Obama as God and Father of the Nation

Worshiping political leaders is not a new thing. From the Egyptians and the Romans to Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong the citizenry were called on to worship their leaders.  Dominus et Deus Noster, “Our Lord and God” was attributed to the Roman emperor to Domitian, who served as Emperor from AD 81 to 96.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that someone like Al Sharpton would call for the same type of adulation.  Newsbusters reports the following:

“Have a look at the image of President Obama that Al Sharpton repeatedly displayed during a segment of his MSNBC show . . . on the theme that the Obama agenda on immigration and gun control is gaining traction.

“It shows a stern-faced President Obama superimposed against the backdrop of a massive crowd. At one point, Sharpton displayed a graphic reading ‘Taking Control.’”

This is exactly what people like Sharpton want — a man of their liking and who will do their bidding and implement a specific agenda that fits with their present political values. But once the first Caesar “takes control,” there will be a succession of Caesars who will dismiss the first king makers and replace them with those of his own choosing.

Chris Rock offered a similar form of corporate adulation. Speaking at a Washington function promoting Obama’s proposed gun control reforms, the comedian said the following:

“The President and the First Lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen. And when you don’t, it usually bites you in the ass later on. So I’m here to support the president.”

Now if this were George Bush, Rock would be singing a different tune. It’s because Rock agrees with the President that he can say this, and because there are many fatherless young blacks in our nation, it might appeal to them. They’re looking for a father image. Herbert Schlossberg discusses this malady in his book Idols for Destruction:

 “The paternal state not only feeds its children, but nurtures, educates, comforts, and disciplines them, providing all they need for their security. This appears to be a mildly insulting way to treat adults, but it is really a great crime because it transforms the state from being a gift of God, given to protect us against violence, into an idol. It supplies us with all blessings, and we look to it for all our needs. Once we sink to that level, as [C.S.] Lewis says, there is no point in telling state officials to mind their own business. ‘Our whole lives are their business.’1 The paternalism of the state is that of the bad parent who wants his children dependent on him forever. That is an evil impulse. The good parent prepares his children for independence, trains them to make responsible decisions, knows that he harms them by not helping them to break loose. The paternal state thrives on dependency. When the dependents free themselves, it loses power. It is, therefore, parasitic on the very persons whom it turns into parasites. Thus, the state and its dependents march symbiotically [in close union with one another] to destruction.”2

  1. C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock, ed. Walter Hooper (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1970), 314. []
  2. Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction: The Conflict of Christian Faith and American Culture (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, [1983], 1993), 184. []

327 thoughts on “Obama as God and Father of the Nation

  1. Only ignorant people worship the likes of Obama. It was ignorant people who worshiped Hitler and it is the same now.

    Sadly I believe Obama is taking us down the same road as Hitler did Germany.

      1. The difference is that old Adolph needed a roaring economy to feed his war machine. Obama’s goal is to economically destroy America. Other than that, they are pretty much alike. Hopefully, Obama will meet the same fate.

        1. thats right dude, he needs to bring us down so he can rebuild it in his way, I known this for 4 yrs, And the one thing that stands in his way is the bill of rights and the Constitution, The 1st and 2nd Amendments are a thorn in his side, And needs to destroy them slowly, Thats why this big push about the Ar-15 and assault type weapons, that there really isn’t any type gun really, its just a politicians word that hates guns. And if the american people dont stand up and fight we will lose it

        2. Once he destroys or alters the 2nd Amendment the rest of the Constitution/Bill of rights will fall like a house of cards. He’s been on record for years talking about the inadequacies of our Constitution and his disdain for the 2nd amendment.

          ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!
          be vigilant, be prepared.

      2. and then he destroyed the economy and the country and it took fidel castro to rebuild germany after the war and then he went and fixed up the rising sun…..

        1. that is how the “new department of education” has history revised. Next, kenyan boy saves the world from economic collapse and will be nominated as god and world supreme leader…………..

    1. 51% of those who voted, wanted to keep less of their own money, wanted less, poorer and more expensive health care and less freedom. Thank you Americas public education system. Anyone moronic enough to adore this chicken stealin, tap dancin, street hustler deserves what they get.

      1. Actually, the 51% who voted for this troll want more, more, more, more, more, and more with them doing less, less, less, less, less, and less!

        1. The ‘idiots of America’ have spoken. What a shame, and we have been spending and approving bonds for education and 51% of Americans are plain dumb and stupid enough to vote for a fraud.
          Vote for the most Conservative, Constitutional, Christian and honest candidate in all elections – Federal, State and Local.

        2. If you pay people to vote or give them enough free stuff , of course, you will win elections with the dumb people who voted for this useless hack politician.

        3. That cell phone isn’t going to work after the government goes broke. In fact, they won’t be able to steal someone else’s phone and use it, either, because the whole system will have collapsed with the collapse of the Fed.

        4. These free loaders have been living like this since the revolutionary war ended. It’s no surprise that Sharpton and Chris Rock with an IQ of a
          hokey pock act this way.

        5. :)! That’s what I was implying.

          Where did I put my left foot? out?

          I recall going to picnics as a kid and that was always playing :)

        6. I’d like to put MY left foot somewhere too, & it sure ain’t OUT……….. It’s UP!
          You know WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

        7. Need them to make first move. We will know when it arrives. Doesn’t appear to be too far off unfortunately. We need to keep our powder dry in the meantime. Be a well regulated militia and become proficient at shooting.

          ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

          “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

        8. I’d love to see their grade school and high school transcripts, would love to see King O’s as well, but we all know in our dreams.

        9. that’s already happening and has been for 4 years only it is getting worse the ones that keep wanting more will eventualy get all they can handle only it will be to them and not for. but no one ever called them smart enough to change a light bulb. unfortunaley their screwing us all

        10. Ever see the movie Pacific Heights? Basically this couple rents part of their very nice house out to someone who turned out not to be a nice guy. He doesn’t plan on ever leaving despite he’s not paying rent – he wants them to leave so that he can have the nice house for his own. So to encourage their leaving he makes life at home disgusting and unbearable. He breeds billions of cockroaches and sets them in the house to procreate unabated. Obama is the guy who “rented our house”, he seemed “nice” at the time but once he got inside, he, like this wretched and malevolent renter, turned nasty and he invited in all his nasty friends to overpower the nice landlords. That’s about where we are. You know Landlord/Tenant Laws generally make getting rid of renters a lot harder than it was to get them. You have to follow the law to get them out, now we have the person who is in charge changing the laws by “executive order” so that is why he refuses to enforce our borders or to hold welfare queens accountable. He wants them to overwhelm us and run amuck and so far he’s been very successful because no one wants to call it what it is. All the politicians have their hand in the pie, they have a nice cozy game of “share the wealth” (its the RIGHT THING TO DO according to Obama). Trouble is he’s not talking about any of his billions of illgotten gains, he’s talking about whatever common folks have managed to acquire, about redistributing it to ‘the needy’.. WE are IN NEED right now but we missed our chance. Obama stacked the decks by letting illegals, dead people and those with multiple personalities (repeat voters) do the voting. He kept the military from voting (those darn ballots got lost until AFTER the election – sorry about that). The truth is disgusting but its time to give up the idea that the neither the emperor nor his clothes are nice at all.

