Our Christian President Wears Muslim Wedding Band

There is more than one report of Barack Obama wearing a gold wedding band on his ring finger when he attended Harvard Law School as a single young man.  Some of them have gone so far as to suggest that he had been secretly married before or that he may have had a gay lover. None of those rumors have ever been documented as true, but then what really has been documented as true concerning Obama’s past.

According to a report from WND, that wedding ring that single Obama wore at Harvard is the same band that Michelle Robinson placed on his finger during their wedding ceremony.  There’s nothing scandalous about that, except that analysis of photos of Obama’s hand and ring reveal an Arabic inscription that reads:

“There is no God except Allah.”

This phrase is the beginning of the declaration of faith to Islam known as the Shahada.  The second part of the Shahada goes on to say that Mohammad is Allah’s prophet.  In Muslim culture and tradition, recitation of the Shahada signifies one’s adherence to the Muslim faith and rejection of all other gods.

WND obtained close-up photos of Obama’s wedding ring and asked Mark A. Gabriel, a Ph.D. Islamic scholar to examine the ring for them.  Gabriel is an Egyptian by birth, but now lives in the U.S. under asylum status.  He is critical of Islam and has written several books about the religion that he calls dangerous.

After carefully examining the photographs, Gabriel told WND:

“There can be no doubt that someone wearing the inscription ‘There is no god except Allah’ has a very close connection to Islamic beliefs, the Islamic religion and Islamic society to which this statement is so strongly attached.”

Gabriel went on to tell WND that the way the Arabic letters are inscribed on the ring is very characteristic of Arabic calligraphy used on jewelry.  He also told them:

“By wearing the Shahada on jewelry, a person communicates that Allah is in control of all circumstances. Allah controls you; Allah is the one and only one.”

“Muslims recite the Shahada when they wake up in the morning and before they go to sleep at night.  It is repeated five times every day in the call to prayer in every mosque. A single honest recitation of the Shahada in Arabic is all that is required for a person to convert to Islam.”

Why would someone who professes to be a Christian wear such a statement proclaiming loyalty to another god?  Like I’ve said before, if it walks like a Muslim, sounds like Muslim, acts like Muslim, it must be a Muslim.  Barrack Hussein Obama walks, sounds and acts like a Muslim and even wears the Muslim Shahada on his wedding ring.  Can there be any doubt in anyone’s mind that the man is a Muslim and not a Christian as he proclaims?

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  1. No, there is no doubt possible for anyone with a functioning brain. One wonders if we have passed through a wormhole, making everything upside down and inside out. The fact that so many sense nothing wrong makes me doubt even more the long-term sustainability of humans on earth. Dominus vobiscum.

    1. James White,M.D…….Couldn’t agree more that the world is upside down. I feel like we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland…and everything has become curiouser and curiouser. All is confusion and perplexity. And half of the population is either stupid or insensate.

      Meanwhile the Cheshire Cat, wearing his big toothy grin, chills in the White House stroking his whiskers and tapping his claws while triumphantly overseeing the chaos he is causing.

      Pax vobiscum.

  2. The Constitution explicitly says:

    “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    It doesn’t matter what their religion is, and if you believe in the Constitution you will leave the religion of candidates out of the discussion.

    1. RuQu………It MATTERS if Obama is a Muslim.

      1. He LIED to the American people by claiming to be a Christian (while denying the basic tenets of the faith, BTW)

      2. Quran-obeying Muslims attacked our country because Islam teaches ALL adherents that they MUST wage jihad against every non-Muslim until all are either converted or dead. He is making domestic and foreign policy decisions favoring Islam.
      This is nothing short of treason.

      3. While people may think that Islam is just another benign religion, if they studied it they would learn that it is a warring, misogynistic, totalitarian ideology disguised in the garb and rhetoric of religion and therefore has no claim on the first amendment.

      4. For your own good, you ought to learn about Islam…especially if you are not a Muslim.

      1. You fight nations, not religions. Should we rid the world of Anglicans? They attacked us twice, and burned the White House!

        Have you seen the misogynistic things some Christians want forced into our laws in the US? Apparently freedom of religion means “freedom to force you to follow my interpretation of my religion” to them. We should oppose religious intervention in law for all religions.

        The only “basic tenet” of Christianity is believing Jesus was the Son of God. Beyond that, there are huge amounts of variation between sects. He might deny your beliefs, but that doesn’t make him not Christian.

        Most importantly, what he believes religiously is an unconstitutional question. He is sworn to uphold the Constitution, and the attempt to impose a religious test is an attack upon the Constitution. In fact, I would argue that attempting to enforce such a test is, itself, treason.

        1. RuQu..
          1. We are at war with Islam because Islam has declared war on the human race, specifically on America because we’ve always been a Christian nation. . You apparently aren’t smart enough to see that.

          2. If a Christian commits a heinous act, he is contradicting the teachings of Christ. When a Muslim commits a heinous act, he is in keeping with the teachings of allah. That is the difference.

          3. It’s crystal clear that you know little about the basic tenets of Christianity. You CANNOT call yourself a Christian and yet disagree with what your Savior taught…..which is what Obama has done. He has contradicted the very words of Christ AND mocked the Bible. NO GENUINE CHRISTIAN would ever do that.

          4. Aiding and abetting the enemy is treasonous. That is what Obama has been doing since taking office. Open your eyes.

        2. Really? The Jesus I grew up with taught that we should give away all of our wealth and walk with Him to help the poor and heal the sick.

          I imagine all of those people who have died to drones might disagree with your definition of aiding and abetting, unless you include “aiding them in a swift journey to the afterlife.”

          As for a “War with Islam,” the last Caliph died a long, long time ago. There is no leader who speaks for all of Islam. There isn’t even a Pope who speaks for a huge chunk of it as Catholics represent a huge % of Christians. Your war with Islam is a fabrication to support your own hatred and a modern Crusade.

