Obama’s Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America

Just prior to the election Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) did an interview with WND concerning the surprise regulations that Pres. Obama had in store for after the election. These regulations will most likely go into effect in the very near future now that Obama won re-election.

Inhofe told WND’s Greg Corombos that Obama is trying to destroy everything that has made America great. You said that Obama has a war on fossil fuels and that he seems to be doing everything possible to undermine and destroy America’s oil, natural gas and coal industries. He said that America could be totally independent from Middle East and other foreign sources of fossil fuels but Obama has blocked all efforts to do so.

In the defense industry Obama seems to be weakening US strength. In his first budget he destroyed the F – 22, our only fifth generation fighter. Obama also destroyed our lift capacity by killing the C – 17 along with our future combat system. The US had a plan to prevent missiles from Iran reaching the US but Obama killed this as well.

Inhofe stated that there are a number of regulations that would have a negative impact on America that Obama was waiting until after the election to put in place.  Many of these regulations were measures that Congress would not pass, so Obama is planning on bypassing Congress and implementing them by making them new regulations.  Some of those regulations mentioned are:

  • Tier Three Gas Regulations – Raising the price of gas at the pumps by 9¢.
  • Water Guidance Regulation – Federal government controls any navigable waterway, but the new regulation would remove the word ‘navigable’ and put any standing water under federal government control.  This means any standing rain water, irrigation ponds and runoff on farmlands would come under government control.
  • Farm Dust Regulation – Would regulate the amount of dust allowed from a farm field during plowing, tilling or even between growing seasons.
  • Spill Prevention and Control Counter Measure
  • Boiler MACT – Controls emissions from manufacturing boilers.  New regulations will establish standards that are below what many companies can achieve and financially remain in business.  This could potentially cost up to 800,000 jobs.
  • Greenhouse Gas Regulations – Annual cost of $400-$500 billion.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing – Would place all hydraulic fracturing under federal control.

At the end of the interview, Sen. Inhofe mentioned the comment Obama made to Russian President Medvedev that was caught on microphone.  Obama told him to tell Putin that he will have a lot more flexibility once he is re-elected to do the things he wants to do.

Remember, this was recorded just prior to the election, but listen to what Inhofe says about Obama purposely violating laws and how he will work to destroy farming, fossil fuels and industry in America.

116 thoughts on “Obama’s Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America

  1. i almost wouldnt be surprised if he ran for a third election. based on the way the govt is going, term limits will be gone.

    1. Yeah, he’ll probably just issue yet another unconstitutional executive order. This creature is evil incarnate. Satan must be very happy with the way he’s destroying America and the way he has duped willing self adoring mental midgets. Romney was liberal before he was conservative on many issues. In the last debate, we saw Romney agree often with Ayatollah Obama on many issues. Obama was ashamed of his heritage-why else would he change his name? He changed his name but not his grudge against America. I fear for my children and future grandchildren. I mourn for the freedom they will never know. I pray for the sick and injured as the health care they receive will diminish in availability and quality. But liberals will have their abortions, their free birth control, and high energy prices. Who is the party that represents the middle class and the poor? Not the democratic party. They must keep the poor poor so they will continue to vote for the promise of better days which never seem to come. They work to keep the education from improving-this is especially egregious for minorities who live in poor households. They don’t care about the middle class or else why would they not do everything they can to reduce energy costs that all (but the gov’t slaves) must pay for? The work to reduce the pay doctors get after all the hard work, long hours of studying, and great responsibility they put in to become doctors. Congressional pay never decreases and they’ve caused all the problems we have! Doctors would be sued for such incompetence but those leaders will do nothing to reduce frivolous lawsuits doctors must defend. Pitiful.

      1. I agree America is domed under Dictator Barack H.Obama!I fear for everyone in America my mother is there,my brother and his family!Also other family members and friends!Of coarse those morons who voted for Dictator Obama,are happy!Those who will be getting freebees are extremely happy,that there lord and.master was reelected!Of coarse these people who voted for Dictator Obama,I do not consider!Honest to goodness Americans because if they were,they would not have.Voted for someone who is destroying America and now,can continue to destroy her!

        I feel sorry for my niece,nephew’s who will never,be able.To experience the joy of freedom!

    2. I use to think that but I think he will have destroyed us by then.. So he can set up camp wherever he plans on living and be damned with America!

    3. I am afraid we will never have another election. With the past 4 yrs as an example, in another 4 yrs he will be so entrenched that he will be just another dictator. I’m 76, so I may be marked for elimination – especially since I am 100% disabled/retired veteran.
      Watch for the obamacare IRS and death squads to go into full operation. Stupid people who voted for him will get what they deserve (incl my 89 yr old “greatest generation” brother and other relstives.
      Also watch for registered conservatives to be first ones cut out (just like GM dealers who contributed to GOP were denied continued distributorship after 2008). Also watch for growth of his “internal security which will be better financed and developed that the military” (his “promise” in 2008) along with severe reduction of our military services..

      1. For a 76 year old vet, you are pretty darn sharp!! thank God for folks like you. My dad is 87 and a vet from WWII. He cannot understand what is happening. I try to explain and he just cannot belive it. Well, what do you expect when you put an illegal, communist in the position of the highest authority in America? Do you think ANY good can come from that? Putin is laughing his tuka off!!!

