Share the Wealth Hits Public Schools

no homework From my experience, probably 99% of students hate homework.  They feel that spending several hours at home with school work cuts into their social life and their time to play and enjoy their youth. In today’s hectic society, many parents are either too busy to spend time helping their kids with their homework or they […] Read Article →

The Quadrillion-Dollar Derivatives Bubble

cards Thinking about a quadrillion dollars is like trying to imagine how big the universe is. The $16 trillion national debt is staggering enough, but reading about a quadrillion-dollar bubble is beyond mind-blowing. While the media and Washington D.C. have our attention on the financial precipice allegedly ahead of us next year and the silly, fake […] Read Article →

Scalia Was a Prophet On Same-Sex "Marriage"

scalia The Supreme Court has agreed to hear two same-sex “marriage” cases. That means Antonin Scalia was a prophet. In 2003, when the Supreme Court overturned all the anti-sodomy laws in all states, Scalia told the courts that they had unleashed chaos. “Today's opinion dismantles the structure of constitutional law that has permitted a distinction to […] Read Article →

Take Down the “Holy-Day Tree” and Go to Work on December 25th

HolidayTree Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has defied lawmakers and decided that the state would have a “holiday tree” instead of a “Christmas tree.” Does Gov. Chafee realize that the word “holiday” means “holy day”? Not everybody is happy with the governor’s politically correct actions: “One state representative called the governor’s politically correct tree a farce. […] Read Article →