Pelosi: More Tax Revenue To Close The Deficit, Not Spending Cuts

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Nancy Pelosi about proposed budget cuts and the coming “sequester” that will slash about $85 billion from the government’s budget. To most non-government officials, that $85 billion seems like a lot of money, but to a government that spends that much in a little over a week, it’s nothing. Senator Rand Paul referred to this sequestration as a “pittance.” And Democrat and Republican representatives are talking about this sequestration thing as if it’s Fiscal Cliff II.

Like all the rest of the liberals, Pelosi reiterated that there is no spending problem, and that we need to address the budget deficit in a balanced way and avoid the sequester cuts:

 “We have to recognize that, which cuts really help us and which cuts hurt our future? And cuts in education, scientific research and the rest are harmful, and they are what are affected by the sequestration. So, it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem that we have to address.”

 And she thinks the way to address this budget deficit problem is to close all the tax “loopholes” so that the government can increase their revenue. But Democrats refer to these loopholes as if these greedy, rich people are “getting away” with not paying their fair share in taxes. But they’re not getting away with anything. They’re simply following the letter of the tax laws.

The U.S. Tax Code takes up over 73,000 pages. No human on Earth could keep up with that many laws and regulations. (Except for maybe Rain Man.) But people can use that complexity to their advantage. I don’t make enough money to justify paying a tax accountant to find ways to maximize the amount of money I get to keep from the IRS. But I know people who do make enough to justify paying someone to find these so-called loopholes. And they’re not doing anything illegal. In fact, they’re being as compliant as possible with the law.

Pelosi’s problem is that these rich folks aren’t following the spirit of the law. It’s not fair that a rich person can find ways in the written law that makes it so that he ends up paying a smaller percentage than say a bus driver or a cop, as Obama had referenced recently. The subjective spirit of the law according to Pelosi is to require those that are successful to pay more in taxes. Liberals like Pelosi and Obama can thank the endless muddle of the tax code for the existence of these so-called loopholes in the first place. If they really want to eliminate these loopholes, they’re going to have to greatly simplify the code. They should work to eliminate at least 99% of the tax code.

Although I’m not in favor of an income tax at all, Dr. Ben Carson’s 10% idea would be simple and far better than what we have today. Whatever money you make, pay 10% in taxes. It would affect everybody across the board. There would be no 47% of people not paying taxes while voting to make sure the rich people pay more and more. Everybody would be taxed at 10%. Wouldn’t that clear up the “loophole” problem? There would be no exceptions. Everybody would be treated the same. Isn’t that the definition of “fair?”

270 thoughts on “Pelosi: More Tax Revenue To Close The Deficit, Not Spending Cuts

  1. I saw that interview with Chris Wallace and was astonished when Pelosi had the gall to say there wasn’t any spending problem, and that more revenue was all we needed. I don’t profess to be an expert in economics, but it stands to reason that if they conviscated every paycheck from those who are still fortunate enough to have a job – there still wouldn’t be enough money to pay off this gargantuan debt! We don’t own this country anymore – our creditors do and these liberals just don’t seem to give a hoot as long as they can keep spending and remain in power.

    1. We, the people,whose money this is have been shafted. Much of all this “stimulus” and QE garbage has gone for secret things..and all over the world. Our Constitution does not allow for that nonsense. Our money needs to go to our people such as those who suffered during Sandy. No one dares say anything, but New Orleans got too much and Sandy people got screwed.
      Pelosi needs to go somewhere else and perhaps she should spend her own money not mine. One of the big differences betwixt insane liberals and conservatives is the bent of the libs to spend someone elses money and tell everyone what to do. Conservatives, on the other hand, do their conscience (I drive a Prius) what I would never do is to tell everyone else they must follow suit. It’s a sign of nsanity truly in that one believes everything they do or think everyone else should as well. To clarify, at the time of the purchase of my Prius I made money off mileage…so…

    2. there u go BTW the other part of this equation is the R’s oh yea! they’re all cut of the same cloth. Do u see in the past 5 yr anything really being done to stop any of this nonsense? umm

      1. Yes, I agree! There is blame on both sides of the fence. I often wished myself that they would have more backbone and start really buckling down to do something instead of just complaining about Obama.

      2. We planned to retire, before Obama. It is so sad to see my aging husband hustle in the business world so we can stay just barely afloat and O can give the most of our earnings away.

        1. When someone, like Obama,, has NEVER WORKED, he doesn’t care, where the money comes from, just as long as it is there, for him, to spend, as he sees fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Allen Goldberg……I saw that interview and also the one with Wayne La Pierre of the NRA and what a difference in Chris’ demeanor.

        He attacked La Pierre a number of times on the gun control issue, sounding just like someone on the left. Really PO’d me.

    3. It makes no point for a talking head to challenge a moron Botox head …I am sure glad I did not watch the thing live on TV would have meade me sick to look at her

        1. Maybe that is the “Weight Loss” part of “Obamacare?” You “lose weight” because you can’t keep any food down. ; )

    4. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all their Liberal Cohorts emphatically state that this administration (government) does not have a spending problem; becasue none of these elected officials have any problem spending other people’s money.

    5. No, they don’t have a spending problem. They have spending money, THEY DON’T HAVE, down pat!

      What leads her or anyone else to believe that “increased revenue” (aka taxes) will solve the problem? Until the “spending” is under control, no amount of additional money will help.

  2. Honest to God…These people are delusional and they think that the American people are stupid enough to believe anything they say.

    1. What they are going to do is drive more and more companies off shore. This will increase unemployment which in turn will lower dollars to government. If they raise the taxes more and more will retire at an earlier age to avoid the taxes again reducing the money to the federal government. I think that delusional is complementing these morons. They make total ignorance a thing to be achieved rather than avoided.

