Is Ebola a Sign of the End Times?

Last-Days_clock “People were surrounded by traumatic death. And they didn’t have any idea how far it would go. Was it going to kill everybody? . . . Could this be the end of the world—is this Armageddon that the street corner ministers are preaching about?” (Influenza, 1918) As expected, with attention being given to Ebola, end-time […] Read Article →

State Dept. Covers-Up Crimes Just like Justice Dept.

hillary state dept Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department has repeatedly covered up crimes and closed investigations into other crimes. They have overlooked Barack Obama’s many crimes against the US Constitution and Congress. They dismissed a voter intimidation charge against two members of the New Black Panthers who were videoed in the act. It might have something […] Read Article →

The Real Goal in Houston is to Silence Churches

intimidation Todd Starnes writes, “Five Christian pastors will no longer have to turn their sermons over to attorneys for the city of Houston. Instead, they will be forced to turn over their speeches related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).” Isn’t a sermon a “speech”? What are they actually looking for? Did the pastors misrepresent […] Read Article →