Obama Praises Himself During Eulogy for Sen. Daniel Inouye

If blacks think they had it bad, what about Japanese Americans in Hawaii after the attack on Pearl Harbor?  Many were interred in what amounted to prison camps until they were deemed to be unconstitutional.

One young Japanese American, Daniel Inouye, was a studying pre-med at the University of Hawaii during the beginning of World War II.  He wanted to do his patriotic duty and join the US military, but the Army had a ban on Japanese Americans enlisting.  However, in 1943 that ban was lifted and Inouye soon enlisted and was sent to Europe.

As a platoon leader, he led an attack against a series of German bunkers.  He was shot in the stomach during his attack on the first bunker, which was successfully destroyed.  Ignoring the severity of his wound, he led the attack on a second bunker and destroyed it with a grenade.  Now, too weak to stand because of the amount of blood he lost, he crawled to within 10 yards of a third German bunker.  As he raised up to throw his grenade, the German soldier inside shot him with a rifle grenade which nearly severed his right arm at the elbow.  The lifeless hand still clenched the live grenade and the severely wounded Inouye managed to grab the grenade with his left hand and toss it into the bunker.  He finished off the attack by firing his Thompson machine gun with his one remaining arm to end the threat.

Inouye survived his wounds, lost his right arm and remained in active military duty until 1947 where he was honorably discharged at the rank of Captain.  For his actions in battle, Inouye was awarded the Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross and the Bronze Star.  Later on, President Bill Clinton awarded him with the Medal of Honor.

After the war, Inouye attended law school and earned his law degree.  In 1953, he was elected to the Hawaii Territorial House of Representatives.  In 1957 he was elected to the Hawaii Territorial Senate.  When Hawaii became a state on Aug. 21, 1959, Inouye was elected to the US House of Representatives.  In 1962, he was elected to the US Senate where he remained until Dec. 17, 2012 when he died at the age of 88.

Sen. Daniel Inouye was a War hero who spent his entire life serving his country.  Yet, when President Barack Obama delivered his eulogy for Inouye at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it seemed he was talking more about himself than about the late Senator.  In his address, Obama used the word ‘me’ 12 times; ‘my’ 21 times and ‘I’ 30 times.  All toll, in a speech of only 1,600 words, Obama managed to refer to himself 60 times.

I took speech class in high school and we had to prepare and deliver a eulogy.  We were taught that a eulogy is a speech that praises the deceased person you are talking about.  It’s not about you or anyone else.  It’s about the dearly departed.

But just like his Thanksgiving Day address, or Veteran’s Day address or every other time the President has spoken lately, it’s all about him and how wonderful and great he is.  Election season is over and he no longer needs to keep trying to sell himself to the nation.

If I was a member of the Inouye family, I would be irate and incensed about Obama’s self-centered eulogy.  It was definitely inappropriate, unprofessional and uncaring.  But what do you expect from our self-proclaimed tyrant?

447 thoughts on “Obama Praises Himself During Eulogy for Sen. Daniel Inouye

    1. What an ugly, dirty SOB, piece of crap he is. He is the poorest example of a leader I’ve ever seen in 73 years on this earth! Shame on him for talking like that about such an honorable man!!!!!! He WILL pay his dues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. But I wonder when? He keeps moving onward and FORWARD as he says it, taking away freedoms one by one and leading us into socialism and big government control of every tiny facet of our lives. Citizens and their rights seem to be very unimportant and are relegated to last place behind his personal wants, needs, ego, wealth, and vacation plans. He needs constant approval and praise from his minions and those with their hands out for anything free that he happens to be promising that day. He disapproves of those who would rather work hard and be responsible for making their own independent pathways to success.

        1. He is extremely dangerous. and he has been made even more dangerous by those that either cannot or refuse to see who this guy actually is. Most American’s do not believe that it can happen here. The German people didn’t believe it could either. History proved their belief wrong.
          Obama is hard at work trying to bury the 2nd amendment, by using the bodies of dead children to do it. Once the masses are disarmed, he will set his sights on the 22nd amendment…

        2. Absolutely correct! I believe it was in 1936 when Germany banned private ownership of firearms. Did NOT take long after that!
          If you wish to be really frightened, YouTube has a video parallelling Hitler’s autobiography, politics and tactics with Obama’s. It is scary as the devil even to the extent of habits of their fathers and the question of fatherhood, etc.

        3. Most people don’t see it because our educational system has revised history to suit an agenda. I doubt if very many young students today understand just how Hittler was given the golden road to Fuhrer. Most have no clue as to the consequences of the Treaty of Versaille and the corresponding collapse of the Weimar Republic. The conclusion of the Republic was to attempt to print their way out of these consequences. Sound familiar….The central bank is currently trying the same thing as a cornerstone of economic policy of the Obama Administration. Obama put in charge of this, a guy, (Geitner) that understands economics so well as to be caught up in personal tax evasion. Obama is a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. The financial collapse of the US would fit perfectly into his long term plan to be fuhrer. The theory is – collapse the system to such an extent that the people beg the very people that cause the collapse for relief. He will then grant temporary relief but, like Hittler, it will not come without strings attached. Those strings will eventually be our liberty.

  1. Compelled by his massive ego, a personality awash in narcissism, Obama has no resistance at all when given the chance for self-agrandizement.

    1. I agree with you one hundred percent,Senator Inouye was!A wonderful patriot who loved America and also a,friend to Israel!

      Dictator Obama is to self absorbed in himself to care,about anyone else!
      Inouye’s wife must have been heart broken at the,fact.That instead of Dictator Obama talking about her husband’s great career,and accomplishments!
      Instead Dictator Obama spoke about himself 60 times!Dictator Obama is a low life that’s all there is to it!A community organizer so no matter were he goes it,has to be organized!To his liking!

      1. And he says MY staff and MY administration in a way different from any other President. It is like he is a little kid put on His own throne way too early.

        1. The White House will need to be fumigated and totally refurbished. Just make sure he doesn’t try to steal anything NOT his (like other democrapic presidents).

        2. Yes, I still remember all the things the Clinton’s tried to steal from the WH.
          And all the employees did damage to ALL the equipment like gluing the keys on the computers, etc. Hope all those people pay one way or another for the horrible destruction they did to the people’s White House.

        3. The question which has gripped our nation is whether Barack Obama is eligible to be President and Commander in Chief. Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 provides that: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.” The proper question under this clause is not whether Obama is a “Citizen of the United States.” Rather, the correct question is whether Obama is a “natural born Citizen” thereunder.

          “It cannot be presumed that any clause in the constitution is intended to be without effect, and therefore such construction is inadmissible unless the words require it….” Marbury v. Madison. 5 U.S. 137, 174 (1803). In other words, the “natural born Citizen” clause of Article II must be given independent effect from the “citizen of the United States” clause of Article II itself and of the Fourteenth Amendment. All Presidents must qualify as Article II “natural born Citizens,” not as Fourteenth Amendment “citizens of the United States.” The two clauses have different and distinct meanings or they would not have their own independent life in the Constitution. Article II says “natural born Citizen” and the Fourteenth Amendment says “citizen of the United States.” If being a “citizen of the United States” had the same exact effect as being a “natural born citizen,” then the “natural born Citizen” clause would have no effect. Such a construction is not admissible. If we were not to give special meaning to the words “natural born” and conclude that “natural born Citizen” and “citizen of the United States” mean the same thing, the words “natural born” in the “natural born Citizen” clause of Article II would be superfluous. Our Supreme Court has consistently expressed “a deep reluctance to interpret a statutory provision so as to render superfluous other provisions in the same enactment.” Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare v. Davenport, 495 U.S. 552, 110 S.Ct. 2126, 2133, 109 L.Ed.2d 588 (1990); International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Uaw v. Johnson Controls, Inc, 499 U.S. 187, 111 S.Ct. 1196, 1204, 113 L.Ed.2d 158 (1991) . Hence, we have to give special meaning to the words “natural born.”

        4. There is absolutely no question that Obama is not a natural born citizen. His father was a British subject, that alone should disqualify him, but there is no one that will listen to the case. Best shot is coming up in Alabama, but I am not holding my breath.

        5. The Tenessee Democrat has already said they know he is NOT qualified to be President and it went to court and the Liberal Judge said, “So What” he was voted into office. Look it up. The judge also used the words from the movie Miracle on 34 Street. We must rid ourselves of this liberal thing in America. If you find the MSM are liberal of socialist in their thinking turn the channel. If you find out a judge in your voting area is a liberal, socialist or progressive. Vote them out.

        6. Unfortunately the liberals or as they now call themselves, the progressives, have taken over this country lock, stock and barrel. Not only is Obama ineligible for the presidency because he is not a natural born citizen, he probably isn’t even a citizen. Add to that the felonies he has committed in becoming president he belongs in the Big House, not the White House.

        7. When did Barry Soteoro change his name to Barack Obama? Obama got a Fulbright Scholarship at Occidental College which is reserved for foreign students. Is Obama an American citizen?

        8. He applied and accepted the scholarship to Occidental as a foreigner from Indonesia. That in itself should show what illegal activities he’s done

        9. I read a report by a retired CIA officer about what He and his gay friend did in Pakistan for a living and it would shock you.

        10. If Obama is an American citizen we have seen no proof of this. His father(if in fact he is Obama’s biological father) was a British subject. His mother,an American, under the laws of the time was too young to pass citizenship to Obama. He attended school in Indonesia as an Indonesian Muslim. The so called long form birth certificate which he finally produced after two years in office is an amateurish phony. If you want more details go to Attorney Orly Taitz’s website.

        11. The DNC floated two Hawwian Obama Birth Certificates and they were different and both were fakes. Why did the DNC come out with the second document in April 2011 for Donald Trump? Perhaps if the had shown this second Certificate to Colonel Lakin he would have been satisfied and gone back to his duties? The jailing of Colonel Lakin is the outrage of our time, and this reminds me of the Major Drayfus Affair.

        12. “An amateurish phony” … yes, I would concur, and I marveled at all of the various inconsistencies that were spotted by alert observers. But no one has ever really answered the question “why.” As in why release this composite document when they had to know it would be revealed as such. I’ve heard various explanations, but few seem adequate.

          For example, one man (a fellow TEA member here in Naples) told me it was done to smoke out more right-wing “birther nuts” so that we would not pursue El Presidente on policy grounds. I rejected this because of course we would be doing that anyway. Another informed me of the role of Frank Marshall Davis and his well-known (at the time) proclivity for young and impressionable White females, one of whom may well have been Barry’s purported mother Stanley Ann Dunham. It was understood that Black men in the 1950s and early 1960s who might have had similar tastes would have been taking their lives into their hands on the US mainland. But Hawaii, being an Asian majority state, was more receptive.
          So if Davis was in actuality the father of our 44th president, it means the eligibility question would be moot, but the identity another thing entirely. Probably better to let this particular sleeping dog lie. I guess the reason for the poor forgery job may’ve been a sense of panic at the WH – but surely Donald Trump could have been stalled long enough for them to do a better job …

        13. Why the poor forgery job on Obama’s so called birth certificate? Can anyone associated with Obama ever get anything right?

        14. It depends on whom we are referring to (among his direct reports) and what their definition of “right” might be … this would certainly launch another entire thread of discussion and is probably best left for another time.

        15. Probably best described as an illegal alien, Indonesian citizen, who has committed conspiracy to defraud….

        16. THE Washington crowd is all scared of the backlash from the lawless, blacks on the dole that would try to destroy the nation if he was legally removed, so they do nothing.

        17. What we need is for 1 Senator & 1 Congressman to stand up & do their patriotic duty to rid our country of the illegal despot who has been squatting in the WH the last 4 yrs.

          According to the WND article–How to stop an ineligible ‘president’–it would take only 1 Senator & 1 Congressman to start an official proceedings over the dictator-in-chiefs place of birth or better yet his non-status as a natural born citizen before he takes the oath of office again in Jan.

          The article states: “For instance, the process for objecting to electoral votes is laid out in Title 3 of the U.S. Code, section 15. Under this law, the Congress will meet in a joint session in the House of Representatives on Jan. 6, 2013,to conduct the official tally of electoral votes. The vice president, as president of the Senate, will serve as the presiding officer. Two tellers are then appointed to open, present and record the votes of the states in alphabetical order, beginning with the state of Alabama. The president of the Senate will then announce the results of the vote and declare who have been elected president and vice president of the United States. The president of the Senate will then call for objections to be made. Any objections made must then merely be submitted in writing and be signed by at least – and importantly only – one member of the House and Senate. Indeed, all that is
          needed is for one person from each chamber to stand up and attempt to do what he or she has sworn to do: support and defend the Constitution of the United States. This
          would force the House and Senate to withdraw to their respective chambers and consider the merits of any objections and would finally trigger an official inquiry to be made as to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be president of the United States.”


          We need to bombard those in the senate & house in the GOP whom we think will be the most apt to stand up & do the right thing in ridding us of the obomination occuping the WH.

        18. The US media is owned by the same 70+ pinko New York families that funded the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. They wanted to put a Bolshevik into the White House.

        19. He may be reading off a teleprompter, but he participated in the preparation and writing. He has done similar with the celebration of the aniiversary of Rosa Parks — puts himself in the middle. Daniel Inouye’s family and Inouye himself deserved better than this.