      1. I bought a product Made In America…It came yesterday..I was so excited. We do make the best products in the world…MADE RIGHT HERE…Almost swooned.

    2. My personal experience, limited as it may be, has shown me that unfortunately most people fall straight into the stupid category for they find it easier to blindly accept word of mouth rather than diligently pursue the truth. I guess they think it’s too much work.

      1. ” A Democracy cannot exist as a permenant form of government! it can only last untill the Voters discover they can vote themselves Largesse from the public treasury! From that moment on the majority will always vote for the candidates promising the most benifits from the public treasury, with the results that a Democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, and is always followed by a Dictatorship” Alexander Fraiser Tytler

        1. One of my favorite quotes….and it has proven to be true in every democracy (which only last an average of 200 years. ) I think we’ve lasted longer because we’re a Constitutional Republic who were blessed by God for many years but now, I believe, we are under God’s judgement and Obama is His whipping stick in His hand to discipline us for turning our backs on Him. If Amerca doesn’t repent and return to God, we will continue in our downward spiral into more crime, more drugs, more drugs, more depravity.

          My opinion.

        2. Did anyone see Double Divas??? I did not watch it but it came on before I could change it..Depraved is the word..and country hicks galore…no brains no class, what is wrong with us. Watch our TV and you will see the state of our union…We are depravity in spades..No decency on T V most of the time..

        3. this is NOT a democracy and the REAL problem stems from the time that the Senators were no longer APPOINTED by the state but elected by the masses. Net result is that the Senate Candidates promise MORE goodies to the masses to get elected. The Senate was SUPPOSE to be a check and balance on the House and vice versa; It was ALSO suppose to represent the State while the House represented the people.

        4. That would be great! It would be great for the States to represented again.

          Zell Miller (D) was appointed to the U.S. Senate from Georgia on July 24, 2000. (He filled the vacancy caused by the death of Paul Coverdell). He introduced a bill in the Senate to repeal the 17th Amendment. It did not get anywhere; however, he tried. He was disgusted with what he saw in Washington D.C.

          Zell spoke at the Republican Convention giving the keynote speech. He even wrote a book called “A Deficit of Decency.” If you have not read it, it is a very good book.

        5. We certainly have a deficit of decency…Try to find any decency on T. V. We need decency to be mandatory for what goes over the waves…

        6. Women in America seem to be 99% sluts…That used to be a bad thing in this world..Now it is everyday..Men marry nothing but sluts..How they dress, how they speak, can any of them speak English…She and I is preferred to Her and I which I heard last night…Where are our censors??? I watched TCM and saw a woman in a slip..It looked quite sexy as it always did…But now the harlots wear them as dresses with no sex appeal at all in them…

        7. I understand you cannot monitor kids 24/7. And, it would be nice to have what we used to have in our country. I believe having God in our lives, being grateful for what we have, and showing others respect goes a long way.

          Unfortunately, everything that used to be “cherished” is now ridiculed, disrespected, and shunned by too many people.

          One thing that we had back in the 50’s (and earlier) were intact families. There was a father, a mother, and the children. One parent (normally the Father) worked outside the home. The Mother worked in the home taking care of the house and the children. The children knew who their parents were and the parents actually acted like PARENTS.

        8. What was can be again…That was how it is supposed to be before avarice stepped in and women wanted to fulfill themselves outside the home, not knowing that there was plenty of time to be fulfilled after the children grew up….There were rules and laws…Women had a high place in life..Now they can only be equal….They gave away their power…

        9. Democracy does not exist without GOD…They took him out first. We need to move fast and put him back..Pray like you never prayed before…Your life does depend on it.. Let the Christians gather.

        10. We The People of America have let God be taken out of our country. God is angry with us!!! God’s first commandment to Moses, in Exodus 20 was, ” I am the Lord your God, thou shalt have NO other god’s before ME! Obama’s new curriculum CSCOPE, teaches our children “allah is the almighty god”. Many times issues between Islam and Christianity come up, our judges and officials sided with Islam, pushing Islamic religion on Americans and removing God from public buildings or sight. God told Moses in Leviticus 18: 22 -25 “You shall not lie with a male as a woman. It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any animal to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion. Do not defile yourselves with any of these things: for by all these things the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you. For the land is defiled, therefore I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it and the land vomits out it’s inhabitants.” Same sex marriage is now a law of America. God gave Moses the commandment in Exodus 20: 13 “Thou shalt not kill”. Abortion on demand is a law. Planned Parenthood killed over 350,000 babies last year. These things angered God greatly! He has removed His blessing from America. God also made us a promise and He does not lie! He said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” How wonderful is that? As the loving Creator, He gave us laws to live by, knowing we are not perfect and would sin, yes He will punish us, as a good parent does. But He forgives us if we ask and change what is offensive. God took His blessing away, look at the critical problems we are facing. Not only does Iran and N. Korea want to nuke us, Obama borrowed so much from China, they now demand property rights to 1/3 of our country. We see Obama is destroying our rights and Constitution. He and UN work every day to move us into the N W O. Even members in Congress work against us. God is also angry with our ministers, they worried more about non-profit tax status, than pointing out America’s sins and not standing with Israel. The Lord said to Abram(Israel) in Gensis 12:3 “I will bless those that bless you and will curse those that curse you”. God will forgive us, we must ask for it and change our ways and He will heal America.

        11. Christians need to gather as one and ask God for mercy one more time…There are more disasters coming to persuade those for Obama that they are on the wrong side…The east coast was nothing to what is coming there…They will wish the mountains fell on them….We the people need to gather in every area and pray…

        12. I remember a statement from the past=(PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION ) That statement may be more important now than it ever was. WE NEED A CHRISTAIN CRUSADE NOW!

