Obama Signs Executive Order Giving Him and Federal Government Control of All Forms of Communication Under Any Circumstance

On Friday, July 6, 2012, without any fanfare or publicity, President Barack Obama signed an executive order titled Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.  Chances are that Obama didn’t want to bring attention to this action because of the power it places in his grasp.

Section 1 of the executive order reads:

“The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive missions. Survivable, resilient, enduring, and effective communications, both domestic and international, are essential to enable the executive branch to communicate within itself and with: the legislative and judicial branches; State, local, territorial, and tribal governments; private sector entities; and the public, allies, and other nations. Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies, and improve national resilience. The views of all levels of government, the private and nonprofit sectors, and the public must inform the development of national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) communications policies, programs, and capabilities.”

Basically, this executive order gives the president and Department of Homeland Security the authorization to take over and control any and all lines of communications any time they want to, as spelled out in Section 5.2 of the executive order:

Sec5.2. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall: (a) oversee the development, testing, implementation, and sustainment of NS/EP communications, including: communications that support Continuity of Government; Federal, State, local, territorial, and tribal emergency preparedness and response communications; non-military executive branch communications systems; critical infrastructure protection networks; and non-military communications networks, particularly with respect to prioritization and restoration;

(b) incorporate, integrate, and ensure interoperability and the necessary combination of hardness, redundancy, mobility, connectivity, interoperability, restorability, and security to obtain, to the maximum extent practicable, the survivability of NS/EP communications defined in section 5.2(a) of this order under all circumstances, including conditions of crisis or emergency;”

Some analysts have reviewed the executive order and state that this section gives the Department of Homeland Security the authorization to seize any and all private communications facilities it deems necessary.

The National Communications System defines the communications infrastructure as:

“The communications infrastructure is a complex system of systems that incorporates multiple technologies and services with diverse ownership. The infrastructure includes wireline, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting, and provides the transport networks that support the Internet and other key information systems.”

When you wade through the executive order and other related government documents, you discover that this document gives the president the power to seize and control every form of communication within the United States for any reason they so desire.

Now add this to the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress last year that gives the United States government to arrest, detain and hold indefinitely any American without a warrant, formal charges or any reason other than declaring the person is a threat to the nation.  Any detained under this act will be sent to a military run prison and held until such time as the government decides to release them.

I have never been a conspiracy nut and usually avoid those that are, but I can’t help but see the evidence over the past year to indicate that Barack Obama has almost everything in place to allow him to declare martial law and suspend the American way of life.  He has the power to control all forms of communication and detain anyone he wants.  He has purposely driven the economy and job market to the brink of collapse.

As much as I hate to admit it, I honestly believe that if Obama gets re-elected, that he will finalize the economic collapse of America and in so doing, will declare martial law and take control of all communications.  He will arrest and detain anyone who opposes him.  In all likelihood, he will disband Congress, the Supreme Court and stop all elections.  Ultimately, he will declare himself to be the supreme ruler of the nation and assume complete dictatorial control of the country.

This November’s election IS the most important presidential election in the history of America.  It may very well be the last election we will ever have.  I pray I’m wrong, but all of the evidence points to that conclusion.

551 thoughts on “Obama Signs Executive Order Giving Him and Federal Government Control of All Forms of Communication Under Any Circumstance

  1. We Americans have reached the tipping point. By allowing masses of illegals into the country against the will of the American people, he is creating a huge entitlement class which will supersede the productive class of worker bees. His marxist goal is to make everyone one equal class of footing, where a marxist socialist elite control the masses of poor worker bee drones that will support the entitlement class.
    Then usher in Obamacare, get rid of the seniors who are reminiscent of the old way, or the way things used to be. They’ve outgrown their usefulness and can no longer support the state, thus making themselves a liability. Then have a whole new America of socialist marxist progressive drones that will do whatever the government tells them in leiu of handouts at the cost of the worker bees.

      1. Amen to that..Mary are you planning on helping the republican so we get Romney elected and commie Obama booted out?

  2. Why wouldn’t someone who has repeatedly sought control of everything else, not want to control communications? It was the next logical step in the takeover of the greatest nation on earth by a slick, soulless egomaniac bent on ruling the world.

    1. I guess Obama wants to run the USA in the same way that Hugo Chavez,The Castros and the rest of the communist countries. Yeah! Monitor and silence all who do not agree with your failure.

      1. he’s just waiting for us to turn in our wepons so his presidency or should i say monarcy will be complete and have his crown cast !!

      2. That’s what communism is about.Listen to youtube and enter in the search “ronald reagan vs obama” and see the contrast from capitalism and communism.and then see “ronald reagan jokes” he made,on the truth on was about that in russia you have to wait 10 years to own a car.

    2. Anarchy means a lack of political authority. What we now have is pleanty of political authority comming from BO and his crew. How can you say we have anarchy ? And get almost 40 people to agree with that false statement, makes me wonder who some of you are out there.

  3. time to go hitler number 2. you are a sorry peice of crap you think you have won. keep thinking that scumb bag

    1. OBAMA is like Lenin who ordered in 1917 that all press be under the control of the Bolshevik Party. Lenin said that a journalist must be a Bolshevik and a Bolshevik can’t beieve and God. Do our American JournaLISTS ever go to church and ever pray to the LORD?
      I watched a CNN reporter yesterday question Romney about Bain Capital Corp. and all his rude quetions were right out of the Democrat Talking Points. CNN is just the Pravda organ of the Democrat Party.
      Folks I am sorry, but we have anti-Christians running our US media.

      1. We also have insane, super Christians running our US media. Fox news also exists, and it’s bias is far more noticeable.

        1. I know of a bias that shocked me.
          I spoke to a Russian Orhodox Priest who was imprisoned in a Soviet Gulag for ten years. He had refused to join Stalin’s “Living Church” and preach Bolshevik propaganda from the pulpit. He told me about the sadistic delight the CHEKA guards displayed when they with withheld food from starving Chriatian inmates.
          During the last month of his captivity this Priest was allowd to say Mass, read from the Holy Bilble, and give the Sacrament to the dying prisoners.

        2. Paul, you are so addicted to the MSM and it’s ONE sided view that FAIR and BALANCED seems radical. Then too the liberal left can’t deal with both sides of an issue because they always loose the debate. Facts are hard to overcome even with lies.

      2. You don’t have to be sorry that is the truth or they wouldn’t lie by ommission or telling the lies of Obama.

        1. I am sorry that our media is preaching communist/classwarfare/hate the rich/ Lenin propaganda. I used to think that American journalists were decent, honest men looking for the TRUTH, silly me.
          Lenin put poor Russia back into the dark ages and his Bolsheviks started a terror that Russia had not known since Ivan the Terrible.

    2. STOP slagging Hitler. Hitler WARNED about what would happen, in the 1930’s. He PREDICTED this. Start learning the truth.

  4. “to ensure National Security” What about Obama’s security leaks, oh, that’s right he’s above all laws. That is until judgement day!

    1. That was done to keep him from having to talk about his sorry history since he “took over” the White House, just like he is doing now with the Bain Capital nonsense. Anything to keep him from having to be confronted with illegal immigration, jobs, and the economy. He is setting into motion his plans to become the Dictator of the US, he is far from being done with his country, win or loose this election.

      1. I agree with you too Jackie. I have said this and I don’t think anybody believes that he wants to be a Dictator over the U.S. citizens. Look at what he has done. Does nobody see what he is doing? Come on citizens of America rise up and take back America. Don’t let him finish the job. Do not be complacent and complain later. It will be to late then. Open your eyes not your ears. Do not believe everything he promises,just see what he is doing. He is driving us over the cliff.

    1. there’ve been too many of those to count, but those who are responsible for starting the process are cowards!

    2. Only the 122nd so far, wonder where congress is, still hiden I supose, now that the 1st ammend is gone forever…

  5. Thank you all of you 18-29 year olds who were instrumental in voting this guy into office. Now that you have your college degrees and no job, maybe you will vote correctly this November.

      1. O.whodat passed two executive orders to get 800,000+ illegal aliens and countless urban brood mares into the voting booth. His next two executive orders will be to forgive ALL student loans and defaulted mortgages for the next group losers he plans to keep the GREAT HIMSELF in the White House to finish his annihilate US job as faux POTUS. For those of “We the REAL People” waiting for Nov…it may be too late by then with Dicktater Barry’s new grab for the communication systems.

        1. just be prepared stock up and be prepared there’ll be mashing of teeth in the streets – glad to live far out side the metro areas rural life looking better all the time….no following the detour signs to the FEMA camps for food and lodging when the grid is closed down marshall law is only for the masses they need to control the bad asses like ows will get canned beans thrown to them in the streets the rest will be told to follow the color detour signs in stages as they move us out or try to anyways. People need to study the history of Germany and how Hitler was able to accomplish what he did to that country. Sad, scared sheeple who would not stop the nazi’s when they had the chance and the jews who naively believed it could not be what it was….

        2. we The People don’t need to wait for the November election, we NEED TO ACT on WHAT The Declaration Of Independence states we have the RIGHT to do to get obama out of OUR office of the President of these UNITED STATES – we have all the legal “reasons” necessary to carry out these explicit instructions! Why isn’t anyone READING what was put into place AND ESTABLISHED by our Forefathers who gave us this “road map” for our protection??? WHY and WHAT is America waiting for??? The APATHY so much of America is slipping into is exactly what oama wants! He intends to beat We The People down so the morons that elected him into office will do so again! Anyone “giving up” and not voting our God given right – not to mention all our Military who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our FREEDOMS including those men and women still fighting for our rights and freedoms … are letting down those people, themselves, and this (STILL) great Nation! AND, by NOT voting, obama will get another four years to DESTROY AMERICA AND WE THE PEOPLE!!! WHOEVER IS THE ‘OTHER’ CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES, IS THE CANDIDATE WE MUST VOTE FOR TO END THE SICKNESS OBAMA HAS THRUST UPON OUR NATION!

    1. I don’t think they’ve grown up enough yet to be able to vote correctly. But…when Obama takes away their “communication units” watch the useful idiots lift up their heads and say “HUH? WHAT? What happened?”

      1. How SAD it is that the younger Generation is So controlled By the Electronic Equipment of Today,, I Really fear for Our Future and How the Government Wants So Much Control !!! I Pray that will Change Soon……Or the U.S.A As We Remember Will Be Lost Forever……..

        1. you know that were on a slipery slope now and from what i can gather they still haven’t gotten the message that he’s setting them up for a real heart break costley degrees money owed for their education and no work in sight but they still have faith in the obamanation an he’s going to save them YEA RIGHT and i believe in the easter bunny that lays golden eggs hopefuly they’ll get smarter befor AMERICA as we know her will be gone slowly but steady we / they are loosing our rights little by little

        2. Your golden-egg-laying bunny comment made me laugh. I agree, some people need to wake up and realize choices we make today will determine what happens tomorrow. I feel bad for our future generations.

        3. what makes you in charge, if someone has ideas they want to share with us, there is no need to be an english lit major to do just that, I would tend to belive a reg persons ideas befor any egg headed eng. prof. any day, all the trouble we are in is because of over educated morons that have no real experiance in the real world, just because some of us can’t spell that well dosn’t mean we haven’t he good sence God gave us! he may not have writen something you can grade him on, but what he did write tell it like it is with the truth!

        4. And how many eighth grade graduates are creating businesses and employing people these days. Basic ENGLISH communication is a prerequisite, including proper punctuation. Unfortunately, what we get on these boards is anything but. And if you’re on enough boards, long enough, you starting thinking that that’s how everyone communicates.

        5. Doesn’t anyone understand it is WE who will be repaying all of those sudent college costs — not the babies because thanks to themselves and their voting for Obama, they won’t have jobs.

        6. Once again… I am one of those types that goes out, hunts, hangs with friends, and etc. time to time with no issues. I also use a ton of electronics when convenient. If I had to lose them, I can, and have. enough said. Stop basing the younger generation and get out and help educate them. They got this way because of their parents being lazy and not standing when they should have against things that they should have. Or did yall think it was fairy that magically made it so it became like this?

        7. I agree Justin, and now it is going to get worse. Since they can be on their parents insurance until they are 26 yrs. old, they are not going to leave their home. I can here them now, “Why should I leave home? I have insurance and I can sponge off of Mommy and Daddy.” And it will happen.

        8. you’re so right, I’ve told my children since they were young that in todays world of corrupt politics all u need to do is follow the $ trail….The only way the American people will ever (at least this is how I see it) be represented is when we ALL get on the same page of Re-Elect No-One. I believe in 4 – 5 election cycles they’ll (the criminal politicians) be running for their lives, I mean livlihoods….augh special interest won’t need lobbyist if there guy is only getting to serve one term – humm pipe dreaming? perhaps but, praying on it anyway….

        9. Or maybe, it didn’t occur to you that their parents were busting their butts working two or three jobs just to pay for all of those little frivolous things like food and rent, and if they’re lucky enough to have any left over, clothes and gas for the car? Taxes are going up, up, up, but not our paychecks.

        10. I am the mother of a 19 year old young man, and I can tell you, not ALL the young people are lazy slackers dependent on handouts and technology. My son is a full time college student, conservative, Christian, planning on going to Seminary when he returns from a trip to former Soviet (Communist) Ukraine this fall. He works as a farm hand and works VERY hard here on the farm at home. He has grown up beneath the wing of my father, who was born in a work camp, and my son
          remembers the stories of his grandparents, with a baby and pregnant with my father, fleeing Ukraine and the very things that are happening here. Most people here in America don’t have a clue, or even know someone who has a clue what Martial law, gulags, unlawful imprisonment, manufactured famine, etc. are – and I pray to Our Merciful Saviour that they never have to.

        11. If Obama is reelected we will all be finding out what living under a dictatorial government is like.

        12. You recognize what is now occuring in our country because it happened in yours. This time, if our enemies are successful, there is no other country for us to flee to, as you did, to America. We will have to pull another Concord and Lexington and fight to the death to keep our country. I wonder how many are brave enough …and willing enough… to do so? hmmmm. Just a thought.

        13. [email protected] says:

          The time for pray is been over with ,people need to be already decided that commie obama will not get their vote .period.
          Do we want heim to suceed,do you love America,are you a patriot,support your military,support free speach and freedom of religion of whatever it is?Then if Obama is eleected we will be doomed as a nation.The time for prayer is over with.,the action we must do.
          God isn’t going change all thing himself,he wants you to be active and vote when time is.speak out ,put out signs,make people mad if that it takes to get people woke up.

        14. baxtor, you’re sentence structure is, umm, it’s, it’s, umm, a little hard to follow.

        15. dittos! It’s starting to get scary out there and fast. On talk radio in the Phila area we lost Beck almost 2 yr ago, then Hannity and now Rush. Tell me how do we silence the NY Times or Time Magazine or MSNBC?? or the idiot on late night TV with his foul vulgar so-called comedy against conservatives?

