Obama Attacks the Right to Work

You would think that a right to work law would be supported by everybody. Liberals hate right to work laws because they can’t control individual workers like they can union workers. The heads of unions control their members, collect millions of dollars in union dues that go to help Democrats, and only Democrats. Look at the pain the unions inflicted on the people of Wisconsin.

It’s no wonder that many companies are moving out of union-regulated states to right-to-work states. Yes, employees are paid less, but there are no union dues. Generally, these right-to-work states have a lower cost of living.

Unions use their considerable political power and financial backing to blackmail companies to raise salaries and benefits. These union costs are passed on to consumers in artificially higher prices.

Michigan’s House of Representatives passed a right-to-work bill today that is “enraging union activists and leaders, and sparking heated protests in the state Capitol.” Teachers have taken the day off as part of the protest movement. This might explain why “[i]n the public schools in Detroit, Mich., according to the U.S. Department of Education, only 7 percent of the eighth graders are grade-level proficient or better in reading.”

When Republican Governor Rick Snyder signs the bill, which he has promised to do, Michigan will be the 24th right-to-work state in America.

As expected, President Obama and the Democrats are incensed.

“What we shouldn’t be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions,” the president said at the Daimler Detroit Diesel plant in Redford, Mich. “We don’t want a race to the bottom, we want a race to the top.”

He urged the state’s GOP-controlled legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to abandon their efforts to pass the law, which would forbid unions from charging its members dues automatically. Michigan would be the 24th state to adopt the right-to-work law, following Indiana’s passage of a similar law in February.

The idea that we are even discussing whether an industry should be held hostage by unions is maddening.

No one forces anybody to work for a company. If you don’t like the wages and benefits, you have a number of choices: reduce how much money you spend, find another job in your area, move to where the job market is better, start your own business, or a combination of these. What right does anybody have to tell a company how much to pay its workers?

With workers’ salaries determined by what the market will bear, prices for everything will drop everywhere. Look at Detroit today. It priced itself out of the automobile market. It took money stolen from taxpayers to bail out GM in order to save the unions. Michigan and Ohio, two big union states with ties to the automobile industry, went heavily for President Obama. Their union votes were payback for the bailout.

The passage of the right-to-work legislation could be the best thing to happen to Michigan. Companies could move in knowing that they would have a ready workforce looking for jobs no matter what the pay. The goal is to get people jobs.

Unions would rather see a company go out of business than end forced unionism. Eastern Airlines and Hostess come to mind. Consider this from the now-defunct Eastern Airlines:

After 686 days on strike against Eastern Airlines, rank- and-file members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and our supporters registered the final piece of our victory against the union-busting drive of the employers when the carrier folded at midnight on January 18, 1991.

“Victory” for a union is destroying a company and the jobs that go with it.

54 thoughts on “Obama Attacks the Right to Work

  1. How long before oslimeo’s Slipstream Court declares right-to-work unconstitutional? The only time the Constitution has any meaning to liberals is when used against Conservatives. This free-choice will remove some of oslimeo’s voting base.

  2. “Liberals hate right to work laws because they can’t control individual workers like they can union workers.” It’s great when I only have to read the first couple sentences to get to the part where a poster here completely discredits their opinion.

    Straw-men fall easily.

    Yes, look at the pain it caused WI. Great big bucks to fix the damage to our Capitol, and the cleanup around the building itself plus the clean up on the streets, the added police to enforce the law breakers, and there were lawbreakers, plus the school closings by the very people who who PROFESS to be professionals, giving their all to our children. Poppycock!! They sure set a poor example! With 24 states being “right to work states,” the poor, poor unions are hurting bad and whomever is running after obummer (Hillybilly), won’t be able to give as much to the dummicrat party. I hope in the next four years that more states tell obummer to go to ____. GO MICHIGAN!!

    1. Congrats to you Wisonsinite. The libs were screaming against Walker, and I was praying that there were some sane people in Wis. who would not let him be recalled. The media, even the conservative channel, does not let us see the sane people. Or is it that the sane people don’t ever demonstrate in the streets? That has to be it. The liberals are the mob party.