        20. Yes, I’ve noticed many times, when he calls it HIS white house, His, his his. when in reality it’s OURS the American peoples. It is not HIS, NEVER.

      2. I have often wondered just who the man occupying the White House actually is and just who he reports to. It is clear that he is incapable of actually carrying out the duties of his office, and is basically there to make speeches. Others must be handling the various portfolios of the government, such as Geithner, Hillary, Sebelius, etc., with very little direction from the “top.” Remember how Pelosi and Co. basically crafted the “stimulus” and “health care” initiatives, to cite two important examples.
        So it begs the question – who is he really? We have all heard about the phony birth certificate, draft records, SS# … but I have yet to see anyone posit a credible theory as to why. I cannot believe that the world financial elite (which is who I believe actually runs the US and other nations of importance, including Asian nations such as China, Japan, and Korea) would put anyone in such a position that actually would implement a Marxist agenda.
        I have heard all of the “explanations” (the D’Souza film among them) and they are unconvincing. You see, I am not someone that merely repeats what others tell me. I actually prefer to examine the evidence before drawing any conclusions. And I have not yet come to any definitive conclusion here. But I am certain of one thing, they wanted him to continue on in this current capacity, which is why they rigged enough of the process to make it inevitable. However, it does not appear they informed the man (or his campaign team) directly, which is why we saw such ridiculous verbal gymnastics over issues such as Benghazi.

        1. I think you left out Valerie jarrett, “miss, we are going to get even” as one of the leaders in the white mosque. I think everyone will find that the only thing Obuttman is good at is “reading”, as he has no brain, no comprehension to finish a thought all by his little stupid lonesome. Just because someone is a “con man’ and is good at it, doesn’t make that person smart.

        2. I don’t put much credence in Jarrett, beyond her acting (along with Axelrod) as a sort of Praetorian Guard around Barry (contrary to much speculation, I don’t put much emphasis on his “inner circle” or the much-ballyhooed “Chicago Gang”) … and if you look closer, you will be hard-pressed to find my ever calling him “smart” or intelligent or even particularly clever. Hence the question – who is really running this show? Oh, and it’s not the increasingly senile George Soros either. Soros was once supposedly in charge of the finances for the House of Windsor, but that was over 20 years ago.

    2. Absolutely right. I would have much rather seen Bob Dole, who was a very close friend of Senator Inouye, deliver his eulogy. Mr. Dole is experiencing many medical problems, yet was determined to, and did, attend the wake. He probably would not have been able to speak, or speak very long, but I think what we would have heard would have been heartfelt sentiment, something POS maobama is completely incapable of. What did America do to desrve this scumbag…

      1. I wonder why Bob Dole didn’t have someone do it for him. Is BHO a putz? Yes and it is just to hard for me to not only listen to him but even having to watch him is what is sickening!

        1. Sandra L S, Please do not speak for me and others,(we). GOD is still in my personal life. Have you in fact pushed GOD out of your life?

        2. Some, but not all, may have pushed the Creator out of their personal and national life, but I am not one of those. My Creator remains with me as always.

        3. NOT WE, only those who get Welfare; Food Stamps; Medicaid, and free cell phones and all the DIMLIBS and 7/Niggers!

          Eliminate all those folks!

          fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE

        4. There’s a significant number of well-to-do elitists in that mix too, who also voted for him; and it’s really too bad you don’t have any ‘live” souvenirs around, because that whole swamp needs a thorough cleaning out! But something to remember is that MANY who claim to be, or even believe they are Christians, are following teachings that have been CORRUPTED for decades if not longer, so may NOT be as much so as they believe they ARE! The enemy that’s behind ALL that’s happening has successfully infiltrated virtually all the churches, and turned them. Again; I’m NOT labeling any individuals or naming anyone in particular; simply stating a fact with which each of us MUST deal!

        5. While offshore, I still have delivery systems and Nukes

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Obama Praises Himself During Eulogy for Sen. Daniel Inouye

        6. Single American women are working two jobs, getting dead tired and their kids are still high on dope. The poor things should stop watching View and Oprah and find Chopin and Mozart on the radio, and they will feel better the same day. Chicago Democrat women should take their long suffering kids to Holy Mass next Sunday and they will be doing America a huge favor.

        7. If YOU can find Chopin and Mozart on the radio these days, I’d LOVE to know where. I have them and others via “Pandora” service but NOT over regular airwaves, not for several decades, because the audience is too small these days. But they’d sure do a world of good, and while I agree bringing God back into our lives both publicly and privately would also go a long way, I have some reservations as to the benefits of mass as such, or any of the “recognized” organized churches for that matter, based on information concerning them that indicates they’ve been infiltrated by the “enemy” to all churches, and effectively neutralize; something that shows rather plainly in what they’re doing, and NOT doing, in the public arenas.

        8. I agree that the “enemy” has neutralized most churches in America.
          However I knew a Russian Orhodox Priest who refused to join Stalin’s “Living Church” and was send to a Siberian Gulag. The “Living Church” encouraged priests to preach Bolshevik propaganda from the pulpit.
          In the last month of his captivity, this Priest was allowed to read from the Holy Bible, say Mass, and give the Sacrament to the dying prisoners.

        9. That happened during Nazi Germany, as well and a great many clergy died in the camps for their refusal to cooperate. There are still individuals, probably within those churches, who are still uncorrupted, but not the institutions themselves.

        10. There are many factors that thrust this Lucifer upon us. It has all the hallmarks of history repeating itself. Bad economic times, war, long term bitterness between the masses, Balkanization, propaganda, a failing economic system, ineffective use of the constitution, King Obama’s personal qualities, money and recruitment by powers beyond the Presidency. Hittler came to power in much the same way. Some of this was brought about by the mush head dreamers, of the 1960’s, seeing an opportunity to bring their childhood dream to life. Many if not most believed that the 1960’s counter culture discovered something new…There was little new in what they found – they just failed to know true history and relied on the revisionist version. In doing so the hero’s of their movement bore little resemblance to the actual people that they revere so much. In short-they never grew up…..

        11. WE did not vote for him, only those told to vote for him. Probably even paid to vote for him and driven to the polls to vote for him.

        12. I bet Chicago Democrats in NEVADA drove the SEIU union goons to the polls to vote for Obama, and then they gave them a whiskey bnottle and a ten dollar bill, as promised. That is why Obama and Harry Ried won in Nevada.

        13. Very proud to say I NEVER voted for the scumbag. Nor do I ever refer to him as being the President of the US. He is and always will be the imposter and ineligible to be residing in the White House. I have no respect for this liar and criminal–he belongs in a supermax prison for the rest of his sorry life.

        14. Several single women told me they voted for Obama because he is “cute”. How dumb is that. I can’t stand to look at him, and when he comes on I turn the TV off. Moochelle is even worse becuse she is eating too many fine steaks and getting fat.

        15. Voting for a person because they think he is “cute” is just stoooopid.

          I too turn off the tv, the radio. I don’t want to see, nor hear the pres. He lacks depth. And, he’s so self aggrandizing, I become nauseous.

        16. Obama is not a gentleman. I bet if he was on the Titanic in April 1912 he would have pushed the women and kids aside to get on the lifeboat first.
          Merry Christmas in America the most wonderful country in the world.

        17. He has no honor and probably gay. I would not like to be in a fox hole with himthat was under heavy mortar and sniper fire.

        18. I wouldn’t want to stand next to him at any time. Forget the foxhole. You can shoot someone in a foxhole…

          And I damn well wouldn’t want to be standing at Parade Rest while he gives any speech. For anything. I would pull a Hillary, I think. Oh. Probly not…Honor doesn’t allow one to faint.

        19. Rememeber, Hillary said that she and Chelsie were shot at by Serbs while they were running to their car in Bosnia and it was a lie. Hillary like Obama has no honor.

        20. When I said I would “pull a Hillary”, it was about when she fainted recently, and couldn’t testify. In regards to Benghazi. She had a concussion. She is such a joke.

          I wouldn’t trust Hillary with my Beta Fish.

        21. Hillary is incompetant. She should retire , bake cookies, and keep an eye on Bill before he exposes himself to a younger Paula Jones.

        22. I whole downheartedly agree with all your comments but as to the voting part I believe I’m one up on you because I have NEVER CAST A BALLOT FOR ANY DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        23. Single american women told me they voted for Obama because he is cute. His jutting chin and silly smile makes Obama look more like Benito Mussolini. Moochelle is eating too many fine steaks and she is getting fat.

        24. clete,
          I didn;t vote for him….. but more did than didn’t so he won….now the people that pay taxes have to put up with him.

      2. obama just cannot pass up any opportunity to toot his horn..he is like a little spoiled kid needing all the attention and will do anything to talk about his non accomplishments.

      3. I can answer your questionjwright673. To many liberals. Most of the MSM are liberals and socialists. When Jimmy Carter made the public schools part of the government and they started and then changed the text books to suit their ideas not what really happened. All of those kids are old enough to vote. When they stopped doing the pledge. When they said you cannot spank your child.. Respect in gone. Faith is gone. and idiots are voting. When we made excuses for kids not learning. When we rewarded children having children by giving them welfare. Now America is reaping the rewards and the next 4 will show exactly how bad the reward will be..

        1. I’m afraid you’re right.  We’ve no one to thank (blame is more like it) but ourselves for standing idly by while the O’hairs and others spouted their atheistic views.  Let us weep for America and pray and hope it is not too late.

      4. You asked ” What did America do to deserve this scumbag…” Well that’s really quite simple when you think about it……we allowed Johnson to implement his welfare plans, which began the purchase of permanent democrat voters in America.

        1. That was certainly the beginning of it – the great society.  It’s not so great now.  The LBJ’s of the world die off and we’re left to wallow in their muck.

    3. In the future families of prominent recently deceased persons will probably avoid having Obama have anything to do with the final services.

      1. It just goes to show you what an arrogant, nose in the air dummicrat j^&!a&& he truly is. I’m not surprised by his reaction as that is the true character of the donkey. Self centered, shedding a tear (really??) at death of the 20 kids, teachers and principal, has he shed any tears at the 150 babies that die each hour at the hands of abortionists using my tax dollars and yours to accomplish this for votes?? He should never been given a chance at a second term, NEVER! Thank you, you idiots who put him back in the WH to steal our freedoms and make America a communistic country. I hope you wake up before the j#$a$$ shreds the Constitution and decides to give himself another four years. God forbid.

        1. Obama is not a Democrat. I have many friends, some are Democratsand some are Republicans. I have never seen anyone behave like obama, He is pure evil.

        2. Obama wants to stay in the White House for the next twenty years like FDR , who was a pinko and a despot. HE will not worry about bypassing our Constitution because he will appoint a feminist 5-4 Supreme Court. Our Pravda media will praise him for his “Social Justice” reforms and the Republicans are so afraid of being called racist, old, white men that they won’t say a word.
          I hate to be so pessimistic but that is how i feel after Obama was re-elected.
          Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in America the most wonderful country on earth.

        3. When there are NO jobs and not a future of any JOBS and Welfare and Food Stamps are at an all time high= you do not have to guess who voted for him. I saw the lines of those poor people that we were racist against because states wanted voter I.D. until Eric Holder stepped in and stopped it in many states. They did not know how to vote my butt – they waited for hours in line to VOTE. The LIberal, Socialist, Progressive democrats {and there are many} that call people racist when they do not agree with them are in FACT, “RACIST” themselves and it has really shown the last 4 years.
          I have written down the names and the actors that have spoken so I never invest my time or a dime to vote or watch anything these people do.
          Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Eva Longoria, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and many others. Maxine Waters and all her racist followers. Nancy Pelosi and all her RACIST followers.

      2. Not only is he disrespectful he lack class. I saw a T.V. clip this morning of the funeral and he had on a shirt and tie……where was his suit jacket? The other men had on suits!!!

        1. American construction workers are living out of their cars and feeding their kids dogfood. Moochelle is living like a French Bourbon King, taking a new Hawaiian vacation, eating too many fine steaks, and gaining weight.

        2. Dictators like Lenin robbed the rich in Russia to build nice dachas for themselves and imported the finest French cognacs for the their Bolshevik thugs.

        3. Obama never worked a day in his life. A retired CIA officer wrote that Obama and his gay friend in Pakistan worked in jobs that would shock you.
          In New York, Obama was a community organizer who incited good, hard working, God Fearing minorities to riot in the streets of Chicago to topple the Republic. Obama and Moochelle were real patriots.

        4. Did you see when it and it’s wife met the Queen? That ugly she devil/ gorilla grabbed her up and hugged her like she was one of her getto trash bitches!!!! I wish the Queen’s secret service had tasered her. Talk about low / no class!!! The topper is…..THEY WERE STUNNED THAT THEY WEREN’T INVITED TO THE WEDDING!!!!!! Not a clue, thick as a brick.

