Obama Administration Paid Bribes to America’s Enemy

Would it surprise you to learn that the Obama administration had paid bribes as much as $850,000 to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders prior to the military takeover of the government?

Hisham Barakat, Egypt’s Attorney General is investigating the bribery charges as well as other criminal charges against Mohammad Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  Their trials for crimes against the country begin this week.  Among the charges that Morsi and his colleagues are facing are murder, assassinations, orchestrated prison escapes, sniping, indiscriminate killing of demonstrators and collaborating with foreign governments which include the United States and Qatar.

According to an Egyptian judicial source, Morsi and his fellow leaders accepted ‘gifts’ or bribes paid to them in US dollars through the US embassy in Cairo.  Almersryoon, an Egyptian newspaper reported:

“A judicial source stated that over the past few days, a number of complaints have been filed with the Attorney General Hisham Barakat. These complaints accuse the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders of the centrist party of receiving gifts from the American embassy in Cairo. The sponsors of these complaints stated that among these leaders are Mohamed Badie, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat Al-Shater, deputy leader and businessman, Mohamed Beltagy leading the group, Essam el-Erian, deputy head of the Freedom and Justice Party of, and Abu Ela Mady, head of the Wasat Party, Essam Sultan, deputy head of the Wasat Party.”

“A judicial source stated that the Attorney General Hisham Barakat received a number of filed complaints over the past few days. These complaints accuse leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders of the centrist party of receiving bribes thinly disguised as ‘gifts’, paid through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.”

The charges of accepting bribes from the US is further bolstered by a Qatar document that lists the monthly ‘gifts’ paid out to the various members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The ‘gifts’ or bribes added up to $750,000 to $850,000 each per year.  Mind you this, in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars that Obama was sending the Egyptian government, is against the will of Congress.  The Qatar document will be used by Barakat as evidence in the trials this week.

The US has video evidence that these same Muslim leaders, including Morsi, identified the US as an enemy in the same category as Israel that must be destroyed.  This makes them enemies of the US.  Now we have more evidence that the Obama administration was paying bribes to our enemies of three quarters of a million dollars or more a year.

This should come as no surprise since the bribes were paid through the US embassy in Cairo.  Our embassies are operated by the State Department and at the time of the bribe payments, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.  Her closest aid and confident was Huma Abedin, whose mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the women’s version of the Muslim Brotherhood.  That makes both President Obama and Hillary Clinton guilty of treason for aiding and abetting our enemies and Hillary guilty of harboring someone who most likely spied for the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  Abedin would have had access to the most sensitive and confidential State Department information.

I wish the Egyptian Attorney General would bring bribery charges against Clinton and Obama and that our Congress would follow suit in also bringing charges against them for treason as well as other crimes.

60 thoughts on “Obama Administration Paid Bribes to America’s Enemy

  1. Nothing this admin does has ever surprised me. Many failed to see the evil in this man before the 2008 election. That he remains in office currently, means the Lord is using this man for a purpose.

    The agenda from the beginning was to destroy this nation from within. Unfortunately, the majority of congress members have sold their souls to the devil as well. We are in perilous times, and Americans will suffer greatly under the evil empire. The Lord will take them down when it is time.

    1. Yours is the first post I have seen that expresses what I have believed. Forgive my surprise but honestly most Christians I’ve tried to talk too just can’t see it.
      Your opinion is my reason for feeling no fear from BO being in office although only a foolish person wouldn’t care what he has done against our country and people. I still wonder if the Lord put him in office to speed up time to God’s timing. After all, we know who has the last word on such things. :)
      However we must remember He tells us to pray for the government. That has been hard for me to do but I know the importance of obedience. Knowing how God works, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to see BO turn to our Lord and become a Christian, maybe even while he’s still in office! Wouldn’t that floor his Chicago buddies?
      Hey, He has worked on worse problems than this administration and He is always the winner!
      Just my opinion…

    2. Yahweh is useing Obama as a means to pressure and make aware the christian community of his displeasure with there anti-Torah anti-nomos(law)stand and there false belief system for roughly almost nineteen hundred years Christianity was developed as a Torahless(lawless religious system in about 135 A.D.)the all gentile church who had thrown off God’s system of government in favor of man’s,unless believers repent and return to Yahweh and his Torah,it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better,although the law will not save us,it’s purpose is to sanctify(make holy,set apart)his people.without holiness no man can see Yahweh(be in his sight)and will be least in his Kingdom,we are save by grace through faith not by works,the Torah written in our hearts and mind Hebrews 8:10-13 will cause and allow us to walk in the Spirit not in the flesh(carnal minded)Romans 7:14 and Romans 8:4-11 carnal mindedness is death,to walk in the Spirit is Life and Peace,without the Torah the Gospel is no more than Humanism denying both the Father and the Son we keep his commandments out of love for Yahweh and Yeshua.—Jim Hunt

  2. So why isn’t he in prison yet??? Do we have any Judge or Congress or Supreme Court or any Representation at all. Or are we at the mercy of our Terrorist fraud president. That is what happens when people turn away from their God and all they can think of are living as He said NOT to and kill babies, gay marriages, teaching children sex in school, suggesting they may be pervert homosexuals. How the hell does a kid know that. Every abomination that Obama has brought to the American people. We will be the next Egypt!