        16. All media exists on an advertising base subject to boycott of their advertised products and services. Their Achilles heel is revealed in the details of the ads injected into your presence among the half truths and out right lies provided as bait. All cost of advertising is simply passed on to consumers along with all operating expenses through increased cost of products and services.
          No license or permit is yet required to participate in consumer spending used to determine mainstream media content. Every purchase becomes a vote to influence the delegated responsibility of all biased government watchdogs invading your castle.

        17. Pardon me Susie because I don’t mean this negatively, but what kind of people are in charge of Philadelphia. If they tried to take Beck, Hannity and Rush away from the people in LA, MS and AR they would have a full blown riot in the deep south. Sounds like you all need to clean out a mess in your political arena as well as the Federal Fools. Sorry that you can’t listen to “Free Broadcasting” like the rest of us.

        18. The good news in Philly is that all three have been picked up by Philadelphia IQ106.9 FM!!!!! Not sure how long it will last, but at least they are back!!

        19. Baxtor; You may be not be perfect at English grammar or structure, but you get the point across very well, imo. The thought is definitely there.

        20. I get it, the masses are asses, everytime I fill up I leave a sticker on the pump that reads Dear Voter do u recall on Jan.9th, 2009 when BO took office that the price of a gal of gas was $1.79? Anyone but BO in 2012….Not a big Romney fan, but, I’ll give him a term, and that’s it….If he shocks me and does move to more conservative/constitution policies maybe a second term, but, not likely. I haven’t voted for an incumbent for years, when will the rest of Amreica wake up and see it’s our only way out. They’ll never do Campaign Finance Reform – making it possible for an honest person to get into office, and they’ll never do Term Limits, why would they vote themselves out of a job, espeically one that places these no-body special types into an elitist group they don’t earn or deserve?

        21. Technology-dependency is a real problem, but even “adults” fall into that category. It makes me sad people my age cannot navigate somewhere with a ‘real’ map anymore. Technology is useful, but I believe knowing how to do things “old-school” is important too. :)

        22. I agree with parent. If I want something in a hurry I go to the drawer where I have it filed and pull it out. Takes less than 30 seconds. If I look it up in the computer it takes several minutes by the time I start the computer find the program, find the document, pull it up and make a copy, and if my computer crashes It’s not lost. My friend was sick the other day because her phone was destroyed and all her numbers were in it. Some she’ll never be able to retrieve. Technology is not dependable……

        23. Krissy I agree. I build Android apps and can relate to technology not always being dependable. I am glad I keep hard-copies of important documents too. :)

        24. Dear “Parent”, I am also saddened about the Tech World we live in & how young people cannot “survive” without their Ipads, cell phones or anything electronic, today. BUT, what is even worse, is they cannot even write or spell correctly, but they sure can text faster than anyone can imagine. And now Obamabobblehead will be using his techniques to aquire all of their communications for his own agenda. It is forthcoming!

        25. Prior Presidents mastered the television as key communications vehicle.
          Obama has mastered the back-of-the-head wind up key and PDA attached to everyone under age 30. We are doomed.

        26. It pretty much confirms what I knew for years the American
          educational system, along with inept parents, students being bought off by cell
          phones gadgets and gizmos texting etc etc have been dumbed down and education
          watered down where these kids have ZERO common sense no discernment, a lack of
          fundamental American government as a REPUBLIC, the principles of our finding
          fathers etc to make clear informed decisions regarding any candidate that steps
          forward form the masses, like Obama. These kids today are the rule not the
          exception Instead they are easily bought off by the mainstream media having candidates
          like Obama being packaged in neat nice hopeful packages but the eventually the
          true colors and agendas of these candidates come forth and these kids could
          care less. But for the rest of US subject to such stupidity we are left to deal
          with the consequences. These kids will also suffer the consequences but it
          hasn’t sunk into their clouded brains yet. In so far as American kids being the
          future of this country are true but what KIND of a future. It will be one that
          you see emerging before you being lead by the nose to the slaughter similar to
          the German people under Hitler, until the agendas set forth by the Socialist
          political agenda creates anarchy, then it will go viral to war. Then millions
          will die again. History WILL repeat itself….it always does

        27. There are a few exceptions to that, I was invited to a grammer school program! There were at least 12 different cultures in the room. WE said the Pledge, there were flags in every room. If a parent objected, the students could leave the room while the class said the pledge. Minority did NOT win. AND the children ALL sang GOD Bless America! There were many in tears. I spoke to the principal after and thanked him. He stated as long as it was his school. there will be a flag in every room and the pledge will be said every day! God Bless this man, our country and all patriots who feel the same!

        28. I am 72 years old and the USofA I knew is already lost. I do my best to let my kids, grandkids and great grandkids know what they have already lost.

        29. IM 85 and i agree with you the young people have no respect for thier
          elders or any one else. this all started to happen when they allowed
          marry caldren to teach sex in grade school…our children are at the
          mercy of the teachers but it all goes back to the lack of disaplin from
          the parents.

        30. Maybe if the older generation would have been smarter to not let all the foreigners in we would be in a better place. Foreigners who can barely speak English, who take our jobs, social security, welfare, and ride the medicare/medical train till death until there is not one red cent left for those who actually paid into this stuff their entire life! Foreigners who bring all their twisted morals and militant religions with them. Foreigners who vote for people with names and values like Obama Hussein Bin Laden. Foreigners who will eventually bring this country to its knees from the inside out and then utterly destroy it!
          “Oh we couldn’t have helped it” you say, well how could we have helped the already sticky situation we are coming into when your situation was better to start with in the first place. The younger generation is not the ones who dropped the ball, they are just the ones who have to start realizing the consequences of past failures.
          By the way, I did not vote for Hussein Obama.

      2. I would say a lot of people (regardless of age) do not realize what is going on in the world…please try not to label everyone in Gen Y as stupid. I can assure you, there are many of us out there who are aware and vote consciously. :)

        1. I’m 18, but I’m sensible enough to know that all of my votes shouldn’t be for some guy who’s making an absolute mockery of the presidency. Obama’s probably one of the worst presidents. Ever. And I’m almost sort of glad I’m not going to be fully into the service until after Romney’s inaugurated.

        2. GOOD FOR YOU SUSIE!! Now talk to ALL of your friends and other young people whenever you can…..TELL THEM WHO BO really is!

        3. Susie, Being in the Military may be the only place you will be able to carry a gun, if BO creates martial law & gets himself back into office!

        4. I agree. If people would get off their drugs and provide for their families, like they should have been doing instead of raping the government system and its programs, they would have to wake up. If they are on food stamps how do they afford an iPhone, multiple tattoos, fake nails, a tanning membership and a fresh pedicure? I support drug testing those who are on special programs, but our state is not on board yet.

      3. Obama has bigger fish to fry. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, anybody who uncovers the truth about him.

      4. Not to mention when gas gets up to $10- $20 per gallon, and they can’t gas up their pretty little priusses how will they respond? Oh wait, I know, they can just “occupy” and “protest”, right?

    2. I know many people who voted FOR Obama have said they are voting against him. I have not heard from anyone who voted AGAINST Obama having said they are voting FOR him this time. Obama is losing in every demographic. But keep listening to the CNN/MSNBC/HLN spin…

      1. Dr Pillpopper , you have been looking at the wrong sites- check out 270.com- he rates Obama a 99% lock. Nate Silver, the best mind in polling at 238.com gave him 294 Electoral votes last week. Get the mattresses out, you fellows will be a long siege. Don’t forget the last holdout Japanese troops gave up in the Philippines in the mid 1960’s.

        1. Looks like 4 more years!

          Arizona Senator John McCain says that Sarah Palin was a “better
          candidate” than Mitt Romney in 2008, in what may be the least helpful
          defense of Romney’s tax return problem imaginable.

          McCain made the comment in an interview with Politico on Tuesday. He was attempting to refute the claims of Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel, who mockingly said
          over the weekend that when Romney “gave them 23 years [of tax returns],
          John McCain’s campaign looked at it and went, ‘Let’s go with Sarah
          Palin.’ So whatever’s in there is far worse than just the first year.”

          “That’s just outrageous,” McCain told Politico. “It’s so disgraceful for them to allege something that they have absolutely no knowledge of.”

          When asked why he decided not to pick Romney, McCain replied

          Oh come on, because we thought that Sarah Palin was the
          better candidate. Why did we not take [Tim] Pawlenty, why did we not
          take any of the other 10 other people. Why didn’t I? Because we had a
          better candidate, the same way with all the others. … Come on, why?
          That’s a stupid question.

          So, according to McCain, Romney was a worse candidate than the
          walking punch line who couldn’t name a single Supreme Court case other
          than Roe v. Wade, couldn’t name a single newspaper that she
          regularly reads, claimed that her foreign policy credentials were
          enhanced by being able to see Russia from her house, and — according to polls — significantly hurt McCain’s chances of winning the election.

          After hearing McCain’s attempt to “help,” Romney may want to borrow a phrase from Paul Ryan: “with friends like these, who needs the left?”

        2. McCain took Palin because he saw the popularity of Hillary….I know you disagree, but in my opinion, what this president is doing to this country is an atrocity. America will come back and without Obama. It is easy to “quote” Palin when, as usual, you use snippets and take things out of contest. Palin is a brilliant woman who worked hard for what she got and was practically assassinated by the liberal media (may they rest in peace in hell soon.)

        3. Sen. John McCain said on Tuesday he can “personally vouch” there was nothing disqualifying in the 23 years’ worth of tax returns that Mitt Romney submitted to his team in 2008, when he was vetted for a vice presidential spot.
          “Everything was fine,” McCain told reporters on Capitol Hill. “I can personally vouch for the fact that there was nothing in his tax returns that would in any way be disqualifying for him to be a candidate.”
          When pressed about whether Romney might be shielding his returns because he paid no taxes, McCain refused to discuss such specifics.
          “Please, I am not going to get into that kind of conversation,” he said. “All I can tell you, and I can tell you again, is there was nothing disqualifying in his tax returns. And that is a fact.”
          The Obama campaign has repeatedly attacked the presumptive Republican nominee on the tax return issue, causing even some Republicans to step up calls for Romney to release additional tax returns so as to put the matter to rest.
          Romney has released his 2010 tax return and said he will release his 2011 return as well.
          But McCain, whose campaign reviewed 23 years of tax returns from Romney in 2008, said that the former Massachusetts governor should not give way to increasing pressure. McCain’s comments echoed those made by his former campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, who told The Huffington Post that Romney’s taxes did not play a role in McCain’s bypassing him for the vice president spot.
          “So if your opponent makes a big deal out of some issue, then you’re supposed to do something that no one else has done?” McCain asked. “Like if you’re married to a very wealthy billionaire, should you have been revealing her tax returns?”
          “I don’t recall that happening with the Kerry campaign,” he added, referring to Teresa Heinz Kerry’s refusal to disclose her tax returns during the 2004 presidential bid of her husband, Sen. John Kerry.
          “Should Kerry have released more? Should I have released more? Should George Bush have released more?” McCain asked.
          “You can make the same argument with every other candidate,” he continued. “[The Obama campaign] can’t talk about the economy, so they have to make personal attacks against a good and decent man.”

        4. crap why all this nonsense and distraction over release this that and the other thing, Obama release your freakin College Applications? duh

        5. they picked her bkz they knew BO was in now get real, do u really think the GOP thought for a min. that McCain could be pres?

        6. What is wrong with you…scared BO is going to lose big time so you go find an obscure figure and display as true?? Just like demonic dems….. lie, steal, cheat, hate, spit, deny, and cry…… but in the end your days are numbered. NO ONE I KNOW HAS ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT BO OR DEMS….. NOTHING.

        7. You think we will be the only ones under seige if Obama get elected, everyone in America.

        8. the ignorant masses think they’ll be exempt just like the unions are from Obamacare…hee hee until he no longer needs them, study Hitler libs….

        9. If your boy is re-elected you will surely not have the freedom to be posting commie trash on any website. Don’t you know that the fake poll numbers are typical of all history’s garden variety tyrants? Obama is certainly no different from the rest of the mass murderers, so how can you be so fooled? You must be reading a Media Matters funded poll.

        10. Arizona Senator John McCain says that Sarah Palin was a “better
          candidate” than Mitt Romney in 2008, in what may be the least helpful
          defense of Romney’s tax return problem imaginable.

          McCain made the comment in an interview with Politico on Tuesday. He was attempting to refute the claims of Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel, who mockingly said
          over the weekend that when Romney “gave them 23 years [of tax returns],
          John McCain’s campaign looked at it and went, ‘Let’s go with Sarah
          Palin.’ So whatever’s in there is far worse than just the first year.”

          “That’s just outrageous,” McCain told Politico. “It’s so disgraceful for them to allege something that they have absolutely no knowledge of.”

          When asked why he decided not to pick Romney, McCain replied

          Oh come on, because we thought that Sarah Palin was the
          better candidate. Why did we not take [Tim] Pawlenty, why did we not
          take any of the other 10 other people. Why didn’t I? Because we had a
          better candidate, the same way with all the others. … Come on, why?
          That’s a stupid question.

          So, according to McCain, Romney was a worse candidate than the
          walking punch line who couldn’t name a single Supreme Court case other
          than Roe v. Wade, couldn’t name a single newspaper that she
          regularly reads, claimed that her foreign policy credentials were
          enhanced by being able to see Russia from her house, and — according to polls — significantly hurt McCain’s chances of winning the election.

          After hearing McCain’s attempt to “help,” Romney may want to borrow a phrase from Paul Ryan: “with friends like these, who needs the left?”

        11. We’re not concerned about what McCain thinks or anyone else for that matter. We know what’s happening in the country and we know that the America that the World’s Greatest Generation fought for will be gone with for 4 more years of Obama. It’s almost gone now. I think he has a burr in his butt for Americans and he’s been cunning enough to almost pull it off. If people don’t quit sucking up the Kool-aid, we’re all doomed. Remember Dick, there aren’t that many people who belong to the Communist party. Only a select few. The rest are just worker bees. You might be one of these already and don’t even know it.!

        12. With just over a month to go before the start of the nominating conventions, the two main presidential candidates in the United States are tied, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.
          In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,001 American adults, 47 per cent of decided voters (+1 since June) say they will vote for Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, while 47 per cent (=) would cast a ballot for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.
          As was the case in May, Romney holds a double-digit lead among male voters (52% to 40%), while Obama maintains the upper hand among female voters (54% to 42%).
          Obama is ahead among American voters aged 18-to-34 (54% to 36%), while Romney holds a four-point edge among those aged 35-to-54 (49% to 45%) and a more significant advantage among voters over the age of 55 (54% to 43%).

      2. Dr. Phil,
        Do you think there is any way that you could help Richard J Garfarckel with his current respiratory problem? He needs you to pull his head out of his @$$ that he can breather bettter and then maybe, his brain will begin to function !!!

