We're All Guinea Pigs Under 'Monsanto Protection Act'

GMOfood If ever there was an example of corporations turning elected representatives against the interests of the American people, it's in a provision protecting genetically modified foods that was tucked  into a spending bill signed Tuesday by President Obama. It's doubtful that many politicians even realized that what's being called the "Monsanto Protection Act" by critics […] Read Article →

RNC Chairman Tells GOP Not “To Act Like Old Testament Heretics” On Same-Sex Marriage

Reince Priebus same-sex marriage I was appalled when Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman came out last week and endorsed same-sex marriage because his son is a homosexual.  Portman decided that supporting his son’s sinful lifestyle was more important than what his faith says on the subject. However, after hearing what Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee told […] Read Article →