    4. Now that, masshole, is scary but I believe it could happen. I believe he will try to get rid of Congress so that even those who would, will not be able to fight for our rights. His is know for his wielding executive power. I have felt this from the beginning four year ago. This jerk wants power and people who don’t know how to use their brain, gave him that power for 4+ more years. Those stupid single females, minorities, young people and illegal voters (OH YES, THEY VOTED), who cannot see the forest for the trees, you along with obummer should all go live in the countries where dictatorship already exists and leave us alone.

    5. Plans are being formulated for his continuing past a seond term. The next election, if there is one, will not resemble the last one. Socialists states do not have free and open elections. The goverment you are referring to died on Tuesday last. White Anerica is now in the minority.

      1. This election was not “free and open”. There was a lot of fraud. How could the polls say one day that Romney was ahead nationally by 5-7 points, ahead in FL, PA, WI and OH and the next day he loses every one of those states. Free and open? NOT!

        1. I also had a very strange gut feeling about how the election results unfolded. it seemed too bizarre to be legit

        2. Geez people, what the hell to you expect when the SEIU union took care of the voting machines!!!! Holly crap. Do you need a 2×4 to hit you? It was over before it even started. But we have a bunch of panty waist Ruplican leadership who came to life around 1949 think they can run a current day election against a bunch of highly trained communist operatives!! I can see McCain getting beat. He’s an idiot. But this election should have been a cake walk!! Why oh why is NO ONE kicking the RNC’s butt????????

    6. I have been telling my family and friends of the six predictions I am making. Don’t know when they will happen, but I feel very strongly they WILL happen sometime in the next four years.

      1) A mass exodus from America and expatriation from those who can afford it. Not necessarily the rich, but those who can sell their belongings and use that money to live their lives out in relative comfort in another country where their retirement dollars go farther. In other words, the money train will begin exiting America now.

      2) Blanket amnesty to not just poor and illiterate Mexican illegals but all the poor and illiterate throughout the world who would like to come to America and suck on it’s bloated titties and keep the Dumbocrats and RINO’S in power forever and ever. This will last until we completely collapse and we finally realize that taking our country back the “peaceful” way at the polls just does not work. I am guesstimating approximately 2 years from now.

      3) A crash of the stock market and an ensuing Great Great Depression that will make the Great Depression look like a bump in the road! This will probably take place about 2 years after Obamacare has kicked in completely and for the next two years after this Great Great Depression is in full swing we will have officially become a Third World country that will be sold to the rule of the United Nations. Our Constitution at this point? Toilet Paper for the elitists in DC and the loony left Professors filling your kids’ heads with anti-American propaganda while we are paying them 300+K per year.

      4) A complete ban on firearms and the regulation of the Internet. Can’t have patriots discussing overthrowing this utopia the Obama voters just ushered in. This is already starting.

      5) About 3.33 years from now Obama will Executive Order himself as “Dictator in Chief”. The Constitution says he can’t? lol….it also says he can’t do hundreds of things he has been getting away with for the last 4 years. Who’s gonna stop him? Congress? Oh, it is to laugh. I predict he will do this without a whimper from our feckless, useless, now irrelevant “Representatives” (and I use that word lightly). Why do you think he wanted Mubarak and the other dictators gone? So he wouldn’t have any competition as the New World Dictator!

      6) And last but not least, all the above will last about 5-10 years until the sane half of “We the People” realize that we MUST shed the blood of Patriots in defense of our beloved land. There will be civil war, a coup, a Revolution if you will. After that, I don’t know. I would assume that the Socialist, Communist half of this country will have to be taken down along with their representative dictators whom they allowed to be put in power. Otherwise, this will just happen again.

      And in a nutshell that is what I envision for our foreseeable future my fellow Patriots. May God bless you and keep you through these dark and evil times. Let us pray that they do not last forever and that a majority of our fellow citizens will start standing with us when they realize the grave mistake they made as they take us ALL down to the depths of hell with them.

      1. Good points. Item 6 may not happen, because I imagine some patriot out there will not wait that long to make changes. I certainly can’t see 1/2 of the nation’s patiots sitting quietly by while it happens. I would love to see an 83 million person protest in Washington. That’s how many gun owners there are in America!! Every one of them ought to be in Washinton at one. Obama can experience his own “American spring”. See how he likes it when HE’S the one everone hates!!!

    7. Do you think we will be free enough, by that time, to have another election or will he declare himself dictator by then. And then there is the possibility the One World Union will take up all of his time

    8. Election? How about outright take over!!! That’s what his next plan is. There will be no constitution, there will be no congress, and he will have planted his judges in the Supreme court. Do you folks not get it?????

  2. NOTHING that Obama does now is a surprise. We can only expect the worst from someone whose antipathy for America has been made crystal clear and whose allegiance to Marxism and his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood will be our undoing.

    1. You got that right. I am just stunned at all the people who believe he is going to make things better. Just look at the last 4 years. Are they blind?? Oh I forget, Santa Claus is hard to beat.

        1. Yes but onfortunately, a huge part of “america” believes in him. What does that tell you about our public education system? Anyone raised from the 50’s knows better. Idiot, snot-nosed kids today dont’ have a clue and wouldn’t understand it if you explained it to them! Ameica is done. Obama has accomplished what he set out to do. Even if he does nothing for the next 4 years he has accomplised it, because he has prevented anyone from stopping the decline he has started!!

      1. The truth is there before them as plain as day and they do not seem to get the least, of the evil of this government, many of which claim to be Christians. I have struggled over the fact that the truth of the evil is so plain, why can’t see it and then I found these verses of scripture.