      3. He is like the devil, he is cunning, devious, and bad to the core. Anybody that thinks he is there to help them has another think coming. He is there for himself and to destroy America. That is what criminals do they ruin anything and everything they touch. They look like you and I but they do not think like you and I do not set out tp destroy everything we touch….

        1. old coyote: Sorry to disagree, but I have to say that it’s a stretch to predict that any segment of the American population will vote one way or another; it isn’t over till it’s over, and I respect Jewish people’s intelligence as well as their shrewd business knowledge. I do not feel that they try to control anyone’s words and actions. I feel also that some of the liberals’ “sure fire” voters might be changing by November, because they’ve witnessed the lack of hope and the weirdness of change that we as citizens have received during the past three-plus years. We need to get out the Conservative vote across the nation, across party lines, across sexual persuasion, and across religious affiliations. One should not be expected to vote for the person he/she tried last time just because he/she belongs to a particular ethnic, religious, age, or cultural group.

        2. what I’ve recently become concerned about is this perhaps rumor that Geo. Soros is the majority owner of a company in Spain that will be counting the votes for the presidential election?? can this really be true? I keep saying I need to research this further, but, alas have no time…

      4. Well unless they get the voter ID passed in every State we are at the mercy
        of those that are either dead or are not legal voters.

        Obama can lose the popular vote and still win the electoral votes from key
        states. He has played his cards to do just exactly that.
        IMO our one main hope is Sheriff Joe AZ, can prove him ineligible to be
        president and all his foolish executive orders will be null and void.
        He most certainly has not lived up to his swear in, to up hold the

        1. yes and why have the republicans let him go? bkz there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the D’s & the R’s….we do have a few good men, Jim DeMint wants true conservatives and vets before he endorses. I give all my extra $ to his Conservative Senate Fund, not the GOP who’ll put in scum bags like Scott Brown and Pat Toomey (who’s campaign I worked on) republicans are complicent and we wouldn’t be here today if they took a stand many many years ago. Remember when BO said ‘well they’ve had the keys to the car for 8 yr and they drove it into the ditch, so now if they don’t like where it’s heading they can take a seat in the back’ well big deal. Like they care, the establishment will get their turn again and the dem’s will sit in the back seat, all said the scum bags remain seated and riding down the road in style and we get to move into gold carts on the road to serfdom. Stupid American people …Re-Elect No-One has to be the message to the politicians by the People ALL the people if we ever want our interest to be represented and not the Special Interest who buy the politicians.

      5. Bingo, Doc! You are absolutely correct! And add to that the ones who voted for him last time around who are apathetic enough to stay home… the thrill has faded.

      6. Dr Phil, I pray you are correct. I also don’t know of people who are switching TO obama but I know some you are changing to vote AGAINST him. Here in WI on the night of the recall election the press was saying it was a tie, neck in neck. And Scott Walker won by 7%!!!

    3. Gmarshall: I have seen it, and said it many times….A semi trained dog has more sense than the idiots calling themselves college grads these days.

        1. I always say they are educated way beyond their intelligence, which is a fact in most cases.

    4. Deuteronomy 17:15 “…from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over
      thee: thou mayest not set a stranger (foreignor) over thee, which is
      not thy brother.”

      1. The Lord God Almighty says
        REPENT Americans
        Turn from all of your sinful ways and
        Return to God
        Seek to do His will and to serve Him only.

        Amen and amen …

      2. the LORD said that to Isreal and America which as once a Christian nation,that you should have leaders that are naturalized citizen,overwise they won’t have the national patrotism ,and won’t be loyal to the nation.Thats why the founding fathers whom all were Christians knew that and put it in the declaration of independence.But if we don’t vote out commie obama,the independence may be soon a momory ,and something in the past .Do we all want that,or communism that obama has been giving out?
        Ifyou agree with me ,let send him home with his tail between his legs.

        1. I’ve converted alot of dems to vote for Romney. I haven’t been sitting idly around. Just hope the hub caps are still on the WH cars when he leaves

      1. Because Brad Nova some of us live beyond that little sphere of existence where you are. We see what is going on in the rest of the world that you know nothing of because you have not yet widened your horizons enough to understand that you do not know all there is to know. I suggest you get some new friends and look beyond your closed environment. You will be amazed at what truths you will learn if you try looking outside yourself instead of within yourself. You are a product of what you have been around all your life. There is a whole world out there you know nothing about and as long as you refuse to acknowledge that you are doomed to believe lies forever.

        1. Then why in the hell are you on godfather, Brad? Go back to the HuffPo or MSNBC because that’s where small minds seem to hang out.

        2. That is my point Brad Nova. You are perfectly right, it does not qualify as widening your horizons. And furthermore, I have not fallen for any article. I have been around a long time and have been affiliated with many, many sources of what is truth and what is not truth. If you were observant and informed, you would know that this article fits Obama’s personality and profile perfectly. His words betray him. To put it bluntly he does not love this country. He is not a patriot. He is does not believe in private enterprise unless it exits because of government backing. Which of course makes it no longer private. He is working on shutting down this country as we have always known it. Freedom is everything. That is what our country has thrived on. The biggest freedom we have always enjoyed is freedom to practice our beliefs as we so choose. And to move about and communicate without reprisal. If one chooses to believe that Jesus Christ has the answer to life, they are now beginning to be persecuted for not believing that it is Obama who has the answer to life. If you would look to the God of creation who is the decider of your final destiny, instead of a man who believes he has the answer to what is right for you, then you would understand with clarity how wrong you are believing in Obama as God’s gift to America. I would implore you to ask God with a contrite heart to give you the truth concerning what life is all about and where you stand before Him. You are the one who is fallen and that is why you are unable to look at this article from the proper view point. God Almighty has the answers – not President Obama. That is why those of us how give our allegiance to God know the answers even before we read an article like this.

        3. Exceedingly good post, sir. Thank you. When I get anxious about Obama, I read Proverbs… wow, the wisdom is always so healing, especially concerning fools with lying lips. I often say that Obama is the “gift that keeps on giving”. He just can’t help himself, and from the “abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If he has served any worthwhile purpose at all, it has been to enlighten people what can happen to our freedoms if we put our trust in man.

        4. I want freedom anybody else here,seems to me that these people like brad don’t want freedom of speech,and thet would include brad that support commie obama whom would also lose freedom also.
          These people that commie Obama wants dependent on him are selling out their freedoms to get welfare.I gave you food now shut up and eat .Whats better work ,and the
          pride of doing a days work,and getting paid for your labors,or being a bum?

    5. What a mess this country is in, most don’t have a clue. I am of color and I did not vote for this president because I saw this mess coming. Some of these people voted for him thinks he their messiah. I am for the era of the civil rights movement and I don’t like what is going on. We fought equality life not hand-outs from the government like this. He is taking things in the wrong direction. People need jobs if they able minded and healthy body need to work, period.

      1. Amen to that my brother. You are so right. Man of color or man who is drained of color, you are absolutly right.

      2. I deeply respect and appreciate your comment. It is sad what is hapening to the USA and cannot understand why people do not see what is happening to their freedom. Our rights are being taken away little by little and few seem to comprehend the terrible consequences of this. Remember the Confusian analogy of the frog placed in warm water, never realizing it was getting hotter until it cooked to death? This is exactly what is happening here and many are willing to sell their future and their childrens future for a government handout, waht happen to te resilient American spirit, what happened to the rugged individualism. We are starting to look as a herd of castrated sheep.

        1. Joe I agree and I weep for our country and our future generations. He is consumed with self importance and has been groomed to take over this country. Why are so many blinded? Are they so uneducated that they do not know history? Do they think history is just a matter of old fashioned ideas? Well they better wake up before they are throwing rocks to defend thenselves because his agenda is clear he wants us to live the same life style as they do in the middle east living in poverty and obeying the dictator cut off from the outside world and praying we are not arrested because someone just doesn’t like us.

        2. You say: are they so uneducated that they do not know histor. What about all the educated people who are supporting Obama. The news media, congress. I can’t understand how all these educated people can want Marxism. Do they not understand that their lives will forever be changed?

        3. They have not learned the truthful history. Heck, I am. 58 years old and. we were taught half truths and out and out lies. We can not blame any one generation. How many on this blog are ” baby boomers” who have swallowed evolution, ” hook, line, and sinker”? Brainwashed kids? Most of us that understand more than the average citizen have had to study and self- teach ourselves, haven’t we?

        4. I do believe HISTORY repeats itself! The Greeks, the Romans,the Muslims, the Germans, the Japanese, the English, the French, the Spanish, and it is now going to be the Americans. It is not what I fought to preserve, but it started happening back when so many of us were in Viet Nam and the Liberals were at home creating their own world order under Liberal educators and see where it is going? It is frightening that is getting out of control!

      3. I agree. Those who vote based on the pigment of someone’s skin shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Voting should not be based on what color someone is. :)

      4. Fastgal said that people voted for Obama as their messiah. They didn’t know the facts and warning signs. I almost got sucked in! This longtime liberal media has been keeping the voters in the dark to the truth. I compare that to the slave owners who didn’t allow them to learn to read. They and the lamestream media know that Knowledge is Power. Educate the kool-aid-drinking people around you.

        1. everyone should see “Runaway Slave” a great movie that especially black US Americans should see — that would help open eyes i think

        2. I just saw the trailer for Runaway Slave.  I plan to see it, but unfortunately the ones who need to see it  won’t.

      5. I tell you this letting illegals have their way to get the votes will only hurt Americans of all colors. I just hired a woman 70yr old of color to work with me and my 95 yr old mother. She said many folks need any jobs they can get bkz the cost of living has risen so under BO…the govt. does not count gas, food and electric under the inflation index, how convenient..but, I must say that my brother in law who is a black American will vote for BO again bkz he claims Romney is worse. He claims to be a christian man, I don’t argue politics with family anymore, I just can’t help but wonder why? BO is no God fearing man.

        1. I’m ready for the rature, and the liberals can have there corrupt obama and his goons! to some liberals I’ve talked to, its all about party, they don’t care what hes doing, as long as a democrat is in control, they are fine! I read one persons post earlier today, she said for the repubs to just shut the hell up, that they were excited by what obama was doing and where he was leading them, said they were tired of living in the daek ages!

      6. He’s what “everybody” is waiting for, a minority for the minorities, a queer for the queers, a dumbass for the Californians, a foreigner for the foreign… Everything except that he NEVER held an honest job and contributed to the ecconomy. A guy doesn’t use a half dozen aliases to disguise his good works.

    6. Have you seen the people he’s getting staning O’s from when he bashes the hell out of this country and everything it was built on? It’s mighty troubling because they look to me like your average 50 something Conservative Americans,it’s damned disturbing when they cheer and applaud at some of the vile hate America filth this guy spews.

    7. And I would like to add,” Thank you to all my fellow citizens who
      helped make this possible by voting for this inexperienced, ideologically
      radical, unaccomplished shell of candidate. “

    8. You couldn’t have said it better!! There is no turning back now, bo-bo is in panic mode grasping at anything that will give him the ability to become a dictator. Do not underestimate this psychologically stunted politician.

      Be very alert to voter fraud in your own neighborhood polling stations, his desperation is starting to show. We can plan on the fact that he will stop at nothing to grab power. The time has come to stand up and be rid of this albatross.

    9. Boy, you are so right. I have always said that it was our young idiots who put him over the top to win the election. What else can we expect after the socialist indoctronation that we call education these days.

    10. I know people are being sarcastic when they “thank” someone for voting in this b**turd. I think we should start saying “Shame on you” as they probably aren’t smart enough to understand the sarcasm and actually think they did a good job and they’ll do it again!

      1. According to CNN, %60 of voters in poll admitted that they voted for him was because of his color… sad that the race card has that much influence now

      1. it be called the U.S.S.O meaning United Socalist states of Obama,another russia,or Iran ,hatever country he likes it after.

      2. Like you said, Fran – someone so vain and full of himself and completely, STUPID! Even their dog is smarter than obama!! ;^)

    11. First, I voted against him back in ’08, second I do have a job with my degree, third I am voting against him again 😉 Don’t label all of us in one group, makes you look like an ignorant idiot… Good day!

    12. I have to weigh in. I am sure you meant “most’ not “all of you 18-29 year olds” voted him into office. I am 27 years old and have always worked (since graduating H.S.) and paid as I went to earn a B.S., M.Ed., and I am currently half-way to a Doctorate (without any student loans). My husband and I are completely debt-free and realize the value of a dollar having no aid from anyone (to include our parents who taught us how to save when we were children). He is a Soldier and I am a teacher and we have a lot of pride in what America is (or should I say was) founded on. I am proud that our state did not vote for Obama. I cannot morally vote for what he stands for. I’m glad many of you are getting your voice heard on this site. I just want you to know – there ARE some “kids” out there who agree with you. Please VOTE when the time comes – every vote makes a difference. :)

      1. “Thank-you”, 27 – well said! Proud of you and your husband and know you speak for others who are as yourselves, upright citizens who work hard to have accomplished what you have, which often times, like these blogs … the good gets lost with the bad in generalization. Forgive those of us guilty of such. May Yahweh/God Bless you and yours.

        1. You’re right 4evrMoi. There are a lot of great people in this country. It’s time we all stood up and said enough is enough. There is power in numbers. God bless you too!

    13. It’s been said that: “If you were not liberal when you were young you had no heart. If you did not become conservative when you matured….you have no brain.”

    14. I don’t think they will be able to think about how they voted and the results of what they did. The ability to logically think has been educated OUT of the American young people, educated out by what passes for our public education and the National Education Association teachers unions. Graduates of our public school system today are considered educated if they even know what a multiplication table is, let alone whether or not they have learned them. Listen to what passes for their use of the English language, and I am talking about our college degreed ones.

    15. Who died and made him dictator anyway? And some want 17 year olds to be allowed to vote. Federal law says you must be a citizen of the U.S., 18 years of age or older, and a resident of the county in which you reside for at least 30 days prior to the election.

      1. They can’t vote like the rest of us whom were 17 and waited til they’re 18 to vote.They want to vote for Obama this time and can’t because of their age.
        I’d liked to be able to vote for Ronald reagan but when he was running I’d be either 10 or 14 and so should we break the rules so i could
        vote?no what the difference in a year, their not 18 yet.They can wait as i did.

        1. *If anyone allows 17 year olds to vote they are breaking federal law. I’m like you, they can wait until they are 18. I had to wait until I was 21 before I could register to vote. *

    16. I doubt it, they are a group of whiners who’ll buy into BO’s propaganda that it’s all Bush’s fault and that he hasn’t had enough time to fix the worse than first thought mess left for him….They have no idea of what’s going on and lesser desire to spend the time to figure it out, it’s much easier to listen to the msm (the long arm of this regime) than think and try to reason for themselves…hope they like what they get if this guy gets back in, the shame is they take all of us with them as they start down the road to serfdom!

