Once ‘Gay’ Always ‘Gay’: It’s the Law

California was the first state to pass an anti-gay therapy law. The homosexual community has pushed hard to normalize homosexual behavior. And it’s not just homosexuality that they believe is part of a person’s nature. Included in the prohibition to counsel people out of homosexual behavior are bisexuality and transgenderism that includes hormonal therapy and sex organ reassignment surgery, thus, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender).

Now New Jersey and New York are considering passing a similar law making it illegal for counselors to suggest that homosexuality and other sex acts are not fixed.

The laws would only apply to minors. This means that parents would be banned from taking a child who has desires to engage in homosexual behavior to a licensed therapist for counseling. The assumption is that acted on homosexual thoughts are fixed. If a young person has sexual desires to engage in sex with someone of the same sex, then that is a fixed “orientation” and cannot change.

These states would make it a crime to suggest that sexual desires do not have to be acted on. This is really the issue and a crime by the State.

We all grow up with desires to do things that we shouldn’t. How many young people have the desire to strike out at someone in a violent way? Almost every child has had the desire to steal, damage property, drink excessively, take drugs, or act on numerous desires. Over time they learn not to act on every desire that comes into their mind.

We hear stories of teenagers who rape and kill. What should we think of teenage pedophiles? These, too, are desires and feelings. Is it morally acceptable for people to act on them?

Are these all “orientations” that are “fixed”? Why just homosexuality? Why can’t the case be made that whatever sexual thought comes into a person’s head that desire is by its very nature is an orientation that needs to be protected by the law?

A person can have sexual thoughts that he or she never acts on. A man may want to commit adultery, but he knows it’s immoral. The desire is there, like the desire for an alcoholic drink, but he doesn’t act on it. That desire may be with him for the rest of his life.

A person may want to steal in order to get ahead financially, but he knows it’s immoral to do so. Is that an “orientation” that should be protected by law?

What if a 14-year-old boy has a constant desire to engage in sex with a 12-year-old? Should this be considered an “orientation”?

There are people who have engaged in homosexuality for a long time and who no longer do so. The desire is still there, like we all have desire to do things, but it’s not acted on.

The latest propaganda piece is “former Exodus International chairman and conversion therapy ‘success story’ John Paulk.” Paulk, as reported at Salon.com, “has written a formal statement of apology for his role in promoting Focus on the Family’s ‘ex-gay’ ministry and for any harm his actions may have done to other gays and lesbians.”

Paulk was married to former lesbian Anne. While her husband has returned to the homosexual lifestyle, she hasn’t.

Then there’s the story of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield who was a committed lesbian radical.

“In 1999, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield was a tenured English professor at Syracuse University, a skeptic of all things Christianity, and in a committed lesbian relationship. Her academic specialty was Queer Theory, a postmodern form of gay and lesbian studies.

“Today Butterfield is a mother of four, a homemaker, and wife of a Presbyterian pastor named Kent. They live in Durham, North Carolina.”

You can read more about her remarkable story in her book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith.

Sinful desires are always with us. Acting on them is the issue. Although Rosaria is a married mother, she “says her former life ‘lurks in the edges of my heart, shiny and still like a knife.’” And so it is with all of us.

146 thoughts on “Once ‘Gay’ Always ‘Gay’: It’s the Law

  1. Good article about the on-going moral decay of America.

    The left has a problem and it’s a stubborn unwillingness to recognize the existence of ‘sin’. It’s the stiff-necked position of the godless who have discovered that blaming DNA is a great solution to those niggling little feelings of (God-given) conscience that they feel after giving reign to their ”natural” inclinations.

    Ridding society of any concept of sin (which, by definition, is transgression of God’s law) is imperative if the progressive social engineers are ever to see their utopia (heaven on earth, no hell afterward) materialize.

    So…all that they have to do is convince everyone else….and since that hasn’t worked, the next step is to legislate and/or simply define particular ‘sins’ out of existence.

