The ‘Gay’ Jihadist Propaganda Machine is Taking Over America

After the Ball The public career beheading of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich at the hands of pagan sexual jihadists, coupled with an escalating epidemic of Christian business owners facing harsh government persecution for merely living out their faith, has startled awake an America lulled to sleep by the left’s intentionally deceptive, yet oh-so-sweet sounding serenade of “equality, […] Read Article →

The Civil Right of Voter Fraud

vote The hysteria has begun, although it never really subsided. Like the IOC (International Olympic Committee) president declaring the Olympic Games open, so too has our beloved leader officially declared, in this election-year, the protection of voter fraud has begun. Yes, Barack Obama has kicked off the commencement of the seven-month full-court press to protect our […] Read Article →

Rancher Wins Fight Against BLM -- Now What?

BundyRanch Rancher Cliven Bundy won his battle against the Bureau of Land Management, at least for the moment. The well-armed -- some would say overly armed -- federal agents retreated in light of stubborn, armed, angry opposition after a week of intimidating, harassing and threatening that culminated in federal agents warning that they would shoot any […] Read Article →