        1. that is the truth, the Real Americans that pay taxes and build businesses that hire folks and pay wages will pay, but only for so long and then the long downhill ride will begin………….

        1. Hey Antoninus, really? When did that happen?
          What obama didn’t come through with a new bathroom for her? :)

        2. Like a good friend of mine she thought if she did not Romney would revoke her disability, she is disabled alright just not physically….lol and yes she is a friend who worships and drinks the kool aid brand O.

      2. that would be fine brian but what a bout the rest of us? why do we have to go along with this marixs plan? we don’t but we for once must work together as one.an that being said there lies our problem

      3. We owe our debt to fifty years of “progressive” education, at last giving us the final generation which has been “educated” (LOL…) to demand that they pop out of the womb with a warranty in one hand and a rebate in the other…

      4. Pretty much every poll regarding various issues shows conservatives representing about 60-65% of the populace. I think “0” began planning the big ‘election heist’ right after he sealed all his records.

        1. Amen. 60% of the country is conservative and hundreds of thousands of dems broke rank and voted for Romney. Two and two do not make five. Quit drinking the media narrative he won, He won by vote fraud, pure and simple. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

      5. My comment is sure to bring much negativity but the truth sucks I guess and that’s what people don’t realize. The fact is that we have (to use an analogy) an infestation of cockroaches that we have chosen to nurture. Cockroaches are bad enough even when you try to keep them under control. But what we have as a society today, what we have “bred” amounts to a segment of society that is like cockroaches. They don’t do anything other than cause trouble, they have no jobs, bring in no money, no experience, no pleasure, no nothing except just being what they are. I am not suggesting (to carry the analogy further) that they should be exterminated, but rather than they need to learn a trade to become productive members of society rather than people with debit cards loaded with welfare money and lots of free time to hang around causing problems, acting like jerks. Yes, yes, I can hear all the “racist” labels now but that is part of the problem we have this infestation. When sane people see a cockroach they usually get rid of it, call an extermination to TREAT the problem. We, on the other hand, flip on the light switch and instead of seeing the scurrying scuttling cockroaches that are reality, they see struggling abused people who need to be on the dole to make up for some perceived wrongdoing that frankly doesn’t exist. As long as you enable cockroaches, you will suffer infestation. Cockroaches can’t morph into something else but people can, people can change, but as long as they feel no need to change they won’t. So making them comfortable with welfare cash and free time ain’t working.

      1. I’m afraid, that before our nightmare is over, obas tard’s arrogant chin-held-up-high mug will be carved into Mt. Rushmore.

        1. You know if they try the granite will crumble into pieces in retaliation. Leave that one to mother nature, she will prevail, lol.

      2. It is always scary when masses worship a politician, they themselves begin to believe it like the trash in Hollywood all think they are brilliant scholars.

        1. There was this guy called JIM JONES. He was responsible for a lot of people dying. He was a cult of personality just like Obummer. I believe that’s when they coined the phrase drinking the KoolAide.

    2. But since he is now more “flexible”, it will be PUTIN who wins the prize! Our natural resources! Just across the “pond” from him is the greatest reserves of oil and gas in the world! Not only will it be easy to transport, 0’Bama will get a huge bonus for “SAVING” it for them, and the elite in Russia will all end up with luxurious white fur coats and hats! I pray to GOD that the few God-fearing, God-loving, dedicated, praying, BELIEVING Christians in our beloved Country will STAY on their knees! Even if it is only mentally! He said where two or three are gethered together IN HIS NAME he will be in the MIDST of them! I KNOW that is true! I’ve BEEN there when it has happened! He is the ONLY one strong enough to over-power thegreed, subterfuge, under-handed, evil and devastating agendas in our elected and appointed officials!

      1. No wonder the press spins their versiaon of PRAVDA, they know what happened to the press in Russia that Putin went after, 40 writers went missing over a very short period of time.

        1. What is ironic is the fact that Pravda has recently done several anti-Obama pieces. Including one warning us not to give up our firearms.

    3. With Hitler it was the German people reeling from the devistating effects of WW I,
      recession and depression. The massive debt inflicted upon the German people by
      the “League of Nations” who inflicte much pain and suffering on a devistated nation.
      As a result this left the disgruntal people open to a charasmatic speaker much like
      obama is. As a result Hitler was able to seize power and the rest is history. The
      queston is now do we learn from history are do we repeat it?


    5. ur n idiot, read bout the balfore declaration, or isreal cohens speech to congress, or the godfathr of americas information and censorship committe (CIA) robert A. mcclure.. ur all dopes and r gona b the 1st on the train cars me n my crew have been fabbin at our fab yard for the fema camps. Good luck!

      1. What??? Learn to think coherently, and use proper English before you post, you idiot. Obviously, you are an Obumbo voter.

    6. There’s no way in hell that I will worship this jerk.He, and everyone else says he won’t run again. I, however, will believe it when I see it. And, if he doesn’t suceed in overtaking America in the next four years, he will have hillybilly all lined up to take over where he left off. I think he will try really hard to reign over America until his dying day and then the scepter will be handed down to the oldest of his kids. I wish I could feel better about this, but I can’t.

    7. If we let him do that we can kiss America good by, liberals stick together so what the hell is wrong with the rest of us lets just say 90 million gun owners show up in Washington of course in a very peaceful manner and just voice our opinions that should make a difference !!

    8. Perhaps like Hitler, but he learned from Hitler’s mistakes and will not allow us to see his biases…albeit he has them! His suave demeanor is what keeps the dumb dems mesmerized. He is no fool, but a puppet trained by the best the liberals have, to gain popularity from the naive (morons). The libs focus on the truly blind who cannot see truth if it hit them upside the head…

    9. HOPEFULLY he doesn’t get as Far as Hitler did!!!!!!!(*&^%$##$%^&*(*&^% The ONLY diff. I see in the 2 is the skin color!

  2. You can’t fix stupid, when stupid doesn’t know any thing AND DOESN’T care as long as they are made to look good or someone they think should look good.

    1. We have to care as millions of stupid people worship these two. They are doing as told to whip up their troops for support of the communist goals being instituted.

      1. People like Al Sharpton and Chris Rock have been Communists all their life, enjoying the fruits of Capitalism, which the appear to hate. Their ratings must be near the bottom of the tank. Ahh sensationalism.

      2. I hate to tell you but IMHO it’s too late to stop this slide into hell. The best you can do is make preps the best a you can for weathering the dark times ahead.

  3. This reminds me of Cantor’s ‘Democratic’ speech of yesterday. He parrots the words of the president while his heart is still black. Good is as good does–republican policies aren’t pro-citizen only pro wealth, pro paternalism, pro control. It takes a discerning voter to sort out the similar words while underneath the bad policies, the real world anti-middle class actions continue unabated.

      1. PBR, the drummer doesn’t command the army, just keeps it in step. The Dems aren’t marching but surging forward, the Teapublicans are scattering like a herd of cats.

