Pelosi Says Archdioceses Don’t Represent Catholics in Fight Over Religious Rights

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, a veritable poster for lapsed Catholics, said the other day that 43 Catholic groups suing the Obama Administration over its unconstitutional demand that they offer health insurance coverage of abortions, sterilizations and contraception don’t represent the church.

Pelosi, whose politics are about as far away from Catholic teachings as can be, said of the organizations that include archdioceses and Catholic universities, “Those people have a right to sue, but I don’t think they’re speaking ex cathedra for the Catholic Church.”

Besides showing her contempt for fellow Catholic, church teachings and freedom of religious conscience, Pelosi is betraying some serious ignorance of her own church.

It would be strange indeed if anyone other than the pope spoke “ex cathedra” for the church. Ex cathedra, which means “from the chair,” is a tenet invoked by the pope only when a position expressed by the Vatican is absolutely non-negotiable in order to be considered a Catholic — the so-called papal infallibility doctrine.

Presumably she’s trying to weasel out of responsibility for upholding church teachings on abortion, which are not ex cathedra dogma but are considered definitive teachings of the church rooted in natural law. The pope has described abortion, sterilization and contraception as “intrinsically evil” acts. Leftist “Catholics” like Pelosi often fall back on the perceived “ex cathedra” loophole to excuse their abysmal behavior.

There is an unfortunate breed of so-called Catholics who have for generations infiltrated the church with Marxist ideology and a Leftist political agenda. Pelosi is one of those, right up there with the guy I once saw come to church in a Che Guevara T-shirt.

Meanwhile on Friday, hundreds of Catholics in Obama’s hometown of Chicago marched to protest his anti-religion doctrine and bring attention to the coming Fortnight for Freedom.

Similar protests were held in several other cities from coast to coast.

When asked if she supported her church’s teachings on sterilization and abortion, Pelosi said, “You know what, I do my religion on Sunday in church. … I don’t do it at this press conference.”

Or when it stands in the way of her liberal agenda.

258 thoughts on “Pelosi Says Archdioceses Don’t Represent Catholics in Fight Over Religious Rights

  1. Its way past time for Pelosi to be ex-communicated. Only then will her failure as a Catholic will get her attention. Doubtful but maybe.

    1. Yep.  Ted Kennedy was another wonderful Catholic.  I wonder how he’s making out now?  Biden’s another idiot who calls himself a Catholic.  What a disgrace these people are!

      1.  My dad actually wrote a letter to the Bishop and asked why Ted had not be ex-communicated and he never received and answer back….

        1. same way he was able to get an annulment from his marriage of many years & several children, so he could get married again, without a divorce stopping him from still being in the church.  How others that are well off do it,  little pay off under the table?  I am so disgusted with these people that call themselves Catholic & yet are all for getting re-married, abortion, same sex marriage!  That is NOT what the church stands for.

    2. “Its way past time for Pelosi to be ex-communicated”
      I agree in fact its long past due. At the back of her mind she holds that as a Catholic{ Her version anyway} she will have a place in Heaven upon her demise. Take that from her, after all she and here thoughts would taint heaven.

  2. Well then , Pelosi , if the Archdioceses  don’t represent the Catholics , who does ? And , in her thinking then , she doesn’t represent the government . Then why is she acting like she’s a big shot ? And remember , Hussein said , about a year ago or so , that American isn’t a Christian country , but a rather Muslim country . The same reason they shot down the ” abortion for gender ” bill . 

  3. Wake up call to Nazi Nan: Church is a full time obligation. It is not intended to be lived on Sunday only then ignored the rest of the week. She is a disgrace in every sense of the word. 

  4. wonder how much she gives to the church to avoid excommunication…otherwise, it sure seems like her bishop is afraid of her…

    1. It wouldn’t matter if she gave everything she had. She would still be ex-communicated.
      On! One day she will give everything she ever had.

  5. “You know what, I do my religion on Sunday in church. … I don’t do it at this press conference.”Obviously not a true Christian then. A Christian lives the life and takes the consequences of their Christian actions and beliefs up to and including martyrdom. A true Christian DOES NOT do their religion on Sunday. They do it every day, every where and in EVERY thing that they do. THAT is a Christian. We lapse from time to time, and we acknowledge our lapses. BUT we DO NOT leave our Christianity at church!

    1.  THANK YOU STEPHENFR….you have made my day! I just pray that there are more Christians out there like you than like Nancy.  Pray Stephen…we need people to pray because we are in a fight for our lives…”For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

      1. For the time will come when they will no longer acknowledge sound doctrine [that’s now] but wanting to have their ears tickled they will heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their desires. And they will turn away their ears from the truth, and be turned to myths.

  6. In police jargon, Pelosi is what is known as an EDP – emotionally disturbed person. Time for her to retire!

  7. If ignorance was a disability, Pelosi would qualify for a full pension. She believes her own liberal press. There is a carnal law prohibiting impersonation of a police officer and an offender will be charged and given a penalty. Impersonating a Bishop or the Pope is in violation of God’s law in which she will be held accountable one day.

  8. While you correctly point out that Catholic parishoners cannot speak “ex cathedra”, that does NOT make papal infallibility “so-called”; this tenet, strictly speaking, is when the Pope speaks out on matters of FAITH AND MORALS…nothing else. As regards the likes of Nancy Pelosi (as well as John Kerry, Joe Biden, those in the Kennedy clan who might list themselves as such), these CINOs (Catholics In Name Only) have already excommunicated themselves because of the positions that they hold.

    Any questions? Comments? Replies? “Flings”? “Barbs”? POTSHOTS?!

    1. True. No parishioner can speak “Ex-Cathedra”. That would make us like Pelosi and make all this up as we went along. Society and the Church don’t work that way.
      The Pope can speak on anything he chooses. He only does Ex-Cathedra on matters of faith and morals. Pelosi is way off base when she inhibits her Catholicism to Sunday, and does the rest as she pleases the other six days. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic–though you may not be a practicing Catholic.  I am trying to fulfill my choice and be the best Catholic I can be. I sure don’t want to hear on day: “Depart from Me. I never knew you.”

    2.  “so called” remains accurate, as previous popes have spoken “ex cathedra” on a number of mattera and been dead wrong, directly contrary to the plain content of scripture. There has onely ever been ONE man who spoke in perfect accord with God’s intent, and they nailed Him up to a cross. No pope can ever be infallible in anything. ALL popes remain fallen and corrupt man. The popes should exhibit a large measure of humility and say, along with the apostle Paul..”follow me as I follow Christ”. It was on that standard I stopped following any of the popes, as it was evident they did not follow Christ consstently. Further, God’s Word plainly says “the head of every man is Christ”… there is NO PLACE for popes and priests as “go-betweens” betwixt me and Christ.

      But that is a side issuehere… Pelsi, it is quite plain, does not follow Christ herself, and would lead many astray into her perversions.

      1. The last Pope to issue an “ex cathedra” declaration was Pope Pius XII in 1950, when he declared that the doctrine that the Virgin Mary was bodily assumed into Heaven, which Holy Mother Church has taught since the time of the Apostles, was binding for Roman Catholics worldwide to believe under pain of serious sin.

        The same God who could become man and die on a cross to redeem fallen Mankind could certainly make a certain person infallible in certain situations, which is what the doctrine of Papal Infallibility means.  The Pope is not infallible “all the time”; only on certain matters and in certain situations.  And the Pope obtains this infallibility not by virtue of any attribute he himself possesses, but by virtue of the protections with which God Himself has endowed the office of the Papacy.

        As for your notion that you don’t need any “go-betweens betwixt” you and Christ, Christ thinks that you do.  He said so when He told His Apostles (whose successors are the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church), “Whoever hears you hears Me” (Luke 10:16); and again when He said, “If anyone refuses to hear the Church, treat him as you would treat a pagan.” (Matthew 18:17).

        So will you go to Christ on His terms, or on your own?  You profess to believe in Christ, yet you consider His appointments to be farcical nonsense.

  9. Let Nancy Pelosi know that the Archdiocese do speak as one voice on such important moral issues. They certainly are more of a voice than Madame Speaker and any other Situational Catholic who view Catholic teaching as quaint or  down right”extreme.”

    1. They, and shel may call themselves Catholic. But they are in name only. 
      From what I’ve been able to glean from various sources, Pelosi had already ex-communicated herself from the Sacraments. The Bishops should just help her along the way and finish the job.
      She is in more trouble than she can imagine.  She definitely needs to go down the road kicking rocks.
      Question: When is she up for reelection anyway?

