Obama Could Be Facing Impeachment

There are rising concerns on Capitol Hill that President Obama is considering sending US troops into Syria.  The military has already taken steps to increase its presence in the area and has been supplying Patriot missiles to Turkey.

At a recent press conference, Rep Walter Jones (R-NC) explained his resolution before the House (H.Con. Res. 107), saying:

“The sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a president without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”

The US Constitution states that only Congress has the power to maintain an army, navy and to declare war.  None of these fall under the constitutional duties of the president.  Article I, Section 8 of says:

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…”

“To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;”

“To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;”

“To provide and maintain a Navy;”

In a surprise move, one noted Democratic congressman has sided with Jones.  Charles Rangel (D-NY) explained that the proper constitutional procedure for sending troops to war is for the president to go to Congress with the request first.  Having Congressional approval is viewed as meeting the will of the people, although that can be questioned in today’s politics.

Others that have expressed support of Jones’ actions are Michael Michaud (D-ME); Ron Paul (R-TX), Mo Brooks (R-AL) and Justin Amash (R-MI).

Jones and his supporters sent a letter to President Obama which read in part:

“Outside of an actual or imminent attack on America, the only precursor to war can be the authorization of Congress. We call on you to abide by our Constitution, and rely on our country’s representatives to decide when war is necessary.”

When asked what he would do if Obama does carry out his intentions of sending troops to Syria without congressional approval, Jones said he would have no choice but to bring impeachment charges against the president.

1,678 thoughts on “Obama Could Be Facing Impeachment

    1. Even if he were to be impeached by the House, he would never be convicted in the Senate. It is all a waste of time and energy to even discuss it.

      1. DTOM…Exactly. He hasn’t gotten this far without a scratch without having a widely diverse system of supporters/protectors/minions who are either willing to clear the way, eliminate opposition or take the hits for him.

        1. Yes and “don’t get it twisted” when a good portion of them reside on the “other side of the aisle”.

        2. Pain in the butt to post here, so I’m OUT. It was easy before; just check-in and ready to go. This e-mail address and checking in for EACH post is silly.

        1. not if they charge him with treason for his many treasonist acts. then convict and execute him as should be done

        2. “Many treasonous acts”, Charlie? After you learn how to spell, tell us exactly what those “treasonous” acts are, or were?

      2. Not to mention money. Reid is such a joke. I couldn’t help buy laugh when he dissed the house for not passing plan B. Hellllloooo…this coming from a man who has shirked his Constitutional duties by not writing budget and also shelving virtually every bill sent from the house?

        But then, when the media is right there to cover this up, all we can do is bide our time and plan for 2014 and 2016.

        1. Maybe old Harry “The Gatekeeper” Reid will have a major grabber right in the well! We can proceed from there. :)

        2. If God exists, I’m sure he is quite disappointed with all the evil lying people like yourself who give him a bad name. You are truly a wolf in sheeps clothing.

        3. No..the world dont think he is cool! Our enemies like him because he is removing our national defense systems making us vulnerable to attacks..and the others think he is a fool and laugh at the US, for voting in this socialist, not once but twice… He has unseated other leaders of other countries and supported the Muslim brotherhood bringing them to power in those countries… he has armed the enemies and some day that will come back here to haunt us.. just as he planned!

        4. I know who he is…I wish all the world did….I love this country without measure as well as our God…

        5. The democrats own more than 50 percent of the voting public. So, just how is it that you propose to defeat these thugs and thieves? Give the democrat voting block more money, more free phones. more food stamps, more free health care, more free housing, more government jobs, to vote Republican? What?

        6. Democrats dont own more then 50% of the voting public.. barely half of the voting population voted and even so 147% of registered voters voted! In other words 47% percent of voters werent even registered in some states.

      3. The impeachment would have to go forward, and at that point one would hope that dying lame stream suck up media would realize that the American people have seen enough, and if nothing else, placing a person on defense is good situation.

        Reminds me of a boxer, and how many punches does he absorb to tire out his opponent before he goes on the offense and put the person on the defense.

        Mike Tyson was thought to be invincible until such time as a fighter tagged him and the rest was history.

        1. Man, you racists make me sick!

          You are a scumbag racist!

          When the Republican held Congress stated unequivocally that they would not work in a bi-partisan way to pass legislation then writes completely partisan bills and sends them to the senate what do you expect to happen? You’re blaming Obama for the same thing your Republicans in congress are doing. Aside from that you’re being a complete idiot and a revisionist on history, leaders in congress said immediately following the election that their sole purpose was to ensure Obama was a 1 term president, They didn’t say, our goal is to fix the economy,

          Your party is has been dang near treasonous in it’s operations over the last 4 years. If this was a different era, your party would have it’s members hanging from lamp posts all the way to DC. Because you’ve been ANTI-AMERICAN for 4 years, Forcing the economy to stall during a recession JUST so you can try to regain power during this Country’s worst recession.

          All you have to do is read the hateful comments about black people on conservative sites like this to realize how RACIST you people really are…

          Is Barack Obama a traitor to America because of the events in Benghazi? NO but it was a horrendous mistake…..President Johnson did something similar

          Is Barack Obama a Marxist? NO… he has socialist leanings but not a Marxist

          Is Barack Obama an evil man? NO….incompetent but not evil

          Is Barack Obama a communist? NO

          Is Barack Obama a dictator? NO

          Does Barack Obama hate America? NO

          Is Barack Obama Anti-American? NO

          Is Barack Obama a Muslim? NO ….he is what he says he is. And your racist fear-mongering, hate-mongering BS is the reason why you lost the election!

          You lost because you a hateful racist that hate having a minority leave the country. It’s obvious you believe blacks only belong on the streets, not in the oval office!

          According to your argument there won’t be another election in the US, or are you just angry that people didn’t accept your absurd argument that Obama is not eligable for President? And you are eligable to speak for God, does he talk to you directy via voices or does he leaves signs for you. (Seek serious help if either are true) Or are you making an assumption that you know what God wants?

          President Obama was reelected in what was basically a landslide. Maybe you should file more frivolous lawsuits. President Obama was born in Hawaii and is undoubtedly a “natural born citizen.”

          Obama is not trying to destroy the country. Most people who run for office aren’t. They merely have different priorities than you do. This does not make them evil, selfish, or The Devil.

          Man I was right again, Anyone who hates Obama Is in fact a racist!

          what a bunch of sick, ridiculous, hateful posts!

          Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

        2. I am not a racist, I hate his white half as well. Black or white he is destroying this country and I believe that is his end goal, as well as the 70 registered Democratic Socialists of America we have in the current Congress.

      4. Unfortunately your right that even if impeachment,hearings passed in the House!They would most likely die in the Senate since it’s,Democratic controlled!Besides they do not what to lose there Master,savior,and Dictator,who without!Him the continued fall of America may not happen!Why else do you think that so many stupid Americans stayed at home?It’s because they just do not care about America!But then those who voted for the Dictator,did not have their.Eyes open to what he’s been doing to America,most of also believed his lies!

        1. Impeachment may not result in a conviction, but Obama needs to have an impeachment in his legacy, just as Clinton did. That would be at least one honest element in his history.

        2. His legacy is that of a GREAT president. You conservative nuts will have to get used to it — for decades from now, he will be regarded as a modern day Lincoln. I’m sure you hate that as much as the racist south hated Lincoln back in his day.

        3. His legacy is that of a GREAT president. You conservative nuts will have to get used to it — for decades from now, he will be regarded as a modern day Lincoln. I’m sure you hate that as much as the racist south hated Lincoln back in his day.

        4. Why wasn’t this theory for impeachment used when Reagan bombed Libya, or when the company of Bush & Bush sent troops into Iraq? Or for the many Presidents during the Viet Nam war era? Now you want to impeach the President ‘just to get it on his record’ when you know he will not be found guilty by the Senate. How long before the majority party in the House files articles of impeachment on every member of the party in the minority just so they can put it in campaign ads? ‘Congresperson so and so was impeached while in office.’ How about governing for a change instead of making feel-good speeches?

      5. That is true about the Senate, however, if there is concrete evidence about the collusion and a senator doesn’t act upon it then they might have a hard time explaining this to their constituents. I think a lot of senators are having a hard time with their constituents now about obamacare. A new senate of republicans in 2014 could be the edge and end the tyranny of Obama. Just keep an eye on the people that vote and who count the votes this time.

    2. I know all of you are correct but, I still would like to see it started. Of course it won’t get far but, would it wake up some Americans? Letting them, and obummer himself know that there are, what is it 47% of the people who didn’t vote for him and don’t want what he is doing? obummer just can’t let a press conference go by without rubbing it in one way or an other, that he won and that the majority of the people want him to raise taxes, and on and on and on. He didn’t win the election by a landslide and whatever happens, happens under his watch. I’m tired of this arrogant, lying, dummicrat donkey shoving everything down our throats. We should be allowed a say however, having a say doesn’t happen in communist countries.

      1. I think Obama actually thinks people like him..I wonder if all the hate out there came his way, how would he handle that….? He is the most hated man ever.

        1. The problem, Maryann, is that there are so many delusional people who see themselves as “victims” and him as their “savior.” They think with their emotions and are unable to reason clearly, so they completely overlook his stupidity in terms of what is best for the country he swore to support and defend.

        2. Maryann…you’re partially correct; he is the most hated man ever….by racists, bigots, most southerners, the KKK, and all the right-wingnuts out there, including you. But he is liked and respected by a whole lot more people. In fact, although he won 53% of the popular vote, the latest Gallup poll shows that his approval is at 58%! Sorry to disappoint you, but you can go pull your hair out now.

        3. He is the most hated man since Hitler…I have lost some hair and sleep since the fraudulent election. I want him gone and now…You are deluded. Illegals voted for him in mass to stay here and vote for him some more..while our Marine sat in the Mexican jail since August…Pitiful excuse of a man is Obama…pitiful excuse for a human…God must hate him too…See how this all plays out and we will know……

        4. MaryAnn33 – not only the illegal vote but people admitting they voted more than one time! It’s not hard to do when the dummicrats won’t allow voter ID. Of course, then the dummicrat donkeys wouldn’t win and the arrogant, lying nose in the dummicrate j8c90$$ wouldn’t be president. And a terrible one at that.

        5. Those that love him are on welfare and government programs and voted for him because that way they can keep getting those benefits. Democrats are racist and their actions alone prove that. If you knew your facts you would see that all down thru history it has been the republican party that has done more for the black community then democrats have. read your history..the true history of this country, you will find how wrong you really are!

      2. “He is the most hated man since Hitler.” Really? Not Stalin, not Mao, Not Pol Pot, not Sadam, Not Bin Ladin, not the Ayatollah, not etc., etc. You realized how simplistic your argument comes across? ‘I don’t like him so (insert foaming at the mouth comment here).’

    3. RIGHT — One more big f—n lie! This guy in the WH has been allowed to lie from the get -go and CONGRESS HAS BEEN COMPLICIT! Nixon was the only one to quit-
      Disgusting B.Clinton didn’t leave and he gave away lots of info to China –
      This disgusting man in the WH is treasonous and still NOTHING IS DONE-SICK.

    4. What! You dont think this man deserves impeachment? He is way overdue, except that the impeachment must have teeth. This muslim commie is way over the line in impeachable offenses!

      1. Vietnamvet1971, First, thank you for serving. This isn’t a reply to your post but a question about your service.. While in the service did you see any Muslims serving in Vietnam or elsewhere? I served in the Marines from 1971 through Feb.1978. During that time I did not serve or ever see someone of the Muslim faith in uniform or anywhere else in this country.

      2. Obama is not constitutionally entitled to impeachment proceedings, as a non-U.S. citizen. An emergency special DEPORTATION hearing conducted by the House of Representatives is sufficient.

    5. You got that right! There are dozens of far more serious things they could impeach on but won’t because the rino’s are terrified of being vilified as “racist”.

    1. When asked what he would do if Obama does carry out his intentions of sending troops to Syria without congressional approval, Jones said he would have no choice but to bring impeachment charges against the president.

      Kinda like the impeachment charges that were brought against him for Libya?

      How long before our liberal friends start talking about the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why GWB wasn’t impeached?

      1. “How long before our liberal friends start talking about the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why GWB wasn’t impeached?”

        Why is this wrong? Because these wars were, by our constitution, illegal.
        I see the sarcasm in your previous statement but I fail to find it here.

        1. If they were illegal for GWB, aren’t they just as illegal for obama? But my point was that GWB at least got authorization from Congress for Iraq and Afghanistan (although, I grant you that they were wars not declared by Congress), obama got nothing from Congress for Libya.

        2. “If they were illegal for GWB, aren’t they just as illegal for obama?”
          Yes, they would be.

          “although, I grant you that they were wars not declared by Congress), obama got nothing from Congress for Libya.”
          I fail to see a difference.

        3. Presidents all the way back to John Adams have gone to “war” without Congress formally declaring war. Not saying it’s correct, just the truth.

  1. “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;”

    So they should hold themselves in contempt of law, guilty of the violating Article 1, Section 8? Nah, I don’t think so. This government has no respect for the laws of the constitution, nor their oath to protect and serve the American people.

    All the federal representatives are complicit in violating the laws of the land.

      1. What PURSE? We are so broke that we will NEVER be able to pay off our debt. Unless of course we START using our resources state side. And; have we ever been paid back for supporting all these countries for the last two world wars? I think only ONE country has paid us back!

        1. We are broke but we do have a hefty cash flow. :)
          What ever happened to that pipeline?
          We have one of the largest oil reserves in the world. I’d like to know, what are we saving it for?

        2. If we cut government and cut the fluff out of Washington you might find we have quite a lot of money…Start with the representatives in House and Senate and the Pres and cut all the way down and all their silly projects like bridges to nowhere etc….Build new mental facilities and arm schools.

    1. Actually Congress might vote a bill of impeachment , but Harry Reid would never bring it before the Senate . That is the measure of how little those in power think of their country . its party before Nation

      1. That’s another reason why the Republicans in the House should call for DEPORTATION, not impeachment. The dog-eatin’ Kenyan as a non-U.S. citizen isn’t entitled to impeachment proceedings.

        1. As an independent, I can see republicans helped elect and reelect Obma by putting forth RINO’s on a stick for us to vote for!

        2. why don’t we deport you as you whine more than any of us. Miss your entitlement $ and you rant and rave! We The People support The Constitution of the United States! You support all that means dictatorship! What will you whine about when your dictator ‘n chief takes away all your last bit of freedom?

        3. I say you should be on the top of the list of future deportations. You don’t support the constitution Donna- You wipe your arse on it whenever it’s not convenient to you.

        4. OK, you’ve had your fun, time to have mommy make your dinner and crawl back to your basement and your Xbox. We adults can take over from here.

        5. Well, Adam, since our government buildings are engraved with scriptures, the ten commandments, God, and other offensive words you immoral demoncratic “progressive liberals” loathe, why don’t you and your ilk find a new home in less “conservative” climes. And take the white house occupants with you!

        6. No, We’ll just remove anything that mentions God from the public sector. That’s the power the majority has. You can either suck it up or leave the country. We WON’T put up with you pushing religion on the rest of us any more though. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll suck it up like a big girl and move on with your life.

        7. Pushing religion on you …what a laugh! Take it or leave it…your problem, you have the choice…just wait until you do not have a choice, that is with SHARIA law which is already taking hold in this country…so much for our courageous , God loving Founders who sacrificed their all to gain us liberty and establish a country that has built and maintained it’s sovernenity (sorry, mis-spelled) four years and is now number nineteen (19), why do you think we have an illegal immigration!

        8. It’s not a matter of take it or leave it. We have more choices than that. We will continue to push your religion where it belongs (Out of our public buildings and schools and into the privacy of your home) … If you keep trying to push, we’ll start revoking your churches tax-free status. Want war? We can make this very tough on you. I suggest you take your religion and keep it to yourself.

        9. I have been reading what you are saying in disbelief. What are you trying to say? That this country has not done well by you and everyone living here as well as many who live in other countries. What are you smoking? Of course, that’s what liberals do when they can’t make sense of anything – smoke pot or whatever else they can get. We witnessed your kind in San Francisco in the 60s and now, unfortunately, you are trying to take over our great country with you communist ways. Beware, when the country does become communist, we will all be poor and under Obama’s control or someone like him. I don’t think you will like it. There will be no more freebies for you and your kind.

        10. “you are trying to take over our great country with you communist ways”

          TRYING????? TRYING???? This country HAS been taken over. It’s a done deal. You’ll have to kill millions of people to get it back. I don’t think you have what it takes to go door by door killing everyone who refuses to vote your way… IF YOU DO have that kind of evil in you, then this country just needs to burn- -it can’t survive a bunch of murderous conservatives who pitch fits and destroy things when they can’t get their way.

        11. I don’t take freebies nor do I use drugs…. Those are two lies you’ve been fed by the evil likes of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. You are truly a pathetic and gullible lot.

        12. You don’t live in Minneapolis, do you? It would be convenient not to have to drive three or four states to get to the fight.

          All we have to do is cut off the free groceries and water, you won’t be so tough in a week or so. Will you try to surrender, try to bust out, or will you start eating your dead?

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        14. Your disabled vietnam vet husband did this country a great disservice by NOT dying in the country where he destroyed so many lives. Your husband is a worthless MAGGOT and so are you.

        15. When you use the term “we” exactly who are you speaking for??…Do you have an army or what…you better have a big one…ever hear of Gideon, perhaps YOU should wise up.

        16. Take it easy, now. You don’t want to awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ of Constitution loving civilians who are biding their time and just itching to kick your ass out of this Republic!

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        28. You mean suck it up like the liberals do? Isn’t that what you called gay rights. What do you suppose would happen if all the Conservatives said OK you win. We won’t pay anymore taxes but just suck on the government teat and Oh wait a minute that won’t work. If we did that there would be no one producing tax money to give to the teat suckers.

        29. You sound like about the mentality of maybe a 14 year old.BTW,who is pushing religion on you? If you want to know something about “pushing religion” go visit a muslim country.Christians are being killed or persecuted every day. Our constitution gives us freedom of religion,not freedom from religion.No one makes you attend a church do they.Do you live among a christian neighborhood where the christians are mugging,robbing,doping & shooting & killing people? You are one sick, duma**.