        I believe that these scriptures will shed some light on the phenomenon.

        II Corinthians 4:2-6

        2. But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the WORD OF GOD deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of GOD.
        3. But our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
        4. In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of CHRIST , who is the image of GOD, should shine unto them.
        5. For we preach not ourselves but CHRIST JESUS THE LORD; and ourselves your servants for JESUS’ SAKE.
        6. Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter kills but the spirit gives li

        1. Abosolutely right, and those sriptures ought to be published by our so-called “Republican” leadership. Sad thing is they too have turned their back on God.

        2. That is the truest statement today. Americans need to face the truth and admit Bush and Co were just as evil as Obama and were part of the plan to destroy the US. With their war mongering and corruption they were getting Amerika set up to absolutely hate the Republicans and vote for anyone or anything but another Republican term. So people voted for change and they got change. Things got even worse. Not the change they thought they’d get, but it was change. The Bushwhacker mob certainly did nothing to protect Christianity in the US, to the point of banning traditional religious practices because “it might offend someone”. Obama was the icing on this cake.

          Wake up Amerika. Turn back to God and stop trying to push your atheistic agenda

      Well….a note to all
      the free loaders…..if you did not understand
      trickle down economics…one day
      you may understand trickle
      down poverty. It seem
      that all the
      free loaders want something
      for nothing and
      they do not want
      to work for
      it. Probably one
      day soon the
      middleclass will brought
      down to lower income
      level and now
      because of how
      you voted you will
      experience trickle down poverty beacause
      as the middle class
      declines so will
      the low class
      and when there
      is no money
      coming into the
      government you all
      will be living
      as the earthquake
      victims in Haiti and
      the people of
      india who live
      is slums and
      you will only
      have yourself to

      1. Sadly there are millions of middle class Americans that didn’t vote for this administration that are or will eventually severely suffer because of his redistributionism ideas, fees, fines, taxes, regulations, and socialist stupidity.

        1. The middle class has already suffered from this clown. The only problem is most of them are democrats and do believe that Bush caused this and all their suffering, and their savioir was so taken by suprised by how “big” it was, that he needs 4 more years to fix it. So, if you are that stupid, how in Gods name did you ever get to be “middle class” in the first place? Do you not understand teh role of government ? Do you not understand how priviate business is the heart beat of Ameria prosperity? Good lord. We are doomed because we have a class of idiots who vote!

        2. Changing
          Demographics? More Like Enduring Ignorance

          By Arnold

          November 9,

          By now, you’ve
          heard from most of the chattering classes as to why Democrats in general, and
          Barack Obama in particular, did so well on election night. You’ve heard about
          changing demographics, an opportune storm, media malfeasance, etcetera,
          etcetera, ad nauseam.

          Let me make it
          much simpler. On election night, for the umpteenth time, I went to the local
          food mart, and gave the high school kid working the register a five dollar bill
          for something that cost $2.32. She punched it into the computer, after which I
          gave her the thirty-two cents. By now, most of you know where this is going: the
          dazed look, alternating between the change and me, as if I’d handed her the Dead
          Sea Scrolls and demanded a translation on the spot. Of course if I’d used that
          analogy to make light of the moment, it wouldn’t have mattered: these kids
          aren’t just mathematically illiterate, they wouldn’t know what the Dead Sea
          Scrolls are either — unless it was the name of a new app for their

          On the way
          home, I had the radio on. Without a trace of embarrassment or irony in his
          voice, the newscaster spoke about a mock vote taken at the local high school.
          “Barack Obama won in a landslide,” he gushed. After two generations of leftist
          indoctrination by unionized educators, whose quid pro quo relationship with the
          Democrat party is written in stone, I don’t doubt it for a minute. Nor was I
          particularly shocked earlier this year when I wrote about three kids in their
          late teens and early twenties, who couldn’t place the date of the Civil War
          within the 50-year spread I gave them to do so. Literacy? If it can’t be reduced
          to 140 characters for Twitter’s sake, it no longer matters.

          None of this is
          particularly new. In fact, when I taught reading and study skills in NYC schools
          thirty years ago, it was exactly the same. Those “kids” are now in their 40s.
          The only thing that semi-shocked me back then was the fact that most of them
          were no longer ashamed of being ignorant. In fact, many of them were proud of
          their cluelessness. Now, most of them barely know what shame is, other than
          having someone say something bad about them on FaceBook. And pride is all about
          owning the latest gadget, replacing the gadget that replaced the gadget before

          your so-called demographic. We’ve become a nation with a majority of
          weak-thinkers, allied with those more than willing to do their thinking for
          them, as long as they get “free stuff” in return. What is the minority offering
          as an alternative? Freedom.

          freedom is hard. For one thing, it requires critical thinking skills. For
          another, it requires effort. Tyranny is easy. Just do whatever someone tells you
          to do, whether it’s a bureaucrat — or a cash register. What was this election
          really all about? We are now certain that it is impossible to change the
          trajectory of nation comprised of millions of people who can’t make

          a result, I have a suggestion for the Republicans, one they won’t hear from
          anyone else: give Barry and Company everything they want, without an iota of
          resistance. Let ’em raise taxes and the debt ceiling, gut the military, and run
          up trillions of dollars of additional deficits and debt. Then stand back, and
          let an utterly corrupt media chronicle the demise — without being able to pin
          an ounce of the ensuing socialist catastrophe on an “obstructionist”