    Hey…..just declare that all human behavior is ‘natural’ and unalterable……..and you’re home free.

    1. Typical person who can’t see beyond his religious dogma. You need to learn to get you nose out of people’s bedroom’s.

      1. Sure, just as soon as the homosexual perverts get out of my living room, my paper, my blogs, my cable TV, etc.. Religion has nothing to do with it; the laws of nature do. Dipshidt. Gay is a behavior; since when does behavior get a ‘free pass’? Today our culture wants to label everything as a friggin disease or mental disorder so that it can be deemed ‘acceptable’. Well, BS! Some behaviors are simply not acceptable…no matter what.

        We can have empathy for those who are mentally challenged or gender confused; but I DO NOT have to accept these issues as normal.

        1. When you Christian bigots get out of my living room, off the blogs, tv , every media, etc ….. It’s not going to happen. Except Christians are going to continue being their own worst enemies turning people off and away, while the other side will continue to grow larger and more powerful.

        2. Dont bet on it faggot. It will soon swing back to the right and then you and all your fairy friends will be like deer caught in the headlights of a car.

        3. The left has no power…just illusions of it. What you do have is self-deception and depravity….in spades.

        4. History is NOT on the side of your comment; and neither is the future of mankind. Simply because more people engage in stupid, illicit behavior does not make it ‘right’. If 99% do wrong, it’s still wrong…and you know it.

      2. however that is just what homosexual teaching in grade school is doing – sticking their nose in childrens’ bedrooms. Teaching girls how to kiss one another as a lesbian, teaching boys what to do sexually with other boys. That is not tolerance that is indoctrination and it is wrong. My opinion

      3. I could give a rat’s behind what you do behind your bedroom door or whether or not you believe in God. The problem is that LBGT aren’t satisfied with people tolerating their lifestyles……they want everyone else to condone them. And the in-your-face move to force their depraved agenda on everyone by poisoning every aspect of society with it is wrong and people aren’t going to take it.

        Just like most on the left, you simply have no tolerance for anyone who happens to disagree with you.

        1. People aren’t going to take it? Lol.. When you think of a way to stop them from doing what they do without violating people’s constitutional rights., let me know,

        2. Dont worry we will have a place for all of you that are sick. We may have to send you to Kenya for quarantine. Oh, I forgot they execute gays there. Oh well.

        3. They’ve been stopped a number of times and as long as there are decent people in America who disagree with their agenda, they will be hampered in their goal of seeing everyone bend to their twisted world view.

  2. What would people say if we started similar therapies where “experts” try and convert heterosexuals to homosexuals? Would you guys be OK with that?

    1. Typical liberal liar. The reason for therapy for homosexuals is that they are trapped in a sinful lifestyle that leads to Hell. People like you want to keep them trapped in that lifestyle. Believe me, when they stand before GOD and find out where they are going to spend eternity, they will curse the scum like you who refused to help them escape their sin.

      1. What if they are from a different religion that doesn’t have a hell and doesn’t have anything in their religion that says homosexuality is bad?

        You do know that there are other religions other than your own, right?

        The law relates to minors. Any adult can have such a therapy if they want to waste their money on scam artists.

        1. Minors by law can make no contract and are the responsibility of the parents. And all the religions I know of have a good place and a bad place. People like homosexuals go to the bad place in case you dont know. That is in the worlds four largest religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hindu. Try again fag.

        2. I’m as gay as you are old lady. And no, it doesn’t say homosexuals are going to hell. It says they are sinners. Luckily, there are many denominations in all religions who openly accept homosexuals. In fact most do.

          Maybe you attend the Westboro Baptist Church and that’s why you feel so strongly?

        3. They might as well belong to Westboro baptist , for they are doing as much harm to their own cause as the Westboro people are. (Turning people away from Christianity with their hypocrisy)

        4. Sorry faggot. Military for over thirty years. And Christianity is what GOD says not man. Sorry that includes you no hypocrisy. Now go to your mommy and tell her you have been a bad boy on her computer.

