Rand Paul: 1984's Busting Out All Over

09282012BigBrother Very soon, America may have cameras everywhere, Sen. Rand Paul told Eric Bolling on Fox News this weekend. Paul noted that in response to the Boston Marathon bombings there have been calls for increased security measures at public events and anyplace the public gathers. We must not allow the government to install security cameras and […] Read Article →

Prominent Lesbian Activist Admits “Gay” Agenda Is To Destroy Marriage

lesbian marriage Liberals don’t believe in the word “agenda” unless the context is some vast right-wing conspiracy to overthrow the government. But liberals don’t have agendas. And the managed media on television don’t have agendas either. They’re just reporting the facts. There’s no hidden agenda behind the homosexual movement to “legalize” homosexual “marriage.” They just want equal […] Read Article →

Once ‘Gay’ Always ‘Gay’: It’s the Law

Rosaria Butterfield California was the first state to pass an anti-gay therapy law. The homosexual community has pushed hard to normalize homosexual behavior. And it’s not just homosexuality that they believe is part of a person’s nature. Included in the prohibition to counsel people out of homosexual behavior are bisexuality and transgenderism that includes hormonal therapy and […] Read Article →