional 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear firearms, it’s apparently stocking up it’s own arsenal. Again the question is why ? Again the answer is simple. It’s for the coming martial law declaration to keep Barack Obama in power.

  12. Dont be surprised with his dirty tactics that he pulls something before the election, like a phony attck on his life or some rediculious ploy! He’s up to something to force Marshall Law or sympathy. Our country deserves better than this political garbage & unqualified person!

    1. I would like to have him along side me on the front lines and see how he would handle himself, most likely would blame someone else for him being there
      Garbage is Garbage it always stinks.

      Korean Vet

      1. If he was next to me in the trench’s, we’d have a “friendly fire” incident. Well…maybe not so friendly.

    2. Yes! Be aware of the term Martial Law! If you hear this term, you’ll need to arm yourself and protect your family. This means obama is taking the country by force. I think there’s a plan. Vocal Tea Party or patriotic men will be targeted, at least jailed but likely killed if you resist in any way. Stock up on supplies for a time. No telling how long it will last. Be afraid of your government!

    Hitler urged president Hindenburg to issue an emergency decree
    restricting personal liberty, including the right to free expression and
    a free press, limitations on the rights of association and assembly,
    warrantless searches of homes, property confiscation, and violations of
    postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications “permissible beyond
    the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

    1. The uneducated is now by design. According to the US Dept of Education over 60% of current high school seniors graduate illiterate, so illiterate they cannot point to their own name on their diploma. That many students cannot “fall through the cracks.” It has to be deliberate. This is why Liberals are trying to eliminate home schooling. Homeschoolers actually get an education. BTW. Home schoolers also score the highest on standardized tests (ACT, SAT, state mandated tests, etc.)
      America or obama! You can’t have both!

      1. Obuma likes his followers stoned & stupid! It has worked for him so far.
        People with brains, ambition and the ability to think are enemies of the state.

  14. Janet (DHS) should use her power to arrest Obama for treason and send him to Gitmo…wait, he’s not even qualified to be our President and then…Janet is part of his gang anyway…Gee willickers – what a fine mess we’re in now!

    Janet, once he gets firmly entrenched, he won’t need you anymore and – because you betrayed your countrymen – he won’t trust you so you’ll have to go…’Once a traitor – always a traitor!

    God help us…Oh – did I say that…Okay, yes I did!

    1. They are afraid of REAL AMERICANS standing up for OUR RIGHTS….They love braindead idiots who talk about American Idol etc…

      1. …and what a mooning in your face, America… naming an “entertainment” American IDOL. Do you not get it? Another stab at American Christians who DO NOT HAVE IDOLS. How many Americans refuse to hear what the devils are saying to them and to their country and culture? Maybe they will start seeing the filth being poured down their gullets as the filth of those perverted people gets sicker.

  15. Come on. The fish and wildlife service does not shoot at fish. They may have to defend themselves against poachers who can get quite violent. People who defend wildlife laws are in one of the most dangerous of all types of law enforcement. Look it up.
    Further when you practice shooting you use the same ammunition you plan to use in a real world situation so you know how it shoots.
    This article is needlessly incendiary, but hey, if that’s how you get your kicks who am I to judge.

    1. You should use the same caliber and gun that you will use in real life situations but you do not need HOLLOW POINTS to practice, they feel the same as a FULL METAL JACKET.
      Do you even know anything about guns?

  16. I find it interesting that they buy hollow points when even the police can not use hollow points. Gee what are they thinking of — maybe shoot a few people for the fun of it?

  17. Just think! IF we can defeat the community organizer, we’ll also get rid of Holder, Napolitano, and the rest of the worst Cabinet in American history.

  18. The old saying goes, “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.” Obama’s and Holder’s decision to give the angry, hateful, racist, dangerous criminals in the black panthers a pass seems to have emboldened them to this point. Perhaps Gov. Scott and law enforcement should be ready to show them the law enforcement Obama doesn’t understand.

  19. This type ammo is outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Military use “full metal jacket” or “Ball” ammo. These rounds are for killing not wounding.

    1. Americans need to get some balls and fight the SCUM that rules the country. Everywhere else the people are fighting for their freedoms, here we type away, and talk about it and nothing else…I know they cant wait for it to happen, and I hope it doesn’t BUT IT NEEDS TO…CLEAN HOUSE…. Its a shame what they did to Dr. Paul

      1. to clean house we all need to get behind a person that is NOT a dem or repub because most of them are more than happy to take away our rights and freedoms just look at jerks mccain and graham!
        one of these 3 needs to be elected!
        ron paul gary johnson or virgil goode

        1. I agree, BUT it will NEVER happen. HATE TO SAY IT BUT WE NEED A REVOLUTION… THEY are all corrupt scum

          and that whole budget compromise WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          we SO need a revolution NOW!

        3. I can tell you this, that I’ve been told. Chicago has tons of people who marched against the Iraq Attack, most put away their signs and efforts to end that war and instead voted for O because he promised to end it, promised to close Gitmo, promised things they wanted. NOW, you can count on them in a strong fearless force against Obama and the entire Administration and every one of those polys like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lieberman(why wait), Schumer, Bloomers, too many to list. Those protesters know how to identify and remove traitors in their groups and maintain secrecy and get things done. Back when Protesters, they were upsetting the plans of O’s controllers by pushing to end the clearing out of Iraqi’s in Iraq so the neocon controllers fixed up O to appease them and bought more time through O to get their stuff arranged. Problem is there is a big backfire ready to happen and those protesters aren’t going to be fooled again… and have secreted many OWS’ers into their camp and know what the controllers are trying to use the OWS’s for again… SURPRISE!!! The controllers will never understand Americans. They are stupid and setting themselves up so they have to escape again to another country… but who will take them? Go ahead, fill up Iraq as planned. Go ahead.

