Petraeus Scandal, Benghazi Coverup Get Weirder, More Tangled

The sex scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus just keeps getting more convoluted. The FBI is now saying it has thousands of pages of emails exchanged between the woman whose harassment complaint led to the uncovering of the Petraeus affair and another general, the commander of our forces in Afghanistan.

The story so far: Jill Kelley, who is being described as a Tampa, Florida, socialite, complained to the FBI many months ago about email harassment by Paula Broadwell, the biographer of Gen. Petraeus.

During the ensuing investigation, FBI agents learned the CIA director was having an affair with Broadwell, who had sent the emails to Kelley because she thought Kelley was having an affair with Petraeus, who has a wife named Holly.

While looking into Kelley’s complaint, the FBI also discovered hundreds of emails Kelley exchanged with Gen. John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Some of the communications are alleged to be “potentially inappropriate,” according to military sources.

(As if this circus needed any side shows, an FBI agent apparently became obsessed with Kelley during the investigation and sent her shirtless photos of himself. Also, an ABC affiliate station has gotten in trouble for “accidentally” airing an altered, sexually suggestive cover of Broadwell’s book about Petraeus.)

Allen’s staff are denying that he had an affair with Kelley, saying the communications were related to Kelley’s duties as social liaison to MacDill Air Force Base.

Meanwhile, according to several news reports, authorities have raided Broadwell’s home. They also obtained her computer and allegedly found several classified documents on it.

In October, Broadwell gave a speech in which she said that the Benghazi attack was in retaliation for the CIA holding prisoners at its facility near what the media have dubbed the “consulate,” but which several sources have said was nothing of the sort. U.S. officials have routinely referred to it simply as the “U.S. mission” in Benghazi.

Some sources have said the purpose of the U.S. mission was to funnel heavy weapons and personnel to the rebels in Syria.

According to ABC, Petraeus made a trip to Benghazi in late October to investigate for himself what happened. It was part of a six-nation tour and was done in preparation for his expected testimony to Congress.

But now, it’s unlikely that he will testify to Congress due to his resignation and the exploding sex scandal.

Congress also wanted to hear testimony from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is conveniently visiting friends in Australia.

Stay tuned. There’s bound to be more to come now that the election is over. …

28 thoughts on “Petraeus Scandal, Benghazi Coverup Get Weirder, More Tangled

  1. You can’t make this stuff up.

    This sounds like a salacious report on the dissolute, drug-addled lives of Hollywood celebrities who have no moral compass. Distinguished government leaders caught with their pants down….and a maddening distraction from the Bengazi scandal.

    What a mess, and how convenient for Obama.

  2. I don’t understand the emphasis being put on Petraeus’ and Gen. Allen’s affairs rather than what was going on in Benghazi. It’s a great COVER-UP so they don’t have to answer questions about Benghazi! What is this Broadwell chic doing giving speaches in regard to Behghazi anyway? Didn’t I hear that they could be stripping Petraeus of all his four star general status? What did they strip slick willy of when he made use of his desk in the oval office to get his sexual urges relieved? He pretty much got away scot free. I don’t understand married men nowdays. Don’t they have any morals when away from home? I don’t get it, I guess I’m too old to understand this crap!

    1. No doodlebug you are to not old to understand this. It is plain and simple. We have a segment of people in charge that believe they can get away with whatever immoral, illegal, or illicit conduct they chose and the devil be damned if they get caught. And they are getting away with it because not enough of the good guys are standing up and boldly saying, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!. Calling all Godly men out there. Quick hiding behind your mama’s apron and stand up for what is right!!

      1. Like your president is doing with BENGHAZI , TURN THE LIBERAL MEDIA lose on something else,,,,,,,, hello,,,,,,,,, SMOKE SCREEN !!

    2. Doodlebug….Just watched the Obama press conference and I couldn’t believe my ears. When asked by Ed Henry about Bengazi and Susan Rice, the President ADMITTED:

      1. That she had NOTHING to do with Bengazi! THEN WHY would he send someone who has nothing to do with Bengazi out to 5 TV shows to speak about it, saying the cause was a video when the WH KNEW it was terrorism. SOMEONE WITH KNOWLEDGE of Bengazi like Petraeus or Hillary should have been on the Sunday hot-seats.

