Obama Lied to Victim of Sandy to Win Votes

A little over a week before the Nov 6 election, Hurricane Sandy roared up the east coast and did its best to destroy several states.  The nation watched as over 6 million people were left without power or water.  A month later, some people are still without power.  Thousands of homes and businesses were totally or partially destroyed by the super storm.

The costs of damages from Hurricane Sandy exceed those of Hurricane Katrina.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie places his state’s costs so far at $29.4 billion and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says his state’s costs have already reached $30 billion.  Both governors are asking the federal government for federal disaster aid.

On Oct. 31, only 6 days before the election, President Barack Obama toured some of the storm damaged areas in New Jersey.  He spoke to a number of residents who were hit hard by the storm.  He seemed genuinely compassionate when he hugged Donna Vanzant and promised her that she would be helped.  She operated the North Point Marina which was completely destroyed by Sandy.

Camera’s clicked away as Obama put his arms around a teary Vanzant and tried to comfort her.  A photo of the emotional embrace was posted on the White House website, showing what a caring and concerning person Obama was.

But it was all a lie and Vanzant’s encounter with the President was nothing but a pre-election photo op and nothing more.  Even a month after Obama instructed FEMA to help her, she has received absolutely no help.  Worse yet is that her insurance company told her that nothing is covered because the water that caused the damage came up and not down.  Donna is upset, distraught and feels lied to.

Fox and Friends interviewed Donna Vanzant and here is what she said:

“I was very excited and felt warm by the embrace thinking this is really going to happen. I’m going to get the help I need because he promised that. I’ve gotten no help. I’ve gotten nothing but ‘No, you’re not covered for this. No, you’re not covered for that.’”

Donna Vanzant experienced the same lie and false concern as did the parents of two of the victims of the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi.  When the bodies of the four Americans arrived back in the United States, Obama embraced Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith and she cried on his shoulder as he promised to inform her on how her son died.  Over a month later, much like Donna Vanzant, Pat Smith had heard nothing and couldn’t even get anyone from the White House, State Department or Pentagon to even talk to her.

Anyone who can repeatedly lie to the face of someone experiencing the grief of losing a son or their entire business is nothing but a callous and heartless charlatan.  Folks, this is the real Barack Obama who doesn’t give a damn about you, me or anyone in America except himself and his buddies.

211 thoughts on “Obama Lied to Victim of Sandy to Win Votes

    1. Your exactly right as it says at the end,of the article!All Dictator Obama cares about is his own self interest keeping,the power over America and his buddies happy!

      These people after Sandy were tragically suffering,all Dictator Obama saw!Was a chance to take advantage of there suffering,make them think.That he really cared and get a photo op just like he did,with Governor Chris Christie!Who’s political days are over!

      Pat Smith son was killed in Bengahzi because he was,doing what he.Was trained to do as a Navy Seal he disobeyed orders,to stand down!Given by the White House while Dictator Obama was watching in,the Situation Room!Then went to bed after all he probably had a hard day,on trying to figure out.How to further destroy America!
      A mother is mourning the loss of her son,but to Dictator Obama!All it means is another chance for a photo op so it can look to America,like he really cares!
      The stupid people bought his deception and reelected,the Marxist Muslim Dictator Barack H.Obama!So he can finish destroying America!

      1. How stupid must one be to believe house insurance will cover water coming up in addition to water coming down? I believe that’s called flood insurance. But even then, to be covered, one’s house must be a reasonable distance above sea level. Of course, that’s awfully scientific for Dumbocraps to understand.

        1. iI think you are right and I do not believe Solyndra ever existed as a company it was only a front for obama to collect money for his re-election campaign

        2. And the money that Corzine lost and can’t account for ….where do you think that went? Lose millions just like that and get away with it!!

        3. You’re right about the rigged election machines. Soros owns the Spanish company which supposedly counts the votes. Michael Savage, talk show host, warned Americans months before the election. No one listened. How did Soros ever get control of our elections is the Big Question? How do we stop him again? Where is the GOP Congress to protect us?

        4. I don’t understand why the GOP didn’t scream about this months ago. And why did they let them disenfranchise the military again!? The first thing on the agenda should be to make sure the military gets to vote. And why didn’t they have some type of security helping the Republican election monitors to get into the polls. The entire thing was outrageous!

        5. Did anybody ever stop to think that the money side of the GOP might be working for the same moneychangers?

        6. I’m not sure we can stop him. I believe the Chicago machine is, right now, positioning hillybilly to win in four years. That is if obummer hasn’t suceeded in making America a dictatorship with him as the dictator for life. I think the later is most certainly going to happen. He made a lot of headway in the first four years and anything I read now seems to point in that direction. Anyway, would he really want a female to follow him and maybe outdo him? He stole the nomination from hillybilly four years ago and she was stupid enough to be his Sec. of State. What really is in store for America? Scary!

        7. I honestly believe with 4 more years of this idiot, our once great nation will be a 3rd world and Muslim country. We will be exactly like what Egypt is going though right now. A Muslim Brotherhood Dictator in power rather than a democracy. Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and we have over 300 of them in our Federal Government right now. One of them is Valerie Jarrett, top adivsor to the president. I honestly believe that it was Valerie Jarrett, that advised the president to stand down on allowing the foreman seals to rescue the Libyan embassy and the reason no military action to secure the embassy. That lead to death of four Americans. We the people, needs a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the death of these 4 men killed in the Libya embassy. I believe the whole adminstration is a fault for their death and should be sent to prison for the treason and spend the rest of life in prison.

