Clueless Congressional Candidate: Conceal And Carry Failed To Prevent Aurora Shooting

Robin Kelly Robin Kelly is a candidate running for Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s congressional seat, which represents the south side of Chicago. She’s been endorsed by President Obama and has received about $2 million in campaign contributions from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC. She’s been campaigning on completely banning guns. During her campaign, she complained that the […] Read Article →

Senate Immigration Reform Bill to Add 1,000,000 Immigrant Workers to American Work Force Every Year

immigrant workers Whenever a political party tries to rush a massive piece of legislation through Congress without holding any public hearings in committee, it raises red flags for everyone else.  Currently, the Senate Democrats and a few liberal Republicans are doing their best to rush their immigration reform bill through without any public committee hearings. A few […] Read Article →

Another Case of Stimulus Money Resulting in No Jobs

condoms In 2009, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House.  During that time, they forced many unwanted pieces of costly legislation upon the American people.  Next to Obamacare, the most costly of those unwanted pieces of legislation was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, better known as the Stimulus.  The purpose of […] Read Article →

Is Obama Looking for a War to 'Fix' Economy?

11022012revenge One of Barack Obama's heroes is President Franklin Roosevelt, and the Left loves to compare him to his socialist predecessor. There are many parallels to their presidencies. Both presided over a crippled economy. Both pursued socialist policies that extended Americans' suffering far beyond what should have occurred in a free market. Both were inexplicably popular […] Read Article →