Supreme Court Opened Door for Another Obama Lie

obamacare On December 4, 2009, Barack Obama spoke to a crowd in Allentown, Pennsylvania. During his winded tome, Obama spoke about how so many Americans have been seeing double digit increases in their healthcare costs and how Obamacare would help control healthcare costs. He stated: “That’s why I’ve taken on our broken health insurance system, so […] Read Article →

Defense Secretary Will Let Transgenders Serve

gayMilitaryObama Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Monday that the Pentagon's rules regarding transgender troops are outdated and ordered a six-month review to determine how to integrate them into the military. Carter said that the working group will examine the regulations to determine if integrating transgenders would affect combat readiness. But -- here it comes -- […] Read Article →

US Gun Capital Safest Place to Live

US Guns Barack Obama and other anti-gun Democrats continue to paint America as the murder capital of the world. Every time some nut grabs a gun and starts shooting people, they chime in with their rhetoric in hopes of convincing a dumbed down nation to disarm itself. But what they are telling you is far from truth. […] Read Article →