Big Brother Will Track 'Social Pollution' on Twitter

Social-media-spying-NSA Orwellian doesn't even begin to describe the deeply disturbing nature of a government-funded project being developed at Indiana University. Called Truthy, the program will monitor, categorize and flag messages on Twitter in a way that even the NSA doesn't. According to the developers' website, Truthy will help research "social epidemics." What does that mean, you […] Read Article →

Join Us in Sending Golf Tees to Obama

stop golfing Since 2009, President Obama has played 200 rounds of golf. Since that time, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds. At Obama's current pace, he will soon have played more golf than Tiger Woods! Instead of playing so much golf, Obama should read the Constitution and lead this country the way our founders intended. Here's some […] Read Article →

Atheism Is Not Just About Denying God

MadalynOHair Most of you probably believe that atheism is all about denying the existence of God, but you’re wrong. It’s not just about God, but so much more. One of the most notable atheists in American history was Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She used her atheism to file lawsuits that resulted in the banning of prayer and […] Read Article →