One-Percenter Democrat George Lucas Sells Star Wars to Avoid Higher Taxes in 2013

Eduardo Saverin, one of the original founders of Facebook, was accused of renouncing his American citizenship in order to avoid taxes of up to $67 million.

Saverin is originally from Brazil. Fearing that their son might be a kidnap victim, the Saverin family moved to Miami in the early 1990s to find a safe place to live. Saverin’s father was a wealthy industrialist.

Eduardo Saverin has lived in Singapore since 2009 and renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2011.

Saverin has not done one illegal thing. He took advantage of the tax laws as they are written. He should be applauded for his foresight.

Now we learn that George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, sold his company LucasFilms in 2012 to Disney for $4.05 billion in cash and stock in order to avoid higher taxes in 2013.

“That Lucas struck a deal in 2012 may be no accident either, advisers say. Long-term capital gains tax from the sale of assets held more than one year are taxed at a rate of 15% for investors in the 25% income tax bracket or above (Lucas’s level), and zero for investors in the 10% or 15% bracket. Those rates are set to jump to 20% and 10%, respectively in January. ‘He probably wanted to take advantage of the lower rate on long-term capital gain while it’s certain,’ says Bill Smith, managing director at CBIZ MHM, a national accounting and professional services provider.”

Lucas is a one-percenter. He is also a big Obama supporter. Lucas said the following about Obama in 2008: “We have a hero in the making back in the United States today because we have a new candidate for president of the United States, Barack Obama.”

An article states that Lucas has surrounded himself with the best legal and tax-avoidance minds in the country. (Sounds like Mitt Romney.) Let’s see of Obama and Co. and the people who criticized Saverin for trying to avoid taxes will do the same for Lucas. So far, I haven’t heard a peep from the Democrats.

I suspect that the Democrats won’t say a thing about Lucas because he is a big donor to the Democrats and supports the President. As “Deep Throat” of Watergate said in the film All the President’s Men (1976), if you want to know where a person’s loyalties are, “Follow the money.”

I’m glad Lucas is smart enough to avoid taxes; it’s too bad that he’s not smart enough to put some of his money behind defeating Obama on November 6.

60 thoughts on “One-Percenter Democrat George Lucas Sells Star Wars to Avoid Higher Taxes in 2013

  1. I’ve always found it interesting that liberals squawk about ‘sharing the wealth’, ‘we need to take care of the little guy’. But when it comes to sharing their own wealth it’s a whole different story. They are not charitable and they are perfectly happy to take advantage of any tax breaks, loopholes or freebies available. Capitalism is a good and necessary thing but the hypocrisy of the left is sickening.

    1. My experience is that for all liberals talking about helping their fellow man, whenever I am at a charity meeting the only people I see sitting around the table, writing checks and donating their time are conservatives. I then hear liberals trying to cast aspersions against the charity and those people who are donating their time and money to help the people that the liberals say are being taken advantage of. If they really meant what they say, then they would get involved and help the charity fulfill the needs. The charities that I know and am involved with are always interested in new ideas and a potentially better approach to the problems they face.

      My feeling is, if you are not actively and financially involved or a direct and deserving recipient, then you have no right to comment.

      1. I had a Democrat ‘friend’ years ago who was a typical sanctimonious liberal. He didn’t have much money and I ended up paying for a lot of lunches, tickets, gas etc. I did it willingly because he seemed appreciative in spite of his politics; until he came into inheritance money. Suddenly, he couldn’t be bothered with his ‘friends’ and went in search of new, cool, rich friends to play with. He bought a nice car, clothes etc. He couldn’t be bothered to buy a lunch or return a phone call, nor would he donate to charities (made a girl scout cry). He complained about taxes and how people only wanted to be his friend because he had money. He became a self-absorbed, greedy idiot. Happy to have everyone else take care of him until he was in a position to help others and then, noooooo wayyyyy. Unfortunately, he’s burned through his money and is a lonely, angry man. Karma.

        1. Sounds about right. I have known a lot of liberals who say that they will not give money to a charities because they, to paraphrase, pay their full time employees. I always ask them, if you were working full time at a charity, wouldn’t you expect to get paid, and if not how would you expect to live? It really shows their lack of understanding as to how the world works.

          Hopefully, one of these days I’ll have a little money and I would be happy to take you to lunch.