        8. Valerie Jarrett is a card carrying communist and you are absolutely correct in suspecting her as the person who helped let the bad muslims killl our four American heros. She is Obama’s Rasputin. Obama doesn’t have enough brains to be anything but what he is…the ‘talking head’. The evil brains behind him include another card carrying commie, David Axelrod. Obama is told what to do and how to do it by these two commies.

        9. That is so right. In some places in Ohio Obama had over 100%. How is that. He was on the ticket here in Carthage, NY twice. Once as the Democratic and another as “The working Families”. There is no paper trail,cause it was all eletronic. Then there were those absentee voters who came in person to vote! We let Bush get away with cheating and now we have an even worse person. How did Obama ever get nominated as a possible Presidential Candidate without checking his background? No proof of his Citizenship(Birth Certificate) no passport, no colledge records exc…

      2. Obama sneaked in at night and rigged the voting machines! Obama strangles kittens! Obama holds seances in order to consult with Hitler!

        (you people are out of your minds – are you really allowed out to walk the streets like normal people?)

        1. Errr…don’t insult Hitler by the comparison. He predicted what would happen to the USA in the 1930’s
          “I don’t see much future for the Americans… It’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities… My feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance… Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”
          So stop demonizing Hitler. It’s REALLY tired.

        2. The really stunning thing about that quote is that it sounds exactly like what readers of Godfatherpolitics say about America. The resemblance is amazing. You guys hate America just as much as (and for the same racist reasons as) Hitler himself.

        3. These Liberals love to fight! it is all they can do. He is probly the 41% that does not pay taxes and does not work, so Uncle Obummer will make sure he does not have to, give him a Phone so he can Vote and not have to get off the Lazy Boy.

        4. Blah blah woof woof woof. When you finally wise up to the “racism” scam
          – you may free your head up to actually learn factual history. Good luck!

        5. Hitler actually did’nt hate America. He wanted to do the same as Teddy Rosevelt did, grab as much land as he could. The Japanize bombed Peal nHarbor cause we were getting too close to their Country and they felt threatened, due to our history of grabing land ie.. Hawiia, Phillipines, South Korea, Guam..We and Britian weakend China by selling them Opium and make a fortune. Hitler like General Eisenhower built the Highway, everyone had a Volkswagon like Ford. Hitler even had an elevator that was built in New York in his place called: The Eagles Nest. England had three stories in the Rockerfeller Plaza to spread their propaganda and FDR knew all about it. FDR was the one who took over the airflight, he gave out freebies, just like Obama. He married his Cousin to keep the money in the family. Charles Lindberg saw FDR for the fake he was and did not trust him.

        6. Yah! Hitler could prove he was a Citizen and was at least in the Military, even if he was just a Corporal. Why don’t you find another Country,”Love it or Leave it”. We are supporting decaying countries like Kenya and other Third world countries. I have a feeling you never served your country, so all of us who did are carring you around, Mr. Dead Weight!

        7. Jim, we all are so happy to see you’ve come around and have seen the light. I did not know, however, that obama was in touch with Hitler, but it makes sense.

        8. Obama is following the Hitler playbook to the letter. this is from someone who was there and is watching history repeat itself. I really didn’t believe I would live through it again but as most Americans do not study history and believe the teachings of liberial professors we are doomed to repeat it and this time no one will be there to come and save us.

        9. I belive that the Ten Great Nations will try and distroy Isreal, God’s promise land and they will be distroyed. Look at what is happening in the United Nations, it is almost all Muslim now, called The Muslim Brotherhood. We need God to step in a Smash these Countries like a rock, as the Bible said will happen.

        10. Obama does’nt do anything on his own, he always finds a fall guy. He admitted he ate a Dog before, how civilied is that? You have all the facts in front of you, but all you see is Black and that is what you make up you mind on. He is black, so he can do no wrong.Half black anyhow.

      3. Ye[, I agree. If Christie tries to run for any office his chances will go to zero as soon as a picture of him bear hugging the evil jerk is shown. Unless of course he runs as a dumbocrat.

        1. The biggest problem I have with Christie is his state is a Santoriary for Illegals. If an Illegal makes it to New Jersey they cannot be deported, so the Taxpayer pays for them to go to school, for the birth of their babies or is it their Anchor Babies, food stamps,exc… Christie reminds me of Boss Hog in the Dukes of Hazards. He knows just what to say and to say it in a loud manner to impress people, but if you promise him a free meal he is all in.

      4. Where do you get the notion Governor Christie’s political days are over? He is currently riding an 80% approval rating and has just announced his run for a second term. You are obviously not familiar with New Jersey … you live where?

        1. Your mistake is assuming that these people base their opinions on any sort of reality. It’s just ignorance fueled by the adrenaline of pure hatred.

      5. You know, I must admit that I have this stereotype in my head that all of you are in padded rooms in mental hospitals foaming at the mouth and rhythmically banging your heads against the bars as you type these paranoid rants with two fingers, but that’s probably not fair.

