Bernie Sanders: Of Course I'll Raise Taxes

bernieSanders There's one thing about Bernie Sanders, a character trait he has that is not shared by other Democrats. He's honest. Don't read too much into that. He's delusional if he thinks an open Socialist can win the presidency, even in this ignorant age. And he's stark raving crackers if he thinks his policies would actually […] Read Article →

Hillary Clinton Goes Full-Tilt Crazy on the Economy

hillary_clinton-300x290 On Saturday Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton jumped the shark while attempting to defend liberal economic policies while simultaneously attacking Republican economic policy. Mrs. Clinton said that she thought that President Obama deserved more “credit” for cleaning up the mess left behind by President George W. Bush (a President who had a majority Democrat […] Read Article →

Hillary Clinton: Just Crazy?

hillaryClintonWhatDiff We know Hillary Clinton is a liar. That is obvious. But as the email and Benghazi scandals continue, and she almost daily digs herself into a deeper hole, she continues to act publicly as if there is nothing going on that could possibly affect her. That seems unrealistic. The FBI is heavily involved in scrutinizing […] Read Article →