        3. Jesus taught to give away all your wealth? I don’t remember reading that. I do remember Jesus confronting the rich young ruler only regarding his wealth being his god, but I don’t remember anything about Jesus saying that giving away all your wealth was a prerequisite for genuine faith.

          The war with Islam does not need a caliph since it is the Teachings and Principles of Islam that we are specifically at war with. Unfortunately, that means there will be followers of Islam that will hold to teachings and principles that promote our destruction. America has a right to defend herself. Even during the war of Independence, Americans understood only to fire when fired upon… but they still fired. War may not be desired, but some times it is necessary.

        4. Matthew 19:21-24 is pretty explicit. If you want to follow Jesus, you can’t pick only the parts you like. Sell your possessions, give to the p
          “21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
          22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.
          23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.””

        5. RuQu, you fail to realize that Jesus is not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. What Jesus is saying is that the presupposition of the day was that a rich man was “blessed” by God, and therefore was ASSUMED to have God’s favor. Jesus isn’t criticizing riches, He’s criticizing the assumption of the people in his day about the spiritual state of people who were rich. Which is why the people ask, “Who then can be saved?” They assumed that riches equaled a favorable standing with God, which is why Jesus makes the point that eternal life is not possible by human means, but rather by God’s gracious work. “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

        6. He doesn’t say “impossible,” but I imagine a camel has rarely been observed passing through the eye of a needle.

          You are ignoring where he explicitly tells him to give up his riches, and where he then continues in 19:29 “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.”

          Again, now talking not to the one rich man but to the Disciples about people in general, it is a call to give up worldly possessions and attachments.

          You can interpret Jesus’ words to suite your lifestyle, or adjust your lifestyle to fit His words. One of those choices is wrong.

        7. The impossible part, RuQu, is not inthe riches, but rather human effort to earn God’s favor, or an assumption that the status of a person’s life equals a right standing with God.
          This is not about giving up anything, it’s about placing trust into worldy items. To make that point, look again at verse 29… have you given up your spouse? Or are you living on the streets since your supposed to leave your house? It’s not about giving up anything, but rather placing your trust in worldly possessions. You can still be wealthy and trust in the Lord because faith is a gift of God, and the rich can receive that gift just as much as those who are not wealthy. One does not negate the other.
          Would you argue that all rich people are unsaved?

        8. Doesn’t matter what I would argue. Sure looks like Jesus said exactly that, though.

          You are standing on a bridge over railroad tracks. A person is on the tracks, and a train car has broken loose and is rushing towards them. There is a lever. If you pull it, the car will divert to the next track and miss them.

          Do you pull it? If you don’t and they die, is that on you since you had the power to prevent it? I would say yes.

          Now imagine you are not on the bridge. There is no one to pull the lever, and the man dies. This is not your fault, you had no power to stop it.

          Every wealthy person has the resources to help feed the poor and heal the sick. Every dollar they spend on something else is a choice…a choice that results in suffering and death. That tally of choices adds up pretty fast. Some sects of Christianity say all you need to do is have faith to be saved, which is a pretty convenient trick to avoid having to even attempt to avoid sin or help others.

        9. #1. Well, RuQu, based on your interpretation, as long as you still have a wife and house, you can’t be saved. And it looks like you’ve been backed into a corner and now can’t defend your way out scripturally without cutting on your nose despite your face.
          #2. You assume that everyone that has “wealth” doesn’t give to charity, or use it to help others. That’s a pretty omniscient position to claim.
          #3. Faith is all one needs in order to be saved, because Faith is God’s gift. And you either have it, or you don’t. And if you have it, it is because God gave it.
          John 1:12-13 “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.”

        10. 1) Or I could be a godless atheist and not think I need saving. Gasp! That doesn’t mean Jesus didn’t have some very good teachings, though, or that people who claim to believe in Him should act as he taught.

          2) If they still have wealth, they are not giving enough. The median household income in America is $51k. That means half of all households have less than that per year to live on. It is clearly possible to survive. Could not a person making $1 million per year (after taxes) give away $950,000 to charity and still live as well as half of all Americans? That they still have more than most means, by definition, that they did not do so. Or better, if they want to live as Jesus taught, give away all but what they need to live. Small house, simple food, cheapest clothes appropriate for their job, cheap car. Perhaps even a CEO could get by on merely $30k? Clearly, if being paid $1million, you can do more good donating most of it to charity than quitting and volunteering at the same agency.

          3) So God predetermines who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell and passes out Faith as appropriate? No need for Free Will, no Sin, simply the predetermination that some people will suffer forever and some will not? That’s a mighty petty, vicious, and, frankly, evil God you believe in.

        11. 1) If you are a godless atheist, then I personally would pray that God would grant you the gift of faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
          2) The only problem is that the definition of wealth is subjectively being determined by you. Not only that, but you somehow equate having any wealth as being wrong. Plus, you don’t even take into effect savings account for emergencies or wise planning for future needs.
          Additionally, a lot of people will argue for a class-less system, but fail to demonstrate one that works. The American system of free-enterprise provides the best ability for people to move out of poverty. And as we have seen with our current President, all the forced wealth redistribution in the world doesn’t make for a better society. You also argue that having nice things in and of itself is morally wrong. Maybe you should stop buying birthday gifts or gifts of any kind to family since they can do without, and having any posessions other than basic food, clothing, and shelter is morally wrong.
          Maybe you should read about Abraham’s possessions, and take notice of how nothing is said of his wealth as being wrong. Even Paul, in the book of Philippians states that he has experienced what it is like to both be in want, and be in plenty. He’s learned to be content in either situation…. EITHER situation, not just the former. It’s about attitude and where the heart is, not just the sum of possessions.