  10. Pelosi follows her own religion for which she makes up her own rules.  She “speaks from the chair” of the throne she has usurped from the bishops.  What a disgrace.   

  11. So you can live like a Christian on Sunday morning and a hell-cat the rest of the week and God is okay with that, Ms. Pelosi?  “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there be a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who exalteth [herself] above all that is called God, or that is worshipped;  so that [she] as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing [herself] that [she] is God.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4)  Lucifer’s sin was that he desired to sit in the place of God (Isaiah 14), making decisions that were not his to make.  How similar is Ms. Pelosi’s sin?

    1. Does this mean that if she repents, she is not forgiven? Note: this is a serious question (not to be demeaning at all) to one of many on this post that understand more that I.

      1. The beauty of true Christianity is that it is the way of life designed by God within which is found the truth and power to transform the human heart and mind from evil to good through the baptism and working of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:2).  Being “forgiven” is not the same as being “saved.”  Judas Iscariot was forgiven at one point of his life but ended up lost (see Matthew 7:21-23).  The Lord is a holy God who does not change His standards; He is not a divine Santa Claus forgiving machine.  People who will not be conformed “to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29) will find heaven a very uncomfortable place to live and actually prefer existence in hell.  Ms. Pelosi might believe in some form of “religion” but is far from being a Christian.

  12. So, Pelosi has made herself a Bishop, Cardinal, maybe a Pope? That’s the mark of a ” NOW organization liberated woman” liberal. Living in a fantasy world on Fantasy Island. Time for the “home” old Nancy.

  13. Pelosie is an idiot. She cant control   what she says, moronic comments just spew from her mouth. Her family should have her committed to an institution for the brain damaged.

  14. Pelosi and Biden are two of the biggest morons to ever serve in our government. They just finished a movie called”Dumb and Dumber,part two”. How those two can even get out of bed in the morning is amazing to me! Stupid ,would be three levels up for them!

  15. Pelosi does not represent the peoples will either she just babels on and on   about things she really doesn’t’ know anything about. I think she does this to elevate her self importance I wish she would go and crawl back under her rock in California

    1. But she does represent her district’s people (some of them anyway). The heathens of “Sin” Francisco deserve her.

  16. I am not a catholic, but I do understand catholic doctrine regarding abortions, sterilizations, and contraception, and I know that the Catholic church and good practicing Catholics, do not believe that any of these practices are scriptural…..that is, said practices if exercised in the church, in public, or in private, said individual or group would be violating said church doctrinal practices…..and could be excomunicated from the church, or removed from church roles…..for they would be in violation of very important church practices.  And I would tell you that if you practiced any of these items in my church, you would be treated in the same manner, for my church does not believe in the practice of such items.

    Mrs. Pelosi, has been “out of bounds” or, put another way, “out of step” with very important church practices or doctrines in a number of other areas of Christian practice,,,,,and she seem to be very comfortable practicing such doctrines that are not scriptural for any practicing, and in good faith, catholic.  She seems not to really to care about important catholic doctrines and seems to blaspheme a number of said practices…..which are very important to true practicing catholics!  As I understand Mrs.
    Pelosi’s stand on “same sex marriages” —- she is very much in error with what the catholic church stands for… the catholic church is not in favor of such practice…..but she and Mr. Obama are in favor of recognizing such practice…..and I know too that my church is against said practice.  Let me tell you, my Bible has God telling the wisest man in the world, (the man called Solomon),that people called by His Name, had better be presenting themselves humbly before Him, and repenting, and praying, if they want Him to come HEAL THEIR LAND.  II Chronicles 7:1-14. And if ever our land needed healing, it is now!

    For catholics, my church, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Pelosi, and all of us, as well as our land, REALLY NEEDS HEALING!

  17. This fossil, Pelosi, with her rubberized face is nothing more than a mentally disturbed individual.  For the democrat party to put full stock in this woman shows just how out of touch liberals are when it comes to reality.  San Francisco can be proud that they’ve returned this “Frisco Fruit Fly” to office over and over with no obvious consideration of her mental health and the damages that this witch is causing this country.  But of course San Francisco is no longer a part of the USA.

    If she were a rabid dog the solution would be simple …

    1. oh, now, there you go, stirring up trouble again!!!! Yes, that is THE issue, isn”t it?  How much  pain will it take to wake them up? Don;’t know the demographics of her “constituents”, but one can  hope there are a lot of Catholics who are now stirred up and will vote her out next time round. If she doesn’t die, eaten up by worms, before then. (rare, but it HAS happened… and could not happen to a “nicer

  18. The Rev. Keith Ratliff resigned as a Director of the NAACP as a result of that organizations official support of same-sex marriage. Rev Ratliff is pastor of a Church in Des Moines, Iowa and was President of the NAACP’s Iowa-Nebraska Conference. Rev Ratliff had previously commented on his opposition to same sex marriage. “This isn’t a private interpretation, a Burger King religion, and by that I mean a ‘have it your way’ religion.” Obviously, Ms Pelosi and other Catholics who support abortion, contraception and other positions in opposition to the Catholic Church are strong adherents of the Burger King wing of the Church.

    1.  God did not say when he established the law with Moses and gave this covenant to Israel that his laws were negotiable they are not they were and are written in stone by God himself.  He gave us no other options these are my laws  follow them.  He then sent his son to redeem us and die for the sin of man in Eden The laws were given so that man would know what was expected of him, and so man would know that even if he followed all the laws if he broke even the smallest part he was condemned by the law.  So we are all condemned except for the grace of God and by accepting his son as our savior, God see’s the blood shed for our sins by Jesus and pardons our sins in grace alone. By no other way can man be redeemed 

    1.  They should excommunicate this woman. What she says  not only goes against her religion, but also the beliefs of  most or all the religions is this country.

      I hope this woman has not sold her soul to the devil for Obama

  19. We need REAL Believers in the truth of the words of the holy bible. In government it would be their moral compass the laws they would pass would be in harmony with Gods laws.  Religion without knowing what it means to be Christian or Jew is useless. Many Mafia members were Christians on Sunday but thru the week they did not practice what it means to be Christian they murdered and did unspeakable things against GOD. When politicians realize that only by practicing the faith everyday that GOD will heal our land.  But to be Christian in name only without faith,  for political gain is an abomination. God has put  words in the bible for leaders who lead the people astray, he says there is a  consequence for this, This part is Ignored by Politicians but will not be ignored by GOD. Deny GOD at your own risk  you will loose your spiritual soul and be condemned to the consequences of your actions.

  20. quote:  upholding church teachings on abortion, which are not ex cathedra dogma
    but are considered definitive teachings of the church rooted in natural
    lawSorry, but this cannot be so. ABortion is murder, anyone with any level of integrity knows this. Thus it is forbideden by the non-negotiable Law of God, handed down to Moses. THAT law will never change. Nothing to do with popes, churches, public opinion. Pelosi has to do wioth the Living God who made her, not with popes and rules. She should ponder that as she sits in whatever she calls “church” sunday mornings. And occasionally through the week… maybe even at a press conference or three.

  21. Ms Pelosi has used her passport and traveled to the land of the deranged. She no longer borders on insanity, she has arrived.

  22. She’s a Catholic in name only if she only practices her religion on Sunday. She probably can’t be found in church on Sunday either. She definitely doesn’t show any concern for others, or what negative affects her actions will have on others. She has no heart or brain.

  23. Pelosi is married to a very rich Jewish real estate tycoon who also owns a chain of resturants. She is also closely related to a large Jewish family in Argentina. I doubt that she is an Irish Catholic that she claims to be. But her memory is bad. She was informed 8 times about intelligation methods then denies ever hearing about waterboarding. I think she need a brain transplant instead of another face lift.

    1. I have extreme disgust for Pelosi as you do, but please do not spread these falsehoods as the left would. Both Nancy and her husband (Paul) are of Italian descent (not Irish/Jewish as you state). Both are catholics as well. They were married in a catholic church.

  24. The Church’s teaches on the life issues is most certainly at the level of “ex cathedra” as the ordinary magisterium of the Church; Pope Paul VI’s explicit condemnation of all contraception as intrinsically evil (can never be a good) is definitively stated in Humae Vitae; dittos for John Paul II’s Evangelium vitae. 

