Piers Morgan: “Bible Flawed, Needs to be Revised”

Piers Morgan is quickly rising to be the poster boy for progressive liberalism.  First he comes out against gun ownership and now he is attacking the Bible.

Monday night, on his infamous CNN program, Morgan talked with Rick Warren, Founder and Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Saddleback Church is a megachurch that boasts of an average attendance right around 20,000.  Warren is also the author of best sellers The Purpose Drive Life and The Purpose Drive Church.

During that interview, the topic of the Bible and homosexuality was broached and Morgan said that because of today’s culture the Bible is flawed and that it needs to be amended.  In other words, Morgan, like so many others in today’s culture, does not accept the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, but rather a collection of ancient writings that are no longer relevant to today.  The bottom line is that Morgan wants to make God in Morgan’s own image, rather than accept the other way around.  Morgan said to Warren:

“Both the Bible and the Constitution were well intentioned but they are basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it.  My point to you about gay rights, for example, it’s time for an amendment to the Bible.”

In many areas, I don’t agree with Rick Warren and his liberal theology, and I have to admit that he did a fairly poor job at defending the truth of the Bible.  His response to Morgan was:

“I willingly admit that I base my worldview on the Bible, which I believe is true. My definition of truth is: If it’s new, it’s not true. If it was true 1,000 years ago, it will be true 1,000 years from today. Opinion changes, but truth doesn’t.”

If I were Warren, I would have told Morgan:

“God’s Word is unchanging and the only source of absolute truth.  It is not for man to change the Word of God or try to make God in our own image.  It is our duty to follow God’s teachings and when He says homosexuality is a sin, then it’s a sin.  It means that our culture and current opinions are wrong and they are the things that need to be amended back to conform with God’s instructions, not the other way around.”

Morgan is just like so many other liberals today who have already started rewriting the Bible.  There is the new Queen James gay Bible, a feminist Bible and even a new age Bible.  They pick and choose what they want from the Bible and then add their own words and claim that’s what God meant to say or should have said.

All I can say for them is that I would truly hate to be in their shoes when they stand before a holy and righteous God on the Day of Judgment when He asks them why they changed His Scriptures.  It reminds me of the words of Jeremiah 8:8-12 which read:

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us’?  But behold, the lying pen of the scribes has made it into a lie.  The wise men shall be put to shame; they shall be dismayed and taken; behold, they have rejected the word of the LORD, so what wisdom is in them?  Therefore I will give their wives to others and their fields to conquerors, because from the least to the greatest everyone is greedy for unjust gain; from prophet to priest, everyone deals falsely.  They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.  Were they ashamed when they committed abomination?  No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush.  Therefore they shall fall among the fallen; when I punish them, they shall be overthrown, says the LORD.”

544 thoughts on “Piers Morgan: “Bible Flawed, Needs to be Revised”

  1. Pier Morgan has all the attributes of a pile of fecal matter . . . and even manages to draw more flies!

    Hey, libs, one of you clowns send him a trophy.

    1. Piers Morgan deserves several accolades and trophies for pissing you maggots off. Anyone who manages to get your panties up in a bunch as much as he has, deserves HERO status in my book.

        1. When we revoke your christian churches tax-exempt status, You certainly will be angry! I can see it now – Christians nailing themselves to the cross pretending to be victims! I can see you screaming about your rights being trampled. Well SCREW your rights. You stopped having rights the moment you started trying to trample on other’s rights.

        2. Nah , you really cannot make me angry, but your sister sure is pissed, she hates it when you hit on her.

          You sure are a sick pup, and the psychotropic medications have only made your posts/thoughts more disconnected and scattered.

        3. Random messages from you like “but your sister sure is pissed, she hates it when you hit on her.”

          You post random nonsensical tidbits like this, then go on to claim my posts are disconnected and scattered?

          Thanks for providing an excellent example of how utterly unhinged and disconnected from reality conservatives are. Any time one of you makes any type of accusation, people can clearly see that you’re projecting your own shortcomings!

        4. Your sister really is upset, but as you have shown in several of your posts – – – – you are very focused on hurting others thus making yourself feel better, a psychotic behavior at best.

          An in-depth review of your last post demonstrates (dem·on·strates) a need to demonize ( de·mon·ize ) and belittle (try sounding this word out on your own) others, as you have attempted to do to a whole group of people based on the comments of a single individual – – – clearly demonstrating you have trouble remaining objective and lack even a basic perception of how the world really works.

          Wearing your hatred on your sleeve and lashing out at others because you feel you were slighted at some point in life surely does not make you a better person, further, coming to websites to pour your unwarranted contempt on specific groups of people should be very frightening to you, as it is a junior-league nazi-like behavior and will only drive you deeper into your mental illness.

          What is most striking is your attempt to use your own behaviors to somehow rationalize that Conservatives disconnected are as a group . . . and you missed the fact that you were doing this before clicking post. Amazing.

          Get help John, you really need it.

          Print this, then read it again tomorrow, and make the phone call.

        5. My christian church built hospitals, schools and orphanages. We run soup kitchens, thrift stores. Should we pay taxes our costs will go up and our services will go down. We no longer have adoption agencies because we were being forced to place children in same gender households.
          Before you go off on the last, there are recent articles by children you have been raised by non mixed parents and they have stated they did not do well on several levels. The studies done by the mental health professionals support the child needs a mother AND father.

    1. Unfortunately they don’t want him back- the British wing have their own petition demanding we keep him …
      “which creates the possibility that Morgan will be left floating somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean”
      I’m good with that~~

    2. Proving undeniably that conservatives are ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALISTS, ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI-FREEDOM. (Freedom for me but not for thee”

      1. Conservatives are not the only ones who do not like this guy. He probably can’t go back to England because he was guilty in the cell-phone hacking scandal.

        1. You mean the cell phone hacking scandal that was started by the propagandist who runs Fox News – The same network you get all of your misinformation from?

        2. Rupert Murdoch is no liberal/Obama supporter. The fact that you think he is, however, just shows how absurd you conservatives are for buying into all the BS his network promotes.

        3. In a 2008 interview with Walt Mossberg, Murdoch was asked whether he had “anything to do with the New York Post’s endorsement of Barack Obama in the democratic primaries.” Without hesitating, Murdoch replied, “Yeah. He is a rock star. It’s fantastic.” That quote is from 2007 in The Spectator. Damn, wrong again.

        4. If I put as much trust in a network as you conservatives have put in Fox News over the years, I would be sort of embarrassed to promote what you know of Rupert Murdoch. Especially when SO MANY of you conservatives STILL let Fox News manipulate you!

        5. Hey, I’m just using verifiable third party resources to prove you wrong. Got a problem with having your ignorance proven? TOUGH! I don’t watch television, except for sports. Now that football season is over, for me, I won’t be watching any until late summer. I prefer to read.

      2. Wow!!! What a perversion of thought. I mean, come on John, we all know you despise the Constitution, you hate your country and your fellow man, and freedom for you is the unrestrained right to express your hatred.

    3. Anyone can start a petition on the White House website. I should start one requiring that the stick you have implanted up your rear end to be forcibly removed. My petition would be just as relevant and likely to succeed as the Piers Morgan one!

  2. I’m sure that Morgan would make obummer god as he is in sooooooooooo many peoples eyes!! Just wait until the one and only TRUE GOD gets a hold of these people. We all will be answering for our mistakes and they will have to also. They won’t get away with anything, anymore than I will. As for me and my family, we will believe in what the Bible witten by God has to say. How about you? As for the Constitution, it is being stomped on by obummer and the dummicrats everyday. They have been talking at least since obummer took over, about “rewritting” it! I hope there are enough of us to defend its destruction by this administration and the dummicrat donkies who are trying to do it. I don’t think that Rev. Warren has to worry too much with a following of about 20,000!!!

    1. I have to disagree with your statement that “we all will be answering for our mistakes.” When someone accepts Jesus as his Saviour, he is forgiven of his sins, or “mistakes,” past, present and future. We will be accountable for what we do for God, for how we use whatever gift or gifts He has given us, but not for sins. That is why, as a 91-year-old Christian, I have no fear of death. Non-believers, however, will be held accountable for their “mistakes,” or sins.

      1. I appreciate you and your faith and wish you well. At 91 y.o. you have lived a full life and seen many changes in our world. As for me, I do not believe that once saved always saved. I have accepted Jesus as my savior but I do not believe that I therefore can commit sin and not have to answer for it. I do pray that I have been forgiven for sins I committed prior to my acceptence of Jesus as my savior. If I am wrong, I will be prepared just in case I am right when I meet St. Peter at the Golden Gate. Blessings to you in 2013.

        1. Lots of debate over this one… once saved, always saved? I believe ‘once saved, always saved’ if one was really saved to begin with… true, once saved does not mean we will never sin again… but we are definitely trying to live God’s Word, walk God’s Word… and we must be repentant… impossible in God’s Holiness – His standards – to be sin-free…

        2. Sunny: God wants all of us to be saved. We all sin and try to repent. It is not enough, that is where the grace of Jesus Christ comes in. It is after all we can do for God and repent of our sins, that Christ enables us to get back to the God that gave us breath.

        3. Oh yes, I definitely get that. Wasn’t clear in my response above but I absolutely get that… God’s grace alone … and OUR purpose is to bring others to Him.

        4. Doodlebug: You need to put your glasses on and read the Bible again, which clearly states “you can never lose your salvation unless you deny Christ as your Saviour”. Jesus hung on the cross only to save us from our sins. Repent and they are forgiven and forgotten as long as you really repented. We are human and that is why GOD sent his precious SON to save us from ourselves.

        5. So, are you saying that I can accept Jesus as my savior and go ahead and kill someone, keep commiting adultry, or any other sin and still be saved? I believe. and will continue to believe, that I have to keep fighting satan everyday as he is out there trying to get me to sin. Yes, God did send his precious SON to save us but, even Jesus was tempted and so are we and must REMAIN faithful.

      2. Screw you and your terrorist God who wants to burn people for not buying into his BS.

        Your God is evil and needs to be exposed for the tyrannical mass murderer that you claim he is…

        Your God is evil. YOU are evil. Christianity and ALL religions are evil. You are NOT welcome in America any longer you pathetic cultists!

        1. John: If you don’t like US Christians, take the first boat to Cuba, VietNam, China, Pakastan or some other country and try posting what drivel you have and see how much freedom you have there. Belief in Christ does not make us pathetic cultists! It makes us Christians. You can rant and rail all you want, your brother, lucifer is clapping his hands in glee. Again, I feel sorry for you in your self-imposed loneliness

        2. I enjoy freedoms in America not because of Christians but IN SPITE of you. If it were up to you, I wouldn’t be able to insult your religion like I do.

    2. Curiously enough — about the only people pushing that = Obama = Messiah meme are you conservatives. I never see any serious liberal saying anything like that! You conservative thugs have been saying that for 4 years though. You are a hypocrite.

      1. John, you are one sick minded freak.
        If God was not so loving, He would have struck you down with a bolt of lighting, which you deserve. The biggest thing on you is you mouth and the smallest thing is your brain. Why don’t you crawl under something and disappear.Your hatred is nauseating.

    3. Rick Warren has definitely swerved away from the Bible as God’s Word… those 20,000 plus are being deceived… they think they are being fed the truth… plenty out there like Warren telling itching ears what they want to hear to fill those pews.

  3. The only “revision” of the Bible that should happen is up-to date translations from ancient Hebrew, Aramic, or Greek. Even the King James Bible is outdated in terminology with changing definitions. Keep the Word the same, but update it with words that keep the definitions of the old ones, and nothing else.

    1. That has been tried repeatedly and there are some pretty good attempts currently available. However, Jesus said “I will send the Holy Spirit and he will teach you all things”. So, regardless of the translation you use, GOD can get the meaning into your mind. Just be careful not to follow any demonic spirit into misinterpretations.

  4. We don’t want him, the Brits don’t want him, so let’s meet the Brits halfway and dump him in the middle of the Atlantic.

  5. Of all the stupid things to say by this liberal idiot. The Bible can’t be re-written, it is what it is. As for the Constitution, it can be amended, and the founders made it very difficult to do so, intentionally.

    1. Warren is not much better than Morgan ….. This guy espouses a form of christianity that fits all and virtually come as you are … no need to change … he is a bag Bull*^%#…

    1. I meant wrong with you. I am sooooo sick of these kind of people. They wonder what is wrong with society. We have no more morals, no respect or god in our life’s.

      Piers, you don’t gotta go home, you just gotta go!!!!

      1. You christians need to earn respect. You have had thousands of years to earn nothing but disgust. Why should ANYONE give you an ounce of respect?

      2. Please be sick of us. Please hate us. Just never expect us to refrain from spitting in your direction and disrespecting you. Christians: You will NEVER get my respect.

      1. I’m a Christian, not a Jew, and hence not an expert in this area. However, I believe the Talmud is the same as our Old Testament. Perhaps you consider the Jews’ rejection of the New Testament a revision.

        1. Wow, what towering intellect to come up with a playground attempt at an insult, keyboard macho man.

        2. b24gunr….The 6000+ page Talmud contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis on a variety of subjects, including law, ethics, philosophy, customs, history, theology, lore and many other topics and is the basis for all codes of rabbinic law. It is NOT inspired literature because it contradicts several Biblical teachings.

          Rabbinical Judaism is NOT Biblical Judaism taught and practices by Moses and the patriarchs. It grew out of the need for Jews to be able to worship God without a Temple, while in captivity to pagan gentile nations. The synagogue system is part of it.

          Messianic Judaism IS Biblical Judaism fulfilled in the recognition that Jesus Christ IS the Jewish Messiah.

    1. A conservative terrorist suggesting someone kill Piers Morgan via an explosive device. Again, Why was the government wrong for labeling right wingers as terrorists? You are just the same as the taliban in my book. Someone insults your religion and you want to kill them. Tell me why we shouldn’t ban your hate filled religion?

  6. What a joke – Warren the appeaser and phony theologian “debating” Morgan. If Morgan wanted a real debate, he would have picked a real theologian like John MacArthur rather than the muslim-appeasing, pop religion, apostate Warren.

      1. Sheesh yourself. MacArthur is ten times the theologian Warren the appeaser is. MacArthur speaks for Christ against the evil of this world while Warren embraces it.

    1. Yes rapture and way more, you poor unknowing, unbelieving lost soul. Warren should open a kindergarten or something like that where nobody can understand him…but wait, nobody already misunderstands him to be a qualified pastor or minister not worth doing anything on a public scale. I feel sorry for ‘his’ congregation.

  7. He’s the one that’s flawed and needs revised. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Unchanging. We are the ones that need changing, not God and the Bible.

    1. Your crazy book expired the moment the first nut started writing it. America no longer respects your religion. Tell me why SHOULD anyone respect American Christians?

        1. John: Remember what you just wrote. God, the Father of every human’s spirit, including yours, will hold all of us accountable for what we say, do and write. I feel sorry for you. That you feel so alone. You are only alone because you choose to feel that way. When GOD killed HIS children in the OT, it was because they forgot Him and His ways, much as is happening today. Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, however you choose to call him has tried from the beginning to thwart Heavenly Father’s plan. Having people deny the very existence of Him is one of the devil’s biggest tools. You used the word “Nature” in your description as to your origin, whether or not you wish to acknowledge this truth, Nature’s proper name is GOD. Again, I feel sorry for you in your loneliness. I am not trying to force the God that made you down your throat, force is the devil’s plan. Love is God’s plan and it works.

        1. “Christian conservatives” that is. I’ve seen some deluded christians who aren’t wicked people. Not all Christians are evil. But we see right through the people who are!

        2. That’s because you’re soooo smart, right, dumbass? Your God is the state. And since you are putting your ‘faith’ in man, I’d say you’re doomed. Look at what happened to your brethren in every Godless society in history. On the ash heap of history BUT, at least you’re 100%.

        1. Christians have neglected to inspire tolerance or respect. Those are things you have to earn. When your entire base is as intolerant toward non-believers and other lifestyles/cultures as yours is, Don’t expect any more tolerance than you have for others.

        2. Based on your “off-the-cuff” remark above – – – you have no knowledge (say zero) of Christians and have been spoon-fed the dogma of the left.

          Even more intriguing – – – you bought what they taught you in it’s entirety – – – this shows you have no ability to think for yourself . . . an important life skill and something you might want to takes some time to develop,

          Most entertaining is the intolerance of your post, while claiming Christians are intolerant.

          Papa never called you bright, did he?

      1. John Mayer…Thank you once again for proving how utterly intolerant and hate-filled the left is when it comes to God and Christianity. The notion of ”Live and Let Live” is an idea alien to your ideology and only compliance with your beliefs brings about kind of peaceful co-existence.

        1. Yo, When you christians adopt a “Live and Let live” philosophy and stop trying to tell people how to live or who they can marry, I will gain respect and tolerance for you. Until then, GO F yourself.

      2. Hey, johnnie boy, shot any dogs lately?

        Recall the Junior League Nazi comparison I made earlier about your lunatic fringe posts? Review this, a quote directly from your feeble little mind-
        “Tell me why SHOULD anyone respect American Christians?”