    1. Valid question. The answer is that they have all sold out while we the people slept! They pay only lip service to their Constitutional oath and many not even that! If you had been counting the times both the left and the right have sold out the Constitution in just the past two administrations it would be much too long to list here. Yes even the past administration with its budget busting social welfare programs and ignoring the illegals and it duty to protect the nation sovereignty were betrayers of the Constitution and set the precedence for the current outlaw fraud regime!

    2. I don’t know who the informant is that confirmed to Obama and his party that 2008 was the right time to run for office as the Republican party (men) had all had mental sex changes and become weak kneed girly boys and wouldn’t stand up to anyone that may want to take over the United States of America. Whomever it was. knew his/her sh– as that is what has happened. Boehner had to have been sent by an alien source whom McCain and Graham hired as they have led the Repubs down the trail of virtually no return as the GRAND OLD PARTY. It is now just the OLD party that is worn out it’s welcome. Fifty four years and five oaths taken to Protect and Serve and the party lights are going out

      1. George Soros & his billionaire minions put Hussein ObaMAO in power over Hillary based solely on his skin color. The white guilt brainwashing had come to fruition & the powers that be knew that Hussein could get away with ANYTHING, violating the law & our Constitution, simply because he is half black. No Republican dares touch him because if they do the leftist media will have a feeding frenzy & the mindless masses will despise them. Republicans will not defund ObaMAOcare because Hussein will threaten to cut off entitlement payments & his media lapdogs will SAVAGE the Republicans for starving children & blacks.

        They are in a no win situation due to the laziness & stupidity of voters & the fantastic job ObaMAO & the media have done of LYING & using PROPAGANDA to annihilate their opponents.

        Whites are racists that beat, rob, rape & murder blacks, gays are discriminated against & Christians are haters, Judaism & Islam ALSO condemn homosexuality, gays have a RIGHT to FORCE everyone else to accept shoving live animals up their as ses, spreading horrifying diseases, sodomy & perversion & using threats & violence to accomplish that goal, muslims are peaceful & Christians are violent haters, ect. PROPAGANDA WORKS! It worked for Hitler & it works for Hussein.

  3. So what is new about this! This whole administration is so corrupt and crooked that they are for everything that is against America. They are our enemies.

    1. As to starting a war, Leon Pineta already told Sen Sessions of the Armed Services Committee that he would seek international consent for Obama to start a war without the approval of congress. He told us he would start a war with the legal basis being NATO and the UN:
      He did this back on March 7, 2013:

  4. Since Tom McClintock has his head buried in the sand like most in congress I will do everything I can do to assure he has to finally start looking for a job. May everyone else who has representatives that do not reflect your interests do the same thing as I am doing. We must rebuild our country since obama has concentrated on destroying it.

  5. Get that traitor out of OUR WHITE HOUSE. This is AMERICA not some hate Christian, government controlled, disrespecting Women nation. Give us
    our country back.

  6. As long as 48% of the American people are DUPED by this administration into believing it’s going to meet ALL THEIR NEEDS, he won’t be impeahed. What will happen is that when the money runs out on all his entitlement constituency, they’ll be on the White House lawn, not posting on Websites. Good luck to him, then.

  7. Corruption is Obama’s middle name. Because this nation has blindly voted for Obama TWICE we will continue to sink down into this pit of corruption. Needless to say, there is no way out. If Hillary is elected as our next president, she will hand this once great nation over to the one world government.
    Only The Lord working through godly individuals may turn back the tide of evil and corruption within this country. May the Lord’s will be done.


  8. It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…can you say Benghazi? I knew you could. All of that lovely money was meant to buy the silence of the terrorists who threatened to step forth and tell the world the truth about what happened to the US embassy in Benghazi. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive….

  9. Face it. Obama thought it was peachy-keen to hand taxpayer money to the Moslem Brotherhood, and true to islamic radical form, the Brotherhood then distributed that money to terrorist cells that actually attacked the U.S. facilities in Benghazi killing Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans.

    Maybe now you can understand why Benghazi is such a hot potato to Obama and his henchmen – telling the truth will be a little much for even the staunchest Obama lover to stomach.

    With Obama, nothing is ever how it seems, and if you want to know why it is almost a year later and the facts have yet to come out, just imagine how our commander-in-chief is manipulating the show just to make sure nobody ever connects the dots.

    1. What happened to the 400 hand held ground to air missiles the MB took from the Benghazhi Embassy? Better know where they went and soon.

    2. It is a darned shame that we no longer have real journalists and investigative reporting in America. News reporters and people still speaking truth to power would be having veritable festival with this administration!!!! News of all this will never reach the idiots that go around claiming Bobo is the greatest man to ever be elected. Darn shame.

  10. I know what the democrats I know will say, “So what, every President does that. And I’m voting for Hillary next election.” All that matters to democrats is “free stuff.”