  25. Pelosi has auto excommunicated herself by engaging in a propaganda campaign (ongoing) for abortion and contraception, as well as ritual sodomy. No need for a pronunciation from her local ordinary. It is latae sententiae, automatic and done by performance of the (evil) act by Pelosi manifestly, in public and on numerous occasions. She is pertinacious in her heresy and disobedience to the Magisterium and the Holy Father’s teaching office.

    1.  Yes, she has ipso facto excommunicated herself, but the Holy Father in Rome should issue a Bull of Excommunication, thus making it a public pronouncement to the entire Church.

  26. Pelosi, are you trying to be a bigger FOOL than Holder or Obama…….it’s impossible but you are very close !!!!!

    1.  Practice your faith every day, but on the 7th rest and commune with god for his teachings
       Worshiping on Sunday is a pagan practice done by a Pope to appease governments to exercise control over the people.  The true day of worship is the sabbath, it is strange that in Latin it is.. (Sāturnī diēs )-(saturns day) but in  Portugues it is (sábado) which is very close to the hebrew word.  The Jewish faith was very prominent in Portugal until the inquisition (practice Christian religion or Die) forced on them some fled to Brazil as the Portuguese were very good Sailors.

  27. Just as, contrary to her belief, she doesn’t represent all human beings
    on Earth, just a small sliver of San Franciscans, Catholic Bishops
    realize they don’t represent all Catholics, from those attending services,
    those challenging the authority of the Church and those no longer
    considering themselves as Catholic.  They do represent the authority of
    the Church and have the right to serve and protect the Church and its
    parishioners in accordance with the tenets of the Church and
    pronouncements of the Pope.  The “social conscious” of the Church is
    often turned into socialist propaganda by those claiming Catholicism
    both within and outside the Church. Tad Cronn  is right-on in describing
    Pelosi. When she says “You know what, I do my religion on Sunday in
    church. … I don’t do it at this press conference ” is nothing but a
    hypocritical statement by a deceitful politician. There is plenty of funding (Pelosi should know) outside the Church for abortions, sterilization, and contraceptives. I guess to her it’s the principle of the thing or lack of any principles.

    1. Pelosi is from the land of fruits and nuts California. They’re so stupid their they keep on re-electing her. Maybe they do it to keep her out of the state. She definitely should be excommunicated. She’s one of those people who believe in being Christian at church on Sundays only. The catholic church doesn’t have a religious police the church puts out the policy and it’s up to you to live by it. If you don’t live by it God will be your judge not man. What the Pope says is the law of the church. Just because people disagree or don’t follow the teachings doesn’t matter. All religions have this. I’ve seen Baptist that smoke and own liquor stores and are divorced all things that a forbidden by that faith.

  28. This woman has to be the most despised individual in  the United States.  She is a natural born liar, and loser.  When she went in for the Plastic surgery on her face, they should have added some plastic to her brain.  Phony smile,phony politics, and really a piece of turd.

  29. It’s a fight to preserve the 1st amendment in the Constitution.  I’ll say it again Pelosi is an idiot not worth listening to what she is spouting

  30. Does this lady have any idea what being a Catholic means?  There are a few Protestant churches, notably the United Church of Christ, that accord to the individual layman the right to come to his own doctrinal conclusions.  But even most Protestant churches, especially the Lutherans, reject that idea; there are doctrines with which one is not free to disagree.

    The Catholic Church places an extremely high emphasis on the doctrinal authority of its bishops, with particularly great emphasis on the authority of archbishops and and a level of authority in the Pope that is just barely short of the authority of the Bible.  The Pope, like it or not, speaks for the Catholic Church, and the bishops and archbishops, subject to his authority.  The Pope’s positions are set forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  What’s in there is (capital C) Catholic.  Indeed, that was one of the issues of the Reformation, whether the Pope or councils could make a doctrine that could not be supported from Scripture.  The Lutherans, and subsequently the Reformed, followed St. Augustine’s injunction, “if anyone tells you something and cannot support it from Scripture, do not believe him,” while the Catholic Church followed the 6th-century Council of Constantinople’s ruling that tradition was part of doctrine, even if not set forth in Scripture.

    Mrs. Pelosi, whatever she is, is not a Catholic.  She wouldn’t make a good Protestant, either.

  31. I’m not the judge; none of us are the judge. But I suspect this woman is not going to have much for an excuse with an angry God at her moment for judgment.

  32. Pelosi is a “coyote in sheep’s clothing” on her views in the religion of Catholic.  Truth be known, she is Muslim, the way she talks down the Catholic religion.

    1.  Ahhhh shoot,  there are coyotes hanging their heads all over the SW today after that comment.  can we call her something else.

  33. This woman is an abomination and as much of a fraud and liar as her boss Obama. She has violated the Constitution as Obama. If I were the Pope, I would excommunicate Pelosi as quickly as possible.

  34. The Church represents when doing their job God here on earth.   This in is not just a Catholic “thing”.   The Constitution was based on Holy Scripture and the rights given us are straight from the Bible.    So are the constrictions on what the government should do and should not do and when.    The Catholic Church needs to excommunicate both Pelosi and others that go against both God and what God wants for man and what God has forbidden.

    1. You know they won’t. Simply because she writes them a big fat check in the form of  tithes. It’s amazing how money will keep you in the good graces of the church.

      1. Don’t forget about the supposed “prestige” of having in your congregation a Speaker of the House, Cabinet Secretary, US Senator, Congress member, presidential candidate, etc.
        As to her donations, I’d love to take a look at her Schedule A. Most Liberals, even very wealthy ones, don’t give very much to charity.

    2.  Again, I really am against the Catholic Church but for my own reasons.  Jesus said we get to the
      Father thru him, NOT THE POPE.  So I question the practice of excommunicating people.  Its their law and so be it, but it seems sorta like saying we should throw criminals out of the USA for violating our laws.  When you look back at history and the terrible things the Catholic Church did or had done in the name of spreading their religion you wonder why anyone would embrace them.  But thats another subject, I still say they have a right to defend their rules or laws BUT I also say they are wrong in the excommunicating practice.

  35. Pelosi is partially correct. Those catholic bishops represent far MORE than just the Catholic Church. I was pleased to note that rabbis in Miami joined in organized protests on this blatant attempt against the First Amendment. Only wish that their protest was more widespread, and better publicized.

    1.  So you have a problem with an entity such as the Catholic Church having set rules for believers, those who wish to work with or for the Church.  And you call it a violation of the 1st amendment when this church enforces those rules.   I think I get it.   So I as a citizen can pick out a part of the Constitution that I dont like and claim it violates my First Amendment rights if im forced to follow that part.   You people have bastardized the First Amendment so badly it dont even resemble the intent.  Thank you so much Liberal judges.   Those who dont like the Church law can leave the church.  Leave the Church job.  BUT dont be so stupid as to claim the Church is violating someones First Amendment rights when they refuse and rightfully so, someones abortion or contraceptives.    I dont like the Catholic Church, dont have to, dont belong and dont want to, but they do have rights as a religious entity just as you claim as a citizen.  So get over it and do try to stop twisting laws to suit your twisted agendas.  You look so childish.

  36. This woman is an idiot with an ego problem.  She thinks she knows more than anybody else and knows what is best for everyone, when the truth is she talks like a fool.

  37. Let this crazy b*&^%*ch give her theory to a priest during confession. She’ll be excommunicated and denounced from the Catholic church. Furthermore, she’ll be disavowed from taking communion. 

    1. In your (and my) dreams. When was the last time someone was excommunicated by the RC church for any reason?

      1. About twenty years ago, a woman in San Diego–a nominal Roman Catholic–decided to run for a seat in the California General Assembly.  She ran on a militant pro-abortion platform that stood in diametric opposition to Holy Mother Church’s teachings.  The Bishop of San Diego publicly excommunicated her, and it blew up in his face in a firestorm of controversy.  This firestorm was undoubtedly ginned up by the candidate’s campaign with the cooperation of the local Dodo Bird Media.  The candidate was cast, or perhaps cast herself, as a martyr; a “victim” of the “medieval sexism” of the Roman Catholic Church in general, and the San Diego Bishop in particular.  A public backlash against His Excellency the Bishop and the Roman Catholic Church ensued, and the candidate was elected to the General Assembly in a landslide.The other bishops and archbishops in the United States took note of what happened in this instance and concluded that if this is what would result from excommunicating pro-abortion politicians who claimed to be Catholics, that the Church would be forced to “play the heavy” and that those politicians would be perceived and lionized by the media and the public as political “martyrs”, then there isn’t any percentage in excommunicating them.  It simply wouldn’t do any good.  