        13. It was also a song. You can find many versions of it.

          The song is about the ‘USS New Orleans CA-32′ during the attack on
          Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941. The ships’ ammunition hoists had no power to operate them, making it nearly
          impossible to get more ammunition topside to the gun crews. The 54 lb shells were pulled up the powerless hoists by the men using ropes
          attached to their metal cases. The men formed ammunition lines to get the shells to the guns.

        14. I remember my cousins singing that song when i was a child.. they also sang about “coming in on a wing and a prayer”…I was born in Feb.. 1940, so I just barely remember snippets about the war..

        1. He was elected through FRAUD! Someone mighty is protecting him and this is why he has not been impeached. We need a very strong person to fight for our Constitution who is not afraid of threats!

        2. One hundred million gun owners make for “a very strong person” who WILL be listend to and could cause a serious reduction in corporate government w/o anyone discharging a single shot.
          These clowns are beginning to see the possibilities are there as they push for chaos.

        3. We need a strong group of heros…Navy Seal and Marines could save us. Please military, invade us on our own soil…Save us.

      2. most of them don’t know how to do a reality check let alone look for the truth at what’s being done to the american public they think ( it’s Free )so it must be good from our idol obama don’t worry about tommorow he’ll take care of Us sounds stupid i know but that’s their mentality

        1. “sounds stupid i know but that’s their mentality”

          No it’s not. It’s your mentality. Your impression of what others believe.

    3. May I direct your attention to the recently re-elected, current occupant of the White House? I would submit that it’s much more than a “belief” it seems it’s, instead, an empirical FACT!

      1. As I posted I want to see Nancy’s tax records. What is fair is fair. Is she paying her fair share or is she sheltering her income?


        1. Or I’ll come by occasionally and remind you people that you speak for yourselves, and not “The American People.”

        2. Newsflash: You DON’T speak for the American people either.

          “There are many Americans who would say that about the content of this website.”

          As in your previous post.

        3. I do speak for many Americans on that matter, many would agree. I didn’t make a claim for The American People.

          Many is far from all.

        4. People here are constantly offering the opinion of “The American People” and “True Americans”

          Any of this “We the people” rhetoric is an example. The Tea Party is not “We the people” it’s the Tea Party. Everyone makes up “We the people” and the Tea Party is far from representing everyone.

      2. This is America at its finest for the most part…We should be in the offices of government…Then we would have a great country.

    4. Nancy Pelosi is the Most Stupid Person I have Ever Heard of In Government. She likes to sign documents un read and You then can learn what is in them by reading after having been signed. The is so stupid, I have a hard time believeing she is that stupid.
      But like the ole saying, “You Can’t Fix Stupid” So she should be kicked out of the Government. Along with the other idiots like Reid, O’Dip, Barney, and some Republicans as well. We need to clean house and get some Real Americans in Office.

      1. It would be a “toss up” between her and Joe “change the foot in my mouth” Biden. Now, you can “fix stupid; however, it is illegal.

        As far as the “cleaning” goes, that would take “one GIANT enema!” Just make sure that nobody is “downhill” when that takes place. ; )

    5. Obama is going to suggest more spending to stimulate the economy and higher taxes to pay for it. Hopefully, the House will thwart his reckless spending policies.

      1. He will only bypass them ;by Executive Order ‘ . The , ‘communist ‘ , is hell – bent ‘ , on destroying this country and along with his Communist puppeteers ; is doing a ‘ bang -up ‘ job .

    6. They keep being voted in, and yes the people are STUPID. other wise the would not keep getting elected.!!!! don’t you think ?

  3. I am to the point of to heck with it let them have what they want and let the government collapse the quicker the better. Only sad thing is that in the resulting chaos allot of folks that do not deserve to be hurt financially or otherwise will be.

    As for the takers, when there is nothing left for them to take they will starve to death and those that work will be left to rebuild.

    Unfortunately it will not be pretty at any level.

      1. I don’t think they want what the “haves” have, especially the “lead!” Or, if they do want it, it won’t be for long!

        Molon Labe

    1. those who’ve always worked and lived within their means and done the right thing will figure out how to survive. some won’t as their will be grinding and mashing of teeth here on earth. remember this is only a temporary stop and our goal is always to glorify our Lord. America has forgotten as the evil one has had his way thru differnt meduims such as the msm to turn the people against what is right and to follow and chase things with no meaning. God Bless America

    2. The “Rebuilding” you speak of will not occur within the lifetimes of any who were old enough to have voted on November 6, if ever! Neither Rome nor Greece have made any appreciable recovery these past century’s!
      ” Liberty is a harsh mistress! you cannot choose what you like and dislike about her, Liberty will not change her principles for you, no matter how much you claim to love her.She will stand fast in her demands for total acceptance, If you can’t recieve her, she will recognize you for a false lover and leave you! And when you hear that door slam, it will take every tear in your eye, every ounce of blood in your veins, and all the nerve in your heart to win her back!” Bill Masters

  4. Now here is a point to figure. Under Obama we have a $1+ Trillion deficit each of his 4 years. Obama had his failed Trillion dollar Stimulus which created a few jobs costing taxpayers $380k each. So the Stimulus was a failure. Now how can any nation survive or prosper over spending at these rates and ignore the looming hyper-inflation which will be the only solution to such a mountain of debt. Pelosi and the idiots who worship her are the problems and certainly not the solution.

    1., organize for America, S.E.I.U., Acorn (or whatever Bertha Lewis is now calling it), water hoses, stimulants and busses!
      Every two years these organizations , locate, hose down and ‘stimulate’ her constituants, bus them to the polling places and then return them, with the promise that they will return in two years!

