IRS May Have Also Targeted Jewish Groups

09282012BigBrother Some folks have suggested that the Obama Administration ordered the IRS to apologize for targeting conservative groups for harassment as a way of distracting attention from the Benghazi coverup. Maybe. But if that's the case, the Administration may have let the wrong cat out of the bag. Even some previously stalwart Obama backers have suddenly […] Read Article →

The Beast That Devoured America

beast_on_fire I enjoy watching science fiction when I get the chance and sometimes I even enjoy those hokey B movies because they make me laugh.  From Godzilla to Tentacles to Jaws, there have been beasts on the silver screen and television that have terrorized our nation and devoured thousands of people.  In some fiction movies the […] Read Article →

Raped Because of Gun Free Zone

Amanda Hughes Whether you are a woman reading this or a man who has a wife or daughter reading this, think about how you would feel if this happened to you or one of your loved ones. A young woman fears for her personal safety and being the law abiding person she is, she follows all of […] Read Article →