        I bet some of you are let out on work release as long as you are on your meds. With enough medications, some of you can probably function well enough to simply be the crazy, angry uncle who sits in the chair mumbling maniacally. The one the children are afraid to go near.

        Some of you might live in halfway houses or even in your own mobile homes and make little things out of possum and skunk hides in your spare time…as long as some health professional is there for when you have your occasional fits and end up writhing on the ground spewing and spitting insane racist garbage.

        Yeah, some of you are probably able to live somewhat normal lives with enough supervison. Good thing there are enough liberals with good hearts to take care of people like you who nobody else can love.

        1. As someone so eloquently pointed out elsewhere, trying to debate a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end! Jim David, if you don’t understand the comparison, ask someone with a BRAIN to explain it to you as yours is obviously been affected by the Kool-Aid and the LIES you’ve been listening to for the last 4 years!

        2. I have to interject on this one, to proclaim mr. David a kool-aid drinker is in itself rather insulting and shows you have no ability to research his points and arguments. Nope !! I am not defending this person, just stating the illusive obvious mr.David is learned and studies differing points with conviction.

      1. Actually less than 51%, that’s the funny part about a majority, it doesn’t have to be 51%. you just have to get more votes than the other candidates that are running. That’s the down side to democracy. It’s a damned good thing courts aren’t run this way. 4 could vote to hang you, 3 could vote to let you go and 3 could abstain and you would still be hanging. Democracy is called mobocracy for a reason.

        1. We do not have a democracy–we have a Democratic Republic! Try very hard to stop spreading the incorrect information. It’s a huge part of how we got into this mess–people not knowing/understanding where they live, what they have, and what they must do to preserve it!

        2. We stopped being a Republic under Lincoln. He even stated so, “In order to save the Union I destroyed the Republic.” And it’s been going down hill ever since. By the way there is no such think as a Democratic Republic and more than there are Socialist Republics.

    2. Wow, news flash ‘Obama lied’. The only thing that would shake my world is, ‘Obama told the complete truth about his agenda.’ I’ll get plenty of useful things done while I wait for that to happen.

    3. Well the facts are that I am really surprised that anyone is the least bit surprised with these little lies, obama has told a LOT of BIGGER lies that these.

      He is the ultimate in what is called the most dreaded words in the english language

      It has been well known that anytime his lips are flapping he is lying even LONG before he was elected the first time.

      I have in front of me a list of 826 PROMISES that obama has PUBLICLY made that of course he has not and I am sure never intended to fulfill since he has been illegally in office.

      I only intend to list what I feel were to of the MANY he made BEFORE he was elected the first time, (I will close the CUBAN PRISON,) and (I will lower the debt in 4 years) of course the prison is still open, and HE HAS RAISED THE DEBT MORE THAT ALL THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED EVER HAVE BEFORE, not lowered it as he PROMISED.

      Think about it he and Hitler have a LOT of things in common and lying is probably the least of them,

      He like Hitler is trying to divide the country for starters with his racist statements and actions just like Hitler started doing with the Jews and other races. And again that’s just for starters. I could fill a NY City Phone book with other things where obama and HITLER are a lot alike but will just end it here as if you think about it you can see that they have about the same intentions.

      [email protected]

      1. STOP invoking Hitler. Your BS is nothing but the Kosher Koolaide JEWS had fed you. Factual reality is the polar opposite of nonsense. Jews INSTALLEd Obama in office in 2008, and 2012. Want some names? Hitler predicted what would happen to the USA, in the 1930’s. Read up on the JEWISH Frankfurt School, JEWISH Communism, (and the REAL Holocaust in Russia, and the Versailles Kosher Convention – which crushed Germany. And led to thew rise of the Reich. Learn some REAL facts. No nothings like YOU are the PROBLEM.

        1. No. I’m not. Why don’t YOU try to do a little research? Why would I invent anything I’ve written. Everything can be easily researched. Aren’t you remotely curious about facts?

        2. With all due respect, I have to ask: Do you have a portrait of Jesse Ventura hanging in your home? Again, with all due respect, I have never read such drivel. What is your source? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

        3. Every Culture has a dark sheep. The Jews that would deal with obammuer will get their just reward for going against God’s choosen people. They are traitors to their kind and traitor to our Nation to support such a person. Noone can do anything about that, that is in God’s hands and God does not like ugly.

        4. You are mixing water with oil. Obama is a Muslim and Muslim’s hate the Jews. There is no way Obama would get money from the Jews unless it was cause of the Oil, that is like gold these days. Being that Iran, Saudi Arbia, Iraq and Egypt are known to be the passage way for riches it makes sence to go where the money is. Obama is not poor in his own right. There has always been traitors in the Jewish comunity that would sell their soul for an ounce of Gold. They are not true Jews in nature.

        5. No. I’m not. You arre and ignorant one, though. Unless yo are a troll. Just stop invoking Hitler. It’s too obvious anymore.

