Al-Qaeda Franchising to India

aqis in india Do you remember Barack Obama saying something to the effect that we have effectively destroyed the Taliban and al-Qaeda a year or so ago? In light of the latest news on the terrorist front, I wonder if he still believes that. In the world of acronyms, the new al-Qaeda franchise is known as AQIS for […] Read Article →

Amnesty to Wait Till After Election

illegalImmigrants The White House has announced that President Obama's big, illegal granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will wait until after the coming elections. Someone must have put a horse's head in his bed. That's the only way our prima donna president would have agreed to relinquish the spotlight as he singlehandedly saved the […] Read Article →

Wisconsin Dem Attorney General Candidate Wants Leniency on Habitual Child Molesters

susan happ Earlier this week I wrote about the tight race for Wisconsin’s governorship between incumbent Republican Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Burke served as Secretary of Commerce in the prior Democratic leadership that drove Wisconsin into near financial ruin. She is running to return the now prospering state to its former high unemployment […] Read Article →

DeLay: 'Barack Obama Cannot Be Trusted'

obama-islam Even with arguably the most powerful propaganda tools in history at his disposal, Barack Obama's image is steadily eroding, all thanks to his own doing. It turns out Obama, for all his complaining about conservatives, is his own worst enemy. Scandal after scandal, including lawbreaking that would have seen any other president impeached long ago, […] Read Article →