        5. Obma hates women as much as Chairman Mao hated women and that is why HE marrried a girl who looks like a man.

    4. Inouye was a patriot, but Obama is a modern Bolshevik.
      Chicago Democrats are vote fraud experts and they behave like criminals who “never let a crisis go to waste”. Obama wants to rob the rich and the American middle class to expand his Democrat food stamp voter base. Bolsheviks care only about “Social Justice and Economic Equality” only as far as it gets them new voters, or forms angry mobs that Bolsheviks use to storm Winter Palaces.
      Moochelle said she wanted her own army in 2008.!!! Lenin used his private army to storm the Winter Palace and topple the Constitutional Provisional Russian Government. This Winter Palce was defended by the herioc Russian Women’s Battalion who fought to the last bullet and last drop of blood. I do not expect our pinko Hollywood Producers to make a film about these herioc Russian women because they were smart, brave, conservative, and they went to Holy Mass every Sunday.
      American construction workers are living out of their cars and feeding their kids dogfood. Moochelle is living like a French Bourbon King, taking a new expensive Hawaiian vacation, eating to many fine steaks, and gaining weight were it shows the most.
      I lived under Bolshevik hospitality so do I need to say more? I wish you all a merry Christmas and a healthy New Year, in America the most wonderful country on earth.

    5. Terrorists boarded a flight out of London . One took a window seat and the other sat next to him in the middle seat.

      Just before takeoff, a U.S. Marine sat down in the aisle seat.
      After takeoff the Marine kicked his shoes off, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Arab in the window seat said ‘I need to get up and get a coke.’
      ‘Don’t get up,’ said the Marine ‘I’m in the aisle seat, ‘I’ll get it for you.’

      As soon as he left one of the Arabs picked up the Marines shoe and spat in it. When the Marine returned with the coke, the other Arab said, ‘That looks good. I’d really like one too.’ Again, the Marine obligingly went to fetch it.

      While he was gone the other Arab picked up the Marines other shoe and spat in it. When the Marine returned they all sat back and enjoyed the flight.

      As the plane was landing the Marine slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened. He leaned over and asked his Arab neighbors, ‘Why does it have to be this way?’

      ‘How long must this go on? This fighting between our nations? This hatred? This animosity? This spitting in shoes and pissing in cokes?’


      1. Raymond….LOL. Thanks for the belly laugh.

        Merry Christmas to you and your family and may God continue to bless you all in the New Year. Rejoice that He came to die that we might live!

    6. Obama referred to the senator as “Danny”? I find this as appalling as Obama discussing his first trip to the “mainland” when he should have been eulogizing a great man. Excuse me Dear Leader, but this very distinguised man and great patriot could have been your grandfather. Even if the two were on such friendly terms, which I doubt, Senator Inouye should have been accorded the respect as being addressed as a senator, not as Obama’s little school friend.
      For future reference Dear Leader, a eulogy is about the life and times of the deceased, not about you childhood memories.
      Oh, and what party did the president who put American citizens of Japanese descent into concentration camps belong to?

  2. I have, in the course of my years, been accused of many things.Some were true. Most were not true. One of the untrue accusations about me is being politically correct with my observations and remarks, so brace yourself.
    So far, I have referred to the current POTUS (noneligible) as an imposter, alien, Marxist, Socialist, narcisist, antisocial, and probably many other descriptors. All I believe to be true.
    Now I will add to the heat of the descritption by pointing to history and proclaiming that the more this “person” [quotes used to denote my derision] opens his mouth, the more hitleresque he becomes.
    I wonder what he has that is so effective with his political blackmail tactic?
    Welcome to Amerika [sic]

    1. Answer to your question, “I wonder what he has that is so effective with his political blackmail tactic”: Thanks to his communist friends in congress, he has the taxpayer’s money to pass out to his moocher base.

      1. No, The way everyone from Chief Justice of SCOTUS to Speaker of the house to Military Big Wigs I think he has something like J. Edgar Hoover’s private files on these “people” so he can blackmail them. The taxpayers money just bought the election. The blackmail prevents use of the Constitution’s checks and balances against the illegalities.

        1. If he threatens to audit their tax papers, send him a memo in open tv news and internet by mandating to provide his papers. All of them. Then let the chips fall where they may. The biggest problem is that the people in capitol hill have no balls to call him out. The congressman that shouted that is a lie was chastised by his own. Who are they serving? I said SCREW everyone of them. The people’s house have to be clean out of the garbage. I should have use the word testicles, but to late.

        2. Many of them are emasculated, hence, they are political eunuchs–haven’t you noticed a high percentage speak with a squeak? As for the masculine ladies in congress (those supporters who fawn and show their adoration of ozero), take a good look at them because they really do appear as if they are male–not a feminine looking one in the bunch. The really classy women in Congress are supporters of the US Constitution and want nothing to do with ozero—and their looks show it.

        3. It started in Chicago YEARS decades ago! His mentor/dad and Vals fa-in-law Vernon and a Party-controlled Union! Party grew, Unions grew, PUM INC, “Parety, Union, Mafia. “Organizer” using legiimate complaints of black communities and churches to solicit multi-millions in funds! Lousy bookkeeping, mostly unaccounted for! Foreign billionaire oil-barons, “Sorrows”, Radical and Rebel Countris, clueless and gullible minorities inluding illegals, etc.! What else would he NEED?

        4. The DNC spend two million dollars in federal courts to fight all the Obama elegibuility law suits. I wonder if the Democrats payed the mafia Dons to meet with the Federal judges in their parking lots late after work when it was dark and tell them that the DemocRATS expected certain positive judicial outcomes?

        5. I tend to agree with you Saltporkdoc.. As for what he may be using for blackmail, using the NDAA against their family members comes to mind. He could just cause a spouse or child to “disappear” indefinitely. I’m sure he has many options at hand.

          As for his making Sen.Inouye eulogy about himself, what else would you expect from someone who has gone back through the White House Bio’s of America’s past presidents and inserted himself into many THEIR biographies!


          The man knows NO SHAME!

      2. The 80+ Progressives in Congress are not “Liberals”. The media is lying about them. These Progressives are all Obama supporters and are really marxists, Leninists, Maoist, atheists, sodomites, perverts and dangerous Stalinists. The next four years are going to be rough, so hold on to your hats folks.

      1. I don’t think “Austria” uses the cryllic alphabet. Last I knew they use the arabic alphabet just as the Germans and British and Americans do. I was refering to the cryllic spelling as used by Marxist/Leninist/Communist Russians. You know as in “Kalifornia”

    2. Essentially the same thing that Hitler had; military backing,thugs, and an ability to say what the unenlightened WANT to hear, however big a LIE it IS!

      1. Exactly, except the military here in Amerika today I don’t believe (by and large) support The Great Imposter, just their incompetent leaders….By golly you’re right! They are just like the German military of the 30’s! Union thugs play the role of the Brown Shirts (just wait till the night of the knives, then Kristalnacht) and the lies are being repeated with enough frequency (and unchallenged enough) that as Goebbels (I think the qoute is attributed to him) said, “Repeat a big enough lie often enough and it will be accepted as truth.”

        1. PLEASE?!? BITE your tongue with such a notion as that! But yes it was Goebbels who said that; and that’s definitely NOT what our Founders envisioned for us. Also it IS mainly the “brass hats” but also some of the mid-level officers as well.
          I didn’t like JFK as a POTUS either, but look what assassination did THERE! I honestly don’t advocate that as the means to remove a POTUS, or pretender. either one, from office. Also with the union thugs, O has his own private army ready as well, now. so there’s no lack of “brown shirts” either!

        2. Sandra, I know you do NOT advocate assasination. I was supporting you in your position as you stated it to “Idaho Ted”. I think you and I have a very similar vision of current America in comparison to historic (vintage 1930’s) Germany. The sole exception I see in the comparison is that the crises we face in America today are of our own making, unlike Germany of the 30’s wherein the Treaty of Versailles played a seminal role.

          I also agree with one of your other replies that it is the secularization (encouraged and facilitated by the Kenyan POTTYOUS) in America which exacerbates our national situation.


        3. Oh the “bite your tongue” was about the notion of BIDEN in the office! From bad to WORSE is not the direction we need to go!
          There’s a much deeper and better hidden “puppet master” behind what’s going on, and it goes back to well before any of those guys showed up; in fact all 3 have been their tools, and many others as well, including Marx, Leninn, Trotsky, and far too many to name. CFR, UN, MB,EU, are more of their “front” groups, and there are DOZENS of them, all with the same singular goal: to bring down the Protestant Reformation, and by extension the only nation ever founded on its principles, and to destroy the Jews. That’s their whole purpose for existing, and they work for the same master!

        4. Sandra, It may interest you to know there is a video on YouTube which draws stark parallels between Hitler and Obama not only autobiographically but tactictally and politically as well. Truely scary stuff.

        5. Many years ago, I studied a great deal about Hitler’s psychological make-up, and had NO trouble seeing the parallels there; also those between Hitler and Stalin, which are equally striking on that level. 3 peas in the same pod, really. When you understand the underlying pathologies that drove each, the rest of the similarities “make sense” if that’s an appropriate use of the term “sense”…Because of how their minds work so similarly, so will the outward behaviors be very similar.

        6. You and I must not only be similar in political philosophy, but also in age and training!
          I am a 66yr old preacher’s kid who distinctly remembers two topic appropriate comments by my father made in the 1960’s. The first was in response to my question as to what was the difference between what were then called the “left and the right” of the political spectrum. His reply was, “The right thinks with it’s brain while the left  “thinks” with it’s heart.” By far the scariest was when I asked him to explain Islam to me. After a semi lengthy theological explaination he then said spontaneously, “Son, you mark my words, it may not happen in my lifetime but certainly soon after, Christianity will be fighting a war against Islam. Just like the crusades except we will not just be fighting it in the mideast!” My father died at age 97 in Aug.2000!

          As to our training, I was a police officer, but also was a counselor after obtaining my BEd in Guidance & Counseling.
          (I didn’t mention Stalin because too many are too easily confused if more than two of anything is discussed or presented. I should have known better as women are always more skilled at multitasking!

        7. I’m a 66 yo pilot’s kid; did nursing and EMS, so ran into LEOs on scenes often and got acquainted with how they think and work. And I studied a fair amount of psychology on my own, besides what I learned in nursing. Your Dad was right. Only, I suspect he didn’t go quite far enough. Both my parents served in WWII; and my sister and I did during the Vietnam/Cold War era. I think in your Dad’s lifetime his assessment of how right/left think was probably pretty accurate, but there’s been a shift, and it seems to me the left now thinks more with the amygdala, than the heart, or at least a significant portion of it does. And I believe that shift occurred during the later ’70s to early ’80s, which was right about the same time they took the word “socialist” into the party name, but don’t advertize that openly.
          I also believe we are. as we speak, poised on the brink of WWIII, which WILL start in and over the middle east.
          My Dad used to ask me what was WRONG with “those hippies” when they’d stage sit-ins and the like, like I knew: I had a generation gap with my OWN generation! But the “multitasking thing” I suspect comes from doing other things while keeping up with what the toddlers are doing at the same time!

        8. How absolutely delightful! I was a NavyHospital Corpsman, worked ER at Bethesda Naval Hospital till my “C” school opened where I trained as an O.R. Tech. then worked the Tissue Bank for a year before being sent to my “B” school where I was trained as a “Field Medical Service Technician” (Fancy name for combat Corpsman) and assigned as senior corpsman to a company of Marines. In its infinate wisdom (remember the oxymoron of “military intelligence”) I was tdy’d back to the naval hospital at Camp Lejeune to be senior Corpsman in the O.R.
          I tell you that so you understand that I immediately knew what you meant when you referred  to the amygdala!
          My father was born a month before Orville and Wilbur flew at Kitty Hawk (1903) so was too young to be in WWI and was both “too” old  and occupationally exempted for WWII.
          I believe  WWIII has already started in the mid east. No one, now that America has not only been officially declared “unexceptional” but also is acting as the Krupps by providing arms and comfort to both sides, and especially not the corrupt and self serving UN, is in a position to stop what is currently occurring.
          My dad made the mistake of once (even before they appeared on Ed Sullivan) what I thought about the Beatles and I told him I thought they were a “flash in the pan”! The only album of their’s I ever owned was Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band which I bought for two reasons. One reason was for the song “Will You Still Love me” (interesting because my wife died when I was 64), the other was to “influence” (to put it politely) a young lady I was VERY attracted to (didn’t work, but I still like the song!).
          Both my sisters are and my first wife was an RN. I lost my first wife to cervical cancer after 28 great years of marriage.
          I firmly believe the multitasking is as you say but I also thing God hard wired women to be that way too. Men have to focus on one thing so we can be good “hunters” and not get killed by our prey while distracted.
          I thank God my son is nearly past the draftable age which I see coming ck as conflict in the mideast spreads.
          Well, I guess I should end this as it’s beginning to sound more like Match.com than Disqus and your hubby may get suspicious! If you would like to continue a discussion that’s fine too. But I’m on the att.net

        9. Under saltporkdoc? I’ll give that a try; but breathe, you’re safe, no hubby, and my cat’s a chicken.

        10. Hillary Clinton blamed the Monica affair of”the great right wing conspiracy trying to destroy my husbands Presidency” and our pinko media bought it hook line and sinker. How dumb is that? This proves that Joseph Paul Goebbels was correct when he said “if you repeat the most outragious lie often enough eventually the press will believe you”. Constant repetition is the name of the game for our Pravda media supporting Obama.