      2. That HE was responsible for Bengazi and that Senators McCain and Graham should go after him and not Rice and that it was reprehensible to go after her and besmirch her reputation. Graham immediately released a statement that INDEED they WERE holding Obama responsible for Bengazi.

      While he paternally defended Rice against the ”attacks” of people who questioned her obviously having given false information about Bengazi , he ADMITTED that HE was the one who had sent her into the line of fire in the first place! Pretending to care for he, HE was the one who threw her under the bus.

      Obama is feigning indignation because he KNOWS that truth-seekers are ON HIS HEELS. At the end of the press conference, he STILL had NOT ANSWERED the seminal questions about Bengazi that had been asked.

      Obama is a slippery eel who has gotten away with evil his whole life and he’s cocksure that he’s going to get away with Bengazi.

      1. Interesting, sweet Suzy is a member of the Trilateral commission, hmm, yes the bum does know of the truth DEMANDERS! We let these weasels scheme us. He (the occupier) reminds me of Sa tan who speaks truth in percentages 1 – 99 percenters which are still lies, your right! This guy has broken a record! He just flat out lie’s w/a smile and a knife to all our backs, even the freaks that cheated to get this worm back in the oval, all out of the Cloward and Piven’s (Frances, who’s still kicking) playbook. They all are bottom of the barrel dung and many are nothing more than corn-holing Sodomite’s!

    3. Well for starters, its not just the men who cheat & its nothing new, although its always very sad to see & hear about. The emphasis is that patreus is going to be obama’s fallguy. If he does ssy anything about what really happened, the admin will discredit him by pointing out that he lied to his family, for years apparently so how can u trust a guy like that to tell the truth even in a court of law. He looks bad right now, probably a lil bit pissed & even betrayed that he was being investigated by his own government & by an outside agency, no less. So odds are, he’ll say anthing to take pressure off of himself & to kinda giv the FBI & the admin the proverbial finger. It’d just add insult to injury & be a lose lose for the general. Unless he has a serious case of conscience & patriotism with no regard for further consequences afterward, don’t expect him to talk. Shrillary isn’t gonna talk because she’s quitting the admin after the innauguration & despite reports to the contrary, probly still has her eye on 2016. However, she’s not a total idiot & is surely aware obama wouldn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus if it would benefit him, so I’m sure she & bill have something they could throw back to hurt him on down the road.

    4. Doodlebug: This is why there are more than 180 millions of Muslime around the world because Mohammed knew the real nature of some men so he said that in his Koran that men are allowed to have many wives as they want.

      No doubt the trait of Mohammed’s character most offensive to the Christian Occident is his sensuality. His lack of moderation and control in this sphere appears worse to us because the common-sense Christian morality, being an heir of the ancient ascerticism, is based on an exaggerated idea of the sinfulness of the sexual instinct. Offences in this sphere are often regarded as the sin in an absolute and real sense.
      Even the Jews in Medina found Mohammed’s conduct to be offensive in this respect, and they asked: “What kind of prophet is this man who only thinks of marrying?” Undoubtly a prophet who declares that women and children belong to the enticements of worldly life, and who nevertheless accumulates a harem of nine wives, in addition to various women, is a strange phenomenon when regarded from the standpoint of morality.
      hussein obama is a Muslime and he knew well about the sensuality of some kind of women too, that’s why he made mandate to have free contraception to the kind of women who think that having many sexual activities is made them equally to men. That’s why so many women voted for hussein obama.

  3. Wow! What I could tell you about Michelle’s trip to S. Africa without B. O. along a few years back might curl your hair tighter than her’s has probably ever been!

  4. What’s Obama’s theme song; “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man”. President Obama, your house of cards is starting to collapse, and with the ill-conceived and poorly timed firing of General Petraeus, he now has nothing to lose by testifying before Congress, and on an open microphone during a broadcast of either Hannity’s or Greta’s heavily-watched shows. They are going to get you, Hillary, Holder, and the rest of that corrupted bunch of thugs housed in your White House Administration! One puzzling question, can they begin impeachment proceedings for a just reelected president?