          Harry Reid
          wants to end the filibuster? Tell him it won’t be necessary. For the next four
          years, Republicans will do what a certain Senator from Illinois made a career of
          doing: they will simply vote “present” on every bill put before them in both
          houses of Congress. In effect, give Democrats the same unassailable majority
          they had in 2008 — the same one that led directly to the passage of

          Compared to what? Watching a president get re-elected, despite four major
          scandals, the worst recovery on record, and the explosion of entitlements — all
          of which was blamed on the aforementioned Republican obstructionism? Being
          blamed for everything that will go wrong from 2012 to 2016, completely
          irrespective of reality or the truth?

          time to get real: the only thing Republicans can do is delay the
          inevitable. Why bother? The sooner progressives and the media bring America to
          its knees, the sooner the people who know better can put the nation back on its

          know what you’re thinking. What about the hell we’ll have to go through between
          now and then? A couple of answers. First, it’s time for the voting majority to
          get exactly what they voted for — in spades. Second, and this applies not just
          to America, but to every socialist country that has also run out of other
          people’s money to spend: better an out and out meltdown and genuine
          recovery after two or three years, than the ongoing twilight of semi-misery
          we’re currently enduring. Misery that could last a decade more — or

          attempt to meet Democrats “half-way” is a fool’s errand. There is no
          split-the-difference, get along to go along, compromise that can be reached
          between tyranny and freedom. With respect to the rule of law and the
          Constitution, you’re either in or you’re out.A nation is either solvent or
          bankrupt. It is either exceptional or ordinary. The American majority voted for
          tyranny, bankruptcy and mediocrity.

          Give the people what they want — until they
          can’t stand it anymore

  3. That’s what he’s been wanting to do since day one! Now he has card blanch to do as he wants, when he wants with NO qualms doing it!! After all, WHO’S going to to tell him “NO”??!!

      1. I’m with you Robalou01. Hell No. As the saying goes, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” No I will never bow to a dictator. I only get on my knees to pray.

    1. Yer right , but just how are WE going to deal with it? Protest ? naah that’ll just give a reason to call in martial law,,,,,People in each state go to their senators and congressmen and demand action ? They ain’t gonna do jack squat!
      Go to your states capital and demand your state sucede from the U.S…..Good one however ,without a ton of support by fellow citizens that won’t happen either. well how about a revolution ?! Well the you’ll see the blue hats come in as martial law deputies and the fema camps i heard so much about will come in to play, then everyone would back down in fear of being locked up. Well there has been so much talk about Civil WAR! Yep refer to the revolution comment. And I have heard people talk about civil war & revolution for the past years and in recent days its been mentioned several times ,by all kinds of folks. But here’s a few things that must be considered.
      1. Organize nation wide. If you use the social network you will be found out and then the black Crown Vic’s will be in yer yard.
      2. Money , same thing as number one, money always leaves a papertrail . Unless your a drug dealer type.
      3. Folks followin thru with the plan, all sounds good till the moment of truth, and then some will leave you hangin like a rotten apple.
      4. Several other things come to mind, but I’m not sure of a sure-fire plan to wake up our elected leaders and the deadbeats of our beloved America .
      I just pray everyday for our country and hope the best for my kids and family,and I know thats not an action to turn our country around, But if any of you have a brainstorm….. Put it out there! All our forefathers did was get together at the local watering hole and take action , But nowadays it ain’t that simple. I’m not tryin to start no war with our gubbamintz, by no stretch, I just want our leaders and deadbeat citizens to know that we as a nation are on the verge of disappearing from the face of this earth.

    2. Amen to that!Also those who knew what he,was doing and just.Turned a blind eye to it!They say that their Americans but really not,if they can vote.For him again so he can continue to destroy America!

  4. He will try to become a dictator. I blame the Republication party who seems to be uninterested in changing into a party that will include all people.

    1. The Republican party DOES include all people. i.e. Did you here more that a few months ago that women could not get birth control pills. It’s B.S. that a lot of America is buying into because they listen to the MSM and don’t think for themselves and/or are selfish and just want to get something free also. People on food stamps will vote for Pres. Obama because they think they will loose them. Not thinking that if they had a job why would they need food stamps. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Vote for me (Pres. Obama) and i will guarantee you no job, but we still have food stamps. Forever guaranteed votes. Ridiculous!, but it’s happening. On gay marriage. What is the endgame on that. What happens when all men are married to men and all women are married to women. Then what? Think about it!

      1. The only thing lacking in the Republican party is a leader with the courage to stand up to and beat Harry Reid and Odumbo at their own game. John Boehner? Mitch McConnell?? Rhince Priebus??? With these losers the Republican party will be gone in 4 years.

  5. Seriously? Obama plans to destroy farming in America? Everybody would starve. He’s not going to do that. Sometimes people say the silliest things, not even realizing how silly they are. Giacomo, take a bow.

    1. You obviously have not paid attention to the new regs that were put on hold last spring about dust, and having to track each chicken just like they now track cattle. These new regulations apply even to hobby farms as small as 5 acres.

    2. Have you been under a rock? The democrats did that when they cut off the water in “the bread basket of America”….do some research!

