Pastor Says If You Can’t Teach Bible in School, then You Shouldn’t Teach Quran Either

Pastor Herb Mays In 1960 infamous atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore City Public School System challenging the constitutionality of requiring students to participate in reading the Bible in public schools, specifically her son William. The lawsuit worked its way through the court system, reaching the hallowed chambers of the US Supreme Court in […] Read Article →

Starbucks Won’t “Race Together” on These Racial Topics

Starbucks Cups Espresso makes you hyper. When you’re hyper you sometimes make rash decisions. When you make rash decisions you usually regret it. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz evidently chugged a Venti-five-shot-double-pump-skinny-vanilla-latte last week before announcing Starbucks’ new “RaceTogether” public relations stunt. As he describes it, the über-”progressive” head of the multi-billion dollar corporate mega-giant that brews mediocre […] Read Article →