        1. And Organizing, spreading the word, educating, etc. Oh I forgot to mention MONEY!
          By the way TROLL ALERT!

        2. That’s an apt metaphor–underground, also, as in head in the sand, blind as a bat, deaf-dumb-blind; need I go on.

        3. With any luck at all the Tea Party will get their act together before the 2014 election. I’m not sure it will happen but there is always a chance someone will surface to make it happen.

        4. They haven’t been able to organize in 4 years or so. What makes you think this herd of cats can march together?

    1. Try this one at the next rally Dr. Bill. “Death to the running dogs of Yankee Imperialism”
      You may get laid that very night.

      1. brian, if you were ‘up’ on current national events as you are on Mao-era slogans, you might join the progressives.

  4. If Sharpton and Rock want to live under a dictatorship there are a lot countries to move to, SO PLEASE DO and take your sugar-daddy with you and you three can live happily ever after, MORONS!

  5. Chris Rock also said that ”Obama is our boss”.

    Chris and the rest of the appallingly ignorant left need to spend some time in North Korea or China where they can personally experience the reality of their beloved Socialist ideology. The opportunities provided in a free America is what gave Chris his chance at success and yet he wants to see our country forever changed into some ersatz utopia.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    When I heard Chris speak, I could see that his submission to Obama was so complete that I was waiting for him to say…”Yes Suh…..Massa….I be working in dem fields out yonder jus’ fer you, Massa.”

    Sickening display of boot-licking.

      1. Absolutely true!, though I would leave ‘house’ out of it. I would not want these two in MY house, not even close to my trash can.

  6. Can’t take the animal out of the jungle guess slavery is so deeply engrained they don’t know how to be free look at majority of welfare recipients still rely in being taking care of. This is after trillions spent in more free education for them I wonder if just pushing them thru weather they were ready or nit for the next level was worth it Thus is what u get dumb and dumber So sick of the nonsense and total incompetence really scary just hope all hell doesn’t break out till I’m ready to retire out of this cesspool of what once was a great country

  7. Could this be the fulfillment of scriptures?

    “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2Thes 2).
    The glassed-over eyes of the Barry worshippers can only be attributed to such a ‘strong delusion’, as was also those who worshipped Adolph Hitler. Why? Because they rejected God and his commandments, therefore they are turned over to this lie.

    1. Nixon was a good president. He was a natural born citizen and an American.
      His error in judgment is nothing like the out and out assault on our country by this racist, Arab,fascist, homosexual commie piece of camel crap!

  8. I’m sure that Obama, who has disdain for the Constitution and contempt for the ignorant masses, will be more than willing to step up to the role of dictator. In fact I think in many ways he’s already there. And nothing is being done to stop it, in fact it’s being encouraged by the likes of Sharpton and a elitist MSM. For many it’s like we’re a bunch of frogs in a pot of water being brought to boil. We’ll be “done” before we realize what’s happened.

  9. Rock and sharpton are both celebrity-parasites whose combined IQ is lower than my shoe size. They are not even smart enough to realize that dictators often turn on those who supported them because they are paranoid about their power. That is why the communist nations had so many purges. A dictator is a poisonous snake that bites everyone.

    1. After a communist take over, the first ones executed are those useful idiots who helped them get in power. The communist don’t trust anyone stupid enough to betray their own country. We don’t trust them either for the same reason.

  10. lol @ Chris Rock being meaningful that is soooooooooooooo retarded. obama is a complete bully – why no one is against the bully if they are in the WH, I do not know.

    1. U R An Ignoramus! You are joined by many other ignorant people who have commented in such overt and covert language. Neither their skin color or their race has anything to do with how they think. Remember, white people voted for Obama too and they still love and adore him and his politics. Also, Obama waited until young white children were killed by guns before he acted. So, what’s your point?

  11. Rock and Sharpton are ridiculous, this country is not and never will be about having a presidential dad telling us what to do! This country is about We The People…….it’s our country!

  12. Let’s give Chris a break, he’s an overpaid Hollywood clown with little education and diarrhea of the mouth. I’m not surprised Chris would have a tough time understanding who and what a father is. After all, he’s from an ethnicity with 70% illegitimacy rates, most of them never met their dad.

  13. I think even though Rock and Sharpton are adults, they truly are looking for a father figure. Like the article said, a lot of black people don’t have a decent or any father at all so they look for someone to take care of them…and look at what we have today. Millions of them on some kind of Socialized System that takes care of them. This will keep them down, keep them wanting all that free stuff without doing anything for it. So, they will become even more uneducated, more brainwashed and more of a slave to the “system” than their ancestors ever thought of being, and they’re to dumbed down and lazy to see it.

    1. Father figure? Look at the population of DC. Nobody bussed them there. They migrated to be near their father figure, Washington DC. Give me, give me, give me. And when you are done give me some more!

  14. Sharpton and Rock are both a great big POS. Un-American as the day is long. Sharpton, especially is a fraud who has been living off his own people for years. He is a crook, and a race baiter. He tickles their jollies, and they give him their money, which he uses for his lifestyle. Wake up, people of color! He is using you.

  15. Man, those guys have found themselves a new god. Al Sharpton, supposedly a minister, has sinned against the God he professes to worship violating the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.

    Obama is not a god, and he will never be allowed to be a dictator. Sharpton and Chris Rock have committed the crime of treason against the United States of America. They should be charged with that crime, tried, and if found guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. Isn’t it amazing how the usurping VELCROS use their TITLE to circumvent their responsibilities as an American citizen, pays no taxes, milk the clueless and gullible, live off the good will of people who WORK for a living, and the ONLY thing they EVER “GIVE” is their biased, slanted, rabidly RACIST, radical, opinion! You never hear them preach UNITY, LOVE, compassion, togetherness, or decency, because they haven’t LIVED it! This is one of the most divisive and racist people on the planet! Just using the title REV. before his name is disgusting to God! He calls them “False Prophets” and their punishment is much worse than a normal and honest sinner! Because they are hiding behind a title meant to symbolize a devoted man or woman of GOD! HIS God besides money, and 0’Bama lives WAY down South! As in DUE South!

  17. A lying dishonest trash bag like Sharpton being a supporter of Obummer should be enough to discredit Obummer in any thinking persons eyes. Birds of a feather flock together ,Obummer,Sharpton,Ayers,Holder,etc.