        2. Paula, I had a friend like that too. I always paid because she was always broke…then when she inherited over 10 million from her boyfriend, she forgot me, never returned my calls. I now learned that she is going blind and spending tons of money to correct her vision…no dice. Now she’ll have to worry about her money when she’s blind. No way will I ever forgive her nor help her again. She deserves what she is getting.

    2. This liberal is giving all 4 billion to charity.

      This article makes no mention of that at all. It claims that “now we learn” the sale of Lucasfilm is to avoid taxes. Where did we learn that?!? The next paragraph is in quotations, but we do not know who said it. It says that “advisors” think it “may be” no accident he sold in 2012, and some guy named “Bill Smith” thinks he “probably” wanted to take advantage of lower rates.

      This complete mockery of journalism hides actual facts and claims theories by unknown sources are true. Gary DeMar has proved himself to be full of crap so many times I find it hard to believe anyone would publish his articles. What he IS good at is writing headlines that get people to click on them. The CONTENT of the article isn’t important – it is only page views. That’s how godfatherpolitics makes money. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

      1. Lucky for a lot of conservatives, ” probably” is all they need to start making sweeping proclamations of truth! Notice how I say “A LOT” and not “ALL” like I am seeing most of the posters here do. Guess they have met EVERY liberal and have us ALL pegged.

        1. “Guess they have met EVERY liberal and have us ALL pegged.”

          Why, no. But after one has scraped dog excrement off one’s shoe a few times, it’s not a great leap of intellect to discern when we’re presented with yet another load of smelly “Liberal,” is it?

    3. Donating all 4 billion to charity to promote education…… DAMN HYPOCRITE!! Looks like Mr Lucas is “sharing the wealth” to me! Soooooo…. are you willing to eat your words or is admitting you were wrong beneath your conservative sensibilities? Or maybe you will just try to somehow spin this amazing gift into something ugly and negative?

  2. Lucas has stated his intentions to give all $4 Billion dollars to charity.

    ‘I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education. It
    is the key to the survival of the human race. We have to plan for our
    collective future — and the first step begins with social, emotional
    and intellectual tools we provide to our children. As humans, our
    greatest tool for survival is our ability to think and to adapt — as
    educators, storytellers and communicators, our responsibility is to
    continue to do so.’

    We need more one percenters like George.

    1. If you believe that, I’ve got this black guy who’ll lead you out of the desert.. all you have to do is Hope and Change. Hope he doesn’t lie, and Change your lifestyle to a lower standard.
      Lucas will NOT be giving his money away… if you read the words, “majority of my money”… that means why he currently has, NOT what he is about to get. Big difference. Billions different.
      If, however, he is telling the truth, he can show it by putting his money where his mouth is and fund an ALTERNATE School System in all of the LARGE cities- which are totally controlled by Democrats- and ONLY permit a curriculum that is devoid of political influence. Meaning NO TEACHERS PUSHING THEIR MULTI-CULTURAL or EQUALITY FOR ALL THROUGH RE-DISTRIBUTION crap, only the basics of Reading. Writing, Mathematics, and THINKING skills.
      THEN I’ll believe him.

      1. Read the news release. Lucas is already very wealthy. A spokesperson for Lucasfilm said “George Lucas has expressed his intention, in the event the deal closes, to donate the majority of the proceeds to his philanthropic endeavors.”

        Odds are it will go through the George Lucas Educational Foundation and Edutopia – both created by him and where he sits as the chair. I suggest you take a look at their mission statement, and their vision and strategies before you crap all over it.

    2. “Lucas has stated his intentions to give all $4 Billion dollars to charity.”

      Nope. His foundation is pushing to “improve” the government school systems, which are politically ordained establishments that consume massive taxpayer resources while producing generation after generation of young Americans incapable of either reason or real learning.

      Better Lucas should splurge on benign self-indulgence rather than turn it to the further destruction of our children’s minds.

      At least that would engender productive economic activity.

      1. That is still charitable.

        You simply hate our government and wish that our children did not have the opportunity to go to public schools. You want the rich kids to go to deluxe private schools and poor kids to learn what they need to know on the street or be taught by their parents in their spare time. You believe rich kids SHOULD get a better education than what poor kids can afford – we need to keep them out of our employment pool.

        You can’t stand that some billionaire would commit his fortune to help other Americans and not simply hoarding it in tax sheltered offshore accounts like Romney or spending it on every luxury and indulgence like Trump. No, George Lucas has joined with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to give the majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes and charitable organizations. It is part of an effort called The Giving Pledge. 92 of America’s wealthiest families have committed to give the majority of their wealth to make the world a better place. A better place for ALL of us, not just their heirs.