        6. Well I am not a very good speiller, but no does not mean Know. You belive to be so smart should Know the difference in your noes. You know that the Germans had propaganda and taught just what you probly read in your Hate America liberal College. You still did’nt give us any names, except for Hitler and I am afraid we cannot ask him. I do not know what “and led to thew rise of the Reich means”, it is the word thew that is got me stumped.?

      2. Hitler belived in a pure race and belived in making his Country strong. Hitler never said he hated his Country. I am not defending Hitler, but I belive that Obama is far lower than Hitler. Like obama Hitler had people in his corner and these are the people we need to get rid of. Obama is getting his power from a power source and once we find out where it is comming from we need to cut it off and kick Obummer out of our Country and back to Kenya where he belongs.

      1. Cause he was half black and noone wanted to be called a racist. Besides the fact that we did’nt know anything about him and the News media saw to that. It is so sad that we would just judge someone on the color of their skin and not ask questions that anyone else would be asked like, ” show me your Birth Certificate”.

    4. He didnt have to lie to them to get re-elected. He rigged the voting machines. That has already been proven. Half the votes he got were actually for romney.

    5. Donna was stupid to believe anything yomama said.
      During the campaign in ’08 he promised a black lady a home. Last I heard a year ago, she is still waiting

    6. He only knows how to lie. He can’t not lie cause that is what he does. He is so full of himself, he thinks we the people believe him and unfortunately there are too many people that are sheeple and follow him.

  1. This is nothing knew people, Obama has lied so much through out his 1st term and still gullable stupid Americans fall for it. Pelosi already stated awhile ago that Obama lied to get elected and still today the voters keep supporting him. Like I said before; I hope this country does go off a cliff and it will be by the hands of its own people. So, if any American cries and complains do to hardship and no job, high taxes and high cost of food and gas prices, obamacare tax I say to all of you TOO BAD!!!!!! GET OVER IT, I DONT CARE!!!!!!! its your own darn fault for supporting this BS President.

    1. I DID NOT and DO NOT support this man. I think he is evil.
      Most of America did not vote for this man.
      I care very much what happens, because I live here.

      1. Well said, GRob. Oddly enough, PRAVDA summed up our election correctly. “Obama was reelected by the illiterates.” We will never see this truthful statement in our statee run media. I’d write more, but there’s a drone peering in my window…..gotta’ go get the 12 Guage.

    2. The problem with this type of thinking is that we are all going to go down with them! There should be a way to single out the people who voted for him. They can go down with his agenda and those of us left can return to the REAL America!

      1. I liken our situation as it must have been on the Titanic–one man’s decision, such far-reaching consequences. And like you, I am enraged because I’m on this sinking ship, although I had nothing to do with putting myself here!

    1. It’s as through people are not willing to face the truth. Not caring how their neighbor lives, themselves and then worry a out how it will be paid for.
      He had never told the truth why start now.

      1. People got hooked on the Candy Man. Once you find that you cannot find a job that even pays for your gas and food to get their. I guess you just give up. Obama say’s I will feed you and you will not be hungry. I will give you a Phone. It is Santa who can fight Santa. The war is gone on for way to long and has dragged in so many handi capp Veterans from those IED’s., not to mention the cost to us and for what. I want to say Thank you to our Service Men and Women, but I want like them to come home once and for all to lead a normal life and not to be sent back again and again. That is torture!

  2. this is the exact ideology of communists and muslims. obam’s lied to us for four years. why would anyone expect anything else?

    1. Remember Marxism/Communism are jew things invented by Karl Marx, a jew, as are Odumba’s handlers that groomed him for where they have him today..

      1. The fraud doesn’t matter for 2 reasons. It was Democrap fraud which is okay, and, the word is out by Republicans that even if it did matter, there wasn’t enough to turn the election. O’Bummer won because 3 million Republicans didn’t vote.

      1. His puppet mastere might be, but he certainly is not. Destroying this country will not make it better. Making everyone equally miserable will cause the vermin that voted for him to destroy the District of Corruption with him in it. The riots will not be out here in the sticks they will be in every major city. Keep spending 4 trillion a year and we will see that happen really soon.

        1. O’Bummer’s intent has NEVER been to make the country better. He wants it destroyed economically so the guv’met can “rescue” it with socialism. PS: I know it isn’t spelled guv’met but that’s the way the Rev. Jesse Jackson pronounces it and I certainly don’t want to be accused of racisem.

    1. Why do you want to blame the victim? That attitude is another thing wrong in this country. Things like Political Correctness, “It’s not personal, it’s business,” and a sorely lacking school system is what we need to change.

  3. There were several things about “W” I disagreed with, but it was never his honesty or integrity. Yeah, I miss him. I also believed in the honesty and integrity of Mitt R. Why
    can I detect a liar and so many just followed the lie. Even FEMA was closed in NY due
    to bad weather – it snowed.

  4. So what else is news? We all know he is trained that way.. as a L… a….wyer… and that lieing is his MO… and virtually ever time he opens his mouth.. he…. does.
    So.. tell me so news…. like Donna is about to obtain aid from a fully effective and functional FEMA that is on time, and providing needed aid to victims…. no… wait.. I wanted the truth. Sorry. The real question now is which generation from now, will get their freedoms back… if ever?


