States Fighting Obama’s Dictatorship

dictator-obama Barack Obama believes that he is not only above the law but that no one has the right to question or challenge the legality of his actions. This amounts to dictatorship and Obama’s desire for unconditional rule over America. When it came to the issue of having to prove his eligibility to run for president, […] Read Article →

Paris and the Failure of Multiculturalism

ISISenforcer France learned the hard way this week that the liberal utopian ideal of multiculturalism is a mirage and a trap. The suspects in the Charlie Hebdo murders of 12 were described in some media as "French," but while they may have been French citizens, there was nothing French about their culture or beliefs. At the […] Read Article →

Mexico Deports More Illegals than the US

mexico border There are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing our border every year. According to the letter of the federal immigration laws, they should all be arrested, processed and deported back to their own countries, but as we all know, Barack Obama values illegals more than he values Americans and is allowing millions of them […] Read Article →