      1. Roman Catholics, as do other Christians, look at both Testaments
        of the bible for guidance. As we know from the bible, Christ appointed Peter
        the head of His church. The tradition continues until today when we enjoy Pope
        Benedict XVI. Since Christ has not personally selected a pope for more than two
        millennia, the Roman church delegate’s its vote to the 72 plus cardinals. When
        they are in agreement this distinguished teacher assumes “the chair.” The pope
        speaks for the church much the same way any elected individuals administers their
        oath of office.  Roman Catholics attend
        mass seeking forgiveness and guidance because man sins and seeks a way of avoiding
        whatever removes him from the teachings and promises of Christ. Ms. Pelosi
        definitely has a problem.  The people of
        San Francisco continue to elect her to office. While members of her party
        believe she most closely represents the ideals of her political party and they
        continue to elect her to a position of authority.  It is more than a little obvious she presumes her
        position in our Congress also gives her the authority to speak for the RC
        Church.  She may have the power to
        control her Party’s political and legislative prowess, but she will never wear
        the red hat of a cardinal or become the Pope.

  38. Please, don’t get me wrong because I believe that Roman Catholics represent a FALSE CREATOR following Roman tradition, which is the Greek Head Deity, Zues! We call him “Jesus” today. Nevertheless, they still have the “RIGHT” to do so! The Roman Catholic Church will not even deny this history of their beginnings with Pope Leo the 10th & his Church Philososher, Petrus Galatinus! However, what people now call the Bible, actually is a pagan name & although it still maintains that “HEBREW” is the ONLY SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, THEY NEVERTHELESS GO RIGHT ON FOLLOWING THE TRADITIONS OF ROME BY HONORING GREEK PAGAN DEITIES EVERYDAY, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO DO! That’s the truth, which even the Roman Catholic Church does NOT DENY! So Caveat Emptor(sp?), let the buyer be aware! Again, just saying…

    1. You sound like a snake oil barker from the Wild West days of America. Sorry, monsieur, total gibberish, finger stuck in the light socket. Wish I could unravel, since all have an opinion, and a right to it, and I try to afford an equal opportunity to all my fellow Americans. But it just won’t come.

    2. Well, victorybarney, it’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about, know nothing about the history and teachings of the early church, grew up in a Protestant denomination that believes that Rome is the seat of the Satan, etc., etc., etc.  I suspect you don’t even have any idea what the word “catholic” means and who first used this word to describe the Church.  Google St. Vincent of Lerins then read, mark, learn and inwardly digest.

    3. You’re an idiot. There is scientific proof of the existance of Jesus Christ. As for the rest of your babble, it goes down the tubes with the fact that your first statement is so wrong.

  39. Ms. Pelosi When you leave your church on Sunday, you do not leave Jesus sitting on the pew.  It seems Pelosi has faith only on sundays, what about the rest of the week. Obviously Jesus does not reside in her heart.

    1.  When my Red Brothers spoke about the white forked tonged devil I now know what they meant, and who.   This unbelievable excuse of a servant of the American People has not clue and no shame.  She only supports the Liberal Agenda even when it means she has to give us lessons from the chair.  I cant understand how even the low life of San Francisco can keep putting her back in office.  She would throw them under the bus in a heart beat to kiss Obamas A$$.

  40. I guess when your name is piglosi you think the state of Israel speaks for the catholics in this country, or maybe the palistinian authority piglosi has proven once again she is not the brightest bulb in the pack

  41. “…serious ignorance of her own church.”  
    Indeed. Even I, a non-RC, know that her church is organized as a hierarchical system. The people in the pews don’t have the authority to change or even disregard church teachings. If Pelosi or any other RCs don’t like the churches stand on these or any other issues they can always go somewhere else.

  42. Pelosi has no chuch. Her church is the church of government and power.  What the hell is wrong with those people in San Francisco.  Never mind, don’t answer that. There isn’t enough time to read that long of a blog.

  43. She has a serious lack of integrity, a ton of hypocrisy, and—she is just down right stupid.   Liberalism and stupidity seem to go hand in had with most of these people.  

  44. When did Pelosi become the spokesman (note the politically incorrect gender form) for the Catholic Church?  Dioceses are the Catholic Church, oh bigotted one.

  45. Replying to  “victorbarney”,
    Where ever you get your info, I hope you are not paying money for it, because, as a Catholic, I can tell you flat out, you have not the slightest clue what your talking about as to what is the history of the Church, or what Catholics believe! And, what’s with this “new” salutation that has become so “in vogue” lately, …. you know where all the idiots end up by saying, …………..”just sayin”? STUPID!

  46. Does anyone know for fact that Pelosi even attends the Catholic Church. You can’t excommunicate someone thats not a Catholic.

  47. What “Catholic Church” was Pelousy brought up in? Certainly and obviously not the same one I was raised in.

    Every REAL Catholic knows that the bishops, archbishops, cardinals and above all, His Holiness the Pope, DO speak for the Roman Catholic Church in matters like these, and that their word is absolute law.

    Pelousy seems to think that the Church is a democratic organization; or worse yet, an anarchical one where people are free to believe and do whatever they want and the heck with what God has been teaching us through Holy Mother Church for all these centuries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Pelousy’s comment at the tail end of the interview, that she “does her religion” at church on Sundays, betrays an even more wrong-headed idea that sadly is all too pervasive in our society today; in ALL religious denominations, to be sure, but particularly among Roman Catholics, who of all people clearly should know better: The notion that a religious institution is nothing more than a glorified country club; a place where you can meet, mingle and shoot the proverbial breeze with people, and that what you do in that environment has no relationship with how you conduct yourself in other contexts.

    And, like her view of Holy Mother Church as some kind of democratic society of free-thinkers, Pelousy’s attitude in this regard is a full 180 degrees out of phase. A true Catholic doesn’t “do” his religion; he LIVES it. And he doesn’t live it just for an hour on Sundays; he lives it every waking hour of his life.

  48. The issue is not whether archdioceses represent Catholics (however, whom else would they represent?) or how many Catholic women practice birth control (which I distinguish from abortion – big difference between avoiding pregnancy and violently terminating it).  The issue is the government forcing a religious group to go against it’s collective conscience and doctrinal teachings, which are not new things, but centuries old.

  49. Pelosi is about as catholic as John Knox.  If her bishop had any guts she would have been excommunicated with prejudice years ago.  She brings discredit on every Christian regardless of their denomination.  She is the personification and embodiment of evil.  If it were possible, I wish she’d take off her shoes and quietly tiptoe to hell and take the rest of the compromising catholics with her.

  50. Interesting how obama surrounded himself with so-called Catholics? She only says things about anything Catholic when it benefits their cause, just too bad none of the idiots realize they’re going to have to answer to our Lord sooner or later, for the decisions they are presently making? Would not want to be in their shoes!

  51. if your boss is catholic – reproductive health is not covered
    if your boss is islamic –  insulin and other medicine is not covered
    if your boss is mormon – any illness due to smoking or drinking is not covered
    if your boss is a scientologist – mental health is not covered
    if your boss is a jehova’s witness – blood transfusions and organ transplants are not covered
    if your boss is hindu – no medicines made with animal products are covered
    if your boss is a christian scientist – only prayer is covered

    It doesn’t matter what religion YOU follow.  What matters is what your employer believes.   Your health care is regulated by someone who may have a very backward view of medicine.  

    1.  What MOST people are overlooking is that, the federal government is trying to force religious organizations to pay for, or cover, things that are in direct contradiction of their faith. When the government starts forcing the citizens to do things like that, it’s just the tip of the socialist, communist, Marxist take over.

      1. This is why health insurance should be removed from the workforce.  Your employer should not be in charge of what health care you get.   Hopefully these employers who want to stick their noses into their employees business will help facilitate this change.   PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!!

  52. Do you think she is suffering from Alzheimer’s? Or maybe she has been reborn to another religion! It is interesting that she is speaking for the Catholic Church but forgetting the teachings of the Church.

    1.  No way has she been re-born! At least not in the Christian sense. Maybe she’s a closet Muslim! And, she’s not speaking for the Catholic Church, nor any other church. This is about more than women being able to receive birth control, or even abortions. Christians of ALL denominations do not want the government to FORCE us to participate in anything that is against our faith, especially when it’s against God’s Laws.