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        31. No I don’t live close to a dangerous christian neighborhood. Most of the people around here are highly educated and from many racial backgrounds. I’d rather live in a diverse community like this than some backwoods hillbilly christian nightmare of a town. I’ve seen a lot of evil stealing/back stabbing and even killing done by christians in my life time. This world will be a much better place once your religion is (soon) a thing of the past.

        32. Seems like your religion is the worship of Nothing. You’re welcome to it. The Christians don’t get riled easy but you really stir ’em up and they’ll take ya out. Me, I’m not hampered by Christian teachings. It wouldn’t bother me a bit to leave you out for the little animals to finish.

        33. Christians will take me out if I stir em up??? OK then… BRING IT ON. I’m devoting my life to ushering in communism to this country. I voted multiple times to re-elect Obama. Yes, I admit being a communist, election cheater and America Hater… Do you maggots need any other reason to kill me??? BRING IT ON….

        34. I don’t worship Obama but I certainly respect and admire the man. I have nothing but contempt and absolutely NO respect for lying, shallow, evil people like yourself. You aren’t a real American by the way. You are everything that is WRONG with America.

        35. You respect Obama, yet you ignore his lies about being open and honest? Tell us all please, Who’s passport did he use to go to Pakistan, as it was not an American one because travel there was illlegal when he went. Just answer this one question and we can know if Obama is an American or not. If he is, he violated immigartion laws, making him a felon, so he cannot vote (or sign legislation)

        36. Plaintruth: I don’t even bother responding to your birther lies. If you were REALLY interested in the facts, you would look beyond your birther propaganda sites. All your birther BS has been debunked for years.

        37. I guess that means you think Obama is a REAL American or did you see his AUTHENTIC birth certificate…not a question because I know the answer…nothing that man says is the truth, least of all when he says he is for the middle class!

        38. If obama opens his mouth it’s a lye that comes out, of all I have read on here and I do mean all comments on all sites yours is the stuppidest most missinformed or lying , you have mental problems bad ones.

        39. Eventually all you “libs” will be begging for Obama”s deportation..wake up and look overseas and see how those socialists are doing…history will continue to repeat itself.

        40. Why should I look over seas? Canada is more socialist than the United States and is doing quite well. (which is Ironic, considering how many uneducated conservatives threatened to move to Canada after Obama was re-electing, claiming they wanted to “flee socialism” … You people truly are retarded.

        41. Think fast Adam. There is at least one good reason that Canada isn’t having the problems that the USA is. Yeah, I know you’ve got it by now.

        42. Adam, maybe you should be sent back to Kenya with him. You are right about one thing,—It doesn’t appear that it is the country it was in years past. But, it is easy to see why it isn’t.

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        45. But I would not want to arrive at the wrong meeting (is there more than one?), and how would I know if you were there, rather than hiding?

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        53. He can be deported, but not until after he has served a LENGTHY sentence for the crimes he commited…we want our pound of flesh on this one….make sure he ges to a supermax along with his thugs.

        54. The only pounding of flesh you are going to get is you evil conservatives banging your fleshy head against the wall out of frustration. You will never get your way in this country again. (In other words, this isn’t your country any more dip-s hit)

        55. HappyClinger: KKK is not a bit democratic today..You are truly BRAIN DAMAGED! Go to KKK and white supremacist websites! They are VERY republican supporting people these days. What started out 100 years ago is not any where NEAR the same organization today. You just showed the world how very STUPID you are.

        56. Adam, the KKK Was formed by Democrats. Please read some history. Dems were the ones who opposed virtually every piece of racial equality legislation. Remember, Martin L King was a Rebublican.

        57. If I was a crack head, I would be smoking CRACK , not weed… Why would his stash of weed be in Mexico anyway? The best weed is in Colorado and WA state I hear.

        58. I study now…. I see tea party rallys and their ALL white crowds. I see conservative blogs and all the racist things you say about black people on them…. Black people see right through your evil ways. the racists are on one side and it’s the MONOCHROMATIC TEA PARTY.

        59. you are completely racist and ignorant. keep listening to your dnc news lol so sad. liberalism and communism are diseases and you are terminal

        60. Look at yourself in the mirror. that ugly haggled image you see staring back is the source of ALL of your problems. Not the scary black man in the WHITE house.

        61. Yeah,you are just one of the idiots in this country who voted for this traitor.He is a socialist/communist,who would do away with the constitution if he could,& set himself up as a dictator.How many jobs has he created in the private sector? All he’s about is taking expensive vacations & raising taxes.Do you actually think he would use it to pay down the national debt or you being the liberal socialist you apparently are, do you think the money grows on trees? I doubt he would have won,had it not been for voter fraud.I would like to remind you this country has done quite well under our sysstem of government & free enterprise.You & others like you might be wanting the whiny-a** repubicans back in before this clown gets through trashing the country.Now go get your food stamps,or anything else you can sponge off the tax-payers dime.

        62. Whiny-a republican??? that is how you spelled it… I believe Obama and his colleagues are Democrats…but everything else you commented on is true. We just need a couple of Congressmen to have a Back bone to stand up to Obama and his couple of “out of the Box” Communist/Socialist comrades. If nothing is done then there may be another American Revolution.

        63. Fran: Bring on your “American revolution” .. I know several army helicopter pilots who have TRAINED for right wing militia uprisings. I wonder how well your little pea shooter assault weapons will match up against missiles being fired at you from apache? When you have your war, do you plan on leaving people behind to watch over your house and your family? We could always hit you in the rear where it hurts the most… Hell, I might even pretend to be on your side–me and millions of others know how to mimick southern conservatives — We’ll just pretend to be one of you , Slip in behind you and take out everyone you love the most …

          I’m not kidding — I’m sick of you conservatives threatening armed revolution. Either shut up or bring it on already! Know this, however, we will make sure your casualties are through the roof — People you are supposed to protect will end up getting hit the hardest. You aren’t going to attempt to over throw MY country and escape without tragedy hitting home. You WILL pay if you make that move.

        64. Adam baby. Not all conservatives are “southern”. So stop sterotypical sophmoric phrasiology.
          Then, please check Afghanistan if you want an idea of how a “pea shooter” stands against apaches. You might recall, but we dobt it, that it was the Dems who screamed that Bush should never get into Afghanastan because the people there were armed and would fight to a standstill.

          Adam, I know it is difficult as a lib, but try to be consistent with something other than lying. And stop making threats, it is so unlike a lib to espouse violence, but it does show your true colors.

        65. What threats? I never threatened anyone. I have BEEN threatened. I have responded to threats of violent revolution — but never threatened anyone. Why do conservatives lie so G-damned much?

        66. Cox said: ” Slip in behind you and take out everyone you love the most …”

          Threats of violence against non-combatant civilians, women & children, the elderly or… equals a threat.

          Cox you are a dick, stop feeling sorry for yourself, your wussy character as victim extraordinaire is why you loose.

        67. Well, You conservatives think you are big and bad enough to take your guns to Washington DC to kill the people you hate there. (what do you think armed revolution threats entail?) … So if you are big and bad enough to go and shoot some elected official — You are big and bad enough to accept that people YOU love will get shot as well… After all, Don’t you think you’ll be hurting the loved ones of the elected officials that you kill? See, you need to think these things through. You are quick to shout LOCK AND LOAD and REVOLUTION TIME but you aren’t man enough to accept the consequences.

        68. Read my post and get back to me with quotes from it that say I have plans to take my guns anywhere or kill anyone in any state, county, city or township. Also I did not mention armed revolution, you are delusional. I did not mention shooting elected officials; you see that which does not exist.

          Cox you are a psychophant shouting LOCK AND LOAD lets go kill all the conservatives; your more deranged than Adam Lanza.

          Your ridiculous mindless drivel is proof you’re several cards short of a full deck. When you grow up I hope your English lessons teach you how to understand what you read. You entire response to my post is complete nonsensical rhetoric.


          PS: For the record — Cox you are a dick.

        69. By the way, if you don’t want your innocent relatives to get hurt — Maybe you’ll think long and hard before go march off to hurt OTHER peoples relatives. (which is what you’d be doing if you shot elected officials, like many of you fantacize over like a bunch of rabid animals) ..> Seriously, It’s a pretty logical step to avoid having your family hurt . I.e. don’t hurt others.

        70. Ah…. so AC says “don’t hurt others”. Nice. Very nice. That’s a good approach, AC. Problem is, you need to follow your own advice. The assorted coercionists (fascists/socialists/crony capitalists/bankster-buddies-of-Obama&Bush, etc.) LOVE to FORCE their way upon others simply seeking to mind their own business. So, since you choose to live in a glass house, I suggest you tread carefully when you (rightfully) recommended that one “don’t hurt others”. Bush & Obama should follow such advice. And, judging by your comments, you also need to follow your own advice. Then we MIGHT make some progress.

        71. I don’t live in a glass house. I don’t threaten revolution .. I would defend my elective representatives from rabid murderous animals like yourself if I was called to duty. That’s the ONLY reason I could ever see myself killing anyone.

        72. Cox said: ” I know several army helicopter pilots who have TRAINED for right wing militia uprisings. I wonder how well your little pea shooter assault weapons will match up against missiles being fired at you from apache?”

          My comments are about your comments and I don’t see anything about shooting elected officials in mine. ‘Army helicopter pilots with missiles’ sounds like military not Congress.

          Like most whacked out lefty communist socialists you have a comprehension problem; you read but you do not understand.

          Cox said: “Maybe you’ll think long and hard before go march off to hurt OTHER peoples relatives.”

          Read my post again and please quote the sentence where I threaten to hurt OTHER peoples relatives. My post is admonishing your threats but you are too dim witted to understand it.

          At least you are wise enough not to dispute my last comment where I aptly point out that; Cox you are a dick, stop feeling sorry for yourself, your wussy character as victim extraordinaire is why you loose.

          Say hi to Arianna, did you know she ran for governor of California as a Republican but that liberal State rejected her nutty ways?

        73. This is all you gleaned from my wisdom above, how pathetic you are.

          Your lefty brown nosing caused me to believe you were a plant from the Huffington Post, you know one of those Soros is paying to be a commenter on conservative sites. Your to stupid to be acting on your own.

          I will correct one statement I made earlier — Cox you are dickless dick.

          Good bye, I’m done wasting my time on you.

        74. Well now, you think all we have are peashooters. I think my Barrett M82 is just a tad bit more then a pea shooter, more like a water melon shooter. And I’ll just bet you do not have a clue what happens when severs “Water Melon” hit the gear mechanism of the rotor assembly pod on a helicopter do you. Just as a side note, with out rotor movement helicopters become nothing but big rocks, and not even your God Obama can make rocks fly.

        75. LOL Jimmie… Threaten to shoot at Apache Military helis from the ground… You sound like a REAL smart one there. You conservatives often say “if revolution happens, the U.S. military won’t fire on us” — Well, I f-ing DARE you to fire at our military and see how long they refuse to fire back at you worthless cockroaches.

        76. Actually Adam, you are incorrectly assuming that if revolution breaks out that the military will support your side. Far more of us conservatives are current or ex military than those on your side. Why would we have to fire anything from the ground when we will have the majority of the U.S. military on OUR side?

        77. The U.S. Military will protect Americans regardless of politics. If you idiots start shooting at Americans, They will step in. If you fire a shot at them, well, prepare to meet your maker.

        78. By the way, You are DERANGED with this “your side” “our side” stuff regarding the Military. Do you not realize that Obama got over 40% of the military vote? So much for all of them being on “your side” … You don’t think they will fire on you? PLEASE test their limits. Fire at them and just SEE what happens.

        79. I heard a lot of accusations from conservatives this election cycle. Then I actually looked into it and found out they were nothing but more LIES as usual from your side…. The more I researched, the more evidence I found of election fraud though. Election fraud committed by REPUBLICANS! http://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-city/index.ssf/2012/11/deanna_swenson_clackamas_count.html

          Funny thing facts are! Debby, if you actually pull your head out of your arse long enough to turn off Rush Limbaugh, You might actually discovered how much you are lied to!

        80. I’m sure the FBI would like to see where you just threatened to shoot U.S. military aircraft. That’s a felony you know — Just the THREAT alone will put you in prison. Have fun Jimmie!

        81. Daniel: Why don’t YOU be the one who sends me to meet my maker!?!? Put up or shut up. At least I know your name ..Spickard. Any spickard is as good as the bubble gum on my boot.

        82. Go ahead take out the conservatives. Then who is going to pay for your food stamps, cell phones, and heath care? Dam Give me”s get a JOB!!

        83. I pay for my own stuff Ron… It’s arrogant idiots like you who cost the GOP the election. The majority of Obama supporters are NOT welfare slobs. Yet you still insult EVERYONE ? Why is that? Do your really think you are going to do your side any favors by insulting people for something many aren’t even guilty of?

        84. Why don’t you post your real name colonial? Chicken chit? Just another coward conservative who makes all kinds of accusations and insults behind the safety and anonymity of their computer. YELLOW COWARD

        85. “YELLOW COWARD” ??? ROTFLMAO!!!! LOLOLOL!!!! AC strikes again in his effort to goad anyone he can into insulting him while he rejoices in his beliefs that he raises others’ blood pressures by reading their insults. Hell, I enjoy watching him play his little goad game…. for at least 5 minutes. 😉 I suppose it IS a form of entertainment … however pathetic. Question to everyone ELSE: Is AC really worth anyone’s time?

        86. The majority of Obama supporters don’t even know the name of the Vice President, let alone much about Obama himself and what he has done.

        87. while you are mewling in the corner waiting for anointed Obama to rescue your butt. But, ah, he will be on vacation or golfing or campaigning for permanent presidency that day you can bet on it.

        88. Permanent presidency for Obama sounds like a good idea in all actuality. He’s gaining in popularity to the point where he could some day match FDR’s popularity. I think the majority of Americans will support giving him more than 2 terms as president!

        89. Thank for confirming that you ARE a moron and should be prohibited from voting due to a lack of intelligence or brains.

        90. Prohibit me from voting? Awe…but I have so much fun! It’s like a game – I try to get to as many voting stations as I can before the polls close. This year I made it to 33 voting districts!

        91. I agree AC. Olde comrade/bankster-supported Obama SHOULD get at least another TWO terms — hell, just make him King for Life! After he gets through destroying free enterprise, then all those (socialists, fascists, etc.) who believe that it’s acceptable to coerce others through force and fraud will then discover they’ll have to actually PRODUCE for a living or die as entitled parasites. So be it. Works for me.

        92. Yeah, just that little problem called the 22nd Amendment. But, then again, obama doesn’t care about the Constitution, does he?

        93. Hey, Mr. Adam Cox – do you remember the movie, “Seven Days in May”? Frankly, that time is closer today than most people would believe. And, if you really think that our military actually LIKES the pretender in chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it. This country is now populated with thousands of retired SF, Seals, Rangers, and not a single one of them would stand against the people on obama’s orders – believe it. But they WILL stand WITH the people! Quit your ravings, educate yourself as to the dangers of Socialism and Communism, try to figure out where all the money to maintain Socialism will come from when there are no more working people to tax. Then make your peace with your God and hope that you don’t get caught in any crossfires.

        94. If the military hates him, then why did he get over 40% of the military vote? OH YEAH, MORE LIES by conservatives. Your pathological lies are destroying your cause and GOOD RIDDANCE. At least the world knows you as a bunch of pathetic liars now.

        95. You mean the military that Obama disenfranchised of their votes? If he thought they were going to vote for him, why didn’t he allow them to vote, as the law requires? Ask our servicemen serving overseas how many got thier absentee ballots. And even worse than that, Dems have already been caught altering absentee ballots. Apparently absentee is the WORST possible way to vote because those votes are the easiest to steal.

        96. Hey Cox-Sucker….I have something special for you igger boy. Want to play with me? You like playing don’t you faggot?

        97. Too little; You’d have to tie a silk thread on it before even YOU could find it and then you’d mistake it for something else since its so tiny.

        98. Does anyone know why he’s on here, other than the fact we still have the First Amendment? No point in responding to his lunatic hate filled ravings. Arguing with a commie is like talking to the wall. We see it in the Oval Office and the Senate, the very people who swore to uphold the Constitution are working to destroy it and our country. He is of the same mindset.

        99. “Then make your peace with your God and hope that you don’t get caught in any crossfires.”

          Go ahead, Make a martyr of me. Do realize that your family will go down too.

        100. Your patriotism is as phony as you are. If you are willing to put up with what is going on in America today, then you are just another drooling liberal who isn’t worth fighting for. True patriots will fight to protect America as she was intended and you best not get in the way

        101. Thank you, That confirms that you are an idiot without a lick of sense. NO communist government has lasted very long and its people have never faired very well.

        102. Did he know his parent and DID they KNOW each other other than a brief Fifty cent encounter in the alley.

        103. You have no government and the idiots you voted for are as asinine as you are and are as short of intelligence as you.

        104. I am the type who has been threatened with death for voting for Obama on this message board. So because I promise retaliation if civil war started, means I’m some child killer? You are an evil piece of crap buster.

        105. Are you having fun Adam Cox, swinging around in your chair in front of your precious PC….such a bold man are you…..you have all these folks frothing at the mouth over your silly antics. Why waste your time at the PC? Go outside, plant some flowers, build a raft, host a Kareoke party, anything really. It might be good for you, clear your mind. You have plenty of wacky thoughts going on in there, don’t you? I don’t think you were put on this blue marble to disrespect any and everything like you do, now were you? My best friend served in Vietnam, almost lost his leg, and would be so very sad to think people felt the way you do about him. I’m sorry your life sucks so badly, hope it gets better. Not much you can really do about the American spirit by gosh, it will never die…silly man, you don’t know that do you?

        106. The American spirit shouldn’t die… I don’t really feel that way about your Nam vet family/friend… I just absolutely hate with a passion the people on this blog.

        107. Sounds like serious threats against anyone who doesn’t say what you want said. Guess the freedom of speech is for your beliefs only. Guess your beliefs regarding gun rights is for those who believe as you only. Better watch your back after those ugly threats. Violence, threats of violence and hatred is all you have to offer to a discussion.

        108. I never threatened anyone. I SEE threats of violent revolution… I simply threatened an appropriate response to such an attack against my country.

        109. Serious threats? People threatened to come to my house to kill me because I insulted vietnam vets. My threat was to MAKE MY DAY. Come on over. Don’t expect to live past your first step onto my property however.

        110. You have to be dumber than a box of rocks, kid. I doubt you know anyone except your school mates, teachers and parents. Your parents are probably looney and that is where you get your nonsense.