  6. The sad thing is, after what you know about this man he could walk right up to you at this very moment, say he was sorry and screw you all over again. We the American people have seen it numerous times over the last 4 years and he continues to get away with it. when will enough be enough, when will people realize this man has no soul.

  7. I have no sympathy for these stupid people….if after the mess Obama has created in the past four years they re-elected him to a second term…quit whining and deal with it! All he ever wanted was another good photo op….thanks to you morons, he got it.

  8. I dont feel sorry for them they ran right out and voted for this lier again so they will wake up or keep voteing these nuts in The goverment wont help them all they will do is lie and take your money they dont care if you are cold or hungry as long as they have what they want Your money and power wake up people and fight or it will be to late

  9. He would do anything for votes. He had to play president or he would not have been re-elected. How can anyone believe anything he says? You can tell when he is lying because his mouth is moving

  10. So after the election people are finally going to see that everything Mr. Obama promised in helping, and cutting deficits, and trimming spending was only said to get your votes. Pravda is right, Obama was elected maybe not my an illiterate set of voters, but definitely a naive set of voters. The man said anything and everything to get elected.

    1. IQ is not a measurement of how educated you are. It’s a measurement of your natural born ability to learn. I suspect Donna has a very low IQ.

  11. Welcome to our world Donna Vanzant.
    I would have a lot more sympathy if you Yankees weren’t largely responsible for electing him!

  12. Like I said, You can’t fix Stupid. There are so many stupid people in this country it’s pathetic. I can’t understand in my wildest dreams why anyone would vote for this narcissistic SOB in the first place.

  13. I mean, really, is anyone surprised by this? This is how Obama operates. Say what you think people want to hear and then what you were going to do in the first place. How sad for all of those people who still are waiting. It took us in upstate NY a few years ago (before Obama was Pres.) weeks before any help came. It was winter, temps were below freezing, roads were treacherous. You couldn’t go anywhere to get warm or food. We know how it is feels to think help is coming but it never does. No one was prepared for this!!!

  14. The sheeple elected him and are getting exactly what they were warned about. You would have thought that being lied to for four years would have been enough!

  15. He makes me “warm” too…with rage. Fool. Hasn’t she paid attention to the past 4 years? When did a promise made by Obama ever come to fruition…other than fundamentally changing America? I have two questions for Ms. Vanzant: (1) did you vote for Obama. (If yes, stop whining.) (2) although academic, would you vote for him now? (If yes, stop whining.)

  16. The crime here, is, there is nothing, repeat NOTHING will be done about it . The useable idiots re-elected this lying piece of garbage and we are powerless! My heart breaks every day for the families of the Benghazi Four as well as these storm victims, and superhero is taking off for a Three Week vacation to the tune of $4 million taxpayer, non-existent dollars and you think this pos actually cares?????

  17. I would be impossible for me to hate any individual more than I hate Obama. This man is pure evil!!! There is proof out there that voter fraud got this pos elected. Nobody is doing a damn thing about it!! I pray we go into a depression than makes 1929 look like a birthday party. Get mad America!!!!

    1. The only chance our country now has for survival is Civil War II. It will not be blue vs gray but rather, neighbor achiever against neighbor taker.

  18. Bet she voted for his sorry ass too! I don’t understand after almost 4 years of this guy lying about everything, why people still believe whatever he says. He lies.

  19. I could have told them not to believe a word Obama or a democrat says. Now what election is over? Not to late demand he resign. If enough people sign on maybe American rid there self of this liar and traitor.

  20. Seriously? You get upset by this? It’s a president comforting a victim of a tragedy, perhaps FEMA hasn’t made it there yet? Maybe we need MORE gov’t oversight and not less then?

    Did you get upset when Bush’s cronies fabricated a reason to enter Iraq, lied about it, didn’t pay for it up front but put it on your kids’ credit cards.

    Your feigned shock would be far more believable if it wasn’t coated in hypocrisy.

  21. anyone with any brains already knew he was lying… thats all he does. and he does NOT care about anyone but himself. just look at him, you can see evil in his eyes…he wanted votes, he will help no one. period.

  22. The victims of Sandra are still in tents. Instead of depending on a government that doesn’t care about you why aren’t they doing for themselves? I know in being witness to some tornados destruction it was the people living in the tornados path that did all they could and stayed with friends or relatives until they could move back into their house or have one rebuilt. The filed on their home insurance and neighbor helped neighbor board up homes that were damaged but still standing and just needed fixing. Those who’s homes were totaled out were with friends or neighbors and waiting for insurance companies to do their thing. Meanwhile they went through the debris and saving everything they could. This is not a nanny country despite what the liberals want. Personal responsibility counts for a lot. Not bowing to the government is the first step in being free again. I feel for the victims and it’s apparent the unions there didn’t want anyone outside coming to help unless they were union. Time those along the coasts need to work at abolishing unions as they aren’t helpful to anyone other than the Democratic party.

  23. And this is new?? Obummer was a liar right from the start. How do you know Obama is lying? His lips move. Yeah, I know, that is a well worn out saying but if the shoe fits, wear it.

  24. I’m sorry, I just had to chuckle a little bit. Not because of the misery the victims of Sandy are going through, but the idea that Obama lied (yet again ) to the American people and especially the victims of Sandy and it’s treated as something NEW. This man has done nothing but lie to the American people since he became president.

