Obamacare Will Kill Many Patients That May Otherwise Survive

Almost every one of us knows someone who has or had cancer. Several decades ago most people diagnosed with cancer knew that it was a death sentence. Since that time many advances have been made in the treatments and cures of cancer. Many thousands of Americans today are cancer survivors thanks to modern medicine.

But that trend may end and thousands of Americans will again experience cancer as their death sentence thanks to Obamacare.

Under the provisions of Obamacare, some states like California are trying to defray the costs of specialty drugs used to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other chronic and life-altering diseases.  According to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Gleevec, a commonly used cancer drug, could cost patients in California more than $2,000 per month.  This is due to California requiring patients to pay up to 30% of the total cost of the drugs.

How many people can afford to pay an additional $2,000 or more for medications in today’s society?  Yet, Rep Nancy Pelosi, the reigning idiot on Capitol Hill, still stands before audiences and tells them that Obamacare is making health care more accessible and more affordable.

New York is taking a different route with specialty drugs and placing a flat fee of $70 per month on them, but that also means the cost incurred by the state and the insurance companies is much higher than in the California.  As more states look at the programs and try to determine what they are going to do, a number of analysts believe that more states will follow California’s example by laying more of the cost on the shoulders of the patients in order to keep their costs down.

Dana Howard, spokesman for Covered California tried to justify the high copays by saying;

“We are trying to keep the insurance affordable across the board.  This is just part of trying to manage the overall risk of the pool.”

Dan Mendelson, President of Avalere Health, a health care industry data analysis firm said that their studies indicate that 1 of every 4 cancer patients facing prescription copays of $500 or more, will leave the pharmacy empty handed.  Commenting on the situation, Mendelson said:

“It’s important that the benefit design not discriminate against people with chronic illness, and high copays do that.”

“You have to worry about a world where if you happen to contract cancer or multiple sclerosis, you are stuck with a really big bill.  It’s going to be very important for states to take a long, hard look at their benefit design.”

Brian Rosen, Senior Vice President of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society said:

“The intent of the Affordable Care Act is to make sure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.  [There is a danger that the insurance marketplaces] will discriminate against the patients with the highest medical need. That would completely undermine the spirit of the ACA.”

All I know is that it would cost my wife over $350 per month for health insurance and at the moment, I can’t find anyone to insure me because I am over weight and have type 2 diabetes.  We started looking for health insurance over a year ago, and the closer to the full implementation of Obamacare we get, we find the premiums to be higher for less coverage.  I’ve been told that after Jan. 1, 2014, all companies will have to offer me coverage, but no one has yet been able to tell me just how much that coverage is going to cost.

Obamacare is definitely making health care a lot more expensive, especially if you have cancer or any of the other chronic illnesses that require the specialty drugs.  As it stands now, it looks like the outrageous costs of specialty drugs will result in more deaths to the people who can’t afford them.  In other words, Obamacare will kill thousands of Americans who could otherwise survive and conquer their cancer by making the drugs unaffordable.

And I honestly believe that’s the intent of Obamacare.  They don’t want to see so many sick people draining the resources, so they designed the system to force more of them to die sooner rather than later.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

19 thoughts on “Obamacare Will Kill Many Patients That May Otherwise Survive

  1. Obamacare will destroy America.

    It should not be ”fixed”…”revised”….or…”restructured”. It should be totally REPEALED and that will only happen when there are enough conservatives in Washington to do it. Not likely any time soon so prepare for the worst………..and whatever you do, don’t get sick.

  2. When the scum who voted for obama start seeing their loved ones die when they could have lived, maybe then they will see the they are fools and murderers because of their support for obama.

    1. When the first person dies because of obamacare the president and every congressman and senator who voted for it should be tried for capitol murder.

  3. It is not only the cost that many elderly will not be able to afford. In Obamacare the realization of savings comes not only from the cost but, that doctors will not be able to by LAW to help people of a certain age with certain problems that come up Essentially killing off older people since they need more medical help towards the end of life. Unless of course you are the “Elite” then of course you are treated night and day by a doctor no matter what.

    1. My cost has already gone up and the crap legislation obummercare isn’t even fully implemented yet. What’s it up to now, 20,000 pages of administrative rules and regulations and it’s no where near done yet. REPEAL THE D**N THING, NOW!!!! I hope, if they don’t repeal it, that someone makes a bill stand that the jerks who are running our country into the toilet are made to abide by the same coverage we have to have, and that includes obummer!

      1. What do think will happen?? One persons father or mother will die because of this and he will shoot those that made it happen. Its human nature that this will happen.

    2. Repeal is a must for the good of the country. What really irks me is that the politicians DON’T have to be part of it, they have their elitist health care that we can’t get. The bottom line is if obamacare is good enough for us then it is good enough for the politicians who forced it down our throats even though we did NOT want it.

  4. When the criminals in washington impose such onerous laws on the public it will become more important than ever to be vigilant of your surroundings as desperate individuals determine “someone has to pay.” This is just what he wants and intended for American to turn on each other to bring down the greatest society ever know to man. He is an anti-colonialist and hates this country for being unjust. Be sure you thank a libtard for your demise.

  5. That’s socialist medicine for you.They have no use for anybody retired and a “burden” to them.The Obama ‘Death Panel ” will ensure that nothing is spent on seniors beyond a pill

  6. We will never be able to get rid of CrapCare. The left will decide who lives and who dies based on their political affiliation.

  7. As we enter the age of Obamacare I wish to offer a suggestion that will help all to live comfortably and healthily within the new system: DON’T GET SICK!

  8. I have CML and I have to take Gleevec every day 400mg and when I was working and had group insurance through the company I worked for I got my pills 90 of them for forty dollars. I’m now retired and I had to get my own insurance and it’s with the same company but, now those pills went from 90 for a three months supply, down to 30 and they cost with insurance and help from a cancer foundation almost seven thousand dollars a month.

    Why does this have to be? I’m on a fixed income and worked for 51 years paying into a system that now wants to disembowel me and leave me to die while given other countries that hate our guts billions each year, and the law breaking illegals can get Gleevec because they are obama’s voters.

    I feel for those who have cancer and those that are going through hell trying to stay alive to see our grand children.

  9. The whole purpose of Obamacare is not about health but power, control, and to uses fines, penalties, mandates to separate us from our money or ‘spread the wealth around”. As of November of 2012 when you are 70 this so called health care will not cover bleeding on the brain but will cover hospice care at no charge. This is involuntary euthanasia by this mandatory” healthcare” so it will be legal to murder by abortion and throw senior citizens under the bus and throw them out with the trash unless you are the chosen few. There are people out there that actually think Obamacare is free as in FREE.

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