    3. C,mon Hensley … get a grip.

      They have been cranking down on farms for the last several years and especially in the last few. Corn is King but it shouldn’t be and it won’t last for long. The EPA coming up with regs against “farming dust” … how do you harrow or plow or even harvest without creating “dust”? It also regs dirt and gravel roads … so who is going to foot the bill for oiling or blacktopping those roads? They are dirt &/or gravel for a reason … as in not high usage. Then there’s the idea that one of the primary ingredients to asphalt is … oil … and the EPA has already tightened “dust” up so much on the concrete & cement manufacturers that most of them bailed out and went to Mexico.
      The Administration and the EPA have gone so far in losing their sense of reality and necessity that they are doing things that have no basis for being done at all. Forget “Climate Change” as a reason because even if you allow for that they are way in front of everyone else.

      The “Greeners” are soon to find that everything will be green but they will be unable to enjoy it as it will be under “Government Protection”, owned by some “Foreign National” or … there will be rules that the UN has passed down and this Administration decided were “for our own good”.

    4. By controlling subsidies, water, and even the dust, he is destroying agriculture. We managed to do it in Ca, look at the central valley. It’s a wasteland…

  6. All I can say if that everyone better stock up on food, gas, whatever you will need and just hunker down for the nightmare that is about to start. In prayer, the Lord said, “No matter what happens, keep your eyes on me, I am in control.” Our only hope is Him.

      1. God’s wrath will be on the unbelievers and sinners not His own. He will take care and protect those that believe and trust in Him and soon, take us home!

        1. We ALL have sinned – by action or inaction. Remember that even Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Remember that early Christians suffered and became martyrs. People today who profess Christianity but do non-Christian behaviors will suffer greatly – until they recant. Those of us who truly trying to live as Christ lived may have to “suffer for a season”. Remember Job! Perswonally, I think the rapture is very near and I hope and pray almost constantly for Jesus to be in my life..I fail miserably and stumble many times, and that leads to more prayer. Jesus is the answer for us individually, but we may have to suffer awhile with the sinners and unbelievers.

        2. I agree with you. Even though we are born again Christians, we are still sinners and need to ask for forgiveness every day. Jesus will protect us and provide for us and some of us may also have to suffer the consequences of these heathens and what they are doing to this country. They have re-elected a monster back into the White House and this country and the people will pay the price for that. I too believe the rapture is near, thank the Lord for that hope.

      2. kysteelgirl: you have that backwards. This once great Nation turned it’s back on God. We are morally corrupt with pornography, sex trafficking, killing babies, homosexual pride, etc, etc, etc. Everyone eventually reaps what they sow. That includes Nations as well as individuals. God has blessed this Nation many times over and put off the judgement we deserve, waiting patiently for us to turn from our wicked ways. But instead we have been “in your face” to Him with our sin & immorality. So yes, He is willing to allow whatever we are facing, out of His love, to turn us back to Him. He will protect those that belong to Him, or He will take us out of the evil. Praise His Holy name !

        1. Yes,its sad but true,I drive a schoolbus, and if our kids are our future,,,we are in deep s,,t ,,,,not all are bad , but there are them that have no morrals and I don’t see they have a conchas bone in there body, I see all the negative news and wonder how many on my bus would walk in school and go nuts,I agree with armed gaurds in school ,,but I would like to protect myself from the nuts on my bus and those on the road .

      3. No! You are WRONG! God did NOT turn HIS back on America. 20th Century Demoncraps (I was one) and liberals began the move to eliminate God from America. FDR, JFK (I was a dedicated worker/supporter), RJK, LBJ made appearing to be Christian while making the WH a whore house an art. LBJ and hie Great Society opened the door for ultra-liberalism and political correctness which led to what we have today. Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn tried to bring back a simblance of Christianity, but everything else he did was so anti-America (except his habitat program) that no one paid attention or cared.
        Reagan and the Bushes brought back ther “goodness” of Christian America, but then we had Clinton and now the obummer. The point IS God did NOT turn HIS back on American. Our liberal politicians opened the door for all kinds of Anti-CHRIST entities to begin combatting our devotions to Jesus. Even worse than that, the establishment GOP ALLOWED it to happen. Even most of our “Christian” and evangelical churches stood by saying “Well, it can’t happen in America.”
        God did NOT desert America!!!! By the actions of some and inaction by the rest of us, WE DROVE GOD OUT OF AMERICA. Now we are beginning to pay the price for our idolitry.

      4. God didn’t do it. Apathy, idealism, and ignorance has finally reached critical mass and fallen prey to evil. People have had the chance to stop this for many years but it was too easy to let the government dumb down enough generations, short circuit the economy, and count on the electorate to not have sense enough to pay attention. Goes to show you that liberty is a precious and hard fought attribute and not to be taken for granted. Half the people that voted for Obama were single issue voters that either had an ax to grind because they are gay, some kind of envious minority, utopian idealist that believe in the better angels of humanity, or just too preoccupied with their own little worlds to be bothered to educate themselves and be informed as to what and how the free market and a debt economy works. Progressives are basically miserable ne’er do wells that want to burn everything down and share their misery. God helps those that help themselves. It is a double edged sword that he blessed everyone with; this “free will”. Just goes to show you also that the basic nature of mankind is evil, born of original sin, and left to their own devices without respect or fear of something excellent beyond the human condition are incapable of governing themselves. The founding fathers understood that although government could not force a religion on anyone, if the day ever came that our leaders and the vox populi (voice of the people) ever abandoned Christian like ethics and conviction, it would fall to ruin. Welcome to recent prophesies fulfilled.