        111. Fran doesn’t want to overthrow our COUNTRY; she wants to overthrow its INFINITELY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.

        112. And if you try to overthrow the government I elected — we will over throw YOU. Patriots, Please march on DC. But don’t plan on having a home to go back to when you finish up!

        113. Thanks for your unkind words. An insult from the likes of you is tantamount to a most coveted accolade! HEY, WORLD: Adam Cox DISAGREES with ME! Do me a favor, Adam: if you SPIT on me, PLEASE AUTOGRAPH IT!

        114. ” Hell, I might even pretend to be on your side–me and millions of others know how to mimick southern conservatives — We’ll just pretend to be one of you , Slip in behind you and take out everyone you love the most …”
          Just so you all know. This statement is what lib/commies are all about. They lie to you and when your not looking, stab you in the back. Thanks Adam. You just showed a lot of people how you scum bags operate.

        115. Joe Wilson: Well, I’ve been threatened with DEATH simply because of who I voted for. It’s for all to see. You scum bags operate on a much more anti American and dangerous level than I do. I just want you to know that when crap hits the fan, we WON’T play fair. It won’t be like the first civil war, neat orderly rows of men shooting at each other. This war will be NASTY. It will be mothers and daughters and sons being executed because their right wing parents thought it was a good idea to go shoot up Washington DC… In other words – You take your violent crap out on elective representatives and we will take a VERY personal toll from your lives. Payback will destroy you if it doesn’t outright kill you. So have your revolution at your own risk. Do understand the cost will hit VERY close to home.

        116. It sounds like you all should grow up and act like you have a brain your
          This is the problem in this country you cry,bitch,and moan,try comming
          up with reasonable answers to the problems instead of going after
          each other.
          We all know what the problems are,we need answers.

        117. The problem is that we have a bunch of right wing fascists who want to destroy the U.S. because they didn’t get their way at the ballot box. First they want their states to Secede from the U.S. (to heck with anyone who loses their citizenship who didn’t go along with secession idea — their idea of “Don’t tread on me” Applies only to them – they are more than willing to tread on others who get in their way” ….. Now that they realize they don’t have support for secession, they threaten to SHOOT anyone who didn’t vote their way. They also threaten to SHOOT any elective representative that they didn’t vote for….. The ONLY *JUST* solution would be to track down the people making these threats and arrest them on the spot for SEDITION. It’s a felony and these people need to do HARD time in prison.

        118. What a cowardly post! From what I’ve seen lately this is just what I’d expect from a democrat. Attack the defenseless civilians. What a piece of Sh*t.

        119. Who wants to attack defenseless civilians? It’s your side who wants to bring this to armed revolution. I’m just pointing out that the cost of such a move will be severe and we’ll make sure you take major personal losses.

        120. “mimick southern conservatives — We’ll just pretend to be one of you ,
          Slip in behind you and take out everyone you love the most …”

          Good plan Cox. Those of us who agree with Fran out here on the left coast will flank your Yankee a$$. What a dick you are Cox. You are a typical communist using threats and intimidation to silence your opposition because your position is indefinable and indefensible. It is illegal for the US military to be used against their bosses “We The People.” So when this President does he and all military personnel who join him will be committing TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

          Our nations founders foresaw this happening and wisely gave us the right to speak against a tyrannical government, and the right to warn our neighbors, and the right to organize a militia and the right to bear arms, and the right to defend all our rights by shooting anyone bold enough to try and enslave a FREE AMERICAN.

          These are not conservative thoughts, they are the thoughts of all Americans who love this country and its Constitutional rule of law.

          I am appalled to have our White House occupied by this bigoted anti-American who learned and taught the Constitution for the sole purpose of discovering the best ways to destroy it.

          How many Red Blooded American pilots, soldiers, sailors and marines will be in the cockpits, the fox holes, the ships, and landing craft that choose America over a tyrant? How will the Obama forces function when the guys that usually have their backs are now behind them pointing weapons at their heads?

          The spirit that in 1776 chose to take on the most elite war machine on Earth and defeat it with a bunch of poorly armed untrained farmers is alive and well today. You and your ilk will rue the day should you choose to come against that spirit.

          “The first signs of pacification by our own forces will not only be
          convoys rolling through city streets and small towns throughout the
          Country, but direct military action against pre-targeted areas from data
          acquired by “Census workers” that’s been used to program
          military targeting computers which our own armed forces will use in the unthinkable task of fighting its own citizenry.” (do not answer census questionnaires) http://www.eutimes.net/2009/12/us-forces-plan-direct-action-against-american-citizens/

          Cox, “keep your powder and your pants dry!” We are not afraid of you.

        121. Obama is an Al Quaeda agent according to intelligence reports. You must be also since you want to fight our citizens. That’s what they promised they would do when they are through in Syria.

        122. I thought we took an oath.

          To Protect the Constitution. Which is the basis and foundation of this country.

          From all threats (not the right word), Foreign and Domestic.

        123. You are a communist?

          Well. Were you ever in the Military? Because. You know. That hurry up and wait crap works real well, doesn’t it? Bureaucracy.

          You basically embrace the failed policies of the USSR. Where. The fat cats in government always got fed. Right? Is that you? Your going to be a fat cat?

          A few years ago,I worked a farmers market with a friend. We sold tomatoes and corn. In a pretty affluent town (we drove a bit to get there). One day, some older, beefy Russian woman came to the stand. Wanted to buy our tomatoes. She was Astounded at the quality of the produce available, and what she could buy. Well. This was about 14 years ago.

          I just wanted you to know. That when Russians come here, sometimes they want to stay. We have food. There is always work to be done. You get paid for it.

          If you embrace Communism, you should emigrate. Because. You won’t live in a free America, or one we are trying to bring back to freedom. .

        124. That’s what this is all about… Racist lynching of this black president. Daniel, I’m so glad I’m not in a room right now with you. I don’t think I could contain myself from being every last breath out of your body. I mean it.

        125. he isn’t? He sure looks it to me. Then again, looks can be deceiving as you are a prime example. You may look like a person but you sure aren’t a human in my book.

        126. Adam, what is wrong with you? Why do you hate so much? You can’t live in peace with that kind of hate. Seriously, get yourself a good book and take some time off.

        127. Jdelaney3: If you were chastising your fellow conservatives who threatened to shoot obama voters ON THIS THREAD ..or those of you who are are suggesting the president be HUNG …then I would think about what you have to say… As it stands, you sound like a two faced hypocrite. Do you really think conservatives on here have any less hate for me than I have for them? You aren’t thinking or READING if so.

        128. He is NOT black, he is a 50/50 mut! He was raised with communist grandparents and a slut for a mother who who prostituted herself with Frank Marshall Davis. Google those pics and information….. why don’t you?

        129. Those pics were proven fake (like most everything else birthers come up with.) .. It WAS pointed out though that if those 1950s nude pictures of his mom were REAL, that she would have been under age. In which case, you birthers have been viewing/distributing child pornography. Either way you are sick people — You’re either sick LIARS or sick PERVERTS.(or perhaps both)

        130. Just what book is that Adam? You sure have a lot of venom that you want to spew. I say you take a “time out” and stay in your room for an hour.

        131. Venom? What’s this? A conservative can’t take what his fellow citizens dish out in enormous portions on a daily basis on here? I didn’t realize you were such a pusssy.

        132. Don’t forget, Arnold Claymore, that lil barry is HALF WHITE. And the reason his skin appears to be brown is because he’s so full of shee-it.

        133. As usual, An idiotic left wing nut bagger has to trot out the tired old “racist” claim despite the fact that the Democrats have historically been the more “Racist” party in history, voting against ALL the civil rights bills in Congress.

        134. Adam cannot respond with facts. Therefore he must respond with emotional outbursts. Don’t take it to heart. When his Mommy comes home she is going to wash his mouth out with soap and send him to bed. Guess they should have a rule about requiring a person having to pass an IQ test before they can post. He is a blog jumper and will not be getting any Christmas cards this year.

        135. Well, you make it rather easy — all uppity and excited about a “lynch” party … Your racism is very obvious and it’s clearly the prime reason you hate Obama. You have no real facts to go on against his record — All you have are your lies about his religion and your hate for everyone black.

        136. What record are you referring to Adam? Just remember that hate never built a bridge or healed a child. Again, please cite specifics.

        137. Oh Please! The racist card again….. don’t you have anything to argue with other than that card? Please bring some level of an IQ to this discussion. Conservatives are willing to have a debate if the other side has some form of intelligence to work with. We don’t know how to argue with stupidity?

        138. I know you scum bags wish you could say racist demeaning things about people and not be called out on your racism… Your new ploy is “your get out of jail free” – “you’re playing the racist card” trick..I see right through evil people like you. You need to be put in your place (at the bottom of my shoe)

        139. Again with the potty mouth. You must really have issues if you have to resort to using foul language. By the way; you are the first person who ever accused me of being evil during my entire stay on this wonderful planet. {No, I am not an alien} Please cite specifics.

        140. Baf: Oh, So I can be called a n igger in this VERY thread but I’m not allowed to call the people who called me that RACIST? I see how you operate around here. Very underhanded and fascist.

        141. Do you even know what fascism is? Probably not. You probably heard some babbling idiot like Al ‘not so’ Sharpton or a clintoon use the word in reference to their opponents and it sounded good to your naive self. You are apparently proud to be one who is against freedom and in support of tyranny. That is obvious. Try this quote on for size,” There is no left or right– there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you..” Philip Brennan

          It is clear to a thinking person that obama is NOT for freedom. This is plainly evidenced by his attacks on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments. He is trying to destroy the Constitution. That is irrefutable. I can’t tell your skin color by your postings and I don’t care, it is not relevant. I served with many courageous and honorable black MEN that I’ve trusted with my life. And I’d do it again, in a heartbeat, before my saltine ass would EVER trust my life to the likes of Biden, Durbin, Pelosi or any left winger. Here’s a video which will explain how the American government and the political spectrum is set up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr1xqb9sB-4

          You seem easily misled and it is going to end badly for you. See. we AMERICANS don’t have any other place on the planet to which we can go and will, therefore. fight to the death to preserve our homeland, form of government and society based upon the rule of law. You, Adam Cox, are apparently a socialist and there are a myriad of dreadful socialist countries to which you can emigrate.

          Noli me calcare!

        142. You started your diatribe with this flowery quote about how there’s no left or right …then you continue your hypocritical speech about how you would never trust anyone on the left … LOL sniper, You are so transparent its’ laughable.

        143. “You seem easily misled and it is going to end badly for you. ”

          Well, If one of you evil f0cks ends up coming to my house to kill me over Politics — that would be ending badly. Of course that’s not going to happen…I mean really, you conservatives going to go knocking door to door looking for political opponents to shoot? LMAO. such a blow hard you are, just like all the rest of the wingnuts here.

        144. Where did I threaten to do you any harm? It is not any of us who are threatening you, it is the current government which will be knocking on your door.

          And I’m just curious, but why when I click on your name link it takes me to a FB page by the name of Arnold Claymore?

        145. Or when I’m called a n igger and I see very disgusting things said about black people IN THIS VERY thread. It could be I was just pointing out the truth… Not that you are interested in the truth. A pathological lying sack of crap like you is only interested in diversion and lies.

        146. We aren’t racist Adam. We disagree with Marxist Policies.

          Lynching doesn’t happen anymore. White’s don’t persecute Blacks, but people of All colors, races, persecute each other.

        147. And the racist actions are going to continue.

          Black on white. White on black…Oh. Except Blacks aren’t racist at all, are they?

          OMG. I just about laughed while writing that. Because, if you are a BRO, you know for a fact you guys have many racist thoughts and words, and sentences and whatever, towards whites, hispanics, orientals, etc…But the introspection has be true. You know the facts.

          OB. While historically important, because he’s black, is also historically terrible as a President. That IS MY OPINION. I don’t vote “present”. I make my self LOUD.

          You know. You shouldn’t take his being half black personally. Nobody really thinks of him as half white, and his skin, doesn’t effing matter. Its his ideas, and I’m tired of people always trying to make the disagreement, about race. Its about the IDEAS. how we were founded. Freedom.

        148. Facts Adam! Please tell us where all this persecution is going on. Perhaps we will join arms and march against it. Please do tell.

        149. “We aren’t racist Adam. We disagree with Marxist Policies.

          Lynching doesn’t happen anymore.”

          You say these things and they MAY ring true for YOURSELF but you most OBVIOUSLY don’t speak for many others here. Did you even bother to read all the individual posts on here by people claiming to be on your side?? …If you had, then you are being absolutely disingenuous and outright dishonest. If you haven’t read them, you are being intellectually dishonest.

        150. I read many of the posts.

          Its why I don’t generalize (well, I try not to). I’m not saying we as a people aren’t racist. What i was trying to say, is (i think) we’ve become more civilized.

          Although, I obviously can’t speak for everyone posting on this forum.

          I don’t like Obama. Nor his wife. But, its not because they are Black. Notice I didn’t use the word “hate”….I’m wondering if you really read, or read to respond…

          Anyway. I would love to have Dr. Walter E. Williams as the first Black President of the United States…How different the conversation we would be having now?

          Our current government is corrupt. Its a shame.

        151. Oh please Mr Adam! Don’t “being” every last breath out of the man. “I mean it?” Wow! We all thought you were going to hold your breath this time. The expression “tongue in cheek” has obviously escaped you. See, the part about the beer was a clue. Foot in mouth seems more apt for your sterling retort.

        152. Let’s see how much of a joke the Secret Service take this to be … I’m not sure the feds are going to be a barrel of laughs when they roll up at this man’s door next week.

        153. You said something. Wrong.

          “He’s just proving to everyone how racist LIBERALS are”….We here, mostly (not speaking for everybody!) are Conservative.

          I think you might be lost.

        154. Well your sarcasm attempt sucks, boyfriend.

          And your anger is, is that fake? And. Don’t call me a lady. Thank You.

        155. “And your anger is, is that fake? And. Don’t call me a lady. Thank You.”
          What are you then , A girl?

          My sarcasm sucks? No, I think your sarcasm METER is broken. He was earlier commenting on how racist liberals are. Then he went on to describe his fantasy of LYNCHING the president. My comment was about how good of a job he was doing “proving how racist liberals are” in regards to his lynching comment. If that attempt of sarcasm went over your head, You need some reading comprehension skills girl!

        156. Fran, I was using adamcoxes terminolygy for republicans.Like I quoted him on the name he gave republicans.He & others like him,are in for some alarming awakings.I don’t know of a single communist country that enjoys the freedoms that we do.I wish they had to spend a year in Cuba or N.Korea.They would see how wonderful socialis/communism is.

        157. Any SO-CALLED “Republican” who TOLERATES the antics of obamA IS “whiny”. Some BUTT-KICKING is in order here!

        158. Your mother is under my computer desk as I type this, doing some very important and delicate work. Will you please quit telling jokes, it makes it hard for me to concentrate.

        159. Yep. That’s why conservatives control Congress. Originally the only part of the Government elected by popular vote. Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You have just removed all doubt.

        160. Conservatives don’t control both chambers of congress … Cons are about to lose the house in a couple years — you pukes BARELY held on to it this year.

        161. My bad, I meant the House. The Senate is still controlled by the party bent on bankrupting the country.

        162. It’s quite obvious that little Adam is quite young and adores him some Obama. It’s also clear that he is seriously mentally unstable and we’ve all given him far too much face time here. His “my weapon will destroy your weapon” is rather infantile. That is beyond his abilities. I suspect he comes here just to get charged up, that he has no real need nor ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. He is filled with veiled threats and bravado and frankly, he’s both corny and pathetic. I also suspect he may well be black. Nothing about him rings true. He is out of place, as this is a forum for adults, not children.

        163. Not our country? Have you ever served in our miilitary? No BS…. I want facts like Branch, when served, MOS, Rank, Deployment. Whatever, this is our country, and I suggest that you might not want to bet the entire welfare check on it being yours.

        164. It certainly isn’t yours. Unless you fought in World War 2, don’t act like your service is worthy of respect… If you fought in Vietnam, I think it’s quite a shame you came back in one piece.

        165. Do you think you are man enough to walk into any VFW and repeat that comment. I’d be more then willing to bet a month of my military retirement check that the only way you would be leaving that establishment is by two paramedics carrying you out in a stretcher to a waiting ambulance to rush your seriously broken and maimed body to the nearest Hospital with a ICU.

        166. Jimmie Hall: I’ll say whatever I want to whomever I want. I’ll also SUE you for all you’re worth if you lay one finger on me…. I have the clout to BANKRUPT and ruin you.

        167. How about I come over to your house and show you just what it is to be a military man! I can’t help it if you have no balls! People like you are a disgrace to this country, and should be run out on a pole!

        168. Daniel: You should try to say some of these things to my face. I already posted my address…Come on you piece of rat chit. Lets see some action already!!

        169. Adam HOW DARE YOUSAY THAT ABOUT A VIETNAM VET. You are the biggest COWARD that i have had the displeasure off reading your filfy writings. You are the kind of person who is to COWARD to fight for your Country. And to think that hindreds and hundreds of American Men and Women whent to Viet Name to fight for your Freedom. And the YOU HAVE THE NERVE to say it is a shame you came back in one piece. Who the HELL do you think you are. Well Adam Cox you are lower then the lowest scum on this earth. SHUT you F***ing mouth and keep you inmoture thoughts to your stupid ass self.

        170. You really are an idiot. I didn’t want to say it and be accused of name calling, but its true. I didn’t see any of OUR vets strapping bombs to their own children, or sending them into a bar with a booby-trapped shoeshine kit. The “asian” people as you say were doing an untold number of evils to other “asian” people that we were trying to help.

        171. No one has FOUGHT for this country since my grandparents served in WW2 … Any war since was NOT fighting for this country. Most decent people realized that and dodged draft into Vietnam. The people who were forced to go have unfortunately got blood on their hands. Most conservatives seem to be PROUD of their time in Vietnam…You not only have blood on your hands, you are pure evil… I really do wish most of you DIED in Vietnam.

        172. Maybe if you went to college instead of signing up with our imperialistic military to be a murderer, you would have more money and make more sense now! As it stands, you barely write any better than my kinder-gardener !

        173. By the way, you people who fought in vietnam were LIED to – You didn’t do a DAMN bit of good for the country. You most definitely weren’t fighting for the good of the country. IN fact, your actions HURT foreign relations , which to THIS day are still damaged because of JFK/LBJ/Nixon and their idiotic war.

