1 in 4 Democrats Want Obama Impeached

obama impeachment In the wake of a flood of scandals rocking President Barack Obama’s ivory tower, Wenzel Strategies conducted a telephone poll last Thursday for WND.  I found their results surprising and encouraging. It revealed that a growing number of Americans believe that President Obama should be impeached. Fritz Wenzel, President of Wenzel Strategies summed up the […] Read Article →

54 Colorado Sheriffs Sue State Over New Gun-Grabbing Bills

colorado sheriffs Colorado may have passed far-reaching gun control laws with their Democratic-controlled houses, but they weren’t passed without fierce opposition, and not just from law-abiding gun owners. Fifty-four of the state’s 62 elected sheriffs have banded together and filed a lawsuit against the state for their unconstitutional legislation aimed at law-abiding citizens. There were eight other […] Read Article →

Obama’s New Campus Persecution System

College censorship Imagine you send your son to college and he gets accused of sexual harassment. You find the charges unbelievable and you trust an investigation will vindicate him. You assume that, until the complaint has been investigated and a ruling has been made he won’t be disciplined. Not true. The Wall Street Journal just reported on […] Read Article →

DOJ: Show Your Gay Pride, or Else ...

09282012BigBrother Even beyond the moral objections to homosexuality and gay "marriage," there has always been an important tactical reason to oppose the gay rights agenda, and that is because of the prediction that the more entrenched the idea of "gay rights" becomes in government, the more government would come after anyone opposing the gay agenda. The […] Read Article →

Liberal Bullies Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Bullying-keyboard Barronelle Stutzman is the owner of Arlene’s Flowers. When one of her customers, Robert Ingersoll, a homosexual, asked Stutzman to supply the flowers for his upcoming wedding with his male “partner,” she refused. She cited her religious beliefs. Stutzman never refused Ingersoll service when he ordered flowers for personal use. It was the idea of […] Read Article →

If the IRS Scandal Concerns You, Wait Till You See Who’s In Charge of the IRS Enforcement of Obamacare

sarah hall ingram From all we’ve heard in the news, the IRS targeting of non-profit applications with the name ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriot’ started back in 2010 if not earlier.  At that time, Sarah Hall Ingram was the commissioner responsible for all tax-exempt organizations and applications for non-profit status.  Ingram held that position from 2009 through 2012. Joseph […] Read Article →