        12. I knew I couldn’t fit #3 into one post, 3) God predetermines who get salvation, since salvation is from God. Romans 9:22-23 states: “What if God, although willing to demonstrate His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction ? And He did so to make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for glory,…” The word used for prepared in the first phrase is actually a self-preparation. In other words, our sin that we ourselves choose to commit and not repent of and receive forgiveness through faith in Christ is what prepares us for destruction. However, God has chosen beforehand those whom He would save. Man is ultimately responsible for his sin, and God receives all the glory for His gracious act of saving some of whom were on the self-prepared road for destruction. This makes salvation an even greater thing to appreciate. There is no such thing as free-will. There IS freedom of choice. You can either choose Christ, or not. The freedom to choose not to sin. By condemning God for not saving some people is to say that God is responsible for your sin. But your sin is just as much a choice as it is a choice to buy a root beer and drink it. The problem is not that God doesn’t choose everyone, but rather your thinking that God SHOULD save everyone. Unfortunately, you nor I are God, and therefore you nor I are not in any position to say what God SHOULD do. If I were you, I’d worry about your sin in your life, and listen to the sound of your conscience letting you know that you’ve broken God’s law by lying, stealing, hating, committing adultery in the heart (lust)…etc. Once you see your sin as it is, as an offence to almighty God, then you’ll recognize your need for a savior who died to take the punishment we deserve, that He was so gracious in providing a substitute for. Repent and place your faith in Christ’s righteousness and not your own. “Riches profit not in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.” When you see your sin in the light of God’s law, then you’ll see yourself in truth. Only then will you see your need for a savior. It is appointed to man once to die, and then judgment. Man does not go to hell primarily for not receiving Jesus. He goes to Hell because he has violated God’s law. With the savior, he is saved from the consequences of his sin.

        13. That is some truly terrible doctrine, there.

          So, in your sect, God has decided who will be saved in advance, and who will suffer in Hell. No one can change their fate. What value is there for the pre-condemned in accepting Jesus as their savior? None, as they are apparently still condemned.

          What this does, in fact, is open the door to pride and abuse. It allows the faithful to think they are uniquely Blessed, and it allows them to ignore the suffering of non-believers and followers of other sects of Christianity, because their suffering is God’s will and punishment for their “crime” of not being selected for salvation. It also frees up the believer to embrace sin, since they are already saved. No effort needed! No need to live as Jesus did, make any personal sacrifices or help your fellow man who is likely condemned already anyway. Just free salvation for the burden of having been born saved.

          Any time someone offers you something for free, you might want to check the quality of the product. You’ve chosen an interpretation of Christianity that requires nothing from you and does not require you to even attempt to live according to Christ’s teachings, yet gives you innate divinely granted superiority over the rest of humanity.
          So not only is it a belief system that produces social harm, but it is also logically inconsistent. At the start you say a person is either saved or not, and this is predetermined. By the end, you are admonishing me (or people in general) to face and admit their sins and acknowledge a need for a savior, despite having just told us that any such acts or knowledge are wasted since our salvation was already predetermined.

          I’m pretty sure I can’t convince you to actually live as a “good Christian,” so enjoy your free salvation handout.

        14. Great , send me an email and I’ll tell you where you can send all YOUR possessions to me. Until then shut the f.$&k up

        15. RuQu….
          Jesus also told his disciples to sell their garment and buy a sword because He was sending them into a god-hating world and wanted them to protect themselves. God allows us to defend ourselves, our families and friends and our country against our enemies and those drones are a contemporary weapon we are wisely using to kill our avowed enemies without risking the lives of our own.

          To know what any religion teaches, you go its authoritative writings, not to its adherents. Any fair minded person who has had a cursory reading of the Quran, hadditha, and Sunna would be forced to admit that Islam unambiguously teaches violence against all non-Muslims. That is simply a fact and those professing Muslims who are ”’moderate” are rejected by allah, called hypocrites and destined for hell…according to the Quran.

          Your blindness about Islam is self-imposed. I’ve fabricated nothing but those who refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam have provided a false narrative to be used to mislead others.

          BTW….I do not hate Muslims…..but I do, however, despise the evil and barbaric ideology that has kept millions in poverty and driven them to victimize the innocent and has proven itself to be the scourge of mankind.

        16. Actually, Islam teaches tolerance of both Judaism and Christianity, as “Peoples of the Book.” Assuming you don’t mind slightly higher taxes, that is. If you go by their writings alone, Jews and Christians must be pretty terrible. The Old Testament is pretty fond of genocide and slavery.

          You also must not be familiar with what is being done in the name of Christianity in sub-Saharan Africa these days. It’s not pretty. Do you want to be painted with that same brush?

          There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world. Most of them are decent people. Some are not. If you abolish that distinction, you open the door to atrocity.

          As for drones, as a member of the military I admit they are effective and safe for us, but there are serious ethics issues about the ability to kill without exposing yourself to risk. There is no “kill or be killed” condition in place as in traditional combat. Now there is only “kill because it accomplishes our geopolitical objectives.” Serious questions.

        17. Reporting on or being mentioned and being fond of , or Saying God condones, are two different things, the Bible mentions slavery in many places, thats not the same as endorsing or promoting slavery, and your contention that the Islam teaches tolerance for Christians and Jews is just FLAT OUT wrong, if it does in ANY way, it would be in the earlier books, which in Islam are superseded by the later books which call for the complete destruction of anyone opposing Islam.

        18. RuQu…. First…thank you sincerely for your service. I have nothing but respect for those who are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect our liberties.

          1. Sounds like you’ve bought into the false narrative about .Islam. The Quran/haditha/Sunna are rife with the justification for the killing of non-Muslims… and the Jizya, those poll taxes you’re talking about are taxes paid voluntarily by non-Muslims living in Muslim countries, who are willing to live as second class citizens… DHIMMIS in submission to EVERY Muslim. You might be willing to live that way but most people would not.

          As I said before, I do not hate Muslims…I understand that there are millions of Quran-disobeying Muslims who just want to live in peace. These moderate Muslims do NOT represent Islam and its teachings.

          My comments are about the evil ideology. I won’t even go into the pedophilia and misogyny that permeates Islamic societies. Any person unaware of the barbaric acts toward women, children, gays, imagined adulterers, dishonoring daughters, etc ….has been under a rock.

