Russia in Syria? Look! A College Shooting!

ObamaCaesar I'm not really into theories about false flags, the allegedly staged events that are designed to distract Americans from other important issues. Mostly, the Powers That Be are simply too stupid to be able to pull off that kind of coordinated stunt. That doesn't mean, however, that the White House, for example, is unwilling to […] Read Article →

Is Hillary Clinton Guilty of Perjury?

Hillary perjury According to, the definition of ‘perjury’ is: “A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth.” Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox’s The Kelly File and spoke of the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton committed perjury when testifying about her emails. Napolitano, the former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and current Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News told Shannon Bream: “I’ve […] Read Article →

Outrageous! CNN Anchor Asks Donald Trump if He is a Racist or a Homophobe

donaldTrump The left-wing media is having a really tough time pretending to be unbiased these days, what with Hillary Clinton collapsing, the GOP presidential candidates all gaining in popularity, and conservative activists getting more vocal. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on CNN earlier this week and Don Lemon lost any journalistic credibility he had left […] Read Article →

‘USA Today’ Needs to Ask These Questions In Poll about Planned Parenthood

poll-question Yesterday’s edition of USA Today (September 30, 2015) carried the following headline: “Poll: By 2-1, funding for Planned Parenthood supported.” Read More: "PP's Cecile Richards: 'Abortion is Health Care.'" Here are the opening paragraphs: “Some congressional Republicans remain determined to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, but a nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds […] Read Article →