Piers Morgan May Deport Self! Can We Help Him?

Shortly after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, anti-gun liberals came flooding to the airwaves like cockroaches in a cheap motel room.  One of the chief cockroaches was British celebrity Piers Morgan.

Proving just how liberal CNN is, Morgan hosts his own prime time show on the network called Piers Morgan Tonight.  Immediately after the shootings, Morgan began a tirade on his program against private ownership of guns.  He abdicated that the US follow the example from his homeland where guns are banned.  I don’t watch his program because the man nauseated me much like swarming cockroaches nauseate most people.

However, I did see the video clip of part of the interview that Morgan had with Ted Nugent.  When Morgan tried to defend his anti-gun position with false figures, Nugent shot back with real statistics, but the truth has never swayed Morgan in the past and didn’t sway him that time either.

Then Morgan interviewed Pastor Rick Warren on his program.  When the topic of homosexuality came up and Warren tried to defend the biblical view, Morgan attacked both the US Constitution and the Bible, saying that they both needed to be amended.

Many Americans have been outraged with Morgan’s attack of the US and how we do things on this side of the ocean.  The last I heard, over 100,000 had signed petitions demanding that Morgan be deported for his anti-American views.  But the liberal Obama administration is loving Morgan’s anti-gun, anti-Constitution and anti-Bible tirades as it helps support what they’ve been trying to do for the past four years, so you know they won’t deport him.

However, they may not have to.  In a column that appeared Sunday in the Daily Mail, a British publication and website, Morgan said that if America doesn’t change it’s crazy gun laws that he just may deport himself.  He attacks the gun lobby and Americans who are pro-gun like a cockroach attacking a day old sandwich left in a vacant motel room.

Morgan decries the huge spike in gun sales that has taken place since Sandy Hook and says that it is sparked by fear.  In a way, he’s right, but it’s not the fear he is implying.  American’s are afraid that the Second Amendment right to purchase and own firearms is endangered by the socialistic policies of the Obama administration.  Americans know that Obama wants to disarm the nation so he can take it over and make it a socialist nation, but liberals like Morgan are oblivious to the facts.

Then Morgan displays the same flawed logic of most anti-gun liberals like Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he writes:

“The gun-lobby logic dictates that the only way to defend against gun criminals is for everyone else to have a gun, too. Teachers, nurses, clergymen, shop assistants, cinema usherettes – everyone must be armed.”

“To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense. Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course not.”

How absolutely absurd can you be?  His argument is flawed from the get go.  If armed security at schools won’t stop the attacks, then why are there 11 armed security at the school where Obama’s kids attend?  Why do the shootings like Sandy Hook, Columbine and the Aurora theater, always take place in gun free zones and not at places where people are armed?  If someone wanted to make a point, why don’t they start shooting at a gun show or police banquet?

In Morgan’s long treatise against guns, which only displayed his ignorance of the facts, the only thing he wrote that made any sense was his conclusion, which read:

“In conclusion, I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me.”

“Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.”

I suspect that there are enough law abiding gun owners in America that would be willing to chip in a dollar to help pay for Morgan’s trip back to his British homeland.  In fact, I bet such a fund could easily raise over a million dollars to deport Morgan and his family along with other unwelcome foreigners like Barack Obama.

134 thoughts on “Piers Morgan May Deport Self! Can We Help Him?

  1. Now, that’s not the way to speak “kindly” to our guest from Great Britain, it should be, “Here, let me help you pack”!

    1. What the hell is wrong with you all, “Kick his Ass and tell him not even think about coming back” I hate to be his Wife who is married to such a Jerk and for CNN to hire somebody like him. Byt then again “that is CNN”

    1. I completely agree with you. Liberals are the complete opposite in thinking to conservatives. What we think is good, they think is evil. What they think is good, is evil. It is just the same old war of good vs evil.

      1. There is one other difference: conservatives think liberals are wrong. They think conservatives are evil. They, like most people, believe that “evil” must be irradicated.

        Most of us believe that error will disappear through better information or education.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    2. Exactly! This is why they MUST always be beaten. At their own game, and at the polls. Thing is, the Repubs have to get 4-6% of the vote just to cover the voter fraud exercised by the Democrat/Socialist Party in every election.

    3. Piers Morgan needs to go to Bellvue in New York or needs to go back to where he belongs under the rock over in England. He’s beyond help.

    4. Talking sense to a liberal, according to my Dad, is like talking to a drunk or a teenager. In any case, Jude, I completely agree that it is a complete waste of time.

  2. I’ll give this dolt his choice: I will gladly pay for his one way ticket back to that hellhole he came from; or I will personally kick him all the way back.

