Obama and the Rule of Lawlessness

lawlessness Our founders based our nation on the rule of law. But now lawlessness is becoming the rule. One of the Bible’s definitions for sin fits here: “Sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4). The border crisis is a strong case in point. Congress said no to the DREAM Act, but the president has a phone and […] Read Article →

Media Discovering There's a Crisis at the Border

BorderTrain On behalf of all conservatives who have been called ignorant, rabid, fear-mongering and whatever else over the past several weeks for talking about the health crisis and other problems caused by the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our border, I would just like to thank ABC News and the handful of other "mainstream" media that […] Read Article →

Archie Comics and the Willful Corruption of Children

death of archie_detail In 2011, the Archie Comic book franchise announced that it was adding a homosexual character to join Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty. “Life with Archie,” issue 16, features an “interracial, same-sex wedding of character Lt. Kevin Keller, a white American soldier wounded in Iraq, and Clay Walker, the black physical therapist who helped him recover.” […] Read Article →

America Rebelling Against Invasion of Illegal Kids

busing illegals Murrieta, California may have launched a nationwide protest against the influx of illegal aliens, including the unaccompanied children. Citizens in Murrieta were the first to protest and block the importation of busloads of illegals into their community. Nancy Greyson, a resident of Murrieta told the local news: "We can't start taking care of others if […] Read Article →