    17. Yes it’s all our fault. Every person above age 29 is really smart and practically fool-proof because they are so old and wise. How I envy them all. Shut the f up and start thinking before you blindly label people. I agree he should have never been voted in but I couldn’t vote yet. So go chill out before you will have “fallen and can’t get up.”

      1. why so angry kiddo? Chill. Nobody likes generalizations, but jeez… couldn’t you simply make your comments without all the nastiness? sheesh.

    18. My daughter was in College here in Texas when they started with all the Obama propaganda, I told her that if she voted for Obama I would stop paying for College and apartment. She didnt like like him after I made her check him out, now she is a Conservative like mamma. I was very serious to!

    19. Don’t count on it, remember Forrest Gump says stupid is as stupid does. He also said you can’t fix stupid.A big majority of them will be right back to the poles in Nov.unless someone can get through their thick sculls.

    20. It wasn’t just the kids. It was also some of the lower, middle and some seniors. As a Christian, the Bible says I am to pray for our leaders. I pray for Obama and his family’s souls but I certainly did not vote for him last time nor will I do so this time. God help and bless America with a President and Vice President and all the elected folks to help get this country back on track…

    21. So by instrumental what do you mean? Because every demographic with few exceptions voted for him. The 18-29 year-olds you are referring to only made up 18% of the total voting block.
      Also when the rest of you go into your tirades against the youth, you should think realistically. Who has been voting for the past 60 years to create the environment were in? It sure wasn’t us, we weren’t even around then. Your generations saw prosperity. Guess what our generation is seeing. We are the first generation to not be better off than the last since the great depression. Did we do this? No we had no choice when it came to taken on YOUR government debt. Are seniors trying to amend this problem? No they don’t care, they’re outspending every other age group combined in government. So stuff your “back in my day” garbage. My generation may be spoiled, stupid, and lazy, but guess what, EVERY generation has been called that.

  6. Hyperbole, I think not. You have the new Hitler on the scene. The sheeple, in and out of government had better start impeachment proceedings immediately, if not sooner. What more does this power hungry Godless ghoul need to do to expose himself for the demon that he is? History is repeating itself.! HEIL!

  7. what makes you think he will wait until after the election? He could do it before, especially if he thinks he will lose.

    1. I agree completely, and feel he has set in motion his plans to become a dictator if he looses. I am starting to stock up on ammo, food, and water. He will do whatever he has to do to destroy this country.

      1. Jackie: We are witnessing the beginning of Obama`s plans for setting himself up as Dictator in a form og government identicle to Irans form of Government. In November voters could derail his plans. Let us all hope and pray that voters will choose to reject this tricky man and choose one who will give us the change that we want.

  8. WTF…This is such a Arrogant…Narcissistic…AH…And I guess the AH should stand for Adolph Hitler II…If only the end would be the same…and soon please

    1. that would be the solution rather than rebellion that would happen if something unforeseen would happen to him!

    2. There won’t be an end of the world,only a new earth and a new universe recreated after Christ burns up the first one after His 1000 year reign on earth in the capital of jerselem ,Isreal.and we whom are born again with reigh with him also ,where ever he decides you rule over,what city.or as governor somewheres.Even though its bad now,a good day in comming in the future for Christians,because the world will take the beast’s mark and be doomed.

  9. He has no plans to ever leave office. He will take over even if he is not re-elected and that is if he doesn’t take over before elections.

    1. He, like Caesar will be offered the Crown of Lupercal thrice and by the 3rd offer, unlike Julie Boy, he’ll accept. Hail Emperor (not King) Obama. But. I’ll be right with him. Wake up princess, you are in a Meth Dream!

    2. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The scarier scenario may be that he is NOT reelected. He may need to “suspend” the government until all recounts are completed or some BS.

    3. He may not have plans… but don’t worry, he will be out… in spite of what any of the liberal trolls may say, ‘cos “they know not of what they speak.” And don’t ever give Obama too much credit… his days are numbered, as are all puppets.

  10. IT is time to kick this piece of worthless Kenyan trash out of the white house and out of AMERICA ,,, where are our congressmen and senators , why are they not standing up and telling ODUIMBA that he is not a god or king and what he wants to do is illegal and he can not do it , were it not so close to the Nov. election I would call for his impeachment,, GOD SAVE AMERICA from this evil piece of pig crap ,,,,,,

    1. I have written letters to both McCain and Kyle about the fraudulent papers manufactured, sorry, the birth cert. They BOTH answered me like I am a moron. Sheriff Joe has more info as to WHICH computer the fraud was originated from, like IN the WHITE HOUSE, Stay tuned…. IF it makes the lame stream media. He is HOPEFULLY going to get the clueless to doubt the Dictator.

  11. Well for those who have not as yet begun to prepare for what now appears more evident is on the very near horizon, all the talk about an “October surprise” is looking less every day as a “surprise”. If he can’t destroy this nation in increments, than an all or nothing attempt seems obvious. Time to stock up and prepare.

    1. The October Surprise has just been released by MSNBC, all right-wing bloggers will be arrested by special Cuban-Syrian FEMA police and you will be locked away in the old Japanese Internment camps. You’ll be forced to hear Michael Jackson, listen to the Beatles, and watch La Cage Aux Folles 24/7. What a horrible punishment.

        1. Thank you…..I was wondering what your take is on all this….as we are probably in line with complete war with China and Russia due to the Iranian threat and overpopulation….I wonder if the powers to be are trying to save the earth from mankind’s ability to destroy the planet completely by destruction of the ozone?

        2. Russia and China? They hate each other so much all we have to do is step aside. If I were you I would look at the threat of the Syrian Israeli land bridge to North Africa. It seems there is enough opil for Russia. China is good on coal. It is the rare earths etc., that both want.
          We probably wil get into a trade war with China though.
          By the way the powers that be are not in the least concerned about the ozone.

    1. How has he done all of the crap he has pulled off recently without Congress? And, where the Hell is Congress anymore????????????????????

        1. yeah, he’s got some real class, eh? poor ol’ dickie is just an angry little man who can only troll around spreading his vile. pathetic, huh?

      1. I’m suspect you might be right.

        However, Congress had best be more “scared to death” of “We the People” and we’d better be CONTACTING our Congressmen to let them know!!!

        This is already way too far out of control.

    1. You question should be, where is the Senate????and the answer would be behind Harry Reid, who is holding the whole institution hostage. The House is conducting business as usual and passing laws.

  12. This scumbag is trying to take away ALL of our freedoms. Does he really think that intelligent Americans are going to put up with his “dictatorship”? I don’t think so………. you STUPID AFRICAN JERK! We have an election coming so no wonder you are signing everything in sight before we throw you OUT. Obamavilles actions are speeding up….he has seen the writing on the wall.

    1. Yep, you’re right… he knows what’s coming. The “lady” speaks the truth… bet you learned some great things from your Mom, starting with your patriotism and how to stand up for country. I’m with you, kiddo!

  13. Well MEN OUT THERE, WELCOME TO ADAM’S WORLD! CALL THEM THE 70%-PLUS%er’s OR OUR NATIONS “GATHERER’S, THAT IS OUR WOMEN & BLACKS, WOMEN THROUGH BIOLOGY ALONE & BLACKS THROUGH BOTH BIOLOGFY & CHOICE! Just telling it LIKE IT IS & ALWAY’S REALLY HAS BEEN! NEXT COMES THE TWO-WITNESSES OF REVELATION, CHAPTER 11 TO PUNISH US FOR 3 1/2 years & as EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PUNISHERS, they leave only 144,000, 72,000 men & 72,000 women equally alive from each of the designated 12 tribes of Israel, less Dan, who is replaced by Joseph(Re. chapter 7). Just saying what’s written about u.s. in prophecy SOON COMING TO BE! WATCH!, ESPECIALLY BEGINNING THIS COMING SEPTEMBER 16, ON THE ISRAELITE by the seed of Joseph, but INCLUDING JUDAH, FEAST OF TRUMPETS(WAR)!

  14. No more privacy, when will the government come into our bedroom? It is just a matter of time before this mandater-in-chief takes every freedom we had when he came into office. barry has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. In the end then, it will be the people who will NOT comply against the people who WILL comply. Hopefully, enough of us, including the U.S. Military and Police will NOT buy into this crap, and will refuse outright to prop up this ILLEGAL regime!

    1. That is my hope. I keep thinking if obama imposes martial law…will our own people, military and police, actually comply with him. Will they turn on their own families? I don’t think so. I think the military will turn on the government.

      1. Hi Mare, Check out the foreign troops in the U.S. and the Fema Camps through out the U.S. On You tube. They may not have to, if there are foreigners to do his bidding. Just Remember “Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the shofar call, so lift you voice, it’s the year of Jubilee foe out of Zion’s hill salvation comes!

    2. If it come to marshall law – Boy will O’Dip and his cohorts be in for a wake up call. I am sure he has only those that swear to back up his orders with promises of big rewards. But, I also think there are enough Real Americans in the Military and Law Enforscement that will be his biggest nightmare when they turn on him and all of his unlawful cohorts. I feel that most of our Military are real Americans and won’t start killing the average American which O’Dip would probably back.
      I think O’Dip, Reid, Pelosi and several other Dips are a true anti-American group. Nov is going to be a grand uprising in the election when that piece of crap gets defected legally and thrown out of office and hopefully he goes back to Kenya.
      And that is this vet’s feelings. GO Real Americans, Defeat this piece of Crap..

      1. Don’t need to send him to Kenya, his homeland, where he has been funneling billions of $$$ of “aid”, it’s like throwing the Tar Baby into the briar patch with a huge retirement fund. Frog march him to jail for life or a hanging for treason.

    1. I am so frightened? Next he’ll take over the country and western bands and singers. NASCAR could be next! Heaven forbid they get NASCAR. Maybe their drivers will cut off the FEMA tanks and lead them into Disney World, where they will be overwhelmed by Cotton Candy!.

      1. Hmmm… seems like a whole lot of bottled up anger spewing out. Not much of a life, eh buddy? Do you stay up late thinking of your pathetic generalizations about people who are hard-working, patriotic, and frustrated Americans? Bet you never served your country or did anything that wasn’t self-serving. sheesh.

  16. Interestingly enough, one of my middle-school students predicted this very act back in 2007. As BO was campaigning for office, the black population gained new confidence in his heritage, and many began speaking out about the “first Black President. Responding to this white child’s concerns, and, while my gut told me he was correct, my professional role mentored him on how strongly our government was structured to prevent such treasonous acts to be performed on American citizens. At this late date, I don’t think American textbooks will even record the fears of so many in 2007.

  17. It’s not enough to defeat him in an election — he would go on getting his pay for life and continue making mischief. He has to be impeached — he has committed more than 65 crimes, any one of which would suffice to impeach him, but our Congressmen are all spineless sheep or traitors or cowards and won’t do anything. I feel betrayed by our Congress, how could they let something like this happen???

    1. You are so correct. I have never been any madder than now. How do we stop this madness. He has taken all of our rights and stomped on them. You are also right that the cowards in Congress will do nothing.

    1. JImbo, you lead the charge! The address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, DC. I am sure the Capitol police are ready to cooperate with you. But before you go, get a mental check up, see your doctor, pay your insurance (or try to get some- but there is an “insanity” clause), kiss your bartender goodby and make sure your spurs are left to nephews.

  18. I have one problem with this analogy? Do you honestly believe the US Military would allow this SOB to do something like this. They hate OBAMA and would never allow him to take over anything. He definitely would like to be KING OBAMA but I could see a well placed weapon round ending all this in a split second and it would most likely happen just like it did to Gadaffi….

    1. There is no way in hell the military is going to support King Booga-Booga and his Queen monkey wife in any attempt to implement martial law against REAL Americans. It just will not happen, no matter how many sissies they try to bring into the military. That’s the one saving grace in the whole equation.

    2. The Military are mostly minorities and they will get you first. Their instructions are to round up all: racists, bigots, small-minded twits, all members of the Tea Bag Brigade and especially every certifiable, card-carrying member of the lunatic-fringe, most of whom live right here. You are Numero Uno!

    3. I believe that some would yes, My brother served when he was almost 17 when he went in, just graduated highschool, and served 1 tour in Iraq and 2 tours in Aphganistan, he liked Obama, he served 6 years, it wasnt till he got out and Obama was cutting Disability pay and now he has been out almost 2 years and still fighting still for his pay, He now despises Obama, he said alot of soldiers had drunk the kool-aid, and voted for him. most of the young black men. Now my brother he is a Oath Keeper.

  19. He is not only worthless peace of trash but so is our Senate and Congress for letting him get away with this and other unconstitutional and unamerican stuff he has done. If we had a news media that was for America this would not and could not happen.

    1. not only them but even the conservative news media who refuse to acknowledge that Obama is not now nor has never been qualified to be President of the US—all a bunch of cowards

    2. The congress has a majority,but the senate you have to change,They have 52 senate democrats to 47 republicans,we need to boot out the bad ones like Raid,Polusa in the congress for one congresswoman at least,and yes commie obama the first thing. above all.Some congressmen whom are statemen have served their area for years as being good conservative representatives,so in the senate its not that their scared, their hands are tied,because it works by majority of the number that says “yes” to a bill voted on,when Ronald Reagan was in office he’s contact the democrats getting them on his team to be bipartisan,you can’t get many democrats to come over and join you,this is how government works.

  20. Sounds like Obama is taking advice from the same people we have been taught to hate, for being a dictator want to be. God save America, lets not stay this stupid in November. Send him back to his own.

    1. I agree completely. I think that is exactly what he is intending to do; hence taking control of all communications, which includes the media broadcasts.

  21. first order of busness for a different president is to cancel any and all exec orders and start over. some may be ok, but a review needs to be done of all existing ones.

  22. Wasnt everyone convinced the Bush was going to suspend the election of 2008?

    What this thing is all about is that there are several countries with the ability to use a cyber attack and knock out virtually all communications in the US and right now there is little govt power to stop it.

    What would happen if China decided to hold communications & power distribution in the US hostage until the US ceded Alaska to them ?

    You forget, FEMA has had for a long time the ability to suspend the constitution.
    I believe that was a power granted them by the republicans
    (sigh, yes my very own party is responsible for that blunder)

    Just like the failed war on drugs, the war on terrorism is a huge waste of money and loss of freedom. This communications order never would have flown if we werent in such a hurry to sign away our liberties in the name of terrorism.

    Was it Franklin or Jefferson who observed “Those who are willing to give away their freedon for safety deserve neither” ?

  23. This is scary, we should be very scared. This Fascist has to go . I blame everyone who voted for this POS. I hope you have learned a lesson.

  24. You see the shi.tty grin on his face? Well it is there because he is laughing at true Americans right in the face. Why has he had all records of his life sealed? Because he is not a true American. He has pulled the wool over our eyes for to long. Wake up citizens of America. We must take back our country. God bless America and its legal citizens.