        1. “You simply hate our government and wish that our children did not have the opportunity to go to public schools.”

          No, I simply hate a government that shoves itself with violence and malice into affairs of society where it has neither legitimate role nor aptitude for beneficial effect.

          It’s not that I wish to deny children the “opportunity” to be mentally crippled by government thugs running indoctrination centers masquerading as schools, but rather that I wish to abate what is in fact a profoundly hateful assault upon their intellectual integrity, said assault calculated to destroy their ability to understand right reason and choose alternatives to unlawful government, government destructive of civil comity and a decent respect for the rights of individual human beings.

          A billionaire like Buffet or Gates or Lucas who puts his material resources into the aggrandizement of “public education” is committing a profoundly malicious act of hatred against human nature.

          As opposed to ostensible “philanthropic” purpose – out of “love for man” – theirs are the actions of willful destroyers, adding fuel to the fires that are burning young minds to death.

          I hold that not just “rich kids” but all kids should experience educations which prepare them to think critically, to reason lucidly, on the basis of thorough and honestly-provided knowledge of objectively verifiable facts.

          Which they won’t get from government educrats – bureaucrats more interested in political correctness and the inculcation of government-glorifying propaganda.

          In this I take my guidance from professional educators like John Taylor Gatto.

          On what premises do you base your retailing of the educationalists’ bilge?

          Or have you any conscious understanding of where you’re getting the crap you’re flinging?

        2. You advocate unschooling? You think children innately have the foresight to know exactly what they need to know, and therefore make no effort to guide them or to prepare them for the real world? These children are never made to do work they do not enjoy and therefore avoid tough subjects. If they don’t want to learn it, don’t make them learn it. These kids will be woefully unprepared for any higher education. They will not be able to pass entrance exams that require a well rounded applicant. How many of these unschooled “students” want to study higher math? How many are forbidden to study actual science because the parents have some religious objection to it? Self taught people tend to be very knowledgeable about topics they latch on to, but know NOTHING about anything else. Part of having teachers is to have things taught to you that you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

          You did not bother to look at what Edutopia or the George Lucas Educational Foundation even stands for, what they are trying to achieve, or what their methods are. Your unschooling method just means that you dismiss things without bothering to learn more.

          The public school system may not be perfect, but it allowed us to win the space race, to dominate in fields like software and chip design, and modern medical and pharmaceutical advancements that have prevented and cured some of the world’s worst diseases.

          If we are a bunch of dummies – we don’t stand a chance against foreign
          competitors that will run circles around us mentally. A stupid America
          will FAIL economically, militarily, and technologically. Our future as
          the strongest nation in the world hangs in the balance.

        3. “You advocate unschooling?”

          It’s certainly proven a viable option. Universities have been discovering over the past decade that matriculants who’d been homeschooled – most of them by way of structured programs implemented by their parents – not only compete well against the products of parochial and other private-sector schools but out-compete the graduates of government educationalist gulags.

          These last more and more commonly present absolutely unready for college-level studies, and must be painfully brought through remedial courses of instruction to get them marginally capable in skills they should have learned in high school.

          These “unschooled” undergraduates have not only proven “able to pass entrance exams that require a well rounded applicant” but their performance in the lectures, the labs, and the seminars keep averaging better than have the victims of your beloved comprachico government mind-crippling efforts.

          You’d wonder why that’s so, if you were honest enough to use what the government thugs have left of your own brain.

          And all that goddam taxpayer money spent to make the linoleum glisten, the band uniforms gaudy, and fund the teachers’ union members’ “inservice” activities. Tsk.

          And there you are, you pitiful schmuck, making noise about how – half a century ago – American enterprise was able “to dominate in fields like software and chip design,” ignoring the fact that right now we’re being out-competed in precisely those high-technology areas by the products of technical schools in Mumbai and Singapore, or by the products of foreign high schools (where intellectual rigor is inculcated) who come to these United States for their college and grad school educations, achieving in those STEM disciplines where more and more American public high school graduates cannot.

          “The public school system may not be perfect,” your ass. The government meatgrinders are flagrantly destructive of the best human material our growing generations provide, decade after decade churning out young men and women without either marketable skills or the aptitude to acquire such skills, and all at persistently increasing costs in real, inflation-adjusted funding.

          You’re correct in observing that “A stupid America
          will FAIL economically, militarily, and technologically.”