        11. The vast majority of the military hates Obama. However, no one should make the mistake of believing that if he gives the order, that the military will not walk right over the Posse Comitatus laws and shoot to kill. Obama has demonstrated time and time again that the constitution means nothing to him..and now the power that he wields is damn near absolute as he has effectively sent the congress and senate to the recycle bin of irrelevancy. We now live in a socialist/communist society. The illusion of a 2 party system is just that;an illusion to instill in the people the sense of freedom, not true freedom. There are 2 groups in America now; The Elite and the New American Proletariat.

    3. Why he has succeeded is easy. First, he appeals to the ignorant and stupid portion of our country. Second, he is a natural liar and it comes easy for him. And third, he has the financing from Soros and the Muslims. He has covered up his past and Congress hasn’t got the guts to force the truth from him. If the truth ever came out, he would be impeached and could be tried as a criminal. He is a felon.

      1. I refer to him as “it’s not my fault Obama.” Or, if you drop the “P” off of the word President, you have “resident.” So, you could always use “Resident Obama” if you so desire.

    4. Hey Salty – maybe we can find aThesaurus. I’m sure we can find a few more choice descriptor words. Someone (Soros?) found an orator with qualifications of race and willingness to be and/or say anything told to do.

    5. Obama lies all the time and the pinko media lies for him. The media likes to repeat the lies over and over because repetition works on dumb single Chicago Democrat women. That is what Joseph Paul Goebbele wrote and it worked for Hitler.

        1. Garbage in, garbage out. Explanation. When garbage goes into the White House, garbage will come out. We are encourage not to call other person garbage. So I will change to trash or rubbish and waste if you will. That sounds better for you? MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

  3. That sounds like something our charlatan in office would do. It’s always all about him. But we can credit the adoring media and his cult following for that. He thinks he’s some kind of god or king…don’t anyone dare not go along with his wants or his agenda or he goes off on a childish rant. He’s no leader, just a sham who has most of Americans fooled just like certain other cult leaders from the past did and he’s just as frightening.

    1. Check the case law regarding internment. The US Supreme Court held that internment was constitutional in 1944. It was only decades later that the USSC reversed itself.

  4. I would rather have a rat, skunk, or just about anything attend my funeral, as long as that wasted piece of flesh was NOT there!

  5. Yet the masses of morons who bow down to this self absorbed Marxist prick can’t get enough. We all know he is the center of the universe and that Inouye was lucky that Obama was there on vacation and gave up an early tee time to give his eulogy.

  6. Having this captive audience innaculated with hate, the editors of this posting can write anything and the this low information audience will belive it, as if it was writtne in the bible.

    1. All you are doing is projecting your own shortcomings upon the rest of us. The typical Obama voter is the physical manifestation of a “low information audience.”


        1. Alas, my friend, THOSE are precisely who are RUNNING our nation and have the majority of votes, however fraudulently obtained!

      1. NO Ted! Muder is NEVER justified! The SAME Satan who SPAWNED him is building him a hell of his OWN! He KNOWS that once HE gets there he will drive the resident imps crazy bragging about the things he did on eath to bring America to its knees! By isolating him, he can have the only company he TRULY enjoys! His OWN!

    2. Only if you add “pathological” in front; there are many who are narcissists without being the danger this one is!

      1. Doesn’t need to be added, Sociopaths have no conscience to speak of, but a pathological narcissist is INCAPABLE of recognizing others as SEPARATE from himself, ergo can’t comprehend how or why they would have differing desires, beliefs, opinions, etc. Since they “must” want what he wants, sociopathy doesn’t enter in, in the sense you mean.

        1. I agree. In theory..I add sociopath simply because a narcissist doesn’t necessarily create immense collateral damage. Some can be more clandestine in their narcissism, being careful not to intentionally create such damage so that the blow back does not effect their world (which of course is the only world). He demonstrates that he simply doesn’t care about any such blow back.In his case he wields immense power His intentions are to have what he will for the glorification of himself without concern for others nor any concern for negative feedback This blow back could be the resulting suffering that his actions produce and the corresponding feedback of those effected. It demonstrates a total lack of conscience or empathy . In his mind this world is truly about the Great Obama without regard to anything else.

        2. What you’re describing is the difference between pathological and non-pathological narcissism; O is the former.

  7. Did anyone have any doubts about this? The people of America wanted a raging megalomaniac as their president. Well, about a quarter of them did; a little less than a quarter didn’t want him, and about half didn’t care enough to go out and vote. That’s the thing about democracy; the people get exactly what they deserve.

  8. WITH ANY LUCK ;luck it will soon be his own eulogy. I want my

    Christmas gift to be obama free;; NOT FREE GIFT FROM HIM. I already have a phone.

  9. Of course Obama praised himself and there are many Republicans and so called Conservatives who are to blame for him getting another 4 years to torment us. Obama is probable the worst President we have ever had. But far too many people stayed away from the polls simply because they preferred Obama to a Mormon. When the religious bigotry of the far right ends then maybe we will have a chance at redeeming this country. Until then expect Obama and his followers to continue leading the country to it’s doom.

    1. When a 30 something grumped to my wife, Bundokgirl, that Mitt was a Mormon, she asked him if he would prefer a Muslim? He responded SO WHAT!

    2. I wonder if those conservatives and Republicans who didn’t vote will regret that decision when they start paying their new taxes at higher rates will feel as smug as they did when they were too bigoted or smart to vote for Romney. He wasn’t my first choice, but I would’ve voted for Goofy Dog before voting for O.

  10. If you listened to what the Obama actually said and quit injecting you own interpretation of what he actually said you would then know the two are not the same, today we call it spin and that your good, trouble is it distorts the eas said by Obama

  11. I’m convinced that Obama is nearly the smallest person on the face of the earth, in terms of how he wishes to be perceived, as opposed to who he really is. He is eclipsed by the current despot ruling North Korea, but that is only true because the pathetic serfs in that country are forced to show “respect” for him, or ELSE. Here, we have people who freely pay their respect for THE ONE by not doing anything for themselves or anyone else, other than going out every four years and voting a dozen or so times to reelect him.

  12. A self centered egotist no doubt. He will never see how utterly stupid he appears to all but his knee pad clad brain dead followers.

  13. What a guy!? /sarc When you use an eulogy for someone else to promote yoourself … I mean, what more can you say…. but what an absolute loser.

  14. What could you possibably expect of THAT “Egotisitical” SOB ? How in Gods World could we
    have allowed such a “inept” person to be the President of the Great Country. . May I suggest
    we leave Politics aside and do what right for America first. If we could suceed at that, I would
    think our problems would subside greatly……….Merry CHRISTMAS America……..G

  15. Obama is a talking machine. If a tragedy shows up, he shows up and talks, and talks, and then, the Obama News Agency broadcasts it in newspapers, on all the networks and everything is considered taken care of. Nothing ever really gets done, or, accomplished with this White House, the state controlled press will follow and cover for whatever Obama says. We have a Jim Jones II for President.

  16. what has his trips etc has anything to do with the Sen’s eulogy!. How disrespectful. He is full of himself (full of s**t) Again hardly surprising, the Dems motto has and always be, never let a crisis/tragedy go to waste!!!!

  17. After reading Saltporkdoc’s comments I wholeheartedly agree that Obama is being “Hitleresque” by referring to himself so often in all his speeches. He is undoubtedly the most egotistical President this country has ever had. He surely has thoughts and aspirations of worldly grandeur. GOD HELP US!

  18. I remember being at an event where Coach Wooden was to speak, as well as some hollywood actress. I decided to keep tabs on the use of I, me, my, for curiosity sake.

    The actress used the words some 40 times in speaking about her life and minor accomplishments.

    Coach Wooden spoke for something like 25 minutes and used the words 7 times. It was team, values and it was as if he was the caretaker for others and had a trust that was to be shared.

    Remarkable differences in people.

    We need more Coach Woodens and far fewer chicago style thug politicians with massive egos that inhabit the people’s house.

  19. I searched but couldn’t locate the text of the eulogy. It would have been helpful to include it.

    But the world revolves around Obama, in his mind, so what else could one expect from the president who personally shot Osama (to hear him tell it).

    1. I’d like to read it, too. I don’t want to hear his voice, though, if I have to listen to it. I look the other way or close my eyes when I see his sorry image on TV, and if possible, plug my ears. He’s everywhere you look, like a bad nightmare you can’t shake.

  20. Reminds me of the old song, “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble….when you’re perfect in every way….I can’t wait to look in the mirror, I get better lookin’ each day”….

  21. Obama is muslim and they think they are one and only plus he is a communist socialist only thinks about what they can do and dictate oh this piece of trash obama is so proud of hinself he lies steals and kills 4 Americans in Libya and uncover ships guns to the ones that killed so Obama is the murderer. Needs to be charged with fraud and treason and sentence life in prison or sent out to sea with no return for any reason and hopefully which ever will never be able to brag or steal from America

  22. The only thing that prevents this pompous pretender from having a telepromter on his left side AND a mirror on his right during all his pontifications is his fear that the telepromter may FAIL! Thus he requires, reluctantly, that the mirror be replaced by a backup teleprompter


  24. Clint Eastwood called it the worst con ever put over on the American people and I agree. The “Prince of Fools” and all the faithful who blindly bought into his 24/7 non-stop campaign (like Chris Mathews- such a jerk) reteroric, fraudulent balloting, union bullying, etc,……and he is still campaigning, not really knowing how to govern or lead. This man is not a leader but perhaps could be a reader on the nightly news, certainly not POTUS material – it just goes to show how gullible the huddled masses are- turn off your TV’s, watch, and listen clearly to the real Obama- lies, blame and self adoration is about all you will see without media input. Instead of a “Rise Above” slogan, how about a “Wake Up America” slogan in 2013?

  25. I’d bet that this negro bozo, stands before a mirror every morning just to tell
    himself how much he loves himself. Makes ya sick, don’t it. And the people
    who voted to keep this idiot in office ain’t no damn better. The whole bunch
    are trash
    Yes, suh mas,ah I’s be rat dare suh, to kiss yo ass.
    The above is what we will be saying in his next term………………..

  26. Oh I wish he was actually giving a self centered EULOGY at his own funeral (as being read by another) but anything bringing that about will just cause him to be indwelt to actually become godhead of his satanic Church of the Obamessiah.

  27. I am still just amazed at the ability of Obama to keep his ignorant “clueless” sheep followers enough to get re-elected. Are these people so blind to the level of Narcissism this person can dish out and yet still blindly and ignorantly follow him as he pushes the US over the abyss?

  28. “Many were interred in what amounted to prison camps until they were deemed to be unconstitutional.”

    “Interred” means buried. The Japanese were interned in camps. That means they were forced to live there; they were not planted there.

    Also it was the camps, not the Japanese, that were eventually deemed unconstitutional.

  29. This fits obama to a tee!
    What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?
    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental condition in which sufferers have an inflated opinion of themselves and an intense need for the admiration and attention of others.
    Identifying Narcissistic Personality Disorder Behaviors
    Narcissists are usually described as arrogant and self-centered. People with NPD can be defensive and may react poorly to criticism. They often exaggerate their own talents and accomplishments while downplaying those of others. They are usually preoccupied by power, success, and beauty. Sufferers often engage in impulsive behaviors, such as risky sex and gambling.
    Sen. Daniel Inouye was a War hero who spent his entire life serving his country.It was his time, not obama’s.
    Read more: http://health.yahoo.net/health/narcissistic-personality-disorder#Overview

  30. That’s what a narcissistic egotistical megalomaniac does. Everything is always about Obama, he’s the most important person in the world, just ask him.

  31. This is a sick, sick man who, like all narcissists can feel nothing for any other person. He will not go willingly out of the White House and I suspect he will create a Constitutional crisis when the time comes. People with his mental disease cannot give up power and control. It has to be wrenched from their hands.
    My hope for this coming year is that the more power Obama takes unto himself, the more of his followers will see the light and turn away from him.

  32. Sen Inouye was a loyal long time DEMOCRAT so lets not get carried away. Barry has to make everything about himself and the LIBERAL media does the same- its all about him.
    So no surprise here.

  33. This is a typical symptom of someone who is mentally sick. All tyrants like Castro, Putin, Chavez, Ahmadinejad have mental disorders and praise themselves like Obama.

  34. He is an evil driven PIG , no wait, lets not insult pigs. egomaniac as well as other deserving names who DOES NOT have God first ( he puts allah first). He has nothing but ill intentions for this country and i had a very bad feeling from the time he first announced his candidacy for president that we may not ever be rid of him and Moochelle, He WILL pull something to stop the next potus elections and the next and the next etc etc………. we are gonna be stuck with him for decades it looks like. as he becomes more power driven, gives HIMSELF more powers, IF he isnt the antichrist, i’m afraid to see who it will be, especially with hsi track record…. So far.

  35. Struck me the same as I watched the “me-ulogy”. I couldn’t believe he was telling his life story. Must have stressed the Secret Service agents and others standing nearby who realized that they wanted desperately to reach out and slap BO back to acceptable morality.

  36. Obama is an egotistical, arrogant, self praising, and thoroughly nauseating sick Son of a Bit-h!!! He is also a low life, scum of the Earth, bloodsucking BASTA-D!!!! There is no comparing him to anyone unless it is Stalin or Hitler!!!

  37. “Of course he ‘praises’ himself….he thinks he is the “Lord and Savior”….instead, he is just the “Idiot in Charge”!