  53. Being a Catholic I am embarrassed by Pelosi, Biden and the others who claim to be Catholic but act entirely different. God bless

  54. I don’t like the lady P. , but there is an element of truth in her statement.  Catholics’ enjoy the new freedom.

  55. Just when is the Pope going to start excommunicating these people? As long as he allows them to remain members of the Catholic religion, they’ll continue their push to kill as many unborn babies as they can. But, I have a word for Ms. Pelosi, God is not mocked. You may make fun of the Pope, or any other religion, but, I can tell you that, one day, YOU will stand before God, & all the Hail Marys ever said aren’t going to stop your judgment. However, that is your right, but it’s also MY right to stand against your evil laws you are trying to force on the rest of us. If you’re looking for a war, bring it on! I read the back of the Book, & we true born again Christians WIN. Not you, Obama nor even the Pope win. Only those who truly & sincerely worship the ONE TRUE GOD.

  56. This lady is a nut case, pure and simple. She is the finest representation of a Democrat and is perfect for the state of California non believers.

  57. The head harpy of the House is a complete nincompoop. She is as catholic as my cat and as corrupt as the pope is holy.

  58. Well, Nancy, guess what!   Most of us Catholics  “do” our Catholic faith in church on Sunday, along with every other day of the week………in an honest way unlike you!  Yes, there are plenty of Catholics like you, but you can bet they are not any more two-faced & destructive than you.  You are no Catholic!  You are a pretty stupid and  pathetic person who uses your so called “Catholicism” when convenient, and will one day will have to answer to our Lord for your transgressions.  God help you.

  59. Ms. Pelosi is no Catholic by any means.  It may be on paper as her religion, but she does not follow the Catholic teachings much less the 10 Commandments.  It is sacriligious to use the Catholic Religion as part of the argument to support abortion, “the pill,” welfare, etc.  It is the extreme of hypocricy.

  60. What Pelosi knows and understands about the Catholic, or any other, religion, could be hidden in one of the crags on her butt ugly face.  It’s too bad she does not have inner beauty so that nobody would notice her exterior…but what is inside is the antipithy of beauty as well, and this country is much worse off because of it.  I can only hope that she, Maxine Waters, and all of their ilk, are sunbathing on the California beach when the left coast finally falls into the Pacific to nevermore be heard from.  Losers all.  Good luck people…and keep your powder dry.

  61. Gee Nancy , if you do your religion in church on Sunday , why the hell are you opening your mouth to the press ? To even consider making a remark like that makes to a total hypocrite . But then we all know that you are one already so what can one expect !

  62. Religion, done only on Sundays and only in Church, is pretense.  It’s hypocritical.  Religion lived 24/7 is what pleases God. 

  63. Most Catholics use birth control, and are far more moderate on reproductive choice than the higher-ups(all men) The real fight is not over religious freedom but getting those who use birth control to stop.

    1. Dodie1990 – Yes indeed the real fight IS over religious freedom and its not only the Catholics they are after, it is also the Evangelicals.  You don’t have the faintest idea of what your talking about. And I doubt that MOST Catholics use medical means of birth control, I would bet it is abstinence at the time when pregnancy is most likely to occur and I do not believe this method is against either the Catholic or Evangelical religions. The Catholics using medical means  of birth control and condoms  most likely would be teenagers who haven’t given a sincere thought about God, sin or religion. And now the government has taken it upon itself, in a few schools, to make Planned Parenthood readily available to teenagers. If the government would stay out of it and let parents be the guide  things would be a lot better. Things weren’t like this until schools decided it was their place to teach sex in 3rd and 4th grade. The reason I believe that is true is because sex education was taught at home not in the schools with condoms handed out to any who asked for them and parents don’t have to be told about it. Girls can now have an abortion and their parents do not have to be told about it. It DOES NOT TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, it needs the village to stay out of families business. This is about taking away our religious freedoms and it is only the start. Hang on to your hats, they’ve only just begun!

    2.  This ISN’T about people.  The only thing it is about is MAKING an organization (doesn’t have to be a church) do something against its beliefs.   If succeeds in doing this to the Catholic Church what will it do next to another organization.  

    3. You are an idiot and know nothing about the Catholic Church.  Just because “everybody is doing it,” doesn’t make it right.  That was correct when your mother and father told you that and it is right now.  The clergy never catechized the laity after “Humanae Vitae” in the 60’s.  The Church does not change her teachings to appease the laity.  That is called MORAL RELATIVISM.   Something about which I would assume you know a lot.

  64. She is a pretend Christian, and only interested in using her position of power to make more millions for her family businesses. Whst a twat.

  65. This woman definitely needs to be excommunicated.  Calling her Catholic is an insult to alll real Catholics.

  66. Contempt for Catholic teachings and ignorance of the Church. Why does that sound familiar?…. OH YEAH!!! Contempt for the Constitution and ignorance of the United States.

    1. Pukelosi is nothing but a traitor to Jesus Christ and His Church; like Judas betrayed Chris with a kiss.  Christ says the same thing to Pukelosi that he said to Judas, “Nancy, dost thou betray the Son of Man with a kiss?”  She’s an anti-Catholic BIGOT worse than the atheists themselves.  She’s psuedo-Catholic, lukewarm.  Chirst said that lukewarm people he will “spew them out of His mouth.”   Don’t beleive her lies, America.  The Catholic Archdioses DO represent Catholics in America in their fight for religious rights.  She’s a great LIAR and destroyer just like her illegal boss who is illegally occupying our White House.  Nancy P. read the Bible, Luke, Chapter 11, verses 46:   “Woe to you scholars of the law!  You impose on people burdens hard to carry, but you yourselves do not lift one finger to touch them.”  Verses 52-54:  “‘Woe to you, scholars of the law!  You have taken away the key of knowledge.  You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter.’  When he left, the Scribes and Pharisees began to act with hostility toward him and to interrogate him about many things.  For they were plotting to catch him at something he might say.”  Pukelosi, you CRICIFRY Jesus Christ, your Lord, everyday by condemning to death millions upon millions of unborn Americans and you DO NOT speak for the majority of Cathlics in America.  You speak with forked tongue, Nancy.  “The choice is yours”  —  Heaven or eternal hellfire!!!  See website:     

    1. You’ve got things upside down. It’s government enforcing laws ON THE CHURCH which are ILLEGAL. Please do take your morning medicine as prescribed by your drug enforcers. 

      1. How do you feel about Christian Scientists allowing their children to die because they do not “believe” in medicine?   Or what about faith healers that scam people out of their money and keep them from seeking actual medical attention?   How about the pyramid schemes of the Mormons and Scientologists that take money from their flock and purchase real estate – then never pay property taxes?  What about Jim Baker and the PTL?  obvious corruption.  What about money laundering funds through mosques to go to foreign enemies?   Laws against “the church” are not illegal.  They are designed to protect AMERICANS.

        Its time to get the church off welfare.

        1. I am sorry that your current batch of drugs is not the quality that you are used to. I don’t know where you get your ideas about Mormons and Scientologists, but I think you may have been misinformed about some things. But thats ok, buddy, just go back to sleep and dream your liberal happy thoughts.

        2. WHOA THERE PASTARIAN!!!!  The Mormon religion pays taxes on that which it is required to pay taxes on. Besides when was the last time you found a mormon on the welfare rolls??? Yes it buys real estate. What better investment can you come up with. The monies the church makes from it’s “investments” is put right back into the church. Furthermore, the hiarcky(?) of the church do not live a plush lifestyle as do many of the other so called “religions”. They live a lifestyle of us “common folk”.
          Hey, you guessed it!!  I AM A MORMON AND DAMNED PROUD OF IT………

        3.  What do you know about my faith at all Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons)! You do not know what you are talking about at all. What pyramid schemes? Name any faith that does not own land? Do we not need land for our churches to be built on, or are you talking about the land we use for farming to help feed the poor? We try to take care of our own when they are in need and to help them get back on their feet. We are like a very large family which we teach that family is very important part of life that needs to be cherish and that we OBEY all the law of the land. We love this country dearly and will do anything for it to protect it.  Many of your people serves in the armed forces to protect this country.

    2. NO! Not at all. Any church should NOT “dictate what the government can” or cannot do. The same goes with the government, it should not dictate what a religion does. (wittin the law of corse).