  25. OBAMA IS A BAD, BAD EXAMPLE AND DISGRACE TO BLACK PEOPLE. OF AMERICA. Just like the rich black people in Afraica that sold off their own black people into slavery to get rich And they keep bitching about the whites way back when. Black people kill their own, sell their own, and use their own for profit. That is sad. Now they will probably vote for a creep just because he has dark skin. What fools.

  26. Right Wing America dot com, IS the last stronghold of free speech on the internet! 100% Free and Uncensored! Join us today!

  27. As each new executive order is perpetrated on us by B.H.O. I cannot help but expect B.H.O. will declare martial law if he is not re-elected. Then I remember how many DummyCrats there are and how they’ll be sheeple and vote for him.

  28. liberals are liars…..obama is a liar. all his minions are liars……..simple…… anyone that believes any of his lies is brain dead.

  29. I’m glad someone finally recognized what Obama’s been up to ever since he was elected. His main purpose has been to dismantle the government, do away with our way of life and set up a “gulag” where he can reign supreme. He is a master liar and deceiver and if we are lucky enough to get rid of him I hope we can keep from ever electing someone like him again. Of course, his henchmen (and women) Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will also do and say anything no matter how ridiculous or hypocritical to prop up his cause. They’ll be the first to go if he really gains the control he’s after – he won’t want to have anyone left he is beholden to – so all those who think they’re doing good by supporting him will be in for a shock.

  30. With great sacrifices, I escaped Communist Russia 31 years ago. But now where?
    Wake up, America! Wake up! In just 120 days it will be too late.

  31. Obama is worse than all The Hitlers, stalins, etc. put together because heis objective is to destroy the greatest nation that ever existed on earth. He has to go.
    Ray Taylor

  32. Exactly what i have been saying since he first turned up as a candidate for the senate,
    unfortunately no one was listening I am afraid it’s to late for America with in the year we will no longer be the republic we are now just another socialist state. The only thing that could stop it now if if the supreme court decides he was not eligible to run and he and ALL OF HIS band of outlaws are arrested and ejected from the government , And the laws he passed and all his executive orders erased. Let Bonner run the government untill the election and wipe obama from the books.

  33. All part of Obama Liberal/Communist/Muslim agenda. Marshal Law is just weeks if not days away. Be prepared people. Get your money out of the banks and stock all the food and water you can, along with Guns and Ammo. Still Millions are going to die. God help us ALL, PLEASE…!!!

  34. Allow me to speculate here a sec…either this dunce knows for an absolute fact that he will be re-elected, or he knows something extreme is going to happen within the next few months that would allow this moron to sign such an executive order. We all know that he can pretty much do whatever it is he wants to do as it is. He owns the supreme court and the DOJ. I love the fact that the Obama supporters will suffer right along with the rest of us.


  36. This man intends and is accomplishing the unforgivable task of destroying America and we just stand-by and allow him to do it. WHERE’S YOUR OUTRAGE? WHY ARE YOU WAITING FOR HIS NEXT DAY TO DESTROY ANOTHER OF OUR RIGHTS AND WAY OF LIFE?
    The Old Veteran

    1. I just looked out the window and I didn’t see America destroyed. So I drove down into all the towns and villages of Westchester, expecting ghost towns of a destroyed society. But, lo and behold, everything was functioning quite well. In fact, they are doing much better. Tune in to CNBC, the DJIA is at 12,800. Looks like Wall Street is not panicking. But, when he does win, I hope Obama tracks down every Old Vet on these sites and steals their goodies. Maybe he’ll grab your government benefits!

  37. The only good thing about all this is that so-called “president” Obama
    and his ilk are misjudging their control of the military. There is NO WAY IN HELL the military is going to support so-called “president” Obama’s attempts to implement martial law.

  38. Well, all you stupid voters who voted this idiot into office will start seeing more and more power in his hands only! Re-electing him will be a disaster a thousand times worse than 9/11. All hail to KING OVOMIT !!!!!

  39. After we vote this creep out of office (and we WILL), this guy and his militant monkey wife need to face trial for HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES DURING WAR TIME. Those two BELONG in orange jumpsuits.

  40. Step by step takeover of all of our rights and freedoms. I am heartened to hear from the friends of my young adult children that they see what is happening. They are ready to stop saying “its just the way things are” and are beginning to say that we cannot allow it to continue. I hope it is not too little too late.

  41. Folks had better get use to it, Obama will win this election, republicans are divided, more ignorant that democrats and have no guts to take a stand. Democrats are united, regardless of polices, differences, divisions and disagreements. they stick to their party and politician, they don’t let petty differences divide them, they have no standards to demand to adhere to, no platform that divides them in the unified demand for power and control. Republicans cry over the sliightest difference, don’t like the guys religion or he has money or his differences in minor ways of anything and everything. The republcans say they won’t vote because they demand Ron Paul take the realm or won’t vote, they won’t take to the streets, they won’t camp out or take over the capitals of states and nation. they won’t sit down in the streets, they won’t walk off a job, they won’t appeal to idealistic, mostly ignorant and robotic college students, they will not stand against teachers unions and radical brainwashing programs in schools, the year round educational and more, more demands of government instigated indocrinations of our children, they will never turn down demands for more taxes, more everything to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for money and power over our lives and children. SO OF COURSE Obama wins again, while the majority of Republicans stay home, criticize their own and pout like children because they don’t get exactly the platform they wish or the religion that pleases them the most.

    1. not gonna vote on this one because as much as I agree with much of what you wrote, I am NOT going to get used to it! I will die with my boots on and smoke in the barrel. Our God reigns. †


  42. BO is repeating the Clinton admin’s old playbook, Bill also signed like EO’s. Don’t worry, Robmoney will bring the jobs back to America 😛

  43. My Jesus is coming back one day soon… and when hHe does I’m going home in a moment in a twinkling of an eye…. Our Final Victory … 1 Corinthians 15:50-52…
    ” Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does corruption inherit incorruption. 51 Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed— 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”
    So…., if this is the worst it’s going to be for me… Praise God. Let him carry on, its in God’s plan for the end times…I believe the stage is being set to welcome the Anti-Christ, avery bad leader whjo will decieve the nations much more than what we see frorm Obama…
    So keep looking up, remember Jesus loved you so much he died for you, overcame death, and is waiting for all who believe….

  44. Watch out you right-wing crazies, the FEMA police will be grabbing your goodies. Make sure your muskets, your flintlocks and Bowie knives are all oiled and sharpened. This will be the greatest battle since War of Jenkin’s Ear.

    1. Not even a good analogy, dicky. Surely Jenkins thought the ends
      justified the means, and no one really got much out of the whole thing.
      In this case, we have an administration whose entire ideology gives them the “right” to do
      ANYTHING to bring about their goals… and are blatant enough to give no
      real justification. They believe they have the “righteous wind” going
      for them. Well, kiddo…. you just watch those right-wing crazies (as
      you like to call them) kick some righteous butt. You can smugly look down
      your nose at these poor pitiful ignorant conservatives, but they’re the
      heart of America, and I’m proud to be one of ’em! Just like that pesky
      little band of rebels kicked her majesty’s butt in the
      revolutionary war, don’t underestimate the common sense of the common
      people who have a common goal. Ha… it’s the likes of you that woke us
      up! LOL. There’s a new day dawning. No longer will our freedoms be eroded as a sand castle! Yep.

  45. Has any dictator ever allowed a fair election? Hell No! Just as we saw with Roberts there is threats, intimidation, and fraud everywhere.

  46. The Commander and Chief has that authority given to him by the Constituron because it has to do with defense of the Country. So far President Obama has done a great job of keeping us out of another war. Skilfully handling the Arab spring, includling getting rid of Momar Ghadafi, helping Tunisia towards democracy, the handling of Egypt, staying out of war with Iran, not sending troops or Arms to Syria, and the biggest triumph, killing Amricas number one enemy Ben Ladden. All this was accomplished without the loss of one Amrican Life. Romeny already wants to start wars with Iran and send Arms to Syria. this is how vietnam started, first it was olny Arms and a few years later it was 500,000 American troops and 59,000 dead Americans and 200,000 woundet and maimed. Say no to Romney.It will be easey for Romney to go to war , he does not have to send his Sons because he can send your Son who will volunteer becasue he can’t find any other Job. If the TP Congress would pass the Jobs and cut the tax cut to the rich , perhaps your Son could find a Job.

  47. Congress better get cracking on repealing this dictatorial outreach by Obama. The handwriting, much as I’ve wanted to deny it in the past, is on the wall with this executive order. I don’t believe he has any intention of letter the election happen, much less in even letting it get to the elections results so that the people can vote him out of office.
    Impeach him now before it’s too late. Otherwise, we will have a full scale revolution on our hands.

  48. Barack Hussein Obama will have to Jam the 27mhz. CB radio band to stop me from electioneering against him every day until November don’t you know ! BHO put that in you’re crack-pipe you punk ! NOBAMA.

  49. Another Executive Order. A bunch of bs. This isn’t Hitler, this is Lenon’s Marxism. Maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture but Where the Hell Is Congress?

  50. I do not understand how he gets away with these execative orders such as this. why does not our congress step up and put a stop to it? we really need to get him out of office come November or we will lose out country as we know it. Mcclain

  51. He will be gone in 112 days, 2,688 hours, 161,280 minuts. Yahoo!! So whatever he and his little cronies in the Homeland Security do will be shot down immediately. He will be BAD history.

    1. …. could be you used a few “trigger” words, one of them being the word for buttocks that rhymes with bass. :)

  52. I have a large cache of soup cans and string buried in my yard for just such an emergency. You can have them when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

  53. ONCE AGAIN! Congress by law can review all executive orders and either verify them or void them, where in heck is congress? They are allowing this wanna-be dictator to become a dictator!

  54. Well shame on you and me and all the decent good patriotic Americans who are sitting on their hands just watching all this stuff just keep happening a little more each day. Our founding father would say “what the hell’s wrong with those people,we gave them the 2nd amendment,are they that timid and weak?”

  55. Although the writer makes a convincing case of what could happen worst case he fails to take into account the willingness of the military to go along with such madness. I have no doubt there are a lot of senior staff that have drunk the koolaid but it’s the E1 through O5 that have to pull the trigger. Can’t predict the future but let’s hope there’s enough sane people left in November to vote Obama out and we can begin to fix the mess the progressives have left us. Get out and vote.

  56. If the serfs can communicate they are the largest armed civilian army the world has ever seen. If the serfs can not coordinate. via communication, their acts they are a fractures group easly defeated by the Obama civilian army just as large and well equipped af the US Army. Look at all the guns and ammo being purchased for Homeland Security, as a sign of what they have planned. There is a good chance we have all voted in our last election. Be afraid, very afraid.

  57. Time to hoist this piece of chit into jail and out of our government….take with him old hillary, his cabinet, czars, piglosi, reid and all the rest of the minions that passed his crapped out agenda!

  58. The following is a narrative taken
    from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.
    From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04
    EST, Televised “Meet the Press” the THEN Senator Obama was asked about
    his stance on the American Flag.
    General Bill Gann’ USAF (ret.) asked
    Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National
    Anthem is played.
    The General stated to Obama that
    according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…
    During rendition of the national
    anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in
    uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the
    right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.
    NOW GET THIS !!’Senator Obama replied:
    “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I
    don’t want to be perceived as taking sides”. “There are a lot of
    people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of
    oppression..” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know,
    the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”
    Obama continued: “The National Anthem
    should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I
    like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our
    anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider
    reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to
    better offer our enemies hope and love.It’s my intention, if elected,
    to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East
    Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like
    the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or
    period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ……”

    When I become President, I will seek a
    pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at
    war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive
    thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an
    unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and
    I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.
    “Of course now, I have found myself
    about to become the President of the United States and I have put my
    hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and
    offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming
    our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm
    the United States of America ”

    Yes, you read it right.
    I, for one, am speechless!!!

    Dale Lindsborg , Washington Post

  59. Glacomo, You do a great job but on this you are grossly naive. Emperor Obummer is most likely going to initiate a another false flag event and declare Martial Law before November.
    Wake up dude. There is no conspiracy just consider what the CFR and Trilats have been pushing for for some 50 plus years. Just look at the Bilderberger crowd of one world government progressives. Just look at those like George Bush 1 and 2 who have called for and worked for a “New World Order”
    Romney is the Globalists back stop candidate in case Bummer can’t get it done.

  60. You are not wrong! You are absolutely correct, if Obama is re-elected he will see it as a mandate and will do all you suggest in your article. F.E.M.A Camps have been set up all across America and can house thousands of people perhaps millions. All Obama needs is a good excuse to detain people who he feels are a threat and he will order them rounded up and sent to the prisons. There are race riots happening in such places as Chicago right now that are not being reported by the mainstream media and then there is Occupy Wall street, both would be a good excuse, if they get out of control. Obama blames the TEA party and evangelical Christians for his troubles because they oppose him on just about everything he believes. People of America, prepare yourselves, it will get real bumpy if Obama is re-elected.

  61. For a guy whose days are numbered….. he is being arrogant to see what he can get away with. And second, the implemetation is so big, the goons wouldn’t know how to start, and thirdly, how can they get others to comply??? how do they enforced such a thing??? They don’t have the man power and by the time they got around to get permission to do so, the so called crisis would be over and done with.. They can’t find the guns they sold to the cartel…. don’t think they could control the massive communications system…. they are too stupid and incompetent.

  62. Lets recap.. Ex order 1 all background information on barack and michelle deemed classified
    next came power over resources and production, then the defense act gave him concentration camp power, now its communications.
    there is no aspect left not controlled.
    All we need now is a Reichstag event to set it all in motion

  63. This man scares me to death. I really think he is evil. I am not sure we have a way out of the death spiral he has placed the country in. We as a country made a “pact with the devil” the day we elected him. Only GOD can help us . We need a miracle now.

  64. thats what you call a stupid nut ,wow all you graduts just lost all privecy with this iddet up there ,time to re check youre vote

  65. Doesn’t anybody else see that this man is taking over America excutive order by excutive order? or any way he can? He wants to become king……or dictator most likely.

  66. “if Obama gets re-elected, that he will finalize the economic collapse of
    America and in so doing, will declare martial law and take control of
    all communications. He will arrest and detain anyone who opposes him.
    In all likelihood, he will disband Congress, the Supreme Court and stop
    all elections. Ultimately, he will declare himself to be the supreme
    ruler of the nation and assume complete dictatorial control of the
    I’m not so sure that we will ever get to an election. If it looks like he is going to lose, He will likely fabricate some national emergency and declare martial law suspending elections and becoming the de facto dictator beginning a national revolution.

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6180/obama-signs-executive-order-giving-him-and-federal-government-control-of-all-forms-of-communication-under-any-circumstance/#ixzz20uJw7J9v

  67. Do you honestly think he could declare himself dictator with just a stroke of the pen without some danger on the horizon presenting itself?