  20. The NWS must have finally figured out that the Geo Engineering wasn’t gonna work after millions began asking what the heck all the Chemtrails were about.
    Seems NOAA finally decided they could make it rain by simply shooting holes in the clouds and let the water rain down.
    Then again , The Drought seems to be more of a convenience than a Crisis to the New World Order Freeks , so It’s makes more sense that the NOAA is going to try to Shoot at the rain clouds in a typical Juvenile attempt to scare the rain away to further the total Control of the Food supply.
    . Like the Commie Pinko pervs weren’t already in Total Control of the food./ Masses.

  21. Do the math. 460.000 Cartridges, 500 paper targets. That is 92 bullets per target – Hollow point, no less!. Either they are pretty bad shots, or they have other targets in mind. Probably conservative targets, if you get my meaning.

    1. Actually it’s 920, but who’s counting. But if you use the correct number of rounds as stated in the article (46,000) you would be correct.

  22. I wonder who this adminiatration is going to find to actually shoot these bullets. I haven’t heard ot DHS order any guns. HAS ANYONE? I don’t hollow points but I at least have a gun to shoot my bullets with. i am 70 years old and I never thought I would have to fight in a second revolution. Be careful. At my age I don’t really have that much to lose, but if the younger generations are to scared to fight I guess it will be up to the older war veterans to fight for OUR FREEDOM AGAIN.

  23. In minor defense of the purchase of HP for target practice, it is well established within the community of serious self-defense armed citizens that you should practice with what you carry. So under that consideration it makes sense to me that they are practicing with the same ammo they will be carrying. The U.S. Marshals do exactly the same thing.

  24. Bring the Panthers on. We owe them a good beat down. Bring Holder too. We are not afraid to defend our convention. The Tea Party will not put up with that B/S this time around. Don’t worry, the police will need to protect the panthers from US.

  25. I hope you have your
    weapons cleaned and ready to go into action!!! We will not see another Election
    before Obama Officially “Declares Martial Law” in America!!!!!! Iran
    is saying it gave WMD’s to Terrorists, according to Washington Post, which
    should not be a surprise!! Of Course, Syria has been harboring all of Saddam’s
    WMD’s on top of their own SARIN GAS Stockpile!!!

    Just want to remind
    everyone that it is ‘important’ to breath when shooting your targets! If you
    have or get a Full Auto switch the lever to semi-auto to conserve your ammo and
    to stay on target!!! The only time you really need Full Auto is in a Close
    Ambush, where you can only survive it, if you charge directly into it, putting
    as much lead as you can in that direction!! Everyone will be scared when the
    SHTF and that’s normal, remember Center Mass as your aim point not the Head, it
    is not a Video Game!!! Unless you are great with a Scope and know Ballistics!
    So take a Breath, release about half of it and squeeze the Trigger, don’t pull

    Also, there is really
    NO RULES in Combat regardless of what the world says!! Because if you want to
    Stay Alive, you are going to have to do whatever it takes, Right?? When this
    happens it is going to be Nasty, Sickening and Bloody! That’s why DHS has been
    buying .40 caliber Hollow Point Rounds because of the Horrible Damage they do
    to a Person!!

    Our Fore Fathers fought the Greatest Military Power of their
    Time and Won their Independence from England!!! We Patriots are just as capable
    of defeating the Current Form of Federal Government and we will restore the
    Republic to its Constitutional Core!

    1. Well said. Yes we are ready, and I must say at 73 years old I am still a pretty good shot. I know that many people don’t believe that Obama plans to take over our country, and these people need to look around with clear eyes, and forget all the fake promises Obama and the rest of the Communists are spouting, they lie and lie, and then tell mor lies. I hope our Military will not support the Obama regime. I suggest everyone read the AMATEUR.

  26. Nappy needs to resign as head of DHS !!!!! Now !!!!! There is something fishy going on here . Presbo Kenya taking up arms if he is defeated ??? Hmmm,just a thought-an ugly one at that !!!!

  27. Can any one explain to me and the rest of America why the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ordered 46,000 rounds of .40-caliber hollow-point bullets?

    Something stinks in Denmark.

  28. They need it to shoot the unrulely hurricans eye out or to blow the tail off of the twisters.Do you not understand sheeple—and do not question the masters.

  29. I am dead serious when I say stock up on ammo and magazines.

    I’ve never seen ANY administration so corrupt as this one in my 56 years!

    These people are bona fide lunatic tyrants and it’s up to us to deal with them.

    If they won’t go lawfully, who else can we count on besides our selves to maintain a Free America?????

    1. @Mr_DAA – Can I make a suggestion? Change that mindset please. Why? Because that is exactly what they want you to do. They are trying to create civil unrest, we know this, and up until today they have been UNSUCCESSFUL at doing it. Why? Because the majority of Americans do not behave like those in Egypt et al. They think they can change America. Part of that change is to change the way Americans behave, for the worse I might add, and all they are familiar with is the behavior from where they came from which is places like middle east & commie nations .***Remember, people are products of their environment.**** Americans have NEVER been that, we are the God Blessed country, the envy of the world. Now is not the time to start acting otherwise. What we know and what the tangible facts of the last 3 1/2 yrs. are is OWS is their civil unrest tool. Blk. Panthers are another, there is a laundry list of them and all they do is try to create civil unrest. That is all they have done for years and still they can’t get it done. Their results to date have been only them acting in civil unrest. We do not participate in it. We are better them they are is why. We know better then they do is why. IF any of their laundry list of misguided fools try to create some more civil unrest at the RNC or inauguration we must stand back and let them kill each other. IF it is at the inauguration it will be because Romney has won, so let them try, with us back in power they will simply be jailed. Have no more fear we have won. That proof is out there in tangible evidence as well. EVERY election in various states since 2010 has gone RED. Last night in FL primaries there was a huge conservative victory. 67% of people voted for conservatism and it won big time. It will happen again in Nov. no doubt in my mind. So this is all they have left to try and save power, they know dam well they are DONE. DO NOT let them change you now. Please feel better by visiting: What you will see there is happening everywhere!!!! It is just NOT on the news. The news wants to hide this from you but we have the means to share it thru the internet. That is our tool for the truth. Thank you and God Bless America! :)

      1. Even if Romney wins, America will then become a FASCIST POLICE STATE that GW started & not Obamas Socialist Dictatorship!
        Only Civil War or Revolution will restore America back to being a Constitutional Republic! Don’t think that Voting is the Solution when it is just part of the problem because it gives a False Sense of Freedom that is not REAL!!! Voting has not changed anything that much in over 50 years except to elect officials that create more Government!!!