        5. Liar – trying to turn people away from sin is not hypocrisy. You are the hypocrite because you support those who are leading people to their death.

        6. Nope. LCMS and we still have a martial tradition. And yes you are gay. And yes if you do not repent before GOD for your sins homosexuality being one of them you are going to hell.

        7. No Bob/John/Lonny You are gay and have admitted so . And a liar. You seem to have a real problem on whom you are or what you are.

        8. There is only one true faith – Christianity as detailed in the Bible. All other roads lead to Hell.

      2. Bob Coffey, what a bunch of religious non-sense. You should be a Muslim and be much happier making other miserable. Those who hate gays that God made that way don’t deserve to go to a heaven.

        1. GOD never made them that way. They followed the desires of their hearts against GOD. And with your ignorance you are headed straight to hell.

    2. Sorry moron. Let take a look at your stupidity. What you said is the same thing that if can cure AIDs we should not do it. What by your thinking is that we should give it to them.

      1. You’re such a moron that you actually think you can catch aids simply because someone who has it stayed in the same motel room before you. You are an ignorant bigot.

        1. That of course not what was stated. Then again to be on the safe side I would never stay in the room you had just vacated.

    3. First of all homosexuality is a PERVERSION. Just like your desire to have sex with little boys, sheep, bowls of jello and really fat dead people.

      Your lifestyle is a CHOICE or another mental illness… and you’re terminal.

      I see you’ve grown in stupidity since I’ve been gone.

        1. Don’t be a Donkey Behind. You know the answer to that question after all the time you’ve spent demonstrating your stupidity on this site. You’re just playing more games.

          You and everything you stand for is a contradiction to what the majority of people believe who post on this site…and you know that.

          Dumb is FOREVER.

        2. Yes. Your God says so. How many other things does he say are bad or abominations that Christians do every single day? But for some reason, those things God say are no big deal, but this homosexual thing is such a big deal. How does that work?

          Here some other things God calls an abomination which are never talked about for some odd reason:

          These six things the LORD hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.

          Proverbs 6:16

        3. Don’t use Christians faults as YOUR excuse to practice a PERVERTED behavior.

          So what are you saying? That there are other behaviors God finds offensive? So what. I’m glad to see you’re well versed on Gods law. Now YOU know.

          This is about YOUR behavior, and it is an abomination….as you well know from your knowledge of the Bible. You keep quoting the Bible? Is that suppose to make your perverted behavior OK? Why are you pointing out the faults of others (in particular Christians) to justify your PERVERTED behavior. Key word in all of this…..PERVERTED.

          As you have been told countless times; just because one is a Christian does NOT make one perfect…..only forgiven.You’re not forgiven; you’re sinful, without Christ and you’re bound for an eternity of hell and damnation. Simple. Have fun.

          You know your behavior is wrong yet you continue to practice it….by choice. Not because of your genes, your hair color or your shoe size.

          Why don’t you jump on a plane and test your behavior out in Iraq? Allah’s helpers will chop off your head. At least we let you live and allow God to judge you.

          I want you to quote Gods Word directly to Him when you meet face to face.

        4. My behavior is an abomination? What, are you not even allowed to talk about homosexuality? Because you are as well. Are you also an abomination Randy?

          Why is homosexuality a sin that doesn’t let you get married, but all other types of sinners are ok to get married? An adulterer can get married. A liar can get married. Someone who worships false gods can get married. A murderer can get married. But gays can’t? Why?

        5. You Christians keep yourself so busy picking at the splinter in other people’s eye that you fail to realize or deal with the fact that you have a log in your own eye. It makes you hypocrites (the bible has MUCH more to say about hypocrisy than it does about homosexuality) .. This is the very reason Christians are no longer respected in our society. You will never again hold sway over mainstream society so long as you keep up your hypocritical ways.

