FBI Background Checks Failed Boston

tsarnaev brothers2 Last summer, the calls for stricter background checks were made after James Holmes opened fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  A few months later, Adam Lanza broke into an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and did the same.  This time, the liberal Democrats rallied around the battle cry for stricter and universal background […] Read Article →

Liberals Panic as Koch Brothers Eye Newspapers

mediabias2 Billionaire George Soros has his fingers in just about every pie -- political campaigns, corporations, foundations and especially media outlets large and small -- and liberals are fine with that because Soros funds their causes. The fact that he's using his vast web of connections to tell them what to think doesn't seem to dawn […] Read Article →

Islamic Flag to Fly Over White House

islamic flag over white house Not long after Barack Hussein Obama first took office in 2009, I’ve been saying that he is a Muslim and not a Christian as he claims.  He has done everything to assist Muslims and hinder Christians.  He has hosted Muslim leaders who have vowed to destroy America.  He gives billions of dollars and weapons to […] Read Article →

Get Ready for the Obama Boston Cover-Up

La foto por la que me odia el 99% de ASAAF I do not believe the Boston bombings were an inside job, but I do believe a cover-up of who gets the blame for failing to put the pieces together is in the works. So what would the Obama Administration have to cover-up? Obama and Company should have seen it coming. These two Chechen radicals were […] Read Article →

Why Was Boston A Bigger Story Than Texas?

FEAR At the outset, it seems obvious. The Boston bombing was a terrorist attack, and the fertilizer plant explosion was as far as we know, just an industrial accident. But the Texas explosion killed more people. Fourteen people were killed in the explosion, and about 200 were injured. In Boston, 3 people were killed and a […] Read Article →