        1. @bobk90 – People like you are part of the problem not voting! Voting is our right and the way we run things by law. Civil war or revolution has never been what America is and are you so blind as to actually think that it is an answer to Freedom today in a modern civilized world? You are so full of it. You would probably be the first one to run home crying to mommy. People are not going to do that and if that is what you really want then go par take in it some where else. There are many other nations to chose from. You would not last a minute for sure. LOL. You guys are living in a movie in your heads. Do you think your Grandmother is going to join in? Ha ha, or your nieces and nephews or how about your mama? Get a life buddy. Find God, it is better and it is real.

        1. @Sandy – You are welcome! The hope is out there and it is all over the place, the problem is we only look at this crap. Turn off the news, read this news only occasionally, and follow what is really happening. Everything I said is actual. I live in FL and was a part of the Conservative victory we had Tuesday evening. That link I attached is from Centreville, Virginia. On July 15, 2012 obummer and his entourage came driving through their town to do his bs campaign act. On the way in they were greeted by hundreds of people waving Romney signs, NOPE signs, Cut spending signs, Don’t Tread on Me signs, Hope isn’t Hiring signs, Give me Liberty not debt signs, Obamacare is jobs for the IRS signs, Forward with obama-NO Thanks signs, Forward is Backward for America signs, Women for Romney signs, THIS IS ROMNEY COUNTRY signs, Obama Lied signs, Obama lies with pinnochio pictured signs, Stop tanking America signs, Defend America Defeat Obama signs, Obama is fast, I am furious signs, Photo’s of Reagan signs, Defend Life Defeat Obama signs, Obama lied Capitalism died signs……… It will give you the goose bumps it is so awesome what our fellow Americans are ACTUALLY doing and saying. That is proof of real hope. If that link did not work the title is: “Obama Campaign Stop Protest – Centreville Virginia. GO VIRGINIA and the other 49 states of America!!!! No one is re-electing this fool. Worry not. God see’s and he is with all of us. Americans are not revolutionists, we don’t need or want to be like that. We have LAWS and they work when followed. So like I said above, if they think they are going to pull some bs on inauguration day, it is because they know Romney is going to be our next president. No other reason and they are sooo desperate to cause a commotion as it the only thing they know how to do. I know that because that is also actual. Look back at the last 3.5 years and what do you see? Chaos, crimes, commotion, violence etc., etc., etc. Americans will not comply to the revolution they seek to have. That is how it does NOT work. DO NOTHING but the right thing and you will be fine. Keep the faith we are almost there! I too am suffering but I have real HOPE now that I have seen the truth. :)

  30. Welcome to Obama world were nightmares come true and racism runs rampant. For three years this administration has done nothing but inflame racial tensions in America as well as cultural tensions for its own personal gain. Also fabricate certain circumstances that will allow Dirty Diaper Head Obama to declare martial law. Thank God there are still a few Americans who believe in what America stands for and are willing to defend those beliefs.

  31. Why hasn’t any Conservative questioned these actions? Maybe because some of the Rhino’s are in on this action, there are people in the Republican party that do not want to see Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan to win the election, because it might jeopardize their jobs. They are the same people that sabotaged Sarah Palin.

  32. Someone inform the Black Panthers that they are outnumbered 10 to 1. Thanks.
    Some people make war with their mouths!

  33. Think about Syria and what their government is doing to their citizens. It could and will happen here with the wrong people in the Shite House.

  34. I have good friends in the top of the heap at the Pentagon. they tells me that the inside of the Military is ready to stop all efferts from the Obumers to war on americans. The are ready to evict this deranged crew from the WH if anything happens before the election is over.
    Obumer only knows how to use fear motavaiton …..he will never understand americans positive ways. No hate……. No fear …. No Obumer….No worry…….Besos

      1. Romney is a progressive frump of the neo-cons and would march your kids off to fight Israel’s war against Iran and elsewhere. Obama is a commie. You know who to vote for. Do it.

  35. Ask your representatives in the Congrees why these purchases are being made and who is paying for them? Should be a n interesting answer.

    1. Chuck, your advice is certainly the very best needed for starters. We need a list of all Reps and Senators asked that question and their reply. There are groups that send politicians survey/requests for their position and replies to questions. Find your organization that does this, like Right to Life presents the questions to politicians and lists their names and replies so that people can base vote decisions on information important to them. WE JUST NEED SOME ORGANIZATIONS WHO WILL PRESENT THIS QUESTION TO THESE POLITICIANS AND PUBLISH THEIR ANSWERS. THEY WILL BE SIGNING THEMSELVES OUT OF OFFICE, MAYBE IN TO JAIL, AND CERTAINLY WON’T ESCAPE REPERCUSSIONS IF THEY LIE. ASK YOUR CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, YOUR ORGANIZATIONS THAT TRACK POLITICIANS’ POSITIONS ON VARIOUS ISSUES. GO GET THEM. Make the call to those groups.

      1. Be sure that anyone who is NRA member pushes them to submit that question ALONE to all politicians, don’t add it on some list… it is too important. The NRA should act quickly and prove their commitment to us.

  36. We the people are gonna shut the big mouth little black bastards hole once and final, excluding any black patriot natural born citizen of the united states. Stand with us or against us, you got one chance, two choices.

  37. In 2008 to prove that you weren’t a racist ,you needed to vote for Obama.
    In 2012 you need to vote against him to prove that your are not an idiot.
    Only the stupid will vote for him in 2012!!!”And we known that you can’t fix stupid..