        You sure have a lot of hatred and contempt for fellow citizens, you know?

        What the he11 is wrong with you boy?

        1. “so loaded with hate they seem to border on pending violence.”

          Coming from the guy who made disgusting comments about a “sister” I don’t even have. Coming from a blog thread where another commenter said Piers Morgan should be given an IED explosive.. It is VERY TELLING that you don’t say anything to the people making the REAL violent comments but you say something like this to me, when I haven’t threatened anyone. Very typical hypocrisy.

        2. Nice try, a quick scan of your posts tells the whole story, you seem to be inches from taking your anger out on others . . . otherwise you would not be cruising Christian and Conservative forums spewing hatred on anyone that counters your sad way of life.

          On a side note , you don’t have an AR15 and spend hours and hours playing first person shooter games trying to convince yourself you are a man do you?

          As a New Years gift from me to you – – – I stand by my words.
          You sure have a lot of hatred and contempt for fellow citizens, you know? And a number of your comments are so loaded with hate they seem to border on pending violence.

    2. John Mayer…You don’t know what you’re talking about. Honestly….You should at least read the Bible before attempting to discuss it.

      There are trans-dispensational truths taught throughout the Bible that are applicable to every one, in every age, but there are dispensational divisions and they divide law from grace, prophecy from mystery, old testaments from new testament, etc.

      I’m not building an ark because I know those instructions were only meant for Noah. I’m not offering up animals sacrifices. I’m not under the 613 laws given to Israel because I am a Christian saved by the Gospel of the Grace of God. I don’t stone my disobedient children or gay people or adulterers.

      Not every word in the Bible is applicable to my life for obedience…..but it does teach me eternal truths, corrects, reproves, instructs me by illustration, etc. and provides an historical context to everything. God tells me to unashamedly study it because it is the only kind of ”food” that enables me to grow up as a Christian.

      Just sos ya know…God never required gentiles to keep his law because they were
      ”aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world” (Eph 2:12)…like all atheists today.

      1. I grew up in a conservative family and baptist church. I have yet to meet a single Christian who was really an honest person. I can’t stomach liars and the church is FULL of liars.

        1. John Mayer……That explains a lot, given your over-the-top hate-filled comments about the Bible and Christians. Your remarks about how you have yet to meet a single Christian who was an honest person suggest a tenuous relationship with your parents. One wonders what they think about your foray into the dark, hopeless world of atheism.

          Apparently Christians in your family or church did something human…like sin…and you are sitting in judgment of them….as though YOU are God. You pretend to reject His existence, yet you’ve only traded seats with Him.

          Since you say you don’t believe in God and are now an atheist, you have a problem with your moral compass. Without an objective and absolute foundation (which can come only from a Holy God) for your own personal code of ethics, you are left with a relativistic world view, determined by man, arbitrary and subjective, in which all things have parity. So…you have no grounds to criticize Christians/God/Bible or anyone else, including your own parents. Their behavior is just as acceptable as yours. In fact, no atheist could ever judge the despots of the world without violating his own world view.

          You are condescending and condemning of the church for being full of liars….but HOW do you know that lying is a bad thing? In Islam, Muslims are rewarded for lying to infidels. In some Native American tribes, lying and stealing were acceptable. The same with some African tribes who also believe that eating their neighbors is a sacred thing. How could you say that THEY are wrong and you are right? One belief has parity with another. How do YOU determine what is ”right” and ”wrong”?

          You may have been raised in a conservative family and attended a Baptist church, but that does not necessarily mean you have any sound knowledge of the faith. Your skewed remarks about the Bible say a lot about your lack of understanding about it. And apparently those teachings about love and forgiveness were lost on you.

          It’s a kind of sour-grapes petulance that you exhibit here…..a deep
          rooted anger at people who didn’t live up to your expectations of them.
          Christians…as well as the rest of the sinning human race will always, eventually let you down. Christ is the only One who won’t.

          No one is perfect, including atheists.

    1. What I find contradictory and hypocritical , is the outrage expressed by Piers , and other Liberals , at a slaughter of 26 innocent victims in Connecticut , while 56 million babies have been slaughtered since Roe v Wade , and that evokes no outrage whatsoever ! Why ? Which is more horrible and repulsive ?

      1. both are equally horrible and repulsive but point well taken… have our very own president bemoaning what happened in CT with innocent children but as senator of Illinois, he voted FOR partial birth abortion and FOR leaving abortion survivors – precious newborns – to die.

  8. When Piers walks on water, raises the dead, cures the sick, multiplies the fish and bread, raise himself up from the dead after three days; then he can demand how to rewrite the bible; until then shut up and sit down.

    1. You christians are a bunch of nuts. You need to have your tax exempt status revoked on your churches – especially the churches that stick their noses in political affairs.

      1. Christians NEED to be involved in ALL affairs – just like everyone else…one of the main problems with our present society is that we have stepped away from the political arena and become too lackadaisical.

        1. Taxation without representation…Hmmmm.I can identify with that!… I seem to remember paying a bunch of Taxes during the Bush years. Whenever I complained about the illegal war my tax money went to support, Bush supporters called me anti-American and told me to eat cake! I see a little Karma coming back to haunt you.

      2. Oh how funny. The one’s who are sticking their noses where they don’t belong, is this administration sticking their now in the churches business, and telling them what they have to do, even if it goes against their belief. What happened to separation of church and state.

        1. You are the one not staying up to date. There are a group of catholic churches right nowl sueing the GOVERNMENT. It is about whether the government may force religious institutions and individuals to facilitate and fund services which violate their religious beliefs. The GOVERNMENT is also requiring Catholics to perform services, like abortons and distribute birth control pill. This is government interference with religion. Wake up idiot.

      3. John Mayer…Typical.

        1. As a Christian, for many years I’ve been against the tax-exempt status of churches/other religions. Today, many have become mega-money ventures, patterning themselves after the success models of the world and are run like the big businesses that they are.

        2. Every American has the right to be involved in the political process, including the most committed Christian.

        Suck it up and deal with it, you intolerant boob.

    2. Barbara: No one has ever walked on water or parted the red sea. You are quoting a FICTIONAL BOOK. People like you should be involuntarily committed to mental institutions for believing such crazy BS!

      1. John, you have a right to your opinion. That is what is great about our country. I am sorry you do not have the comfort of prayer or of knowing there is Someone who cares about your spirit. I do believe the moral decline I see in our society is because we are not taught to do better by our parents and/or our schools. Say what you will, the Ten Commandments, if followed, would make for a much more pleasant and safe world. Of course, schools are no longer allowed to even have them on the wall. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” is not a bad way to live either.

        1. Do you think we should also impose the punishment for breaking the Ten Commandments? It’s usually death by stoning, just in case you weren’t aware.

        2. We should follow the Constitution, which gives states plenary police power.
          Also, stoning to death is an Old Testament punishment and is no longer practiced by Jews and never applied to Christians. Jesus was asked about it and said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”:

          Certain hard-core Islamic leaders and sects, who are defended by liberals who think they should have nuclear weapons, are the ones who stone people.

          But I guess that is okay since “it’s their culture”.

        3. Just who does Piers think he is? God?

          Piers, like many who profess to be Christian (he says he is a practicing Catholic) knows zip, zero, nadda about the Bible which is the authoritative text for the Christian faith. He displays a brazen-faced audacity in suggesting that the Bible must be changed to suit todays mores. ….that GOD should change His mind about sin and wickedness just to suit him and the millions of other rebellious people on the planet.

          Like everyone, the stubborn and pigheaded Brit will eventually understand when he stands before a Holy God and gives an account of himself.

          But then it will be too late.

      2. John can you prove what you are saying? Ask most atheist to prove there is no God and you get stupidity. Dawkins (?name sp) a famous atheist finally admitted he could not prove God does not exist. I have a documentary about the Red Sea and scientists have proven that a one point in the year the water flows in a way that you can walk across the area where the Hebrews crossed. There is a marker at the other side. Another oddity concerning the Bible is that about the time that David slew Goliath the helmets the soldiers wore were changed to cover the forehead. It was David’s “headshshot” that killed Goliath. Lots of little oddities in the Bible have changed the way people lived. Coincidence…..there is a lot of them, in fact, way to many.

        1. So it wasn’t Moses who parted the Red Sea? Just nature? Looks like Moses was grandstanding a bit.

          An atheist doesn’t have to prove there is no god, they simply don’t believe in any.

        2. I didn’t say Moses didn’t do it. I simply stated that it can be done. Pay attention. “one point in the year the water flows…..”. Did Moses happen to hit that time of year. Idiots have been denying that it can be done. Now they know they are wrong. I have no doubt that it was a miracle from God.
          “Through God all things are possible”.

        3. No, you didn’t say Moses didn’t do it – you said it was a miracle from God. You also said that anybody who turned up at the right time can just walk straight across. You have a very low standard for miracles.

        4. Where did I say “that anybody who turned up at the right time can just walk straight across.”. You said that. The MIRACLE of the Red Sea crossing came from GOD. Say whatever you want. Do you even believe in God?

        5. Annie, you said, “scientists have proven that at one point in the year the water flows in a
          way that you can walk across the area where the Hebrews crossed”. What else could that mean?

          And for the record, no I don’t.

        6. You can’t prove God doesn’t exist like you can’t prove dragons don’t exist. However, you can feel really sure that Santa doesn’t exist. On the other hand, it could be a huge conspiracy. So yeah, if you want to believe in a god like Thor, Yaweh, Allah, or Hinduism, no one can prove you wrong-at least I doubt it could so happen in our lifetime. One would have to be God to disprove a particular god.

        7. Gee , Susan, ever hear of the Komodo dragon? It is listed as a “dragon” in the dictionary. Santa Claus? Ever hear of Saint Nicholas? I believe he was a Nordic saint. He put gifts in the stockings of good kids and coal in the the stockings of bad. Where do you think the tradition came from. The Living God, the One True God has been around forever and He says there are other gods. Thou shalt not have any other god before Me. You don’t know Him but I do. The power of prayer is amazing.

        1. My vitriol is not intended to impress. Most liberals wouldn’t even agree with the harshness of my rhetoric. My vitriol is only a mirror of your own sides. A web blog whose members constantly call for the execution of our president and the deportation of everyone who disagrees with you — certainly doesn’t inspire feelings of love 😛 Hate breeds hate. You hate me anyway without even knowing me; I might as well give you a real reason to hate me.

        2. As a liberal myself, I can see you coming off a bit rough sounding. Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day you know…

        3. You assume a hate that does not exist. Hate- nah. Pity- yep. Defensive- yep. shock and awe- yep. You really do need to clean up your attitude. Knock that chip off your shoulder, and figure out how to get along. Otherwise, come on down to texas, and we’ll school you in some civility.

        4. John Mayer….Baloney. I don’t know you but I certainly despise the hate-filled, anti-American, anti-Christian, duplicitous rhetoric that you are spewing on this blog. Like most on the left, you go bonkers when confronted with anyone who dares oppose you. And you are so blinded by hate for God (who you deny exists) and Christians that you can’t possibly think staight.

          BTW: Many of your posts are petulant and juvenile. Grow up.

        5. THIS is why Christians need to be deported and outlawed. They wish to deport anyone who insults their religion. America will never bow down to your fascist ways John. It’s YOU who needs to go.

        6. People who believe the Christian message do so of their own free moral agency. These free concepts are what made America great. You are free to believe what you want and we are free to believe what we want. Have you ever read the Bible and explored the ideas for yourself? I you had, you would have learned some profound truths that might convince you.

        7. If disrespecting and hating on Christianity is grounds for deportation. Please, by all means, come try to deport me.

        8. So I should be forced to grow up and accept and love all the atrocities my country commits? I should bow down and kiss the ring of empire regardless of whether or not my heart condones her actions?

        9. From most of the crap you have been spewing you are already neck deep in Obama butt kissing never mind the ring.

        10. You know the funny thing about this: Not once did I mention voting for Obama or even mention Obama in this debate. You must be completely deranged if that’s all you think about. Fact: I didn’t vote for Obama.

        11. If you take history within the context of the time, it might make our history a bit more palatable.

          Not whitewashing here, either. We are a more civilized civilization. At least we aren’t travelling by horseback and RR. But people moved here from Europe to escape forced slavery. To make a better life for themselves and their ancestors.

          I don’t condone what anyone has inflicted on the Indians. Sorry. Not the kind of person to bow down to political correctness. America was inhabited by a mostly migratory indigenous people, of different tribes. We all get that. And, it was seen as a land of opportunity, not just by our forefathers, but by the French and the Spanish. Ours was a land for the taking. And, over a long period…Things transpired. Reservations. Conformity. Outright ruthlessness in regards to Little Bighorn, the Nez Perce, et all.

          There were indentured servants (aka, slaves), we kept the Chinese high to help build the RR, I mean really. Not disputing where we came from, its where we are now.

          And it isn’t perfect. Not a perfect world by any means. But, we the one country that still stands for freedom and sometimes we don’t do enough, and other times, we overstep our boundaries.

        12. Here’s what I don’t understand, if you don’t approve of the country, the manner in which it was founded and its current manifestation, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE HERE? Nobody is stopping you from leaving, are they? You can piss and moan all you like, but of you take up arms to change the founding principles of MY country, you will be in a world of hurt. Not a threat, just an observation of what has happened in the past to others who didn’t approve of Americas founding principles and tried to change them by force. Noli me calcare!!

        13. You obviously don’t believe in individual liberty. You think we should all be loyal to a nation state and not to our own hearts!

        14. Assuming John Mayer is an American-born citizen, under what law are you going to deport him, and please explain under which law you will also get your nominated country to accept him.

      3. Interesting John…The bullshit you refer to has been a cornerstone of the most extraordinary and decent civilization that has existed in recorded history. You must be one rugged dude to wish to throw away the religious philosophy that has granted us, oh, say…freedom of religion, the right to speak one ‘s mind on serious issues, the right to privacy, the right to own private property, etc.. All of this comes out of belief in the individual and that comes out of religion, particularly the BS of the Ten Commandments.

        You must be an expert on BS, you must revel in it. A mind like yours can only be described as pure BS.

        1. Christianity responsible for “freedom of religion” ?? You are so full of it. You christians are ALWAYS trying to take away religious rights of others. (trying to ban mosques, for example) ..

          Could you be any more obvious as a pathological liar?

        2. Banning mosques violates the First Amendment, as does not allowing Nativity scenes on public property.

          Leave it to the left to race ahead of CAIR to defend Islam.

          Even the gay rights movement parts ways for them.

        3. No religion / Religious symbol belongs on PUBLIC property. You Christians get mad when they “take the bible out of schools” — Well, If you want to open pandoras box and allow prayer in school — then the Satanists/Muslims/(Name-religion-you-disagree-with) would be allowed to teach their religion in public schools as well! .. It’s either ALL or NONE. I pick NONE. You fascists just want YOUR religion represented in our schools.

          Religion can do whatever it wants on private property, within the limits of the law. But when it comes to public property, GTFO!

        4. John: You can stand on your soap box all dfay long. However, do your history lesson and realize that this great country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Just because you don’t want them doesn’t negate that fact, and it is a fact. A belief in God, not Alllah(sp) founded this country. Praying to that God was an established fact, no religon was involved, just a prayer to God. When you, as you are trying unsuccessfully to do, take GOD out of the country, you sir have nothing and I really feel compasion toward you in your misery. You really need to clean up your language as well.

        5. JobRon: This country, like it or not, is a melting pot of all cultures and religions. It will remain that way (like it or not). The religious views of the powers that be during the time of America’s beginning have NO earthly relevance to our world today. Our constitution recognizes ALL people as EQUAL- deserving of EQUAL representation. You seem to want to ignore the constitution and have your religion recognized above all others regardless of what the population wishes? My little Johnny goes to Public school — You seem to want to expose him to YOUR religion regardless of MY WISHES. Say your little “Susy” went to the same school and someone else tried to teach him Islam or Church of Satan — Show me the part of the constitution that allows YOU to decide which religion gets taught in our schools.

        6. Also tell me what you would want to do about “other religions” being taught to your kid in PUBLIC school? If you found out they were having Muslim prayer meetings and invited your kid at his school, what would you do about it? I’m not even trolling here, I’m honestly curious about what your reaction would be.

        7. They are already accommodating muzlims in some schools, which clearly violates your idea of ‘how things work’ and displays gross favoritism to muzlims and denies any other religion on the campus.

        8. Tell them not to go. Just because they were invited doesnt mean that they have to participate. Forcing them to participate would bring down the wrath though.

        9. Hey Pea Brain, Do you know that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles not on Neo Nazi Islam, a religion that promotes killing Non Believers or anyone who leaves Islam for another Religion. Try Getting some Real Truth in you before you spout off and make yourself look like a Total Idiot

        10. I personally would be upset if an honest history of Chrisianity was not being taught but the Muslim faith was. As for having Muslim prayer meetings my kid would not go because he/she was not muslim. Again Christian prayer meeting would also have to be allowed OR neither of the two

        11. Check out Texas. 70% of the children are being taught about Allah. It is in one of the WND news bits. Where is the ACLU when you need them?

