Bringing up Baby Jihadists

Baby Jihadist_detail We’ve all heard the saying: “There are no bad children – only bad parents.” I would add bad teachers and other role models such as religious leaders, coaches, sports figures, and Hollywood dopes who can also adversely influence children. For example, seeing a kid who constantly uses foul language, has a quick temper or bullies […] Read Article →

College Professor Bans 'Bless You' in Class

blessYou A physics professor at the College of Coastal Georgia has banned students from saying "bless you" in his classroom when other people sneeze. Dr. Leon Gardner has six rules of classroom behavior in the syllabus for his introductory physics class. According to CBS, No. 6 states that a student's grade will be lowered for "Saying […] Read Article →

Big Brother Will Track 'Social Pollution' on Twitter

Social-media-spying-NSA Orwellian doesn't even begin to describe the deeply disturbing nature of a government-funded project being developed at Indiana University. Called Truthy, the program will monitor, categorize and flag messages on Twitter in a way that even the NSA doesn't. According to the developers' website, Truthy will help research "social epidemics." What does that mean, you […] Read Article →