  69. Let Ocommunist try and see what happens as CB radio, Ham Radio and other means pop
    up across the nation overnight. It will be like the 70 & 80s when CB radion was the prime
    means of people communication even more than the telephone or the Cell phones of
    today. Public Air Waves will be swamped with chatter and codes. You block or
    control TV, Radio and Satalite to a large degree but people will find ways to get the message
    out across the land and slap the Communist Kenyan all the way back to Kenya.

  70. this is a wake up call to all you O’Vomit voters. The past 4yrs is just a start to what is to come if O’Vomit is re elected. Are you better off now than you were 4yrs ago? more Jobs, more pay or are wanting those who have raised themselves above the rest to pay more. if the answer is yes, Shame on you.

  71. As predicted the Big Brother is taking over and even determining what is being communicated, this order does away with the first ammendment rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With this order we will be spied upon continually. This guy is stopping the ability for to get the word out that has been determined and admitted by the Democratic Party that Obama is not eligible to be President according to the Constitution as he is not a naturalized citizen, they said so what he is President and he got the most votes in the election he should never have been allowed to participate in. In your face and you can’t do squat about it. Have we lost our country to this Marxist; the Communists told us that they would take over this country without firing a shot; looks like they have. What is our Representatives going to do about this???

  72. This is written about in the Bible. One of the first things the Anti-Christ does is take over all forms of communication so he controls what the public hears via the media. He is a master of lies & deception.

  73. This is just the first step in his plan to declare martial law BEFORE the November election to avoid the election and his defeat. WAKE up AMERICA.. Congress needs to wake up too.

  74. Slowly but surely Obama continues to grab power while all 535 elected politicians do nothing to curb him.

    I think that Mark Twain understood this better than anyone when he said; “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly
    native American criminal class except Congress.

  75. I am betting that not one single voter that voted against “O” in ’08 will now vote for him in ’12.. Not even one.
    Thus, there’s no way he stays in office without either fraud, or a declaration of martial law.

  76. He has violated all he swore to uphold, this is grounds to impeach him and we should act on this now; if we do be ready to go underground with Limbaugh and other radio host that use the waves to inform the public.

    1. I think the “tingle” has now required a new Depends… poor thing got a little excited in coming up with more nasty things to call patriotic conservative Americans. tsk, tsk.

    1. No, he’s a traitor and fully understands the situation that was presented to him. Basically, he had no choice but to take his new position, or else.

  77. Where is the House and the Senate when this crap is going on….none of them are protecting our rights….they all swore oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States and none of them have yet to do it!!!!

  78. Yes I believe he will take over as dictator in chief and nobody has the guts to stop him now or in the future that is currently in DC

  79. I’ve read some of your excellent posts. It provided me with some hope, that America can be taken back. Many Americans know what’s been going on, even before Bush. We are in serious trouble, folks. Many people living in America don’t have a clue, what could occur before the elections, if there will be any elections. Why do you think that DHS was given the “green light” to purchase 500+ million rounds of various sizes of ammunitions? Hint: It ain’t for the islamic terrorists bunkering down in America. So, where did some of the trillion dollars of stimulus money get paid to? Our tax dollars. Take a guess. When I see children playing at a mall playground, or at a park, and their parents watching them happily, I wonder if those parents know how frick’n close America is for a total collapse and takeover by an evil, marxist dictatorship? Will this be the last summer in America, where we can watch our children having fun together? Or, will next summer of 2013 be watching people and children starving to death, riots in the streets, corpses seen rotting here and there, massive military units and check points across America, military drones flying all over the place, night raids by the Brown Coats, …. or will we be smack-dab in the middle of a Second American Revolution? And, you Americans thought Clinton was bad?

  80. Communications has always been understood to be vital to national security. I worked for the phone company from 1977 to 2010 and it was considered a vital service in case of national emergency. When you look at the executive order, you can see that it was only amendments to past ones, that’s why it was not a big deal.

    1. Of course, I believe many in the military, police units, SWAT teams, etc. WILL NOT take any un-Constitutional orders that would involve an evil takeover of America. That is where Plan B will be implimented; the U.N. Military, along with thousands and thousands of American traitors to save their own lives and families. And, thousands of murderers, rapists, serial killers, and gangs will be let loose from their prison cells to help with the “dirty” work, that most civilized people would find disgusting and horrible.

  81. In order to communicate, everyone needs to buy CB Radios, we are going to need it when the revolution begins so we can take the country back from the IDIOTS

  82. Obama has a history of being mentored by the teachings of Frank Marshal Davis, a card carrying member of the Communist Party America (ID #45744). In fact, Obama references Davis’s name, 22 times in his book, “Dreams From My Father”. Both of Obama’s parents were socialists and communists. William Ayers, an avowed anarchist and member of a 60’s terrorist organization, The Weather Underground, is also a friend and mentor of Obama. Just where is the FBI vetting of this phony closet Marxist who is destroying our country and our economy with lies and deception and a following of ‘useful idiots’ as Stalin described his followers?!

  83. Obama is an arrogant, brazen, evil thug who believes he is invincible now. But I’ll bet he’s stepped on some toes that will come to get him….and I mean that these are others thugs like himself. obama will disappear like jimmy hoffa. No clues, no intent, no evidence, no weapon, no fingerprints, no motive, no nothing; other thugs will take him out because that is the world he knows and travels in. And we will have had God’s blessing.

  84. So by executive order he grants himself to be the sole authority over all. Must be nice, I think I’ll grant myself that power.

  85. The greatest danger to this country is the alphabet media which is no longer a media. It is a propaganda arm of the leftists and communists that have infiltrated our government, our colleges and Hollywood media. It’s time for a national boycott of all products advertised on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC et al. Don’t buy the products advertised! Boycott!

  86. Where the heII is congress in all this? How can he just sign an executive order that grants himself power? Are there no laws that prevent this! What is being done to stop this and reverse that power?

  87. Like I said months ago, control…power, money, food, communication, transportation, resources,, ie oil,water,power’ gas, now communication, guns, health care.. our dirty little minds is all that he can not control

  88. It will be a sad day for America if the Muslim Marxist Puppet gets re-elected. The do not have a clue group may make it close. The people were lied to and fooled once. It will take a very low IQ person to vote for Obama again. But, we are breeding a nation of near idiots moving away from GOD.

    1. I invited my conservative friend to our boards and he declined. I told him he’d learn a lot. He told me he didn’t want to learn. He’s voting Republican but would find himself very frustrated knowing he’s dealing with a dumbed down voting electorate of lemmings in the general public. He told me he hopes Romney wins but that remains to be seen depending on how bright the public is to what’s going on.

  89. Our illegitimate president has now achieved what he set out to do, Turning the U.S.A. into the U.S.S.A. replacing the old U.S.S.R. and the Nazi Third Reich with regard to Media Control and all Communication – next will come the censorship of all private correspondence in whatever form it is tranmitted. Sieg Heil Comrade Obama the Amalgum of Political Evil.

  90. I was wondering why nobody is talking about our votes will be sent to Spain to be counted.Because if they will be sent to a company owned by george soroes(spooky dude)you know who will win.

  91. That is how I see it as well. His power grabs are getting him closer and closer to tightening a grip on all Americans. He would love to establish himself as a King or Ruler over us. This man’s thirst for getting what he wants go way beyond what any of us expected in his hope and change. WE need to bust this information wide open so people can see the evil that is in the white house.
    Change the course in November before itis too late.

  92. An executive order has no validity unless in furtherance of an Act of Congress OR of the president’s inherent powers under the Constitution. This Executive Order would be bogus if it is as described.

    1. Should be, but we have a president who things he’s king and wants complete control. So do all the liberals and progressives. They don’t care about what is right and wrong. They want power and control, period.

  93. And the final straw will be the signing of the UN arms treaty, by Hillary Clinton in a couple weeks, which will nullify the second amendment. Treatys trump the Constitution, boys. Surprise! http://www.dickmorris.com/d-day-for-gun-control/ Sign the petition, maybe it’ll move enough of these useless morong in office to block the thing.
    If not, get prepared while you can, it’s gonna get nasty after martial law.
    surviving urban crisis.

  94. Hope and change for who? This man is the most destructive president our country has ever had. Unfortunately the lemmings will follow him and force America right over the edge of the cliff. God save and bless America.

  95. Nobody Owns the internet, I find the latest actions by Mr. Obama, appalling and controlling. He continues to use “Executive Orders” because he knows he cannot get a thing like this passed by Congress. Now that we understand the President to be an Anti-Colonialist, everything he does makes much more since & the pieces to the puzzle now fit his behaviors & persona.

  96. evil works best in the dark . If we as a people are not informed , then we are in the dark. People wake up and see the truth., I pray.

  97. There is only one way to get the bum out of office. that is to give and write to the editors of ALL newspapers and tell them they are not doing their jobs of informing the general public. Media and the politicians are wanting to run your life and mine. Even Nixon doesn’t seem bad in the light of this current administration and the bad leaders in office. We need to inform and take people to the polls and make suer there is NO VOTER FRAUD.

  98. If there was ever a time for true Americans to stand together, it is in this coming election in November 2012. As the article states, if Obama gets re-elected, he will carry through a take over of this country. Just about everything is in place except for getting our guns and they are working on that through this UN small arms treaty, soon to be voted on. Vote Romney, whether you like him or not. We have to get Obama out while we still can.

  99. The author says “I have never been a conspiracy nut and usually avoid those that are”.
    So I guess my question is: So are us “conspiracy nuts” still nuts? Have we been ‘nuts’ all along? Or were people like you the nuts? You know, the kind of people who can’t see anything ’til it’s too late?

  100. The vote may not matter since I am sure he will have made arrangments via the new Black panthers, the dead vote, the multiple votes and the Soros count to assure his ascendancy to or should I say return to the throne. The solution as I see it is either arrest and try him for treason or an unfortunate accident.

  101. Where is Congress? This power grab should have been stopped. Is Boehner a complete wuss? Congress continues to allow one power grab after another. I wish Allen West were the Speaker of the House. He’d put an end to these commie moves.
    If obama hits the kill switch on the internet and cell phones and TV, we won’t even know what’s going on outside our own neighborhood.

  102. Here is the most interesting part. The fact that Obama WANTS to be a tyrant is no surprise at this point. However, he has NO authority under our Constitution to do these things UNLESS Congress relinquishes their authority and permits him to become a tyrant. That is exactly what Harry Reid and the Senate have been doing. Congress could put a quick stop to Obama’s power grab but they refuse to do so. Some might blame Boehner and the House, but the House is pretty much stymied without Senate cooperation. This is why the Senate needs to change hands in November as well as the presidency and both are crucial. An Imperial presidency we do NOT need or want. I am presuming that our Republic will last until November! If not, the Second American Revolution may be necessary!

  103. Let us not forget that Obama (Caesar Obamus) is presently holding the “football.” What is the “football” you ask? Well, it is none other than the device, the size of a small suitcase, that controls all U.S. missile commands. I suppose that to a man of his caliber (potentate) this would be a temptation to seize total control and claim world dominence. He will then become “death, the destroyer of worlds” a phrase quoted by the late Robert Oppenheimer. You know him, the chief designer of the infamous “ATOM BOMB.” I think he will take it and run with it, God forbid. Say your prayers.

  104. I have said this was going to happen 3 1/2 years ago; every one said I was crazziiee gues what I am not ;;look at history ;; for it repeats its self ;; when a damocrsey fapls a dicktatorship followes ; Go example is Hitler he took over disbanded the Rishstog and the rest is history; Welcome to the 4 rishoboma;

  105. I am seeing that young people understand what is going on. It is the people who voted for Obama, adults, who believe that they will only vote democrat. They do not want to believe that he is a disaster for our country. They believe that Bush is to blame for all of that.
    Honest, I talk to a lot of people and the kids understand. It is the adults that don’t want to change the way or reason they vote.

  106. oBama cannot do this alone. It is obvious the ENTIRE Congress has decided to use the negro race card to GRAB power and finally bring the utopia they so desire on American people.

    COMPLETE CONTROL and FINAL SLAVERY and their lust for POWER at last!!!

  107. WAKE UP AMERICA !!! It is written in the Decloration of Independence : “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
    The dem. and the rep. aren’t doing anything to stop this ! WE THE PEOPLE must do something NOW !!! The question is how do we orginize and get it done ?

    1. Joyce, a gross oversimplifiction. The Constitution, Article 1, Section 8:15 spells out the authority of the Federal Government to “suppress insurrections”. Before revolting , we must first exercise all of the political avenues open to us, and keep in mind the Declaration of Independence is not the Constitution; it is but a “preamble” that reflects “intent”, but is actually without authority. Remember, the President’s “oath of office” states, in part, ” ….preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, with no mention of the Declaration of Independence. Our biggest problem is, there appears to many involved in this problem , including congresspersons, judges and key appointees. First, we must let each and every congressperson “know that we know” and advise them that any and all who support the President and his Adminstration will also have to suffer the consequences. I personally advocate a “public firing squad”, for all who support the President’s attempt to change our form of government, assuming of course, that both he and “they” are found guilty. As to the congresspersons, if they are aware that we know what is going on, many will abandon the “socialist/Muslim” ship and return to the fold.

  108. and Bush’s ILLEGAL WIRE TAPPING is fine w/ you?????OMG people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 wars UNPAID FOR!!! Medicare D, UNPAID FOR!! Cheney coming w/ Hallabertin and ‘privtising’ and ILLEGAL WATERBOARDING!!! not supplying our precious troops w/ ALL supplies they need! ie: bullet proof jackets. DON’T even let me get started on ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ so he could ‘pay back’ his wealthy supporters/buddies w/ favors!!! most of all the MOST despicable thing was the fact he LIED to us for his own ego and personal gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Scrubagirl…Your post is 99.99 % incoherent rambling, and most all from “hearsay”, concocted by Democrats. When such serious comments/allegations are made, they should be backed up with citations, and documentation.

  109. For all you folks who are turned off by “history,” and who believe that history is dull, boring and of no value, please be advised that there are two great lessons from history: 1) history has been shown to repeat itself frequently over the centuries, and 2) we don’t learn from history! The Bible reveals this truth in great depth and details the results.

    Let me give you a brief overview of history. In order to “take over” a society, several things are necessary: 1) You must break the will of the people through fear, economic and social chaos, and an education system that separates them from truth, 2) You must remove all ability for the people to defend themselves against the State, i.e., you must take away any and all weapons, 3) You must separate the people from their spiritual strength and roots, 4) You must nullify any other leadership of the country [e.g. Congress] if possible by overruling these people in places of power whenever possible, 5) You must remove the ability for the people to know what is happening around them, i.e. isolate them from the news and from communications with one another, 6) You must have forces that will not be afraid or reticent about dealing strongly (killing) those who resist. Outside forces are most effective, such as from another nation or society that agrees with your political views.
    Now, how many of these things have been accomplished thus far? Wake up, America!

