Sunshine in Darkest Hour of Hurricane Sandy

Rose Ellen Dowdell Ever since Hurricane Sandy stormed on shore last week, we hear one sad story after another.  We hear of the lives lost (110 so far and possibly more) along with the homes and businesses that were destroyed or damaged.  Power outages stretched for a thousand miles up and down the eastern seaboard.  Damage from Frankenstorm […] Read Article →

Why Romney Really Lost

2008_us_presidential_election_final_results I hate to lose, especially when I know I could have won. The Republicans could have won. There are some states that Republicans are not going to win. But if you look at an election map, it’s a sea of red with a few islands of blue, except for a few states. The big cities […] Read Article →

Obama Wins, but We Are Not Going Away

11062012Obama Liberals the world round are celebrating today because the American electorate proved just stupid enough to fall for Barack Obama a second time. That means the leash is off the lion. "This is my last election. ... After my election I have more flexibility," Obama told Russia's Dmitry Medvedev earlier this year. And he's right. […] Read Article →

A Witness to British Elite’s Pedophile Dies

Jimmy Savile pedophile While the attention of Americans is focused on elections, the British press reported that a man who was close to and closely related to Jimmy Savile, the British celebrity and prolific pedophile, has conveniently died “of a broken heart.” Vivian Savile, who “worshiped” his uncle, like him also worked as a charity volunteer. Reportedly he […] Read Article →

Third-World Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

blackpanther The Black Panthers are back intimidating voters at Philadelphia precincts. You don’t need an ID to vote; all you need is a Black Panther to help you. A similar incident took place in 2008. Charges were filed against the intimidators, but Obama’s Attorney General wasn’t interested. The charges of voter intimidation were dismissed. Now they’re […] Read Article →