Obama Watched Attack on Benghazi and Did Nothing to Help Them

Obama Watched Attack on Benghazi and Did Nothing to Help Them

It seems that every day there is new information that is coming to light in the September 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  In the latest news update, sources are saying that President Barack Obama watched much of the attack on a live broadcast as it was taking place and just sat there doing nothing to help the Americans.

When you hear the latest information on how Obama failed to act to save the Americans, it could be seen to lend a little more credibility to the conspiracy theory that the attack was actually a pre-arranged kidnapping attempt set up by Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.  They were supposed to kidnap Ambassador Stevens so that Obama could exchange him for the Blind Sheik just before the election to make Obama look like a hero and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to get their Blind Sheik back.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, Retired Army, has told several news media that his sources that he trusts informed him that Obama was in the White House during the time of the attacks and that he watched it unfold in real time.  Shaffer told Fox News:

“This was in the middle of the business day in Washington, so everybody at the White House, CIA, Pentagon, everybody was watching this go down.”

“According to my sources, yes, [President Obama] was one of those in the White House Situation Room in real-time watching this.”

Other than placing drones overhead to watch the massacre of four Americans, the President did not issue any orders to send in anyone to help protect them.  According to new information contained in the video below, there is evidence that the attack was prolonged and that some of those killed had managed to stay alive for the first six hours of the ordeal.  Six hours was plenty of time for Obama to have sent a strike team to Benghazi to help defend the Ambassador and others, but he did nothing but watch.

Col. David Hunt, who serves as a military analyst for Fox News said that this was the fourth embassy to be attacked in a twenty-four hour period and that everyone in Washington was closely watching what was happening.  He also said that had Obama given an order that U.S. warplanes could have reached the compound within twenty minutes and that a Delta Force strike team could have been at the sight within two hours.

Considering that some survived for six hours before being killed forces the question of why Obama did not try to save them.  His impotence to act reminded me of another spineless Democrat some 33 years ago.  When 52 Americans were taken hostage in in Tehran, Iran and held for 444 days, then President Jimmy Carter did nothing to free them.

I have a close friend who was in special forces at the time.  For over a year, he and his squad of commandos sat on a ship off the coast of Iran waiting for orders to rescue the hostages.  He told me that they knew where the hostages were kept every day and they could easily have gone in and freed them without loss of American lives, but Carter never gave the order.  He also told me that everyone there knew the helicopter rescue mission Carter did launch was certain to fail and that it was done (and those on the helicopters were sacrificed) just to help silence the mounting criticism Carter was getting from all of America.  My friend said that every single military personnel involved with the Tehran hostage situation had no respect for Carter and called him a coward.

In the case of Obama and Benghazi, was he a coward afraid to attack his so-called Muslim friends who were killing fellow Americans?  Why didn’t he do something to help them?  Help could have arrived in time to save the four Americans, but Obama sat there and watched them die.  Was it because the attack was supposed to be a kidnapping that went wrong when the former Navy SEALS fought back?  Then he has the gall to tell the families of the victims that he’s sorry for their loss, an apology that the father of one and mother of another both say was empty and meaningless.

To sit by and do nothing to help our countries representatives in a dangerous situation, to me is not only cowardice but could be considered an accessory to the fact which in turn would make him a traitor to the United States.  But since he has qualified as a traitor on other occasions and nothing’s ever been done, he’ll probably walk away from this unscathed and unpunished.

If I had one wish right now, I think I would wish I was the U.S. Attorney General.  Then I would use the full power of the Justice Department to bring a mile long list of charges against a man who isn’t even legally eligible to hold the office.  If I was unable to secure a death penalty for his high crime of treason on multiple accounts, I would definitely make sure that he was locked away in one of the darkest and nastiest prisons in the country and never let him see the light of day.  Yep, that’s what I would wish for.

225 thoughts on “Obama Watched Attack on Benghazi and Did Nothing to Help Them

  1. Who is Tony Shaffer’s source? At some point, they’ll have to come forward and be questioned to ensure they’re telling the truth, because Obama has said an order DID go out. Someone has to be lying, but who’s telling the truth is in a paper trail.

    The other question is: Did the President think that this would not have gone on for so long?

    1. No, the liberal media always sweeps all of his misdoings under the rug, so he thought that at this time it would be all forgotten. Americans deserve an answer before the elections.

    2. Adam Moreira…..

      Paper trail? Why not just open your eyes and ears?
      Why are you so ready to question Lt Col Shaffer’s word and not Obama’s?

      Someone IS lying and it’s not Lt Col Tony Shaffer. What he said was a CONFIRMATION of what had been said already, UNDER OATH, by Assistant Sec of State Charlene Lamb who testified before Congress on Oct 10 that they had watched it all in real time.

      After denying that the DOS had not received any requests for increased security, she testified that she and her colleagues had placed “the correct number of assets in Benghazi at the time of 9/11 for what had been agreed upon.” This testimony cannot be true, given the known outcome of the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate and the pleas for enhanced security measures. Eric Nordstrom, the former Regional Security Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Libya contradicted her and supplied cables proving that increased security had been requested and denied.

      Lt. Col. Andrew Wood said his special forces troops (SST team ) who were assigned to protect American diplomats in Libya, were withdrawn weeks before the attack and that Washington IGNORED WARNINGS that the consulate was vulnerable. Not only that, but the MSDT (Mobile Security Defense Team) was reduced also)

      These are just 2 of the many sworn testimonies of the whistleblowers who are not willing to be thrown under the bus by Obama and his cronies.

      Obama is a corrupt, compulsive, self-serving liar who thinks he is accountable to no one. Americans are dead as a direct result of his malignant administration. And YOU ought to demand that he give an account of Bengazi…..NOW.

    1. WRONG! Obama did not call the seals ! That little deal was put into action without Obama knowing about it. He was notified after the helicopters were enroute to get Bin Ladden. They had 3 other chances and Obama stopped them all, so somebody got smart and went over his head and got the job done.

      1. Evidently when the Bin Laden deal went down, VALERIE JARRETT (Iran-born WH adviser) was ranting the loudest against whacking Bin Laden, and Obama was out playing golf until they called him in for the event. (He’s wearing a golf shirt, in the photo of him in the WH Situation Room where he looks like a sour little kid who’s being forced to watch TV.)

        Did Valerie Jarrett influence what happened in Benghazi?

  2. The evidence just keeps piling up that Obama is definitely a muslim and a sympathizer for their cause. Why and who keeps covering up for him? What is the media going to get for keeping their mouths shut about the truth? Do they think they will be exempt from their tyranny and violence? That’s what people don’t get is that these radicals will not play nice. They have an agenda and will do and say anything they have to to accomplish it. Please let Romney win this election and get Obama out before its too late.

    1. “Obama watched attack on Benghazi and did nothing to help them” … isn’t that considered aiding and abetting our enemy? What is the punishment for that?

      1. obamy did something; he went to bed to rest up for the rest of his campaign to get re-elected.. VOTE THIS IMPOSTER OUT!!!!!!! VOTE Romney/Ryan


        2. Why not do it yourself? I’m sure you will go down in history as the man who assasinated the president of the United States in a fit of bigotry with the intent not only to end his life, but to also his afterlife. That would probably grant you an immediate promotion to Grand Dragon.

        3. I like your name it fits you perfectly, but I for one being a former USMC vet and others in that form, wouldn’t mind looking you up and giving you what your Pres.. gave to those who gave their life for their fellow Americans, we can stand by while the tough talk is acted out on you. I am shocked that you agree that what Oboma did was ok with you. You would not survive a minute in mine or any other Service members fox hole, wake up to what is going on or look me up if you like, my seal friends would love that.

        4. It’s a poor soldier who doesn’t respect the chain of command. You may not agree with his politics or his policies, but talks of assassinating the commander in chief and forcing a “regime change” from within our own ranks is treasonous and emboldens our enemies.

          4 Americans died while stationed in the middle east. Shocker.
          That has happened every day for the last decade.

        5. What do you want to do, take Obama out to dinner and a movie? What Obama has done to America, he deserves nothing less then the death penalty.