    2. I wonder why the state didn’t demand that the union pay for the damage, cleanup, and police overtime. I thought, when an individual damages or destroys government property, they are billed for it. If you run your car into a street light pole and knock it down, you will be forced to pay for repair or replacement of the pole and street light. This is regardless of whose fault it is. Why should the taxpayers have to pay for what the union thugs did?

      1. I don’t know why the unions weren’t billed for it. There were thousands of people here, more than in Michigan, and I have no idea how many unions were represented as they were hauled in by the bus loads from out-of-state and they were here for 3-4 months. They picketed until are recall election showed Gov. Walker won again by a bigger margin. WI is not a right to work state yet and I hope that they join the other 24 soon. That will probably bring them all back again. We have taken back the Senate and the Assembly so perhaps when that switch comes around we can get “er done.”

        1. I just LOVE how Governor Scott Walker stood strong against the unions and that the people of Wisconsin stood behind him and voted down the recall attempt from the Left. I am also so proud that my state of Michigan followed his wonderful example in standing up to the union threats and intimidation tactics. These bullies and thugs are sorely in DESPERATE need of being cut down to size – for good!!! This is another step in the right direction. The people are SEEING the unions for what they really
          are and we are sick of it. Michigan voters voted down pro-union ballot proposals last month, which obviously led to this glorious victory for American FREEDOM…….

          Isn’t it “funny” how the Left just LOVES to go on about being PRO-CHOICE when it comes to killing unborn babies – which takes away THEIR choice to be born and not be slaughtered in a matter that even animals are spared from….and if you say anything about PRO-LIFE, they will jump right on you about wanting women to be murdered in back allies and so forth, BUT now when it comes to an INDIVIDUAL choice not to join a union or be FORCED to pay union dues to Leftist political causes, “OH,…. T H A T …. is NOT allowed!!! The UNIONS rule and you — average American worker – have NO say in the matter!! You have to SUPPORT the Left and the Dems, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT — OR ELSE!!!!!!”


    3. The non-right to work states will soon be falling like dominoes. I believe that WI and soon after, OH will become right to work states.

    4. I live in MICHIGAN and I was just totally overjoyed when the bill passed and was signed into law…..and, yet AGAIN, the union thugs are showing themselves for the crybaby losers that they and ALL of the Left have always been….”WAH! WAH! WAH!!!!” >:(

  4. Does anyone happen to know why, when President Obama talks to groups who speak English; why he has to talk in “Thug-ese”?

  5. Having seen these violent psycho’s on the news this morning I have no doubt that I would NOT want to be associated with them – for this reason alone I do not believe anyone should be required to give them money or join them as a condition of getting and keeping a job. These Union Pukes are pathetic violent criminals.

  6. Commie, nazi, socialist, dictatorial arsses!

    What has this country come to when these kind of dictatorial commie thugs bully everyone else around.

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

      1. Nonsense? I come from a crazy union family. All through my childhood they
        ate slept and drank union. it was scary. Who does this president think he is
        going against a persons “right to work” free of a union?

  7. Most union members consider themselves middle-class.
    Union dues are the functional equivalent of a tax.
    Not having to pay dues, therefore, should be seen as a middle-class tax cut.

    Isn’t that what the Democrats claim to want?

      1. That’s for sure…. Obviously, there was blatant and very brazen voter fraud committed…. and yet why did they just let it pass!! At least ALLEN WEST tried to get the vote recounted…and it was….. but there was NO effort made at all to assure fair and honest elections…. All I heard was how the democratic voters all went behind obama for entitlements and that’s just the way it was… and that the GOP has to be MORE “inclusive” — translation…COMPROMISE AND SELL OUT to get more votes…. which I heard the next evening on Fox…..as in….don’t take such a FIRM stand on abortion or the illegals, et al….. Well, if that’s the price for winning the next election, let them KEEP their thirty pieces of silver……We do not need to become carbon copies of the Democrats, with a different name…THAT is so stupid!!!!