          Islam and liberty are mutually exclusive terms. Islam is NOT a benign religion and is deserving of every shade of contempt that one can muster. Doll up Islam all you want but it means nothing to me. I know it too well.

          2. I will address your remarks about the OT in another post.

          3. Christians have been kidnapped, enslaved, raped, sold into the sex trade, tortured and murdered by Muslims for decades with nary a nod from the media. And any professing Christians who commit genocide are going against every tenet of Christianity and not genuine Christians.

          Jesus warned of the tares among the wheat…those who would be posers, phonies, in the church, the body of Christ. You can call yourself anything you choose, but it doesn’t make it so. Your actions will reveal who you really are and there is no doubt that many have given Jesus a bad name.

          4. I happen to think that eradicating terrorists is a good idea…and if drone strikes can accomplish that end…then that’s fine with me. Avoiding hand to hand combat, or fire fights, etc by surgically removing enemies is smart IMO.

          I’m of the the same mind as Patton who said that we win a war, not by dying for our country, but by making the other guy die for his. He believed if you are in a war, you’re in it to win and should do whatever it takes to achieve that objective. I want that man on my team. I have nothing but contempt for a politically correct military.

          There is no question that dealing with terrorists is way more difficult than facing a nation which has declared war on us. Jihadism is a widespread and nomadic enemy…its stategies ever fluid and mutating…yet its participants are unified by the driving force of Islam and compelling need to subdue the world for allah.

          I well understand the reticence to declare any ‘religion’ an enemy for it goes against all that we’ve been taught since grade school about our Constitutional rights. I have no problem with the benign practice of any religious system.

          However…during 13 years of study of Islam and tutored by arab ex-muslims who were born into the system, the realization came that Islam is NOT a religion, but a fascistic totalitarian system, camouflaged in religion, using the rhetoric of religion, but having no rightful claim on the first amendment.

          I believe victory is only possible when America realizes who the enemy really is.

        19. RuQu…About your allusions to OT genocide:
          When you study the OT, you can see a distinct pattern emerging from the judgments brought by God upon various peoples when the Israelites entered Canaan.

          1.God declares an annihilation form of judgment to stamp out a cancer

          2.The judgments are for public recognition of extreme sin

          3.Judgment is preceded by warning and/or long periods of exposure to the truth and time to repent

          4.Any and all ‘innocent’ adults are given a way of escape with their families; sometimes all given a way to avoid judgment via repentance or leaving a particular region. It should also be noted that expulsion from a land was the most common judgment, not extermination. This pattern goes all the way back to the ejection of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden (cf. Gen. 3:24)

          5.Someone is almost always saved (redeemed) from the evil culture

          6.The judgment of God falls

          Far from being innocent, the objects of God’s judgments were always involved in gross sin and committed acts of great barbarism, such as ritualistically burning their own children to death as offerings to their false gods.

          Amazingly, instead of immediately destroying the peoples involved in such things, the actual opposite is found: the Scripture conveys that God had incredible patience and waited until the full measure of their deeds were completed. For example, while speaking to Abraham about the future exodus of Israel from Egypt, God says the following about the Amorite people: “Then in the fourth generation they will return here, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete” (Gen 15:15).

          One has to ask if mankind today would be as long-suffering with such horrible acts? Were such acts as those chronicled in the Old Testament catapulted into the twenty-first century and globally broadcast via CNN, there would no doubt be a universal outcry with military action being prescribed if such actions were not immediately halted.

          Why then do God’s critics feel justified in labeling the Creator as morally unjust even when God waited, in some cases, for centuries to punish the peoples involved?

          Because mankind is in rebellion to the One who Created them..that’s why and they don’t like the fact that it’s HIS world…HIS rules.

          Lucky us that the God of the Bible is Holy, Just and Good and unlike the contrived ”gods” of any other religion.

        20. RuQu….and……Just what misogyny by Christians are you talking about? That we are vehemently opposed to the torture and murder of little girls and boys via abortion?

        21. You will never understand a conflict if you mislabel the parties involved. Declaring war on one billion people, most of whom are non-militant, is foolish at best, not to mention ignorant, bigoted, and prone to escalating the violence and scope of the conflict.

          If you want to invade every nation from Morocco to Indonesia, you had better find a way to do it that doesn’t involve American soldiers and tax dollars.

        22. RuQu….Whoever said anything about invading every Musim nation? Like every good liberal, you misrepresent what those who oppose Islam have said.

          We have the RIGHT…no…the OBLIGATION to defend ourselves against this evil totalitarian system that is slowly creeping across America, spreading its tentacles into every level of government. That you can’t see this is no surprise at all.

        23. If you want to go to war with Islam, that means going to war against every Islamic nation. There are a lot of them.

          Any belief that we are under attack from Islam in America is nothing but fear and misinformation. The only religion trying to implement religious laws in America is evangelical Christianity. There have been no suicide bombers since 9/11, and the last one before that was a Christian (OK City). There are no cities or states with Sharia Law. There are no militants in the mountains except white supremacists (Christians generally) and they mostly keep to themselves.

          Let go of your fear, stop listening to an echo chamber of misinformation, and your bigotry will likely pass with it.

        24. RuQu……

          YOU are highly misinformed or have had your head in the sand for years. There have been 51 instances of our courts submitting to sharia law. The Islamization of this country is well under way. Muslims have insinuated themselves into every level of government and successfully had laws/ordinances passed in their favor. In Hamtramck, Michigan the Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer can be heard 5 times a day spewing from the mosque, but churches are forbidden to ring their church bells on Sunday because it’s offensive to Muslims. This is an outrage and nothing short of compliance with sharia.

          I live in Michigan…3 hours north of the Dearbornistan…the city taken over by Muslims and reduced to looking like a Baghdad ghetto. It has the highest concentration of Arab Muslims outside of the Middle East and has been identified by the FBI as a hotbed of JIhadist support.

          And there are many Jihadist training camps right under our noses throughout the country. This is well documented.

