Obama, Dems Already Holding America Hostage & Blaming GOP

Now that the election is over, there is one thing that hasn’t changed at all and that is the unwillingness of the Democrats to compromise and then blaming Republicans for the same.

January 1, 2013 is being referred to as the Fiscal Cliff.  If nothing is done, the tax breaks enjoyed by all of us will end and we will see a significant decrease in our take-home pay.  Additionally, there will be forced massive spending cuts in the federal government, some of which will not be beneficial such as in the Defense Department.

Just like they have done over the past two years, the Democrats and President Obama have stated that the Republicans MUST accept their proposed legislation.  If they don’t, and America topples off the Fiscal Cliff, it will be the fault of the Republicans for not compromising with the Democrats.

But who are the ones that are truly unwilling to compromise?  It’s Obama and the Democrats.  They have said it’s their way or no way.  And like old times, the media is already taking the liberal side and laying the blame on Republicans for not compromising.

The Democrats are insisting on ending tax cuts for everyone making $250,000 a year and more.  They believe that this wealthy class of people needs to start paying their way.  The tax breaks may also be ending for many businesses.  When you add it all up, it means that a number of business owners, large and small will have no choice but to either raise their prices to the consumers or reduce the number of employees, and perhaps both, just to stay in business.

And this is going to help the economy and job market how?

With Obama and the Democrats holding America hostage and controlling the media spin on it all, the Republicans will either be the ones to take the blame for not compromising, or they will take the blame for compromising and turning against their constituents.  The guilty (Obama and Dems) become the innocent and the innocent (GOP) becomes the guilty no matter which way it goes.

And I strongly suspect that this will be the way Obama and Democrats conduct business for the next four years.

70 thoughts on “Obama, Dems Already Holding America Hostage & Blaming GOP

  1. Obama’s entire life is based on lies.

    He lied about his past.
    He lied to get into office.
    He lied while in office,
    He lied to stay in office.
    And he’ll lie for the next 4 years.
    And then he’ll write a book of fiction about his grand legacy and make millions.
    He will be lionized by historians and lifted up as an exemplar for all aspiring young men and women to emulate.

    And every one of his pathetic flunky, boot-licking sycophants in Congress will be right there lying with him.

    And America will watch and do nothing.

      1. We’ve done nothing for the last four years; he was ineligible to run then and nothing has made him eligible since he still is not a “natural born citizen.” Both parents must be United States of America citizens at the time of the birth of the child to bestow the status of “natural born citizen” according to the US Constitution and US Code. The place of birth makes no difference whatsoever, but parentage does. Now if Frank Marshall Davis is actually his father, then that brings into the scenario lots of other factors. How did he attend public school in Indonesia without being an Indonesian citizen? How did he get a previously assigned social security number to a man from Connecticut? How did he travel to Pakistan when it was illegal for US citizens to so do? Where are his Selective Service records? How did he get a security clearance of any kind with all of his past communist associations and sympathies, particularly William ayers??????
        Only questions with no real true answers thus far from this imposter…. sadly, we are getting what we deserve for turning our backs on the Christian faith upon which this Republic was formed. When we truly repent as a Nation, and turn back to the “God of Our Fathers,” then there can be healing and restoration.

        1. I agree. However, a lot of people were hoping this would be resolved on Nov. 6th, which it was not.

          A lot of people were afraid of a race war if he was not re-elected.

          Too many people have kicked God to the curb; however, he is WELCOME in my house. We are going to be in for some rough times. It is not going to be pretty. However, we will prevail.

    1. So who the heck voted for this guy? other than those in welfare, blacks, illegals and stupid young people along with voter fraud? Everyone I talk to knows that he is a perpetual liar and seeks to destroy our America as he is lead by Soros. Where are those voters that gave him the win and do they really desire to be kept oppressed?

      1. I have no idea.. The Romney and Paul signs were everywhere I went, with maybe one or two Obumma signs. I have seen ONE bumper sticker for Obumma, and innumerable for the other, as well as descent for.
        And I was running out of space on both of my vehicles for Paul/Romney/descent stickers.
        On final analysis of the voting machines, I’d say this was the biggest fix in US history. Only explanation..

