Syrian War On Terror Cover For Socialism At Home

Truth and Lies According to the Obama Administration, they say they have evidence that Syria's Bashar Assad's forces are using chemical weapons against the rebels. Thus, giving the US the green light to arm and possibly help the rebels militarily. This is just another excuse by the Obama Administration to help organized Terrorist groups acquire yet another country […] Read Article →

IRS Rubbing Salt In Our Wounds

salt in wound Have you ever had an open wound and get salt in it?  I once had someone rub salt on an open wound in an attempt to help clean it out and to stop the bleeding.  The salt stung worse than a hundred bee stings and it’s something I’ll never forget. In the wake of all […] Read Article →

Black Democratic Senator Switches to GOP

sen guillory When I first saw the headlines on this, I had the same hopes that you probably did in thinking that it was a US senator that switched parties, but it’s not.  Elbert Guillory is a state senator from Opelousas, Louisiana. Guillory was a Democratic lawyer who was first elected to the Louisiana State House of […] Read Article →

There Are No Scandals When the Earth is in Danger

06292012ObamaUFO We've all experienced lame attempts to change the subject when people have been caught red-handed engaging in sleazy business, but the White House just made one the lamest efforts ever. Drowning in scandals involving spying on Americans and improperly using information and political authority to harass conservative groups for their beliefs, the Administration asked for […] Read Article →

Scandals Rock Obama’s Ratings

obama ratings dropping When Barack Obama was re-elected last November, it was with some of the lowest approval ratings for a sitting president since ratings were kept.  They ranged anywhere from 49% to as low as 45%. Earlier this year, the White House started getting some Americans believing their false reports of economic and job recovery.  In response […] Read Article →

Why Are Mosques Exempt From Government Surveillance?

no surveillance of mosques Last week, I wrote about the connection between the Boston bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers to Muslim terrorists to Malik Obama, Barack’s brother.  In that report, I mentioned that the mosque the brothers attended has a reputation of being a terrorist hotbed.  Two members of that mosque, Aafia Siddiqui and Tarek Mahenna were both convicted of […] Read Article →