      2. It’s a crime and treason. Impeachment should be the next step if Congress has any guts and takes their oath to uphold our Constitution seriously.

    2. This lying, arrogant, nose in the air, dummicrat J^(%a/ $$ is the poorest excuse for a president that we have ever had in my lifetime. I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst but by cracky this $%^&*() is worse by far. Sit there and let it happen, turn a deaf ear to the call for help. When will the voters wake up??? I hope before Tuesday! Still nothing on our border agent and now this. Lord have mercy!

      1. This is what we get when we let an ineligible person run for the office. As soon as people started to have doubts about him … back in 2007 … we should have demanded proof of eligibility.
        Let this be a lesson to all of us. Never again trust those who we always assumed were vetting candidates.
        If a candidate shows up and there is a question about him being a natural-born citizen … he probably isn’t. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any question.
        Don’t EVER let this happen again!

        1. There was no proof of eligibly required. His father and mother were NOT LEGALLY married; because he already had two other wives. His father was NOT an American citizen at the time of his birth, and he never became one later. The actual place of his birth becomes a moot point when he is NOT qualified by the fact that only one parent is a US citizen.

        2. Yes! A certified copy of theBirth Certificate ISSUED BY THE COUNTY inwhich the birth took place showing the NATIONALITY of BOTH parents at the time of birth and bearing other vital information is a MUST. To date, Candidate Romney has deliberately refused to give access to HIs wAYNE cOUNTY bIRTH cERTIFICATE! WHY IS THAT MIITT?

        3. Hey C. Maxwell – what about Romney? There is a question about him being a natural-born citizen. (he probably isn’t) His father was born in Mexico and is a Mexican citizen. He did not file the necessary paperwork at the Mexican consulate and he did not pledge an oath to the United States as required. That was the law in 1909. We have seen no proof that George Romney retained or was granted citizenship or dual citizenship.
          Don’t EVER let this happen again!

    3. Amen brother, the stupid sycophants in the STATE-run media will be, and should be, the first to have their heads lopped off! The sheeple, as I have been saying, need to unite and have a national work stoppage – it is imperative!

    4. Obama is not a muslim. He is a pro-muslim marxist. Both belief systems allow themselves to work with each other against a common enemy. An added dimension I believe is being left out of this whole sordid affair is the angle that no less authority than Dr. Jerome Corsi has been on lately, Obamas homosexual activities in Chicago. Ambassador Stevens was both, a homosexual Chicagoan, who could out Obama and was allowed to be murdered. That and all of the other plausible theories.

      1. Corsi is a con-artist and a crackpot. His theories are pure fiction. He quotes no sources, provides no evidence, and does no investigation. His conspiracies get more elaborate and bizarre as time goes on. Do you ever wonder why WND runs big stories that you don’t see anywhere else? Because they are nonsense.
        Quoting Jerome Corsi as a source makes you sound like the stereotype of a dumb tea-party rally attendee carrying a huge misspelled sign in one hand and a corn on the cob in the other. It’s tough to eat with all those teeth missing and you have been drinking all day.
        Go ahead and believe that Obama locks up Michelle, Sasha, and Malea twice a week so he can have gay sex with his mafia buddies in Chicago. Go ahead and believe that Obama helped fake the moon landing, shot JFK, Reagan, and John Lennon. Believe that Barack Obama can control the weather, create earthquakes, and is drugging you in your drinking water, medicine, and via chemtrails. Obama learned these skills back on his home planet Mildorp from his mentor The Great Gazoo-the cartoon spaceman character that only Fred Flintstone could see.


    1. According to what I’ve read, Fox News is the only channel covering this scandal.

      If the others are not going to air that story, I have high doubts that anybody but Fox would air the commercial…. nuts… and this is something that needs more coverage, not Sandy.

  4. Without being grammatically correct either. “a Delta Force strike team could have been at the sight within two hours.” The word was “site”.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Obama and his cronies should all be in prison till the day they die. And michelle should be required to work the rest of her days after spending like it’s 1999! Obama, the coward in chief who continues to lie. The media who continues to hide him behind their rhetoric. Maybe it’s time that we boycott all the media and tell businesses to stop buying advertising dollars.

  6. How about after the elections, shipping this azzhole over to a remote, dangerous country as an ambassador and give him the same cover he gave this group?

    1. How about we drop him off in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter???? That’s what he deserves! Let him try to prove he’s a man!!! He’ll fail at that like he’s failed at everything else!!!

    2. Good idea, but cannot work. As much as I would love to see him put in a very precarious position, the knowledge in his head as a former president cannot be put at risk. This is why ex-presidents get secret service protection for life. I would however fully approve having a secret service agent stationed outside his federal prison cell.

      1. Yah, it was more just ‘wishful’ thinking…or just a bus hitting him broadside…that would make my day too.

        1. I just checked this out, and it turns out that George W Bush will be the first president without lifetime secret service protection. His will be limited to 10 years after leaving office.

        2. George W Bush is the last president to receive life time protection from the secret servicethat scum bag obama and on will get 10 years protection,

  7. If I had one wish right now, I think I would wish I was the U.S.
    Attorney General. Then I would use the full power of the Justice
    Department to bring a mile long list of charges against a man who isn’t
    even legally eligible to hold the office.

    Excuse my hysterical laughter. That will never happen with Holder in office. He won’t even allow the enforcement of our voting and immigration laws.

    1. Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote,Vote, for MittVote,,Vote,,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,for Mitt,

  8. Multiple requests to assist, and then for assistance, denied. Requests for additional security results in diminished security. Blame a movie nobody saw. Get a debate moderator to lie for you. Nothing new for this administration.

    1. what really sucks is ….you could PROVE it to the majority of these libs that think he is so great and they will just say “well there is a million other reasons to vote for him”

      ???????? Does part of the liberal mindset involve removing that mind? This obama dude is a socialist/lying/treasonous/muslim/hate America first dictator type. Only his idiocy surpasses his arrogance.

      1. but he saved GM; who gives a darn? NOT ME! I bet FORD really appreciated the bail out of GM (Free Enterprise, right) . What happened to Sink or swim? And I thought OUR embassy was US territory. So the attack was against the USA!!!!!

    2. If the commanders had asked for Marine volunteers, telling them that our consulate was under attack and we have no further information other than the people at the consulate were begging for help. I’d be willing to bet dollars to dimes that there would have so many volunteers they would have had to deny many of them.

  9. This guy speaking is using words that further the confusion for many Americans. First to use the word Contractor and others contractors…They Were and Are Honorable Military Personnel and your term used as Contractors suggest these guys were merc’s or paid for hire! Then to suggest that this is a simple he said she said scenario is Bull…Only one (1) Person can order a not to engage Order while this was Happening…on direct live feed it came from OBAMA! He and only he can give an order of this nature during a combat situation…so there is no miscommunications here…it is a flat out Lie and Obama is the person that needs to be held in Jail on Gitmo until all the facts come out! But this fact is right on target…Obama and Only Obama could call for a Stand Down…Do Not Engage the Enemy (Stand Down)!

    1. Well apparently the demos are all on the same team as O’Dip. All of them are Anti-Christ and Un-American as can be. Anyone that would sit bye and watch Americans serving their Country Be murdered by low lifes that want all Ameicans to Die just because we don’t believe their lies and crap, should be charged with TREASON, found guilty and Shot when the trail is over.
      Anyone and all that believe in O’Dip should be charged as accessories to the crimes and so charged.
      I am a Proud American Vet and I believe in America and will die with those feelings. God Bess All Real Americans and Veterans and those in Uniform at this time.
      I haven’t forgotten O’Dip wanting all those in Uniform to buy theirown Medical Insurance to pay for their health issues and wounds with their own insurance so the DEMO’s Wouldn’t have to. Not only are they liers, but cheap bastar—-s.


  11. this pos must be REMOVED from the white house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I personally know a high ranking federal investigator that told me if Obama was investigated officially, both he and his wife would be tried for treason. And this was before Benghazi.

