New Principal Bans Santa, Pledge of Allegiance, and Thanksgiving

Eujin Jaela Kim is the new principal of PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. The 33 year old Asian principal has announced that she is doing a politically correct cleansing of her school. In doing so, she has banned any reference to Santa Clause and Christmas. Additionally, she has banned Thanksgiving and recitation […]

Have Our Veterans Served and Died in Vain?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and I proudly raised my American flag in honor of them. I took time to reflect on their service over the past 240 years. I thank them for winning and preserving our freedoms and rights. Millions died or lost limbs or suffered other injuries in their service to our country. But […]

Florida Community College Drops Pledge of Allegiance for ‘Structured Dissent of Authority’

There are still some people who argue with me about how liberal and anti-American America’s schools have become. They claim that they are still teaching the core values that America was founded on and that they are indeed patriotic. For those naysayers, I direct you to Hillsborough Community College in Hillsborough County, Florida. The school […]

Florida Lets Dangerous National Anthem Criminal Loose on Streets

Florida’s playing fast and loose with its residents’ safety, not to mention the state and federal laws. The state’s attorney had his hands on the notorious Star-Spangled Bandit, but he let him get away due to what we can only assume was some sort of liberal fit of bleeding-heart disease. When college scoundrel Lane Pittman decided […]

Hillary Turns Over (Erased) Email Server to FBI

Hillary Clinton must really be feeling the heat. Months ago, it was revealed that her private email server had been thoroughly purged of any incriminating evidence despite the investigations into her probably illegal use of a non-government server. At the time, it seemed like if it came down to unbearable pressure, the server and any related […]

Our Government Would Outlaw the Declaration of Independence Today

Many people don’t know we celebrate Independence Day. It’s a non-work day, so that’s good enough for them. Political independence from a controlling government over local politics was the goal. The following is from Breitbart: “A new poll just out from Rasmussen shows the credibility of the Supreme Court has been severely frayed among likely voters. A […]

Americans Lose the Meaning of Fourth of July

You may have heard of Mark Dice. Armed with his microphone and a video camera, Dice makes a habit of doing man on the street interviews that show up just how ignorant people can be. He’s topped himself this time with a video in which he grills people in San Diego about the Fourth of […]

First Lesbians, Now Arabs Taking Over Houston

Overall, Texas appears to be a state that is largely conservative. Perhaps that’s true for much of the state but not for Houston. To begin with, Houston residents voted in a lesbian mayor who could be described as being a hyper gay activist. She has extended special and privileged benefits to gays, lesbians and others […]

Muslim Ramadan More Important than 4th of July According to State Department

Over the past couple of decades, liberals have been downplaying American patriotism in favor of globalism and other countries. A number of schools, especially in the southwest, have discriminated against displaying the American flag for fear it offends Hispanics. Some students have been suspended for wearing t-shirts with the American flag on May 5 (Cinco […]

Americans Should NOT Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Why do so many Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Do they even know what it’s about? Cinco de Mayo translates to ‘fifth of May.’ Many Americans and even a large number of Mexicans in the US believe that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, but they are wrong. Mexican Independence Day is actually September […]

Supreme Court Allows Mexican Flag to Triumph over American Flag at US School

I grew up and spent most of my life in Arizona which has its fair share of Mexicans, legal and illegal. I’ve witnessed firsthand how some of them have tried to intimidate American citizens and I’ve seen where they have taken over entire neighborhoods, driving out families that have lived there for years. With all […]

One Nation Under Allah Pledge Recited in Arabic at NY School

Prior to the 2008 presidential election, you never heard of any public school teaching and pushing Islam. When students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, it was always in English and you heard the words ‘One nation under God.’ Since a hoodwinked and color prejudiced people elected a Muslim to occupy the White House, all that […]