    1. Downs, one of the more profound posts. It should be required reading for all who post. I do take one, not so small, objection to your post, and that has to do with the Bible. History proves almost every day that the Christian God does not get involved in such mudan mortal doings—it is going to up to us as individuals and groups to solve these problems. I also personally believe that there are no Holy Books in existence that are the exact spoken word of any god, They were all compiled years after the death of the principals, by mere mortals, who had one or more persons directing what could and could not be included in the final documents. For instance the Qur’an reveals that the Islamic God and the Christian God, are “one and the same”. It does not take a PhD to see that those two gods are as different as night and day. Now, without taking sides for or on any religion, if the Bible is “right”, then the Qur’an is “wrong”, and vice versa. Then, there is at least a dozen or so authoritative books “out there” that reveal both the Bible and Qur’an are rampant with errors, conflicts, and in some cases proven forgeries. It is OK to retain your “peaceful” Faith, but be prepared to solve your own problems.

  110. Oh boy now THIS is what will get the 18-28 year olds who stupidly voted for “socialism” and stupidly asked ‘so what’s wrong with socialism?’ Just take their cell phones away and they become hyper-ventilating violent children.

  111. That black-hearted bass turd can take his exe orders and shove them up IT’S @$$, this bass turd is nailing down all 4 corners, so the sob can declare a dictatorship, SHOVE IT YOU @$$HOLE, I hope one your f**king buddies monitor this, BRING IT ON!!

  112. Do you really think that voting for a Republican candidate will change anything? I find it baffling to see people that scrutinize those that vote for Obama and then propose that we should vote for a Republican candidate. Do you really think that a Republican candidate is going to save you? Neither party has your interests in mind.

    1. Something.., you forgot to say, “Paul” is the only solution!. I have heard that now for about 2 years and he still has picked up but about 5% of the support that he needs. It is time that he “turned loose” his loyal supporters and ask they to support Romney. If they insist on supporting Dr. Paul to the very end, it could well be just the votes needed to turn our setting president out to pasture. Surely you can see, that any Republican candidate would be better than the man now in the Oval Office. Republicans and Libertarians, for the most part, are on the same wave length and can work out most of their differences—after all, Ron Paul, a Libertarian of the first order, is running on the Republican ticket. If he had run on a Libertarian ticket, he would have been out of the race over a year ago. Now, is not the time to be voting “one’s conscience” or for the one “we like”, it is time to set aside our differences and focus on getting Romney elected— a mere handful of electorial votes could well be the difference.

  113. compare Obama to Hitler’s “form of Nationalisms”
    where in both situations, Obama and Hitler, are deliberately undermining the
    entire US structure in an attempt to create a new nationalism of no moral
    values, complete socialism free handouts by taxing the people who are working
    by leaps and bounds, weakening a country through the same nationalisms and
    principles above on the current military. A new military will emerge and will
    then be used to enforce all the executive orders that are in place to take away
    the individual rights thus creating a new holocaust.

    Think that that is extreme think again. It IS
    happening and just like in the days of Hitler most Germans were also denying
    that Hitler would harm Germans. But he did by destroying Germany in 5 years. They
    blindly submitted to Hitler’s plan and accept what he said when he invaded
    Russia under Operation Barbarossa and broke all treaties with Russia that were
    drafts a few years before. History ALWAYS repeats itself people sit blindly by
    and don’t question authority and recognize the ever eroding of liberties
    presented by the current Socialists who are bent on destroying America with
    their misguided and self serving plans. Just like Neville Chamberlain who
    naively came back from Germany with treaty signed by Hitler the American people
    are also being duped and are naïve. Instead of watching what Hitler DID instead
    of what he says could have spared Chamberlain the embarrassment. Similarly watch
    what Obama DOES NOT what he SAYS.

    “It is a tremendously important and
    never-ending problem for the self-governing American people to be not only
    adequately informed but ever alert and vigorously active in forestalling
    whenever possible, and combating whenever necessary, any and all threats to
    Individual Liberty and to its supporting system of constitutionally limited
    government. In this connection, it is essential to keep in mind that the
    greatest danger lies in the subtle and gradual, or piecemeal, approach of
    danger–by which the foundations are gradually eroded rather than by open and
    outright assault; accompanied by harsh attacks upon all who seek to alert the
    people to such danger whenever it threatens.” Samuel Adams 1771

  114. None of this is Obama’s fault…He could not help it. We must blame his mother.
    According to Jesse Jackson, Obama’s mama is a “cracker”. She set him up to FAIL.

  115. Thank you very much you 2 stupid idiot liberal dimwits named sue”Fender Bender”render of mary hill road and that other marxist liberal named mia”Mother Trouble”lewis for supporting for this Kenyan born born boob.


  117. are you believing the congress will let him disband congress. they wont let anything happen to their livelyhood are you kidding me. you guys are morons

    1. Morons, perhaps, but with martial law in effect, and the government in control of all communications, it could be dfficult for congress to convene, especially if they were in recess. If the president does declare martial law, it probably would be while congress is in recess and on a weekend or a 3-day holiday. And like 9/ll, all airspace probably would be restricted and congress could not get back to Washington.

  118. I hate to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon — haven’t been one all my life, until 2008 that is — but the it is beyond the possibility of a coup happening, it is almost a certainty. Obama is going to lose this election, and lose it big. I think they know it — and have known it for at least a year. The EO’s he’s been quietly putting in place are to enable him to hold office following the election. Let me explain how this will happen.
    In the case of a landslide OR a close election (and I don’t think it will be close) loss, riots will break out across the U.S. For those of you old enough to remember, think of the Watts riots, Chicago DNC riots of ’68, and the Rodney King riots of the 90’s X 1000. Every major metro area will be engulfed by these riots. They will be spearheaded by both Farakhan’s Nation of Islam, and the Black Panthers, and most will happen in black areas. The EO’s are what we can identify, do not think Obama so much the narcissist that he is issuing these EO’s thinking he will win. What is going on BEHIND the scenes is what is important.
    We still think of ourselves as being a nation ruled by laws. Obama has NEVER thought that way. And because the nation thinks that way, Obama will use that against us. When he loses, we will all breath a sigh of relief thinking it will soon be over, but that will be when the nation will explode — literally. It is possible Obama’s hand will be forced in October, when the REAL public polling results become apparent how bad it is for him. But, trust me, the plans are already in the works.
    Believe me or not, but I was one of the few in 2008 saying who this guy really is. Many told me I was nuts. Most of them no longer think I’m nuts. This is the most dangerous man who has ever sat in the White House, and he will have to be frog marched out of there. And if you think my theories are outlandish, ask yourself a question: Have you EVER seen ANY candidate for POTUS EVER run on a platform of outright contempt for the American Way?

    1. I was in the same boat and now my friends are seeing the light. Their votes will be different this time (thank goodness). By the way, I like your user name too. :)

  119. Welcome to the land of Hitler. The German people were in a state of economic depression after WWI and they weren’t allowed to rearm, Hitler did the same thing when he took over, and basically it was under the guise of sneak attack. By the time the German people figured out what he was doing it was too late for them. They were silenced with the threat of arrest or even death.

  120. we the people,who are the real government,to the nra,aarp,amac,john birch society,tea party,all militias,all freedom loving,god fearing american veterans/citizens,time to talk/communicate/prepare/focus/plan/refine plan/gather under one giant freedom umbrella,this treasonous government excists only if we the people allow it to excist,enough is enough.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god.

  121. This is no time for smartass jokes. Christian conservatives outnumber liberals two to one. They just don’t vote. Why? Do they think that praying to God will vote out Obama. Half of America loves Obama and the rest will be voter fraud and thus you have an Obama second term. Maybe forever. I’m glad I grew up in America when i did. The fifties was wonderful.

  122. This is no time for smartass jokes. Christian conservatives outnumber liberals two to one. They just don’t vote. Why? Do they think that praying to God will vote out Obama. Half of America loves Obama and the rest will be voter fraud and thus you have an Obama second term. Maybe forever. I’m glad I grew up in America when i did. The fifties was wonderful.

  123. Maybe the reason he appears
    so confident, derisive, and cold is that he does plan on putting these things into effect BEFORE the election… This man is a traitor. What are we going to do about it? Even when we were under British rule, we didn’t have it this bad…

    1. When Texas was in drought last year we had a day of ceaseless prayer in Houston Texas, Thousands of Christians coming together, A&M University said the drought vould last 20 years, I cant help but sing Praise to our Father, Our God is Greater.
      I love it when He proves man wrong. I agree with you!! Whole heartedly!

  124. I have a Constitution and 300 million people and MY executive order right here saying Obama should eat a cat box sandwich. His orders of mass destruction against innocent people around the planet have unnecessarily caused too much pain and suffering AND PROVEN he has evolved no further than swine.

    1. lol “cat box sandwich” Oh I have to share that phrase – what a good way to start my day at the office with a little giggling. Thank you, Howard!

  125. Is this not the way Hitlar did Germany when he took control?? Just saying!!! Next they will be building concentration camps.

  126. I honestly believe that this illegal, phony, lying, Muslim POTUS will remain in office no matter what.
    I believe there are too many people who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed or threatened and more on the list. If this statement is not true Obama would not be in office.

    I am sure his big money string pulling puppet masters wll not let that happen, They have too much time and money invested.
    I do not think our troops would go against we the people if martial law is declared.

    Remember when BHO said: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Maybe this civilian national security force he is talking about will be the New Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood, the people in the terrorist training camps here in the US, along with about 100,000 Bolsheviks, the illegals who are here plus the ones who would storm across the border to join in so they could put us gringos in our place to get their land back along with anyone else who wants to see the fall of the US.


  127. If he takes over control of the web,maybe then the teen to thirty crowd
    will put down there vidio controlers and wake up.
    I belong to a neighborhood group,and I plan on getting as many of them as possable
    to offer a ride to the poles for anyone that would like to vote.
    just maybe we can get a enough rep’s to the poles to get rid of O and his yes men.

  128. Well we are AWAKE NOW!!! And fighting harder than ever–TEA Party members and those who need to join the TEA Party today(like Today!)–bring on the WARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Let’s Pray like we’ve never prayed, vote and encourage everyone who might not vote to vote right (be an influence) this is a desperate time. We’ve got about 100 days to fight back–Hard!!!!!!!!

  129. He has taken away our 1st amendment by “Executive Order”, wants to void the 2nd amendment and here goes the 3rd!! Why doesn’t the Supreme Court declare that Communistic jerk for what he truly is–an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!. Every thing he has signed into law etc. is null and void–he is not an American citizen. Wake up America, it is rapidly becoming too late!!

  130. The power will certainly come in handy during the “seven days in November” should things look grim for the god-emperor.

  131. The young people of this country are being brain-washed in the public schools. They are then encouraged to go to college so they can “make something of themselves”. Well, now we have voting aged brain-washed socialists who are being manipulated for the last of their formulative years. They drink the Kool Aid and in spite of the fact that they are getting their hand burnt from sticking it in the fire, they keep drinking and they keep sticking it in the fire. They refuse to listen to the older generation because they have been taught that the older generation is “out of touch” and “don’t trust anyone over 30”.
    This is why I home school.
    Oh, and you might want to invest in a ham radio. They haven’t been able to shut them down or take them over in any previous crisis.

  132. and they had a fit when they thought bush was wiretapping terriost. this jackass wants to control everything he can, the END OF FREEDOM, WHERE DID AMERICA GO?

  133. My family had this conversation the other day with me leading it of course. I asked the question of some of my children and teenage grandchildren what if we lost the grid? I got this answer it will never happen from one of my children. My grandchildren did not have and answer because they do not live in reality. They are so taken with texting that it does not compute in their technological brains. Believe me one of the first things Obama would do would be to shut down the grid to the average person. The government and various agencies would have as much power as they wanted.

  134. There was once a time when it would be a no-brainer not to vote for this guy. what is the hell has happened to our young people to see them vote for this clown in drives? These younger voters…..18-35 really need to get in touch with older folks and learn the meaning of Honor an Patriotism. They need to be educated about Socialism and Communism and especially the newly use term progressives. A vote for Obama is a vote to help along with the deterioration of this wonderful country as we know it. Pray good people that everyone realizes this Obama guy has just has to go. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA.

  135. I worked in a 3rd world country for 4 years. They had the power to take over all communication in the country, which they did on 2 occasions while I was there. Cell phones and landlines were jammed so that we couldn’t communicate with each other. Television and radio were shut down. This places people in the dark; without the ability to see what the government is doing. Obama is setting the government up to be exactly what the founding fathers did not want. A totalitarian government. We MUST get this man out of office.

  136. America – ‘I too have watched, and have seen this coming’ – *there will be no more prez elections.*….Stupidity has Destroyed *”(Our Home!)”*….. But a Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to my Dad, my Uncles and Your Fathers and Mom’s and Brothers and Sisters and Aunts and All who have fought – bled and *Died* to Defend and Protect *Our Home* from *(Enemy’s *WITHIN* and ABROAD)*…. I am sorry to say – America – *(IT HAS ALL – EVERY DROP OF BLOOD – BEEN IN VAIN!!!!)*…. whats next?….

  137. The ONLY thing left is to disarm the American citizens. That is currently being worked on in the United NATIONS Small Arms Treaty. It is disguised as a treaty to regulate international arms tranfers. But, it will serve Obama and Hillary’s purpose of eliminating our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. WAKE UP AMERICA!! Buy guns, ammo, food, water and gold. Ozero is going to declare some crisis and take over after the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is finalized and implemented. Then the blue helmets will come for your guns.

  138. Fasting, praying, and Repentance to The One and Only True God, Yahweh Yeshua is our only hope. Weep for America. She has been relinquished. It remains to be seen IF we will have an election. No matter what happens today, tomorrow … Yehovah gave us America and He remains in CONTROL.

  139. Unfortunately, I believe such an outcome is forgone, regardless of who is elected. Remember that it was Bush who began the process with the Patriot Act, Several Executive orders and a PLETHERA of “signing statements” denying congress’ ability to put limits on presidential powers. The party you vote for no longer matters. Corporate interests rule the country. Would the government RUN the com systems? No. They’ll be nationalized and “contracted” to the likes of Gannett Publishing, Ted Turner and Clearchannel…

  140. I would certainly like to believe that there are enough Americans left in this Government and in this country that if Obama tried to take over and declare martial law that he would be arrested and thrown in prison for treason. My God I would hope that we would have the courage to stop him. There are a lot more of us than there are of him.

    1. Charles, while I don’t know how to get it done, we need immediate legislation that prohibits any elected or appointed official from declaring martial law for longer than say a period of 48 hours, without an approval of 2/3 vote of the Senate. That would require congress to change and update their communications and operating proceedures to insure they have 24/7/365 contact with their offices, along with capability of voting from anywhere, by secure communications. In these days of various WMD and high world tensions, they should have had that capablilty long ago. Perhaps they could use the system the military uses. Also, due to world tensions, both houses of congress should always have someone on duty around the clock. In the past it took considerable time, effort and movement of troops to start a war. Now it can be done on but a moments notice. Plan a

  141. Remember one thing! We beat the tyrants in 76 and all we had were horses. In November, send this PoS out to get another job, because he’s not good at this one!