  5. SEX..has become far more critical to our country’s security than the murder of 4 of our citizens on our own ground. Go figure.

  6. There are more questions regarding Benghazi than anyone seems to be asking:

    1. Consulate or Mission What is the status of the Benghazi site. Reports indicate that it was not a consulate, if so is this site still considered to be soverign USA territory, if a consulate when dit it become a consulate?

    2. Activities at Benghazi.

    A. Arming insurgents.

    a.Reports indicate that Benghazi was a site used by Kadafi for stockpiling armaments. What were the sourcess of these armaments.

    b, Benghazi is reported as a site where the USA was funneling armament to the Syrian oppositon, whom re identified as either being Al-qaeda or their supporters. For what reason are we arming enemies of the USA?
    c. What were the sources of th armaments used in attacking our compound in Benghazi, weapons that we supplied?
    d. Reports indicate that the ambassador was overseeing these arms shipments on his doomed vist to Benghazi? For wht reason was he even there without proper support?
    3. Prison?
    Whom was the USA detaining at this site. if those who attached the site were supporters of tose we are arming, why would we be detaining the same people, if they were not of the same ilk , as those we were arming?
    The policy of placating the enemy, is questionable, if not treasonous.

  7. Its all just a big smoke screen to cover the major story of Obama, Petraeus, Hillary,and the rest of the brain dead liars in the administration, allowing good men to be murdered in Benghazi. We want to hear the truth even if it leads to Obama being impeached . FAILURE is the word and yes its worse than watergate in every way!

  8. Seems like the ‘Generals’ are having problems with their ‘privates’!!!! Maybe they should stay away from sluts and concentrate on the job at hand! Unfortunately, those who’ve been named are already disgraced … but the sluts continue to be touted in the press!
    WHERE IS THE COVERAGE ON THE BENGHAZI COVER-UP???? We’ve had far too much of the salacious ‘reporting’….let’s get journalism back the way it SHOULD be!!!!!

  9. Gen Petraeus spoke before Congress in a closed hearing following the Sept 11th attack on Benghazi.

    “Two officials who witnessed Petraeus’ closed-door testimony to lawmakers
    in the week after the attack said that during questioning he acknowledged that there were some intelligence analysts who disagreed with the conclusion that a mob angry over the video had initiated the violence. But those officials said Petraeus did not mention the CIA’s
    early eyewitness reports. He did warn legislators that the account could change as more intelligence was uncovered, they said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the hearing was closed.” (source:

    Shortly after that, when word came out that ‘someone’ told the CIA agents in Benghazi to stand down, Petraeus was clear and quick to state that those orders did not come from the CIA.

    Now, here’s a possibility to consider; if he was again being asked to testify before Congress but made it clear to this Administration that he would not fall on his sword but tell all that he knew to avoid perjury, who’s to say that they didn’t hold the affair as blackmail over him if he strayed from the party line and talking points? I’m sure that since there were reports as early as the evening of election day that he was having an affair and his resignation was made official sometime in the following hours that this chain of events is more than plausible. I do hope that he goes before the committee (under protest, of course, as it will be a closed-door session) and then lays it all out. He really has little to lose now that the affair is public.

    To a lifetime military man, things like personal honor and duty to country still matter a great deal. It is and probably always will be a large part of the ethos of the warrior class. Now before I start getting flamed, please put all the titillating news stories about marital indiscretions aside for moment. Honor to country and duty is what I’m talking about here and the General has shown that his duty is to country and his actions towards the well being of the men and women in uniform are beyond reproach. One does not get to the senior officer level if they are derelict in those basic tenets of military conduct.

    But the ‘dirty little secret’ about overseas duty assignments is how men – and women – do things they don’t talk about to friends and family back home. This is common knowledge within the armed forces (and to anyone like myself – father, step-father, 7 uncles, 5 cousins and a brother who served in the military). The tabloid coverage is really a side note and media circus in support of this cover-up. The only good part about all the lurid details is that the affair and related shenanigans *force* the media to report it… ask any editor, sex sells newspapers and makes people tune in to the evening news!