    3. Hey, Pastafarian, we practicing Catholics PAY lots and lost of taxes.  So, our churches shouldn’t have to.  Besides, we are NOT being represented in the Halls of Congress.  It IS “Taxation without Representation.”  That’s unfair and unconstitutional.  A religious viewpoint IS fully protected by the Free Speech and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment of the God-given U.S. Constitution.  Pukeilosi and Obozo are TYRANTS!!  See website:   

      1. Donations to the church are deductible.    Your individual taxes give you representation.   You have the right to speak your religious views.   But, saying you are NOT being represented?  ridiculous.   It is almost a prerequisite that candidates have some sort of religion.  That was the ONLY qualification Santorum had.   The church has lobbyists, PACs, and News channels.  They fill the court system with lawsuits.  They DEMAND they get heard.  This story is about the diocese bitching about what healthcare they provide to their employees – talking directly to the government.    Sounds like representation without taxation to me.   What does it take to get your tax-exempt status stripped anyway?  

        1.  You need to get your facts together.  As an ex-Pentescostal Preacher me and my Church did pay taxes.  Also, as a candidate for office I am not a 501c(3).  As a Catholic I do pay taxes.  And the government threatens to take the Catholic Churches’ tax exempt status away if they speak out against a certain cadidate or leader like queenie Obozo.  This IS a violation of our God-given First Amendment “freedom of speech” rights and religious liberty.  And, again, we ARE NOT being represented in our government.  You are WRONG to say “representation without taxation.”  It IS “taxation without representation.”  Our tyrannical government fills the court system with lawsuits without merit.  They can’t win in public opinion; with the voters.  So, they get their hand-picked anti-Christian bigot judges to rule against God, the Churches and the will of the American people.  Making the Catholic organizations pay for their employees’ child-killing so-called birth control is a grave violation of God-given religious liberties protected under the First and Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Child-killing IS NOT a right or liberty protected under the U.S. Cosntitution.  It’s, also, a violation of the Eighth Amendment, “cruel and unusual punishment” to the unborn person in the womb.  Please don’t twist the truth.  Are you working for queenie Obozo or something?  Get off this site.  Let the big boys and girls play.  Website:            

        2. True Patriot1 – You say in one breath that you are not being represented, then in the next say you are a candidate for office.   This is the kind of double speak we have come to expect.  
          The government is not filing these lawsuits – it’s the evangelicals.  If the verdict comes back in a way you don’t like, you claim “it is unfair!” “Activist judges!”  Even if it is the Supreme Court.  You wouldn’t be happy unless it was a Christian theocracy.  

          They should write a law that strips the tax exemption for all Muslims and Mosques.  (then carefully word it to include all other religions)

          Don’t try to take away my free speech rights because you don’t like it.  I’ll stay on this site if  I feel like it, you bully.

    4. Your a bit stupid . When does the Gov. have the right to dicate what the Church does?
      We the Tea Party are trying hard to get the Gov. back into the fence or behind the fence Called the CONSTITUTION.  Now do you understand something as simple as that?

      1. The church is a business.  Like any other business.   The government cannot sanction any religion over anther.  That is the only limitation the constitution puts on the issue.   The church uses roads, police, sewer, trash pickup, fire protection, etc… but we have to pay their share – even though they are sitting on billions of dollars of taxable real estate and pull in billions of dollars from their parishioners.   It is socialism.  welfare. 

    5. The Church has every right to expel any individual who has persistently demonstrated a total lack of Christian conscience and disregard for its teachings.  There is abundant evidence that Nancy Pelosi falls in this category and should be excommunicated/expelled from the Church.   Her views represent the most evil in human nature, and she is clearly unrepentant and beyond redemption.

      1. The government has every right to strip the tax-exempt status from any church who has persistently demonstrated a total lack of following the law.  There is abundant evidence that the Catholic church falls in this category and should be excised from the free-ride they have been on.   Stay out of politics – or pay taxes.   

        1.  The Government continually interjects itself into the teaching of the Catholic church… telling them what they can and can’t preach, because they perceive a real threat to their unholy, immoral and discussing agenda.

          If the church speaks out against anything immoral that politicians are doing, they are immediately met with the “separation of church and state” slogan that liberals have twisted the original meaning of in-order to silence any and all opposition.

          Read Thomas Jefferson on this point… he clearly states that there can be no separation of church and state… because you can not separate the person from their Faith.

          If they are true to their faith, they will speak out against all wrongs & evil’s, if they are not… they look like Pelosi who is constantly trying to redefine everything under the sun to fit her twisted world view.

          We are a Christan Nation, if you don’t like it here,

          then leave and start your Idiocracy somewhere else.

          As far as having a free ride at tax payers expense… Really ?

          The Catholic church does more to feed, cloth and educate the poor and need not only in this country but in every country in the world, and does a better job of it than any and all governmental organizations and especially the United Nations with their one world order view that has them in control of everyone.

          What have you done to help anyone other than yourself ? … please show us.

        2. Reply to Get A Clue below – The tax-exemption of the church is unconstitutional.  Having the government “establish” your religion by giving it tax-exempt status while denying others is a direct violation of the first amendment.  Having a religious tax-exempt business in competition with a business that has to pay taxes is a government established unfair business practice and should be against the commercial business code.   Your religion gets benefits that non-believers do not get.  This is against the very first thing in the bill of rights.

          Some churches do charity work and could legitimately qualify for tax-exempt status.  However many churches charities only benefit church members.  Many churches do no charity at all and keep money for themselves. 

          This is NOT a Christian nation and the first amendment guarantees that.  If you don’t like it YOU are the one that needs to leave and live in a country that restricts those freedoms.  There are plenty of them out there.

  67. Can you believe all the jabberwacky this woman advocates ? I would like to have been a fly on the wall when she had her private audience with the Pope several years ago. The Pope should excommunicate her. I find it astounding to learn that Nancy attended a private Catholic school when she grew up in the Washingto, D.C. area. I guess she must have flunked religion classes…

  68. Seems Pelosi, with her ‘Catholics don’t speak for the Catholic church’ and Holder with his ‘These fast & furious documents are not the fast & furious documents you’re looking for’ are trying to exercise a pitiful Jedi mind trick or something. Only the truly weak minded will fall for it. Better known as the average democrat based leftist media, it seems. 
    click the name.

  69. So she is a “Christian Catholic” for one or two hours on Sunday, and a politician the rest of the week?  Sheesh… the woman doesn’t get what being a Christing “is”….

  70. Nancy Pelosi  is a walking proof that abortions do fail they must have performed
    a late term abortion on her and sucked out her brain

  71. It would be a real inovation if ms Pelosi would say something intelligent. How she earns the right to call herself a catholic is beyond me. some day the catholic church will have the courage to refuse the body of Christ to her. now that would be something intelligent.

  72. It’s impossible to say anything that’s not been said about this woman.  Put concisely she’s a dumbass — but she’s San Francisco’s dumbass — and that says a lot about that dumbass town.

  73. She is not really Catholic. She just claims that she is. If you live the Catholic doctrine, you are a Catholic. If you fight against it and ridicule it, you may wear the label for whatever reason, but you are not a Catholic. Why don’t all of these liberal losers just go start whatever church they want to preach what they believe in, and quit claiming to be something they are not. She is an imitation Catholic, like Harry Reid is an imitation Mormon. They are a matched set of religious impersonators.

  74. She is not really Catholic. She just claims that she is. If you live the Catholic doctrine, you are a Catholic. If you fight against it and ridicule it, you may wear the label for whatever reason, but you are not a Catholic. Why don’t all of these liberal losers just go start whatever church they want to preach what they believe in, and quit claiming to be something they are not. She is an imitation Catholic, like Harry Reid is an imitation Mormon. They are a matched set of religious impersonators.

  75. Wait… WHAT?  The Archdioceses don’t speak for the Catholic Church?  Did she really make that stupid comment?  Does she fancy that SHE speaks for the Catholic Church?  Is she drunk?  Or simply off her meds?  And the imbecile voters in San Francisco keep sending this nut job to Washington?  Somebody REALLY needs to test the water in San Francisco to see what sort of hallucinogens are in there. 

  76. Pelosi is not a Catholic.  By her actions, she has excommunicated herself from the Body of Christ.  She is living in a state of Mortal sin, and unless she reconciles herself with Holy Mother church, I fear for her soul.  Don’t castigate her; pray for her.  Her soul is worth much, much more than politics.

    1. Tailspin, I have to disagree on your assertion about this woman’s soul.  There is no salvation for her soul. This woman is evil personified.