  18. When Black Americans finally realize that those they elected sold them into perpetual unemployment to pander to the Latino vote, they will tar and feather Sharpton and the rest of the charlatans they elected…

  19. This just reveals he inner hatred and long lived desire for blacks to control whites so they can be the Massa’s. All the unemployed, hands out generations of blacks that can’t even tie their shoes would stand up and cheer if this mullato became the dictator. They think they would gain power too, that’s how stupid they are. Low intelligence because of white liberals designing programs to keep blacks dependent on the government. Well, they got their wish. It’s almost laughable if it weren’ so scary because these generational deadbeats aren’t going to do anything different except when sitting around and getting high they’ll be able to say, Yeah, we da man instead of F da man. They’ll continue their drug hazed power trip vicariously through someone who isn’t even one of them. Waiting on that check, waiting on that housing, waiting on that free education they don’t go to anyway and believing now they’ve made it. And that is just where the government wants them, high and dependent so they are no threat, and will not hesitate to help obama kill whitey when the time comes. Then it will be up to the immigrants to figure out how to run the power stations, do medical research, all the things needed to support the greed that the vacation loving Otheivers will keep doing. Not one of them looks past the first of the month until the 2nd when they look for the next first of the month. All you white liberals should be proud you’ve created this monster and for what, feeling guilty about slavery when you had nothing to do with it? What about factoring in all the blacks who sold their own into slavery? No, we’re so worried about making it right we provide them the means to rot, not live and be independent and now as Rev. White said, The chickens have come home to roost. ‘cept the chicken was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia but, damn, that black skin sure do make him look good. Now everybody bow and dream of the father..err excuse me…dream of your mamma’s baby’s daddy you never knew while he was boinking all the ho’s in the hood ’cause now you got Obama! Friggin scary.

    1. Those in the minority should at least attempt to keep a civil tongue in their heads.

      A society threatened, can be very dangerous and will likely strike out in retribution. Their personal security just isn’t that good! Death to all tyrants and quislings.


  20. Imagine that take over like a dictatorship we have been speaking out against that very action for how long now and the people who comment bashing us “what do you know” to put it nicely and just like we all predicted people who have influence are trying to make it happen. Soon to be released NDAA and loaded spy drones coming to a town near you. The Miranda Rights will be stamped on the shell.

  21. This showes the depth and depravity of many in the Black community. They were once
    slave and a White Republivan put our nation at war to free them, Now we have a Black
    Kenyan in the White House and some in the Black Community seem to want to put
    Black American back in chains as slaves. What is really sad is many will not see the
    reference when the leaders want this to happen. Chris Rock and Al (Slimeball) Sharpton
    seem to want this to happen by having osociaoist become dictator. When you look
    at those he has place in positions of power and who is telling him Who, What, When
    and Where to go the obvious is that there will be “slaves” in our land again. Along
    with the death pannels that we are now seeing come out of obama care.

  22. These two STUPID LIBERALS make me want to puke! They are BOTH well-off in their own right, but still promote the “Nanny State” to suck the titties for more and more! THIS COUNTRY IS BEING BRAINWASHED!!! We must STOP the INSANITY NOW!! IMPEACH OBAMA! IMPEACH OBAMA! IMPEACH OBAMA!

  23. The very title of this article is offensive! How can you put “obama” and God in the same sentence? Obama is a communist dictator, and doesn’t have far to go before succeeding in taking over our entire country. WHY?? Because WE let him! Stand up America! Lets march on Washington and throw these commie bastards out before its too late!

    1. Commie dictators are not elected. Look up the meaning of dictator and learn what communism is about. You guys are really very dumb

  24. Sweden did our country a disservice by giving Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. That and his election in 2008 was all Obama ever dreamed of achieving. He desires nothing else. He sees himself as the great emancipator, adviser, father figure, and granter of dependency. This is enough for a man who brought nothing to the presidency. Obama is now an official observer, above the fray, aloof, issuing platitudes and deferring the work to Democrats in Congress. The president has made a difficult, demanding job look rather easy. Nothing has been achieved. Nothing to show of the trillions spent while the existing infrastructure is abandoned to neglect, energy untouched, and education forfeited to a generation of morons.

    1. These turnips be makin some big bucks. Very very big bucks. Especially Chris. He lives in a big pink Hollywood mansion. Lol.y guys got any Rick comedins. No sir. Just us commies

        1. I did indeed then big scholarship to private big time school. And I’m not even black. Just a smart white boy. My kind is much bigger than you old geezers. Tea party support 28%. Obama 60%. Hillary, ext President 65%. Sure you can get Sarah, west, etc all lined up to. Rawl. LOL.

        2. can’t wait till the lilttle boy grows up and becomes a man. How does i feel to have gone to your private big time school on affirmative action-they do that for poor white boys too–and be serving breakfast a McDonalds? You deseve a break today.

  25. “Obama as God and Father of the Nation”
    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. software doesn’t pick up garbage. or lay pipe, or do anyhing a person doesn’t tell i to. You’re so smarl, do something other than sound like a fool. You know bath salts are illegal don’t you?

        1. I am white, work for a big corporation and laugh at the old geezers who are shrinking e eryday. I have many black, brown, yellow friends who voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary. You guys can’t even get your message straight. Wake up. Also, they are advertising vaporizers big time on right wing blogs. A good thing. Expensive but get one. Better than bath salts. You guys need something.

        2. Guess you would know about vaporizers and yes, McDonald’s is a big corporation. You young punks kille me.. LOL. But I remember what Winston Churchill said (ever hear of him?) show me man in his 20’s who’s not a liberal and I’ll show you coward; show me a man in his 40’s who’s not a conservative, and I’ll show you a fool. Hope we don’t have to wait too long.

      2. hell NO! we the people that do NOT want this socialist crap in the usa can stay here!
        So you ALL CAN MOVE!

      3. Very simple little boy. We made this country and just because you and this hack and all of your commie buddies think you pulled a fast one, let’s see who is left standing. You come off as a smart mouth punk and my guess is you will be one of the first to run and hide when it all comes down. Go play some PS2 smart boy.

  26. Al Sharpten, Jesse Jackson, etc are nothing more than a bunch of free loading , money grabbing a–holes who steal from their own people. they want a dictator , then they should move to another country. Our country is being forced to be run by a bunch of communists. When will we wake up and take our country back. We should make all these free loading people to get a job or let them starve. The BIBLE says unless a man works, he does not eat.

    1. Al sharp ton works for a very powerful corporation that owns that other MSm thing NBC. HE makes big bucks. So Rev Al be worki g for many fish

  27. Guess Sharpton doesn’t know but Obama is already a dictator. Why do they all have these pictures making him look like a saint? Wonder why he’s such a narcissist, it’s because he actually believes all this propaganda.

  28. The “Web” of Marxism is very pervasive in American Society. Current Obama policies have re-enslaved the Black Man and Woman and if Sharpton’s and Rock’s demands are met then the job will be complete. The American Constitution’s principles were developed to prevent a dictatorship. It should be noted that this Document lead America away from slavery and freed the Black’s of our nation, praise God. But the Constitution is under vicious attack by the Sharpton’s and the Rock’s and all Obamaites. Marxist Dictatorship will enslave all Americans which is stealthily being put in place. Millions of Americans are ignorant to how they are slitting their own throats at the ballot box…and our throats as well. All of this could lead to another terrible, bloody, Civil war. We need to put our lives, resources and wallets on the line before it is too late to stop the wave of totalitarianism that is about to engulf us all. We need the Minutemen of America to stand up…NOW!!!

    1. I be the hour man and I’m leading the whites and blacks and yellows against you old geezers. We’re young and agile. You lose

      1. This attitude is why America is going the way of the world. What will you have to say when your personal freedoms are gone????