  38. As Rahm Emanuel said…’never lose an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis’….just another ‘photo op’….and someone else dead that cannot ‘finger’ his ineligibility to be President!

  39. Did anyone think he would do less in HIS speech ??? He has again proven what we are trying to get across. He cares only about himself !!

  40. How could anyone vote ONCE for Barack Hussein Obama? How could anyone vote TWICE for Barack Hussein Obama? Do Obama-Supporters really need TWO cellphones…

  41. This was beyond a Shadow of Doubt a very Fine Person ?For which We Real Americans No Obummer is not?? My Opinon hes A high Rolling Conman Backed by Big Money ?? Just my Opinion>>> Have Merry Merry Christmas to all and New Years to All>>>>>>

  42. Narcissism seems to be a trait of the liberal left. Patty Murray gave the commencment speech at my daughters graduation at the U of WA. Where she did basically the same thing; there was more references to what she did in her life and what a great success she was then about motivation and inspiration for the graduates. How typical!

  43. AMERICA:
    NOW that Obama was reelected for the position (he should not have elected in the first place), we have the chance to show him, that he is not LEGITIMATE and ELIGIBLE. We MUST demand his RESIGNATION or demand his prosecution for all the “ILLEGALITIES HE IS IN”, proven by documents from Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Atty. Mike Zullo, Dr. James David Manning, Joseph Farah, Denish D’Souza and many more including Donald Trump. There is no question, Obama has been violating the Constitution, which has been documented by the Congress and by the government records. So, it is time to make our LAST MOVE to remove the first illegal president America ever been “FOOLED” BY.

    1. he doesn’t need much except a trip to the gallows-the hangman’s noose can fit even traitor’s ego-itis ridden cranium-it could be 4th of july event of this century!!!

  44. He is a God Like creature in his own eyes and nothing anyone can do or say will change that. We are all still waiting fo him to walk on water.

  45. Delusions of grandeur! He must suffer from a form of schidzophrenia or has a very low self-esteem. In additon of being a liar, a deceritful, dishonest man and a fraud. He’s a disgrace to this country and should not have been asked to give Senator Inouye’s eulogy, a man who loved his country and fought for it heroically, unlike this marxist loving SOB who is trying to destroy the liberties that Senator Inouye fought for so valiently. .

  46. Obama is an Ego maniac, He has done more to harm America than any president in history, either his head is big that he thinks he has helped, or he’s just the ignorant……The idiot don’t realize he don’t hold a candle to the heroism of Daniel Inouye…..

  47. Dear Obama: How about giving us a rest? The unabashed self-promoter is getting to be a bore. But, don’t get me wrong. It was nice of you to single-handedly order the assassination of Osama bin Laden, even though you knew the islamic nut jobs would have you at the top of their list for revenge afterwards.

  48. It makes no sense to have obama say anyting about anyone else but himself. It doesn’t matter because he will always turn it into a story about himself. What do you think would happen if obama got shot or Kerry got shot during the first bunker. The bunkers would have never been taken. May Jesus welcome this hero Inouye. Bless his remaining family members from having to endure the self of obama

  49. “It’s not my fault Obama” never misses an opportunity to “praise himself.” Remember, just because it is a funeral doesn’t mean he can’t “talk about himself.” Besides, the other person is dead, and he’s still alive.

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! Just when you think you’ve heard EVERYTHING, “it’s not my fault Obama” does something even more STUPID!

  50. Why SHOULDN’T he! He has been the focus of everyone in his family! Denied NOTHING since the day he was born, been told since he could understand that he was a prodigy like no other! that he was destined for great things, and would one day rule the world! He would have great wealth, power, and recognition that would be bestowed on him for the simple reason it was his DUE because of his BRILLIANCE and VALUE! He obtained “by request”, his “education” at the knee of the BEST! A Communist, Marxist, Socialist Radical, whose hate for America was clearly shown by his involvement in other anti-American factions both Foreign and Domestic! The same ideology, principles, dialogue, concepts, agendas, and plans put in motion by THOSE radicals can also now be seen in our Government, Washington, and even in our White House! And how did this happen? Because our Country that was FOUNDED on CHRISTIAN principles and ideals has been ignored, chaned, eviscerated, replaced, and anihilated! No longer is the word GOD allowed anywhere in our Nation without objection! Even the MENTION of his name is enough to send agnostics and atheists in a fit of apoplexy! It is as if they are PETRIFIED of God and/or Christian celebrations! If they don’t BELIEVE in God, why are they so afraid of his symbols? They should just laugh at, and silently ridicule, the stupidity of WE who DO believe in God! WHY in the WORLD would they have a RABID FEAR of something they SAY does not exist? Are they really so unsure of their beliefs in their own destiny?What other explanation could there BE? The solution to our Countries problems COULD be as simple as: Love they neighbor as thy self! And to HEAL instead of HEEL? ALL people who are ELECTED into a position of TRUST should put THEIR trust in a HIGHER power than their OWN! GOD not GREED!

  51. Obama must not know much about himself, who would want to praise a liar and besides if he is so great, how about showing all his papers and records

  52. He is a stupid idiot, dumb ass bone head that suffers from a severe case of cranial rectal inversion. He does not belong in the job he was somehow elected to.

  53. Dirty Diaper Head Obama once again shows the world that the only one that matters is himself. I don’t know how he can keep from breaking his arm as much as he pats himself on the back. The ego of this individual is without bounds sometimes it appears that he believes that he is the only person in the world and everything revolves around him.

    When are Americans going to say enough is enough you’re fired with cause and malice.

  54. Obama has to be the most arrogant individual in the country. Someone ought to tell him that the world doesn’t revolve around him. I can think of nobody in the world who exceeds Obama when it comes to arrogance. It makes you miss Reagan more and more each day. President Reagan put the country first and Obama puts himself first. They country is only a tool for him to get what he wants and it doesn’t matter how many people he destroys to fulfill his desires. He thinks it is his right to have what he wants when he wants it. I wonder who peels his grapes.

  55. If this does NOT allow ALL others to see the size of his ego, then I know not what will, for they are willingly blind!


  56. It’s always about him no matter what! H.T.F. does he get that big head of his in the door of our house? I’m sure those dumbo ears get caught on the jamb!

  57. If Obama, had been a Japanese American he would have looked just like him. But of course he wouldn’t have joined the military, nor been a hero, nor gotten the free ride off of the ignorant people that can’t get enough of our “Failure and Chief.” So the Grand Poobaa now spends 4 million dollars to go to Hawaii for Christmas vacation. Does anyone really still believe he is one of us, doing for us, or doing it too us. Honey pass the K.Y. jelly please…Obama is going to shaft us again.

  58. Obama neither knew him or cared about him,he can’t possibly relate to his patriotism and sacrificeThe only thing they had in common was Obama was raised in Inouye’s home state..Any chance a camera is on Obama,it becomes about him,he is a classic narcissist and I hope the Inouye send him a letter of chastisement and publishes it on the internet.

  59. Hey, “da Tagliare”….first, check your dictionary; The Japanese were interned during WWII, not “interred.” Second, the reason Obama mentioned the words “me” and “I” often during the eulogy he gave for Inouye was because of the influence that Inouye had on him, the relationship they had, and the high esteem with which Obama had held him. Entirely appropriate!! But you, “da Tagliare”, never once mentioned in this article that Inouye was a life-long Democrat (you probably would have choked just writing the word), and instead chose to turn what was a very good, respectful, and affectionate eulogy into another of your hate-filled, anti-Obama diatribes. Disgusting, as usual!

  60. There is an accumulating body of evidence that our President Barack Hussein Obama suffers from an acute case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, an affliction defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I will offer here some examples of his behavior in favor of this diagnosis:
    He thinks of himself as the second coming of Christ, or at least as the 12th Imam, when he said at the start of his administration: “Tomorrow the oceans will stop rising and the planet will start healing”, while referring to the anthropogenic global warming hoax.
    He also proudly received the Nobel Peace Prize at the start of his administration on the basis of absolutely no accomplishment at that time (nada, nyichevo, rien du tout, zero, nyet, nicht, nista, none, nein, niente), which contributed massively to his extreme NPD state.
    He is proud of having reset our relationship with the Muslim countries by his tour of them in 2009, and resents when that tour is called “an apology tour”. There he is correct – it was in fact a tour of condemnation of American policy.
    He is proud of supporting the “Arab Spring” and “March for Democracy” movements (including a bombing campaign in Libya) that so far have resulted in establishing jihadist governments in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The recent murder committed by Al-Qaeda of the US ambassador and 3 other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, he attributed to a “spontaneous mob reaction” to a 2-month old mysterious U-Tube film trailer – not to his well-meaning policy.
    In a recent TV interview he declared himself as one among the four best presidents this country has had so far, comparing himself with Lyndon Johnson, FD Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln, when considering his accomplishments during his first 2+ years in office.
    When describing the many millions of ordinary hard-working Americans he said that “they are burdened by prejudices based on their religion and their guns” – to paraphrase his exact words.
    His deficit spending over the first 4 years of $6 trillion in printed paper money is “the fault of Bush”, and so is the total failure in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which he is “successfully winding down”, notwithstanding brutal civil wars now raging in those two countries.
    He is proud of reducing the unemployment rate to 7.8% and keeping the inflation rate low at 1.7% (these are in reality 14.7% and 9% respectively). His appointees in the Bureau of Labor Statistics have manufactured the above numbers just in time for the coming election, and will be corrected late (perhaps).
    Sen. Daniel Inouye who died the other day was a War hero (Medal of Honor) who spent his entire life serving his country. Yet, when President Barack Obama delivered his eulogy for Inouye at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it seemed he was talking more about himself than about the late Senator. In his address, Obama used the word ‘me’ 12 times; ‘my’ 21 times and ‘I’ 30 times. All told, in a speech of only 1,600 words, Obama managed to refer modestly to himself 63 times.
    Perhaps others might wish to find other examples of Obama’s psychiatric behavior, but it is clear to me from the above that the poor man suffers from an aggravated and dangerous case of NPD, while being vigorously supported by our corrupt far-left Main Stream Media.

    1. Marc…you obviously thought so much of your comment that you posted it twice! What does that say about YOUR ego?! Additionally, your comment clearly demonstrates that one can be both literate and a huge idiot at the same time.

  61. There is an accumulating body of evidence that our President Barack Hussein Obama suffers from an acute case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, an affliction defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I will offer here some examples of his behavior in favor of this diagnosis:
    He thinks of himself as the second coming of Christ, or at least as the 12th Imam, when he said at the start of his administration: “Tomorrow the oceans will stop rising and the planet will start healing”, while referring to the anthropogenic global warming hoax.
    He also proudly received the Nobel Peace Prize at the start of his administration on the basis of absolutely no accomplishment at that time (nada, nyichevo, rien du tout, zero, nyet, nicht, nista, none, nein, niente), which contributed massively to his extreme NPD state.
    He is proud of having reset our relationship with the Muslim countries by his tour of them in 2009, and resents when that tour is called “an apology tour”. There he is correct – it was in fact a tour of condemnation of American policy.
    He is proud of supporting the “Arab Spring” and “March for Democracy” movements (including a bombing campaign in Libya) that so far have resulted in establishing jihadist governments in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The recent murder committed by Al-Qaeda of the US ambassador and 3 other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, he attributed to a “spontaneous mob reaction” to a 2-month old mysterious U-Tube film trailer – not to his well-meaning policy.
    In a recent TV interview he declared himself as one among the four best presidents this country has had so far, comparing himself with Lyndon Johnson, FD Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln, when considering his accomplishments during his first 2+ years in office.
    When describing the many millions of ordinary hard-working Americans he said that “they are burdened by prejudices based on their religion and their guns” – to paraphrase his exact words.
    His deficit spending over the first 4 years of $6 trillion in printed paper money is “the fault of Bush”, and so is the total failure in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which he is “successfully winding down”, notwithstanding brutal civil wars now raging in those two countries.
    He is proud of reducing the unemployment rate to 7.8% and keeping the inflation rate low at 1.7% (these are in reality 14.7% and 9% respectively). His appointees in the Bureau of Labor Statistics have manufactured the above numbers just in time for the coming election, and will be corrected later (maybe).
    Sen. Daniel Inouye who died the other day was a War hero (Medal of Honor) who spent his entire life serving his country. Yet, when President Barack Obama delivered his eulogy for Inouye at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it seemed he was talking more about himself than about the late Senator. In his address, Obama used the word ‘me’ 12 times; ‘my’ 21 times and ‘I’ 30 times. All told, in a speech of only 1,600 words, Obama managed to refer modestly to himself 63 times.
    Perhaps others might wish to find other examples of Obama’s psychiatric behavior, but it is clear to me from the above that the poor man suffers from an aggravated and dangerous case of NPD, while being vigorously supported by our corrupt far-left Main Stream Media.

  62. And to think, I used to believe that Bill Clinton was totally full of himself. Now I know that Obama’s ego far exceeds Clinton’s. Yep, a legend in his own mind!

  63. A typical “symptom” of a narcissist. He can’t help himself. A little poem… “I love myself, I think I’m grand, I’ll go to the movies and hold my hand. I’ll wrap my arms around my waist and if I get fresh, I’ll slap my face.”

  64. Now folks, what can you expect from a Egocentrist Maniac, that a bunch of idiots re-elected to another 4 year term… Doesn’t that action tell the World Americans frame of mind?