      5. NO GOD DID NOT! He gave this world to the DEVIL to do what he could to claim souls & the true beleivers will prevail! This is EVIL at work…KEEP THE FAITH! That’s about all we have with BO sitting in OUR WHITE HOUSE!

      6. No, God did not. It seems that this country has turned it’s back on God. God does not force himself on anyone. That is the difference. He gives free will to decide to follow him. We turned our back on God by accepting abortion and gay marriage just to name a few. Our country has changed because we turned away from God, not because he turned away from us. Now, if we decide to mend our ways and change, guess what? God will be there. See the difference? I am sorry you feel the way you do, but just know that God is always waiting for us to come to him and he will have his arms wide open to accept even the weakest among us. It’s a free decision.

  7. Well this is what America wants, not to be responsible for anything and let the Government solve all their problems, take care of them, teach their children to be good little Marxist and raise them up to spy on their parents and not be worth anything but Muslim slaves. How Crazy is Ron Paul now? Who’s the Looser Now, all of us, unless we grow some balls and those of us who didn’t vote this Super Power In, Fight and Get Our Country Back. Get off the Two Party Merry-go-round. Or don’t acknowledge this Government and band together. Or option 3, just sit back and gripe about it.

    1. I am sick of hearing how conservative and American Ron Paul is – instead of selecting Ron Paul as our candidate the “GOP guaranteed BHO re-election”. That is just a bunch of pig poop. By refusing to endorse and support tjhe ticket – and by setting up and supporting his own candidate as a third party choice, RON PAUL DRAINED OFF ENOUGH VOTES THAT WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ROMNEY-RYAN ELECTED. Ron Paul, by his selfish and egotistical action thus endorsed obummer for election.

  8. Yep … Can those of us who are truly “conservative” now agree that “America” is no longer “fixable?” The real national Federal national debt now stands at 222 trillion dollars (see http://www.bloomberg.com/news/print/2012-08-08/blink-u-s-debt-just-grew-by-11-trillion.html for the numbers). It is insurmountable. As Jefferson said, there comes a time when people need to separate and break away from the political structures that enslave them. The time has now come. Trying to “vote for change” is now past. Tax feeders now outnumber tax payers. Peaceful secession is now the only option. Many of us now want out of the system. Secession won’t come quickly, nor will it come easily. But it will come. The future debt crisis will provide opportunities to advance this idea. People is some States, like Texas and Alaska will be very open to this idea eventually.

    1. You’re dreaming. The government behemoth will no more let taxpayers “peacefully secede” than it would allow the wealthy agrarian south to peacefully secede in the 1860s. Patrick Henry correctly stated the choice in his famous address to the House of Burgesses.

      1. Not really dreaming. There are many of us in Texas that have begun working on it about a year ago. We have determined that according to the agreements cojointly agreed to when we became a state that Texas has the option to opt out any time it wants. We are the only state that can fly it’s flag at the same height as the US flag due to maintaining a sovereign republic postition in all treaties and agreements with becoming a state. Many here now in positions of power are quietly working on the logistics for what it would take to exercise our options in the Texas constitution and treaty with the US. We are the only state that still has a commissionable navy with official commanders assigned in latency. There is an undercurrent working on a possible treaty with Mexico to form a coalition. If Texas did follow through, this would be the only state with it’s own energy grid, potential tremendous revenues from the sale of our oil and gas, and cheap labor that could easily adopt principals left behind in agrarian culture. This could become the last great hope for a true Republic. It’s not a dream. It’s being thought through.

    2. I don’t think Odumbo would allow this to happen peacefully. On the other hand who in the military if they have any honor would support this disgrace as a commander in chief??

  9. Although it is very obvious Obama was elected by the clueless Oreilly said it best is the US has gone beyond the breaking point and the people who take now outnumber the ones who pay. Now the coming problems with unemployment are only starting. Hundreds of companies will now start to realize the real costs of Obamacare all the new regulaitons and watch for coming layoffs. The new regulations looming in the near future will also destroy companies and jobs yet the masses who voted for Obama will only blame blame blame and not realize it is they who destroyed millions of jobs and their pitiful lives of being on the Government/ We are now in a very quickly fading dream of a free America where you are allowed to succeed and seek a dream of better things to come. Today I was told of dozens of layoffs coming only in my area. You should all be ready.

  10. Fractured Repubs are responsible for this. They are the Establishment Repub “Rulers” who care only for themselves and the ones that bought and paid for them – Just like the Demidogs. We need to get rid of them, starting with Bone-Head Boehner. There were a couple of Senate seats that were lost, and a couple or so Rep seats that went by the wayside because the “Establishment” decided not to support them, even though they were die-hard Repubs. This Krap of “supporting a most electable” like Romney has to cease. He’s ALMOST as liberal as Soetoro. We also need to spend more time addressing the needs of other-than-white AMERICANS and get some support from them. We need our Nation back, and with the Regulations Soetoro will put into effect, along with his internment camps, will really fracture this Republic like nothing else can!!!!!

  11. Why don’t just divide America in two nations. One where the liberals, progressive, socialist, communist and the rest live. If they love obama so much they’ll make him into king so he can rule forever. One where we the Conservatives live and continue to uphold the Constitutional Government and the Principles our Founding Fathers left for us!

    1. Great idea! But I seriously think that this country will fracture into pieces at some point, whether by succession or civil war I don’t know. But I will be a refugee coming into conservative parts as I currently live in Maryland, one of the smaller repositories of simple-minded dolts other wise known as deep blue states…..