        174. I’ve served in both the Marine Corps from June 20,1979 to June 20,1983, and in the Army Reserves Aug. 1986 to Aug. 1997. I was in the Marines when the barracks got hit in Beirut, and in Operation Dessert Storm. I’m very proud of my military history.

        175. Bebe: You are obviously a few fries short of a happy meal. Who do you think is in control of the country now? It certainly isn’t a christian conservative.

        176. Adam Cox should be put back in the box of Airheads candy he came from, then be given as a parting gift to Obama as that sorry excuse for a president gets exiled to Cuba, North Korea, or mainland China with the rest of the Communists!

        177. How about you stop posting empty anonymous threats from behind your computer…How about you man up and take a trip out west? This communist would LOVE to get an hour in a room alone with you.

        178. The assorted coercionists/socialists/fascists/banksters and related thugs want this country? I say: “LET ‘EM HAVE IT!!!” LOL! Then if the thuggery dip-s–ts want to EAT, they will at some point have to learn how to truly PRODUCE …. or die. It’s that simple, sport. And further assuming the above-mentioned thugs kill every free-enterpriser in the world, then those same thugs will subsequently either shape up and practice free enterprise themselves, or die like the parasites they are. Anti-cybernetic coercion (fraud or force) is a parasitical system that auto-destructs every time. Example: all the major civilizations of history.

        179. The conservatives are NOT the ones breaking the laws of this land….. it is the POS of a so-called-president (who thinks he is a king) This still IS our country and we will fight to keep it out of your cold dead hands. We will succeed! We have the constitution to BACK US UP.

        180. You wipe your arse on the constitution. You most definitely don’t respect the document, nor do you understand it’s contents. The laws of this land are in good order. You making stuff up about the president doesn’t change anything. We all know you’re a bunch of conspiracy nuts. You people are like the embarrassing child in a family that no one wants to admit to … Perhaps some day when long term mental institutions open back up , we’ll have a proper place to put you.

        181. Did you ever watch Schindler’s List?

          Well. maybe you didn’t. You should tho.

          The inhumanity. That’s what’s insane. And. Your anger, should be redirected to something, powerful and rewarding.

        182. The United States of America passed away on November 6, 2012 with an almost silent whimper. She was 236 years old. The grand old lady died of neglect, stupidity, arrogance and pure abuse at the hands of both her leaders and its ignorant populace. She will be survived by the Socialist Democratic Republic of Obamerica or SDRO. Also killed in this same massive, catastrophic, progressive wreck were personal freedoms, American values, exceptionalism, The Constitution, economic growth, conservatism, fiscal sanity, American unity, free markets, life’s sanctity, marriage between man and woman, Republicanism, free will, self-reliance and many more are so mutilated as to be unrecognizable any longer.

          Born: July 04, 1776
          Died: November 06, 2012

        183. Why hasn’t he closed it down? He promised to close it down, remember? It is a military installation and he can close it down as Commander in Chief with the stroke of a pen.

        184. With him, some are, some aren’t, the problem, he’s such a good sneaky chamillion, nobody can figure out what his real skin looks like.

        185. Even the Kenyan thing was a big fat lie to keep people from finding out who his real father is. Frank Marshall Davis, a top Communist organizer and pornographic photographer who seduced Obama’s mother. See the DVD “Dreams from My REAL Father” for the whole story.

        186. The Keyan thing was a big enough lie to keep people from finding out who his real father is. Frank Marshall Davis, a top Communist organizer and pornographic photographer who seduced Obama’s mother.

        187. Those nude pics that birthers claim to be Obama’s mom are NOT her. They came from a 1950s nude magazine; The date they were taken would make her UNDERAGE…. So that leaves two outcomes:

          Either you birthers are outright LYING (which is the case)

          or if that’s really her, You are a bunch of child pornography swapping perverts. Take your pick: either way, you are pretty disgusting people.

        188. You conveniently forget that nude young pictures were not outlawed until the late 70s, when hysteria set in!

        189. You right wingers really do come off like a bunch of spoiled/bratty school kids. Your collective maturity level is right on par with my 6 year old!

        190. What? Did you forget that everything he promises/says has an expiration date and time? Some are of shorter shelf life than others.

        191. Nothing he says has a shelf life, lies evaporate quickly. I wonder how that woman in NY who was told that he would ‘cut through the red tape’ is doing? I wonder how many will die from exposure because of his ‘help’ with rescue efforts? We already know how many died in Benghazi while that smug, lying, traitorous sonofabitch sat on his pompous ass and watched them die, no doubt with ecstatic glee.

        192. He could care less about others. Read an article a while back that compared Reagan, who got up every morning with the thought about what he could do FOR the American people each day to keep them safe and financially sound………to obama, who gets up every morning with only one thought……..himself and what he could do TO the American people that day and the days to come.
          Huge difference in ideologies.
          One cares about others, while the latter only cares about himself.

        193. Why would we want our taxes spent to keep his ass in jail? I say we just hang his ass for treason, and save the tax payers a lot of money. Then we could use that same rope on those who didn’t do their job in the first place by vetting him in 2008. I’ll bring the beer if some one else brings the rope!

        194. I say we ought to hang anyone who talks about an American president this way…. I’m glad you were stupid enough to post your real name on here Daniel.

        195. Did they let you out of your padded room, or did you just claim you had to got potty. The truth is, you ARE a bit POTTY. aren’t you.

        196. Now don’t go talking like that about Michelle or the SS, I mean Secret Service might pay you a visit.

        197. Here you go, cock.
          love Christmas lights! They remind me of…..
          the people who voted for Obama…….”
          They all hang together; half of them don’t work,
          and the ones that do, aren’t all that bright!

        198. a more accurate analogy = LED christmas lights. They work just fine. All of them are bright — and yes, we do stick together as was witnessed in the last election. We are modern and forward thinking , environmentally friendly and effecient. Oh yeah, we dislike old wasteful technology (and ideologies — such as YOURS)

        199. Your president is an empty suit. You should know that by now…But then again, your one of those not “very bright” lights.

        200. You think you are? You sound like one who toots their own horn all the time. I bet you couldn’t score within 30 points of my IQ. You probably couldn’t even get over 100.

        201. Yep, Adam Lanza and Adam Cox, oops, I meant Arnold Claymore; reputedly intelligent and dangerously defective, like two peas in a pod.

        202. Wow! I am so glad you told us what YOU SAY. When the press was castigating Mr Bush you and your ilk were strangely silent. But, take heart: The press will have to answer for their sins soon. Daniel must be shaking in abject fear because of your ominous post. Nah, I don’t thinkl so.

        203. The press will have to answer for their sins soon? Are you nuts? The press are people just like the rest of us. They happen to have opinons. They have something called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS that allows them to SAY WHATEVER the heck they want. I know you disagree with these freedoms but you also disagree with most of the finer points of being an American.

        204. Guest, you are dumber than dogshit! Do you remember the crap from left wingers when Bush was in office? This stuff is innocent compared to that stuff.

        205. Welcome to being reported to the secret service. Do a google search on how many people have made comments exactly like this only to be raided by the secret service the following week… You people truly are STUPID. I wonder what your friends and family will think of your loud mouth when they get questioned by federal agents?

        206. I have spent countless hours doing independent research on the eligibility issue. I have discovered SO MANY outright lies being told by “birthers” on this issue, I almost think it’s a conspiracy on your side to deceive! Seriously, for a birther to admonish someone else for not doing solid research when they’ve been taken in by so many lies, has got to be one of the most hypocritical and disgusting things I’ve ever encountered!

        207. Adam, your president is an imposter and not qualified to be president.The fact that his father was a British subject, that alone disqualifies the usurper.

        208. No it doesn’t. According to the supreme court and EVERY other court in this land, Obama is an NBC and very eligible to be president. You can lie and repeat BS you hear on WND all you want but in the end, You’ll be told the same answer by every court you birthers are ever allowed in.

        209. Try researching some ETHICAL SOURCES for a change. Then, just maybe, you will stumble onto the REAL TRUTH, not some leftiist liars UN-truth.

        210. Ethical sources? LOL .. I bet you think this and WND are “ethical sources” .. LMAO. You are truly hopeless Felix. You need a labotomy. I’d gladly perform one free of charge if you wanna meet up :)

        211. They’re much more credible than moveon.org and all the other Soros lefty sights, including Chris Matthews. If Matthews could carry Barack Obama’s next child, he would’

        212. What is a labotomy? Do you mean lobotomy? The doctors didn’t tell you why they stuck that wire up your nose, Arnold Claymore?

        213. So. You are the kind of man that sits quietly by and watches its government mow over people that find the actions of said government, offensive…and cheers it on in the process?

        214. Yes…because the things you find offense in are ALL MANUFACTORED! .. You generate selective petty outrage on things … Like CZARS (Bush had more of them then Obama but conservatives conveniently only found out about them under Obama — Which only shows you to be PETTY, ignorant and uninformed …

          Yes, I’m the kind of person who watches a disgusting and PETTY group of selfish hateful people get their panties up in a bunch over nothing — I actually find that sort of AMUSING. You people are like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It’s painful to watch but you can’t turn your head away!

        215. Adam.

          I’m still ticked off about all the bailouts. I don’t want to own GM, nor a POS electric car.

          What the hell happened to “the most “TRANSPARENT” administration? While they shoved Obama care down our throats? Hmn?

          The Petty person, is you. The uniformed is also you. How do you feel about the crap in Benghazi? If you were a real serviceman you should be angry beyond belief. At the lack of leadership that we have now.

        216. No one shoved Obamacare down your throat. You are what they call in my day a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE. It’s called elections. Elections have consequences. Obama was re-elected on the promise to implement his health care bill. OBVIOUSLY WE the people supported it.

        217. Elections are also rigged. In this instance Obama stole it. A proven fact the state run media doesn’t want you to know. Obamacare was decided by the Supreme Court Justice as a tax, O’stupid keeps claiming it isn’t a tax. Just watch your taxes in the future, fool. Then you’ll learn. Hyprocrite and liar are Obama’s middle middle names.

        218. A PROVEN Fact? Funny what little it takes for you to call something proof… Yet no democrats are being charged with election fraud. Funny little fact: several GOP *ARE* being charged with cheating in this last election…

          You make these BIG BOLD statements regarding democrat election fraud and GUESS WHO the only one with proof here of election fraud? ME ..

          see following link for one such example.


          Again, you conservatives are SO VERY LOW DOWN and EVIL that you blame the other side for doing EXACTLY TO THE TEE what people ON YOUR SIDE did this election… EVIL. PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL.

          Things like this are EXACTLY why Americans are FED UP to their necks with evil GOP like you. You are DONE in America. Never again will you conservatives have a chance to ruin the white house with your presence! I’m ashamed Obama even lets GOP members VISIT !

        219. You are showing a left-wing propaganda tabloit that of course is going to spin the truth. Google the hundreds of others in swing states that made statements in court to the contrary. That’s where the problem was most prominent. Because without the swing states fraudulent votes, Obama would have lost.

        220. What are you TALKING about ? WHAT left wing tabloid? The news article about the GOP election worker charged with election fraud was carried by DOZENS of news outlets .. Are you suggesting this story is MADE UP? (that’s what you seem to be implying .. any time something happens that’s an inconvenient truth to christian conservatives, You start attacking the source! –> THATS the behavioor of brain washers, JUST what you are doing. You wish people would only rely on your own echo chambers (WND, This site, Free Republic) — Any thing that does not TOW your party line is SUSPECT by you. THAT IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF BRAIN WASHING! Something you again blame the other side of doing, YOU are guilty of.

        221. Check those meds, I think you need your dosage increased. Obama’s health care bill has already been signed into law. Only a complete and utter mongoloid would be swayed by the gibberish Obama was re-elected on the promise to implement his health care bill. “of “

        222. Bullcrap. You don’t know what you’re taking about! The health care bill hasn’t even been implemented yet and doesn’t become fully active until 2013/2014 .

        223. God help us, when it is fully implemented.

          Lets hope: That you are young, strong and healthy and don’t ever need medical care. Especially for things like brain tumors, Leukemia and all kinds of cancer…And, for All you Mothers to be-be prepared. For the slaughter. for the tests, for there to be no money available for your premature baby. Be prepared.

          Its coming.

        224. Thanks for letting us knowwho you are Adama Cox ,after we take over in January 2913 we will ship you along with your Progressive Liberal buddies to those Penal Colonies in the Aleutian Isjands in Alaska. Then you can live in your own society because we are just sick and tired of your Crap

        225. I’d like to see even ONE of you TRY to even come on my property, much less “send” me somewhere… It would be a painful sight to see how you would end up .

        226. Meet me and threaten me to my face…I do beg you. Before I die of cancer, I want to skull F ck an evil conservative who threatens me on my property. I’d give my left nut to have a chance to beat the living crap out of you..So please meet me. Can you get to WA state?

        227. I’d only waste a bullet and you’re not really worth it, punk. I’ve seen better hunting in my day. Good, cancer finally got you, eh? Or do you mean Obama (the cancer) finally got you? Either way you are doomed. Good riddance, one less useless communist to worry about.

        228. Yes, I have a terminal condition. Good riddance cruel world … It’s not been a pleasure — The world is insane, gun crazy, selfish, immoral and the people who claim to have morals in America (conservatives) are some of the most evil and immoral (dishonest) people… I’m not leaving anything grand behind.

        229. Your remark about your physical condition explains many things. I would never presume to give advice but there is a Dr Samadi in NY that is one of the best cancer specialists in the world for certain types of illnesses. If it is the disese that is attacking you he is the BEST! You will have to believe me on this one. Next, try going to a local house of worship. You may find peace and you do owe that much to your daughter if no other person. I wish you well.

        230. Too bad you are too chickensh*t to bring on that “cure” with your own two hands Elton. You are yet another yellow coward tough talking internet bada$$ who would turn all limp wristed if you became involved in a real confrontation in person.

        231. It’s not my responsibility to bring on that cure. However, you’re making me think about it, visualize it, and then encourage it to come to pass. The common cure for people like you, Adam Cox, is this:

          (from John Johnston)
          September 1, 2008

          I was in my welding shop and had been reading the book of Enoch. I was getting ready to go to bed when I was opened up to the spirit realm. All of a sudden I saw a part of Heaven open up and there was a gathering of the military host of Heaven. Right before my eyes I saw Christ Jesus the son of God. He was wearing a white heavy king’s robe that was made of a material that was so pure white it had a gold sheen to it. He was marching in what can only be described as a military parade in Heaven. About ten feet behind him on the left side was the Archangel Michael and on the right was the Archangel Gabriel. Jesus held a sword in his hand that was made of a metal not found on earth. I can only describe it as a silver metal polymer. Michael and Gabriel also had swords but they were at their sides in a sheath. The three of them formed a triangle as they marched. They were on a highway that looked like pure solid gold. It was so pure that it was transparent.

          On the sides of this highway there was grass that was electric green in color. The grass was so full of life I felt like I could sit down and talk to it and it would speak to me.

          About one hundred feet behind Jesus, Michael and Gabriel there were millions of winged angels who each stood about 14-16 feet tall. They were wearing white linen robes with swords at their sides made of the same unearthly metal. They were marching in perfect military formation. As the procession went forward about 150 feet ahead of Jesus on the left and right side of the highway were millions upon millions of war angels that did not have wings. They each stood about 6 feet tall and their hair was dark brown, almost black. They were dressed in pure white clothing similar to the dress of ancient Roman soldiers. They wore lace up sandals and breast plates made of what looked like pure bronze. They also had the same type sword at their sides.

          As Jesus, Michael and Gabriel began to pass the un-winged angels on the right and left side they raised up their arms and began to shout, “Give praise, glory and honor to the Father of Lights and to the Son of the Most High God. Give praise, glory and honor!” They were shouting this over and over and over. It was deafening to the human ear and the whole Kingdom of Heaven shook at this.

          I asked God what this was about and He said, “They are prepared and ready to go to war against Satan, his angels and those who follow after him.”

          Comment: The un-winged angels are also sent by God to protect His elect. These will be those who follow the Lamb wherever the Lamb goes. They crucify their lives on the cross to serve Christ Jesus.

          Read Revelation 19: 11-21

          What does all this mean and why was I shown this military parade in Heaven?

          There was a partial lunar eclipse on August 16th, 2008 at 8:00 pm which blotted out half of the full moon on the horizon. I asked God what the eclipse symbolized and He said, “This is a cosmic time clock, my clock says the Lord, not mans clock. Time is very, very, very short for Satan and his kingdom and for mankind and his kingdom.”

          Sixteen days after that word of knowledge on September 1st, God opened up the Heavens to show me the vision of Jesus and the angelic military parade. We are now getting ready to come into the full and complete day of darkness where no man will be able to work. The great and dreadful Day of the Lord is quickly approaching.

          Description of Jesus: This is something that many people are very interested in hearing about so I am putting this in a separate paragraph. The best way I can describe the physical appearance of Jesus is to say that He is a very attractive, neat and clean cut man of about 30-35 years of age and he stands about 5′ 8″ – 6′ tall. He is a medium build in physical appearance. His hair is brownish with lighter brown highlights. It has a natural body wave and is not long and not short either. Remember that Jesus is now in his Heavenly body as the King of the Kingdom of Heaven and not the humble Jewish man that was here on the earth. For those of you who have a perception of Jesus as a meek pacifist who was led to the slaughter on the cross like a sacrificial lamb let me give you a dose of reality. Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth as a powerful warrior King who will rule the earth with a rod of iron.

        232. “However, you’re making me think about it, visualize it, and then encourage it to come to pass.”

          Yeah, those visions of commie brains splattered all over the side walk must give you a hard on… Keep dreaming buddy.

        233. I want some of this guys drugs–I bet the “grass” was “..electric green”.

          Hallucinations of a mentally ill person are not proof of anything except that we do need better mental health care in this country.

        234. Yes there is! All things are possible to those who believe in God! That means the salvation of liberal souls also!

        235. Adam….sorry to hear about your illness. Just a quick note…you’re making a good effort at trying to offer some facts and truth to a seriously infected group here with terminal Obama Derangement Syndrome, but it’s no use. This site, like a number of others, is a haven for psychopaths and sociopaths…and they’re too far gone to help. Besides, I’d rather see the Secret Service give them a hand.

