Release of Intelligence Report Designed to Divert Attention from Failed Obama Policies

CIA So the Senate intelligence committee report on CIA "torture" practices has been released. The report is apparently 6300 pages and the summary is 600. Out of all those pages the only thing we should take from the report is that America, at least under Republican control, is bad. CNN reported that "The CIA's harsh interrogations of […] Read Article →

Scientists Create Life -- or Not

artificialLife Nothing excites the anti-God crowd like a good "evolution is right" story. Over the years, there have been a lot of them. If you believe the media, Darwinian evolution is scientific fact that has been proved thousands of times. The truth is somewhat different as evolution evidence is subject to a lot of interpretation and […] Read Article →

GOP Asks SCOTUS to Look at Medicare Death Panels

Medciare-Death-Panel- Will Republicans repeal, replace or just leave Obamacare alone? Opinions vary on all three possibilities. Some people who have never been able to obtain health insurance due to pre-existing conditions don’t want to lose their new coverage and I understand their feelings. Others are saying they want Obamacare repealed or replaced because they are paying […] Read Article →