        1. Yes massa! is what they will say. Monkeys can also be young and agile. Nothing to brag about especially when there is someone in a high vantage point and has you in their cross-hairs!

        2. Not so my man. I. E free white and much more powerful than old washed up geezers. You are losing bug time. LOL everyday.

        3. Got us a Troll don’t we Patriot? I know little kids get on our nerves. Just have to ignore that and change the diapers.

        4. I be saying nothing. I’m a happy white man with a good job, pay taxes and fight against old geezers. You guys are shrinking in size…tea party support down to 28%. Rock on old geezers.

        5. I’m a happy white guy too, with an even better job, hate paying taxes and love looking at you young fools through the crosshairs of history that shows over and over how wrong and deluded you are. I LMAO everyday I see or hear from some turd like you. I know i’ts hard, but you’ll grow up sometime, unless your messiah unleashes the reasons that will prevent a lot of you and your friends from ever growning up.

  29. Al Sharpton has never shown me that he has a bit of sense. Obama is doing enough on his own as a Dictator. I believe they want another Germany, which worries me so much. No one wants to stand up against this man and make him do the right thing, explain Libya, Fast and Furious and. his proof of citizenship. The American people better stand up quick and work together, to stop Obama and this Demo, Machine running full blast.

  30. “…really a great crime because it transforms the state from being a gift of God, given to protect us against violence, into an IDOL.”
    Revelation 13:12 “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” [King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)]
    for the complete picture into how this is going down, I urge all asap to get a hold of
    The Great Controversy (free online reading also), authored by ellen gould white.
    be blessed!

  31. chis rock, sharpton and, all these people are reverse racist. these are the kind of people that what this country needs less of. blacks that speak like this are known as not black people but niggers. intelligent blacks with clear heads dont behave or speak like this. I HATE USING THAT TERM BUT IT THE TRUTH ! ! THEY LOVE OBAMA BECAUSE HES BLACK NOT BECAUSE HES INTELLIGENT OR SMART. (THE WORSE LEADER AMERICA HAS EVER HAD !!!)

    1. Well I be lovin Obama and I’m as lily white as you. 52% of voting Americans so loved him and if you look at the demographics they be brown, yellow, and lily white. We be cool white brothers. Glad you don’t have any blacks or browns or yellows voting for your guy. Works for me

      1. Won’t work for long because all your people don’t know how to make anything, fix anything, invent anything, just take. Soon you will all be siting aorund like baboons looking at each other wondering what to do. The rest of us will be laughing our asses off.

        1. There was that peanut man and that cool dude from a huge cable company and many black men heads of corporations. Where are all your old white geezers expounding birther, commie theories….home eating chicken…your o e successful support thing. Rock on.

      2. MAD MAX HUH! your nuts. who tin their right minds would vote for someone whom never had a job and hid his records from the people??? only nut jobs and idiots !! so you know i’m chinese and born in this great country and fought for it in the korean war. 1951-=1954 . obozzo never fought for anything good in his life.

  32. It reminds me of something a new Black Panther said once, it won’t be long and you whites will work for us instead of us working for you. Exceptionally racist statement, but it seems that is what Al Sharpton wants.

    Strange, before Obama became president, i didn’t give bigotry a thought as I work with blacks and have blacks as friends too. Believe it or not, my black friends seem a little distant now… before Obama… we had a lot of fun together.
    This is an example of the division created by our fearless leader.

  33. PROOF!!!! ELDERLY Sponge and SHARP not so much SHOULD BE DEPORTED THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!! If they want to live under a dictator – GO!! Take the MUSLIM POS with you!!

  34. IF “SHARPTONS” FOR IT “ANY SANE PERSON SHOULD BE AGAINST IT !!!” This man is a PIMP and the worst RACIST IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. What is Sharpton and Chris Rock bitching about? BHO put in place before 2008 to become Dictator by 2012 and to continue henceforth. No one should think he does not plan to stay as such past 2016. The people got what they deserve.

  36. Chris Rock and Al Sharpton continue to show their racism, along with Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and a whole host of black entertainers and race baiters. They only make such statements because Obama is (part) black and they feel it somehow will reward black people. In actuality Obama has hurt these people with his amnesty actions that take ways their jobs, his pro-abortion stance which affects the black community in much higher percentage per capita than other ethnic group, and continual dependence on government, but too many are too blind to see it. The first black President is the worst President ever in history so guessing they have a need to somehow defend him.

  37. Awesome. If y guys get your guy elected (to anything) you do not want him/her to take control. That’s a huge relief. No right wing extremism, union busting, climate change denial, etc. your guy/gal will just be well elected. I actually want who I vote for to take co trol. And it’s so cool when a black Rev and black comedian make it all so clear. We rock.

      1. “We rock”? Is that what queer loving un American jerk-wad Commies are calling themselves these days? Interesting. Diluted fools more like it!

  38. Like his idol, Adolf Hitler, Obama told us before the primaries were over in 2008 what he had planned for the USA and its 50 independent republican states… Apparently, a majority of the populace is stupid, or the fix was in and all states participated in fraud, or none of those who voted “for Obama” gives a shi-ite whether or not the USA survives. Every tenth person (tithe) who voted for him in 2008 should be shipped to Kenya. Those who voted for him AGAIN, should ALL be sent to Indonesia.

    1. Now guys Obama is either hitler, a fascist. Or some Commie idol. The two are not the same. Amazing allegedly intelligent geezers cant tell the difference. Pick one. You hate both but really really different. Your choice. Show your intellige ce

  39. Chris Rock and Al Sharpton. What a pair: a washed up comic whose vocabulary is limited to the “F” bomb and a racist, rabble rouser who wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face at 100 mph. “Who’s your daddy” Rock and the “the white man is evil” Sharpton. A shame Obummer wouldn’t use one of his drones targeted for American citizens when these two nitwits were sitting down to dinner together. But then Obummer would have to target the drone up his own *sshole to take out either one of them.

  40. Obama, has done a superb job in creating racial bias in America. He follows the Alinsky rules for radicals in every move he makes. He has been successful in causing racial division that was healing itself, until he used his bully pulpit to upset America,with his sneaky class warfare snake oil rhetoric. He reminds me of the person in an office, who slyly riles their co- workers against the boss, then sits back and capitalizes on the chaos they caused for his or her own gain. Obama’s motives, are clearly understood, by those who can see through his true intention to destroy the Republic he swore to defend and protect. What’s a little lie when you want to effect fundamental change? Obamaites ,are mesmerized by the man, who promises a land of milk and honey filled with support for all their needs from birth to death. “Obama’s stash” won’t accomplish this promise, without his agenda to break the backs of US taxpayers, stripping them of what they earned through ingenuity and hard work. How can both Houses of Congress, sit by and not see the disdain Obama and his selected staff hold for this Great Country?

  41. well Rock had better be careful, if he gets his wish ‘Daddy’ may decide he doesn’t need ole Rock and then what……….

    1. Ah, old Uncle Adolph. Haven’t heard him called Schiklegrubber in ages. :) of course Adolph had alias’s much like the flaming Arab Queer Obama!