          And the cause is the fact that we have allowed politicians and their armed thugs to take over the control of education in the primary and secondary schools in our republic.

          Bah. You’re wrong. You know it. So does everybody else reading here.

          Any further flop-sweat on your part can do nothing more than just stink up the joint.

        4. Like it or not, 50,000,000 people attend public schools each year. I support efforts to make it better and not just throw my hands up and give up. Not everyone has the luxury of having a non-working parent that can take the time to develop lesson plans and a cirriculum for their kids. Oh yeah, you are an “unschooler”. Those kids can sit around and play video games all day – maybe they will take an interest in “Halo” and do some studying on it after.

          I am not opposed to home schooling, private schools, charters, or other alternatives to the public school system. However, those options should be financed by the parents and does not absolve you of the responsibility to pay for the public option. It also needs standards. if your kid is pulled out of school they still need to get a quality education. Otherwise they are just truant. The unschooling trend where it is up to the child to determine what they need to know – will result in a nation of Honey Boo Boos.

        5. “Like it or not, 50,000,000 people attend public schools each year.”

          The fact that the scope of the damage done by government thugs’ perversion of primary and secondary schooling is effected on a scale so vast is just another argument against the continuation of this institution. What you’re now saying is that “It’s not only friggin’ horrible, but it’s wreaking havoc on a scale Stalin would be proud of.”

          What’s that old socialist saw? “Quantity has a quality all it’s own.”

          It also gives an even more shocking appreciation of the economic damage done by government involvement in a sector of civil society where these elected and appointed thugs have no legitimate role whatsoever. The government school systems are immense vehicles for political “pork,” preying upon the taxpayers at increasing rates year after year to continuously ratchet up per-pupil expenditures to levels at which they exceed even the hideously inflated costs of college educations.

          Too many conservatives focus on the unionized government schools’ ex-“Education” majors (who are not only malevolent idiots but glaringly overpaid idiots) and lose focus on the politically connected businesses which, beyond the snakepits of the classroom, plunder the public purse in the overpriced provision of goods and services to school districts which pillage their communities by way of property taxes that cripple businesses and drive citizens of limited means out of their homes.

          In our present condition of continually increasing real unemployment and underemployment (those who can get jobs too commonly can’t find jobs that pay as much as the ones they’d lost), the punishment inflicted by government school real estate taxes is resulting in home foreclosures and small business shut-downs at rates the typical “Liberal” noisemaker – like you – desperately strives to avoid acknowledging.

          As you regurgitate the government-sucking crap about how alternatives to the government’s mind-destroying substitute for education “should be financed by the parents and does not absolve [unschoolers] of the responsibility to pay for the public option.”

          Meaning that your beloved “public option” is an “option” in precisely the same sense that a 14-year-old child has an “option” to participate in group sex when she’s accosted by six grown men intent upon forcibly raping her.

          Jeez, how “Liberal.” You know what’s good for your neighbors, and you’re going to see that he gets it – good and hard – even though you know that it’s going to get his family thrown out of house and home, his children the “beneficiaries” of a substitute for genuine education that renders them incapable of competing for jobs in the savaged marketplace your other vicious meddlings have wrought.

          And to finish off the damage you demand that your fellow Americans suffer, you want politicians – goons who get their jobs by winning popularity contests – to set the “standards” by which education is supposedly determined to be of good “quality.”

          You’re not only vicious but stupid, and withal, wholly contemptible.

        6. Let’s take it to its conclusion then. In a Tuci78 world, all public schools will close Dec 31 2012. All the buildings will be sold, everyone employed by the system will be fired, all the tax dollars will get spent in the military industrial complex where it belongs.

          Where do those 50 million kids go in 2013? Home? All 50 million kids should be home schooled or educated by private tutors? Those kids should be given an Internet connection and told “study what you feel like”? No reason to check up on them, they instinctively know what to look up.

          Your argument has devolved into childish name calling. And just like your political heroes, you bring rape into every conversation, no matter what you are talking about. You put emphasis by making it a gang-rape. So before you call me a baby murdering Hitler, I’d like to hear what your REALISTIC plan is for these fifty million kids.

        7. “Your argument has devolved into childish name calling.”

          Nah. In addition to my well-reasoned argument on the subject of government thuggery befouling the lives of American children and adolescents and plundering the public purse to the detriment of our society (in response to your endless brain-dead regurgitation of patently duplicitous educationalist propaganda), I’ve been providing assessment of whatever in hell it is you use as an excuse for intellectual integrity and moral character.