  13. If this isn’t the biggest crock of BS. Afraid to attack his Muslins friends??? Ask all the Muslims that have been caught or killed, including bin Laden. Or all the terrorists in Yemen… Or Pakistan.. These morons with an agenda and little “real” knowledge of just went on is astounding… but they sure love to pontificate… and just make things up to fit their agenda and feed the red meat to all their little zombie minions…

    1. mjritter…….YOU have been deceived and are living in the illusory world of Obama-lies. If Bengazi had happened under a republican president, you would be raising the roof….and YOU SHOULD.

      It’s despicable that you leftists are not just satisfied with pretending the man doesn’t lie, but that he had nothing to do with Bengazi. You want him re-elected, no matter what the cost.

      OBAMA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF 4 AMERICANS and there would have been many more had the SEALS NOT defied orders and heroically saved 30+ people before losing their own lives. In their final moments on earth,THEY KNEW that Obama had screwed them.

      You and your ilk are pathetic.

      1. Tour anti-American rhetoric is what is pathetic. But then again you are like a deer in the headlights – blind to your hate. But then again most people here are nothing more then stooges, revisionists, and just simply airheads. You are no more patriotic than I. Almost everyday I see the hundreds of thousands of our finest buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where I lived (as the land used to be part of Ft Meyer) as a child. People here forget what the US Constitution truly stands for. Like the bible, they love to pick and choose what they want, and interpret the Constitution to their liking.

  14. If Obama is re elected, he will be impeached and drummed out of office. Rember Watergate? Nixon won by more votes than Obama could even wish for, and he had to leave in disgrace. Watergate is Kindergarten stuff compared to this Benghazi scandal.

  15. Your conclusions are all speculation, half-truths and guesswork. In other words, this is political slander against the President of the United States and thus a violation of the 9th commandment. I am tired of the sicko mentality of your so-called “Christian worldview”. Please, enough! I am unsubscribing.

    1. Bye, bye fool. You do not know the difference between questions and conclusions or speculation and are not needed here. No obamabots required. This is just one more of many betrayals. You are not a subscriber. You are not a registered commenter. So who will miss you?

    2. Steven D. Dotson…..Puleez….do us all a favor and take your boot-licking blather somewhere else where people can be fooled. You leftists are the ones with sicko mentalities which embrace every kind of depravity known to man….and your anti-American sentiment ought be treated with the contempt it deserves.

      1. No. You can’t handle being told that these people are misleading, if not, outright lying about the President. If you do not wish to vote for President Obama that is your right. But as a Christian, you are NOT at liberty to say whatever it takes to defeat him. Gossip and anger do not comprise the TRUTH, Madam!

        1. Well. Steve Dotson.

          We can’t get the truth from the whitehouse. So. We Look at facts. Look at the timeline. And we listen. We listen to people that have inside knowledge of the timeline.

          Our President. His Administration, left our men hanging, on Sept. 11. And. In my mind. That wasn’t “failure to do your duty”. It was Murder.

          You probably do need to unsubscribe. There is lots of places to go, and one might be Aljazeera English. Take a look.

        2. Being a Christian has nothing to do with it, that scum bag low life pos obama and his demoncrates will do anything they can, dead voters illegal aliens that are being bussed in to vote and voting machines that are rigged. To insure that we have an honest election we need to do anything we can to protect the vote. But, we have to worry that when that pos scum bag obama looses the election hes going to declare martial then the civil war will start in this country, That scum bag pos obama has signed executive to allow un troops to operate in this country to help him inforce martial, WAKE UP AMERICA LETS HOPE ITS NOT TO LATE

          SEMPER FI

  16. In the 70’s there was a pilot down and assumed lost. 22 days later there was a signal. He was 7 miles from the airport in Hanoi. We went in but couldn’t get him. The next day every plane we had within 400 miles was circling that area bombing the hell-o out of every square foot except the square foot on which he stood. Choppers went in and got him, took him back to the hospital, checked him out, fed him and cleaned him up. He appeared that night at mess and was met with applause that lasted 20 minutes.


    We lost it along the way and it is time for the “Gray Brigade” to get it back and make sure it is taught to the next generation by us and through our school system. We’ve lost 2 generations to the politically correct Progressive passavists and don’t give a damns.

    1. WandaZ….I totally agree with you. Great story which typifies the OLD AMERICA that you and I knew. EVERY American life is worth fighting for and we need to make sure that every other nation on earth knows that we will do whatever it takes to rescue our own.

      Obama and all like him ought to be tried for treason.

    2. I agree with WandaZ and Screeminmeeme – You both are correct. That was back when we had REAL AMERICAN’S serving PROUDLY IN THE SERVICE. I am an old veteran and proud of it. This ACTING commander in chief is really a sicking piece of crap that makes me sick when I see him salute REAL Service Men when he gets off of his airplane. He isn’t fit to be the President or anything else. I couldn’t even think of him of being a good dog catcher. He could pass the qualifications to be hired in the first place.
      I can’t believe there are so many idiots that love the piece of crap, guess as long as they give everythink they can to the folks that live that way, they will continue to love this piece of crap. It is a shame, but a way of life.
      I still haven forgotten this piece of crap wanted all americans wearing their US Uniforms to buy their own insurance to pay for their combat wounds and health issues because as he called it, “They volunteered for the service and they should pay for the wounds and treatment”. What a piece of crap he is and also one of the top cheap asshol_s in government. It’s time for him to be removed from office. I pray to the Good Lord that O’Dip willl be voted out of office and the others like the AG and Top Demo’s in Office will go bye bye as well.

    3. Well said! I’m afraid we can’t mend the 2 generations lost to “political correctness” though, it’s a heartbreaker……..

  17. I hope your wish comes true, because this type of treason should require their life to be forfeit, and publicly, for the whole family.

  18. Da Tagliare….I’m in total agreement with you. The man is a traitor.

    Someone IS lying and it’s not Lt Col Tony Shaffer. What he said was a CONFIRMATION of what had been said already, UNDER OATH, by Assistant Sec of State Charlene Lamb who testified before Congress on Oct 10 that they had watched it all in real time.

    In the second debate, Obama faked umbrage and rebuked Romney for daring to accuse him of politicizing the tragedy. Smirking, he INSISTED that on Sept 12 he had identified the attack as a terrorist one. But he begs the question: why did he then say ADAMANTLY…..for nearly 3 weeks…. that it was a result of an offensive video? (thus, contradicting himself)

    WHY would he say it was terrorism on Sept 12, but go to the UN on Sept 25 and six times blame it on the movie? And when directly asked by Joy Behar is it was an act of terror, WHY did he not just say, ”Yes”? Why didn’t Obama correct Susan Rice, Jay Carney, and Hillary Clinton for all saying that the attack was due to a video?

    Anyone who has closely followed every new detail about Bengazi (available only on FoxNews except for fleeting allusions to it elsewhere) has felt their frustration level growing as if becomes unambiguously clear just how much Obama and his administration have repudiated each other’s testimony in their attempts to cover their own asses. Their obfuscation would be evident to a blind man.

    What is disturbing is how Obama supporters are so willing to cut the man so much slack, considering that over the past 4years, he has contradicted himself a number of times on various issues. He is blatantly dishonest but they don’t seem to mind.

    It is exasperating how half of America cares NOT ONE WHIT that under his watch, four Americans lost their lives either thru negligence or by calculation. It could be argued that more lives would have been lost had the Seals not defied orders and heroically saved 30+ lives before losing their own.

    If this attack had happened on a republican president’s watch, the media would have been all over it….demanding answers. AS WELL THEY SHOULD. But they have a different standard for Obama. They are, in fact, without a blink, letting him get away with murder. Anything to get him re-elected. Their cover-up of the cover-up is clear to any honest and fair person.

    The ignominious media’s suspicious lack of curiosity about Bengazi and Obama’s part in it, and their dereliction in providing the people with vital information, is appalling, and the emerging layers of corruption apparent in the Obama administration is a sobering wake-up call for all of us.

  19. The AG in OUR Government that is suppose to be OUR employee? That WE over-pay for under-performance? The BB in a blender that stays busy but has no direction? You mean the one mentored by Communist, Radical, Marxist, anti-American Factions? And also most of the members, Tzars, and “plants’ in this Administration? THAT AG? Who is as usless as a submarine screen door? THAT AG? Who would last about as long as an ice cube in a hot tub if HE was where our brave souls DIED? THAT AG? The one who has to get permission from Val to even wet his pants? THAT AG? Sorry! No can DO! Vals calling!