        236. Oops! You’re a meathead. GWB was burned in effigy and I don’t recall hearing about anybody being denied their liberty over it. But, I’ve been told that if you tie a 50 pound weight to your ankles and then jump off a boat in deep water all your wishes will come true.

        237. The party of Sociopaths is the Liberal Democratic Party of America, headed by the SEIU and NAACP, Planned Parenthood, OWS, and all the little suborganizations that fund them..

        238. you know if you are dying like you say you need to get your life right with God before you leave it sounds like you hate the whole world

        239. I assume you are lying but if you are terminal I pray G-d forgives you, that you accept Jesus and have eternal life. If not hell has many of your kind, you will fit right in.

        240. Liberalism is terminal? Well, Mike Savage does claim it is a mental disorder.

          And the death threat you just made against sengal. Well I’m reporting it to the publisher of this blog. I think the po-lice ought to do a driveby and stop by to say hi, Arnold Claymore. For your own good, to make sure you’re ok.

        241. We are immoral for trying to hold on to that which is ours, that for which we worked long and hard, and wanting to always better ourselves and our surroundings?! Your situation, other than your disease, is of your own making! I despise anyone who tries to drag me down with him!

        242. What all these RW lunatics don’t understand is that we all have a terminal condition, it’s called life. The logical and only conclution to life is death, the great equalizer.

        243. Let the guy rant but never wish death on anyone. From what I have seen, he will lose the argument AND the war if he holds on to the bitterness that is consuming him. Personally, I will say a prayer for the guy.

        244. Sorry, Sengal, remember it’s Christmas, and Jesus came to live and die for those who are lost. Instead of being glad of cancer getting him, we need to pray for his coming to know the One who will show him there is a worse place than present day America, and he can avoid it for the asking. Remember, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This came from the Only One with the right and power to send someone to he77, and came while they were torturing Him to death.

        245. Actually, Adam is just mad he voted Barry Soetero, and there is nothing he can do about it. Adam, since Barry believe he is god, why don`t you ask him to cure you?

        246. Begging? Just like a left winger. You’ll be dead in six months? Man, that sounds like the beginning of a Henny Youngman joke.

          You have testicles? About the size of Skittles I’d bet.

        247. Guest, you used to post under the pseudonym Adam Cox, and your facebook acct. says your name is arnold claymore. And now you are guest. What a coward.

        248. Just because you don’t know what they are for or how to use them, I would recoment against disfiuring yourself by shooting your balls off.
          Of course, if you are going to go the traditional right wing way of having other people think for you and take care of you, then go for it and try to collect your disability.

        249. Bathhouse goers? .. LOL — You wingnuts are so deranged it’s almost amusing… I voted for Obama , So I must be a #1 Communist, #2, Wellfare recipient, #3 Gay , #4 Muslim , etc …. Your silly cliches are quite corny.

        250. don’t know if you are gay, don’t care but if you voted for obama u should remove your head from your ass

        251. Adam, you know what, I am sorry for you. (You shouldn`t vote for Barry Soetero, you knew he was not a US citizen, you knew he was a liar, you knew he was going to destroy US, but you still didn`t give a crap about it) The only way for you to feel secure, happy, is to accept Jesus Christ in to your heart. I mean it and that before you enter the Lake of Fire. I`ll give a pray for you, even if you don`t merit it.

        252. “I knew he wasn’t a citizen”

          Why would you think I “knew” that? because a bunch of dishonest birther propaganda sites say so? LOL. Why would ANYONE believe a bunch of lying imbeciles like you?

        253. Really? You’re a gay communist muslim welfare recipient? Wow, I’ll be surprised if you don’t get to ride on the prettiest float in the whole parade. Oh goody, wouldn’t that be special? What will you wear? A pink and red striped burkha ? with a yellow motif? of a hammer and sickle? Why, you’ll be the prettiest gay communist muslim welfare recipient EVER!!!!!

        254. would you like to find out? LOL. All these wingnuts threaten to kill em a commie (which I admit I AM) yet none of you have the courage of your convictions to meet up … Pusssies! The lot of you…

        255. Yes I knew
          you were a faggot… Damn faggot, and you have cancer, damn, you are going straight
          to the Lake of Fire.

        256. To anyone even considering becoming a christian — THESE are the hateful and vile people who belong to that faith. They wish death, destruction and MISERY on ANYONE and EVERYONE who doesn’t join up with them…

        257. Arnold, “To anyone even considering becoming a christian”? Do you really think anybody considering being baptized is going to take advice FROM YOU?? That’s funny, you really are the funniest guy on this blog, You’re also really special, in a stupid kind of way. I’d wish you a Merry Christmas but I wouldn’t want to offend you. So, have a happy Dec. 25th.

        258. TRUE Christians never tortured anyone, killed anyone, or robbed anyone. You have much to learn about Christianity!

        259. Is Alberto a Christian? Why would you care? Being a communist you don’t believe in God, only the state. Right, Arnold Claymore? Well, maybe the state can conjure a miracle to cure you of your cancer? Say, Arnold, old buddy what will you do if the program administrators of Obamacare decide you are not worth the treatments required to deal with your cancer? Don’t think about that though, your healthcare will be FREE!

        260. Nah, we’ll just wait for the cancer to do you in. Really, you’re not worth going to jail over.

        261. Actually, since you say you’ll be dead in six months, we’ll just wait you out. Why subject ourselves to unnecessary paperwork? You’re not really worth it. Although, maybe you should go to the hospital in Cuba where Chavez had his treatment? Are you the dictatorial ruler of an oil rich South American country? No, just a useful idiot? Oh well. Hey, maybe the cancer is God’s way of warning you of impending doom? Repent!! The end is near!!

        262. If you don’t believe in guns, what will you use, knives, plastic explosives, bombs. How do gun haters protect themselves and their families except with armed security details, is there another way?

        263. I think you finaly got something right–it will take, at least, 900 years for you to “…take over in January 2913…”
          I can see how you right wing lunatics respect the constitution just by the comments you make on this site.

        264. Your response to Ruggedlark says it all. In the military we would label a person like yourself a coward. You can WATCH all you want but you will never Do anything constructive. Liberals just don’t have it in them.

        265. What have YOU done for your community ? seriously, what makes you a worthy neighbor? I could name quite a few things I do in my area but an as$hole like you would just call me a liar or something.

        266. Adam Cox—no, really, I want to see your list of good deeds.
          I will not call you a liar; unless of course you lie. So please,
          ” Name quite a few things ” you have hinted at, alluded to and
          bragged about doing? I’m waiting.

        267. I’m kind of curious how you are going to be able to tell if, someone you don’t know or have any information about, is lying?

        268. We don’t help thugs and liars steal money and property from the community. So you are a community organizer just like your worthless kenyan leader obooboy? You are a pathetioc little commie boy.

        269. You are right! And the reason liberals don’t have it in them is because they let the feminists castrate them and make them into a bunch of girly wusses.

          Since some of them still have some testosterone left over from their late teens and early twenties it may cause them to just go berserk. So be careful.

        270. thats whats wrong to day ?every one bitches but dont wont to do any thing about it.and how can any one vote to put A man back in office that has done nothing for us

        271. If you libs had your way, what you are posting would be classified as HATE SPEECH.

          The only NOTHING here is your belief in the lies being told by your Lame Stream Media.

        272. MY speech would be classified as hate speech …but people on your side posting threats to kill me for voting for Obama…. Or the other threats to bring a lynch rope to the white house …now THATS all fine and dandy to you.. BUT MY SPEECH is hate speech… Lyle, You truly are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

        273. Cox why aren’t you dead yet? Why are you still running your mouth. Oh I forgot, that’s the liberal demented way. I got one more for you sucker. How about hog-tying you to the back of a 57 chevy going 5 mph, just like the good old days? Sound like fun to me, better than hunting for pig…

        274. That’s the only way to get through to you people. You see, I am not a liberal only liberals pander to blackies to keep em on the plantation. Me, I love to go target shooting.

        275. pander to “blackies” ???

          “racist = Someone who tells the truth about how blacks live thier lives” ????

          Come on guys…people would have more respect for you if you just stopped lying. you are obviously racist. ACCEPT it for crying out loud. Crying “race card” and blaming the other side for racism , when you are clearly guilty of it yourself, is just cowardly.

          You conservatives have been truly exposed in so many areas on this one thread. You are Anti -American (Anyone who threatens to kill people who voted against your guy = just as bad as the taliban. You are uneducated. You lack a strong foundational understanding of American history — You repeat lies that “dems started racism and are the true racists today” — Lies which are clearly debunked if one simply spends a few minutes reading white supremacist websites and all the conservative viewpoints espoused by said racists —- Seriously … Your shallow and corrupt conservative movement is in shambles. Your numbers are dwindling and THIS COUNTRY NEEDS A VIABLE 2nd party! I don’t want ONE PARTY democrat rule .. There needs to be a HEALTHY balance — Yet you right wing extremists have driven the GOP off the cliff … YOU are at fault for the GOP tossing moderates and losing moderate support. YOU failed your party.

        276. Yeah, I know what you mean. Wasn’t Arnold Claymore babbling some incoherency about blue helmets? I wonder what he meant by that?

        277. Blacks are all on food stamps huh? And you wonder why you are the laughing stock of the nation and spit on as the ugly racists that you are.

          America has NO respect or patience for dirtbags like you.

        278. Not very cool. I am not a supporter of Obama because of his policies, not because of a pigment. If you let your hatred of the man translate into hate and venom, THEY win the battle.

        279. These are the prime examples of right wing Christians. They should all of their hateful, vile threatening comments and take them to a priest/minister and see if they can find justification in the bible for such behavior.

        280. i guess it would be hard for you to do that adam when your head is always up your butt. go back down mommys basement now and watch another 3 stooges episode lol.

        281. Adam, you are wrong, again. Bush had 28 appointees not confirmed by the Senate, obama has had 33, so far.

        282. Sounds like you are going to fit right in with communism !!!!!!!! Because that is where your illustrious Kenyan born leader is going to take this country, if libtards like you have their way !!!! There is none SO BLIND as those who will not see !!!!!!!!!

        283. Now you are a puke, You call Fast and Furious PETTY where Eric Holder cried like a baby to get out of giving the documents over to the courts….Innocent Americans and Mexicans died because of this….What about the new 9/11 , you think this was also PETTY, Innocent Americans dead…But every lib involved can’t testify for one reason or another….You Sir are a sorry excuse for an American…..Being a Military Sister and Military Mom , I wish the U.S. Military could pick and choose who they wanted to protect in this country…Like o and Holder do when it comes to our Constitutional Laws that they pick and choose which ones they want to enforce….I don’t understand how the true American Patriots on this site can stand reading your post……
          God Help You…….

        284. No, Bush did not. And it took Bush 8 yrs( the last two with a dem controlled Congress) to increase the debt by 4 trillion. It took Obama less than 4 yrs to increase the debt by 5 trillion…..and there is a defense for that stupidity?

        285. Are you the product of Chairman Mao or the former Soviet Union? Having viewed ALL your posts on different sites, I see you will stick up for Obama no matter what. People saying he committed treason is no probable cause necessitating a visit by the Secret Service. You see Adam, we still have this thing called a Constitution granting certain rights. Oh, I think the first Amendment is still alive, otherwise you would not make such childish threats. You sure scared these folks. Now be a good boy and clean the basement or your Mommy will not let you stay up late and play your video games.

        286. “People saying he committed treason is no probable ”

          That’s not what they said! .. They said they were going to bring a lynch rope to the white house. People have been visited by the SS for MUCH less than that. I hope I ruined someones day (and perhaps life) by turning them in earlier today.

        287. Still yapping I see….yawnnnnn…..You strike me as one of those loonies that brag about being in the military only to turn out they bought their medals through a catalog and never saw any combat action.hahahahah

        288. Did I ever tell you that liberalism is a mental disorder with no chance of recovery? All the more reason why O’stupid should open more mental institutions instead of lining his pockets through cronyism…

        289. Yeah, people who don’t vote like or think like a conservative — Well, something must be wrong with them… Anyone who goes to college is suspect ! They are probably a brain washed lib. Can’t have anyone looking at unapproved websites! So many commie controlled websites I hear… Gotta stay on the reservation. Only “approved” sources like WND, etc … seriously, You people are so transparent in your fascism it’s pathetic. You want to keep your people WAY dumbed down so you can control them(and their votes) .. Thank GOD most people aren’t so gullible as to fall for your fear mongering anti-science anti-intelligence unadulterated BS!

        290. You, the godless statist, are thanking God? That’s funny as hell. I’ve been telling you you are the funniest guy on this board. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. You should team up with Maher, Colbert or Stewart. Maybe get your own show? I think it’d be funnier than watching the last four State of the Union addresses. Maybe even as funny as the vote totals on the budgets lil barry has submitted. How many total votes has he received for all budgets submitted since his faux swearing in by John Roberts?

        291. Never said you were. You just remind of a braggadocious moron who’s never accomplished anything but likes to shoot off his mouth, much like loser Obama..

        292. I’ve accomplished plenty. my daughter is my proudest moment. The military would have been a downgrade in my life. I don’t have time to risk my life for a bunch of selfish and ignorant morons.

          Now, if my family was actually AT RISK from some foreign power; I sure as hell would do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to protect them. As for the rest of America? We haven’t been in an utterly necessary war for a long time. Libya was the most JUST recent war — not that it was a real war imho.

        293. Do you have any valid arguments or just death threats and personal attacks? … Why am I even asking — You are an evil conservative. Of course you don’t have anything substantial to say.

        294. What’s the matter, did I ruffle your feathers, bird brain? For insulting other people you sure can’t handle criticism can you?

        295. Just like a stupid non-thinking, non-comprehending liberal; reads ONE post out of context and thinks he has found a threat.

          Way to go Adam, you really are a clone of your beloved Oblamo Hero.

          To us on the right, Obama is nothing but a ZERO!!!!

        296. I’ve seen what the secret service deems serious enough to warrant a visit. You and others qualify. Enjoy having your door knocked down, idiot! Hope you have fun talking to the feds.

        297. Maybe the feds will interview your employer and they’ll wisen up and fire your arse.. Either way, it’s not hard for them to track your IP address down. You are one absolutely DUMB retard to post such things on the internet. You must have been dropped on your head as a baby. STUPID. Completely and utterly stupid.

        298. It is a crime to threaten the life of any person, but it is not a crime to WISH or DREAM of bad things happening to someone. I hope it is on national television when a patriot blows the head off of ovomit.

        299. You are sadly mistaken. The secret service has visited suspects for MUCH less than what you just said. Welcome to a world of hurt! You do know that , even though you may not get arrested, the secret service WILL interview you and everyone who knows you, right? That could be VERY embarrassing for you. Well, consider yourself reported.

        300. Don’t you DARE accuse us of being STUPID when we are only exercising our constitutionally guaranteed 1st amendment Freedom of Speech rights.

        301. yeah, because nothing you say can be interpreted as STUPID so long as it’s covered by rights of free speech?? … FREEDOM of speech is NOT freedom from being called out for idiotic speech!

        302. Lyle, really, this clown is not worth getting your blood pressure elevated. I actually think he’s quite funny. He doesn’t have a lick of sense or American political history. I mock him as often as I can. He’s really quite ignorant.

        303. Do you suppose Obama will be able to keep his secret service protection after he is sentenced for treason?

        304. Was it okay with you when your fellow lefties demonstrated holding signs calling for GWB to be killed? Was the movie showing GWB being assassinated okay with you? The left is surely the masters of hate. I do not hate BHO, I hate what he stands for and what he is doing to my country that I served for 32 years. In 4 more years when BHO has willingly DESTROYED America, will you lefty jerks still be blaming Bush?
          By the way I think GWB was a horrible Prez.

        305. OOO we are really scared of your stupid remarks. They don’t and won’t raid anyone for their free speach. And they won’t raid you for stupidity. (unfortunately.) It is idiots like you that make monkeys look like Einstein. Shut up and eat your banana.

        306. But, during the 08 campaign, when Madonna said that she wished a gang of blacks would meet Sara Palin in an ally in NY and rape her….NOONE descended upon her door step! Why was that?

        307. Tell the truth Adam; you are a writer for the N Y Times. You really have a way with words. All wrong, but still you demonstrate the sixth graders have hijacked the Democrat party.

        308. Adam, I said it before and I’ll say it again. We don’t need gun control. We just need more mental institutions to put wackos like you in them. Luck em up and through away the key. The fact that you are so brainwashed proves how demented you are.

        309. You certainly don’t deserve to own deadly weapons. We’ll get yours soon enough. A nice tranq dart when you’re not looking and you’ll be out COLD. (From your cold living hands your weapons will soon depart you)

        310. And not before you end up with a hole between your eyes. I love bullseyes. Bang! Then feed you to the vultures. I’m sure they like dark meat…

        311. I’ll be looking for you… Working on tracking your IP address as we speak. Your mom is going to be one sad lady at the end of the year. Then again, she might just jump for joy.

        312. Typical liberal tactic; call people you disagree with, liars racists and other names when you get mad because they used logic against you. Then cuss and use all manner of foul language against them. That oughta do the trick.

        313. All the same and more came from your side… Nice job pointing that out..hypocrite. … Lyle, Do you EVER EVER just up and TELL THE TRUTH? It does a soul good — not that a pathological liar would ever know.

        314. excuse me, “Did you intend to make a logical statement?”
          As if you did?

          “…brain dead psychotic right wingers…”

          THEN, you counter your own words by saying, “Not so much.”

          Seems to me, you inadvertantly admitted your own argument was misinformed and politically sided towrad the absurd.

          If you ever wish to make a logical statement, please preface it with, “I am a blinded sheep following my lock-step leftist agenda, and this is the truth as I am told it is…and I believe it because I was told to, and I am obligated to pass on…”

          Quite frankly, there are a lot of logical statements made on this and similar forums, because here and there you see and read the words of people who think for themselves–the bane of the leftist, because they only parrot the most receant talking point, whether or not it has any validity or not.

          And THAT is the greatest difference between the libs and Conservative.

          WE hold our people accountable for their words and their actions. Libs circle their wagons around any other lib despite the illogic, insincerity or even illegality of their statements.

          And, what the Hell, is it with this “boo-hoo-hoo, we won, but we are still not satisfied and want more credit, respect and submissiveness…” exemplified by the Dems?