        12. John Mayer….So you are seriously going to argue that the historical roots of any nation are irrelevant? That the religious views of those who founded this country had no impact on the decisions they made?

          What a fool you are. Honestly your antipathy for Christianity has clouded your thinking.

          BTW: The Christian faith and the Bible have withstood 2000 years of testing/attacks from every quarter. No Christian has a thing to fear in any discussion about other religions/secular beliefs.

          I personally would have no problem with having a comparative religion class (which would include atheist materialism) at the high school setting.
          It would give parents the opportunity to discuss such things with their children. The evidences for the veracity and reliability of the Bible are irrefutable. The evidences for the same for every other religious system have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

        13. Um no one is advocating religion be taught in school, what we are advocating is allowing Christian beliefs when others ARE bein taught. Man you are so uninformed its not funny. You are part of the reason we have the situation we do today.

          Country was founded on Christian beliefs. Fact.

          If you choose not to believe the Bible that is your choice. Fact

          OTHER PEOPLE HAVE the right to practice their religion how they want whether you like it or not. Fact.

          Schools ARE teaching Islam in some areas. FACT

          Your panties are in such a misinformed koolaid drinking wad its crazy. Fact.

        14. Something has to be taught in school. And the last 50 years of atheist instruction has not worked. Your ravings about crises prove that you know that. So shut up and let someone try something else.

        15. Show me the part that says it’s not allowed. It’s not in there. It simply says that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion, or prohibiting the free practice there of. Congress hasn’t done that, last time I checked. I was raised a Catholic but went to public schools. We used a Protestant Bible in school each morning. So what? I had the choice of going to a Catholic school if I wanted.

        16. Do you truly believe in freedom or liberty or is that all just a charade you use to make yourself sound more reasonable than you are? … If you really believe in true liberty and you believe they should have Christian bible studies in public schools — Please explain to me how this would work. Say I were a Jew, Wouldn’t you be violating my rights if you stopped me from starting Jewish classes at your kids school? Or Buddhist. Or Islam. Or any other religion? … This so called “Christian Country” excuse you use to deny other people their own religious freedom — Do you think your “Christian Country” status should give you property rights over non-christians? Please explain all the other benefits this “Christian Country” status gives you above others. I’m just curious. List all the spoils of war that Christian Country status gives you.

        17. I believe in Liberty but I believe with Liberty comes responsibility. Liberty does not grant one access to any means of destruction they pursue! I believe heads of state shouldn’t even have access to the destructive capabilities of a nuclear arsenal, much less the common man as many of you wish! Any weapon that is capable of mass human casualty should be restricted during times of public health crisis! America IS undergoing an EXTREMELY serious and potentially catastrophic health crisis — and that is a relatively large number of inhabitants with severe mental illness. We should be LIMITING the destructive capabilities of these sick people, not increasing it!!!

        18. John Mayer…..”America IS undergoing an EXTREMELY serious and potentially catastrophic health crisis — and that is a relatively large number of inhabitants with severe mental illness. We should be LIMITING the destructive capabilities of these sick people, not increasing it!!!”

          America IS undergoing an EXTREMELY serious and potentially catastrophic crisis. Would you believe that people in the highest offices in our government are seriously committed to Marxism and are in the process of imposing it on the rest of us? Disarming us will only expedite their plan.

          Ever the opportunists, the left will now use mental illness as the battering ram to knock down the 2nd amendment. I dread to think of what the future holds for people with all sorts of mental health issues/learning disabilities…..most of which do not lead to homicidal tendencies/behaviors.

          Laws will be passed requiring the commitment of the mentally ill/mentally disabled after a loose definition of ”’mental illness” is applied….and I’ll betcha that will include Christians and conservatives and anyone else who dares to belief in something that the left despises.

          We should be LIMITING the destructive capabilities of a government intoxicated with power, run amok.

          But you guys just do not get it.

          Guns, knives, ball bats, hammers, poison, pillows, rope, arrows…..do NOT kill people. PEOPLE with hearts that are wicked and reprobate toward God…kill people.

          Changing men’s hearts is the ultimate answer and only Jesus Christ is capable of doing that.

        19. Your argument is a larger picture of what we face as a Nation, There will always be individuals with the ability to use Items for Destruction such as nuclear Weapons so if the axis of Evil have these items then it makes since that if they are not placed in ckeck then they can control all other nations. Now take that and shrink it down to the desire of gun control or any other issue there must be a balance to maintain the safety to all concerned. We have that with Praying in School, The People to be armed to keep the Government from becomeing Tyranical and enslaving the People. So We have a system that is used to keep people with Mental issues in check and it has worked as good as it came but anymore control and what you will have is peoples freedoms being taken away by want ever Group is in office at that time. So if you want to deal with the crisis that you are talking about lets look at what true mental illness looks like. ” The Apostle Paul states the book of Romans that all men have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”(Holiness). He Then shows in Romans Chapter one what is the outcome of that sin, which is the loss of a persons abilities to be a upright and moral Individual. He then states later on that sin is insanity and that to continue to sin will take us farther and farther from the Truth. God said to those who have accepted Christ’s Gift of Salvation ” I have not given you a spirit of fear but of Peace. Courage, and of a Sound Mind. Again showing us that too Sin is too be out of our Minds, therefore again Mentally Illness. But how man deals with Mental Illness is to Blame others, to help the person to change behaviors, or to become a member of a social setting wherein the exspectations of the group are not as high as of those who were their original peer Group. The one thing that the person lacks is a change of heart, from unholy to holy and only God can take care of that for mankind. That means all of us, male, female, old, young, smart, less so, black, white, brown, yellow, rich, poor, conservative, liberal, Paul even says Free or Slave. We as Individuals and as a Nation need to get that Sin issue taken care of if we are too deal with all the Issues we face as a Nation. Then and only then can we fuli fill what is required of us and that is too Love God and our Neighbor as ourselves.

        20. All commusnist Nation use the excuse of Mental Illness to get rid of their opposition. Russia is still doing it.

        21. Adam…….

          If thou wouldst rule well, thou must rule for God, and to do that,
          thou must be ruled by him. Those who will not be governed by God
          will be ruled by tyrants. –William Penn (1644-1718), founder of

        22. John, speaking as a health professional, you are the one exhibiting signs of mental health issues. Get some help….SOON.

        23. And the people suggesting on this thread that Piers Morgan be blown up with an IED – OF COURSE you christians don’t say anything negative about that! But I am the bad one for opposing you nutcases.

        24. And the antigun lobby is saying that the president of the NRA needs to be assassinated to make way for the seizure of all guns. Now why would anyone planning to use a gun to shoot someone be caliming that they are in favor of gun control? What they mean is making sure that people they they don’t like have no guns. Aparently gun control advocates of the sort that we have in the US hated every one of the teachers at Sandy Hook, because they didn’t want them to have any guns.

        25. Actually, you’re complete and utter ignorance of the 2nd amendment does gives that right. “…the rights to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” It doesn’t talk about any type of gun, or size of clips. The 2nd amendment was so the populace, IF THEY SO CHOOSE, can arm themselves against those that wish to take their rights from them, like you. You are welcome to your non-belief, but they day you show up to force your non-belief on me, or diminish my rights, I will defend those rights, with extreme prejudice, as my family has since before the Civil War, and every conflict since.

        26. John, have you read any History and if you have, how can you come up with such a conclusion. Yes, is nice to have a Utopian dream and some day we will when our time on earth expires.

        27. After 50 years of atheist instruction in schools and constant exclusion of any mention of God or morality in the public schools, you say that America is in severe crisis. Do you understand exactly what you are saying?

          When teenagers were taught in school that there was no God to notice what they were doing, they started doing the same drugs their teachers were doing. Eventually they got off drugs when they needed jobs, but they permanently damaged their genetic material. But for some reason they don’t understand why their children are so messed up and having psychotic crises.

          Of course, it is easier to blame Republicans for not supporting a 2008 health care law than it is to blame one’s self for being a rabble rouser and sociopath.

        28. “After 50 years of atheist instruction in schools and constant exclusion of any mention of God or morality in the public schools”

          There are some VERY honorable values concerning family, honesty, hard work, etc that can be found at the heart of Christianity. Jesus was an amazing figure …. I don’t believe in God Sutekh, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I recognize goodness when I see it.

          This is a Free country SuteKH. You don’t get to stop our public education system from hiring people who don’t believe in God. And neither do I get to stop the hiring of teachers who DO Believe. (not that I would really want to)

          If a school has an isolated room to hold a prayer meeting in (something that wouldn’t expose the rest of the school to it) I would , from a legal standpoint, offer the compromise that prayer meetings can take place WITH parental permission. You don’t get to target the children of parents who DON’T agree to it, however. That would be violating OUR rights. This compromise is as close as you’ll ever get to prayer in school and I think it’s totally reasonable but should ONLY take place as I said, if the “religious” meeting is isolated from the rest of school population and only students who have permission from parents.

        29. Please move to Saudi Arabia where you will be indoctinated in Islam. Prayer time every few hours- all businesses must shut their doors until it is over. SO- they are founded in Islam. We were founded in Chirstianity, and if you do not like it, I suggest you find a country that sides with your belief system. Meanwhile, we will allow you to live here, and practice whatever you like. Just stop complaining while we worship the way we like- and YES, that means in our schools as well. If you want your own atheist worship service at the school- feel free to form one.

        30. You don’t get to promote your nutcase religion in my kids school. I mean, you could always try and I can take you to court and bankrupt you. You will NEVER promote your cult around public school children. It should be considered child abuse to attempt to brainwash kids with religion.

        31. You’ve got children? Oh dear….. for their sake, we hope you feel free to spew your venom at us, but teach tolerance and temperance to them. There’s no glory in raising haters. Spirit God have mercy on you

        32. I think you have the same problem that Madelyn O’Hair had. Her son Bill said that the reason she couldn’t hold a job is that on every job she worked at (briefly, it seems,) there was a boss that was so much stupider than she that she just couldn’t tolerate having him around him.

        33. Yes, we do get to teach it in our schools. If you dont; likie it, I suggest you either homeschool your children, or enroll them in a private school that does not teach religion. Oops- ther aren’t many of those. Most of the private schools are what we call parochial (i.e. religiously based). Bummer for you. Good for your kids, though, they might discover that the vitreol you spew is baseless, and there is a loving God who will forgive them of their sin and welcome them into his arms with love.

        34. John when you get to HELL you will be wishing someone in your life cared enough to straighten your miserable, lost, lonely thinking out and taught you the truth. Without GOD and his precious Son we have nothing. I feel sorry for you and will pray you have an awaking before it is too late.

        35. So, telling an unbeliever that they should BURN in hell for eternity for simply disagreeing with conservatives …now THAT’s going to earn a lot of respect for your nutcase religion.

        36. You will burn in Hell not for disagreeing wiht conservatives- burt for disagreeing with God, and not accepting his offer of grace through his son. We conservatives have no control over your ultimate destination, only our own.

        37. You are argueing from a position of ignorance because what you have now was and is built upon Christian beliefs what is funny is that you are arguing from liberalism in which if it dosnt fit with your system of beliefs it must be attacked and destroyed. Which by your anger and actions you are proving to all the other individuals on this site.

        38. @Matt Patton: You are so right. Regardlkess of whether there is a God or not, and regardless of whether He/She/It is Christian, America was founded on the principles of the Christian faith, not only any theocratic organized religion. Chrisitanity is what makes America work. If one cannot enjoy America and tolerate Christianity at the same time, one has two options:

          1) Move away.

          2) Destroy it

          As Bill Murray reported his mother to have said when denied entry into Soviet Russia, most atheists decide to settle for making the US as much like te USSR as possible.
          Unfotunately, one can’t enjoy America and destroy it at the same time. The two actions are mutually exclusive. Yet atheists claim that it is everyone else who is irrational. Go figure..

        39. John’s problem isn’t liberalism. Liberalism expounds the political ideology of tolerance and openness to other ideas. He fails to point out any flaws in religions that teach love, kindness, forgiveness of enemies, blessing those who persecute oneself. He also fails to acknowledge the downward slide toward decadence in this country since prayer was taken out of schools, the decrease in value of human life since Roe v. Wade, the increase in social problems since the attack on the family began in the 60’s. All societal ills can be traced to a lack of love for our neighbors, respect for authority, and honoring what is good and right which not only Christianity teaches, but all major religions in the world. It is the negation of universal natural law and morality that is the disease destroying western civilization and our own country, the US, as an extension of that civilization. Not only does he deny our history, but the contribution of the Abrahamic faiths to the growth and prosperity of the western world. He refuses to acknowledge that his freedom and rights are owed to Judeo-Christian values upon which our society was founded, which teach respect for the individual and his freedom to choose. The Founding Fathers were people of faith who created a system of government based on free enterprise, freedom of worship, and freedom of thought. He disregards that the Bible was taught in our public schools in the early days of the growth of our country. He believes that denying our traditional values is “progressive”. No, I wouldn’t call him a liberal at all, but one who wishes to enforce his view on the majority. I’d call him a bigot, who would love to see a dictatorship of the secular “progressive” left that would silence all dissent of conservatives, Christians, and Jews. He would establish atheism as the law of the land. He and his kind would burn down churches, imprison religious people, and start a new holocaust against those who promote not only individual freedom, but teach history as it actually took place. He would sanction the burning of Bibles, and any other religious writings, and claim that human reason is the only “god” anyone should worship. He would make ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and 1984 a reality if he could. His philosophy is simply hatred of anything which doesn’t agree with his world view. No, he is not a liberal,

        40. Listen John- you are plucking my last nerve. I went to public schools all my life. The classes were filled with people of all faiths and nationalities and there never was any problem with saluting the United States Of America flag or singing the national anthem, that is, until recently when you and your ilk arrived on stage sounding an OFF Key trumpet with hate as it’s main theme. If this great country doesn’t suit your criteria, then go to one that does, Iran comes to mind ,or North Korea will fit the bill. See how far your whining about their system will take you! I hear their jails are not very welcoming, if you even get that far. We sang the National anthem to honor the Country and our brothers and sisters, who fought to make America free,and also for our military who were fighting at the time. We worked together regardless of our religion or ethnic backgrounds. We didn’t need your type then, and we sure don’t need it now! I refuse to allow you or any other jerk, who try to dishonor the sacrifices in battles our men,women and young boys fought in order to save our country. They did not die in vain ,only to have you try to diminish their greatness and Patriotism. Are you for real? Your words sicken me and I’m sure I am not alone, in making that statement.

        41. You don’t need my type? I’ve got a suggestion for you: Ignore me. I’m not going anywhere, however. I could care less if I get on your nerves.

        42. NEWS FLASH ! Johnny boy– Consider yourself ignored ,it started with the first entry you wrote. It doesn’t take long to spot a person filled with hate, especially when he shows it so often. You really don’t get on my nerves , but you do give me a laugh or two, when I read your assine remarks.

        43. @John Mayer: No one wants to deny you the pleasure of makng yourself feel better by bullying others on the internet. Just keep your language clean, don’t threaten violence, and everything will be just fine.

        44. @Sutekh “No one wants to deny you the pleasure of makng yourself feel better by bullying others on the internet. Just keep your language clean, don’t threaten violence, and everything will be just fine.”

          The only people threatening violence are the Pier’s Morgan haters here, in case you haven’t been paying attention. The language I choose to use is entirely up to my discretion — Everything will be fine, regardless.

          I temporarily “bullied” a group of people who routinely “bully” others online, just to show an example. Sometimes it takes someone getting a dose of their own medicine in order to understand how they effect others.

          You obviously haven’t been paying attention to your own sides rhetoric on sites like this or on the radio. Name one thing I’ve said that’s worse than anything Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or Michael Savage has said?

          The problem I have is that no one on your side EVER takes a stand against the hateful rhetoric of these type of people, not in any significant number that I’ve seen. — You don’t want to ruffle feathers among people claiming to be on your own side — But you are all too willing to bash people on the other side of the aisle for doing the SAME THING as those people.

        45. Trully spoken by a man that does not believe in God. If you were born and raise in this country you have enjoyed all that Liberties that have come from the believes set forth by our forefathers that trully believed in God.

        46. @John Moyer: banning all religious expression from schools simply promotes athesist ideology and superstitious belief in their own ability to prove that God does not exist. The only fair thing to do is to welcome all religions into public schools and the atheists as well.
          Atheists have no more reason to distrust Christians than Republicans have to distrust Democrats. Basically, they just hate the people who aren’t like them (i.e., nonatheists,) and go around bullying them in the name of freedom from religion.

        47. “@John Moyer: banning all religious expression from schools simply promotes athesist ideology and superstitious belief in their own ability to prove that God does not exist.”

          That’s an absurd statement. I’ve heard of VERY few people who even humor the idea of “proving God doesn’t exist” — THAT VERY NOTION isn’t even on most sane peoples mind! In any case, if it’s anyone’s responsibility to prove existence of God, it would be on YOU – the people keeping this idea alive! You are continuing the claim that God exists. Prove it! Until you prove it, it’s not a major concern of mine. People you envision as “atheist” don’t ponder or struggle with the idea of “God” as you seem to think. I’m happy to debate you on social policy regarding religion but I’m under no obligation to connect the dots on an outrageous myth YOU are promoting.