  38. Maybe they are stocking up before they close down all the guns and ammo manufacturing in America. Better stock up your 46,000 rounds before you can’t get them, and don’t leave them laying around for the Obama Gestapo to confiscate…

  39. This is why it’s good to reload your own, and store at different locations. Pooh is fixing to hit the fan and too many Americans are refusing to wake up. Don’t take my word for it, look at the actions this government has been taking. More gun laws no matter what it takes, or how it is done. Gov. operating in secret, spy drowns to watch your azz, Now tell me, will your son serving in the military turn his weapon on his brothers? Or will he do as his oath he took demands. (Protect and defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic)? If he abides by the oath, then I have nothing to be concerned from him. We are the OATH KEEPERS. WHO WILL NOT COMPLY if ordered to infringe on your constitutional rights. No President or general has the right, or power to force an American Warrior to infringe on the constitution of the people. But Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamics will try Remember in 08 he said he could build an Army bigger than our U.S. Army. Think about it people. It is going to happen, and soon.

  40. This is very scary! White, middle class, educated men between the age of 30 and 65, possibly veterans or militarily trained men concerned with the constitution have been profiled as possible homegrown terrorists, without any evidence to this theory; The black cat people, backed by the attorney general have threatened, who? White people? Republicans? Who are they threatening. It sounds like the orchestration of a race war. The military is presenting battle plans against a Tea Party Movement and We’re looking at the possibility of a civil war. White, educated, middle classed men, probably Republicans or at least conservatives are targets. Like it or not, we may have to defend ourselves in a civil war on us from the left, from our government and our military and the government backed black cat party.

    Only in America! Be afraid!

    1. I sure hope you are wrong. But it does beg the question of what is going on? It indeed is very scary if the government is arming itself and Black Panther groups are making threats at the conventions and we all know Obama has been trying, to the best of his ability, to start a class war and race war as well. I just pray that we make it to the election day in November and martial law is not called because of all the trumped up trouble.

    2. Don’t overlook the upper floors of the Corp steel & marble in NYC and Chicago. Don’t overlook the shifty eyed politicians who will be trying to travel. THEY would do well to be afraid because of intimidating We The People.

  41. Certainly republicans are not targeted,they voted FOR this crap.And oh yeah,your boy mitt supports NDAA,gun control.He is just as bad as that azz-wipe odumbo.This country is in BIG trouble

  42. Why does the Federal government need to “order” ammo when they can get it from Federal Armories for free. Armories still make ammo and weapens at these facilities. Just asking a question. I jut visite the federal armory at Rock Island, Illinois last summer. Tough not using all the buildings anymore like they did during WWII much of the facility is stll not open to public.

  43. Chief of Staff Michelle Williams needs to be put behind bars for those threats to the RNC. If any one of us would of made a remark like that about the DNC we would be arrested and put behind bars. All obozo & crew know how to do is threaten all of their opponents in the hopes of silencing them. What a bunch of loosers they are.

  44. Most likely these purchases are a cover up using different budget monies to hide support and for sending Ammo to the front lines of Syria. If this is not the case, we had better get our guns ready to protect our families lives and properties from radicals who have already told what they plan on doing to the NRC. Especially if the Republicans win the Presidential Election and the Senate.

  45. Actually, 46,000 rounds is not that many when you consider how many personnel might be in either NOAA or Fish & Wildlife. BUT – in an article yesterday, it was mentioned that non DOD orders this year exceed 1 Billion rounds. So while we are left to speculate, the big question remains, What do they know or anticipate that would require so many 40, 357, 223, 12 guage and others? Be Prepared………

  46. Humm—well I don’t have that much ammo BUT I do have enough 7.62FMJ for my 14 Sniper and PLENTY of .40 and 9mm for my side arms! THIS doesn’t include the other weapons I have!! :)
    40 years in the CORPS in many MOS’s including FORCE RECON –so these clowns really don’t scare me—OBAAMANATION scares me!!
    Semper FI!

  47. Frankly there is no reason for the weather service to need guns or ammo. Unless they are part of the ‘new’ army that is supposed to be under the total control of Obama unlike our regular service people. I think if our Navy, Army, and Air Force all got together Obama wouldn’t stand a chance and would have to step down.

  48. New black panthers r just as stupid as the rest of em. Obama doesn’t care what color u r… guarantee whoever he’s really workin for aint a black guy! They’re probably from somewhere n the mid east. Not to mention that like it or not, obama is half white. Black panthers hate anyone who’s not racially pure, or all black

  49. In my mind, there is at least a 50% chance of martial law between now and the inauguration. Which is also to say, when it happens, that there is a 50% chance of civil war between now and the inauguration. Declaring martial law is declaring war on the people. There are a lot of people outside the beltway who will not be inclined to submit/surrender. It is time to DECIDE NOW whether YOU will live FREE and risk death in armed conflict with or oppressors, or live as a SLAVE to that same dictator.

  50. So, are you using the ammo for whale hunting (we would expect you to use such a blasphemous excuse)? Rather another step in the direction of over taking patriotic Americans when Obama is defeated.

  51. What the heck do the Panthers want???? No elections, then what? What will they get from it? What if we had ANY black president forever? Color doesn’t matter. What is the end game here? Our country has to get to a better place for all.

  52. I am voting for for his highness OBAMA cause I am a kool white person and I don’t want to be called a racist ..and I know that if he wins he will do SOMETHING..cause that is what all the news people say too

  53. THIS IS ABOUT A CONVENTION – A MEETING OF LIKE_MINDED PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIT BUSINESS. If you have business there, please attend and take care of it. If you do not, please attend the CONVENTION that interests you.

    See how easy?

  54. The question is why the DHS is buying enough ammunition to conduct a war? Against whom and where? There is no reason for the DHS to be armed as well as the US armed services.

  55. Interesting. Seems I see mostly liberal and Democrat groups threatening violence.
    I thought the patriotic, conservative groups were the “threats”.
    Guess I must have missed the memo.