          I KNOW what happens when Islam comes to town. The goal is to supplant the culture with an Islamic one and these efforts are going on in towns all across America. To deny this is delusional.

          You are a fool and a knave to pretend that the threat of Islam doesn’t exist.

        25. Almost a quarter of the world’s population is Muslim. About 1.6 billion people all together. With 2.6 million Muslim Americans.

      2. If he’s really a Muslim, then I say “allahu akbar, baby!” He’s ordered the assassinations of more Muslim enemies of the United States and the American way of life than anyone else, including some BIG ones (bin Laden, al-Awlaki). If it took a Muslim to get that done, then I’m all for it.

        1. /.murphy, Obummer DID NOT order the ” killing ” of Bin Ladin; GEORGE BUSH did that ! Now, Obama did nothing to PREVENT it from happening ; NOW, . . . . dear lady, if you just WANT to ” like ” Obummer, you really do not have to ” defend ” him; you can just go ahead & LIKE the lying, anti – Capalistic, ” one – world government ” MUSLIM God – hater, . . . . You do NOT have to INSULT these other bloggers. rather than PRESENTING FACTS, like these OTHER folks do, . . . . NO, murphy, you do NOT need a ” reason, or ANY FACTS to ” like ” the ” scum – of – the – Earth,” just GO AHEAD & LIKE him !
          YES, /.murphy, you have the right LIKE someone who wants to KILL you, WITHOUT EVEN INSULTING others ! . . . . WOW ! !

    2. Yep. You got it RuQu.
      Unfortunately, it has been practice for people to vote for Senators that have no qualifications other than their belief in the supernatural. That is why the house science committee believes that dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark, that climate change is a hoax and we should pray for better weather, that the Center for Disease Control’s suggestion that people eat more fruits and vegetables is socialism, and that rape only causes pregnancy if the woman enjoyed it.

      Republicans have declared a WAR ON SCIENCE. No wonder NASA is going away. Who needs it? The world is going to end soon anyway according to prophecy.

      1. The correct definition of science is something that is demonstratable, verifiable, measurable, and reproducible. Using these criteria, half of what’s being passed off as science, is just non deity theological belief propaganda, which by the sounds of your posts, is almost everything you strongly believe in. The WAR on science,a s you describe, is from the left, if it’s coming from anywhere, most on the right are wanting frank honest debate on the facts. Just TRY to bring up why the fossil record does not match the official theory, why and what caused the pre Cambrian explosion? See where that gets you if your a teacher or Scientist, ex communicated, that’s where, so don’t talk about a WAR on science, TRUE science should be n open exchange of ideas, not a rigid adherence to ideological dogma. Man Made Global warming is another, talk about the detereration of the earth protective magnetic field by over 35% over the last 30 years and how that’s allowing far more solar radiation to hit the earth, and no one wants to hear it, it HAS to be carbon that’s warming the earth, that HAS to be the sole cause, there’s your WAR on science.

    3. The candidates should be honest about their beliefs, should they not? If the man came forth and admitted he was a Muslim from the get-go, he would have my respect as being honest. That’s why, as a conservative, I admired the late Paul Wellstone. The man was a raging socialist, but he never tried to hide it. He didn’t try do be someone he was not. Can Pharobama say the same?

        1. l.murphy…You’re a fool to believe anything that the Liar-in-chief says…especially when it comes to his claims that he is a Christian. He has denied the basic tenets of the faith, even contradicting the very words of Jesus who he professes to follow.

          But then, your willful ignorance is characteristic of leftists who believe that the end justifies the means and see no problem whatever with Obama’s total lack of integrity or character.

        2. Murphy is just road testing the ignorance that will allow him to receive the mark of the beast like the clueless fool he is.

        3. Gee… do you think you could try to make a point without all the juvenile name-calling? Or are you still in high school? It certainly sounds that way.

        4. l.murphy……Nice attempt to divert attention away from Obama’s glaring record of lies about his ”christian” faith. Avoiding the truth will get you no where. .

        5. hmmm… so what was all that fuss about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, if what you say is true? Why would a Muslim be going to a “Christian” church?

        6. l.murphy…….
          Rev Wright’s ”church” is NOT a christian church. It teaches black liberation theology…denies the deity of Christ and a host of other heretical things…all in contradiction to the Bible.

          Obama is not a Christian. The Bible tells how one can determine if a person is really a Christian. He denies all the basic tenets of the faith and has contradicted the very words of Christ, who he professes to follow. He has has openly mocked the Bible. He’s a total fraud.

          People always talk about what a great father Obama is. So why did that great father subject his two little girls to the vile, racist, anti-white, anti-American teachings at Wright’s church?

          Those of you on the left who will do or say anything to defend him are defending a liar and someone who hates this country. One can assume that you are of the same world view….since birds of a feather…etc.

        7. …And why would he be eating a lunch of PORK CHOPS and BEER at the Iowa State Fair during the holy month of Ramadan? Now tell me who’s avoiding the truth.

        8. l.murphy…All part of the practice of al taquiyya. Breaking Islamic law is allowed in circumstances where it’s imperative that the Muslim remain hidden.

        9. You’re certainly talking about Romney. Obama can’t be a Muslim hiding that fact, because we all know it. So what’s being hidden? On the other hand, it’s ROMNEY who must be practicing al-taqqiya. After all, the clues are all over the place, aren’t they? Just look at the word “Mormon…” It’s the name of a religion… it has six letters… and it starts with “M.” OMG!!! So does “Muslim!”

          Knock it off with the crazy talk.

    1. They can’t show the photo. If they did, people who can read Arabic would see that it really says, “Secret Global Conspiracy Decoder Ring.” I know because I have one, too.

        1. LOL! That’s funny… when you try to reimpose the “zoomed” portion, it shows that that is not Obama’s hand. Not all Americans are so stupid as to fall for this obvious piece of disinformation. Better luck next time. But I’m sure Vladimir Lenin would be proud of your attempt…

  3. I don’t like the dude either – but Muslim men are prevented from wearing gold or anything resembling gold, and also prohibited from wearing silk. He must not be any better muslim than he is a Christian.