    Our Country has today, what it deserves, period! And he has not yet started his Second Term… Better be ready for the worst.



  65. gotta say I really glad I found your newsletter Or it found me. I really like what and how you say it. Thank you for getting out their and saying the truth!

  66. I have never seen in my life a more sick and depraved President of the US.
    Each utterance, each move, each action of his is based on his arrogance and ego and hasn’t a thing to do with the betterment of America.

    To those who put their faith in him rather than God, you traded the most precious things you have in this life and the next for a phony jackal.

  67. Obummer needs to constantly sell himself because of his own insecurities. Obummer knows he’s deep down that he possess no real substance or intelligence, he’s just a product of affirmative action where he much like many black and brown people can attain levels in government for which they are not prepared so he must continually re-affirm himself through public speech that he is someone of value.

    Additionally, as I am grateful to Mr. Inouye’s service to our great country while in the US military and proud of his bravery and his life struggle/story that culminated in success, I am disappointed and reminded that life long service within the political structure of DC should not be something we add to someone’s eulogy as if it were a great achievement. I would argue that the fact the man spent his entire life (after military service) in political positions speaks volumes of his inability or unwillingness to believe in the real dream of america which is not government. I do not intend my criticism to be taken as speaking ill of the man after his death, I am simply pointing out that we should never reward life long political service. Mr. Inouyes death should serve as a reminder that we need to instill term limits.

  68. Memo too the king of kings an eulogy usually is about the departed. Not to worry We have ABC, CBS, NBC to keep Us informed on how wonderful You are.

  69. An Israeli shrink made the contention Obama has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I think he has a strong case. Obama praising himself at every opportunity would be consistent with that syndrome. Diagnosing NPD requires meeting at least five of eight conditions which you can check out on line. Jerome Corsi’s investigations into Obama’s background in “Obamanation,” certainly indicate someone not quite playing with full deck. Obama is unquestionably the most neurotic president in the history of the country. The guy is crackers. It is scary that someone like that is in a position to order worldwide nuclear holocaust or otherwise has in hand on so many levers of power.

  70. Daniel Inoyue a good guy Democrat was cheated out of a Medal of honor because he was of Japanese Decent and the Roosevelt Administration though giving a Jap the Medal of honor would create problems in the Army the 100th Battalion of the 442nd regimental combat team is the most decorated unit in the history of the world they were all Neisei Japs. People like Obama the Narcissist, fraud, imposter, poser, impersonater, Charlatan, thief, liar, minion, lackey, gangster, wannabe pimp, thug, communist, socialist, facist ,double dealer, demigog, megalomaniac, ego freak, scam man, flim flam man, abuser, prick, dick head, fake, malevolent, despot, tyrant, back stabber, impersonator, swindler, cheater, conman, four flusher, chisler, deciever, demon, illegal, cad, scooundrel, pretender, shyster, sham, ambulance chaser, trickster, hustler, criminal, bandit, porch climer, punk, hoodlum, corrupt, crooked, illigitimate, villanous, nefarious, egregious, depraved, would make excuses now days for such and act of discrimmination. There I have referred to Obama 60 times in my eulogy of Daniel Inoyue also

    1. You forgot his sexual wickedness! He is alleged to be a homo.

      Dan Inouye according to his hairdresser RAPED HER awhile back. Up to nine women have claimed sexual harassment(?) but have remained silent due to fear of reprisal.

      He took a diamond ring off a dead French woman in WW2. Later he lost that very arm.

      1. I know what he did in WW II I don;t really don’t care if he is Queer he paid his dues and was a fairly good senator considering he was representing Hawaii’s most monied families and what was left of the royal hawaiians.

  71. Inouye himself, while bringing home the bacon for Hawaii (and assuring perpetual re-election), had an enormous and problematical ego as well. Perhaps this is best depicted in his role as Hawaii’s “emperor” back in 2006 when he insisted his fellow octogenarian Senator Dan Akaka not be replaced by another Democrat (Hawaii has no functional Republican Party) in an effort to assure our Congressional delegation would have staggered seniorities. Ed Case made the case that Akaka needed to step aside, Inouye not only refused to accept this reasonable argument, he has since exiled Case from contention in all subsequent Democrat primaries. So now comes 2012. Akaka retires; Inouye dies leaving Hawaii in 2013 with two new U.S. Senators, each with zero seniority. A new Congressional Rep (Gabbard) plus a two-term Rep (Hanabusa) — whom Inouye in a final example of deathbed arrogance — suggested that our Governor appoint in his stead to the Senate — thereby fully relegating Hawaii’s delegation to zero seniority in any seat. For a small state like Hawaii, King Inouye’s arrogance has put Hawaii at the back of the queue in Congress. Maybe good news for the rest of the nation, but not good for America’s 50th State. And Inouye was no dummy, he just figured he’d be dead when it happened so why care?

  72. this is how all marxist leaders of the past have done. odumbass is no different, its the rule that these kind of people are taught and the glamour queen runway is any type of stage that is givin to them, unfortunately this time its a death of a man that odumbass could not even fill his (Inouye) shoes…

  73. The people that voted for Obama are the main ones that pushed GOD out of our country & their own lives. As for OUR family, we still have GOD in our lives & we serve ONLY HIM. Obama is NOT our President. GOD IS.

    1. Many women remained silent for fear of Daniel Inouye. It is said he sexually harassed up to 9 women and may have raped his hairdresser. The women were told to remain silent lest their husbands lose their jobs. Inouye himself remained silent and refused to take a lie detector test.

      Yes, silence is golden, but not here pal.

  74. Da Tagliere writes, “he (Obama) no longer needs to keep trying to sell himself. . . “. Oh, yeah he does! Obama has told so many lies and has committed such malfeasance that he has to continually be on the defensive. He has to keep convincing his base (lib-pukes) that he’s Lord Obama and so he must continually remind them how great (sic) he is.

  75. If I said it once I said it a thousand times. Obama is the most self absorbed, pathological narcissist that ever set foot on the American political scene. Totally self absorbed in his own importance. Dumber than dirt when it comes to leading a nation or running the government but an can he ever praise himself. The master at that. Loves to travel on the tax payers dime, and give speeches. Still campaigning and he doesn’t have too. The only thing he knows is how to talk and tell everyone in earshot how great he is. What a low life fraud.

  76. Another case of the fraud laden imposter that occupies our WH, arrogantly touting his greatness in presenting the eulogy for a truly great war hero!…KK

  77. A narcissistic sob just can’t contain themselves as is evident by this despicable act of political give me everything I want or I will spit on you!

  78. I bet if we ask Obama about Bengahzi, Lybia, Fast & furious, Ft.Hood..etc, he’ll never say “I”. Arrogant as he is, Obama will never admit to any wrong doings.

  79. I wonder why a hero would be dishonored in such a way as letting the devil give his eulogy-BORAX is like the 9-11 massacre and pearl harbor ambush both put together into an evil black heart within an ugly mutant mulatto exterior wimp body complete with an inferior intellect from a brain less intelligent than your normal orangutan- if a second grader at the local elementary school could have said some kind words about the heroic senator-it would have been light years ahead of the embarrassment BORAX caused in Hawaii

  80. The nation may not have noticed, but all of our leaders of the “Greatest Generation” have almost completely been replaced by the “malignant narcissist generation” that is very anxious to bury them.

  81. Obama can’t help it, his brain has been damaged by muslims who taught hi how to be a muslim islamist and on his way through life got communism and islamism intertwined. And that’s the way it is.

  82. If Odumba were to be assassinated,he would be given the prize of being a martyr, last thing we need is for that that to happen, he needs to be publically DISGRACED by impeachment,all his wrongdoings brought forth to congress, WE THE PEOPLE. Read ALOUD as to why he’s being impeached, camera crews following his removal from office, the entire family having to move their belongings out of the wh as cameras are catching it all live. ..as far as the military, it is illegal to follow an illegal order, so if he indeed was born in kenya, everything about him true , then he is NOT a legal Commander in Chief, every order he gives the military is ILLEGAL and them obeying an ILLEGAL order is ILLEGAL

  83. Take I, me, and my away from the guy and he wouldn’t be able to talk. Hard to believe people actually voted to re-elect this “person”.

  84. Like his photo-ops, this maniacal egotist never misses the opportunity for self-agrandizement as if he truly believes his messages to be the word of God–except that he is God. He has placed himself atop the oblisk as the over-seer for the world and mankind. His faulty reasoning is leading to his own downfall at which time no one will mourn of his passing in review. Many will consider his downfall as a measure of ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ just as they would view taking out the trash to the garbage dump. The predatory pathological liar in chief will be his own undoing—–and it can’t come soon enough. I did not care for Sen Inhouye, but he was a great soldier who sacrificed himself for his fellowmen on the battlefield. He performed a service to his constitutents. Isn’t it a shame that the predatory pathological liar in chief is unable to recognize the fact that there are greater men then he ever hopes to be. What this egotist fails to acknowledge is that people do not forget the slurs and the hurt and the harm one of his low caliber inflicts upon them; when it i time to cover his back, no one will be there for him. More importantly, he fails to acknowledge that God isn’t dead, nor did God hand the reigns over to the likes of ozero.

  85. Senator Inouye endured major indignities despite being a U.S citizen.
    Yet ,he bravely defended our country and contributed mightily to our victory.
    He indeed was worthy of the honor that he was third in succession should our president
    no longer be able to serve.
    Rest in peace Senator Inouye, God knows you have earned it.

    1. Inouye is alleged to have raped his hairdresser and there are other
      stories out that he may have sexually harassed up to 9 other women.
      Inouye refused to take a lie detector test. The other women were told
      to hush up for fear of husbands losing their jobs.

      Democrats like Clinton have also been accused of rape. The most
      famous is Juanita Broadderick who claims Clintion raped her in a hotel
      room. Clinton has never denied this.

      John F. Kennedy a Democrat was also a known prolific adulterer.

      Anthony Weiner is married but exposed himself to women. He also is a

      Demoncrap. His wife is a Muslim and is a close aid to Hillary Clinton.

  86. A classic example of a narcissist is someone who always lauds himself, preens, smiles broadly, as if he is “beautiful!” Someone who simply will NOT allow anyone else to get higher praise than himself. This could account as to why he has not passed a budget, accepted anything Erskine/Bowls suggested, will simply not agree to ANYTHING the Republicans offer, discounts the old guard in Washington unless he gets the credit, will go before the people and blame everyone, but will take no responsibility for ANY of the many,many FAILURES he has personally “penned!”

  87. The narcisist-in-chief strikes again. Celebrate the life of a real American Hero Senator Inouye rather then focus on the POS we have in a president.

  88. obama, only you and your low information voters are praising you. That’s because…1. You are an ego maniac, narcissist. 2. You gave these supporters free phones and money taking from the salaries of hard working people and gave to those who would rather not work. Your ideas and philosphies don’t support the creation of jobs in the private sector and the government jobs you love don’t really produce anything of value on the free market to stimulate job growth and production in our country. So with that I say, Go F..k Yourself!!!!

  89. Screeminmeeme has said it for me: “Compelled by his massive ego, a personality awash in narcissism, Obama has no resistance at all when given the chance for self-agrandizement.” Pure vanity, a man who thinks of himself first before God or Americans. I pity the poor soul, how embarassing for his family.

  90. What will happen when he is nearing is last year in office?? Will he try to change the law so he can stay as president? He will have to start early like the second year of his term. Can’t someone do something to get rid of him? It is reported that the windows in the house he stays in in Hawaii has had the glass in the windows has been changed to bullet proof glass at a cost to us, the taxpayers. of course.

  91. Yes he does have to keep selling himself to the nation if he is ever going to President for Life. But seriously, Obama’s problem goes way beyond mere narcissism, there is some personality disorder much more dangerous lurking there. Pray Psalms 109:8

  92. I wonder when the 5 story statues of the revered one will start to appear. They all have them. Stalin, Mao, Sadam etc…. They did already have one 3 story mural of him – in Harlem..interestingly enough – right next to a polling place.

  93. Obama is nothing more than white trash with black skin. He has no class and is uncouth. No one should be surprised at any of these stunts because he does then all of the time.

  94. It was obvious all during the time he was running for president, even before that in his debates with other demo’s. He is for sure a egomaniac and he just loves himself so much, he thinks he is going to save the world. My opinion is he isn’t worth my time even while posting this.

  95. Typical, don’t you think? After all he wrote his Executive Order regarding the “prosecution” of guns on a wet cocktail napkin while enjoying his 5th Diaquiri Yesterday. The Obama’s “Christmas Holiday” will cost tax payers an estimated $4,000,000.00. He thinks of himself so often he spends little time to think about his responsibilities as the leader of the free world. All I can say is God help us. A majority of our citizens re-elected this moron to a second term. Just what does that say about us as a nation? If the electorate had no idea who Barak Obama truly is and exactly what his guiding principles are, I could understand misjudgement. We get what we ask for in America and sadly, and this is it!

  96. So obama is a uber Narcissist and can never miss an opportunity to hear himself speak (and especially about himself and who he Blames for things) We here have all known this about obama for years now….No surprise, but disgusting to do at a funeral. But then again, the man has no sense of decorum either.