          Foer instance: Harry Reid is so arrogant, and so judgemental for a man who has not done a lick of substansive work in the last four+ years. Has not passes a budget four how many years? Says that he will not table something that a Republican has offered without ever reading it? Tells out and out lies about political opponents to build up his own candidate’s weak position and record.

          Nancy Pelosi, in my stae of California, should have her own branch in the Guiness (sp?) Books for the most routine gaffes and utter acts of verbal stupidity by a repeatedly elected official to such an important position in goverment that, at the second or third spew should have railroaded her to obscurity…

          But I digress.

          Adam, believe what you want, as an American, that is your privelage. But do not expect us on the right to take ANYthing you say to heart, because we know that most of what you say is so much garbage, that is ultimately meant to help this once great Country to become just another third world dependant on a disfunction political body that is more interested in their own greater glory than the reputation and betterment of the citizens of the Country that supports them.

          Oh, and if worse comes to worse, and there is no way to stop the ultimate goal of the libs mind-set, hope you will enjoy the dystopian, third world disgrace that this Country will become if all that the Libs strive for come to pass.

        315. “And THAT is the greatest difference between the libs and Conservative.

          WE hold our people accountable for their words and their actions.”

          That’s the biggest BULLSH1T I’ve seen on the net in a while man… snort, lol! … Not sure what universe you are from but here on earth: BULLCRAP! I’ve never seen ANYONE play the blame game more than conservatives. You people never accept fault for ANYTHING. I’ll give you points on your effort at BSing tho.

        316. Adam Cock sorry I mean Cox, listen, I believe you are talking from your stern end. Actually what I wanted to say to you is that you are pathological idiotic liar m f.

        317. Amen! The biggest liar and “blamer” we’ve ever had. Just can’t accept any responsibility for his own faux pas. Blame, blame blame!!

        318. Wonder who Obama would have blamed if the gov controlled media would have called him out on his “57” states with one more to go” remark? Obama has convinced of the idiocy in this country.

        319. your ugly, self-serving and puny attitude precludes you from making any objective view regarding the subject.

        320. “Seems to me, you inadvertantly admitted your own argument was misinformed and politically sided towrad the absurd.”

          Seems to me you have reading comprehension problems.

        321. Are you black? Because I am, and it doesn`t bother me to say that Barry Soetero is a damn liar kenyan. Does it to you?

        322. Thanks Alberto. We’re sick of being called “racist” every time they fall on their arses. It just isn’t so. Just name-calling. Again, thanks.

        323. It’s impossible to be racist because the idiot is just as much white as he is black. Therefore if racism plays a part then it’s against both races….black and white. Does being black/white make him as dumb as dirt as he is? Color could not possibly make one do all the inane, traitorous, Christian hating, Jew hating acts that he as done….could it?

        324. Kudos to Alberto. Not everyone is a racist when it comes to speaking the truth. There are plenty black people that can NOT stand Obama. We have black friends that can’t stand him. And some of them voted for him in the 1st election; but they said they didn’t like to tell others. But we let them know there were many people that voted for him the 1st time.

          Nothing to be upset about. People were looking for a change. It’s the people that voted to put him back in office the 2nd time around that are looking like “BIG FOOLS”. Because it just proves they aren’t TRUE Americans. And that’s just plain FACT!!!

        325. What color haze does that dope you’re smokin’ leave around your head? Sure does a number on the thought process though. If it were legal, it would need a warning “Danger, can make major changes to the thought process do not involve in serious discussion or making major life decisons within X hrs of use.!”

        326. Don’t blame marijuna for a terrible thinking process. Alcohol has done more harm to peoples brains than any other substance on earth. Actually there are zero studies that show pot does anything detremental to any part of your body. Just a fyi, and I couldn’t be more offended what this terrible leader and all his socialist new laws. Hope he comes personnally for my ak.

        327. Yeah, why don’t you say that to the family of a couple of college students that were killed in a wreck I had to stop for driving that big truck. They ran into the rear of the trailer of another big rig @ 70mph. One was decapitated, and since I have tried weed before, I knew that smell in their car,what was left of it-Moron.

        328. why are libs so nasty..they seem to get pleasure out of making fun and hating never relying on facts because their facts are anything but facts…period i challenge any lib to debate any topic thats relevent to today….they will fold like a cheap suit ..may volly some talkig point before flinging the insult and running away.

        329. @ Adam Cox Those who love their country, psychotic? Leftist Liberal Marxists like you are guilty of over 30,000,000 deaths in the abortion mills, and you think others are wacko. Get a reality check. To vote for those who make these murders legal, but feel zero guilt for such atrocities, makes you as guilty as they who do the actual deed. You are akin to the Nazis for their death camps. They saw the gray smoke rising from the chimneys, and saw the ashes fall, yet they turned their heads and claimed ignorance.
          These dead hearted Leftist are the same. The shame is, these who are Hell bound feel no guilt for the sins they have committed, nor shame for the crimes they have committed against humanity. They make murder a right! Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil…!!!

        330. NO. This POS has not committed treason. Treason is the betrayal of one’s own country. The US is NOT his country! A foreign enemy, he certainly is!

        331. Biteme Biden is the traitor – along with both Dodds, Sarah Brady, Hilary Klinton, and Chump Schumer.

        332. You RIGHT WING “RACTIST” WACKOS are NUTS. How ’bout starting with Bush/Cheney. FBI should investigate all you idiots for calling for violance. You just can’t get over the fact that a Black man beat you not once but twice. Get over it fools.

        333. Dude, You are such a clown! PRESIDENTS HAVE LASTING effect on the country. Things they do will still be felt 10 years from now! .. You think you can elect the worst president in history then by some magic mystery, everything negative he has done all disappears in 4 years? You people are truly and ASTOUNDINGLY insane.

        334. “You people are truly and astoundingly insane”.

          Is that because we aren’t brain dead? We have our own thoughts?

          I have news for you boyfriend, I ain’t a dude. And, I don’t think Bush is or was the worst President in History…I think we have to go farther back in History for that. Let’s start with FDR. (I mean, you like your talking points, right? ). Now jump forward to the peanut farmer….I think there was one more in between those two…But That is the foundation of our Socialist principals we espouse now.

          Maybe life is good for you now. Maybe you don’t feel the pain. But. Boyfriend, you are soooo going to.

          And, if (IF) you are black or any other color than white, does it matter? I am not your enemy. I’m white. I can’t speak for all whites. I know not their heart…But. I know this

          We (Republicans) are the party of Freedom. We fought to end slavery. We (not me) were there with Dr. King. Civil Rights Act….I think you don’t know your History that well.

        335. FDR was a great president and you are obviously not a real American. You republicans are the party of racism, ignorance, greed, hate..

          OH and you’re the party of irrelevance — You’ll never have enough votes for the presidency in my lifetime! (Which might be short if one of you evil conservatives kills me as has been promised)

        336. I stand by my comment. Republicans are the Party of Freedom.

          The Democratic Party holds people back. You Know it and I know it.

          Have you started thinking yet? Why are you here?

          If you have this much energy you should be doing something fruitful. This, what you are doing, just feeds your hate.

        337. So Adam; all these years that we voted against the likes of Wallace, Byrd, Maddox, Connor, and the list goes on, we were wrong? My bet is you have never put a boot to the ground to actually march for a cause. I have and many people on this site have. We were for civil rights, not civil WRONGS. Mr Obama is flat out wrong and does not represent what AMERICANS feel and want. Put your broad brush aside and do the research you constantly remind us of.

        338. “Mr Obama is flat out wrong and does not represent what AMERICANS feel and want. ”

          See, this is what makes you look like a complete an utter lunatic. You INSULT EVERYONE who happens to disagree with or vote against you. Even though the MAJORITY voted for and recognize that Obama represents them; They aren’t REAL Americans… THATS COMPLETE AND UTTER BS. These are the type of things that make me want to troll you disgusting people.

        339. Do you wish to deport me and/or take away my citizenship?

          I was born here. I grew up in a conservative family and taught by conservative (mostly) teachers. I saw first hand the racism/ignorance and dishonesty from christians…at which point I decided to NOT follow their ideology. Is that the point where you absolve me of my American heritage? I’m not American at what point? When I voted for Obama? Explain to me how you are a better person and more American than I am?

        340. Sweetie.
          I still have work to do. Animals to take care of.

          I’m not sure how old you are, but, racism, dishonesty and ignorance you speak of, well. I think its only gong to get worse. Race wars are starting if they damn sure havent’ been happening for the past few years.

          I bet you aren’t very far from me in age. And i grew up in a house of Democrats. Carter was a God to them. And now. the ignorance I speak of-well, “Big Brother” (the tv show), and I don’t watch it. The Cardashians, or whatever…”Dancing with the Stars”…are you getting the pic, yet?

          Because. That is my family, in that paragraph above

          Bet they couldn’t tell you anything about Benghazi, or the ex Seal, Hammar that just got released from a stupid Mexican prison.

          I don’t want to deport you. I want you to Love America. Because. This is the country where you can own a piece of dirt and grow food in it. For the time being. But. This is where I draw the line:

          I will not farm land, feed people and break my sweat for others that have no desire to do that for me. Recompense.

          I give food freely, now. But. I have that hardness in myself that can turn a blind eye, to everything. I will NOT work for you.

          Kill me. And if you don’t. I will.

        341. I didn’t understand your last sentence.. “And if you don’t. I will” ? You will what ? Kill yourself? Why would you do something like that?

          You seem like you mean well… There are many conservatives who mean well who aren’t generally mean /evil or dishonest people. Just misguided and misplaced blame.

        342. Yeah. I didn’t write that one well.

          If you don’t kill me, I will kill you, if you are the kind of person that wants to take what’s mine. That’s what I meant.

          And, you had an awfully busy nite.

        343. “And, you had an awfully busy nite.”

          Yes indeed. Every once in a while I just feel like venting :)

          “If you don’t kill me, I will kill you,”

          Good, Glad you aren’t suicidal. I was worried. Then again, I’m not sure homicidal is that much better haha.

        344. Just try to NOT take my words out of context, please. I am that kind of person tho (the kind that could kill if I had to). I could be that and I know it.
          It sounds like you could too…

          I’m also on the left coast-Oregon, and our state is managed very badly… And. Very sorry about your cancer…I went back and started reading, Did not finish, btw. Reading, I mean.

          What interests me, is why you are a Communist.

          Anyhow. Not suicidal. And it seems like there is enough homicide going on…No need to put ideas in people’s minds…

        345. I wanted to tell you one other thing.

          I live very close to a man who is a teacher, a coach, a father to his daughters, and a 4-H Advisor. He’s a very good person. He was diagnosed with cancer (here, in Ore.) and told to get his affairs in order. Stage 4.

          This was 4 or 5 years ago. He went to some doctor in NY. Just like a previous poster suggested. He had to go back. Several times. He’s doing really well. Hopefully, he will get to see both his girls graduate college, marry, and be a grandfather.

          He fought.

          Not presuming anything, mind you. Where there is a will…and of course, there is always Hope.

        346. LCPL Hammar is not, and never has been, a SEAL. He is one of the few, the proud, he’s a US Marine. And don’t kill yourself. We Americans need to stick together for the fight that is coming. And we need you and all patriots, even those slumbering in media induced fantasyland.

        347. I thought Hammar was an ex Navy Seal.

          That was what was reported in the media. It doesn’t matter. As a Marine, he should not have been left there with our country doing nothing, and I made my phone calls to my reps..To me, an American that served our country should not have been left in some slumhole in Mexico…

          Not killing myself. I didn’t quite make the sentence(s) coherent…Sadly. Tried to straiten it out a bit further down this thread.

        348. Your prerogative. Mine is to support those who allow us to earn, and to keep that which is mine. Yes, I do not believe in sharing anything of mine with those who despise me!

        349. Seriously, What hole did people like you a that IDIOT Sarah Palin crawl out of where you think you have the right to tell other people that were born here that they aren’t WORTHY of being in this country or being called American? Seriously… Do you accuse people of these things in person?

        350. Why do you believe that people who know God and have received His wisdom and discernment are idiots and climbed out of some hole.

          And we don’t think we have some right to tell you the truth. We are duty bound by God to warn you of your impending doom just the same as we would stop you from walking into the path of a bus doing 40 miles per hour. Would you rather we keep the truth to ourselves and watch you go to your demise in ignorant bliss? My conscience won’t allow it!

        351. “God to warn you of your impending doom just the same as we would stop you from walking into the path of a bus doing 40 miles per hour”

          Oh bullcrap. Wolf in sheeps clothing as Jesus disciples warned about!

          You would push anyone who voted against your side in FRONT of the bus. That’s about as much as I trust anyone on your side these days.

        352. And Jesus ALSO SAID: in the last days right will be regarded as wrong and wrong will be regarded as right. And; the hearts of many will grow cold. And there will be many that have a kind of religion but they will not honor God. And there are many other things on the subject of righteousness in the last days that Jesus had to say to His disciples and to the Pharisees and Sadducees during His ministry on earth.

          And it was Jesus, not His disciples, that warned of the, as you say, wolves in sheep’s clothing. His disciples only passed on His words just as many conservatives are also doing today. Christians are salt and light. That is they preserve and reveal the truth that destroys darkness. And Obama is darkness. He claims to be a Christian but it is painfully obvious that he IS NOT.

          i WOULD not push anyone that voted for Obama in front of a bus. I feel sorry for them that they have missed the boat on the truth of what has happened in America’s history and have thus succumbed to the LIES OF THE LEFT. Therefore, they may be eternally lost because they are following the enemy of God and it is obvious since they don’t have the God given discernment from the Holy Spirit of God.

          All I can say is that you really have a way of twisting the words of others to your way of thinking

        353. What “lies of the left” ??? I’ve seen plenty of outright and demonstrable lies from your side on this very thread. I see attempts to brainwash and divert attention from truths that Christians find inconvenient. You have a LOT to account for when it comes to lack of honesty. Honesty is the most important trait in anyone personality in my opinion. It’s sadly lacking with many people here — I’m not sure if you think you’re LYING for GOD so it’s justifiable? Or perhaps your parents weren’t honest people or didn’t teach honesty? I’m not sure – but dishonesty seems to be a contagious trait among christian conservatives. I even saw dishonest backstabbing and gossipy behavior from Baptist church goers when I was a kid! That turned me away from religion in a heartbeat .

        354. When people hear people like you or Palin say that to them…it hurts in a way but it also angers us that people so judgemental and holier than thou Exist in this country. Who appointed you to such a judgemental position in life?

        355. I don’t think I’m holier than thou.

          Peace Be With You. (and I meant that).

          I am judgmental about politics. You work hard. Have a business. Don’t you ever get angry about the regulations, the fees (say, taxes) that put restraints on you? That is what you should be angry at.

          Aren’t you ticked about government waste? For instance. I listen to the radio, and there are stupid PSAs. Like I don’t know smoking is bad for me? Buckling kids in the right size child seat? Driving too fast can kill you…Just. Its our tax dollars. Wasted.,

          I appointed me to be judgmental. BTW. Because. I was taught right from wrong. Not that I always do right, but i also don’t always do wrong. And, I do know the difference.

          Without guidelines like right or wrong, or religion, which, is the basis for right and wrong, people would be hedonists.

          I am gladly Judgmental. I support the death penalty. You know. I’m for life, liberty (FREEDOM), and the pursuit of happiness (again, Freedom).

        356. I totally agree with you and also have owned several businesses.

          But, I didn’t go to a college which I think is Adam’s problem.

          I am self educated and further educated by the US Navy in electronics nuclear power engineering and submarine engineering but my instructors were not a bunch of socialist brain washers and re-educators. Thus, I escaped what Adam may have succumbed to.

        357. Arnold’s(click on his name, it’s really a link, and then click the link to his facebook page, voila, Arnold Claymore) salvation is he seems to have not attended an institution of higher indoctrination. He doesn’t strike me as a man of thought out conviction. But, a follower whose beliefs are nothing more than cliches. ‘freedom for thee but not for me’ and that kind of idiotic crap.

        358. The Constitution, you slow witted simpleton. The Constitution and the rule of law gives freedom of speech. See, there are standards in society. And when a thing doesn’t meet society’s standards, it is judged to be inferior, like socialism. And that hurts those who have no standards, to the point that they attempt to rationalize their failure.

        359. It’s like when you ignorant jerks accuse ANYONE who voted for Obama as being a welfare whore or something…when most people work for a living — yet to hear that kind of demeaning insult from you people ALL THE TIME- gets pretty old. I have my own business and don’t draw any kind of assistance — Yet I have heard that same tired insult from dozens of you people online. Do you REALLY think you are going to help GOP re-gain support and voters when you rudely insult anyone and everyone who happened to vote against you? These are people the GOP NEEDS to win elections again and you just SLAP them in the face with your lies. (Sure, there are people who take welfare –some don’t need it but you insult EVERYONE with as wide a brush as possible….

        360. OK. they want to “moderate” my conversation because I want a conversation, and I used the “eff” word as my adjective. So. It won’t post.

        361. Read my posts. You’ll see very clearly why GOP is losing and will continue to lose the majority of Americans. REAL Americans. Bread and BUTTER every day working Americans. Salt of the earth Americans , Not just wellfare hobos voted against you….. Keep insulting us…Keep it up and you’ll see even bigger landslides against GOP in the future. Maybe that’s what you want? From the looks of it, It doesn’t look like you people give a flying arse who you insult.

        362. Salt of the earth Americans?The phrase ‘the salt of the earth’ derives from
          the Bible, Matthew 5:13 (KJV) Arnold Claymore. Wow, the godless communist is using a Biblical phrase to help his argument, more hypocrisy from a leftie. Whoda thunk it? You mean those who work to pay their own way and don’t count on a government handout, capitalists? And the pendulum will swing back the other way in two years, just like before. But you’ll be dead long before then, won’t you, Arnold Claymore?

        363. Actually, when you look at the actions of conservatives, they are the party of less government and lower taxes. The GOP, flawed as it is, is the more pro freedom of the two parties in America. The Democratic Socialists, the opposite of a classic liberal, the jackasses, are for more government and thereby, undeniably, less freedom. Actually, when one looks at it from a logical, factual point of view, the left is the party of less freedom. Watch this short video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXTiMLSYXF0 it makes an irrefutable argument. Look at their own words, they are for more government, and thereby necessarily, LESS freedom. Forget the cliches and look at the facts, Arnold Claymore.

        364. ” just feeds your hate.”

