Obamacare Will Also Cost You More On Veterinarian Visits

By now, we all know that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.  Health care and insurance premiums have skyrocketed and we are all facing $2,000-$4,000 in tax increases. The number of uninsured Americans is also climbing while the number of doctors practicing medicine is declining.

But did you know that the Affordable Car Act – aka Obamacare – will also cost you more when you take your pets to the vet?

According to the Heritage Foundation, a newly released IRS rule states that a 2.3% device tax will be levied on most medical devices before they leave the manufacturer. The rule states:

“Section 4191 [of the Internal Revenue Code] limits the definition of a taxable medical device to devices described in section 201(h) of the [Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act] that are intended for humans, but does not provide that the device must be intended exclusively for humans. Under existing [Food and Drug Administration] regulations, a device intended for use exclusively in veterinary medicine is not required to be listed as a device with the FDA, whereas a device intended for use in human medicine is required to be listed as a device with the FDA even if the device may also be used in veterinary medicine.”

Even though the device tax will only affect devices used to treat humans, many of them are also used to treat Fluffy and Fido.  Those devices with dual human and pet uses include examination gloves, sterile catheters and infusion pumps among others.  Over half of the manufacturers of the medical devices that will be subject to the device tax told the Heritage Foundation that they will automatically pass the cost of the tax on to their customers.  Most likely, a large number of those customers will pass their increased cost on to their customers and patients, which means your vet will be raising his/her prices that they charge you.

Obama wants to tax the wealthy, tax the healthy, tax the old, tax the young, tax your debts and tax your pets.

48 thoughts on “Obamacare Will Also Cost You More On Veterinarian Visits

  1. Tole ya. Obamacare will affect EVERY area of our lives. This is only the tip of the iceberg and as more of the facts are revealed, people are going to be utterly dumbfounded when they realize that they were duped by their elected officials who had promised them ”affordable healthcare” and instead, created a monstrosity that robs us of our privacy rights and has its tentacles in our wallets

    Thanks, Obama-voters. You’ve condemned the rest of America to life under the boot of a very wicked and dangerous man.

    1. You could not be more right
      what is sad is those who voted for this POS
      will never ever realize what damage they did
      Instead they will always blame the conservatives

      1. Hello,Allen. I was a thoroughbred race horse owner in New Jersey. and knew a horse trainer by the same name. Any relation.? Johnsnare.

    2. “Obamacare will affect EVERY area of our lives. ” And it’s nonsense hyperbolic statements like that show you’re not worth taking seriously.

      1. GOOTB…Nice try. It WILL ultimately affect every level of our lives. Just wait and see. BTW….I hope that I’m totally wrong on this….for all our sakes.

        1. Oh sure, down the line. Just like down the line when our guns are finally confiscated. It’s going to be great coming back here after Obama is out of office to ask how all those conspiracy theories went.

  2. So we have to hide our guns before the UN takes over control but we must be certain to kill our pets before we do it as who can afford this crap legislation that the no one read before signing it into law. What else is in there that we don’t know about as new laws are being created each day to conform with the law? Screeminmeeme is absolutely correct, “Thanks, Obama voters etc.” The sad part is that those who voted for this and the jerk that signed it into law do not HAVE to live under this crap – they are exempt from even purchasing this piece of junk that we have to pay them to have. Cadilac insurance for them and probably their pets too. I hope the House of Representatives refuse to fund it.

    1. “So we have to hide our guns before the UN takes over control”

      More evidence of why people here shouldn’t be taken seriously. Paranoid delusions.

      1. He and Hillary are colluding with the UN to control our second amendment

        rights. Or haven’t you been paying attention? This is how this fraud got in power
        in the first place.

        1. “He and Hillary are colluding with the UN to control our second amendment rights.” Paranoid delusions. The small arms treaty wouldn’t affect domestic laws at all. The same way the disability treaty wouldn’t affect domestic laws at all. You people love getting yourselves riled up about nothing.

        1. The paranoid delusions that paint Obama as the new Hitler, that he’s going to take away guns, that he’s not eligible to be President.

          Lots to choose from.

  3. This was voter fraud; plain and simple. Prosecute these dimwits. And while we’re at it, just why is a mentally incompetent person allowed to vote? We don’t allow them to drive, have sharp objects or feed themselves, yet we allow them to vote…just dandy.

    1. No it wasn’t; plain and simple. Your crappy politics lost. The other side’s slightly less crappy politics won.

      1. We did not loose the machiens which were anre fraud is why we lost…Your crappy side could not do it honestly why did the service votes that got here one day to late???? Now that is crappy politics…Wait till you get older and can not afford the co pay for DR….Then see which side is crappy….What did you win????

        1. When someone gets more than 100% of the registered votes, there is something wrong. And don’t tell me that there wasn’t at least one person, in the precints that Obumski got “100%”, that didn’t vote for Romney. That dog just don’t hunt.

        2. Where is your fearless Rep Governor who could easily get voter registration laws changed and runs rHe election process. Not one investigation except St Lucie where West got less votes. Get yiur governor doing something. Statistics from precincts should be facts. Get the agog or send Sheriff Joe…now. Or quit whining.