          That’s a bonus, nothing more.

          “…In a Tuci78 world, all public schools will close Dec 31 2012. All the
          buildings will be sold, everyone employed by the system will be fired,
          all the tax dollars will get spent in the military industrial complex
          where it belongs.”

          Again, typical “Liberal” horsepuckey. While I admit that it would be delightful to treat the government gulags to exemplary extirpation (dynamite the buildings, burn the rubble, and salt the ground), these material facilities are sited and constructed in fashions such that the would serve admirably if put to use as real schools, though it’s obvious that there’s an excess of construction devoted to these piles of “Liberal” fascist perversion.

          The free market, fortunately, is replete with experience in turning the products of government malinvestment to economically useful purposes, and doubtless these often obscenely opulent monuments to flagrant malfeasance in public office will be re-tasked to the benefit of their communities.

          As for the taxes, you festering piece of filth, why, they’ll be left in the hands of the people you thieving sons of dogs have been pillaging with crippling real estate taxes. You know: the small businesses you hate so venomously, who offer the best prospects of restoring government-destroyed employment, the homeowners and renters who struggle to keep roofs over the heads of their families in spite of your political faction’s hideous predations.

          Your victims.

          As for your blathering stupidity about “Where do those 50 million kids go in 2013?” why, they constitute an economic demand for services, don’t they?

          Just the way “those 50 million kids” comprise a market for children’s shoes and clothing, for toys, for foodtuffs, for child-sized furniture, et-endless-cetera.

          Look, I know that you’re a “Liberal” and a product of government “education,” and therefore mentally defective as well as illiterate and ignorant, but you’re on the Internet, and are thus eminently capable of looking stuff up. Try digging through the Web – the Ludwig von Mises Institute might prove helpful if you’re not totally crippled – and ascertaining what a free market can and does achieve in meeting human needs and satisfying human desires when such purposeful action is not foreclosed by the kinds of violently coercive government thuggery that motherless weasels like you keep ramming down people’s throats.

          Mechanisms for providing alternatives to your beloved, hideously costly, horribly wasteful, “pork”-stuffed, corrupt, cancerously destructive government violation of America’s children in the guise of “schooling” the poor little tykes already exist, including those manifest in the ingenuity devoted to the support of steadily increasing numbers of homeschoolers, families who do the job your educationalist gulags have proven they cannot do while at the same time paying the exorbitant costs for the ginormous boondoggles every public “school” system inflicts on every community in our republic.

          This is why “Liberal” fascists like you hate the living hell out of the “unschooling” movement of which educator John Taylor Gatto has long been an eloquent proponent.

          Relieve parents and guardians of that bloody awful tax burden (not to mention the crippling effects of such exactions on commerce) and enough of that spending power will find its way into funding education for children and teen-agers, not only more cost-efficiently but also more cost-effectively because (surprise!) people will be able to exercise choice in the character and quality of the educational services rendered their children.

          Yeah, I know. You “Liberal” puckers do not want those average folks ever to have any sort of choice in any aspect of their lives. I recall that Rodriguez cartoon in the old National Lampoon magazine, showing a brownshirted stormtrooper pushing an ice cream cart upon which was emblazoned: “Adolf’s Ice Cream: One Flavor – Take It Or Leave It!”

          That’s your vision of education for “those 50 million kids,” and now you’re gonna hold your breath and throw a tantrum because your neighbors have had goddam enough of your crap, and we’re not letting you get your way.


          So have you really achieved a “conclusion,” you hapless dork? Or are you just scuttling off to find a dark moist place under a rock somewhere?

        8. Whatever point you are trying to make is obscured by your abusive tone. You can’t even get to your point because you are too busy finding different ways to insult me and the government. You sound like a 14 year old that just discovered a thesaurus.

        9. “Whatever point you are trying to make is obscured by your abusive tone. You can’t even get to your point because you are too busy finding different ways to insult me and the government. You sound like a 14 year old that just discovered a thesaurus.”

          A base canard. I haven’t deigned to crack a thesaurus since I first became semeniferously capable of being named in a paternity suit, and that was during the Eisenhower Administration.

          I’m not saying that more than six decades of “life experience” is necessary to perceive and articulate the invidiousness of “the government” because even my grandchildren (a few of whom are yet below the age of 14) can do so, but that your personal inability to reason lucidly about this matter – or, we may happily presume, any other subject under the sun – is the result not of your peculiar calendar age but your moral depravity as a typical specimen of “Liberal” fascist malevolence.