  5. They have no concept of history, we allowed them to get out of control, now is the time to take back our country. Everyone needs to go down and file exempted on their W9’s. Stop paying the federal reserve for bank fees and stop the federal government from making money. We need to chance their focus back to the banks, we need to pull out all our money from the banks. This will get the puppet masters attention and they will panic just long enough for us to start getting control of our government again.

    Now I’m in California and behind enemy lines, military trained and have a team ready and willing. Stop talking and start taking back our country.

  6. Everyone must understand that Pelosi is a voice of the left and that the goal here is the downfall of America as we know it. To hide the fact that the politicians are spending us into the ground, she soothes the masses of uninformed that the solution is taxes. They suck it up and vote and the train continues until it runs out of track. Hard to believe that such traitors are among us but someone voted for them, by hook or crook. We’re too broke to support our defense while China and Russia double and triple their defense spending. The time is coming where the only thing to prevent either from walking in and taking over is the preservation of the 2nd Amendment. We’ll have to do what the government won’t.

  7. With every utterance, Ms. Pelosi comes across as a bigger and bigger idiot, fool, liar and nitwit. Only a Progressive could spout such nonsense and actually believe it! Being that she is not only a liar and nitwit, but also the consummate Beltway crook whereas she personally benefits from her legislative malfeasance. How many millions has she defrauded the American people of with her bogus leadership? Perhaps someone out there can compile that particular statistic. I am sure that it would be most enlightening! For what its worth!

  8. Lately we hear so much about background checks and, psychological background checks to purchase guns and ammunition. Would it not be reasonable to require the same thing from anyone who wants to, or presently is running for any political office? How many of the petty thieves and two bit criminals that make up this administration and congress would be able to pass even a cursory background check? Simply put, we are being bankrupt by these people and many among us sit there and continue drinking the “koolaide”

  9. Our tax dollars are over-paying this witch to make a fool of herself.. If she were an employee in my personal business, she would have been fired quite a few years ago. Shall we all try spending our way out of debt? That is what she is saying.

  10. This coming from a woman that hears voices from the dead, like Son of Sam…She is in dire need of mental evaluation, yet although its probably entertaining to Liberal media, but not worth the paper its written on……The 12 step program would probably help her a little, but there are to many brain cells that have been destroyed.

    1. ” The Twelve Step Program would probably help her…” Yes! Particularly if it were administered from the top of a very high structure, measuring only 10 steps in width!

  11. How in the H$ll did all these sick stupid people get in Congress???? And still 50% of you don’t get it. But than 48% of you are on the take and living off the tax payers.

  12. Spending cuts should start with all goverment employes salery`s . Also Cut Michelle obama spending budget and only allow 1 vacation for the whole family together . No boy freinds and the such.

  13. Botox Nancy has not the slighest comprehension of what she is saying, she is nothing
    more than a parrot spewing for the what she was told to say. They do not comprehend
    that they need to cut their “Vote Buying by entitlement” cost money and does not benefit
    our naiton. It does keep the criminals in office and allows them to continue to scam the
    people. But she is such a bimbo headed fool that she cannot see the handwriting on the
    wall tha their day is comming very fast and it will not be pretty when the run them out of
    town on a rail as in days of old with corrupt politicans and shysters.

  14. Fair isn’t in the liberal vocabulary. Unless is pushes their agenda and then its fair. Demoncrats like pelosi need to be put out to sea without an oar or life jacket in a leaky boat. Let nature take care of them.


  16. They could tax 100% of everyone’s income(for those math challenged folks out there, that means ALL OF IT) and it still would not close the deficit. There are so many stupid things being done with tax money it is unbelievable. Really frustrating.

  17. Such rampant stupidity from a sitting legislator should be ample evidence to dismiss them.

    Using her logic, the ‘rich’ who buy more, should pay more. Try telling that to Walmart or Costco…let’s see how that would work:
    Customer to salesperson: “How much for a dozen widgets?”
    Sales person: “$12.00”
    Customer: “How much if I buy 24 widgets at the same time?”
    Sales person: $50.00″
    Customer: “Why do I pay more when I buy more?”
    Sales person: “It’s a government program designed to make the rich pay their fair share.”
    Customer: ‘What?, But I’m not rich…”
    Sales person: “Perhaps, but we want everything to be fair…”
    Customer: “But if I buy more, don’t you make more commission, and your company makes more money?”
    Sales Person: ‘yes’.
    Customer: “Your policy will keep me from buying more from you”
    Sales Person: “Why?”
    Customer: “Because it’s cheaper to buy less”
    Sales person: ” I think you should buy more…”

    Customer: “I’m confused’
    Sales person: “So is our government”

      1. James –
        You are obviously on the left side of the equation, at least as I monitor your posts – however, paying taxes falls under the heading of ‘government crime’ since every time they need more they steal more from those who produce AND the producers have no recourse for they can’t take ‘ye olde government’ to court for redress.

        1. d1032 –
          I sympathize with your desire to not pay for things you don’t want to pay for. But your opinion doesn’t give people much to go on beyond “less government”, which is too vague as a way to proceed toward a future we all prefer. Many people have their own opinion of what would be “less government,” and not all those opinions align.

          “You are obviously on the left side of the equation,” Your stereotypical thought process is duly noted.

  18. You can look into her eyes and see the back of her head. This ignorant whore is retarded. Its time to put people like her down , just like a rabid dog.