        1. Random lies are meaningless. Go prove it if it happened and do something about it. Which you won’t, because you don’t have the proof.

        2. You have a very powerful Rep governor who was able to change voter registration and other voter laws. With the exception of St Lucie, that gave Wests opponent more votes, there has not been one investigation of this massive and oh so obvious fraud. Why not. Governor afraid of Obamas poison darts. Geeks got him locked up. Can’t prove a single vote fraud. Y obviously need Sheriff Joe…pronto. Get over it old white men or get somebody investigating…like your Rep governor and all the Rep election officials. They run the election process. Could sure not extent voting days or hours. Admit defeat or show the facts and throw people in jail. Whining is not a substitute.

      2. Slightly less crappy politics? Well, like it or not we’re looking at lots of new taxes coming. We have $900 Billion more spending than revenue. From that standpoint alone, Obama-politics is massively crappy. I’m not sure what could make his politics “monstrously crappy”. Oh, well maybe stirring inflation into the mix. My TIPS (inflation protected bonds) are up about 9.5% this year so I know there is inflation. I hope it doesn’t happen as the pain felt by so many unemployed and by those nearly 50 million food stamp recipients will ratchet up. What was that number of unemployed who were dropped off compensation this month – about 350,000 thousand? It was enough to drop the “official” unemployment rate to 7.7%. No joy for those who have given up looking for work. Slightly less crappy politics?

  4. So that means every time his Wookie feels ill from all the fried chicken she has been eating that he will have to pay the same tax. The only difference is that he will pay it with taxpayers money.

  5. Got raise money somewhere to pay for his and that water buffalo’s vacations and extravaganza spending. He is going to finish destroying the economy of this country now that he has nothing to stand in his way.

  6. Horrible to know that worse is just around the corner since we are being told that 2013 will be the year that the ayatollah barack will seize everything – from the largest company to the smallest mom and pop store. We are in deep trouble. I foresee that since there will be no more factories or any company producing and manufacturing, we will be severely rationed with regard to food… Yes, we are in trouble.

    1. “Horrible to know that worse is just around the corner since we are being told that 2013 will be the year that the ayatollah barack will seize everything – from the largest company to the smallest mom and pop store.”

      Haha do you seriously believe this? You people are absolute lunatics.

      1. I hope that you will still be alive to eat your words, bow your head in shame and be MAN ENOUGH to admit that you have been hanging onto a falling star.. You know nothing about Communism or about the devious horrors that this man is busy hatching with his czars and thugs for America. Your name should rather be ‘DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR”.. you fool

        1. Right, you think America is going to be taken over by communists and I’m the one with grand delusions because I think it’ll just be another 4 years like the last 4. Very little of any of the nonsense you spout is based in reality. I’m not equally delusional just for pointing that out.

  7. but who even read the bill…… the dum dums in washington are nothing but communist who are destroying our counntry…they should all be hung from the big oak tree… that would be good ridance….

  8. I think it is only IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICES. Could be wrong on that, but that is my understanding. This would be pacemakers, artificial joints, insulin pumps, etc.

    1. I remember OB saying that it would be cheaper to give granny an aspirin than
      bury a perfectly good pacemaker. Makes sense, in a world where human life is

      not held to be valuable.

  9. My Dog is on medicare. Check with Medicare, if your on Medicare and your Dog is 10 years or older, your Dog can also be on Medicare.

  10. I hope the American people wake up to this scumbag in the WH. He is up to no good for the people and is in this for his own glory. Vacations expensive plane he doesn’t pay for meanwhile people go hungry and pay through their noses with taxes. Impeach the devil before he can do more damage! He is a low life scumbag who needs to ge gone. And pay for his own vacations. He does nothing for this country to warrant any rewards.

  11. For all of those who voted for Osama, or was it Obama, {is there a real difference?} You got what you voted for…….MORONS!

  12. I spent thirty five years in the insurance business, and our health care product, was the most expensive, and least desirable product. Obama Care, is an accident waiting to happen. It will be a long expensive ride. It will not be too long, when America, experiences, the most exclusions in a health policy in history, And, by the way, remember the DEATH PANELS.? Grandma, and grandpa, will be denied a procedure, due to their age, and health condition, and the Democrats, were calling Republicans,the Party of death. Do not recall, any Republican advocating death panels.

    1. “And, by the way, remember the DEATH PANELS.? Grandma, and grandpa, will be denied a procedure, due to their age, and health condition” Baseless lies. End of life counseling has nothing to do with what care you receive. It’s about handling the fact that your life will or may be ending! People still die.

      You’re scaring people over what is a helpful thing. You couldn’t be more off the mark.

  13. I feel the pain of the couple making 360k who will have to pay $995 extra income tax. 3% of the small businesses make more net than 250k. That’s where all those millions of jobs will be cut. Most big corporations offer health insurance now. The big food chains have caved to public opinion and will not be laying off. But hey your pizza could cost 14 cents more. Oh the horror. BTW gloves are not a medical device and not included. It’s like devices like artificial limbs,physical stuff. Oh yea and tanning salons. All you old white men will have to give that up. Oh the horror. I feel your pain. Typing this from my government issued iPhone 5 with 64G – sweet – while I’m eating steak and crab. Yum yum. Thanks old white men.

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