Euthanizing the Disabled

Euthanasia1 As nations like the United States and the United Kingdom lose their Christian foundation and values, they also begin to lose their value for human life. The slippery slope started with legalizing abortions followed by doctor assisted suicide. Now, the UK High Court has granted a British mother the legal right euthanize her 12 year […] Read Article →

Australian Men Giving Birth Left and Right

PregnantMan Talk about equality between the sexes. Did you know that in the last year alone, according to the Australian Medicare agency, 54 men gave birth? You go, boygirl! But Australia is not alone in this phenomenon. As usual, the United States blazed the trail for the rest of the increasingly confused world when American Thomas […] Read Article →

How Muslims 'Discovered' America

IslamAmerica It's bad enough to have the Muslim apologist in chief in the White House issuing proclamations thanking Muslims for their "achievements and contributions … to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy" while insisting that "we are no longer a Christian nation." We've learned to expect warped history […] Read Article →