        1. @Zod – It is weird isn’t it!? I saw the same as you, we saw all BO events unable to fill the room while R/R had over flowing crowds. It is suspicious. Even Bo’s face since first debate and up until 11/6 looked like he knew he was toast. When I was on line for 3 1/2 hrs. to vote Tuesday I began to notice that many were there for four more. I think they were just too embarrassed to show their faces on the support socialism ticket. If that is the case that means they knew exactly what they were voting for. Was it the cheat machine or was it real? Neither answer is good.

      2. Don’t forget the dumb women who voted heavely for this jerk. Because I’m so d_n mad, I don’t remember the age group but it was the younger women most likely those who want the rest of us to pay for their birth control. Screemin is right with all the lies this jerk told to get where he is but yes, HE HAD TO BLAME SOMEONE BESIDES HIMSELF AND HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION. I wish these four years were over but then, it’s hillybilly time and she WILL win if she runs. UGH! Twelve more years??????????

      3. It was minorities and minority “sympathizers”. Texas is about to be run over and turned into a blue communist state. We need immigration reform really bad!

      4. NOBODY but those few voted for him! He is a freaking criminal, remember??? He will steal elections- No prob. IN my state, I discovered there is NO way I would ever be able to look at my ballot after the election. Was told No possible way to do that, by the county’s Board of Elections. They wouldn’t even tell me where my ballot is stored AFTER the election! THAT is why all the Vote Early garbage from Garbage-Mouth (liar-In-Chief) And reason for the mail in only ballots in some states- they are EASILY changed! We do not sign our ballots! So, how hard would it be to have ballot-parties for a couple of months before elections, where you sit around, drink wine, tell stories,and mark up ballots for your guy to switch as poll workers privately count THOSE Votes?? Obama did NOT win. Romney won, but I expect that if Romney had been above to PROVE he won, someone on Zero’s team would have shot Romney, so I suppose its for the best that he isn’t in that position. NO? This is Chicago politics, kid! What part of CRIMINAL do you not understand??? Last vote- 2010, in MY home county, there was a big stink about workers taking the BALLOTS TO THEIR HOMES to work on them there! ARE you KIDDING??? And the fed jerks say we should not go to online voting, because there might be hackers…. Yeah, right. It would be SO much easier to protect the vote if it was online, secure site, and the electoral college was demolished.

    2. I say let the Dems lead us over the fiscal cliff. When EVERYTHING goes to hell in a handbasket, people will finally see…hey look–Dems said they would fix it but they DIDN’T!

      1. That will also be our undoing. See my post above my friend. That will result in riots in the inner cities when the EBT cards and welfare checks don’t show up, even ONE time. Then, he can enact all those executive orders he’s been signing the last 4 years, some of which give the federal gov’t control over EVERYTHING (agriculture, water resources, state and local gov’t’s). Doubt me? Go to the whitehouse website and read through them, I’m not making it up. We’re done my friend. We can keep pretending it’s not, but it is. I love all of you that follow Christ and our Constitution, the day is coming where we will be shoulder to shoulder…we have literally put Satan in the whitehouse…

  2. So, the “God” denying, “Israel” abandoning, Democrats are “demonizing” the Republicans? What else is new?

    It reminds me of the “frog and the scorpion.” A scorpion wanted to cross a river. He asked a frog to carry him on his back to cross the river. The frog refused saying, we’ll get half way across then you will sting me, and I will drown. The scorpion assured him, I won’t do that because I will drown too. So, the frog let the scorpion on his back. Then, halfway across the river the scorpion “stung” him. The frog said, I thought you said you would not sting me because you would drown too. The scorpion replied, I can’t change my nature.

  3. It’s all they know, and so far it works fantastically.

    The American Public is so ignorant, lazy, and greedy that the principles of the founders make no sense to most of them. We are in for a long, hard, ugly four years.

