Obama Likens Illegals to Your Kids

illegal kids If it’s okay to break one law, then why isn’t it okay to break other laws? If you allow millions of people to break our federal immigration laws, who can you expect any of them to obey our other federal, state and local laws? After allowing millions of people to break the law, at what […] Read Article →

12 Reasons Homosexual Marriage Will Wreck the Nation

wrecking ball In addition to being the editor and a contributor to Godfather Politics, I also serve as president of American Vision, a Christian ministry that deals with biblical worldview issues. American Vision has been involved in issues like same-sex marriage, politics, economics, education, ethics, atheism, creation and evolution, apologetics, and many other contemporary topics that affect our […] Read Article →

North Carolina Judge Rules Against State’s Religious and Constitutional History

year of our lord “A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that commissioners in one local county can’t present prayers only in Jesus’ name even if they all are Christians because doing so isn’t ‘nondiscriminatory’ toward other religions and elevates Christianity in government.” If this is true, then the United States Constitution as well as North Carolina’s constitution […] Read Article →