NY Congressman Wants Hugo Chavez as President

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have declared themselves to be “Presidents for Life.” Venezuela’s constitution once had term limits on the presidency. Because of a 2009 referendum, Chavez can run indefinitely. Now it seems that Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY) wants President Obama as President for Life.

Rep. Serrano, New York Democrat, wants President Obama to be able to run for a third presidential term. I suspect that if Obama gets a third term, Serrano will push for a fourth and a fifth. Serrano wants a Hugo Chavez-type of government in the United States.

In order for President Obama to run for a third term, the Constitution would have to be amended. With the way the last election went, it might just happen.

Rep. Serrano understands the constitutional hurdle, so he is “proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.”

Serrano represents a district that is heavily socialistic, radically dependent on wealth distribution like that of Venezuela. There’s nothing left to redistribute in Cuba after more than 50 years of Communism.

In 1990, Serrano won a special election for the seat vacated by resigning U.S. Congressman Robert García with 92% of the vote. He has never won re-election with less than 92% of the vote, in what is considered one of the safest seats in Congress. His district consists of Chavez-type voters who want to maintain a Chavez-type government. Serrano has used his governmental office, in violation of his constitutional oath, to rob tax payers.

“A member of the Progressive Caucus, he is widely regarded as one of the most Progressive [i.e., Liberal] members of Congress. He has been questioned about his pork barrel spending by some fiscal conservative members of Congress. Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake once said of Serrano’s $150,000 earmark to repair the roof at the city-owned Arthur Avenue Market (a historic indoor produce and prepared food market in the Bronx’s ‘Little Italy’), ‘I would argue this is one Cannoli the taxpayer doesn’t want to take a bite of.’ Serrano replied to Flake, ‘The more you get up on these, sir, the more I realize that you do not know what you are talking about. I make no excuses about the fact that I earmark dollars to go in the poorest congressional district in the nation, which is situated in the richest city on earth.’”

Spoken like a proud and dutiful Chavezian.

What Serrano was actually saying is that he makes no excuse for voting to steal money from tax payers so he can give it to non-tax payers so he can stay in power at the expense of more tax payers.

Serrano knows that he is only one vote among 435 in the House of Representatives. He also knows that if President Obama gets in for another term that America will move farther to the Left. We might even see the nationalization of private businesses, especially in the energy sector. We’re already seeing a move to limit the freedoms of the Second Amendment. The list goes on and on.

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  1. Will this attempt to make Obama president for life catch on?
    You betcha.
    You can take it to the bank.
    And only an all out grass-roots opposition will prevent it.

      1. Not really! He has written only what many rational commentators have said on the public airwaves. Have you been listening or watching?

      1. Indiana_James……We are already in one. The left is responsible for dividing the nation……black against white, educated against uneducated, gays against straight, rich against poor, gender against gender. They couldn’t give a damn about America and how they are destroying it.

        1. You’re the one with the divisive rhetoric MeeMe, but you’re obviously far too self-deluded to see that.

        2. on this one, he is absolutely correct… classic marxism in action. Read his books.. and Ayers, etc, close allies and mentors of the kinyun. One of their ten or so methods to take over any nation is to divide into factions, set those factions against each other until chaos reigns, then magically ahd heroically step in with “the solution” to the created problem…. which is, of course, socialism. Our reigning fraud in chief has been working this plan since he first read Ayers and Marx…. and it is working well until WE THE PEOLE wake up and realise what’s up, and work to stop it.

    1. How many times have I posted, it won’t surprise me if this jerk shreds the Constitution, making us a communist country with him the dictator for his life time? Many, many times and the above article does not surprise me of the fact that this definitely can happen.

    2. You hit the nail right on the head. I’ve been reading about this very thing online for months, even before the election.

      1. Come on, Raymond. I’ve explained this to you already…

        No, he won’t. His second term will expire in four years and then someone else will be president. I’ll make a note in my diary and we’ll come back and talk about it then, okay?