    1. John Boehner may be all talk because I haven’t seen much action on the side of We the People.
      Up until now, what haven’t they allowed BO to get away with?
      He is one of the reasons I change my voter card from the GOP to Conservative Party.
      I’ve been on this earth more than 75 years and I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed with the GOP. I mean their actions these passed (almost) 5 years has really let us and themselves down.
      I don’t even like to think about their lack of action for We the People.
      Just my opinion…

  11. Well, now, we’re all ‘surprised’ right? Being raised as a muzlim, and publicly stating in his famous book (ghost written by Bill Ayers, former terrorist, now ‘professor’)that he’d ‘stand by the muzlims’ if things go bad, should this be a shocker? He helped get this monkey elected, did he not? Bribes are just business as usual in sandbox countries, but this does in fact qualify as ‘treason’ even by liberal definitions. The double standard would be they’d all be howling at the doors if Bush had been found doing this. King zero, as usual, gets a pass and coverup by the media.
    surviving urban crisis . com

  12. And this surprises whom? Or is it who? Either way it doesn’t amaze, stun, surprise or make me gasp. If it is illegal or immoral one can rest assured that the president is all for it and most likely in the lead. Or if not in the lead at least side by side with Jarret.


  14. Obama already told congress via Leon Pineta and Gen Dempsey he will use the US military as his own personal army without the consent of Congress. Sessions just sat there and did nothing.

    1. I really don’t believe the U.S Military will follow Obama. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution and not Obama. The rank and file don’t like him and it would hopefully turn into an Egypt.

      1. If the Army is ever going to stand for what is right the time to step forward and do what is right is fast approaching,then we will really see what they are made of,at least those that has the strength of Character and intestinal fortitude to do so.—Jim Hunt

  15. A dark black cloudy looms over this goverment that is determined to destroy our America! God Bless the USA,Forever!

  16. our tax dollars at work. what a wonderful way to fly.

    will somebody please shoe-telephone miss “what difference does it make” for her or gf huma’s comment? oh, i forgot: the mainlining media is “out to lunch” this decade. sorry.

  17. We haven’t learned from our history lessons! The Israelites wanted a king. God gave them a king and they still complained. The same as today the people wanted a black president, who was supposedly an American born. This president made an oath on his father’s grave that he will take America down. We’re being destroyed from the inside out and the only relief is God. If my people would humble themselves and seek my face I will answer them.

    1. But we must also turn(repent)from our wicked ways,the people of faith must meet Yahweh’s conditions as written in the Bible we must return to God(Yahweh)and his Commandments(laws)And stop believing the false theology of the church that tells us we no longer must keep his commandments or that they have passed away(they are still inforce).—Jim Hunt

  18. No one will do a damn thing about this guy. And the people who put this blithering idiot into office, twice!…they believe all of this is made up! The scandals, the lies, this story…they do not believe one damn thing is wrong with this devil. O could BBQ his entire family and eat them on live tv, blame it on Bush and the people who put him in office would believe it….it’s not O we have to worry about, it the f’n moronic citizenry that put him in office we have to worry about…that is what is bringing America to its knees…

  19. Jolly is always funny. His knowledge of the law demonstrates his ignorance and stupidity. First, under the legal definition of “enemy” the MB does not fit the definition. We are not at war with them. Secondly, the aid to Egypt was bit only legal, and with the will of Congress, it would be irresponsible not to do it. The bulk of the aid never went to Egypt. It went to many government contractors like General Dynamics to pay for items that were given to the Egyptian military. Needless to say, it was imperative to keep the military strong. Mr. Jolly constantly seems to project inaccurate or just plain erroneous information. I would also point out that the aid was dictated by the Peace Treaty. It’s also disengenuous to say you believe in democracy, then rail against a legally, democratically elected leader. You can’t have it both ways. But then most here are hypocrites. They don’t believe in democracy, they’re just xenophobic..

  20. Compile the names of those who played the Socialist criminal game against the Constitution and the American people. These people must be impeached. Your list is the same as mine? There are three words of advice…… Impeach, Impeach, and Impeach. The Republican Congress BETTER defund Obamacare or we will replace those GOP who resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. ObaMAO is HALF black/deity, therefore no light colored Republican will touch him. They have ample ammunition to impeach this racist, pro muslim, anti Christian, anti American, radical, mentally ill sociopath but they know that if they do the leftist propaganda spewing media will DESTROY them. ObaMAO knows it too, that is why he flouts our Constitution & our laws with impunity.

    When you have a media that wants Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, ANYTHING but FREEDOM, & you have nothing but leftist psychopaths running your country it makes it nearly impossible to reach the mindless masses with the TRUTH.

    I often wondered how the Germans could be so stupid/blind as to elect Hitler. Now, seeing the EXACT same tactics used to elect ObaMAO, I fully understand how that happened.

  22. If he is not, actually, an American citizen is he subject to the Oath of President or Laws to uphold the Constitution or even laws expected to be accountable as a public service employee ? This may be the final exiting excuse the man has a he leaves office with a PENSION and benefits for life.

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