        6. Poor little faggot. Your master Obama will soon lose all his power. Then the pendulum swings back. You can already see it in thirty states rejecting you and your kind. Even uber liberal California has rejected you. GOD will forgive but, you will not truly ask for it.

        7. Someone has too.

          You and “your kind” have placed this country in the sewer with your “liberal” and progressive thinking. The only thing progressive about you is your car insurance company.

          You keep trying to point out that Christians are sinners….so what? Yes, we are, and yes we are forgiven, (no your not), and yes we have every right to point out behavior that is a contradiction to our belief in the Bible and what we deem to be a detriment to this society. Stop using other peoples faults as your excuse to carry on a perverted behavior.

          You make a very small and meaningless argument to justify your perverted behavior….go tell it to the Muslims and test their response. They won’t be as forgiving. Wait till Obummer puts them in control and you can kiss homosexuality and your ASS good-bye.

        8. It should be quite the awakening for them…too bad. It really bothers me that so many people will have the choice to accept the gift of grace and refused it all because of their belief in a perversion.

          Imagine all the whining and bitching they will be doing from hell….and just like now, no one will hear them.

        9. Nice try sicko. GOD also says that he will forgive us if we truly repent of our sins. You refuse to repent therefore simply are damned.

        10. First thing you’ve said that I agree with. Dumb is forever,. Conservative bigots constantly prove this. Mainstream society finally realize conservatives are a lost cause and are reflecting this realization in every one of our national elections.

        11. According to God it’s an abomination and those that practice it will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Leviticus 18:22

        12. So? It’s a sin like any other. Lying is an abomination to God, so is adultery. Are those people not going to heaven?

        13. And homosexuality is a sin that you will never admit and therefore are damned for it. GOD forgives but, you have to ask him with a pure heart and willingness to change.

        14. Working on Sunday and eating shrimp is also an abomination according to the book of Leviticus that you hypocrites love to quote.

        15. Lets see GOD you do remember him dont you?? Because he is eagerly waiting to hear from you either in prayer or in person.

    4. Actually, it is being done, every day. Just check out any public school sex education class. Homosexuality is being treated as a “normal” sexual lifestyle.

        1. Geez duma$$; those schools are teaching kids WHAT to think, rather than HOW to think. That is indoctrination, not teaching! It’s the only way to get kids to ‘think’ that abominal behavior is somehow ‘OK’. Common sense would tell you otherwise.

          No one with a clear mind can accept that sex with one of their own gender is normal; no more so that sex with a child, or dog, or sheep or camel or WHATEVER could be ‘normal’. Only a person with a warped view of ‘normal’ can accept such vile behavior as ‘normal’.

        2. No, it depends on your definition of “is”.

          Thank you Clinton…HA.

          Here is a campaign for your sick little mind.

          Let’s see if you can outlaw water. Pretty good arguments against it.

          The logic fits nicely with your way of twisting comments and coming to irrational and illogical conclusions.

        3. Conservatism is not normal or natural. It’s very agenda of holding onto tradition and keeping things the same is at odds with the fact that people and society naturally evolve and change. You don’t have to change with the times but don’t get mad because the rest of society leaves you behind.

        4. Actually it is very normal. It preserves the future for everyone letting them be the best that they can be. Tradition is also very good and over time they change but, they also keep the same morals and ethics. Gays like you have no ethics or morals and you are the ones about to be left behind. How far is up to you.

        5. The APA apparently decided to redefine homosexuality not because it was proven that it was not a mental disorder, but rather because the stigma made them feel bad.


          Using that line of reasoning we can allow all sorts or strange and unacceptable behavior. I mean might not necropheliacs, pedophiles, zoopheliacs, and even serial killers feel bad because of the stigma attached to their behaviors?

          How about people with eating disorders? Why don’t we have people accept and even encourage their behaviors because they might feel bad about what they are doing and don’t want them to feel bad.

