Obama-Rama: How Would Dr.Seuss Explain the Sequester?

On Pennsylvania Avenue, right near the end, there lived a President who wanted to spend.

He knew spending meant power, so hour by hour, he thought up more spends from his Washington tower.

“I’ll spend without limits; I’ll spend without blame! Raising taxes to pay—that’s the name of the game.”

Down the street, though, a House filled with thriftier folk had a budget to pass, or the country’d go broke. “We can’t spend all day; we’ve got bills to pay! Let’s keep deficits and higher taxes away.”

The Senate next door to the House just refused. “We don’t like your budget. We’ve got some bad news: The President says we can spend all we want, and we’ll simply raise taxes whenever we choose.”

So they spent and they spent and they borrowed some more. And when all that was spent, they spent same as before.

But not everyone thought the spending was nice. In the House and the Senate, some spenders thought twice. “We’ll cut down on spending. We have a bad feeling…” then—SMACK!—right on schedule, they hit the debt ceiling.

Then the President’s office, confronted with debt: “If it’s cuts they want now, then it’s cuts they shall get. We’ll threaten such cuts that NO one would take, and show them that cuts are not smart to make.”

“This will make Congress move. We’ll just float out a tester… broad, haphazard cuts that we’ll call the sequester.”

The Senate and even the House said, “Okay! That will motivate us to find a good way. We’ll figure this out and stave off those cuts—to allow them to happen, we’d have to be nuts.”

So the deadline was set, but the spending went on. A year and a half had soon come and gone. The House passed a budget; the Senate said no; the President very much enjoyed the show.

“Spend higher! Spend faster! Grow the welfare rolls! Soon, love for the spending will show up in the polls.” He even raised taxes, but it wasn’t enough—the levels of spending grew too fast to keep up.

“Don’t you mind the sequester,” he told Capitol Hill. “You said you would fix it, and I’m sure you will.”

But they could not agree on ways to cut spending, and before they knew it, the sequester was pending.

“Oh no!” they all cried. “We can’t let these cuts stand!”

And the President said, “WHO thought of this terrible plan?”

They didn’t remember his plan all along. He distracted them with his spending-cut song. Now he returned to save them from harm, and to keep them forgetting all but his charm.

So the President said with a glint in his eye, “You tried to cut spending. I saw how you tried. But it’s just too painful—I’m sure you can see. From the beginning, you should have listened to me.”

“I’ll save you all from the spend-cutters’ axes. You see, the solution is just to raise taxes.”


We don’t know yet how this story will end. Will Congress raise taxes and continue to spend? We need a balanced budget with smarter cuts—reforming entitlements will take guts.

Let the President know that we’re onto his plan. Share this story with as many people as you can.

16 thoughts on “Obama-Rama: How Would Dr.Seuss Explain the Sequester?

  1. Let me have a crack at this.

    “It’s fun to have fun, but in 2009, destruction begun!

    Prez. Obama, who used to say:

    More spending and more taxes, it’s the best way!

    Inflation began, Inflation oh my!

    Only made the dollar bill fly sky high!

    Lied about the wars, in Iraq and Afghan

    But that is OK, said “Yes we can!”

    Lied about Benghazi, an impeachable offense

    But due to his logic, would cut defense!

    Wants all Mexicans, illegal across the border

    Wanted them to vote, in only his order!

    On the assassination, the killing of Osama

    “I did it and deserve credit” boasted Obama!

    Operation Fast and Furious, by Eric Holder

    Made the Mexican drug cartels, even bolder!

    Wants abortion, including partial birth ones

    And expects Christian groups to force the funds!

    This moron in office, what could we say?

    That only the citizens must push him away

    So all in all, what did we learn?

    That Obama is lower than a slimy worm!”

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  3. Who knows what Dr. Seuss would say… maybe something like this:

    A tacit agreement is the sequester plan
    Both parties are in, tho’ they say “we’re no fan!”
    They sit there quietly while the people all squawk,
    “So what is the deal with this political talk?”

    The plan is simple and the plan is fair
    Both taxes and cuts are what’s in the air
    Come on, you people, don’t you complain
    If you’re truly conservative, you’ll feel no pain.

    The poor will eat it; the jobless, too…
    So what the hell is this big hullabaloo?
    Republicans had eight years to make this big mess
    They squandered Bill’s surplus; they created an abscess

    It burst before Obama even stepped on the scene
    That’s just the reality, so why are you mean?
    We know you don’t love him because he’s so black,
    But you should just take a sec and take a step back.

    You’ll see he’s American just like you and me…
    And he’s a two-term President in the Land of the Free.
    If he’s a Muslim, so what? Constitution says he’s free
    To pray and to worship as he wants to be.

    Reality’s inconvenient; even sometimes a pain,
    But it is what it is, so go get a brain!
    Don’t forget who we are as the economy comes back,
    And Obama gets this nation right back on


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