  4. “… for the next four years.” Two, if USmerica hasn’t lost her mind completely. (There is some doubt about that, but we may hope.)

    Mr. O’bama will there ever be any Jobs?

    1. There appears to be so much disconnect between the voters and their taxes owed. The social issues are marketed much better. We need to change that.

  5. [email protected] says:

    Reid is deep in sh-t bscause he got relected in NV by hook and union.

  6. What makes ANYONE think that things will be different in the next four years? They will be very different. They will be far far worse. The good ship US America is going down fast front end first. Its captain and crew are on their gilded lifeboats though.

  7. Just saw Obama on TV. Peddling more of the same nonsense we’ve had to listen to for four years. More infrastructure spending. Higher taxes for those able to cough it up. Yadda yadda. I predict 4 more years of anemic economy.

    1. Yep dan, you are right. I just heard him say that he’s planning a meeting for next week because jobs are number 1!!!! Where have we heard that before???? Another 4 yrs. of his BS!! He is laughable if he weren’t so…very…sad!

  8. Did they add up the legal population in this country? Then subtract the ones that voted, and see what the numbers are. Whoops, they included the dead & illegals. Now we knew he did it in 2008, and we knew that he is still making sure the illegals vote and are being helped by the people running the precincts so they can vote more than once. He is a fraud in the WH and still they do nothing about getting rid of this illegal muslim. Too many are kissing his dark spot……you know which one I mean as he has so many.

  9. Republicans…Democrats…what does it matter? Both parties are trash. Time for the Constitutional Revolutionary Party to step and clean the whole place out.

  10. This is where a guy like Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich in Congress could bring passion and fire, there is no way they could be ignored like the current Republican leadership in the House.

    1. The house Repubs have been hiding under a rock for two years. If you could get Newt pissed off, he would clean house had he the power. It’s a shame Newt left the race. I think he could have been a winner and spanked Obama during debates.

      1. I agree 100%. I know Newt had a lot of baggage and there were some other problems with him that others had brought up that I cannot write because they will not put up my post but Newt was my guy because I felt that he would be able to achieve the most progress in the shortest amount of time due to his experience. I don’t know if he would have won but he would have brought a lot of information to light and the emotion and energy he would bring to the table might have saved or created many more spots in the House and the Senate. Best wishes to you and your family.

      2. Newt is part of the problem. He takes his marching orders from the billionaires that run our country in the shadows for most people. He’s a fraud who sold his soul along with many other politicians. These are not patriots.

        1. Newt has had his share of problems and his association with certain groups makes him a target under many circumstances but, Newt had the passion, he has the expierence and he knows what it takes to get things done in Congress and he would not do what Obama is doing to America and he is way more right than Romney. Granted he was singing the same note over and over, whoever was running his campaign was intellectually incompetant, I’m not saying Newt was not without his own demons But time does change people and I think Newt had other intentions besides past indescretions and we all know that Newt was always the smartest man in the room. If you were looking for the perfect patriot I think he would have been the closest we could get; none of them, no one in Congress is the perfect patriot even Ron Paul has his own flaws but we could debate this till the cows come home but it doesn’t matter Obama won by a majority of students who praise the works of Marx and others who want to come to this country illegally receive benefits the rest of us pay for and by people so scared by the poison the mainstream media has been feeding them for the last 40 years that America has no choice put to continue this cycle through Socialism, Facism and Communism before it’s return to Capitalism. BTW this Holy war going on if not stopped is going to destroy a huge part of the world and Greece is just the beginning, CA is next and as goes CA so goes the rest of the country. Obama has already said he would side with the Muslims, Newt would not so I hope you have the proper protection because the most common name in the world is Muhammed.

    2. I sure wish they were, djw. I wanted Newt as our nominee from the start. He wouldn’t have stood by silently and let BO get off the hook for Benghazi, etc. like Romney did. Gingrich is a fighter, Romney was a wimp.

