Obama & Clinton Guilty of Perjury Says Judge

At least one former judge and district attorney has openly declared that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are guilty of perjury and should be held accountable for it.

Jeanine Pirro served as district attorney and judge in Westchester County, New York.  Westchester County is home to nearly one million people and contains forty-five different municipalities including Yonkers and White Plains (the county seat).

Today, Judge Pirro serves as a legal analyst for Fox News.  As legal analyst, she reviewed the known facts surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that claimed the lives of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans.  In her report, she lays out the evidence that clearly indicates that both Obama and Clinton lied to the families of the victims and to the American people.

She presents a great case against them, showing some of the skills as a former district attorney.  There is no doubt that as a judge, she would readily convict both of them of perjury and possibly even treasonous acts against the United States.

However, with the presidential election taking place tomorrow, there isn’t much that can or will be legally done to hold them accountable.  Besides, our Congress has shown that they don’t have the fortitude to take legal action against Obama for the dozens of criminal acts he has committed since stealing the U.S. presidency.

Our only hope is that both Obama and Clinton be brought up on charges after the election is over.  Their crimes are serious enough to have them removed from office and even imprisoned.  If by some miracle the Republicans regain control of the Senate and maintain control of House, they just may grow enough of a spine to do their jobs to protect the American people.  Even if Obama is elected a GOP controlled Congress can and should impeach him and remove him from office.

I know how unlikely that is but if they do, they need to impeach his comic side kick Biden along with Secretary of State Clinton so that none of them are allowed to move in to the Oval Office.  America needs to clean house starting with the big one on the Hill and perhaps start by appointing Judge Jeanine Pirro as special prosecutor over the whole thing.

107 thoughts on “Obama & Clinton Guilty of Perjury Says Judge

  1. Judge Pirro is right. The blood of the Bengazi Four cries out for justice.

    Go to the website of Special Operations Speaks (a group formed by vets to hold Obama accountable) and SIGN THE PETITION requesting that Congress convene hearings and appoint a special prosecutor to head an independent investigation to UNCOVER potential HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS in Benghazigate.

    Regardless of who is elected, as Americans, we MUST DEMAND that Congress hold the Obama administration accountable for it actions. Obama MUST NOT be permitted to get away with his traitorous acts.


      1. Nah man, lets not hang em lets put em in glass cages and then on display with a sign over the cage that reads ” False Prophets & Anti-Christs”

    1. Oh but no one dares to say anything about them because they are black. That makes one a racist, But they can trash Condoleeza Rice. Allen West Herman Cain and any other conservatives and it is ok.

    2. I’m 73yoa, I’ve seen and done a lot of things, but you’re right, these are two of the most 2 Faced Liars I’ve ever seen, and they need to go as well as Biden and the Atty Gen. needs to be prosecuted for his crimes. He stays too busy talking at colleges and meetings to do a decent job, but doubt seriously he knows how to do it honestly.

  2. Whether or not zero wins or loses tomorrow, there needs to start NOW an impeachment process. Throw him out between now and Christmas. Talk about a Christmas bonus.

      1. NO ONE pays any attention to petitions. MONEY – that’s what talks. either enough to buy it or take it away, dry it up – that is what drives our politicians and judges.

    1. I don’t watch geraldo anymore.He is a sickening liberal and is totallly blind to the illegal problem. Also, I think he is so full of crap I am surprised he can walk.

        1. Just change the channel – you’ll feel better. Better yet – turn the TV off and go for a walk. Don’t even take your cell phone. Enjoy nature and the Beauty of the earth.

    2. You mean Jerry Riviera? He has turned into an over-the-hill personality. He has really gone to the extreme with his liberal remarks! But then, who really cares what he says?

  3. If the Benghazi Four are worth charging and impeaching Obama, what about the hundreds more who have come to grief because the SOB is an al-Queda sympathizer? What do they get?

  4. The families of the murder victims from the Libyian Embassy should unite and sue obama with a Wrongful Death suit. Obama sickens me, he is a muslim usurper!!

  5. I get more and more disgusted with Geraldo by the day. Too bad he also represents Fox. I hope this is taken to the full extent of the law. Just let me know what it is I have to do to help it along.

    1. I wish Fox would dump Jerry …. and Juan Williams, too! I admit that when they are doing their screaming, I go to another channel (are you listening, Fox? I’m sure I’m not the only one!)

      1. Having these 2 brain dead morons on is why Fox can say they are fair and balanced….REALLY!!!!??? I love Fox News and sometimes it makes my day tho to see these morons taken down…..

