Governor Moonbeam and Stuff

Photo by Will Davison / The Signal California Gov. Jerry Brown descended from his mountain (more like a buzzard's perch, actually) on Friday long enough to comment on the border "situation," which he informed us is somehow not the responsibility of the Obama Administration. "Everybody's blaming -- it's Obama's fault, it's the border this and that," Brown said while speaking to the […] Read Article →

Pelosi Says She's a 'Lioness' When It Comes to Protecting Children Except Unborn Ones

Speaker Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) . . . described herself as a “lioness” when it comes to protecting children. She was describing her attitude toward the plight of illegal immigrants invading our southern border. Of course, her “lioness” ethic does not extend to children in the womb: “Nancy Pelosi accepted Planned Parenthood’s highest honor […] Read Article →

My Phone Call With a Political Insider

Secrets Being the editor of a website like Godfather Politics puts me in touch with a lot of people around the country who are experts in their respective fields. Since GP is heavily weighted toward politics, you can imagine the type of inside information I’m privy too. Because of mutual confidentially agreements, I rarely get to […] Read Article →