  25. The evil jerk does not even remember telling any of the victims he would help – He is just a puppet that did whatever his campaign crew instructed him to do. The sad thing is that it actually worked. People in NY and NJ are actually that stupid! He shows up and lies to them, and they reward him by giving him their vote. It’s a damn shame they can’t change their mind and switch their vote over to Romney!

  26. I’ve heard often what a likeable man Pres. Obama is; he always scores high on “likeability.” By whose standards is this man any way likeable? I was taught to never trust anyone whose lips were smiling at you but whose eyes were not, and this man’s eyes are never smiling at you. This man is a calculating, manipulative and ruthless dictator in the making. Anyone who perceives him as anything else is only fooling themselves.

  27. I for one do not and never beleived anything this lying pos said and you jerks who did “hows this hope and change’ working out for you. remember elections have consequences so suck it up.

  28. Omama lied to all Americans to get their votes. The only thing he has been honest about is that he said was going to fundamentally transform America . He has and is still doing just that along with the help of our so called socialist media. Soon we will be the USSA.

  29. anyone who has read my past posts knows i am not pro-obama. but this lady was pretty stupid to have believed that obama really cared for her. so many gullible people.

  30. Are there actually people out there thst really believe anything that this phony imposter says anymore ? ….Really , are you thst stupid to think he cares at all about any of your concerns ?
    We have had this zelous idiot for the last 4 years and anyone that hasn’t seen through his sharade by now deserves everything they get if they put any stock into anything he says !
    Howabout all of those Coloradians that voted for this clown on election day onlyto have him seige over 1 million acres of land in Colorado , rich in shale oil and primed for refinning to ease our dependicy of oil from foreign nations , now securely in control of the Feds , you think this was an accident ? ….this embesel doesn’t give a damn about everyday Americans nor does the liberal bias media , hollywood or any other liberal ! You should have awoken a long time ago America from your slumber as well as your stupor !

  31. That is what the 49% that did not vote for the creature have been pointing out since day 1….I hope the 51% are happy with their decision…..Oh, but wait the best is yet to come….That is what they get for being FOOLS the only issue I have with their decision is we all have to live with it, in the past everything was BUSHES fault now I can say it is the 51%’s fault!!!!

  32. All of you who voted for him and whether you were in Sandy or not, you’ve made your bed now lay in it, without complaining. Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me. I have no sympathay for any one who’s in dire straights and they voted for Obama. They got what they wanted and now they are crying over it. Boo Hoo Hoo.

  33. When are people going to learn? Photo oportunist..?…of course he is. No sweat of his rear end if he promises and never comes thru like on ALL his campaign promises, not a single one fulfilled, but, wow, for Obama to act like that that is a shock…?….Never!

  34. unfortunately I am unsympathetic towards anyone so foolish as to be deceived by the liar in chief and his demoncrat minions. Secondly, I live in South FL I am seven feet above sea level, on the coast. Sooooo, I have flood insurance, I have wind mitigation protection, I have hurricane rated windows and doors, my cars and boat are insured etc, etc. I have an evacuation plan. So when T.S.H.T.F I will be ready. Why aren’t you?

  35. It matters not that BHO lies, lied in the past or will lie in the future. He has enough people hooked on government handouts, enough election fraud in place plus enough others who are hooked on feeling superior to all those who don’t buy all the lies that liberals tell that he and his kind WILL CONTINUE TO BE REELECTED. This election showed that. I hate to say it, my hope was that we would be able to unseat him even if only by a narrow margin. You do have to hand it to those guys in the background pulling his (and all the others’) strings. They are doing a masterful job of leading us right down the road to the destruction of the country. That is their plan, always has been, always will be and most of us refuse to even consider what is really going on.

  36. You know, it’s no use to keep hashing what ‘everyone’ knows. NOONE is going to do anything about what this man did or is doing. So we just have to suck it up and fend for ourselves…..

  37. I am so amazed that they actually believed him! And voted for him. Christie could have been the man of the hour during the storm if he had thrown his state behind relief efforts as Romney was organizing them. In stead he stabbed everyone in the back and helped O get re elected. Wello the people of NJ voted him back in. Hope they like what they are getting

  38. The man hasn’t an honest bone in his body yet people believe his every word? I just don’t get it. He is only a man yet they act as though he is more. I hope they all open their eyes soon and see the truth. That he is only a man and a man who can’t speak the truth even if he wanted to…

  39. Is anyone shocked by this article? The only problem with Obama is he has over 50% of America under his trance. At least that is what the polling machines say even though there has been a programming engineer who swears under oath he was told to create
    programs to elect a certain individual by a 51/49 margin. I guess some programmers
    didn’t get the message or they were trying to get caught because how is it possible for one candidate to receive 100% of the vote in several different districts? How is it possible for 158.8% of legal voters had voted in certain districts why is there not more outrage over the insurmountable evidence that shows voter fraud.

  40. It’s like you people think if enough of you get together, the rest of the world will start buying into your nonsense.

    The difference between all of you and me? I know this place is a waste of time. You’re under the delusion that you’re getting worthwhile information.