          People saying they want to KILL me because who I support/voted for — Yes, that feeds my hate… People saying they want to HANG my president over some debunked birther LIES and PROPOGANDA — YES, That feeds my hate. YOU feed my hate. I despise EVERYTHING about you people.

        365. “I despise EVERYTHING about YOU People”…

          Does that not sound like a racist comment?

          It sure as hell sounds like one to me. “YOU PEOPLE”.

        366. How can it be a racist comment? I’m a white guy referring to “you people” … An hour ago you were complaining about “racist” card being played too often …now here you are… Who woulda thunk.

        367. You just played your ace.

          It wasn’t me complaining about the racist card…You said racist first,

          I’ve been standing up for the Caucasians. And, while I can’t speak for all here, I’m not racist. Bro.

        368. You’ve been standing up for Caucasians ? I’ve been doing nothing but knocking Caucasians down. I suppose that makes us at odds — Who’s the real racist here and why?

        369. One doesn’t have to be black to be a racist. The term covers, “Race,Color and Creed” so since you are against the Creed of historically correct Patriotic Americans (the Right), you are a racist!

        370. What’s the racial make up of a “historically correct patriotic American?” … And what the heck does that mean? Historically Americans have ALWAYS been a diverse group of people of different races/backgrounds/ideologies.

        371. Amen to her calling me racist for referring to you as “You people” ?? Care to explain to me how a white guy like myself referring to christian conservatives as “YOU PEOPLE” has ANYTHING to do with racism or even race??? Again, thanks for showing the world how idiotic you are. I wish you weren’t a coward though and posted your real name.

        372. Kinda slow on the uptake, eh Arnold? Lyle posted race AND creed. YOU posted,” Care to explain to me how a white guy like myself referring to christian
          conservatives as “YOU PEOPLE” has ANYTHING to do with racism or even
          race???”. Sure, that’s an easy one. Not all Christians are white. And by you specifying YOUR race that makes YOU the racist, Arnold. Like I said, you’re kinda slow on the uptake.

        373. I’m racist because I mentioned my race = white? Did you not see how many people assumed I was black right off the bat? So by CORRECTING their misconception, makes ME racist?

          Lol…wow. You’ve got some issues. (Like LACK of intelligence, for one)

        374. Take you pill and chill little boy. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the sun. Let the grownups take over.

        375. Yep. I certainly hate those who have an adverse effect on my interests and my lifestyle. May you all burn in hell!

        376. One more thing.

          FDR put policies in place, without the forethought of funding them; he exacerbated the length of the “Great Depression”.

          He started the decline. The unfunded liabilities. The promises to the people.

        377. You are SO DEMENTED and have believed the LIES of the DEMOCRATS for so long now that you finally believe that left is right and right is wrong. I truly feel very sorry for your poor socialist enslaved sick soul.

          I spent time in the deep South during the time of Martin Luther King and saw and knew who was the KKK which scared the blacks back into submission and into slavery of their minds. And, they were ALL DEMOCRATS. They tried to intimidate the blacks into being afraid to vote if they could come up with the DEMOCRAT imposed poll taxes.

          And when the DEMOCRATS could not stop the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, they started to claim that they were the blacks firends and the Republicans were the guilty party when it was actually the Dems that did the dirty deeds. They kept on telling that to the poorly educated blacks (something the Dems controlled so as to keep them dumbed down), who, like little children, were vulnerable to believing anything the Dems said (remember, the Dems controlled politics in the South at that time) until they believed the lie. And now, we are here today with a lie as history and no amount of truth tellers on the right can correct it.

          See, the lie has even got you convinced that you are right. But you’re not, and the sooner you realize that and seek the truth from reporters and other people WITH ETHICS, the sooner you may break out of the enslavement of your mind.

        378. Lets get over the past…the past happened before many of us were even around… Lets look at TODAY. NOW. The present…. Take a tea party rally for example. I have several videos and pictures of tea party gatherings … I see a SEA of white… Now, you claim that the true racists are on “my side”, whatever that means “my side, your side, sounds so archaic and tribal” — But either way — If all the racists are liberals…and to look at a gathering of liberals, the democratic national convention for example, It looks like a UN gathering of worldly people of all colors and backgrounds — You claim all the RACIST people now belong to the party that includes the most diverse group of races? Wow, either you are full of crap or racists have changed a lot over the years. When I grew up, The racists I encountered all preferred to stick with their own kind… Times certainly change don’t they?

        379. If you were a logical person and were intellectually curious what group of people a white supremacist would find himself most comfortable in — I would have to say , It would be a group of …WHITE people. So out of curiosity, a few years ago I started trolling hate websites (There are several groups of people I find disgusting and I feel entitled to let them know just how disgusting I think they are, so occasionally I troll these people ) — So these White Supremacist websites all have forums where you can watch what people talk about… Funny thing the internet is — You can skip all the BS (Like your tired worn out accusaion that dems are racist) — you can actually GO TO THE SOURCE and find out for yourself who is right and who is wrong …well, for one thing, these White Supremacists sure hate OBAMA…..Also another VERY curious thing I found out on their forums — THEY HATE Communists and Liberals! … Wow I thought! They seem VERY similar to the type of comments I see on places like THIS blog!

        380. The more you read the forums on these KKK/white supremacist websites – The more you realize that these people are just a faction of the Tea Party! Perhaps the EXTREME RIGHT of the tea party but not really any further right than the average WND or Godfatherpolitics person….

          It’s no surprise that white supremacists (racists) have been so sucessful recruiting new members these last few years.


          So ..This is actual research. GO TO THE SOURCE. See for yourself what type of people the racists support. Or you can just repeat proven lies that “dems are the white supremacist” … See, the power of the internet EMPOWERS people to find out these things for themselves. Once they find out conservatives have been LYING to them about this fundamental situation, people will start to wonder WHAT ELSE have you been lying to them about…. I’m here to point out that your entire conservative movement is FUNDAMENTALLY DISHONEST AND FLAWED. The “liberal” movement is a LARGE tent and very diverse group of people of many backgrounds — they have their own problems , no one is perfect ..But conservatives.. .WOW..I’ve never seen so much dishonesty and evil in my life until I started looking behind the scenes at your movement. It’s corrupt to the core!

        381. Yeah, Allen West is an ideological brother of the Klan, BRILLIANT! That’s got to be one of the stupidest, most IGNORANT things to which I’ve ever been exposed to on this blog. And comparing me to a Klan member? I forgive you because you are obviously quite gullible and easily misled. Jeez!

          The ‘liberal’ movement is anything but liberal, except with lies and distortions. With dishonesty they are quite liberal. A liberal is one who believes in liberty and that is the antithesis of the left wing/democrats.

        382. You sure are ignorant and you do the same thing those you claim to despise do, stereotype. See the hypocrisy? And democrats are absolutely undeniably racist, look at the idiot sportscaster Rob Parker. If you are so gullible that everyone who you think belongs to a certain organization has the same exact beliefs. Whew! You need to come join us here in reality. That is not the hallmark of a free thinker, that is the hallmark of a sheep who blindly follows the shepherd.

        383. Such a sheep, open your eyes and mind, Arnold, THINK for yourself. “Let’s look at today, now” yeah, that’s brilliant and farsighted. Ever heard of George Santanaya, who said “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Wake up, you’ve been deceived your entire adult life. Let this Christmas be your political epiphany. Certainly, let’s take a look at a TEA Party rally and then look at those who’ve been, more importantly, ELECTED BY the TEA Party. Not those who spend millions of dollars to perpetrate lies spun by those who want to destroy the freedoms granted in this country by the rule of law. Racist bullsh*t artists like Jesse Jackson, Al’ not so’ Sharpton, ‘Calypso’ Louis Farrakhan and Harry Belafonte. I see courageous people who DON’T look at skin color as a qualifier, people who voted for a belief system. People who voted for Senator Tim Scott and Senator Marco Rubio. Patriots who voted for Col. Allen West and Mia Love, who voted for those who believe in the American ideal, not in the lies of race baiters and haters like barack obama. Who voted for Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. Those voters didn’t see skin color, they saw a belief system which is consistent with the promise of America; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        384. FDR was an idiot. Without him we wouldn’t have freeloaders like you today. The entitlement party of the Democrats…freebies and “you owe me” is their slogan.

        385. Freeloaders like me … LOL there you go again. I’ve read demeaning insults like that countless times from you guys since the election… That’s a BRILLIANT strategy you have there republicans — You obviously NEED to win back voters to your side in order to stand a remote chance at future presidential elections..SUPER IDEA, Even though most democrats work like the rest of us – majority don’t receive welfare, lets forget all that and just INSULT EVERYONE with the SAME welfare attack line! That’s going to win the GOP back some support! What a brilliant political strategist you people are! (Obviously working for the democrats) LOL

          In all seriousness, What you are doing is insulting a lot of people for something they aren’t even guilty of. Do you know what this does when you do that? Hardens their political position , making them much harder to ever convince to come back to your side. You birthers have been a BOON for democrats and now you are the gift that keeps on giving — helping the democrats solidify and shore up their base… Some idiot is missing a village ! 😛

        386. “We (Republicans) are the party of Freedom. We fought to end slavery. We (not me) were there with Dr. King. Civil Rights Act….I think you don’t know your History that well.”

          You are the one who doesn’t know a THING about American history!! … Did you not realize the parties made an ideological shift since the days of lincoln??? Since JFK, Blacks have RIGHTFULLY supported Dems…Look up JFK’s battle with George Wallace if you want a good history lesson on civil rights.

        387. So what excuse do you have for Senator Byrd? You should also know that the KKK waas started by the Democrats. And Margaret Sanger a white Democrat and head of Planned Parenthood wanted to abort all black babies primarily because she claimed they were inferior. Yes Virginia there is a racist Democrat Party. And yu are the butt of the joke for defending them.

        388. Byrd was a holdover from the Dixiecrats.. Dixiecrats were the last vestiges of the racist democrats of an earlier era. There are some democrats that I find revolting (tho he changed a LOT in his later years) … I’m sure you support EVERY Gop elected official don’t ya ? How about that guy in TN who was very ANTI abortion — yet he cheated on his wife and tried to get his illegitimate child aborted… This kind of hypocrisy can make you look bad as well ya know! So what kind of excuse do you have for him? (Not that you NEED an excuse for him, any more than I NEED an excuse for Byrd…

        389. Is English your second language? I really must talk to that school board in your district. Such a waste of educational funds.

        390. If you’re looking for people with a vague/limited understanding of the English language, I suggest you take a closer look at your fellow conservatives here!

        391. Don’t accuse my fellow conservatives of having a vague/limited understanding of the English language. It’s not their fault that they are NOT in some minority group and were not allowed into a college like you were.

        392. Hey adam cockhead,
          Why don’t you bend over, grab your ankles and pull your head out of your aar-sse. Then maybe you can see what’s going on.

        393. You challenge me to a debate on race issues. I take you up on the challenge and provide you with plenty of evidence …what do you come back with? Another irrelevant and extremely immature schoolyard bully … Seriously, grow up! My 6 year old is more mature than you.

        394. My point is that you be a self thinker and not an obamazombie. But you’ve proven you’re as mature as your six year old. hahahah

        395. I pointed out plenty of hard facts about the modern white supremacist movement …All I hear are more attacks and CRICKETS from you. No addressing of the facts.

        396. If you attempt to gain justice through violence toward government, Just be sure and certain that we will inflict much more damage on you and your families. In other words — to those of you who wish to “lock and load” and take out elected officials in DC — I suggest to you that you think things through. I have a feeling you won’t like what happens to your families and homes if you decide to march off in revolution mode to DC.

        397. You are soooo funny. Telling us on the right to “think things through”? You ARE the funniest guy on this board. You haven’t thought a damn thing through, coward Arnold Claymore. Why don’t you read the Declaration of Independence and try to square it with the totalitarian practices of those on the left, if you can.

        398. Do you speak for others truth? “WE” don’t want violence doesn’t seem compatible with the many comments I’ve seen here suggesting all commies like me “be put to death” and that Obama be hung/etc , Along with conservatives here with their “lock and load” and civil war fantasies.

        399. Well, Thomas Jefferson did write in The Declaration of Independence,” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
          that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
          that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That
          to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
          their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any
          Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of
          the People to alter or to abolish it….”

        400. Here’s another for you cockhead….
          Medical Miracles

          An Israeli doctor says “Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.”

          A German doctor says “That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.

          A Russian doctor says “In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.”

          The Chicago doctor, not to be outdone, says “You guys are way behind, we recently took a man with no brain out of KENYA, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.”

        401. He is also white, stupid. Color isn’t the issue, although he made it that. The problem is his incompetence and his failed policies….What Martin Luther King accomplished for his people, O’stupid destroyed in just four years. Race warfare is his game…and he is relishing the moment…

        402. You nuts sure know how to PROJECT don’t you .. Ever since he was elected, you evil people have been attacking black people… You attacked them relentlessly , calling them racist because they voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers (something like 90%) … Nevermind the fact that White men voted for Romney two to one. That doesn’t make YOU racist — just the black people who voted for Obama … See, You STARTED this divisive language 4 years ago. The evil divisive people are YOU.

          You say Obama destroyed race relations … Seriously, When did you tea party nuts EVER have any positive race relations to begin with? You are nothing but a bunch of liars.

        403. No, we haven’t been attacking black people, that would be democrats. Like the white union members who trashed the small business of a black man, Clint Tarver, who didn’t kowtow to their racist, socialist beliefs. And the TEA party is not an organization founded on racism like the New Black Panther Party or the Nation of Islam, Arnold Claymore. They are founded on free enterprise and capitalism. Obama has taken race relations in this country back 50+ years.

        404. Hey Cock,

          How many members of the Obama administration does it take to change a light bulb?

          1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed;
          2. One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed;
          3. One to blame Bush for burning out the light bulb;
          4. One to arrange the invasion of a country rumored to have a secret stockpile of light bulbs;
          5. One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Kenya for the new light bulb;
          6. One to arrange a photograph of Obama, dressed as a janitor, standing on a step ladder under the banner: Light Bulb Change Accomplished; And finally one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.
          You’re welcome…

        405. I think you’re mixed up.. You have been in a coma for 12 years – that must be it. The invasion of countries for secret stockpiles was YOUR GUY. The no bid contracts in that situation was YOUR GUY. The screwing the country bit was YOUR SIDE. You attacked the patriotism of ANYONE who spoke out against the iraq invasion — Again, YOUR SIDE… You evil mobsters sure do like to blame everyone else for your own wrong doings.

        406. I don’t have an Obama sticker. I’ve heard too many news stories of unstable conservatives who dangerously ram the cars of people who have Obama sticker. You people are terrorists and a threat to society.


          This guy had his daughter in his car when the wingnut started attacking them… If someone did that with my daughter in the car, I swear to God I’d have a murder charge at the end of the day. Point blank.

        407. We did build a football stadium there, it looks pretty good, it cost us over $2 million. We can nicely tell hussein odumbo that we are going to build him a golf course at Gitmo and a beach bench just like Hawaii for moochelle, and they both will look forward to go there. When they were there and ask us “where is the golf course and the beach bench?” We just easy tell them that “that was when we werer campaigning, now , you already here, so just forget about it.”

        408. Actually Daniel Spickard, Capital Punishment is the punishment for Acts of Treason, especially by a POTUS!!
          The last POTUS who received this form of punishment for his treasonous acts, was sent out to Sea, by himself w/ a weeks worth of rations.
          Death by Sea, was his punishment!!

        409. Still say we need to send the whole pack to Mexico to be tried for Fast and Furious. Last I heard they still used the firing squad, and are bound to have a big load of weapons to use with it.

        410. I’ve got plenty of good strong, 1/2″ nylon rope, AND I know how to tie a proper hanging knot. Actually, on second thought, I’d rather see him swing and choke a while before cashing in, so maybe just a plain old lasso would do. By the way, I prefer Stroh’s.

        411. unless you jail boy Bush & his Crime Family Cheney Wolfowitz Steele Negroponte Condi Rice et al…. you are just a racist thug instead of a patriot calling for justice OBUSHA Salazar et al poisoned an entire ocean & murdered 50 thousand Libyans for oil profits…. jail them all

        412. I’d rather hold the ceremony as the slow boat to mainland China pulls out with all the anti-gun lobby and all libtards on it exiled from the USA for life so the remaining libtards can’t whine about ‘cruelty of capital punishment’ and other hypocrisy.

        413. and with no money for when he is ousted….seize all his assets and those of old mooch….1.4 billion spent on this trash festering in our white house

        414. Send his black ass to hang with his “brother’s in arms” down in GITMO for a stretch….that would be appropriate.

        415. Supermax? No, no, no..! He has far too many national security secrets. Put him in solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life, at either GitMo, where the other terrorist are being held, or at Fort Leavenworth. His wife who is no doubt privy to this info and because she knew of his real birth information, should also spend the rest of her life at either of these institutions. Madoff got a huge sentence for screwing people out of a lot of money. The Obama family has raped a whole country. They deserve a much stiffer penalty.

        416. put him in the same cell with the predecessor non-President boy Bush … the Obusha twins war criminals for endless polluter oil war profiteers & banksters

        417. Stripping the libtards including Obummer and Biden of all resources, then putting them on a slow boat to China, would be a cheaper, less likely to incite hypocritical judgement, and more appropriately punitive punishment for the libtard infection!

        418. no sentence in jail…..he would be king S H I T in prison….no more money spent on him or his,,,,BTW, deport his uncle and aunt living off taxpayers.


        420. How do you know that Stanley Ann Dunham was really his mother? Since we don’t really know anything about his past, when all his records have been sealed as far back as the ’90’s. We’re just going by what ‘HE SAYS’, which I found out in certain areas is false, going by other reports.

        421. You found out “what he says” is false — because you read something contradictory on some INTERNET web site? You pukes truly are the most gullible morons around.

        422. That’s another reason to throw his ass out of this country. If he had nothing to hide, then why not show who he really is. He’s as evil as they come, and we should remove him by force if need be!

        423. Maybe if we were to get those pictures and run them on face book, and twitter in the original text they were in without the cover up, then we could show the whole world who he really is! How embarrassing do you that would be?

        424. That might be incorrect. I’ve not seen proof that she was ever paid for sex. She just spent a lot of time with her feet in the air. Them that liked the blacks we called ‘mud hens’, back where I came from.

