Former Obama Press Secretary Argues with Conservative about Tension between Obama and Netanyahu

robert gibbs Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday along with Amy Holmes who is an anchor at The discussion turned to Netanyahu’s win in the Israeli elections on Tuesday and the tension that seems to exist between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Holmes wondered aloud why the President had […] Read Article →

Netanyahu Victory a Slap in Obama's Face

benjaminNetanyahu That smacking sound echoing from the halls of the White House this morning is the sound of President Obama receiving a response to his recent childish behavior toward Israel and its leader. Despite the Democrats' playground snub when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Congress, and despite the Obama-friendly media's prediction of a close race and possible […] Read Article →

A Response to the PCUSA's Decision to Approve 'Gay Marriage'

Rainbow_Flag_Church Robert A. J. Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, was asked by Peter Smith, Religion Editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, to comment on the upcoming decision by the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUSA)1  to approve “‘gay marriage’ by deleting from the Directory of Worship the definition of marriage as […] Read Article →

Oregon Law Allows Illegals to Vote

illegals voting I’ve been warning people from the beginning that the sole purpose behind Barack Obama’s immigration policies was to create a way for millions of illegal aliens to vote in elections, knowing that the majority will vote Democratic. Part of Obama’s illegal DACA and delayed deportation schemes is to allow illegals to obtain valid state driver’s […] Read Article →