  41. What the media does NOT report: three out of the four hardest hit New Jersey coastal counties went solid Republican on November 6. Cape May, Ocean, and Monmouth Counties voted overwhelmingly for Romney. Suburban and rural Atlantic County also went Republican but were outnumbered by the large welfare and minority voters in Democrat-controlled Atlantic City.

  42. Why is anyone surprised Barack Hussein Obama lied to our fellow citizens affected by Sandy???

    Has he ever come clean about his life background since he entered Politics??? Everything is sealed and in deep vaults… No one is courious about the reason why???

    Has he told the truth to the Parents, or to the American People, about who was behind Fast and Furious and the death of Border Guard, Brian Terry???

    Has he told the truth about what really happened in Bengazhi, or told the Parents of the Ambassador, how he died?

    Etc., Etc., Etc. the questions are infinitus!

    So, why the surprise? America chose him for another 4 years so, live with it until Obama steps on your toes…

    Has he ever told the truth? He can’t! It is not in his DNA???


  43. Those people who sold their “vote” and their “soul” for Obama’s promises, now, or 4 years ago, are getting exactly what the “promises” were worth – unfortunately, they are taking the rest of us along with them.

  44. The sob lied to everyone and Chritie put him over the top! I say Christie should be kicked out of the Republican party. He a ass kisser and a traitor! Obozo made a fool out of him and of the American people Again!!

  45. He is doing what he does best and I really feel sorry for all the fools that voted him back in…or maybe they didn’t I believe he stole the election

  46. I have no sympathy for those who are/were willing to belive the words of those trained in Chicago politics. Having lived in Chicago most of my life, I stopped voting for any democratic
    candidate over a period of 25 years. Such politicians are liars and crooks. Most of the last six Governors of IL (with ties to Chicago/Cook County) are or have been in prison.

  47. Yep, folks, that was entirely a pre-election photo op, painting him as all ‘presidential’ and ‘caring’. Total BS. As the lady and a million others find out, the prez played them as chumps, even as they limped to voting stations thinking they should reelect him, because he ‘promised’ to help them.

  48. this is an indication of the morals and backbone that Obama does not have-all he is -is a fake-the flim flam-hokus pokus voodoo witch-doctor poses for the cameras and runs from the thousands of promises he has made.And nobody up there in the pentagon or capitol hill or the whitehouse,senate,house of representatives-will talk to this woman.Let me tell you what I think-I think they do not need to be paid a salary-because they have not earned it

  49. Q: How can you tell when Obama is lying?

    A: It’s easy. Watch his lips. If they are moving, he is lying.

    My only wonder is how so many people could fool themselves it was otherwise.

  50. When are the Americans that voted for the ayatollah barack hussein obama going to realize – AND admit to themselves, that what they did to this country is a HUGE disservice. When will they realize that this man loves attention, is vainglorious, feels that he is more important that the queen and pope rolled into one, and when will these poor benighted people (especially white women) realize that he does not care a tinker’s benediction for them or their troubles…. He is a base, unfeeling thing that is lower than shark sh@t and that is at the bottom of the sea. Lower than that you cannot go.

  51. What do you expect from a narcissistic sociopath? He lied, cheated, and stole the election with the help of the evil machine that has been driving this for many years. He’s just the perfect “person of color” to play the part for that machine. I feel sorry for Patricia Smith, she was a victim of circumstance; no child should die before the death of the parent. But those suckers hugging Obama from the hurricane? HaHa! The joke’s on you. You were just one more opportunity for that political photo op. You were pawns, nothing more. Obama’s “in” by hook and crook, and you’re broke. So? We’ll all be in the same boat in a few years if Obama gets his way, so you’ll have plenty of company. Quit whining, and say hello to Marxist Fascism, say goodbye to the U.S.A. Welcome to hell. We tried to tell you all so, but you wouldn’t listen. The country needs a reset button (as does the world), and annointing and appointing Obama will speed the demise of our country, our economy, and our way of life forever. Romney was this country’s last great hope. The only thing we can do is prepare for ourselves and our loved ones, and stay connected with each other (until Obama takes that away, too). And, watch out for that third term for Obama coming up in 2016. You think Morsi is bad? Obama came from the same mold.

  52. I don’t know what has happened to the people in America. It seems that they continue to accept the lies coming out of Washington by politicians that have only their self interest at heart. No matter what is said it is accepted as the gospel truth and it continues to be no more then a lie. Prior to the election we had to deal with lose of an ambassardor, an a story about what happened that couldn’t hold water. Then a storm that gave way to more lies from both political parties. We have become a nation of liers and people who accept it as a way life, just a way of life for most. We still don’t know who our president is or what he believes in other then birth control, abortion and taxes.
    I just hope it is not to late for America to open their eyes before our flag is changed and our national anthem has a different beat.

  53. Well Donna..I’ll just bet you went right out and voted for that jacka$$….Romney would have been down there by now himself with his shirt sleeves rolled up and pitched in.

  54. While we all agree Obama, Bill Clinton and many other politicians are complete phonies and two-faced as well, let’s not forget that Government using taxpayers money to fund charities is unconstitutional, as was recognized by past presidents, although not recently.

    The correct response of the Government to these disasters is to provide information on the charities who are collecting help for the victims, and to watch for fraud in any of the many apparent charities.