  20. I have emailed by (D) Representative demanding he put pressure on O to release the surveillance tapes before next week Tuesday. I don’t expect him to do that because all Democrats will do everything they can to protect O (and, I stated that to him). At least I am trying — will anyone else do the same.

    1. neleh….Good idea. WE ALL need to bombard our representatives and senators and DEMAND that they….right now…..call for an accounting from Obama.

    2. I too have emailed my representatives and I contacted NBC 212-664-3720, ABC, 212-456-7777 they did give me the run around so I went to ABCNEWS.COM and emailed them, CBS, 212-975-4321….I questioned them as to why are they covering for 0bama on Benghazi, and why are they not reporting the truth to the American people and I told them Americans are questioning their credibility for ANY honest reporting.

  21. If this SOB wins, loses, or draws, he’s got to be impeached and then prosecuted. Let him go to the library in the Leavenworth, federal prison in Kansas. They already have one and it will save on donations from the idiots that would donate.

  22. When are they going to IMPEACH THIS JERK?!! Definition of impeach… To charge a serving government official with serious misconduct while in office… I would say allowing Americans to die is misconduct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. IF this report is true, this man will pay for his crimes, if not in this life, then certainly in the next. There will be a special place in hell reserved for him.

    Again, IF this report is accurate, I do not know how someone with a conscience could sleep after watching fellow Americans and HEROES die and NOT ACT. Only a soulless, conscienceless creature could continue to blithely pursue his campaigning activites and refer to those deaths as “bumps in the road” and “not optimal” events. He continues to amaze me with his lack of feeling and empathy. It is terrifying to think we have this man occupying the highest office in the land.

  24. GET REAL! Everyone knows the reason the US can not interigate the man identified as one of the terrorist is because Obama is afraid the man will break and tell how Obama is envolved in the planned attack to kill our Ambassador. Obama is behind all Americas invasions. STOP HIDING THE TRUTH FROM THE PUBLIC! Are you all so stupid you fail to report or say the truth and will let your children live under Sheria Laws that will invade our country in time even more than they have if Obama is elected? Do you not understand that in time your children could be killed for believing in Jesus? THIS IS WHAT OBAMA IS ABOUT. WAKE UP YOU STUPID IDIOTS!

    1. Nov. 6th, will NOT take care of it. What he did was criminal and he needs to be held accountable. The problem lies with Congress. Will they grow the needed cajones to do what is necessary? Sadly, I doubt it.

      1. Since he is a non-citizen, he cannot commit treason. He is an enemy combatant. Good thing he kept Guantanamo open. I’m getting thoughts of Haman.

      2. We got a bunch of yellow belly Republicans in congress to scared to do anything.wonder what bar stool Boehner is hiding under.

  25. there’s some additional reports that Stevens had a role in helping supply jihadists with arms. Let’s have some additional probing into the possibility that Obama wanted to “cover tracks” of something even more sinister than a foiled kidnapping.

  26. We need to start a movement and campaign against all the advertisers for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC until they start providing all the news on Benghazi……this is ridiculous and why Ovomit gets a pass from these news organizations is beyond me…..sounds very cowardice………

  27. Doesn’t matter to the left.

    Most of them think that Benghazi is the foreign cousin of
    Ben Gay.

    Clueless and still in a euphoric self-induced

    Obamagasm of 2008.

  28. He has got to be voted out of office . If not I fear for what lies ahead for our country. This man is evil, he is a muslim and he is a marxist and he is out to destroy this country.Please pray that he loses and that we can get America back out of the clutches of this man.Yes, he should be impeached for watching those men die,these men died because of the love he has for the muslims.

  29. This is PROOF, Obama is NOT an AMERICAN, he is NOT one of us. He is a TRAITOR and A Impostor, he has never been THE US PRESIDENT. They said he shown a ID when he voted for himself, it was a fake ID just like everything else about him. Go see 2016, it is very SCARY whats heading our way if he is re-elected…S C A R Y !! VOTE ROMNEY

  30. If the truth comes out it would probably that he was jumping up and down shouting
    “Alla domuz ackbatr. That is why there never record him in the White House.

  31. The attack went on for more than 7 hours and a Seal team could have been dispatched and reached the embassy within 2 hours? Dear God, what kind of POTUS is this man? Watching Americans become overwhelmed by superior fire power and planning by radical demonic Muslims seeking to exterminate them and does nothing? Nothing?!! People are going to vote for this POS? Give me a break. I already voted. My family already voted (early voting, yesterday). Make sure you vote, even if you have to trudge through flood waters, 3 feet of snow, or wait in lines a mile long…vote! America depends on you. Your grandchildren depend on you! Vote!

  32. We are surprised that BOZO thinks about helping anyone. We are surprised that Fox states Obama gave an order for military planes. The planes must have taken another route. The military analysist at FOX is a BOZO lover and no doubt muslim. After all the media is somewhat biased on the subject of the Oval Office Occupier. They will try to save his *ss right up to the time they pack his suitcases. ROMNEY/RYAN in 2012.

  33. Obama wants the USA to stand down and no longer be a super power. Osama Bin Ladin was killed because Obama wanted to fool the American people into thinking he is one of us, and to show the Muslim world he is now their true leader. if you compare his agenda to all previous President s you know somethings not quite right this President., who bad mouths the USA to foreigners and looks the other way as in the Beghazi case. It is not too late to change our course , next Tues if you love the USA send this tyrant packing.

  34. No point going after the Manchurian ,he is just a tool ;go after the corridors of power which went out of way to ensure nothing is known about this Manchurian . Playing 100 rounds of golf on a golf turf is a better place than WH …… . Like the Manchurian said :You have many things to hide

  35. All those traitors in the same room watching US citizens and US property being destroyed, doing nothing, but plotting to cover it up! Where is Gen. Ham? Is he a coward or a hero relieved by a coward and his chain of command? Where will the buck stop on this yet another failure of a fraud president and corrupt administration and chain of command! Demand answers America, now before the election!

  36. How much more evidence do we need? The excuse of not knowing what the situation was before sending in troops in just vanished.

  37. I hope these words haunt 0bama all the rest of his life….but I doubt he has a conscience:

    Just remember
    this Mr. President, my son and the others died heroes, and it’s better to die
    the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward…..Charles Woods,
    father of murdered SEAL Tyrone Woods

  38. OBAMA IS A BASTARD,A MURDERER,A TRAITOR to the USA. My heart breaks just thinking of those 4 men, begging for HELP and that S.O.B. setting on his ass and Didn’t lift a finger to send aid. HE IS A MONSTER..

  39. This is more proof…that IF Obama is elected we will have a DICTATOR on our hands…a lot of people in this country could die by his hand or the Muslim Brotherhood. Everyone better beware of what could happen to anyone who doesn’t abide by his wishes or contradicts him!! If We think, “Oh, that couldn’t happen in the U.S. are fooling themselves. Come on CONSERVATIVES and GOP’s….GET OUT AND VOTE NOW!!

  40. Lets not forget the brave Ranger volunteers that tried to save the hostages along with their leader who was blamed by Carter for the plan not working. Col. Charles Beckwith who was saddled deliberately with helicopters that had the sand shields removed by order of Carter. Obama is quite willing to make “Sandy” into a political circus with showing his ugly rictus smile for something that he could do nothing about but, was willing to kill Americans rather than disturb his fellow muslims by doing nothing while he could have.

  41. It is hard to believe that we have a commander in chief who would sit by and let Americans die and not lift a finger to help them,, but the more that comes out about the Benghazi attack, that is exactly what Obama did. To say that he is a disgrace, is not strong enough. Impeachment, at the very least, is in order. The DOJ is equally responsible for not demanding answers.

