Obama's $1 Billion Library and 'Income Inequality'

Obama Library Hillary Clinton and President Obama talk a lot about income inequality. It's the mainstay of the Democrat Party. Actually, they love income inequality as long as their income is unequal to everyone else's income. The Clintons are multi-millionaires and the Obamas are most likely in that class and soon to be multi-multi-millionaires. Let's not forget the […] Read Article →

Eugenics Phase II: Implant Girls With Abortion Devices, Pump Them With Drugs

abortionImplants So there's apparently a movement afoot among Democrats that is intended to reduce unwanted pregnancies. Sounds good, right? The hitch is that what's being pushed is a taxpayer-funded program to dispense contraceptives to young girls, including long-acting implants and IUDs. Like so many other questionable ideas, this notion started in Colorado in a pilot program […] Read Article →

SCOTUS Places Thousands of Children at Risk

adoption When the US Supreme Court ruled to totally abandon all vestiges of America’s Christian foundation and values by approving homosexual marriage, they also opened the door for the ruination of thousands of children. A lawsuit filed in Mississippi explains what I mean by the ruination of thousands of kids. A Mississippi state law forbids the […] Read Article →

Dumbing Down Of America

not enough homework I’ve never hidden the fact that I am not an advocate for our current public school system. I believe they have lost the purpose of educating students and have replaced it with the socialistic brainwashing and indoctrination of our kids and grandkids. In the process, far too many students cannot read, write or do simple […] Read Article →