  42. As if there were not enough of dictators in Africa.. On the other hand ,maybe it is a case of simply being hapless having dictatorial tendency because the genes are so strongly embedded in Africans. When they amass a bit of power they want to make the rest powerless. And ,like Africa ,mess up what is already excellent for them in America. Look at what these so-called American Africans ,educated & cultured in America ,did in Liberia where they had the opportunity to manage their own nation.They turned dictators at the first opportunity .

  43. It is amazing how stupid people are and I would have to say these two take the cake. Has Cris Rock stopped hitting women and has ole Al paid his taxes yet? Just curious!!

  44. Chris Rockhead should go to a government class taught by someone who is not biased politically. The president is actually the employee of the people and not the boss. But then I guess he qualifies as an idiot that doesn’t know squat !!

    1. Like the VAST MAJORITY of the black community, both these race baiters (Sharpton & Rock) are not only “politically” biased, they are “racially biased” as well!

    2. Hey, medivac, I really don’t think they are capable of grasping the concept otherwise they would make public asses out of themselves.

  45. There is also nullification and complete disrespect for the bogus laws problem us u would need the masses. Otherwise they mak an example out if u when we the people should and by law make an example if out treasonous corrupt politicians it take time to educate those in denile but boy when they awake its going to be one heck of a party Obama on a stick anyone

  46. That Al, what a clown!! and Chris too. If ever there were two choice people for Poster Children for infanticide these will work. Since they both approve of it so strongly I think they should both swallow some hi speed lead, you know take one for the cause. After all they missed the first chance..

  47. Obama has been making Mao Tse Tung look like a choir boy while in the meantime “We the People” have been smelling the political garbage dump in our nation for quite some time but, only until now it is coming into view.

  48. al sharpton and chris rock are two piece of human waste just like the boy obama they bow down to and kiss his boy butt like the sissy boys they were raised to be. Well, there are real men out here in this country who don’t like butt kissing lying pieces of human waste such as al sharpton and chris rock.

    Do us a favor and take a great big dose of STFU and then ESAD.

  49. Obama does obey the U.S. Consitution when he disagrees with it. He rules by fiat, or as he calls it by “executive order.” He is already ruling like a dictator in many ways.
    Ignorant and racist politicians and movie actors and comedians violate the words of Rev. MLK Jr. by judging Obama by the color of his skin, rather than the content of his heart. Christ said, “Man judges after the outward appearance, but God judges the heart.” We need to do likewise and when we do, we are not racists but judge one’s character, or lack thereof.
    Rev. Al is a racist and a bigot. Remind him of his racist rants, supporting Tawana Brawley, who was proven to be a liar. Leftists are willingly ignorant.

  50. We all know that Al Sharpton is nothing but a Big Mouth Trouble maker, who does not have the sence he was born with. And Chris Rock I don’t know anything about him. But he must be a little short in the Brain Deptarment also.

  51. Chris Rock.you may consider them your mom and dad but they are far from being mine they aren’t the right color.and Al Sharpton you both are dumb idiots we already have a dictator,a Czar what more do you want oh I forgot like Jamie Foxx,kill all the whites and we want America to become Afro-America,do away with all whites so we can stop our whining about slavery all four of you and that is including Beyonce are sleeze balls and nose wipers to Obama

  52. Time for these boys to stick with shoe polish. They haven’t been to school enough to
    had a clue! Have either one of these JOKERS ever had a job?

  53. It should be no surprise to hear clowns like Rock and Sharpton call for America to bow down before the progressive’s version of one more Dear Leader. Progressivism (democrats) denies individual freedom and promotes the State. We’ve seen their fascist streak often throughout history.

  54. I guess you can take those ‘boys’ out of the jungle, expose them to civilization, care for them like babies, but you can’t take their jungle heritage of needing a chief to sell them into slavery out of them.

  55. No surprise here…
    Al Sharpton, a bon-vivant, misleading the poor African-Amerians in our Country, wants to exland his wealthy, easy, layback life, of doing nothing, much like a leech.
    So why is it a surprise, he wants King Obama I, to take over, to guarantee his worthless future of living of the sweet of other people…
    The one, and only honest and truthful true Leader of our African-American brothers and sisters, was the Rev. Martin Luther King. The others are just “empty suits”, that want to keep them in the dark, for their own benefit…

  56. Fortunately I had a Mother and a Father so suggesting I bow to King O is laughable. Perhaps Sharpton and Rock should move to a third world country where they can swoon and in turn be protected by the dictatorship they seem to desire. No politician deserves respect and certainly not this one is no holy man.

  57. Chris R. is an angry type guy who thinks he’s funny….NOT. And Al Sharpton, (please do not refer to him as REV., he is NOT) is another user of American goodness who has gotten away with a lot he should be charged with. I’m sure God has his number.

  58. Read about Daniel in the Bible. He was told to worship the leader and he refused, so he was thrown into a furnace. The people who threw him and his friends in, were destroyed by the fire but Daniel and friends didn’t even have the smell of smoke on their clothes. They obeyed GOD and HE saved them. Obama will not save us. God will if we believe and obey Him

  59. Those sick dummies can worship any choice of any mortal god that they wish. A goldern calf, a proven liar or a bronze statue if you please. Count the sightless out, for they are fools. I will continue to worship the God of the Christians and Jews. Folks, the heathens are raging. Lock and Load!

  60. Chris Rock are you “Friggin” kidding me? Obama a father figure? I bet you voted for Clinton to Win Father of The Year Too!!

    This Country is getting worse by the Day!!! 51% Voting for Obama and 45% of Americans on Food Stamps. What a shame!

    1. That 45% is not food stamps but does include poor on social security, veterans and students. Romney proved that. Get y our facts straight. Hate those seniors, veterans and Students….moochers…

  61. [email protected] says:

    He ain’t my daddy Cris and Al; my parents taught me Bibical morals and values. Al and Chris, what makes you think you guys will be exempt from “daddieO’s” tyranny? Cuz your Black? not gonna happen

  62. The only thing Obama is creating is more parasites blood sucking lazy don’t want to work people, need i say more this guy really thinks he is the almighty then their are idiots like Sharpton and Jackson who can kiss my spot where the sun don’t shine.

  63. Didn’t Al Sharpton take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution? Advocating a dictatorship for Obama is a direct violation of the Constitution so why isn’t he removed from office and in prison? Why isn’t he also in prison for income tax evasion?

    1. The libs will lie, cheat and steal to suit their own agenda, time and time and time again. They protect each other to no avail, no matter… somebody will come to their bat too, if called out.

    2. Jerry my boy you appear to be the first real evidence that all those ads on co servative blogs for vaporizers are payi g off. You seem to think Rev Al is elected. You will,have about same luck impeaching him as real President. How’s that impeachment thing worki g out after four years. Not so good

  64. Only a
    comedian and a renegade preacher could come up with such trash. They should be
    arrested for advocating the over through of our government, sounds like treason
    to me, almost terrorist in nature. I’m
    sure that Obama’s version of homeland security doesn’t consider this, it could
    be construed as racial, are looking the other way. They would sooner hassle a
    veteran black, white, Asian, or native American who served to keep this country
    free, with a personal weapon to secure his families safety, than a terrorist conspiracy
    to over through our Constitutional government.