  42. The botched kidnapping theory makes the most sense to me. It explains why repeated requests for security were denied. It explains why the stand down order was given. It explains why there was such an attempt at a cover-up. Obama needed something to make himself look good before the election, and “rescuing” Ambassador Stevens would have accomplished that. And, more notably, given Obama’s constant pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood, it would have satisfied their desire to have the Blind Sheikh returned. Whatever the story is, the White House watched four men die and refused to help. The Obama regime has been arming al-Qaeda, this is Treason, and he should be duly charged. There are standing criminal complaints of Treason against Obama, and they should be acted on.

  43. Voting problems in OHIO. Woman tried to vote for Romney and Obama’s name kept lighting up. I bet some people did not notice that. I guess that is the way he will win! Surely the American people can see him for what he is. A muslim ready to bury America.

  44. There was no rescue attempt because this was an Obama & Clinton planned kidnapping of the ambassador for the Muslim Brotherhood to trade for the blind sheikh that Egypt wants released. This is why those in the annex were told to “Stand Down” so they did not interfere in the kidnapping. This was Obama’s October surprise being a hero by trading the blind sheikh for the kidnapped ambassador. Obama has had 100s of meetings with these Muslim terrorist groups in the White House and has been arming Islamic Jihadists. Obama was born and raised as a Communist Muslim, his ring is a Allah ring, Jarrett is Obama’s main adviser is a Muslim. Hillary’s secretary is a Muslim with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    If you think my scenario is a bunch of crap consider the following:
    1. It was reported that there were only 17 views before Sept. 11 of this truthful obscure movie on you tube denoting the Muslim prophet was a pedophile that screwed a 9 year old girl. By the way Mohammad at the age of 26 married a Catholic Nun of 40 before marrying his 9 year old bride. One of the most famous mosque claims they have the head of John the Baptist whom they worship. In the Middle East you will see Mosques and Catholic churches side by side.
    2. With 17 views how many were from the Obama administration since no one else every mentioned this obscure movie except his administration every place anyone would listen to for weeks?
    3. Their purpose was to incite riots through out the Muslim world, which it did.
    4. How did they know about the movie? (probably they financed & produced it)
    5. Why was the movie producer arrested in the middle of the night by dozen federal and local police with the excuse that it was a parole violation of using the internet?
    6. Why has this movie producer been held in incognito and will not face a hearing until after the election (no reporter interviews)?
    7. Ambassador Stevens was a know faggot, he was not beheaded as any normal faggot, instead they took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead by smoke inhalation.
    8. Why would they not either behead him and keep his head as a trophy or just leave him dead at the scene?
    9. Because they needed a live hostage to trade for the blind Egyptian sheikh.
    10. So then Obama’s Muslim buddies attacked the CIA annex safe house to try to get hostages there.
    11. Obama had to have given the order to “STAND DOWN”, he knew everything. He did not go to his security meeting the next morning instead flew to Vegas for a fund raising.
    12. A Predator was filming this attack in real time. Predators don’t just magically appear on the scene. They have to be launched and they have to have a mission when they are launched. A Predator UAV has a range of 675 miles with a max speed of 135mph and launched from Signonella in Sicily. The UAV was launched over three hours before the attack began and the operation order issued some time before launch. Which means that Obama and crew knew when the attack was to begin in order to have live coverage of the attack.
    13. Two Navy destroyers already in the Mediterranean Sea were moved off the coast of Libya on the day of the attack but were never used.
    14. The CIA safe house requested military support at least 3 different times and the requests were denied. There were no communications problems at the annex, according those present at the compound. The team was in constant radio contact with their headquarters. In fact, at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Spectre gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The security officer was painting a target with a laser designator. You don’t do that unless the AC-130 is close enough to acquire the target.
    15. General Ham was replaced at head of AFRICOM because he defied his orders and tried to send in his team to rescue the Americans at the U.S. mission, his second in command relieved Ham of duty and arrested him.

    All those that were involved in sending the command to “STAND DOWN” should be tried for treason and executed publicly by firing squad. Same should happen to Holder and the scum bags involved in Fast & Furious. This administration thinks that the rest of us are fodder, just another “bump in the road”.

  45. Attacks on American Soil?

    People Dying?

    Bammie doing nothing?

    Perhaps this is EXACTLY like his record in Arizona…..

    He has a history of enjoying Americans being murdered and refusing to help.

    MORE than willing to block any attempts of others to help.

    Arizona Legislature passed a law, and an obammie supporting judge told the State to “Stand Down!”

    1. You just hit the nail on the head. This was JUST LIKE F&F. He couldn’t OR deliberately allowed weapons to get away. He certainly didn’t want it out in public that HE was arming terrorists. He does like his chaos.

      I know we “think(?) we’ve heard enough about this…BUT THIS MUST REMAIN IN THE HEADLINES until after the election. I think it is the right strategy for the entire country to be reminded JUST WHO AND WHAT THIS MAN IS!

        1. I am sorry to say, I had to go look it up:

          The day that Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, Islamist revolutionary kidnappers released prisoners that they’d held for over 444 days in the US embassy in Iran. Although it has not yet been verified through documentation, in a private conversation with a Reagan speech writer I was told that Reagan warned the Ayatollah Khomeini that he would nuke Mecca if the captives were not released the day he took office.

          Fast-forward to 2012, and America’s Girly Man President, as he demonstrates empathic understanding and dhimmitude toward Islamic revolutionaries, and our Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff members die. In the week leading up to the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was reported that President Barack Obama was skipping out on intelligence briefings, and that there was no enhancement of security at US embassies.

          Read the rest here: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/49504

  46. And, everyone SHOULD KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!
    We, the people of the United States, should never forget this OR allow him to forget that WE are watching…and so is the rest of the world.

  47. There is another report circulating that they knew the Russians had assisted the terrorist and they were waiting for the Americans to come for the rescue. A trap in another words that Panetta (avowed communist) supposedly knew about. They did not know the location of these terrorist, hence no rescue operation.


    Warning to the American People.

    It is obvious that oBama hates America. These people in Benghazi saw the danger they were in and despite repeated request for assistance they were denied. They were all slaughtered with reports the ambassador himself may have been sodomized, just like the way Khadafy died.

    After Bin Laden was killed 26 Navy Seals died in mysterious circumstances. Radical Islamist have been seeing going in and out of the White House. A price to pay for killing a man he admired?

    What does he do next? Party, appear on talk show after talk show grinning ear to ear. He seems to have a penchant for killing our top soldiers, Navy Seals!

    He was caught in with an open mike telling a top Putin aid he will be more “flexible” when he is elected when it comes to our nuclear arsenal. What the heck does that mean?

    He has appointed communist after communist and radicals who then appoint un-vetted Muslims as aids.

    Why am I telling you this? Because after Benghazi, what’s next? Your town, your city, your state becoming the next target of a nuclear or biological terrorist strike? Courtesy of oBama and his radical Muslims seen going in and out of the White House, with who knows with what under their arms and a wink from oBama?

    And with that Alfred E Neumann grin ear to ear? Can you trust what his explanation will be? Do you see what is going on? Do you see the setup that Ambassador Stevens failed to see? Do you see the setup the 26 Navy SEALS failed to see?

    Will you be the next sheep to be slaughtered by this psychopath and his sycophants to bring America down? A dream many tyrants have held for years.

    Do you see why he grins ear to ear like a Cheshire cat every time something like this happens and then he parties?

    1. AS BAD! OBAMA IS THE “RIGHT” ANTI-CHRIST(MARXIST) OF Revelation,chapter 11 over u.s. He gets destroyed forever & the blacks are forever excluded from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In fact, the “Anti-Christ” gets DESTROYED FOREVER & NEVER WILL BE FORGIVEN, EVER! ALSO AS WRITTEN!!! Again, just saying what’s actually written, NOT what everybody says is written and not…


  49. The reality is this: We’ve tried for almost the full 4 years that Obama has occupied our WHITE HOUSE to remove him or expose him as a fraud. The liberal progressive democrat machine with the help of the MEDIA have been able to submerge EVERY attempt to expose the truth about Obama. EVERY attempt has failed. Here we are a week from the 2nd election where Obama runs for the office of president! He seems to have a chance at a 2nd term! If you were to believe the liberal progressive democrat machine owned MEDIA you’d have to say he’s going to win again.
    If We the People CAN NOT remove a FRAUD from our White House with ALL the protections, checks, and balances . . . . what good does it do us after next Tuesday to resist any further?