          As for schools — Children are too young to be exposed to religion. – They should focus on FACTS , History, Science, Math, Language — – Expose College kids to religion all you want but while they are under age, stay away. This is one area , along with the fight against your attempt to legitimize pseudo science like “creationism” that I think liberals should focus the majority of their energy on.

        48. 1. Nothing you have said proves you are a liberal. You’re not. You closed mind proves that.

          2. There is plenty of proof of God’s existence:

          Cosmological-everything that exists seems to have been caused to exist.
          Teleological-The existence of the world, it’s design and purpose in nature.
          Ontological-the idea of God in the first place, it wasn’t pulled out of someone’s ass!
          Moral-the existence of morality. Only people, not animals can choose right or wrong.

          Other considerations:
          No conflict between science and religion. They cover completely different issues and areas.
          No conflict between religion and philosophy. Philosophy has no rituals and use solely reason to figure things out. Religion used both reason and revelation.
          Not all religious people accept “creationism” and evolution has plenty of holes to fill which haven’t been filled. “Intelligent Design”, so far is the most reasonable explanation offered that is acceptable to people of intelligence after examining all the facts and evidence.

          Religion isn’t for people like yourself. You seem to be OK without it, so go along your merry way and leave the rest of us alone.
          Your “atheism” has not been able to provide satisfactory answers to the mysteries of existence and questions that have plagued humanity for thousands of years, and it never will. Atheism has nothing to offer those who seek answers to these questions, nor does it offer solutions to the world’s problems of war, hunger, disease, and poverty. Atheism doesn’t teach any particular philosophy or system of practical living that teaches forgiveness, love of others, generosity, kindness, or mercy. These values are only taught by the major religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism, and even Islam. To a lesser extent, these values are also taught by eastern religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Shinto, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. Even native religions have an element of these teachings as well.
          You knock what you don’t understand, and you don’t seek to understand. You choose to remain in ignorance, because to you, ignorance is bliss, and anything that challenges that choice to be ignorant frightens you. The truth is that you are afraid and you feel threatened by religion and it’s adherents. You are afraid of that which you don’t know and will continue to be until you open not only your mind, but your heart as well. Leave the hate behind and become human.

        49. We just voted in my state to allow freedom to pray in school REGARDLESS of your religion. So John you are incorrect. Nothing says religious symbols cannot be on public property. Its just that congress can make no law saying what religion you have to follow. You idiots have twisted things to your own liking JUST like Morgan and all the rest are tryin to do. So what if Christians stand up to you. You say we are wrong and believe in fairy tales, I say you are wrong and you will be dealt with accordingly by God himself when the time comes.

          I think its fair to say I helped pay for that public property along with alot of other people of faith. Just because your little group gets offended and cries doesnt mean we should have to bow to your whining. Get over yourself johnny boy.

        50. Tell me about it, Hudmar. Geocalorianity is some kind of cult that wants to take over the government and schools by claiming that it is science, rather than religion. And then there are the Homocreationists, who insist that the God who doesn’t exist “made them that way.” And we can’t leave out the atheists, who claim to have visited every planet, (known or unknown,) in every galaxy,( known or unknown), in every kind of space, (mathematically describable or not,) and have “proven” that God doesn’t exist.

          If religion is going to be aggressively excluded from schools, that means that all unproveable propositions that are not based on empirical analysis rather than emotions and political agendas should be kept out in favor of the 3R’s, and good old.humble agnosticism.

        51. Since it is impossible to prove that God does not exist, an atheist point of view (as opposed to an agnostic one) represents a biased belief about religion. So banning religious symbols from public property does nothing but declare atheism our national superstitution.
          The atheist’s faith in his own powers of speculative ratiocination makes him his own god. Atheists should be bannded from public schools, since Christian symbols that are independent of any established, registered, religious corporation are banned.

        52. Yet, AGAIN, you are on this site trying to cram your opinion down others’ throat. Talk about two-faced. LEAVE! I assure you, you won’t be missed!

        53. john, the Muslim children are already allowed to pray in out tax paid for public schools, we also have built, at public expense, schools that are open to Muslim children only. I can accept the new laws that say no religion in schools. if that was the fair practice. But when a girl can wear a head covering as a religious symbol to school and it is ok, while another girl cannot wear a necklace with a cross on it to school, then we have a problem.

        54. You should really seek mental health help. As angry as you are you will either kill others and/or yourself.

        55. Christianity is THE ONLY basis for the laws we have today. You need to read American history. A good start would be the declaration of independence. If our rights are not granted by God, ehtn by whom? The government? That is exactly what the declaration makes clear- they are not from MAN. They are from GOD. All one has to do is examine world history to see where any society based on anything else has turned. Start with the Bible itself, and read what was happening to the world when it had no laws- prior to the flood. If you want as modern-day equivalent, I might suggest moving to downtown Detroit- or what is left of it. Perhaps a little quality time there would have you praying to this God that you say does not exist.
          And before you start throwing barbs- you cannot insult me. I amn already a sinner- a pathological liar, fouhnd to be so by a pure and might God. Yes, I am the lowest of the low- no better than any other man. Full of deceit, sloth, greed, and all the other things that God finds to be an abomination. The only thing I have in my favor is that I am forgiven. And glad to be so.

        56. All the founding documents mention is that they acknowledged a “higher power”… i.e. God. These were pretty smart guys… Don’t you think if they wanted any particular sort of religious basis they would have mentioned it? Show me one place where Christianity in particular was what they meant. Note that you will first need to research the religious beliefs of the writers of those documents… many were just Deists… believed in God, but with little more specificity than that. Jefferson and Madison were quite precise as the what they intended and these were the principal authors. Again, these guys were smart… If they had meant a country that worshipped Jesus and applied his teachings to the function of government… they would have mentioned him by name, doncha think?

        57. No, they were particularly interested in NOT pushing religion down the throats of the public, as that had been done with them via the English.

          Chruch services were held in the capital buildings by Jefferson, so I think you’d have to say they believed. It is you who needs to read history. Start with the fedaralist papers.
          The founders also stated that our form of government was “unfit for any other than a God-fearing society”. If it is unfit for you, I simply suggest you shoudl find another place to live. Canada is still accepting Americans last time I looked. The Aussies won’t have you, as their immigration laws are so strict.

        58. ” If it is unfit for you, I simply suggest you shoudl find another place to live.”

          So unless we belong to a “God fearing society” of christians, we need to find another place to live? Is that what you’re saying?

        59. Yes, that is what I am saying. I really do think you should give another country a few years of a go. It is my sincere belief that you would return to America and kiss the ground, and thank Christians for making it what it is. You really do need to get out and see the bigger world. I should warn you that these other countries will not be as tolerant of your beligerance, and you should prepare to spend some time in both jail and hospital recovery rooms. Oh- and then you’ll get the lovey experience of trying their health systems as well. Sounds like a plan? I and several others will be glad to take up a collection for a one-way ticket to get you started.

        60. Read the Treaty of Tripoli if you think America is a Christian nation. To call America a Christian nation intimates that the government is. at least tacitly, endorsing a state religion. And that is patently wrong.

          Now, many things which make America great are rooted in Judeo Christian principles, that is undeniable by a thinking person. For example, above the entrance to the Supreme Court, carved in stone is Moses and the Ten Commandments, I believe.

        61. We have perhaps slipped from being a Christian Nation, but there is no denying that we were founded on Christian principals. I don’t care to waste the oxygen arguing this point with you. I simply suggest you go to http://www.wallbuilders.com and argue with David Barton, he has much more energy and evidence to deal with deniers like yourself. Or go to Newt Gingrich’s site, and get his movie tha the made- he and his wife visit all of the monuments and institutions in Washington DC, and point at all of the inclusions of Christian faith in our buildings and documents. Jeez- just read the declaration of Independence for God’s sake. Pleae stop wasting useless oxygen with me.

        62. Actually, I think that we are wasting good oxygen with this John Mayer guy. He is what we might refer to as an oxygen thief- using good oxygen that could much better be used for other purposes- like keeping a rat alive or something. (joking) Anyway, he has stolen a lot of time from many of us for an argument – the logic of which falls on deaf ears. His mind is set, and he simply wants to jostle as many as he can. He has little interest in a civil discussion, and would not change his beliefs if Christ himself were to stand in front of him.

        63. No, dumbass, the words are straightforward. Reread them and make sure you comprehend the meaning of the word if. Your antagonistic attitude is wholly unwarranted.

        64. I’m still trying to figure out the benefits “Christian Country” status gives conservatives. They are so quick to point out that this is “A christian country” but none of these people seem to understand what that entails. Do Christians get more protections under the law than other religious believers? (in their pathetic minds, they probably think so)

        65. Not at all John, just go to DC and take a stroll and see all the monuments and read what is on them, it might wake you up.

        66. YOU posted, “No, they were particularly interested in NOT pushing religion down the
          throats of the public, as that had been done with them via the English.” Ergo, as Dusty U previously mentioned, they acknowledged a “higher power” and didn’t specify. Kinda goes with the freedom of religion aspect of the 1st Amendment which obama has successfully attacked and left wingers wet themselves over. You’re a little slow on the uptake, eh?

        67. Oh John, I was giving you the benefit of doubt but now you are acting like you are dense by asking such a question.

        68. By violating the 1st Amendment protection of freedom of religion. His insistence that Catholic employers be FORCED to provide birth control, through obamacare, which is against their religious beliefs. I don’t know how to dumb it down any lower, John Mayer. Come on back and we can continue your education.

        69. Conservativesniper….Most of the Founders were Christians, a very few, Deists. In many documents…personal and official..they alluded to Jesus Christ and Christianity specifically. But they understood that

          1. You cannot force anyone to be a Christian
          2. Had no intention of doing so
          3. Believed in the right to choose to believe in God or not.
          4. Because of their belief in the Bible, they knew that God has given every man free will to choose
          5. The Bible was the best foundation for our system of Jurisprudence.

        70. DustyU……Wrong. The Founders believed the Bible, which teaches the Deity of CHRIST and HIs being the only way to salvation. Any time they mention GOD, they are speaking of CHRIST of the Bible.

          There are hundreds of excerpts from official and personal documents which reveal that they believed and trusted in JESUS CHRIST as Saviour. Even Thomas Jefferson who had contempt for the clergy because they lorded their position over their congregants, trusted in CHRIST, by name.


          As to JESUS OF NAZARETH, my opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the system of morals and His religion as He left them to us, the best the world ever saw or is likely to see.

          ~~~~Benjamin Franklin, Signer of the Declaration, Signer of the Constitution.


          The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger. The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live and act as becomes a CHRISTIAN soldier, defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.

          You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of JESUS CHRIST. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are

          It is impossible to rightly govern the world without GOD and the BIBLE!
          ~~~~President George Washington


          I have sometimes thought there could not be a stronger testimony in favor of religion or against temporal enjoyments, even the most rational and manly, than for men who occupy the most honorable and gainful departments and who are rising in reputation and wealth, publicly to declare their unsatisfactoriness by becoming fervent advocates in the cause of CHRIST; and I wish you may give in your evidence in this way.

          We have staked the future of American civilization upon the capacity
          of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten
          Commandments of GOD. ~~~~President James Madison


          Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our CHRISTIAN nation, to select and prefer CHRISTIANS for their rulers.

          The BIBLE is the best of all books, for it is the word of GOD and
          teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue
          therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.

          Mercy and grace and favor did come by JESUS CHRIST, and also that truth which verified the promises and predictions concerning Him and which exposed and corrected the various errors which had been imbibed respecting the Supreme Being, His attributes, laws, and dispensations

          Condescend, merciful Father! to grant as far as proper these imperfect petitions, to accept these inadequate thanksgivings, and to pardon whatever of sin hath mingled in them for the sake of JESUS CHRIST, our blessed LORD AND SAVIOUR; unto Whom, with Thee, and the blessed Spirit, ever one GOD, be rendered all honor and glory, now and forever.
          ~~~~John Jay – 1st Chief-Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, President of Congress, Author of the Federalist Papers.


          For my part, I am free and ready enough to declare that I think the
          CHRISTIAN religion is a Divine institution; and I pray to GOD that I may
          never forget the precepts of His religion or suffer the appearance of
          an inconsistency in my principles and practice.
          ~~~~James Iredell, Ratifier of the US Constitution, US Supreme Court Justice appointed by George Washington.


          If thou wouldst rule well, thou must rule for GOD, and to do that,
          thou must be ruled by Him. Those who will not be governed by GOD
          will be ruled by tyrants.~~~~William Penn (1644-1718), founder of


          Being a CHRISTIAN… is a character which I prize far above all this world has or can boast.

          This is all the inheritance I can give to my dear family. The religion of CHRIST can give them one which will make them rich indeed.

          It is when people forget GOD that tyrants forge their chains
          ~~~~Patrick Henry


          I am a CHRISTIAN. I believe only in the Scriptures, and in JESUS CHRIST my Savior. ~~~~Charles Thomson, Sec of Continental Congress, Designer of the Great Seal of the US.

        71. Yes, dear john, we are suspicious of mosques because the most hateful and dangerous “religion” on the planet is spread there. Show me a Catholic or a Baptist who will strap on a vest loaded with explosives and go kill innocents OF THEIR OWN RELIGION !

        72. what did you do? didn’t like what I was saying to you and you scrambled the good part God knows what I said and the truth will always set you free

        73. Your computer malfunctioning is MY fault? Wow., You are one step above the other nutters here – you are completely loco!

        74. The very first universities were founded and supported by churches. Yale, Harvard, etc. They taught religion, good manners, sound work ethics, critical thinking, all the standards that ensured a responsible society. Perfect – no. But better than what we have today.

        75. I hate to point out how uniformed you are johnny boy, but there are many Mosques in the USA and unless I missed it there hasn’t been any news about any being burned down or destroyed by Christians. Go back to whatever you believe, and stop trying to diminish the faith of others, because it won’t work. If you are an Atheist, then practice it, and no Christian will bother you, all they ask is that you do the same for their faith.

        76. Baptists are the ones Jefferson got the freedom of religion Idea, and believe in soul liberty. that means believe what you want. We do not have the right to force what we belive on you. We have never been a state reilgion and fought to keep from coming one and do not want any religion married to the state.

        77. John you are wasting your time. These guys here have blinders, they believe in childish stories. Leave them in their ignorance!

        1. My mother and father. Nature… Certainly not your evil psycopath God of the Christian bible. Your God of the bible is VERY much like Rev. Phelps of “Westboro Baptist Church” .. I know the majority of Christians say you don’t like Westboro but what you’re really saying is you don’t like your own BIBLE when you object to those people. They ARE preaching EXACTLY what is in your bible. They are a God representation of the nature of your God – as told by the old testament.

          Listen, I’m not perfect. I don’t like feeling hate. I don’t like what you disgusting people are doing to my country and world either. I honestly wish I didn’t feel hate for you — I just hate what you do and what you represent. I hate the evil things you’ve done and continue to do on a daily basis.

        2. None of us are perfect, John… but all of us are human so we are imperfect.. I don’t like what is happening to this great country either (I am a veteran of the Nam conflict) but the only role Christians have in the downfall of this country is that we didn’t fight hard enough for the freedoms, the morals, the liberties that made this country so great. This country has been blessed from its beginning – but we forgot about God.. .the same way as the Israelites did in the OT. When things were bad, they called out for Him… when things were good, they got apathetic and moved on, taking all the glory for themselves… we have done much the same thing in this great country of ours and now we are witnessing its downfall… and please, I am not a member of Rev. Phelps following… those people are as wrong about God as you are… the OT was written before Christ – covenants God made with His people … the NT is Jesus’s (God’s son; God in the Flesh) teachings and new covenants replacing the OT covenants… God loves His children; He wishes nothing more than we have a relationship with Him. I wasn’t raised a Christian – but I finally decided to do a little research… read C.S. Lewis… he was good for me…he was such a non-believer…wow! But anyway, hate will only tear YOU down inside… doesn’t hurt those you hate very much… sounds more like anger and lots of it. Somewhere along the line, most anger comes from a deep hurt… been there, felt that… you say you hate what I do… not sure what that means and you hate what I represent but I can’t help that at all… what I do? I get up in the morning just like you, go about my day just like you, have people and animals in my life that I care about, just like you… I guess one difference in what I do that you don’t do – is that I recognize and acknowledge that I am never alone… I have God walking with me no matter what I am doing. I try to think like Him, talk like Him, love people like Him… I fail miserably more than I care to admit but I try.

        3. “God loves His children”

          God killed children in the OT. He should have been given a life sentence , never to be trusted again after the stunts he pulled in the OT. You think he’s a reformed being and none of his prior atrocities are relevant? Mass murdering sociopaths don’t get a free pass as easily in my book.

          Anyway, good luck to you. So long as you don’t try to push your religion on me, attempting to preach your cult to my kids in public schools/etc – you and I have NO problem.

        4. GOD did not kill any children. wicked people who have no GOD in their hearts did. Your mother and father did not create you, GOD did. They must all be disappointed in how you turned out.