  56. Lets see: These agencies are stock piling ammo by the tons – (and at the same time the UN and ‘Our Own Government’ are trying to take away all of *Our Guns*). I don’t think that I’m the only one who sees whats coming – ‘and by November no less’…. Americans – Lock and Load!….”Let the Madness Begin!”….

  57. This is a joke. The 450 million rounds is the maximum amount the U.S. will purchase over the next 10 years. The company (from Minnesota) has had this contract with the government long before President Obama took office.

    1. Hey, Mr. Wizard, you being an ex-Marine should know these ARE NOT meant for the military.

      Hollow points are clearly a violation of the Geneva Convention.

  58. The implications of these recent events are cause for great and grave concern. We cannot afford to be complacent. There is no place for jesting or sarcasm, only a mature, responsible approach.

  59. FEMA INTERMENT CAMPS and bullet proof traffic kiosks are everywhere there are both Manor. Road, at the east side cafe, disguised, poorly, as chicken yards. They are not. Two bullet proof kiosks are downtown on 6th street that is filled with debauched kids every Friday and sat night. Seems like a strange place but maybe Barry is afraid of drunk, stoned kids. So be very very scared but with all the guns we have we should be safe. After all how smart could these guys be.


  61. What the hell is going on in our nation, where every non military/justice government agency under the sun is stocking up on deadly ammo. Is our government tired of killing foreigners and now wants to kill American citizens? If these reports of ammo acquiring agencies doesn’t wake you up to the fact that something is in the wind for the preparation of the downfall of America then nothing will. You have the short window to make one of two choices, resist or surrender to the new world order where in the final analysis that humans are considered less then rats.

  62. What is Obongo’s plan for saving SS & medicare? TAX the RICH!!

    Ten year take on this plan will fund gubmint for 8 days. Absolutely moronic but believed by liboturds and pitched daily by lefty lamestream media types!!

    Is calling Obongo stupid giving him too much credit?

  63. During the Revolution, only 1/3 of the Colonists actually Fought for Independence! 1/3 were Loyalist fighting for the Crown and 1/3 did nothing! Another words, if the Colonists did it with just 1/3 of the population then surely we can as well……..

  64. Question: Does anyone see a “FALSE FLAGG” comming at hese conventions so that “GAYBAMA” can throw the election and install himself as Furror. Useful Idiots

  65. I am a fourth generation American puerto rican, Vietnam Veteran (USMC) and as a man of color I am ashamed of the garbage that resides in our White House. In the 50’s and 60’s race was a problem. In 2008 many thought that race was less of a problem, and they were right otherwise Obama would not have been elected. Now he is in and has brought hatred into the forfront between all races, and religions all because he wants to bring down the USA. As corny as it may sound to some, I swore an oath to defend this country from all enemies and I will stand with any man or woman regardless of there skin color or religion in the defense of all of our rights and freedoms. DHS and NOAA is buying up alot of ammo, but we can still reload our own. GOD Bless America and every red blooded american.

    1. Your an American sir and one who served his country, thank you!!! Why do they keep promoting Racism by saying African, Hispanic etc. I don’t claim to be a White American and I just an American! Both Political Parties want Racism Alive because that is part of their strategy of ‘Divide & Conquer’ so they can stay in power!
      As Americans, we need to end the classification of Her Citizens, Period!!! Classification of any group by another group or entity, is the FIRST STEP to EXTERMINATION!!

  66. This article left out the ADDITIONAL 700 Million rounds of .40 cal. Hollow Points just ordered by the D.H.S. – over and above the 450 Million rounds in a PREVIOUS order ! That is over 4 rounds EACH for every man, woman and child in the U.S.A.

  67. So it is ok for me now to say that my foot while be on a panther’s neck, while I squeeze the trigger? Ont a threat, just mimmicking the Chief of Staff.

  68. Obama wants civil unrest so he can use his martial law to stop the Nov elections. Obama doesn’t understand why the God fearing God loving citizens of the US are not yelling and screaming and rioting like the lily livered liberals do. What he doesn’t know is, because we are God fearing and God loving which is our armor against evil. We are slow to anger and we are happy good hearted people that love this country unlike the liberals that are only happy when they are unhappy. Obama hates the US and everything it stands for, Obama would like to see the soldiers that gave their lives for our nation, that their service and lives meant nothing and they died in vain. This is the evil man Obama that has the mark of the beast because he is the spawn of Satan.

  69. Well I think I’m going to leave the country for awhile.While you Americans kill each other and after the smoke clear the Muslim and Communist can fight over what left of America.

  70. Get these scumbags out of our government….they are sociopaths with no moral integrity and are going to lose all their power and our dollars when we bust them out and into gitmo

  71. TGhe question should be asked by everyone, conservative and liberal alike, is why is the federal government stocking up on ammunition? Do they plan to void the Constitution and make America a socialist dictatorship?

  72. Hollow point pistol ammunition that the Geneva Convention banned for military use is now being purchased by Homeland Security and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the use against United States Citizens! For target practice you do not use hollow point ammunition. Hunters use hollow point ammunition to dispatch a large game animals quickly and humanely. This hunting ammunition is not for semiautomatic pistols that Homeland Security and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are purchasing it for. We need an attorney who could take a citizens suit to the Supreme Court to stop this inhumane ploy by federal agencies to purchase hollow point ammunition for use here in the United States against Citizens, illegal aliens, and criminals which was banned by the Geneva Convention banned for military use.

  73. I think they are reading all these comments to see who has guns and bullets. I also read that doctors that are following obamacare are asking about your mental status and whether you have guns. Why in the hell would a doctor need to know whether you are armed? only one reason…..a sneak trick to find all the firearms.

  74. There is only one reason to vote for the illegal Alien with the occupy movement and Muslim Brotherhood in the WH. That is stupidity.

  75. Go to the Blaze and check thje 22 minute video the Seals and the CIA put out on Obama. They are really pissed off and calling him out on security leaks. Send it to your friends and enemies alike It is potent.