  2. Wow, you guys had to really dig pretty deep to finds this story. So one Congressman wats to do something you do not support — I am shocked! Shicked!!!Seriouly folks , congressman of both parties do this kind of thing all the time for many reasons — to get attention, push a pet project, prk barrela for local funds, payback a big donor (Which is the GOP’s current hobby) whatever.. The fact is — what this congressman is proposing will never happen — especially with a GOP majority in the House. I know this site is really a just a joke — a satire of the far-right — but you just gave a way that with this silly piece — gotta tried harder and get better joke writers!

    1. Just saying it is enough, like the Congressman who was afraid 5000 troops put on the Island of Guam would turn the Island over. It does explain their intelligence.

    2. No Serrano wants to do something that is unconstitutional, but hey, liberals could care less about that as clearly demonstrated by their leader obama. The article shows how far into the gutter the democrat party has fallen and you are just upset because we have shed light on it.

    1. Deport this nut back to Venezuela.Sounds like that’s where he came from.Wonder has he ever seen or heard of what life is like in Cuba,North Korea,Russia,or China.In most communist countries,life is hard except for the few who live like royalty.It just doesn’t work.Free enterprise has created more wealth than any other economic system.

        1. Sorry Kent, but as a Puerto Rican living in the US, he’s entitled to every constitutional protection that you are. And I don’t have a basement.

        2. just the same as all the towel head terrorists at cair, the clowns in the aclu, and of course all of the communist pukes in the communist party USA

    2. My thoughts are for anyone who doesn’t like or want to live by the document called the constitution, which also makes us a republic, should leave or be tried for treason.

    3. The scary thing is, they are not brain dead. They are very cunning, calculating evil Marxists whose goal is to impose, first by deception then by brute force a tyrannical fascist government.

  3. Sounds like this A$$wipe needs to be fired for not upholding his Oath of Office. Course, most Congressmen need to be removed for not upholding their Oath, from both sides, and Obama especially, the Liar in Chief and Traitor in the Oval Office, for Aiding and Abiding the Enemy in Bengazi! He deserves to be put against a wall and be done with. Truly wish a Lee Harvey Oswald would crawl out of the woodwork and take care of business. They would be a Hero today!

    1. “Truly wish a Lee Harvey Oswald would crawl out of the woodwork and take care of business.”

      I can’t think of a better way to end the 2nd Amendment for good. Be careful what you wish for! I for one hope that no one even tries to do that!

  4. All elected officials should not need to worry about term limits. They should be elected to serve four years and four years only no more. Politics was never meant to be an occupation! Someone who felt they could serve their nation would put forth their name to be elected to do what service they could and once that was over they went back to whatever their normal job was.

    Many changes should be made number one would be no one serves more than one term or four years. While you are serving as elected official you receive a nominal salary and no other retirement benefits other than Social Security payments just like everyone else and you cannot access those funds until you’re 65 or whenever age is settled on. Next anyone who was elected prior to taking office or even better before being nominated must take a written exam. The same exam that is given to immigrants to become citizens of the United States. If they cannot pass that exam with a score of 85 or better they cannot put their name in to be elected.

    The next big problem is security and always has been and continues to be flawed to this day. If you wish to be elected to Congress you will be required to pass a background investigation and security clearance equal to or better Than Secret! If you seek the presidency you must pass a clearance equal to or better than Top-Secret or crypto clearance.

    All elected officials will be required to take an oath of office and if during that time they break that old they will be punished. For the first offense they receive a public reprimand, they must apologize before the full Congress and the American people stating what it was they did to break that oath. For the second offense they are removed from office verifying 100% of whatever wages they have received +25% and they will be sentenced to Fort Leavenworth prison for not less than one year depending on the severity that time can be extended and if it is proven that whatever they did lead to the death of one American they will be executed.

    Then maybe just maybe we might find some honest people in government. There is a possibility that it might be beneficial to ban anyone with a law degree from running in the first place because lawyers are inherently untrustworthy, criminal, and totally without moral standards.

    1. They ARE required to take an oath of office, but we don’t hold them accountable. Thats our fault plus the fault of a complicit media which runs interference for the left, especially for Obama.

      You have some good ideas but they will never see the light of day. The whole shabang is too corrupt.