  11. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, bringing the USA down! I say give the Dems their way. Raise those taxes and when the economy crashes even more, we need to stand up and shout from the rooftops to his idiot supporters “this is what YOU wanted”! And do they think by taxing those “rich” people they’re going to get a check in the mail??? Wow, are they in for a surprise!

  12. The fiscal cliff is real, just as the health care crisis was real. HOWEVER, the Democrat’s holding Republicans hostage is not going to change the fact that Obamacare is a disaster IMPOSED on us by the same threat that they’re using re: the fiscal cliff — we have to pass a law, do it Obama’s way (experiment) to see what will happen. Idiots if Congressional Republicans are fooled by that again. Bring on the Fiscal cliff. We’re already in recession. Let the truth of the matter come out now, not kick truth and consequences down the road again.
    Better to jump off the fiscal cliff, in the long run, for long term thinkers, than Obamanomics.
    Four more years, and Obama will have all the ducks in a row to make us into a radical Muslim nation. Let’s take the jump now, and heal ourselves, regardless of Obamamedia’s spin.
    If we’re all in this together, let’s take the awful medicine and get America back on track by refusing to “stimulate” more lawless illegal voting, and refusing to enable the lawlessly executive ordering of us on our way into even more of an Obamamess.

  13. When they get together, the House should demand they will not tackle anything until after the senate has voted on each and everyone of the bills they passed and are laying dormant of the senate floor. O said he will not accept anything less than tax increases on the wealthiest. Does that sound like compromise. If the republicans vote to go along with this, then I will never vote Dem or Republican again. I will write in Mickey Mouse or better yet, Goofy. They have totally ignored the republicans for 4 years and did it all on their own, well let them figure out this mess on their own too. When you tax the money makers, your prices will either go up on the goods you buy or they will lay off workers. Does that make sense.

  14. I’d say: Compromise–make sure you get Obama to take “credit” for the tax on “the rich.” Keep the middle class tax breaks. Make them cut spending. Also, do not raise the debt ceiling.

  15. Darth Zero is of the Dark side! He and his Empire of follies will do anything and say anything to look good in a crumbling America! The problem remains, will he step down in 4 years or will he crown himself the first American King?

  16. At this point I don’t care about what happens to the GOP, they made their bed by forcing another moderate candidate on us. If our representatives hold their ground and don’t compromise sure they will get the blame when Odumbo drives us over the cliff.

    I say give them everything they want, watch as Odumbo drives us off the cliff and let him try to spin his way out of it. Either way those of us who attempted to vote him out of office loose, but at least once we hit the bottom the only way to go is up.

  17. I want to live in a nation that is capable of defending itself if war would come to our shores, With this president we don’t have that sense of security. The radical muslims have a pretty good showing in our country right now, thanks to president Obama. The economy is likely to get much worse because these Jackasses that are supposed to represent the people are always at war with each other. Obama has himself created a divide of the American people. He has shown that he wants to be a ruler of people, rather than a servant of the people. He has trampled on the constitution, and continues to do so. Seems as though as John Boehner has thrown in the towel, and that Obama will finally get his way. Who suffers? The American people do. Ultimately, everything will cost a lot more , food, utilities, transportation, in the form of higher gas prices, all consumer goods will skyrocket. Businesses are shutting down at an alarming rate, because of Obama. There is’nt much that Obama can do on his own to offer hope for the American people. He has already ruined his legacy. He will always be known as the food stamp president.So, here is my prediction. He will not compromise with the Republicans since the entitlement crowd put him back in office. John Boehner forced him in a corner, and put the ball in his court. We will wait and see who HE blames now. President Bush cannot be blamed anymore,Obama had 4 years. By the way, I think Colin Powell is a traitor.