  19. If Nancy Pelosi is who we Americans have representing us, then we’re in dire straights. This woman should be the “poster child for term limits.” She acts like she’s on medication and if she isn’t, she should be. This is the same woman who spent over $2 Million dollars on the use of a military jet for her personal use and that of her family and friends on the taxpayer dime and she has no conscience about it at all. She along with Harry Reid helped to put us in this mess. The Democrats (when she was Speaker of the House) were in power the last 2 years of President Bush’s term and then had a little over 2 years of being in power when President Obama was elected. The spending and deficit are largely due to her and Harry Reid’s incompentence and their never ending dedication of playing partisan politics at the expense of this great country and the people they were elected to represent. They refuse to cut spending or pass a budget. They have long forgotten that they work for us and we need to let them know we’re not going to allow them to ruin the United States. They’ve proven that the day of career politicians must end.

  20. I just know that the more revenue the governments have (local city, county, school boards, library boards, recreation boards, state governments and the Federal Government) the more they will spend. In my lifetime, I have never seen them use a tax increase to pay off debt. If the Federal Government could raise taxes by 1.5 Trillion per year, they would increase spending by 1.6 Trillion per year, and the debt would just get bigger and bigger. And since they build in an automatic 5% increase each year in spending of every line item, if they do make a “cut” they simply reduce the increase to 3% for that year and call it a 2% across the board cut.o And the government employees (this includes all of them) all howl like banshees!

    That is why “we the people” think that we have a spending problem!

  21. It would be interesting to see if the Pelosis seek out every available deduction in the tax code or if they’re following the spirit of the tax law. I’m betting that she didn’t get to be one of the fifteen wealthiest members of Congress by paying more than they had to.

    The tax laws are so convoluted and difficult to understand that it seems almost impossible for a well-meaning citizen not to make some errors during the preparation of tax returns. It sort of makes one think that the tax code was written in such a way that the IRS can play GOTCHA no matter what you do.

  22. More Taxes lead to less consumer spending. Less consumer spending leads to company layoffs. Company layoffs leads to higher unemployment and ultimately less taxes being paid. I don’t see a problem, do you?

  23. When Dr, Ben Carson spoke at the Prayer Breakfast he really hit the nail on the head. Pelosi wants to raise taxes on the working people. Now what about a National Flat Tax. Soon the payers are going to get real tired of the Democrat way of just spend and raise taxes to keep their insanity going. Why should a person with no Skin in the game even be allowed to vote?

      1. The question begs is vote how many times? With districts reporting over 100 percent voting there just might be a problem. BTW when this country was first established you did have to own property in order to vote.

        1. That is true except for human nature. It is still the same. Is there voter fraud assuredly yes. Because of that and the ease with which it can be perpetrated we need to correct that. People voting more than once actually may just disenfranchise my vote. It would be the same as not allowing me to vote as my voice was shut out.

        2. I’m certainly not supporting voting fraud. But I also consider it of utmost importance that those who have a right to vote, don’t have their actual ability to vote impeded under the intentions of reducing fraud.

        3. I would not mind that everyone who votes have to have their fingerprints taken and put into a national base so that when you vote it is checked to see if you are legal and check to see if you voted already. That should be part of the registering to vote, that would put a stop to voter fraud or bring it way way down. I hate the fact that this would be more intrusive into our lives but anyone who drives has had their fingerprints taken. The important thing is integrity in the voting process. I realize the left would be against it because they would lose many many votes, enough to change the election.

      2. Remember one thing. Thomas Jefferson original plan was to only allow land owners to vote. Nowadays people who lets say are on the Govt dole can vote themselves more from the taxpayers. When the takers outnumber the payers in an election the Republic is finished.

  24. Yes, these idiots are delusional, but, more to the point, Yes the American people are STUPID!! Why would they elect an idiot like Pelosi or a incompetent, lying arrogant MORON like Obama. It takes an idiot to vote for an idiot!

  25. pillosi didn’t give a real answer to any of the questions asked of her on Sunday. Besides, the dummicrats keep saying that we don’t have a spending problem. Well then, why do they need more money? Quite honestly, this old bag is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooooo old and getting senile and oh dear, obummer says she will be the next Speaker soon!!! Another, rigged election???????????

  26. She is may be right, we do not have a spending problem, we have a lying problem! We lied to you about the Health Care bill, we lied to you about closing our boarder , we lied to you about not raising taxes, we lied to you when we said our country is safer today, we lied to you when we said it was a film that killed our Ambassador, we lied to you about helping the Middle Class, we lied to you about having a balance budget, we lied to you about caring for our Military children, we lied to you abut the 2nd Amendment, but most of all we lied to you when we did not vet the man who is presently in the White House!

    1. Exactly ‘ ; and when we were growing up ; you didn ‘t tell a lie ;or you were severely punished ‘ . But ; the progressives have been responsible for the ; ( dumb -ing down ) of our schools , and promoting the moral decay , of our society ; since the 1950 ‘s

  27. We need Mandatory Term Limits on all elected politicians, Judges, and Administrators. I would say, realistically: Representatives 4 terms, Senate 2 terms, Judges 1 – 20 year term. Administrators with regulation implementation authority are limited to 1 – six year term!

    However, I would prefer we limit them all to a two term model: one term in office, one term in prison!

  28. Pelosi should be taken out and HUNG….She is a B—- with a big mouth and no brain!!!
    I have a list of people besides her who should be locked up with tape across their mouths!….A few are Pelosi, Reid, both Obamas, Kerry, and the two nominees still being questioned!! I just can’t believe that there are still supposedly people with brains who think
    they have a God in Obama. I just feel very sorry for them!!!…….but their stupidity can’t last forever!!

  29. Yes Mrs. Pelosi because that is working so well in your district! You have one of the most despicable areas of San Fran under your control and how are they doing? You have over stayed your usefulness to American people and it is time for you to go and get a real job and live with your rules and while we are at it take away all the money you and your husband made by lying and cheating and special interests that you have devoted your life to.