    It would not surprise me if Petraeus is using his skills at cloak and dagger to out those involved. I say good for him and hope that I’m correct. It would be a fitting action against those in the current administration who have used the men and women in uniform as pawns for political gain. The only concern in all of this speculation would be what additional dirt – if any – does this Administration have to prevent him from being forthcoming with all he knows?

  10. Anything goes to get attention off of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, FEMA concentration camps, the illegal wars, Federal Reserve rip-offs and every other evil and corruption going on, known or unknown, in the USA’s government, which is being run by organized crime.

  11. This whole situation is full of lying, scandals, and cover-ups. This could have cost the ruler the election. Especially, since NOW we hear that despicable Cantor and another Rep. from Washington state, (Reichert) – GET THIS! – were TOLD by a whistle-blower all the details BEFORE THE ELECTION, AND THOSE TWO TOLD NO ONE ELSE!! Are you kidding me? Obama could have been derailed and slimeball Cantor let him go! Incredible isn’t strong enough. Exactly whose side is Cantor on? Why did he not help his country? This is scary stuff. I hope someone has the guts (hope and pray) to tell the truth (ha!) and bring down this president. He deserves nothing less.

  12. This should of broke weeks ago, wheres Wag? you know, the dog! Just hope something good comes out of this and we don’t get distracted for too long, ‘they’ are up to something real big, keep eye’s, ears and mind sharp. Does anyone know what fema is doing in the NE to help those people? Oh yes, forgot about Katrina (Norlons) where they came and removed any ways the citizen had to protect themselves! Gheez, why did they buy all that ammo and other toys w/our money anyways? Whats HA^RP been up to lately? Man, what’s agenda 21 all about? Makes one wonder what other things these slime balls are scheming?! They did what! You mean these slime dogs cheated us again on Nov. 6? How come the US Marshall’s did not remove the bums years ago? Could this whole scheme have gone as far back to Darwin’s day or even before? What were those moron’s thinking years back on Mars Hill? Has man been duped by some unseen forces like princeapality’s in high place taught to us from Scripture that these Freaks are a Cherub known as Satan and his fallen one’s? The Lord said there’s no truth in him, he hates all of mankind, he uses ignorant men to do whatever evil he can to try and stop the Providence of God, yeah, what a looser, but it can and may get very ugly if we don’t stand our ground while praying to the Almighty!
    The Bible is an amazing book of life, Ezekiel told us to the day (May 15th, 1948) Israel would come back and be a Nation in a day (ref. the late Grant Jeffry) just as all the other prophecy’s as in Isaiah 53, in fact everything the Bible (up to this day) has came true exactly as (Inspired by GOD) written, so why would one think that the remaining ones won’t? Only some moron of some prestigious college would say that other wise, no wonder we seceded from the UK w/God’s Blessing! These same freaks boast about ridding a child of any thoughts (good one’s) of the God of the Bible, what did Jesus say again about a Mill Stone? It is Written!

  13. not a rumor, just a hypothetical thought. If US was funneling weapons like Contra to the rebels to take down the dictatorial regimes if amy Stevens was gay perhaps the rumored idea that amy Stevens was suppose to be kidknapped to be returned by trade of some blind sheik backfired bec/ the rebels found out he was gay, in the mean time they were being counterattacked by the CIA guys who were told to stay away and disobeyed orders bec/ they were not privy to the arranged kidknapping and thought it was real so you cannot leave witnesses they were allowed to die all hypothetical just thinking out loud trying to reason it through
    Patraeus said he did not order anyone to stand down so he needs to be taken out, Hamm, Allen, put someone in charge who can be better controlled or has same Arab Spring objectives by removing those three. Kelly may have someone controlling her all that debt floated by whom—-she might be a spy working for soros
    Amah something working in Hillary Clinton’s office WHY?????????
    Divide and conquor

  14. Nothing in this administration is as it seems. Lots of diversonary tactics while they play dirty somewhere else. However, I hope we don’t let go of Bengazi. The ambassador and soldiers deserve to be heard and they’re no longer here. We are.

  15. This SMOKE SCREEN is to detour attention from BENHGAZI , personal lives shouldn’t play into this………ASK CLINTON,,,,,,,,,, impeached and wouldn’t step down,,,, His actions in the ORAL office a despicable

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