      1. That’s what I mean they have to be held to that oath but unfortunately in the current Congress there are several members who refused to take that oath most notably that one black lady from down south. Others asked to be sworn in not on the Bible but in one case using the Koran. But until we start holding these people accountable and will continue to ignore not only their oath but the welfare of the country as a whole. They were elected to do a job but have no desire to do so. According to the Constitution the Senate is required to pass a budget every year! They haven’t done it in over three years, Question; why are we paying them? They should all lose their pay retroactive back to the first year when they refused to do their job.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: NY Congressman Wants Hugo Chavez as President

    2. other than term limits, I agree with your ideas. Term limits? We already HAVE them.. its called the voters. IF we manage to find a good man and put him in office, if he does a good job representing we who sent him on our behalf, we should return him for another term. If he did NOT do right by us, his masters, put in someone else. Most of your other ideas well go a long ways toward finding and electing good men. But a few might slip by. Their voting records, pork counts, etc, should reveal their true character within the first year. There should also be some sort of “confidence vote” or referendum vote by the constituents at the mid term… IF the voters decide to, they can put him up for reelection halfway through the normal term. Things like this tend to keep one’s feet to the fire. As to pa and benefits, you are on the mark. They get perhaps the average income of the people in the same district who elect them, and no speicial treatment after they are out of office. Pension? If he’s worthy of election in the first place, he’ll have already managed his own affairs so as to not need anything special from we the people. Medical, retirment, etc, he gets what we get. Same system, If THEY think its good enough for US, then it better be good enough for them, too. Elite class politicians are what need to go. I have great admiration for Ron Paul who has refused to take more than a near-token “salary” for his years of service as a Representative. He was returned some twelve terms, his constituents thought he kept diong a great job, so they sent him back. Aand back….

      1. But that’s the point the voters are falling down on the job. When I was younger, much much younger, I learned that it was not only a privilege to cast my vote but it was my duty as an American citizen as part of the governing process. Many people if you look at how many people vote and how many people don’t vote obviously don’t care. In this last election is a very good example anyone who actually looked at the situation wherein would not have put this jerk back in office. For the Republic to remain free and for the people to be represented there has to be two things number one the citizens must be educated they cannot be functionally illiterate or in a lot of cases just plain stupid and two the citizens must participate in the political process. In this last election more than 50% of the voting people did not meet either of those qualifications. Then of course you have precincts with over 150,000 registered voters and 99% of them vote for the same candidate??? And then of course we have the precincts where one candidate got 108% of the vote in another 110% of the vote and they really out did themselves in another when the votes were tallied one candidate got 138% of the vote. What’s Wrong with This Picture!!!
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: NY Congressman Wants Hugo Chavez as President

  5. Send Serrano to Venezuela, I’ll help pay the fare……There needs to be a litmus test, for literacy, for elected officials,,,,Serrano is un-American, and a traitor to the oath of office he took. Get rid of this menso,

  6. At 70 I have watched this country change. We have been brainwashed by our own media to believe that politicians should have lifelong careers and unions and teachers are to be honored like idols. The individual has been relegated to insignificance. Wake up America.

  7. I suggest we send Mr Serrano down to Venezuela and he can have Chavez for his president . Only in New York would we find someone as brain dead and stupid as this clown . If he likes this crap so much deport his butt down to Cuba or Venezuela

  8. If they repeal the 22 amendment so Baracko Clause can have a third term, and he wins . Will God do the same for Baracko Clause that he is doing for Hugo Chaves.

  9. What’s really brain dead is to take this possibility seriously. There will be no constitutional amendment, and no third term for Obama. Nor for anyone else. The idea won’t “catch on”.

    1. The readers of this website believe anything negative about government and especially liberals. Doesn’t matter how ridiculous or unsubstantiated it might be.

      1. Hey liberal, the article expouses the truth of the situation. Afraid fo the truth? And yes, we want less government, not more telling us what to do and breaking the Constitution.

        1. Like the saying goes: “Piss off a conservative, tell him a lie. Piss off a liberal, tell him the truth.”

  10. I believe that in the long run, it would be much cheaper and much more sensible to simply replace Representative José E. Serrano, Democrat, NY. Or would that sound better if it said, Representative José E. Serrano, Communist/Marxist, NY?