    1. Philip, as I mention below, our “women alone” are being used by our CREATOR to DESTROY CANAAN! As I still believe, the FIRST WOMAN JUST MAY have had a HAND in the FIRST MURDER!!! Hopefullly, you may know that the same Hebrew-Inspired Scriptures also state that only 144,000 Israelites from the 12 tribes of Joseph, including Judah will be kept alive in these last days? Just saying…

      1. Let’s not write ourselves off just yet on the premise we may have time left. . . . . . “You will not know the day nor the hour, not even the Angels in Heaven will know, . . . Only My Father knows !”

  50. There is only one way to get rid of Obama, and that is to impeach him and the rest of his appointed clowns. If we wait for the elections, we will lose because the democrats will voting votes on votes. They have it already set up as to just who will be doing the duplicate voting and if that doesn’t work, just remember who is going to be counting the votes. They have to be counted out of the states, because we americans are not smart enough to count em…. does anyone want to place a bet as to will win the election?

  51. Obama watched it and then he did do something. He fired Gen. Ham for not obeying orders to stand down. Ham was ready to go with a special op force and was relieved almost immendiately and replaced by Gen Rodriguez. Shades of Nazi Germany!

  52. At some point, it will all come out. Whether or not anything gets done about it, is the question. If you’re not harassing your representatives to persue this, this crime and all his other crimes will never be punished.

  53. This is a sad state of affairs when Americans cannot be protected in our US embassies around the world. Although I wish folks would let go of the Obama/Muslim connection already — and get their head in the real game. It’s not about religion. There is a bigger play. Obama is in bed with the multi-nationals who have a globalist agenda who seek to do anything that undermines the US and our sovereignty. It’s criminal that this recent act was covered up in mainstream media, but who do you think owns all those stations and news outlets?

  54. Everyone in that room IS RESPONSIBLE for what happened! Knowing it and doing NOTHING is a crime to ALL US CITIZENS. Now, HOW much LONGER is it to Nov 6th..can’t wait. SHAME ON THEM ALL!

  55. “Sources say”…..what sources? The little bird on your shoulder (or in your opinionated unobjective mind) that gives you the insight into everything that goes on everywhere. You may want to start checking your “sources” before putting out this bull manure.

  56. To me the most damn evidence pointing at Obama is not what he has said or done but rather what he HAS NOT said or DONE. He should be mad as hell that his orders to do everything possible to help these men (if such order was ever given) was not carried out. He should be in the lead trying to dig at the truth with none of this waiting until we’ve had a through investigation bullshit.

    Either he gave that order or he didn’t. If he didn’t then what if anything did he order? If he gave no orders one way or the other then who was actually in charge in place of our supposed commander-n-chief? If he was watching in real time why didn’t he give any orders if that’s what happened?

    Men died, our embassy (legally American soil) was attacked and our Ambassador killed in a well planned and carried out attack that lasted for at least 7 hours. That was more then enough time to get weapons equipped aircraft to the scene either from Tripoli or from our bases in Italy. NAS Sigonella in Italy is only 500 miles away and served as the main base for America’s intervention in Libyan effort that overthrew Qaddafi and is probably less then 2 hours away by almost any Naval fighter on cruise control let alone after-burners. Tripoli is only an 1 hr. 15 minute commercial flight away from Benghazi so even a slower C-130 gunship could have made the trip probably 2 hrs. from lift-off. Either option could have brought more then enough smart destructweaponrynery to bear on any lased target.

    The whole episode speaks badly about our military and our commander-n-chiefs use of it. Added to the most recent info about the effort to get Osama bin Laden where evidently Valerie Jarret nixed the Presidents first 2 or 3 chances to get him I have some serious misgivings about Obama’s abilities to really keep our country safe.

    1. I have more than “serious misgivings” about Obummer’s abilities to keep our country safe, in fact I’m scared to the depths of my soul that this fraud is in charge. I hope instead of the “nuclear football” they gave him a broken Etch-A-Sketch with a nuke symbol glued on.

  57. Nice sentiments and I agree with you. However, Obama’s “willing victims” believe that he is just wonderful and want him re-elected. Why, I do not know. Personally, I too would like to see him in a dark cell somewhere.

  58. One has to be a citizen of this country before it can be called Treason.. He is just an ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA..so he should be charged with ESPIONAGE and receive the highest penalty.. And that goes for anyone else that has been involved in all of his acts of espionage!!!! Period,,, but our government is comprised of a bunch of COWARDS anyway, and in my book they are all TRAITORS for not standing up and saying that OBAMA IS JUST AN ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA, because WE THE PEOPLE know it, and ALL OF CONGRESS knows it as well..

    So my question is who is threatening all of the judges that have sided with him over the “birther” issue..

    and yes, he and everyone in that room should be tried on 4 counts of 1st degree MURDER for not doing anything.. If I sat and watched a murder happen and did nothing I would be guilty, so why aren’t they,, and they actually have the power to do something..

  59. The Satanic globalist neo-con organized crime cartel ( and Obama is a member) organized and executed to entire attack. They will say, do, manipulate, kill anyone and anything to GET WAR STARTED! The propaganda and lies on the mainstream media are absolutely appalling! To overcome mountains of lies and propaganda see: youtube.com/watch?v=bCw-oWp1wf8&feature=player_embedded#!

  60. Folks, it’s time to get down on your knees and plead to God to not let Obama get reelected. Even if you’re an atheist, still get down on your knees, just in case that there is a God! We need all the help we can get!

  61. As this little man stated before……..when it comes time, he will stand with the muslims. There should be no questions about oboma

  62. It only takes a few wore to say why he hasn’t been impeached & they are the Senate is under democrap control & any proceedi8ngs against him would fail as soon as they got to the senate

  63. The Benghazi Bull Sh*tter needs to be come “forward” and tell the American people what he did or did not do. The four dead American heroes, Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith and their family members deserve nothing less.

    There is no doubt that Obama left these four Americans to be murdered, but the facts need to become public. The American people need to see just how loathsome Obama really is.

  64. should we be surprised at anything ovomit does i say no, but you can bet ovomit is gonna pull a rabbit out of the hat on the next election, why to ovomit he cannot loose why meshell might leave him because she doesn’t want to be with a looser.





  66. Obama is a traitor and has murdered Americans, Congress should take action and charge him, issue warrants and when arrested hold him at Gitmo while awaiting trial by military tribunal then after found guilty be hung by his neck until dead. The same as Saddam Hussein for killing his own people. I try to figure out why it has not happened already because of Fast and Furious covered by executive order, Muslim Brotherhood within the White House back room negotiation and Benghazi murders and coverup, charges of dereliction of duty, attacks on the Constitution along with disobeying his oath.When will Obama be made to answer for his treasonous acts.

  67. This was not an attack … it was an assassination. He knew who ordered the move of the Libyan arms to Syria via Turkey when they were intercepted.

    Blow as much smoke as he can … our ambassador was murdered.

  68. Yes, we all know Obama watched from the situation room had two drones in the air as well as other weapons and troops that he could have sent in but CHOOSE to do nothing! I would understand a commanding telling a soldier to do something he knows he is going to give his life for to save many others, but for Obama to deny request for increased protection repeatedly and for him to sit in the safety of the situation room and watch live as these four Americans were being murdered and do nothing then lie about it for nearly three weeks. There was nothing Presidential about that decision and Obama needs to be held accountable for the death’s of those Americans.

  69. May God help the USA, because the devil (Obama) has his foot on the throat of our once great country. Obama sits and watches the torture and death of men who are so brave, and then, gets into his jet for a Las Vegas soiree. He doesn’t even appear to be a human being, but neither do the beings who cater to him. Surely, the impotent Obama military has a role to play in this, too. Why did not just one group of so-called special forces go to the aid of their fellow countrymen? They all stood down. Thank you, Berengaria

  70. Racist Right Halloween Bullshit!
    I love being proven right! Brain-dead racists like you just keep proving my right! What’s scarier than Halloween is the Racist Right’s delion of graduer.