    1. What the idlers and loafers who voted for Obama do not know is that the socialist solution to unemployment is labor camps. When Obama and his crew finish turning this into a full-fledged socailist country, anyone not gainfully employed, even at peon wages, will be declared a vagrant and an antisocial wastrel, and permanently detained in these camps. I beginning to wonder if the Obama supporters who end up in these camps will outnumber the Christians and political prisoners who will already be there.,
      I’ll will get a belly laugh when Obama voters get a happy ending as in “The Girl From Petrovka.”

      1. You are absolutely RIGHT, of course, but I just HATE what is going on and how Obama DECEIVED his way back into the WHITE HOUSE….. Naive or not, for awhile there, I actually had REAL hope that ROMNEY could turn it around and win…and so I was really crushed…and yet not REALLY surprised in the end.. that Nobama won again…..WITH A LOT OF HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS…. and HIS friends are NO friends to America!!! :-(

  8. Obama wanted to be president, but he has never acted like one. He does, however, know how to campaign. Why doesn’t he keep his nose in the business of running the country with dignity and intellect. Right now he looks like a jerk, stinking up everything he can. What an ego maniac.

    1. Oh yeah, he wants to be President alright…..but just not of OUR America…He wants to turn us into the U.S.S.A…..and NAZI-MERICA….so that he can rule as Dictator… at least until mr. 666. comes along and takes over the world….as he soon will, no doubt.

  9. And ozippo has the nerve to say he is not a divider !!! That speech in Mich. yesterday was intended to get them riled up.. … And you see how much trouble it caused today !!! How long until somebody with some cojones and brains catches on ?

  10. These thugs should definitely be on the chopping board. They are not helping workers nowadays, they are just a bunch of crooks who aspire to keep power via the Democraps. They are driving some companies to ruin with over-paid workers and costly benefits. Once the company goes bankrupt the workers have lost their jobs but the union leaders don’t feel the pinch.

    1. Do you really believe union worker wil get your point? Very few understand the balance of pay to benifits. I live in a right to work state, (Florida) and I’ve had several emloyees. I had people leave over $.50! (That’s 50 Cents) What they don’t take into consideration is I SUPPLIED A WORK TRUCK, which include fuel, oil, maitanance, tires, and anything else related to that,Paid all but $100.00 of their health insurance, and 80 hous of vacation. Yes, thay also had paid holidays. (That equates close to one month off with PAY!)

    1. Several Detroit area school districts had to cancel classes because these “it’s for the kids” teachers called in sick to go to the capital and protest. In Michigan, teachers strikes are against the law. Every teacher that called in sick, should be terminated. What they did is an illegal strike

  11. Like everything else Obama says, the true meaning is the opposite of his words. “Race to the top”, while he is doing his level best to destroy the Republic.

  12. Sad our President condones and approves these losers, they are a disgrace with their filthy language and protests yet Obama couldn’t stay out of it. He doesn’t have the good common sense to back off.

  13. Obama is the “Great Divider”. Yes, he is our President. He became president by applying the tactics in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. These tactics only worked because the American electorate has been dumb down to a point where the majority of Americans are now “officially” stupid. We can dance around this fact but it is still a fact.

    The “parasite class” that the Democrats have been developing and nurturing for years respond to things like the “Rules for Radical” tactics. These takers (leaches) are so dumb they can’t make change for you at a McDonald’s. Most of them can’t get a job and the ones that do, can’t hold a job. What they can do is vote, fill out a form for more entitlements (with help) get piercings, tattoos and reproduce.

    Sad but accurate and true.

  14. We cannot go to a store and find anything we need to be made in the USA. Now why is that??If every sate had the “Right To Work laws” our businesses would not be leaving the country, where they can get workers cheaper. The Unions have been largely responsible for all of our factories to be in other countries.

  15. I love to see the union morons getting angry, and boy, are they angry today.
    They are losing their membership faster than a hare running for cover being chased by a fox.

  16. I would venture a guess that the vast majority of those protesting against the passage of right to work laws secretly welcome the option to stop paying union dues but join in the demonstrations to avoid bullying and retaliation by union enforcers. On the other hand, I
    suppose that if I lacked ambition and confidence in my ability to compete in a job market, I’d
    be happy to pay a union to coerce my employer into letting me to keep my job. I’ve heard union bosses described as pimps which begs the question, what does that make the rank and file?