  6. Old bone head won’t say anything about those defenseless men in Benghazi. I bet he got that advice from Mr. Clinton as he had a similar event with his presidence. He is the exact reason I changed parites. He is corrupt and a liar and a piece of crap! How did anyone ever think he had any redememing qualities? His wife is a piece of work too and they all should be standing on trial! They have much to answer for in the next world.

    1. Well this is what you get when you try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear!!!! First we had white trailer trash from the south that lived in government housing and sucked of the people(the Clintons) you know government housing(gov. mansion, gov cars and on the public payroll). Now these 2brought up from the gutter, never held a real job but thought he could run a country of over 300 million, good God Gerty, the people must be as brain dead as he and his big butt wife, Mooshell to have trusted him with our Nation, our future and the future of our children!!!!!!!!

  7. Indeed Judge Pirro should be appointed special prosecutor and start a full investigation today. The President and his toadies have abused the power given them by the people long enough. We the people are sick of their lies and want them out of office.

  8. If Congress does not do something about the crimes of the Usurper – Congress should be hanged for their crimes.

  9. INVESTIGATE, INDICT, PROSECUTE, and PUNISH! From the local command all the way up through the Chain of Command to the Commander in Chief! Might work if the fraud is no longer CinC. Go to the polls tomorrow and vote him out!

  10. A forceful statement by Judge Jeanine! I saw the show when she made this statement and I then hoped that this would be brought out here. It will be interesting to read the comments from others. She sure didn’t mince words and there are a lot of us that agree 100% with her. Press on Judge Pirro.

  11. The Judge is right unfortunately it would take Congress getting off its backside to take
    action and hold the POTUS, Hillary and Biden accountable. This will never happen as
    long as Harry Reid is in Congress, he will carry the water for them to his grave.

    1. The state of Nevada should get smart and have Reid recalled….he surely isn’t doing them – or the rest of America – any good! He needs to retire to the ranch!

    2. First Congress has to grow some you know what, and I don’t think that will happen anywhere in the near future!!! SOOOOOO, I won’t hold my breath until I turn blue!!!!

  12. You go girl! Judge Pirro telling it like it should be! I hope that enough conservatives get elected to the House and Senate for the worst case scenario. I have been praying for that, and will continue to do so.

  13. At this point, anyone who supports Obama is nothing more than a blind, uninformed, person who cares nothing about facts or reality. While these people do not consider themselves as bad people, their ignorance and down right stupidity does hurt the country. They are nothing more than useful idiots who the Democratic Socialist Party has used throughout world history.

  14. God, deliver us from the lying, criminal, corrupt, communist, con men/women who are running, plundering and destroying America!


  16. I agree with Judge Pirro 100%. Everyone, including Holder should be held accountable for their wrongful, treasones actions. He should never be allowed in our W/H ever again. Hillary is as guilty as he is for her many acts of treason against the US

  17. MEEEEEEYOOOOOWWW!!! That Kitty’s got claws!!!! And she’s 100% RIGHT!!!! They’ve lied from the GIT-GO!! And they’re still walking! I say let the punishmnet fit the crime!!!

  18. She correctly states that our representatives do not have one ounce of fortitude. A useless and incompetent lot if there ever was one.

  19. AMEN, Judge Pirro. I watched as you spoke and was literally sitting in my den, clapping and saying yes, yes, finally someone with the guts to call it what it is. TREASON!

  20. Subject: FW: GOD BLESS the
    GOOD OLD US of A, Jim.


    Exclusive: Joseph Farah machine-guns plethora of stats indicting
    BHO’s presidency

    Published: 1 day ago

    by JOSEPH FARAHEmail | Archive

    Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally
    syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate.
    He is the author or co-author of 13 books, including his latest, “The Tea
    Party Manifesto,” and his classic, “Taking America
    Back,” now in its third edition and 14th printing. Farah is the
    former editor of the legendary Sacramento Union and other major-market dailies.More

    author Subscribe
    to author feed


    hour is late.

    most important presidential election in American history is right around the

    I only have 700 words to make my
    case for defeating Barack Obama, so I will dispense with adjectives and
    verbs and just provide a partial list of things to remember before you go
    to the polls – or to motivate you to go to the polls and vote for Mitt

    Egypt. Syria. Libya. Iran. Bowing to Saudi king. The apology tour. The Muslim
    Brotherhood. Illegal foreign contributions to his campaign. Fast and Furious.