          That’s the probelm with moral relativism, there’s never a place to draw the line. What was outlandish or unacceptable yesterday is sort of “ok” today and common place tomorrow.

        6. Actually, the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, is founded in Conservatism i.e. those mutation which increase the organism ability to survive are the ones which are repeated over and over again.
          Consider the shark. Scientist have determined that it has remained unchanged for literally billions of years.

          Conservatism IS the survival of the fittest. Holding on to and reproducing those ideas and institutions which have worked for 10s of thousands of years are what ensure our continued survival.

          Those who seek change simply for change’s own sake eventually die out.

          In short, Mark, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

        7. Because there is no evidence that homosexuality is anything more than a disease it is clearly abnormal. That the rectum tissue is easily torn while a vaginas is not also logically indicates this. Conversion therapy is getting the person for what ever reason back to their right minds. Homosexuality truly needs to be outlawed with the old penalties. Watch for it coming soon. Back to your neighborhoods.

        8. Hahahahahaah. I love when you pretend like you know what you’re talking about.

          Yes, tell us more about rectum tissue, you sound like an expert.

        1. You ignorant conservatives make a very good case as to why we should continue to outlaw homeschooling. Superstitious people (ie. Christian conservatives) shouldn’t be allowed to brainwash children into your bigoted ways. We should call it what it is: child abuse.

        2. No you make a very good case for getting rid of your kind for a long time to come. You are the abusers. You faggots get children and molestation is not far behind.

    5. John, I know that this will be a news flash for you but; heterosexuality is normal human behavior and homosexuality is not! Wait a minute, I know what you are thinking but we didn’t make the rules and even if you don’t believe in God, you ought to be able to understand that Nature, (or if you prefer the Universe) or whatever you believe in, it was designed for reproduction of the species and since humans are not like worms or other creatures with dual sex organs we cannot self reproduce by ourselves. So, Nature made men and women with different reproductive organs and gave humans the desire for each other for the purpose of reproduction. So if the act of homosexuality is against Nature it is by definition an unnatural act. Now I do understand the there are freaks of nature that do exist but that does not make it natural just because you want it to be called natural.

      1. So then what about a couple who doesn’t wish to have children? Are they not normal? Or couples who can’t have children, which is about 10 percent of the population who are infertile. God made them unable to have children. Are they not normal or natural?

        1. No John, that doesn’t mean that they are not normal. Some people that choose not to have children may just be responsible enough to realize that they can’t afford them and not want their neighbors (other tax payers) to have to support them (Welfare). And those that have a physical problem that can’t have them simply have a medical problem that won’t allow them to have children! Or it could be that some are just afraid that the child will turn out to be a brain dead liberal!!!!!

        2. You said heterosexuality is normal because it was designed for reproduction. Those couples are not reproducing and are going against the design, according to your logic, which makes them “not normal”.

        3. John, the problem here is that you don’t understand Logic. I’m sure you wonder why people here and other conservative sites give you a lot of grief. Well, you are like a 10 year old child that keeps asking his parents for a car and the child just can’t understand that he can’t drive and can’t get a drivers license and it would be too dangerous. But the child keeps on and on and on and just won’t try to be logical, he just wants what he wants and will not shut up. After awhile the parents run out of patients and starts treating him like the idiot that he is acting like. That is what is happening here John, you are unable to understand logic because you want things to be the way you want them and it just ain’t gonna happen and we have run out of patients with you!! You need to go back to your real parents and see if they can help you understand because we can’t! Or maybe liberalism is a mental disorder as we have suspected all along!! In that case get professional help!

        4. Did you or did you not say that it is natural because it leads to reproduction?

          You know you can have babies and not be attracted to that gender, right? A gay man and hetero woman or gay woman and hetero man can make babies. Even a gay man and gay woman could make babies. Kind of voids your theory there doesn’t it?