  30. In my life of 83 years I have never seen or heard of a Liberal Progressive Elitist Socialist that understood that the more they TAX the less money they will get. Why? Because they have taken all the money out of the the system in order to accomplish business and people to live on. This has happened from the beginning of any Socialist Government which tried to rule and not govern. We are now a Government for the the Government, by the Government and of the Government and you peon have nothing for you are ruled by out of controlled Agencies like the EPA, FDA(murder for corporate profits with poison drugs that kill not cure or poison Toxin laced foods that make you and your children sick in mind and body.) and the others, for your Elected Official like mine from New Mexico have sold us out for a portion of the 30 pieces of Blood stained Silver.

  31. Pelosi , Reid and Obama need to go! These traitors need to be removed from office as soon as possible! These elitist are destroying our country from the onside out just as Stalin had predicted! Thrown all the lousy Democrats that support this Dictator president out on now. They have no right to violate our rights and disregard our great Constitution!

  32. I understand why Pelosi wants to increase taxes without cutting spending. You must think like a liberal. Conservatives want to cut spending and not raise taxes. That way you can lower the deficit. Can even raise taxes a little (like 10% overall in income tax). But Pelosi is typical DumocRAT. Raise taxed is not the way to lower deficit. She wants more money to spend and increase deficit. Sure they will cut some spending, like in defense, Medicare benefits, Social Security so that they can get the money they will need this year when Obama grants amnesty to 11 million to 12 million “undocumented” illegal aliens in this country. That is a lot of people going to the head of unemployment lines and welfare lines. Where is Pelosi and Obama and Reid going to get the money for this? Right….. taxes taxes taxes and more taxes.

  33. [email protected] says:

    These people think this way and are able to get away with this kind of “logical” thought because NOT ENOUGH of us are contacting them giving the opposing points of view. The fact that this bug eyed psycho is being entertained as a “spokesperson” for our Government is pathetic. We need to cut the deficit. We DO NOT NEED higher taxes or new taxes or any other form of bleeding more money out of the pockets of the Americans who still have jobs and are working. How about we cut the Obama Phone benefit that has risen from 870 million to a whopping 2.3 billion at American taxpayer expense. Wake up folks. The gimme generation needs a reality check. Get off the Governement hand out line and find a job and contribute to this Nation’s economy in a positive way. These politicians are the very same group who EXCLUDED themselves from the mandatory Obamacare. Probably because it’s bad legislation and even worse medicine. WAKE UP FOLKS. Speak up before it’s too late.

  34. What is it with these senators from CA? Are all of them whinos/drunks on wine??? Maybe they are all just flat out stupid, yeah this sounds like more reasonable thinking…stupid selfcenter,zealots that think their tyrannical ways go unnoticed

  35. I like the 10% 0r 15% FLAT tax idea no loop holes basic simplicity. there would be no need to have upteen thousands of IRS workers. Or even better yet a consumption tax 10% tax on everything you buy collected at the time of sale no need to file any TAX returns on either and everyone would be taxed fairly. Including the BIG companies having to pay 10 or 15% on their billions in income. It is plain it is simple and it will work

    1. There my friend is the problem with that tax plan………It’s a simple common sense approach and our so-called leaders can’t have that!

  36. Oh yes Pelosi the moron who said pass obummercare first and read it after. Thats worked out great people are losing their coverage and costs have gone up for millions. Bottom line losers like Pelosi are not effected and really don’t give a rats behind about the people that are affected.

    1. And she uses the same loop holes that everyone else uses. Think she really gonna close them up? Hell no. She is a pathetic pos. A disgrace to one of my favorite cities, Baltamore

  37. There goes ole “Witchie-Poo” babbling like she just had her a belly full of shrooms & LSD!! She is a MOE-RONICAN and a criminal to boot! We need to grab a plunger and unclog the toilet that is Washington!!

  38. If there were a list of the dirt bags that created this mess and are trying to ruin our country, WHO would be on that list?
    Now that is a list that should be know to every true American!

  39. The deficit is decreasing. You wouldn’t know it from right wing talkers. What’s needed is what teapublicans won’t provide readily–more jobs and less government intrusion into social affairs of the nation. For 4 years the right wing has stymied all jobs bills to re-employ Americans–infrastructure upgrading and expansion and avoiding social engineering of healthcare, retirement programs, unemployment insurance. Add tax reform to close loopholes the big corps enjoy along with record high profits and you have real obstruction to moving the country forward. Considering that everyone mortgages their futures for long term debt like housing, you’d think the right would understand how low interest rates make it most profitable to borrow and stimulate the country’s progress. But they couldn’t claim credit for it after 4 years of nothing. Let’s see if they can become statesmen over the next year and promote the country over partisan self-interest. Watch voter/voting changes, abortion legislation, civil rights and immigration changes and leaving safety net programs alone–or not. All the big talk on the right shows hypocrisy and obstruction of all good and necessary steps to regain national surging in economics–to match their penchant for the military surging everywhere.

      1. Your low class, content-less ignorance of reality is sad and typical of the right especially congress. Obama acts because the nation needs it, in the face of your ‘nothing’ from them and you. You can be forgiven as ignorant–congressional right wingers can’t.

  40. Hey honey the account is empty !
    Reply .
    No its not I still have credit and checks . Beside you still have a job .
    Yes I still have a job for now but what do we do if my job ends ?
    I find a new supply and sue you for alamony !
    Conservitive v liberal thinking .

  41. Give me the budget and I can find ways to cut expenses without endangering the country, the people, or those on Social Security. It will not be pretty, but there are departments that can be totally eliminated, agencies that can be told this is all you get, and many other expenses that are not necessary. Pelosi only wants tax increases so she, reid, and obama can have more to spend on their cronies, contributors, projects, and selves.