    Ayers, Jeremiah Wright. Van Jones. Anita Dunn. Czars. Abortion mandate.
    Obamacare. Debt. Joblessness. Audits of political enemies. His anti-business
    and anti-capitalist policies. His assaults on civil liberties and the
    Constitution. His faith in Big Government and statism. His stimulus policies.
    His top-down interference in the marketplace. His track record of diverting
    taxpayer money to his donors. His job-killing regulations. His executive
    orders. His plans for more forced redistribution of wealth both domestically
    and internationally. 3.6 million more on disability insurance. 110 million on

    lies. His character. His secrecy. His lawlessness. His hyper-partisanship. His
    divisiveness. His misguided priorities.

    laws. His support for same-sex marriage. His promotion of abortion on demand –
    including for reasons of sex selection. His support of infanticide.

    cuts in defense. His plan for a “civilian national security force” funded at
    the same level of the U.S. military.

    attacks on due process.


    didn’t build that.” Falling wages. 47 million on food stamps. In 2009 the
    economy was generating $13.2 trillion in wealth annually. After borrowing $6
    trillion, the economy is generating $13.6 trillion. Good investment? His
    promise to cut the deficit in half. His agreement that if the economy was not
    better after four years, he would be a one-term president.

    energy” scam. Climate-change fairy tales.

    half of America paying taxes. Yet, even considering that fact, the average
    American must work 107 days just to make enough money to pay local, state and
    federal taxes.

    Obama took office in 2009, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.85. The
    average American household spent $4,155 on gasoline during 2011. At the same
    time, the real median household income has declined by $4,300 since Obama
    entered the White House.

    poverty rate in the U.S. is 22 percent.

    average of 23 manufacturing facilities permanently shut down in the United
    States every single day during 2010.

    percent of unemployed Americans have been out of work for 52 weeks or longer.
    48 percent of all Americans are either considered to be “low income” or are
    living in poverty. 49.1 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least
    one person receives benefits from the government. And this is Obama’s
    constituency! This is his base.

    year, 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates under the age of 25 were either
    unemployed or underemployed. Student loan debt is at $1 trillion.

    claims to feel our pain, but Americans buy 80 percent of the pain pills sold on
    the entire globe each year.

    percent of the jobs lost during the last recession were middle-class jobs.
    America is losing 500,000 jobs to China every single year. The national debt is
    rising by more than $2 million every single minute. 88 million working-age
    Americans are not employed and are not looking for employment – an all-time
    record high.

    U.S. national debt has risen $6 trillion since Obama took office. In his first
    three years in office, Obama added more to the national debt than the first 41
    presidents combined.

    the biggest reason of all to defeat Obama next Tuesday is this: You ain’t seen
    nothing yet. If Obama created this disaster in his first four years, what will
    he do in his second four years when he is unaccountable for re-election?

    they say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


    a great idea! No wonder Warren Buffet is a Billionaire !!!!

    Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about
    the debt ceiling:

    could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just

    a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more

    3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible


    26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds)

    only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple!

    people demanded it. That was in 1971 – before computers, e-mail,

    phones, etc.

    the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year

    less to become the law of the land – all because of public pressure.

    Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to

    minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask

    of those to do likewise.

    three days, most people in The United States of America will

    the message. This is one idea that really should be passed


    Reform Act of 2012

    No Tenure / No Pension.

    Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no

    when they’re out of office.

    Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social


    funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the

    Security system immediately. All future funds flow into

    Social Security system, and Congress participates with the

    people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all


    Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.

    pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    Congress loses their current health care system and

    in the same health care system as the American people.

    Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the


    All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void

    12/1/12. The American people did not make this

    with Congressmen/women.

    made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in

    is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers

    citizen legislators, so ours should serve their

    then go home and back to work.

    each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will

    take three days for most people (in the U.S. ) to receive

    message. Don’t you think it’s time?


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    Put me in charge of Medicaid.
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  21. The sentiment here, and on many other comment boards is to get rid of this poseur and his henchmen. I’ve seen respected pastors putting themselves ON THE LINE with their tax-exemption to testify that this administration is corrupt and is taking the nation down the hole, terribly and completely. Unfortunately, they’re also corrupt enough to know how the steal elections through fraud and — more insidiously — by literally buying the votes of a larger and larger part of the voting public by giving them “entitlements”, aka unearned benefits charged up to the taxpayers.

    I used to think Obama was just a bad President. He’s gone FAR beyond that bench-mark. He’s a lying sack of excrement determined to retain his position at ANY COST…and the cost is integrity and the honor of this nation.

  22. Obama should of been removed the day he moved in. What I dont understand is why isnt anyone in the White House doing anything about an illeagel running our Country.

  23. I agree with her 100%. About the entire article. This man should have been impeached 2 years ago and wouldn’t have been around to cause the deaths of these 4 heroes.