        425. Frank Marshal Davis ran that Whore house catering to blacks , He was Communist # 47544 and wrote The Socialist Worker + OTHER COMMUNIST papers , he then was teaching Barry in his teen age Years , Then came the Ayers family , then Alice Palmer whose seat he stole to get on Ill. senate what a great past he has and most is hidden!!

        426. Get off this site Cox-sucker. You are a disgrace. I wouldn’t piss on your pathetic faggot ass if you were on fire. Hope I am pissing you off good Cox-Sucker.

        427. You haven’t even come close to pissing me off maggot…. I bet you were pissed off when your traitor arse was SPAT on when you returned from Vietnam! You should have died there , along with all the other murderers in your generation.

        428. It matters not his place of birth – what matters is that he is NOT a Natural Born citizen – i.e,, one born of TWO American citizens. In fact, his birth father was a British subject, and according to British law, any issue of a British citizen is himself or herself a British citizen. Why this was not brought out, vetted as you will, by the media at the very beginning, is anyone’s guess. Gee, maybe George Soros didn’t want this coming to light.

        429. People don’t realize that you can also impeach a member of congress if his/her actions could result in national security. I bet if we pushed Reid into a corner, he would change his mind!

        430. tncdel is absolutely correct. Impeachment can be bypassed by simply declaring the president illegally holding the position, it can be done through a Congressional Hearing and indictment and trial, and will not need a vote of the Senate and House for impeachment. If found guily of illegally holding the office, the House of Representatives in a declaration of ineligibility, orders the military to remove the president, all his appointees, and then begin trials on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid explicit in the deception and fraud. Note: The House can subpoena anyone. Of course, the president would appeal it to the Supreme Court straight from the House. He would lose there, but frankly, the House can just tell the Supreme Court to kiss off, since they have just declared two of Obamas appointees as non-elible since they were appointed by Obama. Further, Obamacare and all laws and executive orderes are thereby recinded automatically having the signature of an illegal person occupying the office of president.

        431. Storm: And whom exactly do you think has jurisdiction to make such a declaration of ineligibility? A group of conspiracy minded conservatives? Certainly no court in the U.S. would back you up on this crazy theory of yours.

        432. If you read the post, I just said even the Supreme Court is tainted by his appointments. In the beginning of the country, the legislative branch only used the U.S. Supreme Court for opinion, not overturning their laws. Did you not realize that the legislative branch can actually write into law what kind of cases the U.S. Supreme Court is allowed to hear or take? So if the legislative branch decides to declare Brack Obama ineligible, they move on it and have him removed. Even if the Supreme Court said they “couldn’t do it”, the legislative branch would just answer “Fine, your opinion is noted” as they remove the two Obama appointees and the new president would assume office. It would not be Joe Biden, since the entire ticket was illegal. It would fall to the Speaker of the House, which in this case, may no longer be Boehner, but possibly Paul Ryan. It’s just too bad some people can’t handle losing Obama. So my original post answered your question of jurisdiction. The jurisdiction is in the legislative branch as written in the U.S. Constitution. A group of nine people were never meant to make these decisions.

        433. Nice deranged fantasy you have there Storm…. Here on EARTH, (as in reality) Obama is about to be inaugurated for a 2nd term. 4 years from now you conservatives have another chance at the presidency *Not MUCH of a chance but a chance non-the-less*

        434. Mr. Cox, I doubt that anyone truly has to wait another minute, whether re-elected or not, to remove an illegal president. Law removes him. Period. If found to be non-eligible, he just has to go. It’s over. The fantasy is actually believing this guy was actually born in Hawaii, has a valid, not faked birth certificate, and we’re not even sure he even finished college or truly was a full-time student. We know he attended Occidental and Harvard. Records sealed most likely due to his application for aid based on being a foreign student from Indonesia. Congress can override his executive orders if they so choose. Another fantasy is believing he has done a good job. He is the absolute worst president in American history, perhaps because he is in fact not eligible.

        435. Like him or not, yes he is entitled. Impeachment is the ONLY way to legally remove a sitting president. AND again, like it or not, HE IS the president, even is he was elected by illegal means, fraudulent forged docs, and/or massive voter fraud, …… he is the prez. And quite frankly, he is a lousy prez, because he is a stinkin Muslim, commie “bast*rd”!

        436. Don’t deport him, not without a brain wipe. He knows too much sensitive info to be allowed to run free

      2. If so, congress can taking funding away from the president and senate which would be sending the troops to their death. I would not want to be that president. Impeachment would be stopped by the senate for now but, 2014 may be a different story. We can only hope.

      3. Harry Reid has brought very little to the floor to even allow the Senate to vote on that would actually help this country… which is criminal in my opinion. He has not allowed the Senate to vote on one single budget in the last 4 years, he refuses to allow members a say in how we are governed — he, barry and nancy play gods of america and the rest of us peasants suffer and the media blames the republicans. Barry threatens tantrums, vetoes, vacations and parties and the republicans say,,,”oh dear, we might look bad…” — the fake in the oval office IS on so many levels. Why isn’t Boehner telling the media that dingy harry is stalling everything??? 4 more years of this just s ucks….

        1. “4 more years of this just s ucks…”

          Suck it up and get used to it. It’s going to be MUCH more than 4 years of democrats in the white house. Michelle Obama is next!

        2. We don’t have to worry about Moochchelle. After four more years pigging out on our dime, her fat ass won’t fit through the White House door. Adam is waaaay to ignorant to know that. He’s one of those “low information voters” I keep hearing about. “Hey, Adamski, try learning something—- like why both Obumble AND Moochelle willingly gave up their licenses to practice law”. Did it to stop investigations of criminal activity by the BAR. Nobody, repeat nobody, gives up their license unless they absolutely have to. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re to dumb to research anything negative about your pathetic excuse for a “leader”. You and your ilk are beyond hope. “You can’t fix stupid.”

        3. “Yeah, we worry about that happening. NOT”

          That’s EXACTLY the same words you conservatives used about Obama’s prospects for re-election. “not going to happen” … Keep telling yourself that about Michelle. Whatever keeps you sane. Whatever floats your boat.

        1. When things get dicey in the lifeboat, somebody has got to go over the side. Who better than those responsible for causing this mess? Don’t forget those recently retired who think that they have escaped the consequences of their actions.

      4. This reminds me of when Clinton was Impeached by the House back in the ’90’s, but the Senate never went with that Impeachment. If the Senate would have, I don’t think we would be in the mess we have today. Clinton brought a lot of what we have today on our country. Saying that we had a ” SURPLUS ” when we really didn’t have one.

        1. We did too have a surplus.. You can lie all you want but you can’t change history. Bush blew it though. Unamerican traitors like you about destroyed the country voting on Bush TWICE… You people are self destructive and can’t be trusted !

      5. harry reid brings NOTHING before the senate….why do we even have a senate…..we pay them to do nothing….where is the BUDGET??? harry reid is the first one who should lose his job

      6. Yeah, Reid would probably follow in his fellow Dem Senator, Bob Byrde, who, when CommieClinton was impeached, said, He knew Clinton was guilty, but would never remove him from office….

      7. AAHHHH !! Dingy Harry’s name has appeared !! Maybe the old fart will croak soon and the nation can get on with getting on !!

      8. Well then we just need to impeach Harry Reid, and yes it can be done! I bet if you get rid of Harry Reid and all of the senate would turn on Obama! And there’s enough dirt in Washington to have Reid removed.

      9. Very Good! The Founding Fathers were certainly skeptical of political parties. Washington railed against them in his fair well address. Repeal the 12th and 17th amendments and we’ll see a vast improvement in our republic.

      10. When the issue of impeachment reigned under the Bush Administration, it was Nancy Pelosi that blocked the vote from the floor. I sometimes wonder how we can overthrow a corrupted Government that has absolutely no respect for the people of this Nation, or the Constitution they swore to uphold. I’m surprised we’ve not repeated 1776, yet. I feel it coming, though.

        1. When 1776 is repeated, You will have hundreds of millions of more people affected by the war — millions of us have no values or give a rats ass about conservatives lives. We will leave a trail of ruin through your christian nation , the likes of which have never been seen since Sherman. You want death and destruction? Sure, go ahead and bring on 1776 part duex.

        2. Just don’t beg for mercy after you start losing family members left and right. Even your 90 year old granny or your 6 your old niece won’t be spared. You really want civil war? You are one dumb broad because you will be spending the next 50 years wishing you had never opened pandoras box.

        3. Adam, you sick pup, it is people like you that will be the cause of the Revolution, if it goes that far. You and the fictitious, President you seem to admire so … I doubt you are any more American than he is. If you are, then you, too, are a traitor to this Nation and to the Constitution, which those of us who believe in America, will stand up and fight for. It’s time to take out the trash and in reading through your remarks, you qualify.

        1. You don’t get to impeach a senator just because they won’t vote your way…. Of course thats what a fascist would dream about tho! After all, you’re a fascist! That kind of anti American sentiment is what a fascist does!

      11. Really? After articles of impeachment are voted by the House, a trial in the Senate MUST occur. No one, including the majority leader, can prevent it. Learn the constitution and read history before you embarrass yourself again with your ignorance.

      12. Have you taken a good look at reid lately he doesn’t look all that healthy. The dem’s have attempted to declare God dead, and He just refuses to co op erate. He just may take their power away at any time. Would a reid leutenant be as hard to deal with? God has the answer to that not I, but He did inspire the Psalms to encourage us when no one else can.

      13. Your so right Congress may bring a bill for,impeachment hearings up!Pass it but without the Senate voting on it is useless!After all the Senate is Democratic controlled none of them,what Obama impeached!What would Diane Feinstein,Barbara Boxer,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid due,without.Great leader Dictator Obama to help them finish destroying America!
        My only prayer is that maybe a miracle will,happen before.January 20th to prevent him from being sworn in,for a 2nd term!

      14. it is insane to think the same Congress that voted NDAA & FISA would impeach the gangster in the White House Obusha … there are just a handful of patriots in Congress who tell the truth daily about Amerika

    2. Congress and everyone else better get immune to being called a racist. The libs have used this card so much, it is no longer effective. This fake president has purposefully destroyed any positive race relations. It is going to take another 100 years to repair this damage. Many of us have had enough and view Obama supporters as ignorant, low information morons.

      1. oh bullcrap Remington. You are so full of it… There are no problems with race relations in this country. I have many black friends and we’re closer than ever. Just because you pathetic conservatives aren’t invited to the party, doesn’t mean race relations are set back. We just think you are a disgusting type of people (Christian conservative whackos) and want nothing to do with you.

        1. You must be a low information Obama supporter. Great to have you on this site which proves to other conservatives why we view you and your negro friends as the enemy of the country. Bet you are homosexual.

        2. No..I’m a straight white guy. Not that it matters — I’ve always been a good person, supported my kid, helped my community. What have you done good in this world? Do you just sit around on your fat behind and complain about things on the internet?

        3. Slamming Christian doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you an ignorant, bigoted and thoroughly meanspirited person.
          What have YOU done good for this world?

        4. Christians don’t show their love for one another by calling others inappropriate names. We must continue to strive for divinity. That’s what God wants from us.

        5. I am an ex Vietnam vet who can still run two miles, but have friends who died so you can say whatever you want on the internet. You white libs are what is wrong with this country and your pea brains just don’t know it.

        6. You are a real pice of sh-t. Would love to meet you on the battlefield and then I would cut your ears off and wear them with pride.

        7. It’s unlikely that you have really done anything for the US that is positive; it’s a sure bet that yu want the US Constituion destroyed and have that predatory pathological liar in chief as the dictator. Since you like communism so much, move to korea or china–they await you. Or, the alternative is move to the ME or Somalia and let’s see how much they will tolerate from you–you’ll be screaming for a return to the USA in a matter of hours.

        8. “You are a faggot white negro boy”
          “Oh but we conservatives aren’t racist or prejudiced-not us”

          Remington: Just like all of your maggot friends here, you are nothing more than a disgusting hypocrite.

        9. By the way, I’m not an enemy of this country. I’m a friend of the majority. Last I checked – YOU were the weasel minority. YOU are an enemy of this country. This country does not stand with you.

        10. You’re WRONG, Adam. The election was stolen. If it had been a legal, honest election, it would have gone for Romney by a landslide.

        11. SusanK: You are a pathological liar. You republicans are like evil MOBSTERS who commit terrible crimes and frame innocent people for their wrong doing….. If you actually did any REAL research, you would find that the people guilty of election fraud are REPUBLICANS! http://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-city/index.ssf/2012/11/deanna_swenson_clackamas_count.html
          This is the second news article I’ve seen about a republican being criminally charged with election fraud in 2012.

        12. Sorry Adam! You are wrong… There are far more accounts of election fraud by democrats then republicans… such as in pennsylvania where Obama received 100% of the vote in certain areas where there were more Romney signs then Obama signs.. I know people in these areas that voted for Romney and yet he got 0 votes.And lets not forget in port Lucie where more voters turned out then there were voters and Obama won! 147% of voters turned out to vote Gee! You see we are informed Adam..unlike you who listen to the liberal news for your lies and factless facts! Democrats commit the crimes and then they turn around and blame the republicans for it! Stupid ignorant uninformed libs sputing off their trash talks without any thing to back them up!

        13. Randy: more lies from evil conservatives! … DO yourself a favor and STFU. Find me ONE democrat who is being charged with election fraud crime in 2012? So far there have been more than one republican charged. Put up or shut up Randy.

        14. I don’t think we would have to frame you for anything Adam. just make ignorance against the law and I can see you getting life in prison. Say hi to Bubba when you get there. Bubba is a big Black guy that likes skinny white libs, cause they will suck up to anyone.

        15. More racist comments about big scary black rapists … See: These conservatives have nothing on their mind but how scary black people are! These racists are the dregs of society and like all society ills, should be dealt with.

        16. You libs believe whatever you want, but in my world you are the enemy. Hope you have a gun to protect yourself when your negro friends come to your home to rob, rape and kill you. They won’t care who you voted for, just that you are white.

        17. My black friends are going to rob and kill me because I’m white? Seriously, If anyone needs evidence that you conservatives are not only EVIL but RACIST, one needs to look no further than your hateful racist posts.

        18. I am a racist butt head. You started this dialogue with me, and now you got to take what I dish out. You came on this site banging us, and what do you expect…butt head? Get off this site and go where you will be appreciated…the Suckington Post.

        19. There there cocky, stop pouting or you’ll be sent to you room again … is your middle name Eugene?

        20. “You libs believe whatever you want, but in my world you are the enemy.”

          In my world, I take it as a badge of honor to be hated by such a disgusting low life as yourself. My PISS is too good for dip-chits like you.

        21. I sure enjoy pissing low life scum libs like you off. Get off this site igger boy and go play with your igger friends.

        22. Do you think I care what a lousy shmuck on the internet thinks about me? All I care is that people who really know me in real life know that I’m a good person. I could care less about what a bunch of conspiracy freak paranoid delusional nutcases on the internet thinks about me.

        23. Being a friend of the majority doesn’t mean a thing in my eyes. For me, it’s whether you obey the whole CONSTITUTION not just what you want to. Also, being a mom to 2 Vets that was there to see them leave our country to try to bring peace to a foreign country, is very hard to do. And just talking about this action is hard to do. So I am against what people are doing to our country, after what my 2 Vets have done to help keep FREEDOM in our own country. Keep our country safe from foreign invaders trying to rule our country into a third world country. My oldest brother was in the Pacific during WW2, with bombs dropping by the sides of his ship. Until you yourself have experienced any of what I have mentioned, I think you should be quiet.

        24. Not all christians are disgusting. The maggots who post on blogs like this are, though. You aren’t real christians though, Christ would NOT support a bunch of evil people like you.

        25. According to your own words, adamcox, you are a maggot–and it shows. You are nothing more than a racist, and what makes it worse is that you fawn over your ‘black friends’ just to show everyone you are “getting along.” Most of us do have black friends and we don’t have to fawn over them either—they don’t like your predatory pathological liar in chief either.

        26. and you know this how ! you are not a real Christian , otherwise you wouldn’t pretend to know what our lord thinks about all this , 140% of the votes in just one state come on you idiot not even 100% OF THE VOTE IS POSSIBLE and that is in only one state , can you spell voter fraud !

        27. Based on the Cox response, it looks like Remington’s statements hold true. How funny is the thought process of a progressive. They don’t even realize that their actions and words condemn them.

        28. Adan Cox, you need to pull your cranium out of your rectm, because it is obviously stuck so far up there you can taste your own tonsils. Yes, there are critical race problems in this country that were not present before this “divide and conquer”, usurping POS Muslim, commie, took office, with his partner in “getting whitey” Eric Holder! Wake up you imbecile! Race relations are set back at LEAST 100 years. You need to get out of denial, and look at the real world!

        29. What race relations? I have been spending a lot of time with the black community where I live and we are closer than ever! Who has any trouble with black people? I love em … I suspect you think race relations have been set back because they won’t have anything to do with you! THAT has nothing to do with race — I’m WHITE and want nothing to do with your pathetic self.

        30. Ha Ha, freedom-loving patriots have dealt with your tyranny-lusting types before and I am sure the day isn’t so far off when they will do it again. Make your self comfortable and keep comforting yourself that you are the true majority. Put your feet up by the fire.

        31. What are you patriots going to do, Come on my property and shoot me because I’m a communist? You can try but I doubt you’ll survive the first step you take on my property.

        32. “I’d rather be called a pinko/communist than a conservative. Conservative has a much worse connotation among the majority in America. Conservative is the new “n igger.”

        33. wow your a little cock munching pos just like all the rest of the liberal scum that floated to the top temporarily

        34. The only ‘n igger” here is you adamcox only white trash and blacks of low breeding use that term…sold your soul to the devil for sure.

        35. You’re white? I think you are a zebra like the predatory pathological liar in chief; the only differences is he claims he is ‘black’ and you claim you are white. Fact is both of you are mulattos. Now, just for the sake of equality, I’m going to pull a liberal communist ploy: YOU PROVE ME WRONG.

        36. Keep skipping through your tulips – so many are not racists that are conservative, but it is so easy for you libs to sit back and judge us. It does not matter – this Country cannot sustain itself and when it implodes – you will be wishing you understood our motive of living within our means and not wanting to support everyone that would rather sponge off the government. Not talking about the ones that REALLY need the help – but the “Takers”. You guys will wonder what happened and go…”wee wee wee all the way home”. Our guns and taking responsibility will feed and take care of us – color does not matter – responsibility without relying on the government will~