        5. We dont appreciate you trying to push you lack of religion on us either. It is a 2 way street. I think your perception of God is very warped. Ill say a prayer for you right now. I mean that.

        6. You are a better man than I am Sunny. I respect what you have to say here and if more Christians were reasonable people and good witnesses for their faith as you’re showing yourself to be, I imagine Christianity would be much more respected in America/the world.

          I see that you are a new blogger here — I suspect that once you see the hypocrisy and hate from your so-called fellow Christians here, you won’t stick around for long. You have inspired me to abandon my militancy a bit!

        7. John Mayer…As I said in a prior post to you, you should be smart enough to not discuss something you know little about. Anyone who understands the Bible is well aware that the Westboro Baptist Church does NOT represent Christianity in any way whatsoever. Just like YOU, they constantly use a flawed exegesis of the text to support their distorted view of the world.

          Christians conservatives are NOT the ones who doing bad things to this country. Take a look in the mirror….examine your boy, Obama, and his sycophants. That is where you’ll find those who despise a free America and are doing all they can to change it.

          Warning: Hatred is an acid that eats its own container.

          Your constant and open ridicule and disgust with Christianity is over the top. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

      4. If the Bible is a work of fiction, why has it been used by archaeologists and anthropologists to find things?

        I don’t see anyone using Shakespeare or Chaucer to do that!

        1. You must not even read books if you think works of fiction don’t include real-world locations! Why are conservatives so dumb?

        2. Then why aren’t they used in formal archaeological or anthropological studies? Why the Bible?

          Furthermore, if conservatives are so dumb, as you say, why do their books always top the NY TIMES best seller list?

          I can remember seeing a book by Andrea Mitchell on the dollar rack on Barnes and Noble and one by Al Franken was tucked away neatly in the corner at the library.

        3. Historians and archaeologists use all sorts of historical texts, fiction and non-fiction alike, in order to discover artifacts/historical burials/locations/etc !! What EVER gave you the idea that they only relied on the Bible!? …

          “Furthermore, if conservatives are so dumb, as you say, why do their books always top the NY TIMES best seller list?”

          I don’t know why you’re dumb. You just DO and SAY a lot of DUMB things – Like your absurdly moronic message here!

          Do you actually think popularity is a signal that something is intelligent? Hitler was a very popular man in his country – I’m sure he could have topped his own version of “Best seller list” — Is that somehow vindication that his ideas were intelligent? There are a LOT of twisted and DUMB people in this world. People like Michael Savage , Rush Limbaugh, Etc have the idiot market cornered in America!

        4. Historians use ancient records, which includes the Bible.

          And I never said they only relied on the Bible, but they’ve found things in the Bible that humanists said never existed.

          I’m not dumb. I’ve published before and I routinely take liberals to the cleaners in academia. It’s really not that hard to go up against one-dimensional thinking and name-calling.

          Popular = intelligence is mostly a left-wing dogma. Even though a few GOP establishment members have the same mentality, it is dwarfed by liberals who have to make-up crises to solve to feel better about themselves and get government to fund their largely worthless projects.

          Conservatism works. Post-modern liberalism is the same recycled garbage that collapses civilizations.

          If conservative books are selling, it means people buy them and most of those people probably read them. You made the argument that conservatives were dumb. Dumb people don’t generally read thick books with ideas like free markets and Constitutional values.

          I think Rush Limbaugh is very intelligent. It sounds like he saved AM radio and should have at least one honorary Ph D in communication or journalism for his unprecedented contribution.

          I don’t really know enough about Savage, other than he’s pretty independent and that his ratings are spectacular.

        5. Don’t know that Rush would accept an honorary degree in journalism and add credit to the consistently misleading and inaccurate sensationalistic cesspool which is what modern journalism in America has degenerated into in the last few decades. As far as communications, he is undoubtedly successful at communicating.

          Only heard Savage a couple times and he makes good points and is very passionate in expressing his viewpoint, which I like. Milquetoast guys like Brian Williams, Dam Blather and Ted Koppel and the rest of the MSM talking heads bore the hell out of me.

        6. John: My mother told me it was better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open my mouth and remove all doubt. Sorry old sod, you’ve removed the doubt.

        7. Well, it’s never dumb to believe what the masses do… take the world being flat, not washing hands is a good idea, and that aids is spread through hugging. These things were this way for years. Common misconceptions although seemingly crude when prevalent sound much more like the truth especially when they repeat themselves over and over again.

        8. Are you a left winger? Do you believe in liberty and freedom? Because the two, freedom/liberty and left wing politics are incompatible.

        9. No, according to the recognized layout of the political spectrum, you arrogant ignoramus. Here’s a little video to get you in touch with the RECOGNIZED political spectrum. Left wing politics is about more intrusive and bigger government. Here’s a little 10 minute or so video to help you understand the political spectrum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7M-7LkvcVw

        10. So you have a graph or video making this claim. We could always look at reality — One tiny example: Right wing RED state like Texas: guilty of violating millions of individual liberties, kidnapping and jailing people for growing or smoking a plant … Compare that to a BLUE state like Colorado who refuse to violate peoples liberties for Marijuana … Red states impose more laws that violate individual liberty than any blue state. (Anti alcohol laws in bible belt towns, Anti porn laws, etc etc etc) …

        11. But yet you would have ALL peoples right to worship when and where they please violated. You have said alot of other stupid things but I wanted to go back to the root of the conversation.

        12. You can still get arrested in Colorado for growing pot. That is a silly example. And it is a federal law not state law that sayes you cant grow or sell it

        13. Yeah, and the one that really bothers you are the anti pedophilia laws. Yet another example of how the federal government, in their totalitarian zeal, wants to control every aspect of your life. And your dumb ass supports such crap which IMPINGES ON YOUR FREEDOM. Seriously, try some fresh air.

          And you know what, John? In this country you have the freedom to move to a part of the country which shares your outlook on life. So, I guess we won’t see you down in Texas, will we? Totalitarian countries, not so much. But hey, keep your head up obama’s ass and follow his herd to oblivion.

        14. Left wingers always talk about freedom but look at their policies and talking points. The only time you have freedom in their world is if you agree with them

        15. I been sittin here wondering how liberals could be so dumb. Mostly from having parents that never taught them anything different than what they were fed in public school. That is bad parenting right there.

        16. people! John is so unlearned and has no knowledge as to the word of God and to keep posting comments to him, to a sinner like him they all think they have the answer to everything I had posted some really good stuff for him until it got scrambled

        17. Agree. If you are turned away, knock the dust off your feet and walk away and don’t look back. His problems are then between him and a higher power

        18. Lee Strobel read his books. He started out an atheist and was going to prove Jesus Christ did not exist. He is now a Christian. He was honest and open minded enough to accept the facts.

        19. If it is a book of fiction, why are you worried about it? Are this upset about Harry Potter novels, or Winnie the Pooh?

        20. Actually, just today there was a story that they think they’ve found the body of Richard III of England. The skeleton show scoliosis, and Richard is described in Shakespeare as being deformed in that way.

        21. Did you know 1984 is set in London? Did you know the Empire State Building is mentioned in King Kong? I’ll let you in on a secret – neither of those stories are real.

        22. Shermer…..No secret. While Orwell’s dystopian novel was about a fictional country, Oceania, it effectively presented the real and present evil of totalitarian control.

          Having lived under totalitarian governments (Spain and Russia) for some years, and watching its cruelties and oppression of the people, George Orwell wanted to wake up the West to the impending threat of Communism. He penned ”1984” to show how Communist policies had affected every single facet of his lead character, Winston’s, life in the perfect totalitarian country of Oceania, destroying even his ability to think critically and express himself about issues.

          ~~This was achieved through disarmament, manipulation of information, redaction of history, political correctness, suppression of truth, redefinition of words (Doublespeak) and institution of a new language (Newspeak)~~

          ~~Unremitting surveillance through the ubiquitous presence of telescreens and microphones reminded all that ”Big Brother” was watching, and every minute of every day was micro managed including what one could eat, when and how to exercise, and with whom to have a relationship. And of course, for resisting, there was the constant threat of brutal and systematic torture until the citizen could be ”re-educated.”~~

          It is no surprise that today, the leftist Obama administration and his minions, are already employing or trying to implement nearly every one of these policies, to one degree or the other, in order to gain control of the American people.

          We ought to heed Orwell’s warning: pay attention and RESIST to the death, if necessary, all attempts to enslave us.

          Capitulation ought never be in the vocabulary of people who love liberty. LIve free or die.

          Of course, Shermer, I wouldn’t expect you to share my view point on this.

        23. Thanks Meeme, I’m well aware of the background and plot of 1984. It specifically is set in London, with Oceania being referred to as what was previously England and Britain. All real places, just like those mentioned in the bible.

        24. I don’t recall anyone denying the existence of London or the Empire State Building, but with I’ve seen with 9-11 truthers, I guess anything’s possible.

      5. Wow John, you might want to do some research into the reliability of this so-called fictitious book before you display your ignorance so aptly. The archeological and historical evidence for the accuracy of the New Testament exceeds that of Homer’s the Iliad. If you want more information, research it.

        1. Ah, this is a fallacy that tries to say that if the New Testament has more history than a particular book like The Iliad, than it is more valuable and more realistic. Reading any recent historical fiction should be able to disprove that assertion. Given, in our time we have much more resources to record and pass down history. Why do you think much of the Bible reads like a genealogy-because it was. Exodus and Matthew have some great examples of lineage (Obed begot Jesse, etc). Still not all that useful.

        2. With all of the genealogy ending with Jesus it certainly is useful. How many people can track their ancestors back that many generations? There are more than 300 prophecies concerning Jesus in the Old Testament and they fulfilled by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The chances of one person fulfilling 8 of these prophecies are 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. For one person to fulfill 48 of these prophecies is 1 chance in 10 to the 157th power (1 with 157 zeroes after it). Add to that the 250 other prophecies and it becomes impossible for any other person except Jesus to ever fit that particular sequence of time and events. People like you wouldn’t believe if Christ stood before you. Some day you will stand before Him for judgement. God will have the last say.

      6. John,you need to be committed like Piers Morgan for wanting to revise the word of God and this is not a fictional book the Bible is God’s inspired word where you want to believe it or not that is your choice but when your bow before Him you will find out where it is fictional or not and during the time of Christ the children of Israel did cross the Red Sea and Moses took a rod as commanded by God and the sea open up for the children of Israel to get to the other side and Peter walked on water and when he doubted Jesus he began to sink you are an unlearned and have no knowledge as to the word of God<guess your family never told you their was a Creator that make Adam and gave him life so that you could be born maybe that might have been a mistake for your mistake it is for sure you will face God the Creator God said if your faith was strong enough it could remove mountains we want soon have to remove them they will begin to fall on people because time is at hand when we see the anti-christ come on the scene and he is on earth awaiting for the appointed time

        1. See how unhinged Christians are? This voncile nut thinks I have some magical powers over her computer. She blames me in another message for causing her computer to go haywire and post jibberish.

        1. You really should change your user name – – – calling others racists and bigots really loses it punch when you have gone out of your way to appear as one yourself.

          After you have changed your user name why don’t you start posting at Nazis-R-Us or maybe the dailykos..com where your sadistic and hate filled antics are better tolerated. Or maybe MSNBC.


      7. And YOU are why we need the 2nd amendment, to protect ourselves from commies like you that want to take the 1st amendment from us! It’s funny how insecure you atheists are, if you truly have “faith” in your non-belief, then no religion should matter to you, right? What threat is religion to your phenomenal logic, right? But yet, you still attack. Because people always attack that which they fear, and you fear you might be wrong, otherwise, you would care less about what others believe. And you WILL believe, eventually….

      8. Every culture has its popular fiction. The number one best seller on the fiction list for US liberals is Obama’s birth certificate. After all, he is being proclaimed as the “messiah” by these bozos. No one who voted for Obama has any right to criticize Chritian beliefs as fictitious and stupid until they clean up their own act first.

      9. You’d better HOPE so. But it’s not likely you’re right because NO scientist has even begun to be able to prove the Bible is false. To the contrary, they’ve found an awful lot of it to be quite factual.
        So, if you’re willing to bet your soul on it, GO FOR IT.
        Hell will be full of your kind.

      10. Barbara: If you don’t like what you read here, LEAVE! No one is forcing you to “endure” this. You just want to be an obnoxious jerk.

    3. Piers: You need to go back to England where it has become a Godless nation and take your stupid ideas with you. You are only looking for publicity and the press looks for loons like you to make stupid remarks. Who do you thinks should rewrite it? OBAMA!!!!!!!

      1. Roberta: Mind your own business. if you don’t like what the man says, TAKE A HINT and CHANGE YOUR TV CHANNEL! … Don’t tread on me.

  9. I know what’s flawed. Piers is. Even his own countrymen don’t want him back.
    Stay out of our religion and bible. You aren’t God, Piers.

    1. We PISS on your religion Nancy. Your religion deserves nothing but scorn. You christians deserve nothing less than total rejection by the masses.

  10. This guy really hits his BONG way too much! However, his request to Revise Historical Documents is exactly what Marxists do…change History to suit their Narrative. Sounds like Piers is just another Progressive Bedwetter.

    This jerk is not even American and yet is using his Left-Nut Ideology to change American Culture and Laws. Let’s send the Marx Loving butt-head back to Jolly Old England where he can work on his effeminate accent.

    See: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/deport-british-citizen-piers-morgan-attacking-2nd-amendment/prfh5zHD

  11. Doesn’t this guy realize that the Bible has been revised over and over again, starting with the pseudo Greek of Westcott and Hort and continuing to the ridiculous paraphrases (actually called translations) like the goofy Message and “living Bible”???? Even to the point of the really, really super duper new new International that had to be pulled back off the shelves (so to speak because of it’s “gender” [whatever that is]) neutral/neutered??), but was still endorsed by all of the original NIV translators, making them, thus, and their “translation/dynamic equivalency” suspect? His job has been/is being done for him. Let’s go back to the Geneva Bible and KJV and burn all these other revisions along with the Quran, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, etc.! At least let’s get rid of the “message”….PLEASE!

  12. There is no expiration date on the Bible! Our Lord’s memorial to homosexuality is the Dead Sea……Where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood. And Leviticus 18:22 is very clear……..
    Piers Morgan is another reason why I don’t waste my time watching CNN!

    1. Right and Leviticus 18:21 says not to sacrifice your children to Molek – an Ammonite God. Leviticus 18:23 makes it clear that women should not solicit animals for sex. So that’s a solid group of text to base your decisions on…

  13. Time for everyone to vote with their subscription and drop CNN from their TV list – then let them know. If they lose their customers, they will handle the Piers debacle post haste!! I’m suggesting “Piers, you’re FIRED!!!”

  14. Let’s do to him what they did to Glenn Beck, STOP ALL THE ADVERTISING ON HIS PROGRAM. The producers can’t afford to keep him on if that happens.

    1. The Old Man: Conservatives are going to stop watching CNN by the droves! OH NO!

      Oh , wait a minute, you idiots never watched CNN to begin with. You’re just talking out your rear end!

      1. You are the rear end that’s doing the talking, besides I won’t bother to listen to lies on top of lies. You are wrong as usual, I always watched CNN until it became obvious they were pushing nonsense and outright lies. I now watch others.

      2. John, All the Christians will pray for you and God will do the rest.
        I feel sorry for you and all your hate Satan is using You and He does not win.

  15. How do the members here justify that the bible is correct when so many other laws from the bible have been ignored. Like not shaving the sides of your head, stoning adulterors, stoning children who act out, not eating cheese with meat. I mean have any of you actually read the bible? I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried. Need a source? Try reading the bible.

    1. if you have read the bible with any understanding, the ‘stuff’ you are talking about was in the OT and the NT (gospel/teachings of Jesus – God’s Holy son and God in the Flesh) has replaced old covenants with new covenants… God as our Creator can do anything He wants… He created us and everything around us… He is the One in charge

      1. So 1) homosexuality is not addressed at all in the NT; so should default to the afforementioned OT teachings? 2) The NT is also full of interesting ideas including Jesus saying that the rich have a great of a chance of entering heaven as a camel entering an eye of a needle. So then we should be taxing rich people at an extreme rate as so to allow them to enter heaven? This OT/NT discussion is trite and stale. If you are to come up with a solid reason as why the OT does not apply at all then why do we even read it?

        1. Romans addresses homosexuality in the NT and Jesus is using parable to say that the people who think they already have it all (riches), will find it difficult to get into heaven… they think they don’t need a Savior, etc.
          taxing rich people to get them into heaven? what in the world are you talking about, Christ does not have anything against wealth, just where the wealthy man’s focus is… OT is the prophesy of the NT as well as the history of Creation… there is plenty of evidence out there that verifies the Bible – it’s history, geography, archaeology, etc. And more evidence presenting itself every day… IThe Bible is the inerrant word of God… it is not to be read as a novel; it is to be investigated, researched, studied. It is one of God’s ways of talking with us.

        2. I agree partially with what the message you are trying to raise. I take issue with those who believe that the words in the Bible are well understood and easy to follow-hence the disagreement with Piers trying to modify the Bible should not be hotly contested in my humble opinion since many minds already differ on interpretation. The parable about wealth is perhaps not the best one to illustrate my point but a good separate issue nonetheless.