  77. …this, from the same idiot bich who told us we need to ‘pass the health care bill so that we can see what’s in it.’   God almighty I wish  she would have been in Vietnam as we entered mine fields unawares!  I would have her go in first, ‘so that we can see what’s in it…’  What a horrid excuse for a representative of ANY people she is.  November can’t come soon enough…

  78. Nasty Pelousy thinks that she is the representative of all Catholics. LOL! She is the representative of all things plastic and satanic.

  79. This country and so many of this countries once respected institutions are being run by commie fascist morons.

    Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in the USA!
    Let’s please return this nation to the bright shining beacon of freedom on the hill for the rest of the world to aspire to.

    1. According to one spectrum communism is on one extreme and fascism is on the other. There are many who still believe this to be true. I suspect that you, like I and probably many others that have read about such matters may have come to the conclusion that totalitarianism is on one extreme with communism and socialism nearby. Anarchy on the other and reasonable laws to keep the peace in the center.
      Your adjectives IMHO are correct.

  80. As a Roman Catholic I am saddened about the postion the ex-speaker holds. regardless of how far from the church she has fallen catholic believe there is always hope.  One merely has to ask, would Christ Jesus have been an advocate for the killing of unborn children? Beyond that, would those marxist and socialists she so admires have encourage the systematic killing of future workers of the state? This either makes Mrs. Pelosi not only apostate, but a profound hypocrite with no apparent morals or values. Americans have long held that any citizen could follow any belief system they chose, I propose Mrs. Pelosi has no belief system, ergo, she is not an American. We need to remember that.

  81. Well, as usual, she is dead wrong::  Religion is something we live.. every day of our lives… NOT FOR 1 HOUR A WEEK THAT THE CLAIMS SHE DOES.  It she is in church 1 hour a week…… she must be taking a nap!!!  The older she gets, the more stupid she becomes, like Barbara Waters!!   I hope to age like Betty White.. proud of my life and retain my brain function.  She has my sympathy… don’t knnow when her brain died, but it did… Do you think God had a part in it????

    1. What’s it gonna take for the government to strip the tax-exempt status of the church?  They have been repeatedly warned to stay out of politics.  

  82. “Pope-ess” Pelosi actually has followers.  Just shows to go ya, some people will believe anything…even that she speaks for Catholics!!!!  Balderdash!!  She has no clue which end of her the words are coming from. Methinks she somehow missed her time to be in the care of medicos.

  83. If the Lord speaks to someone on earth that represents Him then we better listen. The problems with this is:
    1> Is there a Lord?
    2> Assuming yes to 1, does someone on earth represent Him or speaks in His authority?
    3> Assuming yes to 2, in this instance, is the Pope that person? If you are of another belief I believe that we all will be judged by the laws we know and follow in our respective religions.
    4> Is the priority God over government, or government over God? A true atheist probably have a problem with this as a blind person probably would have a problem understanding what “red”, “green” or “blue” means.
    Personally I suspect that 3 isn’t as important as the others. If you follow what you believe to be true, the Lord will take that even if you were mistaken in believing incorrect things.

    1. To answer your questions.

      1. Man’s common sense is sufficient enough to tell him of the existence of God… seek and ye shall find.

      2. The (Universal) Church… that is the definition of (Catholic) was founded by Jesus Christ and has been in existence for over 2000 years despite every government on the planet trying to silence it or destroy it. St. Peter one of the original 12 disciples chosen by Jesus, with a laying on of hands… to be the ROCK upon which He would build His church, became the first Pope and subsequently all that followed.

      3. YES… the Pope represents Jesus Christ on earth. 

      4. To prefer ANYTHING created to the CREATOR Himself is an abomination to God… read anything in the Old Testament of the Bible to see how God deals with those who are willfully disobedient… take a look at Sodom & Gomorrah for starters.

      Lastly:  You’re suspicions are wrong… ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it… just try walking out of a bank with other peoples money and tell them you didn’t know it was wrong to steal.

      It’s not about what YOU believe to be true… it’s about TRUTH period!

      The truth is always the truth, any version of it… IS A LIE!

      You have an obligation to learn the truth about everything and live your life accordingly… anything less, you’d be acting like a spoiled child in need of a time out… and forever is a very long time.

      1. I agree with #1 but this is a question for everyone. And the basis of the rest.
        As far as #2 there is someone on earth that can speak with authority from Heavenly Father.
        #3 Those that believe that someone else has that authority will be judged by what they know. This includes those of other religions, atheist, and those of another time and place which hadn’t understood the Gospel in this life. If not then the judgement would be biased against many millions of people.
        #4 There are many, in the government, on the tet [an expression of Lincoln when there weren’t enough patronage positions available for all those who helped him getting elected and now wanted to be postmasters, etc.] that hold the government above God.
        The website apparently doesn’t show all that I wrote after this point. I shall have to guess.
        Would God judge you for a crime you didn’t know you were doing? No, I think not.
        Under the not eat food that has been blessed unto idols or something like that;
        Is it a sin for a christian to eat kosher food that was blessed by a rabii?
        Is it a sin for a christian to eat halal food that was blessed by a muslim cleric?
        These are questions which someone can be judged without knowing what God says?
        No. If they knew then they can be judged for that knowledge.
        If they didn’t know then someone with a higher paygrade will judge them (at the final judgement).

        1. You speak of minutia… you really think these things are going to determine your place in Heaven or hell ? … don’t you know where you get your food from… don’t you say Grace before and after meals ? … if you do then you’re blessing your own food, what’s the problem here?

          You’re not a child anymore… don’t act like one, take responsibility for the things you DO,  and the things you SHOULD DO but don’t… that’s what you’ll be judged on.

          If you know your Left hand from your Right hand… then stop trying to live your life like you don’t know what’s Right from Wrong… and stop demanding that everyone else accepts your sinfulness because you’re too lazy to change your ways.

          It’s always easier to say “I was born like this, so you must accept me” but if you really believe that, then you would never have tried to walk again after having fallen even 1 time… as a child with no knowledge of Right or wrong, Good or evil.. you followed your instinct, you knew better and now you can walk and run.

          There’s and old Catholic saying: Our Prayers are us speaking to God and our Instincts are God answering us.

          Follow your instincts… follow the 10 Commandments.

          Why is this so difficult for anyone to understand ? … if your still afraid for other people, then PRAY for them… God hears the prayers of the Faithful… all of them!

          If you have anymore questions for GOD… ask HIM Honestly in Prayer… you’ll be amazed how He answers you… if you’re TRULY humble.

        2. What we got here, is failure, to communicate.
          Either I am not expressing things correctly, the reader not reading correctly, or a combination.
          The reply from Get A Clue doesn’t jive, IMHO with what I wrote.

  84. That’s her own way of justifying her own sins.  She has listened to Satan when he told her she could do it that way.  I sure wouldn’t want to be her conscience when she’s lying on her death bed.  

  85. Pelosi does not represent any Catholic at all with her wild and crazy ideas. She is not a practicing Catholic and has no idea what her faith is all about. She is a political and self serving entity out for self gratification. She misrepresents herself as Catholic but in fact she is not.

  86. This proves she doesn’t have a clue about what religion is all about.  It is about believing something ALL the time, not just in a building for one hour on Sunday morning.  Doesn’t she understand there 167 other hours in the week.  If she is planning on going to Heaven when she dies she better hope she is in the church when it happens.  I am not a Catholic but my religion teaches that you live always in the teachings of the Bible – ALWAYS – not just when it’s convenient or you are in church on Sunday morning.  I suspect Catholic teaching is the same.  As for her notion that the Church has to keep up with the times I again suspect that Catholic teaching is the same as what I believe and was taught: “God is the same yesterday, today and forever.”   Not Oh God will keep up with the times.  If I’m wrong, let me know.

    1. I am a Catholic Christian.  As a fellow christian, we all are called to be followers of Christ EVERY DAY.  You are absolutely correct to say Catholics are the same.

  87. Isn’t it wonderful! Nancy is now the new Pope and is know all, see all. Saw in the News where Steny Hoyer and Boerner congratulated her on her 25 years in Congress recently. I think that she has ben in Congress 24 years too long. After all “We have to pass the law to know what’s in it. LOL

  88. Well, I guess that now that pope Nancy is making the rules for us Catholics, rabbi Wassername-Schultz has replaced the Torah and ayatollah Hussain has pronounced us a muslim nation, we no longer need religious beliefs.  We just need to worship the government for our salvation.  I wouldn’t want to be standing too near any of them when the big bolts of lightning comes out of the sky, because even God has had enough.

