Atheist Church has its First 'Excommunication'

AtheistChurch It didn't take long for The Sunday Assembly to go from admitting that atheism is a religion to founding a growing atheist church to excommunicating its first heretic. The Sunday Assembly, founded amid fanfare in London in January 2013, has already grown to 28 churches around the globe where atheists come to celebrate their faith […] Read Article →

Another Obamacare Lie: ER Visits To Increase

Crowded-Emergency-Room-Waiting_medicine_obamacare Among the many lies and untruths told to the American people was one that said Obamacare would cut the number of emergency room visits.  President Obama stood before the nation and told us that more people will be going to doctors’ offices for treatment and that the number of visits to emergency rooms will decrease. […] Read Article →