          How else do you think gay people even exist? Do you think they just grow on trees? They were created in the process of reproduction.

        5. Damn John, are you really this stupid or do you just like to argue for sake of arguing? Women can not reproduce without the help of a man even if it’s artificial insemination! Geeeeeeez John, call your MAMA!!

        6. I don’t know Judy, I guess that sometime I just can’t restrain myself! The problem here is that liberals just can’t understand logic and that drives us logical thinking people nuts! ;-))

        7. This is one communist who would gladly partake in an IQ test challenge to any conservative here. I’d be willing to bet good money that I score higher than you or your christofascist friends here.

        8. Any time any place twit. I am MENSA since 1979. And any idiot knows that IQ means the ability to learn and retain at a high level. It says very little of real intelligence.

        9. Absolutely, there are many people that are educated far beyond their intelligence!!!! Certificates hanging on the wall don’t necessarily mean intelligent!

        10. I always find that funny. MENSA is a organization I tested for and very highly but, never got involved with. To many misconceptions on what real intelligence means than just reciting facts that some people think the Chinese are so smart. They are neither smart nor dumb and recite facts all day long. They just can not tell you why

        11. Do you get your jollies coming onto Conservative sites to be hateful? You are not going to change anyone’s mind.
          Calling people ignorant and christofascist really shows your lack of ability to give a convincing argument for a gay livestyle.

      2. If homosexuality was not a natural behavior, you wouldn’t have every species in the animal kingdom taking part in homosexual behavior (as does happen) .. Some of gods creatures, including Homo sapiens, partake in this behavior. It’s part of our nature to have some among us who are pre destined for homosexuality.

        1. Sorry just more lies. Where is your proof??? Besides there is not a bit of scientific proof and the gays have tried for years.

        2. Mark, I can’t fix stupid, Homo sapiens (Humans) are are the only species that regularly participate in this behavior!! And it ain’t part of nature! You may do it and I don’t really care if you do but it ain’t natural!!!

    6. Don’t know about the rest of society but the first freak that tries to push sodomy on me or my kid is gonna need a coroner.

        1. How about trying an alternative for a short period of time just to see if it works.

          You can always return to “back dooring” sheep.

      1. When your kid turns 18 you will no longer have any legal recourse to stop the heterosexual to homosexual conversion therapy. It can and probably should happen…especially if the kid has conservative parents. good idea John , I’ll have to apply for some funding from Mr. Soros to get this program started,

        1. By that time I believe Judy and many other parents will have their children well trained in the word of GOD. At that point they will be of full knowledge and know the right word to say to you and your ilk. NO

        2. Children of conservative parents are turning liberal VERY often these days. Communists have a very strong grip on the youth in this country.

        3. Incorrect. You mistaken what most go through in their earlier years. Once matured they turn conservative. It comes with marriage and responsibility. Something you never went through. Growing up.

        4. “Your focus is entirely on the obvious, superficial legal, and ceremonial aspects of marriage. This is not what constitutes marriage. The act of marriage is where two people become one flesh. Literally one flesh..mind, spirit, body. And as a result of the level of physical intimacy, a chemical exchange occurs between a man, and a woman that makes that oneness possible from the molecular level. It is not possible for that to occur in a same sex relationship. Therefore, same sex marriage is denied by nature. Gays need to show some respect for nature, tradition, and culture. No legislative measure can change the science of marriage. You are lost in fantasy land if you think it can.”

  3. There is good news in this however. The homosexuals must not be meeting their recruitment quotas and therefore have to resort to strong arm tactics to get people. Of course the next thing if this passes will be the normalization of pedophilia for that is next after forcing the young into this “lifestyle” they will have to take advantage and abuse their new “converts”” and by law no one can help them. This is the type of law that is no law at all and in my opinion is immoral, unethical and unenforceable. Take you children if you live in California and run for your eternal lifes.