  3. What a first class a-hole! What a twisted sense of logic. Of course that’s typical of the liberal mindset which has been declared a mental disorder.

  4. I think we should just let him stay here, but insist he move to one of Chicago’s low income housing areas. He should be safe with all their gun laws in force. Rohm will protect him I’m sure.

  5. What Morgan – and sadly many on our side – fails to understand is that he has the RIGHT to bear arms. This right is not granted by the government and therefore cannot be taken away by the government. Likewise his freedom to say “anti-American” things is his right and it is our responsibility to DEFEND his ability and prerogative to say things like this. Just because he is a moron is no reason to deprive him of his first amendment rights to freedom of expression.

    1. He also has the right to leave at anytime, which he has acknowledged and we agree with. Bye Piers and good riddance!

    2. Nobody wants to take away Mr. Morgan’s right to free speech. He has the right to say anything that he wants. Nobody is calling for his arrest. America wants our laws to be upheld. Now, by law, he should be deported as he is acting as an enemy combatant by subversion of the Constitution since he is not an American citizen.

  6. His daughter attend a public school?!?!?! Don’t make us laugh!! Her private school will be secure behind walls, fences, and armed guards!! You betcha!!

  7. The guy never had a bb gun as a kid. He was forced to play with his sisters dolls. That’s the problem. I just know it.

  8. Bye Piers, the sooner the better! I will also bet that he has an armed security guard. Someone find out and post the info!

    1. This is what conservatives want to happen to anyone who disagrees with them…

      I think we should treat you maggots with the same bit of disrespect. We should squash you all like the cockroaches you are.

      1. If you hate us so much, why do you stick around? I’m quite sure there are several places you would fit in much better than you do here. If you said that to someone face-to-face, you’d probably get your head handed to you.

  9. If Piers’ country is so great, why did he come to America?! He & Jamie Oliver should both go home & live in their own perfect country. The only reason they came to America is to make more money! Go Home Piers Morgan! Protest in your own country where the crime rate has skyrocketed because of the 1997 gun ban there! See what your fellow citizens have to say about that!

    1. Just remember he comes from a country that recently threw a man in prison for life for shooting to home invasion burglars. So go ahead Piers, I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you.

    2. He was fired from his last job for approving photo shops of British soldiers murdering Afgan or Iraqi civilians and he let them be published, which was a lie and got a lot of soldiers murdered over his ignorance and Lies! He belongs in prison or lined against a wall and be done with!

    3. GeoNotes,
      I am one of those citizens and I agree with you.The Dunblane tragedy was the problem-reaction-solution which took the guns from all of our ex-servicemen, now the only ones who are armed are the criminals imported through the EU open borders. Hold tight to what you have.

  10. “law abiding gun owners in America that would be willing to chip in a dollar to help pay for Morgan’s trip back to his British homeland. ” That is what I was thinking when I saw this article. Problem IS they do NOT want him back!!!

  11. Nothing wrong calling some body an Idiot, I have heard that term hundreds of times used on this posting from the editors and bloggers. Idiot is a medical term meaning a person who was born mentaly deficient . Perhaps that person whom he called a Idiot should have himself examined and privide proof that he is not an Idiot and than Morgan should apoligize to him. THose kids getting killed in SAndy hook has been a bonanza for gun dealers and gun manufactures all over the world, keep them comming, as the gun cabal likes to say.

  12. Yes, please deport yourself and take with you all the others with like minds. By my count there are too many. And by the way, his argument is also flawed because all accounts indicated that Lanza shot himself when he heard the sirens. Translation for Piers Morgan and his kind……the sirens meant they had guns and he would be stopped. Gee, just imagine if an armed guard had protected that school in the first place. The answer is right in front of them, but Morgan and others are too addled to pay close attention. Elitist nincompoops. Go back to England.

  13. Re: Piers Morgan’s threat of self-deportation, I would be happy to be included among the many offering to contribute to Morgan’s self deportation fund at any time! I’m sure he’d be far more comfortable in the “un-arms” of his mother country!

  14. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have reached the point of being nausated upon seeing the POS in the White House posted everywhere everyday. I would help to send him back to Kenya before Piers Morgan to England.

  15. Lemme know. I’ll pitch-in for the ticket. …I wonder if the airlines would allow a guy covered in tar and feathers to board the plane?

  16. England DOESN’T want him back; He was guilty of wire tapping, eavesdropping and numerous other crimes of violating peoples privacy. Only CNN was stupid and liberal enough to give a job and show. Guess that shows the level of intelligence at THAT network.

  17. Bye jackass…………..please take loudmouth schultz, smirky maddow and the idiot matthews with you. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  18. Please, let Bubba Watson hand him the boardingcard in the presence of Fox and CNN. He knows how to handle him. I would love to see the face of Mr. Morgan.