  42. Politicians will never have enough of OUR money to spend on the stuff they want. We need to reduce taxes, Cut the size of government, Dissolve the welfare state, and about all lock up all the corrupt politicians (which is pretty much all of them).

    Stop taxing me to death and giving my money away to people who do not earn it.

  43. Who dose this sound like? Oh lets see, the British Empire before the Revolution. TAX, TAX, TAX, never mind that were taking money from the people, we need more TAXES! Then it happened.The people had enough! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SAY”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” AND THROW THESE IDIOTS OUT! I say today is not soon enough!

    1. If we’re using historic tax rates as an excuse to overthrow the government, we’ve got less reason to overthrow the government today than we have in decades.

  44. Apparently 51% of voting americans are stupid enough to believe the so called progressive democrat lies.. Remember at the beginning of BO’s first term when the Senators or congressmen yelled out “you Lie” to Bo during his speech. Well it appears he was pretty much on target was he not?

  45. These people who run the government have been there to long and that is why term limits must be imposed on all elected officials as they start doing for their benifit rather than the people who they are suppost to represent. Voting term limits do not work and we all know this so what is the problem with pushing those voted for government limits

  46. I can’t believe the stupidity always raise taxes that’s their answer for everything
    To much deceit it’s time the people organize

  47. Okay Nancy let us see your tax returns! Let us see if you are paying your fair share. You are counted among the rich and as a millionaire you can afford to pay more. I would like to see how you have your money accounted for.

  48. Democracy
    and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice
    the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism
    seeks equality in restraint and servitude.

    Alexis de Tocqueville

  49. At the rate our government is spending money, borrowed money for the most part, one hundred percent taxes would not begin to pay off our debts. Spending cuts are the first step in attaining a balanced budget

  50. We all know bonehead is going to agree to higher taxes. The gop has gone about as mod as the libs they just argue over it before passing anything to look good. I think Pelosi has smoked to much weed in her day Cut spending and NO tax hicks But the flat tax does seem a lot fairer to all. But that mite put some in the IRS out of a job ooo that would be good thing hehe

  51. “Isn’t that the definition of “fair?””

    no, not in the liberal playbook. “fair” is bankrupting the middle class, then having centralized control over everyone and everything. it’s called communism in russia and proved over and over to have failed.

    it’s not about the rich, it’s about elitists’ burning desire to control you and your life.

  52. One has to ask oneself why the dummycraps always want to “punish” those who manage to earn enough money to feed themselves. If a high-income person makes a million dollars and pays $400,000 in taxes, why is that “not enough” or “not his fair share”? He just paid $400,000 for crying out loud. What do they want, blood?

    1. I think that it’s as simple as the stupid look on Ms. Pelosi’s face. It’s all about political power and the simple equation that if they keep taking from the minority rich and keep giving to the majority poor, lower-middle and middle class then that voting majority just might keep voting her party in power. What I can’t fathom is that the same people that rabidly portrayed Sarah Palin as the dumbest evil woman to walk the face of the earth can honestly look at Nancy and call her a wonderful, brilliant woman. What’s up with that???

  53. That is exactly what I would expect of a mad dog spendthrift like Pelosi. These people have no concept of what it means to run a government the way it is supposed to be run. The only way we will ever see a return to rational legislation is for all the ‘Progressives’ like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and all the rest to be thrown out on their ear and tried for high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States.

  54. Nancy Pelosi is the most laughable incompetent joke ever to hold office – can we all just not pay attention to anything she has to say anymore…unless we want a good belly laugh!

  55. I heard the gov. had a 2.9 billion dollar surplus in January due to increased taxes on everyone. There are already over 100 ideas of where to spend this money. These idiotic politicians are totally out of control. Like a bunch of junkies fighting over the last hit. All surplus monies should go directly to pay down the debt. That’s it, nothing else you stupid people who somehow are still controlling our gov. (Congress)

  56. Maybe Madam Pelosi,Boxer,Feinstein should pay,more taxes!!Since there among the richest woman in the House,Senate!!The only way that America will balance the budget,reduce the deficit!!!$16.4 trillion is when Muslim Dictator Obama and the Mrs. stops ,spending the.American taxpayers money on parties in the White House constant,vacations which the.American people pay for of coarse I realize that the Dictator,his family.Think that there worth it after all he works so hard in,destroying America!!She works so hard in telling families how they should feed there children,in the meantime.She and her family are stuffing their mouths with hamburgers,fries which she loves,hush puppies!!Ribs,chitlins,pork rinds,fating deserts!!

    The government also has to stop printing money,when they run out!!Because it will only make the deficit go higher!!!

    If I do not have money I can not go,out and buy something!!I have to try and stick with a budget as most Americans do!!
    Well the president his family as well as the rest,of the.Government should have to do the same as the American people!!!Oh but I forgot one thing Dictator Obama is not an American!!!

  57. [email protected] says:

    Even Ms Pelosi, people on welfare, the president as well as everyone else will have to end up paying 10% period. That sounds fair to me if we’re speaking about an across the board tax reform that applies to all. Maybe that way 47% won’t get away with not paying taxes. I understand there is no way everuyone can be monitored but the ones on public aid, welfare and those who are working can be and should be subject to the same tax payment np matter what job they have. It shouldn’t matter if they are Ms. Pelosi or the President, They should have to pay the same tax as me after all they want to raise the taxes and should pay the same as should All those who have any type of city, state or any othet type of jobs like that

  58. In order to close the deficit through taxes, everyone would have to pay a whole lot more in taxes, including the 47% that don’t pay federal income taxes. Even their precious low information voters would notice that.