  76. All of this racial tension and hate has been magnified by that racist-Eric Holder, and that illegal alien, ineligible, illegally elected, Kenyan-born, non-U. S. Citizen of any type, Muslim P.O.S., ETC.,Black wanna-be, illegally in the Oval office. He is 50% White, 40+% Arab, and the rest Black, that is if Barack Sr. is indeed his REAL father, which many think it could Marshal Davis or one of several others!

  77. 450,000,000 rounds of killer hollow-point ammunition for travelers who do not flirt back and only 46,000 rounds for rain drops and snow flakes that will not stop falling and go back up when they are told to? My God, where are this woman’s priorities? She will need billions or trillions of rounds fired into the sky before any impact will be noticed. I just hope she has the patience and wisdom to consider other plans before these orders for this ammunition are put in. The president Obama and Veep Biden sure are broke-dick fools concerning this issue.

  78. in some of my post i said if you dont agree with king hitler obama the black panthers and obama black shirts will round up all white people and put them into concentration camp just like hitler did the jews and will gass you if you dont agree with king hitler obama its time for a revelation to get rid of the king power to the white people

  79. I imagine if Holder gives them a pass this year he will be so busy covering his ass in court his kids will have to get permission from the judge just to see him.

  80. i do believe that if and when martial law is enacted we will see un troops on our streets in EVERY CITY/TOWN AND EVERY STATE!
    I think this will happen if the military REFUSES TO obey their orders to fire and kill Americans WHICH THEY SHOULD SAY NO!

  81. The government is deceptively contracting to buy hoards of ammunition via non-military agencies in order to keep the civilians from having access to ammo for their hunting, target practice, and personal defense. How would an unarmed citizenry prevent an tyrant government from wielding absolute power? Think about it folks! Prepare for the obvious.

  82. I can understand when the weather person gives the wrong data…but c’mon…….no one will get that upset. Preparing for riots is one thing…but major wound producing bullets are not made for practice. As for the expected “riots” that will arrive at the conventions; the local Police and the State Police can be used…How much do you want to bet that there will be a requirement of “photo I.D.” to get into either convention. As for the “peaceful” political groups like the occupiers and the black panther party….the only thing they will get done is to cause even more people to vote this kind of “crap” out! The threat of standing on people’s throats…”ya betta wear some BIG F’ing shoes………

  83. These aren’t just paper targets. These are human silhouette targets. And in addition to the 40,000 rounds of 40cal S&W hollowpoints are 6,000 round of 40cal S&W frangibles. You know, the kind that fragment when they hit human flesh. My Congressman knew nothing about this but he knows about it now. Why would NOAA need 500 human silhouette targets? Hmmmm????

  84. I scrolled almost to the bottom of the page and still had yet to find anything on point.
    Yes, Obama is a tyrant, etc. Yes, Biden is an idiot. Yes, Ryan is controversial — pick your reason. And if what you want to say, or all you want to do is vent – has nothing to do with the subject, then take it to another blog site. Please.
    On point: not, “millions” of rounds have been purchased by the U.S. govt. by various agencies; the total is 1B+ and the purpose is to disarm Americans not through weapons confiscation, rather, through keeping us from being able to find and purchase ammunition.
    It is obvious what purchasing 1B+ rounds of ammo will do to the supply remaining for civilian ammo manufacture, and we are not certain if the raw material is being obtained only domestically, or if to meet the govt. demand, the ammo manufacturers are being forced to find raw materials overseas.
    When the British marched on Lexington and Concord to confiscate powder and shot, our founding fathers considered it an act worthy of opposing with armed force. An “act of war”, if you will. What the U.S. govt. is doing by purchasing ammo in high-bulk amounts is designed to disarm us in the same manner as the British intended – an act of war against the American people. The only way to put a stop to this is to appeal to the ammo manufacturers and failing that, the American people would be lawfully justified in ‘confiscating’ the huge amounts of ammo destined for govt. warehouses as a matter of national self-protection.

  85. I wonder how many high profile Reps and Teaparty are fixing to get accidentially caught in the crossfire??????
    I’m past thinking that it can’t happen here … it’s only a matter of when??
    They are giving over two million Illegal Aliens US Citizens JOBS today!!!

  86. On the one hand I agree that the general population does not need assault rifles, but on the other hand how would we defend ourselves against a government gone rogue which controls the American Military???? Why are government non-military entities stockpiling weapons and ammo????

    1. I don’t need anything but food, water and shelter. But this is America and I WANT an assault rifle. What business is it of yours what I want or need.

  87. I am a first timer on this Blog. Don’t lose site of the fact that this is NOT just the Obama administration……it involves much of Congress. Do you think for one minute that those congressmen and women who have suported his policies, do not have a great deal to gain from his re-election? They have exempted themselves from every financial constraint that you and I will try to survive. Folks, this is not just about Homeland Security, NOAA etc, but about personal security and privacy…… and the NOI (Nation of Islam). We have allowed our elected officials to take all that we have worked for, and to spread it out amongst people who do NOT EVEN PAY TAXES……WHO OFTEN COULD NOT BE FOUND if they had no more than a moment’s notice. Take all of the crap that you want, but listen to Joe Biden’s comments last evening. He is either a “mental cripple, or the most uninformed person to ever hold national office. So, lets just all sit back and let the same thing that happened in the last election…..happen this November!

  88. And, why hasn’t Napolitano been tried and arrested? I swear if this was going on during Bush’s term the liberals would have wanted Bush to be impeached. Where’s the outrage from the conservatves? We ought to demand action, no more politics, discussions, or debate, just straight action.

  89. We all know what this ammo is for. Its for the American citizens who dont like Obama. Obama will find some way to cause a huge mass of trouble so he can enforce agenda 21 on us. I am cant wait to sit back and tell all these voted for this fraud, “I told you so”. This POS needs to be thrown out of our White House.

  90. [email protected] says:

    hmmm. 46,000 rounds and 500 hundred paper targets. Think seriously. They do not intend to practice much. Beans, blankets and bullets. Stock up.