          I’ll stay on topic and address one issue-homosexuality in the Old Testament and the limited verses that might have limited application in the New Testament. My “at all” statement was a bit premature, but I think I can explain further. The New Testament only has a few vague references to homosexuality and some of them may only refer to pederasty or women to women homosexuality or the fact that God himself turned people gay when they did not worship him-there arebut the three passages relevant from my quick search are:
          multiple translations and I did not read the ancient texts nor would I properly be able to understand with the inflections that were intended even if I could or so desired. Now, the English translations vary slightly,

          1 Corinthians 6:9–10 – Thieves, homosexuals and greedy people shall not enter heaven. Notice thieves and greedy people are also included in this group.

          Romans 1:24–28 – I believe this is saying God made people gay/let them do whatever they wanted because they worshiped other people than the creator (himself). (http://bible.cc/romans/1-24.htm a few translations of the 24th passage since it is complicated to understand) Notice how in context this is based on people worshiping other gods.

          1 Timothy 1:9–10 – law is not created for the righteous, but rather for those immoral, liars, slave traders, unholy, ungodly, homosexual or otherwise against sound doctrine. Notice liars are also included in this group.

          So my point is that if the NT removes many of the OT points why do you
          reference the OT at all? As you can see, even in the few passages in NT related to homosexuality they are a far cry from a complete set of rules to live by and we certainly do not follow them to the letter in any case. At best, even if the Bible was divine inspiration it suffers from all of the flaws that every ancient text suffers. 1) It was written in multiple languages and converted several times. 2) Messages between the texts do not completely align themselves so you are left with disparaging texts with no rational basis to decide what they would intend (kill homosexuals versus cast them out of your city). 3) The passages were written over a long period of time by many people who never met and thus the texts sound disjointed and without common thread. 4) A complete
          body of work was discarded in favor of the books and order we now have (http://www.columbia.edu/cu/augustine/a/canon.html great timeline). 5) Lastly, the culture was vastly different many years ago. Today we don’t see as many stonings or crucifixions in the modern world… no, it’s mostly the cultures that stuck to literal definition of their ancient texts that still practice the stuff that most of us find deplorable.

          Now I know that a few of the same arguments above can be made against our Constitution and amendments, but the Constitution was not supposedly divinely influenced and was written in English and a lot more recent than the Bible. If we can argue what the Constitution intends we can surely argue what the Bible intends for those reasons and many more.

  16. Morgan in my opinion is a first class “Fruit Loop”………..The Game he is playing (and probably with CNN Blessings)……..”Say anythng you like, just use my Name”……!
    Lets all pitch in and buy him a Ticket on th Titanic…….He shows the World just how
    Non-American CNN really is…..He certainly can’t fill Larry’s Shoes !…….G

    1. Your Jesus is a figment of your imagination. Besides, if that punk ever entered the United States, We would detain him and boot his illegal immigrant arse out!

  17. This man is going to hell in a hand basket right along with Obama. Saying the Bible needs an ammendment is something no-one should say. That’s like blasphemy.

      1. This ranting coming from an obviously disturbed individual brimming with hate. Perhaps the authorities should be alerted so they can stop by and make sure you’re not planning something along the lines of Aurora or Sandy Hook. I wonder if the owner of the website would be willing to alert the authorities to make sure you aren’t a danger to yourself or others, Hmmmm….

  18. guess he dosnt have morals that suit the bible so he want to change it to fit his morals along with our country and morals. The gop have already trying to change our principles. I dont waste my time on ccn anyways and if we get higher taxes on the rich i am changeing partys

  19. Why doesn’t someone just put him out of his misery. He’s obviously a very unhappy individual who feels everything in the world is either wrong or against them. I have bowling ball around his neck and throwing the lake someplace and be done with it except that it probably kill all the fish.

  20. Question : Morgan and Obama became National News along about the Same time. I have
    wondered who sent Obama ! Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and now I’m putting two & two together,
    Morgan, about the same caliber, has to be part ofthe same group of “Mis-fits” !. …..G

  21. Why go after him ? It is like going after the salesman instead of the company that employed him . It is CNN majority owners who lay out the agenda . Piers Morgan is just a useful tool . It has become a reality that whoever owns the mass media calls the shots .They decide what is good or bad for them. .They make sure the majority feelings & wants do not reflect the nations needs. That has been usurped by a small circle of powerful capitalists in bed with career politicians who have sold out the majority Americans. The career politicians have become arrogant & care two hoots about the true needs & feelings of the majority. Democracy has been entrapped by few capitalists & career politicians. The time is ripe to act to take back the voter rights. The main stream mass media owners have glued up “uninformed” voters by their second front ,which is their barrage of entertainment nonsense including their Hollywood filth

  22. Right! How have we lost our ways from what the Bible knows to be true. There is crime and punishment and it is defined by the Bible of our Lord not by some tv pundit.

    Crime and Punishment.

    Adultery – death. “And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.” Leviticus 20:10

    Beastiality – death. “And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.” 20:15

    Having sex with your daughter in law – death. “And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.” Leviticus 20:12

    Cursing your parents – death. “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.” Leviticus 20:9

    Taking your brother’s wife – childless existance. “And if a man shall take his brother’s wife, it is an unclean thing: he hath uncovered his brother’s nakedness; they shall be childless.” Leviticus 20:21

    Wearing mixed fibers – the jury is still out but it can’t be good. “Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woolen and linen together.” Deuteronomy 22:11

    Homosexuality – death. “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

    1. You have proven beyond a doubt that the Christian bible is an insane book condoning killing of innocent people. Tell me why we shouldn’t ban your disgusting religion and deport every last one of you?

      1. When the crux of the argument against homosexuality is based
        on ancient texts written alongside such blatantly un-followed traditions it
        stands to reason that perhaps the Christian viewpoint should be further
        modified, since it already has been many times. How many times were Christmas
        trees or Easter eggs written about in the Bible? Zero times, yet we follow
        these traditions with passion. Likewise we do not abhor or kill children who mouth off now and again.

        Certainly the most hated groups of people should have some
        basis in reality other than lines of text written in this context. Sadly, many
        Christians have not read the Bible-nonetheless analyze it for its messages. The
        best proof that I have against Christianity is the Bible. Read it and try to
        understand it. If it sounds like crap, that’s because it probably is.

  23. You can see the writing on the wall. This nation is in a downward spiral with no end in sight unless we get this nation to turn back to God and take a stand against the liberal or the progressives as they want to be called. They are destroying this country founded on both God and the Bible.

    1. Rhonda: Screw your religion and your God. I would piss on your bible before I ever respected the likes of you conservative fasicts. You will never have a theocracy in this country. Your religion is the CRAP on my shoe.

        1. “Jew Head” ? I’m not a jew. Nice to see you conservatives are anti-semetic, In addition to racist, evil, low life, anti American, scum of the earth.

        2. Meyer isn’t a Jewish surname? Man, you are really ignorant about your heritage, eh little johnny?

  24. Piers Morgan will know he is wrong because when he dies, he’ll find himself in Hell with all of his Liberal and Atheist buddies.

  25. The Bible is the only book that doesn’t need updating. It’s God’s word and it the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and no one can change it except God Himself. In revelation 22: 18-19, it says “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything on them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. So here it is Piers Morgan, you can take it to the bank with your homosexual, Liberal and Atheist buddy-buddies. It’s not too late for and your buddy-buddies to repent and surrender yourselves to God’s sovereignty and control..

  26. Deuteronomy 4:2 (ESV) “You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God that I command you.”

    The Holy Scripture could never be rewritten often enough to satisfy a non-believer like Morgan and his ilk. I would like to see Morgan demand that the Quran be rewritten. Morgan does the work of Satan, let him be accursed. Traditional Americans and Christians are under full attack by the enemy within, the progressive left. There is no longer any pretense, it is out in the open. It is not enough to just hold fast to our beliefs. We must find ways to fight these forces of evil. Singly, in groups small and large we must resist both passively and actively. Saul Alinsky, in his book ‘Rules For Radicals’, said that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. When in casual conversation, I learn someone has voted Democratic, or they like Obama, or they are anti-gun, I no longer play the part of the polite gentlemen that respects everyone’s right to an opinion. I get in their face with as much biting sarcasm as I can muster and let the chips fall where they may. If we don’t take them on verbally, we will one day have to take them on with weapons.

  27. Morgan – if you don’t like OUR country – go back to England where you can play RumpRanger all you want and whine “please don’t hurt me” to protect yourself.

    How’s that petition going to have this puke deported?

    Haven’t heard what the total number of signatures is up to.

  28. He needs to rethink instead of both the Bible and the Constitution being well intentioned but basically, inherently flawed, Piers Morgan is the one that is basically and inherently flawed. The Bible is Truth and the Constitution is a long standing document.

    1. Please continue to attempt to forbid freedom of speech. I want the world to see how absolutely fascist and anti-American conservatives are.

      1. You people (bo supporters) are more terrifying to me than that a’hole in the whitehouse. God save us from jerks like you. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  29. Excellent article. Just who does Piers think he is? God?

    Piers, like many who profess to be Christian (he says he is a practicing Catholic) knows zip, zero, nadda about the Bible which is the authoritative text for the Christian faith. He displays a brazen-faced audacity in suggesting that the Bible must be changed to suit todays mores. ….that GOD should change His mind about sin and wickedness just to suit him and the millions of other rebellious people.

    The stubborn and pigheaded Brit will understand when he stands before a Holy God and gives an account of himself. But then it will be too late.


  31. Although Piers Morgan is as wrong as wrong can be about the Bible, he’s more correct about the Constitution than are the vast majority of “conservative” Christians. From the very fact that it provides for its own amendment (as in, for example, the day could and probably will come when the Second Amendment will be repealed), demonstrates it’s an inherently flawed document.

    But more consequential is that there is hardly an article or amendment that, in some fashion, is not antithetical, if not hostile, to Yahweh’s immutable morality as codified in His perfect law (Psalm 19:7-11, etc.)

    For more, see “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: the Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/blvc-index.html.

  32. Piers Morgan is flawed he obviously has something missing from his DNA, it’s called a brain.
    ship him back to England, they are all flawed over there. Any taxpayer in England that would put up with paying the bill for the Queen and her brood is mentally off already.

  33. Frankly, we should not allow liberals to call themselves “progressive,” without immediately stating that they are, in fact, REGRESSIVE, that their policies and positions on time-honored traditions are regressive and do more to harm our country than to support it and improve it. Same idea strikes me, as regards the issue of same-sex marriage and their calling it marriage equality, as though we who affirm traditional marriage between man and woman are somehow being unfair. We ought not allow this kind of twisted language to play out without an immediate response/clarification, in this case, that it is, in fact, patently unfair on their part for them to debase the sanctity of a marriage bet. man and woman by demanding such an outrageous redefinition that has only served to vitiate the beauty, wholesomeness, and value of this sacrament.

    1. You will regret the day that you ever get in my face and tell me what I’m “allowed” to do. I don’t compromise with religious fascists.

    2. They should not call themselves liberals either. They are against freedom and liberty. They pine for bigger, more intrusive government.

  34. One sure way to publicly display one’s ignorance is to make comments like Piers’ about the bible being ” flawed ” ! What IS flawed ; deeply flawed , according to the very same bible he referred to , is human nature ; including his own ! ” for I was born in iniquity , and in sin did my mother conceive me “! -Ps.51:5 . If Piers is going to recommend correcting the
    ” flaws ” in the bible , a good idea would be to study it first ! He may discover that it is HE that is flawed and in need of correction ! Just a thought !

    1. Your words say a lot about the disgusting nature of conservatives. Your kind are always exposing yourselves. Pretty soon you’re going to run out your welcome in America. Christians have GOT to go.

  35. Since you so-called christians want to ignore the constitution and deport someone for expressing their mind (1st amendment applies to everyone – not just citizens, court precedent has already established this) — I think we should ban your religion. You don’t respect the rights of others so don’t be surprised when your own rights are absolved. You asked for this war.

  36. Thank you conservatives for inspiring me with your hatred to oppose everything you stand for. Your religion needs to be ostracized and demonized. I will do everything I can to make sure every mere mention of your religion is banished from the public square.

    Christians don’t belong in America.

  37. Piers Morgan has to be one of the most arrogant of unbelievers, placing himself in the ranks of God-inspired writers of Scripture. I’ve got news for you Piers: there is not, was not, and never will be a vacancy in the Holy Trinity, so you have no business telling the true Author of Scripture how to conduct His business with the Church.

    I say “the Church” because you see Piers, most of Scripture is not written to the “un-churched” as some would put it, but rather to BELIEVERS. Notice how many books in the New Testament letters begin with the words “to the Church”, or “Churches” or “Believers”. The dos, don’ts and rules for living are for the purpose of helping Believers become more like Christ, and not primarily to tell the world in general what to do.

    An unbeliever reading and trying to make sense of the Bible is like reading another family’s mail. To understand completely every thought and nuance in their letters you must be intimately familiar with the family. Sure, you may know the dictionary meaning of every word they’ve written, but unless you know the mind of the author and recipient you quite likely will not have a clue, or simply misinterpret, what the author is really trying to convey.

    On the other hand, the more you learn about the letter writer – i.e., who he is, what he thinks, what he knows, his motivations, what he loves and hates – the more you will begin to understand some of the things he’s written. Line upon line, precept upon precept. Same with the Scriptures. You read a simple truth, it makes sense and you believe it. It’s the Holy Spirit teaching you, one truth at a time, with the purpose of bringing you to the point where you recognize who and what God is, what you are, and the implications of it all. Piers, on the outside chance you would ever come across these few paragraphs, I would challenge you to read the Gospel according to John all the way through in one sitting, 3 times. Then let us know if your thinking has changed at all.


  38. Christians believe that the Bible is an inspired book which reveals much about God and how we are to live. Too bad the liberals can’t tolerate that. After all, we don’t force anyone to believe anything of which they are not thoroughly convinced by their own intellect. Muslim do force people to violate their own free will. God created us with free moral agency and we are to exercise that.

  39. Ah, so Piers Morgan, enamored of his giant intelligence has decided for us that one of the founding documents of western civilization, the Bible, needs to be revised. Of course, any founding document, whether it be of law or religion, should be revised so as not to disturb Piers’ comfort zone. Why didn’t he run for President? He’s as eligible as Obama.

  40. When we revoke your christian churches tax-exempt status, You certainly will be angry! I can see it now – Christians nailing themselves to the cross pretending to be victims! I can see you screaming about your rights being trampled. Well SCREW your rights. You stopped having rights the moment you started trying to trample on other’s rights!!

    1. Bullcrap Rulz. More lies from you. Liberals have no tolerance for Islam either. Heck, Check out Bill Maher’s movie Religulous. He goes after Islam harder than Pamela Geller!

  41. The only think flawed here is this limie pricks mouth! So what the hell has happen to the ‘Deportitation Petition’!?? Heard England dosent want him back! So, Send him to Russia!

  42. The author of this page gets the titles of both of Rick Warren’s books wrong. It’s Purpose DRIVEN Life, not Purpose Drive Life. How are we to believe the rest of the claims?

  43. I am annoyed with Pier Morgan who publically calls himself a Catholic because he is not. It is embarrassing to hear this. A true Cathoic adheres to the teachings of the bible and to the magisterium of the church (the Pope) who is infallible when it comes to faith and morals. I am likewise upset with Biden, Pelosi, and Kennedy when they publically proclaim they are Catholic. They are not. They are in name only.

  44. No religion / Religious symbol belongs on PUBLIC property. You Christians get mad when they “take the bible out of schools” — Well, If you want to open pandoras box and allow prayer in school — then the Satanists/Muslims/(Name-religion-you-disagree-with) would be allowed to teach their religion in public schools as well! .. It’s either ALL or NONE. I pick NONE. You fascists just want YOUR religion represented in our schools.

    Religion can do whatever it wants on private property, within the limits of the law. But when it comes to public property, GTFO!

    … So, to those of you who want your Bible /prayer in public schools — How would you intend to limit any other disagreeable religion being taught in school around your Christian kids? How do you single out YOUR religion as the only one being allowed in schools and still be square with American Law?

  45. Change The Bible,

    Change The Constitution.

    Hope and Change?

    I should of known the Devil was 1/2 White, 1/2 Black…
    I have a theory that is gonna make alot of you P’O’d…
    It’s a gut instict I have always trusted.
    Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust…
    The Color of Soil…Sand, Clay, Mud…White,Yellow, Red and Brown…
    The color of our largest organ…Skin…
    Eve was from the Northern Hemisphere, Light skinned, Blonde, Blue Eyed…
    Adam was from the Southern Hemisphere, Dark skinned, hair and eyes…
    What happened when they met up in the Middle?
    Yes, the Middle East…
    A World of confusion causing World War from the temptation of a forbidden fruit…
    Fruit, Our Livelyhood to function properly to expel our defecation…
    Yes, I’m nut’s, another meaningful ingestion…
    Would you like to know my theory of Noahs Ark?