  59. You morons getmorethatn enough now adn we won’t give you any more. You are opening Pandora’s Box and it will bite you in the A**.

  60. Having seen the interview, Pelosi is insane, you can see it in her eyes. I would like to know how much of my money she thinks she should have. Should we be like Denmark where all the taxes add up to 80% of income? Looking forward to the coming collapse. Hope the rioting zombies hang the right people. Glad I’m off the east coast.

  61. Another crazed nut job picture…Look at that face…And what did she do to get where she is. It it not looks or brains. Why do they speak???? NRA gave money to Reid to defeat a good conservative candidate and to keep us with that fool another 4 years????? They could not have been thinking. 5,000 of our money to Reid..How much to Pelosi??? I think we lost our country with the black vote and allowing it.

  62. every thing about the Obama administration smells to high heaven and would gag a maggot. It is corrupt this is a blight on the face of the earth.

  63. Is there anyone in this world that is more brain dead and out of touch than pelosi??? I’m waiting for someone to produce a book on the dumbest things ever said…….this CA progressive would have at least the top 10!!! I find myself turning to another channel or turning the TV off when her, reid, bite me or odumbo start to speak……I am totally in the opposite direction with my political beliefs but if anyone would just listen to these clowns. i.e…people giving their fair share……..we have to pass the bill to see what is in it…..reid talks to unicorns……..and who in heck really knows what bite me will say, hell he has no idea, he just runs his mouth!! (and the BS goes on)

  64. We can start by taxing Ms Pelousy’s husband’s businesses and personal income at 100%. And go up from there. Then we can pass licensing fees for Liberals. 98% of income, pre-tax.
    That won’t make much of a dent, but it’s a start.

  65. The Senator from California, has been showing signs of dementia…
    Hold her to an Asylum Home, ASAP, before she hurt herself…

  66. Is there any more evidence required to believe Nancy “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” Pelosi is Mentally Ill?


  68. mrs. pelosi is obamas mouth piece.listen to what she said these rich folks are not following the spirit of the law.Good grief woman,you two have much in common,you decieve yourselves, and believe your lies, and think we believe you.I suppose that much power and confidence you have certainly has it’s repercussions ,I mean Concussion.Why, you are showing just how much you know the law.Oh. and talk about the spirit,,,hu?

  69. The truth is,,,, we do know exactly what you are trying to do, and try to have us believe.Some of us do our research, and become more informed.Know, that we know you do not have our backs.Don’t think you are fooling anybody.

  70. when you are using monopoly money as currency there is no spending problem! Make more and pretend it is worth something, just like Pelosi pretends to care and not use Botox!

  71. Unfortunately, many Americans are in fact either stupid, ignorant, could care less or all three. My proof? Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Coniers, Lee and a host of others keep getting re-elected!

  72. OK Nancy. If we need more taxes how about a 100% tax on the non-payroll income of every federal elected representative and their immediate families as a starting point.
    If the problem isn’t spending you shouldn’t have any problem with this.
    Put up or shut up.

  73. this woman is an example of the kind of politicians that have let this sorry state of affairs develop to the level it is in…….

  74. Naw, Nancy, we have a rodent problem in DC and you are their leader. Dingbat thinks she can spew anything and she is instantly believed by all who can hear her vicious voice. What a dangerous and stupid woman.

  75. Obama’s and Pelosi’s and Reid’s deficit grew $16 billion TODAY! If the nation continues to exist long enough you and your children, if you are not sponges, will pay that debt years in the future, plus compound interest.Only the likes of the aforementioned will get more wealthy at your expense while you continually and perpetually get poorer. Even the sponges will continue to get poorer because they are dependent on the tax payer, they are just too stupid to know that the government has NOTHING it does not steal from the dwindling number of producers!

  76. People…people…people:

    This ignorant elected official has had the same thing going on for years. We have declining educational qualities, poor communication, controlled speak through the radio and TV, and now multiple levels of propaganda! There is a war afoot! A civil war is near! Just like th Civil war of old, there will be brother against brother an sister against sister! This time the affect will cause a notable effect on the future of our existence! The choice is yours…goo, bad or ugly! I think the ugly is well visualized.

  77. peloci has never worked a day in her life she makes a lousy politician. how can she deside anything she doe not know anything

  78. believe it or not the only way a politician could be a Politician previously is to act like they believe and swear they believe in God and the bible. any crook with a rank agenda can empty the economy then abandon us while we are in ruin and being atacked.

  79. That picture of Pelosi, The Wicked Witch of the West, needs a caption. Something like all right my little flying monkeys clout and steal all the tax money and terrorize the good people of this country.

    Somebody needs to bring a bucket of water.

  80. Why does not Americans force pelosi’s and their like to disclose how much a citizens of any kind is supposed to be allowed to keep of his or hers gross earnings.
    Sean Hannity put the Charles Rangel on the grill the other day. That was real good to watch!

  81. “Any fool can spend another’ s money!” The Tax and Spend Democrats, have been showing us how for years, yet when will we ever learn?
    They now have BOUGHT AND OWN 50 % of all voters, with freebies for Uncle Sam, with our own tax dollars, so just how STUPID does this make us?

  82. Pelosi is not only evil looking she is evil. I have come to believe the devil has taken over the White House and all those involved with the White House. Most Democrats are all going in the same direction – on the road to HELL. And the Republicans, what is happening to them, get some back bone people!!! You can not be liked by everybody, so stand up for the values you were voted into office to represent and give the Democrats a good fight to get back America!!!! And the Media they are bought and paid for by this government – I say don’t buy any of their papers or watch their stations, get them where it hurts.

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