          There’s no reason to conclude that, however long you continue to suck air, you’re ever going to comport yourself as a trustworthy, decent, individual-right-respecting human being.

          Your present whining about “abusive language” (actually honest and accurate assessment of your motives, morals, gormlessness, and overall fatuous idiocy – not to mention the putridity in theory and practice of “the government” being involved in the education of children) indicates that like a patient properly prepped for colonoscopy, we’ve apparently gotten all the excremental substitute for substance with which you’d been packed in the course of your feeble personal excuse for learning about the subject at hand.

          Look, idiot, you were diddled to death from the moment you chose to drop your trousers in public on the issue of government “education” and – figuratively speaking – expose that syphilitic puny pizzle of yours to the regard of your countrymen. I merely made merry with the diagnosis of your disease incidental to making the case for the abolition of your beloved abomination.

          The institution of government in civil society is as an agency for the (hopefully dispassionate, objective, and law-restrained) exercise of deadly force in retaliation against violent aggression perpetrated by enemies of that society – foreign or domestic – who act to breach the public peace.

          You getting this, doofus? Government is goons with guns, beginning to end. Everything done by the officers of government is undertaken by way of that agency having been entrusted with a functional monopoly in the implementation of retaliatory lethal force.

          Pull your head out of your butt, open another browser window, look up Thomas Paine’s Common Sense (1776), and read the first few pages thereof, in which he provides an explicit differentiation between “society” and “government.”

          It’s that straightforward.

          Now, taking it one step further, how the hell do you come to claim that the education of little kids and teenagers is in any way the proper responsibility of “goons with guns” who have no real legitimate function in our society apart from the exercise of the police power?

          “Hi, kids! I’m Officer Friendly, and if you don’t all do your homework, I’m going to whip out my Glock and shoot you!”

          (Hrm. For a “Liberal” fascist, though, that might just be the fulfillment of a perverted masturbatory fantasy, mightn’t it?)

        10. It’s like talking to a combination of Dr. Smith on Lost in Space, and John Lovitz as Master Thespian. Your pretentious vocabulary is not helping your case. You have yet to even make a case.

          You asked me to look up Thomas Paine to see what he had to say about government. In his book “The Rights of Man” (1791) he put forward a strong argument for certain basic ‘natural rights’ including: the right to be educated, the right to work, and the right to be looked after in old age. He said that governments which did not protect these rights were unlawful. Here is what he had to say about public education:

          “…there will still be a number of families who, though not properly of the class of the poor, yet find it difficult to give education to their children; and such children, under such a case, would be in a worse condition than if their parents were actually poor. A nation under a well-regulated government should permit none to remain uninstructed. It is a monarchical and aristocratical government only that requires ignorance for it’s support…”

          “To pay as a remission of taxes to every poor family, out of the surplus taxes, and in room of poor-rates, four pounds a year for every child under fourteen years of age; enjoining the parents of such children to send them to school, to learn reading, writing, and common arithmetic; the ministers of every parish, of every denomination to certify jointly to an office, for that purpose, that this duty is performed.

          By adopting this method, not only the poverty of the parents will be relieved, but ignorance will be banished from the rising generation, and the number of poor will hereafter become less, because their abilities, by the aid of education, will be greater.”

          I think you are just upset that you have not been seminiferous since the Eisenhower administration.

        11. Aw, you’re intimidated by literacy, a quality alien to your “Liberal” fascist idiot nature. How sad.

          Good pick-up from Paine’s Rights of Man (1791), which he’d written in response to Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France. Of course, Mr. Paine:

          …believed that “a nation under a well-regulated government should permit none to remain uninstructed”; but he would not have the state establish or directly maintain schools. Paine endeavoured to make these opinions harmonise by suggesting that grants, or remission of taxes, should be allowed in respect of individual children, on condition that the parents made a payment for their instruction. Like Adam Smith, he saw no difficulty in finding teachers: “There are always persons of both sexes to be found in every village, especially when growing into years, capable of such an undertaking.”

          (See The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21), online at )

          In other words, for all that he was proposing that government revenue be allocated to the schooling of the young, Paine was only in favor of parents exercising educational choice on behalf of their children rather than suffering your beloved government thugs to foreclose their options.

          Very much like the proposals for vouchers which you educrat-fellating “Liberal” fascists scream and howl and struggle against like shoats being subjected to the castrator’s knife.