  11. That will never, ever happen. this idiot can make all the noise he wants but you can bet obama won’t have a third term. There will be a civil war first and this idiot that tries to get this bill passed will be living behind closed doors for a long time.

    1. You mean BHO isn’t really Chavez?? I’m so confused. I have a hard time keeping Chavez and that a’hole in the WH that never stops going on vacations on our dimes separate. Pardon me.

  12. NY/NYC is loaded with idiots like this bum. Also don’t forget Spitzer, Weiner….just two more of NY’s finest….Talk about pork, just look at the councilmen/women of NYC….Baron is another racist on the council….I can’t wait to move out of this god forsaken place….

  13. Just one more anti-Constitutionalist politico that needs to be dealt with by the patriots when the illegal alien in the wh. declares martial law and the S really HTF!!!

  14. Two thoughts: 1) Serrano is probably a Communist or a Socialist (at best, although I don’t
    think there is a difference, today) and this is the kind of thing that you would expect of people of that ilk, so the only answer is for the American people to get their backs up and
    call a Commie what he/she really is and run them out. As long as people like living on the dole, that will be hard to do because they are the biggest part of the problem. 2.) Attn. GodofPainfulTruth, Your spelling and your grammer are horrible. And I don’t think
    you have your facts entirely straight either. So a lot of the chit-chat on this site is very
    emotional and there are always two sides to any idea, but you have to be able to express yourself a lot better if you want anyone to take you “seriously” (your word). Frankly,
    it is my opinion that the fearless leader in the Oval Office is a Communist and he spends far too much of our money doing stuff that is not good for our country and lives much too
    God Bless us all.

    1. Eddo ~ Although I agree with your first thought, I just want you to know that some of these comments are painful for me to read… See, I am like you, regardless of the reading, I too, am the “grammar police” and pick up on errs all the time, but sometimes I do it too! Other times I do not care, if the content is informing and presented in an orderly fashion; I’m no English Professor, but would like to inform you of your short-sighted error of spelling the word “grammar”… a break to everyone for your spelling and grammar errors – nobody is perfect!

  15. Just wait until the islamic terrorists succeed in obtaining more gov’t protection. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, Leroy!!

  16. He needs to be impeached and taken out of office.
    He swore an oath under law to uphold our Constitution not to undermine it.
    When out of office he can have any opinion and protest for anything he wants but not when in office he must uphold the Constitution, quit, or be tried for treason if he works against the Constitution of These United States.

  17. I doubt if that would ever happen!! This is an apparent ploy by Serrano to get the moron in Washington to know his name, and remember it !!! I’ve been on the planet a long time, and have never seen the brainlessness being shown by grown people!! Thank goodness I’m a member of the Greatest Generation. No one was perfect, but common sense was the norm. We also kicked the—-out of the overseas enemy!!

  18. Term limits are there for a reason, a GOOD ONE!! Need to be sure and have limits for people like this idiot too. YES,this would be another civil war! His spending and still in office may lead to that. He has NO respect for taxpayers, or Americans, unless they benefit him. Sounds like a democrat that needs voted out along with the president. NO LONG TERMS< and KEEP OUR FREEDOMS under the constitution, NO Dictatorship in America. Handouts and free stuff can only go so far, Nothing is really free, especially with a president that SPENDS! He's trying to divide our country anyway he can, we need to stand up to him and show him what Americans really are about, not like "other countries", we will stand together and fight against dictatorship. Do you really want an administration telling you what to do, when to do it, and how you can do it,, and monitoring you all the while? that's what this president wants. I hope America stops this idea and does NOT let him stay in office any longer than he has to, he's already making a lot of Americans dependent on him. GROW up and take back your pride and don't let anyone tell you how to iive, or try to cause fighting between ourselves, we are AMERICA, still, do NOT let him change that. say NO to UN and Obama in regards to loosing ANY of our freedoms, and NO to chg'ing the constition, YES to bringing God back in our Government and schools. NO to longer terms for anyone in Wa. This person needs to retire, doesn't think clearly hisself, apparently. God bless America

  19. We already have his twin. I sure hope BHO read that book he received from Chavez. Was it a watered-down version of the Communist Manifesto?