    1. Homosexuality will never be made illegal. It’s a very natural byproduct of our species and two consenting adults can and will always do what they please. Pedophilia, on the other hand, is not natural and will always be considered child abuse. You are a very strange and crooked person for equating the two,

      1. Bad news for you. First you forgot about sodomy laws. Secondly 1-3% of the population committing at least a third of the reported child molestations means that homosexuals are very very sick and either need to be jailed or deported. If they want to get nasty we can go that way to.

        1. No state actively enforces any of these old sodomy laws. You are yet again showing your absolute ignorance.

  4. No one is a murderer until he murders someone. Likewise, no one is a sodomite until sodomizes someone. In other words, no one is born a sodomite anymore than they are a murderer. Both are choices and both can be repented of (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

  5. Dr. Drew commented that homosexuality could be caused by trauma as a child. I know 2 girls that were molested at a very young age. They are both lesbians now. I have studied nutrition for about 40 years and it is now coming to light that many blood tests are very inaccurate. Just because you find say a sex hormone in the blood does not mean the cells are absorbing it. We all have both male and female hormones. So if a male hormone in a man is performing below normal or not at all and the female hormones are dominate you have a male that MAY act like a woman want to be with men. Same for a woman. Her male hormones are dominant overriding her female hormones and she wants to be with woman. It is a known fact in biology that lower life forms are experiencing sexual identity problems too from pollution in the environment. So could some of it be caused by pollution in the environment. I have seen many homosexual men that are very feminine. I have seen many lesbian woman that very masculine. My name does not have a list of letters behind it. So of course I can’t possible know anything.

  6. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. If a person who is gay confesses his/her sins, and walks in the light of the lord, he/she is not gay, but a brother/sister in the sight of the Lord. So, I feel if a person decides he/she is no longer gay, then in my eyes they are not gay, for that is the way my Lord wants me to look at this person. It doesn’t matter what a person did in the past, what matters is who this person is in the present. Bill Ayers is still a terrorist, he still wants the fall of our country, and is teaching his hate in colleges. I can call him a terrorist, because he hasn’t changed his radical views.

    1. I think Ayers is a hero. But then again, I’m a communist. My main goal in life is to inspire more people to join the communist agenda.

      1. How long you been off your thorazine? Only those who are insane subscribe to an ideology that been proven a failure wherever its been tried.

        As for Ayers…..Anyone who supports those that think that blowing up people is an acceptable way to make a point is also complicit in their vicious acts.

        1. So you like to blow things up? Hope NSA is looking at you.

          I’ve gone ahead and notified them of your posts….expect a few well armed visitors at your front door real soon.

        2. From what I remember with respect you have two things wrong. First that is not our emblem. Secondly we dont go in the front door as we never knock.:)

        3. I like to blow right wing fascists up hence my trolling and the resulting exploding heads.

  7. This is not the first time I have sent you this same message; I suspect
    maybe you people are deliberately being part of the problem:

    People play into the hands of the evil one by using his politically
    correct euphemisms.

    In this instance, the use of the euphemism “gay” helps to spread his
    unacceptable evil by glossing over what it really is; (homosexuality) making the
    term “gay” acceptable in the thinking of the uneducated masses.

    ALWAYS use the correct terminology: pervert,
    homosexual, deviant, queer, or sodomite. CEASE using the evil one’s terminology,
    “gay;” you only promote the spread of his agenda.

  8. People choose the way they want sex, normal and in Gods plans no but, He says He will let them be void of morals and enjoy what they do, so I don’t expect one to change his or her choice of sexual pleasure but, expect the judgement at anytime and just because the dumb, stupid, blind and lame say there is no God, then they make God right. “The fool says in his heart, there is no God”. Wait and find out.