  91. WOW ! I guess the Weather Service need all those hollow-point bullets so they can punch big holes in clouds to see what’s inside. Hey, Weather Service, I am NOT a cloud and neither are the members of my family.

  92. The point is to keep as many people from the polls as possible that would vote for Romney and then with the voter fraud and dead vote, the pet vote, The Obama crimals will win, and we lose big. We have got to get the vote out or we will be in bondage if not killed off.

  93. Although I agree DHS is a major threat, this story is really over the top. First, law enforcement, like fishery agents, need to practice to maintain proficiency with a pistol. Second, they practice with the same type of ammo they carry. Good grief, the Colorado shooter had 6,000 rounds, and a whole government agency just ordered a little over 7 times as much. But, Odumbo has to go.


  95. The black panthers can kiss my ass. They aren’t bad or organized to back up that black bitches words and walk out. They would be destroyed and no rip.

  96. It is time for all government officials, especially those who might be required to carry and use a weapon, to read, understand, and make sure that they are on the side of the Constitution and not some future tyrant acting under color of law. Hopefully there isn’t a roadblock checkpoint in the future in which your life depends on your answer.

  97. Why does the DHS need 2,700 MRAP’s that are Mine Resistant and what our Soldiers use for Combat Patrols? It is the same as DHS have 54 Tank Battalions but in this case it is the 54 MRAP Battalions!!! That is a whole lot Armor for them to have isn’t? If you take everything the Federal Government has done under the Obama Administration in just the first 8 months of 2012, you can only come to one conclusion: A Hostile Coup of somekind to install Obama as Americas 1st Dictator & his Socialiist/Communitist Cronies as Americas

    REM in the 80’s had a song that is appropiate for what is happening: Its the End of the World as we Know It. It is actually just the Beginning of a New Civil War or Revolution!!! It will be the End of Political Correctness which has been killing the American Dream!

  98. Investigation time which needs to be done immediately. The American people are outraged that DHS is buying these hollow point bullets and they kill on impact, so the only thing I can think of is that these evil corrupt Muslim Communist will be using these bullets on the American people, just like the American Holocaust. Every person on this site needs to demand an answer to why this Ammo is being bought. I can’t believe that the Feds are buying over 1400, Million Hollow point Ammo. There is something major going to take place, so we better be prepared for it or we get off our lazy hind ends and investigate. I think if we all investigate this that we will find out more than the DOJ with Mr Holder that doesn’t investigate anything and the Black Panther problem in Pennsylvania voting that happened in 2010 did not get charged. Charges were dropped because not enough evidence, even though we saw them with their billy sticks and they were threating people. This Holder Idiot has been Impeached and to me is an outrage to the American people to let this scum bag stay in the WH. Doesn’t seem like anyone cares what takes place, but I won’t stand by and let these evil people take away what we have worked so hard for all these years. My husband and I worked even though we had a handicapped daughter I had to work to help pay the medical bills and we have never gotten help from anyone. So why can’t these lazy good for nothing scum bags get out and work for a living, they could even investigate this Ammo buying.

  99. All of you are missing the point. Government agencies are ordering stockpiles of bullets guaranteed to use on US civilians. That should make your blood run cold. To my knowledge, those have only been used on civilians by dictators. What is this country coming to?


  101. Now what, pray tell, is the NOAA going to do with all that ammo? Do we have Weather Police now? I think I will make my mechanic an offer on that 5 gallon bucket of old lead wheel weights he has sitting by his shop door, fire up my lead furnace, dust off my bullet molds and get busy casting bullets again.

  102. Well this is why I carry .45 Hyrdo shocks…anyway this is your big brother gov’t preparing for war against it’s county folks, whether we are at heart or in location and they mean business…Two words…be prepared

  103. ‎300 agents, 150 rds per qualify, qualify 3 times a year, plus the recruits at FLETC…46,000 rounds dosent sound like so much then.

  104. This is not just the usual law and order stuff……….the authorities in the USA are running scared, like they are worried for something to happen in the USA soon……..rather than later……………….perhaps it could be all the riots that will happen if Romney gets the job

  105. Even
    after nearly 25 years as an activist/journalist it’s somehow still hard for me
    to accept how stupid, apathetic, brain dead, the sheeple in this country are.
    Every presidential election cycle proves this. I haven’t voted for a mainstream
    candidate for pres. since klinton’s first race. In short, I was a patriot and
    militiaman before the so-called ‘tea parties’ were cool. Most of them still
    have a helluva lot left to learn.

    the Marxist mutt in the now red house and keeping a republicrat NWO hack out so
    as to not give them an excuse to go back to the golf course or the couch would
    be preferable.

    Bush the First’s “Read my lips, no new taxes,” I should have known
    that what none of them say during a campaign means anything. Their records and
    past affiliations are all that matter. Klinton said he was against NAFTA then
    shoved it through a demoncrat(party of the little man) congress during his
    first year in office. So my vote for that creature counted for nothing, as I
    disagreed with everything else it stood/stands for.

    Ron Paul
    has a 30 year record of defending and working to increase human Liberty. He is the only candidate that
    speaks/lives with anything resembling integrity and honor.

    I will
    never again vote for a republicrat NWO hack, which is what all the other
    ‘frontrunners’(mainstream newswhore appointed) are. If Paul doesn’t win the
    nomination I will write him in. A vote for Paul is a vote for the spirit of
    human Liberty. It will count if he loses, drops dead the day after
    inauguration or is murdered because he is the only candidate that may actually
    attempt to cut the head off the beast. And we must kill the beast or it will
    devour us.

    understand? Start here:

  106. Amazing, not one comment about this article, which shows us that the attention span of America is, uh, what was the article about. Oh, now I remember, it is about the weathermen arming themselves in case we don’t agree with the weather forecast, right? +JMJ+

    1. No, every a.shole stupid American is watching some southern kid thnink she is pretty with a pig! She is a little pig! And America needs to be ashamed of itself for boo bo’s ratings to be higher than the RNC convention!  Just saying, America is inhabited by fools, tjhe only saving grace is that the little freak snookie is off the air as the Shore was canceled!
         MTV, did you come to your senses? or are you planning another brain dead  program?