  20. Maybe everyone that reads their “news” on this site would benefit from getting their news from a real objective news site. And no I am not talking about television or main stream news sites that play for ratings such as MSNBC of FOX. Those are garbage as well. But I feel sorry for all of you who actually rely on sites like this and others for your news. They have a very specific agenda they are pushing and refuse to report anything that does not support it. They also put spin on anything that does in order to make their support look even heavier. Often times they even report bold faced lies. In this case this site is clearly a very right conservative anti-anything thats not kind of site. I would not be at all surprised to find out that this site is funded partially or in whole by the Koch brothers. Who also fuel and have help to found some very terrible political groups such as: Americans For Prosperity (AFP), FreedomWorks, and the CATO institute just to name a few. But dont take my word for it. Look into any of those foundations, see what you find, whos behind them and what political (or whos I should day) agenda they are pushing. Cause it sure isn’t yours regardless of which side of the line you stand on. In summation…. go find some REAL NEWS to read and educate yourself with. Something objective that doesnt take a political stand to one side. Something that just reports the actual news without opinion piggybacked behind all its points. By reading crap like this, you are all just falling right into the line of the corporate political agenda machine like the ignorant drones our politicians want you to be. Get educated, research what you read.

    1. I don’t like Cannoli’s! Socialism sucks, but I do like this news outlet. Sounds like you have a suitable, more liberal stance.. I guess you would also advise to refrain from listening to Carr, Limbaugh and Beck – you would suggest no more listening/watching O’Reilly or Hannity? Those are my guys and I am an Independent. You say this is “not truths or good reading”, I beg to differ! This is what happens when you play with the big boys.. Nice try! falling right

  21. we have brain dead agents in the FBI, CIA the famous SS, US Marshalls and a real dumb- ass for a DOJ chief. If either party had any balls, Buckwheat would have been out of office in his first year. Get ready America to have Buckwheat as a leader until he dies, somehow.

  22. It would really help if the author had reported “the whole story”. The whole story is that this is the 8th time (second under Obama; he introduced it 4 times under Bush 43 and twice under Clinton). It is that background that makes me reach a conclusion quite different from the author…as while it isn’t popular by any means, it is still being done with respect to the Article 5 procedure…regardless of who is in power.

    The author wants to use Hugo Chavez as an example, but that fails because Chavez flat-out ignored the Venezuela Constitution (which limits a person to a single 6-year term); you cannot make a valid comparison here unless Obama were to try to run in 2016 again in violation of Amendment 22 or doesn’t leave office at the expiration of this term.

  23. Question, does a government, supposedly elected by the constitutional acquiescence of the majority, have as a right, even if by constitutional means,the ability to overcome the inherent “natural rights” given to men and women by God Almighty,whether that be by popular vote, or by a complete reinterpretation of constitutional law by the courts, achieved with “court stacking” by the elected President and the also elected Congress, so as to achieve a Egalitarian totalitarian state, which permanently overrides or keep circumspect the existing Constitution, built previously by the logical extension of those very same “natural rights”? My answer is no, the inherent , God given rights of the minority, cannot be simply overcome by the will of the majority, no matter , whether that supposed will of the majority, was duly arrived at by Implied or not, perfect will of the majority. A government of mortal men and women, no matter, how eloquent and grandiose, cannot simply overcome or overthrow the pre-existing(to the Constitution, the Magna Carta or any other man-made document defining the relationship between people and their governments.), larger framework of the relationship between Almighty Deity And His Spiritual Children, men and women and their children.. Any attempt to do so, will and must be, met with, at the least, resistance and civil disobedience and at the most, Revolution, bloody and terrible, in which death itself becomes the testimony , covenant and Similitude (of the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ) of our fidelity to our God! To the atheist, the Relativists, the various gradations of the statist, the corrupting and the corruptible, the Sinner and the agnostic, beware and be fully aware, of the fidelity to God, and to the strength of his mighty arm, to the blessing of his people!

  24. So it turns out he doesn’t really want Hugo Chavez as president? What a let-down – it could have been a good article…

  25. All the things we have all been saying for the past four years are coming true and all the libs that called us every name in the book saying that will never happen can lick the off the bottom of my boots.

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