  46. My vitriol is not intended to impress. Most liberals wouldn’t even agree with the harshness of my rhetoric. My vitriol is only a mirror of your own sides. A web blog whose members constantly call for the execution of our president and the deportation of everyone who disagrees with you — certainly doesn’t inspire feelings of love 😛 Hate breeds hate. You hate me anyway without even knowing me; I might as well give you a real reason to hate me…. so hate away.

    1. It doesn’t impress, at least not in a good way. Really, has anyone called for the execution of the POTUS? Impeachment maybe. And people are only calling for the insignificant coward Piers Morgan to be sent…… somewhere else. Besides, he’s already wet his pants over all the gun ownership in America. Maybe he’d be more comfortable in say, South Africa. Not as many guns there, but a murder rate behind only the narco-state of Colombia. He’d probably like it in South Africa, not as many scary guns. Besides, that disingenuous turd is just angling for ratings because nobody has worse raring s than CNN, except maybe MSNBC. Maybe Piers and Schultz could get together and gave a good cry.

    2. We hate what you are about. You are the one filled with hate. Hard to believe for all the vile things you said about God and cursed Him, you are still alive and breathing and above all—–He still loves you.

  47. Do you truly believe in freedom or liberty or is that all just a charade you use to make yourself sound more reasonable than you are? … If you really believe in true liberty and you believe they should have Christian bible studies in public schools — Please explain to me how this would work. Say I were a Jew, Wouldn’t you be violating my rights if you stopped me from starting Jewish classes at your kids school? Or Buddhist. Or Islam. Or any other religion? … This so called “Christian Country” excuse you use to deny other people their own religious freedom — Do you think your “Christian Country” status should give you property rights over non-christians? Please explain all the other benefits this “Christian Country” status gives you above others. I’m just curious. List all the spoils of war that Christian Country status gives you. I’m taking notes.

  48. I’d assume most of the regulars on this blog believe this is a “Christian Country” … If you can point out some laws that give Christians more rights than non-Christians , I’d be highly interested in checking that out! …How about parts of the constitution that give Christians favor over others? If you can’t find anything written in Law, At least make up some rules as we go along. What powers do you think Christian Country Status should give you over others? I mean, as much as you people say that “This is a christian country” — You must think that gives you some kind of special relevance. I’m just asking you to point out the details of how that makes you relevant over others?

  49. I’ve learned a lot from you guys today. Thanks for these interesting insights you’ve given me into your world! … I’ve learned from some of you that Christians INVENTED “Freedom of Religion” and American liberty! I also learned that these same Christians think liberty can only go so far — That only Christians have this special “Christian country status” and only christians are allowed to promote their religion in our schools. (So much for that freedom of religion thing)

    Also learn how LOVING of freedom and liberty you conservatives really are!

    Americans are perfectly fine with pushing “democracy” and our ideals all over the world – We go to other countries and criticize their people for not adopting freedoms we enjoy here …. That’s why it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that so many people here in the U.S. want to show such an ugly example, attempting to deport someone for offending us with WORDS. Piers Morgan expressed an opinion (which is shared by millions in this country) and people actually want to ruin his livelihood and uproot him and his family over his speech! I often wonder how many of them would silence ME if they had the opportunity! Judging from the comments I see all the time on right wing blogs, A LOT of you would. You judge me as the enemy of this country for voting against you. Many of you would love to see me in prison or deported for my views. At least that’s what I’ve seen hundreds of you type online. I see terroristic threats from your side all the time — Like the comment on this very thread from someone wishing Piers was blown up with an IED … Terrorists wish only to control and intimidate people with fear — Well, you will NEVER control me but I do fear you. I suspect the conditions that allowed the human spirit to deteriorate into the disgusting state that Nazi Germany fell into, are VERY present among many on your side in America. That SCARES the living crap out of me.

  50. @Conservativesniper “What illegal war”

    Afghanistan/Pakistan obviously harbored the fugitive mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Of course Bush went on record saying that the Bin Laden wasn’t a concern of his. The one war that had ANY hint of legitimacy, Bush wasn’t interested in. The man actually flew every Bin Laden relative out of the country soon after 9/11 instead of holding them for interrogation!

    Do you actually think the Iraq war was “legal” from an ethical / humanitarian perspective? Nazi germany made it legal to murder millions of jews — U.S. congress made it legal to murder millions of iraqis. Both are an equal disgrace to humanity. America has MANY MANY holocausts in it’s hands as horrifying and evil as what the Germans did.

  51. I believe in Liberty but I believe with Liberty comes responsibility. Liberty does not grant one access to any means of destruction they pursue! I believe heads of state shouldn’t even have access to the destructive capabilities of a nuclear arsenal, much less the common man as many of you wish! Any weapon that is capable of mass human casualty should be restricted during times of public health crisis! America IS undergoing an EXTREMELY serious and potentially catastrophic health crisis — and that is a relatively large number of inhabitants with severe mental illness. We should be LIMITING the destructive capabilities of these sick people, not increasing it!!

    1. You believe in liberty? And you voted for obama? Man, what a sucker. So, because some whackjob goes on a killing spree for some unknown reason I should have to give up my natural and Constitutional right of self defense? Wee bit of an overreaction, wouldn’t you say, John? Why aren’t these crazy basta*ds locked up in an asylum? And who on the right is advocating increasing the destructive power of these nutcases? NAME ONE. And who on the right has advocated for the common man to have access to nuclear weaponry? You are making a ludicrous, laughable argument based on emotion, not reason. And that is dangerous for everyone, including you, John Mayer.

      I remember back in the 80’s that asylums were legally able to discharge a number of their patients. And the left actually passed legislation to make it harder, damn near impossible, to have a mentally ill person committed. Probably didn’t want to hurt their ‘self esteem’. You believe in liberty? You’re hilarious, delusional and very misguided. .

  52. John : You have a right to your opinion. But who are you to just others in such a crazy way.
    You must need to go to a mental institutions. I will be praying for you

  53. I’m issuing a challenge. Everyone sign the petition to get rid of PM. We’ll probably never get rid of the jerk, because I understand England doesn’t what this moron either.

    1. If figured we would never get rid of him because of that whole “freedom of speech thing” … It’s good to see you conservatives finally admitting how Anti American and Anti Freedom you are. It’ll make it that much easier on my conscience when we deport YOU. (No one who spits on freedoms as much as you people do deserve to be protected by these same freedoms you wish to deny others)

  54. Rick Warren is a liberal idiot who has been influenced by his immersion in the culture that he is surrounded with in California. He HAS to back down from God’s word lest he be ostracized by the very people who attend his church. Our church got all fired up about his book (that made him a multimillionaire). It was a waste of oxygen in my opinion. Rick had the chance to put Barack Obama on the spot, and show him for the non-christian that he truly is, and he passed it up. I’d have preferred to see Obama interviewed by somebody like Franklin Graham. Warren and John roberts may be blood brothers.

    1. “This British prick stirs up more BS than he deserves to get away with. ”

      How much free speech does one man “deserve” to get away with and WHO the HELL are you to decide when another person no longer deserves to get away with their speech?

      You says you deserve to even live in the United States when you are so willing to reduce the freedoms of others? Seriously, if I had my way, you would be run out on a rail.

  55. To: Piers
    there is nothing to amend in the Bible,it was written by inspired men of God and directed by the Holy Spirit of God.you are a one unlearned sinner and I do mean sinner homosexuality is abomination in the eyes of God and the Ten Commandments was given to Moses when God himself wrote it on stone and gave them to Moses the only thing I see that needs revising is you and lesson from the word of God would surly help an unlearned person and you sure need a lot of help

  56. Piers Morgan is an imbecile. While I’m against abortion, this is indeed a case in which I would have advised his mom to do it.

    1. See what a religion of peace Christianity is? The very act of burning someone is the most violent act imaginable. The fact that God would punish people because they were not trusting enough to turn “his” way …and who can blame people for not trusting any religion when so much hypocrisy and hate exists among followers of religions – Christianity and Islam in particular! — That a God wouldn’t understand this fact and want to still torture people forever! … This is why I find such disgust with the very idea of “Christianity” as the Bible presents it. The BIBLE and CHRISTIANITY is fundamentally flawed, Piers is right. Every religious text is.

  57. Did anyone have told Pier Morgan to engage his mind, get his infol straight before opening his mouth – hot he brush his teeth first…
    This man is a failure and continues to pead for some kind of attention… Pitiful!

  58. It is quite clear that Piers Morgan not only wants to change or repeal the second amendment, but now he wants to change the Bible. It causes me wonder what else lurks in his deranged mind. Is there a society in any other country where he could be accepted? It has become quite clear he doesn’t fit in ours.

    1. According to the vast majority of voters, It’s YOU christian conservatives who no longer fit in our society. You and your philosophy was just flatly rejected by REAL AMERICANS.

    1. Everyone who disagrees with conservatives is a spawn of Satan and shouldn’t live here in the U.S. (That’s exactly what I’ve learned about you guys from your own words/blogs)

  59. This Piers Morgan character isn’t wanted back in the UK and he isn’t wanted here. He is an outspoken, anti-moral piece of dog dung, that should be deported anywhere that will accept him. He doesn’t believe in our faith, rights or beliefs, so what is he doing here, reaping all the benefits this country has to offer. He’s a typical smartass that will hopefully be met on the street where he’ll be abligated to physically protect himself for his ranting. He’s no American, therefore he has no rights, so pack him up and we’ll chip-in for the postage.

  60. It’s just like all the other libs. “They open their mouths and dispell all doubt.” Nancy Pelosi used the term, “assault magazine”. Really Nance? Assault rifle, yes. However, they don’t even know how “assault weapon” is defined! It must be capable of full auto mode. AR-15’s are ONLY SEMI-automatic!
    But, I digress.

  61. Quote: “when I punish them, they shall be overthrown, says the LORD.”- unquote. This is true. Piers Morgan and Obama have 1 thing in common: to destroy USA society and USA will fall with it (as has happened to every immoral society since the dawn of time). The only difference between the 2 is the methods used. Read Matthew 5:17 onward… even if your priest / pastor OBJECTS. Here is the truth about God and His Laws that they don’t WANT you to hear… that it is still the standard by which we can be judged as sinners. Grace is a matter that can follow after, but only if we obey or try to obey first the Laws. Lawlessness is sinfulness. – SO, to cut it short, It is NOT the Bible that needs to be re-written, but the churches and people need to revise their attitudes by The Bible… not the other way round. Sodomy is sin as bad as Bestiality or Adultery according to God… they ALL attract the death penalty no matter the severity of the sin. However, church leaders come in for special treatment, as God hates Treason, Hypocrisy, and Infidelity more than any other sins. Jesus really round-housed the hypocrites of his day! (thus their reason for a wish to kill Him)…. Jesus was BRAVE, but most of the Pastors today are namby-pamby weak little turds by comparison…. and all that comes from making excuses in myriads of little books, on why they should not OBEY GOD! – And they take their own poor unsuspecting congregations to hell with them! Read Gen-2, the ONE LAW that if broken, will cause us to break ALL OTHERS! (steal from God, Infidelity to him, Murder your soul, Dishonour God The Father, etc… someone outside my ex-church – called Burnside (3-angels.net) wrote about this effect. And there is Romans 3:31 “Do we then make void the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, WE ESTABLISH THE LAW.” – – these also the pastors don’t want anyone to know… BE EDUCATED IN WHAT GOD WANTS US TO DO. Piers Morgan wants to hide the TRUTH from all of us, even to the point of turning the whole of the USA into another SODOM-Gomorrah!

    1. “Sodomy” attracts the death penalty?.. According to whom? Your irrelevant Bible? I bet you wish you could legally kill people for these things don’t you, maggot?

  62. .

    I understand St Piers is in the process of writing the BOOK of Morgan to be included in the Holy Bible (or will it be in the qur’an?) that includes permissive chapters recognizing the contributions of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to current amoral standards in our Country. These include but are not limited to STDs, AIDS, same sex associates, illegitimate offspring, fatherless homes and attempting to justify other immoral activities of the ‘rat party. Remember the woman at the DNC wearing a campaign button “cunts voter”?

  63. Piers go take a chill pill. One of the many flaweed things in America is guys like you. Just go sit down, just your poisonous mouth. Actually, being tarred and feathered would suit you and your ilk well.

  64. so tell me how Muslims deal with the issue of homosexuality??

    Are they changing the word of Allah or do they have a war on those that don’t believe????

    And we are supposed to accept them, because it is not for us to make judgements of others, so the craziness of this situation is for all to see.

    We are supposed to respect Muslims, and their war on homosexuals, but we are to accept homosexuals. Did I get that right?

    And if a gay person chooses to live in an Arab country, or sent there by his company, and flaunts that aspect of his life, will he be safe??????????????

  65. Since when does this fool think he can come to the US and start dictating the BIBLE or anything. No one revises Aristotle. Poe or Hemmingway. He should advised and devised to go back under which rock or clam he came He has overdone his welcome.

  66. Morgan, go the HELL back to England and keep your nose out of our business. Our forefathers left England to avoid religious persecution and we certainly don’t need you here to tell us you think we are wrong.

    1. DEANS: How about you go to the hell back under the rock you crawled out from and stop telling other human beings what to do or say. You conservatives have no right to tell ANYONE what to do.

  67. Piers has proved that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Why would anyone listen to anything he says? Is it because of his vast spiritual wisdom and his years of study of the scripture?

  68. Since WHEN, Piers MORON, did the Bible (and the Constitution, for that matter) become a “Living, Breathing Document” (bending and changing to the whims of the “current culture”)?

    Both the Bible AND the Constitution MEAN what they say!

    The fact that MORONS (such as yourself) seem to think that they CAN (or SHOULD) be changed to reflect the depravity of the current culture is evidence that they SHOULD NOT be changed!

    We DON’T need (and MANY DON’T WANT) a culture in which ABORTION and DRUG USE is considered the NORM!

    ODD (isn’t it?) that the SAME Liberals who bemoan Gun Violence also are the “champions” of Abortion ON DEMAND?!

    1. The constitution can OBVIOUSLY be changed. Ever heard of a constitutional convention?

      Abortion is every womans right. You can’t force her to take a pregnancy to term..what, are you a fascist or something – trying to push your religious views on others? Do you want to force women to have unwanted children and live with all the neglect that unwanted children receive?

      The day that a thug like you succeeds in controlling a womans body is the day you have a gun to her head. Short of that, you are wasting your time.

      If we want to re-write your bible. Or deface it. Or wipe our rear ends with it. We will. Don’t like it? Cry us a river.

    1. The most influential book is an ancient relic. The moment you force me to respect your relic is the moment you threaten my freedom.

      1. No one is forcing you to believe or respect anything. You are suffering from a false sense of persecution. Get some help man.

        1. Sure, You’d have a point if I truly felt persecuted. I’m just pointing out the fact that many on your side truly DO wish to force their beliefs and impose their will on others – according to their very words on blogs like this!

        2. I think you are being hypocritical. Ever read comments on Huff Po, see MSNBC, read statements from “your” side about murdering NRA members and global warming disbelievers, etc? You need to broaden your horizons a bit. Your same old tune is getting old…zzzzzzzzz

    1. Right wingers, instead of debating Piers and explaining to everyone why he is wrong, want to silence him. This shows the rest of America that the right is AFRAID of ideas that conflict with their own. So afraid that you want to prevent other people from hearing his ideas. This CAN’T work out well for the conservative cause – this will only show conservatives as an enemy of freedom and against the free exchange of ideas.

      1. Thanks for sharing that with a registered DEMOCRAT – hardly a rightwinger.  Just a person who has had enough of foreigners coming to America and supposing they know everything that is wrong here.  We fought a war to get rid of the Brits; they need to stay over there and pontificate.  Oh, and I’m also a gun owner.

        1. I stand up for his right to speak his mind. You have NO EARTHLY right to tell another human being what to do. Tend to your own flock and your own home and mind your own damn business.

        2. Aye aye, sir. Anything else, sir?  Oh and by the way, since this article was posted for comment, perhaps you should stand up for MY right to speak MY mind as well!

        3. Your rights ended the moment you attempted to deport someone for exercising THEIR rights. I have a petition on the White House to deport everyone who signed their names to the “deport piers morgan” petition.

        4. Deport them to where, john?  And who are you to take away my rights to FREE SPEECH?  Your petition “on” the white house has as much chance of succeeding as does the petitions of those who seek to deport poor piers (none of which I signed by the way).  Get a grip on yourself, john.  You sound like someone ready to snap.

        5. “Get a grip on yourself, john. ”

          Funny how none of you say that to the people on this thread who are calling for “blowing up Piers” with an “IED” , Your hypocrisy stinks.

        6. Well John, your blanket indictment of anyone who dares to post a comment in conflict with yours is wearing thin . I will accept you for the wild-eyed liberal you are and ignore anymore of your gibberish.  Oh, and look out the window. The whitecoats are coming, the whitecoats are coming….

        7. You have dozens of people calling for deportation (and death) to Piers morgan on this thread. Yet I’m the one who gets called out for being “unhinged”

          You people need to take a long look in the mirror.