  107. Folks don’t you think we deserve an explanation as to why all this ammunition is being stockpiled. The national weather service, I don’t believe they are capable of even firing a firearm. And DHS, what are their ranks comprized of, besides office workers, boy that is a lot of ammunition, just for the nbpp, and ows, and the union thugs. There must be others invited to the conventions, maybe Valeri Jarrett invited a couple hundred thousand of her Iranian terrorists, or Axelhole invited the chicago mafia. What a mess, it seems to me that there are a couple of factions spoiling for civil war.

  108. Hello All,
    I am from South Africa and to a large degree things happen here a lot like there in the US, although we are in most aspects further along than you.
    My plea to you is to protect and support each other and save your country. They will take your guns and take away your rights and you will be treated and slaughtered like animals. We are the victims of a state executed genocide by the same bunch steering your democrats, the UN, who wants the USA so they can be the most powerfull force, controlling the world.
    Freedom ! Never exchange your guns and your rights for services.!
    Good luck !

  109. People this is more serious than is being talked about here.
    Hollow point ammo is not used for shooting practice and is againa Geneva Convention to be used in war so who are they preparing to us it on? Answer those of us who will fight back when they finaly hit that braking point and the public arises and says no more.

  110. They know what ‘s up and they’re not telling us. They will throw the American people to slaughter. Great leaders we all have here! Really makes me sick to be an American!

  111. Since when hs the folks in the weather services been an armed force? I heard that the Social Security Administration is ordering ammo also. Are the clerks in these offices going to be armed? Why is the congress allowing these expenditures of tax payer money??

  112. I didn’t know that the weather service had a new tactic to “combat” hurricanes and tornadoes by “shooting” at them to stop them! How novel!
    Are you kidding me???!!!??? DHS is preparing for war against We The People.

  113. I guess the wondering about what all those hundreds of thousand plastic casket vaults the government has bought, (shown on youtube) are for now.

  114. This Republician Convention is in Florida? It is pretty frightening to think that the Black Panthers will have free rein. This is not what it is all about. We are a civilized Nation of Laws and this Hate campain is so sad. We have gone so far to find peace and now it looks like all we hear is hate and predjudice that is unwelcomed. Violence begates violence and never has solved anything. The Black Panthers need to listen to the plann that Dr.Martin Luther King made.”We all get together, Black, white , pink and purple”. It is about us as humans getting along with other humans.

    1. They only have “Free Rein,” if “WE The people,” let them. Screw holder, he’s an idiot!
       Push on me, get killed real quick, 13.5 yrs Navspecwarcom! I don’t treat threats lightly, I react as Americans should!!!! Quickly, and decisively! Now that would put a true damper in their program as they go down fast!!!

  115. Anyone familiar with law enforcement training standards and practices would see a major flaw in your argument. You should practice and must qualify with the identical ammo carried on duty. And, most police agencies – local, state, etc., as well as federal – carry some type of expanding ammo on duty. There are several reasons for this practice – expanding ammo is more likely to stop a fight with fewer rounds fired, expanding ammo is less likely to pass through the intended target and hit someone else, expanding ammo will not ricochet as far (thus reducing the chance of missed shots injuring unintended persons), etc. Qualification (and practice) with the duty ammo is intended to assure that the officer knows exactly how well he can hit what he aims at in a combat situation. It also takes away one more thing for lawyers to argue about when a shooting situation has unintended consequences.

    1. So to add fuel to your argument as a long distance shooter for the military, why do cops need to shoot 40 rounds at 1 single person as has been documented in the past in N.Y.C., whereas, I do it surgically with one shot from afar, around 2,0000yds has been my best. Don’t try to emulate what is happening behind the scenes under this  a.shole oblowhole.
       He is clueless, spineless, and a total fraud!

  116. Why would anyone other than our military need that much ammunition? How many so called terrorists exist within our borders that would require that much ammo? It appears that they want to start a war against US citizens not terrorists.

  117. I’d like to make a subject change and be synicial at the same time. Heres your laugh of the day. New Black Panthers saying there will be trouble at the NRC in Tampa and everyone seems to be worried. NO BIG DEAL the authorities didn’t even blink when the new black panthers posted and aired a $10,000 bounty dead or alive on Zimmerman. Noone seemed to care then. Hey guy its only about 95 miles from Sanford. Shouldn’t there have been equal rights, protection, investagation and prevention for him as a citzen too?

  118. The Obamanation admin. is buying enough ammo to kill EVERY American citizen, TWICE. Do any of you remember in 2008 when Obama told a reporter that he WANTED a one million man private army that answers to him and him alone. THe media refused to run with the story. But now we see what is happening, Obama is preparing for martial law when it becomes clear that he will lose the election.

  119. Please make a effort to go see the movie about obama -2016 this film is a must see based on facts and explains obamas true intent and exactly why he intends to do bring this country down- the deficit alone should be proof enough for people to see what he is doing!!! if he gets in a 2nd term it will be the end of our country freedoms – and all the people who came to this great nation to live away from third world nations or war torn nations and made a good life for themselfs and raised families will see they did it all for nothing-this place will end up just like the towns they tried to get away from
    Tell everyone to see the movie

  120. W.T.F. does the weather service need with weapons and ammunition? Are they going to seed the clouds during a drought with lead? Are they going to try to frighten a hurricane to change course with a volley? Give me a break! This is oblowhole and his minions attempting to ready themselves for the backlash when his stealing of the election becomes known to all!
     Take heed people, this is what is happening!!!

  121. Hollow points are also designed so that they are less likely to pass through the intended target and hit any unintended targets behind it. Which is why I also carry hollow points.

  122. they say home lad secruity and goverment is buying it all up cus the are going to make ammo manufaceers to put something inside the ammo so it dosnt keep a long shelf life thats why they buying it all up so they can keep it

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