Obamacare Is Obama’s Way of Raising Tax Revenue Without Raising Taxes

In the recent past, I’ve been saying that the purpose of Obamacare is to help cause the economic collapse of the United States, allowing Obama to declare martial law and assume official dictatorial rule.  That still may be one of the main goals behind Obamacare, but there is another goal behind it that is just as insidious.

Obamacare is a huge tax increase without being a tax increase.  Allow me to explain.

Yes, we all know about the hidden taxes in Obamacare on medical equipment and other things, but the real tax increase is the IRS penalty.  Even before the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate was legal because it was a tax, Obama and the Democrats saw the penalty as a huge cash influx into the US Treasury.

There were many experts that warned the administration that Obamacare would cause the price of health insurance to skyrocket and that millions of Americans would not be able to afford health insurance.  Obama, Reid and Pelosi knew this before the bill was ever presented to Congress for debate.

The Democrats knew that the American people would not approve of raising their taxes by hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, so they devised a way to hide it in a national socialized health program instead.  They initially hid it as a penalty and not a tax so the people would not think of it as a tax.

Due to the strict restrictions for grandfathering existing health plans, it is estimated that 16 million Americans will have their policies cancelled before the end of 2014.  Over a million have already been cancelled.  Already many of these people are finding that the policies available to them under Obamacare are considerably more expensive than their cancelled plans were.  I doubt if half the 16 million people will actually purchase a new plan because of the outrageous cost.

Then there are the 30+ million Americans that did not have health plans prior to the Obamacare signup.  First ask yourself why so many Americans were uninsured and the overwhelming answer is cost.  If they couldn’t afford the cost prior to the Obamacare prices, what makes you think that they will be able to purchase policies now?

I’m estimating that half of the 16 million who lost their policies decide they can’t afford to replace them under Obamacare.  Add that to at least 20 million of the uninsured Americans and you have an estimated 28-30 million Americans that will be paying the penalty tax to the IRS.  The first year, that could net the government up to $3 billion in just tax penalties.  The second year that amount could increase to $9.75 billion or more.  The third year it more than doubles to over $20 billion, from just tax penalties.

Don’t forget to add all of the hidden taxes in Obamacare on medical equipment, income, etc. that could easily add up to over $2,000 in additional taxes for many Americans.  If it only affected 20% of Americans, that would still generate another $125.6 billion of tax revenue.  These estimates are way on the conservative side and the real tax revenue generated by Obamacare will most likely be much higher.

Can you imagine if Obama and the Democrats would have come out and proposed a tax hike of over $125 billion to the American people?  They would have been stormed at the steps of Congress and the White House.  Figures of Obama, Reid and Pelosi would have been hanging and burning in hundreds of cities across the nation.  Obama may have been forced to move back to his birthplace in Kenya to escape the wrath of the American people.

How many of your parents have had to hide a pill in your child’s applesauce or mashed potatoes in order to get them to take their medicine?  That’s exactly the same thing that Obama, Reid and Pelosi did in order to get us to swallow their hidden taxes.  Some of us caught on right away and refused to swallow it, but too many were like the people in Jonestown who listened to Jim Jones and drank the Kool-Aid that was laced with poison.  The only difference is that in Jonestown, only 918 people died.  With all of the hidden costs of Obamacare, thousands, perhaps millions will die much sooner than they should have if they were able to afford health coverage.

20 thoughts on “Obamacare Is Obama’s Way of Raising Tax Revenue Without Raising Taxes

  1. Obamacare will cause an economic recession or depression by taking money out of the economy. This is economics 101, The premiums for Obamacare appear to be higher, you could argue you are getting a benefit, but the fact remains you will not be spending this money on cloths, transportation, or housing. Since 70% of our economy is based on consumption, the economy will slowdown under Obamacare.