  97. I—I—-I-I—I—–ME-ME—-ME—-! I am [[[[ L-U-V-I-N ]]]]]] this guy’s E G O !!! WEEEE must use it to our advantage! How’s that hope and change workin’ out for you? aka sarcasticswede

  98. Senator Inouye accomplished more in one day in his military service to his country than obama has accomplished in his lifetime. The difference between Senator Inouye and obama is that he loved his country above himself, obama seeks recognition only for himself. So did hitler.

    1. Inouye is alleged to have raped his hairdresser and there are other
      stories out that he may have sexually harassed up to 9 other women.
      Inouye refused to take a lie detector test. The other women were told
      to hush up for fear of husbands losing their jobs.

      Democrats like Clinton have also been accused of rape. The most
      famous is Juanita Broadderick who claims Clintion raped her in a hotel
      room. Clinton has never denied this.

      John F. Kennedy a Democrat was also a known prolific adulterer.

      Anthony Weiner loved to expose himself and is a Demoncrap.

  99. obama will run for a 3rd term…….just wait and see folks. He ain’t leaving that is why he is still in love with himself. And the stupid people in this country will go along with it.

  100. Of course he would praise himself. He is the one! He is the man-child wanna be president elected twice by the stupid, or being kind, the low information people in the U.S. He is now almost king. Noting else matters. No one else matters. In his mind!

    1. If it matters I could Find Out . I didn’t go to my mom’s house for Christmas this year ,but my cousin , a Secret Service Agent , was there . Considering their overindulgence and pathetic extravagance on all their trips and their daughters multi million dollar private education while advocating for failed government schools for the rest of us . Who knows ? 5 to 8 each ? I saw Michelle once walking to the Farmers Market . How Ridiculous . She had at least 30 agents with arms around her and a whole army in front to be sure that no racist terrorists were hiding among the broccoli or tomatoes .

  101. The story of the late Senator Daniel Inoue in WW2 is truly inspiring and shows what true patriotism and heroism is really all about. (Why he remained a lifelong Democrat and thus voted in the Senate for Obamacare and other infringements on our liberty is another matter.) When I think of the heroism many other Americans showed in defending and later liberating my homeland of the Philippines from brutal Japanese invaders during that same war, I realize the deep debt we owed to them. It was a main reason I would marry a USAF pilot and immigrate to the states. My husband (God rest his soul) is no longer with us, but I am a proud US citizen of over 40 years now.
    Our president, on the other hand, is a feeble-minded narcisist who is deeply insecure. This does not require a psychology degree to spot. Whenever anyone so much as points out an area or a situation where he might be wrong, he quickly goes to the defensive. True wisdom and intelligence requires that one consider all points of view, particularly when placed in a position of great responsibility. But the man is only president due to his skin color and dubious oratorical skills, which clearly were all the qualifications needed for all too many of our people. Pathetic.

    1. Inouye is alleged to have raped his hairdresser and there are other
      stories out that he may have sexually harassed up to 9 other women.
      Inouye refused to take a lie detector test. The other women were told
      to hush up for fear of husbands losing their jobs.

      Democrats like Clinton have also been accused of rape. The most
      famous is Juanita Broadderick who claims Clintion raped her in a hotel
      room. Clinton has never denied this.

      John F. Kennedy a Democrat was also a known prolific adulterer.

    2. I agree ! It is very difficult to attack a person politically when he gave so much for our freedom . Keep in mind ! He stepped up to volunteer for combat duty after being held UNCONSTITUTIONALLY as an ANTI AMERICAN TRAITOR by the FDR Socialists .

    3. I agree that Obama is President due to his skin color and dubious oratorical skills. He reminds me most of Jim Jones who was a maniac. When persuasion failed, Jim Jones ordered his goons to force the people to drink the KoolAid. Can you imagine how shocking the bodies must have looked to the health workers who cleaned up the mess?
      I hope that the future Obama/Chicago Democrat Government will not look like Jonestown.

    4. Dan Inouye according to his hairdresser raped her. He is alleged to have sexually harassed? up to 9 other women.

      He took a diamond ring off a dead French lady and lost his arm shortly thereafter. Surely the guilt must of hounded him. They call it “bachi” or bad luck.

      He learned to steal well while on patrol and carried this skill well back to Washington.

      1. Pretty much everything you just wrote is a fabrication. You are referring to the 1992 allegations by these nine women, none of whom came forward to substantiate any of these allegations. In the USA, we live by “innocent until proven guilty” … perhaps you’ve heard of it?

        1. The stories I told you about the war experiences were recorded and videotaped at a big public gathering of WW2 veterans they hold every some years and they all ratted out on Inouye for some reason.

          His lady hairdresser Lenora Kwock unbenownst to her was secretly taped into telling that Inouye raped her in his apartment. But she refused to press charges as most rape victims will do with powerful men.

          But it’s there all over the internet and made front page news at the major local newspaper as well as the local TV news at that time. It’s all documented.

          Inouye was caught in the “open” by a news reporter about the rape allegations when it came out. He looked embarrassed and quickly muttered something about how she does his hair nice and scampered away.

          The look on his face told me something happened, he did not look innocent or take bold umbrage at something false, like being accused of RAPE!

          He also said, it is below the dignity of the office to take a lie detector test. So he thought himself above the law as a congressman.

          The rat got away this time, but he faces God in the next life. Perhaps now that he is gone the real stories will start emerging.

          I know you are shocked, but don’t worry, those government checks will keep coming.

        2. All right, candy-a$$ – that last bit was uncalled for, and typical of what I see from the jerks on the right or the left. You don’t “know” anything – about me, or much else, it would seem. I find it all too easy for anyone to make things up and then claim something was on the Internet or wherever. I suppose now you will claim to be some type of war hero or whatever to give yourself some imagined credibility. No sale. So come after me if you think you can handle it – I’ve seen and dealt with cowards before and it will be no different with you. Bring it …

        3. OK, maybe you are not a Democrat. Most unmarried women are Democrats <- substitute husband.

          I also notice most Democrat unmarried women have no sense of humor and do not laugh or smile at anything, including jokes.

          Think Diane "Frank" Enstein vs Sarah Palin <-she would laugh.

          You are very revealing.

        4. Oh, so that was your dorkish attempt at humor … pardon my obtusity (LOL, here’s mine)… well, you know what they say about old soldiers (they don’t die they just lose their balls). As for Melia, she is an Air Force widow and mostly tends to her nine grandchildren (it gets harder each year to counteract the ridiculous notions they are getting from their private schools, imagine how much worse it would be if they were government educated). What time there is for romance is mostly spent among the aging lotharios (and yacht owners) down here in Port Royal (wouldn’t you know I reside on Rum Row). As for the Democrats, I mostly cannot stand them. We have our garden variety here as well – perhaps you are familiar with Frederica Wilson and Corrine Brown? (Not to mention Debbie Washerwoman Schultz – but there I go again).

          My admiration (such as it is, but don’t read that much into it) for the late Senator has more to do with his support for funding Filipino WW2 vets. You recall my heritage, etc. As a Filipina, I can assure you that I am more than familiar with the piggish tendencies of Asian males, however, in Inoue’s case it may well have been consensual (else why not press charges – perhaps he paid her off, in which case it worked out for both of them). You may be familiar with the Asian concept of “saving face”, yes? The gal from the Honolulu PD supposedly had a list of others wanting to get in on the action, but this ain’t no gravy train, so it was time to shut it down … All in all, I can see where the Senator took many positions I would have been in favor of. But I just couldn’t get past some of them – like the “Obamacare” vote. Imagine my relief when I learned there won’t be any “death panel” … I was all set to head to Mexico when the time came (I even had picked out a lovely hacienda in Jalisco).

        5. No, Lenora Kwock had sex against her will. It is called rape and not “sexual assault” as the Advertiser put it or “non-consensual sex” as the NY Times put it. It is only rape when a Republican does it you see.

          You fell for the old trick politicians do to get a few votes. You don’t care about the character as long as he raids the treasury for your tribe?

          This is why these rats get re-elected over and over.

          You sure were at the bathroom for a longtime.

        6. And you “know” this because you actually spoke with her, and of course, women never lie, right? Chica, for someone as old as you are, there is still so much to learn … LOL – but I actually take pity on you (because very few of you even try to exchange with me). I am well aware that most of the denizens of these right-wing boards are retired folk who are deeply afraid of life in general, but I even though I am now 60 (and retired too for the past 15 years) I cannot join in the chorus. Bathroom (LOL)? How about you? (Does the old equipment still work …) Unlike so many here, I actually have what some might call a “life” and would rather spend Christmas night with my various offspring. Because I raised them right, they still show up at their mama’s house on regular occasions.

          Sure I am rightly suspicious of government (try growing up under someone like Marcos) but it doesn’t mean I favor one group over the other. Oh, and about this “raiding the treasury” garbage, if you stick around and follow me there is a good chance that I will provide an economics lesson or two. It is bound to shake up the way most of you think – provided the old troglodytes are still capable of independent thought and are not locked into a mind freeze until they mercifully shuffle off from this “benighted” world into a much-hoped but never-quite-certain by and by… it might help if you made your peace with the non-White folk of the world. We aren’t all moochers, ya know.

        7. Lenora Kwock could of have been SUED by Senator Inouye for libel, a risk I don’t think she would of taken.

          Inouye never SUED her for libel. I wonder why? Maybe more embarassing facts would of come out. Like lack of size, prowess, etc.

          Perhaps in your lofty diatribe we might be able to find a speck or two of wisdom? I have not found any.

        8. Come now, must I really do ALL the work? A consensual relationship, accompanied by mild bribery and we can pack it all away and laugh at the “little people” as they shake their self-righteous heads at it all … do you remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn? (Again – pay to play) For someone so enamored of “wisdom” surely you would understand more about the ways of those who are accustomed to power … but where did Melia ever indicate she was in favor of any of this? LOL – I merely live in the real world, I hardly imagine I am going to change it all that much – something more of the left-wing (and right-wing) self-important blowhards would do well to acknowledge. So there is your “wisdom” for the day. For more of this, join me over at the WSJ or follow me here to see my pernicious little pinpricks into the self-important. I engage in these when too bored to do otherwise – isn’t retirement grand?

        9. Oh my, the old woman is wise beyond her ears. Who told her so much about Inouye, huh? Maybe the man himself? For a vote?

          Just because a bribe worked for you does not mean it was consensual. But in your case you should of paid your assailant. I hope you did that? Especially since he did all the work. LOL!

          I would go to the WSJ, but you have to pay. I don’t pay to prey. Not with liberals works of f-art.

        10. OK Mr Kooky … (ya know, that’s not a very good name for you, so I will henceforth refer to you as Johnny) … let’s wrap this up. (BTW, if you were lonely for your Melia fix, she was in Miami yesterday in a suite at the Fontainebleau … where we will be returning for Monday night’s activities … you will notice I am not that old that I cannot stay up on NYE).

          Let’s see … the original purpose of Da Tagliare’s post was to induce a familiar (if certainly) deserved anti-Obama chorus against El Presidente’s latest exercise in self-promotion. Melia then added her voice to the somewhat smaller chorus praising the late Senator’s war record. Whereupon, troll-like, a voice emerged to disparage the man by referring to an obscure incident first reported in 1992 regarding a 1975 dalliance with a hairdresser. And unless you were actually in the room at the time, you have zero idea what actually happened – and don’t introduce the notion of a polygraph test ever giving a result that might be admissable in a court of law (notice I said “law” – not the imagined court of a few hoary self-styled war veterans whose remaining “memory” could be easily destroyed were they ever called to testify).

          As the dialog ensued, there were a few ad hominem attacks on Melia as being some kind of a welfare receipient, one who votes with her “tribe” (as it was so indelicately put), and then some vague rambling about the lady’s honor or lack thereof. All of this couched in an imagined tongue-in-cheek style as an attempt to place yourself a cut above the average rantings of those on the right who can barely string two sentences together (a trait shared with many on the left). But somewhere it fell flat, Johnny, though I will give you “props” for even trying.

          But your attempts to appear learned went much the same way. At this point, even someone of average intelligence would realize that Melia lives in Florida, not Hawaii, so therefore she could never have voted for anyone in that state … though I come from a tropical place, I don’t prefer to live on smallish islands and pay inflated prices for the privilege of doing so. However, it is a nice place to visit. Right-wingers are usually attacked as being “racist” on the boards for much of the mainstream sites like Yahoo, and I am usually quick to point out the hypocrisy of many of the (obviously White) attackers, who exhibit blatant paternalism. However, there are always some who serve to make their point – Johnny, I would work on that were I you. That old saw about being able to fit all of one’s Black friends in a phone booth and still have room for the Republican elephant, well …

          So there it is. It is regrettable that your SS income cannot see you through to pony up a modest two-bucks-a-month for WSJ access, but some of it is actually free, and goodness knows, you might learn something. The world is wide and varied place … it is good to embrace it, and, along the way, perhaps expand one’s thinking. Even an “old” dame like Melia can always learn new tricks, so clearly you can too, Johnny. I shall look forward to seeing your perhaps improved repartee at some point in the future on one of these posts. Don’t imagine you need to get the “last word” in, better to quit while you’re behind.

        11. “Don’t imagine you need to get the “last word” in, better to quit while you’re behind.”

