ISIS “CyberCaliphate” Publishes Military Hit List

Cyber_Caliphate In January of this year a group within ISIS calling itself the CyberCaliphate hacked into U.S. Central Command’s (CENTCOM) servers and compromised not only the military database, but also Twitter and YouTube accounts. reports they then proceeded to issue threatening messages to U.S. military personnel. Although the Pentagon has issued no official confirmation, the hack […] Read Article →

Leftist Judge May Open Pandora's Terrorist Box

pandora-box-05 Leftist U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ordered the U.S. military to release photographs of detainees being abused from at least seven different sites in Afghanistan and Iraq. His ruling on Friday gives the government two months to decide whether to appeal before the photos could be released. Naturally, it was the ACLU that brought the case before the court, demanding government transparency […] Read Article →

What About Voting Rights for Dolphins?

Socks, the White House cat, sits atop the podium i Obama's numerous support groups are doing his dirty work again, which is to say they are trying to drum up enthusiasm and legal excuses for his latest tyrannical musings. Last week, it was an apparently off-the-cuff (meaning it was on the teleprompter) remark about making voting mandatory. That upsets many traditionalists for a lot of very good […] Read Article →

AIDS Activist Wants to be State Porn Czar

michaelWeinstein Nobody can say that AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein isn't a self-starter. Weinstein has made a reputation for himself among homosexuals by actually opposing PrEP, a drug that is claimed to block transmission of HIV, saying it is a health care disaster in the making. His latest adventure makes that seem like small potatoes. Weinstein […] Read Article →

Obama Loves On Iran while Spitting Vitriol at Israel

israel_iran_nuclear At some point we're going to have to wonder if President Obama is at least somewhat anti-Semitic aren't we? The way he's been treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scandalous, and the disdain his administration has shown the Israeli people during this election is simply disgusting. If this were Obama's normal modus operandi for dealing […] Read Article →