    Denial is NOT only a river in eypgt, it’s the Racist right’s necter to deny the fact that Romney’s is going to lose next week….Do me a favor and Google “Obama polls” OBAMA IS WINNING YOU RACIST RETARDS! fUNNY.




    Listen to denial sipping brain-dead retard! There is NO Tea-bagger Tsunami. There is NO cesspool of Americans ready to vote the “BUM” and you don’t speak for America. Not you or that brain-dead HEAD racist Rushie the pig!

    never forget what Bush II did and his lies. No WMD’s and false flags.

    If he IS “a traitor”, then understand that what you are implying is that the nearly 600 duly-elected Republicans in the US Congress are too incompetent to have impeached him after FOUR YEARS….

    Ronald Reagan

    The Beirut Barracks Bombing (October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon) occurred during the Lebanese Civil War, when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces—members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon—killing 299 American and French servicemen. The organization Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing.

    George W. Bush – Terror Attacks

    11 September 2001 al-Qaeda attacks New York WTC – )0+ dead (despite warning)
    28 February 2003 Islamabad, Pakistan, Unknown gunmen attack Embassy, 2 dead.
    30 June 2004 Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan suicide bomber attacks Embassy 2 dead.
    6 December 2004 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda raid diplomatic compound 9 dead.
    2 March 2006 Karachi, Pakistan, Car bomb explodes outside Consulate, 2 dead.
    12 September 2006 Demascuc, Syria, Gunmen raid US Embassy , 4 dead.
    18 March 2008 Sana’a, Yemen, Mortar attack against US Embassy, 2 dead.
    9 July 2008 Istanbul, Turkey, Armed attack against Consulate, 5 dead.
    17 September 2008 Sana’a, Yemen, 2 car bombs outside US embassy in Yemeni Capital, 16 dead.

    Ronald Reagan had been told to move the soldiers out of the Beirut barracks because they were indefensible, but he didn’t.

    G. W. was handed a report in August 2011 entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Within the U. S.

    Who pointed the finger of blame at Reagan and Bush? Few to none.

    The hate mongering is being done by the cons here who are delusional if they actually think the president aided and abetted the terrorist who attack the diplomatic compound in Benghazi………..:-)

    It’s 110 percent obvious that you racist, bigoted black-hating, Nazi loving slimeballs don’t know ANYTHING about the U.S. Constitution, it’s almost as if your quoting the racist Confederate Constitution!

    Please provide the evidence Obama sat and watched and refused to do anything while the attack was happening…..figures. You can’t. You racist azzholes make me sick!

    You compared Obama to Reagan and that is an insult to Obama on any level. You may not like Obama, but he is no traitor like Reagan was. If there are ever reports Obama secretly sold arms to one of our enemies, then I would take back my comment. Until then, just because righties want to make this an huge issue to be a thorn to Obama before the election, it doesn’t make it so. I think it is a disgrace to throw the families of the victims in the mud by politicizing this tragic event. In a sense they were killed twice. Once by murderous thugs, and next by the right-wing media.

    I was 100 percent right!

    After four years of invective, four years during which the right has called President Obama a traitor, a communist, a fraud, a dictator, a terrorist, and a tyrant, its shrillest voices have been reduced to the most primal insult of all. You have the disgusting galls you call yourselves “Patriots”. You azzhole are far from Patritots.

    You are NOT Patritots. What you are are bigots, extremists, hate-mongerers, homophobes, and finally..Racists…the party that makes the KKK proud!

    1. Well your invective has metasticized to your brain. It was all over the media that Obama was in the situation room, watching what was going on in Benghazi. He chose not to respond.

      Lets just ask ourselves…Why was the Ambassador left there without a properly armed

      defensive force?

      And, personally, I take offense to being a racist, hate monger, homophobe or a person that would make the KKK proud…Maybe you didn’t know, the KKK found their home in the Democratic Party. Maybe you didn’t know, it was the Republicans that fought for equality. And, while I’ve been a member a both parties, my family is mixed race. I don’t carry hatred for those that aren’t of my skin color. But, racism does abound…doesn’t it.

      And, we can’t change what happend during Carter’s or Regan’s administration, be certainly, I think we have learned something from those administrations. God help us if we haven’t.

        1. Just tell me, outloud, what it is you think I deny?

          And, by the time I’m ready for benifits, there won’t be any, baby.

  71. the thought had occurred to me some time ago that it seems OB would rather kill than capture. This is rather unusual to say the least and the only reason that had come to me was the pres. didn’t want the captured individual to tell what they knew about OB. I’m convinced there’s something that’s been going on for a long time and OB is not siding with the U.S. but is with the Muslim jihadists. He has got to stay in office to complete his missions and will at any cost, yes, any cost. you take it from there.

    1. The truth is leaking but not the MSM where most idiots get their news. I’ll bet half or more of the nation never heard of the embassy attacks & murders & those that do think the cause was the film on You Tube about degrading Islam that barack hussein obama said the cause was on lettermans TV show & any other idiot shows he was on such as the view.


    This test only has one
    question, but it’s a very important one. By

    giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. The

    features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will

    have to make a decision. Remember your answer needs to be honest, yet



    You are in Miami, Florida. There is chaos all around you caused by a

    hurricane with severe flooding. This is a flood of biblical


    You are photo-journalist working for a major newspaper, caught in the

    middle of this epic disaster. The situation is nearly hopeless. You’re

    trying to shoot career- making photos. There are houses and people

    swirling around you, some disappearing under the water.


    Suddenly you see a man in the water. He is fighting for his life,

    trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer and he

    looks familiar.

    You suddenly realize it’s Barack Obama! At the same time you notice

    that the raging waters are about to take him under forever. You have

    two options:

    You can save the life of Barack Obama or you can shoot a dramatic

    Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one of the

    world’s most powerful men.


    Here’s the question, and please give an honest answer.

    ‘Would you select high
    contrast color film, or would you go with the

    classic simplicity of black and white?’

  73. As I have been pointing out Obama has a long trail of such treasonous actions on the plate: Giving top secret information to the Russian negating our Missile Defensive shield, his open support and backing of the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda, giving them access to the List of the CIA’s agents in the Middle East allowing them to Name, hunt down and kill the agents. Then Obama sent them 125 M1A1 tanks and supporting systems, then arranged for two top of the line submarines to be sold to Egypt. and then Arranged more funding to all his compatriots in the Middle East. Traitor that he is I want to know why no one is calling him out on it or is the conspiracy that wide spread that there are no real patriots left?

  74. I have heard rumors from 2 different sources that this was all intentional. This is just speculation, and at this point, I don’t know if there is any proof, but the story that I have heard is that the ambassador was the front man for Mr. Obama on a guns deal. (Fast and Furious comes to mind.) According to the rumor, the deal went sour and that left the ambassador as a loose end. Mr. Obama had to tie up the loose end. That is why when the ambassador asked for assistance, he was denied. This is only a rumor at this point, but it fits the facts that we have available. It also explains the coverup about the video. It is better to look foolish and just make a mistake, than to have the nation find out that this was corruption, just before the election.

  75. I don’t believe for a second that this was some deal Obama arranged with the Muslim Brotherhood. Give me proof. I attribute this merely to the spineless you reference elsewhere in the article.

    In his first election campaign, Obama said he would be ready for that 3am phone call. He has clearly proven he was and is not prepared to make the tough decisions as commander in chief. He needs to be replaced.

  76. 1) obama public shot on TV of him in the situation room when bin laden was killed 2) obama public shot in the situation room watching hurricane Sandy. 3) you can’t tell me he wasn’t in the situation room watching Libya! The longer he does not speak to the public the guiltier he looks!

  77. CityBeat

    On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    officially became president of the United States. At the time, the new
    president faced a massive financial crisis and depression. The nation had an
    outstanding 24.9 percent unemployment rate, and faith in the financial system
    was nearly nonexistent. But with a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of
    Representatives and 64 percent Democratic majority in the Senate, FDR managed
    to pass a series of laws within 100 days of inauguration that helped set the
    economy on track.