    1. Don’t forget being Gay is against the muslim faith not to mention I read once that barry and pig wife had pork chops while dinning out.He does keep up the part of lying to the infidels to get what he wants, faithfully though !!! Have to give him credit of that part of being muslim !

      1. And it was Rev. Jeremiah Wright who is known as the “matchmaker” of homosexual men in his church to place them with women (who normally could not get a husband) in arranged marriages to cover up their homosexuality. Several homosexual men who were very close to Obama have turned up murdered just prior to his campaign for president. Sounds alot like those who were close to the Clintons and met very tragic deaths…for knowing too much.

        1. How much do we know about Romney’s Patriarch? Or is it called High Priest? It’s difficult to tell with this secret organization. What are they hiding? Do they still practice Blood Atonement? Why not ask these questions of Romney? Why do we not even know his religious leader’s name? Double standard.

    2. I have hear that the sheiks in Saudi Arabia sit on gold commodes & also have gold faucets in their bathrooms & they love gold coins, but they are not allowed to wear it as jewelry? just doesn’t sound right to me, where do you get this information?

  4. Obama is a Muslim? Then somebody better issue a Fatwa against him… he was photographed eating lunch during Ramadan at the Iowa State Fair. What’s more, he was eating PORK CHOPS and washing them down with BEER. Totally haraam!

  5. I suspect that the “analysis” of Obama’s ring is a fabrication. Otherwise, show it to us. Get it out in detail in the public domain. Not all Americans are so stupid as to swallow this nonsense without any evidence whatsoever.

        1. /.murphy, aren’t you ” mature ” enough to PRESENT YOUR FACTS & EVIDENCE, without, . . . . I say WITHOUT INSULTING people, who are AT LEAST as intelligent as YOU are ? . . . . . . It is called ” being MATURE ” !. . . .

    1. As they say in a few good men, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, see link below, the proof is out there for anyone that does not have his or her head buried up Obama’s Azzzz.

      1. It’s astonishing to me how many sheeple are following this one. Has it not occurred to any of you that a man who has long been dealing with (and denying) rumors that he’s a Muslim would not openly wear a symbol that proves the truth of those very rumors? What a bunch of maroons.

        1. You may freely oppose the current Administration, but treating the Office of the President disrespectfully is to disrespect the majority of Americans who elected him in 2008. You sound disloyal to the United States of America, and we’ve run out of room for disloyal people.

  6. Obama is just a bad dude, who love’s himself and same sex with anyone who’s dragging a rope across the sands. The nice thing about being a beard, you get to take million dollar vacation’s!

  7. He is muslim. But, he feels the laws of islam don’t apply to him just as the Constitution doesn’t apply to him. You’ve seen the photographs of him with his feet up on our furniture in the White House. Those photos are not random. Nothing at the White House is random. Those pictures, particularly the ones shot showing the soles of his shoes as he props them up are meant to send a message to the muslim world. To show the soles of your shoes is an insult to those you are showing them to. All kinds of insults revolve around shoes and soles, etc. He’s telling the muslim world, “Hey, I’m on your side. Look at me insulting these infidels and they don’t even know it. He is muslim, but not good at it. He’s black, but not good at it. He thinks he is a president, but he’s not good at it. He thinks he’s a man, but he’s not good at it. He’s not even a good liar. This POS has failed at everything he’s tried.

    1. Huh? You’ve got a loop in your logic there. How can he be a Muslim if he “feels the laws of Islam don’t apply to him?”
      Isn’t that like being a Christian who doesn’t believe in Jesus?

      1. I said he was a muslim but wasn’t good at it because Narcissism is his true God. The rest is show. Consider the person. He’s proven too many times that the laws of Man or God do not apply to him. Personally, I believe him to be atheist. But even the most liberal liberal would shy from that, I’d like to think.

        1. You are a conspiracy theorist nutball but you are not good at it. You can’t keep your own hate straight.

          (one in five adults have no religious affiliation)

        2. Obviously, you are one of the five. It will be interesting to see the expression on your face when you wake up in heII.

        3. So now he’s a Muslim atheist, huh. How does that work? Does he have to pray to nothing five times a day?

        4. No. I said it is my belief that he is an atheist pretending to be a muslim to please the muslim nuts he keeps apologizing to. The pretend man has no core. With no core comes no beliefs, just pretense. Why are you so angry?

        5. @hongryhawg:disqus – do you really think the muslims wouldn’t be able to pick it if he was just pretending?

          Wouldn’t it serve his ambitions better for him to pretend he is a christian? As an atheist, he would regard both religions with equal derision – it’s much more productive to go with the majority if you’re trying to fool the whole country.

        6. He went to school in Indonesia as a muslim in a muslim school.He was in grade school and under the name of Barry Soetoro.

      2. l.murphy……Just sos ya know: In Islam, Muslims are encouraged to practice al taquiyya….the lying sanctioned by allah, in order to fool the infidel and gain his trust to be used against him at a later time.

        In the case of an American president who has been lying about being a ”christian”, he would be permitted to lie, eat pork, etc..and do whatever is necessary to maintain his cover. Eventually, he will openly reveal his true allegiance to allah.

        1. You should feel silly. I suspect you’ve been eating at el-taqueria where the tacos are full of hallucinogens. Your explanation is so convoluted… what would be the purpose of hiding his being a Muslim? We live in a country where we enjoy religious freedom. Lots of Muslims live here. Muhammad Ali is a Muslim.

          Do you also believe he’s ready to surrender our country to United Nations armed forces who will come and take over every city with pink-and-green striped attack helicopters painted with smiley faces on the front?

        2. murphy……
          Please…continue living in your little Obama-is-a-nice-guy-world. Go on believing that Islam is just another benign religion. Illusions have their purposes.

          Why does anyone lie? Because they have an agenda they don’t want anyone to know about.