  17. Wonder what the bill is going to be after clean up and damages and the police brought in to keep the peace. also how much did the students lose by having there schools being closed.
    Unions are all about ME, ME, ME and more for Me. These guy’s aren’t your 1950’s unions.

  18. One of his relatives in Kenya could have made a better case. This man is completely ignorant of the constitution except the part of being able to run his mouth with incoherant trash and do so legally. He doesn’t understand the term President of the United states either. He is not a rabble-rousing community organizer anymore, (or is he), but president of the all americans even though a good majority wouldn’t walk across the street to shake his hand. Communism and marxism isn’t popular with most of us.

  19. Makes me wonder how Obama won Michigan by 10 points. Anyway, the real problems are the PUBLIC sector unions like SEIU. How can public servants go on strike? The private sector unions are dying because they kill the corporations with unacceptable demands. When they don’t get what they want, they get violent. What will happen when the public sector union go on strike? No cops, no EMTs, no prosecutors, no jailers, . . anarchy in the streets.

  20. These union-goons are dispicable dems, knowing full well that right to work is going to cost them, not only monetarily, but in party-power too… what a bunch of animals- thumbs down to big union!

  21. Where in this bill does it take away the right for unions to bargain. It dose not out law unions but only the right not to join a union

  22. You are absolutely correct that the higher wages is boosting the cost of products to an artificial high. These products are definitely not worth what they are charging but you have to pass the higher cost of labor on to the consumer. The union members love it, they get payed higher wages without having any particular skills or education, what a way to boost your earning potential but they have at the same time sold their soles to the devil. I personally would not want to work someplace that a bunch of union fat cats could tell me what to do just to make them richer. I also would not feel right about taking a paycheck that I really didn’t deserve but that what’s wrong with this nation now, everybody is out for themselves and the hell with everyone else.

  23. Good news! Obie finally suffered a setback. Michigan voted to become a right-to-work state.
    You’re right, current unions are about power and control in the workplace. I had to join to get employment where I’m at today. NJ isn’t in the fold of right-to-work yet. But my company’s new owners wouldn’t tolerate unions,and two years of bitter confrontations, and much employee unrest, the co. succeeded in “buying out” the union with very handsome benefits, and the membership de-certified. Both sides are now happy-and prosperous. I mean men in bucket trucks, knowledgeable, bit not overworked, earn $65+K. And the cable co. is happy and profitable. Many companies and employees, if they are fair and honest with each other, don’t need unions.”Worker protection” is the unions only product; (i.e. give me those dues) If you’re union, and your outfit and you are satisfied, good for you. Hey, my neighbor is a NYC union plumber; “A rating”? $52/hr. And you wonder why it costs so much to live in Soprano-land. 100K to change your faucet and fix that leak. Anyway, good for Michigan.

  24. Obama has to back the unions. They put out alot of money on him to get reelected. So if he does not back them they cought get very mad.

  25. Not only did Obama attack right to work Obama did so with absolute lies and deception. In no way did the new laws in Michigan eliminate “collective bargaining” as Obama stated repeatedly. Obama now know there is no lie too great or falsehood so grievous that his ignorant base will not believe. Obama now is a lame duck knowing he can and will do anything he wants to push his agenda. The big problem is America loses.

  26. What’s interesting is that Indiana went for Romney this time instead of Obama after passing RTW earlier in the year. Shouldn’t that say something?

  27. Check out union behavior and the way they run a workplace. The nonsense in Michigan. Anyone who does not toe your line gets assaulted. Their life threatened. One set of union workers for bread. Another set for pastries. Hey idiots, overhead goes up, the price we pay goes up. With evidence like that, how could anyone not support right to work. Its an old American thing. We fought Britain for it. Something called freedom. Get out of my face and quit trying to tell me what to do. All you union goons are doing is lining the Trumka’s pockets and doing their bidding. Move to Russia.You fit in better there.

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