Justice Department Illegally Restricts Investigations by Inspector Generals

Department-of-IN-Justice After the corruption of the Nixon administration in the early 1970s and the subsequent problems with an investigation of that corruption, Congress passed the Inspector General Act of 1978. This act gives inspector generals the authority to fully investigate any charges of corruption or other constitutional violations. Congress carefully spelled out the authority of inspector […] Read Article →

If You Can't Refute the Truth Go After the Truth Tellers

busted2 Planned Parenthood caught caught red handed -- literally -- in a sting operation. Not only does PP defend and support killing unborn babies, the organization profits from selling the babies body parts. Instead of investigating PP, Democrats want to investigate the organization that exposed the tax-funded organization. One would think that any rational person would […] Read Article →

Hillary Caught in Another Big, Fat Lie

hillary liar For months now, former Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been pooh-poohing her email scandal, saying no classified information went over her private email server. Can we get a buzzer on that? Thanks for playing, Hill. On Thursday, a couple of investigators called for a criminal investigation into her handling of emails. […] Read Article →

Black Lives Lost Are Their Own Fault

black_lives_matter As more news stories about blacks being killed or dying in police custody are reported I can’t help but notice that they all have one thing in common – the black person refused to comply with police orders. For some mystifying reason, none of the black activists that are protesting and demanding justice seem to […] Read Article →