Who's a Radical Islamist? No One and Everyone

IslamAmerica President Obama has been working overtime lately, trying to find someone gullible enough to believe his statements that ISIS is not Islamic, that terrorism has nothing to do with religion and that no religion puts up with terror tactics. Speaking for the umpteenth time at the White House Summit to Countering Violent Extremism, Obama said, "These […] Read Article →

Texas Supreme Court Halts Rogue Judges’ Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

Join or die_detail Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is following his state’s constitution, the action by the voters (81% of voters voted against same-sex marriage), and the legislature that also opposes same-sex marriage. Read more: "Southern Baptist Leader Says Roy Moore Should Comply with Judge’s Order or Resign." Same-sex marriage is illegal in Alabama. It’s illegal for everybody. […] Read Article →