  2. Correct, it is equivalent to a VAT tax, another liberal goal. The Government has numerous levels to jack up taxes, a rabbit hole for anyone checking why prices are rising. There is Zero accountability, no review, no way to fight it in court. All handled by mid level controllers cloaked in cost analysis…

    America will get screwed and those who voted for this and others who sat back ambivalent deserve every bit of it. You can’t stop SS and you won’t be able to stop this for the same reasons, too integrated, too much entitlement. It was brilliant, ignorant Americans ought to be deported, bring in Mexicans, Asians, Moslems who think. Nevermind that they refuse to assimilate.

  3. The SCOTUS determined that the Affordable Care Act was indeed a tax. Iit originated in the Senate rather than the House where according to the Constitution where a tax is supposed to originate. Thus, it is illegal and in violation of the Constitution of The United States which begs the question, when is someone going to bear witness and retrieve us from desolation…

  4. When I think of ObamaCare Tax all I can picture is that black women in the Florida hotel room with 10 of her children saying someone has to pay for all these kids. Not the children’s father just the taxpayer !

  5. Obamacare Is Obama’s Way of Raising Tax Revenue Without Raising Taxes

    Correction: It is a way to increase taxes without ADMITTING taxes are being raised.

  6. Hold on here……if the Supreme Court (Justice Roberts) says that this is a tax, then every dime that is spent on health care (ObamaCare) expense is a deductible item on your tax return. Otherwise that would be tax on tax and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that is legal.

    1. As the USSC has declared ACA a tax, it’s doubly unconstitutional. First, because it originated in the Senate it violates the Origination Clause, which states all spending and appropriations (Tax) bills must originate in the House. Second, because it’s not an income tax but a “direct” Federal tax on the citizens. As per Constitutional scholars, the only tax that the Federal govt can legally impose on individual citizens is an “Income” tax for which the 16th amendment was created in 1913. Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution prohibits Congress from extracting “direct” taxes from the citizens of the States.

      All three branches of government are ignoring Constitutional law with ACA, and 0 continues to do so by changing the law without the involvement of Congress.

  7. As I keep saying, someone needs to remind President Obama what became of England’s
    King Charles I for tax shenanigans.

    Obama, Reid, Pelosi, the Levin Brothers, Debbie Stabenow, et. al. insist on continuing to Detroit all of America.

  8. The Obamacare bill/program had taxes written in it and around it when it was signed into law. It was discreetly hidden from the public as so very many things have been and are these days by this very sneaky underhanded administration.

  9. Perhaps, but I believe it has much more to do with governmental controls. Fascists like Obastard LOVE MONEY ABOVE ALL ELSE. Therefore they see the aged, ill, and handicapped as unnecessary costs. Therefore with hold life saving medications and services to ease pain and suffering essentially teling them to crawl away and die and do not bother me.

  10. I know it was never about caring for the people. It was an avenue to control us for some means. I thought it might be more marxisim, his muslim ideas, world economy, but this too is a viable choice. Just get this creature out of the highest office in the land! Where do we sign up for that ?

  11. Look at the people on the healthcare web page who are telling us about increased premiums and deductables so high that the “insurance” will never pay a single benefit for them. The government collects their money and they get nothing in return.

  12. The gov. doesn’t need your money. They create money out of thin air, Fed or no Fed. They only WANT your money so YOU don’t have it. They want us to be unempowered, so they need to bleed us of our spendable income. LOOK AT HOW YOU CAN’T EVEN EARN INTEREST ON YOUR SAVINGS! This is how the masses historically have been cowed.

  13. I think perhaps part of the problem with healthcare today relates to robotics and diagnostic equipment – the way an illness is diagnosed and treated has changed. The equipment used is enormously expensive to maintain, and no patient could afford having to pay for it directly…well, mostly no one. Research and development cost money. Medical education cost money. Using and maintaining this type of equipment cost money. And, let’s not forget time – that cost money, too. I think all workers will be forced to contribute (sort of like a new ‘New Deal’) for this modern robotic technology. Hospitals will serve one sector, walk-in clinics another, and doctors will maintain their practices. Workers will be burdened with the compulsory contribution…and further burdened with the separate payments to doctors whether used outside or inside a hospital. Could this be part of the problem? Who knows.

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