Judge Finishes Striking Down Ban on Polygamy

polygamists Sometimes I hate being right. Ecclesiastes 1:18 and all that. But it happens, unfortunately, as it did when a federal judge eviscerated Utah's anti-polygamy law in a case involving a TV celebrity family of polygamists. Kody Brown and his four wives, stars of the reality show "Sister Wives," filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Utah […] Read Article →

Indian Reservations and the Rotten Fruit of Liberalism

Indian Reservation Harry Reid has called Native Americans in Nevada, "my Nevada Indians." This one statement oozes long-held paternalistic sentiments about Native Americans. Most Democrats hold similar opinions about blacks: "our African Americans." Over lunch I always have some reading material. One particular day I was reading an article written by Michael McVicar titled “‘First Owyhee and […] Read Article →