  89. Here is an oponion on ex cathedra …from someone who is really an ex Catholic.
    And who really should be an ex Congresswoman.

  90. As a Catholic, I take my orders from the Popes and Bishops unless they are immoral.  Perhaps it is time to refer to Pelosi as Queen Henrietta.  Be careful folks: methinks she wants our heads!

  91. This goes way beyond an attack on the Catholic Church or Womens rights. It goes to mandating what we must think, what we can say and how we live inside our own homes. It is right alongside wanting thousands of DRONES in our skies with the ability to see into our backyards and into our homes.
    This CREATURE who occupies OUR WHITE HOUSE is a cross between Lenin and Hitler with a dash of Jihadists
    Get everyone out to vote, carry your mace with you if you live near Black Panther or Acorn stong holds. Go in groups, go in large numbers. VOTE NO ON OBAMA.

  92. Pelosi it is time you got out of politics and OUT of the Catholic church. You have demeaned the beliefs of EVERY DEVOUT Catholic that follows the teachings of the church. Your thirst for power and megalomaniac mentality have helped “The One” destroy my country. Why don’t you migrate to Venezuala where your thought is more acceptable to an oppressed people because if you keep pushing your Communist agendas, your  millions in illegal personal wealth and power will mean nothing if the shooting starts!

  93. It is handy that Pelosie can compartmentalize her faith.  She seems to think she can be a Catholic on Sunday and a socialist/Marxist/abortionist/gay rights activist the rest of the week.   I would have to say that she is on a train to hell with no stops in between.

  94. How long have we been subjected to her twisted, libturd socialist doublespeak ?? It seems forever, and I suppose there is zero to no hope that her voters would suddenly see the real truth about her, but her beliefs are theirs also, if they have any at all. Her ‘message’ has been the same for so long, she actually thinks that we will just blindly go along with her and her buddies, like waters, boxhead, and all the others who have helped ruin this conutry, and who cannot do anything else but that ! !

    She and her ‘fellow’ libs in Congress are the dumbest people I have ever seen ! !

  95. Moron would be three levels up for Pelosi. Can you imagine being a dem. and having to follow her lead!That is total insanity! the woman sh0uld retire to a home for the criminally insane. She and Biden just finished a movie”Dumb and Dumber,part two.” Incredible stupidity!


  97. I think I know how to solve this situation. Let’s let the Catholics opt-out of this law.  They can deny their employees any healthcare they want.  They can deny coverage to anyone they disagree with.  They can deny anyone with a pre-existing condition and establish their own limits of when coverage stops.  They can choose their own rates and raise them at any time without interference.  But here is the deal – they need to COMPLETELY opt-out.  They need to have their own insurance companies.  The patients need to go to only in-network Catholic doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.  Government programs like Medicare and Veterans insurance will no longer pay any portion of the bills.   Insurance companies like Blue Cross, Aetna, and Kaiser will no longer pay any portion of the bills.  It is completely in the hands of the church.  If the church cancels your coverage, you cannot go back to the other insurance.  If the Catholic insurance screws you out of coverage, you cannot use the US court system to sue them.  You will need to go to church court.

    1. So you like the idea of the government being able to deny people of things, but not the idea of Catholics NOT having to pay for something that is against their core beliefs?

    2. I have a better solution, Pastafarian. Lets go to a system where people, religious or not, are allowed to participate in whatever part of society they feel is appropriate. ANd if they get treated unfairly, allow them to address the courts for redress of grievences. I know that sounds like a really bizarre concept in this day and age, but one i think is worth thinking about.

      1. I like that plan, except the clogging up of the court system by companies that are tax-exempt.  I also do not like the part of the plan where your employer decides what health care you get. Health insurance should be paid by the individual getting the benefit, not from some other entity that does not have your best interest at heart.  That way you are in charge of your own moral beliefs and not held hostage to what someone else thinks.  This is why the government option was really the better plan from the beginning.  You don’t want to get your employers insurance – here is another option.  You want to deny benefits you find morally objectionable – here is another option. I am opposed to limiting benefits because of moral reasons the same way you are opposed to mandating benefits because of moral reasons.  Remove the corporation from the equation, make everyone responsible for their OWN healthcare.

  98. Pelosis face is pulled so tightly that her brain doesn’t work properly.  Without Christians and God this country would be nothing!!

  99. There;s one answer to this. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. BY EVERYONE. Individuals, churches, busineses, EVERYONE who opposes Obamacarel needs to refuse to comply, regardless of the risks. Dnt buy insurance. Dont provide insurance to your employees. PERIOD. Tell Obama and the rest of Washington to shove it up their asses

  100. One would expect nothing less from this self absorbed,plasitc, hateful wench!! The reason she is against religion, is because if someone worship something other then her, her cronies, and Obee, they are to be criminalized, and bullied, into submission!! She uses her bully pull pit, the same way Obee and all of his cronies do!!! They are nothing more and nothing less, then Chitcago Thugs!!! 

  101. Pelosi has ALWAYS BEEN Nothing -but- a “piece of junk”. Yoo: Like the article you have here.  I am not -much- familiar with your whole of system [“GodFather politics”] and, quite frankly, I’ve taken ‘poor’ impression of your dig, here offa the “collection” of Persons visiting on one of the –subjects– seems too much a % and nim-wits and strange minds only. If I am being READ here will like to add NOTE. I COULD BE -Myself- the NEXT PRESIDENT! I am involved Politically since 1997. Some people think I ‘started’ too high bidding for mayor of town in first political/ and -write in- you “do not receive much notice”./ 2010 I WAS TRYING TO spur -Ralph Nader- A STATE NATIVE- to RUN for the Gub position.  I first approached him over the Alan Colmes Radio program and then, later I met him face-to-face.  Well, anyone who knows Ralph Nader -will know- that he IS —DISTANT— My ‘idea’ was I’ll have Ralph RUN and we WIN and I would be beside as LtG.  I ran a -very nice- campaign of consensus but, it never worked to bring Nader in.  I wound up doing some independent campaigning for Tom Foley in end & he lost -close- election (“was called for him, at first,,”).  So, THAT would of been my “springboard” to jump into the ‘2012’.  I -KNOW- that a LtG. is ‘small time’ next to OTHER “springboard” type positions; however, I am VERY TALENTED and I had the ‘idea’ I would —SHOW—/ I deceided to CONTINUE my ‘2012’ -efforts- even though the Gub idea -closed- as it did.

  102. Pelosi is as far from Catholicism as one could possibly be.  Catholics don’t do their religion on Sundays in the church.  True catholics do their religion every minute of every day or else they are not listening in church on Sundays.  In the final analysis, Ms Pelosi will answer to God with no equivocations or justifications on her judgment day, and I would not want to be in her place unless I walked in with a miracle.  God is all loving and forgiving; but also a just and demanding being.

  103. How in the hell do the people of her district keep electing this brain-dead hack?
    Are they all as totally ignorant as her, or W-T-F?
    The San Francisco Arch-Diocese should immediately excommunicate her!

  104. I wish California Congressional District 8 (Pelosi’s) would petition to secede from the Union, and that the petition be granted.  It’s difficult to imagine that, given that they routinely reelect this moron to Congress, that these people are actually Americans.

  105. Botox Nancy is nothing more than a Gollum to the master. . .Soros. . .she is a cafeteria catholic who speaks the furthest from the truth of Church teachings to push her liberal agenda, she has a faux god before her that by her own hand put into the highest office fully knowing the ineligibility that surrounds him; therefore, since everything is plastic about her, so are the false ramblings that come from her mouth.  Pelosi and her lot are sell outs to this nation. . .all of them are devoid of souls since they’ve sold them for power.

    By the way Pelosi, my Archdioscese represents me and I was proud and will continue to be proud to march against the grab of religious freedoms. Like your boy, Barry, you both lied and continue to lie to the people and the Church.

  106. Remember that offensive book of lies titles “Hitler’s Pope”?   Well, you could write a much more truthful book about Pelosi and Sebellius titled “Satan’s Catholics”.

  107. Remember the famous words, you have to pass the law to see what is in it.  We don’t take her word for anything.  We catholics will stick together.

  108. So much for the Catholic Vote and don’t forget, We should roll back Israel borders to 1969, so hopefully the Jewish vote is lost

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