  12. These regulations
    scare me. More frightening are the people that re-elected Obama. The US can
    recover from the regulations when we get a new President, but I’m not sure we
    can recover from the ilk that re-elected Obama.

  13. The only comfort left to me now is that I won’t have to see this charlatan again once his four years are over. We can only hope there is something left here with which to pick up the pieces and return it to what our country was intended from the beginning. All those who want free stuff can go with “Barry” as far away as possible. He’s a disgrace as a commander in chief and I’ll never refer to him as “President.”

  14. Obama will now increase the pace to spend the Country into bankruptcy
    and curtail the increase in employment by using tax dollars to
    subsidize job development in countries overseas and restricting
    investment in new jobs here. Once that is accomplished there will be
    very little defense manufacturing jobs left. It will make us militarily
    vulnerable to Russia and China. It will cause civil unrest, thus
    giving the atheistic Communist Democrats a reason to use the 1.4 billion rounds of
    hollow point ammunition against all patriotic Americans who show the
    least bit of resistance. You will see all Americans suffer more than the
    Russian and Chinese peoples ever suffered under their oppressive
    governments. There will be no freedom of religion, no freedom of
    speech, no rights to bear arms, no security in ones papers, no privacy
    in ones homes, and no rights to a fair trial by ones peers. There will
    be a one child policy by forced abortions performed with tax dollar funded
    Planned Parenthood Clinics to bring down the population such as is in
    place in China today.

    When a person is no longer able work because of age or physical and/or mental disability, they will be summarily executed so as not to be a monetary drag on society.

    Obama may not get the job entirely done in the next four years. But, he will
    set this up by continuing to add more people to the welfare rolls, so
    that his minions of like minded evil doers will easily be elected by the
    then majority of citizens on welfare. Eventually, those citizens on
    welfare that are able to work will be forced to work or they will find
    themselves in the same predicament as the aforementioned aged or
    physically and/or mentally disabled.

    Welcome to the new American FORWARD movement the idiots just freely elected to have govern them..

  15. We are all going to be punished for the sins of a few. Remember Noah and the flood?? well we can expect many more disasters to hit this country, whether it is fiscal or by other means. WE THE PEOPLE have to get ready for the suffering and hunger and strife that is going to follow the election of the latte one.

    1. That includes everyone on social security, military retired pay, VA disability, states’ retirement pay, state-federal-military insurance (such as Tri-Care For Life) etc.

  16. The sad thing is that the United States is the last stand for freedom – there is no other place to go. The fight has to continue here.

  17. What makes you people think America wanted 4 more years of Obama? Just because he got more votes, doesn’t mean it’s tru. He lies, proven, the gov. lies, proven, they all lie to get what they want, so why would you expect an honest election? None of the other countries have them, why would you think America does? Why do you think they wanted electronic machines? Take off the blinders folks, get out of your chairs and DO something instead of crying and pointing fingers. Look in the mirror…the buck stops with YOU, with us, we have allowed this by doing nothing, not Obama…tho they would have you think differently in order to continue their scam. March on your state gov, march on Washington, millions and millions of people would march if it was organized. How could they NOT pay attention to millions standing outside their doors? You want to scare them into agreeing with you you first have to get their attention, sitting in front of your computer whining isn’t going to do it.

  18. And 50% voted for him thats as big a problem for this country as Obama. What puzzling
    me is you will destroy friend and foe. What were they thinking?Bring to mind the word,

  19. Obama is either delusional or incredibly stupid because not only is Iran a danger for us as are other Mideast countries but China and Russia are spending unprecedented levels of money on their military at the same time Obama is weakening ours and reducing the number of nuclear deterrents we have. We need a deterrent to prevent other nations from taking advantage of us militarily or otherwise.

    1. Sec Clinton and Pres Obama want to put us under UN control through a series of irreversable treaties. Once we cede away our sovereignty we will no longer be a free and independent Republic. We will become just another socialist state with ONE vote out of the 260 odd members of the UN.

  20. Part two of the attack on the economy is to inflict as much damage as possible on American bussiness and industry. Remember that 7 of every 10 GM cars are now manufactured in China.

  21. And The ‘Revenge’ quip is Code aimed at getting African-Americans to Vote to get ‘Paybacks and Get Whitey” for reparations.

    1. Why would they want a job when they can go back to mom and dads, get a check from Obama, have a hot girlfriend, get free abortions, etc. etc.

      1. Ooops, and I forgot..their college loans will be excused if they say they can’t pay because the education they just got for a job that does not exist..those working people that are left with some “change”, should be glad to cover those college loans that are in default.

  22. There’s already enough evidence to bring treason charges up against the King, why is Congress waiting, maybe a call to the FBI or CIA would be better.

  23. NOTHING is surprising because some people already knew his plans and people that understood what he was going to do voted against him but the uneducated ones voted for him and when everything comes down and realize it it will be much to late.

  24. Well it appears his goal of destroying America is on track. He is a communist and seeks to bring us to our knees. He will lower and level the playing field for everyone. This is political correctness and what tolerance gets you. The new Amerika on the horizon!

  25. All I have to say is that it rains on the just and on the unjust. The leeches will also sweat and freeze in their homes and struggle to put gas in their vehicles (or to be able to pay for a bus pass – buses have to run on fuel too…) and that will be the only good thing that comes out of all this – watching the slime mold also known as Obama voters (same idea – a huge, brainless fungal conglomeration that colonizes a huge area and functions as a single, simple organism) shrivel up and wither away under his policies.