  18. American GOP must not bow to the liberals we must do away with the electoral college scam so no longer the few decide our leaders. The illegal aliens must be deported they are breaking our laws and liberals would love nothing more then a amnesty of 30 million democrats added to there party. It is sad that 2/3 of Americans do not vote and we all know why now because there vote does not count for crap. Proof is what happens every year down to a few states to swing vote. This is a must change and the American people must demand it change. Liberals can bankrupt this country only as far as the loans will care them. So I say to every American who cares stop spending on anything that does not need to be lets tighten the belt let liberals spend there way out do not hire anyone else and trim to only workers you need to stay a float. Let the chaos come and it will clean out the liberals all by them self.

  19. I hate to say this, but it’s over my friends who love liberty. Look, the ONE factor that puts an “Amen” to this Republic as a Capitalist economy, is the complete takeover of mainstream media by the left. MSM is now basically a propaganda arm for the left, period. So, no matter what happens, the left and Obama will be painted in a good light, and the right will be painted in bad light, and most of the kool-aid drinking sheep that now vote in this country will buy it. Hilter counted on that, Mao, and Stalin all counted on just THIS scenario. Look at the hurricane Sandy situation, doesn’t matter how bad a shape those folks are in, the MSM looks the other way, right? Union Line Crews turning away non-union line crews from states all over just coming to help…we would NEVER have even heard that without Fox or Conservative blogs or radio, right? OK, so, let’s look at the fiscal cliff. It’s a NO-WIN situation. If we go along with the left and let them tax the job creators, we all know it will result in huge job losses. But, the MSM will report is as evil rich people laying off folks instead of taking those losses unto themselves. If we fight it, either all the tax cuts expire or if they cave in, then the MSM will report it as Republicans either stonewalling the solutions to our problems or pandering to those evil rich people again. WE CANNOT WIN NO MATTER WHAT DO, because we have lost the MSM. They have used our freedom of the press against us, and we will not recover, at least not without a second revolution or civil war. Think about it, try to deny the truth of what I’m saying.

    It’s already been shown Obamacare will bankrupt us, well, that’s now a done deal. The left most certainly won’t make any of the hard decisions to try to cut elsewhere to offset it. So, we will eventually reach a financial collapse, it’s inevitable now. Well, we know how that will play out, the FIRST time those welfare and foodstamp checks don’t show up, it’s massive riots. THEN, Obama can enact all those executive orders he’s been signing. All of use here know what that means. May God have mercy on our souls, if you’re not “preppers” now, you better start…Once those executive orders kick in, they control agriculture, water resources, state and local Gov’ts, the WHOLE enchilada. Senator Joseph McCarthy was right all along…

    1. It was interesting to read about the former female CNN reporter (don’t recall the name since I don’t watch CNN!) reported that the Obama Administration dictated what CNN could and could not report. Sounds like freedom of the press died a long time ago.

  20. I suggest let ’em have whatever they want….higher taxes, more regulation, more lies, more government takeover, smile, agree and let them hang themselves as the US crashes and burns. Those of us with any sense of patriotism will just have to stand firm through it all, because it will be up to us to pick up the pieces to rebuild.

    Prepare while you can.

  21. As long as the Republicans can wring their hands in mock frustration, and Boehner can squirt a few tears for the cameras, they don’t care what happens outside the beltway. Remember, these people and their families are completely insulated from the pain caused by their asinine decisions. As a result, they don’t care. For them, it’s about the power. They all lie, they all cheat, and not one of them cares one bit for the people–or future–of this country. Folks, it is really time for a change. http://wp.me/p2QJLE-1u

    1. You’re 100% right of course. We need to limit their terms to 2 years, mandated retirement at 65 , reduce the pension to 50%, no special healthcare…only obamacare for all of them. And anyone who spent any time in the KKK should be removed instantly, and abolish as racist the NAACP.

  22. Compromise with a rattlesnake isn’t possible. Either you cut it’s head off or risk being bitten, and we had a chance to cut the head off on Tuesday, but only succeeded in riling it up – for which the entire country will suffer for at least the next four years.

