Obamanomics Failing Illinois

Obamanomics A couple months ago, I wrote about the economic policies of Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker are working to reduce the state deficit and increase the overall economic and job growth in his state.  Scott, limited union bargaining powers, cut state spending and reduced taxes, all of which have led to a positive turnaround from […] Read Article →

Liberal or Conservative -- the Machine Knows All

united-states-president-barack-obama-and-george-washington I don't have much use for political scientists as a rule. It's yet another ivory tower discipline that leans too far left to be of much use to mankind. But according to political scientist John Hibbing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I probably can't help feeling that way. Hibbing, with his Political Physiology Laboratory, may […] Read Article →

Obama’s Egyptian Muslim Buddies Drag Christian Woman from Car, Beat & Stab Her to Death

Mary Sameh George President Barack Obama was open and adamant with his support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s governing of Egypt.  He helped to equip them for their overthrow of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  Then he dumped billions of dollars to help the Muslim terrorist group to start harassing, beating, raping and killing Egypt’s Coptic Christians.  Even when […] Read Article →