    Fast forward to Jan. 19, 2009. Barack Obama
    officially became president of the U.S. The new president faced a
    massive financial crisis, and U.S.
    was close to a depression. The nation had an 8 percent unemployment rate that
    would eventually climb to 10 percent by October. The financial system was in
    shambles after being rocked by a housing crisis and the result of derivative
    trading that was far too risky.

    Unfortunately, Obama did not have the legislative
    majority FDR had. He did have a majority in the U.S. House, but he did not have
    the 60 Democrats required in the Senate to break the filibuster — a procedural
    tool used to block legislation. Despite that massive disadvantage, Obama managed
    to react to the crisis with some “soft landing” policies that guaranteed the
    country would not slide into depression.

    In his first year, Obama passed a $787
    billion stimulus package that helped boost the public sector to make up for the
    private sector’s economic struggles, and he used bailout funds to rescue the nation’s
    — and

    Ohio’s — auto industry.In his second year, he passed the Affordable
    Care Act, a law that

    reforms the U.S.
    health system to make it more affordable and sustainable, and Dodd-Frank, which
    reformed financial regulations to help ensure such a terrible financial crisis
    never happened again. That same year, he also repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
    and continued pushing stimulus policies that ensured the country would remain
    in a steady recovery.

    Then, in 2012, Obama became the first sitting
    president to support same-sex marriage. He also used executive orders to get
    past congressional gridlock and enact policies that help the children of
    illegal immigrants, who were dragged into the U.S. and live in fear due to no
    fault of their own, by creating a path to permanent residency and even

    Has he been perfect? Arguably, no. Most economists
    argue that while the stimulus helped, it did not go far enough; in particular,
    liberal, Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman previously suggested that $2
    trillion in stimulus was necessary to fully dig out of the recession hole. As
    Obamacare and Dodd-Frank deal with unexpected problems and bumps on the road, it’s
    become clear more health care and financial reform will be necessary in the
    future. The deficit will also become a major problem as the economy recovers.
    But what Obama did is start the process of recovery and reform. Here at CityBeat,
    we believe that process should be continued.

    Plus, what Obama started is infinitely better than
    the alternative. Mitt Romney still hasn’t explained how his massive tax cuts
    will be paid for. He still hasn’t explained why cutting programs that help the
    poor and elderly should help pay for programs that disproportionately benefit
    the rich. Trickle-down economics should have been put to rest when the
    financial system crashed in 2008, but Romney’s policies do not reflect that
    shift at all.

    That’s why we endorse President Barack Obama and
    Vice President Joe Biden for re-election.

  78. Why he chose to let four Anericans be killed by terrorists is not important. He did refuse to help them in any mannner. For those several refusals, he should be VOTED out of office next Tuesday and replaced by an honest, experienced man who will defend the U.S. and ALL its citizens with a strong foreign policay and a stout military, VOTE for Romney!

  79. Vallery Jarret the person who seems to control Obama and for whom Obama obtains guidance from within the Whitehouse – his closest advisor is realy an Irananian connected to the Moslem Brotherhood?


    “Dancing around Iran instead of punching them right in their f-cking face. Jarrett is Iranian. Jarrett has long ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. You would think, maybe for one f-cking second, enough people in the media would think maybe – just maybe…we should take a closer look at all this.

    It is part of this article (paragraph under the photo of Gadaffi


    Jarrett being Iranian makes it all fit, and brings perfect sense to the insanity we have been watching

    Fast an Furious guns to Drug lords
    now Seized arms in Libya to Islamists.
    It’s less a Marxist President and more Salafist President and that way the presidency makes sense.

    Dufus blind Biden as VP makes sense,
    Alcoholic drunken Hillary in the State Department makes sense,
    Useful idiots who think it is just the socialist president they desired makes sense.
    Introducig Sharia banking complaining that banks maks money it all makes sense
    Claiming Iran has just 6000 centrifuges when even in 2003 little Libya had 10 to 15,000 centrifuges the willful blindness about how few centirfuges Iran has now makes sense.
    Jarret meeting with Iranians to negotiate a temporary Huddna in nuclear development before the election – that it was Jarret now makes sense.
    – all 600 of congress senate, Czars and the Joint Chiefs are duped and behind it all is Whahabist Saudi Royalty building a 1.6 million capacity Mosque in Mecca while they feign fear of Iran and lead the American State Department by the nose.
    Do they even need to win this election?

  80. The clock is ticking tick tock and soon Obama will get his! American’s are brewing! If he thought he had security in his first term I hate to see what is going to happen in his second term? We have some of the best snipers our there, and I can’t believe these buttons are not goign to finally put someone over board! Obama aka Satin don’t have a conscience!

  81. What is really disturbing is that after Obama watched the event unfold and the ambassador and his staff killled, he went to bed, got up early the next day and flew to Las Vegas to campaign. He then went to the U.N. and six times brought up a vile and hateful video that ridiculed Muhammed as the reason for the attack. This should be disseminated widely so all Americans can know the truth about this president.

  82. I agree with the author. Prison would be too good for Obama. Whether it was a kidnapping gone horribly wrong, or it was because Ambassador Stevens was running guns to the Syrian rebels, Obama’s inaction in the face of such violence against Americans makes him, and Hillary complicit in their deaths. I would sue each of them civilly for the death of my child if I were one of these men’s parents.

  83. I totally agree, but I bet president Romney will sweep it under the table! BTW There are standing orders to rescue high value assets(like an ambassador) and only an order from the president can counterman those orders. The repeated orders to stand down to those waiting to rescue had to come from Obama!!!

  84. I wish the article did not touch on the conspiracy theory but just laid out the FACTS. Now I can’t forward it to those that are still on the fence about Obama.

  85. He did FAR WORSE than NOTHING!!!! He ordered people VOLUNTEERING to go help to STAND DOWN, and then when Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals) refused to leave their people without assistance, he relieved them of duty. This means that Obama FAILED in his Presidential SWORN DUTY to protect our country, and our people! That is TREASON!!

  86. No words printable in such a forum as this present themselves to me to express the rage, the homicidal urges, the desired blood-spilling impulses, that course through my veins, upon reading that the faux-President watched and did nothing. Damn him eternally. Even the gallows would be too merciful, for men such at the Muslim plant now in the White House.

  87. A shame and disgrace that we must look to foriegn media to get anything near the truth!
    A CRIMINAL DERELICTION OF DUTY by Obama and his regime! Records are showing at least 2 of these martyrs were still alive after 6 hours of attack. That they had further endangered themselves by laser painting a target on the Jihadists for a strike that never came! Obama lies and Americans Die at home at the hans of terrorist cartels away at the hands of Muslim Jihadists!

  88. No matter what the evidence against him, nothing EVER will be done. Haven’t even heard one Democrat yet even hint at a concern about this. Can you image the outrage from the Left and Media, let alone racist accusations, that would result if he was truly charged/held responsible for this. This country has lost its sole.

  89. What Obama did was “worse than doing nothing”! Obama issued orders to all U.S. forces in the region to “stand down” and not to fire at the attacking terroists, thereby signing the “death warrants” of those 4 brave americans who were serving and protecting their countrymen. What Obama did, was a “cold, calculating, political decision” to protect his “image” among voters. Obama couldn’t afford to admit that Lybian terroists organizations exist and are operating in his “Arab Spring” after interviening and helping the Lybian muslim brotherhood remove Khadaffi from power. After these Obama intentionally caused murders through his neglect, he issued orders to “cover them up” by ordering his federal employees to lie to the american public! They were ordered to issue statements that a “anti-muslim film” caused a “mob” to attack our embassy and commit these murders. What we have here, is a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud and treason against america on a grand scale, through lies, abuse of public office and offical powers, by the president and numerous of his “underlings, political appointees, federal employees, military officials, and liberal, democrat supporters. Many of these people also violated their oath of office they swore as government employees. A hugh conspiracy to commit fraud through intentional lies and enter into a conspiracy to cover up these lies and crimes! This administration did the same thing regarding operation “fast and ferious” and Obama used “executive privlege” to conseal the evidence of their criminal activities.

  90. Our Congress is still asleep at the White House. The lies just keep piling up to the point where it seems not t to matter anymore, at least when it comes to Obama and his administration. The left media is useless anymore as far as reporting the thruth.

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