          And to the same effect in your case, obviously.

        12. None of this is even up for discussion. Public Schools are here and are not going away. They are not mandatory, you can go to alternative schools or be home schooled.
          This article was about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to avoid paying taxes, and that is obviously bull$ hit

        13. “Public Schools are here and are not going away.”

          Which is, of course, like a good National Socialist from an earlier era saying “The Nuremberg Laws are here and are not going away, so kauft nicht bei Juden!”

          Or was your intention more like that of a funeral director telling the potential client: “The tumor is inoperable, so why don’t we make the arrangements in advance?”

          We’ve got you above gloating about how – no matter what a family does to put their kids into “alternative schools” or [get them] home schooled,” you gun-wielding “Liberal” fascist thugs will force them to pay the exorbitant taxes you’ve masturbated over in the bilge you’ve been posting.

          So are you more interested in crippling the minds of your neighbors’ children, or getting your hands on their money?

          Heck, I bet it’s both, with the shudder of perverted joy that tickles up your criminal mens rea when you contemplate extortion successfully perpetrated.

          Oh, yeah. While “This article was about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to avoid paying taxes,” you’re the inflamed “Liberal” fascist sphincter who exulted in the fact that Lucas is donating so much of the profit from this sale to the “charitable” aggrandizement of coercive and malicious government thuggery in the guise of “education.”

          Jeez, don’t you ever give any thought to what you’re posting?

        14. If George Lucas purchased the school and then charged a fee to attend, you would support it. Your argument is only that free enterprise is better than the government and that poor people should get nothing. You, like everyone else in this country, do not like paying taxes for something you don’t support. Yep.

          People that don’t have cars help pay for the roadways,
          Pacifists help pay for modern death machines.
          Privacy advocates are paying to set up infrastructure to track their every move.
          Environmentalists help pay for nuclear reactors.
          People that detest the poor help pay for their housing, food, and healthcare.
          People that believe in the free market helped bailout the banking and auto industries.
          All of us hate Congress but part of our taxes pay their salaries.

          Sorry, you do not get to choose how your individual taxes are spent. None of us do. I’m glad you feel so strongly about an issue, you should become an activist for your cause – maybe get a lobbyist to convince your elected officials to vote your way. Get a group of supporters together and raise awareness for your side. Find a candidate that supports your view and start a super-PAC and raise donations for them and help them in their campaign. Do something about it. Don’t just whine on the internet.

        15. “If George Lucas purchased the school and then charged a fee to attend, you would support it. Your argument is only that free enterprise is better than the government….”

          You betcha. As long as his customers have the option to tell him “No,” he’s got to offer them a service they perceive to be better than competing providers, just the way viewers have had the ability to say “No” when they didn’t like whatever Lucasfilms was offering at the movieplex or on the DVD shelf.

          And how come you haven’t dared to argue that government is better than free enterprise in the area of primary and secondary education?

          Oh, yeah. Because you can’t. It’s your persisting “Liberal” fascist whine that government “education” can’t really survive unless it’s funded by way of extortion, and your victims “do not get to choose how [their] individual taxes are spent.”

          You even betray blatant idiocy in your misapprehension of how highway funding is secured when you spew: “People that don’t have cars help pay for the roadways…,” failing to appreciate that it’s by way of excise taxes on motor vehicle fuels that governments at various levels get that required revenue.

          Just where the hell did you think the money came from to “help pay for the roadways,” anyway, you blithering ignoramus?

          And thanks for your “advice” about taking political action to drive you “Liberal” fascist scum out of government and restore lawful constitutionality and respect for the rights of individual human beings in the exercise of the police power.

          You’re a day late and a dime short, of course. We’re working on it, and that really frosts your shorts, doesn’t it?

        16. “that really frosts your shorts, doesn’t it?”

          Nope, I am not voting for Obama either.

          You might want to look at (H.R. 4348) that was signed into law in July. Federal taxes indeed go into highway construction and repair. You blithering ignoramus.

    3. We do not need any more Libs like Lucas. just read what you quoted and see how SCARY it sounds to anyone who LOVES FREEDOM “We have a plan for our collective future?” What do you think he’s talking about? IT AIN’T GOOD!!!

      1. why do you find it frightening that someone who was successful in this country wants to give back to society in a meaningful way? When Lucas says “our collective future” he is talking about HUMANS on earth. He said it is time to plan for the future – to invest in the education of our children.

