Liberal Princeton Students Want Democrat Liberal Icon Removed from University

Woodrow-Wilson For practically the whole of the past century, President Woodrow Wilson (a Democrat) has consistently ranked in the top ten of greatest U.S. presidents. One of the fathers of modern-day progressivism, Wilson helped usher in the new era of anti-constitutional big government. All the collectivist/socialist things the left loves were embodied in Wilson. Yet his legacy, despite our insistence, has […] Read Article →

Lessons From Paris: More Gun Control

muslimEight Proof that liberalism is a form of congenital idiocy: The Violence Policy Center -- if you couldn't guess, an anti-Second Amendment group -- in the wake of the Paris massacre is calling for a total ban on "assault weapons," including "assault pistols" and "assault shotguns." Don't worry, you'll still be allowed to keep your assault […] Read Article →

Hillary Clinton Getting CRUSHED in Colorado

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton got some very bad news this week when the latest Quinipiac poll numbers were released. The prestigious and well-regarded Q-poll spent the last week questioning voters throughout Colorado about their presidential preferences, and what they found was that most folks in Colorado think Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy liar and they’d far prefer […] Read Article →