  9. My wife and I attended a weekend session of Discussion Club, where the speakers were from Foundation for Economic Education, with President Richard Ebeling, his wife Anna, and others. Anna was raised in Russia and is a historian. In her presentation, she said she was a gay liberal; those attending knew exactly what she meant, as in happy, libertarian. Liberal comes from Austrian economics, and the word gay was always the term for happy, until it was appropriated by homosexuals, same as the word liberal was, by the far left. This is why I don’t use those terms.

    If it wasn’t that those that chose the homosexual lifestyle, can be changed to heterosexual, the left wouldn’t be trying to outlaw it. I could care less what people do in privacy, but when they try to make me accept it as normal, that is where I draw the line.

  10. Let me guess…

    Liberals will also try to strive for quotas for gay people, so they must force random parents in order to get them into “counseling” to make their children gay by force.

  11. Does the law also apply to clerics? I believe that a priest or pastor may be a better or more effective person to do the therapy, anyway. Read the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen’s book, Peace of Soul.

  12. Luke 17.2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

  13. I wonder, then, what the Liberal view on Bi-Sexuals?

    Are THEIR sexual preferences “FIXED”?

    They couldn’t “lose interest” in one gender or the other?

    Might we ALSO, therefore, assert that “selection” of a PARTNER (a spouse or otherwise) is, likewise, “fixed”?

    Just asking…

  14. the worst part about gays is their continuous recruitment. Where does it end? Should this rule/law NOT go both ways? Suppose I’m an avowed heterosexual. If I am approached by a gay man wishing to undertake an act I find repuslive, should I not then be able to have him arrested for attempting to change the lifestyle I have assumed? Seems only fair to me.

      1. No, it is YOU who is dumb. I ask the question, because this happened to me when I was underage. I was apporoached by a disgusting man who made a disgusting proposition, and then tried to stalk me. Faggot. We should be protecting our children from perverse sexuality at all times until they are old enouugh to make their own decisions.

        1. It still bothers me to this day. And, yes, I consider it much more abuse from a faggot than these children would receive from professionals who help them to see that this is not a choice they want to make in their lives. It is a temptation, and like all tmeptations it should be avoided. Better you should pluck out your right eye than it cause you to sin. God made us- man and woman- in a way that is natural to one another, and it is an abomination both to him and to the soul of a human to do anything else. You poor misguided faggot.

  15. It is kind of sad that misery loves company. The gay lifestyle is a misnomer. In their heart they know that it is not the norm and yet they feel pressure to either change or come out. If you wish to look at nature that is fine with me. I lived on farms and have seen males and females playing around and then mate with the opposite sex. Their behaviors are their own. The Bible declares homosexuality a sin alongside gluttony and drunkeness and that is the opinion that counts. Their is no fruit in homosexuality literally. Homosexuals want to be normal and yet some do not want to change out of anger. They do spread fear and loathing which I feel is an outward show of inward feelings. By trying to stop people from changing or even questioning their orientation it is a vain attempt to become normal.

  16. In the article it was mentioned that people have impulses they don’t act on. This is correct. I have impulses to harm those that try to restrict my freedoms. However, the more burdens they put on the people, the closer to the edge I am getting. The government is overstepping its boundaries more and more each day and it will take many people to act on their impulses to put a stop to it. Sometimes the hero has to become a criminal in the eyes of the government.

  17. There may be a silver lining in all of this. Liberals want abortion and gay rights. So if enough liberals are aborted and become gay soon there will be no liberals. They will become extinct.

    1. Or if the liberals are so in love with both muslims giving them a pass on terror and homosexuals I suggest a gay pride parade in Dearbornistan. Should leave both sides with a lot fewer voters.


  19. So in California anyone who ever has a deviant thought, has to be a Deviant for the rest of his life. Is this the only way the homosexual lobby can increase there numbers above the 1% to 3 % of the population. A psychiatrist would be a fool to take a homosexual as a client in that state. You know the lying HomoFascist will be suing them all the time, claiming they. Tried to make them go strait. Whether true or not. With luck California will just break off the continent and float away.

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