Judge Upholds Traditional Marriage

Gavel_02 U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker overturned the vote of millions of California voters who voted to uphold traditional marriage. After his decision it was learned that Judge Vaughn was a homosexual involved in a homosexual relationship. An appeals court ruled that Judge Vaughn “was not obligated to step away from the case because he […] Read Article →

Cops Want Logs of Americans’ Text Messages

textrule Law enforcement groups from around the country have been lobbying Congress to issue regulations that mandate wireless providers keep text messages of their customers’ for 2 years. These groups believe that the absence of such a law hinders their investigations. They want to have access to everyone’s text history “just in case” they’re involved in […] Read Article →

Should Obama’s Department of Veteran Affairs Have the Authority to Disarm Veterans?

vetgun When Bob Costas said that preventing suicide justified gun control, he “just happened” to be parroting the logic of military “experts” regarding Veterans.  As the controversy over Costas scripted, NFL-promoted, remarks broke out, Stars and Stripe was putting out its own propaganda: “Experts: Restricting troops’ access to firearms is necessary to reduce rate of suicides” […] Read Article →

False Prophecy Teacher Still Making the Rounds

Late great planet earth “Dubbed ‘Future Congress 2,’a gathering of experts in various fields, promises to excite participants and speakers alike. A very special bonus will be the appearance of Hal Lindsey, considered to be the father of the modern Bible prophecy movement.” Prophecy is big business. Predicting the future sells a lot of books. Hal Lindsey should know. […] Read Article →