        Having the next generation(s) of Americans be educated intelligent creative thinkers is something that someone who LOVES FREEDOM should support.

        1. “… someone who was successful in this country wants to give back to society in a meaningful way?”

          Well, putzie, when his “meaning” is the reinforcement of the government’s educationalist meatgrinders – simulacra of “schools” coercively funded, compulsorily attended, pork-dripping in their management, politically correct in their curricula, and ever more devastating in the degradation of their output – just what the hell kind of “future” is Lucas supposed to be planning for his victims?

          Er, “countrymen and neighbors.” Yeah.

          Like government bureaucrats have a special divine dispensation to create “educated intelligent creative thinkers” instead of gullible, ignorant, hapless suckers suitable for even higher levels of “Liberal” fascist pillage.

  3. And then we have the foreign money coming in from China and else where (Soros) that blatantly defy the law. The liberals blame Israel for giving to Romney while they have businesses here that pay taxes and hire people. China and Soros pay no taxes to the US and have been playing games far to long to be forgotten. Sheriff Joe for the next Attorney General.

  4. Smart business men do NOT give their Money away to the Big Behemoth, Bloated, Bankrupt Gimme-ment, and the Whinning, Crying Liberals want Romney to give his to them.

  5. Our businessmen, who actually CREATE jobs for us, are being forced to sell out their businesses, and even renounce US citizenship by our heavy-handed government. And, this is not exclusively a democrat problem. It has taken both parties many decades to get us to this point. Just look at the taxation alone, for starters.

    At first I thought this was funny…… Then I realized the awful truth of it.

    Be sure to read all the way to the end!

    Tax his land,
    Tax his bed,
    Tax the table
    At which he’s fed.

    Tax his work,
    Tax his pay,
    He works for peanuts

    Tax his cow,
    Tax his goat,
    Tax his pants,
    Tax his coat.

    Tax his tobacco,
    Tax his drink,
    Tax him if he
    Tries to think..

    Tax his car,
    Tax his gas,
    Find other ways
    To tax his ass.

    Tax all he has
    Then let him know
    That you won’t be done
    Till he has no dough.

    When he screams and hollers;
    Then tax him some more,
    Tax him till
    He’s good and sore.

    Then tax his coffin,
    Tax his grave,
    Tax the sod in
    Which he’s laid.

    When he’s gone,
    Do not relax,
    It?s time to apply
    The inheritance tax.

    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Airline surcharge tax
    Airline Fuel Tax
    Airport Maintenance Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    Death Tax
    Dog License Tax
    Driving Permit Tax
    Environmental Tax (Fee)
    Excise Taxes
    Federal Income Tax
    Fishing License Tax
    Petrol Tax (too much per litre)
    Health Tax
    Hunting License Tax
    Interest Tax
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Mortgage Tax
    Personal Income Tax
    Property Tax
    Poverty Tax
    Prescription Drug Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Vehicle Tax
    Retail Sales Tax
    Service Charge Tax
    School Tax
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Water Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax

    Workers Compensation Tax

    They Want a Carbon Tax !


    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.. We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class, and Mum stayed home to raise the kids.

    What in the “Hell” happened? Can you spell’politicians?’

  6. Everyone should read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Who will pull the wagon when everyone wants a free ride? Most of the “tax” (extortion) money goes to the Satanic neo-con thieving government politicians and bureaucrats and the international bankster-gangster crime syndicate.

  7. Laffer pointed out that these kinds of transactions are happening in abundance right now because the wealthy want to avoid the tax increases. It is artificially propping up the economy. THAT is part of why unemployment dropped to 7.8% instead of going up further.

  8. First rule of business: OPM. Always use Other People’s Money.

    The Democrat/Marxist/Fascist machine gets that. They use YOUR money fund THEIR giveaways.

  9. Happy to report that liberal George Lucas is donating ALL of the proceeds from the sale to a foundation focused on education. That’s 4 BILLION.
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

  10. what utter crap “reporting”. Actually, this just opinion. The ponderance of other’s motives is completely misguided at best – but to present the piece above as “news” is well…. a severe shortcoming of the definition. But even funnier is all the comments. Seriously people? Have you lost all ability to navigate the world of biased opinion from actual truth?

  11. Wow moderator. Removing all voices of dissent? From a veteran and died in the wool patriot as well. Censorship at its best. You people are the real communists.

    1. He’s planning to donate it to government “education.”

      Kinda like advertising the same donation to the uranium enrichment program in the Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of a desire to do damage to these United States of America.


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