  24. I like this lady. She has that intelligent twinkle of confidence in her eyes. She’s the kind of lady that makes liberal women feel insecure.

  25. HERE WE GO AMERICA!! God Bless America & I pray BO goes BYE=BYE! My nerves are SHOT with all the media garbage! It’s been a LONG distructive 4 years…so here’s to a brighter future for the USA! Hope to hear good news about our NEW President (MITT) on Wed. Stay in touch you all..& God Bless!

    1. If I’m reading the signs of the times correctly, he will! He is the “only” leader of anglo-saxons predicted in the Hebrew-inspired Scriptures and called the “forbidden foreigner” in Deuteronomy 17:15, proven by the fact that he is the “ONLY” NON-ANGLO-SAXON EVER to rule anglo-saxons of their OWN CHOICE! Question: Did I mention Obama also promised a “fundamental transformation of government” into marxism to who? Answer: Our “WOMEN ALONE” MADE HIM PRESIDENT! Now, you KNOW what really happen in the garden of Eden to Adam, even before his first son & murderer was born! Now, I wonder just how Hawah(Eve) played into that first murder of a human being? Just saying…

    1. Nice dream, but not possible with over 70% of our voters being “gatherer’s,” women by biology alone & blacks by a combination of biology & “choice.” That’s essentially accurate within one(1) standard deviation of the mean too! Just saying…

  26. Obama was a bred and born liar and Hillary, just licking up the scraps. Today is the day to vote a real GOD loving man in office. Romney has my vote. Without GOD all good things are impossible


  28. I would love to see Judge Jeanine seated as a special prosecutor, but that will not come to pass no-one in this government has the ba lls necessary to faca down obaMAO!!!!

  29. She is too smart for Washington. Only idiots need apply to this administration. Obama doesn’t want anyone around him to think for themselves. It is his way or the highway. I wonder if his nose being stuck up in the air is leading to too much rarified air.

  30. If she has evidence of perjury, she is duty bound to report it. Failing to do so would be a violation of the code of judicial ethics.

  31. I agree 100% its way past time to get this trash removed from office and sent directly to prison that includes everybody involved in this sad state of affairs and yes it is also high time the republicians in congress grew a very strong and stiff spine this is something they collectively have got to do if not they will not get anywhere with this fiscal cliff,tax hikes,budget reforms or anything that needs to be done that the dem’s want to keep i.e.welfare,illegal immigration………..its time to grow up and stand up to obama and his corrupt regime,quit whinning crying and do your damn jobs,bengarzigate is the perfect oppurtinuity

  32. There are few balls in our congress. They are afraid of Obama. He should be in a federal prison but it seems to me if the people raised the issue and a petition to show cause why Obama records are conceal, the will of the people should br recognized by our highest court regardless of congress. The govern is the government

  33. It’s very clear that Obama’s incompetence which caused these deaths, compounded by the incredibly blatant lying and cover up, is way worse than what Nixon and Clinton were impeached for. No one died at Watergate.
    We’ll see if Congress has the spine to impeach Obama, clearly the most incompetent and dishonest President in history.

  34. If Clinton (Bill) got Impeached for lying about his getting a BJ from a sexual preditor (Minica) when they both were in agreement, Obama in his 4 years as the fraud President has committed literally thousands of lies about everything from his eligibility to his claim he isn’t a Socialist/Communist; the treasonist acts by this guy should get him publically linched and forgo the courts.

  35. She’s got my vote. I think she and Sarah would make an excellent, honest pair in the WH and would get America back on the right track.

  36. Umm, perjury is lying under oath about a material fact. To my knowledge, they haven’t actually done that…yet. There are other false statement statutes that carry criminal sanctions, which may fit the bill. No wonder she isn’t a judge anymore, because that is very basic. Hyperbole does nothing to advance any cause and just makes it easier to be discredited, no matter how correct the premise.

  37. Obama has passed Carter and Johnson as the very worse presidents in the history of this nation–Does anyone know why Nixon resigned? it was over Liberal democrats interfering with the Viet Nam war and National Security, not corrupt or self gain, it was to protect the nation and the men and women fighting in Viet Nam, a war started by LBJ–What Obama has done makes Nixon look like an alter Boy or a Boy Scout. Obama should be impeached for perjury and treason– he has broken these laws a number of times, not once or twice–but we are talking in the hundreds–lying to the American people is perjury–using our Military for pure political purposes and Americans dying because of it is treason–something Obama has done in large numbers and also Hilary Benghazi Clinton is guilty of–she too has committed perjury and treason and should be arrested and put on trial for it, and if found guilty pace the ultimate price for committing these crimes…That means no more Hilary..

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