Gallup CEO Fears He May Suddenly Disappear after Saying Obama’s Unemployment Figures is a ‘Big Lie’

Missed-Person For the past several years I’ve been refuting Obama’s bogus unemployment figures. Time and again I’ve pointed out that the White House conveniently leaves out key figures like those whose unemployment benefits have run out or those who have just quit looking for a job because they’ve grown tired of the fruitless searching. After a […] Read Article →

Liberals Ignore Homeless Problem in Nation’s Capital When a Democrat is President

homelessness Obama and the left love to travel the country making soap-box speeches bemoaning income inequality, yet right under their collective noses is a dichotomy of two vastly different economies in the District of Columbia. One is populated by "the connected," thriving in well-paying government jobs. The other is for people scrambling for even low-paying work. We should be […] Read Article →