  65. I heard him say that. He also said “we work for Obama”. That was just about the scariest thing I have ever heard. Is he really that ignorant?

  66. its all about reparations for these former slaves, thats all they care about is payback for slavery…& its the democraps who invented & defended slavery from the civil war through the 60’s…but the democraps are to stupid to figure this out…OBAMAMAMA is a FRAUD!

  67. This clown and his mindless minions are tempting God for a good smackdown, as he’s put up as a ‘god’ by these fools and the media, and loving it as a total narcissist, and has falsely sworn (as he has NO intent to uphold the Constitution of the United States) on THREE bibles on two different days. As a lightning rod sucks down a ‘zap’ from above, sooner or later his plans will fall to ruin. Just hope he doesn’t take the whole country with him.

  68. However I would describe the emotions Obama invokes in me it would not include
    “nurtured”. Bullied and intimidated, threatened, those would be closer
    to the truth. The thing Al Baby needs to remember is that bullies
    rarely conform to what others want them to be and the more power they
    get the less likely the are to want to be “cooperative” with anyone.
    You can’t be associated with a madman and have the equally mad idea that
    you are unique and will somehow be exempted from his mayhem. Unless
    you wanna be a fool, then you can think that.

  69. Rock is so ignorant and so is Sharpton and O’bummah. OB is just the puppet for this progressive movement to “Change Americans” for the Better, once and for all.
    Leaders for a breed of progressive dems!

  70. Why do simpleton, no-talent tree monkeys like Runty Sharpton & “Ovomit is my
    father” Rock keep being given publicity? It is really sickening!!

  71. Oddly enough, most past Presidents understood that they were elected to sere the nation, rather than rule it, and most of them were even competent.

  72. okay two moron’s sharpton and rock … well going to make me bow down to the mighty stink’n BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah right

  73. You got it wrong, it’s 51% of the people in America are drawing money from the Federal Government while 49% or less support. Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the jerks are getting handouts from Uncle Sam and we are getting ready to feed another 20 million mouths to feed when Odumba declares Amnesty for all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS then the percentage will be 61% on some kind of support while only 39% work to support them. All the programs like Social Security, Welfare and Housing will fail and all Seniors will lose EVERY PENNY they paid to Social Security. You won’t be able to tell anymore racial jokes will you Rock.

    1. Duh. Rev Al gets big bucks from a very big corporations to be on air for 1 hour. Many, many blacks work hard jobs, pay taxes, support families. Yes some whites, blacks, brown, yellows do get some govern,ent assistance. How sad for all yiu old white geezers. Gonna continue. Go eat some chicken

  74. this is the most disgusting and disgraceful thing I have ever heard of. He aint my daddy – or my sister – or my bloody uncle – he is a man of mixed blood with a white mother and a black man from where we know not where. Having said that I can attest that as far as I am concerned I know who my father was on this earthly coil and I certainly know who my FATHER IS IN HEAVEN – therefore barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) is no g@ddamn family of mine and I do not and will not respect him EVER as my father, saviour and or god. Enough already. As for that idiot Chris whaetver – if he does not know who his dad is perhaps he should ask his mother and go on the Maury show and get lotsa DNA tests done. I for one cannot stomach this idiot stupid vapid mind set. that permeates our NATION like a broken toilet pipe – pass the slop bucket – I need to puke……

  75. Hmm! Do you think the Reverend Al Sharpton my be a “false prophet”? Scripture says there will be many false teachers in the end times. The Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence were clearly based upon God’s precepts found in the Bible. Barack Obama detests the Constitution except when he can “use” it in political speech to sound good . . . and to deceive! But, the Constitution was framed so that no one man can usurp power and become a dictator. The fact that Obama by his actions very obviously wants to be dictator of the most powerful nation in the world, and that Sharpton also wants him to be a dictator should tell you something about Al Sharpton’s “respect” for those founding documents as well! The plot thickens! More to come!

  76. Too bad I am in poor health and retired from the military, as well as other jobs. I mourn the death of the freedoms of the people in the US. With my poor health, I can only hope my death comes before the final collapse of the country I grew up in, where people actually were responsible for their own actions. Seems that with in advancement in technology, the intelligence and the self reliance of people declined and they became dependant on the government. Also, I know our politicians have been chipping away at the very foundation and principles of our laws (the Constitution), but this present President, Congress and Supreme Court are taking it to the limit, and I fear will destroy it completely. So all the sheeple who praise the President, can live in the shadow of oppression, like those in China, the former USSR, and Nazi Germany. Good luck. Eventually, our desendants may rise up and take the country back and rediscover the Declaration of Independance and US Constitution (I can only pray).

  77. There is an intense need for Negros to show that they can excel. Beats me why as they have achieved where they have worked hard to do so just like other races. It’s just that some folk are natural born agitators like Jesse and Al and Barack and Frankton and Schumer, and Pelosi and I guess this Rock character whoever he is…

  78. I just want to know when they will be changing the USA (United States of America) to UMSA (United Marxist States of America.) That is their goal. That is their desires. That is ‘The Dreams of My Father.” America is in a transition. We will be seeing the gutting of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. President obama’s “Ignorant Class” won’t know what hit them. It will be the hammer of marxism being shoved down on the throats of all Americans. Don’t blink.

    1. What a comedian says sure reinforces all you just said….yea that is absolute truth of coming US of Marxism. That makes great sense since you obviously have no even surface knowledge of Marxism Nd get your I for from comedians. Mat pass this on to others. It’s positively amazing

  79. Why would anybody want to listen to these two boneheads, they are living off other people, they don’t work they just run their mouths and just let the lies and crap roll! Semper Fi.

  80. It Starts with the state “The almighty State”. What “Gary DeMar”, is stating here is nothing new under the sun. Or any of the others he has pointed out in his article. It is by design and many have learned from a long line of self appointed so called human God’s and so called big brother or Kings and Queens, The High Priest and Priestess. TYRANNY!

    It is past time to let YOUR REPRESENTATIVES NO NOW! A Hearing of Impeachment is in order “NOW”! They like this word so well to express there platform on “moving forward” This word “NOW” Let them no it is not just a word they can use. LET THEM NO “NOW”, “IMPEACH PRESIDENT OBAMA NOW” ARTICLE ONE: SECTION THREE, UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. THEY ARE DUTY BOUND! ARTICLE SIX: UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Take up the challenge all God loving and liberty and freedom loving United States believing Constitutionalists. Let the liberty bell resound through out the Nation.The time for compromising is over “NOW”

    Do not wait till the blood is flowing through the streets of The United States of America and all liberty and freedom loving People are struggling to keep a Nation united and under the United States Constitution. The Time Is” “!

  81. If obummer had a son he would look like chris rock than again according to science there is a 25% chance he could look like joe bidin !!

  82. Rock- Your Daddy said his ‘son’ would look like Treyvon, not you. What a fecking simpleton. Typical ignorant, black Obama voter.

