Kerry: 'Life Will End' If Temperature Rises

JohnKerry The Chicken Little brain trust at the Obama Administration was working overtime last week as Secretary of State John Kerry promised an audience that "life as you know it" on planet Earth will come to an end if the people of the world don't accept government's plans for fighting nature. Kerry's speech clearly had nothing to do […] Read Article →

The Blood Thirsty Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Aztec-Sacrifice Yesterday liberals celebrated “I Hate Columbus Day.” In order to express their disdain for the intrepid explorer, they’ve remade “Columbus Day” into “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Let’s look at some of these Indigenous Peoples, in particular the Aztecs and Inca. While Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortez’s arrival caused Montezuma fear and dread, it gave hope to many […] Read Article →