    All help should come from the heart of the American people voluntarily, not by Government coercion. The fact that Federal Government does provide help reduces the apparent need for the citizens to act, but is just making the Federal Government more powerful, until it is accepted that they provide all our insurance, our food, our children’s well being, and everything else.

  55. alright still waiting for something new
    if “anyone” thought BO thought of anyone except his and his goonies I am amazed!!!!!!!

  56. He did the same thing in 2008…he promised to help black a lady who was some place where he was campaigning and when she shouted out to him that she didn’t have any money and couldn’t pay her bills…he told her we will help you, and then left when it was over. People will never learn..he is all campaign in an empty suit. He just wanted a photo shoot.

  57. I just learned on the Mark Levin Show that Obama and family will be taking a 20 day holiday in Hawaii which will cost 99.99% more that most Americans make in a year. Too bad that money isn’t going to help the poor he is so worried about or the victims of Sandy.

  58. I feel sorry for you but you never use your head voting for Obama. You heard many things obout him before but still you voted for him. I really feel sorry for you!

  59. Yep, all those illegal immigrants who think they will attain citizenship in USA, think again. Lied first 4 years … fool me twice (immigrants shame on you). POTUS reelection is fraud all the way around.

  60. WHY do people always seem so surprised and act so betrayed when this man lies to them!? He has lied to the NATION from the day he first stood for public office! He lied about his past. He lied about what he is and what he is doing in the present! HE CERTAINLY LIED ABOUT HIS PLANS FOR OUR FUTURE/
    If you voted for him you are A. now discovering you were suckered OR B. you will be realizing it all to soon!
    Hammer all of Congress to resist HIS efforts to strip our Constitution and our American Freedoms before they are stripped of any authority they once held!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Of course he lied. Everytime he opens his mouth it is a lie.In 2008 remember “nobody who makes under $250,000 will pay one extra dime” or ” if you like your healthcare you have now nobody will take it away”.I was a registered democrat all my adult life but that changed Nov. of 2009. I did NOT vote democratic in 2008 and never will again regardless of who it is.Anytime he can get a photo op he will be there. The election is not even a month ago and corporations are laying off people,cutting back hours or closing all together,half the country is on food stamps,this administration is spending us into oblivion,taxing and mandating future generations yet unborn into massive debt and even after death.(Inheritance tax), Now they want to take over savings such as 401K’s,IRA’s or any financial savings of any kind because we are suppose to be to stupid to know how to use our own money,mandating what you eat or not eat,even down to the light bulb you will be forced to use.(that is one part of my life the federal government will not control).

  62. New Jersey and New York are not known for their honesty so I would say the first figures given are grossly overstated but our feeble government can’t keep track of anything so it will be another taxpayer giveaway to crooks.

    when talking of Obama’s lies her is a quick 7 and I know we could add thousands to this list:Lie #1] Transparency

    Lie #2] open government

    Lie #3] No pork barrel projects everything will be slipped in the

    Lie #4]No more secrecy in government

    Lie#5] 5 days to read all bills on-line before they are voted on

    Lie #6] Meetings with Lobbyists and Congress will be on-line

    Lie #7] Every Corporate tax break will be shown

    Feel free to add to these.

  63. How many times has BO showed he IS a liar? When are WE going to understand this man IS a snake? We have watched for four years the disdain this man(?) has shown for this country and its people, and, yet, everytime he does his “caring act” people fall for it! Why are we so gullible?

  64. Promises, promises, promises—if she believed him, she has not been paying attention to the last 4 years and would have voted Dem anyway. Yes, I am bitter that half the great American people are changing to suckers. I feel sorry for the destruction and the slow responses; but, that is what you get from bureaucracy.

  65. And those people believed obummer, the lying sack of crap. If they voted for him after he spoke with forked tongue, they deserve what they did not get.

  66. What ! ! obozo lied. Oh come now he wouldn’t do that just to get re-elected for the
    second time. WELL JUST MAYBE he did. Now children, remember all his
    lieing up to now, well what kind of lies will he tell to get re-elected a third time.
    Oh, theres a law that bans a pres to two terms, well guess again, all he has to
    do is threaten congress and write a executive order and wha-la, terms and 4.
    Yep, greatest pres that ever lived, and who’s gonna belive that. well the negro
    population, the brown population, the fags, jews and every other liberal
    Oh and while I’m thinking about it just who is this messiah, all his records are
    sealed, his birth certificate is a fraud. Oh yea he tells you who he is and now h’s
    Santa. There are a whole lot of dumb porch-monkeys, spooks, blue gum budda
    babys, jig-a-boos, pickannies(is that a ie word or a y word?) And what is wrong
    with the while trash women who voted for him? I doubt he’s any better endowd
    more so that any other hi-yella octarruun.
    Everyones knows he lies, but it just eludes me that all these people are so stupid.

  67. Yea, true, but he gives free cell phones at our expense and pays the phone bill too, also at our expense. Best we can do, is don’t re-elect the same crooks again and again.

  68. You can’t exactly call it a lie but you can say that the president is inept. Of course people say that all the time because he is. He can’t and won’t do what he should so he does what he can and shouldn’t and isn’t allowed and it’s always wrong.

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