Obama's Next Defiant State of the Union

ImmigrationDecree Listening to President Obama speaking is just irritating. Between the stumbling "uhs" and "hmms" as he tries to find his place on the teleprompter and the arrogant overuse of "I" in every speech, he's like nails on a chalkboard. The media assure us that he's an unusually eloquent speaker, but actual evidence of that is […] Read Article →

President Obama Ain’t No Robin Hood

Prince John I’ve seen a lot of articles that describe President Obama’s call for “a $175 billion tax cut for the middle class, faster and cheaper broadband internet, a week of paid sick leave, discounted mortgages paid for by raising taxes on the rich and inheritances” as Robin Hood economic policy. Politico gets it wrong with this […] Read Article →

12 Dead in France and the World Marches, 2000 Dead in Nigeria and the World is Silent

Boko_Haram_Burnings While the world has been focused on the shocking terror attacks in Paris that left 17 dead, thousands of Christians have been murdered by Islamic Jihadists in Africa. Carnage Against Christians The same week of the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo (a weekly magazine known for its irreverent and mocking articles and satirical cartoons against […] Read Article →

We're Doomed Again

polar_bear I recently saw an off-duty LA Metro bus rolling down the street with its head sign switched to read "The End is Near." I don't know if the driver was immersed in apocalyptic gloom or simply happy his shift was over, but the sentiment of his message seems to be running rampant thanks to a […] Read Article →

Hottest Year Claim Political, Not Scientific

hottest-year If you were standing outside could you tell the difference between 58.46ºF and 58.45ºF? After the Obama administration made splashing headlines with their announcement of 2014 being the hottest year on record in the past 135 years, climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels is asking the question above. He quickly answers his own question saying NO, you […] Read Article →