  142. This sounds more ominous than it is. Other than shutting down the entire electrical grid of the U.S., no one could control all forms of communications that are available to the people of the U.S.
    “When you wade through the executive order and other related government documents, you discover that this document gives the president the power to seize and control every form of communication within the United States for any reason they so desire.” This is an absurd deduction from what is written in italics that specifically states what the purpose of the executive order is. It is one thing to be genuinely patriotic and concerned about the future of the country through constant vigilance of what is transpiring in the country and in government, it is irrational not to understand why the security of government communications is absolutely essential to national security. Given the status quo of communications, it is difficult to understand why such an executive order is needed, however. After all, we have been waging a “war on terror” for the last eleven years and all sorts of communications have been a regular part of it. What is so extraordinary, as that war winds to a conclusion, that requires such an executive order? It seems anti-climactic, to say the least.

    1. jdb…, we are talking about war. As a retired USAF officer, I can assure you that as citizens, we need clear-cut rules and proceedures, with the flexabilty to adjust where necessary. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that civilians will have the necessary communications to keep in contact with both government and their fellow citizens. I think the only reason that would be denied, is if the government is planning a “takeover” of all aspects of our lives. Again, contact your elected officials, regardless of party, and demand action. If congress “knows that we know”, they will be more apt to make changes.

  143. Regarding of education. Soviets gave free education to teach us effectively Marxism. But first they took all money from our parents to their pockets.

  144. BTW, the prez recently declared a state of national emergency — another thing that was sneaked in under the radar — vis-a-vis Russia’s nuclear arsenal! So the state of emergency is already in place…… Scary times we are living in, folks!!

  145. Don’t you think perhaps you are reading too far into it? You are probably the same idiots that elected bush. He made such a mess we are going to not like and blame anyone who took office after him.

  146. Commie! If he wants to collapse the USA, as some say, the opposition can’t have communications or weapons-even if they are fighting to defend OUR government.

  147. Congress must insist that part of the communications frequencies and channels must be reserved for the public. The public, in most cases, will the the first “on scene” observers and they must have open and available communictions channels–time could be of the essence, especially if WMD are involved—the public deserves and are entitled to immediate access to communications to prevent additional loss of life. Congress controls the purse strings and should not allow any funding unless the public’s needs are met. All citizens should demand that this EO be modified immediately. We also need immediate legislation that enables the Senate to overturn any EO, by a 2/3 majority vote or by a simple majority vote of the House.

  148. tHIS IS THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM EVER. nOTWITHSTANDING oBAMA’S :executive order” anyone who thinks a reelected Obama is likely is not very smart to begin with. Then to presume if that terrible situation were to come about that Obama would be so strong as to “collapse the economy” and “declare martial law” and take “control of all communications” is mindboggingly stupid. Then to go even further and state “He will arrest and detain anyone who opposes him”- “Suspend Government” to become a “DICTATOR” what absolute lunacy. Where in gods name does he think the American people will be that all of that could be accomplished. Military, police , government employees not likely to go along and even if they did the millions of citizens could not be “dictated to” and stand by and allow it to happen.
    This kind of “NONSENSICAL TALK” makes mo0st people shake their head in disbelief and completely dismiss the more reasonable and valid warnings about the danger of a re-elected Obama. He will indeed continue to push to increase dependancy on an ever growing Government . His regulators will exert more and more control over the “PRIVATE ECONOMY”. AND -HE WILL ADVANCE AN INCREASINGLY “SOCIALIST AGENDA” .

  149. This is scary folks, if this comes to fruititon we could have civil war, which may already be coming with the race war being created by barrakus. We already have a black problem killing whites 30 to 1, compared with whites killing blacks,(google black on white crime and see the stats for yourself) the big cities are being hit the hardest but the local or national medias don’t have the balls to run the stories, which in return will cause major backlash when the white community starts realizing what is going on and then we will have a real race problem. The media for years has painted whitey as being the racist but in reality the equation is reversed, the blacks have beem committed the crimes on white America. The mainstream media are cowards for deceving America on this issue and they have blood on their hands.

  150. NONE of 0bama’s executive orders have had any publicity or fanfare, as the whole idea is to circumvent the Constitution. This is but one more step towards the total power martial law that many think will come down before November. Already we have an ex-o calling for the indefinate detention of American citizens without trial or representation. FEMA camps in every state. (Don’t think so? Google FEMA map, see what ya get.) And the railroad access, fences to keep people IN, guard towers, lights and capacity of thousands of citizens are ‘interesting’ accessories for emergency housing facilities.
    surviving urban crisis.

  151. Step 1: Control communication. Step 2: Control guns. Step 3: Take over the country. Hitler did the exact same thing. Control the media and information and guns and you control the country.

  152. If you don’t know now what Obama is up to then this should do it!
    This will back fire on Obama. This will defeat him in the election.
    However, there may not be an election if he gets his way. He will
    usurp the powers of a dictator and all you idiots that voted for him will
    finally understand, but it will be too late!

  153. Stay on their young rears and try to teach them the error of their ways.I have two granddaughters that I try to point them in the right way evrytime I see them.I know they get tired of it but I tell them any how.They came to me in their first voting experience and asked how and whom I was voting for.I had the chance to tell who and why.I am not sure but I think they took my advice.
    Vote Ted Cruz

  154. Giacomo:

    You’re right to be concerned about the President assigning himself more powers as if he is preparing to use those powers – and about the extent and capabilities of those powers. There is a real page-turner, “The Socialist Phenomenon” by Igor Shafarevich, which communicates a very clear understanding of the Administration’s purpose and end-game. You can get this book free at archive (dot) org.

    Barak Obama and other members of the Administration are committing treason together.

    The powers of the Executive, Congress and the Court are strictly delineated by the Constitution, and the verbiage of the Constitution is the Supreme Law. “Consent of the Governed” is a concept from the Old World not the United States, as We the People ARE “the government”.

    So please remember these few principles;
    – Living individual sovereignty and moral exercise of free will is the only correct path.
    – Every member of our military and paramilitary forces are oath-bound to the Constitution.
    – We the People may may convene trials for treason against us at any appropriate juncture.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

  155. You’re right to be concerned about the President assigning himself more powers as if he is preparing to use those powers – and about the extent and capabilities of those powers. There is a real page-turner, “The Socialist Phenomenon” by Igor Shafarevich, which communicates a very clear understanding of the Administration’s purpose and end-game. You can get this book free at archive (dot) org.

    Barak Obama and other members of the Administration are committing treason together.

    The powers of the Executive, Congress and the Court are strictly delineated by the Constitution, and the verbiage of the Constitution is the Supreme Law. “Consent of the Governed” is a concept from the Old World not the United States, as We the People ARE “the government”.

    So please remember these few principles;
    – Living individual sovereignty and moral exercise of free will is the only correct path.
    – Every member of our government and military forces are oath-bound to the Constitution.
    – We the People may may convene trials for treason against us at any appropriate juncture.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

  156. You have put a voice to all my fears about a second term for bo and there is no place to hide or anyone to follow. God save us all

  157. You had better get all the time on these post because the dictator has the power now to stop all this and all you can hear is what he wants you to here and you will be in the dark on what is going on there will be no more news except what he wants you to know .

  158. These young folks do not under stand when he talks about creating all these jobs that he has not done yet he means every one that is able to work at all will have to or be punished . And will work for him all kinds of dirty work .

  159. to all ron palocites. Please wear signs after the elections if Obama wins. The sign should read” I helped elect Obama”

  160. For all of you born after 1990 this Order means the following.
    The government can take over communications any time it decides it wants to.
    Texting – None
    Cell phone service – NONE
    Land Line telephone phone; the kind with a cord if you know what that is – Notta
    Email – None
    Cable TV – None
    Online gaming – none
    Internet service – none
    DSL – gone
    Twitter – gone
    Google – gone
    Facebook – gone
    Direct TV & Dish Network – none
    Neflix – none.
    Kim Kardassian updates – none; well this is one good thing.

    Good luck idiots.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin Feb 1775

  161. “of**ked up” forgot the most important communications part—THE WORD OF MOUTH & THAT WILL BRING “DICTATOR/KING obama” TO HIS KNEES TO BEG FOR MERCY!!!!

  162. Just as in the novel “Seven Days in May,” published in the early 1960’s. A renegade president issued orders for setting up a government organization called ECOMCON (Emergency Communications Control) in preparation for overthrowing the constitutional government of the U.S. and establishing himself as dictator.

  163. Obama is slowly but surely walking to the far end a plank of his own design and making, He will then drop int a sea of ferocious Sharks that have a particular taste for the likes of Obama. Bon Voyage Captain BS

  164. There is also the possibility that Obama will manufacture a crisis ahead of the November elections, declare martial law, and shut down the country.

  165. I was talking to a man who came to my place of work back in February; he’s the one who brought to my attention the massive amounts of ammunitions purchased by DHS. He said he is in a loosely organized group who have prepared themselves for martial law and the confiscation of citizens weapons. He said they are about 100 families strong and are committed to protecting each other…the example he used was – if you are in our group and the head of your family goes down then others in the group will come retrieve, protect, and provide for.your family. He said they all communicate via HAM & 2-WAY radios. He said they have weapons, ammo, and provisions stored/cached at several locations to ensure their survival when Government goes completely tyrannical…as he put it, “we are not preparing for battle, we are preparing for survival”.

    I have to say that after listening to this man I walked away thinking this man is nuts, but now I am starting to think, after looking closer at some of the things that are being done in our government, that this man may not be nuts…but rather intuitive.

  166. Ya, next will be the order to pick up the guns. How will they do it..they will trade FOOD For GUNS. Your hungry relatives and neighbors will turn you in if you try to hide them. Its a communist take over, control of the people.

    JUST LIKE IN Germany in 1930’s. WAKE

  167. What is this usurper preparing for? Civil War? I hope not, and if so, I hope all my military buds follow their conscience and not this imposter of a CIC.

  168. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”
    ― James Madison, Federalist Papers

  169. Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.
    John Adams

  170. Our Founding Fathers set up a federal government consisting of three branches. It is high time that the Legislative Branch took back the role of making the laws of this land. It is the role of the Executive Branch to (solely) enforce the laws created by the legislature. All “Executive Orders” should be null and void and the rolls of our federal branches reinstated as originally set out in the Constitution of the United States.

  171. WHY does Obama need this power? When this has not been done before what makes him do this now? Someone needs to have the power to correct this for the people!

  172. Another of Obama’s recent Executive Orders says we are in a national emergency (over Russian nuclear stockpiles or something). I bet those words trigger all sorts of “emergency powers.”

  173. Wake up America. Only a very weak potential dictator would ever want to
    control the media and public opinion! We in Europe have had more than
    enough of Commie Dictators. Why would anyone in their right mind
    want to vote for a dictator who’s plan is to contol each and every media?
    Here is an old Dutch saying which you may like to consider:
    “A Cat in Distress makes very strange movements!”
    We in Europe hope that we will able to work together with America in the future.
    We must work together if our Free Western World may continue.
    I hope that my friends in America will receive this simple message.
    God Bless those who come up for Free Speech and Justice.

  174. It seems most of us posting here are very concerned citizens. We are making our voices heard here, but how can we get the attention of our Congress to get them to act? Can we band together to achieve that goal? There are so many political organizations out there, but none of them seem interested in these serious issues. Congress has let President after President gradually erode the protections set in place by the Constitution of the United States of America for the American people against a despotic ruler. If Congress does not act, and soon, there will be nothing between us and despair. They are receiving these Executive Orders, assuming they are the same-old thing and not reading them. They should never be received that way.
    Congress attempted to pass legislation that would do just what this Executive Order does, but we told Congress, “No!” Since it did not pass Congress, the President took it upon himself to do this as it serves his purposes to ensure that everything is in place following his previous Executive Orders for him (or whomever is controlling him) to take over and create a communist government here.
    We reared our children to know God first and foremost, and how to communicate and survive without all the gadgets and gizmos, but things are about to get to a point that I have never experienced in my life. My dad only experienced these as a child during the Great Depression / WWII. In some ways, what we are heading for is new to him, as well. I would appreciate @5a3185ccee52d874c1fbd0769ce1faee:disqus’s input for help.
    We must pray, pray, pray, and vote, as well, but if we do not turn to God as a country, we may have to endure the same consequences as all those who have turned their backs on God. He certainly has my attention. God help us. God save us. God help us help others see the need to turn back to you.

  175. What did all dictators (Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao,… ) – first of all they put under their “total control” all communications sources (radio, telegraph, telephone, post offices, newsparers, etc., etc.). Now we have the same situation in our country, USA – for the first time in American history. Unbelievable!!! Really we, americans, are so indifferent, so ignorant, and so stupid, to voluntarily allow “somebody else” (who they are, these “somebody else”, everybody knows) to be totally “enslaved” ???…Wake up, folks, from prolonged (about 4 years) “sleeping” – do not make 2008 year inexcusable mistake, act right now!

  176. OB’s comment abt “if u have a successful business, you didn’t build it, someone else did”! I never saw him down @ my business with me @ 2 or 3 AM getting all the reqrd paperwork ready & the business ready to re-open the next day! In fact NO Polititian was there with me! ?? Then who built the business if it wasn’t my wife & I ???? I can’t believe that a guy that’s been on the Government tit all his career would make such a statement!

  177. Two points. 1) Congress would be well advised to remove portions of the PATRIOT Act as amended, the Military Commissions Act, and the 2012 Defense Department authorization–such as those the author cites. They set the stage for tyranny. 2) Note the limit in the Executive Order under discussion which puts the burden on Congress to do its job: Section 7(e) “This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject
    to the availability of appropriations.”

  178. So, after 9-11 when the Government put the Patriot Act in place, everyone was screaming an yelling. Why not now? These people who voted for Obama are going to be the first one’s screaming but it will be too late.

  179. This ties right in with all the other “executive orders” that’s he’s concocked during the last year especially. He’s now in control of farmers, communications, immigration, arrest and detainment of American citizens, etc. If he’s not put out of the white house in November, America will awake to find itself a “chavez” country and like Beck predicted 2 years ago, he’s done everything to make congress useless and he doesn’t hestitate to write these orders that over ride congress’s laws and orders…God bless America….Please vote in Nov. 2012 for Romney or we are lost as a republic. This man with his Soros backing scares the mess out of me. Never in 68 years have I ever witnessed a president so obessed with power and Chicago politics…..

  180. Whoever writes these laws/bills/whatever is good…i mean REALLY GOOD. You read these lines and they sound so sensible and so non-threatening and then you read between the lines and you see that we have lost more of our once inalienable rights. I hope everyone is preparing for the worst. I think we need to be very, very careful….be careful who you trust…watch your back, make sure you have emergency food and water supplies. Remove the Romney stickers and the NRA decals from your cars….just be careful.

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