    And I would have no intention of ever helping any one of them. The way I see it is this – if you do everything you (Obama supporters) can to sink the boat you and I are both in, and I go under and drown because of your actions, I’m taking you down with me!

  26. I personally cannot argue any of these points–but the bottom line is: most people don’t give a damn. THE LANDSLIDE ELECTION results (assuming they were legitimate) clearly point to a new, transformed America. Romney was a very solid candidate. What he represented WAS SUFFICIENT TO HAVE WON THE ELECTION IN A SANE WORLD. He certainly was more credible than McCain–yet Romney did much worse than McCain when the dust settled. This was an astounding and gut-wrenching outcome. I too shed some tears at the loss of our dear nation, currently on life support with dwindling vital signs.
    Obama and his comrades have successfully fundamentally changed America. The middle aged white person has been demonized, insulted, politically castrated and crushed into an insignificant lifeless carcass along a deserted roadside. We are merely fodder for social media and late night talk shows.
    We can cry about socialism, entitlements, gay marriage, eradication of the social and moral fibre of the country, dismantling of capitalism and freedoms, excess taxation of business and productive citizens and shredding of our constitution but the fact remains–it has already happened. The once infamous “silent majority” has silently exited the realm of significance–they do not matter anymore. What matters is political correctness, blacks, Hispanics, illegals, wealth redistribution, entitlements, and government control of as many industries as it can cram down its gluttonous piehole.
    The transformation of America started well before Obama’s reign –conservatives never saw it coming. We fell asleep at the wheel. The Republican party lacks the balls, the guts and the streetsmarts to contend with the Democrat–. there simply is no comparison in terms of connecting to the base, and orchestrating a campaign. Common sense and truth have become unnecessary to most people in America –and this is how and why the liberal mainstream media has thrived and taken control of most people of this country. If and when it all ends will depend upon ONLY if and when the socialists and Democrats implode from the weight of their corruption and greed–they will not fold in a head -to-head contest against the meaningless conservatives. Conservatives have an occasional oasis of truth with the likes of Linbaugh, Hannity and Beck–but it is obvious that their impact has serious limitations. Rational thinking is the exception, not the norm for this country.

  27. How the DemoRats connect with their base: remember how the media was enthralled and pre–occupied with the alleged “generous package” of Al Gore? Flash forward to the recent election and how Axelrod so poetically claimed that Obama’s campaign eminated from his mighty loins, and how voting for the first time was tantamount to being deflowered by the King himself? Amazingly, it worked.

  28. It’s a war on cheap energy, the fundament for economic and technological progress.
    Without cheap energy we will all end up poor and out of work and probably more motivated to vote democrats/socialism?

  29. Just as the world was forwarned with hitler’s Mein Kamf his blueprint for world domination and ignored so was obama’s dreams from my father ignored and left on the shelf’s now the book fool me twice I think should be ‘reqired reading’ if we are to have any chance of surviving 4 more and still being America

  30. I said it before the election and I say it now. Kiss America good bye. When you have over 1/2 of the american public with their heads so far up where the sun don’t shine, we are done! It’s just now a matter of marking down how America slides into history. Good job liberals and American losers. You have just killed the golden goose! All those American warriors died for nothing. Absolutely nothing!! Barak obama and the idiots of America gave it away for a damn obama phone!!

  31. This articel and all the associated comments are a pile of total Republican smear campaign rubbish! There is no foundation whatsoever to anything anyone of you Republican has said here. It’s all just totally unfounded in fact. Republicans need to grow up! What surprises me is how may are in favor of the 1 percent. Trickle down theory started over 35 years ago. Have any of you seen any trickle yet? I certainly havent seen any sign of it, nor have I met any non-millionaires who have either. I know all of the elite see the trickle come back to themselves.

  32. What would have been better? Rommel? He would have drove us straight back into another war, outsourced all of our jobs to make his rich republican buddies richer by setting them up with manufacturing in Taiwan so they could save on labor. Then the rest of us people can wait in line for available postions at Walmart and file for social security and welfare healthcare benefits because we can’t afford to shell out 75% of our bi-weekly paycheck for the healthcare package Walmart offers it’s employees. We’ll make the rich richer so their monoplies can grow! Sure these are all problems associated with Barrack Obama? Get your heads out of your butts republicans! All of our current problems are the after-effects of the reckless Baby Bush administration and all the wars they started! Bush attacked America on 911. 911 was an inside job! So many Americans are lacking in common sense and can’t see the truth right in front of their eyes! The real shame is almost all of them are Republican! I see another civil war in Americ not too far off in the future, America has become so divided it to me looks like a bunch of spoiled little close-minded brats who only want things their way! Decent human beings have care about the big picture and what’s best for humanity as a whole. Most of these people are democrats. I myself am Anti-Party and think America needs to wake up and stop being so greedy, corrupt and self serving! Grow up Republicans!

  33. One of the things that continues to puzzle me – is the Indonesian Idiot, and his gang of Chicago thugs, totally unaware of the scathing contempt and deep loathing that people have of him and his ways, how he is despised and abhorred, how so very, very many would not spit on his face if he were on fire? I couldn’t live with that! But, I guess being a narcissist, a fascist and a Muslim insulates you from what real people think.

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