  23. I won’t deal with the GOP again if they can’t grow a pair and start slinging some of the mud the liberals sling right back at them. I will vote libertarian. This is ridiculous Obama SHOULD NOT have been given another term…there was absolutely no logical reason such a loser and such a bully and such a divisive trash-talking socialist should have squeaked by on less than 1% over Romney. If we have to dismantle the GOP and raise a flag on a new party…I’m for it….provided we can do damage against the lies and threats the liberals dole out as casually as asking someone for a cup of sugar.

  24. The Republic is lost. Congress is meaningless–just costing us more money. Our Republic will now be run via executive order. Our elected president is now a dictator.

  25. It’s already Ground Hog Day… 2009 “Uh, John, I won…” “Of course the Republicans can come along for the ride – they just have to sit in the back…” Today: “my re-election Tuesday means that people like what I am doing…” There will be no compromise. This man thinks compromise means “do it my way.” I am not unwilling to pay more in taxes if the spending cuts are deep and immediate. The country is in crisis and my family is blessed (with a work effort and an employer who rewards hard work.) But if we take the tax hikes and they promise cuts “down the road” that never materialize we are SCHMUCKS! This man is a liar and if the cuts are not implemented BEFORE the tax hikes they never will be. He CANNOT be trusted. The White House is already sending out propaganda (yes, they e-mail me) stating that the president is ready to work but the Republicans need to work with him. ARROGANT much?

  26. I really think the GOP should give Obama the tax on the wealthy and they should let everyone know that they remain confident that raising taxes on this bracket will only hurt but this is what the people voted for and this way the Dems can’t blame them and will have to own the failure because we all know it will make things worse. This is what Obama ran on, taxing the rich, and people who voted for Obama are idiots but they should see what their vote really means. I think that it has to get worse before it can get better. I do wish the states with good governors could somehow do their best to give businesses tax breaks and lower taxes and attract businesses so they stay here in the US and then all of the idiot states who don’t do this will not have jobs to speak of and then maybe they will be ready for the conservative ideas. I think conservatives everywhere are smart and know how to sacrifice and make do and if we can hold on a little longer we can get even more people to wake up and see the truth and if the GOP can really hammer out an excellent immigration reform and push Obama to keep his promise to immigrants then we could build that bridge to get the hispanic vote too. GOP needs to really work on a tax reform plan and especially a way to really articulate it in a way that people can understand and get out there and sell it unfortunately on the shows these idiots watch, Colbert and Stewart, Leno etc. then when the country is even worse in 2 more years we can take the Senate and next the presidency. I just can’t see any other way to wake these people up out of the lies. I swear I have tried my best to show some of them the truth and they have conceded that I am right but then they still vote for Obama. I hate to say it but they need to really feel the burn like Indiana Jones out of the dark sleep!

  27. Here’s a quote by an economist who lived 1801-1850 and I’m dedicating this to ALL those who voted for the Imposter Obama:
    “Often the masses are plundered and do not know it.” – Frederick Bastiat
    The rest of us will be able to remind them that they brought it upon themselves…but, alas, on US, too!

  28. I think that the real consequences of this election need to be felt by the American voters in “full force”! It is obvious that the lessons of the Kennedy, Reagan and Bush Administrations’ tax-cutting policies and supply side economics has been lost on the generation of voters who should know better. It is an accepted fact the the youngest generation of voters has no clue about these historical validations of the principle of Federalism or the benefits, to the populace, of small government administration. So, it’s time for the lessons to be learned and re-learned! Give the Dems what they claim to need to fix this economy! Reagan reversed the trends of an equally bad economy inside of a year. Give the Obama presidency and Democratic Senate two years of Clinton Era taxes. That means, higher taxes on everyone! Of course, it will also, if I’m right and history prevails, additional suffering for the unemployed. But a huge percentage of them, judging from the election results, want this to happen. So, Let It Be! Also, it has been reported that about 50% of the “rich” have bought into the “soak the rich'” or “fair share” arguments and subsequently voted for the President. Then, Let It Be! If I’m right, two years from now we’ll not have extricated ourselves for this fiscal morass and the responsibility will lie in the laps of all who claimed that it was more taxes on the wealthy that would cure our deficit spending addiction.

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