          Have you read all of his speeches, interviews and books? Listened to every radio and TV interview? Just wonderin…cause if you had, you would know that he is a pathological liar and many times has contradicted his own words.

          As for Muhammad Ali….he was a great boxer and is a Quran-disobeying ”moderate” Muslim who allah calls a hypocrite for not waging jihad against the infidel and who he will punish with eternity in hell. THAT is according to their own authoritative writings.

          Its very clear you know nothing, nada, zip about Islam and are unwilling to consider the facts about Obama’s nebulous past and his allegiance to Islam. The Islamization of America is well on its way and you apparently don’t know it.


    2. Nothing applies to him, he is foot loose and fancy free. That is how he acts as president. He is not the president, he is the owner is his attitude. A Christian?? No, no, no. he is a Muslim and his god is Allah.

  8. It is impossible to understand Islam and Muslims by listening to their protestations against terror and their proclamations of patriotism for America. Usually, it is wise and fair to give people the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to national safety and the future of America, we had better look twice, even thrice at Muslim patriotism. Why? Because Islam permits lying! It is called “Al-taqiyya.” One Muslim said that Al-taqiyya means dissimulation then he expanded it to diplomacy but he should have gone further to deception. Now some Muslims who do not follow the Koran are as faithful Americans as any of us, but the problem is, we cannot know. And, we have a Muslim president and he has made many appointments of Muslims in high places in his administration and Hillary Clinton has a muslim as her assistant. Obama has been lying and deceiving for years before he was illegitimately elected “el Presidente”.

    1. Winston…….You’re absolutely right. Al taquiyya is what makes dealing with any Muslims very problematic. You never known if you can trust them.

      In addition…….Muslims are forbidden to pledge allegiance to any but allah. Obedient Muslims are not to sing any national anthemns or pledge allegiance to any flag. This is why they should never be on the police force, in the military, or in our government in any capacity.

      Ishaq:204 “Men, do you know what you are pledging yourselves to in swearing allegiance to this man?”
      ”Yes. In swearing allegiance to Muhammad we are pledging to wage war against all mankind.”

      1. Yes, folks, the ALEE TEMPLE, . . . . that is, the SHRINERS, originated in the MUSLIM world ! . . . . GASP, . . . . That’s RIGHT ! There was, in Morocco, ( a MUSLIM country ) a missionary camp, which was RAIDED by Muslims, The bloodshed of the missionaries was SO GREAT, the blood of missionaries began to PUDDLE UP, in the streets ! SO, . . . . these MUSLIMS took off their fezzes, & DIPPED THEM IN THESE POOLS OF BLOOD ! And, folks, THAT’S why, to this VERY DAY, the ” Alee Temple ” fezzes are RED ! Red, from CHRISTIAN BLOOD !
        Folks, everyone, . . . . ( EVERYONE who has joined the ALEE TEMPLE, has, . . . . HEAR me, now, . . . .has SWORN ALLEGIANCE TO ALLAH ! . . . . . . One MUST ” swear allegiamce to ALLAH, to be able to join, . . . . GASP, . . . . . . ). HEY, Christian people, COME OUT OF THE WICKED, CULTISH ALEE TEMPLE !

    2. Let me get this straight – lying about being a muslim is permitted in order to fool the infidels? So the best lying muslim would behave nothing like a muslim at all – perhaps he would behave like a Mormon or a Catholic?

        1. You are on a roll. An ignorant, hate-filled, racist, roll. Keep them coming.

          Give us the lowdown on Biden – Is he a secret Sikh? Does he hide it by going to a Catholic church for forty years? Did God come down from planet Kolob and give Mitt the power to defeat this Laminite? Maybe he will lift the curse and lighten his skin?

  9. coup1    [koo] definition noun, plural coups  [kooz; Fr. koo]
    1. a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment.
    for example: “Mr. Obama foisted a coup on the American people by pretending to be Christian when in fact he is a muslim.” That is an current example of a “coup” [koo].

  10. Anyone who supports Amendment 1’s polytheistic enabling freedom of religion clause has no place to grumble about a Muslim in the White House. if you’re concerned about Muslims such as Obama serving as President (or Ellison serving in Congress), you should join me in exposing the First Amendment and it’s provision for polytheism as the
    prime cause. The fact that it and Article 6 would lead to Muslims (and other non-Christians) ruling over Christians was cause for some of the most heated debates in the States ratifying conventions:

    “Article 6 not only eliminated Christian qualifications for office holders, it paved the way for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and atheists to be presidents, congressmen, and judges. It became the initial means by which America was transformed from a monotheistic Christian nation to a polytheistic one….

    “Although the religious test clause was overwhelmingly approved with little discussion at the Constitutional Convention, it was hotly debated in several of the States’ ratifying conventions:

    ‘Amos Singletary, … delegate to the Massachusetts ratifying convention, was upset at the Constitution’s not requiring men in power to be religious “and though he hoped to see Christians [in office], yet by the Constitution, a papist, or an infidel was as eligible as they.

    ‘…Henry Abbot, a delegate to the North Carolina convention, warned that ‘the exclusion of religious tests’ was “dangerous and impolitic’ and that “pagans, deists, and Mahometans might obtain offices among us [and the Senators and representatives might all be pagans].” If there is no religious test, he asked, “to whom will they officeholders] swear support – the ancient pagan gods of Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, or Pluto?”‘

      1. Yet you are voting for a Mormon. A belief very different from your own. a small step in the right direction. Could anyone who was fighting “article 6” have imagined a black man ruling over whites? Or allowing a woman to rule over men? Can you believe that black people and women can be presidents, congressmen, and judges?

        Welcome to the 21st century Ted.

    1. So which brand of religion is it that you’re proposing to ram down our throats? Are you going to bring back burning at the stake for those who oppose you?

  11. Why would someone who professes to be a Christian wear such a statement proclaiming loyalty to another god? He may profess to be a Christian, but I’ve been looking for good fruit fo the past 4 years and found none.