  19. It would not surprise me if, no matter how bad people are struggling today, that they would somehow scrape up enough money collectively to donate toward his deportation, or anyone else trying to change this country.

  20. I’d bet he has guns protecting his dumb butt at home. Nobody with this big of mouth spewing this garbage could sevive with out it.

  21. He has been the mouth piece for the UK main stream media and the same media is also in control of the USA media as well as most of the international mass media. The same mass media can make what is not legal ,legal ;what is wrong ,right .So,this mouth piece is just a useful tool . They used him to boost up their filth in useless “entertainment” to the uninformed so that they the “uninformed ” can sleep while their country is being screwed

  22. I’d be willing to throw in a buck for him a one way ticket home. Is the Titanic headed back to London or where ever any time soon?

  23. I will not spend a dollar to return him to the sewer he crawled out of. I like the tar and feather idea. Plus, we can put him in a barrel. Like the people rode in to go over Niagra Falls. Seal the lid, and let the gulf stream take him across the ocean.

  24. This scum from the sewers of London is no longer welcome in my country . Pack you bags Morgan take the o bomination by the hand and GET OUT !!!

  25. I understand that the UK has banned him too. Where oh where can the poor man go? I think everyone realizes that he is going nowhere. With our anti muslim in chief in charge, he has no worries.

  26. I’d be happy to help Piers “out!” Which way did he come in? He’s like a teenage prankster who puts a bag of manure on your front porch, sets it on fire, rings the door bell and then runs and hides in the bushes. He’s pathetically ignorant! The next time he spouts off on the issue of guns, someone should immediately challenge him with the following:

    Before you even attempt to convince me that ANY new laws restricting gun ownership are necessary, you must first convince me that criminals and the mentally deranged will abide by them any better than they abide by all of the restrictive gun laws currently on the books. (One or more armed “protectors” who can quickly and forcefully intervene is virtually the only method to ameliorate such tragedies as those in Connecticut and Colorado, etc.) It is impossible to prevent ATTEMPTS such as this, especially if the perpetrator cares not if he lives or dies during or after committing the atrocity.

  27. It would be good Ridance, but his own Country doesn’t even want him back….. Morgan is a Tyranical Looney who belongs in a Cage somewhere so that he cannot cause anyone Harm….. He has NO IDEA of anything he rants and raves about…..yet he will NOT accept when he is WRONG…… GO AWAY you Lunatic Morgan !!!!

  28. i will pay for a ONE WAY TICKET to get his stupid limy a6666 out of here. America kicked England’s a666;; America SAVED ENGLAND’S A666 TWICE so get the scum ball out of here; he is a freaking taker not a maker.

  29. I’m a very conservative-minded Christian person from Canada. I know nothing about Mr. Morgan, never watched him on TV, never even heard of him before this, but I think it’s entirely inappropriate to deport someone because he exercises free speech – just because he holds a differing view! Lighten up, youse guys, will ya!

    1. Here’s the deal canada – this morgan fellow is a british citizen here in the states advocating the destruction of our Constitution. He needs to be deported as an undesirable alien. But this won’t happen because obozo and his evil liberal fascist minions agree with piers instead of our Constitution.

    2. Some libs will do/say anything for money, even foreign libs, living off the land of another country! I’ll bet he is now feeling a tad threatened and is the only reason he is willing to flee. Oh, but the Brits don’t want him back either and will see to it he stays here, or goes elsewhere…maybe Canada, aye!?

  30. Since England doesn’t want this bag of refuse in human form back let’s arrange for his deportation to one of the African Countries currently having an inter-tribal war characterized in the press as a revolution.
    He can explain his theories on personal disarmament too them while they dismember him with machetes.

  31. If piers needs shipping cartons I would be more than happy to send him some so he can get the flock out of our US of A!

  32. Morgan’s show is on life support – please no more free publicity for this immigrant – it will only slow his exit.

  33. OK piss moe-ron deport yerself and take oscumma,reid,pisslosi,waters,franks,biden,holder,jarrett,sotomayer,emanuel,hitlery,etc.etc
    But I gotta tell ya,your gonna have a long trip tryin to find a country that’ll let sheeyat like you all in!

  34. That’s “advocated” not “abdicated”. PLEASE, for goodness sake, get someone with a serious education in English grammar to proof read your posts. It is a reflection on your intelligence and errors make your arguments weak. You have good arguments, don’t screw it up by giving your philosophical enemies opportunities to discredit you. If they can trash you, we all get trashed.

