Hollywood Supported Obama, Gets Rewarded With Tax Breaks

Hollywood tax breaks Last year’s presidential campaigns saw Barack Obama making frequent visits with Hollywood’s celebrity elite.  Hollywood liberals like George Clooney helped to raise millions of dollars for Obama’s re-election campaign. Next to the nation’s labor unions, the Hollywood film industry is perhaps the most liberal of America’s industries.  Hollywood has been very active in pushing gay […] Read Article →

Obama is a Lying S.O.B.

obama lying All we’ve heard from President Barack Obama is that he will not raise taxes on the middle class.  His push for the fiscal cliff deal was to only raise taxes on the wealthy while maintaining the tax breaks for everyone else.  Over the weekend, Obama said that he would not allow taxes to increase for […] Read Article →

Egyptian Magazine Confirms Muslim Agents Influence Obama Administration

10112012super-muslim-obama GOP concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration at the highest levels of the Obama Administration recently got confirmation from an Egyptian magazine, Rose El-Youssef. The article, which was translated into English by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, named six influential Muslims within and without the Obama Administration who it said turned the White House "from a […] Read Article →

Al Gore Sells Out To Big Oil

Gorecash Remember Al Gore’s cable network company Current TV? Yeah, neither do I. Its ratings were so bad that Time Warner Cable was about to drop it. It had struggled since 2005, but it could only manage to expand its audience to about 42,000 viewers. First, Glenn Beck offered to buy it, but Current rejected his […] Read Article →