        8. Fair enough. Those of you signing “petitions” to revoke peoples rights seem to be taking it a bit beyond mere speech however. I totally support your right to speak out against Piers Morgan for his views!

      2. Debate him about what? His statements are ludicrous and he is only looking for headlines. I’m sure his ratings suck and he’s probably trying to save his job. He can say whatever the hell he wants. Scared of a nincompoop like Piers Morgan? You are the funniest guy on this thread. But really, a few people calling for his deportation is the kind of headlines this desperate twerp is angling for, some are playing into his hands. But, it probably won’t save him, it’ll have the exact opposite effect. People will ignore his outlandish jabbering. And the network will show him the door. Then where will he go?

  69. Sunny Stufflebeam:

    You are a better man than I am Sunny. I respect what you have to say here and if more Christians were reasonable people and good witnesses for their faith as you’re showing yourself to be, I imagine Christianity would be much more respected in America/the world.

    I see that you are a new blogger here — I suspect that once you see the hypocrisy and hate from your so-called fellow Christians here, you won’t stick around for long. You have inspired me to abandon my militancy a bit!

  70. Please tell Mr. Morgan that the Creatoir has showed mercy on unrepented sinners such he. If he is unable to believe God’s word, why not cut ties with the use of His oxygen provided free for all humanity. How long would he last on man-made oxygen? If he does not believe, be courageous and leave God’s oxygen for others who believe.

    1. Still waiting for you religious fanatics to prove your Gods existence. You are the ones who make this completely unhinged claim of invisible man in the sky – It’s up to YOU to prove it.

  71. Funny, no mention of updating or changing the Quran. Again and again, the attack is purely on Christianity…either by design, or because the liberals don’t have the strength of their convictions to go after Islam. They talk a big game.

    1. Really? Ever watch Bill Maher’s movie religulous? He more intelligently and directly attacks Islam’s shortcomings than anything Pamela Geller ever did or said. You conservatives sure do know how to tell a big lie though. This “Liberals don’t attack islam” is such an easily proven lie too. Why do conservatives lie so much?

  72. I see many so-called “Christians” calling for Piers Morgan’s free speech rights to be violated. Got a question for you: Do you think people should feel bad for you when YOUR rights are violated? Don’t cry foul when karma catches up to you someday soon.

    1. Rush Limbaugh says a lot of things I disagree with. I don’t go around trying to silence him or whine about him constantly like you wingnuts do about anyone who disagrees with you. Your own intelligence is coming into question Busyboots.

  73. Morgan is a fool. He should read the last chapter of Revelation which says that anyone who adds to the scriptures in the Bible will be given the plagues contained therein. Definitely would not want to be in his shoes.

    1. He should read a book he doesn’t believe in and be in fear about what is said in your evil book…Riiiight.

      Fear is the very basis of Islam and Christianity.

  74. Hi, John Mayer! Hope you’re still around. You are welcome in America; so are all people. Terrorists are, as well (granted, in prisons; there are some limits!) Political and religious discourse is not only protected in the Constitution, but strongly supported by the founding fathers (and Socrates, and most of the people behind our Western society.) While being impolite about it is, well, impolite, there’s room for that also, if you insist, on all sides. Is anyone right? Probably. Totally? Probably not. I believe you, and most people, would agree, all people are flawed in some, if not many, ways. Are some religions flawed? Well, the believers of them mostly say no, but the believers of others say all but theirs… Gee. Imagine that. Lots of room for disagreement, even if it gets testy. Violence is too far, and has been used many times as far back as history, and no doubt further. Saying ALL of that, we can all disagree, and pretty much most Americans do! We’re a pretty cantankerous bunch, which gives our country some flavor other countries just don’t have and do not tolerate. Now, public schools. These were not in the original view of the Constitution nor the founding fathers. This came in settling the West, where I’m from (Michigan! The Louisiana Purchase.) 1/16th of each township was dedicated to public schools, particularly meant to be in the center. They have not worked out so well, everywhere (see Detroit); Some did. Schools originally were religion-based. While this all seems to seem I side with you, I do and don’t. My wife and I are faithful Catholics and have been jailed for protesting abortion. I suspect you would find that horrid, but we never expected not to be arrested and peacefully served whatever sentences. You do the crime, you do the time. There is a long history in Western life of this. My military service of 14 years was dedicated to defend the Constitution, which is done continually, so we all may disagree. Very many have died so you and others could disagree in peace. Some of my family, probably some of yours. Nuclear weapons, and others? Hard to not have them with many other, unfriendly, countries owning them. MAD is not the best peace plan, but it has kept us all alive since the 50’s. So, I’ll continue my strange ways in peace, please you don’t shoot Christians (or too many others!) I shant, either. We’ll all chat about our views as loudly as we wish. May God bless and keep you, John, and all of us, bringing us all home at our natural deaths.

    1. Everyone should have the right to free speech and freedom of religion in America. A lot of things I’ve said here have been in total Jest. I was just curious how people would react if they thought someone really wanted to take their freedoms away as they insist happen to others! As I suspected, many of the reactions were very hypocritical. What I didn’t expect was to see anyone who actually were GOOD witnesses for their faith as I have seen in several of you here.

      I’ve found that there are still seemingly decent people among your faith – It’s just that there are so many representing pure darkness and ugliness among you that it’s hard to see any light among-st the darkness! I admit to unfairly painting with a wide brush here.

      It took a bit of hypocrisy on my own part to troll this board as I have, but I’ve learned a few things in the process.

  75. The Miasma of Evangelical confusion is summarized in your selected verses from Jeremiah 8:8-12
    Since the early 1960’s there have been more than 200 “Translations” of the King James bible succeeding in little more than furthering the dilution and dissolution of doctrine and orthodoxy and serving no better purpose than to create wealth for Copyright Holders.
    Now in 2012 Christians are finding themselves trapped inside an America which is building electronic and physical walls (In the fight against terror) but which control people who might want to leave. The Whitehouse has encouraged Canada and Mexico to create laws to reject people who might want to leave the U.S. and had that freedom before 9/11
    Add to that growing commentary that conservatively minded people are likely suffering from a mental disorder – an interesting observation from Universities that are turning out ever younger Government appointees looking to enforce and interpret Federal regulations in any way they see fit -without accountability targeting whoever they want.

    If a Sovereign King or if a President is unaccountable under a nations own laws and regulations why should the public hold any other government servant like the Attorney General or even the President are unaccountable?

    Piers Morgan and other moonbat posters here are focused on attacking Christianity – but like Piers Morgan – it is only about Christianity. They mention nothing about Islam and its relentless and accelerating march against civilization. Where is Islam’s tolerance of Homosexuality?, Democracy?, Western Law?, Secularism?, Human rights outside of Sharia?

    The Religious fop Rick Warren is strategically selected by Morgan who knows there will only be a response of politically correct bafflegab pleasing to today’s Liberal Evangelicals who are afraid of hurting feelings with the truth of Scripture and Christianity.

    The detractors to Christianity ironically do not get it that they have sold out to secularism following Secuoarisms desire to end the very freedom that gave detractors any voice – a freedom that came from Christianity. Detractors do not get it that the Democracy of Socrates day did not permit free speech or free thought that hurt the feelings of the state. Such activity was condemned to death by a minority in power who voted democratically to silence dissent.
    Tearing down Christianity which is the very foundation of American freedoms and liberty is no different than drinking Hemlock. It may seem to feel better but the results are in the end just as deadly.

    1. Hi, Pierre! I’ll pick and choose three items from what you said an try to be brief… I have no room to complain about any other person’s name! ‘Hulbert’ was a saint around 300 ad in Switzerland. His name was briefly popular there, and in Germanic-speaking populations perhaps a couple of hundred years more. Still, perhaps better than my alternate name-‘Penelope Eloise’. Go figure parents Our son is named ‘JohnThomas.’ Socrates was arguably a beginning-point for the Western world. It was not his wish to die, nor be silenced, but his repressive society, run by roughly 100 very rich men for their own benefit. Perhaps there are earlier ones, but Socrates is generally chosen as the first writer to clearly put forward the Western image (if he existed; look that up on your own.) Gun rights… Read the preamble to the Constitution. The, ‘Should any government…’ line. The preamble is not law and never was. It is the basis for the Second Amendment. The founding fathers did not really see far enough ahead to know there would be weapons only the government had ($30M for one plane?) Deemed illeagal to own anyway, people are no match for the military. Should our government change unlawfully, many people SHALL rise against it. If the military fires upon civilians, as any other time in any society, in time the soldiers will join the other side (Marines would never fire at their own people.) Our right to keep and bear arms is not for hunting with an assault rifle; it’s for hunting politicians gone against the Constitution and the people. Never happened, hopefully never shall. However, nearly every government, in time has done so. Jefferson said a revolution every 20 years would be a good thing. His friends gently disuaded him from any such thing. Only the future shall tell.

  76. organ is an Idiot. Send his ass hack to hell where it belongs. For being so smart, he does not know the Bible. We kicked other brits out of our country one time, we can do it again. And he is ugly.
    what makes him uglier is the fact that he opens his trap and nothing comes out but crap. Both ends. A person can not insult him because he is an idiot and idiots don’t comprehend intelligence. So shut the hell up morgan.
    And what mother would name her son of a Bxxxx piers.
    No one can alter the Bible because it is God inspire for man idiot, not the other way around. Such a dink.

  77. Piers needs to go hoMe to Europe and spreaD HIS FILTH OVER THERE WHERE THEY APPRECIATE SUCH “aRT”. As a well mannered of Bible History it is some wonder at ther miricle that the Bible has been kept in part. Aevery Satanic thing I can think of has done its best to destroy the Bible as it is.

    1. “Aevery Satanic thing I can think of has done its best to destroy the Bible as it is.”

      How has the bible been “destroyed” ? The only thing I’ve seen destroyed is the reputation of the church / Christianity as a whole. Reputation is something you have to build. All I’m doing is pointing out the fact that many among your flock continue to destroy your cause from within. You’re going to have to start being better , more compassionate and caring people in order to start rebuilding Christianities reputation. Posting insane drivel on the internet aimed at everyone who “insults” the religion is NOT the way to rebuild your reputation in the world. A long hard look in the mirror will do us all and ESPECIALLY Christians a LOT of good.

  78. Whoever let him in to this country????? Because he has become ‘well known’, he thinks he is an authority on everything. Sorry Piers – you are not!!!! Love your comment Barbara – you are so correct. Piers is becoming more stupid every day . That is because, if God was ever in his life, he has kicked God out and when you kick God out of life – whether national, political, personal – you KICK OUT WISDOM!!!

  79. John M – You’ve got children? Oh dear….. for their sake, we hope you feel free
    to spew your venom at us, but teach tolerance and temperance to them. It’s the mature, right thing to do.
    There’s no glory in raising haters. Spirit God have mercy on you

  80. Is it any wonder why the Brits sent this clown packing? How the H-ll did we wind up with him? He should be in Venezuela, him and Chavez would be a good match.

  81. Piers Morgan is so “been there, done that.”

    In 1830, Joseph Smith, Jr. declared the Bible to be flawed. He announced that God had ordered him to write the Book fo Mormon to redirect Christian theology in the “right” direction. Then he rewrote the Bible at God’s behest. If Morgan needs a new Bible, he can dial up the nearlest LDS bookstore and order one.

  82. I am a Republican, who happens to believe in evolution and in the scientific approach to the truth. The Bible is part of my culture and tradition, and for being that, I will defend it. But the Bible is not the word of God…it has been written by human beings like you and me. The stories of the Bible were compiled in one book during the 4th century a.D., aftervtheb1st Ecumenic Synod in Nicaia, when Constantine I, was the Roman Emperor!

  83. @John Mayer – John, just what is wrong with a law or principle that says you should not steal, or should not murder, or you should not bear false witness against your neighbor, or that you shouldn’t covet your neighbors goods or that you shouldn’t covet your neighbors wife, or to Honor your mother and father? Just what is so wrong with these laws? Does it make them bad if I say they are laws handed down from God? Does that then make them bad laws? To say our system of justice in the US, is based on Biblical principles, does that then make otherwise excellent principles null and void, because I said they came from God? I don’t see why otherwise excellent rules and lawsbecome no good, if it is stated they came from GodCan you just accept a good law no matter where it came from? Help me out here!

    1. Most of those laws you listed here are entirely JUST …except the “covet your neighbors wife” one, which is not against any American law nor should it be.

      I never claimed that there isn’t much to learn from the bible. I read it myself from time to time! There are some very screwy and corrupt “laws” in the bible, as well as very JUST and correct laws. It’s not all good and it’s not all bad. Like everything, you just got to take it in moderation 😉


  84. See what a religion of peace Christianity is? The very act of burning someone is the most violent act imaginable. The fact that God would punish people because they were not trusting enough to turn “his” way …and who can blame people for not trusting any religion when so much hypocrisy and hate exists among followers of religions – Christianity and Islam in particular! — That a God wouldn’t understand this fact and want to still torture people forever! … This is why I find such disgust with the very idea of “Christianity” as the Bible presents it. The BIBLE and CHRISTIANITY is fundamentally flawed, Piers is right. Every religious text is..

  85. Come on, he only does this to get the press because no one watches CNN. Their ratings are the lowest of all News channels. I have never seen the fool and only know who he is because web sites such as this keep giving him press. Fools will always be fools, but we do not have to listen to their insanity.

  86. Might I insert an idea that there is a phenomenon, not quite qualifying as absolute truth, but useful merely for staying alive: experiential truth. That is to say if you were as Socrates, a “street philosopher,” on a street corner in ancient Athens, and you observed three men who stepped in front of quickly-moving wagons, each killed in turn, you might want to incorporate that into your mental library of “experiental truth,” i.e., things better not tried. (You might have even seen a nimble fourth man manage to jump out of harm’s way, and survive, but this would not change the generalization.)

    If one can accept my construct, then it may be concluded that societies without God’s loving hand, and Biblical “absolutes” to provide a moral “Polaris” for navigation in life’s temptations, do not survive very long at all. Furthermore, in this old humble physician’s reading of history, never, not one time, has a society ever actually formed, without such guiding absolutes. Thus, in a manner of speaking, does “absolute truth” make short runs and unhappy endings for the “Piers Morgans” of history. Dominus vobiscum.

  87. Yikes, when I read what is being written by John Mayer, it proves the seriousness of the dilemma we face on one hand as a country and gives me pause to thank God for the freedom to express our views, no matter how vulgar the delivery or so obviously uninformed and misguided the thought.
    Consider him invisible for now if you can and continue praying for his soul.

  88. Piers Morgan is making these outrageous claims just to boost his poor ratings- Everyone should not pay any attention to him- Don’t help his cause

  89. The Bible is what it is. Let it be what it is. Some intellectually challenged individuals (some with advanced degrees) may wish to change history, but they need to recognize that they are a part of trying to dumb down the world. They have made a lot of progress training people not to think, and blinding ourselves to history and to the value of the Bible, and other things they wish to push under the rug, is a step in the wrong direction. One of the things freedom in the United States means is the opportunity to look at and see things as they are, not what we individually might want them to be. Many people do not understand the Bible, but they need to find out what it means. It could change them dramatically, and perhaps that is what scares them.

    1. It sounds like you have something intelligent to add to the discourse …although I can’t get past a couple things you are implying here.

      ” they need to recognize that they are a part of trying to dumb down the world.”

      Who exactly is removing access to the Bible (King James version or any other) , thus “dumbing down” the world as you say?

  90. [email protected] says:

    Piers Morgan is flawed and needs to actually READ the bible. You would think someone who proposes to be so smart would realize the bible is written in parables and symbology, throughout its entirety. Or, could it be he lives a life that is contrary to biblical guidelines- as in the 10 commandments? This written bible (which, by the way is the largest selling work every year!) has helped trillions of us humans to live a descent life. Ohhhhh, that must be the rub. He is railing against goodness. Now I see where he is coming from and it stinks!

  91. I like your ideal Piers. Deport yourself. Help us out here , do us a favor, leave as soon as you can , we have heard enough from you. You have offended myself and all Christians who believe in the Bible which you nor any person; any so called Religion; any so called Church can in anyway change or rewrite the Bible.God/Jesus in his Holy Word /Bible it’s self warns against making any change even as small as a jot or titel. So the God of Heaven (the triinity) is who you will be answering too.I believe you have worn out your welcome here in the USA you seam to hate so much.

  92. The worlds truth changes all the time in this world, whether one year or a thousand years. Gods truth never changes. How words are translated in scripture is where mankind makes their mistake. They tie it all to this physical world and his words have nothing to do with this world, but has all to do with our Father’s spiritual realm, which few will ever believe.
    Example: Jesus said if you do not gather, than you are not of me.
    Many believe he meant gather to him and and become one with him which is wrong. He meant, gather to the Father, but all religions separate from each other through individual ideologies tied to which religion one decides to follow.
    Those who follow men are of this world, while those who find the Father within themselves, for they seek deeper than men teach, they need not any church or religion as they have a truth that has never changed, and thus man’s interpretation of scriptures is meaningless when it’s tied to this world where it is divided and brings none together, except those who like mindedness is tied to money and false teachings. God inhabits on temples of flesh.
    God bless

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