  83. The only thing I use Obama’s face for is Target Practice. It does make an outstanding target, perhaps it is because this old disabled Vet hates America’s Enemies, so the desire to hit the target is greater than with a common zero target. Got to remember to print off more, going shooting this weekend again! Only people who worship Obama are the braindead ones who only suck off the government tit and have never contributed a thing to our society.

    Contradicts what the politicians & Media would have us believe, doesn’t it?

    Just wish the UK & Australia were on the list for comparison. I know their citizens are NOT happy with the recent of their relatively recent bans and melt-downs!

    See the statistic at the bottom of the page………….
    From the World Health Organization:
    The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
    Murders per 100,000 citizens

    Honduras 91.6
    El Salvador 69.2
    Cote d’lvoire 56.9
    Jamaica 52.2
    Venezuela 45.1
    Belize 41.4
    US Virgin Islands 39.2
    Guatemala 38.5
    Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
    Zambia 38.0
    Uganda 36.3
    Malawi 36.0
    Lesotho 35.2
    Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
    Colombia 33.4
    South Africa 31.8
    Congo 30.8
    Central African Republic 29.3
    Bahamas 27.4
    Puerto Rico 26.2
    Saint Lucia 25.2
    Dominican Republic 25.0
    Tanzania 24.5
    Sudan 24.2
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
    Ethiopia 22.5
    Guinea 22.5
    Dominica 22.1
    Burundi 21.7
    Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
    Panama 21.6
    Brazil 21.0
    Equatorial Guinea 20.7
    Guinea-Bissau 20.2
    Kenya 20.1
    Kyrgyzstan 20.1
    Cameroon 19.7
    Montserrat 19.7
    Greenland 19.2
    Angola 19.0
    Guyana 18.6
    Burkina Faso 18.0
    Eritrea 17.8
    Namibia 17.2
    Rwanda 17.1
    Mexico 16.9
    Chad 15.8
    Ghana 15.7
    Ecuador 15.2
    North Korea 15.2
    Benin 15.1
    Sierra Leone 14.9
    Mauritania 14.7
    Botswana 14.5
    Zimbabwe 14.3
    Gabon 13.8
    Nicaragua 13.6
    French Guiana 13.3
    Papua New Guinea 13.0
    Swaziland 12.9
    Bermuda 12.3
    Comoros 12.2
    Nigeria 12.2
    Cape Verde 11.6
    Grenada 11.5
    Paraguay 11.5
    Barbados 11.3
    Togo 10.9
    Gambia 10.8
    Peru 10.8
    Myanmar 10.2
    Russia 10.2
    Liberia 10.1
    Costa Rica 10.0
    Nauru 9.8
    Bolivia 8.9
    Mozambique 8.8
    Kazakhstan 8.8
    Senegal 8.7
    Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
    Mongolia 8.7
    British Virgin Islands 8.6
    Cayman Islands 8.4
    Seychelles 8.3
    Madagascar 8.1
    Indonesia 8.1
    Mali 8.0
    Pakistan 7.8
    Moldova 7.5
    Kiribati 7.3
    Guadeloupe 7.0
    Haiti 6.9
    Timor-Leste 6.9
    Anguilla 6.8
    Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
    Lithuania 6.6
    Uruguay 5.9
    Philippines 5.4
    Ukraine 5.2
    Estonia 5.2
    Cuba 5.0
    Belarus 4.9
    Thailand 4.8
    Suriname 4.6
    Laos 4.6
    Georgia 4.3
    Martinique 4.2
    And Guess what…….
    The United States 4.2
    ALL the countries above America have 100% gun bans

  85. Only those with their heads up their ass see Obama as anything but what he really is. A lying, manipulating, traitorous little man that has mommy issues and does not know who his daddy is.

  86. I have an idea and it will work for all of us. Why do nor Sharpton, Rock and Obama pool their monies and buy an island some where and when done they can appoint Obama to be their dictator all they want.,They can bow down all they want and worship him. The can even live in a grass hut while king Obama lives in his mansion. AS FOR MY WORLD KEEP YOUR DIRTY MITTS OFF.

  87. These two are great people with great records. Rock has the no.1 Foul Mouth,and good ol Al has a record with a woman. These two are just total Black lovers. if O’Vomit was white they would be screaming him down. America you are just now seeing in the Black Race what the people in the South saw all along.

  88. We watched Stossel last night about how the blacks destroyed the education system in DC and they hired a Oriental lady that straightened it all out. But they were not happy that she started firing some of the lazy, incompetent, non-doers. And got her fired. Now they are back to what they had before. Nothing!!! Some people and it seems to be the breed, do not like production, they like ineptness and someone else to pick up the tab for them.

  89. That would be all I’d need to begin purging this great nation of the pestilence and parasites represented by Al Sharpton and Chris Rock, the “comedian.”

    Blacks are too stupid to appreciate limited government, checks and balances, and legal-rational legitimacy: It’s a tribal thing…

  90. Racist criminals like these are who put Obama back in office. Their followers are destroying America as surely as the Nazis destroyed Germany. This time we will not have an American military to save us.

  91. Wow, those two are pretty bright boys. We should sit down and seriously consider that suggestion from two of the most racist voices in the land, NOT!

  92. IDIOTS…right Rock..did you ever hear that we voted, and the same brainless idiots voted him in as you are! He is our employee you dope! As far as Tony Bennett, has his mind gone that he forgets that Hitler and this guy in office have many things in common as far as their policies? Dumb actors, musicians, actresses, and artist! Why, would anyone for one second agree with anything they say..just look at their lives!

  93. WELL: What we the people need to do is load up all of the Sharptons,Chris Rocks,Feinsteins,Bidens,Bradys and OBAMAS and deport them to a Country like Afghanistan,Pakistan ,Iran and forget about the worthless welfare scum.

  94. I will only worship the one we call our Lord & Saviour he is the Alpha the Omega and he controls the Universer from the beginning to the end and he is called by one name and that is my God!

  95. Sharpton and Rock are dumb enough to believe that a black dictator would only kill white people and Mexicans. Apparently they know nothing about what goes on in Chicago, D.C., NYC, Los Angeles, or any other major American citiy.

  96. Right, godfather…..the “GoodParentFederalGovt”, will mandate children stay on parents’ health-ins til age 26, will mandate that SallyMae give student loans, will mandate that banks give poor people loans for houses, will mandate that everyone get free hospital care at age 65, etc. And all of these mandates have completely screwed up the business and competition models of those sectors….and VASTLY increased the prices of health-care, college tuition, homes, etc. Thx big govt !!! NOT !!

  97. Every thing he has done is in support of the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda in the Middle East. By placing them inside of Homeland Security, the White House and the Office of the Secretary of State, it allowed the release of all the CIA’s agents in the Middle East names and locations which lead to their being hunted down and killed. He had agents working in Benghazi to sell weapons to the up rising.
    He has included their support with the 125 M1A1 tanks and the then the F-16 fighter jets all the while trying to bolster backing for the purchase of two modern German submarines for Egypt.

    It is treasonous actions on his part and his administrations. And still he remains in power

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