  35. Did you ask Morgan to come here? I didn’t !! So if he deports himself off the face of the Earth I could care less… Peirs your ego, over weighs your Ess, NOBODY cares about what you say or do. Don’t let the door hit you in the Ess, on you way out…

  36. Piers is one of those upper crust English Fascists that think it’s possible to wield absolute power without coming up eventually with a Caligula. Arrogant and undereducated, his opinion really isn’t worth considering.

  37. So dork-brain says: “To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense. Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course not.”

    I wonder if this dip-wick is aware that at least 3 states (mine included) are fighting drug use by making marijuana legal?

  38. “I suspect that there are enough law abiding gun owners in America that would be willing to chip in a dollar to help pay for Morgan’s trip back to his British homeland. In fact, I bet such a fund could easily raise over a million dollars to deport Morgan…”

    I’m one of those law abiding gun owners but Morgan has made enough money over here to pay for his own way home, thank you. I just hope he means his leave America comments more than Alec Baldwin, who said he would leave if Bush were reelected, who was, but Baldwin is unfortunately still here, being the liberal twit he has always been.

  39. I challenge him, go home now and don’t let the American Door hit you on the way out…
    full of BS as his daughter will go to the same Schools O’bummas daughters did- see ya!

  40. Did anyone see the pitition started by the british military asking us not to deport him back there.
    I will be glad to pitch in for that one.

  41. If Obama, Chuck Schummer, Dick Durbin, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Moore, Dianne Feinstein, and all of the anti-Gun zealots can be deported along with Piers Morgan. I am sure a fund could be started immediately. Anything to get them the hell out of our nation.

  42. Seems like we all forgot or don’t know who Morgan is or what he has done. He is the one from GB that was involved in the phone message hacking. GB doesn’t want him back. He is a criminal on the run.

  43. If, He thinks that he will be safer in his lovely country, then go and don’t let that $ door hit him on his English ass on the out.

  44. Why do people even listen to this fool! I have never watched his show and I never will. This A**hole needs to be sent home.

  45. Buh-bye Piers, we wouldn’t miss you. I’ll even hold the door…(but stick out my foot). Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

  46. Piers would be better off back home and so would we. We have enough to deal with from legal citizens and we DON’T NEED ILLEGALS telling us how to believe, what to give, usurping our Constitution to suit their beliefs. Yes, Piers, go home!

  47. He’ll never leave this country. His career will never suffer and he enjoys great wealth. Also, England will never take him back because they don’t want him either.

  48. He’s just like the rest of the Left–all talk and no go!
    I’d rather see him go off to Canada and don’t despoil the rest of the British Isle. This guy needs a serious Butt-Strok.

  49. The REST OF THE WORLD should be coerced into disarmament becaus Piers Morgan was / and still is, TRAUMATIZED at the senseless brutality of a mass murder of children in England and now here in America.
    DESPOTS the world over use such incidents to DISARM their adversaries and then go in behind them, after they are disarmed, and MASSACRE them in the MULTI-MILLIONS.
    I like Piers Morgan, always have. I DO NOT AGREE with Piers, politically. But he is straightforward in his OWN opinions and I appreciate that in ANY HUMAN BEING. He’s UP FRONT with what he believes and does a reasonalbe job of articulating his position. That being said…………PIERS………….get over it.

  50. I am really sorry that you in the USA have got that pompous ass as your government’s mouthpiece but we really do not want him back here in England doing the same thing.

    Can ayone persuade him to seek asylum somewhere else? A mental asylum would do!

  51. Politics & nationality aside, there are a lot of people I’d like to see go away: Piers Morgan, Jamie Oliver, the Osbournes, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, Mitt Romney, Bill Mahr, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, anyone who has been a senator or congressman for more than 4 years, the Kardashians, everyone on cable news networks or reality TV shows. Remember when TV was good? How I miss Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Cosby, Dick van Dyke, Carol Burnett. Whether you agree with my list or not, our country has changed because people think “freedom of speech”, “equal rights”, and democracy & American freedom entitles people to say and do whatever they want until the shoe is on the other foot. You know what the real problem is? TELEVISION!!! That’s what needs changed! People like Piers Morgan don’t need deported as much as they just need to be fired. When I watch the news I want to be informed, not lectured, dictated to or influenced. Walter Cronkite use to tell me the news and I would make up my own mine. TV shows use to entertain me, not try to convince me that their idea of morality and politics are what is now acceptable. Remember when Lucille Ball couln’t use the word “pregnant” and Rob & Laura Petrie slept in separate beds?? Today, anything goes, and what goes with it? Values, trust, morality, honesty, pride, dicression, religion, principles, ethics……..Instead of looking for freedom and peace in the Constitution, people should look in th Bible. I wish there was a petition to do that!!!!

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