    Now we have confirmation… he’s a Muslim. He’s committed to injecting Sharia law into our society, and I can’t find anything in Sharia that any true American would want to see ever become a part of our justice system.

    1. Roy, did you know that Muslim men are forbidden to wear gold jewellery? If he were to wear a gold ring in the hope of hiding his Islamic faith, he certainly wouldn’t wear one inscribed with an Islamic verse, would he?

  12. Odummy is at a moment, what you want him to be, because he wants your vote. Too all you dummies that will try to vote him back for four more years to the rest of Americans “Amerika” will be!

  13. This we know about Obama. He is a Muslim, though he denies it. He does nothing to infuriate the terrorists, but apologizes for them. He was caught making a deal with Putin concerning our nuclear arms, it was about deleting them. He is very friendly with the Chinese and has gotten much reelection support with their money. He disdains our flag and will not honor it. His wife hates this country, but spends it’s money foolishly. Obama goes around knocking our past to the world, though we saved it. Now, should this anti-American clown be the leader of this country? If he is, the fools in this country deserve it, but we don’t.

  14. The people closest to him or surround him are not raising any alarms. Supposing the same very people who hang around him happen to be caught walking around in Yemen and their ethnicity happens to be the same as the Israelites you know what the Muslims would do to them ? So,they hang around him and and he practically ignores the Israel Prime Minister when pleads for help. These are the same people who will stab you in the back to move up the ladder .

    1. Nah. Snopes has a really great picture of the ring that was posted today. You can clearly see it’s just an ornate ring. No Arabic. But this story reminds me of the guy who swore he saw the face of Jesus in his cat’s litter box.

        1. Maybe they do, but they have a great close-up picture of Obama’s ring, taken at a signing ceremony, and anyone is free to see that the ring is just ornate. There’s no Arabiya.

        2. So, snopes shills for the left by showing the clearest picture yet of the ring, rather than the blurred ones we’ve seen previously?

          Something else you might explain for me – Obama has been weaing this gold ring in defiance of muslim laws for many years. So, as a young man in college, he was already working on his deception of not looking like a muslim by defying one of the prohibitions placed on muslims? If nothing else, you’ve got to give him credit for his persistence.

  15. He is a filthy, lying, azz lifting pagan Muslim scum. He needs to be arrested, tried with all evidence put forth, then executed for high crimes against the U.S.
    All who aided and abetted must suffer the same.

  16. You have to give Muslims credit for making no bones about who their national deity is. The inscription, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed was his messenger,” is on the Saudi Arabian flag. Flags are not only OF deities, flags ARE deities. In Exodus 17: 15 Moses said, “The Lord is my banner.” We, here in America, have our own false gods. Here are some questions I have about one of them, Old Glory. Nobody ever gives me answers. But everyone keeps on worshipping. 1) Do you believe that burning Old Glory is a form of desecration? 2) Do you believe, as the definition of the word says, that “desecration” can occur only to something that is sacred? 3) Do you believe that Old Glory is sacred? 4) Do you believe, as the definition of the word says, that “sacred” means “of a deity”? 5) If “yes” is your answer to questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, then of which (D,d)eity is Old Glory? 6) If the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is your answer to question #5, then is Old Glory the same flag of which Moses spoke in Exodus 17: 15 when he said, “The LORD is my banner”? Is He our national (G,g)od? 7) Do you believe that there exist “gods…which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell” according to Deuteronomy 4: 28? 8) Do you believe that the word “worship” is accurately described as “acts, expressions and/or a state of religious devotion typically directed to one or more deities”? 9) Can you show me, according to the definitions of “desecration,” “sacred,” and “worship,” where Old Glory is not an object of worship?10) When you see the presentation of colors–Old Glory alongside the military flags–do you ever think of the “god of forces” of Daniel 11: 38? 11) What do you think Jesus, the One Who said, “swear not at all,” in Matthew 5: 34, thought about Peter’s pledge of allegiance in Matthew 26: 33: “Though all [men] shall be offended because of thee, [yet] will I never be offended.”? 12) What are you going to say if the first question God asks you on Judgment Day is: Did you ever disobey my First Commandment?13) And last, but not least, what do you think of Psalms 33: 12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”?

    1. GOOD POINTS, Mr. Hodges, but, will you please consider the fact that Moses, a RIGHTEOUS man, did NOT say,” The banner is my LORD,” . . . . rather, Moses said, ” The LORD is my BANNER ! ”
      Hmmmm, . . . . ( scratching chin, . . . . ), gives THIS verse a DIFFERENT MEANING, doesn’t it ? . . . . . . ( wink ! )

  17. Our president is not a Christian, he is a Muslim. There are many nice ones, however, they do not believe in our God. Everyone is entitled to be what they want, including Obama, he is simply the worst president America has ever had.

  18. There is nothing about Obama that makes him a Christian. He was raised a Muslim and sitting in Rev Wright’s church in Chicago did not make him a Christian.

  19. Obama is not a muslim. Obama does not have the intestinal fortitude or moral conviction to be ANYTHING. He has no moral or religious convictions. His belief is that the path to God, if there is one, is widely divergent, and can be Hindu, Christian, Muslim, New Age, Satanism, or anything else. His own belief is obviously not only worldly, but primarily centered on Barak Obama. In my humble opinion, his policy of pandering (or in reality appearing to be pandering) to anyone and everyone (except Christians) is his desire to be the leader of the One World Government he is helping to build.

  20. Obama certainly gives a strong impression of sympathy for Islam, but his stances on issues like homosexuality and abortion would seem to put him at odds with Islam. I think the truly relevant point is, rather, that Obama, whatever else he may be, is NO CHRISTIAN. His stances and actions in favor of sodomy, abortion, government-theft of the people’s resources, and so much more (not to mention the times he has more or less OPENLY RIDICULED the Word of God) prove that quite handily.
    “Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:20)

  21. Word has it, an ex-roommate from college, a Pakistani man, also wore a ring on his left hand. Saw a pic of the two of them sitting VERY close together on a couch

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