Students Not Allowed To Tour White House So Obamas Can Take Another Vacation

no whtie house tours When sequestration went into effect earlier this year, President Barack Obama did everything possible to make it hurt the American people so he could make Republicans look bad.  What he continually fails to remind everyone is that sequestration was his idea designed to blackmail the Republicans into submitting to his spending terms.  The Republicans refused […] Read Article →

All the Better to Control You With, My Dear

08272012BrainHack The Obama Administration is hiring a team of academics, scientists and other specialists to try to change your behavior. The Behavioral Insights Team has already been dubbed by some people as "the nudge squad" after a book written by Obama lacky and former regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, called "Nudges." The book's co-author was Chicago Booth […] Read Article →

Egypt’s Christian Children Brave Persecution By Gathering And Praying Together In Public

one-thing-1 During the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s Coptic Christians have been the targets of persecution.  Comprising nearly 10% of the nation’s population, they were beaten, raped, tortured, burned out of their homes and churches and killed.  A large part of the violence came from Egyptian police and military acting on the orders of former […] Read Article →

Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security Secretary?

sheila jackson The Congressional Black Caucus is putting their best foot forward and recommending to the President that Houston’s feisty U.S. Representative of color and fellow Trayvon Martin champion Sheila Jackson Lee replace Janet Napolitano as DHS secretary. Didn’t think you could get much worse than Janet Napolitano, did you? Many conservatives are up in arms over […] Read Article →