          Oh no, you’re doing a great job!

          I don’t support any liberal website. They must pay me to go there. And if $2 doesn’t sound much too you, then why don’t you pay it for me???

        12. Johnny, I feel for you but, as you say, I don’t support welfare cases (at least not directly). Oh BTW, the monthly charge is more like $20 (my bad) but I cannot classify the WSJ as “liberal” per se, unless you might be talking about most of the editorial staff and key contributors (Henninger, Strassel, etc.), who clearly favor a neo-liberal mainstream approach to macroeconomics. You know, those who believe a sovereign, currency-issuing government must “finance” its spending and is somehow “constrained” by revenue. (I may have the chance to visit these ideas at another time.)
          But, aside from that, there are many there who provoke some worthwhile thought processes on those of any educational background. And guess what – it’s not all behind a firewall. About 25% of the articles in the Opinion Journal section may be accessed directly.

        13. Thank you (I think …) and here’s hoping you had the chance to see more of the exchanges I had with Johnny (kukye) further down this thread. It was amusing, to say the least … !

        14. I can see you do not trust all of us men-that is good-especially in the current times of craziness and perversion-I am one of the good guys and I have to tell you Obama is a person that is so rotten-that I would have to avoid being where he is because I disagree so very much in almost every single detail of his massive government waste.Thanks for telling me there was more choice debate further on-very interesting how personalities clash sometimes-keep on trucking!!! great lady

        15. Well now, I am one who looks at everyone I meet as an individual. But of course, someone in my position must be cautious (it’s why I enjoy living in – and taking full advantage of – a concealed carry state such as FL), but I am usually open to new (hopefully thought-provoking) friendships. For a retiree, my days are often quite full (and I don’t even own a set of golf clubs, which is kind of rare where I live). Despite living in a beautiful area (and neighborhood) I greatly enjoy going into town (MIA) for shopping, dining, and using my Heat season tickets. Last year’s finals were so gratifying …

        16. I understand the Florida scene-I lived in Tampa for about four years in the 1980’s and it was interesting-now I live in Indiana and every winter go through a multitude of okay cool to painfully cold temperatures depending on the wind or lack there of-lately we get a trickery spring like day among the cold ones like in october-many hoosiers had on shirts and shorts-but I was among the bunch with extra layers.I used to have an italian .22 pistol six shooter but I traded it on an oldsmobile with a 455-all I can say is I miss both of them.I see you are sports minded-we hoosiers did not like losing payton manning-myself I just started rooting for the Broncos like many more ex-colts fans

  102. Inouye is alleged to have raped his hairdresser and there are other stories out that he may have sexually harassed up to 9 other women. Inouye refused to take a lie detector test. The other women were told to hush up for fear of husbands losing their jobs.

    Democrats like Clinton have also been accused of rape. The most famous is Juanita Broadderick who claims Clintion raped her in a hotel room. Clinton has never denied this.

    John F. Kennedy a Democrat was also a known prolific adulterer.

    So, if you want an immoral leader just vote Demoncraps. And watch your country go downhill.

    1. We generally require that charges are based on more than gossip and hearsay . I am not a Democrat that would generally agree with the good Senator politically , but he deserves that . Particularly his selfless and courageous service during WWII losing a limb and doing it all while having been held unconstitutionally in an internment camp for Anti-American Traitors .

      1. He took a diamond ring off a dead French woman and lost his arm after.

        He was a good thief then and now. Raided the treasury and built up a corrupt Democrat party there and Hawaii.

  103. Obama is a crazy man just like Hitler. I often wander why the liberals support him and why the major media covers for him. His narcissism allows him to lie about everything and he believes his lies. Obama has been big trouble since he was elected in 2008 and will be bigger trouble by being re-elected. There will be no end to what he will order our Government to do. I do think there are a few Democrat Congressmen and Senators that are highly suspicious of Obama’s agenda for our future. Our only hope is for Obama to be removed from office. But getting him removed is the problem now as he gets to every Judge with threats and these Judges come up with the lamest excuses that are strictly against the Constitution.

  104. Senator Inouye was a great man and although not a Republican , I thought ve highly of him,even though we did not always agree. Obama is like a terd on ythis man’s shoe .I watched some ofis address , but had to abandon the speech after a short time . I was disgusted to the point of near vomiting . Obama is more despicable than ever !

  105. Barak Obama and the democrat party understand one salient fact about the American people that the Republicans need to understand if they are going to compete and remain relevent, that is that Americans are a sound-bite people. Taking heed of how his celebrity friends managed their public images, does’t show himself unless he’s managing his image. It’s trite, shallow, low brow but obviously effective as the other half of the country voted him back in after his record, think he’s a statesman and that his opposition is evil.

  106. A government can become too big & too powerful to

    Acton (1834 – 1902) so aptly charged, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute
    power corrupts absolutely.”

    a government betrays the people by amassing 2 much power & becoming
    tyrannical , people have no choice but 2 exercise their original right of
    self-defense to fight the government”-Alexander Hamilton
    Federalist Papers #28

    “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the
    government fears the people, there is liberty.”–Thomas Jefferson

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
    Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

    ‘A government big enough to give you everything you want,
    is strong enough to take everything you have.’
    Thomas Jefferson

    “Anyone who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government
    take care of them; better take a closer look at the American Indian.”
    Henry Ford I

  107. scary enough many of his drones feel he is the messiah, i think he does too…… hes never wrong, its always someone elses fault ……. but i have to agree, the prior admin really left him a mess a few months ago…. but, hes still blaming bush….. laughable, and scary….

  108. What else should we expect from our NARCISSIST-in-Chief. When our nation faces a financial disaster, he goes on vacation. As our nation sinks deeper in debt, he can only think of more wasteful spending.

    I hope all you obama voters have figured out how YOU are going to pay down his spending because taxing the wealthy isn’t going to do it. His plan to “tax the rich” will only pay for 1/500 of obama’s deficit spending this year. But obama only wants to “tax the rich” and pass his deficit spending on to the next President and next generation.

    Welcome to the United State of Greece.

  109. I wonder why Obama was even asked to deliver the eulogy for Senator Inouye. Inouye was a selfless man. Obama is a selfish arrogant person. Inouye and Obama…no comparison.

  110. Obama a prideful jurk. inouye was the one that’s.a hero. He serve our. Country Obama just full of him self. he doesn’t care about our military or veterans.

    1. The man does not belong there. Whether legal or illegally. The man is NOT QUALIFIED FOR THAT OFFICE! But mostly he is ILLEGALLY a president.

      I will never forgive the Demoncrap party for putting this unqualified man as president.

      Inouye was alleged to have RAPED HIS HAIRDRESSER, just like he does to taxpayers. If that makes him a hero to you, so be it!

  111. God bless Senator Inouye. He was not only Real American Hero but a good man. Forget about Obama. Self centered people come and go but Real American heros like senator Inouye are rare. Obama will be gone in four years. Focus on making America a better place to live where you are. Merry Christmas patriots, And God bless America again,

  112. When has he EVER let a chance to praise himself escape? This is not news…just more of the same. And when the person below says “we” elected him…they’re right, WE did…
    we who didn’t vote for him could have worked harder for the other side;
    we could have donated more to the other campaign;
    we could have been assuring better people in important posts for the last 20 years;
    we could have said H-E-L-L-N-O to taking prayer out of schools;
    we could have been sure our children (and their friends) were in church every week;
    we could have been standing with our hearts over our chest for EVERY flag;
    we could have stopped looking the other way when it came to immoral behavior;
    we could have stopped paying for 2, 3, 4 and more illegitimate children of HEALTHY people;
    we could have had 3 or 4 intelligent children AND raised them as AMERICANS;
    we could have stopped being the SILENT majority while we still WERE the majority!
    Yes, WE had a lot to do with putting him in the White House. The time has come to stop moaning and groaning about it – and correct our mistakes. Step up to the plate, or work for those who do!

    1. We’ve all known he’s a total and complete Narcissist. Everything is ALL about him.
      American and her people mean nothing to this man, except to try to RULE US.

    2. Great Post. You mentioned everything I could have thought of. We could —and should–all do more to stop what is happening to our country. Merry Christmas for starters.

  113. Barack H. Obama can’t help himself when he necessarily brings attention to focus on himself in his speeches! Narcissists do this sort of thing as part of their character disorder! It is aggravating to hear Obama rereatedly toot his own horn, but it is more aggravating when people who have legal grounds are trying to remove him from the position of POTUS [for which he is constitutionally ineligible], but are repeatedly thwarted by Judges who are intellectually dishonest, politically corrupt and obviously anti-Constitution in their judgments. “Screeminmeeme” is correct: there is no comparison between Senator Inouye and Barack Obama! Senator Inouye was a statesman!

  114. Obama is a narcissistic simpleton who should be Impeached for his crimes against America up to and including complicity in the deaths of the Benghazi heroes. Obama is a Liar, Thief, Phony, Fraud and now murderer.

    Low Information Voters and outright Voter Fraud brought this Marxist to office. It is time to Impeach.

  115. Like I said before…..Bozo has no brains. He loves himself too much to think of any other human being. Hope the Hawaiians are aware of his egotistical attitudes. He definitely is a thorn in the side of the USA.

  116. Sen. Daniel Inouye was a War hero who spent his entire life serving
    his country. Yet, when President Barack Obama delivered his eulogy for
    Inouye at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it seemed he was
    talking more about himself than about the late Senator. In his address,
    Obama used the word
    ‘me’ 12 times; ‘my’ 21 times and ‘I’ 30 times. All toll, in a speech
    of only 1,600 words, Obama managed to refer to himself 60 times.

    took speech class in high school and we had to prepare and deliver a
    eulogy. We were taught that a eulogy is a speech that praises the
    deceased person you are talking about. It’s not about you or anyone
    else. It’s about the dearly departed.

    But just like his
    Thanksgiving Day address, or Veteran’s Day address or every other time
    the President has spoken lately, it’s all about him and how wonderful
    and great he is. Election season is over and he no longer needs to keep
    trying to sell himself to the nation.

    If I was a member of the
    Inouye family, I would be irate and incensed about Obama’s self-centered
    eulogy. It was definitely inappropriate, unprofessional and uncaring.
    But what do you expect from our self-proclaimed tyrant?

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8673/obama-praises-himself-during-eulogy-for-sen-daniel-inouye/#ixzz2G6e413DT

  117. Captain Inouye was a true American Hero and Patriot! “No Rank” Obobblehead is NOT an American, Hero or Patriot. I served in time of war. Did Obobblehead ever serve in the military? I think NOT. Was he ever an American Hero? I think NOT. I won’t even bring up Patriot.
    Thank you Senator Inouye for your service to America. Now rest in peace. You deserve it!

  118. Never lets an opportunity go by without him indulging in THE UNHOLY TRINITY – ME – MYSELF AND I… This man is a disgusting creature and the lemmings voted him in again for another 4 years!!!!!

  119. A classless skank. This clown and his buddies have managed to hide much of his past life from the American people, but the one thing they cannot hide is the man behind the face. A fraud will always give himself away… and this interloper is no exception. He’s the last man in the world who should be sitting in our White House. The ONLY THING he has going for him is someone else’s money, which can obviously buy the highest office in this country. Pity his two kids!

  120. Does anyone actually expect Obama NOT to talk about himself? He is so arogant, self-centered…… I would be shocked if just one day he did not talk about himself.

  121. WELL:: What else could one expect from such a self centered egotistical ISLAMIC MUSLIM DICTATOR AS OBAMA THE GREAT ?? This Illegal sitting MUSLIM DICTATOR is all about OBAMA THE GREAT and to HELL with the people he wants to rule over.!!!!

  122. obama blowing his own horn isn’t going to ring a bell with those who watched it, these morons have no guidance system they are mostly brain dead liberals who have no sense of smell, no taste , and other leader to look up to,……….as they all fall with him off the cliff

  123. Folks, El Dumbo doesn’t give a Rat’s A.. for the US of A or its Constitution all he or that Traitoress MO carries about is how great they (think) they are and spent more of our money.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69, Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

    May Captain (Sen.) Daniel Inouye rest in piece. He deserves the rest for which he has earned.

  124. This author actually counted the number of times Obama used me, my, and I???

    This guy needs a hobby and he needs to stop looking for ways to criticize the president at every turn.


    ok, im sorry, but THIS is a BS standard… because EVERY eulogy is a personal story…
    its NOT about ego, but about personalising a story… when I eulogised my Grams, who had a HUGE part in raising me, what i said was HUGELY personal… ditto my great uncle (her Bro)
    i talked about all the ways THEY touched me… Frankly i probably said me/my/I about 1000 times during my Grams Eulogy…

    if I were asked to give a speech for Nixon, or Eisenhower, or carter, or $Bill, or Reagan, or Bush sr, (or JR) it would be RIDDLED with me and my and i… hell, id tell personal stories about Crazy Horse, FDR, Lincoln, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, EtAl….
    Eulogies are ALL about how a person TOUCHED us (and not in a dirty way)
    their IMPACT upon our lives…if they were IN our lives, regularly, me/my/I is limited…. but take a couple steps removed… and those words creep in…

    what is YOUR eulogy for Nixon, or TeddyR, or Ike…
    what would YOU say to their widdow, children, friends…?????

    seriously people… get a GRIP

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